Dracula (Spanish) Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dracula (Spanish) script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 1931 Spanish version of the movie  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dracula (Spanish). If you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dracula (Spanish) Script

  This script was originally transcribed by BJ Kuehl.  


                         D R A C U L A

                       (Spanish Version)


       Conde Dracula.................Carlos Villarias

          Eva Seward.....................Lupita Tovar

         Juan Harker.....................Barry Norton

            Renfield..............Pablo Alvarez Rubio

         Van Helsing................Eduardo Arozamena

          Dr. Seward..............Jose Soriano Viosca

               Lucia..................Carmen Guerrero

                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A

                        EARLY AFTERNOON

             In a Coach in the Carpathian Mountains

       A young woman (Sara) reads from a travel brochure

                       to four passengers

SARA:  "Near Bistriz, the road turns toward the heart of the

Carpathians, one of the most barren and least known places in


                 Sara is knocked from her seat

                     by the jostling coach

MAN:  Allow me.

SARA:  Thank you very much.

LADY:  What was that, Sara?

SARA:  "...one of the most barren and least known places in


LADY:  Keep reading.

SARA:  Crumbling castles are scatted among the rugged summits.

They belong to a remote era..."

              Sara is again knocked from her seat

                     by the jostling coach

RENFIELD:  Coachman, you should go a little slower.

MAN:  No, no!  We must get to the inn before nightfall!

SARA:  Why?

MAN:  Today is Walpurghis Night, the night of bad omen!


MAN'S WIFE:  (places her hand over his mouth)

MAN:  The dead come out from their tombs and suck the blood of

the living.

LADY:  Nonsense!

MAN:  You would not laugh at it, if you lived here.  Tonight all

the doors will be locked, and we shall pray to the Virgin.

                      LATER THAT AFTERNOON

                         A Village Inn

              Villagers anxiously greet the coach

VILLAGER:  What was the journey like?

PASSENGER:  Very good, thank you.

VILLAGER:  Well, I am glad to hear it.

RENFIELD:  Lad, get my luggage.  I must continue to the Borgo


PORTER:  (speaks in Hungarian to the Innkeeper)

INNKEEPER:  I must warn you that today is the day of St.

Walpurga, which is considered as bad omen in this area.  And the

coachman, who is a good fellow, wishes to know whether you do

not mind continuing the journey after sunrise.

RENFIELD:  I'm very sorry, but at midnight a carriage will be

waiting for me at the Borgo Pass.

INNKEEPER:  Whose carriage?

RENFIELD:  Conde Dracula's.

INNKEEPER:  Dracula's castle?

RENFIELD:  Si, that is my destination.

INNKEEPER'S WIFE:  Look, he wants to go tonight to the Borgo


INNKEEPER:  I beg you to stay the night here.

RENFIELD:  But all of this is mere superstition.  I mean, in a

mountainous area like this one...I do not understand how...After

all, what I try to say is that I'm not afraid.  I have already

told him that it is business matter.  I must go there, really.

INNKEEPER'S WIFE:  Wait!  Since you want to leave, put this on.

Put it on for your mother's sake.

    Innkeeper's wife places crucifix around Renfield's neck

INKEEPER'S WIFE:  It will protect you.

RENFIELD:  Gracias.

INKEEPER'S WIFE:  You are very welcome.

RENFIELD:  Buenas noches.

INNKEEPER'S WIFE:  Buenas noches.  And I wish you a good journey.

VILLAGERS:  Buenas noches.  Buenas noches and good luck.

                  Exit coach carrying Renfield

SARA:  Tell me, do you really believe there are vampires who

come out of their tombs and roam about looking for blood?

INNKEEPER:  I have seen the victims.

LADY:  Nonsense!  Come, Sara.


                  The Crypt at Castle Dracula

    Dracula and three vampiresses awaken from their coffins


                           Borgo Pass

               A carriage waits at the Borgo Pass

                    Renfield's coach arrives

          Renfield dismounts and the coach speeds away

             Renfield approaches awaiting carriage

RENFIELD:  Conde Dracula's carriage?

DRIVER:  (nods and takes Renfield's luggage)

RENFIELD:  (enters carriage)

                    The carriage speeds away

RENFIELD:  (peers out the carriage window)

              A bat leads the driverless carriage

                        LATER THAT NIGHT

                 The entrance to Castle Dracula

           The driverless carriage arrives at Castle

                 Renfield disembarks cautiously

                  A door opens into the Castle

                        Renfield enters

                        The door closes

                     Inside Castle Dracula

                         Enter Renfield

      A bat flies over his head and up a flight of stairs

              A man appears halfway up the stairs

DRACULA:  I am...Dracula.

RENFIELD:  You have come at the right time.  I have no idea what

happened to the coachman and to my luggage.  With all those

things, I thought I was at the wrong house.

DRACULA:  The walls of my castle are cracked. The shadows are

many.  But come in.  Feel yourself at home.

                     Dracula heads upstairs

                        Renfield follows

                      Offstage:  Wolf call

DRACULA:  Listen to them...they are the children of the night.

What beautiful music they make!

               Dracula passes through a spiderweb

      Renfield breaks a hole in spiderweb to pass through

                  A spider scurries up the web

DRACULA:  The eternal fight for survival.  Every living creature

needs blood to keep on living.  The spider weaves his web to

catch the unwary fly.  The blood...is the life, Senor Renfield.

                     Renfield's Bedchamber

                   Enter Dracula and Renfield

DRACULA:  I guess that you will find this part of the castle

more attractive.

RENFIELD:  It sure is!

DRACULA:  I thought you might be hungry.

RENFIELD:  You are very kind, Conde Dracula.

DRACULA:  Sit down.

RENFIELD:  Gracias.

DRACULA:  (pours a glass of wine)

RENFIELD:  (drinks the wine)

DRACULA:  I trust nobody knows about this visit?

RENFIELD:  Definitely nobody, as you recommended.

DRACULA:  I assume you have burnt all our correspondence.

RENFIELD:  I have followed all your instructions to the letter.

DRACULA:  Excellent, Senor Renfield, excellent.

            Renfield cuts his finger on a breadknife

                and squeezes out a drop of blood

DRACULA:  (stealthily approaches Renfield)

         Renfield's crucifix falls over the cut finger

DRACULA:  (backs off quickly)

RENFIELD:  It was nothing serious.  Just a scratch.

DRACULA:  (pours another glass of wine)

                Renfield downs the entire glass

RENFIELD:  Won't you have some?

DRACULA:  I never drink...wine.  And now, if you are all right,

I would like to talk about the lease of Carfax Abbey.

RENFIELD:  But all the documents are in my briefcase.

DRACULA:  I took the liberty of sending for your luggage.

RENFIELD:  Everything is in order.  You just needs to sign it.

I hope there are enough tags for all your bags.

DRACULA:  I am only taking three boxes.  We shall leave tomorrow


RENFIELD:  Everything will be ready.

DRACULA:  (pointing to bed) I wish you find it comfortable.

RENFIELD:  Thanks.  It looks appealing.

DRACULA:  Now I shall leave you alone.  I might dally away

tomorrow, during the day.  In that case, we shall meet here at

dusk.  Buenas noches, Senor Renfield.

RENFIELD:  Well, buenas noches.

                          Exit Dracula

RENFIELD:  (loosens his collar and stumbles to the window for

fresh air)

                        Renfield faints

                    Enter three vampiresses

                      SEVERAL WEEKS LATER

               Aboard the Vesta bound for England

            On deck the crew battles a raging storm

           In the hold Dracula rises from his coffin


                        THE NEXT MORNING

                         E N G L A N D

                         Whitby Harbor

             Officials examine the ghostship Vesta

MAN 1:  Look!  Fingers stiffened on the wheel as if they were

frozen.  He must have died of fright.

MAN 2:  What a terrible tragedy!

MAN 1:  Not even a shred of the sails is left.

MAN 2:  It must have been a terrible storm.

MAN 3:  What about the sailors?  Where are they?

                          In the hold

             Renfield whispers to Dracula's coffin

RENFIELD:  Master!  Master, we have arrived.  Can you hear me,


                            On deck

MAN 1:  What is that?

MAN 2:  Let us open that hatchway!

               Hatchway opens to reveal Renfield

RENFIELD:  (laughs like a maniac)

                   From the Whitby Newspaper


              A terrible storm may have caused it.

                 A madman is the only survivor.

               Maritime authorities will deliver

                the shipment to the consignees.

                           THAT NIGHT

         Dracula rises from his coffin at Carfax Abbey

                     SEVERAL EVENINGS LATER

                      A Theatre in London

               An usherette leads Dracula inside

DRACULA:  You will tell Dr. Seward, who is sitting in the next

box, that there is a phone call for him.  Once you have given

him this message, you will not remember anything.

                        The Sewards' box

      Seward, Harker, Eva and Lucia listen to the symphony

                        Enter Usherette

USHERETTE:  Dr. Seward, there is a phone call for you.

SEWARD:  Excuse me.

                   Seward steps from the box

DRACULA:  Will you excuse me?


DRACULA:  By chance I heard your name.  Are you the Dr. Seward

who has a sanitarium at Whitby?

SEWARD:  That's right.

DRACULA:  I'm Conde Dracula.  I have just rented Carfax Abbey.

I understand it is next to the gardens of your sanatarium.

SEWARD:  Correct.  It lies next to my property.  It is a great

pleasure to meet you, Conde.  Would you like to join us?  Conde,

allow me to introduce my my daughter Eva...

                   Dracula kisses Eva's hand

SEWARD:  ...Senorita Weston...

                  Dracula kisses Lucia's hand

SEWARD:  ...Senor Harker.  Conde Dracula has just rented Carfax


LUCIA:  It will be a joy to see those dark windows illuminated


SEWARD:  Conde, I beg you to excuse me.  There is a phone call

for me.  In the meantime, please be seated.

DRACULA:  Mucho gusto.

                          Exit Seward

HARKER:  A pretty house could be built out of those Carfax

ruins.  Of course, a lot of money is needed.

DRACULA:  I shall barely touch them.  They remind me of the

crumbling walls of my own castle in Transylvania.

LUCIA:  What they remind me of is that old toast:  "Majestic

lives upon deserted walls beat with the echo of our laughter as

if the dead whispered through them."

HARKER:  How sweet!

LUCIA:  Wait.  There is something even sweeter.  "For those who

are already dead, let us empty our glasses.  And let us cheer

for the one who must die first."

EVA:  You can create the rest, Lucia.

DRACULA:  To really die...to be really dead...must be sublime.

EVA:  But Conde!

DRACULA:  Something worse than death lies in wait for the living.

                          Music begins

                        LATER THAT NIGHT

                          Lucia's Room

                     Lucia prepares for bed

LUCIA:  You can laugh as much as you like.  I find him


EVA:  Lucia, the romantic girl.  That explains it.  That part

about the crumbling walls.  I still prefer a more formal man.

LUCIA:  Like Juan?

EVA:  Si, my dear friend, si.  Like Juan.  Well, Countess, I am

very tired.  I leave you with your Conde and his crumbling

abbey.  May you have sweet dreams.  Buenas noches.

LUCIA:  Buenas noches.

                            Exit Eva

LUCIA:  (opens the windows)

               In the street below Lucia's window

DRACULA:  (strolls past a policeman)

POLICEMAN:  The fog is getting thicker.


            Dracula peers up at Lucia's open window

                   Lucia lies down on her bed

                           Enter bat

DRACULA:  (materializes and approaches Lucia)

                          THE NEXT DAY

                       An autopsy theatre

DOCTOR:  Another death!  When was the last transfusion performed

on Senorita Weston?

SEWARD:  About four hours before her death.

DOCTOR:  The same symptoms in each one of the cases.  A baffling

loss of blood that we hae been unable to avoid.  Give me the

magnifying glass.  And these two identical marks were found on

the neck of each of the victims.


                     S W I T Z E R L A N D

                       SEVERAL DAYS LATER

                  Dr. Van Helsing's Laboratory

            Drs. Van Helsing, Seward and colleagues

                     analyze a blood sample

HELSING:  Gentlemen, we must deal with vampires.

DOCTORS:  Vampires?  Nosferatu?

SEWARD:  Si, the vampire of Transylvania.

HELSING:  That is right.  Nosferatu, the vampire.  The vampire

attacks his victims in the neck and leaves two tiny white wounds

with a red dot in the centre.

DOCTOR:  But Professor Van Helsing, that theory is

inconceivable.  In these times, medical science does not accept

the existence of such a creature.  That is just a myth.  A


HELSING:  Dr. Seward's patient Renfield, whose blood I have just

analyzed, has the obsession that he must eat other living

creaturs in order to feed his own life.  I am going to England

with Dr. Seward to study Renfield's case.  And perhaps I can

prove to you that the superstition of times gone by may become a

scientific truth in our time. Look.

               The doctors peer into a microscope


                         E N G L A N D

                      A FEW EVENINGS LATER

        The Grounds of the Seward Sanitarium near Whitby

                        Renfield screams

                       In Renfield's Room

             Renfield grabs deparately at a spider

            Martin pulls Renfield away from the web

RENFIELD:  No, don't take it away.  Martin, don't take it away!

You are a good man.  Don't!

MARTIN:  Aren't you ashamed of yourself?  Now you are interested

in spiders.  Spiders!  You are no longer content with flies.

RENFIELD:  Flies?  Wretched flies?  Tiny flies.  Who can be

content with flies?

MARTIN:  You, a raving lunatic!

RENFIELD:  When beautiful and plump spiders are not available,


MARTIN:  All right, do as you please. But now come with me.  The

Professor wants to talk with you again.  Let us go!

                       In Seward's office

                 Van Helsing and Seward confer

SEWARD:  It's a very strange case.  The only thing Renfield has

craved for, so far, are small bugs. No human beings.

HELSING:  That is what we think, Doctor.  But you say that he

slips away from his room.  That he spends hours on the outside.

Where does he go?

                  There is a knock on the door

SEWARD:  Come in!

                   Enter Renfield and Martin

HELSING:  Well, Senor Renfield, you look much better now than in

the morning when I got here.

RENFIELD:  Thanks, Professor.  I feel much better.

SEWARD:  Martin.

         Seward motions Martin to give Renfield a chair

HELSING:  I was told that you studied at Oxford University.

RENFIELD:  That is true.  I graduated from the School of Law.

In 1927.  I was accepted in the Bar in 1928.

Afterwards......Excuse me...

       Renfield stalks a fly, catches it, but lets it go

RENFIELD:  An inferior organism.  Unworthy of my attention.

                    Renfield sits back down

HELSING:  What would you have done with that fly, had we not

been here?

MARTIN:  Eat it up.

HELSING:  Tell me, Senor Renfield.  What makes you eat flies?

RENFIELD:  The wings of flies, gentlemen, represent the aerial

power of the psychic faculties.

MARTIN:  There is more to this fellow than meets the eye, Doctor.


               On the Terrace at the Seward House

                      Eva and Harker talk

HARKER:  I've never seen you like this before, Eva.  What is

wrong with you?  Are you worried about something?  Have I done

something to you?

EVA:  You have not done anything to me, Juan.  Do not worry.

HARKER:  But there is something wrong.  Tell me.

EVA:  I do not know what it might be.  I have been feeling

frightened lately.  When the night begins to fall, I get this

feeling that something tightens around me.  Oh, Juan.


                   The crypt at Carfax Abbey

                 Dracula rises from his coffin.

                      At the Seward House

          Eva and Harker come inside from the terrace

                        Seward's Office

   Van Helsing attempts to draw a blood sample from Renfield

RENFIELD:  Do not touch me with that disgusting device!

SEWARD:  Come on, Renfield.

RENFIELD:  You must let me out of here.

HELSING:  Why is it so important to you?

RENFIELD:  Because I scream at night.  I could bother Senorita

Eva and even cause her to have nightmares.

HELSING:  Nightmares?

RENFIELD: Si, Doctor, si.  Nightmares.

                      Offstage:  Wolf call

HELSING:  It sounds as a wolf howling.

SEWARD:  Si, it sure does.  But I cannot believe that wolves

come so close to men.

MARTIN:  This one thinks that they do.  And I have heard howling

at night.  He says that they talk to him, and he screams back at

the top of his voice.  He is crazy!

HELSING:  I should have thought about it.  You know well why the

wolves talk.  Isn't that true, Senor Renfield?  And you also

know how to shut them up.

       Van Helsing holds up a sprig of aconite (wolfbane)

RENFIELD:  (screams and turns away)  You know too much to keep

on living.

HELSING:  We cannot get another word out of him at the moment.

SEWARD:  You can take him, Martin.

MARTIN:  Get up, blockhead.

RENFIELD:  I warn you again, Dr. Seward.  If you do not let me

go, you will be responsible for whatever happens to your


                    Exit Martin and Renfield

SEWARD:  What kind of herb got him so excited?

HELSING:  It is aconite.  The peasants in central Europe use it

to drive vampires away.

SEWARD:  And Renfield reacted as soon as he smelt it.

HELSING:  Si.  He must be watched closely day and night, mainly

by night.


                       LATER THAT EVENING

                       The Seward Parlour

                  Eva and Harker sit on couch

HARKER:  You were saying that you went to sleep.

EVA:  Si.  I was reading and fell asleep.  I began to dream.  A

dog barked, and it looked as if the whole room was wrapped in

mist.  It was so thick that I could hardly see the light by my

bedside.  It looked like a tiny spark lost amidst the fog.

                  Enter Van Helsing and Seward

EVA:  I saw two red eyes staring at me and a livid white face

through the fog.  He came closer and closer.  I could feel his

breath on my face...and his lips...Ah!

HARKER:  Eva, it was just a dream.

EVA:  The next morning, I felt very weak, as if I had lost my


HELSING:  When did you have that dream, Senorita Eva?

EVA:  The night when father left for Switzerland.  That is to

say, the night after Lucia was buried.

HELSING:  Wait.  Think for a moment.  Can you remember what

might have caused that nightmare?

EVA:  Nothing..

HARKER:  There is something in Eva's mind, something she does

not want to tell us.

HELSING:  And that face that you saw in your dream...are you

saying that it was getting closer and closer?  That those lips

touched you?

EVA:  (nods)

HELSING:  Where?

EVA:  (Recoils from Van Helsing's touch)


EVA:  No, no, papa.  Por favor.

SEWARD:  What do you have on your neck?

EVA:  Por Dios, papa!

           Seward and Van Helsing examine Eva's neck

HELSING:  Since when have you had those marks?

HARKER:  Marks?

EVA:  Since the day after that dream.

                           Enter Maid

MAID:  Conde Dracula is here.

                         Enter Dracula

DRACULA:  It is a pleasure to see you again, Doctor.  I already

knew that you were back.  Senorita Seward.

                   Dracula kisses Eva's hand

SEWARD:  Excuse me, Conde Dracula.  This is Professor Van


DRACULA:  Van Helsing, the distinguished man of science whose

fame has even reached the mountains of Transylvania.

HELSING:  Doctor, I beg you to excuse me, but your daughter had

better go to her room immediately.

DRACULA:  Aren't you feeling well?  I hope it is nothing serious.

EVA:  I had a terrible dream a few nights ago, and I have not

been able to push it away from my mind.

DRACULA:  Maybe you have taken my stories too seriously?

HARKER:  Stories?

DRACULA:  I have humbly tried to cheer up your fiancee by

telling her legends, though somewhat gloomy, about my distant


SEWARD:  Daughter, I am sure Conde Dracula will excuse you.  It

is imperative that you go to your room as Professor Van Helsing

has advised you to do.

EVA:  But, father, I want you to know that I'm feeling quite

well now.

DRACULA:  You had better do as your father says.

EVA:  Muy bien.

SEWARD:  Buenas noches, my dear daughter.

DRACULA:  I must go, Doctor.

HELSING:  I hope I shall have the pleasure of seeing you again.

EVA:  Buenas noches, Juan.

DRACULA:  Senor Harker.

      Van Helsing notices that Dracula casts no reflection

            in the mirror of an open cigarette case

DRACULA:  I shall come by later to ask how you are feeling.

EVA:  Gracias.

DRACULA:  Buenas noches, Senorita Seward.

EVA:  Buenas noches.

                            Exit Eva

DRACULA:  I am very sorry that my visit was so untimely.

SEWARD:  Not at all.

HELSING:  On the contrary, it could be of great importance.

Moreover, before you leave, you can be helpful to us.

DRACULA:  It will be a pleasure to do whatever I can.

HELSING:  Just a moment ago, I discovered an amazing

phenomenon...something so incredible that I do not trust my own

eyes.  And I want you to help me prove it.

              Van Helsing holds mirror to Dracula

DRACULA:  (angrily smashes mirror with his cane)  Dr. Seward,

please accept my apologies.  I could not avoid it.

                  Dracula turns to Van Helsing

DRACULA:  Considering that you have not lived an entire life

yet, you know a lot, Professor.

                          Exit Dracula

HARKER:  Did you see the expression on his face?  He looked like

an enraged beast!

HELSING:  Dracula is our vampire.

SEWARD:  Vampire?  For God's sake, Professor.

HELSING:  Vampires are not reflected in mirrors.  That is why

Dracula shattered that mirror.

HARKER:  Look Professor, that makes no sense whatsoever.

HELSING:  Dracula is the monster who killed Lucia Weston.  The

same one who left those marks on Senorita Eva's neck.

SEWARD:  Is it him?

HARKER:  Well, believe me, I do not want to offend you, but your

words seem more appropriate for one of the patients here.

HELSING:  Si, and the physicians of this country as well as the

police will believe that.  Vampires get stronger when people

refuse to believe in them.

                       SHORTLY THEREAFTER

                    Outside the Seward House

         Eva enters the garden where Dracula awaits her


                     In the Seward Parlour

             Van Helsing, Seward and Harker talk on

SEWARD:  But professor, according to your own theory, the

vampire must go back to his grave before dawn.  He must go back

to his native land which is the place where he was buried.  Now

Conde Dracula's native land is Transylvania!

HELSING:  Then he must have brought the earth with him.  Perhaps

in boxes big enough to serve as his bed.

                   Offstage:  Renfield laughs

                Enter Renfield from the terrace

SEWARD:  Come on.  Come on.  Renfield?  What were you doing over

there?  Come on.  Come with me.  Renfield, did you hear what we

were saying?

RENFIELD:  Pay attention to what he is telling you.  That is the

only salvation you have left.  And the same is true for her.

               Renfield kneels before Van Helsing

RENFIELD:  Save me.  Save my soul.  Save me, save me, save me!

I am weak, you are strong.  I am crazy, you are sane.

HELSING:  I will save you, but you must tell us whatever you


RENFIELD:  Fool.  Fool.  And I thought you were a wise man.

What do I stand to gain by telling you everything?  That

physician keeps me locked in here all day. And when I behave

nicely, he gives me a bit of sugar so that I can catch flies.

But if I serve the Master...An intelligent madman would rather

serve the one who can grant him life.

HELSING:  Him?  Who are you talking about?

RENFIELD:  Why should we mention names among friends, Professor?

HELSING:  What kind of ties do you have with Dracula?

RENFIELD:  Dracula?  I had never heard that name before.

HELSING:  You are lying.

RENFIELD:  Crazy people, Professor, do not have the faculty to

distinguish between what is true and false.  For this reason, I

do not take offense.

                  Renfield turns to Dr. Seward

RENFIELD:  I begged you to let me out, but you did not want to.

Now it is too late.  It has already happened.

HARKER:  What has happened?

RENFIELD:  I dare not say it.  I dare not.  I would die in

torment if I tried to.

HELSING:  And you shall die in torment if you let innocent blood

stain your soul.

RENFIELD:  No!  God will not condemn the soul of a poor madman.

He knows that the power of evil is too big for the poor in

spirit to get rid of it.

HELSING:  Then, Renfield, trust me.  Tell me what I want to know.

RENFIELD:  What do you want to know?

HELSING:  The name of the creature that has deranged your mind.

The one you call 'Master'.

RENFIELD:  No!  Don't ask me that!  Don't ask me that!  No!

Don't ask me that!  No!  No!.

HELSING:  You must tell us.

RENFIELD:  Leave me alone.  Leave me alone.

HELSING:  Renfield, tell us before it is too late.  Before your

soul is damned forever.

RENFIELD:  I shall tell you.  I shall tell you.

                           Enter Bat

RENFIELD:  Master, master.  I was not going to tell them

anything.  I have not told them anything.  I am faithful to you,

Master.  I am faithful.

                    Offstage:  Maid screams

                  Enter Maid onto the Terrace

MAID:  Dr. Seward!  Dr. Seward!  Senorita Eva...over


         Exit Harker, Van Helsing and Seward to garden

RENFIELD:  (laughs)

MAID:  (faints)

                    Renfield crawls to maid

                and peers at her exposed throat

                     On the Sanatarium Lawn

                Van Helsing and Seward find Eva

HARKER:  (carries Eva to her room)

                      A FEW MOMENTS LATER

                        In Eva's Bedroom

     Seward, Harker and Van Helsing stand at Eva's bedside

SEWARD:  Thank God, she is still alive.

HELSING:  She is alive, but she is at great risk.  She is under

his influence.

SEWARD:  That would be terrible.  I cannot believe it.

HELSING:  Nevertheless, that is true.  We must put an end to it.

 We must confront it.

                       LATER THAT EVENING

                         On the terrace

                          Harker paces

                          Enter Martin

MARTIN:  Is Dr. Seward around?

HARKER:  No, what do you need?

MARTIN:  That blockhead has fled again.  And he is capable of

doing any foolishness.

HARKER:  Dr. Seward and his famous scholar are in the abbey

chasing vampires.

MARTIN:  Vampires.  Blockheads.  Look, Senor Harker, if there is

a brave man after my job, let him have it.  I am going to look

for work at another sanatarium where the crazy people are nice

and reasonable.  Let them think they are Napoleon or kings.

Something worthy of my time.

                           THAT NIGHT

                        A Park in London

                 Enter a lady dressed in white

                        THE NEXT MORNING

                     The Seward Sanatarium

           Martin reads the newspaper to three nurses

MARTIN:  "The mysterious lady in white, that merciless scourge

of childhood, once again played one of her tricks last night a

little after nightfall.  The testimony given by two girls...they

both confirm that it is a beautiful lady dressed in white whose

modus operandi is to offer candy to her victim.  Then she lures

her victim to a deserted corner where she bites the victim's

neck delicately.


                       Eva's Sitting Room

                    Eva reads the newspaper

              Van Helsing and Harker stand nearby

HARKER:  What does she know about the lady in white?  Why would

she know anything about it?  She should not have read that.

HELSING:  Por favor, Senor Harker.

                      Helsing turns to Eva

HELSING:  And when did you see Lucia again after she was buried?

EVA:  Once, when I was on the terrace.  She came out of the

shadows.  She came towards me.  She stopped and stared at me.  I

began to tell her something, and then I remembered that she was

dead.  Her face took a horrible expression, the look of a hungry

beast, as if she were a wolf.  She turned around, and she got

lost again amidst the fog.

HELSING:  So, the woman dressed in white was...

EVA:  Lucia.

HELSING:  Senorita, I promise you that from this day on Lucia

will rest in peace.  Her soul will be forever freed of that

awful appetite.

EVA:  Since you can save Lucia's soul after her death, promise

me that you will save mine, too.

HARKER:  But you will not die, my love.  You will live.

EVA:  No.  No, Juan, you must not touch me.  And you must not

kiss me.  Never, ever.

HARKER:  What are you talking about?

EVA:  Professor, explain it to him. Tell him.  I can't.

                        Exit Van Helsing


EVA:  Juan, it is all over between the two of us.  Our love, our

wedding projects.  Please, Juan, don't look at me like that.  I

love you.  I love you more than anything else.  But this

terrible thing!  He wants it to be this way.  And I must obey.

                  Harker turns to Van Helsing

HARKER:  Do you know what you are doing?  You are driving her


     Van Helsing opens the terrace doors and points outside

HELSING:  Senor Harker, you should be worried about that.  The

last rays of sunshine are gone.  The night is threatening us


              Van Helsing closes the terrace doors

                          Enter Seward

HELSING:  We have already put aconite in this room and in your

bedroom to free you from Dracula, in case he comes back.

HARKER:  She will be totally free of him.  Either she goes back

to London with me or I call the police.

HELSING:  Seward, my friend, I am in charge here or whatever I

do will be useless.

                     Enter Nursemaid Marta

            Van Helsing shows her a twig of aconite

HELSING:  Senorita Eva must keep this branch of aconite in her

sleep. Be careful.  She must not drop it while she is asleep.

                          Exit Harker

HELSING:  These windows must remain locked at night, no matter


MARTA:  I understand, Professor.

SEWARD:  Come, my daughter.  Come on.

            Seward and Marta led Eva to her bedroom

                          THAT EVENING

               The lawn on the Sanatarium grounds

           Dracula looks up at Renfield's cell window

                       In Renfield's Cell

                 Renfield sits alone on his bed

                           Enter bat

RENFIELD:  Si, Master.  You have come back, Master.  Are you

angry at me?  No, no, Master.  Por favor.  Not her!  Never

again.  No, Master.  No!  Not her!  No!  No!  Por favor!  No,

Master.  No, por favor!

                       LATER THAT EVENING

                       The Seward Parlour

          Van Helsing, Harker and Seward stand talking

HELSING:  Senor Harker, I have devoted my life to the study of

the strangest things...to little known facts that maybe the

world had better ignore.  But I quietly accept vulgar things.

Dracula's name is associated to a legend that is still told

among Dracula's fellow countrymen.  This legend alludes to an

old family that disappeared about five centuries ago and was

supposed to be formed by vampires. As I discovered, by chance,

that Dracula was not reflected in the mirror, and besides that

three big boxes had been sent to Carfax Abbey, and I also knew

that a vampire must sleep during the day in his native land.  I

understood at once that Dracula had to be the person who

Renfield calls 'Master', a being who is not dead and has been

able to prolong his life beyond the natural limits, feeding

himself on the blood of other living creatures. We can only save

Eva if we find the place where the living corpse of the vampire

rests and we drive a stake through his heart.

      Renfield is seen listening outside the terrace doors

                  Harker throws open the doors

               He pulls Renfield into the parlour

RENFIELD:  What a strange conversation for men who are not crazy.

SEWARD:  Renfield, you will force me to put you in a


RENFIELD:  I am afraid that it will be useless at this point.

                     In Eva's Sitting Room

                     Eva turns in her sleep

        Her hand knocks the aconite twig from the pillow

                 Marta returns it to the pillow

                       SHORTLY THEREAFTER

                      The Sanitarium Ward

                 Martin speaks on the telephone

MARTIN:  What?  What are you saying, Doctor?  Again?  I am on my

way, Sir.  Immediately, Senor Doctor.  The doctor's favourite

lunatic is at large again.

            Martin opens the door to Renfield's cell

MARTIN:  My goodness!  This Barbarian must be Hercules!

NURSE:  What has he done now?

MARTIN:  Come and see for yourself.

              The bars on the cell window are bent

                     In Eva's Sitting Room

                 Dracula holds Marta entranced

DRACULA:  From now on, any mental suggestion that you receive

from me must be executed.  Whenever I want you to do something,

it has to be done.

MARTA:  It has to be done.

DRACULA:  When you come out of this state, you will remember

nothing of what I am telling you now.  Do you understand?

MARTA:  I understand.

DRACULA:  I have alrady told you what you must do.  Now, obey.

             Dracula and Marta enter Eva's bedroom

          Marta removes the aconite from Eva's pillow

                           Exit Marta

             Dracula bends over Eva's sleeping body

                       The Seward Parlour

        Renfield talks to Van Helsing, Harker and Seward

HELSING:  Renfield, you know where those boxes are.  Tell us and

we shall protect you.

RENFIELD:  But I no longer need your protection.  the Master is

not angry with me.  On the contrary, he is satisfied.  He came

up to my window, under the moonlight, and he promised things to

me.  Not to say them.  To do them.

HELSING:  To do them?

RENFIELD:  Si.  Trying to make it happen.  A red mist spread on

the lawn, and came towards me as a raging fire.  Then, the

Master tore open the mist and showed before my eyes thousands of

rats, their eyes enflamed as his, but smaller.  He rose his

hand, and all of them stopped.  I thought he was telling me:

Rats!  Rats!  Rats!  Thousands, millions of rats!  And in each

one of them, a life full with red blood.  This is equivalent to

many years of life.  I shall give you all these beings.  Si, and

many more!  For countless generations!  But you have to obey.

HELSING:  What did he want you to do?

RENFIELD:  What has already been done.

HELSING:  Dracula is in the house.

RENFIELD:  Where else did you expect him to be?

                   Exit Harker to Eva's room

HELSING:  He will not be able to do us harm.  We have put the


                          Enter Martin

MARTIN:  Oh, here you are!  Por Dios, this man is going to drive

me crazy.  He has just twisted and broken the iron bars as if

they were mere toothpicks.

SEWARD:  Come with me, Martin.  Let me show you a place from

which he will not flee again.  Let us go.

MARTIN:  You might be right, but I shall quote Saint Thomas.

                Exit Seward, Renfield and Martin

DRACULA:  Van Helsing!  Now that you have found out what you

have found out, it would be advisable that you go back to your


HELSING:  I intend to stay and protect those you would like to


DRACULA:  It is too late.  Dracula's blood is already flowing in

Senorita Seward's veins.  She will live for all eternity as I

myself have.

HELSING:  Suppose that you get away, Dracula, we know how to

save Senorita Eva's soul if not her life.

                         MOMENTS LATER

                     In Eva's Sitting Room

                   Enter Eva from the Bedroom

EVA:  Of course, I am all right.  I have never felt better in my

whole life.

                      Harker stares at Eva

EVA:  Tell me, why are you staring at me like that?

HARKER:  You are so...it is almost unbelievable.  You look like

somebody else.  My love, you look great.

EVA:  And I feel great.  But it is stuffy in here.  And this

smell.  It is the wreath of flowers the Professor wanted me


                          Enter Marta

MARTA:  Si, Senorita?

EVA:  Throw away that awful wreath of flowers, will you, Marta?

And do me a favour.  Open the window to let air in.

MARTA:  But, Senorita, the Professor will not approve of that.

HARKER:  Do not worry about him.

                 Marta opens the terrace doors

                 and removes the aconite wreath

           Eva and Harker stroll out onto the terrace

EVA:  It's much better here.

HARKER:  I am glad to see you like this.  I was really worried

about you.

EVA:  I do not know what was wrong with me.  It is as if I were

coming out of a nightmare.  Juan, the moonlight is beautiful,

isn't it?  Look, have you ever seen so many starts.  Millions

and millions, and they seem to be very close.  As if it were

possible to reach them with your hand.

HARKER:  Would you like me to offer you a handful of them?


                     In the Seward Parlour

          Dracula and Van Helsing confront each other

DRACULA:  Do not forget, Van Helsing, in the last years those

who crossed my path paid for it with their own lives.  And some

of them in a very unpleasant way.

                     Van Helsing backs away

DRACULA:  Come here.

         Van Helsing attempts to reach into his pocket

DRACULA:  Stop!  You shall not move your hand unless I want you


            Dracula points to an open box on a table

DRACULA:  Take out whatever you have in there and put it in this


              Van Helsing reaches into his pocket

             Dracula shields his eyes with his cape

                 Van Helsing removes a crucifix

DRACULA:  Hurry up.

             Van Helsing closes the lid on the box

                  but holds onto the crucifix

DRACULA:  Have you obeyed me?

HELSING:  Si, I have.

                   Dracula unshields his face

               Van Helsing holds up the crucifix

DRACULA:  (snarls and turns away)

               Exit Dracula through terrace doors

                        On Eva's Terrace

                  Eva and Harker sit together

HARKER:  Si, you told me that.

EVA:  Oh, no, Juan.

HARKER: What do you mean?

EVA:  I could have never told you such a foolish thing.  You

have made it up.

HARKER:  No, you told me that the night frightened you.

EVA:  And what is there at night that may frighten me?  I love

nights.  It is the only time when I really live, I guess.

                           Enter Bat

HARKER:  Be careful.  A bat.  It may get tangled in your hair.

BAT:  (squeaks)

EVA:  Si, I shall do it.  I shall do it.

HARKER:  You will do what?

EVA:  Me?  I did not say anything.

HARKER:  I thought you did.  God, that bat is huge.

EVA:  Juan, I want you to promise me something.

HARKER:  Wahtever you want, my love.  Whatever you ask for.

        Van Helsing listens from behind the terrace door

EVA:  That intrusive professor and his herbs. I cannot stand him

any longer.  Will you do me a favour and take them away?  And

the crucifix, take it away from him, too.  He will say that he

wants to protect me again from the night, from Conde Dracula,

from whatever.

HARKER:  I do not know what to believe.  But he might be right.

He has told me terrible things about that Conde Dracula.

EVA:  (laughs hysterically)

        Dr. Seward joins Van Helsing at the terrace door

              They continue to eavesdrop unnoticed

           Eva entwines her arms around Harker's neck

HARKER:  What is that?  What is wrong with you?

EVA:  Why?

HARKER:  Your eyes!  Your look is so strange.

            Eva bends forward to bite Harker's neck

SEWARD:  Don't, Eva!

               Helsing runs forward with crucifix

EVA:  (screams and faints)

SEWARD:  Eva, my daughter!

HARKER:  It is all right, Eva, my love.

EVA:  The cross, Juan!  After what happened, I cannot look at it.

HARKER:  What happened?

EVA:  I cannot tell you, I cannot.

HARKER:  You must tell me.  I have a right to know.

EVA:  Dracula...he came.  He cut open a vein in his arm, and he

forced me to drink.

                        Eva faints again

                  Offstage:  Sound of gunshot

HELSING:  (looking over terrace wall)  What is that?

                        Out on the Lawn

                       Martin aims a gun

                    The Maid runs in circles

HELSING:  Who is it, Martin?

MARTIN:  A bat, Professor.  Very big and very black.

HELSING:  Don't waste your pellets.  It is useless.  That bat

will never be wounded.

MARTIN:  What can we do?

MAID:  (whispering to Martin)  He is crazy.

MARTIN:  They are all crazy.  All of them except me and you.

And sometimes, I doubt even about you.

                      Maid exits in a huff

                        LATE THAT NIGHT

                        In Eva's Bedroom

                           Eva sleeps

                 Marta sits in a chair reading

                    Dracula peers in window

MARTA:  (drops book, removes aconite and opens windows)

                         Enter Dracula

                           Exit Marta

                  Dracula wills Eva to awaken

             Offstage:  A woman's scream rings out

                The Front Gate of the Sanitarium

           Van Helsing and Harker emerge from the fog

HELSING:  It was a good deed to drive a stake through the heart

of that poor girl.  Now her soul will rest in peace.

HARKER:  Let us go to the Abbey.


                      Inside Carfax Abbey

                      Dracula carries Eva

                         Enter Renfield

RENFIELD:  Master!  Master, I'm here!  Master!  Master, here I

am!  Here I am.

                 From offstage:  Harker's voice

HARKER:  Eva!  Eva!

                      Outside Carfax Abbey

      Van Helsing and Harker look for a way into the Abbey

HARKER:  Look.  An opening in the wall!

        Harker shouts through the opening into the Abbey

HARKER:  Eva!  Eva!

    Harker and Van Helsing follow grope along the Abbey wall

HARKER:  He entered through here.

                      Inside Carfax Abbey

                Renfield backs away from Dracula

RENFIELD:  I haven't brought them here, Master!  I swear!  I

didn't know, Master.  Master!


RENFIELD:  Master!  Master!  I have always been faithful.  I am

your slave.  I did not betray you.

                 Dracula lays Eva on the stairs

                  and advances toward Renfield

RENFIELD:  Do not kill me, Master!  Punish me!  Torture me!  But

let me live!  I cannot go before God with so many deaths on my

conscience and so much blood on my hands!

                  Dracula strangles Renfield,

                throws his body over the stairs,

                   and returns to pick up Eva

                     In the Abbey Courtyard

             Dracula enters the crypt, carrying Eva

                The crypt door closes behind him

     Harker and Van Helsing follow but find the door locked

HARKER:  Eva!  Eva!

HELSING:  With that crowbar, Harker!

        Harker picks up a crowbar and beats on the door


                        Inside the crypt

               Dracula prepares to drink from Eva

            Sunlight streams through a nearby window

EVA:  (awakens and screams)

                       Outside the crypt

              Harker finally breaks open the door

HARKER:  I have got it!

           Harker and Van Helsing rush into the crypt

HARKER:  Eva, we are here!  Eva!  Eva!  Eva!  Eva!

HELSING:  Harker!  Harker!  I have found them.  Look.

        Harker looks at Dracula lying in an open coffin

HELSING:  His life as a vampire is coming to its end.

HARKER:  And Eva?

HELSING:  You must be brave. Go find a rock. Anything I can use

to drive the stake through his heart.

                 Harker brings back an iron bar

HARKER:  And Eva?  Is she...?

             Van Helsing points to her empty coffin

HELSING:  She is not here.

HARKER:  Then she is still alive!

               Harker runs deeper into the crypt

HARKER:  Where are you?!

                Offstage:  The sound of pounding

                    followed by death gasps

HARKER:  Eva!  Eva!  Where are you?  Eva!  Eva!

                  Eva runs into Harker's arms

HARKER:  You are safe, Eva.  You are safe.

EVA:  Oh, Juan!  You should have seen his horrible face when he

saw the sunlight!

HELSING:  There is nothing to fear, now.  Dracula is dead


            Harker and Eva begin to leave the crypt

                  Van Helsing does not follow

HARKER:  Aren't you coming with us?

HELSING:  I am staying.  I shall do good on my promise to


                      Exit Harker and Eva


Special help by SergeiK