Dirty Pretty Things Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dirty Pretty Things script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Stephen Frears and starring Audrey Tautou, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Okonedo, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dirty Pretty Things. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dirty Pretty Things Script



Ryanair final call

for passenger Wilton,



travelling to Brussels,

Charleroi, on flight FR 1014   .



Please proceed immediately

to departure gate 6. 



where this flight

is now closing.



Do you want a car?

10   Theatre Land?



Car? London?



You want a taxi?



Buckingham Palace.






Would you like a car, sir?



Are you from Sajit?



I'm not here

to meet you in particular,



but I am here to rescue those

let down by the system.



- OK, let's go.

- I'm over there.



Hey, Okwe, how are you, man?



- Who's next?

-  - .



Hey, my turn now.



Let's me go.






- Your name is now Mohammed.

- Thank you, Okwe.



Hurry up now, man. Come

quick, quick, quick, quick.



Quick, now.



That bitch!



This shit dustbin city.



So... What, Okwe?






You get that in Boots

all right, or not?



- From a doctor.

- You're a doctor.



I'm a driver.



Look, they say

you're a doctor, right?



You get me something now.



I can't piss fire another day,




I'm a driver.



It's for my wife's sake.

You know what I mean?



OK... So, I'll get you

all the jobs in south London.



OK, I'll see what I can do.



Let me kiss you, Okwe.



Maybe in return

you can get some soap.



Early is as bad as late, Okwe.



Hello, Front Desk.



No, I'm afraid the kitchen

is closed from midnight.



I'm sorry.



Goodnight, madam.



Senay, perhaps today

I can cook you lunch?



No, Okwe.



- So, it's true what they say?

- What is true?



They say you and the Turkish

girl are nesting like birds.



I rent her couch.



In the morning,

when she's working here.



We're never there at the same

time. She has... rules.



You know she's a Muslim,

which means she's a virgin.



Like a little angel.



Ivan, I think

there's someone at the door.



Can you believe it?



One of the fuckers wanted

to put me on his Visa card!



Oh, my bloomin' feet!



Lucky I don't work standing up!






Don't they have hookers

where you come from?



Where are you from?



Somewhere with lions, I bet.



I like lions.



Right... Oh, yeah.



You might want to send someone

to check on the room.



- There is a problem?

- How should I know?



I don't exist, do I?



See you tomorrow.



What's that? You're stealing

stuff already, huh?



Guy before you used to take

whole pigs from the freezer.



But you'd better hide it.

If Sneaky sees that...



Speak of the fucking devil!



Where's the greeter here?



This fucking place!



Hey! Instead of smoking,

you clean this place up!



Okwe! Everything is all right?



What's this? Lunch?



It was blocking the lavatory

in room    .



It is a heart.



- A human heart.

- What?



What the fuck do you know

about hearts, Okwe?



Perhaps you should telephone

the police.



Police? You think

I should call the police?



Senor Juan, someone is dead.



OK. You speak to them.



You found it.

You do the talking.



I will introduce you.



What's your full name, Okwe?



And you never told me

where you are from.



Or even how come you are here

in this beautiful country.



Hello? Police?



Yeah, I've got somebody

who wants to talk to you.



Hello? Hello?



You will learn, Okwe.



The hotel business

is about strangers.



And strangers will always

surprise you, you know.



They come to hotels in

the night to do dirty things.



And in the morning,



it's our job to make things

look pretty again.



For your trouble.



You think if you don't take

the money, you are innocent?



Take it.

Do something nice with it.






It came to me last night

in a flash of inspiration.



I can see.



- That's a good move.

- Ah!



Guo Yi,

there's something I need.



Amoxycillin? You got the clap?



No. My boss.



- Which one?

- They're all the same.



In this country,

the health service is free.



You still driving cabs

in the day?



You're going to kill yourself.



I do not care to sleep.



When you go quiet,

it means you've won already.



Go on, Okwe. Don't be nice.



It makes it worse.



Well, shit.



You want Chinese

or English tea?






Don't know

how you drink that stuff.



I found it on a body. It's

blown my head wide open.



You should read it.



Medicine for your soul, Okwe,



Guo Yi,

today I also found something.



In a lavatory,



in one of the hotel rooms.

Someone's heart.



A heart. A human heart.



I'm only telling you

because you are a rational man.



Maybe there's an explanation.



Maybe some guy with one of

the girls had a heart attack.



Rooms are down as empty,



so the Spanish guy

had to get rid of the body.



- Hotels hate dead people.

- It was a healthy heart.



So your boss was right.

Somebody brought it with them.



- Who carries human organs?

- Lots of people.



- Name someone.

- Me, OK? Me.



I do it all the time.



I take my work home.



What I'm saying is, I could,

if I was weird.



And this is a weird city.



Why would anyone do that

to a human heart?



These sound to me

like questions.



I don't ask questions

after eleven years here,



and I'm a certified refugee.



You're an illegal, Okwe.

You don't have a position here.



You have nothing.

You are nothing.



You wait outside.

I'll go get you those pills.



Stick to helping people

who can be helped.



Fresh stuff.



Thank you.



Having only one key

is making this impossible.



I do not want you coming in

when I am there.



At the hotel we are friends.

I am no different here.



How would it look, Okwe?



So it is better I always

chase you down the street?



Wait five minutes,

then knock the door.



Knock very, very quietly.






Did you clean on the fifth

floor yesterday morning?



Nothing works!



Senay, did you clean room    




What the hell are you

talking about the hotel for?



Water, water, water!



I was wondering if there was

a problem in     yesterday.



You can fix these things?






you can fix...?



They were not clean.



- Glasses need very hot water.

- So do women.



Everything here is connected

to everything else.



Okwe, in Africa it is the men

who cook and clean?



This came for you.



- Why did you not tell me?

- I just told you.



You have friends in New York?



Your postcard.



I have a cousin.



Ever since I was small,

she has written to me.



I sometimes wish London

was more like New York.



It would be easy

to drive a cab there.



You have been to New York?



- And you came back?

- I lived there for a time.



In the winter,

they put lights in the trees.



Is that true?



And you can skate in the parks.



And some of the policemen

ride white horses.



Not all of them, but some.



- What did you do there?

- I worked in a hospital.



- You were a cleaner?

- I was there to study.



So, why are you working

in a hotel?



It is an African story.



I've noticed you never answer

yes or no.



You are very strange.



You drink wine, Senay?



Do you want to know

why I left Turkey?



Because you wanted to live

like your cousin?



No, because I do not want

to live like my mother.



- Yes.

- Yes, what?



I do drink wine.



This is a recipe from Nigeria.



In Nigeria they do many

interesting things with pork.



But of course, I used lamb.



Take one three times a day.



Avoid alcohol.



In here. Come.



It's all right.



So she's a popular lady.



My warriors cannot work

with rotten balls.



My friend is just a porter

in the hospital crematorium.



Hello. Front Desk.



No, I'm afraid the kitchen

is closed from midnight.









Yeah, Room Service.



Sneaky doesn't know about this?



Sneaky knows about everything.



And you? You know everything

that goes on in the hotel?



No, no,

not so much butter, hey.



You guard the door, lvan.

You see who comes and goes.



You would know if somebody

came into the hotel,



and did not leave again?



Why would someone not leave,




I don't know.



You should remove the crusts,

like in the Ritz.



Everyone leaves, Okwe.



Some leave quickly.



Some stay for a long time.



If you want to stay,



don't concern yourself with

who comes and who goes.



It's the little touches

that make the difference.



That's capitalism.



Now go. Don't forget,

you accept only cash.



Room Service.






OK, you just make yourself

comfortable, and er...



I'll go and freshen up.

All right?



Fucking arsehole!



Come on, babe. Hurry up.






Calm yourself, sweetheart.



- What are you doing?

- Have a drink first.



You look fine.

Just get out here.






Enough. No more.



Where the fuck

did you come from?



You, leave now.



- You don't have concussion.

- How the fuck do you know?



Christ, you must be bored,



getting your kicks

spying on me.



I was making sure the blockage

had not returned.






- It's Juliette.

- You should go home and rest.




Got three more before morning.






Have you ever seen a lion?



Oh, yes.



On TV.



I had it cut. It is yours.



You were right.

This way is more sensible.



Okwe, you must not tell them

at the hotel



that you have a key.



- I tell them only the truth.

- Even so.



Show them that your back hurts,



so they know

you sleep on the floor.



But that is not true.

I sleep on the couch.



The couch is not as real

as the floor, Okwe.



Believe me, I am a woman.



And some of those bitches

won't know what is a couch.



But they know floor.

They clean floors.



For you?



Lmmigration Enforcement




Open the door.



Miss Gelik?



Senay Gelik?

Turkish national?



Do you have your SAL handy?



Standard Acknowledgement

Letter. Your ID.



Oh, yeah, yeah.

I carry it always.



Neighbours, Senay.

They see things.



In the last few days they've

seen someone come and go.



A man.



Sometimes a woman in your position

can be exploited.



There are people living in

London without any papers.



- They prey on people like you.

- Pray?



- There is someone here.

- There is no-one here.



You are aware your ELR status

means you are unable to accept rent.



You are seeking asylum.



Or engage in employment of any

kind for at least six months.



- You're not working, are you?

- Mind if I use your bathroom?



Your case is under review.



Thank you.



Thank you.



Is that all you want?



No, no, no.



You know this stuff will not

only keep you awake.



It'll blow your brains out.

You know that, don't you?



- Hey, Okwe!

- Boy, your licence.



Keys, there you are.



Hey, Okwe, what happen, man?



Hey, somebody's husband

come home early, right?



Anyway, take this.



We don't want the doctor

getting sick, right?



I played them

one of these fellas' songs,



and, actually,

they were very helpful.



It's bound to happen.



You stay here too long.



You start dressing

like an Englishman.



- Where is he, then?

- Who?



I've a date.

Every pay-day,  :  .






Come on, lover boy!



Okwe, will you help me?



Hey, guy before you took L 




- No, no, no, no.

- But you watch the door, huh?



Come, my little princess.



Come, come, come,

lille princesso!



Security room is out of bounds

for half an hour.



Five minutes, max!



Lmmigration Enforcement




Can I help you?



What time

do the maids clock in?



- Wakey wakey!

- Five o'clock.



Do you mind if we wait?






Excuse me, sir.

This is a non-smoking area.



If you wish to smoke, you can

wait in the designated area.



It's for you.



Hello? Okwe?



But I am almost there.



Senay will be here

in two minutes.



You must stop her.



I have a medical condition!



Lightning doesn't strike twice!



- Is that the last of them?

- Yes.



This is an interesting place.



Would you like to see

a rate card?



I have a friend.



In her factory,

they always need people.



It's a sweatshop.



Is it any worse

than cleaning up after whores?



It's better money.



Oh, you are so sad for me.



I do not wish to cause harm

to anyone.



That is all it is?



I will collect my things

and go.



- Go?

- How can I stay?



Okwe, who will cook for me?



If it's OK, I will call on you

if I have the time.



But I'm owed three days' money

by the hotel.



I will see Senor Juan

tomorrow morning.



I have no money for food.



I will see him today.

Meet me at the cafe at four.



You are here to see Senor Juan?



Looking for work?



Vous travaillez?



- Francais?

- No, no, no.






Yoruba? You speak Yoruba?






What the fuck

are you doing here, Okwe?



Senay has decided to leave.



She asked me to collect

what she's owed.



Oh, yeah? What, are you

marrying her or something?



I'll get her money.



No, no. It's OK, it's OK.

I'm a doctor.



I'm a doctor, it's OK.



No, please, please...






You must get this man

to hospital now. Right now!



- He must go straight away.

- No, no.



If you are a doctor,

you can help this guy.



This is the wound

of an operation.



Where? Where did he have this

operation? Which country?



You must get this man

to hospital.



- They won't go to hospital.

- No, no, no, no hospital.



Guo Yi is here?






It's my first day. I was told

to collect my green overall.



- Which shift are you on?

- Which shift?



Come on. Either you're late

or you're really late.



You couldn't do the bins

in the kitchen, could you?






You see these blue tablets?



He must take two every

two hours. You understand?



He must take two blue tablets

every two hours.



You speak English?



- And Somali?

- A bit.



He says to say thank you.

God is great.



Tell him he must take two

blue tablets every two hours.



And one white tablet

every six hours.



It is very important that

you get this exactly right.



Ask him

which hospital they went to



to have the kidney removed.



He says they didn't go to a hospital.



Ask him where they did this.



In a room.



He had his kidney removed

in the hotel, yes?



How much did he get

for risking his life?



He is English now.



He swapped his insides

for a passport?



The man at the hotel said it would be

like taking out a tooth.



Can I get you something?



- I've been here one hour.

- An hour and a half.






I will go

and collect my things.



Why won't you sit down?



- Okwe, where have you been?

- Africa.



I thought you weren't coming.



I would have got you the money




The money?



Do you feel that?

Do you feel anything?



I counted. I've seen you

laugh three times.






You think I'm so innocent.



In my village,

they chew those leaves



to forget

how hard their lives are.



I use it to keep awake.



You know it makes you look...



You should keep away from me.



You lost your job.



Because of me,

you are in a sweatshop.



And now you are going again.



Be sure you make it

to New York.



I will make it to New York,

Okwe, thank you.



Best if you don't show up

until after five.



Most porters are gone by then.

Only ghosts left.



Showers are here. Water's

not too hot, but it runs.



Couch in my office

is pretty soft.



Oh, I forgot.



You don't sleep, do you?



My friend, welcome to my hotel.



Beautiful, isn't it?



And the other residents

are very... very quiet.



- It would only be until...

- Until the world improves.



Ca va?



Best truffles

I've ever seen in England.



Dug up fifteen hours ago

in Provence.



Came through

on the night train.



Shall we say     ?



I'm in the wrong fucking hotel.



     Senor Juan.

What do you say?



OK.     .



But if I give you that price,

I need a favour.



There is a night porter.




He came from you so I guess

he came through Amsterdam.



Yes. What about him?



He is some kind of doctor.

What kind of doctor?



I need to know

what there is to know.



Police! Police!



Can I help you, gentlemen?



We're looking for someone

called Senay Gelik.



- She might be working here.

- Do you see anybody here?



If you see her,



give us a call.



You have been here

for two days,



and already, because of you,

I'm in trouble.



Maybe I should call




Should I call them?



You wouldn't do that.



I need a good reason.

What can you give me?



If they find out you've been

working, what will they do?



They will put you in prison.



And here,

they mix the men and women.




every night you will be raped.



If you want to be

like a Western girl,



that's what happens

to Western girls.



If you want to go to jail,




If you can't give me

a good reason,



I will call the lmmigration.



I'm a good man, Senay.



I know where to draw the line.



I don't want

to take your virginity, Senay.



I just want you

to help me to relax.



You have

such a beautiful mouth, Senay.



Achtung! Achtung!



My ladies and gentlemen,

your coach awaits!



Bitte. Bitteschon.



But you must take your own

luggage to the coach.



I will help only those who

cannot carry their own bags.



Okwe, get up here.



- This man is a doctor.

- I'm OK, I'm OK.



She's OK. She only needs

to rest a minute.



He qualified in Lagos.



He worked for

the Nigerian government.



His name is

Dr Olusegun Olatokumbo Fadipe.



We must hurry

or we'll miss the coach.



In the end, I find out all

about everyone in this place.



Here, take a look at this.



French. It's a work of art.



Lebanese guys I use,

who are the best in London.



All you do

is give them a photograph.



I have no idea what you are

talking about, Senor Juan.



If you were just some African,

the deal would be simple.



You give me your kidney,

I give you a new identity.



I sell the kidney

for ten grand, so I'm happy.



The person who needs

the kidney gets cured.



So, he's happy.



The person who sold his kidney



gets to stay in this beautiful

country, so he's happy.



My whole business

is based on happiness.



But for you, Dr Olusegun

Olatokumbo Fadipe,



I've a better idea.



I do not want to get involved,

Senor Juan.



Each time you operate,

you get three thousand.



A passport for you,

and one for Senay.



Take her on honeymoon.



I do not want to get involved.



You could even

go back to Africa.



And no-one would know

who the fuck you are.



Your choice. No rush.



I just wanted to put a little

wasp in your head.






Chinese guy with no family.



Maybe he's from

the back of a truck.



I cut off his buttons

so his spirit can escape.



I'm sewing up his pockets



so he can't take his bad luck

with him to the spirit world.



If he's an atheist,



I'm ruining a suit

no-one will ever see.



If he's a Buddhist, I'm giving

him eternal happiness,



for the price

of a piece of thread.



I have found out

why the heart was at the room.



They are removing kidneys.



One of their patients

died at their hands.



Another I treated

for a staphylococcal infection.



You're treating people?

I hope you charge.



Did you hear what I said?



There is nothing so dangerous

as a virtuous man.



Okwe, if you're so concerned,

you should go to the police.



Get yourself deported.



You think if it were just for

deportation I would not do it?



I'm a wanted man, Guo Yi.



Wanted for what?



Okwe, you didn't know

people sold their organs?



- Not here.

- What do you mean, "here"?



Here in London,

you think it doesn't happen



because the Queen

doesn't approve?



I heard in London

it's ten grand for a kidney.



For that, people take risks.



If I had the courage,

I'd sell my kidney.



Just to get out of here.



Just to save my brain.



The problem

with always being on time



is that you can

always be tracked down.



What do you think of the girl?



She's my next customer.



Eight years old.

She's called Rima.



Her family

brought her over from Saudi,



hoping for a miracle.



If she doesn't get a new kidney

in the next few weeks,



she's going to die.



The doctor we use is no good.



If he fucks up again,



there'll be another heart

down the lavatory.



Okwe, you still there?



So, I'm an evil man, right?



But I'm trying

to save her life.



That's weird, huh?



Kind of thing

that keeps you awake at night.




London is colder than Moscow.



I heard it on the radio.



Okwe... it is a crazy idea.



But we really can do it.



You said you liked New York.



But if not New York,

then maybe Boston.



Or Los Angeles.



I'm going there, Okwe.

What do you think?



And Okwe,

you could go there, too.



Are you OK?

Senay, where are you?



What has happened?



I knocked

but you did not hear me.



Are you OK? What has happened?



The factory does not suit me.



My hands are too soft.

I cut my fingers.






I have decided

to go to America.



For America you would need

a visa, Senay.



Or maybe a European passport.



- Keep away from Senor Juan!

- It's like taking out a tooth.



He's lying!



Because you are poor, you will

be gutted like an animal.



They will cut you here,

or they will cut you here!



They will leave you to rot.



One of the laundry girls

did it, and now she's free.



Others are dead, Senay.



So, they are free, too.



What would your God say?



My God does not speak to me

any more.



Don't break. Save money.



Keep New York in your head

and work hard.



You know what kind of work

I do?









Okwe, somebody in

the back room looking for you.



She look like a film star, boy.



Look, Okwe, I know for sure

that this coat costs    .



- This dress...

- Tell me what has happened.



We can sell the coat for    .



Senay, where did you get these?



I bit, Okwe.



At the factory.



He said he would report me

to lmmigration,



and he made me suck.



But today, I bit.



I bit.



I bit!



Senor Juan sometimes has rooms

in the hotel.



- No, Senay.

- Just for tonight.






Through there is hot water

and a shower.



Hurry, Senay.



What is this place, Okwe?



It is a place

where you can stay for tonight.



So cold.



If anyone comes,

you are a friend of Guo Yi.



Tomorrow we will find you

somewhere to live.



So... it is in there.



I can hear it.



Your heart.



Hello. Room Service.



Buenos dias... Negro.



Come on. Come on.



She's nil by mouth

the whole day.









Help me, brother.



Stop acting

like you've got a choice.






- Put on your clothes.

- Please, no!



You came here

in the back of a truck,



but you are going home

in chains!



They'll deliver you like meat!



The whole world is wrong,

except you, Okwe?






You are going to cut me up,



and flush me away?



I really, really don't know

you at all, do I?



- This is Senay. A friend.

- I am not your friend.



- She has been out all night.

- I'd rather freeze to death,



than go into that building




There are mornings

I feel the same.



- Come, Senay, it's cold.

- It is the house of the dead.



They are all dead.



Maybe this will help.



My cousin has a room,

in Chinatown.



I guess there's space for two.



You know, Okwe, good at chess

usually means bad at life.



You do realise that she's

in love with you, don't you?



I've been with her

twenty minutes, and I know it.



But then, I'm bad at chess.



There is something

I must tell you.



- This is your religion?

- I have no religion.



You have stopped

chewing the leaf.



I can see from your eyes.



Do you know, Okwe,

your eyes are quite pretty?



- You are not bad looking.

- Listen to me.



I come to this churchyard




I come here to be alone,

and to think about my wife.



So now you see.



What do I see?



You should not see me any more.



Do you love her?

Do you love her?



There is a room

above a restaurant.



The lmmigration police

do not dare go into Chinatown.



Here is some money

for the rent I owe you.



There is more for the trouble

I have caused you.



- Okwe, do you love her?

- Love?



For you and I,

there is only survival.



It is time you woke up

from your stupid dream.






Are you going on holiday

or something?



Senor Juan...



- Senor Juan...

- America, maybe?



Come on, you cleaned up

their shit so long.



Now, you can be one of them.



Who is it?



It's me. I got some paperwork.



OK. How old are you?






How old do you want to be?






Hey, come on, relax. I can

make you whatever you want.



You want to be

Spanish or Greek?






- You need a new name.

- Isabella Encarico.



- You're sure that's Italian?

- She owns a cafe in New York.



OK, you are at New York

lmmigration. What's your name?



Isabella Fontanna Encarico.



- How old are you?

- Twenty-two.



- Where were you born?

- Napoli.



- Where in Napoli?

- Aranella.






The trick, Senay,



is to believe you are

the new person.



If you believe it inside, the

lmmigration will believe it.






What are you afraid of?

Okwe's gone.



Got scared and go away.



Go to hell!



This is hell.



I'm helping you to get away.



Take off you robe.

Come on, come on.



Hey, hey, stop that!



Stop that!



I can't believe it.



I'm arguing

like you are my fucking wife.



Let me explain something.



Your robe now



is what the Americans

call a "deal breaker".









You are this close to New York

and you said no.






I want the whole thing.

That's the deal.



Take it or leave it.



You do not see me.



You just do.



Take it or leave it.



So it wasn't so bad, huh?



Nothing to cry about.



I'm not crying.



If you'd told me

it was the first time,



I'd have cut a ribbon.



I can't believe

Okwe never fucked you.



You kind of love him, huh?



Women love men most

who don't love them back.



Well, you had a lucky escape.



You know why he ran away?



Because I found out

that in Africa,



he murdered his own wife.



You don't eat or drink

for    hours, OK?



Doctor's orders.



Senay is here?



I will need a pill.



There is a pill you can take

the morning after.



You are a doctor.



At least you can get me a pill.



I won't allow you

to butcher her.



You won't allow?



I will operate on her myself.



- You'll do what?

- I will do it.



It is the only way I can be

sure she will not die.



In return, I want a passport.

A new identity.



Well, holy shit!



So you are human?



I will bring you our

photographs tomorrow morning.



Hi. I'm Juliette.

I'm a friend of Okwe's.



He said that you needed these.



So, he did not care enough

to bring them himself.



Oh, Okwe's an angel.



There. Never happened.



So... What did happen?



Before, I was a virgin.









What a pair!



The virgin and the whore.



The doctor needs a good car.



Take it.

Last time you were lucky.



Black is black.



Wash these again, please.



Boil, boil, eh?



Hot, hot!







this is how you do it right?



There can be no guarantee

against E Coli.









No, no, no, no.




It's something I do right.



No parking.



Okwe wants me to wait here.



I gave her a sedative

an hour ago.



She's only in a deep sleep.



But now you are here,



I can administer

the anaesthetic.



Now I'm here?



You are going to be

my assistant, Senor Juan.



What the fuck is this?



I have noticed that if you do

not drink, your hands shake.



When you pass the scalpel,



I do not want you

to cut off my fingers.



When will they come to collect?



If you faint

during the operation,



I have half an hour before the

kidney begins to deteriorate.



They come to the laundry bay.

Back of the kitchen.



- You'd better start.

- Go and scrub your hands.



Yes. Professional!



It's decided.

It's fucking decided!



You and me

are going into business.



You know washing dishes?



You know,

when you forget on Friday



and come in Monday,

and there is a pan with sauce?



White... green... shit.



That... is...




Was I speaking English then?



What you say?



...don't understand it,

how the ice will help.



It'll make you last longer,




I don't want to last longer.

It's not even pay-day.



All right, make you harder.



Think what happens to water

when it freezes, eh?






- Get a bucket.

- Bucket?



Come on!



You have removed kidneys before?



Many times.



In pathology.



What is pathology?



It means the patient

is already dead.



Did he tell you things

about me, Senay?






Let me wipe your brow, doctor.



Juliette, put the ice

on the bed and put on the gown.



Take the bag.



Squeeze. Gently.



We must go and scrub up.



Cold tonight, huh?



On a night like this,

who would want so much ice?



You are Pylades.



Pylades was the boatman



who ferried the souls

to the land of the dead.



If you didn't put a coin



under the tongue

of your dead relative,



Pylades wouldn't take them

to Hades.



No matter how good

you had been in your life.






- Jesus!

- You are not allowed to faint.



Pass me the ice.



- Is that it, then?

- No, I must sew him up.






Fetch me stitches.



Will you go and check

there is no-one else waiting?






Where's Senor Juan?



He's drunk.



How come I've never seen

you people before?



Because we are the people

you do not see.



We are the ones

who drive your cabs.



We clean your rooms,



and suck your cocks.



In one hour, call an ambulance.



Send them up to room    .






- Thank you.

- Sssh! It's OK.



One hour, OK?



Handa? Handa, it's me, Senay.



You hear

how good my English is?



I'm coming to New York.

I'm coming to New York!



My hands are shaking.



So are mine. I don't have

a driver's licence.



It's dead.



It's the tunnel.



I must tell her

what time we land.



Senay, what Sneaky told you

was true.



He did not tell me anything.



I did not kill my wife myself,

but still it was my fault.



- I was a pathologist in Lagos.

- And now you are someone new.



An official was shot. I was

told to destroy the evidence.



I don't want to know.



When I refused,

my house was fire bombed.



My wife was still inside.



The police charged me

with her murder.



I had to run.



But my daughter stayed.




She's with my sister in Lagos.



How old is she?






I must go to her.



Tell me about Lagos.



Do they have hotels

that need maids?



When you arrive at the airport,



you will see

a whole line of yellow cabs.



The car will take you

across a bridge.



When you cross the river, you

will see lights in the trees.



Policemen on white horses.






I know it won't be like that.



Goodbye, Okwe.



Hold me.



You must go... Isabella.



Always we must hide.



This is the cafe

where my cousin works.



I love you.



I love you.









Yes, it's me.



At last,



I'm coming home.

Special help by SergeiK