Domestic Disturbance Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Domestic Disturbance script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Vince Vaughn and John Travolta movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Domestic Disturbance. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Domestic Disturbance Script


            All right ! Let her go !

            It floats

            Not bad, uh ?

            It's fantastic

            Can I get on ?

            You paid for her

            I'm the one who has to ask permission to board

            Go ahead

            Here you go Frank

            No I'll take one of these

            To Frank Morrison for building us the most

            beautiful boat in the water

            Thank you ! Thank you !

            That boat was the bargain of the century

            I made a price, kept the price

            And if you build any more at that price

            you'll go out of business

            Theresa, I should explain to

            you my theory of noble failure

            But Danny's got a game

            See you

            So how come your boyfriend's

            not coming with you?

            Danny said he wouldn't play

            if he saw Rick in the stands

            He's really got it in for the guy, doesn't he?

            Coach ! Coach !

            How are you?

            Hey, Frank, how's it going ?

            Where's Dan ?

            He isn't here

            Why not?

            I asked him to stay, but he chose to leave

            I don't know where he went yeah

            This is Frank Morrison

            Oh, really?

            What is that Danny?

            Okay, we'll be there

            He's at the police station

            Mom ! Dad !

            I can't believe you would stow away in some

            complete stranger's car

            Where did you think you were going ?

            No... Anywhere, What difference does it make?

            Christ, Danny, what are you thinking ?

            What's the big deal ?

            I'm sorry, okay?

            I just didn't feel like playing today, so I booked

            Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Please come in

            Wait here

            The first time we picked him up,

            it was for breaking windows

            Danny insisted that we had the wrong kid

            He wanted to hire a lawyer, we remember

            That was two years ago after you guys separated

            Six months later we got him in here for truancy

            That was right after - Right after we got our divorce, yes

            All this acting out is Danny's way of

            trying to get us back together

            Look we've logged a lot of

            hours a lot of counsellors

            Clearly, it hasn't done us any good

            Any idea what set him off this time?

            Yes, I'm sure it's because I'm getting remarried

            Oh, boy who's the lucky guy?

            Rick Barnes

            I know Rick

            Of course, you do Everybody does

            Congratulations then

            Well, they do, honey

            Your mom's getting married

            I know you don't like it I get it

            But you're not going to

            use it as an excuse to get wild

            Okay, Dad

            No, I'm not kidding, Danny

            Your mother's got a right to move on with her life

            I think you ought to give this guy a break

            What do you think?

            Dad, do you ever wish that things could be like they were?

            Well, Danny, maybe you don't remember,

            But things weren't all that great

            I remember you were home every day

            Yeah, I know

            The truth is, your mother and I tried hard to make

            it work out but we were

            arguing all the time and frankly

            I didn't think I was doing

            you any favours by sticking around

            Guess what?

            The mast is up on the big boat

            So we're still going sailing Saturday?

            Yeah, you bet


            See you Saturday


            Frank, will you hold on for a second ?

            I'm sorry, Mom

            It's okay, sweetheart

            I love you I love you, too

            Bye, Dad

            All right, so he said that he would give Rick a break

              At least it's something

              Yeah, cool, thank you

              Your're still taking him sailing on Saturday?

              Yeah, why?

              It's just that Danny takes his cues from you

              And I thought that maybe if you asked Rick to go

              sailing with you guys Jesus Susan I mean,

              giving him a pep talk is one thing

              But taking your fiance sailing with us?

              Come on ! Jeez !

              I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked

              Damn it

              You okay?

              Yeah, I'm okay

              Susan asked me to take Rick sailing with us this weekend

              So Danny and he can bond

              Maybe it's a good idea

              What ?

              Danny needs to accept the fact

              that his mom is getting remarried

              And you're going to have to accept it too, Frank

              I have no problem accepting it

              I don't want to hang out with the guy, that's all

              So what really bothers you about sailing with Rick?

              You afraid that Danny might get to like him?

              Maybe I don't want him bonding with him

              Maybe I don't want him to have a new dad

              Remember my friend,

              His ex-wife ran away with Keith Barrel,

              the football player ?

              We'll his kid admired the guy so much

              That he took his name

              And then eventually stopped

              seeing his dad altogether

              Come on, Frank, Danny loves you. You're his Dad

              Diane, these things happen

              And Rick Barnes

              Ever since he got in town, everyone's just

              falling all over him just cause he's loaded

              He's got more than just money, Frank

              Yeah, what?

              According to everyone, he's a very nice guy

              Well, I'm a nice guy, too but no one's falling

              all over -Yes, you are

              I'm just a boat builder A poor boat builder at that

              All right, it's just like a car, okay?

              You turn left to go left, and right to go


              No, that's left

              Right, right, right

              And that's starboard

              I know what you mean

              Maybe we should stick to lefts and rights

              That way

              That I understand

              I'm impressed, Danny

              You know a lot about boats, man

              You know, my Dad and I,

              we spend a lot of time out here

              I can see why, It's beautiful

              Thanks for including me today, I'm having fun

              No problem

              There are so many beautiful places in the world

              How did you end up here?

              I invested in this pharmaceutical company

              They came out with this new blood pressure medicine

              Stock just went through the roof

              It was like winning the lottery

              It gave me a chance to do

              something different with my life

              You know, Frank, I'd never try to take your place with him

              I just want a shot at being his friend

              I tell you what There are two

              things you have to remember with a kid

              Number one

              you have to show them that you love them

              Number two, give them stuff

              You mean bribe him, right?

              If you bought him a new baseball g love,

              you'd be right in with him

              Sounds like a plan

              Danny ! Ready about !

              Pull it in. There you go

              See you, Rick

              See you later, Dan

              Frank, you know the sea Cliff Resort at Buzzard's Bay?

              The dump? Sure What about it?

              Actually I just bought it

              It's beautiful

              The idea is to try to turn it

              into something beautiful

              How would you feel about

              building me some boats?

              We're so busy lately

              Come on Frank You would

              be doing me a favour

              I'll think about it


              Are you maybe feeling a little bit better

              about your mom marrying Rick, or what?

              I guess, yeah


              But I'm still not going to the wedding ?

              Why is that?

              It would just be too weird

              watching mom get married

              You have to go

              Cause you're going to break your

              mother's heart if you don't

              You going ?

              No, but that's different

              We were married It's different

              See? It's too weird for you, too

              You're right, you're right

              Okay, I tell you what, I'll go if you go

              Deal ?


              Good, we'll make fun of them together


              Susan sure did hit the jackpot

              I'm kidding, Frank

              Hey, Dad

              Look at you You are so handsome

              I'm doing great, I guess

              Wait, I got to show you what Rick got me

              I'll be right back

              Dad !

              It's a Cal Ripken g love

              That's great

              Everyone please take your seats

              The ceremony is about to begin

              Danny time to get ready

              Hey, folks, look over here


              do you take Rick to be

              your lawfully wedded husband

              for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health

              till death do you part?

              I do

              Rick, do you take Susan to be your lawfully

              wedded wife

              for richer, for poorer

              in sickness and in health, till death do you part?

              I do

              I now pronounce you husband and wife

              You may kiss the bride

              You're a trooper I'm proud of you

              Appreciate you coming

              Friend of Rick's Congratulations

              Long time no see

              Yeah, Ray, we got a lot of catching up to do

              I can't wait

              Thanks for dressing up

              You look beautiful

              Thank you


              I'm glad you came

              Thanks Who's your buddy?

              He's an old business acquaintance

              I'm surprised he even showed up

              I know, you looked surprised

              What do you mean ?

              You just looked surprised

              Diet Coke and champagne to go

              How are you?

              You're a friend of Rick's, right?

              That's right

              Frank Morrison

              Ray Coleman

              Nice wedding, huh ?

              She must know some pretty good tricks to make

              old Rick settle down

              That's my ex-wife Susan

              You ex? You're kidding me


              So where are you from?

              Bay area, California

              Came all the way out here for the wedding, huh ?

              I had some business in DC

              So how long you know Rick?

              We go way back, went to school together


              What about it?

              Oh, nothing

              He told me that you were

              in business together,

              or something

              Excuse me, Frank Catch you later

              It really is too bad

              What's that, Ray?

              You registered

              I saw the gift table

              Registered at Crate and Barrel, wow

              The dishes, table cloths, soup tureens

              You registered for a soup tureen ?

              That's what I would've got you if I'd been

              invited earlier

              In fact, I could have been your best man

              I appreciate we got some things to discuss here, Ray

              But now's not a good time

              Are you busy?

              What I'm going to do is put you

              up in a motel for a while

              outside of town, and I'll get in touch with you

              in a couple of days

              Why can't I stay here? You've got plenty of room

              That's not a good idea, Ray

              I'm very lucky, Danny

              I'm fortunate to have three great men in my life

              Who's number one?

              You are, sweetheart

              You'll always be number one

              I'll see you guys later

              Where you going ?

              I got some shopping to do

              All right, well, have fun

              Come on, Rick, throw the ball

              See you later, sweetheart

              Good catch

              Come on, you could have had that

              I should have had that?


              You should have had that

              My g love, it's not broken in all the way

              G love's not broken in yet, all right

              Is your arm not broken in yet?

              That was practically right to you, Rick

              That was practically right to me

              My dad would have had that

              Who's you dad, Shaquille O'Neal ?

              He used to be captain of his baseball team

              He's great all sports

              You know, your dad is going to be working for me

              I hired him to build me some boats

              Did he tell you that?

              No, he didn't

              If your dad's such a great baseball player,

              how come he never taught you

              how to throw a baseball ?

              I can throw the ball

              Then why are you

              standing with your feet like this

              and putting the ball everywhere where I'm not?

              When you throw a baseball, you point your

              foot to somebody so the ball goes to them

              Just throw the ball

              I'm going to throw the ball

              But I don't want to run or jump for the ball

              I want the ball to come to me

              Aim and concentrate

              Take it easy !

              I am taking it easy How the hell are you

              supposed to learn anything out here?

              Come on, turn the ball loose

              You throw like shit

              You know, Rick, I don't want to play anymore

              Suit yourself. Bring the g loves in when you're done

              Don't ask me to play again if you're going to be a brat !

              You want about a half inch up

              Just trim it off like that

              All your strokes are

              even and forward like so, right?

              And you use the other side of the brush, as well

              This is the important part, make sure that the

              edges don't dry

              Because then you'll get distortion

              No open spots You ready to try it?

              What if I mess up?

              That's a very interesting question, 'cause that's

              what I asked my dad

              And that's what he asked his father

              So do you know what your great grandfather told

              your grandfather who

              told your father who's telling you now?


              That's why God invented sandpaper

              So this is okay?

              Yeah, it's very good

              So what happened with that whole window thing ?

              I told Mom it was an accident

              Yeah, well, tell me it was an accident

              I just got mad, okay?

              Why, because he had a problem with the way

              you threw a ball ?

              No, he threw it hard and he tried to hurt me

              Come on, Danny, was it any harder than a line

              drive coming at you?


              Maybe he was just trying to prepare you for a real game

              or something

              Why do you have to work for him, anyway?

              Tell him you don't want his money,

              that you don't need anything from him

              I can't do that

              Why not?

              Because the truth is, Dan

              I love making these wooden boats,

              but people don't want them anymore

              When your grandpa made them,

              they'd line up from here to Maine

              Just to have one

              But they want plastic now

              It's cheaper, they can afford it

              You understand ?


              I was in the donut shop this morning

              You know who I saw?

              You know that girl Katie that you like,

              what's her last name?

              Lewis? she was there with a girlfriend

              She was talking about you, she said, he's nice

              or something like that

              Since she got her braces off, she's a total babe

              I know, and then she said that she thought

              your dad was a fox

              Here you go, Frank Have a nice day

              You too

              How's it going ?

              Frank Morrison, I met you at Rick's wedding

              Jesus, of course !

              Ray, right !

              You want to sit down ?


              Sorry Frank, yeah

              I'm getting really bad with faces

              It must be early Alzheimer's or something

              It's been a while since the wedding

              I wouldn't worry about it

              I was just surprised you're still here

              You said something

              about just being in for the day

              Yeah, I decided to stick around,

              grab myself a little R& R

              Tell you what, Frank,

              now that I've been here for a while

              I can see why Rick really fell in love with the place

              I'm actually thinking about

              looking at some real estate myself

              No kidding

              I kid you not

              Well, if you're serious about it, I know a realtor

              Sam Jones, he'll hook you up

              You know that I'm noticing ?

              I haven't seen any adult bookstores in this town

              No kidding

              I kid you not

              Just the man I wanted to see

              I owe you a call Good to see you

              You're a busy man

              If you weren't so busy,

              you wouldn't be getting

              Southport's Man of the year award

              Yeah, well, it's a slow year, we all know that


              How's the backhand coming ?

              Coming along, want to play tomorrow?

              Let me give you a call

              Give my best to everybody

              I will

              Open up, Ray

              What the hell were

              How did you know I was in town ?

              What are you doing with my wife's ex, Ray?

              Having eggs

              Why did she leave him? He was great

              Told him I was thinking

              about buying some property here

              And he offered to find me a realtor

              Maybe you and me could be neighbors

              I had a good reason for

              wanting you to stay out of town, Ray

              You talk too much You always have

              Maybe I'm not the only one

              How do you think I found you?

              When we were on the

              inside doing our little stretch

              We'd all take our best shots at imagining

              Where you'd run off to spend our money

              You're lucky it was only me who figured it out

              or you would have had

              all three of us for wedding guests

              What about Tommy and John ?

              What about them?

              What are you going to send them their share?

              So? Don't you want to know how I found you?

              Yeah, of course I do, Ray

              I remember this one time you were drunk

              and telling me how crappy your childhood was

              Except for this one summer you spent on

              the Maryland coast

              Where there was clean air and friendly people

              I ain't saying you were easy to find

              I mean, I only had a general idea of where

              to look

              and a lot of times I came this close to just

              giving it up

              But then

              then you made the papers

              You know, I'll tell you something, Ray

              You know what I came to hate most about working

              outside the law?

              Having to associate with scumbags

              You found yourself a lawyer to get

              yourself off

              Maybe that makes you smarter than me

              doesn't make you better

              I'll call you, Ray

              I'm sick of you stalling me, Jack !

              I told you, Ray

              it takes time to put

              this kind of money together

              Name's Rick

              It's funny how quick you can forget a name


              Stay out of town, Ray

              You don't belong there

              Well, I was right, the doctor said pregnant

              Baby, I'm so happy That's so great

              Oh, Susan, I bet you it's going to be a boy, too

              You want to bet me on that?

              What's wrong, honey?


              I just didn't expect it to happen so soon,

              that's all

              You know how much I wanted to have a baby

              I'm happy

              I know you do, I do, too Promise

              You just worried about Danny, huh ?

              Ya I'm just first married and... Baby, it's hard

              to handle, You know for kid...

              Danny ! Dan, Don't !

              Sweetie, I'm sorry I'm sorry

              I did not mean it for you to find out this...

              Leave me alone, Mom !


              Danny, can you at least try to be happy

              for everybody? No !

              Danny, please don't !

              Please don't let him ruin this

              This is the happiest day of my life

              I'm sorry, I'm sorry

              Just give me two minutes I'll be right down

              Diane, it's me, is my dad there?

              I have to talk to him

              No, honey, he's not home yet

              When is he coming home?

              Soon, I guess, Danny, are you okay?

              Tell him he's got to come and get me,

              I have to talk to him

              Who are you talking to?

              Take me to my Dad's house. I want to go now

              No, this is between us

              You and I are going to sit down here and we're

              going to talk this through, okay?

              I know that you're upset, sweetheart,

              but you have to believe me when I tell you

              that a baby is not going

              to change the way I feel about you

              I know, Mom, I'm number one, remember ?

              Check out of your room Meet me out front at seven

              Did you get it all ?

              Yeah, Ray I've got it all

              All right, I'll be waiting

              About time

              What did I miss?

              Excuse me guys

              I got to go into town for a little while,

              but it shouldn't take long

              Okay, will you wait?

              I'll walk you to your car, okay?

              We're not through I'll be right back

              How do you think the conversation's going ?

              You don't understand

              I feel like I've betrayed him, or something

              Stop it, will you? You haven't betrayed anybody

              He's just upset He'll get over it

              Listen, I'll wrap this thing up as soon as

              I can and I'll be home I love you

              Please drive carefully

              It looks like there's a storm coming in

              It's been a pleasure having you

              Mr. Coleman Come back anytime

              See you around Take care

              Put it in the back

              Good - bye and good riddance

              So where you off to?

              Miami Beach

              Starting tomorrow

              I'm going to be working on my tan and a case of Cuervo

              If you ever get fed up here in Frontier land

              come on down

              Miami's got no appeal for me

              None whatsoever

              I'm going to have a kid

              Get the hell out of here

              Isn't that great?

              You're really going all the way with this

              " Leave it to Beaver " thing

              Two kids?

              Danny's not mine

              That's got to be tough,

              putting up with some other guy's brat

              I couldn't do it

              I put up with the damn kid because I got no choice

              you know

              I got to make a stop here


              You don't think I had that kind of cash on me

              did you?

              No, I got it stashed up here at a brickworks I own

              Comes in handy for stuff, Jesus !


              No, it's just that I've never been out here before at night

              And I can't see a goddamn thing cause it's pouring

              Are you kidding me?

              No, I'm not kidding you You see anything in this shit?

              Jesus ! What are you, lost?

              Relax, it's around here somewhere. Let me just

              look at the map, all right?

              The map's in here

              I got a flight to catch !

              Stop bitching at me ! look in the back for the map

              Jesus Christ

              I don't see no goddamn map

              It's in here somewhere

              You see it?

              This is unbelievable !

              Wait till you see what you got back here

              What's going on ?

              It's Danny, Rick He ran away

              Are you okay?

              I'm fine

              It's okay, Mr. Barnes Your wife got a call

              from Mr. Morrison

              Danny showed up over there

              Thank God, you want to go get him?

              Hold on, Mr. Barnes There's more

              What is it?

              He told his father he saw you kill a man

              He told his father what?

              He claims he was hiding in the back of your Suburban

              He says that's where he saw you do it

              Susan, what would make Danny say something like this?

              It's obvious,

              Rick, it's Danny's way of getting

              back at us for the baby

              We should head down to the station

              And we'll be needing the keys to your Suburban

              I know what I saw, I'm not making this up

              He killed a guy

              Danny, are you sure you're not doing this

              because you're mad at Rick?

              Diane, please

              Danny, let's go over this again, all right?

              Take your time, start from the beginning

              Don't leave anything out

              Send them in

              It's your mother and stepfather

              They're going to join us

              No Dad, please no I don't want to see him, Dad


              A already told you, he never said his name

              Dad ?

              Just answer the question It's okay

              And you say that you heard

              your stepfather and this man

              talking about money

              They were supposed to be going to get some money

              Only, Rick killed him instead

              Danny, stop this, please

              He said that he loved

              the baby and that he hated me

              Sweetheart, listen, I know that we've hurt you,

              But what you're doing isn't fair, it's not right

              I'm telling the truth

              No, Danny, you're doing

              what you do when a situation

              comes along that you can't handle

              Look, he knows the truth, he knows what he did

              and you're just going to sit there and let him get

              away with it, Dad

              Come in

              Johnson just called in from the brickworks

              Excuse me

              So, no charbroiled skeletons?

              If a body was incinerated

              in a kiln like they got over there,

              it would take a forensic specialist-

              I am not wasting any more time or money

              on this sick kid's bullshit story

              David, phone call, line seven

              Hold on


              It's the garage Okay, go on

              There was

              No visible evidence at all at the brickworks

              or, for that matter, in your truck

              Keys are at the front desk You all should go home

              Danny, let's go home

              I'm not going home with him

              Danny, we are going to go home and talk about this


              Dad, please don't make me go home

              Susan, let him come home with me

              No, Frank, every time he has a problem,

              he comes running to you

              I want him to come home now

              Dad, don't make me go

              Jesus, Danny, knock it off !

              Dad ? You don't believe me, either ?

              You're asleep right now This is a dream

              You're dreaming that someone's got their

              hand over your mouth and it's hard to breathe

              and you can't wake up, can you?

              can you?

              Now, you had a dream about a murder

              And it felt like it was real

              It's only a nightmare

              You don't want every moment of your life to

              be a big screaming nightmare

              do you, Danny?

              Better wake up

              He wants me to pick them up?

              Have the port lights come in

              I'm expecting them this afternoon

              All right, call and make sure

              Hey, how you doing ? Good morning

              How are you, Frank?


              You got a hell of a place here

              Frank, I just want to let you know I'm not taking

              what happened last night personally

              I just look forward to getting past it

              But on to something more positive here, I do have

              the start- up money for the Seacliff, $     

              When do you think you could start building the boats?

              You know, when I went home last night,

              I couldn't even think about sleeping

              But here's what I did think about

              My son is living with you in your house

              And I have absolutely no

              idea of what kind of man you really are

              and, honestly, that scares the hell out of me

              Well, Frank, you're a good dad, you know

              But before you start letting your imagination

              Run away with you here,

              I'd ask you to remember something

              It's true that you may not know me so well, but

              you do know Danny

              and he lies, I know that

              He lies to his mother his grandmother

              His teachers, the police

              Just about everybody, but

              But what?

              He doesn't lie to me

              Hard as I tried, I couldn't think of a sing le time

              I didn't kill anybody, Frank

              probably not, Rick

              I'm glad to hear you say that

              As long as my son is living with you under your roof,

              " probably" isn't good enough

              Jesus Christ, Frank, who's this guy, Ray?

              What about him?

              He's your school chum

              he's your business acquaintance

              The other day I saw him, he was looking for real estate

              Ray Yeah

              So now it's Ray I supposedly killed,

              is that right?

              I tell you, Frank, trying to be a stepfather

              To a child that hates your guts,

              isn't exactly a picnic

              I thought you were on my side for this

              I'm on Danny's side

              Give my best to Diane then, Frank


              I just think it's a good idea if he stays with

              that's all

              I'm not having this conversation with you

              I know that Rick threatens you-

              He threatens me, all right

              You're so wrong about him

              You don't even know what he's really about

              You're the one that I don't really know

              anything about anymore, Frank

              Do you think that I so desperately need a man,

              that I'm going to endanger my own child by marring a-


              What are you doing here?

              Come on, Danny, let's go

              No, he's coming home with me

              He's scared of the guy It's not right

              What do you get?

              Have I ever stopped you from seeing him?

              This is not about custody

              Danny, please get in my car

              If you want to fight me for custody-

              I don't want to fight you for custody !

              Please don't do this !

              Hold on a second, Frank

              This is none of your business

              What if I make it my business?

              Don't !

              Frank, don't do this !

              I'm sorry, Mike

              Dad, that was so cool

              Put your seat belt on

              That was awesome

              Knock it off, Danny

              You know what I've just done?

              It's called kidnapping

              How could it be kidnapping ?

              I'm your kid

              It just is It doesn't matter

              So you believe me now?

              Yeah, yeah

              What are we going to do now? I don't know

              Dad, watch out !

              You never struck me as the kind of guy

              Who would exploit the emotional problems of

              his son to make a play for custody

              Sergeant, I know you have a history with my son

              I know that's why you're having a hard time with this

              But this character,

              Ray Coleman he was at the weeding -

              When Ray Coleman showed up at the wedding,

              Rick Barnes wasn't happy to see him

              But there's more

              they had two different stories about how they met

              Maybe Ray Coleman is a little confused

              But he wasn't confused

              Maybe he'd been drinking, come on now

              You can go now Mr. Morrison

              Your ex-wife isn't pressing charges

              And, for the time being, neither are we

              By the way, I checked with the police in the

              Bay Area

              No Ray Coleman was reported missing

              That's not good enough

              Good-bye, Mr. Morrison

              Jack, look, it was not

              my intention to fight for custody

              But now I have no choice, do I ?

              Right !

              Okay, all right, I'll see you there at   . Thanks

              That was Berman He's tough, man

              But he's good, he's the one who handled the

              whole divorce thing

              Just have to figure out What?

              I'm sorry, Frank

              I can't believe that you have actually managed to

              convince yourself that this man -This man ?

              This man who only wanted to help-This man ?

              Do you want me to ignore the fact that my son is

              living with a killer ? is that what you want?

              This fantasy of yours,

              it sure does give you a good excuse, doesn't it?

              For what? Excuse for what?

              An excuse to hold on to your old life

              I know Danny's your son,

              And I would never ask you to choose between us

              But I won't hang around while you take Susan on

              in some insane custody battle

              Diane, I have never failed Danny, ever

              And I can't fail him now not when it counts

              I'm sorry

              I'm sorry too, Frank

              But I can't do this

              Rick, sweetheart will you please hurry up?

              I don't want to be late for this

              Calm down will you?

              Moms always win these things, right?

              No, it's never a sure thing, Rick

              You all right?

              I still can't believe this is happening

              You know, Susan

              ever since Frank hit us with this custody thing,

              there's something I'd like to talk to you about

              About what?

              Well, I feel like I've done

              Everything I can but stand on my head with

              Danny's concern

              And he won't give me a break. There's no way-

              I know and I'm sorry sweet pea

              There's nothing for you to be sorry about

              It's been hard on everybody

              But maybe if Danny went off to live with Frank

              for a little while

              That wouldn't be the worse thing in the world

              for everybody


              I'm just trying to think about what would be

              best for everyone, dear



              things get really tense when Danny's around

              and the doctor said if you get stressed out,

              you could lose the baby

              I don't give a damn what the doctor said,

              Danny's my son

              It's bad enough he hardly talks to me anymore

              If he goes to live with Frank

              I'd be lucky if I ever see him again

              Rick, we talked about this

              I'm sorry

              Danny's not going to go anywhere,

              I promise you that, okay?

              Dan, listen up

              Whatever the judge decides today

              I want you to know that your mother loves you

              remember that

              I'll see you there

              All right

              Love you

              Love you, too

              I'm ready to go


              She's bringing the car around,

              Danny She can't hear you

              I'm not afraid of you

              I don't give a damn if you're afraid of me or not

              What I want to know is,

              do I need to be afraid of you Danny?

              What do you mean ?

              This custody hearing

              thing that you have us all going to today

              if we come home without you


              that's going to upset your mom

              and like I said to you I can't allow that to happen

              Now, I know that you love your dad very much

              How would you feel if something happened to him?

              Look, I'll do whatever you want

              Just, please, leave them alone

              I want both parties to know

              That a child of Danny's age

              is old enough to have a voice in determining

              which parent he would be better off living with

              Now, that being said

              call your witness Mr. Berman

              Thank you

              Your honour, we'd like to call Danny Morrison to the stand

              Hello, Danny

              Danny Morrison ?

              Yes, sir

              How old are you?

              I'm    sir

              Twelve, so we can't swear you in

              But it is your word of honour when you sit in

              that witness box

              do you understand that?

              Yes, sir

              Good, then let's get to work


              Thank you, Your honour

              Hello, Danny

              I'm going to ask you a few questions

              you all right with that?

              All right, let's go back

              to the evening of October   th

              That was the night your mother cane home from the

              doctor with some news

              just tell what happened

              I found out that my mom was going to have a baby

              Yeah ? How did you handle that?

              I guess I kind of freaked

              Go on

              After that, I wanted to go and see my dad

              How come?

              Cause I felt like I needed to talk things over with him

              You and your dad are pretty close then ?

              Yes, sir

              All right, Danny, just take your time and tell us

              what happened next

              Well, I hid in the back of Rick's truck

              cause he was going into town,

              and that's near where my dad lives

              And then

              And then he stopped at this office building and

              I jumped out


              I ran to my dad's house,

              And I made up this story

              about seeing him kill some guy

              Danny, what are you doing ? Tell them the truth

              This is the truth, Dad

              Did he threaten you?

              You keep this up Mr. Morrison,

              I will have you removed from this courtroom

              This is not how Frank sit down

              Let me ask you something, Danny

              Do you want to give it

              another try with your mom and Rick

              Or do you think you'd

              be better off living with your dad ?

              I'd like to stay with my mom and Rick

              Look Frank

              I know what happened today

              I'm glad somebody does. Drink?

              I'm not going to drink with you


              Too bad

              You ought to go home

              Okay Frank

              Danny lied


              But at least he's not

              living under the same roof with a killer

              I'll drink to that

              No, this is how you lost Danny the first time

              Come on Frank let's go home

              That's the best offer I've had in a while

              You get fresh Frank

              I'll make it real

              It's my day to see him Susan

              Yeah, I know it is


              I tried talking to him

              but he just went racing out

              I'm sure he just feels badly about lying to you

              I'm sure it'll be okay I'm sorry

              I have to go,

              But I promise I'll tell him to call you

              Cheeseburger and french fries

              Can I get you anything to drink?

              Diet Coke

              Sounds good

              Took me    years to get

              one of these. How long you been here?

              Been here about two years

              but I being here for a long time

              Two years

              At the rate you're going,

              we'll be naming the town after you

              Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Thank you

              I'd just like to say

              thank you to the men and women of Southport

              For recognizing me with

              this honour, I feel flattered to be included

              Hey, Dan

              Hey, Dad

              You're a hard man to get a hold of lately

              What are you doing here?

              What is this about, Frank?

              I'm just trying to talk to my son

              Ten o'clock at night?

              It's not your business

              Frank, do you really think

              That showing up here drunk in front of your son

              What is that supposed

              to make him want to spend more time around you?

              Are you crazy Frank?

              What are you doing ?

              Screw you, Patterson !

              Just because this asshole's got some money

              to spread around you don't give a shit who he is !

              Dad why don't you just go home?

              Dad you dropped your wallet

              Dad wait up

              Sorry Danny I shouldn't have come here

              You dropped your wallet

              That's not my wallet, Dan

              Dad, you have to stop making trouble for him

              So, Dad, please just lay off, okay?

              How are you?

              What do you want?

              Nothing much

              Just five bucks

              You wouldn't happen to have $  you could lend

              your old step dad would you, Dan ?


              You don't?

              Maybe we should check your wallet

              Where's your wallet, Danny?

              I don't know

              You don't know?

              Don't you think you

              should probably start looking for it?

              I really hope you didn't lose that, Dan

              Start looking for it

              I didn't tell him anything, Rick

              Maybe you think I've

              just been fooling around with you

              is that it, Danny?

              All I did was say I was sorry for not being home-

              Bullshit !

              I swear to God, that's all I said

              You're a little fucking liar, aren't you, Danny?

              I'm telling the truth, Rick

              I hope so

              Does Ray Coleman sound familiar to you?

              Ray Coleman ? That name doesn't sound familiar

              Would you check your register ?

              Because my sister's really worried about him

              Here we go, Ray Coleman

              Checked in on September the  th

              and checked out on -

              check the   th

              Yeah, October   th

              How about a telephone number, address?

              I could check his bill

              Yeah, yeah

              Here we go, C, Coleman

              These are just the local calls

              What's this?

              Pizza Hut

              How about this? He called this a lot

              Yeah, he liked the ladies

              You patty?

              Who are you?

              A friend of Ray's



              That shit owes me money

              Join the club

              Can I talk to you?

              I didn't know Ray that

              well, we were just killing time

              You know how it is

              Yeah, I can't believe this guy

              He never even told you where he was from?


              What did you guys talk about?

              We didn't do that much talking

              We weren't doing that

              We were watching TV

              I don't know what Ray likes better

              to screw or watch basketball

              At least he gave me this

              I know that lighter Let me see

              Oh, yeah

              It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago

              I like this lighter

              It's not even real

              Yeah, but I like the horseshoe thing

              Buy it from you How much ?

              I don't know, it's a pretty nice lighter



              If you can just have this dusted for prints

              I'm sure we'll find that this Ray Coleman's

              got a record

              And if he does

              then we know that Rick Barnes

              will have one, too

              A lot of people have handled this lighter

              The lab could only manage

              to lift off one clean set of prints

              It turns out they belong to a convicted felon

              Her name is Patty Walsh

              Prostitution, Drug use

              Hey, Frank

              I'm glad I ran into you

              About last night, we both got a little bit hot

              under the collar

              And I felt terrible about it

              Recognize that?

              Probably fell out of Ray's

              pocket when you pulled him from the truck

              What are you doing, Frank?

              You touch

              so much as one hair on my son's head

              and I swear, as God is my witness

              that'll be the last thing you ever do in this world

              You're the second guy today

              who's been in here looking for Ray Coleman

              You again ? What do you want?

              What basketball team did he root for ?

              What are you talking about?

              You said that he liked

              to screw and watch basketball, what team

              did he root for ?


              Ray Coleman -Three

              Convictions in Racketeering Case

              Oh, God

                Is Detective Stevens there?

                No, this is Frank Morrison

                When will he be back?

                You have an e-mail address there?

                Thank you No, wait, listen

                When he gets in, have him check his e-mail

                And have him call Frank Morrison at the boathouse

                as soon as he gets it

                Thank you

                As you can see, this venerable building

                a long time fixture in the Southport community

                Continues to bum

                It just keeps ringing, Mom

                It's okay, sweetheart You know how careful Dad is

                I'm sure he's fine He's fine

                No, Mom, Rick said he'd do this !

                He said he'd hurt Dad !

                He killed the guy, just like I said,

                and he threatened to kill Dad, too !

                Forget it, Mom, you won't believe me, anyway

                Danny, what are you talking about?

                Danny, we're getting out of here



                Sweetheart, I didn't hear you come in

                Just got back

                Danny, you go wait in the car

                Where are you going ?

                There was a fire at Frank's place and the

                boathouse burned down


                Danny wants to go and make sure

                that Frank is okay

                You want me to take you?

                It's okay

                Danny's really upset and I think it's best if I

                take him alone, okay?


                What is this?

                Frank Morrison sent it over

                Rick Barnes, indicted for extortion bribery

                attempted murder

                His real name is Jack Pamell

                Your reckon the

                Chicago Chamber of Commerce gave

                him an award, too?


                Frank Morrison

                Susan, it's Frank Now, listen

                You and Danny get out of the house now !

                I know I'm in the car with Danny-

                I think I better drive Danny

                I'm fine, Rick

                Get out of the car, Susan


                It's okay, sweetheart

                I just need to hang on to him till I'm someplace safe

                Please don't do this Please

                Mom, are you all right?

                Give me the keys

                Take me instead, please

                You were the best thing that ever happened to me

                Run, Danny, run !

                You bitch !

                Danny, go lock the doors and the living room !

                Did you lock everything ?

                Yeah, did you call the police?

                Go ! Run !

                Leave him alone !

                Mom, get up Mom, wake up

                Mom, please get up

                Get up

                You're going to sit still, aren't you?

                You sure you're going to be okay?

                I'll be fine, Mom

                We'll follow you to the hospital

                Frank, I'm sorry

                No, it's okay

                I'm sorry about the baby

                Mom, I love you

                I love you too, sweetheart

                Mr. Morrison, hold on

                There's really not a whole lot

                I can say right now, except

                Just say it to him

                Danny, I'm sorry

                It's all right



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