Enemy Of The State Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Enemy Of The State script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Will Smith and Gene Hackman movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Enemy Of The State. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Enemy Of The State Script



Come on.



Come on, mutt.

Look at that ball. All right.



- Come on. Get that ball. Baah!

- [Barking]



There's no problem

with that.



Oh, goddamn it.



If it happens,

let me know.



What the hell are you doing here?

This is not the office!



- This is my private time.

- Five minutes.



No! I said no Tuesday,

I said no last week,



and I'm gonna keep sayin' no

till you hear me.



Five minutes,

Mr. Chairman.



- It's all I ask. Five minutes.

- [Dog Barking]



- You want some coffee?

- No, I don't want any coffee. I want to play with my dog.



Look, I'm not asking you

to vote for it.



I know you can't.

Just release your people.



Let them go

the way they want.




Security and Privacy Act!



Invasion of privacy

is more like it.



You read the Post?



"This bill is not the first step

towards the surveillance society.



It is the surveillance

society. "



- Liberal hysteria.

- Listen, I'm not gonna sit in Congress...



and pass a law that lets the government

point a camera and a microphone...



at anything

they damn well please.



- Phil.

- [Grunts]



Look, I don't care

who bangs who,



what cabinet officers

get stoned.



But this is the richest, most powerful

nation on earth, and therefore the most hated.



And you and I know what

the average citizen does not:



That we are at war

   hours of every day.



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



Do I have to itemize the number

of American lives we've saved...



in the past    months alone with

judicious use of surveillance intelligence?



Thomas, cut the crap.



I've got three major employers

in the Syracuse area alone...



who are gonna get

just killed by this bill.



I promise to get you funds

equal to...



or greater than whatever those

companies gave your last campaign.



I'm not talking about

campaign contributions, damn it.



I'm talking about my constituents

being out of work.



Jesus, man!

Wake up!



National security isn't the only thing

going on in this country.






This conversation

is over.



I beg of you, Phil.

Please don't.



I've been there for you in the past,

haven't I? There have been times,



personal situations, when you needed

my assistance and my confidence.



Are you blackmailing me,

you ambitious shit?



I'm sorry we can't find a common ground

on this one, Congressman.



You're a good man.

People of your district are lucky...



to have you

representing them.



Come on.





Come on. [Grunts]






[Dog Barking]



[Barking Continues]






[Computer Blipping, Beeping]



- [Siren Wailing]

- [Helicopter Blades Whirring]



[Motor Whirring]



[Dog Barking]



[Tires Screeching]



[Rapid Beeping]



[Sirens Wailing]



Let me fight management.

Okay, I can accept that.



But this is our own

goddamned union leadership...



tryin' to railroad us into signing

some sweetheart contract.



Look, everybody knows...



that the mob has been controlling these

guys since as long as I can remember.



And now, uh...

now we got Pintero's goons...



down there

tuning up my people.



Well, first off, that's a Hobbs Act

violation, probably a RICO.



- Hey, thanks. Great.

- How you doing, Eddie? How's it goin'?



- Robert Dean.

- Tony O'Neill. Nice to meet you.



A Hobbs and a RICO.

Ooh, baby, don't stop.



Sounds like you guys need

a labor lawyer. What happened?



We were in Louie's

two nights ago,



I go to use the bathroom,

and these two fuckin' guidos jump me.



Uh, I prefer we use the term

"Italian-Americans. "



Eh, whatever, but they were really goin'

to work on me. It could've gotten serious.



- But then Larry Cash came in and he went after 'em.

- Larry Cash is in the hospital,



with a broken jaw

and a ruptured kidney.



Is this becoming a criminal

investigation, Robert?



- Um, no, it would take years to see that thing through.

- [Intercom Beeps]



Besides, these people have families

that are living through this every day.



Hey, Julie, can we send a case

of Chianti over to Larry Cash?



- Larry Cash?

- Yes, he's at St. Luke's.



And send some flowers to his wife,

Brenda. They're both in the Rolodex.



Yes, Mr. Dean.



Well, why don't you guys

just head on home?



I'm your lawyer. I'm in the process of

dealing with these guido motherfuckers.



Pintero doesn't stand

a chance.



So, how's the trout?



- Tastes like fish.

- It is fish.



No, I mean it tastes like

every other fish I've ever had.






[Clears Throat]

Brill's note said that...



this is the videotape you need

to convince Pintero with.



And watch out for the F.B.I. Brill says

the place is under surveillance.



- So when do I get to meet him?

- Pintero?









Okay. Um...



Wow. That's not exactly

the answer I was hoping for.



And what was the answer

you were hoping for?



Oh, I don't know. Soon.

Uh, definitely sooner than never.



Bobby, why do we have to

go through this every time?



Brill talks to me,

I talk to you.



That's the way

it works.



Well, pardon me for being

a little uncomfortable...



with hiring someone that

I don't know and I've never even met.



Then don't hire him.



[Exhales Sharply]



$     .



And I'm also uncomfortable havin'

to carry that kind of cash around.



Well, this should lighten

your load.



I don't know if it's Brill's price

that's goin' up or your commission.



I take   %,

as always.



Brill's fee varies

with risk.



Maybe you'd be more comfortable

using someone else.



- What, other than Brill?

- Other than me.



- What's wrong with you?

- Oh, there's nothing wrong with me.



Just, you know,

someone with whom...



you don't have quite

so complicated a history.



I like our history,

and I like you.




I like you too.



Look, I-I just want to make sure that

I'm not breaking the law in any way.



- You're not.

- And how can I be so sure?




I wouldn't let you.




So, Mr. Pintero, the guy on the left...



is Carl Matthews,

president of Local     .



And this is Dave Early,

secretary-treasurer of the National.



Oh, right there,

you see... you see the guy there?



That's Hugh Simic.

He administers the pension fund.



Hey, you're going to recognize

this fellow right here.



- [Beeps]

- That's you.



- Am I correct, Mr. Pintero?

- That ain't me.



- [Chuckling]

- Let's watch a little more.



- Take a picture of this.

- Everybody say "money. "



Here comes a great shot

right here.



Everybody say "not guilty. "



- [Dean] Right here; here it comes.

- [Remote Control Clicks]



- That's not you?

- That ain't me.



[Chuckling] Well, you know, that's

actually really great news for me.



It lifts a huge weight

off of my shoulders.



Because the conditions of your parole

specifically forbid you from having any contact...



- of any kind with any union officials.

- I know that.



Well, I'm saying,

so hypothetically, had that been you,



I mean, you'd be headed

back to prison for...



fifteen... I don't know...

maybe twenty years... even more.



But, I don't know, that ain't you,

as you so eloquently put it.



Are you fuckin' with me?

Eloquently? That's not me.



Oh, that's not you. Well, I'm sorry

I've wasted your time, gentlemen,



you know, since

that's not you, um...



Oh, you know what? I'm thinkin'.

Maybe I'll just, you know,



run this tape past

the federal prosecutor.



You know, they have

really great VCRs down there.



A lot of times, they can see

things that we can't see.



You ain't runnin' this

by nobody.



- What do you want?

- My clients want to vote their contract up or down...



as they see fit, without,

shall we say, any outside influences.




Sit down.



- No, I'm fine, thank you.

- No, you are not fine.



Now sit your ass...




I would like my clients to be able

to exercise their constitutional rights.



And if that happens, that tape will

disappear forever into my private collection,



along with the Zapruder film

and the porno from Hitler's bunker.



You got any copies

of this thing?



- Absolutely.

- Who made it? You make it?



I'm an attorney.

I don't make videotapes.



Now you listen to me,

you fuckin' eggplant.



This fuckin' videotape

may save your clients' asses,



but you can be goddamned sure

it ain't gonna save yours.



Now, who made

the fuckin' videotape?



- I don't know.

- How'd you get it?



- Through an acquaintance.

- [Wheezing Chuckle]



Mr. Dean, he's got acquaintances.

Me, I got friends. I don't know.



Vic, get outside. See if they're

any acquaintances out there...



that are of

the black persuasion.



Carlos, why don't you

get out of that chair?



Talk to Mr. Dean.



Who's your fucking




Listen to me. I wanna know

who made that videotape,



but I wanna know

in a week.



Or I'll kill ya.



Hey, smile.



- What?

- Smile for the F.B.I.






- [Woman] Who's the brother?

- [Man] I don't know, but he doesn't look Italian to me.



Table Harvest to    .

We got a blue overcoat heading east.



- [Sighs]

- [Engine Starts]



Give me a loose one.

See if we can get his plates.



- [Siren Wailing]

- [People Chattering]



[Woman] I'm standing by live at

the Lockraven Reservoir right now...



where police and fire officials

are in the process of removing...



a classic Mercedes owned by

Republican congressman...



Phillip Hamersly

of Syracuse, New York.



[Woman # ] This accident comes

at a very untimely juncture,



since the congressman was working on a

controversial piece of legislation, Dale,



opposing the Telecommunications

Security and Privacy Act.



Fire officials do tell me

that it appears the congressman...



was by himself

in the car.



We have confirmed that.

However, strangely enough,



his favorite dog, Bob,

is currently with police.



[Woman # ] I understand there

was a history of heart problems.



[Woman # ] There was, in fact,

a history of heart problems.



In fact, the congressman endured open-heart

surgery just a couple of years ago.



Homicide investigators have told me they

did find a bottle of pills in his lap.



That might mean that the congressman...

and I speculate here...



may have suffered a heart attack before

going into the Lockraven Reservoir.



He leaves behind

a family of four.



[Woman # ] We'll have

more details as the story develops.



[Siren Wailing]



[Man Talking

On Police Radio, Indistinct]



[Reporters Talking,







I need a   -   on a...



brown and tan

'   GMC Jimmy.



D.C. Tags.

Eight, kilo,



six, three, nine, four.



And a   -  

on the registered owner.



[Man Talking

On P.A., Indistinct]



[Beeps, Whirrs]



[Man] Do not give me

optimistic numbers. I hate optimism.



- Sir?

- I want to know how many votes we have in the bank...



aren't gonna change their mind

every time the wind blows.



- Thank you.

- [Remote Control Beeping]



We may have a problem

out at the lake.



This is Daniel Zavitz. He's a nature

photographer with some government grants.



One of them is for monitoring

migratory patterns of Canadian geese.



Or lack thereof.



The box is called a hide.

It contains a motion-activated...



digital video camera

with a compound lens.



It was aimed directly

at the boat ramp across the lake.



We need two techs with full electronic

capabilities... two humpty-dumpties.



Get Fiedler to organize it,

and call Kramer...



to get us some

ex-military cutouts.



How do I describe

the project?



Call it a training op

hosted here.



Set up a link

with the N.R.O.



- That's good.

- Falsify F.B.I. Approval.



And none of this goes beyond our team.

And get that videotape.



- Of course.

- Get a wire on our bird-watcher.



You got it.



Fiedler, it's Hicks. I need

an intercept on a Daniel Leon Zavitz.



   -   -    .



And, uh, what's

our authorization?



We're calling it a P-  training op.

F.B.I. Approval.




Kruger and Jones, sir.



We were with the   nd Marine

expeditionary unit. Kramer sent us.



- Nice haircut.

- [Hicks] Thirty months in a federal penitentiary...



at Marion, Illinois, for a G.V.H. - ... on

your gunnery sergeant... what's that about?



The guy was an asshole, sir,

and he deserved it, if you'll excuse me.



[Horns Honking]



[Man On TV]

All new, designed for today.



[Woman On TV]

The electric car is here.




A sedan for you.



[Woman Reporter] I'm standing by

live at the Lockraven Reservoir...



right now, where police and fire

officials are in the process of removing...



a classic Mercedes owned by Republican

congressman Phillip Hamersly.



You may be able to see it here,

being removed in the background.



Now, fire and police officials

aren't saying much at this point.



Here's what I do know.

I have been told that the congressman...



was alone in the vehicle when this

accident happened just under an hour ago.



You may know that the congressman

suffers from a heart condition.



Homicide investigators have told me that

they did find a bottle of pills in his lap.



That might mean that the congressman...

and I speculate here...



may have suffered a heart attack before

going into the Lockraven Reservoir.



- [Computer Beeping]

- I am also told that there was no one in the car...



Fuck a duck.



Holy shit!



...on the ground,

and is currently with police.



He's from Syracuse, New York.



The congressman was an opponent of the

Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act.



- [Phone Ringing]

- News desk.



Lenny, you are not going to believe

what I have in my possession.



- Zavitz. Long time.

- Lenny, I've got...



the Phil Hamersly murder

on videotape.



Phil Hamersly died

of a heart attack.



Negative. Hamersly was professionally

wasted under the direction...



of some anal-retentive with what looks

like a serious vitamin D deficiency.



- How did you get this tape?

- My conservation study at the lake photographed the murder.



- You're kidding me!

- The camera was aimed straight across at the pier,



right where Phil Hamersly

was killed.



- How fast can you get that tape over here?

- I'm making a copy right now.



- [Cell Phone Ringing]

- Uh, Mark, I have to take this.



Good. Thank you.



Call if you need




[Phone Chimes, Beeps]




is this line secure?



- Yes, it is, sir.

- Go ahead.



Zavitz is speaking

to a Lenny Bloom,



a former anti-war activist.



He publishes a variety of left-wing

newsletters on various political subjects.



- He's taking the tape now to Bloom's offices. Over.

- Put a tap on Bloom.



- And give us a dedicated satellite for this operation.

- It's already done.



Yeah, so, Julie,

I'm gonna take the rest of the day.



Finish up my Christmas shopping.

Take my mind off things.



Hey, do chicks dig




All right. I'll see you

in the morning.






- Hi.

- Hi.



How you doin'?



Why, hello.



- Hi. Can I help you?

- Hey, hi.



- Uh, yes.

- Do you see something you like?



- Uh, I'm married.

- That's allowed.



Uh, um, I just...

I need... I need some,



uh, a...

a Christmas present.



- For your wife? - Yes, of-of

s-several years. We're ver... Uh, yes.



- You want some lingerie for your wife?

- Yes-Yes, I would.



Do you like

Christian Dior?



You know, I have to be really honest

with you. Um, I'm not really...



- experienced in this.

- Get out of town!



I- I mean, don't get me wrong. I mean,

I'm-I'm experienced, you know, from...



- Yeah. Right.

- From a certain perspective, I-I just...



I don't want to come in here and,

you know, look stupid. [Chuckles]



- [Forced Chuckling]

- Too late.



- Yeah. What size?

- I'm sorry?



- Oh, my wife. Oh, uh, she's, um...

- Yeah.



- She's about... She's...

- Size six.



Yeah, right, she's, uh...

She's ab... She's, uh... she's a six.



Right. And what

about cup size?






Oh! Oh, she's

way bigger than that.



I mean, not...

I mean, not noticeably.



- Oops.

- Should have gotten her a watch.



- [Knock At Door]

- [Woman] Hello?



- It's me, Ruthie.

- Shit.



They disconnected

my phone again.



Uh, mine's not working either.

I think it's a problem with the line.






Let me borrow some change

for the pay phone, man.



Come on.

I gotta call Dr. Mike.






Danny, I always pay you back.

Come on!






- [Ruthie] Open the door! -

[Phone Beeping] - [Phone Beeping]



Shit. Fuck.



- [Ruthie] Come on, man!

- Uh, one minute.



- I'm goin'.

- Come on, Danny!



Come on. Come on.



- Oh, shit.

- [Computer Beeps]




It's not working.



I got him! I got him!

He's rabbiting!



- [Grunting]

- He's out the back.



Give me real-time imagery

coverage at LAT       LONG      .



[Man] Got it.

Base, this is local control.



Requesting immediate

keyhole visual tasking.



Maximum resolution,

LAT       LONG      . Over.



Roger that. I'll need a minute

on satellite visual. Over.



Run, run, Danny! They got guns!




- Where is he?

- He's on the roof. Right there.







Okay, satellite imagery coming through.



Roger that.

Patch visual, my location.



Confirm visual.

Thank you much.



All units:

Target heading north on rooftop.



Columbia and   th.

Request immediate visual support. Over.




Roger that. We have visual.



Everybody move. He just jumped

to the adjacent building.



- All units, he is entering rear entrance of Capt. Ike's.

- [Man] Roger.



- [Shouting]

- [Meows]



- Get out of the way!

- [Pistol Cocks]



- [People Screaming]

- [Man] Hey!



Air One, be advised, suspect

heading towards front entrance.



- Detail front of building on Columbia.

- [Man] Copy that.



I got him!

I got him!



- [Horn Blares]

- All units, target entering the barbershop.



- Hah! Bullshit! We lost him; we lost him.

- We lost him!



Units in pursuit, target seen exiting

rear of barbershop in alley. Follow.






- I'm blank. I can't see anything.

- We lost the visual.



- I'm blank. What do you got?

- Who's got him?







Dan Zavitz!



It's me, Bobby Dean. We were at

Georgetown together. You okay?



- Help me.

- Are you hurt?



What do you think of this one, sir?

Yeah, this is Becky.



- Becky, say hi.

- I'm s... Can I have second, please?



- He's right on top of Pratt. Running down Connecticut.

- Right.



- He's on your  :  . Turn around.

- Got him!



- Move, move, move. Get out of the way!

- [Woman Screams]



Hey, hey!

Come back, man! Come back!



- Hey, I got him!

- [Tires Screeching]



Target northbound...

northbound on Connecticut.




Okay, got him.



- Go, go, go, go!

- [Horns Blaring]



Switching targets. Heading southbound

towards DuPont circle.






[Siren Wailing]



[Horn Blaring]



Target down on Connecticut Avenue.

Air One confirm.



[Man] Target is down.

Target is down permanently.



- [Chattering]

- [Whistle Blowing]



- What happened?

- A guy on a bike got creamed.






Oh, Jesus.



[Turns Ignition Off]






- I'm beatin' you.

- Yeah, right.



Oh, you are.



Hey, hey!



- I'm beatin' you.

- No, I'm beatin' you.



- Hello.

- Hi, Mr. Dean.



Am I in the wrong house?



I'm looking for and eight-year-old boy,

about yea high.



Kinda good-looking.

Allegedly my son.



- [Both] No.

- Hmm. Maybe he's behind the TV.



- Eric?

- [Boys Protesting]



- Eric? - [Protesting

Continues] - What? What?



- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Are those my Christmas presents?



- Yep, some of them.

- Can I open them?



- Yeah, sure, here you go.

- Seriously?



- In your dreams, buddy. Beat it.

- Dad!



- Are you staying for dinner tonight, Dylan?

- If it's okay with you.



- Got any money?

- He's kidding.



- I'm going to sleep over at Dylan's, okay?

- Did you ask your mother?



I was going to,

but she's too busy yelling at the TV.



Oh, well there goes the Fourth

Amendment... what's left of it.



- Hey, Maria.

- Hello, Mr. Bobby.



- [TV Blaring]

- [Smooches]



- [Growls, Barks] - Hey, you're about

a bark-and- a- half from being homeless.



Baby, listen to

this fascist gas bag.



- Uh-oh. ... and freedom

have always existed in a... -



in a very precarious balance,

and when buildings start blowing up,



- people's priorities change.

- He's got a point there, sweetie.



- Bobby!

- I mean, who is this idiot?



He is talking about ending

personal privacy.



- You want your phone tapped?

- I'm not plannin' on blowing up the country.



Well, how do we know until we've heard

all your dirty little secrets?



- You're just gonna have to trust me.

- Hmm.



Oh, I know.

We'll just tap the criminals.



We won't suspend the civil rights

of the good people.



- Right.

- Then who decides which is which?



- I think you should.

- Bobby, I think you should take this more seriously.



Honey, I think you're taking it

seriously enough for both of us,



and half the people

on the block.



Tens of millions of foreign nationals

living within our borders,



and many of these people consider

the United States their enemy.



- They see acts of terrorism...

- Do you remember Daniel Zavitz?



- We were at Georgetown together?

- Vaguely.



- I saw him today.

- How's he doing?



- He's dead.

- What?



- He got hit by a fire engine pretty much in front of my eyes.

- My God!



I ran into him in a store,

and he was upset about something.



- About what?

- I don't know.



Before we had a chance to talk about it,

he ran out of the store,



and next time I saw him,

he was dead.




Come here.



Ohh, I love you

so much!



I love you, too,




That's not even to mention the gangster

that threatened to kill me today.



- Hah! Very funny!

- Oh, you think?



- Hilarious.

- Mmm. What'd you get me?



A bowling ball.



No more of that MSNBC terrorist talk.

You're scaring the kids.



We'll be back with your phone calls for

Congressman Sam Albert right after this.



- Tell me.

- Zavitz is dead. So is Lenny, the guy from the paper.



- What about the tape?

- We found the original in Zavitz's apartment.



- The original?

- There was a copy.



- There was a copy?

- I think so, sir.



- Any more good news?

- They never made it to the paper, but there was a private contact.



- Who was that?

- Several indiscriminants and one primary.



- Who?

- Robert Dean, a D.C. Labor lawyer.



Lives in Georgetown with his wife,

Carla Dean. She's also an attorney.



She's with the A.C.L.U.,

as it happens.



I suppose he could've given it

directly to Bob Woodward.



Maybe we dodged a bullet.

Find out what Dean knows.



Make contact.



- Yes, sir.

- I hate doing this at Christmas.



[Hicks] Fiedler,

we need a complete FinCEN, EPIC...



and a DRD work-up

on a Robert Clayton Dean.



His social's    -  -    .

Pull up keyhole data files, okay?



Let's go!

Let's get this show on the road!



Eric, just call me in the morning

when you want me to come pick you up.



You know, if you decide

you want to stay at Dylan's...



till the end of the weekend or the end of

the century, your mom and I have discussed it.



It'll be difficult initially,

but we think we can live with it.



Dad's kidding.

He's gonna miss you, just like me.






Honey, hurry back.



- You know what that means. - Mmm-hmm.

That you're gonna be asleep when I get back.



That only happened

one time, sweetie.



[Fiedler] We're running

a comprehensive database search.



Brian did a preliminary

analysis and comparison,



and he came up with

some pretty interesting stuff.



Thanks, Brian.



Thank you.



Prioritize his phone bill.



Who's he been calling?



- Oh, man. Check this one.

- Who?



Rachel F-for-you-know-what Banks. God,

would I love to have her ruin my life.



Do a cross.



They were at Georgetown

together, sophomore year.



They have the same address,

same phone number.



They remain close. Many calls,

regardless of marriage.



- [Fiedler] Oh, here we go.

- [Hicks] What?



Dean, over the past




has four, five, seven cash

withdrawals of          



and up, and up,



and each time,



the delectable Miss Banks makes large cash

deposits of her own within a day or two.



- Blackmail?

- Well, her deposits aren't the same,



but let me figure this out.



- [Beeping]

- Oh, yes, they're exactly...



exactly   % of the amount

Dean withdrew.



Brian, can we get some more?




I mean, you know, we got the blimp cam,

we got the police officer cam,



we've got two A.T.M. Cameras,

but this is the one showing promise.



This is the security camera

at the underwear store. Freeze there.



- [Computer Beeps]

- Rotate us    degrees around the vertical, please.



Freeze there.

Times ten.



- [Tapping At Keyboard]

- [Beeping]



Focus on the drop.



Enhance, then forward




All right. Now, just before the view's

blocked, there's a shape change in Dean's bag.



See the shadow variance?




The shadow's wrong. Zavitz changed

the configuration of Dean's packages.



- Is it a tape?

- It's hard to say for sure. These things are...



- Can the computer take us around to the other side?

- It can hypothesize. Chris?



- Yeah?

- Can you rotate us...



   degrees around

the vertical, please?






- What do you think it is?

- It looks a lot bigger than a tape.



Zavitz had digital compression

equipment in his apartment.



He could've downloaded it

to anything.



Or maybe the bag twisted

in Dean's hand.



Or something moved in front of the light

and altered the shadow. Maybe it's nothing.



Maybe it's everything.

Let's get it and find out.



- Beat it. I got work to do.

- [Barking]



Go. Porsche!






- [Doorbell Chimes]

- Go away!



- [Porsche Barking]

- Damn it, Porsche!



- Hello, Mr. Dean?

- Uh, yes. Can I help you?



This is Detective Benning.

I'm Pratt. We're with D.C. Metro.



- Shh.

- Uh, sorry to bother you at home, sir.



We were hoping to ask you

a few questions about Daniel Zavitz.



- Wh... I'm s... Can I see your badges, please?

- Certainly, sir.







All right. Come on.

Back up, Porsche.



- All right. Nice and smooth. Come on.

- Okay.



I didn't really see the accident.

I don't know whose fault it was.



- We're not here to talk about the accident, Mr. Dean.

- I'm sorry, I thought you said...



[Pratt] We should apologize

for the confusion, sir.



It's just that we're handling

a different aspect of the inquiry.



It turns out Mr. Zavitz was

involved in an extortion scheme.



- What kind of watch is that?

- It's an Omega.



- So you're not constrained by

attorney-client privilege? - [Barking]



- Shh-shh. Yeah, that's correct.

- You see, Mr. Dean,



we have reason to believe that Mr. Zavitz

may have passed sensitive materials to you.



- [Growls]

- What kind of materials?



[Pratt, Over Speaker] Well, sensitive,

so we were hoping you could tell us that.



[Dean Sighs]

No, he didn't pass me anything.



These voice stress points indicate

a really high degree of anxiety.



Anxiety about what?



That's the nature of physics. If he'd

given me something, I would've known.



- Oh, he's lying!

- What about your packages, sir?



Could something have slipped in amongst

the purchases without your knowledge?



Excuse me. Daniel Zavitz

did not give me anything.



- That's a Parker pen.

- It's a Mont Blanc.



He didn't secrete it

into any of my bodily orifices.



- Whatever it is, I don't have it.

- Could we look at them?



I don't think so.

Not without a warrant.



- Oh, Christ.

- This guy's good.



- How did you happen to be at Ruby's today?

- I was shopping for lingerie.



- That's still legal, isn't it?

- You buying that for your wife?



No, I was, uh,

picking something up for myself.



I do a little cross-dressing on the

weekends. You know, you'd be surprised...



how a nice pair of edible panties

can make a guy feel sexy.



We thought it might be

for Rachel Banks.



Good night, gentlemen.



- Good night, sir.

- Good night, Mr. Dean.



[Porsche Growls, Barks]



What are they talking about, Porsche?

There's nothing here.



Honey, I'm home.



- [Door Shuts]

- Uh, yeah, just a second, sweetie.



Well, either he's getting ready to do

something with it, or he doesn't know he has it.



Or he doesn't have it.



You know what I've seen?

I've seen killers walk free...



because the eyewitness

was an alcoholic.



I've seen sex offenders that couldn't be

touched because the victim was a call girl.



Credibility... It's the only currency that

means anything on this kind of playing field.



Dean's got the tape,

and he's gonna come out with it.



And when he does,

I want his credibility.



I want people to know he's lying

before they hear what he says.



We could take his wife and kid.

He'd give it up for them.



We'd have the police and the F.B.I.

All over this in    hours.



Put taps on his    most frequently called

numbers, and let's get into his life.



The union situation has-has mob

written all over it.



And he's definitely vulnerable

on Rachel Banks.



I want to know about his wife,

I want to know about his parents,



I want to know about his gambling problems,

his urine samples, his porno rentals.



I want to use every means possible

to get what we need.



Because this little son of a bitch is not

going to be the final chapter of my life.



- [Carla] Tell me something.

- [Dean] Uh-oh.



How did you find out Pintero

was associated with union officials?



I'm just that good.



I hired an investigator.



- Hey.

- Shut up the dog!



My mom used to have

one of these. Come on.




The dog bit me!



- Who was the investigator?

- Wh-What do you mean? His name?



Come on, Bobby. You know what I'm

asking. Is it the guy who Rachel knows?



Why do... Why do we have to go

through this every time?



- Baby, I'm just asking, okay?

- Carla,



Rachel Banks is not

an issue anymore.



You are the only woman

in the world for me.



You and Janet Jackson.



- [Scoffs] - I have to be honest.

If-If Janet Jackson called me,



I w... I might have to change

my last name to Jackson.



- Yeah, right. I'd have to break that woman's legs too.

- [Dean Snickering]



[Camera Shutter Clicking]



- Lower, like kids would do it.

- You sound like a fuckin' old lady. Shut up.



Ooh, sensitive.



Jones has some issues

we need to resolve.



- Oh. Control, they are home.

- Uh-oh.



Move, guys.



Oh, nice blender.



Oh, my God.



- [Barking]

- [Carla] Oh, Porsche.






Oh, damn.

The dog is green.




Jones painted the... the dog!



This is Robert Dean,      Sutton.

I'd like to report a break-in.



I don't know. It's been vandalized.

From the looks of it, i-it's kids,



but I need

a squad car here immediately.



[Siren Wailing]



Here we go.



We'll be checking out the rest

of the house, sir, ma'am.



At least

they left me one.



How do you know

it wasn't Pintero?



I don't. It was just

kind of frivolous.



I guess I'm just hopin'

it was kids.






What have we here?



I think we have

a winner.



Phone for phone.




Take any of your clothes?



No, they threw all my shoes

and suits in the tub,



and spray painted

my damn dog.



- Black.

- Black.




How does that look?



Paging Mr. Dean.



We have you bugged,

Mr. Dean.



They thrashed my computers, my

big-screen TV... They took my blender.



- What about jewelry?

- Nope.



- What about silverware?

- Nope. Just my blender.



- Blender, huh?

- Loved that blender.



You know, I did stuff

when I was a kid.



I mean, not breaking-and-entering,

but, you know, stuff.



Yeah, we all did stuff. I just wish

they hadn't stolen my damn blender.



You seem a little attached

to this blender, Robert.



Yeah, well, some people meditate,

some people get massages.



- I blend.

- You're really weird, you know that?



Yeah, then on top of it, the only suit

they leave me is three years old.



Hasn't gotten any better

with age.



[Dean] Blow over? I'm not gonna sit

around and wait for this to blow over!



Jerry, I-I'm suing their right-wing

asses right into Chapter   !



This is flagrant! They never even called

to see what my side of the story was!



- [Knock At Door]

- They have no Sullivan protection with this!



- Mr. Dean, Rachel Banks is on line one.

- Yes.



And Silverberg and Blake would like

to see you in the conference room.



Uh, Jerry,

I got to take this call. All right.



Hey, what's up?



My firm called me this morning

telling me not to come in.



- What? Why not?

- I don't know.



Reporters are calling, asking me

about my relationship with you...



and how long

I've worked for the mob.



- The mob, Bobby.

- Jesus.



- Do you know how hard I worked to get this job?

- Yeah, I know. I know.



Mr. Dean, Silverberg and Blake are still

waiting to see you in the conference room.



- I heard you the first time. Thank you.

- You got your own problems.



- Uh, no, Rachel. It's fine.

- [Phone Hangs Up]



Oh, damn it!



I just got off the phone

with a source that I trust.



A grand jury is being convened

to look into your labor practice...



as far back as the

electrical workers' strike.



And why is that?



They claim you helped create a shell

company for Sam Villotti in Zurich.



And through your continuing relationship,

the Peitso family has been able...



to exert influence and provide

false witness to discredit our case.



- Oh, well, that's true.

- You're admitting it?



Sure. Everything except

setting up a company in Zurich.



Or even knowing anyone

named Sam Villotti.



Or having any relationship whatsoever

to the Peitso family!



This is ridiculous!



- Robert...

- Mark, I'm telling you.



This is Pintero.

He's coming back after me.



You give me one week... one week

and four guys from litigation,



and I guarantee you,

we'll have this guy begging us...



Tell us

about Rachel Banks.



Tell you what? Uh, she was my

girlfriend the second year of law school.



We keep in touch. We-We toss one another

some work every once in awhile. That's it.



We keep in touch. We-We toss one another

some work every once in awhile. That's it.



Did you have an affair

with her four years ago?



You ever beat off

in the shower, Brian?



Hmm? You ever have

any homosexual thoughts?



- Bobby, that is...

- None of my fucking business! You're damn right it's not!



I love my wife,

and I love my son...



absolutely, with no equivocations, and

that's none of your fuckin' business either.



Uh, we think that you

should take a leave of absence...



until we're able

to, uh, sort all this out.



- Are you firing me?

- I think you just fired yourself.






Where is she, Jen?



Don't go in there.

She doesn't want to talk to you.



- Why not?

- Because she's reading the paper.









How could you let me

find out like this?



I'm findin' out like this. This is

all lies. None of this stuff is true.



So you're saying

you weren't there with her?



Yes, I had lunch with her.

We have lunch once a month.



She's the contact for the investigator,

Brill. You were right about that.



Someone must have taken this picture off

the security camera outside the restaurant.



- You said she wasn't an issue.

- She's not!



I have to see her for business.

And I knew if I told you that...



Bobby, you had an affair

with this woman! An affair.



We went to a counselor

for a year!



And now you're standin' there

lyin' about even seein' her?



You make me sick!



Carla, I am smeared all over the newspapers for money

- laundering schemes, mob ties...



I lost my job.

I am asking you.



I am asking you to please just trust me

on this Rachel Banks thing right now.



How in God's name

can I trust you?



Bobby, I want you

to leave.



Carla, I'm telling you

that this is all bullshit!



I don't want

to hear anything else.



I cannot think with you in my face.

I want you to leave.



What do you need to think about?

I'm telling you it's bullshit!



Just leave, so I can think!

For me, okay? Just leave.



Just go, Bobby.







- You want a blend?

- Yeah.






- Hi.

- Hi. I'd like to have a room for the evening, please.




Thank you.



- [Computer Beeps]

- [Woman] I'm sorry, sir. This card was declined.



Declined? This is a brand-new card.

Try it again, please.



Yes, sir.



- [Computer Beeps]

- You know, maybe it's not activated yet.



Thank you.

Run this one, please.



- Thank you.

- Yes, sir.



No, it didn't

go through.



- But I'll try it again.

- No, thank you.



- My briefcase is gone.

- Excuse me, sir?



- My briefcase was right here.

- Are you sure you brought it in?



Yes, I'm sure

I brought it in!



[On Cell Phone] Hi. This is Rachel.

Leave a message after the beep.



- Hey, Rachel, it's Bobby. I need to talk to you,

- [Beeping]



And I need to talk to you




Meet me tomorrow,   :   a. m.,

Mount Vernon Square. I'll see you then.






All right, we're moving into

phase two of the training op.



Selby's gonna brief you on it,

so listen up, okay?



We're gonna be following the subjects

through the square.



We're gonna have three listening stations

and two video surveillance units...



with unidirectional mikes.



Pratt, you're three.

Jones, Fiedler, Krug,



you guys are at ground level.

You'll be following the targets.



You move when I say,

you go when I say.



All handoffs go

on my command.



Now, for the uninitiated,

if we don't have line-of-sight,



we can't hear

what they say, right?



- Right?

- Yeah. Got it.



- All right. You guys clear?

- Yeah.



Jones, Krug, what, are you guys

from communications?



- No, we're ops.

- You can tell by their haircuts.



[Chattering, Indistinct]



I would like to sit down

with Mr. Pintero in private...



so he and I can discuss

what's happening to me.



I called; they said

he was here.



Mr. Pintero would like

to help you.




But he won't.



- And why not?

- Well, first, you haven't told him...



who made the tape,

and second,



we've spent hundreds

of thousands of dollars...



on shyster lawyers

just like you...



because of shyster lawyers

just like you.



Actually, I believe the slur "shyster"

is generally reserved...



for Jewish attorneys.



I believe the proper slur

for someone like myself...



would be, uh,

"eggplant. "



Boom. This kid gets brighter

every time I see him.



[Siren Wailing]




You said   :   sharp.



I know. Uh,

Christmas traffic is horrible.



You know, it's not so smart, us being

seen together in public like this.



- Do we have anything to hide?

- Heavy background on one. Can we do better on two?



- [Rachel] Unfortunately not.

- Two is better.




The I.R.S. Contacted me this morning.



- Two, you're good. Hold position.

- They say my lifestyle...



- exceeds my income.

- Ohh. You're being audited?



For the last four years.

What's going on, Bobby?



Uh, look, don't worry about that. My

firm will represent you free of charge.



- [Seth] Eighty percent.

- You don't work there anymore, remember?



It's a temporary




- Your   's becoming a   . Move to audio three.

- On three. Much better.



- [Rachel] We're screwed.

- Wake up, one.




We are out.




I'm going to fix this.



- How?

- Tell me about Brill.



- Did he say "Bill"? - No, "Brill,"

with an "R." - I can't do that.



- Cross-reference Rachel's file.

See if "Brill" comes up. - Got it.



Rachel, don't you see that he

is the key to this whole mess?



From the second you gave me that tape,

my life has been falling apart.



You assured me

that this-this guy was legit.



- You needed information; I got it for you.

- Two, you're good.



- Three is good.

- This conversation is over.



- [Dean Stammering]

- Okay, here we go.



- [Dean Continues, Indistinct]

- Two, you gotta do better.



- Shit.

- You want your life back?



I don't have

a life.



I'm in love

with a married man.



Okay, I have 'em

on the bench.






I'm sorry, but there's nothing

I can do about that.



What makes you think

it's you?



It's not me?



I j... I just as-assumed




- You're a moron, you know that?

- Yes. I know.



Rachel, you're gonna have

to tell me about Brill.



Let's get out of here.



All right.

They're on the move.



- Comin' to three. - Stay

with 'em. - I got      ...



- [Garbled Audio]

- You're following through trees. Two, can you track them?



I have lost line-of-sight.

Repeat, I have lost line-of-sight.



- Three, you've got nothing.

- I've lost line-of-sight. I'm out.



We've lost audio; it's gone. But we still

have his tracers. We can still follow 'em.



When I need

to reach Brill,



I chalk the mailbox

outside my house.



When he crosses the mark,

I make the drop.



The location's always the same...

same time, same place.



 :   p. m. Ferry

to Gibson Island.



- [Dean] You ever see him in person?

- He's the cautious type.



He's not gonna like you

trackin' him down.



The drop is

behind seat   .



I leave something;

he picks it up later.



[Horn Blaring]



I'm sorry it took so long. I had to

make sure you weren't being followed.



- Brill.

- Brill's dead.



Died of smallpox when he was two.

Buried in a field in Kansas.



- What is that? - It's a

bug-sweeper. - [Beeping]



- Take off your left shoe.

- What does it mean when...



Take off your shoe. I don't have time to

explain. Take off your shoe right now.



Come on.



It's a beacon transmitter.

Thousand-yard range.



They're close.

Let's go.



Who is "they"?



And why are they puttin' things

in my shoes?



No, get in the back,

like you're a customer.



Everything's gone... the wife,

job, bank accounts, everything.



You said Zavitz was behind

an extortion scheme?



- No, they said it.

- You were the last one that talked to him?



- Yeah.

- What did he say?



- He said, "Help me, Bobby. "

- Help me with what?



I don't know.

We never got around to that.



- What did he give you?

- Nothing. He didn't give me anything.



[Tires Screeching,

Horn Honking]



Listen, you gotta come clean.

If you bullshit me, I can't help you.



- He didn't give me anything.

- A name? A phone number?




He didn't give me anything!



- Who the hell is that?

- Just somebody trying to get our attention.



Well, he's doing

a good job.



Two-zero-nine to anybody.

I need help.



- Who you calling? I thought you worked alone.

- Shut up a second.



[Tires Screeching]



[Horn Honking,]

Tires Screeching]



Stay exactly

where you are.



Look what you did

to my car!



- [Beeping]

- Shit!



 ["Twelve Days

Of Christmas"]



Okay, gentlemen, we have a subject

entering the structure...



on the northeast corner

of Chambers and Light.



- That's     Chambers Avenue.

- Run a check on all six tracers.




All six tracers are operative.



- Call up geo-position.

- Yeah, I got it.



- Task keyhole coordinates.

- LAT,    degrees,    minutes. LONG,    degrees,    minutes.









- Hello.

- Carla, don't hang up on me.



- Robert, do you know what I'm looking at right now?

- Carla, listen.



Photographs of you and Rachel

taken today. Is this true?



Carla... Carla, how did

you get the pictures?



By messenger, Robert!

By messenger.



- What does it matter?

- [Sighs] Look, all right, um...



Something's going on.

I don't know who it is.




I went to the store today,



and my A.T.M.

And my credit cards didn't work.



- I know. Mine either.

- I couldn't buy food.



- I gotta go.

- What do you mean you gotta go?



Carla... Carla,

I gotta... I gotta go.



Wait a minute...



Get on the fucking elevator.



- [Man Chattering]

- Oh, really?



[Elevator Dings]



Got vertical movement here.




He's in an elevator.



- We're losing our tracking. - Anybody

got a visual? - We need a better signal.



- Are you guys there yet?

- Negative.



[Elevator Dings]



What the fuck

is going on?



- [Grunts]

- Shh.



Wait. They stopped.



Hold it.



- I don't know what your problem...

- Shh.



I'm getting high-frequency clutter.

We lost tracers one, two and six.



- Their signals are dead. Something is wrong.

- [Switch Clicks]



Get up.



- Tracers three, four and five are on their way up.

- He's getting help, boys.



We had an arrangement.

No contact. You broke the rules.



Air One, we need

to establish visual on the rooftop,



northeast corner,

Chambers and Light.



Copy that. Rooftop,

northeast corner, Chambers and Light.



Do you know how many federal agents

you had following you on that ferry?



- I don't...

- Who are you working for?



- I'm not working...

- Is that about me? Am I a target here?



- Do they know me?

- Who is "they"?



- Do they know me?

- I don't know what you're talking about!



- [Elevator Dings]

- You're either very smart or incredibly stupid.



Get off. Come on.



- I got separating signals.

- Tracer three is on its way down.



Where did he go?



How did you find out about the ferry?



- Who set that up for you?

- Rachel did. Who was that other guy?



- What did he say, exactly?

- He said he was Brill.



Did he say it or did you, and he

picked up on it? Come on. Think.



- Shit, I said it.

- Goddamn it. That's why I have rules.



- Is all this about Pintero?

- You think the mob uses devices like this?



- Excuse me, sir. Where are your elevators?

- Right over there.



In your phone was a G.P.S. Sat-tracker.

Pulse is at    gigahertz.



- I don't know what that means.

- It's like a Lo Jack.



- Only two generations better than what the police have.

- What does that mean?



- You speak English?

- Obviously not that well.



You're kind of a jerk,

aren't you?



- The N.S.A. Can read the time off your fucking wristwatch.

- Enough of this bullshit.



Either shoot me or tell me

what the fuck is going on!



Jones, take the stairs. Krug,

hold the perimeter. Come on my signal.



The National Security Agency

conducts worldwide surveillance.



Fax, phones,

satellite communication.



They're the only ones in the country who

could possibly have anything like this.



- Why are they after me?

- I don't know, and I don't wanna know.



Here they come. I thought these sat

dishes would scramble their signals.



Control, this is Air One.

Repeat coordinates.



    Chambers Avenue.



You're transmitting.



They still have a signal on you.

Your collar, belt, zipper.



- Get rid of your clothes.

- Then what am I supposed to do?



Nothing. You live another day,

I'll be very impressed.



Two targets, rooftop,

north side.



Two targets, rooftop.

Maintain visual, please.



- You have something they want.

- I don't have anything!



Maybe you do and you don't know it.

Stay away from Rachel and me.



Come near either one of us, I'm gonna

kill you. Get rid of your watch.



- My wife gave me this for our anniversary.

- Then keep it.



Stay off the phone.



- Either he just committed suicide here...

- Or he learned to fly.



- Air One, stay with him.

- Target's on the move.



Satellite imagery

coming through.



One meter res layering wireframe

coming your way. Over.



Okay, gentlemen,

we're back on-line.



Wireframe download complete.



We have a tracer in the stairwell

on    traveling down.



Nineteen. Eighteen.



- Seventeen.

- Moving up!



He's out of the stairwell

on   . Go to   .



[Elevator Dings]



Oh, shit.






- [Beeping]

- Shit.




Mr. Wu.



- Target is holding on   . Zoom three Mag.

- Zooming.




Mr. Wu.



- [Beeping]

- [Door Opens]



- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.



Hi. I'm from

hotel hospitality and evaluation.



No, no. No tip. I'm fine.

Thank you. No tip.



- Hello.

- Hi.



I wanna make sure you folks have everything

you need to be completely comfortable.



- [Beeping]

- I got something here.



- [Beeping]

- We got him.



Krug, Jones, get your asses up here

to the   th floor.



That's really important

to us here.



[Pratt Knocking]

Mr. Dean?



- I'd like to talk to you.

- Aw, shit.



- My clothes.

- [Speaking Chinese]



- Shit!

- Yeah.



- [Speaking Chinese]

- [Knocking] Mr. Dean?



- Whoo! [Speaking Chinese]

- [Pratt] Mr. Dean?



Come to the door,

and we can work this out.



I got rabies or something.

I can't do it.



I can't do it.



It'a a go.






- That's our last tracer.

- Mr. Dean!



Let's not let this get out of hand.

Let's not involve the hotel guests.



Down, ma'am, sir.

Sit down. Thank you.



- Door!

- Everything's gonna be all right, folks.



Krug, balcony!



Air One, we got him.

He's dropped to the   th floor.



Air One, visual support. Check

perimeter, south side of the building.



Ten-four, Control.

We have visual.



- He jumped to   . Go to   .

- Go!



[ Jones]

Grab his clothes.



- Let's go, gentlemen. Weapons away.

- [Speaking Chinese]



- Go!

- [Grunts]






Dean, open this door,

goddamn it!



[Men Shouting]



Dean, come on now!

We just wanna talk! Open the door!



[Fire Alarm Ringing]



- [Ringing Continues]

- Open that door.






D.C. Metro.

Our partner's trapped inside.



We gotta evacuate

this building.



[Sirens Blaring,

Horns Honking]



Control, we have

approaching emergency vehicles.



The show's going public,

and they're coming in the front door.



- Stand down. Maintain visual perimeter.

- We're outta here.



[Firemen Shouting]



Chavez on the   th floor. We got

one man trapped and possibly down.



There's a guy

trapped in there.



You're going

to be okay, guy.



[Siren Blaring]



- Okay, we are traveling. Known destination?

- St. Elizabeth's.



- We need sat backup now.

- It's already done.



Take it easy, guy.

You're going to be all right.



Calm down. It's okay.



- Easy, fella.

- I gotta go. Stop the ambulance.



- Tell him to stop it now! - Pull

over, George. - Take it easy, fella.



- [Horn Honking] - He's

getting out! - Son of a bitch!



He's escaped the ambulance and he's

on foot. But our guys are in pursuit.



- Task keyhole that coordinate.

- LAT,    degrees,    minutes.



LONG,    degrees,




- Move, guys.

- Go, go, go! Damn it! Go around!



- You're on. Go.

- Tunnel Control, This is D.C. Metro.



In pursuit armed felon in tunnel.

Requesting video help.



Metro, this is Tunnel Control. We got a   

on your suspect heading south in tunnel six.



Copy that.



We got him. He's right

in front of us. Tunnel six.



He's heading south down tunnel six.

He's got nowhere to go.



He's crossed over.

He's on the wrong side.



Stop! Stop!



We lost him. We lost him.

Son of a bitch! Pull over.



- He's currently entering vertical stairwell five.

- Where does that lead?



Five leads to main access

to sub-ventilation tunnel.



- Closest vehicular access?

- Adjacent utility entrance, south side.



He's in the ventilation tunnel. Proceed to the

adjacent utility entrance on the south side.



- There is no visual coverage.

- He's in a ventilation tunnel.



To the service entrance at

the south end! Come on! Let's go!



Come on! Go!






[Cars Approaching]






[Horn Honking]



[Singing Reggae]




I wouldn't do this.



Do you guys have him?

Talk to me, people.



[Horns Honking]



[Horns Honking,

Tires Screeching]



- Shit!

- Shit!



I don't understand

why this is so difficult.



He shed the sensors.

He's clever. And he's had help.



- Maybe it's the real Brill.

- There's    Brills in the Baltimore/D.C. Area.



None of them check out.

We're running it through EPIC now.



- Do you think we're being set up?

- Somebody in the agency?



I don't know.



It just tastes

a little off, doesn't it?



- I know what you mean.

- Let's raise the stakes.



Make things a bit more serious for Mr.

Dean. We'll both think about how, okay?



Okay. Good.



- Anything wrong?

- No.



You should have made deputy director

two years ago, maybe three.



But it'll happen now. Once this bill

passes, that'll be it for you.



Thanks, Marie.






Porsche, what are you

barking at, boy?












- It's me.

- I know it's you. You scared the shit out of me.



The house is bugged. Everything

you say, they can hear and maybe see.



Listen to me.

Listen, listen.



I never... I swear to God.

I never... This is the truth.



I never, ever since the problem,

touched Rachel like that.



I never even looked at her

like that, honey. I love you.



I love you, and that is it.

That is it. Only you.



What about Eric?



And Eric.



And I love your family.

Except for your dad.



I need you. I need you real bad.

I need you, okay?






I told you, Bobby.



I told you they had

this type of capability.



And that goddamn privacy bill is just

another way for them to expand the power.



- Shh.

- Don't you "shh" me.



You were right. I was wrong. But this is

not the time for the "I told you so" speech.



That day when Daniel Zavitz got hit

by the fire truck, he was running.



The people that were chasing him,

that's the people that are chasing me.



- Bobby, are you serious?

- Go to Philadelphia, stay with your family.



- Just give me time to work this out.

- I don't think so.



They're not chasing me

out of my house.



- I picked those drapes.

- Shh, shh, shh. Nobody cares about the drapes.



Just one time can I make

some decisions around here?



Just go to Philadelphia.

I need you to do that for me, okay?



- Okay.

- I miss you.



Oh, God.



- You can't wear that. That's a Christmas present.

- I know. I'm sorry.



But, baby, I missed you.

I was lonely.



How you just gonna go

through my stuff like that?



Until I actually give it to you,

that's still mine.



Yeah, but it looks better on me,

don't you think?



Baby, you're

as bad as Eric.



I missed you so much.



- What?

- That was the night.



That was the night that

I came home with the presents.



- Where is Eric?

- He's at Dylan's house.



He's probably on the way to school.

What's going on?




What are you doing with that?



- Shh, baby. Shh, shh.

- What do you want me to do with this?



Get me some money. I need some clothes.

Tell Maria we need her car.



Chances are they wouldn't have

bugged it. Oh, shit. Eric.



The nanny is leaving.



- Please advise.

- Stay put.



We have satellite tracking

and Bingham at the school.



Aw, man, let me follow

the nanny.



She doesn't shave

her legs. Jesus!



Women like that

are so hot.



- [Dean] Is there anybody following us?

- No. No, Mr. Bobby.



Drive a little faster. I wanna catch 'em

before they get to school.



[Children Shouting]



- There they are.

- Pull up and tell them to get into the car.






Eric, Dylan,

get in the car, please.



- No, we're okay.

- Get in the car right now.



- But school's right down the block.

- You heard me. Now, get.



- What's up, fellas?

- Dad?



No. Turn around.

Sit down. Face forward.



- But, Dad...

- What did I say, Eric?



We're gonna play a game.

Pick a spot and look right at it.



You can't let anyone know

I'm back here, okay?



How you been, E.?

I missed you, man.



I missed you, too, Dad.

Where did you go?



Oh, they've been keeping me

really busy on this case.



They're trying

to work me to death.



- Are you and Mom getting a divorce?

- Face forward.



What are you talking about?

No, we're not getting a divorce.



We had a little fight.

Sometimes married couples have fights.



- That's nothing for you to worry about.

- Who won the fight?



This is your dad, Eric.

When I put my foot down, that's it.



- My mom won.

- I have a question I need to ask you.



It is absolutely imperative

that you tell me the truth.



Now, no matter what you say,

you are not going to get in trouble.



- All right? You ready?

- Yeah.



You remember that night I came home

with those Christmas presents...



I just looked in the bag, Dad. I wouldn't

have taken it, except it was already open.



All right, so we're clear. But I need

it. I promise I'll get you another one.



- Dad. It's broken.

- What's the matter?



It's not Eric's fault, Mr. Dean.

It was always broken.



The screen just scrambles

when you turn it on.



- But I need it. Do you have it here?

- Yeah, we have it.



Eric, just pass it

around the side to me.



[Dean] Yes. Hello. Hi.

My name is Leon Newman.



I'm sorry.

What's your name, ma'am?



Sergeant Miller. Yes,

we live at     Beaumont Terrace.



Actually, my mother lives there.

I'm calling for her.



There's been a van

sitting outside all day.



I'm not trying

to get anyone in trouble,



but I think they might be doing drugs

or something in there.



I was hoping you

could send a car by.



- [Beeping] - Thirty-one

Allison, all available units.



Check out a white van at     Beaumont

for a possible      narcotics violation.



Oh, eat me. That's us.









Oh, shit.



- [Door Handle Squeaking]

- Open the door. Open the door!



I thought I told you

to stay the fuck away from me.



Please, not now. Just drive.



- All right, what happened?

- Rachel's dead.



I told you not

to contact her. I told you.



Get out of the car.



- I think I found what they're looking for. My son had it.

- Get out of the fucking car.



Give me the toy.



You know

why they killed her?



Trying to make it

look like it was me.



They had my stuff planted

all over her house.



First, if you're a murder suspect,

you're gonna be easier to find,



and second, to discredit you,

in case you ever go public against them.



The N.S.A. Set you up.

It had nothing to do with Rachel.



Absolutely nothing.



- What have we got?

- We got nothing.



Pull up everything

we have on tape so far.



The square,

the house surveillance.



Van, give me the sat imagery

of the hotel roof.



Okay, here. These are the parametrics for

the space vehicle during data acquisition.



Can we take a look at this guy

who's helping him?



Can you get

a feature extraction?




He never looks up.



- He's smart.

- Why does he have to look up?



The satellite's about     miles above

the earth. It can only look straight down.



- That's kind of limited.

- Maybe you can design a new one.



Maybe I will, idiot.



Stay put.

I need some food. I need to eat.



 Rockin' around

the Christmas tree 



 Let the Christmas

spirit ring 



 Later we'll have

some pumpkin pie 



 And we'll do

some caroling 



 You will get

a sentiment... 






- Hello.

- Yeah, it's me.



- Oh, it's you, asshole. What are you calling me for?

- Shut up and listen.



Go to the house. Go.

Do not call Carla.



Rachel Banks is dead. The papers

will make it sound like I killed her.



Tell her

that I didn't do it.



Make sure she goes. Get her

out of there. Tell 'em I love 'em.



The call is coming from     McClean,

Baltimore, between Hood and St. Anne's.



Copy that. Yes!



What's up, man?



We're gonna have to look at your

surveillance tapes for the last    minutes.



- Hey, Larry!

- The surveillance footage is coming in now from Pratt.



Freeze it and process it

for face recognition.



Pratt, do we see

which way the car went?



No, sir. This kid here at the register

thinks that it might have went south.




the shot's too tight.



I got make, model and color,

but the plates are phony.



- Order satellite coverage on this sector.

- It's already done.



- You planning a quick getaway?

- Yeah, ever since I met you.



[Cat Purrs]



I hate to see the chicken

that lives in this coop.



This is where I work.

This has been my office for    years.



It's completely secure. Copper wire

mesh keeps the radio signals out.



[Fiedler] This is the satellite

imagery of the convenience store.



- They're in El Camino.

- [ John] Eighty-six.



[ John's Voice,




- There it is.

- John, give us LAT       minutes, LONG       minutes.



- [ John] That's affirmative.

- [Reynolds] There they are.



Coming in from top left.



[ John's Voice,





Let's get them.




I call it the jar.



No phone or utility lines

coming in.




Unplugged from the world.



Nothing for a wire bug

to piggyback in on.



That leaves transmitters. It's easy

enough to signal-sweep for those.



Signal-sweeping for transmitters.

You're just a party animal.



The government's

been in bed...



with the entire telecommunications

industry since the '  s.



They've infected everything.



They can get into your bank statements,

your computer files, e-mail,




to your phone calls.



- My wife's been saying that for years.

- Every wire, every airwave.



The more technology you use, the easier

it is for them to keep tabs on you.



It's a brave new world out there.

At least it better be.



There it goes.

It's some kind of simple encryption.



Oh, conspiracy theorists

of the world, unite.



It's more than a theory with me.

I'm a former conspirer.



I used to work for the N.S.A.

I was a communication analyst.



Listen to international calls,

calls from foreign nationalists.



That G.P.S. Tracking device we found

in your cellular telephone?



I designed one of the first models

in that series.



Fort Meade has    acres

of mainframe computers underground.



You're talking on the phone and you use

the word, "bomb," "president," "Allah,"



any of a hundred key words,

the computer recognizes it,



automatically records it, red flags it

for analysis; that was    years ago.



You know the Hubble Telescope

that looks up to the stars?



They've got over a hundred spy satellites

looking down at us. That's classified.



In the old days, we actually had

to tap a wire into your phone line.



Now calls bouncin' around on satellite,

they snatch right out of the air.



What's this?



- [Dean] That's Phil Hamersly.

- Jesus Christ.






Who's this guy? I'm gonna check

the executive N.S.A. Files.



Let's run

the photo I.D. On him.



Reynolds, Thomas Brian.

Born  -  -  .



Attended Episcopal School, D.C.

B.A., Harvard, PhD, Princeton.



On loan from the State Department

since '  .



This guy's not a professional.

He's a politician.






Aw, shit! Take that.



- When was the last time you contacted somebody?

- When we stopped for food.



- Didn't I tell you not to use the telephone?

- I called from a pay phone.



- What did I tell you?

- You told me no calls.



I told you no calls.



- Get the cat. Get the cat.

- Hey, man...



- What's the cat's name?

- Babe.



Come here, baby. Come here, baby.

Baby, come, come. Come here!



- [Snarling]

- Shit!



Goddamn it.



All right, baby,

what do we got?



What the...









- Subjects exiting.

- Williams, get the hell out of there.



This bitch is gonna blow!

Go, go, go!






Come on! Go!



Move! Move! Move!







Move! Move!



- What is happening?

- I blew up the building.



- Why?

- Because you made a phone call!



[Train Horn Blows]



- Tell him to pull over!

- Pull the vehicle over now!



Pull over now!



Pump action!



Gosh damn!



Fuel line

must be broken.



- Get it out! Goddamn!

- Stop the car!






[Yelling Continues]



- Where's the disk?

- Shit!



No! Shit! Look,

is there any way to save it?



- Ah, that's ruined.

- What do we do?



- I'm leaving.

- Subjects heading west across the coal fields.



- I'm leaving.

- Subjects heading west across the coal fields.



- You're leaving?

- The disk is gone.



We've got nothing.

It's over.



We have control.

Put down your weapons.



You think I wanted that idiot

to put that goddamn disk...



Who gives a fuck

what you wanted?



Since you've shown up, Rachel's dead

and the N.S.A.'s onto me.



Onto you? What do you mean

onto you? Onto you about what?



You're not the target.

I am.



We got him.

He's right in front of us.



Come on, come on.



We got him.

He's got nowhere to go.



Air One to ground, they're

somewhere between the trains.



Get the fuck

away from me.



Damn it!



We're coming back around.



- You're blowing my whole life.

- What life? You live in a fucking jar...



so the world

can't touch you.



And you didn't give

a shit about Rachel!



Just some package

under seat number   .



- Come on! - Do you have

a problem? - Go on! Do it!



I'm all you've got!

And you're all I've got.



Heading west

towards the freeway.



[Horn Honks]



- Get out of the fucking car!

- All right.



- Come on. Get out.

- All right.



- Don't do this to me.

- Tell your story walking.



Hey, wait a minute.

Don't... Oh, for God sakes.



- Thanks for your help back at the train.

- Wait a minute.



Oh, for Jesus...



Air One to ground, I think we lost them.

They're somewhere beneath the overpass.






Well, you certainly carjacked

a really nice car.



This is a piece of shit.

What are you talking about?



[Sighs] I need sugar, you know.

I'm getting cranky.






I'm hypoglycemic. My body

can't metabolize the sugar, so...



So you're a pain in the ass

when you don't eat.






Yeah. Right.



- We should eat then.

- Let's do that.




His real name is Edward Lyle.



Graduated from Drexel University.

Enlisted in the army,     .



Rapid promotion, excelled

at intelligence and communications.



- Join N.S.A. In '  .

- Of course.



He was in the agency till      when

he vanished and went underground.



- Hasn't been seen since.

- That's a long time.



Lots of black bags,

lots of deleteds.



He's familiar

with explosives, obviously.



His last assignment, he went into Iran,

late '   after the Shah.



- This is our problem.

- This man.



So, we were helping

the secret police supply weapons...



to the Afghani rebels

fighting the Soviets.



My partner and I were on the eastern border

monitoring Soviet military transmissions.



It was kind of fun actually.

I liked the Iranians.



Back in Tehran, the hard-liners

seized the embassy,



and overnight,

the whole country changed.



People we'd been working with,

they turned on us. I got out.



My partner didn't.



By the time I got home,



the whole mission had become

a press disaster waiting to happen.



Aiding and abetting

the new enemy.



The agency conveniently

forgot I existed.



I don't blame them.

It's what they had to do.



I loved the agency.



I loved the work.

I loved the people.



It was my whole life.



Your partner

was Rachel's father.



Yeah. The idea was...



The idea always was that if one of us got

out, he'd take care of the other's family.



Rachel was all he had.



So she became

my promise to him.



- [Woman] Here you go, hon.

- Thank you.



Maybe we can still keep

that promise in a way.



You're a threat now,

just like I was.



Threat to whom? To them?



To your family, friends,

everyone you know, everyone you meet.



That's why I went away and didn't

come back. You gotta go away, Robert.



No, I don't think so.

This is my life.



I worked hard for it,

and I want it back.



I grew up without a father.

I know what that is.



And I will not allow

my family to go through that.







I don't wanna go home.



Wanna take

a poke at me?



- Come on.

- I don't hit senior citizens.



- Oh, come here, Babe.

- [Purrs]



Come up here. Come on.



In guerilla warfare, you try

to use your weaknesses as strengths.



- Such as?

- Well,



if they're big and you're small,

then you're mobile and they're slow.



You're hidden

and they're exposed.



Only fight battles you know you can win.

That's the way the Vietcong did it.



You capture their weapons and you

use them against them the next time.



That way they're supplying you.

You grow stronger as they grow weaker.



- Hey, try these.

- Can I have something else, please?



- Yeah. Here.

- Never mind.



- That's my best aloha shirt.

- Well, say "aloha" to it.



- Steve, how you doing? Need some gear.

- Howdy. Help yourself.



- Hi, Bill. - Say hi to

Bill. - How you doing, Bill?



Steve, where's the two gigahertz

video transmitters?



Right behind you,

second shelf.



Steve? I thought you said

his name was Bill.



No. You're Bill.



- If I'm Bill, let me know I'm Bill.

- I just did.



The president has not

committed himself,



but he does recognize that we

do need something in this area.



And I think he will come to see

that this bill will, in the end,



provide the kind

of security that this...



- What security?

- The kind of security he's gonna need.




Ah, here we go.



Modified cell phone

interfaced with laptop computer.



- Creates an enormously powerful tool.

- What is that?



This is Congressman Albert's

home address and his cellular E.S.N.



Now, we reprogram

our phone...



with Congressman Albert's E.S.N.,

and you know what we got?



[Albert] Hi, sweetie.

We just landed. So, how are the kids?



- [Woman] Melissa has a fever.

- She okay?



She's fine. When will you have

some time to talk?



About       minutes.

I'll be in suite    Lincoln Hotel.



You're a dangerous man.




Oh, shit.



Aw, shit.



[Click, Beep]



- Say something.

- Excuse me?



- Louder.

- What are you talking about?



That's good.



- Won't they look in there?

- That's the idea.



Great plan.



I've been a law-abiding

citizen my whole life.



One day with you, I'm shooting and...

breaking... I have to go to the bathroom.



- [Man] Rest well.

- [Albert] Thanks. Bye.



Good work, guys.









- We got him.

- [Woman Sighs]



Yeah, go for it,

Mr. Congressman.



- You're too young to watch this part here.

- Yeah, so is she.






[TV On]



Yeah, could you send somebody

up to my room, please?



Yes, this is Christa,

the congressman's aide.



- [Men Chattering]

- How the hell am I supposed to know what it is?



I'm just a congressman,

for Christ's sake.



Security expert tells me...



it's like a PX-   burst transmitter,

whatever the hell that is.



Except it's

much more sophisticated.



Of course I'm going to send it down.

That's not the...



Because I want to know

who in the hell put it there, Jim.



[Knocking At Door]



- Hi there.

- Hola. Si?



La electricidad? Oh, si.



- [Baby Crying]

- [Man On TV] The category, Barbara.



This is very irritating.

Get one channel and stay with it.



[Channel Changes]



- Stop jumping...

- We're on TV!



- Stop jumping around.

- We're on TV!



Okay, these are the ones

they wanted us to find.



They're all ours.

We made 'em.



Thomas, could

I see you a second?



Look, there's $       here.

I have no idea where it came from.



- What are you talking about? An extra    ?

- Yeah.



Look, it's right here.



Two separate $      deposits

on the same day.



Yes, I see the deposits,

thank you.



- I have no idea where they came from.

- Tom.



I'm sorry.

That was Shaffer.



He wants to see

all department heads at     .



You're going in

on Sunday.



- That's just great.

- Emily.



This is

your separate account.



- I have no idea...

- By the way, who is Christa?



"Eternally yours"?



[Shaffer] I want

the entire history of this device,



from birth to abortion,

on my desk in two hours.



From birth to abortion,

on my desk in two hours.



I want the name

of the tech who made it.



I want to know

who authorized its use,



who checked it out

from inventory,



and for what purpose.



Most important,

how on God's green earth...



it got into Congressman

Albert's hotel room.



Listen, people, everyone here

knows where this is going.



Now, if this

was a legit op...



If this was a legit op,



and I can't possibly see

how it could be, then so be it.



But if this was somebody's

unilateral wet dream,



then that somebody

is going to prison.



It's him.



- Yes?

- [Lyle] Thomas Reynolds?



Who is this?



I have that environmental study

you've been looking for.



Can we discuss this

in person?



Be at the corner

of Iowa and Third at  :  .



- I'll be there at  :  .

- [Phone Hangs Up, Dial Tone]



We have to get a confession out of

this guy, on tape and fast, okay?



Oh, you shouldn't have. This thing

must've cost       bucks easy.



Now, they expect me

to be wired, all right?



So what they'll do

is they'll sweep me.



But once they're done,

I'm gonna give you the signal,



- and you turn the mike on.

- What's the signal?



Putting gum in my mouth.



So after the signal,

you turn the mike on. Turn it on now.



- Let's try it. - [High-Pitched

Squeal] - Okay, off.



- [Clicks Off]

- Good.



To be safe, they'll try to scan

all the frequencies...



to try to track you down.



If these guys are good, and they're

probably very good, in a location like this,



they'll have you

in five, six minutes.



So in four minutes time, after you turn

that tape on, regardless of what's happening,



you get out that door.

You got that?



- No.

- [Sighs]



[Siren Wails]



Record. On-off.



All right,

let the games begin.



Hey there.



Edward Lyle. Policeman.



- Very clever.

- Why don't you call your friends over.






Step towards the fence for me.

This won't take a second.



[Electronic Humming]



He's clear, sir.




So, do you have the tape?



- Yes, I have.

- Here?



- No.

- Then what is there to talk about?



- Money.

- Money?



I was wondering why I hadn't seen it

on CNN. Have you looked at the tape?



- What's on it?

- Your ugly-ass face is on it.



It shows the death

of Congressman Hamersly.



The needle

behind the ear.



- Three faces, readily identifiable.

- How much you want for it?



-  .  million dollars.

- What?



And my file cleared.

I want my life back.



My      salary with cost of living

increases for the past    years.



- Plus interest.

- Oh, shit.



Plus the retirement package for

executive level, E-  . Comes to  .  .



- I rounded it down.

- And for this, I get the tape and Mr. Dean.



- Actually, it's Dean that has the tape.

- Aw, shit.



- What does he want?

- He wants to know why you killed the girl.



- What girl you talking about?

- I tried to explain it to him, but I couldn't figure it out.



You're getting self-righteous on me?

Because I've seen your file.



- Not exactly a beacon of light.

- Yeah, I agree.



It's just that...

You kill Hamersly, okay.



I wouldn't have,

but I understand the argument.



But why the girl?



Just to get to some schmuck

that barely knows you're after him?



- Schmuck?

- We never dealt with domestic. With us, it was always war.



You won the war. Now we're fighting

the peace. It's a lot more volatile.



- Does he take this long doing everything?

- [Purrs]



Now we've got ten million crackpots out

there with sniper scopes, sarin gas and C- .



Ten-year-olds go on the Net, downloading

encryption we can barely break,



not to mention instructions on how

to make a low-yield nuclear device.



Privacy's been dead for    years

because we can't risk it.



The only privacy that's left is the

inside of your head. Maybe that's enough.



- Get him to say something.

- We've located subject. Keep him talking.



You think we're the enemy of democracy,

you and I? We're democracy's last hope.



There's always

going to be power.



You shouldn't be there, Robert.

But if you are, get out.



Get out

and follow procedure.



Get out now, Robert.

Get out!



[Horn Honks]



- You gonna shoot a policeman? You wouldn't get a block.

- Get in.



[Phone Ringing]



- Yeah?

- [Woman] Tom?



- Emily, what is it?

- Tom, our Visa card's been canceled...



- Did you try the American Express?

- Yeah, I tried that too.



- I can't deal with this now. I'll call you back.

- Listen, I... No, Tom...



Credit cards not working? That can be

a real pain in the ass, can't it?



Come in.



- Asshole.

- Great plan.



- Tell him to give me the tape.

- [Laughing]



- What guarantees do we have if...

- None.







Does everybody here know that you

killed Phil Hamersly and Rachel Banks?



This guy is going down, and he's

going to take all of you with him.



Trust me on this. Aah! Goddamn!

Oh, you son of a bitch!



Rachel Banks is not the issue.

Hamersly is.



He was killed for a purpose.

Where's the tape?




Oh, shit.



Where's the tape?



- Tom! - [Cocking Gun]

- [Dean] All right.



- I'll give it to you.

- Thank you.



What are you doing, you moron?

That's our only leverage!



- For Christ's sake.

- I'm the moron? Me? No, you're the moron!



- Where is it? - Washington and

Fourth. - Washington and Fourth.



[Horn Honking]



- That's my blender.

- So?



Fourth and Washington.



- Where is it?

- The restaurant.



      Fourth Street.

Stand by to enter.



Wait a second.



- See if you can get the plate

on that van. - T-S- - - - - .



- You go in with Pratt and bring it out.

- I don't think so.



- Oh, you don't think so?

- If I go in there and I bring that tape out, I'm a dead man.



We go together,

you and me.



You view the tape,

you sign off on it.



They let Brill go, you take the tape

home, everyone has a Merry Christmas.



What assurances do I have

that you haven't copied that tape?



You think

I want copies?



That tape has been

the bane of my existence.



I wish the one that we have

was at the bottom of the Chesapeake.



I wanna go home.



- Give me a piece.

- Yes, sir.



All right, you and me.



And Pratt and Bingham.



Fiedler, get one of those

little cameras on Bingham.



Guess what. It's

a government vehicle. Shit!



I'm going in cold.

If I need you, Hicks will call it.



You guys got some food

or something in here?



Oh, behind you.



You're either incredibly smart

or incredibly stupid.



We'll see in a minute.

Watch out for the F.B.I.



- I'll be back to get my blender.

- I'll have it gift wrapped.



It's your show.



- Isn't that the guy that was here last time?

- You're right.



No, no. Thank you.



- You guys like the food?

- Yeah. - It's good food.



- It's good food, huh? I made it.

- Yeah, yeah, sure you made it.



- [Pintero] Come on. Eat your food.

- I am.



- Boss, black guy's back with a couple creeps.

- Yeah, show him in.




Hey, how you doing?



What's this, the F.B.I.?



No, sir, Mr. Pintero. This is

the gentleman you wanted to meet.



- Oh, that's him?

- Yep, that's him.



- So you made the tape?

- What?



Did you make the videotape?



Look, he wants it back.



Really? I don't give

a shit what he wants.



Could we have

some privacy, please?



Yeah, maybe we should.



- Get the kids out of here.

- Come on, boys.



Get 'em out of here.

Go on.



Come on! Uncle Paulie

will take you to the zoo later.






- Ooh, ooh, Hicks.

- What the hell's the matter with him?



- [Retching]

- No, not on the equipment. We gotta get him... Okay.






Check this out. Come here.



Tony, they just pulled

a guy out of the van.



He's puking and bleeding

all over himself.



- Shit. It's a city cop.

- [Door Opens]



Hey, Babe.



Oh, yeah. Okay.



- He's your friend. Persuade him to give us the tape.

- Hey, look.



Number one:

He's not my friend.



- And number two: It's not his tape.

- Whose is it?



It's mine, okay?

It's mine. I bought it.



You sold it to him?



Now, you listen to me.



Who are you? What the fuck

you trying to do to me?



- Oh, this looks bad.

- I'm with the federal government.



The federal government

made a videotape?



- You guys oughta get in there.

- Wait a minute. Listen.



Now, we can go get a warrant and come back

with the F.B.I., take anything we want,



arrest anybody that we want...

just give the man the videotape.



Only one gonna

get arrested here is you...



for felonious cocksucking with

an attempt to swallow the evidence.



And you, get the fuck

out of here.



Go get your warrant.

Until then, get out of my joint.



You gotta get in there! They're gonna

be dead bodies all over the place!



- Shut up!

- Get in there!



- Okay, let's go.

- This is it. This is it.



Krug, take the rear. Jones,

you're in the side entrance.



What are we waiting for?

Come on; let's go!



Tony says we wait

until they show up.



- Put the guns away.

- You put your guns away.



Put it away.

Put it away.



[Door Opens]



Put it away.

Put it away.



All right,

I'm putting it away.



- Now, what will it take for us to get that videotape?

- The end of the world.



Let's go.

We're leaving.



- Put the guns down now.

- Drop your weapons! - No!



[Sirens Blaring]



Go! Go! Go!



- Get your hands up.

- You get your hands up! Drop the gun!



- On your knees.

- Easy with this guy. He's not one of them.



Easy, easy. Get up.

Come on.



- Let's get this place cleaned up.

- Not too stupid after all.



Let's go.

Let's move it. Come on.



Right there.

Somebody get the paramedics.



We need some paramedics in here.

We have    bodies in here.



[People Shouting]



[Shouting Continues]



[Sirens Blaring]



All right, listen up. Get some I.D. S on

these guys. Get these guns out of here.



[Lyle, On Tape] This guy is going down.

He's going to take all of you with him.



- [Gunshot] - [Lyle] Goddamn!

- Rachel Banks is not the issue.



Hamersly is the issue. He was killed

for a purpose. Now, where's the tape?



Why did you record it?



Okay, uh, first of all,

we were there for technical support.



- And, uh, we had no idea...

- Do they know that Reynolds is dead?



- Yeah. - They know

all that? - Right.



But they're

still stalling.



- A tape.

- A tape of it.



- What did you think was going on?

- I thought it was an S.T.O.



- S.T.O.?

- Standard Training Op.



Congressman! Does this mean

the privacy bill is dead, Congressman?



In its current form, yes, but the issue

is still very much alive, I can assure you,



unless, of course, no one worries

about national security anymore.



We knew that we had

to monitor our enemies.



We've also come

to realize...



that we need to monitor

the people who are monitoring them.



Well, who's going to monitor

the monitors of the monitors?



I wouldn't mind doing

a little, uh, monitoring myself.



Yeah, and you got lots

and lots of monitoring to do.



Are you guys talking

about sex?



- Boy!

- Oh, no. It's time for dinner.



Get in there and eat your dinner.

No more hanging with Dylan.



- [Channels Changing]

- [TV Blaring]







you are one sick man.



Yeah, me too.



Ooh, you're gonna need

to get a tan on those things.



Congressman Albert,

how do we draw the line...



between protection

of national security,



obviously the government's need

to obtain intelligence data,



and the protection of civil liberties,

particularly the sanctity of my home?



You've got no right

to come into my home.




Special help by SergeiK