Dr. Dolittle 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dr. Dolittle 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Eddie Murphy movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dr. Dolittle 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dr. Dolittle 2 Script

            No matter how busy he got, he always find time for his animals

            my name is Brandy

            I am an astray?

            that's ok. We're all astray

            I know the first's gonna take you time

            one part a time

            never ever give up hope

            not just Brandy, and all you dogs

            listen to me

            every dog in here is gonna find a

            family and be somebody's best friend

            let me hear you say that

            say I'm somebody's best friend

            I'm somebody's best friend

            one more time again

            I'm somebody's best friend

            I'm somebody's best friend

            that's right

            there's also at the north beach

            who's trying to find a good watchdog

            to prevent housebreaking

            and great with kids

            you guys got a background in security?

            that'll be Rusty

            he wants to be a watchdog

            who's Rusty

            Rusty, oh no

            it's better be important

            I say must learn to lick ass

            every zoo in the country got a job for the doc

            how long ago did you guys make a little turtle?

            not that long, maybe    years

            gonna be    years next Monday

            I see what the problem is

            I'm gonna give you this pill

            I want you to crush it up

            and put it in as food

            what did they do?

            you're looking fine

            I'm coming at you

            there we give an international celebrity

            traveling from Alaska to Australia

            I'm here with the world famous Dr. Dolittle

            who actually speaks with animals

            what're we gonna do?

            we sneak up on this unsuspected alligator

            we better be quiet or he'll know we're here

            the trick to catch it is to wear

            teeth this big

            when he catches me

            I'm gonna bite his hands off

            I think he knows. . .

            it seems every wants to be a patient of a good doctor

            his family understood

            most families did

            right now I gotta answer the door

            who's there?

            it's me . I forgot my key, open up

            I guess you gotta beg

            come on boy, beg

            role reversal

            usually it's human

            you better open up

            just open the door

            since you're the one who feeds me

            I'm gonna let you in this time

            guess who's back from France

            I got you from Paris

            it's for me

            I can enjoy this present as well

            you know what'll be a really nice present?

            it's you keep that flock off

            I got you a present from Mexico

            can I see it?

            don't shake .     

            don't shake

            it's a camellia. lt can change colors

            the black master is in the house

            I'm gonna disappear for a while

            now you see me . Now you don't

            am I gone? Am I not invisible?

            you remember Cherry's birthday?

            sure I do . You remember to get the cake from Stancy?

            actually Cherry doesn't wanna have a family party

            we always celebrate together

            get this thing off

            she got a date

            a date with who?

            I didn't ask. She is a big girl now

            we'll see a out this dating

            where's the birthday anyway?

            she is unreachable

            what do you mean? Where is she?

            she is her room with the dog and the earphones on

            you can try paging her

            she is unreachable in my house

            and I have to page her?

            see who am I gonna page?

            be careful doc

            she is    

            open the door

            can you believe it?

            try your cell

            I'm not trying to call her on the cell phone

            while she in her bedroom

            open the door

            ok alright

              doesn't I teenager get the right to drive and drink?

              what're you drinking?

              give it to me

              Gaedali make wine now?

              you better slow down

              which one is Dolittle

              what now?

              I have a message from the boss

              from the who?

              the boss

              save the question

              come with me

              you guys know the rules

              don't just come up here without an appointment

              make an appointment

              now go tell the beaver make an appointment

              just like everyboby else

              I can't turn there . I'm not with the fishes

              how's going to look in the paper?

              doctor Dolittle go past the roof

              that's not right

              now leave cos I'll

              watch your tone buddy


              this is your daddy. How are you?

              I got a question for you

              why am I on the outside talking to you on the cell phone?

              what am I doing?

              it's the only way to reach you

              what are you doing here?

              what's all this about?

              dance of course

              that's not dance that's advertise

              you don't wanna spend your birthday with your family?

              I had to have dinner when I was younger

              now I'm turning    

              besides I have a date

              you can bring him here

              cos you're having dinner here

              my parents and my little sister

              are gonna join us on our date?

              you're joining us. We have it every year

              what's this?

              that's private

              I can see why it's private

              it's embarrassing

              since you got   Cs and a D on here

              you should be the last person talking about being embarrassing

              what are you talking about?

              what is it supposed to mean

              you mean I should my work and everything

              is it what you mean being embarrassing?

              it's not going to happen

              that's right. You're going to dinner

              no cell phone for a week

              what am I supposed to do without my cell phone?

              you cab learn to write some letters

              look at me don't I look like care?

              this is unbelievable

              she has    numbers

              none of them is mine

              you shouldn't be looking at it

              why not?

              who the hell is biggie Mac?

              I don't know

              I'm gonna find out

              I don't like that name

              what the hell kinda name is that?

              what is that?

              max's cell phone?

              when did he get a cell phone?

              I'm asking a question, punk

              it's none of your damn business

              it's my business to find out how old you are

              are you threatening me?

              no but I'm coming to you whenever. . .

              I'm so sorry that's a wrong number

              that was an old man on the cell phone

              I wish I could say the same thing about you

              the door

              go get the door

              doctor D, what's up? lt's me

              me who is me? Back off me

              you don't know me?

              doctor D, what is going on?

              you deliver pizza?

              I forgot to give you a tip I'm sorry

              it's cool you do don't have to give a petty tip

              this is your date?

              this is Eric

              Eric this is my dad

              my man, what's up?

              we need to stay to have family dinner

              this is cool with me

              don't be like that

              you're gonna ruin the dinner for everybody

              don't worry

              I know how to take of it


              Charliz always has a mind of her own

              a year and a half

              she decided not to wear diapers anymore, remember that?

              then she started to make messes around the house

              it's cool I can actually learn something

              you're really something?

              cos you've never to take off your hat at the dinner table

              is your head being hot or what?


              just think in   years she is out of the house and on her way to college

              one year and     months     days

              Berkeley is a close college

              if you go there, you can live at home and save some money

              that's a good idea

              but I already reserved a college when I graduate from high school

              you reserved already?

              someone to see you

              excuse me darling

              I love you too

              you down here

              what do you want?

              first of all let me beaver wants to sent a birthday greeting

              to your loving daughter

              that's very nice

              you go tell beaver start getting out of my nerves

              he only wants some moment of your time

              what if I say no

              I think you need to go in that room

              you go tell the beaver

              be in my office   o'clock tomorrow

              he knows you're busy

              but this is really a matter of life or death situation

              in my car,   am . Alright?

              this is good news

              the beaver likes good news

              Jimmy, get the car

              blow the candles and make a wish


              give me that

              I'm gonna eat that

              you lick my fat bump

              don't be a pig

              we're trying to do something nice to your daughter

              you're not   little cute kitties

              you're just   disgusting rats

              no, we are not

              you just ruined the birthday cake

              if you write backward of rats

              it's stars

              I'm your star

              you know hospital backward?

              yes it is


              my favorite, chocolate

              say miya

              what do you think you're doing?

              I think he's about to say something

              bring me a bone

              bring me a large plate of flies

              super size

              you'll bring me ham

              can I talk to Charliz a second?

              I'm sorry about tonight

              I'm thinking about cutting a little work

              and spend more time with you guys

              great more animals will be here

              what if we don't stay here

              what about a big vacation in Europe

              the whole family?

              are you serious?

              we're going to Paris, Rome, Greeks

              just do it

              what do you think?

              is it a bribe?

              yes, it's a bribe

              it's working

              yo doc, one more thing I forgot to tell you


              tomorrow, we're going to Europe

              so the raccoon and the parcel

              take the road trip to meet the beaver

              nice wheel, what do you call this thing?

              this is a mustang

              any car that's named after me?

              I'm gonna be go over a couple of rules

              rule number   no sudden movement

              number   do not stare at his teeth

              he's got a little rodent bite

              I think he needs bracing

              but I'm not a dentist

              number   to    

              show with respect he deserves

              we're talking about the beaver, right?

              how're you doing?

              how's the hanging?

              back away

              show some respect to it

              the raccoon got a doctor

              it's a miracle

              doctor Dolittle I presume

              welcome to my bed

              do you like a fish

              on, I've eaten already

              when the beaver offers you a fish

              you just take the fish

              shut up

              sorry boss

              I read some of the good things of your bay area family

              bay area family

              what are you guys

              some Mafia or something?

              we don't know anything about Mafia

              I've never heard of it

              that's myth

              I'm just a simple fisherman

              I'll only be blessed to make friends

              you'd be one

              what you guys from me?

              I'm losing my territory

              are other animals moving in on you or something?

              the human kind . They're cutting down our homes

              busting our families

              we hear they're cutting down the whole forest

              you're talking to the wrong person

              you gotta contact the nature groups like

              that has to be you

              you are the only one who know how to speak human

              we can't fight humans on my own

              they got guns, knives and pull out couches

              sure I got rabies, I can bite

              but I really can't do so much

              you guys have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

              it's human against nature

              but with you on our side that'd be nice

              me on your side, I didn't say I was gonna help you

              I didn't say it

              before you say no

              I'd like you to see what we're talking about

              it's gone

              everything gone

              how do you save the forest anyway?

              it's not gonna be easy

              I assume the lumber companies have a lot of crowd

              but I do know a few endangered species living in the forest

              who definitely have lost the protective

              how am I gonna find how many endangered animals living in the forest

              you can ask Eugine

              we find the endangered species

              the females killed by the poachers

              it's the only western Pacific bear

              at least one bear has to be protected, right?

              let the lawyer of the logging company argue this

              since she is the only up there

              there's no chance for survival anyway

              there had to be a male too

              so we get a male up there

              and let them together

              let nature take its course

              the only male western Pacific bear

              we can find is raised in captivity

              never has a bear raised in captivity

              been successfully reintroduced to the wild

              they never have a world famous doctor

              make an introduction

              your man left the button open

              something wrong?

              I hope he didn't see it

              I know you're really disappointed


              about not going to Europe?

              why'd I be disappointed?

              I made you a promise

              and I'm gonna stick to it

              you don't want me to it

              I understand

              if I say no . I'll regret for the rest of my life

              when do we leave?

              as soon as we get the court order

              to stop the tree cutting

              who is going to argue the case?

              why are you looking around?


              not me, you

              for the animals

              I don't do the animals

              you are a speciest

              we're asking for an injunction

              so that we might the chance to save the species

              this is a delaying tactic a publicity stunt

              I have an afidavit signed a range of experts who'll take them

              a bear raised in captivity is reintroduced to the wild

              it's dangerous and irresponsible

              simply raised by a circus who don't know how to feed

              let alone let it through its first winter

              it 'll certainly succumb to Darwin's law of nature

              survival of the fittest

              but Darwin never met my dad

              young lady, that's inappropriate behavior

              who's your father?

              it's me . I'm her father

              my name is Dolittle

              doctor Dolittle

              do you feel you can rehabilitate

              and make it in the wild for the female?

              yes I do

              in that case I'll delay one month

              one month, that's it

              if that bear is capsized in this month

              I'll dismiss the order

              I understand completely

              thank you your honor

              you can speak with the wild animals

              and the circus bears?

              I don't know much about it

              I only know it's living in captivity

              I bet they'll be happy to return to the wild

              so much for a family vacation

              can doctor figure how much it's gonna be?

              that's before he met Acher

              you know what I'm talking about?

              no, listen .you'll be lucky winning somebody like her

              I've had so many girlfriends

              I never have a girlfriend

              just bring her by on Monday

              I can't her here

              you have to go to her

              go to her, where?

              she is in the forest

              I don't play in the forest

              do you what kind of beer you are?

              I'm a singer, dancer

              you're an endangered species

              is that a threat? Cos my lawyer. . .

              you're a very rare bear. You're called the western Pacific bear

              I know I can play any bears

              western, polar

              I'm freezing

              your ancestors came from the mountain of California

              when you were   months they took you from your mother

              they taught how to dance according to a hound dog

              I taught myself that

              cos I'm a panda bear

              yes funny stuff

              what I'm proposing to you is

              I'd like you back to your ancestors' room

              and teach you to be a real bear

              I like the bear I'm... I'm famous

              do you have a gift shop?

              I have my own baby

              you do this I promise you'll be the most famous bear in the world

              famous that pooh

              are you kidding me?

              you pull this off and you're saying

              Winnie the who?

              you got yourself a bear?

              and what's the most unusual story of the year

              doctor Dolittle is going to rewrite the law of nature

              by tempting to reintroduce a performing bear into the wild

              and in doing do hoped to save an entire force from destruction

              it's Darwin versus Dolittle

              get over yourself

              I got   lumber millers waiting for that wood

              I understand but it's complicated

              especially if that bear survives

              you're the one who's going to be endangered

              that bear is bound to screw up

              when he does, have yourselves a little toy

              I have just the place to put it

              so we're going to the forest waiting for Acher to arrive

              when the family's settled

              I'm starting to look for mount number one

              looks like a good place

              simple pleasure

              that woof is a fox

              you like that

              there's more where I came from

              what is that?

              some kinda secret lady dog's code

              you like me?

              this is called back scratching

              where are you going?

              call me

              so the big day finally came

              I have a feeling

              the fur is gonna fly

              you all know why we're here

              we're about to do something we've never done before

              everyone thinks we can't pull this off

              they got their blaze sharpened

              truck ready to roll

              we're going to prove them wrong, right?

              I want everybody to put their claw together

              how about an applause for the bear

              who is going to leave?

              are you going to save the forest?

              reach further

              is it some kinda joke?

              I wanna go serious on you for a second

              I got my work cut out

              but with your help I know. . .

              one thing

              the show is over

              you got your work cut out for you pal

              ok I'm done . Turn it off

              it's so dirty

              yes, it's a shit hole

              is that her?

              she is a babe

              look at the way she walks

              I love her wet

              I'm going over to introduce you

              you just wait here

              tell her I really her fat pouch

              but don't be cruel

              I'll try to work that

              are you coming over here?

              I'm real busy foraging

              my name is John

              I'm Eva

              that's a pretty name

              nice to meet you

              a quick question

              how would you like to meet your man of dream?

              you're real cute

              but I don't go for the other species

              I'm not talking about man

              I'm talking about a male bear

              how would you like to meet the

              big magnificent male over there

              I don't think I see him

              is he standing behind that tree?

              let me explain what's going on

              there's a logging company that's

              trying to tear down this forest

              the only I can stop is

              I bring   western Pacific bear together

              you're a western Pacific bear so is he

              if I can the   of you together

              and you make a little western Pacific bear

              you see where I'm going?

              hey Acher come over here

              I think we can work it out

              what do I say to her?

              tell her a little more about yourself

              tell her a little more about yourself

              I like walking on the beach

              and sharing pop corns with someone

              and also the sound of back street boys

              you're weird

              weird? Isn't sexy

              why don't you let me take it from here

              what do you think of Acher, cute?

              don't make me eat you

              I know he's a little uncomfortable with female around

              that's not even the point

              I need a real bear

              someone who can hunt and provide for me

              I'm already involved with someone

              you have a bear friend already

              are you in love with this bear

              my cousin married for love but she

              know her husband has another in the north

              so you're not in love

              so let's make a deal

              in one month's time, I'm going to

              turn that bear into someone

              you'll be proud to have little baby bears of

              perfect night

              so you're just breathing the country air

              and listening to the crickets chirping?

              you know what the crickets are saying?

              I don't know. You're the one who speaks to the animals

              a monkey don't come to me asking for malt of    ounce

              I can't do that I stay in the room

              you ever seen me talk to an animal?

              slow down a little

              the crickets are the human temperature

              you can tell how colder it is

              the faster they're chirping

              it seems a little colder

              what's up baby?

              maybe you should tell me what's up

              I'm gonna stay a couple of days if it is cool

              what is that you don't understand?

              his bag

              he's staying for a couple of nights

              mama said so

              you're gonna sleep on the sleeping bag on the floor

              by the way I'm watching you

              not just me I got all the eyes all around the woods

              you know I talk to birds, right?

              you watch your back

              I'm watching you

              can we see what else is on?

              no you gotta watch this and learn

              how to survive in the winter

              what's he doing? Digging?

              you don't even know what sharp claws are for?

              bears're excellent swimmers

              not this bear

              you're not just sitting there telling me you can't swim

              haven't you ever heard there is a new invention called boat

              tomorrow we're gonna get up at the crack of dawn

              I'm gonna teach you how to fish

              and so began the bearathon

              the training is so unbearable

              so hairy. Ok, that's all

              this might be full of fish . Let's go

              so are lobsters

              look at the water

              that's where the fish is

              there's one touched me

              I want you to put your head down and grab a fish

              I want you to do just like what you saw on TV

              put your head under the water and catch a fish

              I'm here with you . Go under water

              I'm trying

              that's Achder

              what's up?

              you get one

              I can't breathe

              tell me how smart you can be to lift your head out of the water

              when you can't breathe?

              I saw a light

              it was beautiful

              let me take you for a swim

              that'll sharpen you up

              we're gonna find something you can catch

              I saw my grandmum

              come on eat

              am I close?


              and the force

              colder? Warmer


              how is going?

              it's going great. We bare need   weeks

              he's already foraging grapes

              I can't see why he's walking away

              he's circling the grapes

              why? Are they dangerous grapes?

              grapes are not dangerous?

              he's doing great. We're right on schedule

              explain it to me again

              I'm going to crawl into a dark space

              and sleep for   months

              it's called hyphenation

              it sounds depressing

              how do I eat?

              you eat a lotta enough and last the whole winter

              where is the bathroom?

              a week before you start hyphenating

              you eat dirt, moss, hair and green glass

              it blocks my butt?

              you want me to sleep for   months

              with a big cork in my butt

              come back here see ya

              I'll leak the gas and sleep in the back with the kids

              this isn't gonna work

              I almost drowned

              Evy doesn't like me

              I'm sick and tired of your complaints

              look up at the tree, what do you see?

              a bird

              a bird and its home

              and below is a squirrel

              down is a little rabbit in his home

              all these animals are depending on you

              you can do it. Just listen to your inner bear

              just trust him

              he'll tell you what to do

              is it really necessary?

              go in there


              there're a couple of bears inside who want to meet you

              do I hear someone talking

              these kids today have no respect

              I think he needs us to teach him a lesson

              get over here I'm gonna give you a bear hug

              actaully it's going quite well

              looks like everybody like music

              while the cats are away, the mouse will play

              I mean teenagers

              you gotta a cover

              there is something I've been meaning to do since I gotta here

              what is that?

              your plan worked out

              the drink is on me

              mean while the doc's giving Acher a lesson

              could you leave a little for me

              cos technically it belongs. . .

              just a thought

              what's going here?

              you don't have to put up with that, get out of here

              that's one hot fox

              don't you know every female is looking

              for the strongest female

              what about personality?

              I'd rather die a virgin

              alpha male is the boss. lt is the boss male

              alpha male should learn how to walk

              like an alpha male

              walk the walk

              it's about power

              unchecked, uncompromise

              didn't I ask you to line the garbage pales

              you line them you damn self


              I was talking with the animals

              I'm on my way. I'm going to get food right here

              go I'm going?

              where're you going?

              talk the talk. shut up

              you telling me to shut up?

              I am talking to the animals

              I'm going to get the food

              sure you don't want this thing?

              I have a question

              you say you'll spend your whole life in show business

              when is it gonna be a big finish?

              I mean in life

              who do you share your success with?

              your hopes, dreams, fear and failure

              sometimes I'm lonely

              I've never been in love

              this is your chance

              I think Evy really likes you

              did she say something?

              you gotta read between the line

              she loves me? I knew it

              you shouldn't be carried away

              I think it's the mushroom cos

              you've eaten a whole bag

              tomorrow you're gonna see a brand new bear

              I think I'll call it a night

              it's a little scary out here

              can you stay until I fall asleep

              I'll wait until you fall asleep

              can you leave a light on?

              the light stays on

              keep this here

              it's a new Acher in town

              feel windy

              feel the muscle cramp

              don't quit

              my butt stinks

              can you rub my butt, please

              doc finally realized he wasn't able to make

              Acher fast enough to impress Evy

              maybe he can make him sweater

              how can anybody be so beautiful

              why don't you go over and tell her?

              that's Sunny, her little bear friend

              don't get discouraged

              you can win her over

              you just figure out what she likes

              let's take my wife . .

              I'm sorry

              she likes to be surprised

              like jumping out of the bushes and sreaming?

              do something romantic

              say I'm thinking about you all the time

              you're always on my mind

              you say that all the time?

              I used to

              lately I'm caught up in this

              I think I need a little practice

              what are you doing?

              it's all about you tonight

              I sent the children up to the movies

              and the bears camping in the woods

              you can see me

              I'm blending, getting interwoven . . .

              I can give you some pointer

              where were we?

              you were thinking about the candles and some wine would up make for

              annoying me for the last few days

              I know something that'll be able to resist

              is it our wedding song?

              that's not fair

              show is about to start

              what show?

              he is good

              he scratched my belly the other day

              what's going on?

              he is truly in love with her

              give her some garbage

              chicks like garbage

              get out of here all of you

              this is really helpful

              I'm learning a lot, truly

              we'll discuss tomorrow

              you're gonna discuss what tomorrow?

              why don't you sit on the couch?

              what she said doc?

              she said she loves me so much that I can sleep on the couch

              I'm a man on the couch

              Romeo is on the move

              there he goes

              I was only going to the bathroom

              you can hold it

              what's wrong with your voice?

              why don't you put some sugar in . . .

              is that our song?

              you should learn to climb trees

              that's a bruise

              come on out of there never

              I'm sure it wasn't that bad

              I understand . We can fix it

              we just need to work a little harder

              we're staying here we'll make our own bear suit

              cos we were wondering it'd be alright

              if every animal in the entire forest

              is going to stay with you next week?

              I want you to come out right now

              who are you calling a coward?

              you're a big coward for a quit like this

              my wife and my daughters are mad at me

              I'm spending my vacation with a pizza boy

              now listening to you furry cry baby telling me

              it's too hard

              Evy laughed at me

              she is even better than a coward like you

              I didn't poke a bear

              I'm warning

              I'm poking you

              stop it

              that was good, bear like

              you just take your ass back to the circus

              I'm an alpha bear

              there was love in the air

              be a man

              now you listen to me

              you're in my house now

              you wanna go out with me tonight?

              what you think you're doing?

              I'm not doing anything

              you marked my tree

              I don't even know what those words mean

              I drink a lot of water

              it smells like lemonade

              it smells like anomia

              I'm getting dizzy

              let's beat it

              what're you doing?

              we're having fun

              you make a very handsome couple

              I hate myself

              if you want it I'll go up

              don't even think about it

              I'm gonna go get it for you

              it's too dangerous. Promise me

              I like you too

              what're you girls doing over here?

              beat it, circus boy

              your charm is matched only by your odor

              what's he saying? I'm confused

              you think you get used to it?

              maybe you'll be better being with me

              don't do worse

              you'll only be a city bear I need more than that

              shall we put our cards on the table?

              this bear you brought up here

              is much likely to have little bear babies

              it ain't gonna happen

              here's my offer

              I'll set aside     acres turning it into a sanctuary

              you can bring your animal buddies there

              that's the offer

              the dead line is Wednesday     noon

              let me be clear it's    :  

              we'll be sending every piece of equipment

              we got. By Friday there won't be a tree standing there

              I need to run this by my wife

              there's a pay phone in the back

              phone the wife

              always a sign of weakness

              I know what to do I got my thing finished

              I gotta tell you this thing is over

              sorry to drag you in all of this

              might as well give you an audition in Vegas

              cos these guys offered me a deal

              this is the best I can do

              the best you can do is not give up on me

              you told me, listen to your inner bear

              I know how I can win Evy

              I know I'm dumb or something

              I'm giving you one more chance

              the ice cream is acting up

              I got depressed by Sunny and Eva

              I realized I'm in love with Eva

              don't you dare throw up on me

              it's gonna come out

              you gotta sit down on the toilet

              you gotta lift it up first

              I'm gonna keep guard you just sit there

              I'll meet you one second

              I gotta take care of some business

              what are you talking in there?

              I was talking to myself

              I gotta. . .

              sometimes I gotta coax it down

              you must have some little pet talk

              let me get the window open

              it's worse than I thought

              you just ate ice cream?

              that's not ice cream

              no deal . Thanks for your time

              was that me?

              I'm trying to blend

              your mother is little worried

              I knew something was bothering you

              tell me

              daughter to daddy

              you wanna cry, we cry together

              nothing stop

              it must be the mountain messing me up I'm fine

              you sure you're alright

              take your time I'm in the house

              talking time's done

              it's time to be bold

              he's going up to the high

              this cliff is higher than I remember

              you come back here . Get back

              I'm doing it or die

              what are you doing here?

              I'm not gonna win Eva by eating a bunch of worms

              I need to show her how much she means to me

              if you fall you're just stupid

              circus boy got a little trick

              it's not gonna hold

              I'll buy you the honey


              I want you to come down

              I'm fine

              there're bees

              don't move

              they're sting me

              protect the hive

              jump circus boy

              go eat the salmon

              why'd you do something like that

              are you crazy?

              I could have got that hive if I wanted it

              we're not working out

              take a hike

              I mean would you like more honey?

              you're ready to talk about presuming the species

              we could talk or you count to a hundred and cone to get me


              I should really in the open

              pace yourself not so fast

              daddy is back

              what happened?

              it's Acher

              folks we got a wild animal coming through

              I'm doctor Dolittle

              what happened?

              he broke down the back door

              we found him ransacking in the kitten

              let's move up show is over

              it's me what happened?

              I was so close

              they came out of no where

              are you ready to save the forest?

              we're setting aside     acres of the forest

              we cal it doctor wild life sanctuary

              speak of the devil

              you think you've won but you haven't

              thanks very much . That's all for today

              we only have an eyewitness

              did anybody see what happened?

              we got one problem

              it's a freaking weasel

              what did he do?

              weasel, the doctor is here

              did you see what happen to the bear?

              you give me your watch I'll tell you what you need to know

              you're such a weasel

              an animal? You can't offer them evidence

              you got a better idea?

              I'll stall the trial maybe we hire a private investigator

              they're going to take Acher to Mexico

              if you go on the witness stand

              Riley is going to tear you to shreds

              what do I have to lose? your reputation

              I'm not giving up these animals easy

              we admit it was a setback

              but we'd like one more week to rehabitate the bear

              what if I could prove the entire thing is a setup?

              that'd be a very serious allegation

              do you intend to present the evidence?

              we have an eyewitness

              can I address to the court just a minute?

              we have an eyewitness who can testify

              he heard the gunshot and a truck back to the area

              is that witness here in the court?

              it's not in the court cos he's. . .

              he's a weasel

              I know this seems very unreasonable

              I can talk to animals

              this did come forward

              I have no problem doctor Dolittle to question the witness

              I'd like a brief recess so that I'll have

              an opportunity to get a camera to have a snapshot

              if he needs immunity we can provide animal protection

              I'd not allow you to make a mockery in my courtroom

              the deadline has passed

              the motion to delay is denied

              that's a shame

              could you tell us what the weasel wanted to say?

              you come to get me out?

              what do you mean sort of?

              I couldn't prove your story

              they what?

              they think you'd be too dangerous to be set free

              they sold you to a Mexican circus

              everything . I dragged you out and put you through all this stuff

              like I've ruined your life

              you gave me a life

              you even taught me about love

              no one can ever take that away from me

              mama wanted me to tell you that

              the appeal's been denied

              you're back to your show business

              I just want eva

                maybe I wasn't meant to be loved

                everybody is meant to be loved

                since when?

                a couple of weeks ago

                at first I was kinda fuzzy

                now I'm really clear

                this is what you've been keeping from us right?

                don't say anything cos I don't want to be a freak

                you're not gonna be a freak

                when it started to happen to me

                I got scared too

                this is a good thing

                now I know what I've been missing

                a family. I guess it's something I'll never have

                you gotta help him

                isn't there something that we can do?

                not just him I mean all the animal

                so many of them

                there are so many of them

                you guys have given up haven't you?

                what am I gonna do, I'm   years old

                I am not a young beaver no more

                beside, we've been living in this forest how long?

                about      years we've been shacking in the forest

                I can't do this by myself

                you guys wanna save your home

                you gotta help me

                whether you'll believe it

                you guys have untapped power

                you got a heart of the lion

                or just strong like an ox

                eyes like an eagle

                movement swift like a gazette

                or you stink like a skunk

                sorry, I'm trying to make my point here

                what I'm trying to say is

                we can do this

                just don't do it without a fight

                listen don't stall with me

                everybody take your position

                roll them up

                I have never seen anything like this before

                none of them're having milk

                what's wrong?


                go get the fribee


                all the animals are working together

                you'll be out of here in no time

                animals can't organize

                you may want to take a look at this yourself

                maybe you should talk to Dolittle

                giving in to a bunch of beasts lowering our life form?

                I can take democrats

                I can take animals



                I heard something

                don't make any move

                you locked the door

                I think you should run

                I'm an attorney. I'm not with him

                I'm sure we can work something out

                I'm gonna call doctor Dolittle

                no sudden move or I'm gonna bite you

                Mr, Potter, how are you sir?

                I'm here with a couple of your friends

                I don't think you believe animals'd organize

                I don't know what to think anymore

                I'll be happy to set up a meeting with you and the animals

                so that we can work out our problem

                it's the only way for you to admit

                so you won't look like an idiot

                just call them off

                put the raccoon on the phone

                he wants to speak to you

                make it short

                I got it all under control

                I'll call you back

                I'm here only a mediator

                this negotiation is between Mr Potter

                the representatives of the local wildlife

                this is my new proposal

                what kind of territory we're looking at

                only     acres here

                they like it

                I'll give you something you like

                like this

                meanwhile the strike kept rolling

                even the pros're getting in on the act

                no, no . we won't go

                you try running a mile

                I don't feel like jumping any hoops today

                hope you'll fill in there

                give me a bear hug

                you're not leaving here

                until you get a bear hug

                just a little one

                you crushed my spine

                drive safe now

                are you in there?

                I just stopped by to say hello

                thanks for everything

                Acher, I'm ready

                she is in heat

                gotta go save the species

                it's quite a summer

                what are you doing here?

                Charliz and the doc were closer than ever

                you'll blend trust me

                look at me I'm blending again

                right you're invisible

                good job

                they doubt the black master is back

                I'm king of the third world

                but the best news of all came the following spring

                step, step turn kick step

                I thought it was step kick turn step, step

                I thought you've retired.

                ok, from the chorus




Special help by SergeiK