Exorcist 2: The Heretic Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Exorcist 2: The Heretic script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Linda Blair sequel movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Exorcist 2: The Heretic. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Exorcist 2: The Heretic Script




oh, Father.



Father Merrin, in the valley

of the shadow of death...



...be at my side.



why me?



I heal the sick.



why me?



okay, 8:00 tomorrow.






Debbie, can you hear it?






I'll turn it up.



Debbie, Debbie.



You can hear it?



Mother's late. She's never on time.



- Hi.

- Hi, Regan! You're right on time.



- For once.

- Yeah.



what's happening?



Not much.



- Any dreams?

- No dreams.






- Look, I'm just wasting your time.

- Why do you say that?



- Well, you know why I come here.

- Well, you tell me.



- To make my mom feel better.

- Explain that, would you?



- She feels guilty.

- Why?



Divorce, her career...



...away all the time.



Regan? Why don't you tell me

the truth? Don't you trust me?



But I do. I do.



You keep saying you don't remember

that time in washington.



I don't know if I believe you.



I remember being very sick

and having nightmares, and that's all.



Those bad dreams are still inside you.



There's nothing wrong with me.



Regan? Regan?

I want to show you something.



You see this? This is a machine

we can use together.



It can put us in a state of hypnosis.

You'd be very relaxed and comfortable.



And then we could look at those bad

dreams together and understand them.



And dissolve them.

You wouldn't be alone, Regan.



- How do you feel about that?

- I don't think you're ready for it.



what does that mean?



You're the doctor. You explain it.



Follow me, please.



cardinal Jaros, may I present Father

Philip Lamont, Society of Jesus?



would you care to explain

your refusal to accept this task?



I should be relieved from all pastoral

responsibilities. I'm not worthy.



Father, I have not asked you

to perform another exorcism.



I simply requested that you investigate

the death of Father Merrin.



You have performed exorcisms.

You knew Father Merrin.



Furthermore, you were exposed

to his teachings.



I cannot think of anyone

more qualified for this assignment.



Philip, it's so good to see you.



Merrin's reputation is in jeopardy.

His writings have been impounded.



I'm not surprised. No one in the church

wants to hear about the devil.



Satan has become an embarrassment

to our progressive views.



Merrin was rather more extreme,

I'm afraid.



He argued that the power of evil

threatens to overthrow God himself.



So they found a heresy to nail him to.



well, many of the theological

college believe that...



...he died at the hands

of the devil...



...during that American exorcism.



Some, and they are close to

the pontiff, go so far as to suggest...



...that he was a Satanist.

At the end, I mean.



Perhaps Father Merrin

took a path no one could follow.



But how he inspired us, Philip!



Here. Remember,

christ is hard to follow too.



we were young. Today,

wherever I look, I see only evil.



God has fallen silent.



I cannot move to safeguard

Merrin's testament...



...until all the facts about his

last exorcism are clearly known.



You will conduct the investigation.



You will act discreetly in all

confidence, reporting to me alone.



But I'm not worthy!



You are a soldier of christ.

Make yourself worthy.



okay, I want you to concentrate hard

on the name of this color. All right?



- Gene Tuskin, Father.

- Lamont, doctor.



come on in.



- Liz, what does he want?

- How would I know, Regan?



He's here about me, isn't he?



why do you say that?



what about the coroner's report,

the testimony? The file's that thick.



Yes, I know.



Unfortunately, it sheds very

little light on Father Merrin's death.



I was hoping to question the girl.



- Why don't you sit down?

- Thank you.



Regan suffered a severe trauma

by that experience.



I think the exorcism

made the problem worse.



You must know that three people died.



Regan's guilt was so great,

she repressed everything.



I'm sorry, Father.

I can't let you question her.



The shock of recall

could result in self-punishment.



I couldn't rule out suicide.



You have a heavy responsibility:

the care of her soul.



The care of her mind and her body

is my responsibility, Father.



You realize what you're up against,

don't you?



- What am I up against, Father?

- Evil.



Mental illness.

That's what we're up against here.



or the casualties of

a diseased society. Evil is not...



Evil is a spiritual being,

alive and living.



Perverted and perverting, weaving

its way into the very fabric of life.



- Sorry to disturb you.

- What is it?



I've changed my mind. I'd like

to try that machine after all.



- Fine.

- Could we try it now?



I'm sorry. I won't intrude any longer.



It's okay, Father.

You can stay if you'd like.



Regan, this is Father Lamont.

Regan MacNeil.



- Hello.

- How do you do?



well, we can do it

tomorrow then, Regan. Okay?



Father, maybe you can help me.



- All right, Regan?

- Good.



These experiments confirm that thought

can be transmitted across distances.



- Here he is, causing a spoon to bend.

- Sharon.



- Not on a stage...

- Look, I can do it.



...but under iaboratory controis

and observed by skepticai scientists.



- It's easy.

- Good God, Regan.



...they seem to defy naturai iaws.

How can that be?



oh, look, you fool.

You believe everything!



oh, wait, wait.



...but is mereiy an iiiusion:

a projection of the mind.



These are EEG biofeedback electrodes.

They pick up any brain frequency.



They're integrated

with these strobes...



...to bring two altered states

into synchronization.



- Are you ready, Regan?

- Yes.



we're going to do this

just the way I showed you.



Now, I want you to relax your arms.



Now, I want you to concentrate

on the strobe light.



Deeply relax.



Just let yourself go

and look at the light.



Now, I want you to relax

and make your tone go deeper.



Listen to your tone.






Deeper, Regan.



can you hear me, Regan?






when you hear the alarm buzzer,

you will wake up and feel fine...



...but you will remember nothing

that happened. Do you understand?






very good. Now, do you remember

your room in washington?






- Can you see your room?

- No.



Then I want you to go deeper.



Go deeper into your memory

until you can see your room.



Make your tone go deeper,

and you will see it.






Deeper, Regan. Deeper.



can you see it now?






I want to come down and be with you.

Do you remember how to help me?






Good. Bring me down to where you are.



You and I will obey the commands

that Liz and Father Lamont give us.



Do you understand?






I'm going to turn my light on now.



And you will help me

bring my tone down to yours.



can you hear me, Gene?






Relax, then.



And let yourself come down

deeper and deeper...



...to meet my tone.















- Doctor, can you see Regan's room?

- Yes.



Regan, do you remember the time

Father Merrin came up to you?






Regan, you will now respond

to Father Lamont.



- Regan?

- Yes?



That time in the room...



...try and remember Father Merrin

just before he died.



- We're alone.

- Is his heart strong? Resolved?



He is praying.



- Is he in pain?

- Yes.



- Is he casting out the unclean spirit?

- He is praying.



And you, Regan. What are you doing?



Dr. Tuskin?






Gene, wake up!



- What's wrong with Gene?

- Her heart, it's fibrillating!



Put that on. You've gotta go back

and find her right now.



I know where she is. Help me to find

and reach her. Liz, put this on.



- Liz, help me to reach Dr. Tuskin.

- All right, we'll try.



Relax deeply, watch the light.



That's good.

Let yourself go down deeper.



Listen to your tone,

and make it go deeper.






Deeper. Deeper.



- Get thee hence!

- She's mine, always.



- No!

- Always.



- Always.

- Father, please. Bring her back.



Father, can you hear me?



Father, please. Bring her back.



In God's name!



Tell Gene she will not remember.



Gene, you will not remember.

Gene, you will not remember.



- What happened?

- Are you all right?



Your heart was fibrillating.

I don't know what went wrong.



I couldn't bring you out of it.



Father Lamont had to go into synch to

contact you. He brought you out of it.



- He told you not to remember.

- Do you remember?






Do you remember?



come on, Regan.



I'll be right back.



I bet they're pretty drawings.

How are you?



want me to draw a picture?

what would you like me to draw?



- A house.

- A house?



why do you want a house?

A house is dull.



How about if I draw you a face?



- How do you feel?

- All right. You?



oh, I'm fine.



The psychological effects of synching

with another mind last a long time.



It's very powerful.



- Did you see what you wanted to see?

- Evil is gaining.



- Father Merrin was killed.

- By Regan?



She didn't. It did.

It wasn't the mind of a child.



It was horrible. Utterly horrible.



And fascinating.



we don't know all that much

about synchronized hypnosis yet.



what you saw could have easily been

a dream, a fantasy, a hallucination.



Not a memory at all.



Names, just names. Better to see

the face than hear the names.



I can't have a discussion now.

I have to do my rounds.



Doctor, what I saw...



I'm sorry.

It'll have to wait till tomorrow.



Hi, Amy.



Regan did a picture of you.



what's it mean?



It's you. She draws well.



The flames.






Doctor. Doctor, the flames.

They're getting bigger.



- We've got to put the fire out.

- Take it easy.



It's probably some post-flashing.

It's an aftereffect of hypnosis.



No, you've got to help me.

we may be too late.



- Where you going?

- You've got to help me. Her picture.



- Come on, Father. Give me a break.

- No, there's a fire somewhere.



I'll get the fire department.






You kids can go on in now.

Everything's okay. Go on in now.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



- Thank you.

- I got it.



Regan's picture, the flames.

She warned us.



That contact between us came

about through your machine.



whatever it was,

it saved the children.



It took a machine. The work you're

doing is incredible. Miraculous!



The machine is a device

to penetrate pathological states.



No, you're talking about therapy.

You don't realize the importance!



As much as I enjoy recognition,

you're overstating it.



Don't you understand that I was

face to face with the evil in her?



Your machine has proved that

there's an ancient demon within her!



we must fight it, we must help her!



It's all okay now.

You can go on in, all right?



I was trying to help her

before you came along.



You must let me synch with Regan!

In that way, you can control things.



well, I just don't know.



Listen, you can go in now.

It's all clear, okay?



I know what concerns you.



That Regan will suddenly remember.

That she'll go into shock.



I believe that Regan

already remembers everything.



The deaths, the possessions,

the demons.



She's out there, all alone,

trying to deal with this thing.



All by herself.



Come, Regan.



Come, Regan.



We're going fiying.



Far, far away.



oh, good morning, Sharon.



what got you up so early?



The doves woke me.

I guess they were hungry.



I may not be here when you get home.

can you let yourself in?



- Will you be all right?

- Where are you going?



- Washington. I'll be back soon.

- Washington?



Some things your mother didn't do

before going on location.



oh, okay.



wanna fly, babe? There you go, up.



I'm grateful to you for coming.



Mrs. MacNeil wants me

to help you while I can.



She would do anything

for Father Merrin.



She believes he gave

his life for Regan.



Are they gonna make him a saint?



The world doesn't want

any more saints.



This is not an official investigation.



when Father Merrin arrived,

how did he prepare himself?



Did he pray?



They couldn't explain it,

the police, could they?



Did Father Merrin ever name the demon?






It knew him, though.



- How do you know that?

- It called his name.



Did the demon seem

to expect Father Merrin?






It feared him, I think.






was Father Merrin afraid?



You'd better see where it happened.



what was her condition

when Father Merrin saw her?



Hideous. That evil face.



- I couldn't bear to be near her after.

- You're with her now.



Two years I stayed away. Two haunted

years, going out of my mind.



And all the time I longed to see her.

Finally, I came back and found that...



...when I'm with her

is the only time I'm at peace.



why would that be? I can't understand.

It frightens me.



Have you tried a psychiatrist

or a priest?



- I'm talking to one now, aren't I?

- I'm not here for you.






In there.



Praying. Have you tried praying?






I pray for the soul of Father Merrin,

who died in this room.



And for Sharon, who was touched

by the shadow of evil.



And for myself.



For myself.



- Next week then, Frank, okay?

- Is there any point going on?



I'll be in there fighting.



Just as long as you are.



- Hello.

- Hello.



come on in.



Do you...?



- Do you have children of your own?

- Yes, I do. Two.



A boy and a girl.



I'd like to spend more time with them.



Must be difficult,

with all your responsibilities.



Not to mention the complications

of being divorced.



You seem to manage.

Your heart is good.



It's hard to live alone.



Don't you ever need a woman, Father?






Telling secrets?



Do you remember dreaming

of Father Merrin?






can you see him now?






where is he?



It was iong ago when I was studying

the hoiy men of Africa.



This boy, this young boy...



...has very speciai powers.



They need his heip

against the iocust swarm.



But perhaps this swarm comes...



...because of the boy.



Does great goodness

draw evii upon itseif?



Now, Regan, Father Lamont

is hypnotized too.



I want you to bring him down to you.



Tell him what to do.



Father Lamont?






call me.






I am Pazuzu!






call me by my dream name.



call me.






King of the spirits of the air!






King of the evil spirits of the air!



Spirits of the air!



All-powerful God!



You gave power to your apostles

to pass through dangers!



Give us strength!



Fear not!



we are safe inside!



Even Pazuzu with all his legions...



...cannot transgress

this holiest of places.



Get thee hence, Satan!



Be uprooted!



Be expelled from this creature of God!



I command you to the depths of hell!



- Merrin defeated you.

- No!



In his own piace of power,

he gained a iittie time.



It was because the boy was a heaier

that you attacked him. Now I see.



- But Merrin saved him!

- Never!



I couid ciaim Kokumo even now.



- I'ii show you power.

- He's stiii aiive!



- Where is he?

- You want me to take you to him?






Are you sure?



Show me.



come fly the teeth of the wind.



Share my wings.



- What was it?

- A leopard.



He jumped at me.

The boy's still alive.



He frightened Pazuzu.



- Do you remember anything?

- Was it in Africa?



why do you say that?



It was like what I saw

at the Natural History Museum.



- But you weren't supposed to remember.

- I know.



- Okay, Regan, that's all for today.

- Okay.



Pazuzu showed me that boy. He's a man

now, in a strange mud city in Africa.



Perhaps I can find him.



He has a power over evil.

Regan recognized one of those places.



But she told us it was something

she remembered from the museum.



Let me ask her.



Just a minute. Take it easy.

I want to take a look at you.






Hi. Are you waiting for Dr. Tuskin?



She's very nice, isn't she?



what's the matter with you?



I'm autistic.



How do you mean?



I'm withdrawn.



I can't talk.



But you're talking now.



Yes, you are. I can hear you.



- You can hear me?

- Sure!






...the matter with you?



I was possessed by a demon.



oh, it's okay. He's gone.



Dr. Tuskin would like Sandra

to visit her voice therapy class.



Hey, Mom. You know

what happened to her?



You're talking!






can you hear me, Mother?



She's talking!



- God...

- Call Gene.



Are you all right?



Mother, it's all right.



- What is it?

- Regan's got Sandra talking!



- What?

- I've got to take her right home!



Her father's got to hear

before she stops!



- She's not going to stop.

- No, don't stop, baby, no!



- Keep talking!

- Come on in my office.



No! Her father would never forgive me.

I've got to take her home!



All right, take her home.

Liz, you go with them.



come on.



what did you do?



Nothing. I just started

talking to her.



First she was talking inside,

and then she started talking outside.



Gene, do you think I could start

helping some of your other kids?



You know, Regan, it's very dangerous

to fool with other people's heads.



Sandra seems to be all right...



...but don't try that again.



- Until...

- Until what?



well, until you're older.






well, there's Sharon. Bye!



Don't tell Sharon because she'll just

call Mom and worry her. Okay?



- I don't want to hear any speculation.

- She entered her mind!



- Let's stick to science.

- Don't hide behind science.



Listen, I'm responsible for Regan

while her mother's away.



- You stay away from her! Cut it out!

- You must fight that demon inside her!



- It keeps her from spiritual power.

- Demons?



we make our own, up here.

You're obsessed with the idea!



I'm not! I'm fascinated,

but I know the dangers.



Father Merrin was afraid

he'd slip into admiration.



How about adulation?



Hello, Father.



How did you know I was coming here?



well, I didn't...



...for sure.



I'm not allowed to talk to you.



Doctor's orders.






- Do priests believe in ESP?

- Some do.



A French priest thought we'd all come

together in some sort of telepathy.



A kind of "world mind" in which

everybody would share.



when is that supposed to happen?



I don't know.



Father Merrin believed that, with

modern research, it could happen soon.



I mean the kind of research

Dr. Tuskin is doing.



But if it happens

before we're ready...



...we may find ourselves pointing

in the wrong direction, toward Satan.



Look, Father.



That's it!



That's where Father Merrin

fought Pazuzu.



You remember Father Merrin?



what else do you remember?






Aren't you afraid?



I wish I could tell you not to be,

but I can't.



why wasn't that man with the leopard

afraid of Pazuzu?



I don't know.



- I'll try to find out.

- His name is Kokumo.






If he can teach me

how he has survived Pazuzu...



...l'll come back and let you know.



I must go to Africa right away!



If I can find this man Kokumo,

it will prove...



...that the exorcisms were valid.



But more than that...



...remember how Merrin prophesied that

new men would arise to purge evil?



They may already be among us.

Kokumo could be one of them.



I saw him in a vision.

I saw his power over evil.



I've asked you to investigate

the exorcisms of Father Merrin...



...not to step into his shoes.

You are in dire need of prayer.



- I suggest you make a retreat!

- Why not an advance?



Lamont, you are in open defiance of

the church! I beg you to reconsider!



I have no choice but to relieve you

of your assignment.



You will refrain

from any further action.



we'll speak again after your retreat.



Thank you.



I am in mortal sin...



...disobedience, pride...



...but evil overwhelms us!



I had to disobey!



I had to disobey!



where is she?



She's on the roof. She's always there.



I can't lock her up.



- I wish you'd help Father Lamont.

- What do you mean?



He needs your help.



How can I help him? I don't know how.



Yes, you do.



Regan, what are you talking about?



well, you know. Going into synch,

trying to reach him like that.



But you told me he's in Africa.



when you're in synch, it's different.



I mean, it doesn't matter

where you are.



You can find them.



You know...



...help them.



Is that why you haven't been

coming to see me?



- Because I won't let you go into synch?

- Yes.



I can't.



I have to do what I think is

best for you.



Is there anyone who would remember

Father Merrin?



Perhaps the abbot. I can ask him.



He knew Father Merrin.

He says he was very holy.



Did he know Kokumo?



Merrin came up here once

with a boy who was very sick.



There was an accident.



A wind, what do you say...?

A devil wind.



And a monk fell to his death.



The big wind raised much dust,

and the body was never found.



They searched all over, everywhere.



He didn't fall there. He bounced

on that ledge and fell there.



I'll show you!



Be careful!



wait! Wait for me!



over there!



In the cleft of that rock over there.



- How did you know the body was here?

- He was killed by the demon Pazuzu!



I flew with Pazuzu in a trance!



It's difficult to explain.

I was under hypnosis.



No, Father! Please wait!



Stop, Father, wait!












Father Abbot! Listen to me!



He will not speak

to a devil-worshiper!



I am not a devil-worshiper!



Please don't drug me.

Don't put me under, Gene.



I'm okay now.



- It'll make you sleep.

- But it will stop me from dreaming.



Maybe that will be good for a while.



But he needs me.



I've got to find him.



You'll be fine. You'll be just fine.



You're trying to kill my...



My soul.



A Muslim city with mud walls, golden.



Mud city with golden walls?

Sounds like Jepti.



- You know it?

- I know every holy place in Africa.



Religion's my business.



Plastic saints, icons,

Buddhas, voodoo gris-gris...



Edwards is my name.

Ecumenical Edwards, they call me.



Philip Lamont, archaeologist.



It's nice to know you, Father.



what now?






Spraying for locusts!



This is the traditional route

of the plague!



They think they can stop them

with DDT!



- I've flown this route before!

- When was that?



It was...



It was on the wings of a demon!



Did he take you to Jepti?



Yes, he did.



Almighty God...



...help me.



I must find Kokumo.



I have resisted.

I have not called on Pazuzu.



Help me.



call me.






call me by my dream name.



call me.



Pazuzu, prince of the evil spirits

of the air, take me to Kokumo.



I call upon you in the name

of Father Lankester Merrin.



How did you find me?



I saw you in the mind of a girl

who was possessed by Pazuzu.



- She is still in danger of dreams.

- How can I help her?



which girl would you help?



The one possessed by Pazuzu

or the one held by Father Merrin?



You must pluck out her evil heart...



...but Pazuzu has brushed you

with his wings.



You called on Pazuzu to reach me.



You've lost faith in your God.

You do not believe.



I do believe! I'll do anything

to help Regan! Anything!



Then prove your faith. Cross over.



My faith is in Jesus christ, reborn.



Prove it. Cross over!



Step out of your despair.



If Pazuzu comes for you,

I will spit a leopard.



can I help you?



I fell. I failed!



The heat, perhaps.

come inside, it's cooler.



- Who are you?

- My name is Kokumo.



- Did you know Father Lankester Merrin?

- Yes.



when I was young, in Ethiopia.

wonderful man.



He died while exorcising

the demon Pazuzu from a young girl.



- Were you ever...?

- Possessed by Pazuzu?



That's what my mother

used to tell me.



- Locusts?

- Yes!



Let me show you!



This is one of the main control

stations in equatorial Africa.



The key factor

is the brushing of the wings.



when it is dry...



...the grasshoppers go their own way,

happy individuals.



when a heavy rain hatches them

in large numbers...



...they crowd together.

Their wings brush against each other.



The agitation transforms them.



Here, you see them

in their various forms.



Most importantly, the brushing of

the wings changes their personality.



They become a destructive, voracious,

marauding swarm, with a single mind.



A locust mind, if you will.



The evil swarm sweeps over the earth,

possessing all that it touches.



Evil breeding evil by contact.



Is there no hope

once the wings have brushed you?



we try.



with the help of science.



Look at this young female.



She has been evolved to resist

the brushing of the wings.



At least, that is our hope.



we like to call her the Good Locust.



Her children will be

our agents in the swarm.



Breaking the chain reaction.



Remaining forever

happy-go-lucky grasshoppers.



Let us pray it succeeds.



The Good Locust?



- Where do you think you're going?

- It's okay.



I can't get you out of the bath.



oh, I lost the soap!



You got me all wet!



call back tomorrow.

You got me all wet, look!









Does Dr. Tuskin know?



well, where is the doctor?



Hold on, that could be Regan.






It's all your fault.

Regan's sick. You stirred it up.



She's left the hospital.

God knows where she is!



- I have to see her.

- You have some nerve!



Please. I can help her.

only I can help her...



Leave us alone!



we don't wanna hear about demons

or God or anything!



Just get out of here!



They put you in a hospital.



Dr. Tuskin doesn't understand.



- Did you find the man with the leopard?

- I did.



Did he tell you how to fight Pazuzu?



He told me...



...good and evil

are struggling within you.



we must fight it.



I brought this with me.



The synchronizer?



why don't you phone the police?






Gary? Linda?



Get your things.

I'll drop you at Miss Billing's.



That's no fair, Mom.



- I know, but I have to.

- What are you gonna do?



Find her myself.



And him too.



- Do you remember Sandra?

- Yes.



She's still talking.



You have a great gift.

Keep it from evil.



Pazuzu will brush me with his wings.



Don't be afraid.



Father Merrin will help us.



All right, Regan.



I'm ready. Bring me down.



He is with me.



come down.



Down, Father.



To meet me.



You're dying, Merrin, dying!



And your hopes die with you!



Not oniy Kokumo, but others iike him,

began to appear in the worid.



I found them where I couid...



...and tried to protect them

against evii.



So Satan has sent Pazuzu

to destroy this goodness.



why me?



I heal the sick.



Phiiip, you must take my piace.



She is precious,

and I entrust her to you.









Father, wait!

Father, where are you going?



- Why would they come here?

- The synchronizer.



- It's gone! She's way ahead of us.

- I know she is.



- Any news?

- Regan's taken the synchronizer.



See me.



Please, see me.



Gene, it's her. Line two.



- Regan?

- Gene, look, I took the synchronizer.



I'm sorry, but I had to. I needed it.



I left it at the Dixie Hotel, room   .



- Where are you?

- Penn Station.



- Is he with you?

- Yes.



He's going to Washington, isn't he?

To the house?



Regan, don't go with him.



I have to. It's my fault.

He's doing it for me.



Regan, iisten to me.

You're in terribie danger.



Gene, I gotta go. I'm sorry. Bye.



where is she?



Penn Station.



Hey, stop that!



Stupid bitch!



- Where are you going?

- Washington.



- I'm going with you.

- Call my kids. I'll be in touch.



Father, tickets!



Do you have any money?



No, I'm with him! He's sick.



They... They gave him an injection.



Leave her alone. She belongs to me!



It's an accident.






I need a doctor!



Drive on. Someone must

have called an ambulance.



well, Regan can wait, I guess.



wait! I'm a doctor. I'll help you.



Let me see.



Hold still.



The power.



It's getting nearer.

can't you feel it?



The power is immense. It fills me.



I can do anything.






You called Gene, didn't you?



Father, please don't be lost to me.



- Why don't you loosen your tie?

- Thank you.



why are you looking at me like that?



The power.



I must take you there.



Did Kokumo tell you that?



He said...



...the Good Locust...



- We'll get a taxi. Quick, hurry!

- Yes.



Taxi! Taxi!



- There's one!

- Hey, lady!



Lady, that's my taxi!






- Sorry about that.

- People!



where to?



Give him the address.



Georgetown.   Prospect Street.



-   Prospect Street?

- Yes! Come on, let's go!



Get going! The girl has to get home!



what now?



I'm gonna see about this!



- It won't do no good.

- She's a doctor.



- No difference. This is washington.

- Someone's dying.



Father, no!



Father, wait!



Driver, please hurry!



come on!



This is Prospect Street now.



There's the house.



I can't control it!



It's going crazy!



oh, my God!



Let me reach you.






Get me out of here!



Help me!



we've got to help Regan!



At least help Regan!



- To do what?

- To fight this thing!



Name it.






I've got to get inside.



Let me inside!






No! Father Lamont, help me!



Kokumo! Remember Father Merrin?






He's mine. He's chosen me.



Pazuzu's Regan is the only Regan!



Be joined with us, Father.






Kill her.



The wings. The wings are brushing me!



The wings are brushing me!

I must! I must!



we like to call her the Good Locust.



She was evolved to resist

the brushing of the wings.



No! Once the wings have brushed you,

you're mine forever!



She will break the chain reaction.



Kill her! We command you!



why me? Why me?



You must tear out her evil heart.









Help! Help, somebody!



Help me, somebody! Help me!















Sharon, your hunger for belief

was your truth.



The time has come.



Now we are saved and made strong.



The enemy of the human race...



...is subdued.



I'm sorry.



I understand now.



The world won't.



Not yet.



You have to go.



Take care of her.



- What happened?

- Oh, my God! How awful!



In God's name, what happened?



- Was anybody in the building?

- Gangway, please.



You witnessed what went on here?



was anyone inside?



Lady, are you okay?



Special help by SergeiK