Desperate Hours Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Desperate Hours script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mickey Rourke and Anthony Hopkins movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Desperate Hours. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Desperate Hours Script





- Good morning, Nancy.

- Good morning.



Man walking.



Put your left hand

on top of your head.



Now the other one.



We're at the gate.



In the three years since

my client's incarceration...



For the record,

a twelve-year sentence...



for manslaughter

during a bank robbery.



In the three years...



since Michael Bosworth's




he's completed the Johns Hopkins

creative writing workshop.



In addition, I present

the court two letters...



of character reference

from nationally known authors.



And I'll produce transcripts...



from the mothers of

two men he shot down...



I'll also point out

that Michael Bosworth's I. Q...



has been measured above    .



The prosecution concedes...



that Michael Bosworth

is very intelligent...



but we also know that he

always reverts to violence.



The charge before the court

is attempted murder.



It defies all reason

that Michael Bosworth...



would jeopardize

a flawless prison record...



by attacking a guard over...



I'm not a case history!



The defendant will speak

only when spoken to.



I don't need...



Bailiff, sit this man down!



I don't need a rich girl's

self-serving charity!



I'm just pro bono busy work

for her rich daddy's law firm!



Bailiff, sit the man down!



I want to go pro per!

I demand to represent myself!



My life is in jeopardy from

every guard in that prison.



And Nancy Breyers' defense

is trivial, unsuitable...



weak, and defeatist.



Mr. Bosworth, if necessary, I

will have you gagged and bound.



Ms. Breyers has represented you

diligently these past weeks.



You are fighting for your life.

You may not go pro per.



Your Honor,

may I be permitted...



to confer with my client

in private?



I've got nothing to say to you!



Permission granted.



I have nothing to say to you.



Man walking!



- I'm gonna grab a sandwich.

- You got it.



Stand right here.






Hold it right there, lady.

You stay here.



Mr. Bosworth,

I am trying desperately...



to think what more I can do...



to convince you of my

competence in your defense.



Please, I've worked

very hard to help you.



Please, I've worked very hard.



Son of a bitch!



Relax, cowboy.

Hook him up.



You better do what he says.



Please put your hands

behind your back.



Son of a...



God damn it!



Let's go!



Whatever I do, it's only

because I need you.



- Say you need me.

- I need you.



I want you to act scared of me.



I am scared of you.



I knew something would go wrong!



You got no faith, Walter.






I thought you were supposed

to be in court this morning.



Gotta keep going.



I'll wait for you... open

your eyes and look at me!



I'll wait for you...



I'll wait for you

as long as it takes.



My brother knows

what he's doing.



Open the door.



- Where's the lawyer?

- Get outta here. Move!



Nancy, are you OK?






Hey, Zack! Hiya, kid.

How you doing? OK?



Is your mom in?



Come see Mommy. Come on.



Mom! Look! It's Daddy!



Zack, what are you

doing in shorts?



It's almost winter.

Go up and get changed.



You're not supposed to be here

until this afternoon.



I'm surprised you guys

are talking to each other.



I love your hair like that.



It's beautiful when

you wear it that way.



Come on.



I'm late.



Mom, Kyle will be driving me

to riding class after school.



If it makes you

feel any better...



she's a lot harder on me

when we're alone.



Come here. I want to talk...



She's still going out with Kyle?






I never liked that kid.



Kids his age are supposed

to be cocky, full of life.



You know what I mean?



Trouble is with Kyle,

he thinks too much.



We can't all be full

of surprises like you.



Kyle's reliable.



If she marries

someone like him...



she won't have to worry

about him running off...



with some female half his age.

Of course, I'm only quoting.



That is not fair, Nora.



So Karen is    years old.

So what?






Is that what you still think

life has to be, Tim, fair?



Jesus Christ. When are

you gonna grow up?



Well, I am trying.



Look, I came to tell you

that Karen is over.



I've broken up with her.



Poor baby. Abandoned

at her tender age.



The truth is, I came this

morning hoping we could talk.



What are we doing? Wrestling?



You always make sure you're

not here when I pick up Zack.



We have nothing more

to say to each other.



If you want to talk to me,

talk, and then leave me alone.



They're at it again.



Go put on your pants, OK?



Please, Tim, not that!



Well, what do you want?



What I have always wanted...

somebody that I can trust!



Somebody that I can depend on!

Not you!



I do want to tell you one thing.

I figured it out.



I took up with Karen

because she wasn't you.



Well, even dumb me

figured that one out.



Now I've broken it off with her

because she wasn't like you.



I can't believe

anything you say, Tim.



I don't blame you.



Are you sure you want

to sell the house?



The kids are settled here...



and all the work you've

put in and every...



OK, I'm sorry.



Too many bad memories, huh?



And good ones.



One thing you've

gotta believe, Nora...



I never wanted to hurt you.



Well, you struck out there.



Zack! Come on, let's go!



There's a brontosaurus

in the pool.



No way. They've been extinct

for more than a million years.



How about a kiss?



Now, listen. Don't forget

to tell your English teacher...



the difference

between lie and lay.



Mom, she'll flunk me

for being a smart-ass.



I doubt it.



Don't I get a kiss?

Just a friendly kiss?



- Bye.

- See you later.



I'll call back this afternoon.

Will you be here?



I don't think so.

I'll leave a key under the mat.



You take care now.



You, too.



You sure?






See you later.



Hey, young fella.



You wanna drive?



- It'd be great.

- Move over.



All right.



Go on.



Come on, Dad. Come on.



All right. Let's go.



Bye, Mom!



Now what?



What, are you gonna take a swim?



I don't get it.



Won't the cops

be looking for the car?



So they will, Albert.

But not this one.



- Feast your eyes, boys.

- That's a Jaguar.



We're going to steal a Jaguar?



Holy shit. Where'd

you get the keys?



You know who God helps,

don't you, brother?



I never even rode

in a Jaguar before.



I told you. That's my brother.



- Mike, can I drive?

- Sure, you can drive.



You can drive that beat-up

old Cougar right into the lake.



Take this.



- Albert, can you whistle?

- Sure.



I want you to whistle

so I can hear you.



And I don't want you to stop

unless you see...



somebody coming down the road

or a car pull off.



Hey, Albert!



Move that goddamn log

out of the way!









- She's good.

- She's real good.



I got to hand it to her,

she's holding up real well.



And I hate playing

good cop/bad cop.



- It's bullshit.

- I was too hard on her.



The lady is a liar,

among other things.



- How do you get that?

- I've got a feeling.



- A feeling.

- Call it women's intuition.



Here's what you want. Bob?



This is Carl Ornitz from

the U.S. Attorney's office.



He has some news for us.



Not news for the good

of mankind, I assume.



When Michael Bosworth

was originally prosecuted...



there was a significant part

of the government's case...



excluded from the trial because

of an inadmissible confession.



So, when Bosworth

was being pursued...



he broke into a liquor store.



He wanted to take

the clerk with him.



The owner resisted...

he was found shot.



A couple of weeks later,

Bosworth was arrested.



He confessed to the crime

before he was read his rights.



We think he confessed

on purpose.



He was never tried for murder...

only for armed robbery.



The thing is, he had a prior

conviction for burglary.



People were at home,

he held them hostage...






And as usual, somebody got dead.



Are you going to file on her?



Better. I'm letting her go.



What are you talking about?



I haven't even done

my affidavit yet.



Let's quit screwing around and

get a Title   for her phone.



Evidence won't help us

with this lady.



Even if we had cold proof,

even if that marshal recovers...



she'd waltz into court

and say she was mesmerized.



"He made me do it.

Temporary insanity. "



Look at her. She's too smart.

I want her to be free as a kite.



I want her to go to him

because she wants him.



Then we'll take

the lovebirds together.



Rich man, poor man,

beggar man, thief.



I like the one back there

with the swimming pool, man.



That's pretty nice.



I think we should

get the hell out of here.



Son of a bitch.



My heating is gone. My house

was freezing last night.



- What's the address again?

-      Whitney Drive.



When can you get

someone out here?



Look, we're really

backed up now.



We'll get someone out there

as soon as we can.



Is that soon

as in "real soon"...



or soon as in "whenever

the hell we feel like it"?



Do you want me to put it

on the radio or not?



OK, just get somebody

out here, please. Thank you.






Good morning.



You called about a winter cover

for your pool?



What? No, I'm sorry.

This house is sold...



unless my husband

may have called.



It was your husband.



He would have told me

about this.



If you scream, your children

are gonna come home...



and they're gonna find you

in a pool of blood.



Please. What do you want?



There's a swimming pool

in the back, and it's heated.



Someone left their bikini

on the grass.



- That's my daughter's.

- How old? Is she cute?



The keys to the station wagon.



- The keys?

- I can help you.



You're scared now.

The fear will pass.



You'll feel proud of yourself,

and I'll feel proud of you.



The keys.



No one's gonna hurt you.

I promise.



You're gonna learn to trust me.



You probably can't absorb

any of this right now...



but you and I

are gonna be friends.



Would you like to go upstairs

and put something else on?



Albert? What are you

doing up there?



Albert, were you

in Nora's bedroom?



You are never to

enter that bedroom...



without Nora's permission.



I parked the Jag in the garage.



Let's just take

the goddamn car and go.



- I don't like it here.

- Well, then you leave.



You're only here because,

when I was in prison...



my brother needed your help.



I want you to go

through the house.



I want you to look

for money and jewelry.



Nora, sit down.

I want to reassure you.



You have a daughter... May?



How did you know her name?



Well, I was going through

your husband's letters...



and... she's fifteen?



And then there's

the younger child?



- Zack. He's...

- He's eight?



They come home from school

around what time?



Nora, don't make me

resent the kids...



before I even meet them.



Zack gets dropped off

around  :  .



By a car pool?



Does the parent

come to the door?



Of course not.

Picking the children up is...



hectic enough

without dropping...



Give me a break, lady.



Nora, do you think you could

speak on the telephone...



without crying?



If you can, we can be out

of here a helluva lot faster.






You're a strong woman, Nora.



You know, smart men

love strong women.



What if they tap Nancy's phone?



She's a victim.

They'd never suspect her.



I'm a very fair man, Nora.



I would never hurt anyone unless

they were trying to hurt me.



I swear it.



Here's what I want you to say.



"Hi, Nancy. It's Nora.



"Just called to gossip.

Nothing important. "



And I want you

to leave her this number.



All right?

Now you try it.



Hi, Nancy. It's Nora.



Just... nothing important.

Just called...



I want you to smile.



There. That's it. Big smile.

You've got a beautiful smile.



Give it a try.






Hi, this is Nancy.



Please leave your message

after the beep.



Hi, Nancy. It's Nora.



Nothing important.

Just called to say hi.



Call me back at    -    .



Good girl.



Open up, Nora!



Open the door!



Come on, I want to apologize!



I'll camp outside.



I once waited in line

two days for tickets...



for the World Series,

so I mean business!



Open up! I'm gonna break in

like the big, bad wolf!



I'm not going to ask again!



Open up!



Anyone home?



I want to apologize

for this morning.



Enough, man!



Albert! Get off me!



He was gonna use it on me!






Albert, you're

frightening Nora.



You stupid shit!



Everything's under control.



Timmy's got the idea.



He's gonna do

exactly as we say.



Everything's gonna be all right.



What's going on here?

Who are these guys?



He's gonna be just fine, Nora...



as soon as he

figures out the rules.



Here's $   . Mastercard. Visa.

Take it. Take it all.



Are you considering

the options now?



Force? Negotiation?

Maybe a little psychology?



What do you want?



I'm waiting for my fiancée.

I just want a place to relax.



What if the police followed you?



I won't lie to you, Timmy.



If they touch me,

they touch you.



Why here? Why my house?






Besides, this isn't

your house any longer.



I saw a "for sale" sign

out front.



There's a kid out there!



A "for sale" sign

is a trouble sign.



Take me. We can leave now.

Take me as a hostage.



You think before you act.



Mom, I'm hungry!



Hit him!



You want to beat Tyson?



Duck and hit

from the same side he did.



I'm not even past Bold Bull.



When you get your start button,

use it as soon as you get it.



Zack! What's going on?



Don't touch my kid!



Let's all relax.



I got some questions that

I want some answers to.



Do you have a gun

in the house, Timmy?



They're not safe

with kids around.



You're not around here

to protect Nora any longer.



Did you get a gun

when Timmy left?



No guns.



So, Timmy, tell me,

is there any chance...



that anyone from your office

would be stopping by here?



What does a man like you do

to have all this?



I was a corporate lawyer...



but I quit so I could defend

psychopaths like you.



Wally, I want you to take the

brat into the other room. Now.



Mommy, don't let him take me.



It's OK. We'll play some TV.



I won't hurt him.

It's OK.



Zack, go with him.



Move it, Wally.






Nora, are you OK?



You were once

a successful lawyer...



and you gave it all up...



to work for something

more meaningful?



Timmy, why'd you do that?



You want to know the truth?

I watched too many westerns.



I wanted to be the sheriff.



Nora, what do you have

prepared for dinner?



I have a turkey.

Anything else you want?



I'd like to wash.



Nora, you don't suppose

Timmy has any fresh shirts...



in the closet?



I like to dress for dinner.



How did he talk you

into this, Wally?



Nobody talked me into nothing.






Seems to me you're

in deep shit, kid.



A man is not a gentleman...



unless he knows how to

mix a proper martini...



and tie a proper bow tie.



Hi, Nancy. It's Nora.

Nothing important.



Just called to say hi.



Call me back at    -    .



   -    .



Where's the heat in this place?

It's getting chilly in here.



It doesn't work.



You got to be careful

with these things, sheriff.



You could get yourself hurt!



Shouldn't your girlfriend

have called by now?



And yours?



Mike! Michael, it's the news!



Let's go.



Come on.



Good evening.



Attorney Nancy Breyers

says it's a miracle...



escaped killer Michael Bosworth

did not kill her.



Police officials report

she's cooperating fully...



Maybe we should get

the hell outta here, Mike.



She's cooperating.



I told you she would do that.

You heard that, right?



You know, you're as

thick as two bricks.



Don't you understand that

the more she cooperates...



the more they're gonna think

she's a victim?



Would you do me a favor, Wally?



Don't think.



Don't you talk to me

like Albert, Mike!



I'm your brother.



All right, come here!

Don't you...



don't you understand, huh?

Listen to me! Look at me!



I love her. She's the only

person that I'd die for.



Now you get it together.



Look at you. You're blushing.



- Will he come in?

- He never does.



She's some piece of work.



Don't hurt her. Please! Don't...



I didn't mean any disrespect.



I would never hurt

your daughter or any girl.



Take your hands off me!



Come on! Over here!



If that kid comes in here,

I'm gonna start with you.



Hi, Kyle! Hi, honey.



- Daddy, hi!

- Hi.



You mad at me?



Mad at you? No. I love you.

You know that. I love you.



You know what?



Look, why don't I buy

you guys dinner?



You know, just go

and have some fun.



Mom wants you and Zack

to spend the weekend with me...



so I'll see you over

at my place later.



- I can't.

- Take it.



I work tonight, sir.



Well, take the night off.

I'll pay double time.



How much do you make?

Go on, take it.



Hey, May!






May! Come back!



There's nothing we can do, May.



Give me back my walkman.



Easy, Albert!









Easy! Put it on a leash.



What the fuck is going on here?!



May... I'm getting really angry.



You want to point the gun

at someone, point it at me.



You want to threaten someone,

threaten me.



Sheriff, you just don't get it.



May, listen to me.

You do as they say.



They're very dangerous.



They're fucking idiots.



- Stop it!

- No, Daddy!



Stop it!



Albert, put him down.



No, Daddy!



Stop him!



Stop it!



It's not over.



I promised Nora, no one's

gonna get hurt.



Nora, please sit down.



- Zack.

- Yes, Daddy?



It's way past your bedtime.



OK, Daddy.






What do you want to do?



I don't know.

Play Nintendo, maybe.



No, Zack. You're going to bed.

Come on, we have rules.



You're not giving the orders

in the house anymore, Timmy.



There's too many rules.

Zack, go play.



Live a little.



Good night, Mommy.

I love you.



Love you.



Daddy! Please! Don't

let them hurt us!



I know. Come on.



Come on. Be strong.

I'm proud of you.



Come on, you're

going to be fine.



No, Daddy, please.

I don't want to go.



I'm scared, Daddy.



I know. You're going to be fine.



Be strong for me.



I'll go.



Where are you going?



I'm going to bed!



You live by too many rules.



I certainly feel sorry for Nora.



Take your hands off her.



Is that another rule, Tim?



You bet.



There's a guy out there!



I think he's a plumber

or something!



From the heating company.



Somebody was supposed

to come this morning.



You get rid of him.



I called you this morning.



Lady, you're my fifteenth

service call today.



You have to pay whether

I come inside or not.



Well, it's too late.

My kids are already asleep.



You still have to pay. $  .  .



I have to get a check.



   bucks for not doing

a damn thing.



That's why America's becoming

a second-rate country.



I wouldn't pay him.



What difference does it make?

I thought you wanted him to go!



It's the principle.



You could've been

a thousand miles away, Albert.



Now you're trapped here waiting

for the police to come.



You're trying to fuck me up.

I'm not listening.



Write another check.



You get rid of him.



You want a receipt?



Canceled check will be fine.



Are you OK?






Hold it!



I know how to use it!

Let her go!



Go upstairs! Now!

Let her go, Wally!



You both want to rekindle

your passion for life.



I know that feeling.



I know that feeling,

and you're both liars.



Mendacity is the great sin

that's destroying America.



I'm a living reproach to you

because I'm an honest man.



You want to destroy me,

but you're no match for me.



It's judgment call, Tim.

It's your move.



You want to play

this game, Timmy?



But you've got to be

willing to go all the way.



Come on.



Don't hurt him!



I really like this family,

but you're pushing my patience.



He was gonna cut my throat.



So what?



What do we do now?



You idiot!



You see what happens

when you lie, Nora?



You're lucky you're still alive.

Get Timmy upstairs now.



You need stitches.

May, help me with this.



Are you OK, Daddy?



We'll get through this.



Put your finger up there.



Tim, you can't go on

taking chances like that.



You can't!



There's nothing else to do,

Nora. Come on. OK.



Move your hand, Zack.



Zack, I'm gonna be OK.

Everything's gonna be fine.



They'll leave soon.



Rip me off some tape.



Daddy, why don't you

shoot them with Mommy's gun?



What? You got a gun?

When'd you get a gun?



- I bought it when you left.

- Why?



I was scared at night.

I was afraid at night!



You've got a gun?



Where is the gun, Mom?



It's up on top of that cabinet.



More tape.

Tape! Hurry, Zack!



I'm trying, Mommy.












Mom, the gun is not here.



May, it is up there somewhere!



Well, one of the retards

must have found it!



I'm sure Bosworth

doesn't know, anyway.



May, remember when you jumped

from here to the garage roof?



She broke her arm!



I was little girl then.

I can make it now, Daddy.



It's a closer angle

from Zack's room.



Zack, can you try

just jumping off?



Daddy, I'm too scared!



And you know heights

make him dizzy.



I won't let them

take the chance.



What if they fall or get caught?



Then they're in the same

situation they're in now.



Isn't it worth a chance?






Zack, don't try till it's light.



Come on.



What if Bosworth

is telling the truth?



What if he really doesn't

mean to hurt us?



Michael wants the children...



to sleep

in their own room tonight.



Zack, Come on.

I'll tell you a story.



Zack, I'll tell you a story.



I'll see you in the morning.



If they make it out tonight...



we won't be Bosworth's

favorite family anymore.



I... hold you responsible...



for everything

that's happened, Tim.



He kept his word.



Nobody got hurt

until you broke your word!



It doesn't exist.



Yesterday, we were

bickering about...



who got to keep the

goddamn golf membership.



You can't believe him, Nora.

You have to trust me!



I just...



I just want to go to sleep

and never wake up.






I love you.



     to     .



She's gonna cross

the state line.



Of course she is.



I hate it when you talk...



like you already know

what's happening.



Hate is a strong word, Bob.

Just stay with her.



Primary's stopping

at a phone booth.



Can't make out the number.



We're sorry. Your call cannot

be completed as dialed.



Please check the number

and dial again...



or call your operator

to help you.



Tell tail-end Charlie to pick up

the number on that pay phone.



Call the phone company...



and find out who she called

at  :   A.M.



God damn it! Stay with her!



This bitch is gonna

get us killed!



We're losing her.



Let the State Police book her...



but make sure

they keep it quiet.



I want Bosworth

to be expecting her.



While Romeo waits, we'll have

a chat with Juliet.



You answer it.



Is May there?



Hello, Kyle.



I'll have to see if she's here.

Hold on.



It's for May.



Wally, bring the kids down now!



I'm here.



I'm sorry, Dad.



I'm sorry.



You're sorry about what?



Sorry I have to be here

with people like you.



It's Kyle.



I called you at your dad's.

Why are you at your mom's?



He went out of town.



Do you want to meet me

at the lake in an hour?



No, I'm busy.



You were going to

be with me today.



What are you being

such a bitch for?



Because I am.



You can't stay here much longer.

Somebody's bound to notice.



People see things.



People see what

they want to see.



May, why don't you

make us some coffee.



Go on, honey.



- I'll go with her.

- It's OK. I'll go.



What about the other kid?



Go upstairs and get him.



May I come in?



I don't know if you should be

climbing around like that.



That's a big drop.



How are you doing?



Is Mrs. Cornell in?



I'm Ed Tallent,

her real estate man.



Is something wrong here?



Nothing's wrong,

real estate man.



Get in here!



Ed, what the hell

are you doing here?



Ed, for God's sake.



I just came by to tell Nora

that there were some problems...



with the closing, all right?

I think that there...



well, we may not be able

to make escrow by Christmas.



Zack, May, go upstairs... now.



Don't argue with me!

Go now! Get outta here!



This is not good, Michael.



Now, look, Ed can stay

with us till you go.



He won't be a problem.



There's a lady raking leaves

right across the street...



Albert! Now is not the time

to do something dumb.



I say he cannot stay here.



You won't be here

that much longer.



Ed can stay with us.



He can stay in the basement

if you want.



We can all stay down there

if it makes you easier.



Come on, I give you my word.

Come on, I swear it.



Now maybe you'll understand.









What if somebody heard?



Jesus Christ!



Calm down, Albert.

Albert, just calm down.



The whole goddamn neighborhood.



He doesn't care

about you, Albert.



You're not part of his plan.

He's going to kill you, too.



You know, Albert,

you're so dumb.



I can't take it

in here, Michael!



We're gonna go right now.

I'm not fooling around.



Albert, where did

you get the gun?



Where did you get

the gun, Albert?



I found it.



Nora, did you lie to me?



I didn't mean to lie to you.



I didn't mean to lie,

but you lied to us!



You said you'd be

gone by midnight!



Shut up!



Goddamn it, Albert.

Give me the gun!






I can't handle this.

It's too much.



I'm going.



Well, why not? You can go.



What are you

talking about, Mike?



It's best we split up now.



Do me a favor

before you go, Albert.



Get rid of the dead.



You mean...



I can go?



You head south...



and we'll all meet up

in Juarez.



What the hell is

going on here?



What are you doing, Mike?



I'm killing two birds

with one stone.



Timmy and his family

want us to leave...



well, then they're gonna

have to help us.






You're gonna have to

drop by the bank.



      would be just fine.



I don't have that much money.



Timmy, are you gonna

start lying to me again?



Someone's gonna have

to go with him.



He's gonna go straight

to the police.



What did I tell you?

Stop thinking.



He's going all by himself.

He's mad, and he's scared.



I'll see you guys in Mexico.



Definitely Mexico.



I've never been alone.



Not since...



I met Wally when

we were little kids.



Get the door.



There's only one thing...



for you to think about

out there, Timmy.



Any red light shows, any sirens,

they get it first.



Not you. Them.

You think about that.



Good morning, sir.






Sorry about that.



She was next.



We usually require

your wife's signature.



- My wife's not well.

- I'm sorry.



I've been banking here

for    years.



I opened the account myself...



and I want to

close it out myself.



I'll have to talk to Mr. Nelson.






You know there's quite

a substantial penalty...



for cashing these

certificates out now.



I know that,

but it's unavoidable.



I just need the cash.

It's an emergency.



If you'll sign right there,

I'll cash you out, Mr. Cornell.



Cashier's check?



Cash, please.



One more, please.



Very kind of you.



It'll be a moment.



- Here you are, Mr. Cornell.

- Thank you.



- Please count it.

- I'm sure it's OK.



Thanks. Thanks a lot.



Next, please.



Excuse me.



KUTV news bulletin.



The FBI announced today

it will not file charges...



against attorney Nancy Breyers

in connection...



with the courtroom escape

of accused killer...



Michael Bosworth.



Breyers was not available

for comment.



We'll keep you posted

with further information...



as it beco...



She's in control.



So why doesn't she call, then?



She will.



What do you find so amusing?









Looks like you won

the Vietnam War...



all by yourself, Timmy.



That's a good boy.



I knew you wouldn't

take any chances.



What have you got?



I'm not sure.

A body's been discovered...



in the southern part

of the county...



a real estate agent

named Ed Tallent...



shot at point-blank range.



May mean nothing.



Where was he found?



In a riverbed.

His car was on the scene...



about five hours from here.



It probably does mean something.



Give me the addresses of all

his residential listings.



Excuse me, ma'am,

but it's my opinion...



this guy Bosworth believes

he can escape from anywhere.



Now, I'd like to start settin'

up roadblocks in the area.



Request denied.



If Bosworth is in

a house somewhere...



there sure as hell are hostages.

That's the way he plays.



Your orders are to wait for me

to give you more orders.



Thank you, ma'am.






If you learn anything,

don't drift away.



I'm just a cheap float

in a stormy sea.



It was beautiful.



It was great.



I'll call you later.



Which way you guys goin'?






What college do you go to?



Fuck off.



Come on.



I just need a lift

a little ways. That's all.



- Go away, please!

- Come on.



Lisa, call the police now!






Stay away from me!



Will you listen for a moment?






We've got a report of a

young man covered in blood...



harassing two girls at the

gas station on Waxman Road.



We're there.



You in the water!

Drop your weapon!



You in the water!



Drop your weapon!



I'm not gonna tell you again!



Put the gun down!



Put the gun down!



That gun the kid was carrying is

registered to a Nora Cornell...



on Whitney Drive,

which is right here.



Get me those

residential listings.



On that call the primary placed

from the phone booth...



telephone company says

it went to a residence...



Timothy and Nora Cornell,

     Whitney Drive.



You answer!



Start talking.



Is Michael there?



Yes, he is.



If this is a trick, you can

kiss your family good-bye.



Where are you?



I'm close.



Did they believe you?



Of course they believed me.



Baby, you're brilliant.



God, I miss you.



We're at      Whitney.

How long will it take?



I think I can get there

in less than an hour.



All right, you just be careful.

You stay calm.



You just think

about us together.



I love you.



I love you, too.



She's on her way.



She's on her way.

It's almost over, Timmy.



I'll be out of here

in less than an hour.



What about us?



Timmy, have I ever

broken any promises to you?



Where is she?



She's in a house,

back at the command post.



OK, let's have it.

But make it fast.



All right, look, right

now she's officially...



just an innocent civilian.



No charges.

Isn't that your deal?



If she cooperates.



They'll have our ugly

asses in court tomorrow.



Only one ass is involved. Mine.



And what's ugly about it?



We've got exigent

circumstances here.



The rules don't apply.

We've got a ticket to ride.



I just don't think

it's worth the chance.



The guy is a fuckin' maniac.

He's not afraid to die.



Maddox is right.

It's only a matter of time...



before we go tactical

on this shithead.



Listen closely while

I pull rank on you.



We're doin' it my way.



We will discuss it

no more... forever.



Get it off her.

He'll search her.



- He trusts me.

- Get it off.



Remember now...



all you have to do

is to get him to leave.



Once you're well away

from here...



stop at some rest room

down the road.



We'll take it from there.



I understand.



If you don't...



you know what's gonna

happen to you, don't you?



I told you, I want to live.



My knees are shaking.



I can hear your knees.

You remember...



if you do this, no charges

will be brought against you.



You can't turn your back now.

If you change your mind now...



we're going to take casualties.



I know.



You think she's

gonna think straight...



when she's face-to-face

with Bosworth?



She's got her brains

between her legs.



I could be inside

that house in one minute.



Flash bangs at the door.

We make a three-point entry.



It's all over.



We're giving

that family a chance.



The way they've played along...



maybe they don't

have any chance coming.



You know, Maddox,

I've begun to...



you just don't

give a damn, do you?



If it goes sideways,

we'll pull out our guns...



and waste

the whole neighborhood.



Don't forget to smile

when you see him.



He might want me to...



Smile when you do that, too.



God. I can't.



You can!



I'm not ready to die.



Then you make sure you do

just what I told you.



What happens

when we come outside?



What if he realizes

what I'm doing to him?



I want a gun, or I won't go in!



I just put my ass on the line.

Now, you get outta here.



My earrings are killin' me.

I'm in a real bad mood.



You be careful, honey.



I'm passing command to you.

You fuck this up...



you're gonna leave your

badge and your credentials...



in a manila envelope...



'cause I don't wanna see you

when I get back.



I'm going to the forward

observation point.



The subject is on the scene.



I know that they tried to

get you to betray me.



Let me introduce you

to the Cornells.



I've got this wacko

in my sights.



I think I can take him.



That's Zack and May and Nora.



This is the greatest woman

in the world.



My God, what are you doing?

You must be insane!



You shut up!



Zack, go upstairs now.



Come with me.



I'm going to tell you a story.



Nancy, I have something

that I want to...



I want to give to you.



It's gonna keep us together

for the rest of our lives.



I can't take it.



This used to be Nora's.



What's going on?



Follow the line and turn around.



Just tell me what's going on.



I gotta get through

to see somebody.



We got a problem

with traffic.



Now move it!



That son of a bitch!



Jesus Christ,

we've got company.



Goddamn son of a bitch.



It's too late. See what he does.



- Who's that? Who...

- May's boyfriend.



Come on, May, open up!



Hi, Kyle.

How you doing, kid?



I'm sorry to stop by so late,

but May and I had a fight...



and if she could go

for a ride with me...



I'd really appreciate it.



Well, she may

still be angry, Kyle.



I'll ask her.

Are these for her?



- I'll wait for her here.

- OK, you bet.



He wants to take May for a ride,

and he won't leave without her.



That's one less we got

to worry about.



Well, then you call her.



May, come down, please.



Kyle's outside.



He wants to

make it up with you.



Now, you have to go... now.

Go on with him.



I'm not leaving

unless my mom stays.



- Nora's coming with me.

- What for?



So you don't call the cops

on us when we leave.



Bosworth, you're so close.

Don't blow it.



If she doesn't go, Kyle will

make a scene. I know it.



Let her go, Mike. Please.



You and I have a date

with destiny, Tim.



You'll be coming with me

after all.



I can trust Nora

more than I can trust you.



Daddy, what about you?



We're going to win

if you do as he says.



I love you.






You go with your boyfriend, May.

You go far away.




I'm gonna kill your daddy.



- Are you OK?

- I'm fine.



I don't know what's goin' on,

but let's get out of here.



All right, you move it.

You get the car.



Oh, my...



Mr. Cornell...



I'm Special Agent

Brenda Chandler, FBI.



We're here to help you.



You can't do that.

You'll get my family killed.



We're gonna let them drive away.



I'm going with them... Bosworth

and his brother, and the girl.



- You're hurt!

- No, I'm not.



I'm OK.



Don't take long in there.



He's going to go suicidal

any minute now.



Why are you doing that?



It's a wild idea. Trust me.



Mr. Cornell!



If we have to go tactical,

we're going to take casualties!



Well, that's just

one more chance...



I'm going to have to

take, isn't it?



How come I didn't hear

the car start?



No key.



Put your arms up.



What is this?



What's this?



What the fuck is this?



I found it on the seat

of her car.



I was scared.



All right.

You get going now.



I want to say

good-bye to Zack.



Daddy, there's people

with guns outside!



I saw them. I'm scared.



You must be quiet.



Listen to me. You've

got to speak quietly.



Daddy, are they

going to shoot us?



They're here to help us.

Now, I know you're scared...



but we mustn't let

the men downstairs know.



I'll be back soon.






There are so many things

I want to tell you...



and I don't have time

to tell you.



I know. Me, too.



I'll be right back.



This place is a tomb.

You two get out first.



Get in the back.



Nancy, baby, I want you

to start the engine.



Don't turn on the lights.






Nancy, what's wrong?



Hold it!



Hold it, Bosworth!



Where you hit?



In the ego.

Get me a bullhorn!



What if they shoot Daddy?



They won't.



You betrayed me!



No, I didn't!

Michael, please stop!



I did all of this for you!



You shut up!



Shut up! This ain't over.



You watch him.



This is

Michael Bosworth speaking...



so before you start

with your bullshit...



I want a car here

to take three...



No! Four people to the airport.



I want a plane

with five hours of fuel.



OK, I'll see what

I can do on that.



Don't you start lying to me!



I know who's in charge

out there!



You listen to me!



I want all your people

out of there in ten minutes...



or I'm gonna start

killing the whole family!



We can't negotiate him out.



There are still

four hostages in there.



Bosworth needs killing.



We don't violate the rules

until they don't work.



Everyone's alive.



So far, this is still

a potential win.



Someone bring a four-door car

to the house... now.



Be careful, Zack.

Be careful, honey.



OK, Mommy. Don't worry.



Lady, this is

the sheriff's department!






I love you. You'll be OK.



Drop him!



They're gonna get us

out of here yet!



Give me the gun.



You're dying, Wally.



You're dying. You're

not going anywhere.



Give me the gun.



Goddamn it!



- Get over here!

- No! No!



My God!



I've decided

I love your family too much.



You're all coming with me.

The more the merrier, right?



You're through, Bosworth.

It's over!



You stay right there,

or you're gonna kill your wife.



It's OK, Nora.



I'm still in control, Timmy.



Nothing can happen

to you, Nora.



If you never

trusted me before...



you have to trust me now.



I'll blow her brains

right across the room!



You know what size hole

this caliber bullet makes...



when it comes out

the other side, Timmy?



He can't hurt you, Nora.



He can't hurt you, honey.



Your car is waiting, Bosworth.



Do not move! Stay down!



Do not move!

We'll come to you!



Blade, get her out

of here, will you?


Special help by SergeiK