The Delta Force Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Delta Force script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Chuck Norris movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Delta Force. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Delta Force Script



 Let's go. Get on there.

 Move it! Move it! Move it!

 Move it. Sergeant, get your men on there.

 Is that Peterson's helicopter?

 He was in that damn chopper that blew up.


 Get back here.

 Where the hell are you goin'? We're pullin' out.

 Captain McCoy.

 - Bobby, where's Pete? - Still in the chopper.

 The flames are too high. He can't be reached.

 Captain, don't go in there. The fuel bladders are about to blow.


 Pete. Where are you?

 Get the hell outta here. The thing's gonna blow.


 Goddammit, get out. This goddamn thing's gonna blow.

 - Hang on. - Get out.

 Hang on, Pete.

 Get outta here.

 Oh, my God. My leg's gone.

 Come on.

 Get outta here, Captain.

 Listen, Pete. When I raise up the jeep, move your leg.


 Move it.

 Move your leg. Pete, move it.

 Lean on me.

 Move. Get 'em up here. Come on, move.

 All right, take it up. Let's go.

 - Scott and Pete are still back there. - I got a squadron to think about.

 Come on, get it up.

 Hey, there they are.

 Come on, Scott.

 Take it down.

 Come on, man.

 Get that ammo secured.

 All right, we've got him.

 Come on, make a move. Go.

 - Come on, close the door. - Give him some room.

 Why wouldn't they listen, Nick?

 We told 'em it's too dangerous to launch this operation at night.

 They thought their plan was better.

 I spent five years in Vietnam watching them do the planning... and us the dying.

 Well... I'm resigning when I get back.

  We interrupt this programme to bring you the following special news bulletin.

  An hour ago an attempt to rescue the American hostages held in Teheran

  ended in disaster for the Army's top- secret antiterrorist special forces.

  Eight members of the special unit have been killed and    wounded.

  No further information as to the cause of this disaster is available at this time.

 ATHENS, FRIDAY, JULY   TH,     -  :  AM

  American Travelways Flight     from Cairo has just landed.

  Passengers taking this flight to New York via Rome should proceed to Gate   .

 I have a bad leg.

 I thought you would like to know, it's our silver wedding anniversary.

  - Mazel tov. - Congratulations.

 We'd have divorced years ago but neither of us wanted custody of our kids.

 Please don't listen to him. If it was up to him, he would spoil 'em rotten.

 - I'm going shopping. - Good idea. I can check on my daughter.

 You wanna go to the duty-free?

 Watch the things, honey.

 - Harry Goldman. Philadelphia. - Ben Kaplan. New York.

{    }{     }Deborah, let her have the doll she wants. She's a baby.

 Momma, she's not a baby. And you're spoiling her.

 I'm not. I didn't do such a bad job with you.

 Harry wanted to buy me a new ring for our anniversary. I said no.

 He got me this ring in Jerusalem on our honeymoon.

 Really? Oh, it's lovely. What does it say?

 One minute. I'll show you.

 Here, take it.

  It says: Ani I'dodi, ve dodi li.

 That's Hebrew. I know that.

  It's from the Song of Songs.

 "Me to my lover, my lover to me. "

 - You're Jewish, huh? - No, I'm Chinese.

 Of course.

 - What's the problem? - There's no problem.

 - We thought you had a water leak. - Can we start boarding now?

 Sure. Better check that with your flight engineer.

 Have a nice flight.

 I'm sorry, this flight is full. Check the ticket counter for the next one.

 No, I must go on this flight.

 - I'm sorry, sir. You have a stand -by ticket.

 We're full, sir. Please move aside.

 - You see in your book if there is space. - Sir, you can't go on board this flight.

 You see if there is a place for me. They told me there is a place.

 - Move aside, please. - You move aside.

 They told me I got a ticket.

 Send security immediately.

 Calm down. Show me your ticket.

 Here. Here. You see.

 What shall we do?

 We do what we have to.

 - Where's my back brace? - Robert has your back brace, Ma.

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain, Roger Campbell.

 On behalf of American Travelways, welcome to a continuation of Flight    

  to Rome, then onward to New York.

  Our flight time to Rome will be    minutes.

 - Don't be scared to take off. - Honey, could you pull this for me?

 - Don't kill me, just pull. - Take a deep breath, I won't kill you.

 - Stop it. - I'm kidding.

 - Are you all right, Sister? - Could I have a glass of water, please?

 She's afraid of flying.

 Sister wants to get to heaven. She just doesn't want to fly to get there.

 I'll get you some.

 Excuse me. You're from Chicago, no?

 Yes, we are. How did you know?

 I am from Chicago myself. I must have seen you somewhere in Chicago.

 - You don't sound like Chicago. - I've only been in Chicago four years.

 - You're Polish? - Russian.

 Do you know the Orthodox Church by Lincoln Park? Father Duchinsky.

 I go to hear his sermon every Sunday.

 - Are you going back home? - My first vacation since Russia.

 - Enjoyed yourself? - I feel like I am reborn.

 America has been good to us.

 God be praised.


 - Dad, look. - Let me sleep.

 This is a hijack. Heads down.

 Heads down.

 Everybody down. This is a hand grenade. We will blow the plane.

 What are you doing?

 - Get your heads down. - What are you doing?

 - Get down, everybody. - Put your heads down.

 This is a hijack. This is a hand grenade.

 We will blow the plane if you do not do exactly as we say.

 Put your hands on your head.

 Oh, my God.


 Robert, are you all right?

 We are prepared to die. Do not provoke me.

 You want to die, you die someplace else.

 Shush, shush. Mister... Don't.


 - Cockpit. Come. - We will cooperate.

 - Open... - Calm down. We'll cooperate, man.

 We'll do anything you want.

 Open the cockpit.

 Open this door.

 Jim. It's me.


 - Open, Jim. - Is everything OK?

 Everything is all right. Open, please.

 Open this door or I will blow the plane.

 Jim, you have to open.

 Pick it up.

 Move. Sit down.

 I am taking over this airplane. You will cooperate.

 We'll take you anywhere you wanna go, buddy.

 Now why don't you put that pin back into that hand grenade?

 Put it.

 Easy, Jim.

 I am prepared to die. I am Abdul Rafai.

 I am a commander in the New World Revolution.

 You will take orders from me, and from no one but me,

 or I will blow this airplane.

 - Do you hear me? - Loud and clear.

 Now, you fly to Beirut.

 - Where? - Beirut. Fly to Beirut.



 - Take your hand away. - That's normal procedure.

 Damn it, it's a hijack! Call the American Embassy.

 - Dave, contact Athens departure control. - No.

 You will fly by map.

 I know flying. You will fly by map.

 I don't think we have enough fuel, Captain.

 Then you will fly until your fuel runs out, Captain.

 That is all.

  American Embassy? This is the Athens airport tower. It's urgent.

  This is the Deputy Chief Officer

  of the American Embassy.

  Get me the State Department operations centre. This is an emergency.

  I'm reporting a hijack. It occurred five minutes ago

  aboard American Travelways Flight    ...


  We have no more information at present as to the status...


  Yes, sir. I'll put the President on the line.

 Good evening. Or, rather, good morning.

 As you know, we have a major crisis in the Middle East.

 The President is sending the Delta Force into the area immediately.

 Now, what we have to do is work out an emergency rescue operation.

 Get me Nick Alexander at Bragg.


 Ah, come on, Nick. You can't see 'em from over there.

 Well, I got a good imagination.

 I was just tryin' to be nice.

 Anyone ever accuse you of being a gentleman, Nick?

 Not lately.

 Grab me the phone, would you, sweetheart?

 Alexander here.

 Put Delta Force on a Phase Three alert.

 ATW Flight     was just hijacked.

 - Get Sabre Squadron to the Middle East. - Lebanon?

 We don't know for sure.

 - Check in while you're in the air. - Will do, General.

 Here you go, sweetheart.

  Ladies and gentlemen,

 this is your new captain speaking.

 My name is Abdul Rafai.

  I am a member of the New World Revolutionary Organisation.

  We have declared war on American imperialists, Zionists, terrorists,

 and all other antisocialist atrocities.

  Your plane is now headed for a new destination.

 For your safety, I suggest you listen carefully

 and follow all instructions.

 - Harry. - What?

 My ring, it's Hebrew.

 Take it off. Put it in your purse.

 Take it off.

 Harry, there's a white mark on my hand. Think they'll notice?

 Will you marry me?

 Oh, Harry. What's gonna happen to us?

 One thing is certain.

 We'll always remember our silver wedding anniversary.

 Let's do something.

 It's only two of 'em. We can take 'em.

 It's not a good idea. These guys are dangerous.

 If they're gonna blow this plane up, that's a lot of people. We gotta play their game.

 All right.

 You can all sit up now.

 But nobody talks.

 Nobody move.

 Excuse me, sir.

 - This young lady is preg... - Shut up.

 Please, I'm not feeling well.



  ...has just been hijacked.

  Over     Americans are believed to be on board the ATWairliner.

  We'll bring you further developments as they occur.

  None of the known terrorist groups in that region

  are willing to take responsibility for this current action.


 All men sit by the windows.

 All women sit near the aisles. Do it now - and quickly.

 Just do it.

 Fast. Fast. And quiet.

 You shut up. Nobody talk.

  The hijacked plane is still in the air heading for an unknown destination,

  presumably somewhere in the Middle East.

  There is still no word on the condition of the Americans and the other hostages.

  We'll keep you updated as further information becomes available.

 Everyone get up and go into the back.

 Hurry up!

 We're coming, we're coming. It's OK.

 Move. Move.

 - Excuse me. I left my purse. - Leave it. Go.

 Come on back. Keep movin'.

 Move. Come on, move.

 - Come on, move. Keep movin'. - Sit down. Sit down.

 - I can't sit on the floor. - Sit.

 - My back. My back. - Sit. Sit up there. Sit there.


 - I'll sit on his lap. - Thank you very much. Thank you.

 - Sit down. - Watch that gun, sir.

 What'd you hit him for, man?

 Keep quiet.


 - There's no space to breathe here. - Shut up. Everyone, shut up.

 Sit down.

 Ellen. Come back here.

 - What are you doing here? Go back. - My doll.

 It's a nice doll. What is your name?


 Ellen. It's a very nice name.

 - How old are you, Ellen? - Six.

 You know, Ellen,

 I had a daughter exactly your age.

 Her name was Salima.

 You understand, Ellen?

 Good. Good. Take it.

 Thank you.

 Go, go. Go!

 Come on.



 Hey, Ace. You think the Captain's gonna show up?

 - I'll be damned if he doesn't. - Wasn't he called?

 Who'd call him? He's retired to that old horse farm of his.

 Though I must admit I wouldn't mind havin' Captain McCoy along.

 - I took the liberty of giving him a call, sir.

 You what?

 He wasn't at home.

 He just might be on his way here, Colonel.

 Nah... None of that.

 That looks good.

 Oh, yeah.

 Pull down the shades.

 Pull the shades down. All of you.

 Pull them down.

 All right. Pull them down, all these window shades.

 Pull the shades down. Come on.

 Pull these down.

 Abdul, come here.

 What is it?

 Come quick.



 This is Hebrew.

 There are Israelis here.

 Come here.

 Come here.

 There are Israelis aboard this airplane.

 I want you to identify them for me.

 We don't know who the Israelis are. How could we?

 They came off the El Al flight. And I will find them.

 Collect all passports.

 - Why? - Do it.


 Ladies and gentlemen, attention. They want all of you to turn in your passports.

 So, please, get out your passports

 and hold them over your head.

 - Why? - I don't know why.

 Thank you.

 Come on.

 Mustafa, watch her.

 Just be quiet and do what they tell you to do.

 No. Just women. You go back. Go back.

 Miss, did they tell you why they want our passports?

 Will we get 'em back?

 Put them here. All of them. I want all of them.

 No cheating. I know there are     passengers.

 Ingrid is getting the rest.

 Excuse me, miss. We don't have passports. We're in the Navy.

 - We have these Navy IDs. - Hide them away.

 Hide it, man. Put it away.

 Hey, you. Why didn't you collect these men's passports?

 - They don't have passports. - You are lying.

 No, wait a second. We have these. We have these.

 It's a Navy ID.

 - Marines. - No. We're divers for the American Navy.

 - You? - All three of us. We're all Navy.

 Marines. American Marines killed many of my friends when they bombed Beirut.

 America never bombed Beirut.

  Planes from your ship New Jersey bombed our camps.

 - Relax. - Son, you're making a mistake.

 America never bombed Beirut.

 - Your American ship! - No!


 Stop! He's a priest.

 Enough, enough!

 These three are American Marines. Look.

 Oh, yes?

 Three American heroes.

 From now on, you travel only first class, gentlemen.

 - What's goin' on here? - Shut up.

 - Why do you want us... - Just shut up.

 Come here.

 Hold this.

 Please, just be quiet. OK?

 Everything will be all right.

 Listen. You don't have to do that.

 - We'll cooperate. - Shut up. Sit down.

 Sit down.

 Now you listen to me.

 Look at this passport one by one.

 Pick out the passport with Jewish names.

 American passports do not state religion.

 Give me the Israelis.

 There are no Israelis on board.

 Then pick out the Jewish names.

 I told you, there is no way I can know who is a Jew. How can I?

 Do it!

 I can't! I won't do it.

 Yes, you will do it.

 No, not me.

 Don't you see? I'm German.

 - What does that mean? - The selections.

 The Nazis.

 The death camps.

 Don't you see I can't do what you want me to do?

 Very sorry, dear lady.

 But... you must do this for us.

 You claim you belong to a revolutionary organisation.

 That is correct. We are freedom fighters. We are fighting for our brothers.

 But then you don't want to be associated with Nazis

 who killed six million Jews.

 Not enough, lady.

 The Jews stole Palestine. They took our lands.

 Leave her. With no gun, you wouldn't be shit.

 - Shut up, you American imperialist pig. - Stop it, please.

 You are all pigs and killers.

 Don't kill him, please.

 Stop him. Don't let him kill him.

 You will do what Abdul said.

 He is your new captain and you obey or you die.

 Do you hear me? You die.

 We will kill everyone on this bloody plane.

 No. I won't do it!


 What's going on, Colonel? Men and equipment are aboard. What's the delay?

 - I'll give him five more minutes. - Who?

 Oh... nothing, sir. Just a few more minutes.


 Well, it's about time you showed up.

 I was afraid I was gonna have to use this.

 What is it?

 A presidential decree ordering you back to duty.

 And you can leave the keys in the van, too.

 I've got your gear on the plane.

 General, we're all set.

 - How was your engagement party? - A little cut short.

 - Bobby, good to see you. - Welcome back, boss.

 - Do you know who that guy is? - No.

 - Well, let's go do it. - Let's do it.

 - Great to see you. - Good to see you, Captain Jack.

 - Don't make me carry your ass this time. - No way, Captain.


 Yes, sir, Major.

 - What the hell, huh? - Congratulations.

 Ladies and gentlemen,

  this is your new captain speaking.

  Miss Ingrid will read some names.

  - What are they doing? - They must go immediately to first class.

  I repeat: Immediately.

 Kaplan, Benjamin.

  Mr Benjamin Kaplan.

 This can't be happening. Not now, not again.

 What are you doing? Where are you going?

 Don't go.

 We survived once.

 We can do it again.

 I'm coming.

 Where are you going? Go back to your seat.

 He is my husband.

 - Sit down. - No.

 No. I won't listen.

 Go on. Why don't you all do something?

 There's only two of them. There's so many of you.

 I don't care.

 She's just upset.

 No. It's the war all over again. The concentration camps.

 Why don't you do something?

 - There's only two of them. - Sit down!

 And there's so many of us.

 - Do something! - Please...

 You! Sit down.


 I'm Benjamin Kaplan.

 What can I do for you?

 Sit down.

 Next one.

 Harry Goldman.

  Mr Harry Goldman, come to first class, please.

 Please... don't take him.

 He's a sick man. He has a heart condition.

 Sylvia. Sylvia, be strong.

 Listen to me. Be strong. I'm OK.

 - Please don't go. - I can go. I can go. It's OK.



 - Harry Goldman. - Sit.

 - Next. - Robert Levine.

  Mr Robert Levine, please come to first class, please.

 OK, OK. Move.

 Please don't take my daddy.

 Daddy, take me with you.

 I have to go, sweetheart.

 But I'm not leaving the plane.

 He can't, sweetie. Daddy can't...

 I'll be back.

 Daddy. Here, take.

 OK, move.

 Go, go. Move.

 You just keep your hands off my daughter.


 On the floor.

 David Rosovsky.

  Mr Rosovsky, come to first class, please.

 They're making a mistake.

 They're making a mistake.

 Mr Rosovsky, you move or I shoot you right here.

 But I am not Jewish. I'm American.

 I came from Russia but now I live in America.

 I am Christian Orthodox. Ask them.

 Sister, tell him I am not a Jew.

 Father, don't you know me from Chicago?

 - Move. - Wait.

 - This man is telling the truth. - Sit down. We know what we are doing.

 Sir, you are making a big mistake...

 Sit down.

 On the floor.

 - He is telling the truth. - We know what we are doing.

 - Father. Where are you going? - You. Come back.

 - I said come back. - No.

 Sit down.

 - What are you doing here? - You called me.

 - What is your name? - William O'Malley.

 - I did not call you. - You called for all the Jews.

 I'm Jewish, just like Jesus Christ.

 You take one of us, you gotta take us all.

 Sit down, then.

 - You. - Me?

 Yeah. The pregnant lady. Come on.

 Excuse me.

 Go, go, go. Move.


 I need some pillows. Give me some pillows.

 Yeah... Sit down. Sit.

 OK, that's enough. Sit.

 That's enough. Sit down.

 - You feel good? - Fine. Thank you for remembering.

 - OK everything? - Thank you.


 - Sleep well. - Thanks.

  Beirut approach control, American Travelways Flight    

  under command of Captain

 Abdul Rafai

 of the New...

 World Revolution.

 World Revolution,

  requesting landing instructions.

 American Travelway, I am unable to give you landing instruction.

 This airport is closed today to all international flights

 by order of the Lebanese government.

 You heard the man. Now what do you want to do?



 Beirut, you must clear that runway at once or we'll all die.

 You are facing disaster if you try to land.

 - Where is the plane? - There.

 Do you have the captain? Give it to me.


  This is the Minister of Defence speaking.

 You cannot land in our country. We have enough trouble.

 We have     men, women and children aboard this aircraft.

 The hijacker has threatened to blow us up.

 If he does, it'll be your responsibility.

 Do you understand that, Mr Minister?

 Do we now have your permission to land?

 My answer is definitely not.

 Mr Minister... Mr Minister...


 What is it?

 Captain. What's this shouting?

  What's going on there?

 They're torturing a young boy.

 A Navy hostage.

 They're killing him.

 Mr Minister, we're coming in for landing whether we have your permission or not.

 Reducing power.

 Let them land.

 Captain, it's OK. You have permission to land.

  But just give me a minute. I want to clear the runway.


 We'll go in in three sections. McCoy, you'll lead the first section.

 I want you to hit the emergency exits on the port wing... here and here,

 clearing the first-class cabin and the cockpit.

 Pete, you'll have the second section.

 Hit the emergency exits on the starboard wing, here, clearing the main cabin.

 Bobby, you'll have section three for backup and emergencies.

 It should be a piece of cake.

 - There are only two terrorists on board. - How do we know that?

 A calculated guess.

 All right. Any questions?


 Please help yourself.

 Tell America in five minutes...

 ...we will kill one after the other.

 They'll kill one every five minutes.

 This will be a disaster.

 Jamil. Thank God you came.

 They're going to kill one every five minutes.

 - Let me try. - Try.

 Hi, brother.

 - Jamil. - Congratulations.

 Now we need the sympathy of the world.

 Now we need the American public opinion.

 Now is the time to be united.

 Release women and children...

 then the Americans will talk.


 Listen to me, brother.

 I am your commander.

 Not any more.

 Abdul, we're all fighting for the same cause.

 No. Give us fuel.

 No way?

 Their way is suicide.

 Get them fuel and get rid of them.

 All right, Abdul... finish your mission your way.

 God be with you.

 Momma, it's so hot.

 I know, sweetie. Everybody's hot.

 What are they doing there with Daddy?

 Asking him some questions.

 What kind of questions?

 Maybe... about being Jewish.

 They don't like Jews, huh, Momma?

 No, sweetie, they don't like Jews.

 Open the door. Open.

 - Hassan. - Mustafa, welcome.

 You - move. Sit down.

 Congratulations, my brother.

 Happy to see you.

 Take them off.

 - Father, God be with you. - Take care of yourself, Sister. And them.

 You stay.


 - Don't take him, please. - Daddy.

 Mommy. They're taking Daddy.


 Move, move.

 All right. Time to leave. We take off.

 - Where to? - I'll let you know when we reach the sky.



 Put them in the cells.

 Move! Quickly!

 Israeli Intelligence says they've left Beirut.

 We believe they're on their way to Algiers.

 If so, they'll land at Boumedienne Airport in four hours.

 Nick, I've just had confirmation from the President.

 The Algerian government is ready to cooperate. You can go to Algiers.

 All right, guys. Listen up.

 We're landing in Algiers. Prepare your gear.

 Algiers, this is Delta One requesting permission to land.

 This is Boumedienne International Airport. Permission granted.

 American Travelways Flight     this is Boumedienne Airport.

 You are cleared to land.

 So you men stay with the equipment.

 We are gonna go for it this time, right, Colonel?

 Damn right.

 This is Delta One. I receive you.

 Yes, sir. Just a minute, sir.

 Colonel. General Woodbridge, sir.

 General, we've got damn near perfect conditions.

 It's just the situation we've been waiting for.

 If we wait any longer, we can end up with another fiasco.

  I'm sorry, Nick. The President doesn't want to risk any lives.

  If he can release our people by negotiations, that's what he wants.

  So until the negotiations break down,

 your people are on hold.

 How long do we have to wait?

 The General is waiting for the go-ahead from the President.

 I'm waiting for the go-ahead from him and you're waiting for the go-ahead from me.

 Meantime I'm going over to the terminal.

  I wanna debrief any hostages that are released - if and when any are released.

 So you get out there, and get set.

 - But wait for my signal. - Got it.

 OK, get rid of the box.

 Move out.

 Captain Rafai, the flight from Athens has just landed.

 Your comrade will be with you any moment.

 We expect you to release the women and children without any more delays.

  We shall keep our word as promised, Mr Ambassador.

 - Colonel, I'm gonna go to the plane. - I'll wait here, Mr Ambassador.

 You send back any hostage from that plane that speaks English.

 McCoy. Nobody moves until all the women and children are safe.

 All sections, acknowledge. One, two and three.


 I'm happy to see you again, brothers.

 You wait. You get women and children.

 How are you, Jaffer?

 So... so. How is the mission?

 Everything is great.

 Shall we release the women and children?

 Yes, go ahead.


 let him go.

 He's almost dead.


 But you may go. I release you with the women.



 You're a brave woman.

 Section one in position.

 Section two in position.

 Section three in position.

 We don't move until the women and children are safe.

 - Acknowledge, section two. - Section two acknowledge.

 - Section three? - Section three acknowledge.

 Ladies and children, Allah be praised.

  It is time to leave the airplane.

  Men will stay in their seats.

 We will ask you to have your valuables, your money, your jewellery,

  out in your hands for us to collect as you come through the first-class cabin.

 Go on, sweetie.

 We'll see you later.

 Jay, you take care of your mom. You understand me?

 You ladies, go forward. Everyone forward.

 - Keep it with you. - Move forward, Christian ladies.

 Why are you behaving like bandits? Aren't you freedom fighters?


 I take this... and this...

 I have some money.

 - This is yours? - Yes.

 Thank you.

 - You have some money? OK, go. - Here.

 Go, go.

 Thank God the women are safe.


 The bus has left. We're ready to make our move.

 Sorry, McCoy. We're still on hold.

  Damn it, Nick. Let's not screw this one up.

 Everyone to the back.

 - Colonel Alexander? - Yeah.

 They want you on the phone.

 Alexander here.

 Nick... it's a go.


 McCoy... it's a go.

 Take 'em down.

 OK, section two and three, let's do it.

 Close communications.

 We go in...    seconds.

 Ready? Mark.

 We go in    seconds.

    seconds. Mark.

 Radios off the air.

 Colonel, this is Ingrid Harding, the plane's purser.

 Mr Ambassador, I'd like to talk to her alone.

 - Yes, sir. - Thank you.

 Miss Harding, this will only take a few minutes.

 - What's happening? - Commandos are gonna storm the plane.

 Oh, no. Don't.

 All the hostages in Beirut, they'll kill them all.

 - What hostages? - Navy guys and Jews who left the plane

 - when the other hijackers came on. - What other hijackers?

 All those men who came on board.    or    of them.

 Oh, God.

 All sections.

 OK,    seconds. All right?

 All sections. Come on, somebody respond.

 Let's go. Turn the light on. Hit the siren.

 What the hell is that?

 Come on, get out of there, McCoy.

 Turn the lights out!

 Get down.

 What the hell...?

 Don't shoot back. We're clearing out.

 - Get out. - Don't shoot.

 Get out. Get out of the tanker.

 Oh, shit.

 Take off - immediately! Take off.

 All right, all right.



 look what you have done!

 Look here, Americans.

 He's gonna kill him.

 Now your president will know we are serious.

 - Here is a token... - Don't shoot.

 For the American people.

 One Marine killer.

 - Oh, Jesus. - Son of a bitch. Let's go.

 Come on, move.

 Sorry I had to do it that way, boys. It was the only way I could stop you in time.

 - What happened, Colonel? -    terrorists got on board.

 They were in every part of that plane with machine guns. It woulda been a disaster.

 He's an American. He was in the Navy.

 - Where do we go from here? - After them, I hope.

  They're going back to Beirut.

  - You mean it's all over for us? - On the contrary, Colonel.

 The President wants you to fly to Israel.

  Israel is our best friend in the Middle East, and it's only    minutes from Beirut.

 You're gonna get everything you want to do it right.

  The President wants those people home.

  So do we, General. So do we.

 We are Americans. Stay down.


 Not bad, McCoy. Not bad.    seconds. Just like clockwork.

 - We can do it in   . - All right, one more time.


 Hold it, McCoy. We got visitors.

 - Colonel Alexander? - Yeah.

 Good morning. I'm Colonel Amir from Israeli Intelligence.

 Oh, yes. This is Major McCoy.

 - Good morning, Major. - Colonel.

 Can I talk to you?


 Bobby, take over. I want it done in    seconds.

 We'll be right down.

 - So what's happening? - They've taken the hostages off the plane.

 - Where to? - I don't know.

 They could be spread all over Beirut by now.

 Colonel, I assume your Mossad still has people planted in Lebanon, right?

 Your assumption is correct.

 - I need to get in contact with one of them. - Do some reckoning before the rescue?

 - It'd be a great help to us, Colonel. - If I may suggest...

 - They've announced a press conference. - Ah, of course.

 Now that they got the world's attention, they wanna manipulate the press. Perfect.


 Move them in... quickly!

 Bring in the mattresses fast.

 Give them to the dogs.

 Mahmud! Go and double the guards. Quickly!

 Another funeral.

 Another Christian.

 I was in Beirut    years ago.

 You should have been here then.

 It was something. They had everything.

 Nightclubs, dancing, concerts,


 It was the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

 Beirut was beautiful then.

 I don't like it.

 What don't you like?

 This Christian place.

 The church? It's always been here.

 Do you want us to destroy it?

 What about the priest?

 The Greek?

 He was always here... like the building.

 He is a priest and a friend... we cannot hurt him.

 I don't trust this Christian.

 Hey, Marine heroes.

 Your friend.

 He made the news.

{ }{ }  .   

{   }{   }They killed him.

{   }{   }They killed Tom.


{   }{   }How have they been treating you, Captain?

{   }{   }Quite well. They're feeding us. They're letting us use the rest rooms.

{   }{   }I suppose they're treating us quite well.

{   }{   }Where are the others? The Jews? It's true about the selection?

{   }{   }Go back.

 One more question.

 If you try to be clever with me, Captain, I will kill you.

 - That'd make you a real hero, wouldn't it? - Yes.

 Now you go back to the press, but you watch what you say, huh?

 Now, ask your questions, please. One at a time.

 Mister, your luggage, please...

 and the cameras too.

 Passport, please.

 - Canadian? - Yes, CBC-TV, Canada.

 All the world's television is here today.


 Excuse me.

 And that's it.

 It's OK, it's OK.

 Have a good time in Lebanon.

 Thank you.

 Where'd you get the stupid belt?

 You gave it to me for my birthday.

 I did? I hope you like it.

 So you're Canadian.

 You're blessed with a beautiful and peaceful country.

 I'd like to go there myself one day.

 Well, it's a beautiful country here. It's a shame.

 - Do you know where we need to go? - Yes, my son. We're on our way.

 You'll need these.

 If you look down to your right, you'll see the main sewer pipe.

 It leads directly to the backyard of the school.

 That is where most of the hostages are.

 Their headquarters. The Jews are there. Do you want to come with me?

 No. Go and do what you have to do.

 Under the seat you'll find something you might need... just in case.

 Don't take too long.

 Boss, aren't we trusting this guy a bit too much?

 The Israelis say he's the best man they have in Lebanon.

 And we need someone to get the message back to Nick.


 Yes, my son. God will forgive you.


 Boss, look.

 We'd better get outta here.


 Stay there.

 Go! Go!

 Jesus Christ, what do we do now?

 Get them... get them!

 Get the hell outta here.


 - You OK, Butch? - Yeah, I'm OK, boss.

 Shit, that was a close one, huh?

 It's already  :  .

 We had him on the radio. He started to say something. Then we lost him.

 Well, I can't wait any longer.

 - This is Mr Samir, your guide in Beirut. - Oh, good.

 We gotta get moving. Otherwise we'll miss that rendezvous.


 Raffi... I just wanna thank you for all your help on this.

 - I wish I could join you. - Well, you boys have done it before.

 - Now it's our turn. - Good luck.

 All right, check your gear, boys. All the vehicles, weaponry, personal.

 Let's go.

 Aw, Jesus, boss. She's had it. We need another vehicle here.

 We've got one.

 Here are some blankets for the night.

 How about some beds?

 You don't need beds. You're gonna die tomorrow.

 Scott, that must be them.

 About a mile offshore, I'd say.

 - You OK? - Yeah. You?

 - Good to be on dry land. How we doin'? - We have three targets.

 A school in a north Beirut beach.    hostages are there.

 - Do you know where that is? - By the Greek Orthodox cemetery?

 Yeah, right.

 The Jews are being held in a dungeon at their headquarters in the centre of town.

 And the ATW crew is still being held on the plane.

 - We'll have to get them last. - Right. And I drew a map here.

 All right, everybody. Get your badges on. We move out in two minutes.

 Let's go right, partner.

 Abdul, get up.

 What is it?

 - They are here. - Who?

 The Americans.

 Get up... all of you. Quickly!

 You are all coming with me.


 Get the hostages out of here.


 - God be with us. - God be praised.

 Come on, let's move out. Quickly! Move your ass!

 That's the place.

 Good luck.

 Is everything all right?

 All right.

 Did they eat?

 They ate and went to sleep.

 Why do you look at me like that?

 You hate me, huh?

 It's your government we fight, not you.

 It's your White House.

 One day I will go there.

 I will drive a truck

 and truck, it will blow.

 That'll be suicide. You know that.

 I know how to die.

 The White House is very big. You'll need a lot of explosives.

 You'll never get near the place. Don't kid yourself.

 Do you think we don't have friends in America?

 You will be surprised.

 One day.

 Delta Two in position.

 - Ready, boss? - Let's do it.

 Did you hear anything?

 No. Only my dice.

 Cover us.

 One minute to showtime.

 Get ready.

 OK,    seconds to blastoff.

 Come on, McCoy.

 Sleep tight, sucker.

 - Backyard, Bobby. Nick's got the truck. - Right, boss.

 Gentlemen, let's go. Segal, take the rear.

 Stop him!

 School calling headquarters!

 School calling headquarters!

 This is the commander. Don't shout.

 What is it?

 The Americans are here!

 All hell broke loose!

 Who are they?

 The Americans!

 Thousands of them with jeeps and tanks, killing us!

 Where is Mustafa... and your officers?

 Where are the hostages?

 You must kill all the Americans.

 The Americans are killing all of us!

 I'll be there in five minutes with reinforcements.

 We can't wait... we can't wait!

 Salim. Salim... can you hear me?

 Salim, what's going on there?


  American, do you hear me? I want to talk to you.

 American? I want to negotiate.

  Do you hear me, American?

 Loud and clear.

 Hurry up.

 Come on, hurry.

 Get back!

 My leg!

 All right, here I come. Hold on to me.

 I got you.

 Let me help. I'm a medical student.

 - All right. He'll need help with circulation.

 McCoy. What are you doing up there? Drop that and get down here quick.

 What do you want me to do? Jump?

 I don't care what you do. Make it fast.

 - Fast enough? - Where are the hostages?

 They must be delayed in the shelter. Bobby's with them.

 - This'll do till we get you to a hospital. - Not a local hospital, I hope.

 Hey, am I gonna lose the leg?

 Don't worry. You'll be jogging by next week. Let's go.

 - Let me carry him. You've enough to do. - Thanks. Gentlemen, follow me quickly.

 - Hurry. Reinforcements are on the way. - How do you know?

 - Something I heard on the radio. - I didn't know you spoke Arabic.

 If we don't get outta here, we'll all be speaking it.

 Bobby! Come on.

 - Watch his leg. - Let's just go. Come on.

 Come on, keep it moving. Let's go.

 Come on, man, we gotta go.

 Hit it.

 Move it. Go!

 Goddamn place is empty.

 Looks like they've been here.

 Come on. Let's go.

 - Delta One. - Delta Two here.

 By the looks of it, their headquarters is empty.

 I repeat, the cells are empty.

  Looks like they took our people away.

  - Then find 'em, dammit. - Any suggestions, Delta One?

 Beggin' the Colonel's pardon, but Beirut's a goddamn big city with   million people.

 Find one that speaks English and work on him.

 Come on, boys. You gotta move fast.

 Gotta find one who'll talk.

 - Where'd you find 'em all? - Hiding in the bedrooms upstairs.


 who is your commanding officer?

 Speak or you're dead.

 Officer. You? You?

 Come here. Get up.

 Open your mouth.

 Open your mouth. Ah!

 Not if you wanna live.

 Do you wanna live?

 Where did they take the Americans?

 I hear you, Jamil.

 We just received a message from Khomeini.

 Did he agree?

 The Ayatollah will welcome you and your hostages.

 God be praised, Jamil.

 You'll be met by General Mahamuzi.

 He'll take you through Syria and on to the Ayatollah.

 First and ten, Delta One. They're on their way to Teheran.

  - On the Damascus road. - Go after them.

 Yes, sir.

 I'll see you when I see you.

 OK, let's move!

 Damn. It's gonna be light soon.

 - Take off. I'll delay the reinforcements. - OK. Then you join Pete.

 - I'll see you at the airport. - I won't be able to wait for you.

 - Then don't wait. - I won't.

 Bobby, stick with the Major, then take my vehicle and meet us at the orchard.

 Let's go. Come on.

 Delta Two, this is Delta One. Over.

 - What's the plan, boss? - A surprise party.

 - Just like the old days. - You got it.

 - Delta Two, come in. - I'll prepare the upper floors.

 Yeah, I'm here, Major.

  - How's it goin', kid? - Well, those bastards snaked us, boss.

 I'm gonna go get 'em.

 Watch your ass, Butch, OK?

 Yeah. I'll see you when I see you, boss.

 - Bobby. - Yo.

 - It's showtime. - Let's rock 'n' roll.

 No one moves without my order.

 It looks like the Americans are still here.

 I'm afraid we are too late.

 Maybe it's a trap, looks like an ambush.

 I don't think so.

 Commander... I think you are wrong.

 God almighty.

 Attack the school!


 - Why did you stop? - It's not me, it's him.

 What's going on? Why did you stop?

 Move on!

 Look at him... look at him.

 You stopped because of one man on a motorcycle? Move on.

 Move on! Go!

 Go back! Go back to Beirut!

 God damn. That's Scott down there.

 All right, let's rock 'n' roll, partner. OK, let's go!

 Let's take 'em.

 They're our guys. Americans. They're Delta Force.

 Need a hand?

 Grab the wheel.

 Move out...

 Cover us.


 Gimme that blanket.

 Take off his clothes.

 Aw, Jesus... Pete.

 - You know the way to the airport? - Yes, Major.

 Put the hostages into our vehicles.

 The Colonel's waiting at an orange grove by the airport. Don't stop for anything.

 I'll take your bike.

 - What about you, Major? - I've got some business to finish.

 Tell the Colonel not to wait for me.

 I need more bandage. There's too much blood.

 Anybody here?

 Going somewhere?


 Hey, doc. Get on Pete here. Keep it quiet.

 Mike. Bring my bag, and the oxygen too.

 - Looks like they're expecting us. - Yes, sir.

 We're gonna have to find another way.

 Maybe we could cut through the back fence.

 Looks quiet.

 How many guards around the plane, do you figure?

 I'd say between    and   .

 Six of our men.

 What is it? Come here.

 Hold it.

 - You speak English? - Yeah.

 - Talk fast. Who's in charge? - Jaffer. He is in the plane.

 - How many men does he have? - Nobody.

 - Come on. - I swear by Allah, he is alone.

 - What about the hostages? - There are three, sleeping in the cockpit.

 Do you have a password?

 If you wanna live, then use it.

 Jaffer Iben Khalil, "Come from the mountain!"

 - Maybe he is asleep. - Wake him up.

 Jaffer Iben Khalil.

 "Come from the mountain!" Come quickly!


 - Good morning. - Morning.

 Good morning, gentlemen. Colonel Alexander. Delta Force.

 It's about time.

 - Got enough fuel? - For what?

 - To fly to Israel. - You bet.

 Need anything else to take off?

 - Yeah. A clear runway. - OK.

 Jim, bring 'em in.

 - Come on, gang. - Let's get our butt moving.

 Let's go.

 Sit down in the rear and buckle up. We gotta get out of here fast.

 Come on, move.

 Everybody find a seat fast.

 Put him in first class. If you're not wounded, move down the plane.

 Get 'em down there. Keep going.

 Are you all right? Get in the back.

 Come on. Double time. Let's go.

 Pull it.

 Where is that McCoy?

 - Intercom check. - Check.

 All right, Captain. Everybody's on board.

 Let's wind this son of a bitch up and get outta here before all of Beirut shows up.

 You got it.

 OK. High-pressure start... number two.

 Samir! Move! Move!

 Go and stop that plane!

 Come on. Close that hatch.

 - What about Major McCoy? - We can't wait. He's always late.

 I gotta get these people outta here.

 OK, gang, let's go.

 Flight    ? Flight     what are you doing?

  You have no authorisation to move.

 Stay where you are.


 this is American Travelways Flight    .

 I wanna thank you for an interesting stay in Beirut.

 Hope you all have a nice day.

  ATW     out.

 They're crazy... they're insane...

 they're out of their minds!

  Hell. They're shooting at us.

 Colonel, it's the Major.

 Well, come on. Get a rope down to him.

 Ready? OK.

 That's it. We got you. Don't worry. Pull.

 Steward, close the door.

 - Goose this bird and get outta here. - I don't know that we have enough room.

 - We won't have a second chance. Go on. - All right. Here we go.

 How's Pete?

 He's up front.

 Doc set up a hospital in the first-class section.

 Hey, guys, Budweisers. Let's pass 'em over.

 There's lots more where these came from.

 How is he, doc?


 Hi, kid.

 Did we get 'em all out?

 Yeah, we got 'em all.

 Are we goin' home now?

 We're goin' home.

 Well, I'll see you there, Scott.

 See you when I see you.


 Greater love no man hath than he gives up his life for a friend.

 Heavenly Father, we humbly ask you that you cherish this

 most loving soul in the palm of your hand for all eternity.

 In the name of the Father and the Son

 and the Holy Ghost.



 Oh, my God.

 I'll be OK. You all right?

 How are you?

 Don't give up on this airplane.


Special help by SergeiK