Even Stevens Movie Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Even Stevens script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Shia LeBeouf.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Even Stevens. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Even Stevens Movie Script







  As we look back on junior high



  Our fondest thoughts will be with thy



  Oh, mighty Lawrence



  Hail our alma mater



  Inside your walls

we blossomed and we grew



  We sing your praise



  The green and gold forever



  And to thee, your wombat whiskers,




  We'll be true



Ruby Mendel, thank you. "Our Beloved

Alma Mater" never sound better.



Oh, my gosh, guys.



- I'm going to miss you so much.

- But, Ren, we'll be together in high school.



- I know, but I'm just a little...

- I know.



Please welcome a student

whose accomplishments



are almost too numerous to mention.



Anchor of The Wombat Report.



President of the Overachievers Club,



my personal assistant,



and the single most amazing

young woman I have ever met.



Good gravy, I'm gonna miss her.



Your valedictorian, Ren Stevens.



Oh, Principal Wexler.



Thank you.



Good afternoon,

parents, teachers



and fellow graduates.



Lawrence Junior High

was not just a school,



but it was a home away from home.



- It was a place to learn, a place to play.

- (whispers) That's my little girl up there.



- (Ren) A place to think.

- I know, Dad. I'm her brother.



Donnie, you're late.



Where's Louis?

He's going to miss Ren's speech.



I dropped him and Beans off.



- He said he wanted a better angle.

- For what?



(Ren) A place to think. A place to grow.



We began as little tadpoles

in a pond of knowledge.



- Ready to launch, boss?

- Patience, Beans.



- OK, but I'm going to bust a gut.

- Don't you do it.



Breathe. Are you breathing?



And even as we look to our future,

we'll never forget our past.



Wherever we go on this planet

I like to call Earth,



we'll keep the wombat spirit alive,



in our...



...in our... in our hearts.

- (giggling)



(Ren) Uh...



What is the wombat spirit?

Well, that's a good question.






It's service, it's dedication.



Coach Tugnut! Confiscate that beach ball.



I'm on it, chief.



(Ren) We'll keep the wombat spirit

alive in our hearts.



What is the wombat spirit?

Good question.



It's service, it's dedication.



It's commitment, it's perseverance.



It's self-respect.



- Let me play with it.

- Beans, stop it. It's not a toy, all right?



This is my job. This is what I do.



- Sure, it's easy to say, "Me, me, me," but...

- (Coach Tugnut) Come on!



...what about, "We, we, we?"



Remember, there is no "I" in "wombat. "



Thank you.



All right. Time to release confetti.



Confetti? I thought you said...









Beans, your lack of listening skills

has finally paid off. (laughs)






I think that we should

lay low for a while. All right?






Mr. Wexler, you cannot give me detention.

It's summer vacation. Please. 



Rats. You're right. Ah, but think

of all the days you'll owe me next year.



He's all yours. Have a nice summer.



- What?

- I'll show you what.



(Steve) Hey!



(furious shouting)



- Enough!

- (sudden silence)



This is a very happy day.

We should all be happy.



Don't you realize that

Donnie is going off to college in the fall,



and Ren is starting high school?



Soon you'll all be leaving home,

going out on your own.



This is a very precious time.



We should make the most

of this summer as a family.



Mom's right, guys.

We need to cherish these days together.



But I got a date, so first thing tomorrow

we're going to do some serious cherishing.






Yeah, and I've got to meet up

with the guys, so... cherish you later?



So, guess it's just the three of us, huh?



Oh, uh... Actually, uh...

Gil's taking me out to dinner.






He's only been my boyfriend

for the past three months, Dad.



- Doesn't ring a bell.

- Your father is still in denial.



Well, OK. Go, honey.



Go on, go. Have a good time.



- All right. I love you guys.

- I love you too.






Help me! Help me! (sobs)



(clears her throat)






We're gonna have such a great summer.

We can spend every day together.



Can you believe

how many syrups they have?



(bangs table)



Hey, um...



Are you... OK?



Yeah. Yeah, fine. It's just that...



Well, I took a summer job at a camp. And

I'm going to teach swimming to little kids.






Oh, well that's great.

We'll have nights and weekends.



- Ren, it's not a day camp.

- Oh.



- It's in Maine.

- Oh.



Yeah, that's... (clears throat)

That's really far.



- I know. I'm sorry.

- It's OK.



I'm gonna miss you.









That's usually where people say,

"I'm gonna miss you too. "



- Ren, here's the thing.

- Uh-oh.



I mean, it's been great,



but I'm going to be going away

and I don't want to be tied down.



Oh. No, sure.

I mean, in case you meet another girl.



- Well, I probably won't.

- Oh, I know. But no, no, no.



When you go to Maine,

you want to keep your options open.



Right. Exactly. And when I come back,

we can pick things up again.



No, Gil, we can't.



Ren, are you upset?



You dump me in a pancake house

and you wonder if I'm upset?






OK. This would be a really great moment

if the syrup wasn't so thick.



(door slams)



Honey, hi. How was your date with Gil?



- Oh, Mom.

- Oh, honey.



- The technology is amazing.

- It's your masterpiece.



You're really gonna sit in this thing

all summer?



Hold on, hold on. Don't call her a "thing. "

She's my ultra-loungematic superchair.






- Sweet.

- (belches)



- Watch this. Watch this.

- (beep)






Like a thousand tiny fingers

working all the right parts.



You've brought laziness to an art form.



Thank you. Tawny. 



OK. Thank you, darling.



Well, it certainly looks

like it has all the bells and whistles.



- That reminds me.

- (cuckoo clock)



Snack time.



(Louis) Huh?






(kisses hand) Thank you.



And, for my entertainment pleasure...



(TV voiceover) It's time for "Gotcha. "

With host. Lance LeBow. 



Tonight. A family at a local café

orders the house special and gets... 






(cheerily) Good morning! Hey, Dad.

Come here and give me a kiss.



Hey, Mom, how you doing? Oh, mm!



- Is that juice? Oh, I'd love some.

- Yeah.



(belches) Ooh.



- Yum. That's good.

- You feeling OK, honey?



Yeah. I'm great. Fine. You know?

Super. Tiptop. Never been better.



Do you really think I'm going to let

a boy ruin my summer? Nuh-uh.



You mean you're really over...

uh, what's his name?



His name is Gil. Gil.



- Oh.

- Gil.



- OK. OK. Here. No, no, no, no, no.

- I'm sorry. Oh, honey.



You know, this looks like

a mother-daughter conversation.



It's OK. Shh.



So, where will I be bunking?



- "Bunking?"

- Uh, yeah.



Mom, I took a babysitting job so

I could get my mind off of... you know who.






Hey, Beans, you know,

I'm just watching you for the afternoon.



I don't think my parents will appreciate that.



Why not?



- They're in Helsinki.

- (both) Helsinki?



It's in Finland. Get a globe.



(sniffs spoon) Mm.

Someone had rice pudding.






Beansy. Honey. Little guy.



Let's just put this down.



So, Beans... Now, Beansy,

I just don't think this is a great idea.



So, Beans, really.

How long will your parents be away?



Two weeks. Three, tops.



Three, tops. Three?



- Time to unpack.

- Beans, the guest room is upstairs.



- You think I don't know that?

- What are you doing then?



Beans, you brought your own bacon.



No, I'm holding it for a friend. Want some?



Two weeks of Beans, Ma.

Two weeks of Beans.



Three, tops.



(TV voiceover) The specialty of the house. 






Bangundy family. We gotcha... good!



That's so cold, yet so entertaining.



Yeah, well, I gotta get going, man.

Have a good... sit.



- (Louis) All right, man.

- Later.



Later. See you around.



Oh, Tawny. I have a surprise for you.



That's your seat. Right next to Papa.



Actually, "Papa," I've got to get home.



Uh, all right.



Well, then maybe tomorrow then?

I'll be here all summer.



I'll sit next to Papa.









Beans? What are you doing?



These things gotta itch your but.



- Will you please get out of my stuff?

- Oh, don't worry. They're not for me.



Louis needs more mosquito netting

for his chair.






Oh, Ren, come on. Come on, Ren.

You're letting the skeeters in.



They're really biting this year.

Must be the rain or...



...or something.



Ren, can you say something, 'cause that

sick look is really starting to freak me out.



Wait till I get my hands on you.

Do you have any idea...






- Louis, get me out of this thing.

- Press the red button. The red button.






The other red button, over there.

The other one.



The sundae maker works.



- That's it. I can't believe this.

- (siren)



- I wouldn't do that, Ren.

- (beeping)



All right.



(Ren) Whoa...






Wow, Ren. Really stuck that landing.



(engine revs)



- Behind you. Behind you, Ren!

- Huh?



- Hello? Anybody home?

- (screaming)



(Louis) Help me!



(Ren) Sir, sir, are you all right?

I'm so sorry. Give me your hand.



Are you OK?



What's going on out here?



- Ren freaked out and totally lost control.

- What are you talking about?



Me? Look at me right now.



- Who're you gonna believe? Me, your son.

- No, that's not true.



Stop it! Would the two of you

get along for five minutes, please?



- No.

- No way.



Come on. Sir, are you OK? I'm sorry.



- Yes, I'm fine.

- If there's anything we can do...



Well, actually, you can help me.

I'm trying to find the Stevens family.



- We're the Stevens.

- You must be Steve. Hi. Miles McDermott.



- Oh, nice to meet you.

- I have a presentation for you.



Oh, well, Miles, whatever you're selling,

we're not really interested. Thank you.



Oh. Well, Steve, you know,

I'm not really a lawsuit kind of guy,



but suddenly

my back is feeling a little tight.



Stevens family, you have won

an all-expense-paid vacation



to the beautiful island paradise

of Mandelino.



Try to contain your enthusiasm.



Miles, I have never heard of Mandelino.



Not surprising.



(steel-drum music)



(voiceover) Mandelino is

an uncharted. Unspoiled island paradise. 



Mandelino is populated

by the descendants of island natives



and shipwrecked sailors

from many nations.



Making for the unique

and varied look of its people. 



English is the mother tongue

of Mandelino.



So there will be no language barrier

as you experience the natural beauty



and amazing Mandelinian hospitality.

Never before offered to an outsider. 



Mandelino. Your dream vacation. 



Miles, it's all very interesting, but why us?



Well, you're a very influential family

here in Sacramento.



You're a state senator. Your husband

works for a prominent law firm.



Actually, I'm between

prominent law firms right now.



I'm sorry to hear that.



At any rate, my company was hired

to conduct an extensive search,



and you are exactly the family we're

looking for for this wonderful opportunity.



Miles, I hate to be a negative Ned,

but what's the catch?



There's no catch. We're just trying to get

tourists to come to this island, that's all.



All we ask is that you give us

your honest opinion at the end of the trip



and allow us to quote you in our brochures.



- And that's it?

- Just sign on the doted line.



Dad, what are you waiting for?



Hold on.



OK, you know this is boring

and you just want to go



because you broke up with your

stupid boyfriend and want to get away.



And you just want to stay here

and sit on your stupid chair.



Do they have cable?



Son, the beauty of Mandelino is there

is no modern convenience of any kind.



Guys, this sounds kinda cool. I mean, I can

run on the beach, get into football shape...



Donnie, come on! You can run here

and get in shape here. Please.



You know, Steve, this could be

a wonderful family adventure.



It could be everything

we've been hoping for.



No, Mom, listen...

Listen, here's an adventure.



You can stay here at home

and give me breakfast and do my laundry



and that'll be an adventure.

Dad, come on. Dad, listen. Dad.



Can somebody put a stop

to the madness, please!



Well, I guess it's unanimous.



- We're going to Mandelino.

- Yes!






Well, we'd better start packing.

We don't want to forget anything.



- Especially me.

- (sharp intake of breath)



(Miles) If you look out the right side. You'll

see the beautiful island of Mandelino. 



Whoa. Whoa! Not all at once!



(chant) Welcome, Stevens family,

welcome, Stevens family...



- Look at all that.

- (chanting continues)



Oh, my God. Hello. Hello.



Is this all for us?



I think it is.






I am Tuka, chief elder of Mandelino.



Welcome, Stevens family.



(blows conch. They cheer)



- This is very exciting.

- Yes, it is. Why?



You're about to be presented with

the traditional Mandelino hat of friendship.



Hi. Ooh. Thank you. Ooh.



Thank you.






Hey. All right, Beans. Come on. Come on.



Oh. (laughs) Ooh.



Welcome. I am Mootai.



I'm Ren.



Come on, everyone,

and I'll show you where you'll be living.



- I could really get used to this.

- (she gasps)



It's magnificent!



(Miles) Yeah. It's the palace of Tuka,

the chief elder.



They haven't built hotels

here on the island yet,



so he's allowing you

to stay here as his guests.



Can I get one of the front rooms?

I get nauseous if I don't get an ocean view.



- Thank you.

- Wait. Wait!



(Ren) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.



Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.



Why does he get to have

the room with the view?



- Oh, this is awesome.

- Yeah.



- I see my room.

- Oh, no.



- I called it.

- Oh, no, you don't.



Wait a second, you little worm.

You didn't even want to come here.



It doesn't mater. I'm just going to have

to make the best of it in the royal bedroom.



Hey, hey, be careful, guys.

You don't want to break anything.



Oh, yes. I do.



Seriously, guys. The palace holds

deep spiritual meaning for the islanders.



Does that mean that it's haunted?



No. On the contrary,



the islanders believe that the palace is a

source of good fortune and positive energy.



Blah, blah, blah.

Where's the lady with the hugs?



Your island awaits you.



(  "Summertime" by Aaron Carter

featuring the Baha Men)



  I've been waiting all year

for just one season



  The season that reminds me

of palm trees



  The smell of the ocean breeze

and the sense of bein' free



  Barbecues and pool parties.

What I call fun



  Hanging with the honeys

and enjoyin' the sun



  Spending four hours

just cleaning the Benz



  So you can cruise down the Boulevard

with your friends



  Sights on the beach

have got your mind blowin'



Are you carrying me?



You're not going to carry me.



No, I'm good. The girls are making the...

Sir. Sir.



Can you please...?



What a player-hater. You're hating

on me, buddy. Listen, we can share.



  Say good night to all of your friends



  Cuz when tomorrow comes

we'll do it all again



  So grab your stuff

and let's all go outside



  Bang your head to this tune in your ride



  Leavin' all your cares right behind



  For the summertime



- Hey, man.

- Hello.



You look just like this guy who

went to my high school. What's his name?



- My name is Laylo.

- No, Patrick Green.



My name is Laylo.



- Are you sure, man, because...

- (Louis) Donnie!



Donnie, look!






  Lay back and unwind.

Cuz nothing else matters



  For the summertime



- Hey, guys.

- Hey, Donnie.



Donnie! Having fun?



This place is the best.

But you want to hear something weird?



I swear that one of the natives

is this guy that went to my school.



Son, we're on an uncharted island.



The last thing you're gonna do

is run into one of your classmates.



Have a grape, son. They're delicious.



(Mootai) Ren.



Hey, Mootai.



Can I serve you in any way?



No. Everyone on the island

has been great.



So you're having a pleasurable time

on our island?



Yes. Completely.



Yet in your eyes there is so much sadness.



Yeah, I was sorta just thinking

about something.



You should think of something else.

Something wonderful.



Like what?



The smell of the ocean.



The beauty of a flower.



The light from your smile.



You see? Your sadness is gone.



(conch horn)



What was that?



Your family is being summoned

for a great honor.



(Chief Tuka) Come feast

on this island delicacy.



Thank you so much

for this delicious-looking worm.



Actually, it's a slug. It's an island delicacy.



Are we really supposed to eat this?



Guys, the elders will be deeply offended

if you refuse their offering.



(encouraging noises)



Well, I suppose it's the least we can do.






That's good slug.






Having trouble getting it down, huh?



I generally try to avoid snacks

that leave a trail of slime.



Yeah, so does Tuka.

I happen to know for a fact



that he has some American munchies

hidden in the palace pantry.



- Word?

- Word.



(clears throat)



Excuse me, I have to use the facilities.



- Ren, hold my slug.

- Louis.



(Eileen) Where's he going?



If you're not going to finish that...












(mouth full) "Forbidden chamber

of mystery. "



"Do not open. " (laughs) Yeah, right.



Now, that's a chair. (laughs)



(amazed whistle)



I know where I'm spending this vacation.



Footrest? Nice touch.



No, not just a footrest!



Hey! Hey!









(bird screeches)



(angry shouting)



C- corn Snacky?



- Louis! What have you done?

- Louis, what happened?



I thought it was a footrest!

I didn't know it was a house collapser!



It appears your son

sat on the forbidden throne,



destroyed the sacred royal residence

and put a curse on the entire village.



You don't really believe in all that, do you?



I don't, but they do.






People! Good people of Mandelino.

Mandelino good people.



- Very good people...

- This was just an accident.






Maybe there's some insurance policy

for sacred dwellings or something.



Listen, I think the less

you say now, the better.






Louis, how could you total our house?



It totaled itself.

I swear that's what happened!



Yeah, congratulations, Louis,

you did it again.



Everything that's nice and decent,

you just end up ruining.



Well, at least now

everyone has an ocean view, huh?






People, people, people! Listen, listen!



I think the thing for you to do right now

is to get away from this area immediately.






- What about our luggage?

- Well, officially it's cursed,



so touching it would just

make things worse.



And where are we supposed to live?



Well, I guess you could put together

a little lean-to from this.






- We're supposed to be living in a palace.

- Well, obviously that's not an option.



It's getting dark.

You guys should get started.



Wait a minute. Where are you sleeping?



Well, I have a small hut provided by the

islanders. Only sleeps one... comfortably.



Don't worry, I'll check in on you later

to see if you survive.






All right. Let's not panic. Come on.

We've got a lot of work to do. Let's pitch in.



Get this thing up. That's it. Come on.



You know... this is your fault.



Ren, can we not talk about this?

It was an accident, I'm sorry.



You know, you shouldn't have even

been in there, Louis.



Well, Ren, I'm sorry I'm not perfect like you.



- I am not perfect.

- Really? (snorts)



Ren, let's look at this. You have perfect

grades. You have perfect behavior.



- You have a perfect life.

- You don't know what's going on in my life.



So you had a little boyfriend trouble.

Boohoo, Ren. Life goes on.



You know what?

I do not want to talk about Gil.



And if you were smart,

you'd shut your mouth.



- Well, what if I wasn't smart?

- Hey. Stop it, guys.



We've got enough to deal with without

you two being at each other's throats, OK?



You know what? Louis, you and Donnie

and I will go find some firewood,



and Ren, you and Beans will stay with Dad

and help start the shelter.



- I'd rather eat. You got any more slugs?

- Hey, Beans, we're all hungry.



If we find some food,

we'll pick it up and bring it back.



Donnie. Can you do me a favor, Donnie?



Could you scratch my nose, please?



Can you scratch my nose? Donnie?






Keep it still.






Good news, everyone.

The tribal elders are meeting right now.



And if you go before them

and make a sincere, heartfelt apology,



I'm sure everything is going to be fine.



- Thank goodness. I'll go tell the others.

- No, no, I'm sorry.



Mandelino tradition states that all apologies

must be made in groups of three.



Groups of three. Groups of three.



(drum music)



(cries out)



Let the boy speak.



Go ahead, Donnie.

You're stronger than I am.



- OK. OK. Hold on, hold on.

- Get up there.



Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.



Speak to fire god.



- What? Oh, the big head?

- (shocked gasps)



- The big sacred head.

- (all) Oh.



Sacred head.



Yeah, well...



I'm really sorry

about the whole collapsing palace deal



and I promise

I'll never destroy another palace again.



Uh... Yeah.



God of fire will consider your apology.



But first, we feast!



It just doesn't seem right,

eating without the rest of the family.



I understand,

but it's your only chance for forgiveness.



See, Mom, we're not eating for ourselves,

we're eating for forgiveness.



- It's the right thing to do.

- (cheering)



You want to order a pizza?



Put a lid on it, Beans. We're all hungry.



You know, I'm going to go see

what's taking them so long.



Don't stray too far, honey.



Want to go skinny-dipping?












Come on, where are you guys? You were

supposed to be back two... (screams)






- Thank you. That was so brave.

- Not so much.



You make face uglier than his,

he runs away.



- Now you're OK?

- No.



My brother knocked down our house,



I'm tired and I'm hungry and...






- For you.

- What's this?



It is every shell you walked on

when you first arrived on our island.






From my heart.






Mootai, I'm not ready for this.



Then I will wait.



How can everything be so horrible

and so wonderful all at the same time?



Your troubles may soon be over.



Your mother and brothers

are feasting with the elders right now.



- Feasting?

- It is like eating, but with bigger plates.



I know. I thought

they just went out there to get wood.



Come, see with your eyes.



Can you hurry it up? I'm getting cold.



Beans, you can't rush these things.

Making fire is a delicate art.



Excuses, excuses.






I made fire! I made fire!









How could they pig out like that

when we're starving?



Your brother eats without chewing.



- (mouth full) You want some?

- I'm going in.



Bad idea. To interrupt a tribal feast

is unforgivable.



- Isn't that right, Mootai?

- Unforgivable, yes.



I don't understand.

Why didn't they come and get us?



When I mentioned it to your family,

someone said, "More for us. "



Now, who said that? (snorts)

Why am I asking? It was Louis.



I mean, I can understand

Louis selling us out, but Mom and Donnie?



Now, why would they go along with it?

It just doesn't make sense.



Boy. You think you know a person.



Hey. Looks like you got

a little action there, Smoky.



No. Stay away from the fire.



Oh, Oprah.



- "Oprah?"

- It's a coincidence.



Mighty goddess of fire.



The Stevens family have apologized.



They have feasted with us.



Are they now worthy of forgiveness?



Hm? Oh.



- Is that good?

- Does it look good?



Well, they've made their decision.

You're going to be shunned.






No, son. "Shunned" is bad.



You've been deemed

unworthy for forgiveness.



No one on the island

can have anything to do with you.



Why don't they just tell us to our faces?



- Because then they'd have to kill you.

- (gasps)



- Right. Well, unworthy's good for me.

- Yeah, it's good.



Miles, I want my family

out of here on the next plane.



Absolutely. Seven days from now,

you'll all be heading home.



- What?

- (Eileen) Seven days?



That's the next plane.






- Hey.

- (Eileen) Look!



Honey, you built a shelter

and you made a fire.






They smell like pork.






How was your feast?



What feast?



Don't give me that. I saw it

with my own eyes and it wasn't pretty.



You've got a little something

on your cheek.



- No.

- OK. OK.



I wanted to bring everyone, but they said

there was a rule about groups of three.



Really? How convenient.



Hey, Dad. We only ate all the food

so we could be forgiven by Oprah.



I see. And did Oprah forgive us?



Almost. There's a little thing

about being shunned.



I know that sounds great, but it's not.



So we did all the work

and they get all the food. That seems fair.



Do you think we would sell you out

for a dinner?



And flaming dessert?



- I find this completely insulting.

- Insulting?



You weren't even gonna tell us about it.



Because I didn't want you to feel bad.

You know, my group ate, yours didn't.



Why would I feel bad? I've provided

plenty of food for this family over the years.



Steve, who says you haven't?









Great. Just what we need. It's raining.



Well, at least I was able

to put a roof over our heads.



OK. Miles, on-air commentary

in five, four, three, two...



Quite a first day

for our unsuspecting vacationers.



They still have no idea that they're on TV.



That all of the natives are actors.



And that everything that is happening to

them is completely controlled by our crew. 



Luckily. We know a lot more about them

than they know about us.



Thanks to a little help from their friends. 



- I think I made a terrible mistake.

- I cannot believe you set them up for this.



Our secret source tipped us off

that Louis. The irrepressible little brother.



Could never pass up a "keep out" sign.

Let alone a comfortable chair. 



You told them that?

What else did you tell them?



- Everything.

- Oh, nice work.



- I thought it'd be fun.

- Does it look like they're having fun?



Beans. Hold me. 



Let's pump up the rain a little. Fellas. 



- Cue thunder.

- Cue thunder.






(wails) I wanna go home!



I'm sure you do. But we have

a few more surprises in store for you.



Tune in every day to see if the Stevens

family can survive a week in paradise.



- Poor Ren, how humiliating.

- Well, maybe nobody's watching it.



This summer's most outrageous

new reality show. "Family Fakeout. "



I'm your host. Miles McDermott.



Saying isn't life funny

when it's not happening to you?



Good night. 



Yes! Brilliant! I love it, I love it!

Come on, guys.



They're miserable, OK? It's hilarious, right?



Come on!






Yo, Patrick. Heard you had

a close call with that Donnie kid, huh?



Man, I graduated three years ago.

I can't believe the kid still remembers me.



Forget about it.



- Great show, Miles.

- Excellent show.



- Better than Gotcha?

- Oh, no doubt.



Family Fakeout

is the best reality show on TV.



Are you just saying that

because your job depends on it?



No! Of course not.



You are a ten times better host

than that Lance LeBow.



You know, when I was the producer

of Gotcha. I hired Lance LeBow.



- How does he repay me?

- He got you fired.



(woman) That ingrate.



Don't worry, Miles, when the ratings

come out, you'll be on top.



Yeah, I'd better be, or heads are gonna roll.

Now, what do we have for tomorrow?



Right there.



(man) Hey, Patrick! Close call!



Patrick Green. We need to talk.



Look, I'm sorry that Donnie recognized me.



From now on, I'll keep a low profile,

that's what I'll do.



- I have a better idea. You're fired.

- What?



Wait. I just thought of something.



According to our research, Donnie's

not exactly the Einstein of the family.



We could have some fun with this.

You're rehired.



What do you think, Miles?



It's adorable. Fix it.



- I hate "adorable. "

- (mimics) "Fix it. "



And now it's time for America's favorite

new reality show. "Family Fakeout. "



With your host. Miles McDermott. 



Hi, that's me. I'm Miles McDermott.

Welcome to Family Fakeout. 



Thank you for joining us

for our morning edition.



The Stevens family is just waking up.



Yesterday, we knocked down their house,

deprived them of all modern conveniences



and gave them a good soaking to boot.



Let's see how far we can push this family

today before they crack.



(loud fart)



Oh, mother of pearl, Beans.

Mother of pearl!



- (Donnie) Oh, wow!

- Sorry.



I'm a little gassy in the morning.



(Eileen) What was your excuse

on the plane?



All right, Eileen, this time you and the boys

take care of the fire.



I'll take Ren and Beans

and find us some food.



(Eileen) Good luck. 



I don't need luck to find food for my family. 



(Eileen) OK.



Looks like Steve's a little sensitive

this morning.



According to our research,

he's been out of work for quite a while.



Maybe the fact that Eileen's

been bringing home the bacon



is finally starting to get to him.



I'll see if I can help.



(bird screeches)



(elephant trumpets)



(goat bleats)






Oh, Daddy, we're not gonna kill

that cute little squirrel, are we?



That's not cute. That's breakfast.






(all scream)



Is something wrong?



OK. We're tired, we're hungry

and we just got attacked by a killer squirrel!



Don't worry, guys. I've arranged

for an emergency food drop.



That should get you through the week.



- Oh! Thanks, Miles.

- (plane overhead)



There it is now.



Hey, hey, hey! We're over here.



We're over here! We're over here!



- (Ren squeals)

- (Steve) No!




The wind must've blown it off course.






- The wind's blowing the other way.

- Nice little weatherman you got there.



Looks like you folks

have some mountain climbing to do.



Miles, this isn't exactly familiar territory.



Well, I would ask the islanders

to help you guys,



but whenever I mention your names

they shake with anger.



Come on, you guys can do it.

Just follow these red trail markers.



All right. I should let Eileen know.



Come on, Steve. Do you really need

your wife's help to bring home the bacon?



Bacon? Mm.



It's just an expression, Beans.



Oh, yeah?

Well, I got an expression for you, buddy.



(muffled shouts)



OK. Let's go, people.

We've got a family to feed.






Got it.



Donnie's alone. Cue Laylo.



Hey, Donnie.



What are you staring at, man?

You know, you're gonna be late for class.



You are Patrick Green.

What are you doing here?



Don't tell anyone. I'm cutting English.



W- wait. Hold on.



Now the fire is going down.



Where is Donnie with that wood?



Hey, Mom?



You know I didn't mean to knock

the house down on purpose, right?



Yeah, I know, Louis.



Are you mad at me?



You know, I think it might be better

if we just never mention it again.



- I hear you.

- Guys! Guys!



Guys! That native that looked like

Patrick Green? It was Patrick Green.



- (Louis) What are you talking about?

- I just saw him!



Well, now, honey, just because someone

slightly resembles someone else...



He was wearing a school sweater.

He was cutting English.



Donnie, this is ridiculous.



Why is everything that I do in this family

so ridiculous?



If anyone else said it, you'd believe them.



Honey, you're hungry,

you've been in the sun.



Donnie, relax. I mean, this morning

I thought I saw a cheeseburger doing yoga.



- I know what I saw.

- Hey, folks.



- Miles.

- Yes?



I heard a plane before.



You told me that there's not gonna be

another plane here for a week.



It didn't land.

I arranged a food drop for you,



but it missed the beach

and landed in the mountain.



Whatever. Miles, can you sneak us

a meal or something?



Do you realize how much I'm risking

just by talking to you?



- How do we get the food?

- You go to the big rock on the beach,



head into the woods

and then follow the blue trail markers.



Wait, guys. I think we should

wait for Dad and the others.



- No, actually, they already went up there.

- Without telling us?



Well, they did mention something about

you having had enough food last night.



Oh, OK, I get it.



It's payback.



I tell you what, you have one lousy feast

and it's all up in flames!



This'll come in handy.



(Louis) Food!



Guys, they got here first

and ate everything!



I hate payback.



Now it's on.



There it is! Food!



- It's empty!

- (Beans) Somebody ate it all.



Oh, yeah? I'll give you one guess.



Come on.






Sneaky us. Two trails, two empty crates



and two hungry teams

each thinking the other betrayed them.



- You gotta love it.

- I think it's disgraceful.



I hate this. I can't believe I sold them out.



I told you,

you can't drown your guilt in syrup.



You're right. You're right.



(coach guffaws)



Is this the greatest show

of all time or what?



Ooh, Twitty. You gonna finish those?






Anyway, it's nice to see

that for once the joke's on Louis Stevens.



It's too bad the whole family

has to go down with him.






Twitty, you look like you're full.

I'll finish those for you.



- Come on, bring 'em up.

- Take them. Just...



And the best part is, those lunkheads

think they're halfway around the world.



What did you say?



I said they think they're halfway

around the world.



- Where are they?

- Catalona.



Just a couple of miles off the coast.



They flew around in circles

for hours to fool them.



How do you know that?



I went on one of these things called

a website. They got all the inside stuff.



Catalona? We're so close?



If we could just get there

we could tell them what's going on.



All we really need is a boat, right?



- (Twitty) Tom?

- Ahoy, mateys.



What brings you landlubbers

down to the salty brine?



- Speak English, please.

- Oh, excuse me.






Tom, have you been watching

Family Fakeout?



I have, and I must say that I'm appalled

as a sailor and a human being



to see a family that we know and love

being tortured like that.



Although, I did love that frisky squirrel!



Oh, yeah? Me too.



Well, it's all our fault.



- All... my fault. I set them up.

- I'm doubly appalled.



You could help us, Tom,

and you could help Louis.



Well, Louis is my friend.



When it suits him.



And I can accept that. What can I do?



Can you sail this tub to Catalona?



Welcome aboard.



Welcome to Family Fakeout prime time.



This afternoon we wanted to see

how far we could push our family



until they finally cracked.



For the answer, let's take a look

at what our hidden camera saw.



(Donnie) How could you

steal all our food?



As usual, Donnie,

you have everything backwards.



Are you calling me stupid?



No. I am calling you a liar.



You guys had to get back at us, huh?

Thank you.



But we got the evidence.

How do you explain this, Louis?



You stole my food and my shirt?



- Gimme that, you little worm-eating...

- Don't you talk to him like that.



What, is Beansy

your little boyfriend now, Ren?



You do not have a right to talk. You cause

all the trouble and you eat all the food.



OK. Enough. Enough, kids. Stop.



You kids shouldn't fight just because

your father's trying to teach me a lesson.



And what would that be?



Look, Steve, I know that you are upset

since you've been out of work



and that you are trying to prove

to Ren and Beans



- that you can put food in their mouths.

- What?



But couldn't you leave

a little something for us?



Don't twist this around. There wasn't

a crumb of food left when we got up there.



It's almost like you're trying

to make me look bad.



- Now you are losing it.

- Don't tell me I'm losing it!



- Don't you yell at me in front of my family.

- It's my family too!



Hold on, hold on. Mom, we don't

need them. We don't need them.



We'll be fine on our own, thank you.



Oh, really? Well you can

sleep out in the rain tonight.



We can and we will!



- Ha.

- Ha.



- Fine.

- Ha!






Looks like things are getting personal

and interesting.



Speaking of which, let's catch up with

our hot young couple, Ren and Mootai.



Ren, known back home

for her boyfriend troubles,



is having a little better luck

here on the island.









- The elders have forbidden me to see you.

- Then you should leave.



- I can't.

- Why not?



Because no mater what they will do to me,

to be away from you would be worse.






Everything is falling apart.



You're the only good thing that's happened

to me since I've been on this island.



I would very much like to kiss you now.



What do you think?

Will Ren let Mootai kiss her?



Vote now on family fakeout. Com. 



Don't do it, Ren. He's just an actor.



Oh, but he's so cute! Yes, yes, yes!



No, no, no, no, no, no, no!



I would very much like to kiss you too. 



But I'm just not ready. 



I'm so sorry. 



Whoa. There's a surprise.

But the week is still young.



Our family may be splitting up, but

Ren and Mootai are definitely heating up.



  Blow the man down, matey

Blow the man down



  Hey, ho, we'll blow the man down



Tom! Tom.



It's gonna get dark and I'm getting seasick.



So I want a little less singing

and a little more sailing. OK?



Well, excuse me, Benedict Twitty.



Maybe if you don't like a good sea chantey,

you can just take a bus to Catalona.



Oh, I see something!



Land ho!



- I've always wanted to say that.

- So take us in.



Well, with those rocks and those waves,

it looks treacherous.



So I guess this is your stop.



But how do we get on the island?



You can just hop on my dinghy.



- (man) Jason! Way to go, man. All right!

- (cheering and applause)



- Thanks.

- Good job, man.



- Nice scene today, kid.

- Thanks, Miles.



- Almost looked like you liked her.

- Well, I do. I mean, my character likes her.



- Miles, the ratings are in.

- All right, let me hear it.



We beat Gotcha by one point.



That's beautiful.

But not quite satisfying enough.



I want to bury them.



- Tomorrow you gotta get that kiss.

- I think it could happen.



And then after you kiss her, dump her.



OK, we're almost there.

I think that's the worst.






It's OK. I can swim from here.

I'll see you on shore.









Alan, where are you?















Tawny! Hey! Hey!



Hey, let go! What do

you guys think you're...? Hey, let go! Hey!



OK. I'll tell you guys again.

I've never met the Stevens family, OK?



My name is Lawrence Honeytoast,

I'm a marine biologist



and I'm here on top-secret government

business. So, if you'll just let me go...



Wait a minute. You're that Twitty kid

who turned us onto the Stevens family.



Hey, you lied to me, man. You said

this show was fun and it's not. It's cruel.



So all that stuff I told you about?

You can't use it anymore.



I see. Crate him.



Crate me?



Guys! Guys, he said "crate" me.

This is a trailer.



Welcome to Family Fakeout. 



When we left the Stevens,

they had split into two angry factions.



I have a feeling

today things can only get worse.



That wasn't so bad. Huh?



- We slept on dirt.

- Yeah. So?



What's for breakfast?



Same as yesterday.

A big skillet full of nothing.



Stop being so negative all the time.



Wait a second.



(they gasp)



- A peanut!

- Let's divide it.



Hold on, hold on.






- Careful, Mom.

- I know.



Mom, can I get

the little stubby tail right there?



You'll get what she gives you.



It's my peanut

and you don't even like the tail, so stop!



Stop it. We will each get a third and then

we will save the stubby little tail for dessert.



Fine. Whatever. Let's just eat it.









Little breakfast-nabbing...

I want my peanut!






Dad, wake up.



- Ren, what is it?

- The fire's out.



That's impossible. I was stoking it all night.



Morning, everyone.



Hey, Beans, you know

what happened to this fire?



Let's see. I woke up

and I had to go to the bathroom...



Oh, yeah.



Oh, that is gross.



- Well, I hope you're satisfied, Ren.

- Me? What did I do?



You brought the kid along.



On a lousy vacation

that you forced us to go on.



Hold on.

You couldn't wait to get out of town



after what’s his name broke up with you.



Ren, I'm sorry.



- I hate this family.

- Ren.



Steve, wait. She probably

just needs some time.



You're probably right. What?









I wanna go home.



All I can say is one day very soon

you will be home with your family



and it will seem as though

none of this was real.



- What's he saying?

- I don't know.



No. The only thing I want to be real is you. 



OK. That's better. That's better.



I wish that we were

the only ones on this island.



That nothing else existed.



That is how I feel when I am with you.



The other day...



it's not that I didn't want to kiss you.



I just don't want to get hurt again.



I do not want to hurt you.



I believe you.









Bunch of saps.



Their love is so pure.



That is so beautiful.



Gee, maybe you forgot...

it's not real.



Who cares? It's so romantic.



I can't do this.



- What's wrong?

- I'm supposed to break up with you.



I was afraid of this. Code red. Code red.



Get Tuka in there and get Mootai out.



- Look, you need to know.

- (Chief Tuka) Argh! Mootai! Mootai!



- This is forbidden.

- Ren.



- Mootai. Get him out of here. Quick, quick.

- Why are you doing this?






Why can't you just leave us alone?



- Blame it on her brother Louis.

- This is Louis' fault.



What? What does he have to do with this?



Uh... That is good question.



Just say Louis told you they were meeting.

He's to blame for everything.



Your brother told us

about your secret meetings with Mootai.



He is to blame for all your unhappiness.










(Patrick. Laughing) Dude,

I got this Donnie cat totally freaked out.



He don't know

whether he's going or coming.



Dude, dude, take it easy. This stuff's

gonna be here all day, OK? All day.



It is? Sweet.



Looks like Ren has picked up the trail.



There you are. Little squirrel. 



Just give Daddy back his peanut. All right?



Oh! Not in the trees!



This is gonna be sweet.



I'll show you sweet.



Hey. What's going on?



- She was just getting ready to nail him.

- Everything's dead.



Now that's sweet.



Oh, man. It was just getting good.



(TV voiceover) Please stand by. 



Hi. Cynthia Mills here. 



What could be more festive

for the holidays than your own... 



- Ripoff.

- ... hand-painted Easter eggs?



(chant) Ripoff! Ripoff! Ripoff!



Get us back on the air.



- Miles? It's the Twitty kid.

- He's missing.



I bet he has something to do with this.

You find him.



- Great idea!

- You always know exactly what to do.









- (Miles) I didn't have any sound anywhere.

- (man) I'll get it back!



(man   ) I can't hear anything!



(Miles) Get somebody

on that satellite now, I tell you, now.



(man   ) Hey! Where's my costume?



(both scream)






(squirrel snarls. Donnie screams)



- Donnie?

- Tawny?



What are you doing here?

No, no, no. Not again. Not again.



You're not cutting class, right?



I don't know. I have this horrible headache

and I don't know how I got here.



- OK. You're coming with me.

- Why?



So this time people will believe me.



I guess I'm just overly sensitive

about this whole job.



Well, the fact that we're starving

on an island in the middle of nowhere,



that could have something to do with it.



You know, this couldn't have been a worse

vacation if somebody'd planned it this way.



(Steve) So Miles gave you

the impression we wanted all the food?



Yes, and when we got there

everything was empty.



Same with us. So what happened to it?



(Beans) There was never any food.

I would've smelt it.



(Steve) You know what?

I think he would've.



(Eileen) You think Miles knew?



I don't know. It seemed like

he was always trying to help us.



Yeah, but every time he tried to help us,

things got worse.



- OK. How do you explain this?

- Tawny!



- What are you doing here?

- I don't know.



That's why I'm asking -

how do you explain this?



- There was something I had to tell Louis.

- Where's Louis?



- And Ren?

- Hey, guys. Look what I found.



- I thought this island didn't get cable.

- That's what Miles said.



Miles said a lot of things.



Wait, Miles McDermott?



How do you know Miles McDermott?



It's all coming back to me.



He's on television...

The host of Family Fakeout. 



Never heard of it.



You haven't? It's the hottest new show.

Everybody watches it.



- We don't.

- You don't?



Of course not.

Because you're on it right now.



(whispers) There are cameras

watching you everywhere you go.



It makes sense now. It was all a setup.



OK, everybody watching out there,

I knew about it all along.



Miles? Miles?



This is not funny.

This is cruel and humiliating.



OK. Joke's over. You can come out

and have a good laugh now.



- Not you.

- OK.



Where is everybody?



How long does it take to reconnect

a few lousy cable wires? You're fired!



You're fired! You're fired! You're fired!



You're all fired!



Who are you? You're fired! Fired! Fired!



There is no Mandelino.

You guys are on Catalona.



That's right off the coast.

I feel like such a jerk.



Now you know how I felt

when I told you about Patrick Green.



You're so right, son. I'm sorry.



If we would have believed you,

we would have saved all this trouble.



Hey, guys. Over there.



I bet he knows where Miles is.

Don't let him get away, Donnie.



Hey! You with the skirt.



- Where is he?

- Where's who?






I'm really sorry. Do you guys hate me?



Alan, we could never hate you.



- What did you do?

- Nothing.



Just came by to help.



After I sold you guys out.



What, you're saying

you know we're on TV?



Actually, right now you're not.



They should be off the air for a little while.

I did some serious scrambling down there.



Well, that's good, because

as embarrassing as this was for us,



we still have a chance

to show them that they didn't win.



- That this is a family that sticks together.

- That's right.



- So you forgive me?

- I didn't say that.



Twitty, what was the last thing

people saw on TV?



You were scratching yourself

with a stick for a long time.



- What else?

- Beans was smelling a beetle. Oh...



And Ren was trying to kill Louis.






So are we gonna

get these suckers or what?



Oh, we're gonna get 'em, but first

we gotta get to Ren and Louis. Come on!



(Miles) I want to know

who was guarding that Twitty kid



and how he got into the video truck.



(Keith) We got picture,

we can go back on the air.



All right, people. Let's go, let's go.



You don't have any people.

You fired everyone.



All right, you're rehired, you're rehired,

you're rehired. Let's go, people.



If there's any justice in this world,

Ren hasn't caught up with Louis yet.



Come on, let's go. Get them on camera.



Frankly. I prefer wonderful dual tones. 



Now. Your egg will want to have

a pair of little bunny ears. 



And now you can hear me say

how cute you are. 



Hey. We're back. 



Sorry for the technical difficulties. But

that's what makes a live show so exciting. 



- What about the bunny ears?

- Coach!



I mean, thank goodness that's over.



Before our break, Louis was hunting

a squirrel and Ren was hunting Louis.



- Keith, where are those kids?

- I don't know.



Well, this might be a good time

to examine the natural beauty of the island.



- The flowers, the trees...

- We found them.



Later for nature,

let's get back to the action.



Oh, Louis, I know you're out there.



Looks like Ren is ticked off.

I wouldn't want to be Louis right now.



- Ren has totally lost it.

- No, not Ren. She's always in control.



(war cry)






There's a lot of rage there.



Little squirrel meat...

I just want a little squirrel meat...



Just a leg or thigh.

You can keep all your arms.



Hey, Ren.



I really liked Mootai. But you

just couldn't stand to see me happy.



- Ren, what are you talking about?

- You ruined my life.






The day you were born.



Ren. Uh, Ren, your shoe's on fire.









You can run, but you can't hide.



(war cry)



You go, girl. That's right.



(war cry. Squealing)






Miles, what if she hurts him?

We're responsible for these people.



Relax, OK? She's not gonna hurt him.



I'm gonna hurt you. Louis. 



(war cry echoes)



This is it, Louis.

There's nowhere left to run. (hisses)



This is better than wrestling.



OK, Ren, stop. Stop. Stop, stop, stop.



Oh, I can't tell you

how long I've waited for this day.



Wait a little bit longer, please.



Hey! Kids!



Great news! I just spoke to the tribal elders.



They've decided

to forgive your family.



You hear that, Ren? See? Everything's

great now. Great news. Thank you.



- See? All's well that ends well, right?

- The only thing that's gonna end is you.



OK. Ren, you know I'm afraid of heights.



And spears.



Ren! Louis!



We've been looking all over for you.



- Ren! What are you doing?

- I'm about to solve the Louis problem.



(Miles) I'm glad you're here.

Ren's a little upset.



This is the perfect time to tell you



that you're on the new reality show

called Family Fakeout. 



Yeah, that's a nice try, Miles,

but it's too late.



We're a million miles from nowhere



and if one of us disappeared,

nobody would know!



- I'd know.

- Ren!



Miles is telling the truth,

it's just a silly TV show.



- I don't believe you!

- Ren, listen, please.



We just found out. We've been

trying to find you guys to tell you.



You know what, I know what you're doing.

You're trying to protect Louis.



You're always trying to protect Louis.



Well, you know what?

I can't take it anymore! (shrieks)



No, Ren!



(they scream)



- Oh!

- Oh!









My baby.



Miles, this is all your fault!



(sobs) I'm so sorry.



It wasn't supposed to end this way.

Nobody was supposed to get hurt.






Miles McDermott, this is Lance LeBow



and I just dropped in to say:



"Gotcha," on your own show!






But... Louis...



Hey, Miles!



(they shriek)






- (Steve) Ataboy, Louis.

- How did...?



Yeah! Well, I jumped into a big old net,

just like we planned it.



Good catch, guys.



Hey, very convincing, sis.



I had a lot of practice, bro.









- I gotta admit, that was pretty cool.

- Aw, they didn't fool me for one second.



OK. I think we've had enough fun

for one day. 



Why don't we get back to that Easter thing

that we were having so much fun with?



Or you can flip the channel

and watch us live on "Gotcha. "



A little bunny tail for its little bunny bun.




And it can also be used as a powder puff. 



For those of you who are just tuning in.



Let's hear about how we made a total fool

of my old friend Miles on his own show. 



Is this really necessary?



It's necessary.

You see, Miles, we may argue sometimes,



but it takes more than a cheesy TV show

to rip this family apart.



- Yeah. Right on.

- Yeah!



Yeah. We figured out everything. Miles.

Except the fire god. 



I mean. How'd you get

Oprah to turn against us?



It's OK. Sweetheart. We're gonna

get you some nourishment real soon. 



You know, we put this prank together

in a mater of just a couple of hours,



thanks to family friends

Alan Twitty and Tawny Dean.



Now, what prompted you two

to call Gotcha with this great prank?



Guilt and shame. 



I would just like to say



that embarrassing innocent people on TV

for fun and profit is one of the lowest... 



- OK. OK.

- Will you let me speak?



Thank you. Kids. Now. Miles. 



I bet you're wondering, how did

the Stevens family turn the tables on you?



No. Not really. I've got

to get back to the studio. 



- What for? Your career's over.

- That's true. 



You see. People. When we found Ren.

She had Louis trapped in a tree.



Convinced he was the cause

of everything that went bad on this island. 



When we told the kids it was a setup.

They put aside their differences



and we all came up with this little charade. 



Hey. Lance. Get a shot

of those little scamps. Will you?



- Aren't they lovable? They're adorable.

- Stop. Louis. Look. 



- Can I go now?

- Sure.



I'll give you a three-second head start.



Remember, folks, watch us next week on...



(all) Gotcha!



Get him!



Hey, Ren.



Plane's here. Ready to go?



Yeah, I guess so.



- You OK?

- Sure.



- OK.

- Yeah.



Look, I'm really sorry

about blaming you for everything.






Look, I'm your brother.

I love messing with you.



But I would never do anything to hurt you.



- I know.

- OK.



- Hey, we made a pretty good team though.

- We made an awesome team.



The all-stars.

We had Miles crying like a baby.



Well, it's going to be

the highlight of my summer.



Well, summer's not over.



Might meet a nice guy

or something? Huh?



No. I'm not having that much luck

in that department.



Well, forget about luck. What about Jason?



- Who?

- Jason.



No? Jason!



He's a nice guy. End your business,

all right? Talk to him. Later.



(Ren sighs)



- Ren, I am so sorry about all this.

- I know. It's OK.



You're an actor, you know?

It's your job. You were doing your job.



And you tried to warn me.



The thing is, I wasn't acting.



What does that mean?



I really care about you.






We're leaving.



- I gotta go.

- Can I see you again?



You can consider that a "yes. "



- Say goodbye to Jason?

- Yeah. For now.






Thank you.



You know, this time

you didn't ruin things so bad.



All right, too much love.

Everybody get on the plane. Let's go.



Where's Mom and Dad? Mom, come on.



Hey, you know what? If there's

not enough room, I could swim home.



Don't worry, Twitty, we forgive you.



- Really?

- Yeah, but you're sitting with Beans.



I'm feeling a little gassy.

I hope the windows open.



Want to sit right here next to Papa?



Boy, it really could've been beautiful.



I think it was.



"How we spent our summer vacation. "

By Beans Arengaren. 



Donnie went off to college.



Where he excelled in football.

Baseball and philosophy. (laughs)



Just kidding about the philosophy. 



Mr. Stevens got a new job

at a great law firm. 



He was bringing home the bacon again. 



Unfortunately. That's just an expression. 



Louis got back

to his ultra-loungematic superchair. 



But he still has some things to work out. 



Ren and Mootai.

Whose real name is Jason.



Became inseparable. Yuck!



As for me. I spent plenty of quality time

with my favorite family. 



(all scream)



- What's for dinner?

- I thought I changed the locks.



- Mom, this kid scares me.

- Get out, Beans.



- Who invited him?

- Silly question - Louis.



- Hold on, why is everything my fault?

- Because it always is.



- You can't blame everything on me.

- (arguing)



(  "Dream Vacation"

by Jim Wise and John Coda)



  I'm done with school today



  I'm gonna get away



  I'm leaving now, to be precise



  Don't that sound nice?



  It's time to take it easy



  In a place warm and breezy



  A little piece of paradise



  Dream vacation



  It's summertime and we're having fun



  Dream vacation



  It's party time for everyone



  Walking on the beach at night



  Holding hands, it feels right



  Looking for a shooting star



  Crank up that guitar



  Crank up that guitar



  Crank up that guitar



  I want a









  Dream vacation



  It's summertime and we're having fun



  Dream vacation



  It's party time for everyone



  Dream vacation



  It's summertime and we're having fun



  Dream vacation



  It's party time for everyone

Special help by SergeiK