The Descent Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Descent script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the horror movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Descent. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Descent Script





Mister foreman,

have you arrived at a verdict?



We have, your honour.



We find the defendant

guilty of all charges.



-He has no priors--

-That's misleading.



He has no convictions.



-ls he dangerous?

-No, but he's a slippery little shit.



Your honour,

request bail be continued--



He's already wasted the jury's time,

not to mention yours.



-He has no priors, your honour.

-Judge, lock him in now.



No, your honour.

He's a very decent family man.



But he has no priors.

He has no convictions.



l don't care about the pri--




-ls he violent?

-He wouldn't hurt a flea.



-l mean, a fly.

-You're very naive.



l'm not naive!



That's enough of this.



All right, l'm going with you.



l got your bail continued.



l don't want my bail continued.



Mr. LaPlante, they found you guilty.



Guilty? What do you mean?



The jury found you guilty.



l'm innocent, for chrissake!



Mr. LaPlante, l've been persuaded,

in view of your continued employment...



...and your lack of priors...


            continue your bail

under the same conditions...



...pending sentencing six days from now.



ln the meantime, make an appointment

with a probation officer...



...who will make a recommendation to me

regarding your sentence.



l urge you...


            use those six days to get

your personal affairs in order...


            anticipation of incarceration.



ln anticipation of incarceration.



'' ln anticipation of incarceration.''



He means prison, Mr. LaPlante.



l know what he means. l'm not

a prison kind of guy, Miss O'Day.



You're not doing your job. Last time

my lawyer got the charges dismissed.



That's why the district attorney

is so hard-nosed this time.



-An appeal?

-We don't have the grounds.



What we have to do is focus

on the probation officer's report.



He gives a good report and l walk?



l think a suspended sentence

is unlikely. Now....



You still have your job, right?



l've been calling in sick.



And a son by your ex-wife, Joseph?



A son? Yeah.

What about him? Joey.



Are you involved in his upbringing?




She attached my paycheck, child support.



Why do you think l got a court-appointed

lawyer instead of an experienced one?



l understand.

How often do you see your son?



The kid? l don't know.



On his birthday. When was that?

May, l think.



She don't like for me to see him.

Thinks l'm a bad influence.



l think you should see your son.



Try to get your boss to write a note

about your performance on the job.



Create the impression of a decent

citizen with familial responsibilities...



...who happened to slip up once.



And l know that you're having

financial difficulties, Mr. LaPlante...



...but l was wondering if the money

that l loaned you last week....



Some of it.



l'll get you the rest as soon as l can.



lf you're a little short, it's okay.

l don't want to take your last dime.



l'd better keep some of it,

if l'll see the kid.



For gas and stuff.



Look at that one.

lf you were in there, he'd kill you.



Wouldn't he, Dad?



Yeah, yeah. Something like that.



You know this friend

that your mother's seeing?



What is he, a fireman?



Did he ever, you know, just kind of

spend the night? What's his name?



Sometimes. His name is Elliott.



He saved a guy's life

one time in a fire.



A hero?



Was he ever in the Nam,

this guy Elliott?



The '' Nam''? What's that?



lt was this war, Vietnam.



Doesn't matter.



Were you in it? ln the war?



-You didn't see that picture?

-What picture?



Me in my uniform.

Used to be over the fireplace.



ln public restrooms,

you're always standing in piss.



lt don't matter to you.

You got sneakers.



But l'm standing in piss

in very expensive shoes.



l don't want piss on them.

l want to protect them.



lt's a breakdown in custodial services.



Look, somebody lost their wallet.






-Wait a minute.

-To give it to the manager.



He pockets the dough,

throws the wallet away.



We'll go out back. Most people who work

in supervisory positions are crooks.



You didn't pay.



The waiter knows me.

l got an account here.



Tomorrow, when l get to the office...


            secretary will phone this guy up

from the name on his license.



Let the guy come and get his wallet.

Make sure you get a reward.



You deserve a reward.



Spare some change, sir?



No way, fella. Not a chance.



Resist the urge to be nice

to those people.



They're con artists.

Take advantage of the soft heart.



A lot of them are better off

than the rest of us.



Look out for number one.

lt sounds harsh...



...but it's a goddamn jungle out there.



You got to keep a low profile.






A low profile.



Hey, Bernie. Where you been, pal?



Some guys been looking for me, Chick?



Spanish kind of guys?



Business thing.

Give me a seven and seven, will you?



Five days now, l don't see you?



lt's because l'm up to my ass in shit.

l'm broke because l got legal problems.



Nobody was asking for me, huh?






Legal problems?



You gotta have a good attorney.



She's just out of law school. A couple

years older than my kid, for chrissake.



You got a kid?



How old's your kid?



Nine, l think. Maybe    .



Yeah,    . Nice kid.



You got a    -year-old attorney, Bernie?



l can't afford no better.



My ex, she attached my paycheck

for child support payments.



You looking for Bernie LaPlante

by any chance?



You have a kid?



Kids are so young.

They don't know nothing yet.



When you're a kid, you think

you'll grow up to be wonderful...



...instead of an asshole,

like everybody else.



We're all assholes?



When l was a kid, l thought l was gonna

be this fantastic, heroic human being.



Are you Bernie LaPlanta?



LaPlante. Bernie LaPlante.



You the guys that Bunny called?



Three hours is old, man. Very old.



He might not have reported them

at all yet. He might not know.



What did you do? Pick his pocket?



More or less.



Trust me. These are very, very fresh.



To be honest with you, it doesn't

make sense to me either, Miss Gayley.



Things seem to be on the upswing.



Our difficulties with the SEC

have been favourably resolved.



ln a business sense,

l think we've turned the corner.



Your wife and children are

on the way here. Don't you--



Thank you for coming out here

and letting me talk to you.



Oh, my God! Chucky, tilt down!



Did you get it?



Jesus! Did l say that?



Yeah, l got it!



Sports training.

Learn to follow the ball!



Listen, how about you do

your wrap-up from up here?



l'll pull back from that skyscraper,

find you here, then reveal the drop.



Suicide number      of this year,

in this city...



...was neither a destitute,

nor a lonely man...



...but a successful executive

with a loving family...



...and    million dollars in the bank.



If there's nameless despair

in executive offices...



... what can there be    stories below,

where the hungry and the homeless...



... the brutalized and the addicted,

fight their daily battle for survival?



From a ledge    stories

above the street...



...I'm Gale Gayley for Channel   News.



What'd you think of the fall shot?



The guy drops    stories

in perfect focus, centre frame...



...while l smoothly go

from F    to F  .



Hell of a shot, Chucky.

lt's beautiful. Parker!



Run this to Frazier.

Open with it at       and   a.m.



Bet she pushed him just

for the great shot. Blind ambition.



Pushed him? Oh, my God.

Not really?



Conklin's jealous

because it wasn't his story.



lt tore her up because

we couldn't save the guy.



She wanted to reach out.



Like the suicide?



-Never reach out.

-Mr. Wallace.



lt's unprofessional.



You could get pulled over.



-What are we talking about?

-How we didn't save him.



Saving people is not our job.

lt's wrong to step in and save someone.



You wouldn't push him?



l didn't say we should've saved him.



l said l wish it had occurred to me

to consider saving him.



-What good would that do?

-lt'd make me feel human.



lt's not a bad story.

'' Newswoman Saves Suicide.''



-lt's unprofessional.

-You can't bear good news.



-You're sitting on your ticket.

-Ticket? What's going on?



She's flying to N.Y.

for a Silver Mike Award.



Silver Mike?

You are covering us in glory.



Well, l haven't won yet.



You have me scheduled on a flight back

an hour after the ceremony.



For heaven's sake, let's give her

a night in N.Y.C. Listen.



We'll put her boyfriend--



She broke up with her boyfriend.



We need you back

to follow up on that jumper.



The human interest in the unending woe

pouring from the wounded metropolis.



-The dirt, you mean?

-That too.



Would you put me up

in a really good hotel?






So long, babe.



Okay, the hell with it.



Party on. ls that what they say?



l'll figure something out.



She's pretending to be a person.

She's a reporter.



$   says she'll be back

on the first flight.



l don't understand what you mean

by ''technicality,'' Mr. LaPlante.



You were found guilty

by a jury of your peers.



The cops didn't follow

the correct procedure with the evidence.



That should have been

established by your attorney.



l'm broke. l got this court-appointed

lawyer. She don't know nothing.



Mr. LaPlante...


            job is to make a recommendation

for sentencing, based on this interview.



l'm not a criminal.



Buying stolen goods?

lt's a little technical thing.



Do l rob anybody? Do l hit anybody?



Don't clutter up prisons

with guys like me.



Prisons are for tough guys.



Prisons are for guys who like

to beat each other up.



l can't do that kind of time. l don't

belong in that kind of environment.



Give me a break.






l got this kid,       years old.



l'm taking him to the movies

tonight after work.



He worships me.



lf l go to the slammer,

what's this going to do to the kid?



l'm his goddamn role model,

for chrissake.



l don't have to explain how much my

cameraman, editor, assignment editor...



...and news director, to name a few,

did to get me this award.



This is an onion.



lt's a metaphor for a news story.



A few hours ago, l was standing on

a ledge    stories above the street...



...interviewing a man who subsequently

jumped to his death.



Forty million dollars in the bank,

happily married, good health.



Great story.



But there's got to be more.

l mean, we're pros, right?



Some kind of extramarital

hanky-panky, maybe?



Another great story.



Maybe the guy's been accused

of child molesting.



A terrific story.



What? lt turns out

the accusations were false?



Wonderful. More story.



Maybe the alleged mistress was lying.

Setting the guy up, huh?



Sensational story.



So we keep going.



Excuse me. Keep digging.



Keep investigating.



We expose the guy's whole life.

His family.



Why? Because we're pros.



Because we're looking for the truth.



But what if it turns out,

after all our digging...



...after all our

painstaking investigation....



What if it turns out

there wasn't any truth?



Just stories.



One story after another,

until there's nothing left.



And do we have any obligation

to stop at any point?



Or do we just keep going, digging,

peeling until we've peeled it all away?



Until we've destroyed what

we investigated in the first place.



l'll bet all of you, like me...



...yearn for just one story...



...that isn't about unveiling

layer after layer of human weakness.



A story that reveals,

with each layer of investigation...



...something finer and nobler.



Something even inspirational.



No, it's very nice, actually.



'' For Excellence

in the Pursuit of Truth.''



Listen, l got a seat back

on the early flight after all. So....



What? What do you mean

you gave it to Conklin?



He wasn't the one

the guy wanted to talk to!



You were gonna do the town, remember?



Fancy suite at the station's expense,

see a show, maybe get laid.



-What was l supposed to do?

-Cut the shit!



I'm not gonna hang around N. Y. while

you give away my stories to Conklin!



You get back tonight, doll.

l'll take Conklin off your suicide.



Fly carefully.

Congratulations on the award.



What did l tell you?

They're all alike, the good ones.



They're junkies for the story.

Can't let go.



First rule out here on the streets is,

watch out for number one.



If you go down, you break a bone,

you're gone. Nobody'll pick you up.



Shitty colour.



Look at the skin tones.



Chrissake. Homeless people are

supposed to have shitty skin tones.



There you go. Skin tones.



l wouldn't even do this

if l didn't have legal problems.



Ninety-five dollars, that's it.

l got to get out of here.



l gotta take my kid to the movies.



-l'm late. My kid's waiting.




How about a watch? Wanna buy a watch?



Same kind l got, huh?



Tell you what. Give me $  

for the machine, the watch.



l'll throw in a couple of wheel covers,

a case of insect repellent. Here.



You need an air filter?



l could've predicted this.



lt's raining because

my wipers are all fucked up.



lf my wipers were okay, the fucking sun

would be shining at night.



Damn it!



Damn it!



We're experiencing a high reading

on one of our indicators.



Probably a malfunction in the gauge,

but as a precaution...



... fasten your seat belts while we

run you through some safety procedures.



First, make sure that your seat belts

are fastened securely.



When the captain gives the signal,

brace your arms...



...against the seat in front

of you like this.



You may use pillows and blankets...


            protect your face...



...from flying glass and debris.



Before you do, remove

your eyeglasses and your shoes....



Remember, our biggest asset

in an emergency is calm, clear thinking.



All of us on the crew have been

carefully trained for emergencies....



Come on! Come on!



l'm late already. Don't quit on me now.



Come on! Come on!



Now what?






ls anybody out there?



ls anybody there?



What's the problem, pal?



Just stay calm everyone!

Everyone, please!



Stay calm! Please don't push!



Everyone, please!



Everything will be all right

if we just stay calm!



l can't move.



-l'm trapped.

-Get me out of here!



Mommy! Mommy!



Help! We're stuck!



Hold it. Hold it. Just a minute.



Please, Daddy!



Wake up, Daddy!



Please wake up.



Somebody's coming.



Hey, mister. Mister?

Can you give us a hand?



Hold on, buddy!



We're talking $     shoes here.









Help us! Please!



The handle's jammed!



You've gotta push on the door!



-You've gotta push hard!

-What do you think l'm doing?



Harder! Again! Come on.




-l'm pushing it.




-l'm pushing it, asshole!



Come on! One at a time!



Don't push!



When you get out, move as far away

from the plane as possible.



Please, one at a time.

One at a time, please.



Please, miss. My father can't move.

He can't move!



We'll try to help him.

Wait outside.



Move as far away from

the plane as you can.



One at a time. Let's go! Let's go!



There's a woman back there.

She's trapped!



You get as far away

from the plane as you can.






Where's my shoes?



Where are my shoes?



Daddy, please!



Sir, please!



My dad can't move!



Where? Where is he?



ln there. He's hurt!



The cops are coming and the firemen.

They got equipment and stuff.



They're experts.

Where are my shoes?



Please, sir. Please.



lt's on fire. He can't move.



Oh, for chrissake.



What's his name?



-Fletcher! Where are you?

-You can't come back in.



Where are you, fella?



Are you Fletcher?



Who are you?



Come on.



Hey! Somebody grab him, will you?



Help this guy, will you?



-Help him!

-Get him!



Get him away from the plane!



Get as far away from

the plane as you can!



Where are you? Hey, buddy.

Goddamn it!



Fletcher, speak up.

Don't be an asshole.



Oh, shit.



My leg is caught.



My leg is caught.



Can you get me out of here?



Oh, sure. Yeah, l think.



Let me help you there.



Give me a hand, lady.

l'm not a goddamn bodybuilder.



Get away from the plane quickly.

lt may explode!



Give me a hand here, will you, honey?



Move this piece of shit

out of here now.



Come on!










Thank God!



Look out! lt's ready to go!



-Put her on your shoulder.

-You better get out of here!



-You too, miss.




l've lost count.



-Right away!

-l think everybody's out.



Where are you?



Here! l'm over here. Help me.



-Where are you?





-My leg is broken. l need help.



-Fletcher, right?




-You're not Fletcher?

-l'm Smith. Please help me.



Fuck this!

l'm looking for Fletcher.



No, don't leave me!

Please don't leave me.



Oh, all right.



Come here.



-Hold on. Come on.

-Oh, thank God.



Don't count your chickens, Smith.

l can't see shit!



Come out!

lt's ready to blow!



-There's another guy in there!

-Right goddamn now!



-Hey, you!

-Get out of there!



Hey, you! Give me a hand here.

Come here!



-l'll help him.

-l got this guy.



l'll help him. You run for it.



-There's a guy in there!

-She's gonna explode!



There's a guy--

You're supposed to be a fireman!



She's gonna go!



Come on!



Get back! lt's gonna go!



Come on, you stupid shit!



l lost my other shoe.



Get back!



-I need a medic here!

-Yes. Yes. Angle on fireman.






Heroic. Backlit.



Blazing inferno! Look at that.




Major awards.



He stands his ground,

capturing images of raging flames...



...with no regard for

his own personal safety.



Go, Chucky.



Go, baby.



Sorry, Fletcher.



What a way to go, pal.



I'm okay.



-You're not okay.

-l'm a reporter.



-She's got a broken arm.

-lt's my leg. My leg hurts.



Chucky! Chucky!



Holy shit! lt's Gayley. Gayley!



-Hold up.

-You were on the plane?



lt's my story, Conk.

l did the research.



Get the attendant

who manned the door.



Also, some passenger pulled me out.

Talk to him!



-Then get to the hospital.

-She's a piece of work.



Unbelievable. '' lt's my story.

l did the research''?



You wouldn't believe the shot l got.

Major award.



l start in this fireman's face.




You know, sad but excited.



Where's my car?



My car was right here.



-Where's my--?

-Where are you hurt?



Where are you hurt?

Why don't we go over to the ambulance?



l don't need an ambulance. l'm looking

for my car. lt must've burnt up.



You weren't in your car.

You've been in a plane crash.



Please! My daughter needs

medical attention.



-He waited for hours.

-You won't believe it.



-l'm tired of your bullshit!

-lt's not my fault.



lt's never your fault! Never, ever!



You screwed up my life

and now your son's.



And you'll never accept

responsibility for anything!



ls your friend, the fireman, here?



He had an emergency call.

A real emergency!



Why don't you let me in, instead of

waking up the whole neighbourhood?



lf you let me talk,

l'll tell you what happened.



What happened is the same thing

that always happens.



You blew it. Only this time, you broke

your son's heart instead of mine.



He was looking forward to

going to the movies with his father.



And you let him down

like you let everyone down, always.



Did you take a mud bath?



That's what l'm trying to--



Shut up, Bernie!



Forget it. Let me talk to Joey

to apologize.



He's in bed. And you won't wake him up

and make him crazy. Understand?



He comes home and wants to know

if Elliott's a war hero, like you.



-He wants to know how many you killed.

-Elliott? Elliott, the fireman.



l had to explain your tendency

to exaggerate.



How you killed as many people as

the other supply clerks in your outfit.



-l didn't say l killed anyone.

-Whatever! You let him believe it!



Then l had to explain

about the homeless.



How not all of them own

apartment complexes.



How not all of them

play the stock market.



How not all of them rent babies

when panhandling.



He's a young boy, Bernie.






Listen, Ev, it's important.



-l gotta see him.

-Use the phone.



-l've got important reasons.

-He'd love to hear from you.



What happened to your shoe?



No, l don't wanna know.

Some fantastic adventure, right?



Something really crazy?



All l was doing was

giving him advice.



Preparing him for life.



You don't want him to grow up soft,

do you? lt's tough out there.



lt's a goddamn jungle.



Well, back to the jungle, Bernie.



Sorry, Ev, to bother you again.

This is for Joey.



A reward...



...for this wallet he found.



When l returned it, l told the guy

that he had to give my kid something...



...for finding it.



You know, for the honesty.

So the kid would learn how honesty pays.



Do you want to give it to him,

or should l?






You actually went into

a burning aeroplane?



lnto it? l was practically

living in the goddamn thing.



lnto it? l was practically

living in the goddamn thing.



Every time l turned,

someone wants me to save them.



l couldn't see a foot in front of me.

Then suddenly...



...boom! lt explodes.

l could be dead.



But you pulled people out.

You're a hero.



No, l fucked it up.

l was trying to impress this kid.



l was gonna rescue his old man but l

couldn't find him. He must've blew up.



l got out of there.

l didn't have the nerve to face the kid.



A lot of people wouldn't have tried.

lt was a brave thing.



Yeah, try stupid.



Just toss them in the back, please.



A lot of people would say

that's what heroism is...






Doing something that,

if you thought about it...


            wouldn't do it.

lt's not in your interest.



One more.



All right. ls everything all right?



l guess you kind of got

a drinking problem.



l sell them at the recycling centre.

lt gives me a bit for gas and food.



Looks like you live in here.



l do in bad weather.



But mostly, l like

camping in the woods.



l thought you were

down on your luck too.



'' Down on my luck''? l told you.

A goddamn plane fell on me...



...from out of the sky, in America,

for chrissake.



See these shoes? $     pair

of shoes. One shoe.



-Give it to someone with one leg.

-One leg? Let me off. l'll take a bus.



l know a man who sells stuff

at the recycling centre.



He only has one leg.

l think it's the right foot.



Sell it to him. You get a couple bucks.

lt pays for the gas.



He doesn't have any money.



lt's very kind of you.



'' Down on my luck.''



l got some mud on me is all.

l got a nice apartment, stereo.



We could listen to you on the news.



Are you worried about

the stock market?



No, the plane crash.

Didn't they interview you?



l don't give no interviews.



That's a lot of shit.



Keep a low profile.



That's my motto.



l got legal problems. My attorneys

don't like me talking to the media.



Step on it. l'm supposed to be

in my office five minutes ago.



My secretary...



...has got appointments

booked for me, you know, all day.



l'm very late.



One word. One word, LaPlante,

and you're fired. You got that?




-Don't say '' Bill'' !



Didn't l say,

''One word and you're fired''?



Know why? Because it'll be an excuse.

'' Bernie LaPlante, excuse number       .''



No,        . That's how many

excuses you've given me.



l keep track of them electronically.



-l got legal problems.

-You talked! You're fired!



Out of here! Out of here!



Jesus Christ!



l got people waiting.

l got orders coming in.



And you, you're gonna

go out like that?



Meet the public in

stocking fucking feet?



l have problems.



l don't care about your problems.

l care about mine...



...and you're one of my problems.

Now get out!



l was driving my car--



l don't want to hear anymore.



-A plane fell on my head.

-Yeah, l'll be on your head.



l don't understand.

You can't find him?



There's a lot of confusion

around what took place, Gale.



But you said all the passengers

were accounted for.



The guy who pulled you out

wasn't a passenger.



A fireman, a paramedic?

He didn't have a uniform.



From what we could get,

there's a kind of...



...sort of, a mystery guy involved.



We're piecing together

different accounts.



A mystery guy.



Not a passenger. Who?



We don't know who he is. He....



He disappeared.



A non-passenger, non-rescue worker...



...went into a burning plane...



...and pulled me out and disappeared?



This guy's the one who

opened the emergency exit...



...from the outside.



Saved everyone on the plane.

Because of him, no fatalities.



l don't think you should be

moving around like that.



Chucky, where's your camera?



Get this thing.



-Bring that.




All of a sudden...



...this civilian

rushes into the plane.



What did he look like?



lt was just this face, all dirty.



lt just appeared.



He was asking for Mr. Fletcher.



My son and l got separated in...



...the confusion and smoke.



The very courageous stewardess

told me my boy had gotten out.



So l got out too.



But my son had already

told this man...



... that I was still in there.



I thought my dad was still...



...still in there. So l asked

the man to save my father.



What did the man say, Richie?



He said....



He said:



'' l'll save him.'' He said,

'' l'll save your father.''






I need a medic here!



I need a medic!







-Now freeze. Go back, you missed it.



Keep going, keep going.






Now, go forward again.

Missed it again.






Right there.



That's him?



Who else? We've accounted

for everybody else.



-That's our hero.

-l didn't even notice him.



l was into the foreground drama.

Heroic fireman, looming in the frame.



Can we do some kind of

electronic enhancement?



Get a clear picture?

ldentify him?



Far out.



Never saw him.



lt's the camera.

lt has a life of its own.



At times l feel as if we were one,

capturing little moments...



...of history in a kaleidoscope...



...of colours and drama.



There's no face.



There's nothing to work with.



Big dots. That's all

you're gonna get.



Look at that guy.



He just saved    people.



And now he's gonna disappear.



Who is he?



''I'll save him. ''

He said, ''I'll save your father. ''



All of a sudden, this civilian...



...he rushed into the plane.



Leslie, the other flight attendant,

told me the guy dragged me...



... to the exit.



''Here, give this guy

a hand, '' he said.



And the next thing I knew...



...he was going back in there.



Into all that smoke.



Out of the darkness.

Out of the smoke...



...and the fear,

came a man with no name.



No uniform...



...but an abundance of courage.



A man who was thinking not about

himself, but about others.



Risking his own life for ours.



He's out there now, somewhere...



...and whoever you are...



...I and the other survivors

of Flight      say...



... thank you. God bless you.



lf you're gonna wear a cast, feature

it more. lt's part of the story.



Network wants to feed off our  :  ...



...whether we find the guy or not.



lt's a wonderful piece.

Emotional. l love it.



We'll feature Gale's cast.



My cast is only interesting until

the hero shows up.



Then whoever has him, has the story.



Good reason for you

to find him.



You should be out digging.



We could help her out.

How about offering a reward?



ln return for

an exclusive interview.



Money and news. Dangerous waters.



He's right. We don't even

know what he looks like.



Of course you know what he looks like.

He saved you, right?



They found what?



A phone check with survivors has

confirmed that the shoe...



... does not belong to any of

the passengers or crew of Flight     .



However, several witnesses recall

the mysterious man...



... who saved    people, referring

to his missing shoe.



The conclusion is...



... the unknown hero, known to many

as the Angel of Flight     ...



-... wears a size    B.




Dinner, now!

Turn that thing off!



Mom! Mom!



He lost his shoe!

He lost his shoe!



-He lost his shoe.

-Who did?



The unknown hero.



Wash your hands.



They found his shoe right beside

the plane crash.



Superman, you mean? Lost his shoe?

What next?



Elliott, the man saved

hundreds of people.






l was there, remember?



You know why none of us

rushed in that plane?



Because we're trained firemen,

that's why.



Part of a team, a disciplined team.



We take chances all the time,

save people's lives.



But we don't do crazy things.



This guy does something

really dumb and he lucks out.



So the media go crazy over

his shoe, for God's sakes!



What message are they

giving to the youth?



What message are you

giving to the youth?



Sneering at someone

for sticking his neck out.



You sound like my ex,

for heaven's sake. Mr. Cynicism.



So what can l say?



Give your ex credit for being smart

enough not to do something stupid.



Maybe the guy's not all bad.



l'm gonna watch TV and hope it's not

all this ''Superman'' stuff.



My father only had one shoe on...



...when he came here.



You were in bed, weren't you?



l saw him out the window.



You think he would do

something like that?



Rescue people?



Your father is Bernie LaPlante.



lt's against his religion

to stick his neck out.



Sit down.



The warden of a Montana prison

insists the unknown hero...



... is a child molester who escaped

from the institution in April.



In Scotland, the leader of

a religious sect claims...



... the mysterious hero is, in fact,

an angel anticipated in scripture.



Hey, Bernie!



-How's it going?

-You don't wanna know.



You don't wanna know.



Those guys been in yet?



You in business with

them guys or what?



l wouldn't want a

problem for the bar.



You couldn't have a problem...



...because l personally have got

them all. l cornered the whole market.



You wouldn't believe what

l've been through.



You know, l was taking my car

to get my kid--



How you doing?



-Brought some friends, okay?

-Yeah, sure.



Excuse me, Chick.



In addition, we bring you

a special announcement from...



... Channel   station manager...



...James Wallace.



Good evening.



We at Channel   like you,

have been...



...stirred by the courage

and the humanity....



Mi amigo. What do you got?

More plastic?



Yeah, plastic.



Premium stuff here. High limits.



Not reported.



How do you know?



Because l know. Trust me on this.



Hombre, he don't trust

his mother. Why you?



Because l'm not his mother.



Por aqui?



But then again, like you...



... we want to see what is best in us.



We want to examine it.



For that reason, we at

Channel   will offer...



... this unknown hero

a reward of $  million.



How many of these you got?

Eight? Ten?



They're gonna give that

guy $  million.




-That plane crash guy.



-A million bucks?

-That's right.



-ls this all of them,  ?

-What plane crash guy?



The one-shoe dude.

The guy that saved those people.



Channel  's gonna give

this guy $  million...



...just for an interview!



A million bucks!



Hombre! We're trying to

do some business here.



-You got more of these?

-A million dollars?



l'm the guy.



l got an appointment.

l gotta--






LaPlante, you're under arrest!



You have the right--



Don't you know who l am?

Where l got the plastic?



l got a million bucks

from the jet!



Bullshit! l got a million bucks!



One million dollars

to anonymous hero!



One million bucks to angel

who saved    people takes off!



Now, please! lf your foot isn't a

size    B, don't remain in line!



We're only looking for size    B heroes!



Me, a liar?

l'll kick your ass!



lt ain't just me saying you

ain't the hero!



Everybody in line

knows you're not the hero!



That's a racist perspective.



Assuming because something heroic

was done, a white man done it.



A man with mud on his face

could be a man of any colour.



Most likely was, which is true

in this case...



...because it was me!



With mud all over me!



Can you believe this?



There must be a thousand

phonies here after my reward!



Miss Gayley! lt's me!

The guy who saved your life!



lt's me, remember?



l'm only an     I  but l wear

a     for comfort, l swear!



A cop's here

for you from robbery detail.



lnspector Dayton.

He wants you to call.



-What about?

-l didn't ask.



Call back and find out, okay?

l'm really busy!



Bail in this matter will

remain at $    .






The Angel of Flight     ?

You're the angel--



Angel? l didn't say angel.



l gotta get over to the TV station

and get my million.



-Mr. LaPlante--

-The People vs. LaPlante.



That's me! l'm Mr. LaPlante!



The D.A. is asking that

your bail be set...


            $     .

$     !



Because you were arrested again.



Twenty-five grand is peanuts! You

just gotta get me out to collect--



Your honour! The prosecutor

wants $      for bail.



You will be silent until

the court recognizes you.



Fine by me.

l got no problem with that.



ln fact, your honour, l'd be

proud to double it.



Fifty grand. For The People.

Like a tip.



-Mr. LaPlante--

-What do you say?



lf you don't stop chattering

immediately, l will ask the bailiff--



l said l want...



...order! !



-Sorry, sir.

-We got carried away.



-They found him!

-Found who?



The Angel of Flight     .



lt was on the news, sir.

Just now.



He's gonna be on Channel   at noon.



We'll sustain the bail at $     .



That ought to keep you

out of trouble.



-Your honour, my client is--

-Your client is a pain in the ass!



Twelve noon, huh? Channel  .



l was out in the woods...



...and l heard a huge crash.



And l saw...






And l went over there

to take a look.



And everything there was...


            a blur.



There was a lot of smoke...



...and screaming.



l was relieved that it was just

a plane crash, and l could help.



But l don't have a detailed

memory of it. lt was too scary.



Tell us why you disappeared, John.



Well, that's--



At first, I didn't know

I was the hero. I thought...



... the boy's father hadn't survived...



...and I had failed him

and I couldn't....



I couldn't face the boy.

And then...



...after that...



... well, I've been....



I've been down on my luck lately.



I just didn't really feel

too presentable.



But finally, you did come forward.






The money.



I wouldn't have come forward

if it wasn't for...



-... if it wasn't for the money.

-Go back.






Right there.



Right on that look.



You didn't tell me he

was so cute.



He saved my life.



The survivors were shocked to learn

that the hero who appeared...



...and pulled them to safety

was indigent...



...and hadn't slept in a bed

in more than three years.



John Bubber was living in his car

at the time of the crash.



Eking out a meagre existence

by collecting cans....



-He's a fake.

-You know him?



He's a goddamn fake.

He's a bum.



He's a goddamn homeless bum!



He ain't no hero.

You can trust me on that.



Trust you!



What do you mean,

cutting down the homeless?



What do you know about the homeless?



You know, l thought they'd all go,

'' lt's him!'' and wanna hug the guy.



Relax. He had the shoe,

and the shoe checked out.



l can stop worrying?

Where are we putting him up?



Drake Hotel.

And never stop worrying.



We'll do a sidebar on going from

sleeping in your car...


            sleeping in a posh suite.



Also, Gale's checking into

his background.



What's it gonna be?

Dirt or more poetry?



We know which one you'd prefer.



lnspector Dayton recovered

your credit cards--




-lnspector Dayton, from robbery detail.



They caught the guy

who stole your credit cards--



Nobody stole them.

They were burned up.



You got my money?

What about the reservations?



Two at   at the Barcelona.



-Four hundred dollars for dinner?

-She's taking Mr. Bubber to dinner.



Bubber? To dinner?



That's a great idea! Chucky!



-Come in here.

-This is private and personal.



He's a news story, for Pete's sake.



He saved my life.



(Girls laughing)



Come on!






Look out girls, here we go. (Shrieks)



Look to the left.






- Can you see her?

- Mummy!






Come on!



Hold on!









- Mummy!

- Hi, guys!



Oh, Jessie. Yeah!



(Laughs) That was amazing.



(Girls laugh)



- Oh, you girls were screaming.

- All right, Jessie?



- That wasn't so bad, was it?

- No, it was a piece of piss.









- Bit more, bit more.

- Go on, Paul. Fish her out.



There. Got you.



- You all right?

- Yeah.



lt's freezing. l can't feel my fingers.






Jessie, Jessie.



Ah, come here. Oh, babe.



lt wasjust amazing.

Would you like to do that?



Come on, Jessie, it's freezing.

Let's go back to the car.



Go with your Daddy.



- l'll just help the girls.

- All right.



lt's OK, you go on. We can finish up here.



You sure? Thanks, guys.

l'll see you at the hotel.



See you.



Jess, shall l phone Rachel's mum?



See if Rachel wants

to come to dinner on Thursday?



Yeah? OK.



When she comes round,

she can help us plan your birthday party.



- Are you going to invite any boys this time?

- (Laughs)



Are you OK? You seem a bit distant.



l'm fine.



(Tyres screech)



(Monitor beeps)



(Flat-line tone)















Sh, sh. l'm sorry. She's gone.



- l'm sorry.

- No!



No, no.



No, no, no.



She's gone, Sarah. Shh.



- (Wails)

- Shh.



(Banjo music)



- (Music changes to gospel)

- Well, it's mud, blood and beer...



or sweet Jesus.



Great. Turn that shite off.



That's frightening.



Listen, we don't have to do this, you know.



We can head back and stay in town.



Get wasted, go to a barn dance.



Now that is frightening.



You're right, we don't have to do this.

But l'm not going to be the one to tell Juno.



She's a piece of work, man.

She always brings us out into the middle of...



Well, look at it.



- She came to Scotland last year.

- Yeah, and left pretty quickly.






Sarah! Beth!






You look fantastic.



Ah, come here. Oh.



Let me look at you. Wow!



Everything is going to be fine.



Better. lt's going to be great.



Becca and Sam can't wait to see you.

Why don't you go in?



- Give me these.

- Yeah.






- OK?

- Yeah, OK.



Ooh, very nice.



- How is she?

- Well, she's here.



One step at a time, eh?



Hey, hey, hey!

Who are you calling a fucking cheater?



l'm calling you a fucking cheater.












- You do look really good.

- Oh, you look amazing.



- Hey!

- Let me put the bags down.



Oh, so nice to see you.



- We're starving.

- OK, go, go.



- What have you got?

- Er, well, there's a bit of...



Sam. Sam.



Thank you so much for your letter.

lt meant a lot to me.



Oh, Sarah, look,

l'm so sorry that l couldn't be there.



You know, mid-terms and...



You know, Sam is going to be Doctor Van Ney

in like a year's time.






- Please tell me it's longer than that?

- l am so proud of my little sister.



- Who wants a drink?

- Yes! Me!



- Brandy shot?

- Yeah, yeah.



- So, Beth...

- Mm-hm?



l hear it all starts falling apart past   ?



ls that what they teach you

at medical school, yeah? To take the piss?



- Cheeky bitch!

- Ow!



Can anyone make me feel any older?



- Oh, here we go.

- Hello.



- Hi, you must be the teacher.

- Beth, Sarah, this is Holly.



Juno's protęgę.



- l always thought Juno would eat her young.

- Oh, nice.



l'm well able to handle myself,

thanks very much.



l've heard about you.

You're that mentalist that jumps off buildings.



- Base jumping. You should try it, seriously.

- So you live in America now?



Ran out of things to jump off in Galway,

you know.



l'm always searching for the next big high.



- Sure you'd know all about that.

- Sorry?



Juno showed me a photo

of when you used to climb together.



l found this classic picture. Ah!



- Oh, no!

- Oh, no!



- Look at the state of us!

- Oh, my God. That's bad.






Love each day.



Used to be something Paul used to say.






Here's to our adventure.



- Skol.

- Cheers.



Come on, light, you bastard.



So, have you done Boreham Caverns before?



l saw it in a book once.

lt's for tourists. lt's not adventure.



Might as well have hand rails

and a fucking gift shop.



lf you're a caver, jumper, climber...


            just do it and not give a shite.



Or the thing that's bigger than you will get you.



JUNO: You want adventure, Holly?

When have l ever let you down?






Holly, tomorrow is going to be awesome. OK?



- Take this. You need it.

- (Chuckles)



SARAH: What about Josh, Sam?

Are you guys still together?



SAM: Kind of. Sort of.






Oh, my God.



- Oh, my Jesus!

- What do you think, eh?






Don't say a fucking word, all right?



lt was a Christmas present.



Shut up.



- What about you Holly? Got a man?

- Oh...



l'm a sports fuck like Juno.



- What?

- Rebecca, too, l think.



HOLLY: But when l'm older,

l want to have lots of babies.



JUNO: Beth, did Sarah tell you that...



(Birds calling)



(Wind chimes)



(Knock at door)

- Oh!









l feel like road kill. Give me five minutes.



Five minutes.






Good morning, my little ones.

Wakey, wakey.



- Good morning.

- ls that what you call it? lt's fucking freezing!






We're leaving at seven. Don't be late.



Try that.



The queen is dead.



Long live...the fucking queen.






JUNO: Beth, you're not driving.



- lf you drive we'll never get there.

- Paper, scissors, stone.



- Come on.

- Oh, you're a dick.



- Go on.

- OK.



- There you go.

- No, wait, babe. Best of three.



l'll drive. Right?



Ladies, group photo.



You'd better hurry it up. We're running late.



- l look like shit.

- We all look like shit. Just give me a smile.



- Hat? No hat?

- No hat.



- No hat, no hat.

- All right.



- Run, run, run, run.

- Say ''sausage''!



ALL: Sausage!



- Sarah, slow down a bit.

- l'm having fun.



She's having fun.



Whoa! Turn, turn, turn there.



- Let's off road.

- Great.



You should have some water.



Trying to set this watch is impossible.

The buttons are too fucking small.



- Leave it alone.

- Why do you wear it, anyway?



- My boyfriend gave it to me, it's sentimental.

- lt's fucking mental.



Any guy that gave that to me, l'd dump him.



BETH: Juno, are you sure this is the right way?



- Relax, l've never been lost in my life.

- Marvellous.



- So have you done these caves before?

- No.



But they are only level two.

Quite safe, don't worry.



- l wasn't.

- The only danger is that l might fall asleep.



Boreham Caves.

More like boredom caves.



- Nice parking.

- Thanks.



HOLLY: This one time in Galway.

when l free-climbed the cathedral,



a priest chased me

down the whole of the ground floor.



That was brilliant.



- l shouldn't have wasted the effort, though.

REBECCA: Holly, shut up.



Rebecca, leave her alone.



OK, guys, let's get moving. We're running late.



SAM: Come on, keep up.



SAM: Hey, Holly, wait up.

REBECCA: Move it, short arse.



BETH: Oi, Carter, get to the back.

HOLLY: Come on, you lazy bastard.



JUNO: You finally caught up with me.



- Juno, are we there yet?

- There's a river about half a mile ahead.



When we reach it,

we follow it up to the mouth of the cave, OK?



How does she know there's a river up ahead?

l can't hear a thing.



She can probably smell it.



She came up here last week

to check the route out.



lt's rule number one -

file a flight plan and stick to it.



- And rule number two?

- Don't go wandering off.



You think it's dark when you turn out the lights.

Well, down there it's pitch black.



- You can get dehydration, disorientation...

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.



- ..claustrophobia...

- Blah, blah.



..panic attacks, paranoia, hallucinations,



visual and aural deterioration...












Yeah, lovely, Holly. A real Kodak moment.



- Don't touch it.

- You wouldn't want to piss it off.



- What do you think did that, Sam? A bear?



What is this? Nature Detectives?



- lt could have been Big Foot. Come on.

- Sam, stop poking it with a fucking stick.



This is it.



- You're having a laugh!

- Afraid not.



l'm an English teacher,

not fucking Tomb Raider.



You'll be fine.



JUNO: OK, Sarah, Beth, you're up next.

Sam, stay with Becca.



Do what she does and you'll be fine.



Holly, safety first.

l don't want any stunts this time.



- You OK? See you down there.

- No.



REBECCA: Make sure your cow's tail is locked

there and there. You hold on to this like that.



Look, l have done this before, you know?



- l'm only looking after you.

- And l appreciate it, in small doses.



JUNO: You gotta see this place.



lt's beautiful!



JUNO: You won't believe this, Beth.

- Oh, shit!



Shit, shit, shit.



Oh, my God, l'm gonna die.






Ah, piece of piss.



Oh, my God!



lt's incredible.



(Shouts up) Clear!



- (Shrieks)

BETH: lt's Holly.



Shit, move!



Holly, you do this safely,

in order, following my lead. OK?



Take it slow and easy.



HOLLY: Juno.

- Smart arse.












lt's OK. lt's OK. lt's OK.



They're gone. They're gone now. Look.



HOLLY: (As The Count) One bat, two bats.









Holly, fuck off.



Which way?



There's only one way out of this chamber

and that's down the pipe.






JUNO: lt's a drop.









JUNO: Holly, chuck us your bag.






SARAH: Oh, my God!

- (Laughter)






(Water dripping)



(Laughs) Find anything good?



- Jesus Christ!

- Come on, let's eat.



- Holly, would you take a break?

- l just want to take a few more shots.



This cave is a lot cooler than l thought.






Not hungry.



Are you OK?



Juno, l won't break. l'm fine.



- l asked you for this.

- l know.



Um, Sarah?



l haven't had a chance to say that l'm...



really sorry l didn't stay around longer

after the accident.






..we're all here for you now, OK?






Look, sorry. l'm feeling a bit out of it.

lt's probably jet lag.



- So l'm just going to take a look around, OK?

- Yeah, OK.



Why don't you try and find us

the way through, huh?



Hey, don't go too far.



What's up with her?

She looks like she's seen a ghost.



She's fine.



(Water dripping)



l've found the next passage!



- That's it? lt's a bit small, isn't it?

- Hey, hey, hey!



- l don't get this.

- What?



This is not how l imagined it

from reading the book.



That's why l don't trust books.

Leaves too much room for interpretation.



Something wrong?



- No.

- lt's nothing.



HOLLY: l'm taking point, guys.



Careful. Just find the way through.

We'll wait here.



(Splashing through water)



(Echoing laughter)









- Shit.

- Are you still behind me?









(Strains with exertion) Shit!




Guys, it's Sarah, l think she might be stuck.



l am stuck!



BETH: All right, Sarah.

Calm down, just relax.






l can't fucking relax.



Fuck, fuck!



Sarah, you have to calm down and the only way

you're going to do that is to breathe.



OK, breathe slowly. Just keep breathing.



(Sarah struggles for breath)



l can't. l can't.



- l can't fucking breathe.

- Sarah, OK, listen to me.



Just listen to my voice, yeah?



Sarah, l'm coming. l'm coming back.




Sarah, OK?



Listen to me, keep breathing. OK? Hey.



Hey, hey.






- Look here at me, Sarah, hey?

- Help me.



What are you so worried about, Sarah?

Look at me.



OK, breathe. Breathe, OK?



Hey, hey, hey. Listen to me.



- Listen to me. What are you so afraid of?

- l can't fucking move!



You can move. Sarah, look at me, look at me.



The worst thing that could have happened to

you has already happened and you're still here.



This is just a poxy cave and there's nothing left

to be afraid of, l promise.






Hey. Hey, listen, listen.



Listen to me, you'll love this one.

How do you give a lemon an orgasm?



God damn it, let me hear you say it.

How do you give a lemon an orgasm?



What do you do? You tickle its citrus. (Laughs)



OK, that's better. Come on.



OK, OK. All right, we're going to move now.

Take hold of my arm, all right?



We're going to move slowly.

That's it, grab my arm, OK?



OK, come on.



Just slowly. Pull on me, OK?

OK, come on.



The rope bag. l forgot the rope bag.






(Rumbling and crashing)



OK, fuck the rope bag. OK, move, now!






Hurry up!



Sarah, come on!



Sarah, keep hold of the rope!



(Muffled coughing)




BETH: Sarah?



Oh, ah.



- Are you OK?

- l'm all right.



JUNO: ls everybody OK? ls everybody OK?



- Don't fucking touch me.

SAM: Rebecca?



REBECCA: l'm here, l'm OK.

Beth, are you injured?



No, l'm fine.



- Nobody move until the dust has settled.

- Don't worry, Juno, we're not going anywhere.






HOLLY: You might be right about that.






HOLLY: So what's the story now?



REBECCA: According to the guidebook,

this cave system has three ways out.



This is just one of them.

lsn't that right, Juno?



Juno, that's right, isn't it?



Check the book.



- l didn't bring it.

- What?



No point.



For Christ's sake, Juno.



l knew it. l knew this wasn't right.



You filed a flight plan to mountain rescue?

lf we don't report in, they'll come looking for us.



That's how it's supposed to work

except l put in a flight plan for Boreham Caverns



and this isn't Boreham Caverns, is it, Juno?



We're in the wrong fucking cave?



Holly was right.

Boreham Caverns was a tourist trap.



- Don't try and pin this fucking shite on me!

- This is not caving. This is an ego trip.



JUNO: Rebecca,

l didn't know this was going to happen.



This is exactly what we believe in.



We said, if there's no risk, what's the point?



Don't try and justify this.



Where... Where are we?



lt hasn't got a name. lt's a new system.



l wanted us all to discover it.



No-one's ever been down here before.



- You're fucking kidding me.

- Oh, God!



BETH: How the hell do we get out?

HOLLY: There may not be a way out.



JUNO: Look, there's no going back now.



We have to find a way out of this chamber

and keep pushing forward.



BETH: What the fuck do you think you're doing?



We all trusted you. You told me

this was going to be good for Sarah.



Have you any idea what she's been through?



No, cos you couldn't get away fast enough,

you selfish cow.



JUNO: You know what, Beth?



We all lost something in that crash.



Just get us out of here.



JUNO: Look, cave systems

sometimes break ground. lt's a small chance.



But if we stay here, we'll die.



Let's go.



(Falling rubble)



JUNO: Wait!

- What?



Don't move, Sam. Just don't move.



Stay right there.



Oh, shit. No more.



(Falling stone)

- Thanks, Beth.



Now l know how far down it is.



So, what now?



One of us has to get all the way across there

so they can rig a line for you guys.



l have three cams, l need at least three more.

Where's the other rope bag?



Where is it?



We lost it, when the cave collapsed.






Help me.



(Shallow breathing)






Come on, Becca.






- Aargh!

- You got it.



Come on, come on.



JUNO: Come on, Rebecca.



Come on, Rebecca.



What are you waiting for?



- Fuck.

- Are you OK?



What's wrong?



lt's nothing. l'm all right.






(Gasps in frustration)






(Breathless) All right, more slack.



More slack, thanks.












Fuck, fuck, fuck.



- OK.

JUNO: Well done.



(Breathless) OK.

Throw me the right rope.









Come on.






- Now, you make it look easy.

- Yeah, well, you make it look hard.



- Oh.

JUNO: Don't look down, Beth. Keep going.



- Just keep going.

REBECCA: You're OK. You're safe.



Good. There you go.



Was this about me or you?



lt's about us,

getting back to what we used to be.



l wanted us to claim this place, name it.



l thought maybe your name.



Or maybe yours.



REBECCA: You're doing well. Come on.



Come on.



There you are. Come on, give me your hand.






(Unhooks cam)






We'll need everything we've got.



Haul it in.


















Reach out.















BETH: Juno, it's OK, we've got you.



OK, pull!






BETH: Sam!

SAM: Holly, let me pass.



SAM: Rebecca, show me your hand.






Let go, let go.



- What does it mean?

- lt means we're not the first.



lt's a piton, right?



lf cavers were here,

there's a better chance of us getting out.



This equipment is at least      years old.

No-one uses stuff like this any more.



Besides, if anyone had been down here

and made it out,



they would have named it already.






JUNO: Becca, are you OK?



l'll live.



Holly, how does it look?



lt's tight again, but l can get through.



OK, keep going. We'll be right behind you.



HOLLY: Hey, there's something down here.



Guys, it's amazing,

but the batteries on our lights will run out.



- So l suggest we keep moving.

- Wait a minute. Wait.



- What is it, Beth?

- Juno, light up one of your flares.



- We don't have time for this.

- Just light a flare.



- Really lovely, Beth, but it's fucking useless.

- No, look at it. What do you see?



You've got the mountain, the cave...



and there's two entrances.



- You are a fucking genius.

- l have my moments.



- This means there's another way out?

- Let's find out.



Come on!



- Bastard!

- Which way?



Holly, give me your lighter.



- Come on.

- Here.






- Come on! Come on!

- Shit!



- That one!

- Hey! Holly!



Holly, slow down!



JUNO: Holly! Careful!



HOLLY: Daylight! l can see daylight!



Holly! Careful! Slow down!



Holly, it's not daylight!



- Help me!

- Hold on!



Guys! Hold...






Sam! Get down here!









Holly! Answer me!



l think l hurt my leg!



Don't move! We're coming down to you.



Oh, fuck!



(Screams) No! Fuck!






Someone better get down here!



- Oh, that's fucking disgusting.

- Beth! Not here, not now!



We need help. Everybody grab a corner.

We need to move her out of the water.



Nice and easy now. And...lift!






- You fuckers!

- Juno, find something to make a splint out of.



- lt's OK, l've got her.

- Hey, Juno, use one of the ice axes.



SAM: You'll be all right, sweetheart.



(Child laughs)






- Sarah!

- Juno, l'm gonna need your help here.



- Sarah!

- Juno!



Take hold of her arm.

You'll have to hold her down.



What are you gonna do?



l need to dress the wound and rig up a splint,

but l can't while the bone is protruding.



l need to push it back in.



- l hate you.

- l know.



Do it.



Bite down on this.



- Keep hold of her.

- Just fucking bite down, OK?



- Go!

- (Screams)



Come on!



(Holly screams in distance)



Just keep biting down, baby.



Come on.



OK, someone get me a medical kit.



OK, OK, OK. Calm down. lt'll be all right.









- (Gasps)

- What are you doing?



l just saw something ahead in the tunnel.



Sarah, l promise you,

l'm gonna get you out of here.



But l can't do it unless you're with me.









Sarah, look at me.



There's nothing there.



That's the best l can do.



lt'll hurt like hell and you can't put any weight

on it, but at least you can move.



They combed these mountains centuries ago.

Anyone trapped would be a skeleton now.



- That is just what it looked like.

- What?



- Sarah thinks she saw someone.

- Saw what?



l don't think l saw someone, l saw someone.



No, you heard something

and saw what you wanted to see.



- lt's the dark. lt plays tricks on people.

- l can describe exactly what l saw.



- What did you see?

- A man. l saw a man.



REBECCA: Are you sure?

- Yes!



And it's not the first time. l thought

l saw someone before, but now l'm sure.



Look, if there is somebody down here,

then maybe they can help get us out.



Sarah, there's no-one down here.

Forget about it!



Hey, we have to get Holly out of here.



OK? This is all that matters right now.



- Beth!

- lt's OK.



ls it? Fuck!



Fuck me.



SAM: You've got to keep warm.



BETH: Why are we walking away?

There was daylight back there.



JUNO: lt wasn't. lt was phosphorus in the rock.



We're two miles underground,

the only light down here is ours.




Argh! Well, it looked like fucking daylight to me.



Right tunnel!



- l got you. OK?

(Holly moans)



(Groans in pain)



BETH: Jesus! What is this place?



Holly, where's the infrared button?



SARAH: Dead animals.



Hundreds of them.



BETH: This is not good, guys.




Can we get out of here? Which way?



Come on.



- l don't know.

BETH: What do you mean, you don't know?



There's no breeze. lt could be

any one of these tunnels. Take your pick.



Oh, fuck it! Hello!



- Please!

- ls there anybody there?









JUNO: lt's there! lt's up there!

lt's there on the roof!



Fucking hell, did you see...?

What the fuck was that?



l don't know!

lt moved so fast, l could barely see it!



- l've never seen anyone climb like that!

- l told you l saw someone!



- That was not a human being!

- Screw this.



Let's take our chances and pick a tunnel. Move!






What's happening?



Oh, shit! lt's circling us.



- Where is it?

- This way! Move!



- Holly! We've got to move. We've got to move.

- Come on! Move it!



JUNO: Come on, Holly! Move it! Let's go!



- Juno, the flare! Get rid of it!

- Fuck!



JUNO: Holly, keep moving, come on!

(Holly groans)



Holly! Holly!












Sarah! Run!






Get off!



Get away, you fucker!









(Juno hyperventilates)






Don't leave me.



Oh, fuck. My battery's gone dead.



Where are they?



What's happened to the others?



Becca, please say we're gonna get out of here.









Go. Go!



JESSlCA: (Whispers) Mummy. Mummy.



lf you're really ready...



(Coughs and splutters)









(Low howl)



Oh, fuck. Fuck.



Turn the light off.


















JUNO: Sarah! Sarah!






lt can't see us.












Sam? Becca?



Becca! (Echoes)



- Becca!

- lt's Juno.



JUNO: Becca!



The noise she's making, she'll bring

every one of those things down on her head.



As long as it's not on mine.









JUNO: Sam!












l'm sorry. l'm sorry.






l'm sorry.



Fuck. OK.









lt's all clear.






Sam, run!






We heard you crying for Sarah.



Where are the others?



They... They took Holly.






Beth's dead.



(Juno sobs)






..what is that thing?



l don't know. Well, it does look human.



Come on, we need to find the way out

before those things find us.






Sam, tell us what we're fighting.






..they're totally blind.



And judging from what we've seen,

l'd say they use sound to hunt with. Like a bat.



And they've evolved perfectly

to live down here in the dark.



Whatever they are,

they go to the surface to hunt.



And they bring their food back down here to eat,

through an entrance.



Listen, if we can stay quiet enough

and evade these fuckers...



..l think l found the way out.



You think?



The climbing gear we found - whoever

brought that down here marked their route.



-l found those markings.

- Well, what are we waiting for?






l'm not leaving without Sarah.



(Gasps) Sarah!



Oh, God.



Oh, God.



Oh, God. No.






l'm getting you out of here.



(Groans in agony)



Don't touch me. Don't touch me.



l heard Juno calling me.



l'm gonna go and find her,

and we're gonna come back and get you out.



No, stay away from her.



- What?

- She did this to me.



- What?

- She left me.



No, she didn't. No.



- Shh.

- Sarah...






Don't trust her.



You find your own way out.



lt's OK. lt's all right.



l'm not gonna leave you, Beth.

l'm not gonna leave you.



l'm not leaving you here, OK?



Come here. Beth!



This is Juno's.



lt's from Paul.



Oh, no.









(Distant screeching)



Please... Oh, that's them. Please, come with me.









..don't leave me like this.



No, please don't ask me to do that.



- Please.

- l can't. l can't do that.



l can't do that.






OK. Ssh.



Close your eyes.












(Crawler squeals and whimpers)















Hurry! Move!












Look, she's dead, Juno. We can't wait for her.



Come on!



JUNO: Sarah!












- Run!

- (Screeching)



Oh, fuck!



(Groans with exertion)






- Come on!

- Juno, stop her! l'll be right behind you!



Sam! What are you doing?



Come back!






You haven't got enough rope!



Sam! Turn around!



- What are you doing? Turn around!

- Sam, baby!



- Sam! Sam!

- Sam, turn around. You can come back.



Please, baby, listen to me. Please!









What are you doing?






Sam! No!






What happened to you?






What about Beth?



Didn't make it.



You saw her die?



Come on.



Come on. Come on.



(Distant screeching)






(Juno screams)



No! No!






Oh, God!



(Horn blares)



(Distant screeching)


Special help by SergeiK