Daylight Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Daylight script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sylvester Stallone movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Daylight. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Daylight Script


Thanks for comin'. Nice to see you. Why are we slouchin' ?


I don't have that much time.


The gates are gonna be open between 11:00and midnight.


I got my guy on the gate. You go right through, no fuss, no muss.


What are you worryin' for ? Let me worry !


Where's the stuff, huh ?



That's a lot of toxic waste you got. You got a problem, baby.


No, you got ! Just get it to Jersey and dump it !


Dumpin' it's a federal rap. I'm takin' all the chances.



That's why we pay you !



All right, come on. Where's the money ? Yo, the money.


Come on, come on, come on, come on !


What is this, the tip ? This the tip ?


You deal with the E.P.A. See what it costs you !



Make sure you're there by 11:00. Aaah !



What are you guys, crazy ? You wanna blow up the joint ?



You drive carefully. I don't want you to hit anybody.


Oh, here we go, into the tunnel of love.


All right, get over, get over. Who's got the cards ?



We collected       tolls between the first and second rock.



Grace !


Grace, are you in there ? Come back. Grace !



I found this under my bed.


You think you could be a little less discreet ?


I found this under my bed.



I'll see you after work.


Listen, when I return this, I have somethin' to tell you.


If it is good news, why not get it now


and have a completely good day ?


As opposed to one filled with apprehension and tension,


which can lead to other related physical disorders and high anxiety.


No, I will tell you later, lsland Girl.


- Tell me now. - No. I'll tell you tonight.



- Hey, Frankie, how's your load ? - Mostly in my shorts.


- I need a pit stop, bad. - Just hold it. We're behind schedule.



Need some help with that bag ?



Maybe you need some other kind of help.


Stuck-up bitch !






"Dear Mr Thompson." Thanks a lot.


"Thank you for your submission.


Regretfully, at this time, we..."


Are laughing our asses off that you even wasted the stamps...


by sending us your play.



Hi, it's Maddy. I'm out.


Maddy, hi. It's Kimberly.


I have this really important audition.


I told Claudia you'd take my lunch shift today.


I did it for you when you went to Bermuda. Bye.



Got ya !



Hi, it's Maddy. I'm out, the machine is in.


Maddy, it's David.


I feel really bad about the way things ended up...


and l... I want you to give me three more months and l...


I promise I'll... I promise I'll tell her.


Honey, you got to cut the cake



- David I'll be right in. - Oh !


It's Jordan's birthday,


Call me on Monday. I love you.



Oh ! Oh !


Go !



Traffic report says the bridge is backed up to Westchester.


Forget the bridge. Take one of the tunnels.



The "Territory: Beyond."



The "Territory: Beyond." It's still out there.



The "Territory: Beyond." It's still out there.


The "Territory: Beyond." It's still out there.



It's exhausting being me.



- Question is, what do we do with it ? - Sales are down   %.


Broadening our marketing target from inner-city youth...



to the more affluent off-road vehicle group...


I know that.


Give me something I don't know.


We're gonna have to stack some G.R.P.'s with this commercial,


no matter where we run it.


- Now, the results are maxing out... - Speak English, Elliot.


We wanna put it on the Super Bowl, first quarter.



Super Bowl.


- That's a whole pile of money. - It's time to gamble, Roy.


It's not like we have any choice.



Okay, we'll buy    in the first quarter


and we'll do a cut-down    in the second.


You wanna gamble ? Let's gamble.


Jonno, let's go.


- How are we doin' on time ? - Traffic's a mess.


But if we take the tunnel, we'll just make it.



Let's take the tunnel.


Well, Cooper, okay, it's all over.


- We'll have a nice day in the city. - Good boy.


Whatever good that specialist does is undone by the long drive in.


He hates driving in the car. It puts him off for days.


We're not taking him back to that quack in Colts Neck.


Look, Eleanor, he's perfectly capable.


We don't even know what's wrong with the dog.



Who knows him best ? Me or a complete stranger ?


Let's go this way.


You know what I'd like to do ? I'd like to go to Rumpelmayer's.


- Cooper loves their cherry-vanilla. - That's a brilliant idea.



- What'd they get you for, man ? - They got me for stealin'.


What you up here for ? Cheating on your expense account ?


No, I sell cellular phones with cloned numbers.


So, how much you get from the register ?



- A hundred, two hundred. - You use a gun ?


No, I used my looks. Of course I used a gun !


I sell five to ten phones a week for $    apiece.


I don't use a gun. Can you multiply ?


I ain't stupid, man. I know my math.


If you so smart, why you up in here ?


I guess I shouldn't have bought that BMW for cash, huh ?



That's ridiculous ! He's the top man in his field.


I wouldn't dismiss him lightly.


Dr O'Corr, it says here you got a  :   flight out of Newark,


but you want to stop off at St Vincent's first, right ?


That's right. Lewis has been working...


That's gonna be tight.


There's a $   tip in it for you if you make it.


Then again, miracles do happen. Right, Doc ?



This sucks. I wanna go back and skate at Rockefeller Centre.


Hey, how about somebody else does something they enjoy ?



You wanna visit old school friends, leave me out of it.


A family vacation is about staying with the family.


Let's not talk about staying anywhere, okay ?



Hey, asshole ! Hey !


What do you want ? What do you want ?


Hold still !


- No, not that, please ! - Shut up !


I got it ! Come on, let's go !


Come on ! Come on !



Good afternoon. Thirty-six channels and nothing's on.


Norman, one of these days you're gonna surprise me with a new line.



Hey ! What ?


"Stop now ! You are being tracked by Electroguard."


What the hell is Electroguard ?



The guy's a god-damn genius. Right into the tunnel.



I'll call Jersey.



"This tunnel was drawn up by Edward Trammel in     ...


"on a napkin in a Manhattan tavern.


"Work on the tunnel began in     



"employing thousands of lrish immigrants nicknamed 'sandhogs.'


The tunnel, which runs under    feet of riverbed and    feet of water..."


Hey, Dad, how many vacations did you take Linda on ?


Ashley, that's enough !


Honey, listen. Linda's history.


We're a family again. That's all that counts.



- Aaah ! - Christ !



What the hell was that? We got a live one here.


Get a crew ready.


All Jersey units, requesting north tube roadblock.


Black Cadillac now passing through station seven.


I want you, putz !



What'd we get ? Come on, what'd we get ?


What's in there ?



Oh, that's a big one !



Move it, jerk !



You stupid bitch ! Pick 'em up !


- Oh, look what you did ! - Shit !


Now it's your fault !



Heidi, it's helicopter skiing. Think of it as a cordless chairlift.



Breaker, breaker ! We got a smoker !



Up yours, buddy !



Start spreadin' the news


I'm leavin' tonight


I'm up to here with all your shit



New York, New York



Pass him, man !


Ass ! Take 'em !



- Get off my leg ! - I can't !



No !



Aaah !



Jesus Christ !



Here I am in the tunnel.



Aaah !



Aaah !



Aaah !


Aaah !



You're doctors ! Come on !


Get down ! Get down !


Somebody get him down ! Get him on the ground !



Down !



Roll ! Roll ! Roll ! Roll !



Roll !


Get over here !



I got him !


We're gonna need some C-collars ! Shit !


Let me see that arm. You're gonna be okay.


Keep going. There's emergency workers that way.


My father, he's trapped in the car !


I can't get him out ! There's blood everywhere !


Can you help him out ?



Help ! We're comin' for you. Don't worry.


Look at me. Look at me.


I'm gonna try to move you on the count of three.


I want you to help me out.


- Okay, one, two... - Aaah !



Aaah !


Aaah !


- What's your name ? - Susan.


- It'll be okay. - He's severed an artery.


I'm gonna tie this off, and I want you to hold it as tight as you can.


- You got that ? - Yeah.



- All right, how is he ? - He's dead.



I got a second-degree burn over there. Get to it.


You, I've got an arterial bleeder that needs an l.V.



- What are you still doin' here ? - I thought you were a cab driver.


I am a driver. Come on, move !


- Give me a B.P. cuff. - Sure, I got it !





Jesus Christ. Latura !


Weller, right ?


Get the hell outta here before somebody sees you !


- Was it a bomb ? - Accident, some toxic dump.


What's the status on the Jersey side ?


Oh, man, it's sealed up tight.


- A wipeout clear up to the tollbooths. - Where's the chief ?


Standin' in front of me, as far as I'm concerned.


I'm talkin' about the new chief.


The dispatcher said Mr California's headed for the mid-river passage.


- Mid-river ? - Yeah.


Hey, Latura, watch your back.



George ! George, come in, please !


Are you there ? This is Grace. George !


Oh, God, please be there.


George, come in.



George, are you there ? George !



Can anybody hear me out there ?



We got a toxic fire. It's burning toward the New Jersey side.


Can anybody hear me ?


The ventilation system doesn't seem to be pulling the smoke through.


Is anybody out there ? Come back !



The New Jersey side has completely collapsed !


Oh, God, Jesus !



Oh, God, we got fatalities down here !


Can anybody hear me ?



Hey, you can't go in there !



No, no, no ! We're working the mid-river !


We got some wormholes here. We'll find a way through.


It will work inthe mid-river ! Thompson needs you !


- What ? - Thompson !


- I'll be with you in a second. - Okay.


What's the ratio ? All right.


Frank, you got any hope on the New Jersey side ?


Fifty-yard cave-in, minimum.


Whatever's burning in there is toxic as Trenton. They got samples.


Demo ! Demo ! Come on, people, speak to me !


Give me another reading, Bob.


I would if I had time, but we're running out of it.


If you wanna buy some time, you gotta blow the tunnel shut.



- What are you doin' here, Kit ? - You're not part of this.


I know that, but just listen to me.


We ran a terrorist hypothetical in '  .


The only way to fix the fire is to blow the roof in ...


and seal the survivors from the fumes.


Where I come from,


we don't blow up a tunnel that's already been blown up.


- Chief wants to go through mid-river. - No, wait a minute.


Frank, you don't have to rationalize my actions to this guy !


I know you know your job, but we did a simulation.


You'll all be dead before you get through.


I know you ran a drill in '   but right now you're not running a thing.


Copy that.


- You're right. I just wanna help. - You don't get it, do you ?


You don't work here any more. You understand that ?


Wilson, if I could just talk...


Come on, Kit, he's gonna have you arrested !


You gotta blow the tunnel shut. Talk to him.


You owe me that, Frank. Talk to him.



Your attention, please.


We've decided to evacuate the south tube.


Please collect your valuables, lock your cars...


and proceed in an orderly fashion back to New Jersey.



What do you got ?


Sorry, Chief. It's blocked about    feet in.


That structure's so shaky, I wouldn't even risk a firecracker.


- What about hydraulics ? - It can't be done !


The person who says it can't be done is always interrupted


by the one who just did it !



Feed him the line !



Wilson !


Jesus Christ ! Wilson !


Watch the metal. It's hot.


Aaah !



What are you doing ? Ashley, no, this way.


No, no, no, Ashley, you don't have to take pictures now.



Ashley, look at me. Look, honey. It's okay.


I'm gonna get you out of here.


Hey ! Hey ! What's happened ?


I don't know. You're alive.


I'm gonna go on up through the tunnel.


Stay here with your family so I'll know where you are when I come back.


- How do we get out of here ? - It's sealed at both ends.



Jonno ?



Jonno ?



Oh, shit !



Officer, over here. You raise anybody on that walkie ?


Nothin' but static. But you got a phone.


- $    . It doesn't even work in here. - "Territory: Beyond."


- Man, I know you. - Roy Nord.


George Tyrell. I got a pair of your shoes.


Good, good. You like 'em ? Yeah, they're great !


I wear 'em on Saturdays on my day off.


Bet you wish it was Saturday now? What are we gonna do ?



Is there a way out of this mess ?


There was a passage to the south tunnel about a half mile back.


- You check it out ? - Of course ! It's all collapsed.


Well, think I'll take a look.


I just told you it was collapsed, man. You'd be wasting your time.


It's all blocked in. There's no way out !



There's maybe a dozen, and we're in the middle of the tunnel...


and there's a man who thinks he knows the way out.


- How ? - Something about a mid-river passage.


No, no, no, no. Listen to me.


Tell them not to go in there. We're coming down. Can you do that ?


- I can't hear you. - Can you do that ?


- Hello ! - We lost 'em. Come on, Frank.


You got two-and-a-half minutes. The fans are timed logarithmically.


Fan one kicks on after one minute,


the remaining three in sub-   second intervals.



- You follow me ? - I got it.


There's a guy down there named George Tyrell.


You tell him I want my bracelet back.



Ready to shut down.



Kit, what I did, I did for the good of the department.


It wasn't personal.


He was your brother, Frank. It doesn't get more personal.


I was angry. I'm sorry.



Hey, don't apologize. You make me feel like you don't think I'm coming back.



You're probably right.


- Let's do it ! - Norman, now !


Fan one down, fan two down,


fan three down, fan four comin' down.


All fans down !


Go, Latura, go.



It's not stopping ! It's not slowing down, Grace !


Hit the brake !


There are no brakes ! It's going on momentum !


You've got to stop it !



Frank !



Pull against it ! Pull ! Pull !


You got it ! It's stubborn !


- I got it ! - Just a little bit more !


You got it ! Take it out !



Hello ? Can you hear me ?


- Yeah, I hear you. - Hello ?


How are you doin' ? I'm all right.


I just thought you should know that the man has gone through.


Really ? Where ?


He's... Hello ?



Aaah !



Aaah !



I've seen worse.



Oh, we're saved !



Did you guys stop for coffee ?


It's a rescue team ! We're out ! Where are the rest ?



- There is no rest ! - You're joking.


- Aw, come on, man ! - He can't be the only one.


There has to be some more !


- Are some more comin', or what ? - Shit !


-Tell me this is not happening. - Are we gonna get out ?


- Oh, man, this can't be right ! - Where's the team ?


- He's it ? - You're it ?


You are it ? Yeah, I'm it.



You're the woman with the walkie-talkie ?


I thought I was clear. No one was supposed to go in there.


Excuse me, it was a lousy connection ! How many are in there ?


- Bitch, he's talkin' to me ! - Who are you ?


My name's Latura. Now, who's in there ?


There's one man in there, and it's Roy Nord himself.


That shaft's unstable. We gotta get him.


What you up to, man ? I'm in charge !


If you want to be in charge, fine, but that shaft's been compromised.


Anybody try to get through, that whole thing's gonna come down.


It's not exactly safe in here, either !



We can't even breathe, man ! We gotta get outta here !


I know you've been through hell, but I'm just asking you to be patient...


a little bit longer and just trust me, okay ?


We'll go out the same way you came in.


- That's not possible. - If you made it, we can make it.


Just give us a chance, man !



The fans are giving us air. Shut 'em down, we're dead.


That's it. That's a fact.



That won't work. Neither will this.


- Roy's on top of it. - Roy's gonna be under it.


Now let me do what I gotta do, all right ?


I told you, I'm in charge here !


I'm in charge ! You understand me ?


Let him go, now !



Hello ? Serena ?


Serena, Roy. Actually, no.


We ran into a little problem on the way to the airport. Yeah, listen.


Before we get cut off,


I'm gonna be leading some survivors up through this ventilating shaft.



Hold the plane at Teterboro and, uh, I'll do press in Denver.


Tell 'em I'll have some videotape.



No, no, Jonno didn't make it.


Yeah. Listen, I gotta go.



- Why don't you take this ? - Just keep it.


- Take it, man ! - Try to get somebody on it.


The battery's dead ! What's the point ?


- Don't give me any trouble ! - Trouble, man ?


- We're just standing here, Steven. - We don't know if it's safe.


- We can't just go in there. - According to who ?


Get that outta my face, please !



- Hey, where's he going ? - Hey !



Get back here ! Get back here !



Hey, you all heard what the man said !


I heard Mr Nord and I believe what he said !



Women and children first. You done this before, man ?


She's a child, and he needs that tape.


I don't know any more than you know !



Nord ?


Nord ? Oh, there you are.


Nord, you're a tough man to find.


My name is Latura, with E.M.S. You gotta come down now.


That sounds like an order, Mr Latura.


You wanna give me an order ? Call my "   " number.



No, no, seriously, listen to me.


You and I are gonna crawl outta here together,


so why don't you just come down real slow-like, okay ?


There's no way through. This shaft is like a house of cards.


If it collapses, they're gonna be moppin' you up for a month.


It's not going to collapse. How do I know that ?


You don't achieve what I have without an instinct


for the torque of a given situation.


If you think I'm gonna start...


second-guessing myself because of some gutless paramedic,


you'd better get a reality check.


- Start sending those people in here. - Nord !


- Stay there ! - Get me outta here ! I'm ready to go !


Stay ! That's it.


Don't move, please.


Nord, I hope you make it.


Get outta here !


I always make it, Mr Latura.



Move it ! Keep going !



Faster ! Faster !



Don't look back ! Keep going !



- It's caving in ! - You played me, fool man !


Get down !



Aaah !



All the D.T.A.'s are pulling double shifts.


I don't care if some guy's wife is having a baby.



Quiet, everybody. Everybody, quiet down.


Hey, shut up ! Shut up, everybody !



The mid-river just went down.



No, no, no, no, no !



Mr Latura !



- Easy, easy. - I'm gonna die, right ?


Don't talk, don't talk. Give me a scarf.


Please, I can't be goin' out like this, man.


I can't feel nothin'.


- Shh. - I can't go out like this.


That's right. Don't talk.


Tell my father I was helping people down here, all right ?


I'll find him.


I'll tell your father that you were a real hero.



He won't...


He won't... He won't believe you.



Oh, Christ !


Oh !



Oh, God, this is too much.



- Hey, stop him ! - Get off me !


Let me go ! We're gonna drown !


No, you're not gonna drown ! Listen to me !


You're going the wrong way. This tunnel runs downhill.


The Manhattan end will be the first place to fill up !


He's right.


Come on, this way. It's higher.


Excuse me. Excuse me !


I don't know what you know and what you don't.


All I know is I've got a   -year-old, and her life means more than anything.


So I wanna be involved in any decisions. Am I clear, Mr Latura ?


- That's fair enough. - Latura ? I read about you.


It was in the papers. Some kind of scandal ?


- What kind of scandal ? - Not the kind that matters down here.


I beg to differ, Mr Latura. Scandals matter to Mrs Trilling and myself.


Excuse me, ma'am, what kind of scandal ?


He was chief of the Emergency Medical Service.


Some people got killed and he was involved. That's all I remember.


What about it, Latura ? ls that true ?



I asked you a question and I want to know the answer !


Is it true ? ls that true ? Hey ! Hey !


Let's remember that he came down here to help us,


so let's stop focusing on him and focus on the problem !


She's right.


I'm sorry, Mr Latura. That was very rude.


Rude ? What is this, some kind of god-damn New York country club ?


- Watch your mouth. - You don't have a child down here !


And his past may have a great deal to do with our future !


We're gonna drown down here, and he's all we've got !


If I'm all you've got, why don't you meet me halfway ?


Is that fair enough ?


- Are we gonna drown ? - No.


- What is your name ? - Ashley.


Ashley, there's time to stop the leak


before it gets high enough to worry about drowning.


- That's the good news. - What's the bad news ?



This water's    degrees. What we have to worry about is hypothermia.


- Hypo what ? - Hypothermia.


Your body loses heat and shuts down.



You feel like you're getting tired, but you're really getting dead.


But that's not gonna happen to us, because we'll look out for each other.


We're gonna stay high and dry right on this car dam over here,


so everybody get on the car dam.


Get the hell outta this water. Let's get outta the water.



Excuse me, could you please help me with the dog ?



Thanks very much.


Here, boy. Come here.



Okay, so here we are. We're high and dry.


So what do you plan on doing ?


In a situation like this,


it's important that everybody knows exactly what is happening, okay ?


That last thing we need is any more surprises, right ?


What I'm gonna try to do is collapse a section of that tube...


to seal us off from the fire and try to plug that leak.


- How do you plan to do that ? - I have to use an explosive.


Wait, please, let me explain ! Another explosion ?


That's your idea down here ? No wonder you got people killed.


If anyone has a better idea, now is the time to tell me.


You don't know what kind of damage this substructure's already sustained,


so how do you know you can contain it to one section ?


I don't know ! I don't know anything !


The only thing I know is we're not gonna make it another hour ...



unless I shut this thing down !


That I do know.


What we need is someone to go to the Manhattan end...


to see if we're making any progress, okay ?


How about you ?


No, you can't go, Daddy !


I have a family. I don't want to leave 'em.


But you're so good at it.



All right, I'll go.


- I know the place best, anyway. - You're hired.


She wants her bracelet back.


What ? You're George, right ?


Grace said to tell you she wants her bracelet back.


- She told you that ? - Good luck, man.



She can't keep anything to herself.



Listen, you were the one handling that live wire ?


Uh, yeah, but that was a very different thing. I didn't know...


- I need your help right now. - I appreciate that, but I don't ...


Listen. It took a lot of guts to do that. What's your name ?


- Uh, Madelyne. - Madelyne, I need your help, okay ?



Look at this. A stress hold design.


Better than we did on Brooklyn-Queens.


What do you think we're gonna do here ?


Open it up.


Open it up ? Let's open it up.


Okay. Still not getting any trace of them, am I right ?


There was a meltdown on the phone lines. Walkie-Talkies can go dead.


Am I wrong in saying that you don't know


whether there's anyone to transmit, period ?


- We saw people ! - Hours ago.


We're gonna break through from the Manhattan side.



That's the consensus of the city engineers.


- Consensus my ass ! - Who's this ?


That tunnel's being held up by counterpoint pressure.


I asked your name !



Why don't you forget what her name is? Listen to what she's saying to you.


You bring in heavy equipment, cause a pressure shift,


the whole thing could implode.



- That's speculation. - Maybe a little more time.


We are time poor. That tunnel is an artery. The city is bleeding.


Look, you try to redirect half a million people in and out of this city...


without that tunnel, you got a problem you don't wanna think about.



What are you saying ? Because of a traffic problem...



you're giving up on possible survivors ?



Come on, man. You gotta hold off on the drill.



Look, the city engineers make the decisions.


You clean up the mess.



- You're doing real good. - Real good ? Try scared to death.


Maybe, but you're dealing with it.


I think you should get someone else. This is not one of my specialties.


Not a lot of people could handle that cable the way you did.


Well, it's not like it had a lot of...


It's okay. It's okay. I can't. I can't.


I know. You have a choice.


It's like the first person that ever ate a raw oyster.


- What are you talking about ? - Well, think about it.


A person would have to be starving to get involved with a raw oyster.


He probably had to eat it or die. Stay with me.


It was slimy. It smelled. It looked like something out of a bad chest cold.



So there had to be that moment of truth before he sucked that slider down.


Think of that moment of truth. Do I really need this ?


Do I want this in my life ? But he had to eat,


so he dug down and found the guts just like you did.


- Is that a compliment ? - Yes. Come on. Where're you from ?


- La Porte, lndiana. - And what do you do ?


I write. I try to get my plays produced. Nobody goes to the theatre any more.



- And you were going home ? - Yeah. I was.



So, uh... So tell me something, all right ? For real.


I probably won't be able to take it, but are we gonna get out of here ?


Madelyne, I wouldn't be down here if I didn't think so. I swear.


- Promise ? - I promise. Now trust me. Come on.



So, this explosion that we're setting



could cause the whole thing to cave in, right ?


- It could happen. - It's better than a blowout.


A blowout ? I really hate the way that sounds.



- You okay ? - Yeah, I'm fine.



Go back to "blowout." Please explain.


If the water level was higher, the pressure would build


- and the air would blow to the top. - Like a cork. A geyser ?


It happened to a couple of guys digging the Baltimore Tunnel.


And what happened to them ? They died, right ?


- Help me open this pack. - They died, right ?


One made it. Help me out.



All right, keep a tight grip. We're gonna make it.



Kit !



Kit !



You're insane ! Gimme that, Madelyne.



We're hot ! Go !



Hey, what are you doing ?


Go on, it's snagged !



Stay in there. Stay in there.


- What about you ? - The hell with me ! Go !



Go ! The hell with me.



Aaah !



Yes ! He did it !



You okay ?



We gotta stop asking each other that.



What do you got ? How big ?


Three-point-three. That's a hell of a bang, sir.



- Three-bar! - Look out below, we're coming down!



Make more room !



Hey ! I heard machines !


I think they're going to try to dig us out from the Manhattan end !


- No ! - What ? What's wrong ?


The digging can shift pressure and bring the place down. They're not thinking.



Or maybe they are and they think we're dead.



Latura ! They're coming !



Oh, shit.


No !



George !


- Hold on, big man ! Hold on ! - I can't... I can't move.



Can you feel your body ? George, can you feel your body ?



- I can't feel my body. - Okay, hold on, big man ! Hold on !


Am I okay ? Am...



Am... I... okay ?


Oh, God.


Am I okay ?



It'll keep you alive. Breathe through this, George.


Breathe, breathe. Please. Come on. Steady breath ! Breathe !


Don't let it beat you ! Come on, George ! Breathe !


In and out ! ln ! Come on, George ! Come on.


Breathe !


Breathe, breathe, please.



Leverage ! We need leverage ! Get that truck up !


Come on.



Oh, George.


Come on, come on.


We're coming.



- All right, got it ? Take it. - I'll take it.



- We're gonna make it. - Thank you.


- Come on. Move, move, move ! - We got him !



Take that !



- All right, lift, lift, lift, lift ! - We're with you.


We're right here. We're with you, George.



- Breathe as strong as you can. - That's it, you got it !


George can't hear 'cause the water's going !



Come on, George. Stay with us, George. Stay with us.


Oh, my God. He's going under.


Keep them coming !



He's going under ! Get it off him !



All right !



- Okay, let me know when. - Okay !


One, two, three !



- We got him ! - He's out.


Okay, come on.



Get him out of the water. Don't let his head go !


- All right, get the planks outta there ! - Keep it moving, come on !


- Come on ! Come on ! - Here it comes.


We got it.


Bring it down, come on !


Get over here !


Everybody get ready to lift him on the count of three.


One, two, three !


- You got him ? - Keep moving so we don't...


We need somebody up here ! Here we go now, all right ?


Come on, let's go.



Let's go. It's freezing. You're doing great.


Together we can do it. We can do anything. You're doing great. Ready ?


All right, one, two, three. Lift !



I hope they're alive. Hang on. We're doing the best we can.



I don't know. I don't know ! Now, please.


- Do you have any survivors ? - I can't answer that.


Are you going to guard the place ? ls it completely collapsed ?



Are there any survivors ?


I said that's it ! That's it !



Why George ? Why not some piece of trash ?


Why... Why is it always the good people ?


I can't answer that. You just hope... I mean, you just gotta believe it.


I think some people are gonna make it out of there.


And George is gonna be one.



Yeah, we gotta think that.



Yeah... we do.



George, I'd give you my shirt, but I don't think it'd do much good.


George, we'd give you the shirt off our backs.


It'll be all right. We're here with you. How'd you get fired ?


It's a long story. I wouldn't worry about it.



Stay awake now. Stay with us.


She said she read you got people killed.



She's right.



Did she mention it was a building collapse in the South Bronx ?


- No, she said... - We were the first on the scene ?






And then some of the guys said, "Forget it. They're probably dead" ?



Or read the part where I said, "lf we were goin' in..."



Or mention that I was wrong ? Hmm ?



That a gas main blew on the way out and three men died ?



My friend's brother was one of them ?


Did she mention the press, the inquiry, the funerals ?



You're a writer, you can fill out the rest, can't you ?



So you never had a way out of here, did you ?






What's that ? What's the noise ? What's going on ?


What does that mean, Mr Latura ? What does that mean ?


Kit, what's going on ?


The water wasn't that high last time I looked.


The water must be coming back in from somewhere !


- I thought you stopped it. - I slowed it down. Nothing can stop it.


So you're saying nothing can save us. We trusted you. For what ?


- To die a slow death in here ? - Are there no options ?


- There's always a chance. - How can you lie like that ?


Since you're already in hell, I guess it's not a problem.


Just let him talk !



We've heard enough talking. We don't need any more speeches.


That's bullshit ! She's speaking for herself.


- We're still alive, Sarah. - It ain't over !


Very over ! You wanna kid yourself, go ahead. False hope and now no hope!


You've given us both. Thanks for nothing. Thanks for nothing !


- Sarah. Sarah. - I can't stand this shit.



- What's plan "B", Kit ? - There's no plan.


- We're with you ! - Let's try taking down another section.


We could build another dam if we all pitched in.


We can beat it.


I could check the Manhattan end. I think I could do it.


Let me try, Kit !


Can you get us outta here ? I'm sorry about what my mom said.


Just please, just try and get us out of here ! Please !



- I need your help, George. - Yeah ?


The bunk rooms off the tunnels, is there a way in ?


I don't know.


George, I know you're hurt, but think.



Bassett said the sandhogs had bunk rooms down here for long shifts. Think.


Maybe there's a trapdoor, a hatch, a ladder, something.


Uh, there's a booth. Booth ? Where ?



Uh, booth three.


At the New Jersey end. Booth three.


Steven, keep everybody together until I get back. George ?







Come on, you stay with us.



Did you ever have a dog ?


My mom's liked everything in the world 'cept two things: dogs and me


Well, she was probably bit once. I know I was.


So, Ashley, where do you live ? We're from Maryland.


- Maryland. Maryland's nice. - Yeah.



Well, listen, if we don't die in here,


I was wondering if maybe I could give you a call.



- Why don't you go ahead and pet him. - We've had him for ten years.


- That's a long time. - Yeah, it is.


Do you have any children ?



Our son Jonathan.


He went trekking in Nepal.


He, uh... caught some kind of a fever. Nothing could be done, they said.


We, uh... We lost him.


Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't... Oh, no, no.


No, no. I didn't...



Ever since Jonathan died,


Cooper's all we've had left.


I guess I spoil him. You understand ?




Kit ! It's Kit !


Everybody, Kit !



I found some dry ground.


There's always a chance.



Come on, let's move.


Why don't we take George now ?


We're gonna check out booth three, then go back and get him. Keep moving!





- George. - Hi.



My neck's broken, isn't it ?



You... You find the room ?


Yeah, it's, um... it's through this underwater passage.


It's very difficult. I... I think that with a little bit of luck we could...



Christ, I don't know what to think.


I do. You just have to leave me.


No, no, that's dumb. That's stupid.



- We can make it. - Not with a broken neck.


Yes, George. I just need some time to figure it out. I just need some time.


Hey, take the bracelet for me.



Please. It's in my pocket. My right pocket.


George, don't quit on me. Take it.


Don't quit on me. Take it, please.


- No. - Take it !




Please, give me that... give me that much respect.



Jesus, there's just so much I wish I'd done.



I never had me a nice car.


Never had any kids.


I finally meet a woman I love,


I didn't even get the chance to tell her that I love her.



- You think she... she knows ? - Yeah.


- You think so ? - She knows. I'm sure she does.



That's good.



Get them to daylight.



Don't let them die in this place ? Hear ?


Tell them I'm gone.


You've done all you could do.



You know it... and I know it.



I'm very sorry.



I... I love you, Grace.



I'm sorry.



What does that mean?


I don't know, Ellie. The structure's shifting.



What about George ?


George didn't make it.


Huh ?






I know everybody's freezing,


but we have to make a short swim underwater.


Underwater ? Well, I'm not so sure I can do this.


Look, if I can do it, you can do it.


Everybody take three deep breaths... and go. We can do this.



- Come on, baby. Come on. - I can't !


I can't do this ! I can't.


One, two, three.



And go. Come on.



Come on, keep going. Get up there.



...three !



I'm right behind you, Eleanor.



Yes ! Go !



Here we go, boy. Go, boy.



Quick, get her out of the water. Help her out. Help her out.



Go ahead.



All right, everybody stay together.



All right, everybody stay together.


Use each other's body heat. Fight the cold.



Stay warm. Stay in groups.


- Don't stay alone. Stay in groups. - Okay.


- What do we do now, Kit ? - We don't do nothing.



We just sit here and wait and pray they get here.


Wait ? Wait ? That's it ?


There's... There's nothing we can do ?


You did what you could.


You did great. You did great.


You gotta fight it.


- Fight the cold. - I'm trying.


Just fight it. Just fight it.



Where's Cooper ?



Where's Cooper ? Where's Cooper ?


It broke. I couldn't hold him.


Oh, my God ! My God, I tried. I tried.


- I can't lose him ! - Ellie. Ellie ! No.


- No. - It was Jonathan's dog.


Look, look, Eleanor. Listen to me. Listen to me.


We can't bring them back. They're both gone.


We can't change that.



We've gotta... help each other let them go.



Don't let's... fight.



Hold me.



Hold me.



Jesus ! They're gonna save us to death.



Oh, my God !



- Oh, no, no, no, no. - Get back. Get back.


Don't let those things touch you ! Move away ! Move away !


Latonya !



- Come on Sarah - I'm not leaving.


Move, move, move, move !



- Come on. Sarah. - Listen !


I don't wanna die like this ! I don't wanna die like this !


Oh, God ! I don't...


It's okay, Latonya. I'm coming.


I'm coming, Latonya. Hold on.


I don't wanna die like this !


- I hate 'em ! - All right, here I come.


- I don't wanna go like this ! - Hang on. I'm coming. I'm here.


They can't hurt you, okay ? They're just shit with feet.


Okay ? Shit with feet. Can you say that ?


Don't look down.


- Watch out ! - All right ! All right !


Keep 'em away from your feet !


Shit with feet, baby.



They know a way out.



Steven, help me get this thing off the wall ! Get it off !



There's a room ! There's another room !



No, no ! Not now ! Gimme some tools ! Anything !


Find anything you can ! Come on !



Let's try to pop these rivets.


- Roger ! - Sarah, over there !


Roge... Roger !



I thought she was resting.



I'm sorry.



Roger, we gotta get out of here.


There's no way she wanted you to die down here too. She wants you to live.


I'm not gonna leave her !


Okay. Okay.



If you're staying, I'm staying.


I'm not leaving anybody behind again.



- Roger, come on ! - Let's go. Come on.


We're moving out. Out !



Come on, get up ! We're not leaving you. We gotta go.


- Come on, get up. We gotta go. - The water's gettin' higher !



Come on, come on !



I see 'em.


Right there, the rats ! A-A-At the top of the stairs.


Kit, they're going up the stairs. There's somethin' at the top of the stairs!



Oh, no !



Get up. Come on. Come on, Madelyne, up.


Get up !



All right, go, go, go ! Move it ! Up the stairs !


Up the stairs ! Go !



Keep going !



Kit ! I got you !


Hold on !



All right. Go !


- Come on, let's move ! - Let's go !



Kit, I've got a way out! I found a way out! Come on, everybody!


It looks like some kind of unfinished sewer system.



- Oh, my God ! It's the lady's dog ! - Cooper !


- No. Forget it. - Cooper !



It's just a dog !



- Let me get him ! - There's a way out up here! Forget it!


Leave the stupid dog!



Shut the hell up, Vincent !


Oh, no.



I don't believe it !



Come on, Cooper !



Oh, shit !



Kit ! Kit ! Kit !


- Keep going ! - Not without you !


- Forget about me ! There's no time ! - No, we'll make time !


- Steven, do something. - Yeah, yeah.


- Pull it ! - Damn !


Roger, there's nothing to throw. We can't find anything !



- Hold on ! - This place is comin' apart !


- You wouldn't leave us ! - I would leave you !


I left George ! I left him to die ! Get out !


- Take this. Here. - Come on, come on.


- No, no, no ! Don't do it ! - Reach for it.


Madelyne, no. No.



It's collapsing !


Oh, my God !



Why didn't you leave ? What the hell did you do ?


Damn !


Get a hold of something !


Go, go, Steven ! You gotta keep going !


What the hell are you talking about ? You can't leave us !


- They gotta leave ! - Mikey, there's gotta be another way !


- We can't find anything. - Sweetheart, look for some...



There must be something else !


Can you make it ?



There's no way out !


You can't reach us ! That's home up there !



No !



- Ashley, flashlight ! - Here !


- No. - Ah, man, no.


Kit !


No, Steven ! Don't leave me !


Go ! You heard me ! Go ! Everybody, out !


We gotta go !


I didn't leave you, Mikey ! I'll die !



Go, go ! Watch your head !



Oh, God !


Go ! Come on, keep going !



Go, go, go, go, go !






We're not gonna get out of here, are we ?


Come on.



- Kit, I can't. - Come on.



What's that ?


Fuses. We've gotta go back to where we started.


No. No, Kit, it's too far.



No, no. Anything I can do, you can do. Here, hold this.



We... We gotta try it !


What ?


A blowout.


- A blow... A blowout ? - We gotta do it ! Come on !



We're gonna try a blowout. Come on.


Where... are we... going ?



Gotta get up to the ceiling and blast out the mud.


If it works, the pressure will take us right to the top.



Why don't you leave your car here and I'll drive you home.



- We're in here - Oh, my God.



I got you, girl. I got you.


Easy. Easy. Take it easy.



Easy. Easy. Okay, come on.



Take it easy now.



- You're all right. - Easy, easy.



- Roger, we did it ! We made it. - Okay.



Come on, it's okay. Good dog.



Easy. All right.


Come on, we got you. We got you.


Okay. All right, all right.



That's everybody. Everybody's out.



Are you sure there's nobody else down there ?


Hole's fillin' up with water.



- Nobody else ? - Leave me alone.



I'm okay. I'm all right.



- I'm okay. - No, Daddy, it's okay.



It's okay. We're okay.



Come on. Come on.


Go ahead.


I'm gonna sit. I'm gonna sit... over here.



- I don't even care. I feel so tired. - You gotta fight it.


I never thought I'd end up like this.


You weren't supposed to. You weren't supposed to.



I always... thought I'd die old.



Keep trying, you piece of shit ! Keep trying !


How many chances do you need ?


You killed everybody else, but you know what ?


You should've killed me !



'Cause I found your heart !


I found your heart, and I'll blow it out of your body !



We gotta go.



Give me your arm, Madelyne.



You never... would have left us... would you ?



No. No.






All right, easy. Easy. Easy. Slide it over.


Clear a path. Come on. Easy.


- We have a wheelchair for you, ma'am. - Sorry, I'm gonna walk.



Hey. All right.


You're doin' fine.



Stop. Stop, stop, stop.






All right, come on. Get him out of here. Let's go.



Since we're both going to the hospital, I wanna ride with you.


Don't you have something better to do ?


Well, considering I'm homeless and broke and carless...


and I'm not lookin' my best, I think I'll ride with you.



- One condition. - What's that ?



We gotta take the bridge.



Like the well


Becomes a spring



Like the light



That you bring


To the skies that were empty


And grey




Just your breath


In the night


Can make it all right


When you sigh as you're drifting away





All that is simple and good lives in the places


The things that are pure and true


Paint a picture of you


And you are all I can think of


Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love




Like a brief desert rain


Desert rain



Like the air that remains


Making everything silent and new



Oh, baby


And like


The light in your eyes


Like the light in your eyes


Found a world that was only for two



Oh, tell me, baby


All that is simple and good lives in the places


The things that are pure and true


Paint a picture of you


And you are all I can think of


Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love




If you are lost I will find you


I'll find you



No matter where you go


If you'll follow I'm here behind you


All that is simple and good lives in the places


The things that are pure and true


Paint a picture of you



And you are all I can think of



Whenever there is love




Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love


Whenever there is love



Whenever there is




There is love






Special help by SergeiK