Earthquake Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Earthquake script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Charlton Heston disaster movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Earthquake. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Earthquake Script


            WOMAN: Goddamn it!

            MAN: Your last words last night.

            The first words from you this morning.

            You think you should expand your vocabulary?

            WOMAN: While you expand your chest.

            Get enough exercise jogging this morning?

            Don't you ever get tired?

            MAN: I won't have time for breakfast.

            WOMAN: Why not? It's ready.

            MAN: Denise Marshall's boy wants a football.

            I'll drop it off.

            WOMAN: An autographed football from you?

            You haven't played football in    years.

            MAN: I guess it's part of this nostalgia binge.

            Anyway, it's the ball Frank Gifford signed.

            That's the signature he wants.

            I find it peculiar, almost amusing.

            The widow Brian Marshall comes back after seven months,

            and you rush off without even a cup of coffee.

            If I ask you...

            MAN: If you ask me to pick up lettuce, I find some excuse.

            WOMAN: Christ.

            If it wasn't 7:30 a.m., I would have a drink.

            MAN: You're a clock watcher?

            WOMAN: What? What did you say?

            MAN: I said, "You're a clock watcher?"

            WOMAN: Don't you dare lower your voice to me!

            MAN: What's this about?

            WOMAN: I know you. We've been married long enough.

            The more contempt you feel for me, the lower the voice!

            MAN: Remy, you'd hardly call this a marriage, would you?

            I'm going now, Remy.

            I said I'm leaving.



            [Labored breathing]


            Remy! Remy!

            Jim, Stuart Graff.

            She's done it again.

            We'll get faster action if you call the ambulance.

            I'll induce vomiting. I know the rules by now.

            Just get over here.


            REMY: Oh, my God! Aah!

            [Rumbling subsides]

            GRAFF: Well...

            If you throw pills in the toilet, flush it.

            [Rumbling resumes]

            [Rumbling subsides]

            MAN IN JACKET: That was a jolt.

            BALD MAN: Forget your coffee. We got an emergency inspection.

            MAN IN JACKET: I'm off duty soon.

            It's just a little tremor. That's a concrete dam.

            BALD MAN: Those are the rules, Max.

            You can always use the overtime.

            MAX: I suppose so.

            [Starts engine]

            BALD MAN: Is everything OK? MAX: Yeah.

            BALD MAN: You check the base. I'll look down below.

            [Machinery whirring]

              MAN ON RADIO: At  :   a.m.,

              a earthquake registering  .  on the Richter scale...

              was felt in Los Angeles.

              No injuries were reported. Minimal property damage...

              DIFFERENT MAN ON RADIO: Repeating a KJB alert...

              [Switches off radio]

              Hello, Laura? This is Mr. Graff.

              My secretary in yet?

              Oh. Tell her I'll be a little late.

              LAURA: All right. MAN: Let me speak to him.

              LAURA: Mr. Graff, your father-in-law.

              MAN: See me when you come in.

              Let's go over that Cameron matter.

              I won't budge on this.

              I don't want to lose this contract.

              - Thank you. - Yes, sir.

              MAX: Fred?


              Fred! Fred!


              [Approaching siren]

              [Tires squeal]

              [Scraping metal]

              [Tires squeal]

              Watch it, Lou. You nearly wracked us up.

              See, I told you! We'll hear about that one.

              LOU: Want to drive, Emilio? EMILIO: No. You're driving.

              EMILIO: We're over the city line.

              Captain will bust us if we mess up in the county again.

              You remember what happened with Merle?

              Still don't think his gun went off by accident.

              LOU: I get along fine with nine toes.

              OFFICER IN HELMET: I said stay out of the county!

              Some guys are just too goddamn dumb...

              to stay where they belong!

              Do you know who owns that hedge you wrecked?

              I'm going to tell you, Slade... Zsa Zsa Gabor.

              Corry? Forget about the dishes. You'll be late for school.

              Come on.

              Go to Mrs. Clark's when you come back.

              She'll look after you until I'm home.

              [Doorbell buzzes]

              Stuart. Hi. Come on in.

              CORRY: Hi. You brought it.

              GRAFF: Sorry I forgot last week.

              Where did Frank Gifford sign?

              GRAFF: Right there under the laces.

              CORRY: Thanks, Mr. Graff.

              That will look great on my bookcase.

              DENISE: That's really nice of you.

              GRAFF: I couldn't let down my last fan.

              DENISE: Hurry. Have a good day.

              - Good-bye, Mom. - Bye-bye.

              GRAFF: So long.

              You know what? I've got a part in a movie.

              GRAFF: Great.

              DENISE: Yeah, great.

              Three days shooting,    lines.

              It's hard, I've been out of it so long.

              But I feel alive.

              I didn't for so long after Brian died.

              I should get dressed. Did you feel that tremor this morning?

              It really wasn't very strong.

              No? Would you like some coffee?

              If there's an unbroken cup that I can find.

              - It'll have to be instant. - Instant will be fine.

              DENISE: Barbara says you're the best...

              GRAFF: Barbara?

              DENISE: Yes. Barbara. Your boss' secretary.

              - Oh. - And my one good friend.

              Well, she says...

              you're the best engineer in the country.

              GRAFF: Barbara's paid to say things like that.

              DENISE: That's the script of the movie I'm doing.

              "Movie I'm doing."

              That's the overstatement of the year. Huh.

              Here I am, two small scenes,

              and I'm so worried, I was up all night...

              trying to figure out how to make this thing work.

              GRAFF: Can I help you?

              DENISE: Yes. You could read the lines with me.

              It's just one scene, one page.

              I think I know it.

              Right here, near the top.

              OK, let me fill you in.

              I play a bit player.

              The part you read is a big movie star:

              A drunk, a gambler,

              married    times, the whole thing.

              And there's a dinner party.

              Now, an assistant director invited me.

              He's not enough of a gentleman to pick me up.

              I have to drive myself. That's OK.

              They're all talking about me just before I come in.

              Asking him the usual questions about bit players.

              Talk, talk, talk. I come in.

              Introductions, introductions.

              Then our big star... you... makes his appearance.

              You ignore me for quite a while.

              So I say to you, "Hello, Mr. Shepherd.

              "It's been a long time. How have you been?"

              And you say...

              GRAFF: "Do we know each other?"

              DENISE: You bet your ass.

              That kind of a script. Ha ha.

              Oh, and my character is supposed to be a nymphomaniac.

              GRAFF: Yeah.

              The director's a strong believer in typecasting.

              I'll cope with that. Want it black?

              GRAFF: Yeah, black's...

              DENISE: And don't worry.

              GRAFF: Worry? About what? DENISE: I'm not a nympho.

              I'm not Mary Poppins, but I'm far from being...

              What's the male equivalent of a nympho?

              GRAFF: Satyr, I think.

              DENISE: Satyr? GRAFF: Yeah.

              And, uh, you don't need to worry, either.

              DENISE: Worry?

              GRAFF: What I mean is I'm not Billy Graham exactly,

              but I'm no satyr.


              DENISE: Jesus, that tremor must have stopped the clock.

              GRAFF: It's after  :  . DENISE: I have a   :   call.

              - I must go. - I'm due at the office.

              Thank you for everything... the cueing, the football...

              and the sympathy.

              And as Mary Poppins would say...



              Eight stitches to close his lower lip,

              Six loosened teeth!

              You don't do that to a brother officer!

              LOU: He's no brother officer. Merle's a county cop.

              I'm talking about Los Angeles cops and county cops.

              That kid stole a car.

              He got stoned and slammed into...

              a little Mexican girl about six years old.

              She was thrown    feet in the air.

              Probably dead before she hit the sidewalk.

              Blood covered three whole cement squares...

              Not splattered. Solid. Just like paint.

              The driver never even slowed down.

              He almost got away because some peckerwood in a cop's uniform...

              was worried about a hedge!

              You'll receive formal notice of suspension...

              and a date for departmental trial.

              Now get on home.

              EMILIO: Hey, Lou. How'd it go?

              [Machinery whirring and clattering]

              MAN: Michelle, get me the valley reading.

              MICHELLE: OK. Have they plotted the epicenter yet?

              MAN: Yes, sure was. Quite a shock.

              Nevertheless, there's no scientific evidence...

              that a  .  earthquake can loosen dental fillings.

              No. Right. Thank you.

              Walt! Your turn on the P.R. desk.

              Yes, that's right. Dr. Adams. Room   .

              He isn't? Then I'd like to leave a message.

              MAN: Walt! WALT: Just a minute, OK?

              Have him call Walter Russell at the Seismology Institute.

              Yeah, it's very important.

              Yes, thank you.

              Here's a strange one.

              Caretaker at the Hollywood Reservoir Dam...

              drowned at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

              They still haven't figured out what happened.

              WALT: OK.

              MAN: What's the matter? You look sick.

              WALT: I found out Dr. Adams stayed up at the fault.

              MAN: So?

              WALT: I sent some figures in a memo...

              into the Director's office yesterday afternoon.

              I don't think he's read them.

              MAN: Figures on what?

              WALT: I know you'll laugh...

              but I think we're going to have a really big quake.

              Probably today, tomorrow at the latest.

              I wanted Dr. Adams here to back up my computations.

              MAN ON TRACTOR: Thought you left yesterday, Dr. Adams.

              ADAMS: We hope to have the instruments planted by noon.

              Still haven't figured out what you're trying to do.

              ADAMS: It's rather technical.

              That device records minute variations of seismic waves.

              MAN ON TRACTOR: Well, better start my plowing.

              ADAMS: Thanks for letting us on your land, Mr. Griggs.

              One the trench is filled in, you'd never know we were here.



              [Machinery humming]

              MILES: Well? SAL: That was nice.

              MILES: You'll have this thing ready this afternoon?

              SAL: I'll have it ready. Don't worry.

              We'll need an extra can of butane.

              MILES: Come on, Sal.

              We'll pick one up when we go for Rosa this afternoon.

              SAL: All right.

              MILES: She going to help us?

              SAL: Yeah, yeah. She'll help us.

              MILES: She's not too crazy about our work.

              SAL: Miles, I'll get her.

              MILES: Well, you better, because this Vegas job...

              is our big break.

              SAL: I'll get her. What do you want?

              Will you relax? Jesus.

              CORRY: Wow.

              CHECKER:  ...

              $ .  ...

              .  ...

              .  .

              That'll be $  .  .

              - Forgot to bring enough cash? - That's right.

              I'll put this back. Who needs protein anyway?

              MAN: Don't worry about it. Drop the money off next time.


              MAN: Find anything?

              All OK as far as I can tell.

              I'll check again.

              I guess we won't find anything until the shaft is pumped out,

              but everything looks fine.

              MAX: Right. People drown in elevators every day.

              [Hare Krishnas chanting]

              Can you order these freaks out of here?

              They're scaring my customers away.

              I've tried to get them to leave.

              You got something against religion?

              BARTENDER: What will you have?

              LOU: Double bourbon, Jay.

              JAY: In uniform, Lou?

              LOU: Naked and a glass will do just fine.

              Spiro T. Agnew.

              WALT: You asked to see me, Dr. Stockle?

              STOCKLE: Sit down.

              Russell, this is very interesting.

              You forecast an earthquake...

              in the three- to four-point range.

              We had an earthquake in that range.

              - I'm impressed. - Thank you, sir.

              STOCKLE: However, isn't it slender evidence...

              for predicting a catastrophe?

              WALT: Sir, these are based on this morning's signals...

              from those stress measurement instruments Dr. Adams sank...

              during that experimental well project.

              They indicate another pre-shock, probably before noon today.

              STOCKLE: If it happened?

              Then the big one follows in    hours.

              At least seven point.

              Naturally, if that second minor shock doesn't occur...

              then my computations are based on insufficient evidence.

              I think we have a strong...

              Russell, you are still a graduate assistant.

              Are you seriously contending that a graduate assistant...

              will be the first scientist to pinpoint a major earthquake...

              within    hours?

              WALT: No, sir.

              I'm following through on Dr. Adams' theories...

              and the probability curves that he drew up.

              I've been on the project...

              STOCKLE: Dr. Adams is on a field trip upstate.

              - I sure wish he wasn't. - Thank you, Russell.

              STOCKLE: No. Leave those.

              Beaulah, I want some figures run through the computer.

              Get Frank Adams for me in Fresno.

              [Knock on door]

              GRAFF: Yeah? Morning, Sam.

              ROYCE: Morning, Stu.

              Listen, uh...

              You still refuse to handle the Cameron job...

              unless he upgrades the specifications?

              GRAFF: Absolutely.

              ROYCE: OK.

              But you have to convince him changes are necessary.

              I could never talk him into anything.

              Oh, do me one more favor... don't muff the deal.

              Oh, just a moment. Mr. Royce?

              Your daughter's on the phone.  - - .

              ROYCE: Thank you. BARBARA: He'll be right on.

              ROYCE: Remy? Hello, darling.


              I was planning on eating in the building.

              Well, come on in.

              REMY: No. Away from the office.

              It's terribly important.

              ROYCE: Oh. OK, honey. The Windsor at  :  ?

              ROYCE: And try to calm down.



              MAN: Bill, here comes another one.

              It's a pretty good shake.


              Hey, that shot didn't count. No way can it count.

              Nothing in the rule book about earthquakes.

              BALD MAN: It didn't count.

              EMILIO: Hardly ever get two in one morning.

              LOU: Two what?

              EMILIO: Earthquakes.

              [Pool players fighting]

              LOU: Soon, I won't feel the big one...

              that's supposed to hit California.


              EMILIO: The Captain's cooled off.

              He'll do his damnedest to straighten things out.

              I don't want to be a cop anymore.

              Since I was a kid, I thought cops helped folks,

              folks who couldn't help themselves.

              Maybe that's dumb, but that's how I figured it!


              Folks don't count for a diddly. Do they?

              Take it easy. I'll call you later.

              LOU: Sure, Emilio.

              The shot counted.

              Bobby Riggs.

              MAX: That wasn't there before the tremor.

              It's a new one.

              MAN: I'm a technician. You're a watchman.

              Don't teach me my business.

              MAX: It wasn't there!

              MAN: There's no such thing as solid concrete.

              Hairline cracks appear. You don't panic over them.

              MAN IN BOOTS: The water's up half an inch.

              He's right. What the hell is going on?

              It could all be coincidence.

              I don't see running wild over some untested theory...

              at least until we've heard from Frank Adams.

              After all, it's his research project, not Walt's.

              STOCKLE: We can't find Frank Adams.

              No one was sure the atom bomb would work till they dropped it.

              Our present problem is...

              what do we do now?

              We warn people.

              STOCKLE: Do we?

              Think about it.

              A public announcement now...

              that a major earthquake is imminent.

              That could create incredible panic.

              People climbing over people trying to leave the city.

              That could be worse than the quake itself.

              WALT: An orderly evacuation could save thousands.

              STOCKLE: Orderly evacuation to where?

              Desert? Mountains?

              How do you feed and shelter four million people?

              JOHNSON: Suppose we release this info, and there's no quake.

              RUSSELL: Why predict a quake and then take no action?

              STOCKLE: Russell! Russell, look.

              Dr. Johnson and I are not cynical.

              A false alarm, even if it only went to the governor's office,

              would destroy the Institute's credibility.

              RUSSELL: Credibility?

              STOCKLE: Five years from now, we develop a detection system,

              who will believe us then?

              [Lntercom buzzes]


              No. No, don't call his wife.

              I'll take care of that myself.

              Frank Adams is dead. So is Jean Paul.

              They were working the trench... across the fault.

              The walls collapsed.

              Fiona... get me the mayor's office.

              It's a matter of gravest urgency.

              GRAFF: Push the blueprint room on those revised drawings...

              for the Cameron job, Carl.

              - I want to see them today. - OK.

              GRAFF: This place is closing in on me.

              GRAFF: Denise. Hi. You finished working already?

              Never got started.

              The tremor damaged the set.

              They rescheduled my scene for tomorrow.

              I'm dropping in on Barbara.

              - Something wrong? - No. I...

              I need a drink.

              Oh. You one of those solitary drinkers?

              Not if I can help it.

              - Will you join me? - Yeah.

              ROYCE: You realize what you're asking?

              What's happening with you two?

              REMY: He's been seeing Brian Marshall's widow.

              ROYCE: He feels obligated to help her and her boy.

              REMY: Albert Schweitzer wasn't that dedicated to mankind.

              ROYCE: There's more to it, Remy.

              It was Stuart who assigned Brian that propane cavern job.

              He's blamed himself for what happened.

              REMY: Dad, don't be so naive. They're having an affair.

              When you met Stuart, he was a dirt-poor boy...

              going to college on an athletic scholarship.

              I think you still half-see him that way.

              He's a top man now. He doesn't need me or anybody.

              Every firm in town would take him.

              How big a quake?

              A seven on the Richter scale. Possibly higher.

              That could release more than the energy generated...

              by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs combined.

              MAYOR: You know I can't issue a warning.

              STOCKLE: We know that's impossible.

              There are some precautions you could take, aren't there?

              Alert the police, the fire department;

              have the governor mobilize the National Guard.

              He could announce that it's necessary...

              to prevent looting at the Valley quake site.

              The police have that situation totally under control.

              STOCKLE: The next situation, if it comes...

              ...would be somewhat different.

              LEWIS: Governor and I aren't even in the same party.

              If this is a false alarm, he'll make me look like a fool.

              STOCKLE: Second biggest. I'll top the list.

              MILES: What do you say, Lou? LOU: Hiya, pal.

              SAL: Rosa, the ladies room is through that door.

              MILES: Still pursuing those evil-doers?

              LOU: Not as hard as usual.

              MILES: A couple burgers and some orange juice to go.

              MAN: Two burgers, orange juice to go!

              SECOND MAN: Right.

              MAN WITH POOL CUE: Fifty bucks, Miles. You owe me.

              MILES: I'll pay you tomorrow. MAN WITH POOL CUE: The   .

              You're a great bike rider but a lousy pool shooter.

              MILES: Officer, you won't let him get away with this?

              LOU: Yes.

              MAN WITH POOL CUE: Fifty bucks, or I'll break your back.

              Peter Fonda.

              MILES: Peter Fonda. Hey, Sal, easy.

              - Here, take it. Take it. - Thanks... brother.

              MILES: Mother.

              SAL: Miles, what are you doing? I got a dollar and loose change.

              MILES: Hey, Lou. Lend me    bucks.

              - I can't go to the bank. - Stop breathing gas fumes.

              Lou, this is an emergency.

              We need that butane tank for the stunt.

              That bastard left me    bucks short.


              MILES: I'll have it back to you tomorrow.

              MILES: Come on, Lou. This is really important to me.

              This big Vegas hotel guy is coming to see this act.

              There's never been anything like this.

              If that hotel sponsors us,

              I could wind up on ABC's Wide World of Sports.

              After that, you could forget about Evel Knievel.

              It would be just the Miles Quade story.

              LOU: I'm sorry I arrested you two.

              I been paying for it ever since.

              ROSA: Hello.

              SAL: Rosa, meet Lou Slade.

              He flattened Miles and I with a blackjack...

              at the North Hollywood rally last year.

              MILES: Yeah, that's right. We didn't start that ruckus.

              ROSA: Should have knocked their brains in place.

              SAL: I want to talk to you.

              Listen, if I had the bread,

              I'd hire a beautiful, sexy broad this afternoon...

              and kick your ass all the way home.

              ROSA: I don't need your help.

              SAL: Now, Rosa, listen to me.

              Daredevil motorcyclists need sexy broads hanging around.

              MILES: You want us to look like phonies?

              ROSA: Sal, I'm your sister.

              What about Maureen? She's your girlfriend.

              MILES: Rosa, Maureen is too flat-chested.

              SAL: Yeah.

              Rosa, come here.

              SAL: Now, Rosa, show the officer your T-shirt.

              MILES: Take a look at this.

              We'll have       of these made after the Vegas show.

              Take a look.

              LOU: I think it's beautiful.

              GRAFF: My wife will ask me, "Is she pretty?"

              And I'll say, "Quite."

              Then she'll say, "That figures. Tell me about her."

              DENISE: And you'll say, "Nothing much to tell.

              "We just had a drink."

              GRAFF: And she'll ask me, "No small talk?"

              DENISE: Very little. A trait that goes with engineering.

              GRAFF: Maybe it does.

              DENISE: It's good.

              Can I ask you something?

              GRAFF: Sure. Anything.

              DENISE: When we made love...

              When you made love to me...

              it was with such... I'm looking for the right word.

              It was with such... anger.

              GRAFF: Anger? DENISE: Yeah, anger.

              DENISE: Did I anger you? GRAFF: No.

              I think you are absolutely lovely.

              Well, I think so, too. I'm not hurt.

              Tell me, how long has Barbara worked at the office?

              Oh...       years.

              DENISE: Did you ever know me to drop in on her before?

              GRAFF: No. Certainly not since you got back to L.A.

              DENISE: Maybe I didn't want to see Barbara.

              Maybe I wanted to see you. Hmm? How about that?

              GRAFF: Yeah, how about that?

              DENISE: So you didn't seduce me.

              - I seduced you. - Great.

              GRAFF: Well... next time, I'll do the honors.

              DENISE: Don't feel there has to be a next time.

              Don't think that you've just made a lifelong commitment.

              GRAFF: Come here. DENISE: Why?

              GRAFF: Come here.

              I'm going to Oregon this summer. All summer.

              Hydroelectric project.

              Come up there... with Corry.

              I'll rent a house for you two.

              Such beautiful, really beautiful country.

              It would be great for you.

              - Please. - I'll think about it.

              I'll come back tonight.

              I'll think about that, too.

              MAN OVER RADIO: We bring you a special bulletin.

              The governor's put the following National Guard units...

              on emergency active duty status:

              The fourth infantry support group,

              the    th heavy transport battalion,

              the    th headquarters company,

              the   rd communications battalion,

              the   th engineers company.

              WOMAN: Oh, my God.

              Let me show you what's happening.

              We start up there.

              Then it's down that ramp, into that first big loop,

              up this ramp, zoom over the truck,

              down this ramp, into that big figure eight.

              Then down that ramp, into that fire ring.

              That fire ring doesn't just have flames on the outside.

              We rigged those gas jets to shoot flames in the center.

              Then down that ramp, over that pit, and home free.

              You take a guy like Knievel.

              He'll jump    maybe    cars...

              and call it a big goddamn thing.

              [Miles laughs]

              But, baby, let me tell you, compared to those,

              landing on a car at     miles an hour...

              that's like landing in bed.

              [Everybody laughs]

              Miles, you're out of your mind.

              MILES: Rosa... ROSA: No!

              If you want to help kill him...

              SAL: Don't be rough. MILES: Nothing to it.

              It is simple!

              ROSA: Who are you kidding? I'm going to a movie.

              Clint Eastwood at the Royal.

              MILES: Rosa, wait! ROSA: Ciao.

              MILES: You're gonna fix it up.

              SAL: All right! She's nervous. MILES: Yeah, sure.

              - Where's them cantaloupes? - We asked for free cantaloupes.

              What kind of friend are you?

              MAN IN HAT: Still playing soldier?

              MAN IN DENIM JACKET: Right. We saw on television.

              MAN WITH SUNGLASSES: Say, say, say.

              Is it true that blonds have more fun?

              Oh, look. I told you he was a fag.

              Say, Jody, you a fag?

              If I'd known, I'd have been here before.

              Could have used the money.


              Fall in! Left! Right! Left! Right!

              Let's decorate the warrior!

              [Men continue chanting]

              MAN IN DENIM JACKET: Eyes to the front, Soldier.

              GRAFF: The motion in this model...

              was programmed from the actual recorded ground motion...

              of a  .  earthquake.

              Long Beach in '  .

              A magnitude of eight would produce...

              What's your point?

              GRAFF: We're in an earthquake zone.

              What can I tell you?

              CAMERON: Have I failed to meet state requirements?

              GRAFF: I think we should go beyond the codes.

              You remember the Sylmar quake.

              A lot of buildings that met the code collapsed.

              You know how much money I pour into this company?

              GRAFF: You bet I do.

              You're willing to risk losing my business for this?

              Yes, I am.

              [Knock on door]

              MAN: The revised prints are in my office...

              for you to go over.

              CAMERON: I'll see what it costs.

              I thought you'd chew me out for leaning on Cameron.

              ROYCE: I figured it was time to stay upstairs.

              I like the feel of that name... chairman of the board.

              Has a nice ring.

              - Congratulations, Mr. President. - Jesus!

              GRAFF: Thanks, Sam.

              ROYCE: You'll have to forget about that Oregon project.

              We can't have our new company president...

              pouring cement out in the woods.

              What's the matter? I promoted you, not fired you.

              No. It...

              Sam, you're gonna figure I'm crazy, but, um...

              I'd like time to think this over.


              Any problems I ought to know about?

              No. Just a few priorities I've got to get straight in my head.

              ROYCE: Sure. GRAFF: Sam.

              Did Remy have anything to do with this?

              You'd have this job even if you weren't my son-in-law.

              [Telephone rings]

              DENISE: Hold that.

              DENISE: Hello. GRAFF: Hello, Denise.

              DENISE: Stuart. Hi.

              Look, I can't make it tonight. Something came up at work.

              DENISE: Any trouble? GRAFF: No, no trouble.

              - I just got a problem to solve. - I'm sorry.

              I'm sorrier than you are.

              Oh, it doesn't matter about tonight.

              We'll have lots of time together... up in Oregon.

              DENISE: OK? Bye-bye. GRAFF: Bye.

              CORRY: Mom? Mom?


              Can I go to the playground?

              DENISE: Sure. Be careful crossing that bridge.

              Corry, if I'm not home when you get back, don't worry.

              I might take a walk. I'll leave the door unlocked.

              MILES: I'll make a practice run.

              Loosen up the machine.

              [Starts motorcycle]

              All right, Sal!

              Miles! Jesus!

              - Aah! - Jesus!

              Miles, you all right? Huh?

              MILES: Came out of the damn thing.

              SAL: What happened? Huh?

              MILES: Help me try again.

              SAL: Listen to me. We got one     left, understand?

              MILES: I got to try it again!

              SAL: You're the boss. MILES: Come on.

              [Motorcycle starts]

              All right, Miles, come on, baby. Let her roll!

              ROYCE: ...delay in the contract.

              I suggest...

              - Barbara. - Mm-hmm?

              - You knew Brian Marshall? - Yes.

              Ever meet his wife?

              Sure. We see each other all the time.

              - What's she like? - She's a very nice girl.

              I was afraid of that.

              [Lntercom buzzes]


              WOMAN: Your daughter's on her way in.

              ROYCE: Fine. Remy.

              BARBARA: Good afternoon, Mrs. Graff.

              REMY: Hello, Barbara. Have you spoken to Stuart yet?

              ROYCE: Yes. Said he wanted to think about it.

              SAL: Miles, here he comes now, the guy from Vegas.

              MILES: This will be my greatest run.

              I'm tuned to the right pitch.

              Ha ha ha!

              ROYCE: Go home. Put this out of your mind.

              You look exhausted.

              REMY: Thanks, Dad.

              GRAFF: Sam...

              Hello, Remy.

              Well, I guess you've got yourself a new president.

              ROYCE: Great!

              And you'll stay away from that Marshall woman.

              REMY: Stuart.

              Stuart, wait!

              REMY: Stuart! Where are you going?

              GRAFF: Anywhere. A bar. REMY: Why are you so angry?

              Remy, don't you understand? That was a bribe.

              Our whole marriage has been a series of bribes.

              REMY: And you took them. GRAFF: It's time I quit.

              REMY: You're going to see that Marshall bitch, right?

              - Not until tonight. - Finally, you admit the truth.

              GRAFF: It wasn't the truth till today.

              It was never the truth. It is now.

              REMY: Bastard!

              [Movie soundtrack playing]


              [Bird's wings flutter]

              [Dog barking]

              [Dog howling]

              [Geese honking]

              MAN IN SUIT: Max. MAX: Hey!

              DIVER: I found the trouble.

              The earthquake busted the conduit.

              It's flooded the bottom of the shaft.



              [People screaming]

              [Bells ringing]

              GRAFF: Get down!

              [Cattle lowing]

              [Bells ringing]

              WOMAN: Don't go in there!

              [Rumbling subsides]

              Oh! Holy mother of God!


              WOMAN: Help me! Oh, God, help me! Help!


              [Tires squealing]

              [Pinball machines tilting]


              WOMAN: Oh, my God!

              GIRL: Mother!

              Oh, God!

              Mom! Mother!

              MAN: Turn off the gas!

              [Rumbling stops]

              GRAFF: Oh, my God.

              Stay here.

              WOMAN: Oh! MAN: Yeah. Al?

              MAN: Is there a doctor around here?

              [Moaning and screaming]

              MAN: Is there a doctor?

              Barbara! Barbara! Barbara!

              Mr. Cameron threw me out of the elevator,

              and then I heard all those people screaming!

              Probably the first time...

              the old bastard ever did anybody a favor! Ha Ha.

              All right, take it easy, everybody!

              It's over now. It's over.

              [Debris falls]

              Take care of it! Get the first-aid kits.

              All right, now, listen to me, everybody! Let's settle down!

              ROYCE: The worst is over. Understand?

              The worst is over.

              [All shouting at once]

              WOMAN: What's happening?

              What's happening? What's the matter?


              Hey, break the windows, Carl, over there!

              It's plastic gas!

              [Royce shouting unintelligibly]

              ROYCE: Get out of here!

              [Graff panting]

              ROYCE: Come on, hurry up! Hurry up!

              MAN: Don't stop!

              [Woman screams]

              [Woman screams]

              MAN: Let him through!

              MAN: Hang in there! Hang on, buddy! Hang in there!

              MAN: Argh!

              [Man screaming]

              [Sirens, police radios]



              MAN: Calling Van Nuys. Calling Van Nuys.

              SECOND MAN: We got clobbered, but we have mobile units.

              MAYOR: Get to the control panel.

              MAN OVER RADIO: Fire is out of control at Van Nuys Hospital.

              All roads blocked between Victory and Kittering.

              MAYOR: Can I broadcast to the city,

              get picked up on transistor sets?

              MAN WITH BAD ARM: Some stations are still operating.

              We could rig a microwave relay to one.

              MAYOR: Get on it, then!

              LOU: Hey, you, come here! Help this guy, dammit!

              Slide him out from under there.

              [Man groans]

              What do you have to do to get a drink around here?

              Shut off that gas valve!

              WOMAN: Help me. Help me.

              MAN: You guys, check that at both sides!

              You two, check up here, both sides.

              Couple of guys down below.

              It held! My God, it held.

              How much longer?

              I'll divert water into the spillways.

              MAX: We must reduce pressure.

              MAN: Not without official permission, you're not.

              It's dead.

              I told you to leave that alone!

              The city's going to need water.

              There are dozens of fires already.

              MAX: If this dam busts,

              there won't be nothing left to burn!

              The quake may have broken something inside.

              It won't budge!

              - It won't budge! - Oh!


              ROYCE: Stuart!

              You'd better get out of here!

              The whole building is full of plastic!

              You'd better get out.

              Maybe there's some way down through an elevator shaft.

              ROYCE: Watch yourself. Shut the door.

              ROYCE: Come here. Come here. OK.

              [Both cough]

              Shut it.


              Get me a chair with arms.

              ROYCE: Throw it down there. Get back.

              [All shouting at once]

              All the way! Feed it!

              Here, hold it.

              [All coughing]

              Pull the chair up. Hold it up.

              CARL: We need something to strap them in.

              ROYCE: Pantyhose.

              ROYCE: Barbara, take off your pantyhose, dammit!

              You, too! Come on. Take off your pantyhose!

              Get her down. Get her down.

              BARBARA: Here's one.

              ROYCE: Here comes the first one!

              Let her down as slow as you can.

              And keep down the sway!

              ROYCE: Steady...

              [Woman whimpers]

              It's OK. You made it.

              WOMAN: Help. GRAFF: It's all right now.

              [Helicopter approaching]

              Let me try again.

              Try it again.

              MAX: Yeah. Yeah!

              WELDER: You owe me a six-pack. MAX: You got it.

              DENISE: Corry!

                [Wires crackling]

                DENISE: My sweet...

                Oh, hi, baby. OK.

                I'll get you up.

                It will be all right. I'll lift you up.

                OK, try...

                [Helicopter approaching]


                I don't believe it. I don't believe it!

                - What do you mean? - Busted!

                The ramps are busted. The loops are busted.

                The rings are busted.

                I hope to God Evel Knievel was in town today.

                Why? Huh?


                Please help me! Help!

                Help! Help!

                DENISE: Here! Down here!

                Help me! My son is hurt.

                MILES: Come on!


                MILES: Take it easy, lady. Boost him up here.

                MILES: Boost him up.


                MILES: Got him? Got him?

                SAL: Yeah, I got him.

                DENISE: Be careful.

                MILES: Stay there. Watch those wires.

                It'll be hours before we drain enough to do any good.


                Help me!

                MILES: Come on, lady!

                DENISE: Help me! MILES: Come on!

                SAL: Put him right here.

                SAL: Where we gonna take him? No hospital for miles.

                MILES: Guess we better head for the police station.

                SAL: Yeah. Yeah, let's go.

                WOMAN: How can I find out about my daughter?

                - You got to help me... - Where's the firemen?

                WOMAN: Please, help me find a doctor!

                LOU: Shut up! You're all going to have to help yourselves.

                Most of the police were killed.

                The guys on patrol when the quake hit...

                probably got plenty to do.

                Get as many volunteers as you can.

                Go to that hardware store. If it's locked, break in.

                Find the picks and shovels.

                Looking for people who are buried alive.

                There are plenty of them.

                - Move your ass! - Let's go.

                Women and kids that have houses in any shape at all,

                go to them and stay there.

                Turn off the gas lines...

                BOY: I'm getting something.

                MAN OVER RADIO: Stand by for a message from the mayor.

                MAYOR: The city has suffered the greatest natural disaster...

                in the history of the U.S.

                The state and the nation are rallying to our aid.

                But for the next few hours, until massive help can reach us,

                we'll have to depend on...

                our own physical and spiritual resources.

                Private physicians should report to emergency aid stations...

                now being set up at key sites throughout the city.

                Bring all the medical supplies you can carry.

                Clinics have been established at the following locations:

                The Hollywood Bowl,

                the Occidental Insurance building, the Wilson Plaza...

                REMY: Laura! Laura, my father, is he all right?

                My father! Laura! My father! Oh!

                Come on, you're next. Move!



                You all right?

                GRAFF: Why didn't you go ahead of some of the younger guys?

                Staying up here was crazy.


                GRAFF: I'm not strong enough to lower you,

                so prepare for a jolt.


                BARBARA: Oh!


                CARL: Look out!

                GRAFF: Let's get out of here. Give me a hand.

                GRAFF: Watch yourself. BARBARA: OK.

                GRAFF: Do you know Denise Marshall?

                - Yes. - Get to a phone.

                - Find out if she's OK. - The phones work?

                - Try! Please! - OK.

                Let's get out of here.

                BARBARA: Officer! Are the phones working?

                Out all over the city.

                Hey, Lou!

                LOU: Miles. MILES: We got a hurt kid.

                He's in shock.

                LOU: Keep him warm until we get him to a doctor.

                Can find your way to Wilson Plaza?

                Got an emergency medical station there.

                SAL: I got to find my sister.

                LOU: We've got injured to move. You're gonna move them!

                SAL: Give me the bike. I got to find Rosa...

                MILES: Do what he says! I'll find Rosa.

                [Motor starts]

                I'll get around better than anybody.

                OK, move out, single file.

                [People shouting]

                MAN: Hey, grab the cash! WOMAN: OK.

                MAN: This way. Let's go this way.

                SOLDIER: Hey! Get away from that cash register!

                ROSA: I'm trying to get home. I'm hungry.

                SOLDIER: We have strict orders on looters.

                They're all to be arrested. No exceptions!

                Come on. Let's go. Come on!

                MAN OVER P. A: Cars must leave the garage area...

                after dropping off patients.

                Hot coffee and food is available...

                in basement shopping levels two and three.

                Please keep moving.

                Right along.

                Please keep moving.

                More doctors are waiting at the first garage level.

                Hot coffee and food is available...

                in basement shopping levels two and three.

                All cars must leave the garage area...

                after dropping off patients.

                OFFICER OVER P. A: Please keep moving.

                More doctors are waiting in the first garage level.

                Cars must leave the garage area after dropping off patients.

                DOCTOR: Hold it. Hold it.

                Oxygen. Get me a blood pressure.

                Wait. How do you feel?

                [Gasping] H-Hard to breathe.

                - Chest pains? - Yeah.

                He's had a heart attack. Come on.

                DOCTOR: Start him on  %% % dextrose...

                [Car door closes]

                REMY: Stuart!

                GRAFF: I need to find Denise and her boy.

                [Starts engine]

                Is she more important than me? Than our life together?

                Remy, for God's sake...

                REMY: Please... GRAFF: I'm sorry.

                GRAFF: Good-bye.

                MAN OVER P. A: Cars must leave the garage area...

                after dropping off patients. Please keep moving.

                Hot coffee and food is available in...

                I'm talking with the people at the dam, Mayor,

                and they're maintaining a constant inspection.

                Can't take any chances, Colonel.

                Dr. Stockle said we can expect aftershocks.

                MAYOR: I got a report from the building safety department.

                They say some structures may look perfectly sound...

                but have been so weakened that a tremor can destroy them.

                Evacuate the area immediately below the dam.

                MAN OVER P. A: This is a precautionary evacuation.

                We repeat, there is no present danger of the dam collapsing.

                Move to high ground...

                west of Highland Avenue and north of Franklin.

                This is a precautionary evacuation.

                MAN: I'm leaving!

                MAN OVER P. A: We repeat...

                LOU: Wait! They're not lying to you. You got plenty of time!

                Stay there. Stay there. Come on, lay down.

                You're gonna be all right.



                JODY: Hey, Sid. SID: Hi.

                JODY: How come you took this bunch prisoner?

                Suspicion of looting.

                How about turning that girl over to me? She's a friend.

                Yeah, sure. Hey, you. Come here. Yeah, come on.

                ROSA: Can I go home now?

                JODY: No. You're my responsibility.

                It's a couple dozen blocks to your house.

                It's getting dark. The animals are loose.

                You just make yourself comfortable inside the store.

                I have to send out patrols.

                Patrol that area up there! Watch out for looters!

                Move out!

                SOLDIER: Sarge, look what we found.

                Jody! For Christ's sake, what a break!

                SOLDIER: Caught these guys. Their car had broke down.

                Look at the goodies they had with them.

                Should we shoot them?

                MAN: We've been putting you on. You can't kill guys for that.

                Maybe they didn't steal these necklaces and things.

                Maybe they're fags that like to dress up in women's jewels.

                - Find any dresses in the car? - No, Jody.

                I guess we'll have to shoot 'em.

                MAN IN SUNGLASSES: I told these guys to lay off. Ask 'em.

                BEARDED MAN: Yeah.

                Those naked guys on the wall meant nothing.

                We knew you lifted weights.

                Scum like you get away with anything...

                push people around, steal all you want to,

                make fun of men who work for a living.

                Come back, guys! I was only kidding!

                MAN IN DENIM JACKET: Hey, don't do that, man.

                Aah! Oh!

                [Men groan]

                Not like back in the store, eh?

                No scrawny bitches coming in asking for green stamps...

                two days after the special's over, huh?

                Move out!

                I want this area quarantined!

                Question all civilians that come through.

                They might be looters.

                SOLDIER: And the people going to Wilson Plaza aid station?

                - I meant everybody! - There's no other clear streets.

                Move out!



                [Vehicle approaching]

                LOU: All right, out. GRAFF: What?

                You can walk. I got injured to move, and fast.

                - That dam can go any minute. - I've got people to find.

                This thing looks like it'll go anywhere.

                - Now, get out! - Just a minute...

                You're one of those troublemakers.

                I've never shot a troublemaker before.

                Look... l'm looking for a girl and a little boy.

                - They mean a lot to me. - Send your butler.

                Where's the shift?

                Well, depends on what you want to do.

                That's a customized transmission.

                It's got eight forward speeds.

                And three reverse.

                All of them harder to operate than that.  .

                All right... you're an ambulance driver.


                Sorry. It's been a hell of a day.

                LOU: OK, that's it. We got one more.

                [Dog barks]

                [Dog whimpering]

                MAN ON PHONE: We desperately need blood type AB negative.

                Check the blood bank and report back.

                MAN OVER P. A: Coffee and food is available in the basement.

                SAL: We finally made it. DENISE: Careful.

                SAL: A long time to go a couple of miles.

                MAN OVER P. A: Those not needing medical aid...

                SAL: I got to go. I got to move the truck.

                DENISE: Thank you very much.

                He's had a bad fall, hit his head, won't come to.

                - Can I go with him? - No.

                We'll get in touch with you. On the third level.

                - Thank you. - Right around there.

                MAN: Coming through.

                WOMAN: I've been in pain for an hour.

                Can I have a pill, please? Aspirin, anything?

                Please give me something for the pain... please.

                MAN OVER P. A: Please stay away from the field hospital.

                WOMAN: Somebody! Doctor! Nurse! Anybody!

                MAN: Building must have its own generator.

                WOMAN: There's not enough room. Where is everybody coming from?

                WOMAN: Someplace else.

                WOMAN: We don't have anymore room here.

                DENISE: Barbara!

                - Barbara! Are you OK? - Yeah, I'm just terrified. You?

                I'm fine. Corry had a fall. He's with the doctor.

                Stuart Graff? Is he OK?

                Yeah, he's OK, but Mr. Royce had a heart attack.

                - A heart attack? - I'm waiting for the doctor.

                I've got to go out for some air. Will you come with me?

                No, I'd rather stay here. I'll see you later. Take care.

                [People laughing]

                MAN: He's gone. He never had a chance.

                WOMAN: Should I tell his daughter?

                I don't want any deaths reported until things settle down.

                JODY: Miss Amici?

                Miss Amici?

                You better eat.

                This is nice and fresh from the deli.

                Many guys with hair over regulation length wear them.


                I really used to look forward to seeing you in the supermarket.

                You never complained like all the rest of those women.

                Thank you.

                I hope the lousy store was knocked flat.

                Pretty soon, I'll have enough saved to open a karate school.

                There's money in karate.

                I'll give you free lessons.

                I'm not really very hungry.

                It's a hot night out. You should take off that jacket.

                You always liked me, too. I could tell.

                You never said anything, but I could tell.

                [Rosa whimpers]

                D-don't hurt me.

                It's no real fun that way.

                [Nervous laughter]

                - Everything all right? - Yeah, fine.


                Another one of those damned earth slides over there?


                - Jesus, that's a scary sound. - Uh-huh.

                DENISE: How is he?

                He's going to be all right. Mild shock, a concussion.

                - I gave him something to sleep. - Where are you taking him?

                To the Army x-ray trucks in the garage.

                REMY: Doctor! Why aren't you with my father?


                Don't bother me now.


                [People yelling]

                Get down!

                Get down!


                MAN ON RADIO: Red Cross emergency aid stations...

                LOU: You know the way to Wilson Plaza?

                That's where I just came from.

                MAN ON RADIO: The mayor has not yet released a damage report.

                However, details are expected momentarily. Please stand by...

                There's other buildings sure to be down.

                First time in my life I'm ashamed of my profession.

                We never should have built those   -story monstrosities.

                Not here.

                MAX: Hey. MAN: What's the matter?

                The door's out of line.

                It wasn't before that aftershock a few minutes ago.


                JODY: Don't be scared.

                We'll feel those quivers for days.

                That looks great. A pretty girl should have nice things.

                I've always thought so.

                Forget how it used to be. Your brother could be dead.

                Nobody left but me to take care of you.

                Well, I've got another brother in San Francisco.

                And he's in the Mafia.

                SOLDIER: There's another car coming, Jody.

                This area's quarantined. You'll have to detour.

                LOU: I'm a police officer. We're transporting the injured.

                GRAFF: This is an emergency.

                What isn't after an earthquake?

                Take them to a Hare Krishna temple.

                ROSA: Lou, help me! He's nuts! Crazy!

                What are you doing? I know her.

                [Jody cocks rifle]

                JODY: She's under detention. GRAFF: Take it easy.

                - All right. - OK.

                - Go back the way you came. - OK.

                JODY: Move out!

                ROSA: Don't leave me with him! Lou!

                Lou! Help me!

                Lou! Help me!


                I'm going for an officer. That guy in there is cracked.

                Hey, come on!

                LOU: Pull up     feet.

                LOU: Pull around the corner and stop.

                [Rosa whimpering]

                JODY: Nuts am I, huh?

                You got your nerve. Only a whore would wear that.

                [Rosa screams]


                LOU: Rosa?

                Let's go. Better not!

                [Rosa screams]

                [Rosa crying]

                Come on, Rosa, settle down.

                Earthquakes bring out the worst in some guys.

                Here, come on, look.

                Look at what you've got to take care of.


                My brother told me you were a strange kind of cop.

                MAN OVER RADIO: Structures collapsed during the aftershock.

                The worst disaster was...

                the supposedly earthquake-proof Wilson Plaza.

                The Army is rushing all available workers to the scene.

                Stand by for further bulletins.

                Oh, my God.

                MAX: Inspector!


                [Horns honking]

                OFFICER: Hold it. Stop. You can't go any farther.

                LOU: I'm a police officer, transporting injured people.

                OFFICER: OK, come on.

                OFFICER: I'm sorry, you can't... BARBARA: I have to get through.

                - I know them. It's urgent. - Listen!

                Mr. Graff! Remy and Mr. Royce are still down there.

                Denise, too. She asked for you.

                GRAFF: Where are they in the building?

                BARBARA: The third level below.

                GRAFF: Come on.

                COLONEL: I agree.

                There's a chance people could be alive in the subbasement.

                Take days to unearth all this debris.

                Look, their air supply can't last more than a few hours.

                GRAFF: I know this building. I've been through it     times.

                The basement extends to the street on this side.

                If he storm drain's deep enough,

                all you'd have to tunnel through is concrete and dirt.

                COLONEL: I just got word that the dam is disintegrating.

                We're on high ground here, but those drains are    feet down.

                If the dam goes, they'll fill up in minutes.

                GRAFF: Dams have lasted weeks with major breaches.

                COLONEL: Too dangerous to try. Besides, the sewer is cracked.

                The eastern approach is totally blocked.

                GRAFF: And the other end?

                COLONEL: I'm calling an inspection team.

                See for yourself.

                GRAFF: Let's go.

                Make way, fellas.

                ROSA: Lou, where are you going? LOU: I'm going with them.

                COLONEL: Let's have a look.

                - Can't you get through here? - I don't know how far this runs.

                - Haven't you checked? - My men stay here!

                That could cave in any second!

                You know as well as I do... chances are everybody is dead.

                Sweet mother.

                GRAFF: I got through.

                Can you get me a jackhammer...

                Use a jackhammer, the roof will fall in.

                There's people alive in there. I'm going to get them out.

                Well, nobody else is, and you can't do it alone.

                I won't be alone. He's coming with me.

                Be sure they don't turn on the compressor until we signal.

                - Right. - Any word from the dam?

                The last report said no further cracks have appeared.

                - Swell. - Can't I talk you out of this?

                GRAFF: I really wish you could.

                Good luck.

                Watch your head.

                GRAFF: Keep it coming.

                GRAFF: I paced it off.

                We ought to break through about the third basement level.

                GRAFF: This thing ready? LOU: The pressure's ready.

                [Debris falls]

                MAN: I'm getting out of here!

                MAX: Inspector!

                Inspector! Get the hell out of here!

                It's breaking up! Get out!

                [Men yelling]

                Should be a couple feet of earth, then the basement wall.

                Hand me that light.

                [Woman crying]

                [Jackhammer drilling]

                We're through!

                MAN: Oh, my God! They're through! We're saved!

                [People yelling]

                GRAFF: Anybody in there? MAN: About    of us!

                [Car horns honking]

                [Jackhammer drilling]

                MAN: Help her.

                MAN: Give me a hand.

                GRAFF: Got it.

                - Stuart. - Denise.

                Come on, let's go.

                MAN: OK, go ahead.

                LOU: Be careful of the loose area down there.

                Easy, easy, easy.

                Careful of the loose stuff.


                WOMAN: Hold on! Oh, not again!

                WOMAN: It stopped! It stopped! LOU: Take it easy.

                Now, watch your head down below. I got you.

                [People screaming]


                LOU: Take your time. Watch the loose stuff.

                MAN: Give us a hand here!

                MAN: Straight on up.

                LOU: Nice and easy.

                GRAFF: OK.

                - That's all of them. Let's go. - Yeah.

                MAN: Watch it! Don't panic, now!

                MAN: Women first! SECOND MAN: Come on, come on!

                GRAFF: Relax, there's time.

                MAN: Take it easy!

                MAN: Take it easy. One at a time. Women first!

                Take it easy!

                Don't panic.

                Go on, Remy.



                WOMAN: Is that the last? ROSA: Lou!


                WOMAN: How many more down there?

                This used to be a hell of a town, Officer.





Special help by SergeiK