The Eye 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Eye 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Oxide Pang movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Eye 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Eye 2 Script



Green is the most popular color this summer



Dark green is too, fashionable and nice



Can you tell me how old he is?



Which color tie do you prefer, 

dark green or light green?



Where are you?



Your office said you haven't been

at work for two days



I`m OK



Being lazy will make a person feel 

more ill, won`t it?



Which one do you prefer, 

dark green or light green?



I will pick something out for 

myself later



Don`t bother getting me anything



It`s better I spend all my money



Now it`s ok, my friend is waiting for me






I like both of these



Thank you






I have something to tell you



Let`s break up



What`s wrong with your voice? 

What happened?



I can`t keep living like this anymore



Let me go



Tomorrow, I will have another life



Go back to your wife



From now on, we will never see 

each other again



Promise me



Hello? Hello? 



Why did you treat me like that?



Why do you come here?



Is it morning now?



Miss Zheng, are you inside? Miss Zheng?



Miss Zheng, is there anybody inside?



Is there anybody inside? Is there?



What should we do? Open the door?



Go ahead



Hi, I am a social worker in this hospital.

I can help you



Tell her we need get in touch with her family



Get in touch with her family? OK



We want to know your family's telephone number



So we can call them to take you home



I have only one wish



I really don`t want to die



Please tell them



I am very sorry for what I did



I will never do it again



She is not sensible now



I guess she feels sad too



Let her come to terms with this 

by herself for awhile



I see, that`s all



Tell her to come to the police station 

before she leaves Hong Kong






Forgive me



Forgive me



Hello, can I help you?



Room       Thank you



I`m sorry, Miss



We have moved you to the   th floor






Beacuse there will be a ritual held in Room     



What ritual?



Manager, how can I tell her?



A Buddhist ritual



Excuse me .



Why are there so many monks here?



That room is cursed now, because of a suicide



The monks will chase away the evil



What evil?



All evil!



I`m sorry



Qie .



I`m sorry



Miss! Miss!



What the hell?



Hello, this is Zhang Yi



I can`t take your call at the moment



Please leave a message






I found a shop that buys old furniture



I will get them to have a look at ours someday 



Well .I have already moved back to my family



Come to pick up your things if you're free



But no need now



We also have to pay for another two months rent






I don`t know which one you prefer, 

dark green or light green



So I bought both of them



Why doesn`t he pick up the phone?



He didn't hear the phone ring?



or he forgot to pay the phone bill?



You're so stupid! He doesn`t want 

to see you anymore.



Why? Why does he ignore me?



I only want to hear his voice!



Don`t lie to yourself



You are already broken up



But why didn`t he answer my call?



You are already broken up!



So he won`t pick up your calls! 

Do you understand?



I know



I will never call him again



I will forget him as soon as possible



Be careful if you feel any pain



Young kids, always hurting themselves!



Take it easy when doing exercises



Here is your medicine



Don`t drink liquor and don`t eat spicy food



You can eat something else



Only a little



Because you're pregnant



You`ll feel ill at the begining of the second month



No, I can`t be pregnant!



Let me look at your hands



Don't delude yourself! You're definitely pregnant



 . Yes .No .Yes .No  Yes .No .



No No No 






Yes Nooo Noooo



Hey! You're still counting?



What in the world don`t you want to have?



I .



I don`t want to have a baby






Say "Sorry"!






No! No!



I told you I never would have jumped!



But I really saw someone else jump



Miss, we searched all the railway



There was nothing there



The other passengers said it looked like 

you wanted to jump in front of the train



so, they stopped you



That's not true! I'm going to see my docotor,

I have no reason to jump in front of the train!



I checked. Zheng Jiawen will see a docotor at  :  



a prenatal doctor



My brother`s wife was kind of crazy 

when she was pregnant



So strange



Call your family to take you home



You had an abortion once before



If you have another abortion



When you want to have a baby in the future



It will be more difficult



Do you understand what I said?



I don`t care



You can write the reason is that I am neurotic



Say it say I'm neurotic



Last time



Did I ask you your reasons or not?



This is the second time



Do you understand?



Did you hear the heartbeat?



In two weeks, the baby will have hands






I will schedule your operation for 

two weeks from now, ok?



But, you can cancel it whenever you want



Hello. This is Zhang Yi speaking



I can`t answer your call at the moment



Hello. This is Zhang Yi speaking



I can`t answer your call at the moment



Please leave a message



I need you



Please call me



What things can we take away?






Even the sofa?



And the desk?



Take everything away



Miss, this sofa is broken



Stop moving it, I'll move it another time



Ok, call my company if you want



Why did you ignore me?



Give me more time



Why did you ignore me?



Did I do something wrong to you?



I will never see you again!



I just want to forget about the past



I will never bother you!



I changed my mind



Miss, where is the underground station?



Over there



And where is the bus station to Qing Shan Dao?



I don`t know



It is more easier midstop there



Come with me to look for it



I have a call



Hey! Go away!






We need to verify your information



Are you Zheng Jiawen?






Have you been sick in a long time?



Did you take some medicine?






AIDS? Hepatitis?



or anything else?



Yes, I had hepatitis before



Call the lab, hepatitis



Do I need to stay in the hospital?



The person who you bit needed    stitches



We need to check your information.

Make sure you won't be dangerous to others



After we record your affidavit



you can leave






If you didn`t bite him



He would have been beaten in prsion



So many people were hurt by him



and all wanted to hurt him too



But, you must appear in court



You bit his face so seriously



I`m afraid witnesses might not regonize him



I I bit his face seriously?



Don`t worry about it



Somebody saw him stop moving when he was

lying on the ground





But you didn`t stop beating him



You see



You are only an emotional pregnant woman



protecting yourself when attacked



That`s not wrong!



He admited that



when you were biting him



shouting at him



"Don`t touch my baby"



"Don`t touch my baby"



Ok, it`s time to learn how to wash your baby



Before you start



You must check something



what should be checked?



The water temperature



The baby is very sensitive to water temperature



So, you must be check it carefully



You can give this job to the baby`s father



Dad must share responsibility in

looking after baby



If you feel the water temperature is good



you can put baby into it



And also note



Don`t put the whole baby into water at the same time



Put the baby in feet first



slowly  quietly



Try .



Notice baby`s response



If no problem, then you can give 

your baby a shower



Slowly  ok  some more water



Hold on to baby`s head



otherwise his neck will be hurt



Do you understand?



You can also ask your husband to help you



if there are some free seats



Ok, be careful!



You see? You almost let baby drown



Don`t put baby too far down in the water



otherwise it's easy to let your baby drown



Do you understand?






Ok, let`s do it again



Slowly .



put the baby into the water slowly 



Ok hold baby`s head



Be careful



Can we have a talk?



Where is your husband?



My husband said he will never come back home



I asked him why



He answered "no reason"



You two may have a good talk about that



He will never come back



I called him thousands of times,

but he didn`t reply



How can we talk?



Mr. Zhou



You`d better take your wife home first



Everybody should calm down now



Who are you talking to?



Him your husband?



Don`t scare me!



I see nobody there!



My husband is living in mainland China



and just called me a few miuntes ago



Who are you?



You are bleeding



I am here, my dear, I am with you



Go away  .



Please go away .



I insist on staying, my dear 



Get out Hurry Get out!



Don`t be afraid .I`m with you



Use the left lift



I`m with you my dear



We're going to  B too



Get in 



Let`s get in my darling



I can`t stand this so painful!



Take it easy, my dear!



Take a deep breath it will be ok soon!



How long will this pain last?






How long will it last?



My dear how long?



and when you called me .?



I don`t know! I don`t know!



So painful!!



Two or three hours.



I don`t want to give birth .



Breath deeply Breath deeply 



Baby will be out soon .



What`s wrong with her?



I will check her



Take it easy Slowly






You`ll be ok nothing to worry about



Umbilical cord .



You are away



What do we do now?



Don`t see, don`t see



Breath deeply Breath deeply



We'll go to the operating room



 .you are so panicked



you will hurt the baby



We'll arrive soon



Talk to her .distract her attention



Darling Relax Don`t worry



I will be with you forever



Don`t push too hard! You will hurt the baby



Baby`s head is out careful!






Mrs listen to me



the child will be born soon



We'll help you here ok?



You must try your best



and the child will too



Ok, let`s begin



Push .Push 



Push .



Did you see?



Don`t bother her



Don`t look don`t



Push you will be ok



Come on Baby will be born soon



Quickly .the baby is so close now



Try Try your best!



Don`t shout!



Is the child ok?



Call Emergency



Prepare to save its life



Don`t hurt my baby!



Don`t hurt!



Come on, help me! There is another patient inside






Don`t move



Slowly .slowly 



Buddha said



Everything will be ok



but sometimes humans are very stupid



we are far away from the wisdom



away and away



if we run into problems



we find a way to kill ourselves



and we still think we can control everything



These people spend   hours taking the bus everyday



in order to come here to study the exercise



They are all terminal cancer patients



Life and death is only a way of life



No matter what happens



we should still be alive in this world



We always ask ourselves



Why is my own life the worst in the world?



In fact life is in our hearts



When we meet some troubles



We will have different reasons to avoid them



Explain what is fate what is bad



Because our hearts are full of sadness



If we can find out what causes our sadness



Everthing will be solved



Take me to Tongluowan, Huanshibao



Miss, is everything ok?



What`s the matter?



Sister, did you see my dad?



It`s too late, why isn't your dad back?



Sister, did you see my dad?



Ok. Ok. Well done!



Raise your left leg



Come on 



Great come on 



Ok. Relax do your best to raise your leg



Good! Well done!!



It is very important to do this exercise



before you give birth



use the water you will feel better



Ok Go on 



Well done!



I will enter the hospital next week






You don't need to be there 

until your baby's birth



I always have bad dreams at night now



Dreams my baby was born



but without arms and legs



My doctor suggested I stay in the hospital



It is better than staying at home alone



My husband is not at home, so I think 

it's better to stay in the hospital



Otherwise my daughter will be scared 

when I give birth suddenly



What are you doing?



Why are you there?



Jiawen what`s wrong with you?



What`s going on?



Get out! Get out!



Jiawen what`s wrong with you?



She was beating others in a restaurant



She already took tranquilizers



According to her regular doctor,



she is a little depressed



What`s wrong? Jiawen






He wants to hurt Mrs. Zhou`s baby



Tell Mrs. Zhou



he wants to get her



There is somebody who can look after Mrs. Zhou



Can we take care of your baby?



I can help you



to see your baby






Enn .it is a bit painful



Just relax



Don`t move



You see, everything is ok



Baby`s feet are moving!



Can you see?



Isn't that funny?



Baby is very healthy. Don`t worry



That woman in the train station

really wanted to hurt my baby!



Every happening has its own reason



If you never did anything bad to other people





you shouldn`t care about something so strange



Why must I accept this bad experience?



I have never hurt others



Why am I being treated like this?



Everything can be solved by a pure heart



I think you're always avoiding something



Only you know what you avoid





Who is she? Who on earth is she??



Get out!!



Get out!!



Get out!!



There was a woman who killed herself 

here before, wasn`t there?



Miss, I've only been working here 

for a few days, I don`t know



I can`t answer any questions



I`m sorry






Hello. Xiao Dai?



Please find some information about that woman 

who wanted to kill herself on the train



I'm writing about her



I also need her picture and address



I want to visit her family



I looked for files all last night



But only found two cases



Can I vist Miss Zhang?



Who's there?



Sir . someone wants to visit



Why did you lie to me?



It's already over



Don`t think about it anymore, ok?



Don`t lie to yourself! We killed her!



Why didn`t you tell me .

your wife killed herself?



We had already broken up!



Why did your wife kill herself?



Don't you know?



Now .she wants to make me die 



Tell her .Tell her!



I didn`t make you leave your wife



Yes It was me I killed her!



That night



you called me



I miss you!



Me too .where are you now?



Did you tell her about us?



I can`t tell you now she's here



I can`t wait for you for such a long time!



Don`t be mad



No .I want you to be with me right now!



Call me in a bit



It`s her call! Don`t answer!



Please .don`t answer!



We can pretend nothing happened between you two



I didn`t hear anything



Don`t answer



We can pretend nothing happened between you two



Why do you treat me like this?



You will regret it



I will make you regret it forever!






Are you ok?



I will call you



You asked me to call you in a bit



I will make you regret it forever!









What`s happened?



It`s me that killed her



I`m sorry



Why did eveything go so wrong?



I'm leaving Xiao Zhang



Get some rest ok?



Can we talk now?



I think .



We should break up



It's not good when we're together



I feel so bad



And I think your wife`s feeling it too



Let`s part from now on



Go back to your wife



What the hell are you saying?



What do you mean?



We have already killed her!



Your wife is waiting for you to have dinner



I'm leaving



It`s too late



We have already killed her






Not me!



I didn't kill her!



It`s she who wanted to kill my baby!



What`s wrong with you?



Mrs. Zhou



I don`t want to give birth to this baby



She made me have such a bad experience



Some people in this world never 

want to face the pain



They choose to avoid being hurt



force themselves to forget everything



even pretend nothing happened



they will do their best



to stop something from happening



Jiawen is one of them



She forced herself back to the time 

when your wife was still alive



And asked you about your relationship 

in that virtual space



She thought if your relationship was over 

before your wife died, it would be better



But she still can`t forget that you 

hurt your wife and let her die



She has some psychological problems



She couldn`t stop the illusion 

even though she was hurt by you



In a word



She is searching for a special way 

to save your wife



Please help her



I have already made my wife die



so I don`t want to make her die too



and our baby



We must wait for the birth of the baby



It`s too dangerous to take medicine now



Don`t let him hurt your baby! Mrs. Zhou



Don`t hurt her baby! Mrs. Zhou



I can`t stand the pain!



Mrs. Zhou



The baby is coming out, here



Your baby will be out soon



Relax Take it easy



Push .



Breathe, breathe



Again Again



Baby is out



Here's your baby



He is not her baby!



Baby everything is ok



Her baby is about to be born!



carry her to the operating room 

as quickly as possible



Baby`s dad is an artist



After we broke up



I learned I was pregnant with his child



He already had a wife then



and a happy family



I will take responsibility



And support my child in the future by myself



You see she is so lovely



She will love me



I love you too baby




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