Dogville Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dogville script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Lars Von Trier and starring Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, James Caan, Paul Bettany, Patricia Clarkson, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dogville. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dogville Script



This is the sad tale of

the township of Dogville



Dogville was in the Rocky Mountains

in the US of A



Up here where the road

came to its definitive end



near the entrance to the old

abandoned silver mine



The residents of Dogville

were good



honest folks and

they liked their township



And while a sentimental soul

from the East Coast had once dubbed



their main street ELM STREET



though no elm tree had ever

cast its shadow in Dogville



they saw no reason

to change anything



Most of the buildings were

pretty wretched



more like shacks, frankly



The house in which Tom

lived was the best, though



and in good times might almost

have passed for presentable



That afternoon

the radio was playing softly



for in his dotage

Thomas Edison Senior



had developed a weakness

for music of the lighter kind



Ladies & Gentlemen...

the President of the United States



Tom, do me a favor will you?

The radio?!



Just because the music's over



and you might risk hearing

something useful?



l thought that's why

we have the radio?



Well, l need a rest, as you know



Mock me if you like



Tom's father had been a doctor



and now received a modest pension



so it was no great disaster

for Tom to drift about



not doing anything in particular



Tom was a writer...



at any rate by his own lights



Oh, his output as committed to paper

was so far limited to the words



great and ''small''

followed by a question mark



But nevertheless

meticulously archived in one of



his many bureau drawers



Bye, Dad



Evening Master Tom



Good evening, Master Olivia



Hey, don't forget

about the meeting tomorrow






ln order to postpone the time at



which he would have to

put pen to paper in earnest



Tom had now come up with a series

of meetings on moral rearmament



with which he felt obliged

to benefit the town



- Hi kids

- Hi Tom



Good evening Chuck



Will we see you

at the meeting tomorrow?



Well l could do without your lectures



You know Vera



Wouldn't give me

a moment's peace till l said yes



Who gave Moses that bone?

lt's still got meat on it



Jason did



Jason gave that mutt

a bone with meat on it?



When did we last see meat?



Next time you waste good food

l'll take your knife away



l would of known it was

you give'n meat to eat



Moses was meant to be hungry!



Too keep watch



Keep watch in Dogville?



What's there to steal?



These are wicked times, Tom Edison



Soon there'll be folks by

with even less than us



lndeed ...

Tom was busy enough,



even though formally speaking

not yet busy with writing a piece



And if a body found it hard to grasp

what profession he was busy at



he'd merely reply ''mining''



For although he did not blast

his way through rock



he blasted through

what was even harder ...



namely the human soul ...

right into where it glistered!



- Hey, Martha

- Hello, Tom



Listen, there all comin' so you

just have those benches ready



Yes, they're ready



Oh, but Tom, l repeat



if you need to use my organ



l got to get special permission

from the regional director, Tom



Martha, and l repeat

we don't need the organ



We can be spiritual without

singing or reading from the Bible



lt's almost seven

don't forget your bell now



l imagine that'll do, Ma Ginger



l don't think it's good for the soil

with all the raking and hoeing



lt's the soil

that gave life to us all



Don't give me any of your lip

Thomas Edison Jr.



l'll hoe as l darn well please!



Yeah, and spoil the whole thing!



l agree with Tom



Yeah, well he likes eating

my pies don't you



Well they're tasty

no doubt about it



Yeah, so when it comes to hoeing

who's right Tom, you or me?



l'm not so sure it's that simple



He's got you there Ginger



You can not resist, can you Gloria?



Hey Ben, l'll get the doors!



l'll be fine Tom!



Are there any news

from the freight industry?



ls everything going to hell

there too?



Don't poke fun

at the freight industry



lt was seven o'clock precisely

as Martha chimed the hour



And Tom was due to play checkers

with his childhood friend Bill Henson



Bill was dumb and knew it



Far too dumb to qualify

as an engineer



he was certainly sure of that



After listening for a while to

the piledriver down the valley that



Ben insisted was working on

the foundation of a new penitentiary



Tom headed for the Henson home

in order to inflict upon Bill



yet another humiliating

defeat at checkers



Some folks might say the opportunity

to meet Bill's older sister



Liz was more of a draw than

the checkerboard



and they might be right



lt was a fact that in

the Henson home lay another horizon



A horizon just as alluring

as the one beyond the valley



A horizon bound by Liz Henson's

luscious curves



A sweet, painful, seductive abyss



- Hey Liz

- Hey Tom



Must you come by

every single day?



Huh!? lt'd be a lot more fun if someone

interesting appeared for a change



You know l really am so lonesome

in this town



The moment my fiancee writes that

he's gotten thatjob in Bolder, l'm off



Then the whole lot of you will have to

find some other girls skirts to peek up



ls uh, Bill in?



Well, isn't he always?



He studies and l help out

with the glasses



Even though everybody knows that

l'm the clever one



- Hey Mrs. Henson

- Good evening Tom



Checkers time, Bill ol' Buddy



Was that?



You didn't hear the bell?



As usual Bill tried to fake

his way around actually playing



He had not yet fully comprehended

this meeting business, he claimed



Maybe you should

just let them be?



l don't think so...l...l...



What if they're just fine...

as they are



You think they're fine?



l don't think so l think there is a lot

this country has forgotten



l just try and refresh folks memory

by way of illustration


            the illustration for tomorrow?



l don't know



See if the people of Dogville have

a problem with the acceptance



what they really need is

something for them to accept



something tangible

like a gift



Why in the heck would

someone up and give us a gift?



l don't know

l'm gonna have to do some thinking



Wait wait...the...



we're missing a piece



We won't be able to play



My mind is sharp tonight



'Night, Bill



Despite considerable effort

on his part to prolong things



Tom had achieved the triumph

at the checkerboard pretty quickly



lt had started to rain and the wind

had become a regular gale



when Tom strolled home

through Elm Street



lf Tom were to prove that the citizens

of Dogville had a problem receiving



in his lecture the next day



he sorely lacked an illustration



a gift...



Bill might have been right



it hadn't exactly rained gifts on

this particular township



There was no doubt in his mind



They were gun shots



The pile driver in the marshes

didn't sound like that at all



The shots had come from down

in the valley



or perhaps from Canyon Road some

place in the direction of Georgetown



He listened for more shots for ages



But they were not repeated



A tad disappointed



Tom sat down

on the old lady's bench to think



To hang onto the feeling

of danger for a moment



But it wasn't long before his thoughts

were back on his favorite subjects again



and in the midst of the storm

they metamorphosed into articles



and novels and great gatherings



that'd listen in silence to Tom after

the publication of yet another volume



that scourged

and purged the human soul



And he saw men- and among

them even other writers-



throw their arms round one another

as through his words



life had opened up for them anew



lt hadn't been easy



But by his diligence and application

to narrative and drama



his message had gotten through



And asked about his technique



he would have to say but one word






Tom could have spent another

half hour or more on the bench



but another unusual noise roused him



lt was Moses barking



Oh, that wasn't unusual in itself



but it was the way

he barked that was new



His barking was not loud

but more of a snarl



as if the danger was quite

close at hand



and not merely a passing

raccoon or fox



As if the dog were standing face to face

with a force to be taken seriously



Hey Lady!



l wouldn't go up there if l were you



l know the mountain well



l doubt if l'd get away

with my life



lt's a very nasty drop



ls there another way?









Back down the way you came from

Back down to Georgetown



Why do you need to get out

of the mountain?



Did you have anything to do

with those gunshots?



Help me



- help me please!

- You can hide in the mine



ln there!



Hey where's this road headed to?



No where, it's a dead end

if you want to pass



turn around go back

by way of Georgetown



this place

it's called Dogville



Dogville? Well it figures



it's a stupid name

if l ever heard one



Hey we're look'n for somebody...



Oh really, who might that be?



My boss wants to talk to ya



- Young man

- Yes Sir



l'm looking for a girl



She may have made her way

to your town in her confusion



l don't want any harm to come to her

you see she's very precious to me



Well Sir, uh nobody's been

through Dogville recently...



Moses would have barked



He's very suspicious of strangers



Ah ha...that's very wise of Moses



Please take my card



and if perhaps

you see a stranger



give me a call



l am in a position to offer

a considerable reward



Yes, sir, thank you...



Uh...say was it you

that fired those shots?



Well they're gone



You want to come out now?



You want a cup of coffee

before you go mountain climbing?



That would be nice



The beautiful fugitive's name

was Grace



She hadn't chosen

Dogville from a map



or sought out the township

for a visit



Yet Tom felt right away

that she belonged



Shall l take the bone?



She could have kept her

vulnerability to herself



but she had elected

to give herself up to him at random



As...Yes...a gift



Generous, very generous

thought Tom



You want to eat?



- You must be hungry?

- l can't



l don't deserve that bread!



l stole that bone



l haven't stolen anything before



So now, now l have to punish myself



l was raised to be arrogant



So l had to teach myself these things



Well, it may be best

for your education



Grace, in this town...

in these times



it's very impolite not to eat

what's set before you



l'm so sorry



Who were the men in the car?



Why would they want

to hurt you?



The man in the back of the car

he's the boss



l saw his face



He gave me his telephone number



Told me to call if l saw you



l'm sure he'd offer you a big reward

if you told him where l was






Where's you're family?



l don't have a family



All l had was a father



But those gangsters

took him away from me



What if l said

you could stay here?






But even if you meant it

it's impossible



lt's a very small town

l have to hide



- People will ask questions

- Well, it might not matter



Not if they all wanted

to help you too



Are you saying that

everybody in this town is like you?



They're good people



You know, they're honest people



They've all been in need themselves



They might well turn you down, but



l think it would be worth

the trouble to ask



But l got nothing

to offer them in return



No l think you have

plenty to offer Dogville



To call the mood of

the audience at



Tom's morale lecture

in the mission house



the next day ''enthusiastic'' would

have been going too far



But they had come



And Tom had launched

himself fearlessly



into his endeavor to illustrate

the human problem



To receive



The subject was obvious



But quite dreadfully ill-considered

by this young man



To compensate

for his lack of preparation



Tom made diligent use of

his technique of lashing out



somewhat haphazardly

in all directions



His father peered around

covertly to gauge the mood



and sensing that the assembly

was not entirely happy



with this rather direct criticism



he decided to forestall any protests



Now l'm sure that

you wish us well Tom



But um of any town



l believe this one has

a very fine sense of community



Living side by side

we all know one another



l'm a pretty fairjudge of

character myself



Honestly, Tom, you've done it again



Made us come here

to listen to a lot of nonsense



What do you think you are

some kind of philosopher?



Observant, that's what l am



Lazy, l would say



We shovel snow together



We shovel snow together?






Every household clears

their own front walk



Yeah, l gotta allow that

Tom's right on that



lf roads don't get cleared properly...



l'm sorry Tom

you're going to have to



come up with something

better then that



The whole country

would be better served



with a greater attitude of openness

and acceptance



You're not suggesting that

we all wouldn't



help out if someone needed help



No that's not the point

that's not the point



We care for human beings up here



We would probably never find out



Since nobody seems to

want to admit that there's a problem



Let me illustrate



Now l'm not going to use something

that's already happened



l'm going to use something

that's just about to happen



And, after providing a quick summary



of the events of the previous evening

to the astonished people of Dogville



Tom went down to the mine to retrieve

the fugitive from her hideaway



Allow me to introduce Grace



Grace these are

the citizens of Dogville






Tom has told us about

your predicament, miss



l really don't want to put

any of you in jeopardy



Why don't you just go to the police



they can take care of gangsters!



lt's theirjob



l, l don't know

if that's such a good idea



The transportation

business would uh...






These men, they have

powerful connections



Even with the police



Do you think we should give

sanctuary to a fugitive?



A fugitive that gangsters

wanna get a hold of



That would put us in pretty pickle



Easy Claire...

think of your asthma



Dogville is a good place to hide

that's for certain



Exactly the only way up here

is Canyon road



That could easily be watched by



Ma Ginger's- excuse me-

nosey cousin who



lives only yards

from the turn off



She has a telephone

Martha you could ring the bell



tell the town if people were coming



But Tom, l chime the hours



what if people get confused

with all the ringing?



Come now Martha, surely

we can use our old bell to save a life



if need be



Why should we?



Because we care, Chuck

We care for other human beings



No, that ain't what l mean



How do we know that this woman

is telling us the truth?



Maybe these gangsters

did shoot at her



but that don't make her

somebody to be trusted



He is right



Why would you trust me?



l trust you!



Tom, we're not gangsters



We mind our own business



we don't ask nothin' from nobody



So at last you admit it!



lf only there where some way



we wouldn't doubt

the young lady's word



Some way to know her



Then l think we would

all ignore the risk



But there is a way!

You said it yourself



By living side by side with her



Dad, you are such a

fine judge of character



How long would it take

a good man like you, to unmask her?



A week? Maybe two?



Surely we can offer her two weeks!



And if after that time

so much as one man cries out



BE GONE! l promise



l'll happily send her packing myself



Well, if Master Tom think

this is right for us, and



for the community,



then that will do for me



He might be young

but his heart is right



And l've known his heart

for as long as it's been beating



No more words were spoken

at the town meeting in the mission house



But it had been decided



they all felt, that the fugitive

would be given two weeks



And they would all be able to

look at themselves in the mirror



and know that they had done

what they could



indeed, and perhaps more than

most people would have done



So that very afternoon Tom took Grace

on a stroll down Elm street



to introduce her to the town

''he loved''



Well, This is were

Olivia and June live



June is a cripple...



They live here as a token of

my dad's broadmindedness



Chuck and Vera have seven children

and they hate each other



Next door we have the Hensons



They make a living from

grinding edges off



cheap glasses to try to make them

look expensive



And here we have Jack Mckay



Now, Jack Mckay is blind and

the whole town knows it



But he thinks he can hide it by

never leaving his house



ln the old stable Ben keeps his truck



He drinks



And he visits the whorehouse



once a month

and he is ashamed of it



Martha she runs the mission house



until the new preacher comes

which will just never happen



That leaves Ma Ginger and Gloria



They run this really expensive store



where they exploit the fact

that nobody leaves town



Used to leave to go vote, but



since they put on the registration fee



about a day's wage for these people



they don't feel

the democratic need anymore



Those awful figurines say



more about the people in this town

than many words



lf this is the town

that you love



then you really have

a strange way of showing it



All l see is



a beautiful little town in

the midst of magnificent mountains



A place where people have

hopes and dreams



even under the hardest conditions



And seven figurines

that are not awful at all



Calling Dogville beautiful

was original at least



Grace was just casting one more

look at the figurines she herself



would have dismissed

as tasteless a few days earlier



when she suddenly sensed



what would best

have been described



as a tiny change of light

over Dogville



They are keeping an eye on you



lf you love them already



they might need a little persuading



You've got two weeks

to get them to accept you



You make it sound like

we are playing a game



lt is



We are



lsn't saving your life

worth at little game?



What do you want me to do?



Do you mind physical labor?






Dogville has offered you two weeks



Now you offer them...



The next day was

a beautiful day in Dogville



The tender leaves on

Ma Gingers's gooseberry bushes



were unfurling despite wise



Tom's misgivings as regards

her gardening methods



But more than that



this first day of spring



had also been picked to be

Grace's first ever day of work



The day in which she was to

set off around Dogville



and offer herself one hour per

household per day



Excuse me



l would like to offer you my help...



if there is anything that you need?



A carburetor that don't leak...



alright here, let me take that



Maybe l could help

around your home?



l don't really have a home, Miss



Just the garage



l'm in the freight business

The road is my home!



l'm ready, good morning!



Miss Olivia has got a home



She is looking to help out

in somebody's home



A cleanin' lady for a cleanin' lady?



You be talkin' nonsense

Mister Ben!



Have a good day!



Alright, see ya later on!



And off Ben went to Georgetown




the weekly shipment

of glasses that



Mr. Henson had so laboriously

cleansed with



his polisher of any trace of

their cheap manufacture



So Grace turned into the alley

which went by the exotic name



Glunen Street



to knock on the door of the blind



but only too vain-man






Good morning Mr. McKay

My name is Grace



l was wondering if there is

anything l can do for you?



Oh, that's very kind of you

Grace, but...



l was thinking that perhaps

because of



the situation that you are in



What situation am l in?



Hmm...Well you are...

you are on your own



Oh, l have been on my own

for so long



Anything, that you might need?



l'm sorry!



Have you ever noticed

the wooden spire



on the roof of the mission house?



At   o'clock in the afternoon



it points a shadow

at Ginger's grocery store



right at the O in OPEN

on the sign in the window



Maybe it is telling people that

it is time to go shopping for supper



Goodbye, Mr. McKay



Goodbye, Grace!



Grace's interview with Jack McKay



proved sadly symptomatic

of the attitude in Dogville



Reserved but friendly

not without curiosity



Only Jack had expressed his ''no''

concisely and precisely



Martha needed a monologue almost



an hour long to arrive

at the same conclusion



Oh my goodness...l,



l...l'd have to think of

work for you to do



because l have barely

enough work myself



So not very much later

Grace had ended up



next to Ma Ginger's

gooseberry bushes,



in a mood that was

not particularly good



She could not tell

a gooseberry bush from a cactus



but the meticulous order

in the yard appealed to her



such as the metal chains

placed there in order to shield



the second and third bushes



lest anybody decided to

make use of the deplorably



time- honored shortcut

to the old lady's bench



Grace pulled herself together

and headed towards the store






Hello, we don't need any help

here either l told that to Tom



Wow, it doesn't matter anyway

because there is nothing l can do



l have never worked

a day in my life, so...



You know, if you put some aloe

on those hands of yours



they'll be better by the morning



lt's the wood shavings

l really do hate them



But l do believe

l'll take your advice



Your hands are surely the most

alabaster hands l've ever seen



Here comes Tom

How lucky we are...



- Hi all, Will.../- Hello Tom

- Grace, How is all going?



- Not very well l'm afraid

- Really?



No, nobody needs any help



Well, l thought

that might be the case



His plan to make everybody like me



has run in to a few problems



because nobody wants me

to work for them



l would really like

to offer something in return



You're all running

a terrible risk having me here



l mean, l am willing to learn



There must be someone

who needs help



Mr. McKay's sight is not so good



Yes, l went to Mr. McKay



l went to Martha

and to Chuck and Vera's,



and nobody seems

to need any help



They all think

everyone else needs something



and not themselves



Funny, that's exactly

what Tom said



l suppose he's pleased



- Well...

- Just to prove him wrong



maybe you can lend a hand here!



But Ginger, there really isn't

anything we need done



Perhaps there's something

you don't need done?



Anything we don't need done?




something that you would like done



but that you don't think is necessary



What on earth would that be?



Maybe... maybe

the gooseberry bushes



The gooseberries are just fine

thank you very much



No, not yours



The ones that planted

themselves in the tall grass



We don't grow anything there






A bit of tidying up



Who knows, those bushes

might one day bear fruit



Yeah, that's true, that's true

Who knows



All right, girl



Those alabaster hands of yours are



hereby engaged to weed

the wild gooseberry bushes



Thank you!


            this, you see



Anything to close them...

just be careful, that's all



After a few of the wild little gooseberry

bushes had given up the ghost



in the care of Grace's, as yet

unpracticed alabaster hands



things began looking up

with the weeding



and the town



ln fact, it turned out

there were not so few things that



the other townsfolk of Dogville

didn't need doing either



As Ben had no home



Grace's domestic experiments

were absolutely things he didn't need



but he put up with them anyhow



appearing with astonishing punctuality



when the act of domesticity

had been completed



no matter how unpredictable

business hours



in the freight industry

might otherwise have been



as hitherto

they had coped splendidly



with Olivia's excellent

diaper arrangement



lf Jack Mckay had needed

a partner for conversation



he would surely have gone out and

gotten one for himself in the town



So it was not out of need



that he allowed Grace

to sit with him



in his dark parlor

with the dramatic drapes on



one wall for lengthy

discussions regarding



the underestimated qualities

of the light on the East Coast



As Martha wouldn't dream

of burdening the parish with wear



and tear of the pedals and bellows



while waiting for the new priest

to be appointed



she practiced without

a note ever leaving the organ



and was therefore not really

in need of anyone to turn her pages



And God knows that



Mr. and Mrs. Henson's son

did not need any help with his books



and that the family had taken

Grace in for her own sake



And although Liz's hands had improved

through Grace's good counsel



Thomas Edison was a doctor



and of indisputable health

and he did not need care,



or help with the pills from the medicine

closet with its many secrets



Actually Chuck was the only one

''not yet hooked,'' as Tom put it






You sound so arrogant!

Arrogance is the worst thing!



He doesn't like me



And he has every right

to feel that way



Yeah Listen! Luckily



l have prepared a Trojan horse



A what?



A Trojan horse

We can get in by way of Vera...



There is this...

lecture tomorrow in Georgetown



given by some professor



Some intellectual thing



But not so intellectual

he can't tour the provinces with it



Anyway, the point is

Vera she would do anything to go



but she's got no one to mind

Achilles while she is gone



She trusts the girls mastering

their iambs and pentameters



but not with the little one

So this is where you come in



l said that you could watch him

tomorrow afternoon



Now, l will try and stall her

on her way home



and with a bit of luck

Chuck'll get back before she does



and you can use the time

and all your charm



to try and win him over



l'll happily mind Achilles

if Vera will let me



But if he doesn't like me

he doesn't like me



Tom really was enchanted



by this unusual, mysterious, creature



And even though

she did not satisfy his curiosity



by saying anything about her past



so as not to put anyone in danger



she still fitted

Tom's mission to educate



Dogville on the subject

of acceptance



like a glove



Tom felt content



Grace had been

dangling over the edge



and he had been the one

to pull her back onto the path



lt gave him

a fine sensation of mastery,



new for him in terms of

the opposite sex



and his feelings unleashed

the best in his burgeoning love



- Hello

- This is Dahlia, Olympia



Diana, Athena, Pandora, Jason




Go play



Your children are lovely



They are good kids



And l love them



Please don't say such nice things

about the kids



l cry too easily



Both in sorrow and in joy



- Hey Vera

- Oh, Hi!



- Shall we go?

- l'm ready



Thanks for leaving the map out



l'd a plum forgot it, l'm sure



How did you know

l was going that far?



The last time l saw the thermos



it was on the doorstep

and the map was beside it



so l just thought



when l saw the thermos

this time and no map, but...



You are a sweet girl, Grace



Sweet as Miss Laura



Who's Miss Laura?



You gave yourself away again, Ben



l think Miss Laura is what

Ovid might call a Maenad



don't be ashamed, Ben



We all have the right to make

the most of our lives



l'm sure that

those ladies in those houses



they bring a lot ofjoy

to a lot of men



Ain't nothin' l'm proud of



lt really ain't



l know what you are doing here



You do?



You want people to like you



so you don't have to go away



You are very smart



Yes, l like it here in Dogville



Do you want me to read to you?



About the Cyclops?



l don't like the Cyclops



Two eyes are prettier



Like yours



lf you want my Ma to like you

and let you stay



You'll just have to be nice to me



Maybe you should help me

clean up instead



Ma says l don't have t work



'cept in my head



Oh, but what about if l ask you



- Please?

- Ok



What are you doing here?



Didn't l tell you

we don't need no help from you?



Ma asked her to mind me and Achilles



Quiet! Get out!



The lot of you



The same nonsense!



They'd have done

just great in Antiquity, no doubt



How is it going otherwise

with the fooling act?



l wasn't trying to fool anyone



l mean Dogville

Has it got you fooled yet?



l thought you were implying that

l was trying to exploit the town



Wishful thinking



This town is rotten

from the inside out



and l wouldn't miss it

if it fell into the gorge tomorrow



l see no charm here



But you seem to



Admit it you've fallen for Dogville



The trees, the mountains

the simple folk



And if all that ain't got you fooled yet

l bet the cinnamon has



That damned cinnamon

in those gooseberry pies



Dogville has everything that

you ever dreamed of in the big city



You are worse than Tom



How do you know

what l dreamed of?



You're from the city yourself

aren't you?



That was a long time ago



l am not that stupid anymore



l found out that people are

the same all over



Greedy as animals



ln a small town

they're just a bit less successful



Feed 'em enough

they'll eat till their bellies burst



That's why you wanted

to get rid of me...



because you can't stand that



l remind you of what it was

you came here to find



l'm telling you for the last time

to get out of my home



Moses don't like you

And l don't like you



The kids are going crazy enough

from their ma's teachin'



Thank you, Grace!



The two weeks

had passed far too quickly



Grace had enjoyed herself



All she could say was that

she was fond of them all



including the folk

who had greeted her



with reluctance and hostility



Even though she might not have won

everybody over completely



or even half way, as Tom put it



She cared for Dogville



and she had shown

the town her face, her true face



But was that enough?



During Jack McKay's

long lecture that evening



she had found herself in

a heart- searching mood



Whether heart- searching or

concern for her future was the cause



the result was that the otherwise

so lovable Grace



indulged in a pretty shady piece

of provocation



So you agree that

the windows of St Bridget's



at the first time you saw them



didn't live up to their reputation



l don't think it is

the positioning of the church itself



Maybe it's the light in Los Angeles



and the mosaic glass



in those windows

they kind of collide



l remember thinking that



l think we've talked

long enough about



the way we remember

seeing things



Don't you?



Why don't we talk

about something



that we can see right now?



There is not much to see

around here



Wretched town



Why don't we talk

about the view?



l don't go out much



The sun and my skin



Yesterday l was walking

in Chuck's apple trees



lf you go right up

to the edge of the cliff you



just manage to peer round

Ben's garage



and you get a view of your house

from the side facing the gorge






l didn't realize that there was



windows behind there



Huge windows



There must be a wonderful view



Would you mind if l opened them?



You're no fool, Miss Grace



You're no fool



You probably see that

those curtains are hard to open






And obviously concluded

that it's because



- l'm sorry

- they're not used very often



But the view's good



entrancing even






ask me, why a man

who loves the light



hang these heavy curtains?



Yes, l'm blind



Not weak sighted, not myopic









please go



and let me be that on my own



ln Switzerland they call it

the Alpenglunen



That's the light that reflects

from the highest peaks



after the sun goes down

behind the mountains



And now it's gone



lt was in complete silence

that the people of Dogville



turned up for the meeting at the

mission house two weeks to the day



since the beautiful

fugitive had come to town



Grace was standing beside Tom



watching them convene



and knew inside herself

that this might well be the last time



she would see these now

so familiar faces



She had at least two of them

against her



and even one would

have been too many



Welcome, good people of Dogville



Two weeks have passed and it is



time for your verdict



ls it right that

she should be here while we talk?



Well, Mrs. Henson

when Grace first came



she made no attempt to

hide her weakness from us



So l think it is only right

we be as open with her



tell her to her face

if we want her to leave



No, Mrs. Henson is right



Nobody should be prevented

from speaking their mind



out of politeness



l'll wait at the mine



And if the vote says that l should

leave then l'll take the path



across the mountains

while it's still light



And the things l've borrowed



if you could return them

to everybody



Of course!



Nobody has to see me before l go



Martha if you will just ring

the bell then l'll understand



l don't... how do...want me

to ring the bell?



Just ring it for every vote

that lets me stay



l will count



And if it doesn't reach fifteen

then l'll leave



Tom is anxious

to speak in her behalf



but l think he's had

his allotted time, we know his view



We respect it



And now he must respect ours



Grace pulled her bundle out from



under the bureau to change

into her own clothes



only to discover

that somebody had been in it



and left a loaf of bread



Next to it was

a folded sheet of paper



lt was a map Tom had drawn



He had known where the bundle was

and had put it there



lt showed the path

across the mountain



And all the dangerous spots

were furnished with witty



horrific little sketches



But there was more



Several people had

had the same idea



They had eased gifts

into the bundle for her



Jason's beloved little

penknife lay there



all polished and shiny



And a pie from

Ma Ginger and Gloria



And some clothing and matches

and a hymnal



Grace opened it at number   



where Martha always had trouble

with the fingering



And between the pages

lay a dollar bill!



Martha alone could not

have afforded it



Grace had friends in Dogville



That was for sure



Whether they were few or many

did not matter a jot



Grace had bared her throat

to the town



and it had responded

with a great gift



with friends



No gangster could deprive her

of this meeting



with the township no matter

how many guns in the world



And should the strokes of the bell

not reach   



she knew now that she meant

something to the town



and that her stay

had been of significance



Not much, perhaps



but nevertheless

a trace she had left



And the first in her young life

in which she took pride



Grace stiffened

as the bell began its toll



Fourteen, Grace counted



So McKay must have voted

for her after all



And if so, why not Chuck, too?






- Chuck!

- Chuck!






l think they like you here



The period of spring

and early summer



proved a happy one for Grace



Martha rang the hours

conducting her through the day



So she could serve as eyes

for McKay



a mother for Ben



friend for Vera



and brains for Bill...



And one day it had occurred to Grace

to tread the pedals herself



so to get Martha to agree to play

a couple of proper notes



just to empty the bellows, naturally



so that they wouldn't be left under

pressure and thus be spoiled



And now they had tacitly agreed



that as long as it was Grace

who trod the pedals



Martha could play

without feeling any guilt



To Tom's pop

the old doctor



who imagined he had

a new ailment every single day



and was thus increasingly addicted

to the simpler coordination tests



from his medical school days



she had to be severe



telling him that there was

nothing wrong with him



And now, since the town

had agreed that



everyone was to give according

to his abilities



she received wages, not much



but enough to save up for

the first of the tiny china figurines



from the row of seven that

had stood for so long gathering dust



in the window of the store



And she dreamed that in time

she would be able to acquire them all



Slowly those alabaster hands

turned into a pair of hands that



could have belonged to anyone

in any little rural community



And   weeks later

she triumphantly moved into a place



Tom and Ben had secretly restored



namely the old mill



which had once held

the town's ore crusher



but of which only

the heavy flywheel now remained






That's what l am talking about

with the freight industry



Miss Laura had thrown that out

it was no use to anybody



A good thing, in the wrong place, but



with my know



You shouldn't poke fun

at the freight industry, that's all



No, you're right Ben

They shouldn't









l just had to tell you that

l had a really selfish reason



for voting to keep you in Dogville



What was it?



lt was such a relief

when you turned up



and you were the one

all the men had eyes for



You know, Tom and them



l've had to put up with it

for so long...



Frankly, l just didn't have

the energy for it anymore



They'll always

have eyes for you Liz



You know that



They will

You are beautiful



The very latest development



now that summer was at its peak,



was that Grace

had been given leave



to help Chuck

in the orchard



And every day at  



once their work was done

she could appreciate



that actually McKay was right



the shadow of the spire



did indeed point

at Ma Ginger's store



But today the tower

did not only announce



that it was time

to go shopping



but also, by a signal which nobody



despite Martha's initial concern



could have confused

with the ringing of the hours,



a warning that somebody

was approaching via Canyon Road



from Georgetown



For the first time in living memory



law enforcers had come to Dogville!



Good evenin' sir



ls this the whole place?



- There a town hall?

- No



l got me a notice to paste up



We got the mission house

That do you?






What'd she do?



Missing! That's all it says



l guess somebody's been

missing her



Heard tell

she was last seen around here



We're putting these things up

all over the county



And if somebody sees her

they ought to go to the police?



l guess that's the idea



These men were never gonna

give in easily



Now these posters they hang

all over in the county



Which means nobody suspects

she's right here with us



But it was a policeman, Tom



lsn't it a duty to respond

to the police?



l mean, legally speaking



l'm sorry, l just...

when l get upset



She's just a missing person



She hasn't done anything

He even said so



l think you should

vote again



Why, we can't resort to plebiscites

time and time again



Now come on



Who's really got cold feet because of

a picture on a piece of paper?



The  th of July came



with huge clouds of seeds

from some remote meadow



gracefully floating down Elm Street

in the early evening



Today was a day for celebration



Nobody was to worry about

the hard times



And Grace could stop at

Ma Gingers window quite content



to ascertain that only two of

the little china figurines remained



and were thus the only two

she had not yet been able to



save up enough to purchase



lt looks great, girls



Grace, could you put in

a couple of hours with me



in the orchard again today?



lt's really nice down there

with the sunshine!



Chuck, it's the fourth of July!



What are you talking about

sunshine for?



Have you turned into

a romantic like me?



We're gonna have fun



And in the winter we'll all starve...



Even Ben's taking the day off



- Hi!

- Hi, Tom!



Grace You've got a moment?






l've got something

interesting to tell you



Well, it has to be quick



l've got so much

going on in my head...



That must be very tiring for you!



l think l've done a pretty good analysis

of the folks in this town and



l think l understand them



in a meaningful way



But when l come to decipher you



l get absolutely nowhere



You know Liz



Liz is easy to read



And there was some attraction

between us,



but as l can see right through her,



intellectually l mean

l can see right through her



My desire is purely

of a physical nature



But with you



it's more...

it's more complicated



What are you trying to say?



No, l should get it

clear in my head first, l mean...



Are you trying to say that



you're in love with me?



No l wouldn't...



love's not



lt's a big word...yeah






That's good






l think that

l am in love with you, too



Very interesting, isn't?



l mean it's interesting

in a psychological



Did they call you?

l think they are...



calling you



l didn't hear them






You should probably

get back anyway



l will see you at the wedding

Next celebration



This year l didn't bring

any notes with me



Because l'm not gonna pretend

l can read them



Which brings me to a point



A point l wanna make



And that point is



you Grace



Yes, you have made Dogville



a wonderful place to live in



As a matter of fact

somebody tells me they ran into



grumpy old Chuck



down the street

and he was actually smiling



Well, l've never seen

your smile, Grace



but l will bet you

l could describe it



Because it obviously

has every color



that's refracted

from the shiniest prism in the world



You probably have

a face to match that



Does she have a face

to match that, Tom



- Yes, Sir

- Hmm?



- Yes, sir!

- l bet she does



We are proud to have you

among us



And we thank you



for showing us who you are



Here's to you, Grace



Stay with us

as long as you damn please



A police car has

just been seen in town and



it has just made the turn up

Canyon road!



So he will be here any minute



Shall l ring the bell?



No, Martha

Grace probably heard



We'll get rid of 'em quickly



don't worry



Should have been celebrating myself



if this hadn't come up



Have to change

this missing person notice



lt's that lady again



That's why she disappeared



She's wanted in connection with some

bank robberies on the West Coast



When did these

robberies take place?



Last couple of weeks



You don't get much

news up here, do you?



My dads radio only plays music






all l know is that

they say she's dangerous



and that anyone with

any information about her



had better call us pronto



That's the law



Two weeks!



Can't be our girl, Tom



- No, she's been here all the time

- Right!



She couldn't have done

what they are accusing her of



No, that's true, Tom

you are right



Still it's an unpleasant business

just the same



Grace was the same

and so was the town



That the gangsters had fixed

to have charges made against Grace



in their efforts to neutralize her

came as no surprise



But everything had changed

a little, yet again



l'm telling you, you have exactly

the same kind of little lump



in exactly the same spot

on the other side of your back



- Really!

- l can only assume



that it belongs on your body



but you're the doctor






Well, it's very unlikely



Don't you think that a cancer would

develop in such precise symmetry



Mr. Edison, please



- We've been over this so many times

- Anything is possible



l think you have to accept the fact



that you are an exceptionally healthy



elderly gentleman



l'm gonna restjust the same



l'll see you in the morning



l hope so



What? What did they say?






they couldn't really argue

that anything had changed



But by not telling the police

they felt



they were committing

a crime themselves



- l think l should leave

- No



Enough is enough



l suggested the opposite



You did



From a business perspective



from a business perspective



your presence in Dogville

has become more costly



Because it's more dangerous

for them to have you here



Not that they don't want you



since they feel

there should be some






some quid pro quo



That sounds like words

that the gangsters would use...



There is also



more of an incentive

if you don't wanna stay



See, with all those

wanted posters



hanging around the place

l can hardly think of anywhere else



you could hide



So what's the counterbalance

that you suggested?



They wanted you

to work longer hours,



but instead

what l proposed is that



you just pay a visit to folks

twice a day now



That way it would seem

that you're willing to contribute more



without actually lengthening

your day too much



lt's just a way of heading off

any unpleasantness



Well, it sounds



it sounds a little peculiar



and difficult to put into practice



That's what l thought



Martha she said she would

ring her bell every half hour



so you could keep track

of your new schedule



Then they are all willing

to let me stay?






See, Mrs. Henson she also



thought we should cut your pay



Merely a symbolic gesture



You see the word dangerous

on that poster worried her



l'm willing to do

whatever it takes



lf l have to work



harder, longer hours

for less pay



Then l'm willing to do that

of course l am



l just wanna be sure



that they wouldn't prefer

that l left town



Of course not



You think this is for the best?



l know it is



l have to get some sleep



My days are gonna be

much busier now









l just need to know something...



You know the card



- that the man in the car gave you...

- Yeah



Did you show it to anyone?



Come on Grace!

l burned it first thing



l've been so silly

Of course you did



lt's alright, it's alright



No, it's not alright



l hate it for you to see me like this

l can't bare that l'm doubting you



l'm sorry, goodnight



Everybody was really against



any changes to Grace's

working conditions at all



when the subject occasionally

came up in conversation



Oh, Ben had declared in sympathy

that he wouldn't accept any more



work than before

and Grace was grateful for that



even if he was a bit drunk

when he said so



Busy minutes became busy hours



and busy hours became busy days



And irrespective of whether

they thought the idea of increasing



Grace's services had any fairness

and justification to it or not



it didn't seem to make

anyone any happier



More to the contrary



Grace, oh



You have to be more careful



Liz wasn't very careful either

but she didn't break our glasses



l think you need to understand that

Mr. Henson works very hard



to grind off

any traces of the moulds



And it makes the glass weak



- l thought you knew that

- lt won't happen again



Of course, l'll pay for it



No, of course not

You don't have to pay us for it



We'll get over it



And off she went again

to keep her appointment with Chuck



to free the last tree trunks

from the grass



in order to keep

the ever busy mice away



She was in a hurry and took the shortcut

between the gooseberry bushes



only to be brought up by a shout









l didn't see that you just

raked the path, l'm sorry



lt isn't that l've just raked it



The idea is that people can pass

around the bushes completely



l prefer it that way

as you should know



l thought that

these chains were put up



to make a path

between the bushes



They were put up there

to protect the bushes



lt is not supposed to be a pathway



But everyone goes this way



Dear, that's right



They have been living here for years



You haven't been here that long



Are you saying, that l am less

entitled to use the shortcut



because l haven't always lived here?



No, of course not



No, l just thought it pleased you

to be here, that's all



Go on, go on, it's alright



l'll see you this afternoon



and l'll rake those bushes like they've

never been raked before, l promise



l'm sorry about that branch



There were so many apples on it...



l should have cut that branch

but l got greedy



ls it greedy to want to

feed your family?



So how come you don't like me?



Why do you ask me that?



When l get close to you

you edge away



- No, l don't

- You did so



When we were thinning

the seedlings in the bottom row



How am l supposed to show you



what l do if l ain't

allowed to touch you?



You tried to kiss me



Vera never took

any interest in the apples



She hates the orchard



This is the first time

l've ever met anyone



who understood about the apples



Sorry it made me so happy



- lt's alright

- No, it ain't alright



l reckon the stuff about the apples

is just words in your mouth



lf you can't really

share my pleasure



l do



Vera wants me to picking apples from

trees that are barely in the ground



Things take time

That's love



Seeing what they need



Respecting those needs



lf anyone understands that it's you

At least l thought so



l do understand that



But you edge away

when l get close



Why do you find me

so repugnant?



l don't find you repugnant



Don't be upset



l'm sorry if l doubted you



lt won't happen again



l promise you



l wouldn't make that promise

if l was you



When you fended me off

a thought came into my mind



that made me ashamed



A thought that you would

hate me for



l would never hate you









Chuck, l've treated you unfairly

lt's alright to have angry thoughts



l thought of turning you in!



l thought of blackmailing you

into respecting me



lt means that much to you?



lt does, doesn't it?



You've really been alone up here

haven't you?



You haven't had anyone

to comfort you



And l should ask you

for forgiveness...



Still friends?



Sorry! Were you asleep?






- Do You want me to leave?

- no, l was just resting



Awful lot to do here in Dogville




nobody needs anything done



Jason wants to sit on my lap

all the time



l think you're doing

a wonderful job



You give us all so much



What Mr. McKay said

right on the button...



right on the button



He tried to put his hand

on my knee today



Oh, he is blind after all

Probably an accident



And Ma Ginger



got angry at me for

running cross the gravel path



Well good



She gets angry at me



Which just means that

you're one of us now



You can see through it all

can't you



l'll tell you, l'm gonna be asleep

in two minutes



What if l don't want you

to go to sleep?



l don't think you

have a choice tonight



l do love you, Grace



l'm glad you love me

l love you, too



l really do



No l mean, l yearn for you

when l am not with you



l yearn for you even

when we're alone like this



l yearn to be even

closer to you...



to touch you

the way that people...



We have our whole lives

ahead of us



The thing that l love about you is that

you don't demand anything of me



That we can just be together






Yearning will only make it better



Thank you for your words

your wise, wise words



Your welcome



Do you want your shoes off?




what are you doing here?



That's wrong



The words have to be

divided differently



Stop it!



How's that for dividing

the words?



This is not a good day

Everybody should leave



Everybody except Jason

Jason, l wanna talk to you alone



What is it?

What's going on?



- l can be very bad

- What?



l bet my pa told you



l don't think that



l think there is another

reason for this



l'd love to have you

on my lap all the time



but l can't

not with the others here



When somebody can't do all the things

they'd like to do for others



sometimes the people

they promised get mad



That's what Mrs. Henson says



Yes, that's true



l suppose l know why you won't

let me sit in your lap anymore



- Why?

- Because l've been mean lately



Oh, come on



l'm sure you have

your reasons for that



l have been mean to the others too



even baby Achilles



And he's so tiny

he can't put up a fight



- lt's not right

- No lt's not



l got it coming to me



l know

l deserve a spanking



What? l should hit you?

l'm not gonna do that



Your mother doesn't believe

in physical discipline



- l'm not gonna hit you

- l know



She'd be awful mad

if she found out you whipped me



Oh, l just said

l won't do that



lt's good having ma

on your side




lt'd be pretty serious

if she turned against you



l am the way l am



lf people in this town

don't like me, then



there is nothing l can do about that



l feel bad

l need to be punished



The fact is, l wouldn't have

any respect for you



if you didn't give me a spanking



l don't care how much fun

you think it would be



l'm not gonna spank you, Jason



ln that case



when Ma gets home maybe

l'll just have to tell her you hit me



But l just said that l wouldn't!



l reckon Ma'll take my word for it



lf you give me that spanking

nobody's ever have to know



Stop it, get away from Achilles

Stop it!



l gave his crib a shove



lt's not my fault

that it didn't tip over



Don't you touch him



Move away from the crib

Stop it, Jason, stop it!



All right, you want a spanking?

l'll give you a spanking, come here



come here



- There, there we go

- That wasn't hard



lt's gotta be hard

or it isn't punishment



All right






Oh, this is...come on



All right, that's enough

That is enough punishment now



Maybe l should go stand in the corner

and be ashamed?



l don't care!

Stand in the corner



Do whatever you gonna do!



Hey, there is pa!



He's early

l hope there is nothing wrong



Just as Dogville had done

from its open



frail shelf on the mountainside



quite unprotected from

any capricious storms, Grace, too



had laid herself open



And there she dangled

from her frail stalk



like the apple

in the Garden of Eden



An apple so swollen

that the juices almost ran



And once again

the police had come to Dogville



l said l'd tell you



to save Martha the confusion

about the ringing



But l forgot They're already down

by Canyon Road



The fellow in the other car is from

the Federal Bureau of lnvestigation



- You forgot!

- Yeah



lt is the busy time

for the apples you know



The FBl?



They were most interested in hearing

what l'd seen in the past six months



anything related

to that wanted poster



They asked me if l'd seen

any signs in the woods or



anyone camping out there



God only knows what

that woman's capable of



You know

she is not capable of anything



Well, that's what you say



But it sure didn't sound that way

coming from the laws



That's why l felt

l had to tell 'em what l knew



What did you tell them?



Well, l thought l'd seen something

in the woods recently



An item of clothing to be exact



lt turned out that it was

just an old hat Tom had lost



- But it could've been this

- John, give me



Expensive, by the feel of it



and your initials on it



l imagine they'd draw the same

conclusion from this as anybody would



l told the law it'd take me

no time at all to find this



piece of clothing



l reckon we got us ten minutes

maybe fifteen



'fore they start knocking on doors



l wouldn't try to run away



They are sure to see you



Why would l wanna

run away, Chuck?



l wouldn't try to holler either



Why would l wanna do that?



lt wasn't me

who wanted you here



You were far to beautiful

and frail for this place



You tricked me into feeling

that l meant something to you



lt's your own damn fault

l need your respect, Grace



You have my respect



- l want your respect

- Don't...



This is wrong



lf l can force the flowers

to bloom early in spring



l can force you...






Stop it



Please, please, please

please don't, please, please



Please look at me

Look at me, talk to me



We're friends

You are my family



stop it



Chuck, you seen Grace?



She's at my place



- ls she busy?

- Not anymore



Go right in



Yet again Grace had made

a miraculous escape from her pursuers



with the aid of the people

of Dogville



Everyone had covered up

for her including Chuck



who had to admit that

it was probably Tom's hat



he'd mistakenly considered

so suspicious



That evening Tom had sensed at once

that something had taken place



But had to plead with Grace for ages

before she finally broke down



and unburdened herself



- l have to confront him, l mean

- No



- l have no choice

- No



No one will accept

what he did to you



- No one...

- l don't want you to



l came here with

all these ideas and these



stupid prejudices



He is not strong, Tom



He looks strong

but he's not



l'm gonna start looking for a way

to get you out of here



The end of the summer

had come



And in Elm Street

the second clutch of Dogville's



scatty squirrels scooted in and out

of the legs of children and



grown ups alike searching in vain

for Elm Street's non- existent elms



The heat had turned the soil among

the goose- berry bushes to stone



but Grace did not complain



She threw herself into her work



happy that it was something you could

actually grasp between your fingers



Hey, Liz! Hey Vera!



Better watch out, Grace



Vera's got it in

for you today



What are you talking about?



Maybe you thought

he wouldn't tell me?






You hit Jason



l did



But how could you

do such a thing?



l know it sounds implausible

but he was asking for it



lt's true, Vera

he's always asking for it



l should have done that

myself a long time ago



- Liz!

- lt' s your fault



- the way you've spoiled him

- l know how much you love him, Vera



So do l...



lt won't happen again



lt really won't



No, l know it won't



because l'll never

leave them with you again



That'd be far too dangerous

for any child of mine



l've been tired



Well, maybe you should see

about sleeping at night



like most folks do



Sleeping at night?



Martha saw a certain

Tom Edison Jr.



sneak out of her shed

early this morning



Grace, you won't hear anything from me

about whipping that idiot kid



And l'm also grateful

to you for turning



Tom's wandering eye away

from my skirts, but



on the other hand l'd expected

more from you than that



But if that's the kind of thing

you're after



then l'm sure, with your

innocent looks you will do



just fine in a place like Dogville



lt's not what l'm after, Liz



Oh, no?



We all saw you take his hand

to the picnic



Maybe that wasn't flirting?



Yes, maybe l was flirting



Next day, the weather changed



The fog came rolling down

from the mountains



And although there were

no sunsets to be seen



McKay thought it best

that she sat by him anyway



She had sat by Jack McKay

so many times now



but Jack had not got better

atjudging the distance between them



On the contrary

where fingers alone



had previously brushed

her young flesh



now it was a hand that remained

in place throughout the allotted span



The hours in the orchard were long now

for the harvest was underway



And Grace had long since given up

arguing with Chuck's perception



that respect for cultivation



harvest, and fruit could be directly

measured in provision of carnality



Though reluctant to

leave Grace alone



Tom wandered

around quite often now



lost in thought as he tried to crack

the problem of possible escape



And as Grace's wages no longer

found their way to her purse



he had stepped in



and together

they had triumphantly picked up



the last of the seven figurines

from Ma Ginger's window



What's the matter?






Are the police on

Canyon Road again?






This is just girl talk



lt's funny you should mention

Canyon road though...



right, Martha?

She was just there this morning



- Yeah

- On the way home from church



You see so much more on foot



You know, when you're in a car



you never notice the apple orchard

for example



You can only see it

from one spot on Canyon Road



Do you know that spot, Martha?



Yes l do






did you stop there to enjoy

the view this morning? lt's harvest time



you know, in the orchard after all



The old masters always

loved a good harvest theme



Redolent, with fertility

not to mention



sensibility or even eroticism



But how silly of me

to ask you that Martha



because you already

said you did



She saw you, Grace



She saw you



Behind this pile of broken limbs...



with Chuck...



He said it wasn't the first time

you'd made advances towards him



He never told me before because

he wanted to spare my feelings



He's a withdrawn



and primitive man



but at heart he's loyal



And he is good



What do you want

with my husband?



l don't want anything



with your husband



or anybody



What about Tom and

the handholding at the picnic?



That's different

l like Tom



But you don't like Chuck



Liz and Martha are behind me



when l tell you that l'm going to

have to teach you a lesson



l believe in education



- Vera!

- No, l believe smashing



them is less a crime

than making them



Vera, remember



how l taught your children...



- What?

- Remember how happy You were



when l...



- When you what?

- When l taught your children



about the doctrine of stoicism

and they finally understood it



All right, for that

l'm gonna be lenient



l'm going to break

two of your figurines first



And if you can demonstrate



your knowledge

of the doctrine of stoicism



by holding back your tears



l'll stop



Have you got that?



ln her lifetime Grace had had

considerable practice



at constraining her emotions



and would never have believed

it would be hard to control them now



But as the porcelain

pulverized on the floor



it was as if it were

human tissue disintegrating



The figurines were the offspring of the meeting

between the township and her



They were the proof

that in spite of everything



her suffering had created

something of value



Grace could no longer cope



For the first time

since her childhood



she wept



Grace went to see Tom

that very night



and informed him

that she was ready to follow



his advice and leave

the township



And since Tom had

just made up his mind



that a third party would be needed

to ensure the success of an escape



they agreed that Ben possessed

the greatest potential



But it was a case where money

was required, Tom concluded



and estimated that considering

the times and all



ten dollars would suffice

for Ben and his truck



- But we don't have ten dollars

- No, we borrow it



From whom?



From Dad



He has more than

that in the medicine closet



l talk to him in the morning

and arrange a loan



But you have a word with Ben



it's the end of the week

he's bound to be flat broke



Tell your father

that l will pay him back



Of course



Thank you



You are always rescuing me



l can't believe you go on

being there for me






You should get some sleep



Grace went to see Ben

next morning



When Grace presented the payment

as compensation between friends,



Ben, did not object too heartily



considering the trouble

he could receive



from the rest of the townspeople

when they realized what had happened



Perhaps they'd all be relieved that

she was out of their lives



but somehow

Grace wasn't too sure of that



Ben agreed to drive her



even though he wasn't out to profit from

other folks' misfortunes, as he put it



l don't wanna profit

from other folks misfortunes






The fact was that Ben would have driven

to the gates of Hell and back

for ten dollars



And the criminal aspect bugged him

less than Grace would ever

have guessed



he had freighted

all kinds of things in his day



The plan was for Grace

to hide among the apples



Knowing the exact time to harvest

is the greatest art of all

Chuck had said



and the time had come



For the apples and for Grace



Grace, where've you been?



lf l'd displayed the same



indifference to the timing of my chores

l'd be in for a whippin'



Now get a move on!



l'm sorry, Olivia



l had to talk to Ben

about something



June is near to bursting



She can't use the pot on her own

as you well know



lt ain't fitting' to toy with herjust 'cause

she's crippled and can't help herself



The evening before the escape



Tom tactically thought it best

not to press his desires of the flesh



too hard upon Grace



and instead he adopted

a more sensitive approach



But there is a right

and a wrong time to plant seeds



and you can't plant

seeds in the winter



That's true



But l love you...



- l know

- And you love me



and we will meet again

in love and in freedom






l shouldn't be ashamed

wanting you should l?



lt's nothing to be ashamed of






- No...

- No, its lovely



lt's lovely that

we want each other



- But not this way

- No...



lt's not right



The next morning when Grace

wanted to slip down to Ben's



as invisibly as possible



it seemed to Grace that the entire township

was up and about at the same time






Yes, Vera



lf you think that

by hitting my child



you can get out of working for me

think again



Why don't you just come by

as planned, and we'll



find something where

you won't be able to harm anyone



At twelve o'clock?



Yes Why are you taking your



copious belongings

around with you?



Afraid you are gonna

loose them?



Grace, Ben's hauling apples today

so we won't be loading glasses



But that don't mean

you're off work



Dad wants you to repack

the whole last load



Maybe you can do it better

and we'll have an extra crate



An old crate like that may not

have much value in your eyes



but this is Dogville



We're not wealthy here



And if your hands get

a bit red, well



l've got a tip about

something you can rub on'em






Oh, Martha



We have to wash the flagstones

at the foot of the steps again



Dirt has gone and blown

under the door



l can't get the door open



Where have you been?



Harvest is the holiest time

of the year



Does it not sound like something

you could have said



l'll be down in a minute, Chuck



l'll bring the crates down






As Grace hastened to the garage



she grew more and more pleased



with the decision to keep her

departure under wraps



There was actually quite a bit

of work Dogville didn't need doing



that its residents would have to

carry out for themselves in future



Yeah, er, Grace

l don't like having to say this



but l'd like to ask if l could

have the money up front



See, it's always the way



in the freight industry

Once you deliver a load



you ain't got much to bargain with

if you catch my drift



Of course

Here's the money



Not that this is

a professional job, of course



- Don't get out...

- All right, Ben



till l give the say- so!



Canyon Road snaked down

the valley and away



and Grace went too



and with every bend

the township and its noises



faded ever more

mercifully behind her



- ls something wrong?

- Yeah



There are a hell of a lot of

police up ahead



l wasn't expecting that



lt's more dangerous

than l thought



We'll have to go back






No, we can't do that



lt's just...if this was



a professional transportjob

you know



paid proper like

it'd be a lot easier, but...



But it has been paid for



Yeah, but, in the freight industry



carrying dangerous load



it cost more



A surcharge, they call it



lf this were a professional job

l could just charge you



But Ben

l don't have any more money



Oh, that's no good then



You said once



you said once, that there aren't

many pleasures in my life



And you know...

l go to Miss Laura once a week



And you got me to see that



it weren't nothing

to be ashamed of



And see...



l was gonna go there tonight



And of course it costs me



l mean



not as much...



not as much as a surcharge for



for dangerous goods, but



but still...



it does cost me, you know



No, Ben, please don't



lt's not personal

Grace lt's not personal



l just... l have to take

due payment that's all



l don't have a...

l don't have a choice



l can't puck the freight industry

can l



We're parked in the square

in Georgetown



Right outside the church



You'd better keep

your voice down



No, Ben



This ain't somethin'

l'm proud of Grace



Don't go thinking that



Grace fell asleep

on the long highway



Thanks to her healthy ability to push

any unpleasantness around her far away



A generous God had blessed her with

the rare talent of being able to look ahead



And only ahead



And later when the truck slowed down

about to reach its destination



and she slowly

returned to consciousness



she had no way of knowing

how long she had slept



All she knew was that she would be

happy to see the light of day again



And then she heard the dog



All your fondness for apples

seems less and less believable



You've bruised 'em



We had a meeting last night

at the mission house



They said you might be going to

try to run away



So when l discovered you'd



hidden yourself away

on my truck



l didn't have no choice

but to bring you back to Dogville



ln the freight industry

we can't take sides



lt didn't help Grace



that the first theft ever

registered in Dogville



had taken place

the previous evening



when most people were assembled

for the town meeting



Old Tom Edison Senior



had had a considerable sum of money

stolen from his medicine closet



and suspicion soon fell on Grace



who had apparently been planning an escape

that would surely require funding



Grace chose to remain silent

in the face of these new charges



And then Bill, who had lately

improved his engineering skills



to an astonishing degree



had, by way of his first design



implemented a kind of escape

prevention mechanism



Beautiful it might not have been



but effective

he dared say it was



Grace, we don't like

having to do this



We don't have much of a choice

if we are to protect our community



Could you mind moving?

Try moving



lt works



We had to make this heavy enough

so that it can only move



where the ground's level



And the ground is level in town



May l go now?



l have to figure out

how l'm going to get into my house



Or is that part of the punishment

having to sleep outdoors?



No, no, no, Grace



Don't think of this

as punishment



Not at all!



Bill, he made the chain

long enough



so that you can sleep in your bed



Grace, six o'clock



Yes, Mrs. Henson



l couldn't run the risk

of Dad turning me down



But, they think it was me

that took the money



'Cause l told them so



You did what?



First they suspected me

but then l convinced them



that it was you, since you were

the one using the medicine clock






Because l'm here to do

the thinking for you, if we



are to have the slightest

chance of getting you out of here



they can never know

how close we really are



They can't know

l'm trying to help you



lf they knew it was me

that took the money



l wouldn't be here

talking to you now



Please don't disappear, Tom



l need you



l'll break this one...

with some thinking



lt was not Grace's pride

that kept her going during the days



when fall came and

the trees were losing their leaves



but more of the trance- like state

that descends on animals



whose lives are threatened



a state in which the body reacts




in a low, tough gear

without too much painful reflection



Like a patient passively

letting his disease hold sway



And now that

Vera had received proof



that it was in fact Chuck

who'd forced his attentions on Grace



she was meaner than ever



Had Grace had friends in Dogville

they too



fell like the leaves



Most townspeople

of the male sex



now visited Grace at night

to fulfill their sexual needs



lt had occurred to the children

to give the bell an extra ring



every time such an act

had been consummated



much to Martha's confusion



But since the chain had been attached

things had become easier for everyone



the harassments in bed did not

have to be kept so secret anymore



because they couldn't really

be compared to a sexual act



They were embarrassing the way it is

when a hillbilly has his way with a cow



but no more than that



Tom saw everything



lt pained him, and the sexual visits

were a particularly severe blow






But he supported her

as best he could



the way a spider supports



when it has been tangled in

its own web by the wind






Everything l tried to do

went wrong



l can't come up with the answer

l was looking for



You'll come up with it, you'll see



You're very clever



We provoked them



l wouldn't worry about it



We provoked them, now it is time

for us to provoke ourselves



What do you mean?



l mean



by showing them some trust



lt all started with a meeting

so it will be logical to end it with one too



You'll talk and they'll listen

They can't refuse to listen



What will l say?



Everything, you'll say everything



- Everything?

- Yeah, the truth, the truth



Just the truth about

each and every one of them



l don't think they are

gonna want to hear that



l know, l know



lt is like a child who doesn't

want to take his medicine



They'll be furious at first

but in the end they'll see



it is for their own good



Just don't be hateful



Don't be reproving



lf anybody can do it

Grace, you can



They'll all realize



that this weapon

and this understanding and injustice



has only one true victim

and that's you



And from there it is only

one small step to forgiveness



You've done some hard thinking

Tom Edison



l'm sure it is

an excellent plan l'm sure



lf forgiveness was close at hand

in the mission house



they were all hiding it well



lt hadn't been easy for Tom

to get them there



Appealing to consciences



stowed farther and farther away

by their owners every day



as if they were as fragile

as Henson's glasses after polishing



had proved quite a task



But if one was going the others

might as well come along, too



so nobody could talk behind

anybody's back



Tom had set the scene

for Grace's speech



Now she'd have to sink or swim



and sincerity be brought to bear



While Grace addressed

the silent congregation



in the mission house

on Elm Street



the first of the early autumn

snowstorms embraced the town



The snowflakes dusted down

over the old buildings



as if this were just any old town



And they played in the branches and twigs

from which the apples had hung



but luckily the harvest was home



and via the freight industry

had found a market



despite the ever disappointing prices



Grace had presented

her story with clarity



She had not embellished

or understated



And just as she finished the snowflakes

all at once stopped tumbling down,



leaving Dogville clad

in the daintiest



whitest blanket of snow




l don't think it went very well



lt's fine, you did good



The snow had come early



perhaps too early



A misplaced augury of conciliation



Tom looked around, worried



Vera's teeth were clenched

She was the first to speak



Copious lies



- Just lies

- Yes, Tom



l doesn't accord with the perception

l got of this town and its residents



l'm a doctor, damn it



l don't need anyone to tell me

if l'm sick or not



What do you have to

say for yourself, Tom?



Maybe it's time you picked sides!



Are you for us, or against us?



Liz is right



We've been far

too indulgent with Tom



Tom, l got to tell you

Even l have trouble defending that girl



With your help, which l prefer to think

was accidental, Tom...



She has managed to spread




and troubles throughout

this whole town, she has to go



- How do we get rid of her, Tom

- So, how do we do it, Tom?



l agree, Tom

You brought her in here



You got to figure out

how to get her out



Without her lies

and accusations spreading



l asked you here to listen



You only came

to defend yourselves...



l'm sorry

it's quite a blow to me



to see all of my friends

act this way



so uncivilized



Your plan didn't work out

very well did it?



- You'll think of another one

- No



No more plans l promise



They asked me to chose

between you and them



That's not difficult

on a day like today, l love you



You may be stronger, it's true

but the ideals



the ideals we share



You look exhausted



Lie down



l've chosen, Grace



l have chosen you



Now it is the time!



The time we've been waiting for



We free ourselves of Dogville



You're right



You are right, you are right Tom

lt'd be so easy to make love right now



They may kill us any minute...

lt would be the perfect



- romantic ending

- l know l feel it too, l love You



lt would be so beautiful, but



from the point of view of our love

so completely wrong



We were to meet in freedom



You're cold now, Grace



l've just rejected everybody

l've ever known in your favor



Wouldn't it be worth compromising



just one of your ideals

just a little to ease my pain?



Everybody in this town

has had your body, but me



We're the ones

supposed to be in love



My darling Tom



You can have me if you want me



Just do what the others do



Threaten me



Tell me that you'll turn me

in to the law, to the



gangsters and l promise you



you can take whatever it is

you want from me



l trust you



But maybe you don't

trust yourself?



Perhaps you've been tempted



You've been tempted to join

the others and force me



Perhaps that's why you're so upset



All l've ever tried to do

is help you



l'm just asking if you're afraid

that you could be so human



No, l'm not afraid of that

Not in the least






Let tomorrow bring

what it's gonna bring



lt's not a crime...



to doubt yourself, Tom



but it's wonderful that you don't



l can't find the rest



Maybe l should go out

for a couple of minutes



Take a walk or something

l don't know



To get it all out of my system



Trudge the streets...



listen to the wind as it passes through

the woods up through the valley



and all that



You go to sleep though



You go to sleep

and l will be back



very soon



Of course it was

all a load of nonsense



lf anybody was capable of keeping

track of ideals and reality, he was



After all, it was his job



Moral issues

were his home ground



To think that he might doubt his own purity

was really to think very little of him



Tom was angry



And in the midst of it all

he discovered why



lt was not because of he'd been

wrongly accused



but because the charges was true!



His anger consisted of a most

unpleasant feeling of being found out!



lt was all quite a blow

to the young philosopher!



And realistically enough, he thought

that if the doubt was already present



it could grow



Perhaps so great that one day



it would prove detrimental

to his entire moral mission



Tom stopped



He almost began to shake



when the threat to his career

as a writer dawned upon him



lt didn't take him long

to agree with himself



that the risk was

too great to run



The danger Grace was to the town

she was also to him!



Tom did not like it



And he was man enough

to take action to prevent it



Fortunately Tom was

as conscientious as regards



his future profession

as he was practical



He allowed sincerity and ideals

plenty of room in his life



without getting ''sentimental'' about it

as he would put it



Throwing away a document

that might be of significance to Tom



and with him

future generations of readers



as the basis of a novel

or indeed a trilogy



was not an act

he was so stupid to commit



although he had to admit

that in a moment of weakness



he might have said he would



Before returning to the meeting

that night



Tom opened the little drawer he had open

the night of Grace's arrival



and found it still there



the card from the gangster

in the car



The next day the sun was shining

in the brisk autumn sky



and the snow was long since gone



For the first time for ages



the pile driver could be heard in

the marshlands as it hammered in the piles



of what might or

what might not be a penitentiary



Grace opened her eyes

after an almost unconscious sleep



and was confused...



Judging by the light coming

through the cracks in the walls



it had to be nearly midday...



The grey hour as Jack McKay

for some reason called noon in Dogville



being a man of many ideas

and proclivities



quite a few of which Grace

would prefer to remain ignorant of!



But why had nobody roused her?



Nobody had hammered

furiously at her door



Not a child had thrown mud into her bed

or broken her remaining windowpanes



Now she remembered



She recalled the meeting

the previous day



and puzzled still more



Why had she not been confronted

with the outcome of that meeting?



Or even killed?



lt was quite unlike Dogville to restrain

its indignation at any point



Perhaps things had turned out

well after all?



- Good morning, Mrs. Henson

- Well, morning



l would have come earlier



l overslept



Oh, never mind

Liz put her back into it this morning



We thought some time off

would be good for you



That was quite a speech

you made yesterday



lt gave us

all something to think about



Hello, Liz!



Hi, Grace



l overslept



Good morning, Miss Grace



- Good morning

- How are you this morning?



- l overslept

- Oh, that's all right






Tom, l think it's Grace



Hello, Grace, two seconds...



Good news



l went back to the meeting

last night



l wasn't going to let them

get off so easy, but



l'll be damned

if the mood hadn't changed



l wouldn't say we won exactly

not exactly



but l think something very good

can come out of this



- something very good

- Why didn't you come back and tell me?!



No, l did

l did, but you were asleep



And you know

you looked like you needed it



and that made me suggest that

maybe you should have some time off



And you know



not one single person objected



That sounds wonderful



l know it does, doesn't it



No, but the people of this town

they surprise me again and again



l might even have to revise

my theories a little bit



You know how much l hate

doing that kind of thing



You know, Grace, last night when l



came back and l saw you



lying there asleep so sweetly



l was suddenly inspired



l wrote the first chapter of a story



A story about a small town



Guess where l got the inspiration?



But l haven't come up with

a name for the town yet



Why notjust call it Dogville?



Wouldn't work



No, it wouldn't work

lt's got to be universal



Lot of writers

make that mistake you see



Hey, do you want me

to read it to you?



lf there is any love in it

it comes from you...



Would you be offended

if l said no



- No

- lf l really do have the day



to myself...l









Two people only hurt

each other



if they doubt the love

they have for one another



You can read it some other time



You sit down some place

and gaze out at the mountains



lt's what the girl in my novel does



- l'll see you later

- l'll see you



Good news






Grace chose to hope for the best

rather than fear the worst



and planned to spend the day calmly

washing her clothes and herself



which for some reason or another

she was sure none of the characters



from Tom's fictitious township

would dream of doing



And then it was as if

Dogville just waited



Even the wind dropped



leaving the town

in an unfamiliar calm



As if somebody had put

a large cheese dish cover over it



and created the kind of

quietness that descends



while you are awaiting visitors



After two days off

Grace had been put back to work



but the quietness remained...



lndeed it intensified...



until on the fifth day



it swelled into a strange mood

that all of a sudden



brought all the citizens

to the street to listen



They asked each other

if the phone was really still down



or if they'd heard about Ben

having had to turn his truck around



on his way to Georgetown

that very morning



on account of a large tree

blocking the road



They were not worried...



Worried was not the right word...



And then Tom spotted the cars



- How many cars?

- Go, look for yourself, eight, eight



Tom has binoculars, but you can see 'em

with the naked eye



There must be at least eight!



l thought the road was blocked



They must have come through

before the tree came down



June's bed! The sheets need changing

l'll be there in a minute



Hello, June



Grace had just started on the bed



which June had soiled yet again



when an irritating feeling of wasting

her time forced itself upon her



And it was without thinking

she then said the words



Nobody's gonna sleep here



She didn't say them out loud



but even so she was startled by

the utterance that had urged itself upon her



Where had these ominous

words come from?



Darkness was falling as Grace made

her way home from work that evening



The people on the square

overlooking the valley



had finally given up hope of seeing

anything else now the light had faded



They trudged up Elm Street

in disappointment



- Tom?

- Hi, Grace



There were some cars, but



it's too dark,

we can't see any more



We haven't seen much of each other



Yah, l know, l've been busy

with my book, you know



Can l ask you something?



Yeah, anything



You couldn't bring yourself

to throw it away, could you?



The number he gave you that night

You couldn't throw it away



l told you how dangerous

that man was



That was stupid



Stupid or not



Tom was soon

a passionate spokesman



for locking Grace

in her shed that night



lf the vehicles were indeed

a sign that the call



Tom had placed five days earlier

on behalf of the community



to the number indicated

on the card from



his bureau drawer

had at last led to action



and Grace was now to be

eliminated from their lives



it would surely look good

if the town had also locked her up



Grace was lying on the bed

when Jason was sent up with the key



Grace heard it turn in the lock,



but she was deeply

absorbed by arguments



and thoughts on matters

she had otherwise avoided



for the best part of a year now



From the moment when they'd finally

heard the sound of vehicles



starting one after the other from

the direction of the edge of the woods



things had moved rapidly



Tom had arranged a delegation

to provide a proper reception



Dogville might be off

the beaten track



but it was hospitable,




Welcome gentlemen, welcome



The town places itself

at your disposal!



l should have a large key to give to you

But l only have this small one



- Where ls she?

- Secured by this very key



Where is she?






lf you are wondering

about that sound



The driving piles

for the new penitentiary



Tell me, has the crime rate

really gone up in this country



as we are lead to believe



Maybe people just regard things

as criminal



because uh...because uh

they envy their success?



What's your opinion on the subject



Maybe you have none

l'll get the door...






Voila! As the French might say



What the hell is this?



Who did that?



Billy, put your hand up

put your hand up



- Who's Billy?

- Come on, you just get your tools



lt's okay



- Open it up

- Okay



We felt safer

when she had the chain on



You are probably more adapted

at handling her kind



None of us feel able to accept money

forjust helping people



l mean not unless

it would make you feel



- better to divest yourself

- Shut the hell up!






Grace was no expert

in exclusive automobiles



Yet, she recognized

with no difficulty



the sound of the vehicle

that was rounding the corner



from Canyon Road

at that very moment



Alas, in Grace's memory



the legendary purr of

the Cadillac series     C



was inextricably linked

with another



rather less sophisticated sound



that of gunfire

directed against her person






You need to justify your actions

before you shoot us



That's new



That could be interpreted

as weakness, Daddy...



l'm disappointed in you!



l'm not gonna shoot anybody



You shot at me before






l'm sorry, l regret that



You ran away



But shooting at you

certainly didn't help matters



Of course not

You're, far, far too stubborn



lf you don't want to kill me

then why did you come?



Our last conversation



the one in which you told me

what it was you didn't like about me



never really concluded

as you ran away



l should be allowed to tell you



what l don't like about you



That l believe



would be a rule

of polite conversation, you know



That's why you showed up?



And you call me stubborn



You're sure

you're not here to force me



to go back and

become like you?



lf l thought there was a chance

of forcing you



but of course

that will never happen



You are more

more than welcome



to return home and



become my daughter again

anytime and



l would even begin to



share my power and responsibility

with you if you did



Not that you care



So what is it?



What is it, the thing...

the thing that you don't like about me?



lt was a word you used

that provoked me



You called me arrogant



To plunder

as it were a God given right



l'd call that arrogant, daddy



But that is exactly

what l don't like about you



lt is you that is arrogant!



That's what you came here say?



l'm not the one passing

judgment, Daddy, you are



No, you do not pass judgment



because you sympathize with them



A deprived childhood



and a homicide really isn't

necessarily a homicide, right?



The only thing you can blame

is circumstances



Rapists and murderers



may be the victims

according to you, but



l call them dogs



and if they're lapping up

their own vomit



the only way to stop them

is with the lash



But dogs only obey their own nature

So why shouldn't we forgive them?



Dogs can be taught

many useful things



but not if we forgive them every time

they obey their own nature



So, l'm arrogant



l'm arrogant because

l forgive people?



My God



Can't you see how condescending

you are when you say that?



You have this preconceived notion

that nobody, listen



that nobody can't possibly attain



the same high

ethical standards as you



so you exonerate them



l can not think of anything

more arrogant than that



You, my child...



my dear child



you forgive others with excuses



that you would never in the world

permit for yourself



Why shouldn't l be merciful?




No, no, no You should,

you should be merciful



when there is time to be merciful



But you must maintain

your own standard



You owe them that

You owe them that



The penalty you deserve

for your transgressions



they deserve

for their transgressions



- they are human beings

- No, no, no



Does every human being need to be

accountable for their actions?



Of course they do



But you don't even give them

that chance



And that is extremely arrogant

l love you, l love you



l love you to death



But you are the most

arrogant person l have ever met



And you call me arrogant!



l have no more to say



You are arrogant, l'm arrogant

You've said it, now you can leave



And without my daughter,

l suppose?






- l said without my daughter?

- Hmm, yes!



- Well

- Yes



Well, you decide, you decide



Grace, they say you are having

some trouble here






No more trouble than back home



l'll give you a little time

to think about this



Perhaps you will change your mind



l won't



Listen, my love...



power is not so bad...

l am sure



that you can find a way

to make use of it in your own fashion...



Take a walk and think about it



The people who live here



are doing their best under



very hard circumstances



lf you say so, Grace



But is their best



really good enough?



Do they love you?



Grace had already

thought for a long time



She had known that if she were not shot

when the gangsters arrived



she would be faced with her father's

suggestion that she return



to become a conspirator with him

and his gang of thugs and felons



and she did not need any walk

to reconsider her response to that



Even though the difference between

the people she knew back home



and the people

she'd met in Dogville



had proven somewhat slighter

than she'd expected



Grace looked at the gooseberry bushes

so fragile in the smooth darkness



lt was good to know that

if you did not treat them ill



they would be there

come spring as always



and come summer they'd again



be bursting with the quite

incomprehensible quantity of berries



that were so good in pies

specially with cinnamon



Grace looked around at the frightened

faces behind the windowpanes



that were following

her every step



and felt ashamed of being

part of inflicting that fear



How could she ever hate them



for what was at bottom

merely their weakness?



She would probably have done things

like those that had befallen her



if she'd lived

in one of these houses



to measure them by her own yardstick

as her father put it



Would she not, in all honesty



have done the same as Chuck



and Vera and Ben

and Mrs. Henson



and Tom



and all these people

in their houses?



Grace paused



And while she did, the clouds scattered

and let the moonlight through



and Dogville underwent another of those

little changes of light



lt was if the light, previously

so merciful and faint



finally refused to cover up

for the town any longer



Suddenly you could

no longer imagine



a berry that would appear one day

on a gooseberry bush



but only see the thorn

that was there right now



The light now penetrated every

unevenness and flaw in the buildings...






in... the people!



And all of a sudden she knew

the answer to her question all to well



lf she had acted like them



she could not have defended

a single one of her actions



and could not have condemned

them harshly enough



lt was as if her sorrow and pain

finally assumed their rightful place






What they had done

was not good enough



And if one had the power

to put it to rights,



it was one's duty to do so



for the sake of the other towns



For the sake of humanity



And not least



for the sake of the human being



that was Grace herself



lf l went back and



became your daughter again



when would l be given the power

you're talking about?



- Now?

- At once



Why not?



So that would mean that

l'd also take on the immediate



responsibilities at once



l'd be a part

in the problem solving...



Like the problem...



of Dogville



We can start by



shooting a dog

and nailing it to a wall



Over there



beneath that lamp, for example



Well, it might help

lt sometimes does



lt would only make

the town more frightened,



but hardly make it a better place



And it could happen again



Somebody happening by




...their frailty



That's what l wanna use the power for

if you don't mind



l wanna make this world

a little better






That damn kid won't shut up



Says he wants to talk to you, Miss



Can we just shoot him now?



No, no, no

let me talk to him






What is it?



A man can't really be blamed

for being scared now, can he?



No, that's true



No, l'm scared, Grace



l used you, and l'm sorry



l am stupid, l am

Maybe even arrogant sometimes



You are, Tom



Although using people

is not very charming



l think you have to agree

that this



specific illustration

has surpassed all expectations



lt says so much about being human



lt's been painful



But l think you also have to agree

it has been edifying



- Wouldn't you say?

- Not now, Tom



Not now



lf there is any town this world would be

better without, this is it






Shoot them

and burn down the town






Something else, honey?



There is a family with kids...



Do the kids first

and make the mother watch



Tell her you will stop

if she can hold back her tears



l owe her that



l'm afraid she cries

a little too easily



We've better get you out of here



l'm afraid, you've learned

far too much already



Are you cold, Sweetie



Do you need a wrap?



l'm fine



You want the curtains opened?



You don't need them anymore



What do you think?



l think we should open them



l think it's appropriate






No, no

Oh, God, no!



No, no, no!



- Mom, dad!

- No!



- Dad!

- No!







Mom help! Help!






Bingo Grace!






l have to tell you, your illustration

beat the hell out of mine



lt's frightening, yes



but so clear



Do you think that l can

allow myself to use it as a



inspiration in my writing



Goodbye, Tom



Some things you have to do







That one you're gonna have

to explain to me on the way home



Suddenly there was a noise



Not so persuasive and powerful



as it had been on

one rainy night in spring



but loud enough to work

its way through the final sighs of



the timber

that was rapidly burning out



lt came again

Everyone heard it



Grace was the first to recognize it



That's Moses



That's Moses, she said

and jumped out of the car



She quickly covered the distance

to the dog pen



over what

now the buildings were gone



could scarcely be called a street



and certainly not Elm Street



as there wasn't a tree left on

Dogville's little mountain ledge



let alone an elm



lt was Moses



His survival was astonishing

a miracle



No, no

No, just let him be



They will have spotted the flames

in Georgetown by now



Some one will come

and find him



He's just angry because

l once took his bone



Whether Grace left Dogville

or on the contrary



Dogville had left her



and the world in general



is a question of a more

artful nature



that few would benefit

from by asking



and even fewer

by providing an answer



And nor indeed

will it be answered here!

Special help by SergeiK