The Deep Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Deep script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Shaw and Jacqueline Bisset movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Deep. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Deep Script

              What are you trying to do, kill yourself?

              There's something down there!

              What was it?

              I don't know!

              Something grabbed my arm, twisted me around! Almost pulled my arm off!

              Come on, give me this.

              Listen, I told you...

     gotta stay with me.

              David, I panicked.

              David, I panicked.

              Well, listen, you can't panic.

              You just gotta learn to relax and control yourself.

              -You all right? -Yeah.

              Actually, David, it's my foot!

              The damn thing bit off my entire foot.

              Look, it's just a bloody stump.

              I almost drowned.

              I almost drowned.

              We might as well be married for all the concern I get.

              You wanna go dive naked?

              In the bathtub, in the hotel?

              Gail, look!

              Look at this.

              What is it?

              I don't know.

              It looks like a coin.

              I'm gonna take a shower.

              Okay, baby.

              Goliath? I thought you said you were diving on the Brighton.

              We did dive the Brighton.

              Then we spotted that wreck, so we decided we'd take a look.

              It wasn't in the guidebook.

              You're damn right it's not. Goliath is full of munitions.

              Tourists aren't allowed to blow themselves up, you know.

              Oh, yeah?


              I can't believe the stuff Treece has found off the coast around here.

              I can believe it.

              -What have we found out? -I don't know.

              O.P.N. means ora pro nobis, " pray for us."

              And "S.C." I can't find in any of these.

              If I'd wanted to spend my holiday in the library...

              ...l could've walked    blocks to   nd Street.

              Let's approach this methodically.

              -I'd love to play tennis! -Our coin is dated     .

              The treasure ships that went down then were King Philip's fleet in     .

              -Ping Pong! -That's fantastic,    million in gold!

              I'm gonna play tennis with a pro.


              All right.

              Wine, madam?

              No, thank you.

              Would you care for some more, sir?

              -Would you like some dessert? -No, thank you.

              It was here, outside the wreck, where I almost had my arm torn off.

              If you were there, I was across the hull, in about    feet of water.

              That's where I found that coin.

              You must be the young couple who found that bottle today?

              Smallish? Three inches long? Tapered?

              It could be Reinhardt glass, you know, from Rotterdam, before the war.

              -It didn't look like... -We didn't find any bottle.


              My name is Henri Bondurant.

              A jeweler by trade.

              By avocation, a collector of rare and unusual glass.

              You see...

              ...the government here has rather strict rules about diving.

              Legally, you cannot take anything off Bermuda...

              ...unless you first offer it to the government and they decline.

              Unfortunately, the government rarely ever declines...

              ...and even more rarely offers premium prices.

              What was your name?



              ...l'm sorry. This is fascinating, but what does it have to do with us?

              Let me tell you something.

              If that bottle is a genuine Reinhardt...

     would be a small coup for a collector like myself.

              I would be prepared to offer...

              I'm sorry. I told you, we don't have any bottle.

              In that case...

     apologies for having interrupted your conversation.

              Good night.

              Good night.

              Jesus, who was that?

              Some dynamite businessman you are. You could've listened to his offer.

              Come on, Gail! Bottle collector, my ass!

              Is this it?

              Well, it isn't a bloody tourist trap.

              What do you want?

              -Mr. Treece? -Indeed.

              A friend of ours was doing some diving around here about a month ago...

              ...and found a Spanish coin. It was dated     .

              And he told us to talk to you.

              -Look it up in the Hamilton Library. -We did, and we talked to the librarian.

              She said to come out here because you'd help us.

              Yes, well, she's a stupid woman.

              But she's kind, you know. Quite kind.

              Is she still growing her mustache?

              Come on in. Let's see what you've got.

              Come on over, then. But you haven't been asked for lunch.

              Thank you.

              Well, it ain't no coin, boy. It's a Spanish medallion.

              It's a medallion?

              Beginner's luck.

              If this hadn't laid against iron, it would've oxidized a long time ago.

              We can't figure out the inscription ora pro nobis and "S.C." in front.

              "Santa Clara pray for us." That was a common inscription in those days.

              There you are, boy.

              Is it valuable?

              One medallion? No, not to me.

              It must be one of King Philip's treasure.

              That's the only fleet that went down then.

              Not unless it walked itself across the ocean     miles.

              That fleet went down in a hurricane off Florida. All    of them.     .

              That's all documented in my library.

              They've already found EI Capitano, Ubilla's flagship.

              There's something down here also, isn't there?

              Now just hang on a bit, boy. You just found one trinket.

              Might be enough to pay for your holiday.

              Or it might've just fallen overboard...

              ...dropped there by some drunken old rummy.

              What else have you got in there, then?

              Hey, boy, this is Goliath trash.

              What the hell were you doing diving there?

              We spotted the wreck off the point, so we dived down.

              Where'd you get this, exactly?

              Right here. Just outside the wreck.

              You quite sure?

              The water plays tricks. It makes things look bigger, smaller, wrong way around.

              -Are you sure it was there? -I'm positive.

              Sure a lot of glass freaks in Bermuda.

              Somebody else know about this?

              A bald guy came up to us and said he was a glass collector.

              He described that perfectly.

              I didn't show it to him.

              Looked like a basketball player.

              Henri Bondurant. French guy.

              No, he's Haitian.

              Boy, could I just have another little look at that medallion there?

              I think I might just have...

              ...missed something here.

              Come over here, and let's have a look with this magnifying glass.


              See those letters? That's not your normal mint mark.

              It might be the mark of the engraver or the person who had it made up.

              I'm sure of one thing.

              It's made up for somebody special.

              Then it might be worth another look down there.

              Yes, well, as I said, it might...

              ...but not to me.

              Thank you. Sorry you can't stay for lunch.

              Wait a minute. That's all?

              -Let's go. -Just a second.

              You might not mind wasting your time, but I can't have you wasting mine.

              You said there's something special. Let's look!

              Good afternoon!

              You okay?

              Go right!

              I wonder what this guy's doing?!

              Try and pull over!

              I can't!

              You should have sold me that bottle.

              Now you've forced me to take what you would not let me pay for.

              If it'll ease your mind, I'll still name a price.

              Take off their blindfolds.

              Look, if it's not in the bag, I don't know where it is.

              The girl.

              Now, look, she hasn't got it!

              If his tongue moves, cut it!

              I'll do it.

              Put it back on.

              Since neither of you seem to have that bottle, I assume...

     is now the property of Romer Treece.

              Well, then, for Christ's sake, let him go!

              It hasn't been all that pleasant for you, has it Mr. Sanders?

              Enjoy yourselves this evening.

              Eat a good dinner.

              Go dancing.

              But be off the island by tomorrow.


              Come on, Treece!

              All right, what the hell's going on?

              Take it up.

              We'll take it out right after this.


              He's the only man alive who might know one of these ampoules on sight.

              Can I show him your map?

              He's the sole survivor of the Goliath, you see.

              Thank you.

              Now, then, Adam...

              ...this one of your legendary ampoules?

              It's the real thing, all right.

              The old girl's finally lost her virginity.

              My friends found it there.

              The way she's lying, the storm must've flipped her around.

              She was never this close to the edge of the reef before.

              You're lucky.

              Five people have died over the last    years...

              ...trying to crawl inside that ship.

              Blew themselves up poking torches around.

              There's enough live ammo there to blow up the island.

              Will somebody cut the crap? Blew themselves up for what?

              It was a military ship. It went down with munitions and medical supplies.

              Or so they say.

              They're there.

              All right, what's there?


              Ninety-eight thousand ampoules.

              I packed them myself.

              Jesus, why didn't you tell us the truth?

              We wouldn't have had that run-in with the Haitian.

              The name's Cloche.

              The fact that you knew nothing saved you.

              I wasn't sure myself until now.

              It's the first time he's told me the truth!

              Adam, what do you reckon happened to the rest of them, then?

              They're probably all smashed up by the ordnance now.

              The way she's lying, there won't be any steel plate to have to burrow through.

              They've performed an autopsy on it with everything but forceps...

              ...but nobody found one of those before.

              We found one.

              Well, we are having a wonderful day, aren't we?

              How come nobody found one?

              The sea's a joke, my boy. Loves to fool you.

              Dive one day, you find nothing. That night, it blows up a storm.

              Go back again, the same spot, you find a carpet of golden coin.

              We just had one of the worst storms we had in    years, haven't we?


              Goddamn it! Coffin!

              " Coffin! Goddamn it! Coffin!"

              Nice to meet you folks.

              Mr. Treece, which one of us turns this over to the government?

              Well, now, miss, I'm gonna have to think on that.

              I was never much one to bother with formalities.

              Morphine's not exactly a "formality." It's halfway to heroin.

              Halfway to hell.

              I know all about that. So does Cloche.

              By the time a Hamilton bureaucrat gets off of his fat bum, it will be heroin.

              That's why I'm gonna dive there tonight.

              You haven't answered my question.

              I'll answer. I'm turning this over to the government.

              I'm all the government you need, boy!

              Put that right back.

              The reasons are two: mine and yours.


              If there are thousands of ampoules there and Cloche gets them...

              ...that junk will be on the street in N.Y. in a week.

              Yours: lf you're lucky, that's the only one left.

              If you go to the government, your treasure hunt will be off.

              And if there is any treasure...

    'll just be reading about somebody else finding it.

              David, please don't dive.

              Make up your own mind, boy.

              I have made up my mind.

              I'm diving with you tonight...

              ...or otherwise I'm handing over this information to the authorities.

              Look, Gail, it's important to me. You understand?

              David, it's morphine. Morphine!

              We only met the man today. You don't know anything about him.

              -I can't pass it up. It's an experience. -Experience?

              Don't you mean privilege? He suckered you in like a child!

              I blackmailed him, remember?

              -Is that the way you remember it? -Yes, because that's the way it was!

              There's treasure down there. I know. I've gotta look.

              You're so blind! You wouldn't see it if it was in front of you!

              I feel things so I do them! That's the way I am!

              And you wind up with T-shirts!

              Jesus, that's unfair. That's totally unfair.

              Look, I didn't come here for you. I came here for us!

              Would you please think about it?

              I always think about us.

              Say, who is that guy? I don't like him at all.

              Learn to like him, because that's Kevin. He's family.

              My mother liked him. Told him to look after me.

              Put your gear in the cabin.

              Well, here I am!

              I'm all ready! I've got all my gear!

              I'm sorry you had such a long walk. You're not diving tonight.

              The hell I'm not!

              That's my ship out there! Those are my mates!

              Your ship's dead. So are your mates.

              So were you, when I found you on the beach.

              But there's never the bringing any of us back, is there?

              Just go on home now.

              Good night.

              All set, Kevin?

              Full moon tonight. We're gonna stick out like a cherry on a cream pie.

              Cast her off forward, Kev.

              Would you like some rum?


              -Here you go. -I never drink before I dive.

              You know what they say about these waters?

              If the Jamaican pirates don't get you...

    'll be the cold embrace of the sea.

              And that's no lover's kiss.

              Every ship from the new world passed through these waters.

              They had to.

              K'ang Hsi porcelain from China.

              Japanese silk-screens.

              And those ivory doodads from lndia.

              And all that lnca gold that Pizarro took out of Peru.

              Do you believe all that, boy?

              Yeah, I believe all of it.

              Every bit of it. So do you.

              You gonna marry that girl of yours?

              Hey, boy.

              We're getting very close.

              Four dots and a dash, that's your hotel.

              Hey, Treece.

              What do you do on a foggy night?

              I just stay home and I drink rum.


              Give me a hand, will you?

              Wait a minute. I don't want to have anything to do with explosives.

              If there are thousands of ampoules down there....

              I'm gonna rig the Goliath...

     that I topple her off the reef, out of anybody's reach forever.

              What about the treasure?

              Here, you'll need this. It's black as molasses.

              Don't you go threatening anything down there.

              What's wrong?

              I'm not blowing it. Not now.

              That's the biggest moray eel I ever saw!

              He wanted you for his supper.

              What's the matter, boy?

              Cheap Jack Bush. Warning from Cloche.

              Cheap Jack what?

              Voodoo. Cloche always likes to bring in a bit of Haiti with him.

              Anybody take any notice of this...

              ...ought to have his brain examined.

              The lights in your hotel have gone out.

              We'll run the reef and drop you on the beach.

              Get that anchor up. Keep a sharp eye!


              Just a minute. I've put the lock on.

              Who's there?

              -You gotta go starboard. -Port! Port!

              I've been through this reef before.

              Yeah, but the hotel beach is over there!

              I know where the bloody beach is!

              Okay, you're clear!

              Honey, what happened?

              I've never...

              ...felt like that...

     my entire life!

              I was so helpless!

              All right.


              They painted me.


              They painted....

              Come on. Listen, listen.

              -I wanna go home. -Okay, baby.

              We'll go home tonight.

              The airport's closed.

              No way off the island. You'd best come home with me.

              I'm not going home with you, Treece.

              Because it's you and it's Cloche...

              ...and it's that morphine that almost got her killed tonight!

              Boy, if Cloche wanted her dead, we'd be digging her grave by now.

              He just wanted her as some kind of trump card...

              ...until he knew about the morphine.

              Come home with me. St. David is the only place you'll be safe tonight.

              Don't worry. I'll make sure everyone's placed properly.

              Right. But you watch the west side.

              Make sure nobody comes over the swing bridge.

              If he does come, I hope it's my bloody way.


              Take care of yourself.

              I don't want anybody else to be hurt tonight. Go on!

              How's your girl?

              She's asleep.

              Why didn't you blow that boat up?

              Because of what you found, boy. I think you ought to have a look at this.

              I never seen one like that before.

              That's an   th-century escutcheon plate.

              You might be right. There just might be a king's ransom down there.

              It would take three keys to open the box that that plate came from.

              The captain would have one.

              The governor of Havana had two.

              Only the owner would have all three.

              So only the owner could open it on his own, right?

              Three-key lock like that is very rare. Very rare, indeed.

              Only used on nobility business.

              What would a plate like this be doing in a World War Il munition ship?

              Yes, well, now....

              I don't know.

              Suppose you have two storms...

              ...hundreds of years apart, springing up from the same quarter...

              ...and they catch two ships, making for the same shelter.

              Might they not drive them up on the same reef?

              You think the current could bring that plate up through a split in the hull?

              Why hasn't anybody found it?

              I don't know, but we're gonna find it in the Havana manifest.

              I got survivors' accounts.

              I ought to be able to tell you who that ship is, where she come from.

              These are the Spanish. This is the translation.

              You and your beginner's luck.

              If there is something, what would it take to bring it up?

              Well, under normal circumstances...

              ...using a sand gun and DESCO equipment...

              ...clear water and a lot of luck, just a few days.

              But that hardly applies now, since we've got Cloche on our back.

              What would it take to get him off?

              Any deal that gets him the morphine, I suppose.

              But what do you care? You're both going home tomorrow, aren't you?

              You'll be up to your neck in city smut by dinnertime! What a world that is!

              They made me climb the Statue of Liberty once.

              It's dreams, Treece.

              It's all daydreams.

              It's more than daydreams when you find a three-lock box.

              By rights, you discovered her.

              Whoever she is, you were the first to find her.

              But you would have left that plate there if I hadn't known it for what it was.

              So that rolls me aboard as well.

              Let me put it to you simple:

              Whatever's down there, a lot or a little, half yours, half mine...

              ...but the right to tell the world about it, that's all yours.

              Come on to bed.

              All right, in a minute. I'm coming.

              You still there, girl?

              Like a jar?

              It'll warm you up.


              ...rum is not drinking, it's surviving.

              You know what's got me stumped?

              This is the Havana manifest right here.

              It's signed by the king's man in Havana, the Marques of Cazaterras...

              ...governor of Cuba.

              It states here that, " ...entire fleet sunk off the coast of Florida in     ."

              That's King Philip's Fleet,     . Every ship, right?

              All itemized. All recorded.

              So what I don't understand is...

              ...what is this ship doing in these waters...

              ...un-itemized, unrecorded, unescorted...

              ...and carrying a three-lock box?

              He's all right, that David of yours.

              Yeah, I know.

              I'm sorry.

              I apologize.

              I lost touch why we even came down here.

              I'll take you home.

              You don't want to go home tomorrow.

              I don't wanna stay here without you.

              Say that again.

              I don't wanna stay here without you.

              Go away, will you?

              That was a stupid business last night. And cruel. Very cruel.

              You did not go to the police.

              I've been tossing and turning all night, wondering why.

              Because there's thousands of ampoules of morphine down there.

              You want them, and I got them.

              They're still on the Goliath. You have nothing but the gall to claim ownership.

              I rigged that ship with booby traps last night.

              She's wired    ways to hell. The wrong person goes there, she'll blow.

               You'd need an advantage...

       deal with me.

                I'll expect them in two days.

                No, I shall need four.

                We seemed to have settled on three.

                What sort of fee are you getting for diving these days?

                One million dollars, cash, low denominations. That's my share.

                You'll make twice as much as that in America.

                Your attitude on drugs is a matter of record.

                Why sell them to me for a profit?

                I have my reasons.

                I don't want any interference in this dive. I know you'll be watching.

                The young couple's my responsibility.

                You keep your hands off them.

                If you want me...

       come and see me this time. You know where I live.

                Three days, Treece.

                Three days.

                Afternoon, Mr. Cloche.

                Thank you, Kev.

                Now then, listen you two.

                When this air gun gets going...

                ...l want you on my right and you on my left, girl.

                We pick up the ampoules as the sand gets sucked away.

                Be very careful of your hands.

                When this thing's on full, it can swallow a cannon ball.

                How much of that junk are we gonna bring up?

                Just enough to satisfy our audience up there on the cliff.

                They're there, all right.

                That Kevin sure gives me the willies. He doesn't say much.

                Maybe he don't like you, Adam. He likes me.

                He's family. You just watch that little lever on that compressor there.

                Turn it off if there's any real trouble, but don't forget to turn it on again.

                You feel that breeze cutting out of your hose, come up. But be careful.

                It's possible there might be somebody waiting up there for you.

                It should be me going down there.

                Let's not go into it again.

                I got enough trouble looking after the boy here.

                Don't worry. I'm gonna go slow enough for you.

                I'm going in!

                Gail's behind us.

                Get closer! I can't hear you! You'll have to shout!

                All right, David. Now keep those air hoses clear.


                You go down. I'll be right behind you.

                Wait! Wait!

                That's where we saw the eel.

                Come on.

                David, bring it into the next compartment!

                Keep your hands clear, girl!

                That's enough. Let's go look for the treasure.

                Let's go look for the treasure!

                All right!

                Goliath is moving!


                Girl, you wait! I'll go!

                -Are you all right? -I'm okay.

                Look what I found! Look!

                I don't care! That was a bloody amateur thing to do!

                I had to take my mask off. I couldn't reach it!

                Damn it, look at it!

                Gail, look. It's gold!

                I knew there was treasure down here!

                What kind of a ship was it?

                Probably Spanish.

                Might be a galleon.

                Till you fell through the Goliath...

                ...this cave was all sealed up.

                That tunnel I pulled you out of...

       probably leads right down to the bottom of the reef.

                Let's get out of here.

                Goliath is on the move again. It'll cut our hoses.

                Up now! Up! Up!

                -How many do you reckon we have? -About     .

                Here you go, Kev.

                Explosives? What the hell you doing that for?

                -I'm rigging this. -What the hell for?

                This is the first place anybody'd look for them.

                If you'd hide them somewhere else, you wouldn't have to blow your house up.

                If I hide them somewhere else, they wouldn't know where to look for them.

                I'm only gonna keep the buggers two days.


                You stay ashore from now on. Somebody's got to watch this place.


                The hell! It still makes no sense!


                We know that the Grifon is the wreck underneath the Goliath, right?


                But it says here in the manifest...

                ...that the Grifon was a tobacco ship with a French captain, Dare.

                It tagged along with the      fleet for protection from pirates.

                That's here in the manifest.

                You know what interests me?

                The Grifon was the only ship to survive the hurricane.

                She went back for repairs.

                But what's she doing off of Bermuda with part of that fleet's treasure?

                I don't know! That's what I keep trying to puzzle out, because it says here:

                "The entire fleet went down off Florida together, all    ships."

                They say the fleet treasure was aboard the flagship.

                The manifests prove it!

                Governor Cazaterrass, the king's man in Havana, reports everything's lost.

                -Maybe he's wrong. -No.

                What we found is jewelry. We didn't find the gold and silver from the fleet.

                Jewelry and a Spanish three-lock box on a French tagalong tobacco ship.

                Well, someone could be lying. Could be lying!

                The Spanish were fanatics for accurate records.

                They always had everything checked and rechecked by some important official.

                Here it is again.


                " E.F."

                Look at that!

                What's something like that worth?

                I don't know what you got there. Eight or nine ounces,    karat gold.

                Good pearls.

                Play it quiet, maybe $     on the market.

                Less breakdown and melting costs.

                You wouldn't melt it down, would you?

                I wouldn't, but there are those who would.

                The ocean's not a jewelry store. You don't get no receipts.

                Gotta prove it's authentic.

                Anybody can see it's authentic.

                You don't understand me. There's a lot of counterfeit.

                It's real gold, it's real gems, but it's false.

                You have to establish a provenance.

                You gotta find out proof that it's real.

                If we could find a verifying record or a description of any piece down there...

                ...that makes it all worth a bloody fortune.

                You wanna have your name on a plaque? You wanna be a celebrity?

                No, there's not enough room in the Hamilton Library.

                I think they could find a bit of room for you, boy.

                Well, it's just possible there's something else going on...

                ...but I don't know what it is.

                You can beat it out of me, but it won't do you any good.

                I merely need information.

                Which brings us, of course, to your fee.

                How much is Treece paying you, by the way?

                I'll pay    percent.


                How many did they get today?


                Four thousand or so.

                And yet Treece claims they're all down there?

                That's what the girl says, yes.

                It almost seems as if Treece is hiding something from both of us.

                Doesn't it, my friend?

                And we can't have partners that double-cross us, can we?


                You know, maybe you were right.

                I think somebody was lying. Do you know who I think it is?

                The governor of Havana.

                Come here, have a look at this.

                This is the list he sent back to Spain, reporting the goods lost in the storm.

                But according to this list...

                ...more was lost than the fleet's sailing manifest said was sent.

                You know the difference? The difference is jewels.

                Not trinkets, mind you. Masterpieces. Works of art.

                Two pages were lost. They never got to Seville. That's where the original is.

                You listen.

                "A team of silver horses pulling a golden carriage.

                A pair of jade hummingbirds, one with wings of emeralds...

                ...the other with wings of pearls. A golden dragon with emerald eyes."

                Does it say anything about what we found?

                Like the pine cone filled with pearls? Or the medallion itself?

                No, not on that page.

                You know something? This doesn't even look like a proper manifest to me.

                It's not a manifest. It's a shopping list.

                -For a woman. -For what?

                It's a shopping list for a woman.

                Gentlemen, I give you " E.F." !

                -The lady on the medallion. -The Duchess of Parma.

                Come on, Gail. We've got an " E.F.", not a " D.P."

                The Duchess of Parma was her title. Elisabeth Farnese was her name.

                Get on with it.

                It seems that in      when King Philip's first wife had just died...

                ...he developed a royal lust for the beautiful Duchess of Parma.

                She finally agreed to marry him by proxy. But he wasn't there yet.

                She wasn't a woman who gave away something for nothing...

       her virginity.

                Before he could touch that, she insisted that he deck her up with jewels...

                ...quote, " Unique in all the world," unquote.

                Philip commissioned those jewels to be made.

                And if that's what we found, he never got laid.

                Beautiful! Just beautiful!

                Yeah, she was a pretty smart lady.

                In three years, all he's ever given me is a sweater and a pair of sneakers.

                Well, he isn't the king of Spain, is he, girl?

                What do you think?


                Thinking aloud...

                ...suppose you were the governor of Havana, with a three-lock box...

                ...and you knew it had something so valuable, belonging to the king...

       might not put it on a prime target like a flagship.

                You might put it on a tobacco ship.

                The fleet was there for protection...

                ...but the whole fleet sank, except the French tobacco ship.

                And the governor keeps to his story...

                ...and he lists the box as lost along with the fleet.

                I'll buy it.

                The Grifon sails again into another hurricane off Bermuda...

                ...and it sinks.

                The poor old governor has to go back to Madrid and live on his pension, right?

                You know, girl, if we could just find one item down there...

                ...just one that's on your shopping list...

                ...we've found our bloody provenance!

                That's why he wouldn't let me dive.

                Damn you, Treece.

                " E.F." ! It's " E.F." again!

                Treece! Treece!

                Up! Up! Everybody up!

                The both of you! Move!

                Let me get this first.

                Get up!

                -Let me get this first! -I don't care what you found, boy!

                Gail, get the dredge!

                Our only chance is to go up with the bubbles.

                Take all the breath you can. I'm cutting the air hoses, so stay calm.

                What the hell happened up here?

                Old Fellini came by in his boat. He was all rummed up.

                I must have been dozing. When I looked out, all that stuff in the water...

                Sharks were everywhere!

                Why not warn us on the compressor?

                I was going to turn it on!

                But then I knew you wouldn't know what kind of trouble you was in.

                And I might send you up right into them.

                Thank God, you came through.

                I knew there was more than morphine down there.

                All those ampoules coming up so slow like they were.

                Yes, that's right, Adam.

                I might have saved your life for something after all.

                Hey, boy!

                There'll be no more diving today, not with all those sharks flying around.

                All right, once again. Just for the hell of it, all right?

                I'm too tired.

                Let's face it, we haven't got our provenance.

                The jewelry we saw must be on those missing pages.

                Let's go over it again, just for the hell of it. All right?

                All right. Give me a rum, would you?

                One gold and ruby-studded cross....

                Good morning.


                Four tanks. They need filling.

                Treece is expecting me. They all up there?

                Aye, they're there.

                Gail, let me see your sketch of the Grifon.

                It's in my bag.

                -Is there any fresh coffee? -Yeah, it's on the table.

                This is the medallion. I want the original one. The Goliath.

                -It's in there too. -No, it's not in here.

                -It must be. -Well, you come look.

                You're right, it's not.


                ...l think I'll take a breath of air.

                Do you mind locking up after me?

                Thank you.

                Jesus, that's it. That is it!

                -What? -I've seen this.

                I mean, I've seen part of this down there.

                You've seen what?

                She's wearing a dragon pendant, but when you drew these lines right here...

                ...l thought that was part of her dress.

                I've seen this chain. I've seen this chain down there.

                I was trying to get it when the sharks came.

                On the list, there's something about gold chains. Chains of gold.

                There's nothing here.

                Yes. Yes, there is.

                There is a dragon pendant.

                -A gold dragon with emerald eyes. -That's it!

                The jeweler that made this pendant also made this medallion.

                If I go there and I find the chain, and the dragon's at the end of the chain...

                ...then we got our proof, babe. We've got our proof!


                Treece, we solved it! It was here all along.

                It's the provenance! David's seen part of it down there.

                You've solved nothing.

                What are you talking about?

                I'm gonna blow the Goliath now.

                Why now?

                Because if anything happens to me, there's nobody else left to do it.

                What do you mean, if anything happens to you?

                All right, you go ahead and blow the Goliath.

                But first I'm getting that provenance.

                Go upstairs, pack and go home.

                To hell with it, Treece. I'm not doing that!

                I'm going down there. And you're gonna have to blow me up too!

                As you please, boy.

                Excuse me.

                You don't need me down there, do you?

                No, I don't think I do.


                They killed Kevin.

                I'm gonna signal you when I fire this fuse.

                After that, I don't care if you've found the Holy Grail.

                You've got three minutes...

       get out!

                Don't worry. Just turn on the air dredge when I get in, all right?

                I'll be all right.

                David! Treece?

                David! Here!




Special help by SergeiK