The Eiger Sanction Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Eiger Sanction script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Clint Eastwood movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Eiger Sanction. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Eiger Sanction Script

            Who is it?

            - What'd you have to kill him for? - Shut up.

            Now that the school year's coming to a close...

            ...many of you will be going forth to prove how cleverly you can run the world.

            More power to you as you take your turn in the barrel.

            Some of you will continue with your education.

            Some of you, I hope, will continue with your interest in art.

            Some of you will have other interests...

            ...other talents.

            If we've learned nothing else this year...

            ...I hope you've learned the stupidity of the statement, "Art belongs to the world."

            Art belongs to the cultured who can appreciate it.

             The majority of the great unwashed does not fit into this category.

              And neither, I'm sorry to say...

     most of you.

              Dr. Hemlock...

              ...I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your course.

              I've never felt this close to art before.

              How nice.

              - But I have a problem. - How terrible.

              If I don't keep my "B" average, I'll lose my scholarship...

              ...and I don't think I'll do well on your final exam.

              I've gained a whole new feeling about art...

              ...but sometimes you can't put your true feelings down on paper.

              How true.

              If there was anything I could do to raise my grade...

              ...l'd be willing to do anything.

              Anything at all really.

              Do you realize the implications of that offer?

              - Are you busy this evening? - No.

              - You live alone? - My roommate's gone for the week.



              ...go on home...

              ...break out the books and study your little ass off.

              That's the best way to maintain a "B" average.

              Don't study it all off.

              Why didn't you boff the little quiff?

              'Cause I don't pick on students or drunks.

              Get your feet off my desk.

              Mr. Dragon wants to see you.

              I'm sorry, Pope, but working for you people no longer amuses me.

              C-  isn't too interested in what amuses you, pal.

              That's odd, being as your organization has spent so much time and effort in...

              ...trying to give the rest of the world a laugh.

              You can remind Dragon that I'm retired.

              You still here?

              Now really, you don't expect me to just walk out that door, sweetheart?

              Either through the door or through the window. It's your choice.

              Now look, pal...

              Get your feet off my desk!

              - Look here, buddy... - Don't call me buddy, pal, or sweetheart.

              If I wasn't under orders, I would...

              - My superior wants to see you. - Your superior?

              That doesn't narrow the field much.

              Mr. Dragon wants to see you and right away, pal.

              - I told you not to call me "pal". - Dragon's not gonna like this.

              - How long have you worked for Dragon? - Twelve years. Why?

              Then he's used to having grief in his life.

              Tell him I'm retired. C- 's gonna have to live without me.

              Don't forget your trench coat.

              How's anybody gonna recognize you without your disguise?

              Yes, Dragon.


              I knew you'd show up.

              It's just your charm, Pope. I couldn't resist.

              Hold it. Empty your pockets right there.

              No wallet?

              I knew I'd be seeing you. I thought I'd best leave it home.

              Miss Cerberus, you're looking inviting today.

              I expected you before this.

              Mr. Dragon does not like to be kept waiting.

              The impatient albino!

              I don't think Mr. Dragon's affliction is a joking matter.

              I thought it was rather humorous, myself.

              A spy network run by a bloodless freak who can't stand light or cold.

              Or germs! Are you healthy?

              - Shall I turn my head and cough? - No known infections?

              Nothing other than the usual: Syphilis, running sores, and clap.

              All right, go in.

              Come in, Hemlock.

              A little to the left, Hemlock. I'll turn on a light.

              Thanks. Could you spare it?

              You know I'm something of a distinction...

              ...a total albino.

              Even the slightest direct light causes me intense pain.

              Does your physical disability preclude you from coming to the point?

              All right, if you wish no small talk, sit down.

              We'll discuss business.

              One of our agents has been killed in Zürich by two men.

              We want you to sanction them.

              You'll have to get somebody else to do your wet work.

              Please, that is a distasteful phrase.

              Call it what you want: Wet work, termination, sanction.

              It all adds up to the same thing: Killing.

              It is what you do best.

              You don't seem to remember. I'm a retired assassin.

              The operative word there is "retired."

              Get somebody else to do your "sanctions."

              I understand a new Pissarro has come onto the black market.

              I'll just have to live without it.

              Your fascination with paintings has always amazed me.

              You have how many now?

              - Twenty-one. - Marvelous!

              I should think your collection would be interesting material...

              ...for the Internal Revenue people.

              How does an underpaid professor buy rare paintings?

              Masterpieces worth millions.

              A professor with a balance of...

              ...$     in his checking account?

              You forgot the $ .  .

              I wonder what the tax people would say if I revealed how I made the money:

              By killing people for the government.

              True, but of course, no one will believe you.

              More importantly, it won't do anything for your paintings.

              What do you think would happen to them?

              I imagine they'd be seized and...

              ...auctioned off, made available to everyone.

              Perhaps Mr. Pope would be able to buy one.

              Won't it do your heart good to think of one of your paintings...

     Mr. Pope's hands?

              Dragon, you have a talent for describing the indescribable.

              There are two assailants.

              Our research division has located...

              ...only one of these men in Zürich.

              C-  is working on the second one...

              ...and I hope they will have identified him by the time you arrive in Zürich.

              We have reason to believe that the Zürich man...

     responsible for the assassination of several of our agents...

     a most savage manner.

              I'll take one sanction, only one.

              All right.

              We shall talk about the second sanction when the time comes.

              The price'll be $     .

              Twice your usual fee? Absurd!

              You want the sanction performed, you pay $     .

              - You are without conscience. - How true.

              Which brings me to another small fee I want to get for this job.

              Which is?

              I'd like a statement from the IRS listing my collection of paintings.

              I'd like it to say that the IRS has examined my collection...

              ...and that they are fully aware of the circumstances in which I obtained them...

              ...and that my ownership is legal and without tax liability.

              You drive a hard bargain.

              You want somebody sanctioned, I want a piece of paper.

              All right.

              You'll have the IRS statement this evening.

              Here is the cash.

              - $     . - $     !

              I hate being predictable.

              You are never that, Hemlock.

              - Who is there? - A delivery.

              I have a box of dental floss for Dr. Millard, but he doesn't answer his door.

              He's off today.

              What'll I do with this box of floss?

              I don't give a shit what you do with it, buddy.

              You don't have to be violent about it.

              Get lost, cupcake.

              Look out!


              I beg your pardon?

              You did start this conversation by saying "crap," didn't you?

              No, I didn't say it. I asked it.

              Is this today's alternative to "coffee, tea, or milk?"

              Only on competitor's lines.

              I was looking over your shoulder and I saw your comment. So, I ask.

              Just some criticism of this book I'm reviewing.

              All and all it's a very shabby piece of research obscured by involuted style.

              Shabby research I can stand, but...

              ...involuted style really makes my ass drag!

              - I can't believe that you're a stewardess. - I'm not.

              I'm a skyjacker in drag.

              That's reassuring.

              If you'll give me your name I'll report it to the proper authorities when we land.


              And I'm Uncle Ben.

              I'm serious. That's really my name.

              Jemima Brown. My mother was hooked on being ethnic.

              Or else turned on by a pancake.

              As long as we agree that...

    's too much for a black chick to have the name of "Jemima."

              I don't know. People don't forget you when your name is Jemima.

              I don't think people would forget you if your name was Alfred.

              Goodness me, Dr. Hemlock.

              You're not the type of man who tries to pick up stewardesses, are you?

              Not generally. How'd you know my name?

              It's this mystical thing I have with names.

              It's a gift from the dark continent.

              I look at a person very carefully...

              ...and then I concentrate. - And?

              And then I check his name out on the passengers list.

              What else do they call you besides Jemima and smart ass?

              Gem, as in jewel.

              Fasten your seat belt, sir.

              I have no intention of trying to escape.

              Aren't you gonna get in, or do you like it out there?

              - I looked for you on the plane. - No harm done.

              I was on my way to town and...

     looked so lonely, I took pity on you.

              That's an ancient trick. Whenever I'm waiting for a cab...

              ...I look lonely and maybe some beauty named Jemima will pick me up.

              Gonna have to be a double fare.

              - Fine. - You know, buddy...

              ...we ain't supposed to pick up two fares in one location.

              Let's agree on a division of labor: You do the driving, we'll do the talking.

              All right.

              How can you look so good when you're starving to death?

              Am I starving to death?

              You broil a mean steak, Hemlock.

              Come on, I'll show you my lime pit.

              It's kind of scary looking.

              Maybe I should drop pieces of bread so I can find my way out.


              - They're unbelievable. - Not bad, huh?

              One of the better collections in the neighborhood. El Greco down there...

              ...Matisse, Picasso...

              ...Clay, Matisse.

              Over here we have Pissarro.

              It's astonishing! There's so much life in them.

              I'm picking up another one of his tomorrow.

              I've heard about guys like you reading those books...

              ...whips and boots and things. But an axe? That's freaky.

              Call me a cab. I'm outta here.

              - Just some old climbing equipment. - You climb?

              I used to, but I'm retired now.

              - Maybe you'll climb again someday. - I doubt it.

              You never know. Sometimes people do things...

              ...they thought they'd never do again.

              Like rape, for instance.

              I thought I'd given up rape, but I've changed my mind.

              You really have beautiful eyes.

              Or do they all say that?


              Who "all"?

              - Yeah. - Good morning. There's coffee by the bed.

              The hell with coffee. Where are you?

              Jonathan, it's important that you contact...

              ...Mr. Dragon as soon as possible.

              I'm sorry to drop it on you like that.

              Baby, I'm sorry.

              Sorry for this, Hemlock.

              But twice a year my blood must be fully replaced.

              - With what? - Very bitter today, Dr. Hemlock.

              A joke, bitter Hemlock.

              I came here for two reasons:

              One, to tell you that using Jemima to steal my money was low, even for you.

              Second to get my money and tax statement back.

              - It will be returned to you. - And the tax statement?

              - That too. - Then we have nothing more to discuss?

              There is still the sanction on the second man...

              ...who killed agent Wormwood.

              I will give you another $      for this second sanction.

              Forget it. I'm back in retirement.

              You are the only man who can do it.

              You could train Pope. He'd be ready in    years.

              Would you leave agent Wormwood unrevenged?

              Those are the breaks.

              Did you know who agent Wormwood was?

              Wormwood was Henri Baq.

              - Henri Baq? - Yes.

              - I thought he retired and is living in Paris. - He approached C-  and asked for work.

              Apparently, he had financial difficulties.

              We tried to be helpful.

              Unfortunately, it turned out tragically.

              Why wasn't I told about this before?

              We had reasons. They did not concern you.

              We preferred that you took the sanction for your usual reasons:

              Greed and avarice.

              - Henri Baq was my friend. - Yes.

              - Saved my life once. - Yes.

              Why am I the only one who can do this?

              - First, do you accept the assignment? - I accept.

              What we have is this.

              The target is male.

              He is an accomplished mountain climber.

              We learned this from a note we intercepted.

              Also, a witness said he limped.

              Well, that's fine.

              Now all I have to do is kill every mountain climber with a sore foot.

              Not quite.

              Our man will be involved in a climb in the Alps this summer.

              You're getting warm now.

              - That narrows it to      or      men. - Fewer than that.

              We know which mountain he will climb.

              - And? - The Eiger.

              - North face, of course. - That is correct.

              You are familiar with it?

              You know I am.

              I tried to climb it twice. It tried to kill me twice.

              If the target's trying to climb the Eiger...

              ...chances are my work could be done for me.

              I cannot trust to chance.

              The only climb planned for the Eiger is a goodwill climb...

              ...with a team from Germany, Austria...

              ...France and the United States.

              The target is one of the other climbers.

              The Frenchman, the German or the Austrian.

              We are continuing to work to try to identify him.

              Undoubtedly, we will have his name...

              ...before it is necessary for you to climb the Eiger.

              You're passing over one small matter, and that is payment.

              Naturally, considering the rigors of the assignment...

              ...we intend to be generous.

              You will receive $     .

              I'm sure that's more than you expected.

              More than I expected, but less than I'll receive.

              I'll receive $       plus expenses, of course.

              You recognize that this is outrageous!

              I'm viewing this as retirement pay.

              This is definitely my last assignment.

              You are punishing us for using Jemima Brown, is that it?

              You need me to perform the sanction, pay the money.

              You drive a hard bargain, Hemlock...

              ...but to show you there are no hard feelings...

              ...l'm going to give you a bonus.

              - Pardon me while I choke. - You will appreciate this.

              The bonus is Miles Mellough.

              Miles? What does he have to do with this?

              It appears that after the microfilm was stolen from Worm...

              Henri Baq, Miles Mellough was the courier who...

              ...carried it to the enemy.

              Since he was not one of the killers...

              ...a sanction, technically, is not called for.

              However, you may have it if you wish.

              - I accept the bonus. - I thought you might.

              I imagine this will be the last time you will be here.

              I shall miss you, Hemlock.

              You could've saved yourself trouble...

              ...if you'd have told me that the dead agent in Zürich was Henri Baq.

              Good luck, Hemlock, on your latest assignment:

              The Eiger sanction.

              Wild Turkey on the rocks?

              It's right downstairs.

              I guess I shouldn't have dropped it on you like that, Jonathan.

              Just how should you have dropped it on me, Jemima?

              I couldn't let it go...

              I couldn't let us go on without you knowing that I worked for Mr. Dragon.

              I didn't have enough guts to tell you face-to-face.

              I must've been really dazzled...

              ...not to notice all those coincidences:

              You on the same plane, just happening by with the taxi...

              ...discovering the note from Dragon.

              How was it supposed to work?

              Were you supposed to deny me your body if I don't accept the sanction?

              Don't make it sound so cheap, Jonathan.

              It's too shabby to even be called cheap.

              For your information, I was not assigned to seduce you.

              - How long have you worked for Dragon? - Only a month.

              But I've been a C-  courier for five years.

              Do you understand how important this sanction is?

              The film that was stolen from Wormwood...

              His name was Henri Baq.

              The stolen microfilm involves a new formula for germ warfare.

              And I'm supposed to get it back by killing people?

              Let me tell you something you're not aware of, Aunt Jemima.

              You know what purpose these sanctions serve? Absolutely none at all.

              They're just retaliation. They kill one of ours, we kill the killers.

              No purpose at all, just barbaric.

              - You're getting religion a little late. - I didn't quit because of that.

              I quit because of mathematics.

              The odds are stacking up against me.

              Assassins who stay too long get assassinated.

              - That ain't in my game plan. - But...

              I don't pretend to know what Mr. Dragon's thinking.

              But there's a formula for germ warfare out there. The other side has it.

              I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

              It's dangerous to come to conclusions when you don't have facts.

              Let me lay some on you.

              Sure Dragon knows what he's doing, just like when he worked for the Nazis.

              - What? - You didn't know that, did you?

              Your red-white-and-blue Mr. Dragon's...

              ...a goddamn hessian, that's what he is.

              He'd sell out the other side as fast as our side.

              He'd sell out his mother, too, if the bloodless freak had one!

              You think it's so awful the other side has a germ formula?

              It's against the Geneva Convention. They stole it from us.

              What the hell are we doing with it?

              We're not supposed to have one either.

              And you don't see any difference between their side and ours?

              Yeah, I see a difference.

              If we have Dragons and Popes working for us how bad can the other side be?

              Where's my change?

              $     .

              This is Henri Baq.

              I had a bullet in me once. He carried me for   days. I owe him. He was a friend.

              Who's that man?

              That's Miles Mellough.

              He tipped off the people who put the bullet in me, an enemy.

              And him?

              That's Ben Bowman. He and I climbed a lot together.

              I'm going out to his climbing school and get in shape.

              Friends, enemies.

              Where do I fit in?

              I'm sorry, but you don't.

              Here's to the selfish killer and the patriotic whore.

              Do you have anything else to say to me?

              I usually keep a twenty in the bowl by the kitchen door.

              You might pick it up on your way out.

              Goddamn my eyes. How the hell are you?

              Goddamn, you're looking good.

              A little soft, but I'm glad to see you. How the hell have you been?

              Boy, are we gonna drink a lot of beer! Wait 'til you see the goddamn place.

              Jesus Christ, don't you ever say anything?

              I'm waiting for your mouth to get tired.

              Just down the road, old buddy.

              About    miles, as I remember.

              - Nice, leisurely five-minute ride. - Only when I'm in a hurry.

              - Don't hurry. - That's why I'm taking it nice and easy.

              - You won't recognize the place. - Hope I live to see it.

              That city life has spoiled you. You ain't a pansy, are you?

              Stop this death trap, and I'll show you.

              What's so funny?

              I was thinking of the last time we climbed.

              You had to haul my ass down that mountain.

              That's liable to turn out to be one of my bigger mistakes.

              - Still do any climbing? - No.

              Nothing a piss-ant couldn't hop over.

              I ain't a climber. I'm an impresario.

              An impresario.

              That's what they call me. That ain't dirty, is it?

              Could be.

              When did this all happen?

              About two years. What do you think of it?

              I know, it's so frigging ugly, it makes me sick.

              But it keeps me in moccasins.

              I've been taken over by the swinging singles!

              What happened to the climbing school?

              My guests are more interested in hunting than they are climbing.

              Thought the whole point of climbing was hunting.

              Damned if you ain't right.

              This is really interesting.

              It looks like I'll make it through the winter.

              Two brews.

              Not bad.

              Not bad at all.

              I think I like the old place better. More character.

              Character and unpaid bills!

              I'm glad to see you! Dealing with these phony bastards...

              ...makes my ass weary.

              That's the perils of being an impresario.

              You sure that ain't a dirty word?

              Shut up and drink your beer.

              My, my!

              All right. Beat it, buns.

              'Least I know you're not here for the hunting.

              Your wire made it sound like more than a visit to an old buddy.

              It is. I want you to get me in shape for a climb.

              Much of a climb?

              Eiger north face.

              You're kidding?

              Nope, I'm part of an international team.

              I know about that international climb. Lawrence Scott heads the U.S. Team.

              He had an accident.

              How old are you? Thirty-five?

              Give or take.

              I know what you're thinking, but I'm going.

              - Been to the Eiger? - Twice.

              - You know what it's like? - I'm going.

              All right, I did what a friend is supposed to do.

              I tried to talk you out of it.

              I'm gonna tell you the truth. Horseshit! I'm going with you.

              - To the Eiger? - I'm the ground man for that climb.

              Ain't that enough to singe your ass!

              I'm gonna nursemaid you after all these years.

              You nursemaid me? I can outclimb you on your best day...

              ...and outdrink you now.

              You just enjoy that one, 'cause you're off the sauce until you're in shape.

              Meanwhile, I'll have another.

              This is where I turn back.

              - Thank God. - Not you. You need the work.

              George will take you on up.

              She's a girl.

              A lot of people notice that.

              Give him a workout. Then bring him back for a meal.

              I'll see you, old buddy.

              You don't have to do everything he says.

              This is a chance to strike back at the white man.

              Hi. I'd like some French onion soup...

              ...crabmeat cocktail...

              ...broiled lobster tails and Wild Turkey on the rocks.

              Very good, sir.

              That was quick.

              What do you think of George?

              Very warm, humane person.

              Gives great conversation, too.

              - She's a climbing fool, ain't she? - That she is.

              Wore me down, but I'll do better tomorrow.

              Tomorrow? Today, me bucko.

              You go back right after lunch.

              You'd be well-advised to have a good reason for making this call.

              Rise and shine, old buddy.

              Go piss up a rope.

              Just scalp me.

              Goddamn it! I wish Custer would have won.

              Time to rise and shine...

              Screw Marlon Brando.

              Dirty rotten...

              Dirty, evil, scheming...

              ...devious bitch.

              Get out!

              Leave Dr. Hemlock alone, Faggot.

              Forgive him.

              I'm afraid Faggot has not learned to recognize you straight.


              My, aren't we looking splendid!

              How long has it been?


              You and me and...

              ...Henri Baq.

              And I haven't made a verbal blunder.

              Actually, it's about Henri that I wish to chat.

              The only thing you and I have to chat about...

     you having an incurable disease and lack the guts to kill yourself.

              Very good, Jonathan. You've grown a great deal...

              ...but wrong!

              Should we be sensible and have a drink?


              We'd like to order some drinks, please.

              A Wild Turkey on the rocks for my good friend, the doctor.

              And I would like a frozen daiquiri.


              - May I know your name, please? - Buns.

              Yes, of course it is.

              Miss Buns, would you be a gentle person and take my roommate...

              ...for a stroll? - Sure, anything.

              I'm sure. Off you go.

              His name is Faggot.

              That's cute.

              Be careful he doesn't rape you. Charming.

              Here we are.

              Well, you're a very handsome young man.

              I would say he's made, wouldn't you?

              I assume you're covered.

              Your assumption is correct.

              At the bar.

              That's your cover?

              Dewayne is very strong.

              - He was a world's champion. - Weren't they all?

              Must seem odd that I've looked you up after all these years.

              But you see, I'm...

              I've grown very tired of waiting for you to step up behind me...

              ...and relieve me of existing.

              Stepping up behind is your method, Miles.

              I wanna look right into your face.

              Yes, I'm sure you would.

              However, that does not enhance my cool.

              It'll all be over soon.

              Funnily enough, I find myself in a very strong bargaining position.

              Forget it.

              Not even curious?

              You betrayed both of us in Asia.

              And we lived, no thanks to you.

              Now you people have killed Henri in Zürich.

              I didn't actually kill him.

              I probably won't actually kill you.

              That's very little comfort.

              Henri was a worthless alcoholic, and I abhor sloppy drunks.

              I'll allow you that.

              It's the price I must pay to get you to listen.

              I did not, I repeat, did not...

              ...participate in that killing.

              Because, unlike you, I am not an animal.

              But I do know who did kill him.

              You got one and now you're after the other.

              Dragon has promised you the identity of this person.

              Maybe, maybe not.

              The point: I know who this person is.

              And until you get that information, you're in great, great danger.


              Suppose I were to tell this person who and what you are?

              He would hunt you.

              You'd sell this man out for me?

              For what I want, I would even sell my dear mother.

              How true.

              What I need from you is your promise to leave me alone.

              What do you say?

              All right.

              I'll give you my answer in a minute.

              Whichever way it goes...

              ...we were friends once.

              You can see Miles and I have made up.

              Can I buy you a drink?

              Get him whatever he's having.

              I'm sure glad, too.

              I'd hate to tangle with a guy your size.

              Just want you to know.

              Now I'm gonna tell you something.

              Listen, 'cause I'll ask questions later.

              I don't like you on my flank 'cause it scares me.

              I don't like being scared.

              If you ever come near me again, I'll kill you.



              Good boy.

              Hope you told your cook we'd be back for lunch.

              You're full of piss and vinegar. Have mercy on an old man like me?

              You wanna lead? You've been up this before.

              No, I'll just tag along.

              - This the right way? - It's one way, I guess.

              You're a big help.

              I wanna know why you busted that guy's head at the pool.


              All right, it's none of my fucking business.

              You know what?

              Way down deep, you got the makings of a real bad ass.

              I don't know that I'd like to be alone on a desert island with you if there was no food.

              Don't worry. You're a friend.

              - You ever had any enemies? - A few.

              - Any of them still around? - The guy by the pool.

              Miles Mellough. What do you know about him?

              He checked in today.

              He looks like he could change a $  bill in  's.

              - Want me to throw him out? - No, I want him right here.

              What about the big guy? You want him too?

              Him, too.

              You set him up kinda neat for an elderly college professor.

              - You got me in shape. - It's not that.

              You set him up like you were used to setting people up.

              You're climbing fine, John. Better than I've ever seen you.

              Well, I wish I was on the Eiger right now, I'll tell you.

              Why go at all? Isn't this enough of a climb?

              No way.

              I've gotta make it.

              Have you met any of these guys we're climbing with?

              About a month ago.


              They're good. They've got a lot of hills behind them.

              Any of 'em walk with a limp?

              Who in the hell could climb with a limp? No, wait a minute.

              The German was limping. Said he hurt himself in a fall.

              Freytag, he's a funny guy. Makes noise like a leader.

              Family makes bug spray. Has a lot of money, but doesn't like to talk about it.

              Anyway, he's got the look.

              What look?

              The look of a guy you couldn't count on in a clutch.

              I wouldn't want to count on him on that hill.

              - What about the Frenchman, Montaigne? - He's all right.

              I think he's a little too old for the Eiger. He's about your age.

              Screw off.

              I'd rather screw Montaigne's wife. She's a real brick shit-house.

              Wait'll you catch her act. She's a regular mantrap.

              I feel sorry for the bastard, trying to keep his eyes on her.

              Yeah? And what about the Austrian?

              You'll love him.

              Meyer doesn't give a rat's ass about anything except climbing.

              All the people I talk to say he's the kind of climber like...

     you used to be.

              Before I got decrepit and weak?

              You didn't look so decrepit and weak yesterday, punching out that wrestler.

              This Meyer's really something. He killed a guy once.

              A porter on a climb was stealing some food.

              He killed him with a knife. Isn't that something?

              Sounds like a real charmer.

              Listen, John.

              If you got to rope yourself to anybody on that hill, make damn sure it's Meyer.

              This is a big man, and you're the only one who's climbed it.

              How'd you do it?

              Guts, skill, determination, all that sort of stuff.

              Why don't we just call it a climb the way it is and take the escalator down?

              Give me some slack.

              You'll stand up there all day admiring yourself?

              Or are you going to bring me up?

              All right.

              Congratulations, old buddy. You got her cherry.

              What do you mean?

              - You're the first one ever to climb up here. - You climbed it yourself.

              You ain't gonna get very far in life listening to a liar like me.

              You were hoping I'd quit, weren't you?

              Hoping I'd give up on the Eiger climb.

              Let me tell you something, Ben.

              There's a damn good chance I might not have to make the climb.

              I may be able to conclude my business before the climb starts.

              Once you get over there, you'll want to climb. That's the way you are.

              - Want a beer? - You gonna call room service?

              We got beer.

              If you hauled beer up this rock, you're insane.

              I may be insane, but I'm not stupid.

              I didn't carry it, you did it. It's in your pack.

              Jesus Christ! I ought to throw you off this pillar.

              - Besides, it's warm. - I'm sorry.

              I'd thought you'd draw the line at hauling ice.

              Well, good evening, George.

              Good evening, Dr. Hemlock.

              - And how are you this fine evening? - Just fine, Doctor.

              Did you watch that magnificent climb Ben and I made today?

              Yes, I did, Dr. Hemlock.

              It sure was good.

              I'll be leaving here soon.

              And I'll kind of miss you in my way.

              I'll miss you, too, Doctor.

              One thing I'll have to say, George, is...

    've never cluttered up our relationship with any sticky sentiment.

              Maybe we should just cut the chitchat. You just jump in here and we'll get lucky.

              Desk! Desk!

              Take it easy, old buddy.

              Doc says you'll be all right, but you just got to take it slow.

              - Where is she? - I got her down in my room.

              My men are watching her.

              Want me to call the sheriff?

              No, not yet.

              - What happened to... - Miles Mellough? He's still here.

              The desk'll call me if he makes a move.

              - So it was Miles. - That's what she said.

              - Why'd she do it? - Oldest reason in the world.

              - Love? - Money.

              What the hell did she shoot into me, anyway?

              It was relative of morphine, but not enough to be fatal.

              Morphine sounds right. Miles is in the drug business.

              Why the hell didn't he polish you off?

              He told her it was gonna be nothing serious. He just wanted to scare you.

              After George put me under, my guess is...

              ...Miles was gonna come in and off me in some spectacular fashion.

              Probably give me an O.D. That sounds like his style.

              What are you gonna do about him?

              Something massive.

              Something massive!

              Good morning, Dewayne.

              Good morning, Jonathan. My, aren't we looking chipper?

              Sleep well?

              Very well, thank you.

               Miles, I think I'll forget about you for the time being.

                Difficult task. Just like that?

                I'll be training here for a few more weeks.

                I'll need all my concentration without having you in mind.

                I do sympathize with you. Truly, I do, Jonathan.

                If this means you'll cross me off your list for good...

                I might just do that.

                Why don't we have dinner tonight and talk about it?

                Only if I can choose the wine.

                Look forward to it.


                - He hit his brakes. - No, he didn't.

                He turned the switch on his headlights.

                Jonathan, what a cheap, dirty trick.

                After him, Dewayne. After him!

                We've got him now. Look!

                We've got him trapped. He can't turn around.

                Where the hell is he?

                There he is!

                You are an animal.

                Look at that dear gentleman.

                You tried to kill me.

                Get in the car.

                Get in the car.

                Get out.

                What the hell are we gonna do out here?

                Get out.

                Jonathan, you're not gonna shoot...

                Jonathan, you're not gonna leave me out here!

                Jonathan, for Christ's sakes!

                Kill me, but don't leave me here!

                You can't...

                Pretty quiet now, aren't you, you little prick?


                What the hell do you mean you ain't got any rooms?

                - My dear Herr Bowman... - My dear Herr's ass.

                Look in that book and come up with my reservation.

                - Hiya, buddy. - What's the problem here?

                This rinky-dink has screwed up my reservations. He can't find my telegram.

                He couldn't find his tally whacker with a six-man search party.

                I did not know this person was a friend of yours, Dr. Hemlock.

                - He's in charge of the climb. - In charge of the climb?

                Yes. Just one minute, please.

                All the Eiger birds are coming in. You should have given him a tip.

                Did you meet the others?

                They're supposed to be here in the hotel. How's George?

                She's fine.

                - Listen, about Miles... - Look, later on that.

                Everything is in order.

                You'll be with the other members on the  nd floor.

                Room    . I'll have your luggage taken up.

                Have them send up a case of beer.

                After you left, all hell broke loose.

                Government agents all over the place, asking questions.

                They find anything?

                That big guy you creamed in the bar?

                Found him blown in half.

                Miles they found in the sand, dead as Kealsy's nuts.

                What the hell are you here for?

                I don't want you to concern yourself with that.

                I'm here doing something for an old friend.

                Let's call off the climb.

                You know I want another shot at this hill.

                Herr Bowman?

                Karl Freytag wants us in the sitting room immediately.

                - Stragglers will be shot. - Only the lucky ones.

                Lady, gentlemen.

                Jonathan Hemlock, Jean-Paul Montaigne.

                - Jean-Paul. - I've looked forward to meeting you.

                My pleasure.

                This is my wife, Anna.

                Hello. Care for a drink?

                And this is Karl Freytag.

                - Karl. - Herr Doctor.

                And this is Andrel Meyer.

                - Hello. - I've read a lot about you.

                I used to read a lot about you.

                It seems you've read a lot about each other.

                - It's snowing. How're the weather reports? - Not good.

                A couple of good days, and we've got a bunch of weak fronts moving in.

                It'll be pretty dicey after that.

                - That settles it. - Settles what?

                We must leave immediately.

                Do we have time to finish our drinks?

                I mean, as soon as possible.

                With a storm coming in, in maybe four days?

                The Eiger has been climbed in two.

                Supposing you don't make it in two?

                Supposing you get pinned down by the weather?

                Benjamin has a point. We must not take childish risks.

                One can't climb without some risk.

                Perhaps the young face these risks more easily.

                Good weather, bad weather. Anytime's good for climbing.

                An impasse. Two in favor, two opposed. The democratic process.

                What do you suggest, Doctor? That we climb halfway up?

                - Ben has a vote. - But he'll not be climbing with us.

                He's our ground man. Until we hit the wall, he has complete control.

                Has that been decided?

                It's always like that.

                The ground man has the last word now, and the leader once we're on the face.

                That's another issue. Who's the leader?

                I thought that was all settled. I thought you were gonna lead.

                That was decided before the American member of the team had his accident.

                We should make sure we agree on who's to lead, now that you've joined us.

                You make a good point. Jonathan has climbed the mountain twice before.

                Correction. The doctor has failed to climb the mountain twice before.

                I don't want to offend you, but I'm forced to say...

                ...I don't consider a record of failure automatically grants you the right to lead.

                I'm not offended. I think it's important that you lead.


                Let's come over here.

                Let's move over here.

                I've spent months studying a new route up the Eiger.

                Taking the face by a new route will put us in the books.

                What is this new route?

                We won't take Hinterstoisser Traverse.

                Instead we go this way.

                Our first bivouac should be high above the difficult cracks, about here.

                The next morning we have to move up this vertical rock face, that's pretty tough.

                We go all the way up and come out next to the highest visible ice field.

                That's here. And then, it's up to the top.

                Nobody's ever been on that part of the face. We don't know what's there.

                Supposing you can't cling to the edges?

                Suppose you get forced down into the gut of the chute?

                I've no interest in suicide.

                If the edges are not a go, we'll retreat and follow one of the classic routes.

                All that can stop us the weather.

                Just one thing.

                Your route doesn't allow for retreat in case we're blocked from above.

                I consider it self-defeating to plan in terms of retreat.

                I consider it stupid not to.

                I'll leave the planning for retreat with you, Doctor.

                He has more experience than I in retreating.

                May I take it my plan is accepted?


                Our business is settled.

                I suggest we relax and have a drink.

                Is this hotel always so crowded?

                Only when there's a climb.

                Then the Eiger birds start flocking in.

                - Eiger birds? - Yeah, jet-setters.

                Assorted zombies who come here to watch a climb.

                If they get lucky, they get to watch a man die on the mountain.

                - That's grim. - So is the Eiger.

                It even looks grim.

                Do you have to go up?

                Unless the search division identifies the assassin first.

                They've come up empty.

                Is that what you came here to tell me?

                - As a courier? - I could have phoned.

                I just wanted to come up and be with you.

                I had this fantastic speech planned.

                I was going to say it quick before you interrupted or walked away.

                - How's it go? - I forgot.

                First, why don't you tell me why you set me up?

                I did it because I believed you had to take this sanction.

                All right, I've taken it.

                And you and me, working side by side like loyal Americans...

                ...not to mention Dragon and Pope. We'll save the Republic yet.

                Have you met the other climbers?

                - Any suspicions? - Could be any one of them.

                Could even be Madam Montaigne. She's a...

                ...very destructive woman. You know the type.

                I'm cold.

                Jonathan, you know what I don't have?

                No. What don't you have?

                I don't have a room for the night.


                I see, so you're the condemned man's last wish.

                 :   p.m. We leave in    hours.

                We must do the first      feet before the sun loosens the ice chunks.

                If the weather holds.

                It will hold. It's certainly magnificent.

                A perfect choice for my last mountain.

                John, sit down, have a beer.

                I have a friend checking in, but I can always go for a beer.

                What's this about your last mountain?

                I'm not longer young, Jonathan. Think of it.

                At    maybe I shall be the oldest man to climb the Eiger.

                What do you think about that, Madam?

                How do you feel about climbing?

                I consider mountain climbing the biggest nonsense.

                I've never been in better shape.

                Ask Anna.

                Every night for six months I perform two hours of exercise before bed.

                By now, she must be very anxious to see you climb the mountain.

                Doctor, a message from the gentleman outside.

                I think I'll take a stroll. Madam Montaigne, would you care to join me?

                I think I shall return to my room.

                If you will excuse me?



                - What got into Jean-Paul? - I don't know. A little jumpy.

                - You been jumping his wife? - No. Why?

                - You sure? - I think it's something I'd know.

                I'll see you later.

                Hemlock, how's it going?

                - Nice place here. - Get on with it, Pope.

                Okay, if that's the game you want to play, we'll get right down to the nitty-gritty.

                No one is more qualified than you are.

                Search division has drawn a blank at the target.

                All we know is, he's here somewhere.

                Miles Mellough knew who it was.

                He did?

                - Did he tell you? - He offered to, but the price was too high.

                - What'd he want then? - To live.

                Well, I just came to tell you that we've drawn a blank.

                - You'll have to climb. - Jemima Brown told me already.

                Jemima did? I just wanted to make sure you get the message.

                You know these schwarzes. You can't trust 'em.

                I don't mind you being an asshole.

                You can't help that. But I do mind you lying to me like I was a fool.

                You came here with one thought.

                That was attach yourself to me so the target'd know who and what I am.

                Who'll perform this sanction if he gets me? You?

                You don't think I can't handle it?

                In a locked closet with a grenade.

                Just a minute, buddy.

                Doesn't bother you a bit that you've blown my cover, does it?

                Not one frigging bit, pal.

                And if I walk?

                No way.

                You wouldn't get your $      .

                You'd lose your paintings.

                And you'd probably spend some time for smuggling them into the country.

                How does it feel being in a box, sweetheart?

                You've done real well, Pope.

                Well, that's mighty white of you.

                That's a joke.

                I bet Jemima never says that to you, "mighty white of you."

                By the way, how's that black stuff?

                Pretty good?

                I guess it's only fair to warn you I'll have to waste you a little.

                About your gun, I got one for you.

                It's a C-  special with no serial numbers. It's in the candy box.

                What's this about wasting me?

                It's only fair to warn you that I'm a black belt: Karate.


                Gee-i! Gee-i!

                My hand!

                You'll be all right now, Pope.

                You may have trouble playing the clarinet for awhile.

                Listen, sweetheart, baby, pal...

                ...l'm going back in the hotel, and when I come out...

                ...I don't expect to see you around anymore. Understand?

                - Sleep well. - Good night. See you tomorrow.

                - Offer me a nightcap? - Some other time, thanks.

                - I wish you luck tomorrow. - Thank you.

                I wish Jean-Paul would change his mind.

                I can't understand why he's insisting on climbing this mountain.

                I can. He does it for you.

                - For me? - That's right.

                He tries to keep you from younger men by staying young himself.

                By doing young mens' things.

                Poor thing.

                Yeah. Particularly since it hasn't worked.

                It's colder than a witch's tit.

                This is climbing weather, Ben.

                Come down in one piece or I'll kick your ass!

                - You're not gonna get sloppy on me? - You haven't told me anything...

                ...but somehow I know that you and...

       of them foreigners is gonna have some trouble.


                Guard your flank. Don't take your eyes off of 'em.

                - I won't. - Let's be off!

                We must make our first move before the sun unfreezes the rubble.

                Take care.

                Well, they're on their way.

                That frigging Hemlock...

                ...thinks he's so goddamn cute.

                How do you think he'd feel if he knew this thing was a fake?

                - A fake? - Sure.

                Hemlock's friend? That Wormwood?

                He was supposed to get killed.

                That's why we hired the drunken bum.

                But what about the germ formula?

                - The other side got it. - That's the real cute part.

                They were supposed to get it.

                It's a phony.

                - So why the sanctions? - That's simple.

                To sell the other side that the formula's the real thing.

                Now if we just let 'em steal it...

                ...and not do anything about it, they'd get suspicious.

                So we had to assign Hemlock to sanction the assassins.

                Do you mean to tell me that you're sitting up here safe...

                ...and that Jonathan might be killed and for nothing?

                Don't get worried. There's still lots of men around here.

                Present company excluded.

                Jonathan told me that you people were no better than animals...

                ...and I should've listened to him.

                Don't be late coming up.

                We're in the clear, Herr Doctor.

                - So far so good. - I knew it would be.

                Take it.

                You want to untie that?

                - Karl really likes to lead, doesn't he? - Yes.

                Even more, he likes the title of leader.

                As if that makes him a leader.

                Tell me, Andrel, you spend much time around Zurich?

                There are no mountains there worth climbing.

                They can see us pretty well from the hotel today. It's nice and clear.

                I suppose. We must give them a good show.

                - Chocolate? - Thanks.

                Jean-Paul doesn't look well. Something is on his mind.


                Resting already, Herr Doctor? Come on, let's get moving.

                You don't like me, do you?

                I don't dislike you. I think you're stupid.

                You knew we were climbing, and still you get involved with Montaigne's wife.

                - She told you? - She didn't have to tell me.

                The climb's gonna be hard enough without any intrigue.

                All right.

                What the hell are you doing?

                I couldn't sleep.

                I'm checking the ropes.

                There was a frayed end on your rope, and I'm cutting it out.

                Looks like we have some wet work ahead of us, right Tag?

                Surely, Herr Doctor...

       have no objection to a morning shower.

                Sure would be a lot easier in the wintertime.

                Do you suggest we wait?

                Way to move your jaws, John.

                That thing's gotta be a bitch.

                That's gotta be a bitch.

                Are you using your scope?

                Mind if my wife has a peek?

                - Tell him you'll pay for it. - We can pay for it.

                Get out of here. You touch this telescope...

      'll need surgery to get it out of your ass.

                Damn rude fellow.



                Freytag! Meyer!

                - Jesus Christ! - Goddamn!

                Oh, God.

                You all right?

                I'm all right. I'm all right.

                Thank God.

                Thanks. Where's Freytag?

                He felt he wasn't needed.

                Thought he wasn't needed?

                Freytag, you ass...


                Mr. Bowman, in your opinion...

       they climb to prove their manhood or is it...

                ...a matter of compensating for inferiority feelings?

                Lady, why don't you go get yourself screwed?

                Lt'll do you a lot of good.

                Well, the worst is behind us.

                You really needn't be so glum, Herr Doctor.

                If we retreat we won't make it back through the falls.

                You have a defeatist mentality. We won't retreat. We'll go up.

                You didn't know we were in trouble?

                - No. - That's not good.

                It sounds exciting. Pity I slept through it.

                That's the spirit. Come on, off we go.


                - What is it? - There's a foehn moving in.

                - What's a foehn? - Warm air, then rain, then a freeze.

                - Like all in a flash. - Is that bad?

                It's awful. That rock is gonna be covered with ice.

                You can't walk on it and you can't see through it...

       find a crack in the rocks to drive your pitons. The snow is all glazed over.

                But you'll be able to drop through up to your neck at any time.

                Worse, it's coming from the south.

                They won't even know it's coming until it hits.

                Then they must come down.

                When they find out, they won't be able to come down...

                ...they won't be able to go up. They'll be stuck.

                - You all right? - Yes, let's rest.


                - How's Jean-Paul? - He's dead.

                He must have gone during the storm.

                - Drink that. - How do you know he's dead?

                I looked at him.

                You saw he was dead, then you made a pot of tea?

                Drink it before it gets cold.

                He had a concussion. The storm was too much.

                The man inside couldn't keep the man outside from dying.

                What now?

                Moving ahead is out.

                Conditions are impossible. We'll have to go back.

                - Through the ravine? - No, the ravine's impossible, too.

                - Andrel, you listening? - Yeah.

                - Speak up if you disagree. - You're doing fine.

                All right.

                We traverse back across the ice field to a...

       above the railroad tunnel window.

                If we can get a rope down, Ben will be waiting with help.

                I'll lead. Karl, you be second.

                Meyer, bring up the rear.

                We'll string Jean-Paul's body on a separate line between us.

                We gonna carry Montaigne back down?

                A climber always brings home his dead.

                We'll get down.

                - Mr. Bowman? - Just go away.

                - You're John's friend, aren't you? - Yeah.

                How is he?

                Well, they're coming down.

                Shit, I don't know. Montaigne is hurt or dead.

                Do you think they can get down safely?

                There's only one chance. Everything is iced.

                If they can get to the cliffs above the station window...

                ...maybe they can rope down, and we can pull them in.

                - How much of a chance do they have? - Not much, but it's the only one.

                As soon as I find out that's what they're doing, I'll bring men up.

                I didn't want him to make this climb.

                Now Montaigne is hurt or dead. I knew there'd be death.

                It was planned that way. All for nothing.

                Drop your packs. We'll rig some safety lines.

                Jesus Christ.

                Yeah, but think of what it must be like up there for them.

                Come on, John. Get your ass off that hill.


                Damn it! Belay me.

                Hang on.

                Jonathan, watch it!

                Hang on. We should be over the tunnel window.

                In the future, I wish you would not use me...

       ride around on like a sled.

                Look, you better get up there before he panics. Those pins are loose.

                Jonathan, you're very good.

                I have enjoyed climbing with you.

                - We'll make it. - I don't think so.

                But we shall continue with style.

                Take it easy.

                Take it easy. Don't panic.


                Look out!

                I can't hold him! The ice is cracking!

                - John! - You're limping, Ben.

                I'll throw you a rope.

                You're limping, Ben.

                Listen to me.

                I'll throw you a rope.

                Catch this rope when I throw it to you.

                Wrap it around you. Wrap the rope around you.

                Hook the rope to you!


                Now cut the rope above you.

                Do what I tell you. Cut the rope above you.

                Cut the rope above you.

                Cold mountain air really bothers the old frostbite.

                You ought to remember. You hauled me down when my feet froze.

                I'm the one you're after.

                I never planned for Henri Baq to die.

                I was to take him out and buy him drinks and con him out of the microfilm.

                I was surprised as anybody when Kruger killed him.

                How'd you get involved with the other side anyway?

                Miles Mellough. I owed him.

                He helped get my daughter off drugs.

                - Daughter? - George is my little girl.

                You took a chance coming up on the mountain.

                You took a chance when you cut that rope.

                Old "pink eyes" is back.



                We don't know and we don't want to know...

       you managed to precipitate all three climbers from the mountain.

                We assume that, unable to discover your target...

       decided to take all three.

                Extravagant but effective.

                And you have always been both.

                We regret that your file will be placed in the inactive list.

                However, we hope that one day you may work with our organization again.

                Good-bye, Dr. Hemlock.

                Thank you, baby.

                Well, C-  thinks they've got their man.

                There's no reason to persuade them otherwise.

                You wouldn't shit me, would you?

                Hate to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder like Miles did.

                Forget it, Ben.



                Maybe someday we'll do more climbing together.


                - You know what I don't have, baby? - What don't you have?

                - I don't have a ticket home. - I'll take care of it.

                My art collection is not going to get any bigger but...

                ...l'd sure like to have you take a long look at it.

                I thought you'd never ask. I'll get two tickets.

                You can tell me.

                You didn't really sanction all three of them, did you?



Special help by SergeiK