Dracula 2000 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dracula 2000 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Gerard Butler.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dracula 2000. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dracula 2000 Script



[Woman singing]









[Bell chimes]



[Bell chimes]



[Bell chimes]



[Horse nickers]



[Bell chimes]



[Man talking indistinctly]



SIMON: Granted, the craftsmanship's...



not on a par with the Italians...



but for Eastern Europe, it's not bad.



He assures me it's   th Century...



but these materials, maybe early   th.



The guy wanted       for it...



till he found out who was buying.



Then he said Mr. Van Helsing's always been his best customer.



Don't worry. You paid five.



VAN HELSING: Did you translate the markings?



It's a Slav dialect. "All fear he who walks...



"beneath the crown of eternal night."



No, no, no. It's not crown.



It's halo.



"Beneath the halo of eternal night."



SIMON: Oh, well.



You see why the design never survived.



And look how heavy it is compared...



to what they were using in England at the time.



Well, the English made them for firing arrow shafts of wood.



This was made for firing metal-- silver.






It sounds like something your grandfather...



would've used to hunt the old...






You know how I dislike this kind of talk.






VAN HELSING: How my poor grandfather...



could have inspired a character out of Bram Stoker's book...



I'll never know.



In truth, he was simply a country doctor...



VAN HELSING: who built up an antique business.



Nothing more.



SIMON: So, what should we say in terms of resale value?



I am not interested in the resale.



VAN HELSING: I want it for my collection.



Another one.



We turn a profit, do we not?



I will keep what I wish.



[Knock on door]



[Door opens]



Mr. Van Helsing, last of the manifests.



SOLINA: Will you be needing anything?



No, no, no. You go.



OK. Good night, then.



Good night, Simon.



[Door closes]



Picture this. We walk to Waterloo Station.



We board the next train, and three hours later...



we're in Paris for the weekend.






Does English charm work on English women?



Why not, Solina? One reason.



I don't date men that I work with.



Where was that rule a month ago?



It's new.



[Train rumbling]



[Doorbell buzzes]






[Door clicks open]



Good evening.



I heard you had some sort of security problem.



No, sir.



You do now.









TRICK: Nice shot.



Move, move, move.



Move and think.















Come on.






Pass code decrypted.



TRICK: Accessing.



TRICK: Security shutting down.



[Machinery humming]






[Machinery clangs]



[Classical music plays]



COMPUTER: Fingerprint identification confirmed.



Stand by for voice recognition.






TAPE: Matthew Van Helsing.



COMPUTER: Voice recognition confirmed.



Standby for retinal scan.



[Beeping and clicking]



EDDIE: This--is this it?



MARCUS: Garage sale. Leave it.






[Solina gasps]



[Gasps] Ohh.






Hello, precious.



Marcus, you idiot.



Question for you.



Are we supposed to make profit off of this?









What have they found?



Furniture, candlesticks...



some old piece-of-shit pottery.



I gotta tell you, babe.



This is one morbid old bastard you work for.



What about artwork or diamonds or gold?



Fucking crucifixes and coffee cups.



You don't build this kind of security...



without a gold mine to hide.



Listen to me.



You and I are going to find it.



Trust me.









MAN: Jesus Christ.



All the tunnels line up.



The main vault should be behind this door.



NIGHTSHADE: Hey, Marcus. What's with all the voodoo?



EDDIE: You really sure we want to do do this?



If it's worth locking, it's worth taking.



Breach it.






What...the hell is that?



TRICK: She said money.



She said gold!



I said he guarded it like gold.



I said I didn't know why.



Fucking thousand-year-old silverware?



EDDIE: Probably got his goddamn mother in that thing.



TRICK: Marcus?






DAX: This is bullshit, man.



We're here for money, Marcus!



The skulls are to scare us.



The crosses, the coffin, all of it.



It's a grand-spanking mind fuck to scare off thieves.



MARCUS: If you make a killing, why hide it in a safe...



SOLINA: When you can hide it in a coffin?



MARCUS: This look like an old wood box to you guys?



The Holy Grail, the Golden Fleece...



the crown-fucking jewels, whatever it is, it's inside.



MARCUS: Eddie, Dax, and Shade...



you get your gear and get this thing open.



No, I am not touching that fucking coffin.



You want to get paid?



Get it open!



[Crowbar clangs]



EDDIE: Wasn't part of the frickin' plan.



There's no latches here. There's no locks.



Yeah, well, it's gotta open somehow.



EDDIE: Whoa, whoa, whoa.



I got a seam here.









Jesus Christ!



Get down!









[Alarm ringing]



It's not possible.



Find us a goddamn hole and blow it!



This wall.



I am not touching anything.



You will do exactly what he tells you to do!



NIGHTSHADE: Give me a hand with this.



- Find some spots.

- Right.



MARCUS: Why do you build this?



All right, you guys. Get down.



One, two...



It's clear. Come on.



TRICK: Yeah!






All right. Make a right.



Take another right to the river...



and then we're out.






Hey, guys. The coffin.



What are you looking at? Help me!



Help yourself. Come on, let's go!



SOLINA: Gentlemen...



we are not leaving without the prize.



[Water trickling]



God help us all.


















[Knock on door]



LUCY: Hey, Mare. Rise and shine.






Here's your coffee.



We're gonna be late.



[Whispering] Whatever.



MARY: I've decided. I just won't let it get to me.



LUCY: So, what do you think it is?



You tell me.



Your dot-com dream analyst says I'm having a baby.



Father Devereaux says I should go back to Xanax...



and your bartender friend Ray...



Ha! He insists I'm just repressed.






- Mm-hmm.

- What?






I just keep thinking, Mary, that maybe...



if you had a man in your bed, you might not--



I wouldn't need the man in my head. Thanks.






Where are the guards? What happened?



We were robbed, Simon.



We were robbed. I told you.



SIMON: But downstairs, it's all there.



What did they take?



VAN HELSING: My private holdings.



SIMON: The abbey.



Yes. My artifacts, textiles, everything that I call my own.



Where are the police? Why aren't they all over?



There's no need to inform the police.



The guards were not hurt.



I compensated them well. They understand my wishes.



I don't understand your wishes.



No police!



Simon, look.



VAN HELSING: Some of my holdings were acquired...



in a manner not quite befitting the scrutiny of the law.



You understand what I mean, huh?



Where are you going?



Well, I must tend to this matter myself.



And in my absence, I will need you to run the business.



Matthew, what did they take?






Confide in me.



[Van Helsing sighs]



You've always trusted me before.



Christ, you've been like a--a father to me.



A father? Ha ha.



No, Simon.



That is something I was never meant to be.



MARCUS: So, how long to the Caymans?



CHARLIE: We're under an hour.






God damn it!






Look, I told you.



This thing is completely sealed.



We'll have to blow it like a goddamn safe.



No, we are not using explosives.



I mean, he put stuff in.



He takes stuff out.



Just solve it.



You heard the lady.



Just solve it.



[Door closes]



TRICK: Dax and Eddie get impaled.



What the hell is going on?



- You know something.

- Would you just go sit down?



Just sit down.












There was probably cash upstairs!



We didn't bother looking. Un-fucking-believable.



Always doing what she says.



God! Poor boys doing what she says.



[Mocking] We're not leaving without the prize.















[Coughs] Ohh.



NIGHTSHADE: What? Oh, man.



What are those, leeches?



Still juice in this thing?



Oh, my G--



Aah! Aah!


















God damn it!



God damn it!



Uhh! Uhh!


















[Nightshade screaming]






Shade, quit fucking around. Get out here now.



[Metal creaking]



[Door bangs]



Shade, you back there?



[Door bangs]



I do not need this shit.









TRICK: The fuck?












SOLINA: What the hell was that?



It was probably just turbulence.









What the hell are you?



[Breathes deeply]






Oh, my God.






Solina? Solina?



MARCUS: Solina, what are you doing?!






MARCUS: Get your hands off of her!



Get off of her!









You're not from that coffin.






You're not from that coffin!



[Marcus panting]






What the hell are you doing?!


















Stay in the light!









Wake up.



Wake up.






Wake up.



MARY: Wake up.



It's the dream.



You know it's the dream.



Wake up.









[Whispering] Mary.



You are real.



LUCY: Mary?



Mary, wake up. Mary, wake up!



You were screaming.



God, you scared me!



I saw him.



I--I saw his face.






[Panting] Mary.



There's something wrong with me, Lucy.



There's something so wrong.






It's OK.



It's OK, Mary.



MARY: I've had these dreams my whole life--



trapped in darkness with this man.



I used to think they were just nightmares...



but this one, it was so real...



I could feel his breath on my skin.






I think I'm losing it.



Then it's good you're here.



It's been a long time since your last confession.



I'm not here to confess.



I need to ask you something.



All right.



My mother came to this church...



for the last five years of her life.



Did she ever talk about my father?



Why she left him?



Why she took me away?



Did she ever say what it was...



she thought she was protecting me from?



Why are you asking me this?



She was afraid of something.



Spiritually afraid.



She must've told you things...



she couldn't even tell me.



She came to you the week before she died.



Did she confess some terrible secret?



Do I have some terrible secret?



Her confession would've been confidential.



We're friends, David.






We went to school together.






I boycotted your ordination.



MARY: She's dead now.



You can tell me.



As my friend.



MARY: Not as a priest.



I'm sorry, Mary.



FATHER DAVID: She never told me.



Not a thing.



P.A.: Welcome to New Orleans.



For your safety and the safety of other passengers...



please do not leave your luggage unattended.



TV ANCHORMAN: Checking our top local story...



authorities remain baffled by a mysterious plane crash...



that took place earlier today.



We take you now to Revillon Parish...



TV ANCHORMAN: where a still unidentified cargo plane...



plunged into Bayou Celeste...



about    miles east of New Orleans.



TV ANCHORMAN: Our Valerie Sharpe...



is standing by live with the report.



Thank you, Wesley.



I'm here in a swamp of death tonight...



for five doomed souls destined for points unknown.



VALERIE: We have shocking footage of the presumed pilot.



Sensitive viewers may want to turn away.



VALERIE: He was bizarrely lashed to the yoke...



with radio cable and bound in twisted pipe.



The remaining four victims...



VALERIE: as well as an antique silver coffin...



were removed to nearby Clarke...



where a tiny town hall...



has been transformed into a morgue tonight.






VALERIE: A source close to the investigation...



VALERIE: Valerie Sharpe reporting, News   .



CAMERAMAN: And you're clear.



All right.



Now let's do one more for the    P.M. promo, OK?



VALERIE: You getting the crash? The sunset? The tits?



CAMERAMAN: It's the talent that matters, Val.



And don't you forget it.



Let's grab and go. Shoot.



Whenever you're ready, Val.



This is Valerie Sharpe...



reporting on a flight of death that ended in fear.



Cut. I screwed up, didn't I?



Didn't even notice.



Just go when it feels juicy.



What is with these bugs?



[Insects buzzing]



Now we lost the sun, didn't we?



Nobody's watching the sun, Val.



CAMERAMAN: We're the last ones here, so let's wrap it up.



This is Valerie Sharpe.



Turn me on at   :   for my report...



VALERIE: on a fiery fright of dea--



God. Fright of death.



Flight of death.



This is Valerie Sharpe. Turn me on at   :  ...



to watch these stupid bugs kiss my--









[Gasping and panting]



What the fuck?






[Cameraman yelling]



Oh, God!






Oh, God!






























SINGING: I know what it takes



To break you



I'll kill everything



That made you



I know what it takes



To break you



Cover for me, will you?



I have to go out.



Why? Where?



Oh, just...



I can't...



SINGING: Kill everything that made you



DRIVER: Thank you, sir. Take care.






You should be in London. I told you--



You told me to look the other way.



SIMON: I saw you take your passport, Matthew.



Our friend at Heathrow customs still owes me a favor or two.



SIMON: You weren't hard to track.



God, you look awful.






VAN HELSING: Now, whatever you see, remember your sanity.



What you see is real.



What the hell does that mean?



What are you doing?



VAN HELSING: What must be done.



- That's Solina.

- Not anymore.



SIMON: What are you doing?






Fuck me.



Oh, Mr. Van Helsing, haven't you been selfish?






VAN HELSING: Stay behind me.



Who the hell was that?



VAN HELSING: He meant to kill us.



They all mean to kill us.



Who? Why? That was Solina.



VAN HELSING: I swear to you, Simon, it was not.



She must not escape. Leave her to me...



but if anything down here moves...



shoot it. You understand?



VAN HELSING: Shoot it in the heart or cut off its head.



You understand? They are the undead.



The undead? Undead?!






[Footstep, creaking]



SIMON: Fuck.



I'm sorry, man. I just don't know what's wrong with me.






[Gun clicking]



[Nightshade gagging]



I said I was sorry.



[Body falls]









[Whispering] All right.









It's better than money.



You're the one who had a thing for my girl.



MARCUS: Boy, have I got something for you.



Sorry, sport. I'm an atheist.






God loves you anyway.









Please, Mr. Van Helsing.



SOLINA: Please.















Oh, ah...



you know why you never had me, Simon?



'Cause you Brits like to sweet-talk...



and you Brits like to romance...



and all I want to do is suck.



VAN HELSING: Finish her, Simon.






VAN HELSING: Finish her now! Now!



Go ahead. Cut me.



Won't you have a lot to explain?



[Cars squeal to a stop]



What just happened in there?



I told you to kill her!



They can be killed by silver, by sunlight, by stakes.



VAN HELSING: You must pierce their heart or behead them.



They are Nosferatu--vampires.



And you knew this?



And you're all right with this?



I had them destroyed, eradicated...



all but one-- my secret in the abbey.



He is what they stole.



- Who?

- Dracula.



Dracula...not myth...



no ravings of a mad Irish novelist. Oh, no.



He's real, I assure you.



This is the fucking Twilight Zone.



VAN HELSING: No, no! Wait!



[Coughing] Wait.



He was the first. Dracula was the first--



the Adam, the patient zero.



VAN HELSING: But unlike those he infected,



he cannot be killed.



There's no way that I know.



What do you mean, can't?



VAN HELSING: For each act that destroys a vampire...



he survives. There has to be a way.



I spent my whole life searching for a way to kill him.



VAN HELSING: He is, quite simply...



beyond the reach of death, but why?



That is the question that has plagued me...



for over a century.



Who is this creature that walks as a man...



yet casts no reflection?






VAN HELSING: I made a promise a long time ago...



that if Dracula could not die, then nor would I.



I would be his keeper...



for as long as it took to uncover his secret...



to know who he really is...



and somehow find a way to end him.



I used his blood...



filtered through leeches to stay alive...



but I never found the answer, Simon.



Only this--he hates God.



He is repulsed by all things Christian...



but these things do not kill him. No.



They only fill him with a rage that makes him even stronger.



VAN HELSING: Now you know.



No. You judge me as you see fit...



VAN HELSING: but right now we must stop him...



before he gets what he came for.



But he's here by accident. The crash.






VAN HELSING: No. He is not here by accident.



Matthew, Abraham, whoever you are...



what else have you never told me?



For the first time, I believe...



that there is someone else in the world like him...



and he senses it. He senses his own blood.



VAN HELSING: This is my daughter...






MARY: I was kissing him, David.



I saw myself kissing him...



and it was as real as I'm sitting here now.



How did you feel?



Scared, but a little bit drawn.



No, no. More than that.



It was like he was taking over...



taking control.



What does he want?



Do you have a sense of that?



He wants me.



He wants my soul.



Think about what you're saying, Mary.



He wants my soul, David...



and I don't know if I have the strength to fight him.



DAVID: If such a man, or thing, or whatever it is...



has chosen you, then you've got to fight it.



Do you understand me, Mary? You've got to fight back.



Well, what if I can't?



DAVID: Then you'll have betrayed your faith in Christ.



DRACULA: But I will be with you forever.



Oh, my--



Mary, what's wrong?



I'm sorry. I just--



I'm sorry.



[Crowd yelling]






DRACULA: Farewell...princess.



[Man singing indistinctly]



Hey, hey!



Ha ha ha!



Hey there. Check it out. It's free admission.



[Coins jingle]






Dr. Seward here tells me...



you believe yourself to be a vampire.



Now, how does one become a vampire, Solina?



SOLINA: No. How does one become a lover?



GAUTREAUX: Well, I don't know.



Oh, one is chosen.



You see that?



See what?



[Solina breathing heavily]



Would you like to be chosen, Mr. Detective?



SOLINA: Are you waiting for a woman to choose you...



as a lover?



You gettin' this on tape?



Look at me when I'm talking to you!



Solina, you...



you can't see me.






Of course I can.



I can even see the outline of your cock...



through your pants.



SOLINA: Don't pretend we're not interested.



You know, it's a special thing...



to be chosen.



Feels like...being born.



[Breathing heavily]



DRACULA: You haven't been feeding her.






[Gautreaux screams]






No! Aah! Aah!



Oh! Oh! Oh!



Dignity, doctor.









[Car horn honks]



We can't get the car through.



She must be found.



You try the shop where she works.



I will try to find her house.



Oh, God. I only pray she will listen.



You're still her father.









I am a pillar of salt



You'll never be worse than me, no



So get in the fucking car



We got us a world to bleed, yeah



I hold all the combinations



To give you peace of mind, and I said



This is how we go about it



To make our heads explode all night



DRACULA: Brilliant.



SINGER: This is how we go about it



To make our heads explode all night



This is how we go about it



To make our heads explode



Whoa. Can I help you?



I'm here for Mary.









I don't know where she is...



but if it's about music, I can help you.



My name's Lucy. Lucy Westerman.



DRACULA: And such beauty.



LUCY: This is it right up here.



Well, she should be home by now.



There's really no place else she goes anymore.



It's really weird.



She used to have this real wild streak.



Hey, Mary, you home?






No luck.



I mean, no luck...yet.



You want to come in? You can wait.



This is it. Home sweet home.



I'm upstairs. Mary's down.



This place used to be her mom's.



We had to give it a little personality, though.



LUCY: It was a little...



Oh, what's the word?



DRACULA: Catholic.



Ha! Exactly.



Hey, can I get you some coffee or something?



I don't drink...coffee.



Why don't you make yourself comfortable?



I'll be right back down.



So you haven't told me your name.



DRACULA: I have many.



But we're all so much more complicated...



than our names.






Yes, Lucy?



I was named after the Peanuts character.



GIRL: Mary. Hey, there was a guy in here.



MARY: Where's Lucy? Have you seen her?



GIRL: She cut out early. Looked like she had a date.



Why, what's the problem?






Oh, no problem. Just a nervous breakdown.






Mary Heller?



My name's Simon Sheppard.



I'm here about your father.



My father?



Who are you? How did you find me?



Is there somewhere we could speak?



My father and I have not had contact in over    years.



I assure you it's not because I can't remember the address.



SIMON: Whatever you may think about him...



you only know the half of it.



Look, this is not a good time for me.



In fact, it's a really, really bad time.



[Elevator door opens]



I have to go.



Mary, I'm here to help you.



Mary, I know about your mother.



How she took you off to Scotland, Canada, here.



She never told you the reason, did she?



I saw what it did to her.



[Bottle rolling]









Mary, what you're scared of is real.



Your father's the only one who can help you.



MARCUS: Buy a brother a drink?



Sorry, mate.






I've been following you all night.









You got me thinkin'.



MARCUS: How's this for a concept?



Eye for an eye, mate!






Aah! Damn it!






Never, ever fuck with an antiques dealer.






[Body falls]









DRACULA: Abraham Van Helsing.



DRACULA: Beaten by your own reflection.



You can't have her...ever!



Can't I?



VAN HELSING: If you harm my daughter...



I swear to the Lord Christ--






He doesn't care.



In that you can trust.



You stole life from my blood...



and passed it to another.



She's my Mary now.



Never. Never.



You want revenge, take it.



Right here, right now!



You know not the depths of my vengeance.



[Children playing]



BOY: Who's it?









[Telephone rings]









LUCY: Hey, Mare. It's me.



[Sighs] Lucy.



Where are you?



LUCY: I'm with your father.



What did you say?



LUCY: Ahh...



Lucy, where are you right now?



LUCY: Where do you think?



[Dial tone]



[Beeping dial tone]






[Telephone off the hook]



[Beeping dial tone]






[Beeping dial tone]









[Line ringing]



[Beeping dial tone]



You had him every night in your dreams...



and you never even shared.



It is better than chocolate.









Oh! Oh, my--



So, what makes you the one?



What do you have that we don't have?



SOLINA: Oh, I know.



SOLINA: Let's see what we have.



Oh, yes.






SOLINA: Yeah, I can still taste it on your daddy's blood.



VALERIE: Oh, yes. The essence.






What he took from Dracula, he passed on to you.



SOLINA: Born with his blood...



but not like the rest of us.



Daddy's little prodigal.



VALERIE: Sorry about your old man.



We sucked him dry.



[Valerie laughing]












[Wolf growling]



Get down!






You all right? You OK? Yeah?



Where's your father?



Where is he?



MARY: "My unholy addiction has corrupted Mary's blood...



"and not a day goes by...



"that I don't pray for her mortal soul.



MARY: "Yesterday, her mother discovered my secret.



"I know now that I shall never see...



"either my wife or daughter again.



"Perhaps it's for the best...



"but the pain of their loss is unendurable."



MARY: "Still, I must carry on."



You knew about this?



Not until tonight.



So, what now, Simon?



SIMON: We need a sacred place. Somewhere to hide till dawn.



We'll figure this out.



There's an old seminary nearby with a church.



MARY: We can go there.



MARY: So, I'm part of him.



His blood. I'm part of Dracula.



It's what all this is about, isn't it?



I'm his.



Since the moment I was born.



SIMON: No, Mary. You're not his...



and you never will be.



I won't let that happen.



Why are you doing this?



Well, let's just say...



I made a pretty fair mess of things...



before your father came along.



I was out of control, and he gave me a job...



turned my life around.



Now I can never pay him back.



Except, maybe, by doing right by you.



Or maybe I would've done it anyway.



Do you believe in destiny, Simon?






Your father kept us all safe from this evil...



for a hundred years.



He defied death to do it.



Something tells me he didn't ask fate for permission.



Well, I'm not my father.



Don't be so sure.






This might be of some use.



Point and pray.



SIMON: Modern legends all date back...



to the   th Century warlord Dracula.



MARY: Father kept him locked up in some kind of dungeon?



SIMON: He tried to keep him from the world, Mary...



but most of all, he tried to keep him from you.



SIMON: He was trying to find a way...



to kill an immortal being.



SIMON: He knew that Dracula was just one of his many names.



He knew he had to be much older than that...



and the answer may lie hidden in the historical record.



MARY: Maybe the only way to know death, Simon...



is to...embrace it.



You can't think like that.



You can't.



We know he detests all things Christian...



SIMON: holy water, the Cross, the Bible.



And silver.



SIMON: Why silver? It's not uniquely Christian.



Has to be something more.



SIMON: Something personal.



MARY: Wait. He wrote something like that.



At my house.



- Is that Hebrew?

- Aramaic.






That's been a dead language for almost      years.



MARY: "Believe in me, for I am the way to...



"to eternity."



You know Aramaic?



No, but he does.












MARY: Simon. Wait.



SIMON: Run, Mary!



Get out of here now!



DRACULA: You think you can defend her with the Bible?



[Bell chiming]















DRACULA: I have walked the earth for centuries...



in search of a soul not bitten, but born.



I am not like you.



Everything I am is yours.









SIMON: Mary!



And all you are is mine.



SIMON: Mary!






[Crowd yelling]



[Man singing indistinctly]



MAN: Over here!



Hey, take your shirt off!









LUCY: Ah, simple Simon.









VALERIE: So tell me...



did you ever dream about making it with a TV star?



[Valerie laughs]



Oh, Simon, why fight it?



Mary's his.



She belongs to him.






We'll all be lovers soon.



No. Unh!






You cannot imagine what I've had to endure.



DRACULA: I have borne the very wrath of God.



Chosen to suffer like no man before.



Who are you?



DRACULA: It was my last sunset on this earth...



that made me who I am.



Let me show you...



what I have shown no other.



[Woman singing]



Blood of my blood...



flesh of my flesh.






Judas Iscariot.



The cross, the silver...



all the things you came to despise.






DRACULA: You knew this would come to pass.



It was my destiny to betray you...



because you needed me.






I drink the blood of your children...



but I give them more than just eternal life.



I give them what they crave most.



All the pleasure you would deny them...









DRACULA: You made the world in your image...



but now...



I make it in mine.



Come, Mary.



DRACULA: Let us feast.



She's one of us now.



You can smell it on her.



We've saved him for you, Mary.



DRACULA: Show him there is nothing to fear.






has always been the coin of our realm.



Save some for us, Mare.



SIMON: No, Mary, please.



Mary, don't.






Aah! Aah!



Thanks, Luce.






I'd like his head.



Vampire or not, he won't stop hunting us now.



He's yours to end.



Oh, Simon.



Bitch is faking it.






For my father.






You think you can teach me about betrayal?



Didn't your father ever tell you, Mary?



I can't die. He won't have me.



Did you ever ask?



For what? Forgiveness?



You really think I'd go back to him? Never!












- He still loves you.

- Does he?



DRACULA: Just as he still loves you?



Then go back to him...



and see if he'll still have you!












Better make it good.



You and I, we could--









This is how you die.



Ohh! Uhh!





















DRACULA: release...you.



[Woman singing]






SIMON: Mary!






MARY: Long ago, Judas Iscariot...



tried to die for his sins...



but he was denied.



Today, the rope did not break...



and he was burned in the first light of dawn.



I am now the keeper of what remains.



If the soul of Dracula still flickers in his ashes...



I will keep it forever contained.



For the first time in my life, I know who I am...



and where my future lies.



I am Mary Van Helsing.



I am my father's daughter...



and nothing can ever take that away.






SINGING: I cannot take this anymore



Saying everything I've said before



All these words, they make no sense



I found bliss in ignorance



The less I hear, the less you say



You'll find that out anyway



Just like before



Everything you say to me



Takes me one step closer to the edge



And I'm about to break



I need a little room to breathe



'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge



And I'm about to break



I find the answers aren't so clear



Wish I could find a way to disappear



All these thoughts, they make no sense



I found bliss in ignorance



Nothing seems to go away



Over and over again



Just like before



Everything you say to me



Takes me one step closer to the edge



And I'm about to break



I need a little room to breathe



'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge



And I'm about to









You want it heavy



Welcome to my world



Feel the weight of it grinding down



And heavy



I want it heavy



Welcome to my world



Feel the weight of it grinding down again



Shook off



Gather your pathetic masses



And bring them to me



To a world devoid of light



To another time, to another place



And then the broken ones taste my misery



Rip away the disguise, and you will realize



That you find the truth is sickening



We don't need to change it, really



I kind of like it ugly












It binding















You want it heavy



Welcome to my world, grinding down



And heavy



I want it heavy



Feel the weight of it grinding






You want it heavy



You want it heavy



You want it heavy

Special help by SergeiK