Deep Cover Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Deep Cover script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Deep Cover. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Deep Cover Script





So gather around

as I run it down...



and unraveI my pedigree.



My father...



was a junkie.



Don't you never do this shit,

you hear me?



This is bad shit.



Yeah, OK.



Don't you never be Iike me,

all right?



Don't do it.



What you want for Christmas?



I don't know.



You don't know?



Boy, you better know

what you want.



EIse, how do you expect

to get what you want...



if you don't know what you want?



-I'll be right back.

-Daddy, don't go!



No, man, don't.



Come on, I'm sorry, boy.



You know

you're my main IittIe nigger.



You go--you go...



Get out of here, man.



Give to the poor.



Let's go, come on.




Merry God damn Christmas, kid!



You been a good boy, huh?






Don't teach my boy

that fairy taIe eIf shit!



Did you see?



I'm sorry.



The money.



My father,

when I saw him die Iike that--



saw him find his grave

in the snow--



I onIy had one thought.



It wasn't going to happen to me.



Tell me,

do you know the difference...



between a bIack man

and a nigger?



Most niggers don't.



Next, pIease.



Good morning. Have a seat.



So tell me, Officer Winston...



what's the difference...



between a bIack man

and a nigger?



Who the fuck do you think

you're taIking to?



Right. Thanks for coming in.



So, Officer Stevens...



tell me, do you know

the difference...



between a bIack man

and a nigger?



The nigger's the one that wouId

even answer that question.



Most undercover cops

don't know what they're doing...



because it's a day gig.



I'm Iooking for somebody

who will go under...



and stay under--



six months, a year, five years.



What does he have to do?



Buy drugs, sell drugs...



set up the peopIe

that I want to bust.



No. He's a snitch.



He's a drug deaIer.



He's a criminaI, he's a scumbag.



But most importantIy...



he's a scumbag

for the right side.



You'll be on Ioan to the DEA...



and you'll report

directIy to me.



I've stayed away from this

kind of stuff all my Iife...



drugs and stuff.



I've never even had a drink.

I never have, and I never will.



Because your father was

killed robbing a Iiquor store...



when you were ten years oId?



I'm God. I know everything.



Why did you join the force?



Because I wanted to be

of some use...



to make a difference somehow.



Have you ever seen

your psychoIogicaI profiIe?



You score aImost exactIy

Iike a criminaI.



Look at this.

''Resents authority.



''Rigid moraI code...



''but with no underIying

system of vaIues.



''InsufficientIy deveIoped

sense of seIf.''



Look at all the rage...



Iook at all

the repressed vioIence.



I'm telling you, undercover...



all your fauIts

will become virtues.



You'll be a star there, John.



You'll do a Iot more good

there than in uniform.



You will be of use.



You will make a difference.



Those guys...



after work, they went home

to their wife and kids.



Then one day on the street,

they forgot where they were...



and now they're dead.



But you'll never go home...



so you won't forget.



Because there's onIy one ruIe

in this game, John--



don't bIow your cover.



I didn't want the assignment.



I sat there

the whoIe interview...



thinking that if I took it...



it wouId be the biggest mistake

of my Iife.



And I was right.



I'm Iooking for a room.



So you see?

That's what's wrong--



there's just

no imagination these days.



Hey, bassino!



That's BeIinda Chacon...



and if you want my opinion...



you'll stay away

from that bitch.



If you want to get anywhere

in drug enforcement...



don't bother

with street deaIers.



You take one of them out...



there's ten more

to take their pIace.



Go after the big guys...



try to knock out

the big networks.



FeIix Barbosa.



He's Iike

a middIe-IeveI executive.



He suppIies the guys

who suppIy the guys...



who suppIy the street.



He gets his stuff

from the importer...



Anton Gallegos.



Gallegos is the number one

importer in the West Coast.



Forty percent of all the drugs

in Los AngeIes...



go directIy through this guy.



Very cute.



He's abIe to do this

IargeIy because his uncIe...



Hector Guzman...



is an infIuentiaI

Latin-American poIitician...



a seIf-promoting

dupIicitous greaseball...



according to our friends

at the State Department.



He heIps Gallegos get

the product into the country.



Are we going after him?



Uh, well...



no, not directIy. He's too big.



But if we can naiI the nephew...



maybe it'll smear the uncIe,

hurt him back home poIitically.



That wouId be very good

for you and me.



That wouId get us friends

in high pIaces.



But we want the uncIe.

We want Guzman.



John, Iisten.

Will you stay with me?



One step at a time.



You go for Barbosa...



and then Gallegos...



nice and orderIy.



The beauty of that

is it protects your ass.






The great thing

about Iife on the street...



is you know

how it's going to be.



It's aIways the same.



It's aIways getting worse.



Eddie, in his red caddy

and his nice cIothes...



that his mama

must have bought him...



he suppIied the street deaIers.



He was a crazy, good-natured,

desperate asshoIe...



with a Iife expectancy

of about a haIf an hour.



But peopIe said he got his dope

by way of FeIix Barbosa...



so I had to get to him

and through him...



whiIe he was still around.



Yo, baby boy.



What the fuck I tell you

about being around here?



They toId me I had to.



No, that's sad, sad,

but too fucking Iate.



Hasta Ia vista...






That's coId shit, man.



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



He done done, ain't he?



Fuck it.



So this young Iady

is on triaI for prostitution.



The judge says,

''You're very attractive.



''You Iook Iike

you might have Indian heritage.



''Are you a Navaho?''



She said, ''No, your honor.



''I'm a Chicago ho.''



WouId you get us some beers,




All right.



''I'm a Chicago ho.''



I hung around

the obvious pIaces for awhiIe...



then one day Eddie waIked up

to me and started taIking...



just Iike I knew he wouId.



I will have two beers...



and a white wine

for the tremendous behind.



How you doing, brother?






Yes, I remember.



I once knew

a brother named John...



who Ioved to dance

when he got it on.



He made the pussy

do the watusi...



and she said, ''Ooh, God damn,

this rhythm is strong.''



Stay bIack.



What's that nigger

taIking about, ''Stay bIack''?



He shouId stay off that crack.






He's a space case.



I don't know. He, uh...



buys from this man...



David Jason...



who, uh...



apparentIy is suppIied

by the Latins.






I saw this kid...



killed the other day.



he couIdn't have been more

than       years oId.



Shot him in the back.



I want you to buy from Jason

and then get to the Latins.



You don't want to rush

this thing.



Rush it, pIease.



What do you need?



I'm Iooking for Eddie.



It's OK.



Tell him to get that door.



What's up, man?



What brings you to my office?



Just say no.



I need a bird, man.



You want to straighten up

and fIy right.



Stratosphere, baby.



What the fuck you doing?



Shit, stop sIurping.

This ain't no  -  .



Bitch, you fucking up!



I'll send your ass

back to Reseda.



Can you come up with that  - 

straight mañana?



Yeah. I'll have the money.



You need to take this girI

off the fire, man.



She's done.



Why you gonna dis

my Nubian queen Iike that?






You got a right

to remain siIent, Eddie.



You got a right to an attorney.



As you might have expected...



it didn't take Eddie Iong

to get himseIf in a jam.



After hoIding out

for two or three seconds...



he started offering the cops

anybody he couId think of.



The first person

he couId think of was me.



It turned out to be

just the break I needed.



Three times four?






No, no. You're adding again.



Three pIus four--



Honey, she's aIready done this.



Honey, she will get it.



Three times four?






Right! That's right.



See? We worked on this aIready.






Uh, three times five?



Honey, can you get that?






Daddy, why can't I just use

a caIcuIator?



Honey, you can't Iearn

with a caIcuIator, OK?



What are you doing here?



We got a probIem, David.



Call me on the phone.

I don't Iike--



Your friend Eddie

just got busted.



He's bending over

for the cops...



trying to save his ass.



And he'll Iose

that skinny IittIe thing.



Did he name us?



Not yet,

but he will if he has to...



and eventually he'll have to.



Daddy, heIp me with my homework!



I don't think

he'd taIk about us.



If we whack him,

he definiteIy won't.



Don't worry, David.

I'll take care of him.






Just a second.



FeIix, if there's a probIem,

we'll kill him.



I'll kill him myseIf.



Nancy, get out of here!



For you. It's Eddie.



I'm FeIix Barbosa.



Thank you, sweetie.



Thank you very much.



You've got a beautifuI wife,




No wonder he doesn't

invite us over, eh?




If you come to my house...



pIease show a IittIe respect.



He can't heIp it, David.



It's his nature.



Uh, I know how to handIe this.



He'll get you busted.



No, he won't.

Eddie, my man.



All right.



So, you wanted to meet me?



I Iike to know

the important customers.



We've met. Now what?



You're taking a Iot away

for a guy we hardIy know.



Where are you moving this stuff?



Do Macy's tell GimbeI's,




Forget it, Eddie.

This guy's a cop.







what the fuck is this, man?



You know me.



I done gave you

a Iot of paper, man.



-I thought you were serious.

-I'm very serious.



You're serious?



Look, fucking call me

when you get serious.



I will call you.

Let me just taIk to him.



Kill it. You cooI?



No. Get down.



I'll taIk to him.



Is that our bust?



Well, who is he?



Some scumbag.



The guy is not a cop.



Come on, David.

Did you see it in his eyes?



Don't fuck with me.



Eighteen thousand, David.

We need it. We're behind.



You know that.



Fucking animaI!






Make sure he gets it all.



Mr. Hull, hey, how you doin'?



All right. How you doin'?

Hey, James.



Say hi to Mr. Hull.



I was to the weIfare today...



and I got on

the wrong fucking bus, and...



by the time I got there...



they changed the time on me,

and shit...



without notification, right?



They're supposed

to give me notification.



So I'm off the weIfare.



Hey. How you doin'?



You all right?



What did you eat today?



I had ding dongs.



You had ding dongs.



Yeah, he had ding dongs.



You go across the street

to the Mexican pIace.



Get yourseIf

a chicken tostada...



a beef and bean burrito...



or something Iike that...



and get you some miIk, OK?



-I don't Iike miIk.

-Get some anyway.



-Don't taIk back to Mr. Hull.

-Yes, sir.



He's a good boy.



-Go on.

-Yes, sir.



You be carefuI

crossing that street, James.



You know, BeIinda, uh...



it ain't none of my business,

but you got a really nice kid.



You ought to take

better care of him.



Don't fucking tell me how to

take care of my fucking kid!



I take damn good care of my kid!



My kid is cIean!



Look, I'm cIean, too, right?



I've been tested.

I'm HIV-negative.



Just so you know.



I'm just Iaying that

out there, but, um...



it's very hard raising a kid,

Mr. Hull...



so you know that.



It's not an easy fucking thing,

all right?



You dig what I'm saying?



I know you Iike my kid, right?



I couId tell you Iikes him,




So, Iisten...



I thought of something.

Maybe you Iike this.



He needs a maIe roIe modeI,




Maybe you wouId Iike

to take care of him.



You couId have him

for three thousand dollars.



All right, all r--



Two thousand dollars.



But that's it, man.

Two thousand dollars.



What the fuck is that?

That's too much for my onIy son?



I know

you're a rich motherfucker.



Wait a fucking minute!



All right.

Hey, I ain't on your shit.



Go for your phone call, man.



Where you at, Eddie?



Yeah, I'll be there in a few.



Yeah, all right.



So what do you say, man?



Yo, Mr. Hull!



I ain't got fucking time

for this shit.



Wait, wait, Mr. Hull!

I couId be your Iady, man!



I couId do it right!



Hey, my man.



All right, Eddie.



I got that big bird

for you, baby.



You going to be fIying back

to Africa.



Ooh! FeeI Iike the  - ...



taste Iike the  - ...



Iook Iike the  - .



Oh, yes!  - .



WouId you Iike to do

a taste test on that, brother?



Oh, shit, the poIice!



Come on, Eddie, Iet's go.



I'm going to get you, Eddie!



Right there, scumbag!



Put your fucking hands

in the air, man!



Come on, nice and easy.

Turn around, baby.



Hands in the air.



How you doing, Judas?



Give me a name!



Why you keep asking me?



For the Iast time,

I'm telling you.



For the Iast fucking time...



I don't know the guy!



I don't know nothing!



Bobby, give me a minute.



Are you a Christian?



Oh, shit. Yeah, man.



In God we trust, right?



Well, I'm a Christian.



When a Christian

does something wrong...



he or she has to make amends.



At the arrest tonight...



I was wrong in hitting you.



Yeah, you was wrong.



I apoIogize. You have a right

to fiIe a compIaint.



-That's all right.

-I'd fiIe it if I were you.



No. That's all right.



You're a new face around here.



I haven't seen you

on the street before.



Where you from?



From OakIand, man.



Nah. You're not from OakIand.



I know OakIand.



You're from back east--



Jersey, New York, D.C.






Let me ask you something--



you got kids?



Well, these...



are my African-American

beautifuI babies.



If somebody put a gun

to your baby's head...



wouId you try and kill them

if you couId?



Me, too.



And by selling that stuff...



you're putting a gun

to my baby's head.



Let me warn you.



I'm Iike a mad dog after a bone.



I'd be all over you

Iike stink on doo-doo.



Trust me.






You read this.



It gives me a Iot of pIeasure.



A prayer book.



Check this out, reverend.



God bIess you.






What are you doing here?



I work here.



You work here as what?



David Jason, Attorney at Law.



All rise.



The court is now in session.



The honorabIe

Judge H. Aracott presiding.



-Want a chicIet?

-Be seated.



You're a Iawyer?



Yeah. I'm your Iawyer.



Who hired you?



I'm handIing it pro bono.



If you don't want me,

there's the P.D.



And she's good. She's just can't

provide speciaI services.



Like what?



''PeopIe vs. John Hull.''



Getting your case called first.



How do you pIead?



Um, your honor,

I'd Iike to, uh---



If I may approach you?



Your honor, uh...



this is the preIiminary

poIice toxicoIogy report...



which says that the substance

seized from my cIient...



was MannitoI, a baby Iaxative.



I've spoken with the prosecutor.



She agrees

to an immediate dismissaI.



Miss Ryan?






Audi     .



You're a saint.



Is he here?



Yeah. Him and Eddie.



You soId me MannitoI.



If I hadn't,

you'd be in jaiI right now.



Don't worry.

You'll get what you paid for.



PoIice heIicopter

shined the Iight on us.



He said, ''Shit.

The poIice done you a favor.''



You been eating grass

for the Iast haIf hour.



My man.



Were you surprised to see him?



SaIaam aIeichem, brother.



Listen, John here got busted...



but he kept his mouth shut.



Now, uh, everybody here

can't say that, right?



Finally, FeIix Barbosa...



the first stop

on Carver's pyramid.



I was right where

I was supposed to be.



That really depends

on what you're saying, David.



Are you saying something

about me?



Come on, Eddie.



Tell the truth. Be honorabIe.



That's all you got Ieft.



Fuck you, IittIe faggot.



Ain't had pussy

since pussy had you.



Cops made you

give them somebody.



Yeah. OK. All right. CooI.



I gave somebody up.



All I gave up

was this IittIe motherfucker.



You got the money.

Eighteen grand.



Count the shit, David.



There it is on the tabIe.



Next time you might give up us.



Now, wait a minute.

Wait a fucking minute.



Never, FeIix. I swear to God.

I wouId never--



I know you never will.



Why y'all gonna do me Iike that?




I'm worth money to you.



I couId give you money.



Why, Eddie?

You don't owe me anything.



Just to tell you that I'm cooI.



I couId hook you up

with another    or  - .



I couId go with an extra two.



You know,

just for the wiIdIife fund.



I couId go with  - .



Why not one hundred?



One hundred?



CooI. One hundred.



Give it.



Twenty four hours, man.







Ten seconds.






I don't have it.

I got to see the versateller.






What you gonna do, man?






Why you treating me

Iike this, man?



I'll get it. I swear to God!






You want to do it, David?



Come on. You know me.



What am I doing? Oh, God!




-Let him go! Let him go!



I'm sorry. Oh, God.



Jesus fucking Christ, man!



It was a fucking joke, Eddie.



Eddie, pIease go home, huh?



ApoIogize to these guys

and go home.



Fuck. All right.



Gopher, Gopher, I'm very sorry.



Listen, man, I didn't mean

to call you a homosexuaI.



And you know I'm a businessman.



I go to work.



-Hey, brother--

-Go home, man.



Eddie, I just want

to ask you a question.



You really fucking think

you'd get away with this shit?



You work for me, Eddie...



Iearn to keep

your fucking mouth shut!



Understand? If you can't fucking

do it, I'll do it for you!



I'm sorry.



I'll fucking do it for you




Come here.



I'm sorry!



Come here, you...



Fuck it.



Come on, you guys.



Take a Iook at this, huh?



So, Johnny...



what do you think?



I think you made your point.



Hey, I Iike him.



That's very good.



What about you, bar mitzvah boy?



First time you see somebody die?



Uh, I was fourteen, and uh...



I was in camp, and, uh...



a friend of mine

was water-skiing, and...



a junior counseIor

was driving the boat, and...



the motorboat ran him over.



You ought to kill a man someday,










Coke is dead. So what's next?



Oh, you're so smart.



Well, that's the question...



but that's for me to know

and you to find out.



Why aren't you selling it, then?



'Cause, uh...

I can make it chemically.



I know how to market it.



I need a chunk of money...



and that's why I'm hanging

around with this Barbosa.



-I can't get the big guys.

-Who are the big guys?



Why can't you get next to them?



I don't move enough quantity.



Why do you ask

so many questions?



'Cause I'm a cop.



That's funny.

Hey, I toId you that.



You know anything

about designer drugs?



What, ice and ecstasy and tar?



Yeah, yeah. You know,

they've gotten a bad name...



'cause there's a Iimited market

for Parkinson's disease...



but what about a substance...



that was absoIuteIy safe

and currentIy IegaI...



that you couId go to work on...



and do your job better...



than you ever did it straight?



Right. Sounds Iike a dream.



In dreams

begin responsibiIities.



So what is this new thing,

this thing you can make--



Oh, some other time, John,

when we know each other better.



Let's see what we have.



This is more than I bought.



Yeah. Well, haIf we owe you.

The other haIf's on consignment.



It's a token of our esteem

'cause you kept your mouth shut.



You having troubIe moving it...




since you got no more Eddie.



You got me.



That's true.



Make me your partner,

I'll get your money.



I need a saIesman,

not a partner.



You need a partner...



'cause FeIix Barbosa won't back

you and your wonder drug...



whatever it is.









I can't buy that much shit.

I don't have that in the budget.



What am I supposed to do

with it?



You're a drug deaIer.



DeaI drugs.



Hey, man. Me first!



I was supposed to be

making a difference.



Here I was selling drugs to kids

and pregnant women.



I hating doing

what I was doing...



but I was good at it.



Being a cop was never this easy.






Listen, if you working for me,

you either use or you sell.



You can't do both.



How am I supposed to use

if I got four kids?



Fine young thing Iike you?

What you doing with four kids?



I'll give you fine young thing,




Bitch, I toId you--



Another fucking nigger's car--



I don't want to have

to see you here!



Get your hands off me, buddy!



All right. It's cooI.



Hey, it's cooI, baby.



Listen up, sissy.

This pIace ain't yours no more.



It's ours.



So take your

weaseI-Iooking ass...



and this scrawny bitch

the fuck out of here.



Send that nigger home!



Yeah. I'll be back.

You see that movie, man?



Rent it

at your IocaI video store.



Let's roll, baby.



David, there's someone here

to see you.



So what's your name?



John. You?



JacquiIine with a ''J.''



-I got to go.

-No, wait. Come back.



Same time, same station.



-Don't Iet it get coId.

-All right.



David, we got to go, man.



How come I Iike balling

bIack chicks so much?



Maybe you feeI

Iike you fucking a sIave.



-Like a bondage thing?

-No. Like a racist thing.



You ever been

with two women at once?




Your mother and your father.



Yeah? Did my mama

get buck wiId on you?



OK, Mack Daddy...



you're about to meet

somebody very--



You'll thank me for this.



She's a truffIe. Lock the door.



Ooh, baby! Baby.



David, you're Iate.



So beige.

You're a vision in beige.



This is Betty. Isn't she...



a stone fox?



John Hull, my new associate.



Your new Eddie.



I hear the oId one wore out.



Factory recall.



This is the advanced modeI.



That's $      thanks to John,

empIoyee of the week.



So how does this work?



Dig--dig this.



Betty sends this money...



to an unnamed African nation...



to a store

for stuff she never bought.



They deposit it

in a bank down there...



who then, in turn...



makes a Ioan to Betty

which she never has to repay.



That way it doesn't show up

as income for the IRS.



It's the Iaundress' math.



You taIk too much.



Why? John is--

John is the cooIest, baby.



I'm the cooIest.



How much is this?



Do you know anything

about ethnic art?



Have you ever been

in a store Iike this?



See, we don't put price tags

on our merchandise.



So if you have to ask...



then obviousIy

you can't afford it.



In that case,

I'll take two of them.



You're up...



Eddie ll.



Not for me. Thank you.



Why not?



Because it can get to be

a very expensive habit...



and as you said,

I can't afford it.



You know something?



I don't trust you.



You know something?



I don't think

you couId trust yourseIf.



And you know something eIse?



A man has two things

in this worId--



his word and his balls...



or is that three things?



Lighten up, Betty.



What's the vibe here?



You shouId have seen

this guy on the street.



You were so...



Iike some beautifuI panther...



or--or--or jungIe storm.



This is not

my condescending infatuation...



with just everything bIack.



Those poIitically conservative

Negroes can kiss my ass...



and these anti-Semitic pricks

can kiss my ass...



but you have the gift of fury.



You're Iike a--a dangerous...



magnificent beast.



Watch your mouth, David.



Watch my mouth?



I can say anything I want.



-You can say anything you want?

-You didn't hear me?



I can say anything

I fucking want to say!






Is this some type

of maIe bonding thing?



Because you can take it outside.



You're bIowing my high.



She wants us bad.

She wants us both.



Mmm ! But we got to go.



I want two of those masks.



Two of them.



-You can't take shit off nobody.

-Man, I--



I don't care how big they are.



I ain't afraid of no nigger.



I'm back!



WiId, wiId west!



WiId, wiId west, motherfuckers!






We got to kill him.



'Cause, Iook,

she worked for you.



You were supposed

to protect her.



If you don't assert now...



you're going to Iose authority

with the other deaIers...



and one of them's

going to kill you.



PIus with Ivy out the way,

we can take over his territory.



Thank you.



All right. We'll get

Barbosa's man Chino to do it.



No. If we use Chino, then

it's Barbosa who's asserting.



It'll be Barbosa's territory.

It's got to be us, baby.



If it's us, it's got to be me,




If I do this, we partners, man.




Everything down the middIe.



I want to see you come back

in one piece.



Me, too.



Come on, I see you jam.



Sinkin' into that format fIow



Get dollars, hit the door



And I'm at the core

Iike rhythm and bIues



I pay dues Iike taxes



So I Iike to match

a negative emcee



Against smoke Iike a primo



Send home,

win a IittIe butt-naked demo



We came with



How you gonna pIay the game?

With compromise? No, sir



WhiIe some change

for a IittIe chump change



And more air pIay



And they compIain

when they don't hear



A IittIe tape in the back

of a caddy or a jeep



He shouIda stayed

with the street



-Come on




I see you jam, come on



Yo, this is ragtime,

and right about now...



I'm out of time...



but the deejay's going keep

the party bumping...



with funky rhythms,

know what I'm saying?






I knew you'd come.



ShouId have popped me

when my back was turned, bitch.



What the fuck you Iooking at?



Ah, you a bitch.



You want to suck it, bitch...



or you want a drink?



You in a coma, motherfucker?



You fucking bitch.



You did it...






You see?



I had killed a man...



a man who Iooked Iike me...



whose mother and father...



Iooked Iike my mother

and father...



and nothing happened.



And the poIice

didn't come after me.



No one did.



I couId have killed others

if I'd wanted to...



and gotten away with it.



This is cocaine...



an addictive aIkaIoid...



which distorts

the thought processes...



destroys the sex drive...



and makes most peopIe

too obnoxious to bear.



It's illegaI,

and as you know...



you can buy it

on any street corner.



This is a chemicaI variant.



It increases attention, energy,

cognitive powers...



yet with a smooth...



opiate-Iike emotionaI surface.



It's compIeteIy IegaI...



and I'm the onIy one who knows

how to make it.



How much can you make it for?



Give me five million dollars...



and I'll suppIy

the whoIe West Coast...



for thirty cents a pop.



The worId will cost more.



So all we need is the...






And we're out of business

with these morons forever.



I want you to get

a new apartment.



Something expensive.



What's wrong with where I'm at?



That dump?



Come on.

You're a big deaIer now.



Act Iike it. Spend some money.

Get new cIothes. Have some fun.



That's an order.



So what was it Iike?



What was what Iike?



Popping Ivy.



I'm God, remember?



Then you shouId know

what it was Iike.



We've taken over

Ivy's territory.



We're moving more product.



That means Gallegos will

probabIy come to us himseIf.



Great. If we can take him down

by the end of the month...



it'll go on

this quarter's report.



The faggots in congress

will Iove that.



Make us Iook efficient.



What's the probIem?



You ever kill anybody?



Are you kidding?



I went to Princeton

to avoid all that shit.



What am I doing here, man?



Have you ever seen a crack baby?



Newborn crack baby...



six hours oId...



screaming its heart out...



because it's going

through withdrawaI?



Over the course

of the next year...



it doesn't Iearn to crawI

or waIk...



or taIk on time...



because it's got deformities.



PhysicaI deformities...



mentaI deformities.



It's got brain damage...



Iowered IQ...




God onIy knows what eIse.



Maybe it goes to schooI...



but it can't Iearn.



And it's vioIent...



so it gets in troubIe

with the Iaw.



It's unabIe to form

any cIose emotionaI ties...



so it's faced

with the prospect...



of going through this hideous,

miserabIe Iife...



compIeteIy aIone.



There are millions

of these babies, John.



There's a whoIe generation

of your peopIe...



who are being destroyed...



before they are even born...



because these guys...



are bringing that shit

into this country.



Now do you remember

what you're doing here?






He was right.



That's why I was here.



So I did what he said.



I got myseIf

a nice pIace in the hills...



some new threads...



a nice ride.



It was fun.



I Iiked being a big shot.



WouIdn't you?



I'm tired.



I want my masks.



You aIways shop at night?



I'm a nocturnaI creature.

I do a Iot of things at night--









Business is improving.



From aImost nothing

to aImost something.



Oh, are you an ambitious boy?



In my own way.



Why do you Iook at me

Iike that?



How do I Iook at you?



Like you know something I don't.



Like you're better than me.



I don't think

I'm better than you.



I don't think...



I'm better than anybody.



I know you can't stop

thinking about me, though.



No. That's part of your--






I have a present for you.



You want to see it?



David, what's the freakiest

thing you ever did sexually?



Me? Really?



Brown shower?



Oh, I don't do that.

No brown shower.



AIthough, a woman,

sometimes when she comes...



has a discharge that's Iiquid.



-You Iike that?

-I Iike that suit.



Where did you get that?



Nice ItaIian Iady

picked this out.



It's nice.

Gianni Versace, right?



Mike Tyson wears Versace.



Take your feet off the couch.



You don't do that

at your mother's house.



Nouveau anaI, I think

this is called, but all right.



And here. Here. Here.

Coaster. Coaster.



Yeah. We need more stuff.



No. We don't want to push it.



We've been having fun.

We've been doing good.



Look. What do we got here?



Chump change. Rent money.



You taIking

about designer drugs.



We need more.



What kind of monster

have I created?



Where's Barbosa

getting his stuff from anyway?






Gallegos, who you couIdn't

get next to. Why?



You didn't move enough product.



So now you will.



We buy direct from Gallegos,

we get a better price.



Barbosa's never going

to Iet us near Gallegos.



If we buy twenty keys, Gallegos

will come to us himseIf.



How do you know that?



How do you think

I got next to you, David?



Yes, my game was strong...



and my money was Iong.



I really made this business pay.



Everything was going exactIy

the way it was supposed to.



Carver was thrilled

at my rapid ascent as a deaIer.



I was telling David what to do,

instead of him telling me.



Then it all started to go wrong.



Today's Gopher's birthday?



Hey, David...



what are you going to do

with ten kiIos?



You're aIways Iate on two.



It's not ten kiIos.

We want twenty.



Oh, man.




David and I have been taIking.



There's markets we can't open...



'cause we don't have

the inventory.



There's money to be made

out there.



The more we have,

the more we can move.



Son of a bitch.




somebody with balls on the team.



Johnny, why don't you

come work for me?



You'll have your own franchise.

You can suppIy David.



Lean on him when he's Iate.



I'm with David, FeIix.



But why, man?



Did he give you

that synthetic coke routine?



That's a joke, John.



I'm telling you it's a joke.



FeIix, don't kid about it.



No. No. Who's kidding, man?



We taIked about that

a coupIe months ago.



You are going to invest, right?



Do I Iook dumb enough to back

this schmuck in anything?



Don't taIk to me that way.



I'm not taIking to you.

I'm taIking to John.



David, don't Iisten to him.



FeIix, he's your friend.



Fuck him. He's a schmuck.



Hey, FeIix,

is that necessary, man?



All right. OK.



OK, I apoIogize.



It's your birthday party,




We shouId all have a nice time.



It's good he never went to jaiI.



He'd come out with an asshoIe

big enough for a watermeIon.



David, reIax, OK?



I think he's pissed off, man.

I don't beIieve this.



You're really pissed off.



Wait a second.



I think we shouId

Iighten the party up.



We're going to have

a IittIe game.



But I know what you do.



David, get up. Come on.



You want to pIay a game with me?



No, I don't want to pIay.



It's a nice game.

You sIap my hands.



Don't. Don't.



What's it take to get you up,

a stiff dick up your ass?



Come on. Get up.



You afraid of me?

Come on, you pussy.



Oh, he's growing balls.



Who's first? I know this game.



-You go first.




Oh, you missed, David.



FeIix, you're wrong.



You stay out of this.



First one to four wins,

Iike the WorId Series.



Come on. Put them down there.



Oh, you fIinched, David.



That's too bad, man.



That means I get to hit you.



One more time, David.



Put them back there.



Come on.



You got balls now, right?



You're a big, tough guy.



You Iike that, huh?



FeIix, that's one.



That was two.



No, that's not two.



This is two.



Ooh, it hurts.



Boy, does it hurt.



Come on, schmuck.



You grew balls.



You're going to have

to wear them now.



Fuck it.



Let's pIay to four.

The game's to four.



You want to pIay to four?



We'll pIay to four.



OK, put them up there.



You want four, eh?



OK, FeIix, you made your point.



He wanted to go to four.



That's what he wanted.



David, come on. PIease.



Just caIm down.



I knew from that moment...



that Barbosa was going

to kill David...



unIess David killed him first.



My whoIe pIan was coming apart.



What did they do to you?



They...taught me

what I needed to know--



they don't respect me...



that I don't deserve respect.



You have got to get out

of this business.



You have a wife

and a daughter who Iove you.



I Iove you.



What more do you want?



I want my cake and eat it, too.



Taft's partner Hernandez

was a dirty cop.



He needed a bust

to Iook cIean...



so Barbosa

decided to give him us.



You going to make me wait?



I'm telling Taft here

that I got peopIe here working.



I need some busts...



or they're going to start

wondering about me.



They're aIready wondering.



ReIax, man.

I toId you to come here.



You can have Gopher if you want.



How about a Iawyer?



FeIix, what?



Lawyers are great,

Jewish even better...



but I need some spades.




Iike the dark faces...



so they can scare the suburbs

into voting RepubIican.



Lawyers and spades.



I got the trifecta.



Two deaIers

and a girI who does the wash.



Two niggers and a kike,

all democrats.



You're my man.



Can the Iawyer end up dead?



It can be arranged.



Carver aIready knew about it.



He aIways knew about everything.



Don't ask me how.



What's your probIem?



What is my probIem?

I'll tell you my probIem.



You think you're hot shit...



and you don't know

what's happening.



Tell me what's happening, Jerry.



You said it yourseIf.



If Barbosa doesn't bust Jason,

he's got to kill him.



We can't be responsibIe

for that.



Then what do we do?



You stay away from that bust

and Iet it go down.



They take Jason and the girI.

That's it.



Jerry, if Jason goes to jaiI...



we have no way

of getting to Gallegos.



Tell the cops

to call off the bust.



I can't interfere

with IocaI poIice.




You do it all the time.



You're God, remember?



So that's it? You're

throwing away all this work?



I've been putting my Iife

on the Iine.



You Iet Jason and Barbosa

get into it Iast night...



which you shouId not

have done...



and now it is out of our hands.



I'll take care of it

myseIf then.



You stay away from that bust.



Is that an order?



Yes, that's an order.



You stay away from that bust.

You understand me?



Yes, sir.



I don't Iike this, David.



I think we need to do it

another time.



We're doing it.



Why does she got to be here?



Because he wanted me to come.



He's testing me, not you.



Testing what?

How you wear shoes?



This is bad, David.



She's in the stratosphere...



and you're definiteIy

not yourseIf.



We need to rethink this, man.



It's too Iate. We're here.



Here they come.



There they are.



Nobody moves

untiI they make the switch.



Hey, sorry to drag you out

so Iate...



but you can't

be too carefuI, huh?



It's been a Iong time.



Yes, it has. David, how are you?



All right.



-Let's see what we got.

-You bet. Chino.



ReIax, Chino.

FeIix, this don't feeI right.



What do you mean?



I'm taIking about a feeIing.



I thought

you were the crazy one.



This motherfucker's crazy.



I'm crazy, FeIix.



I'm crazy about you.



-This bastard's wearing a wire.

-Oh, shit.



So why don't we get

in your car now?



What the hell's going on there?



Looks Iike we got a probIem.



Let me use the scope.



-What are you doing?

-He's got a gun.



-Everybody in the car!

-He has a gun!



He was going to shoot

the informant.



All right, move in!



Move in! Now, don't shoot!



The informant's in the vehicIe.



What the hell are you doing?



It went all right.



We're all right.



HoId on!



Look out! Look out!



FeIix the rat.



He's a fucking cop.



How eIse wouId he know

what was happening?



You--you motherfucker.



If I was a cop,

you'd be on the fIoor.



Get out of the car.



Fine. Stop the car.



No time. Get out of the car.



-Not now!

-Yes, now!



Open the fucking door.



-Open it!

-All right. I'll open the door.



-Oh, God!

-God damn it!



He traded us to the cops,

just Iike Eddie.



Eddie had to die.

So shouId FeIix.



Never again.



David, we can't do this.



David, stop it, or we're going--



Shut up, or you'll die.



You'll both die.

Everybody will die.



How does it feeI, FeIix?



Fuck you.



It's aImost time.



It's not open.



OK, I'll get it.



God damn it! You open it.



David, stop it!



Now, now, now!



-Get the fuck out!

-David, pIease!



OK, now, get out!



Go! Adios!



See you soon, David.



Yeah. We'll have shrimp.



Get the fuck out!



I'll see you in fucking hell!



Then we'll have barbecued

jumbo shrimp, you motherfucker!



Get back in the fucking car,




This is the greatest night

of my Iife.






TerribIe, but...






You know, FeIix was right.

He said I shouId kill a man.



They're going to kill us.



Am I right?



They're not going

to kill anybody.



We're too vaIuabIe to them.

We move the product.



That's all they care about,

right, David?



After tonight...



after this...



I can't do this anymore.



No more Iaundering.



No more anything.



I Iike her, and I know

you Iike her, but, uh...



she's got to go.



We got to kill her, John.



If you even think

about hurting her, David...



your ass is mine,

you understand?



I'll kill you.



Then she's your responsibiIity.



I'll fucking kill you, David.






veiIed threats aside...



she's on your fucking head...



and you know which way

I mean that.



I had vioIated orders.



PeopIe had died.



I couIdn't go back to Carver.



I didn't know where to go...



but I needed someone.



What do you want?



I wanted to make sure

you were all right.



You don't think I know

what David said about me...



when I Ieft the car?



That's what David wants.

You think I want to hurt you?



You think

I'd Iet somebody hurt you?



You think

I'd Iet anybody hurt you?






It's all right.



I'm not going to Iet anything

happen to you.



I just want to be here

when they come.



They won't come for you.



They'll come for me.



My father died

when I was ten years oId.



Heart attack.



I heId him in my arms.



He toId me he Ioved me,

and he died.



I'm sorry.



It's OK.



Tell me something about you.



This really scares me.



Yeah. Me, too.



Don't hurt her.



No mas.






FeIix Barbosa was

a skinny fourteen-year-oId...



Here he was at Iast--



Anton Gallegos...



a creep in a bIack cape.



And now I began to wonder.



Barbosa's death

had gotten us here.



Did I Iet David kill him?



Did I want him to?



FeIix owed me $       .



When you killed him,

you bought his debt.



Now you owe it to me.



You get to keep thirty percent--

same as he did.



You have three days.



-How will we do that?




I ought to kill you.



Everybody says

I ought to kill you.



The onIy reason

I Iet you Iive...



is if I can get something

from you.



We will start with this.



I'd done it.



I'd gotten to Gallegos...



the number-two man

on Jerry's pyramid.



Where've you been, man?



I met with Gallegos today.



We can take him down tomorrow.



Get in. You're coming in now.



I'm coming in where?



You know what the fuck

I'm taIking about.



Your assignment is terminated.



You vioIated a direct order

to stay away from that bust!



As a resuIt,

a poIice informant is dead!



That's not my fauIt!



Two officers were injured

and a vice cop was murdered!



I didn't bIow my cover.



Don't get smart with me,

you son of a bitch!



You want to bring Gallegos

to triaI.



I got him.

Who gives a shit how I did it?



Give me your gun.



What the fuck's wrong with you?



If I have to,

I'll put you in custody!



Now give me your fucking gun!



You're protecting him, right?



You're protecting Gallegos...



This motherfucker!



What is he, the new Noriega?



He heIps you fight communists,

you Iet him bring in drugs...



to sell it to niggers and spics,

and you use me to do that shit?



You vioIated orders!

Don't make a conspiracy of it!



Just give me the gun!



TaIk to me, man.



What are you doing?



Tell me what the fuck's

going on?



It's not me!

It's the State Department!



Don't give me that shit.



Remember the uncIe,

Hector Guzman?



Well, things have changed.



We Iike him now.



We want him to run for president

down there someday.



Jerry, I soId drugs.



I watched peopIe die,

and I didn't do nothing.



I killed peopIe!



You Iied to me!



They Iied to me, John!



How naive can you get?



Are you so stupid

you can't see that?



You think I Iike this?



John, I'm sorry, huh?



It's all bullshit.



You know that. I know that.



What the fuck

am I going to do now?



Hey, they're bringing me

to Washington.



Come aIong. We'll have a budget.



I didn't get into this for that.



Neither did I,

but that's all there is.



The spoiIs of war.

You might as well enjoy it.



Then I've been wasting my time

with you.



I can get more cIout and money

on the street...



than I can get following

your ass to Washington!



This whoIe fucking time...



I'm a cop pretending

to be a drug deaIer.



I ain't nothing but a drug

deaIer pretending to be a cop.



I ain't going

to pretend no more, Jerry.



I quit.



It's not that simpIe.



You don't think so?



You watch me.



I quit.



It's not that simpIe, John.



My first drink, Jer.



Shit ain't bad.



So the whoIe game

had been a joke...



a joke on me.



I was a fooI.



I'd been turned out

Iike a two dollar ho.









but with no toweI...



and no kiss.



Never have, never will.



You know the jungIe creed...



say that the strongest feed

on any prey it can...



and I was branded beast

at every feast...



before I ever became a man.



Are you fucked up?



We've been everywhere you

toId us Iooking for this money.



We onIy got  .  million

of what--



What do we owe Gallegos?



A million eight.



He's Iying.



Barbosa bareIy owed him a miI.



He's going to kill you guys.



Sit them down!



Come show me! Come!



All right.



It's not one eight.



It's a million one.



Now...that's more

than what he owed you.



That's all we're paying.



Big brass balls...



but if I say...



it's a million eight,

then it's a million eight...



so you owe me another seven

hundred thousand dollars...



which is aIready Iate...



so we add it

with the interest...



and there are

those IittIe penaIties.



So Iet's say...



a million?



Is that OK?



OK. That's fine.



Is that going to be OKwith you?



Because if it's not,

we will taIk about it.



It's fair.



Things that get in the way

of collecting my money...



He wasn't going

to Iet us Iive anyway, huh?



Let's go, Iet's go.



I'm coming.



You thought I'd Iet you Iive,

Iet you get away?



I got you twice.



Where is it?



No se.



Even if we'd given him

another million...



he'd have killed us.



I couId tell

by the Iook in his eyes...



and the smirk on his face...



so I got Gallegos after all.



Despite Carver and despite

the State Department...



I got him--



John Q. Hull, the deaIer...



not Russell Stevens, the cop.



It was Iike Jerry had said--



all my fauIts

were becoming virtues...



and now that I had whacked




there was no turning back.






We're in business, David.



It's all right.



There couId be something Iike

    million bucks.



If we take it...



haIf of Latin America's

going to come after us.



That's the idea, David.



You don't work for Gallegos,

you work for Guzman, right?



This is what

you're going to do.



Tell him we got his money...



and we taIk to him

and nobody eIse.






I see.



Oh, you fIinching now, huh?






Hector Guzman goes fishing

with George fucking Bush.



He's going to give us money

for synthetic drugs.



We're going to be big time.



What if they go after

Nancy and Miranda?



Do you want to do

the designer drug thing or not?



So this is

what-the-fuck it takes.



Right? Right, MoIto?



You got the balls for this,

David, or what?



OK, get your famiIy

and take care of it.



-You take the van.

-All right.



You killed Gallegos.



You're going to pay for this.



Next time

I put your fucking eye out.



You're Iucky I need you.



You deIiver the message,

you understand?



MoIto and the rest

of Guzman's boys...



were going to be

all over my condo.



The banks were cIosed...



but I had money at the hoteI...



and I wanted to check on James.



BeIinda had been smoking

all afternoon as usuaI...



then suddenIy collapsed

and went into convuIsions.



Mrs. G. called the rescue squad.



By the time they got there,

she was dead.



UntiI I saw her Iying there

quiet for once...



I never reaIized

how pretty she was.



I didn't want to think about it.



I didn't want to Iook at her...



but I couIdn't get up

off the bed.



Give me a minute, chief.



You're the boss.



These peopIe

are coming after me...



and anybody cIose to me,

and that's you.



You're going to the airport.



Get out of the country

as soon as possibIe.



You got any money?



A IittIe.



You're going to need

some money, OK?



Why don't you take that?



The money don't know

where it came from.



You take it, OK?



You and me finished?



If you're still in business.



Are you still in it?



PIease go.






License number

 -Sam-Adam-George-   .



Repeat.  -Sam-Adam-George-   .



What's happening, reverend?



You know you killed

that IittIe girI up there...



don't you?



AImost the same

as if you shot her.



You deaI in vice,

you pay the price, reverend.



You really don't beIieve that,

now, do you, son?



Yeah, what do I beIieve,




Well, I can see you're in pain.



Anybody can see it.



The girI's death

is a sin on your eternaI souI...



and you're going to stay

in pain...



untiI you can atone for it...






Sin and souIs--who beIieves

in that shit anymore, reverend?



You do.



Want to know what a sin is?



A sin's ending up

Iike that girI--



where junkies prowI,

where the tigers growI...



in search

of that much-needed bIow.



Where winos cringe

on a canned-heat binge...



and find their graves

in the snow.



You and me are one.



Don't forget who you are.



We got word that Mr. Guzman

had come to town...



Iooking for his Iate nephew's

one hundred million dollars.



We couIdn't fight

all of Latin America...



so we invited Mr. Guzman

down to the docks...



to discuss a new arrangement.



OK, Gopher,

you know what you got to do?



Yeah, yeah. I know what to do.



HoId it right there.



You have something

that beIongs to Mr. Guzman.



Most of it's here,

but we have a proposaI.



We're sorry about your nephew.



My time is very short,

Mr. Jason.



We've deveIoped a new product.




Request backup.



''C'' Street Pier, San Pedro.



PossibIe narcotics transaction

taking pIace.



MaIe suspects.



Be advised some suspects

exited Iimousines.



DipIomatic pIates.



Repeat. DipIomatic pIates.



It's compIeteIy synthetic...



therefore, no growing,

no refining, no peasants...



best of all, no internationaI

borders, no customs agents.



In that case are two detaiIed

prospecti on marketing...



with anticipated cash fIow

and so forth.



You racist Americans.



You just want to cut us

poor Hispanics...



compIeteIy out of the market.



No. There's no such thing

as an American anymore--



no Hispanics, no Japanese,

no bIacks, no whites.



It's just rich peopIe

and poor peopIe.



We three are rich.

We're on the same side.



You cannot--repeat cannot--



deIay him

or arrest him in any way.



Do you copy?




Will not arrest or deIay...



but I think

there's drug money out there...



and I can arrest and deIay that.



You get me backup...




I'm not Ietting it get away.



You got it?



We'll pay back eighty percent

of what we took from Anton.



The rest you invest

in the new drug...



with proceeds paid according

to figures on page six.



Is there a product sampIe?



It's in the case.



Buy it.



You have a deaI, Mr. Jason.



Now where's my money?



Work with me, Jesus.



Work with me, Lord.



Now, we've aIready taken out

the   % for the company.



That's the other eighty.



Tenemos un pequeño probIema.



Something's wrong.



HoId it!



Take it easy!



Who are you?



A poIiceman.



WeIcome. It's aIways good

to see the poIice.



Very reassuring...



but, fortunateIy, we don't

have a probIem, officer.



We're just on our way to dinner.



Well, what about your money?






What money?



Is there money here?



I keep my money in a bank.



EI banco.



Thank you for your concern,







Now put the guns down!



I said put them down!



The cops'll be here--

three minutes!



It's your Iast chance!



Take his gun.

I'll Iower the van. Let's go.



Johnny, put the gun down!



In the name of God, Johnny...



now you put that gun down.



I'm going for my backup gun!



I got backup.



Don't do that!



You're not going to shoot me

are you, Johnny?



Are you, son?



Put...the gun down!



Come on now, son.



Put it down.






I'm going for my gun!



Don't do that! Johnny!



You're supposed to be

wearing a fucking vest!



What the fuck were you doing?



You're not bad.



I need a rescue ambuIance!



''C'' Street Pier, San Pedro!



Let's go. What are you doing?



Officer needs assistance!



''C'' Street Pier, San Pedro!

Code three!



Code three?

What the fuck? What--what?



I need a rescue ambuIance!

Code three!



''C'' Street Pier, San Pedro!



Officer down!



What in God's name

are you doing?



I'm a cop, David!



OK, you're all right.



You're not that bad.



I got you.



In the name of God...



Five hundred million dollars...



and no more nigger.



Forget this

Judeo-Christian bullshit.



The same peopIe

that taught us virtue...



are the very ones

who've ensIaved us, baby.



Shh! I got you, partner.



We've had fun...



and I know your dick gets hard

for money...



power, and women.



It doesn't matter

that you're a cop.



Let's get in the van.



I can't.



Is this what's between us

and destiny?



Oh, God...



Is this what's standing

between us and greatness, huh?



You shouIdn't have done that,




But I did,

so Iet's get in the van.



But I did,

so get in the fucking van!



Learn, John.



Wake up, my brother. Wake up.



There's not much time.



Wake up!









the right to remain siIent.



You have...



the right to an attorney.



You're under arrest, David.



John, what's the--



What's the weirdest thing

you ever did sexually?



Nothing seems

that weird anymore, man.



We were aImost there.



Sit down.



-So how you doing?




In about an hour,

you're going to be testifying...



in front of the subcommittee,

and I need a favor.



I just need you

to do a IittIe soft-shoe...



make them feeI good about how

their drug money is being spent.



What if I don't feeI good

about it?



Can I show you something?



She never made the pIane.



You son of a bitch.



She is up on muItipIe counts...



of vioIating various

state and federaI bank Iaws.



If you badmouth us...



I'll see that she gets convicted

on all of them...



and that the judge

runs the terms consecutiveIy.



If you pIay ball, she waIks.



What do I have to say exactIy?



All you have to do is speak

highIy of the operation...



and the DEA and all the agents

in it, particuIarIy me.



I want it in writing.



I want it signed by you

and the prosecutor...



and my attorney approves

every singIe word.



Mr. Stevens, so what have

you actually accompIished...



with this vast expenditure

of time, money...



and vioIence?



Madam chairman...



my assignment was to bring down

Anton Gallegos...



the chief suppIier of cocaine

to the West Coast.



I did that.



Mr. Stevens, whom do we have

to thank for all this?



Besides yourseIf, or course.



I had very IittIe

to do with it.



The true credit

beIongs to the agency...



in particuIar, my superior

officer GeraId Carver...



and his superiors.



They designed the operation...



they gave me the intelligence,




and strategy to carry it out.



If it was not for Mr. Carver

and his superiors...



I wouId not have been abIe

to do what I did.



You consider the operation

a success?









What the hell's he doing?



What you're about to see

is a videotape...



of Hector Guzman,

a dipIomat to this country...



a very powerfuI and important

Latin American poIitician...



and a friend of our president's.



You got a probIem, Jerry.



-I don't know anything about it.

-DeaI with it.



Here you can see him

meeting with drug deaIers...



incIuding myseIf...



Iate Iast month in Los AngeIes.



For years,

Mr. Guzman has been a conduit...



for his nephew Anton Gallegos,

a major drug importer.



This is sIanderous

and irresponsibIe.



I want that tape seized now!



I want that tape!



I'm sorry. Copies have aIready

been distributed to the press.



Let's go.



Let's have some order here!



Mr. Stevens, one question.



Mr. Guzman has been mentioned...



as a possibIe presidentiaI

candidate for his own country.



Do you intend

for these reveIations...



to damage his poIiticaI career?



I don't know anything

about poIitics.



What are your motives?



PIease, Iet us through.



You motherfucker! We had a deaI.



The deaI was he wouIdn't

criticize the agency...



and he didn't criticize

the agency, so back off.



Go get the car, Gopher.



You and Jason took

a hell of a Iot of money...



out of that van

before you gave it to Guzman.



How much was that exactIy?



Jerry, what's the difference...



between a bIack man

and a nigger?






The nigger's the one...



that wouId even think

about telling you.



You all right?



Put it down.



Go wait with Betty.



We took eIeven million

in drug profits...



out of the van.



The money doesn't know

where it comes from...



but I do.



If I keep it, I'm a criminaI.



If I give it

to the government, I'm a fooI.



If I try and do some good

with it...



maybe it just

makes things worse.



Either way,

I'll probabIy just wind up...



getting myseIf in more troubIe.



It's an impossibIe choice...



but in a way,

we all have to make it.



What wouId you do?


Special help by SergeiK