Demonlover Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Demonlover script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Connie Nielsen and Chloe Sevigny and Gina Gershon.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Demonlover. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Demonlover Script






I believe the negotiations are

progressing nicely.



There's a deficit,

but it's being analysed.



Compensation seems possible.



Furthermore, there's a development potential

they can't finance...



and that's why they need a partner.



My decision will be based

on a study of all the elements



they have provided.



We must analyse them.



I'm under the impression

we're walking...



a very narrow line here,



but we're staying

within legal boundaries.



Tea, please.



Thank you.



Did you get some sleep?



Yes a bit.



I took a sleeping pill.

It worked quite well.



How about you?



Volf doesn't like to sleep in airplanes.



You think the deal will close?



Everyone benefits, no?



We need to pull out all the legal stops.

I'll look over the file again.



You'll hear it soon.



I'm having breakfast at his place




Then we should have

the Japanese lawyer's rapport



You want to ride with us?



Are you kidding? I have a brand-new,

obsidian black Audi TT.



It's in the parking garage?

- Of course.



Did you get some sleep?



In economy class? Not a second.

Too cramped.



Next time I'll get you a business seat.

- Next time you won't need me.



Why didn't you take a sleeping pill?

- I took three.



You take so much nothing helps anymore.

Want a ride?



Karim is picking me up.

- I'll take this to the office first.



Good morning.



Thank you.



Are you alright?



Sorry, I'm feeling a bit weak.



Probably the jet lag.



We didn't sleep much in Tokyo.



Thank you.

No, I didn't sleep much.



Good morning, miss.



How's the traffic?

- Not so bad.



Had a nice trip?






Why don't you go to

your obsidian black Audi TT...



I have to withdraw some cash.

I'll see you at the office.



Good morning.



Thank you.



Good morning.



He's out on the terrace.



Yes, please hold.

Hello, girls.



And be good. Don't tease the teacher

like last week.



See you later.



Sit down.



They've found Karen



in her trunk on parking lot in St-Denis.



She must have been in it for    hours.



I just spoke to the hospital.



She's doing better.

But she almost suffocated.



They'll keep her there for a few days

and then she has to rest for a week.



And the briefcase?

- Disappeared.



The documents aren't the problem.

We can get copies.



No, the message is worse.



Our competitors

are willing to do anything.




- Doesn't matter. There are a few.



But they know we're negotiating.



They want to make another proposition

using our elements.



Would the Japanese go for that?



A solid proposal



which is better than ours...

they'll definitely take it. 



Want some coffee?

- Gladly.



So, we have to beat them to it.



Karen was obviously eliminated.



You'll take responsibility for

the dossier



and handle it.



But make sure you understand.

Not only the Japanese part.



The entire operation.



Can you do that?

- Sure.



Then prepare to return to Tokyo

within a week.



What are you doing?



Copying your appointments.

- You have them at the office.



Not all of them.



Are you alright?



Can I do something?



Come a little closer.



Didn't Jean-Paul come to see you?

- He's in Chicago.



When is he coming back?



Next week at the earliest.



Who's taking care of your daughter?



Her aunt.



Does she know about this?



No, not anyone.

I lied to everyone.



I feel dirty.

I'm disgusted by it.



Just like being raped.



It's not entirely the same.



And not knowing by whom.



You weren't raped.

- Yes I was.



Stop it, Karen.



You're shelling out to Ericom again.



London is giving a press conference on Friday.



Mr. Volf will explain the real estate operation

in Qatar.



Shall I warn Mr. El Hamadi?

- He already knows.



He's in his jet somewhere between Cairo

and New York.



Send me a rapport, I'll decide afterwards.



For Mr. Olek.



I've got everything about Japan and the list

of documents in the briefcase.



Put it down there.



What shall I do with Karen's other files?



Give them to Hervé.



I could take over a few things

until Karen...



You're not taking over anything.

Give everything to Hervé.



I've had enough of that woman.



Have you called Karen?

- No, I didn't have time yet.



It's going a bit better, but not much.



The Audi TT is intact.



I'll call her tonight.

- Yes, good idea.



I don't understand.

- You don't like her and she's no good.



Volf can't hear us.

It's better for both of us.






Hello, anyone there?



Yes or no?

- Yes.



Thank you for your confidence.



I need the rapport

of the Japanese lawyer.



Don't you have it?

- It was on your desk.






Thank you.



Elise, what's the deal with

all those files from Karen?



I don't have time. You can take them.



That was my intention,

but Diane didn't want me to.



Why not?

- Don't have the faintest idea.



Just take them,

and ask me what you don't understand.



What if Diane...

- Don't worry.



You don't like her, do you?



Not really, no. How about you?



Me neither. She's cold and inhuman.

But I appreciate her.



I hope Karen gets back soon.

- Don't count on it.



Is Diane staying?

- You better get used to her.



She's better than Karen and Volf's protégée.



I'm beat. Too little exercise

and too many cigarettes.



I've checked everything in Karen's briefcase.

The Japanese file is tight.



Perfectly legal.

Nothing can be done about it.



Volf wants me to close the contract

this week.



In Karen's place?



I'm impressed.

- Isn't that what you wanted?



Do as he says. We have no choice.



Analyse the contract carefully.



Then if something comes up,

we can take action.



If not...

- If not?



If not... I don't know.



I need to think.

- Wait.



The money has been transferred

to a regular bank account in Lugano.



I'm having dinner with the French.



I can't wait to get out of here.



Nothing is worse than this.



I'm bored to death.



No, it's not Karen.



It's Diane.



A cold-hearted bitch, you have no idea.



Ok, I'll call you back later.



It's been over for years between

Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday.



Can he sing the song?



Let us drink to the success

of our enterprise.






Tell Mr. Ishegawa that

Mr. Volf's and also our legal team's



biggest concern is a matter of



the models.



The models?



Yes, we'd like to know



if the artists draw

using photographs of underaged girls.



Or do they pose for them.



Not at all. We've never done what

you are suggesting.



Sorry, but your characters are underage.



They have no pubic hair.



It's not legal



to show pubic hair in Japan.



In France, the law is very strict on those matters.



If we make the deal,



and I say "if",



we have to put a clause...



a clause...



to protect us



in case of a lawsuit



involving child pornography.



Child pornography, we cannot touch.



Do you understand?



We don't use models.



They're all fantasy characters

in a fantasy world.



Yes, ok, I know.



But if there are any problems...



a lawsuit... our deal



is immediatly off.



Everything illegal in Europe,

is also illegal here.



We have been making such movies

for ten years at TokyoAnime.



Even better.



Good for you.



We are the world leader

in adult animation.



Thanks to the internet

we've gone up by    percent.



We can't afford any risks.



I've said what I had to say.



And what about the TokyoAnime comic books?



We have a written contract



with every single graphic artist.



What if they don't respect the contracts?



Then we will terminate the partnership.



Has it ever happened?



Has it ever happened?



Sorry, but I need an answer.



Has it ever happened? - Yes it has.



A long time ago.



That's exactly why we're ultra careful now.



This is the movie

we're currently working on.



You know the principle.

Ai and Mai



are two ninja sisters

who fight monsters in the shadow world



using sexual magic.



The series is very successful.

It's a big hit in the US.



It's not looking good for her.



I'm saying

it's not looking good for her.



Never mind. You don't have to translate.



This kind of movie is outdated.



TokyoAnime will make these

for two more years at most.



From then on we'll be doing

digital  D-animation exclusively.



Otherwise we simply won't survive.



This is the best available.



This is what the public knows.



This is what the public expects.



And that's what we have to do.



But it's still expensive.



We register the movement

through    cameras.



We have the best graphic artists,

engineers, the know-how.



But we need you to finance



the switchover to

digital  D-animation.



And also our international distribution.



Volf will call at   pm Paris local time.



What time will it be here?

-   am.



What line is he calling?

- Your room.



We'll be finished sooner than expected.



You think?

- I don't expect any problems.



Bad luck for Karen.



You're getting the credit.



How do you mean?

No, thank you.



Volf's trust.



Karen will return to the legal department.

Or real estate.



Are you implying her being assaulted

benefits me?



It does, doesn't it?

- And?



And nothing. Don't put words in my mouth.



I'll get us some drinks.

What do you want?



Whisky. Diane?

- Vodka.



I didn't enjoy your irony.



Too bad for you.



Your insinuations went too far.



You're touchy.

I may find that suspicious.



When others are listening

and misinterpret your irony,



I get touchy indeed.



Don't play games.

- I already told you.



Karen is out. A good thing.



And that's why you think I...

- I'm not thinking anything.



I couldn't care less about your ambition.

Just don't nag.



You need some sleep.



I'm going back to the hotel.

I ordered a massage.



The chauffeur is waiting for you outside.

- Thank you.



No, not at all.



No, I was watching tv.



CNN is stupid.



I know.



He probably won't call.

He's in a meeting.



In London?



Yes, still London and the real estate.



According to his secretary

we got a memo by fax.



No, I didn't get anything.



Oh no?



It should've been here an hour ago.

- I'll go take a look.



Thank you.



You want something to drink?

- No, I've already had too much.



I would like a glass of water.



The fax is still coming in.



It's a trial contract for TokyoAnime.



You want to look at it?

- No.



This is a photocopy of the memo.



He's not going to call.



I'm going to bed. Slide the contract

under my door. I'll look at it tomorrow.




- Correct,     .



Good night.



I'm not going to the office.

- Me neither.



I'll be there tomorrow morning.



When do the Americans arrive?



Sometime in the morning.



That's why I want to work on the dossier.



This is an answering machine.

Please leave a message.



It's me. Are you hiding

behind your answering machine?



I'll wait for a moment.



Ok, you're not there. Shouldn't we

talk outside of the office?



What do you think? Tonight maybe?



Late though, I'm tied up. At    o'clock

in the bar of the Raphael.



Please leave a message.



I haven't heard from you.



I'm going to the bar

of the Raphael anyway.



I'll wait there for a while.



If you come, great.

Otherwise I'll see you tomorrow.



Have they already arrived?

- No, I'm waiting.



It's got to be

not Moroccan but Tibetan rouge.






Hi I'm Elise. - I'm Elaine.



Nice to meet you... Rodney.



Mr. Gomez arrived earlier this morning

from New York.



He said he'll be waiting for you

at the hotel.



What time is the meeting? - As planned.



You have your schedule in the fax

that I sent you.



Mr. Volf is only in Paris for    hours.



He's leaving for Qatar in the morning.



How's Karen? - She's doing better.



But now it's Mr. Volf's personal assistant,



Diane de Monx, who will be handling the matter.



So I heard. What's she like?



What do you mean? - Is she tough?



You'll definitely have a harder time with her

than with Karen.



We have a lovely terrace for breakfast

on the seventh floor.



What time is room service till? -    pm.



Minibar is just under the tv.



My name is Arnaud. If you need anything,



don't hesitate to call reception,

number     .



Thank you.



If you need anything

my cell phone number is on the fax.



Is it hard to get pot in Paris?



Not so hard. - Can you get me some?



I'll try. - Thanks.



Edward, it's me. I just got in.



Were you sleeping?



Sorry. Karen is out.



Looks like we have to deal with

this Diane chick.



For the time being



she's not much of a problem at all.



Later on we'll have to figure out a way



to control her.



No, I can't say it worries me much.



Is that Mr. Volf's contract

for Demonlover?



The purple one.

- How long has it been lying there?



I approved it last night.



And who did you inform?



I read it and told Elise it was there.



What more can I do?



Can I talk to you?

- Now?



There's also...

- Yes, right now.



Mr. Le Millinec isn't here at the moment.



I'll redirect you to number    .



You do exactly what I ask you.

No more, no less.



This contract has been ready

since yesterday.



I picked up the Americans

and brought them to the hotel.



I took care...



Sucking up to the Americans,

that's what interests you.



But doing your job is something else.



Listen Diane, don't talk to me like that.

I'm not your fucking maid.



I've had it up to here.



You may not like the fact

that I've taken Karen's place,



but that's the way it is. - I don't give a shit.



If you don't feel right for the part,

that's your problem not mine.



I do my job, period.



Apparently you don't.



I can't be everywhere at the same time. Sorry.



I've been here since seven thirty.



I want all elements

for the dossier on my desk.



I don't have time to do everything myself.



Everyone is here. I don't know whether...

- I'll be right there.



What happened?

- Bitch.



Nothing. We can't stand each other.



Try talking calmly to each other.



You think?

- Yes. She's quite alright.



You just need a bit of patience

now and then.



As we are speaking



Mr. Volf has in his hands



a signed contract which makes us



majority share holders



in the TokyoAnime company in Japan.



So discussions can proceed



according to schedule.



Here are the results



for and the connected sites



since our last meeting.



As you can see business has increased by    percent



and our market share has doubled.



We are now the primary distributors



for Japanese comics and animated films



both in the US and the rest of the world.



We've also acquired new names



for the web, smaller sites.



Mangasex, Sexmanga,



Adultmanga, SMmanga and Japanporno.



They're all directly linked to our main Demonlover site.



Good sites. - You visited them?



Yes sure I did.



I like them. Japanporno, excellent.



If you give us the rights



to TokyoAnime products,



we'll control    percent of the world market.



But the deal has to specify that you'll cut of supplies



to all our competitors.



Especially Mangatronics. - Exactly.



Mangatronics cannot get anything.



Not one magazine, not one book, not one tape,



not one DVD. Nada.



If they loose adult manga they'll wither away

and disappear.



And we'll take over their share of the business.



Basically we have the possibility



to kill Mangatronics.



I say let's do it.



Well, before we proceed...



I'd like to clear up a few points



regarding some ongoing lawsuits.



The lawsuits you talk about,

concern the sites


            and Laracroft...





Can you describe those sites?



These sites are legally unrelated






and therefore irrelevant

for our discussions.



The names are clear enough aren't they?






shows pictures of stars...






But now due to legal issues



they show pictures of naked celebrity look-alikes.



Don't you have that in France?

- Not yet, no.



It's going well.

- Great.



It's enormous... enormous.



And also Sexslavelaracroft shows



illustrated pornographic stories



involving Lara Croft...



the star of the video game Tomb Raider.



Now the Eidos company



is demanding    million dollar

in damages.



We have decided to temporarily suspend this service



in anticipation of the verdict.



What do you think?



I like the heels and the shape,



but I don't know about all the zippers.



I think they want to make a deal.



I don't know.



They seemed incredibly cautious to me.



Try the other ones. - They want to be cold,

and businesslike



but they don't know shit.



What's up with that Hervé guy?



He's such a dick. - Except for Diane.



Yeah, she seems smart.



Will you try these on.



They're your size, I'm sure they'll fit.



I think Diane should work with us.



I think we need her.



Elise, do you have any idea how we can approach Diane?



No, no idea.



You don't like her very much, do you?



I hate her guts.



I think I look great in these boots.






Had any response?



Asia was enthusiastic.

That chain of department stores Seibu...



I heard.

- I saw W magazine's editor.



She gave me a big smile.

- Thank you, Hans.



Excuse me.



Excuse me please.



This is bullshit... Can I have some more ice please?



I'm giving the guy   more minutes,

then I'm out of here.



I'd like thank them for their patience,



but now that they're here,



I'd like to clarify one final issue.



Do you know this?



Of course I know.






An interactive torture site.



Very difficult to access



and very successful.



There are maybe    such sites in the world,



mostly in Russia



some in Australia.



More or less well made,



more or less extreme.



This happens to be a very good site.



Perhaps the best. - I'd say so.



And what do you think of it?



What do I think of it?



It's like drugs or prostitution.



Supply and demand.



With organised crime pulling the strings.



I've been told you run this site.



Here is the access procedure.



And the codes.



They obviously come from you.



No way. This is a joke.



This doesn't work.



This is total bullshit.



Who gave you that?



Obviously Mangatronics.



To scare you off from signing the deal with us.



And reserve the rights to TokyoAnime.



That's the only way they can survive.



You didn't show up yesterday.

- No.



You also didn't return my phone call.






I have to go.

- Wait, don't leave me like this.



Tokyo was Tokyo. Here it's different.



You don't have to avoid me.

- We'll leave it at that.






I'll take the receiver and the minidisc.



There should be some interesting

conversations on them.



Copy everything that interests us.

Or take the computer.



And remove the micro transmitters.

I'll leave the card here.



Mangatronics is getting impatient.

They are paying big money and want results.



To them it's a matter of

life and death.



Tuesday evening,   pm.



I'll be at the Barbès metro station.



End of the street to the left.



I'm turning.



First on the right?



I can hardly see anything... what bistro?



Ok, I see it.



Alright, I see you.



You want to go somewhere?



The car is fine with me.



Better than the office.



Much better than the office.



I have a message from Karen.



Tell her I want to talk to her too.



Take the next right.



See the Castorama?



Go down in the parking lot.









Keep going down.



Park over here on the left.



Leave it on.



I don't understand... - Shut up!



Tell Karen... - I told you to shut up.



Step on the gas.



Do it!












There, that was Karen's message.



Hello. - Where are you?



Buying cigarettes. - Where?



I have nothing left to say. I had a message to deliver.



I delivered it. - I have a message now.



I'm listening. - No, in person. Now.



I have to go, there is a line.

Call me back in   minutes.



Give me the gun. - It's not loaded.



I don't care. Give me the gun.



Now we'll talk.



I don't have time.



I have to get home. My babysitter is waiting.



I'll take you there. Which way?



Keep going straight to St-Ouen.



Did you leave the message on my desk

with the empty box.



What do think? - I think yes.



Did you think it was Hervé?



Are you sure? - Yes.



When did you figure out that it wasn't Hervé?



Before or after sleeping with him?



I didn't sleep with him.



People talk. - Who, Hervé?






Nothing. Watch the road!



I get nervous in cars. Especially when it's raining.



Karen is nobody's fool.



She knows you did everything you could

to cut her off from Volf.



Why would I do that?



To take her place. Which you took.



What does she want?



Maybe just to scare you for now.



And later?



Nothing. You're scared, that's enough.



Enough for what?



To do what she tells you to do. - Meaning?



I just repeat what I'm told, that's all.



Why should I be scared?



Are you scared?



I don't know.



She told me you'd pretend not to understand.



Drop me off here. - Don't you want me to take you home?



Drop me off here!



Didn't you hear me come in?



You were entirely wrapped up in it.



What was it?

- Hellfireclub.



I thought so.



Do you know it?

- I visit it sometimes.



Does it excite you?

- Not really.



It fascinates me.



You like that feeling?



Very much, yes. You don't?



Did you follow me?



I didn't.

- Who then?



You've been followed for a while,

you know that.



Someone broke into my place.






Find what you were looking for?



I'm not looking for anything.

But it seems you're looking for something.



And apparently you've found it.



I'm not the only one.



Volf too.



I came to warn you,

but I'm too late.



Too late for what?



To help you.



Did you also send Elise to help me?



You're negotiating the deal

with Demonlover.



You know the access to the Hellfireclub.

You're becoming a risk for them.



A risk?

- A risk they need to control.



I wouldn't know how.



Look at this tape and call me.



It's a copy. They have the original.



How did you get it?

- I've been working for Demonlover a long time.



I'm no longer useful to them.



Are you ready?



You have something for me first.



There are no other copies? - No.



And they are not going to end up

on Volf's desk or elsewhere?



It's a deal. You don't have to agree to it.



I don't really have a choice.



I don't know.



Do you agree to all the conditions? - Yes.



So you won't want to take off the hood.



If they're too tight I can loosen them.



Your identity papers are fake,



all the information on your résumé is made up



and your name isn't Diane de Monx.



You want a cigarette?



I don't know your name or where you're from,

but you were hired a year ago



by an intermediary from Mangatronics



to sabotage Volf's projects and their market.



In exchange you receive a wired transfer

every three months



on an account at SBS in Lugano.



Watch the steps.



Through the door.



There's a step.



Another one.



You'd better wait until she wakes up.



I know.



I don't know how late.



Arrange something with the babysitter.

Around   pm is fine.



I'll be at the office.



I have a meeting in a moment.



I'll call you when I have the chance.







I've waited for an hour

and called your cell phone.



Mangatronics didn't hear from you.

They're getting nervous, and so am I.



I don't know what you're doing.

It's getting...



Verkamp here. Is Diane there?



Diane, yes, she's here.



No, I can't bother her right now.



She's sleeping.



No, it's fine.

Everything is ok.



I don't think she'll be calling back.






Because she's no longer working for you.



Who made that decision?

I did.



Of course, I'll have the file

ready tomorrow morning.



The travel agency will get you your tickets.



Alright. See you soon.



Here is Volf's last memo on the Demonlover contracts.



I added the clause you asked for.



No one questioned it.



Will it be finalised in time? - Yes.






I meant to ask...



No, nothing. You can go.



Our first night together.



Tempura with shrimps.



Bon appetit.



You and me alone, you mean?



I'd rather avoided this.

- Avoided it?



I know what you are going to say.



You don't want to hear?



But I thought...

- It's too late.



Too late is not the same.



It means that at another moment...



In Tokyo?

- Maybe.



In Tokyo you intimidated me.



I'm still intimidating you.



I had the feeling you were both

absent and present at the same time.



I was definitely there.

- Not really.



Did I say no? Did I reject you?



No you didn't.



Well then?



You keep everything you do under control.



You observe and calculate.



I keep nothing under control.



Thank you.



We'll have another bottle.



Can I have another large beer?



Thank you.



I saw you arrive and work.

I saw you with Volf.



What did you see?

- The way you operated. I admire you.



You haven't seen anything.



No one ever sees anything.




They watch... but they don't understand.



What do you admire?



Come on.



Tell me. I'm listening.



You set a goal and that's where you are.



Where am I?



Tell me, it's interesting.



Of course, when you have to say it with words,

it becomes less clear.



But people judge using vague




they do...



it's easier.

- That's not what I meant.



Yes you did.



I'm calculated and immoral.



It excites

and scares you at the same time.



But what do you know?



You don't know me.



That's exactly what I'm saying.



So that night in Tokyo

you didn't trust me.



No. I wanted you.



But you had doubts.

- Still do.



You're right. It's better not

to push.



The tempura is very good.



Don't stare at that girl behind be like that.

- I'm not staring.



I see her eyes in the mirror.



Kaori came back in the room.






You're screwing her. Were you

afraid she might be jealous?



I didn't know you knew.



It was obvious.



Luckily Kaori is not plagued

by such scruples.



How's that?



When she's with me.






In her car.



In toilets of restaurants.



In her bathtub.






You prefer girls?



I don't know. What do you think?



I don't believe you.



You don't believe I'm

sleeping with Kaori.



No. Nowhere. Neither in her bathtub,

nor on the carpet.



You think I'm checking your reaction?

- Yes.



Objectively speaking, it's a

disappointing reaction.



Possibly. But you know how it is.



The doubt remains.

- Still.



Now I have to look at you differently.



That was my intention.



I'm still not sure what I'm seeing.



Then take a closer look.



I wanted to say something, but...



But what?



I don't know if you want to hear it.



Say it anyway.



Have a nice evening.

- Thank you.




- Yes.



Shall we have some sake?

- Yes.



Elise is working with me.

In fact, she's working for me.



I don't know if I heard you.

- You heard me.



And you let me babble.



You were observing me.



It was me who had

everything under control.



But all this time it was you.



Evidently, you don't like it.



Why did you do it?

- I couldn't tell you.



I had preferred...



But this is...






The sake.



Humiliating, yes.

- You're not fooling anyone?



I'm going home.



I'll give you a ride.









Tomorrow morning at   in the lobby.



Alright,   o'clock.



Franky, it's Robby calling for you.

Special help by SergeiK