The Eye Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Eye script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Danny and Oxide Pang movie which will soon be remade starring Renee Zellweger.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Eye. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Eye Script



Some people say, this world is ugly



yet, it is beautiful at the same time



I don't know if they are right






I'm about to see the world with fresh eyes



Wong Kar Mun

I'm giving you a local anesthetic now



The operation will take about 2  hours



Are you ready?



Who's that?



Quiet! We don't want to alarm the nurses



I am in the bed next to yours



I heard that you just had an eye operation



I've had many operations here



I know the whole hospital. They are all nice to me



How old are you?



Why so many operations?



I'm   . I should have been in junior high by now



but my mother says I have a brain tumor



which affects my nerves



That's why I pass out all the time



They have to remove it



But it's so large and dangerous



they have to operate many times



So I skipped school last year

and stayed here ever since



You're so young, yet so brave!



Once you can see again



I'll take you out to play



The world is really beautiful.



Wong Kar Mun

when I remove the bandages from your eyes



it might hurt a little at first



If it hurts too much, let me know



We can always do it tomorrow



Now, let's try.



Open your eyes slowly



Hey, don't force yourself if it hurts



It hurts!



Is it too painful?



Dr Lo, she must be in a lot of pain!



She hasn't cried out

in pain ever since she was a kid!



Grandma, let Dr Lo do his job



Please don't worry about it.



Very few patients experience immediate success



It takes time...



...for the eye and brain to work together



Come on



Ying Ying



Ying Ying



Hi, can you see now?



I'm Ying Ying



Can you really see me?



I think I can see. I'm not sure



Great! You can see!



Nurse, she can see!






her eyes are working!



She sees me! Come quick






The hospital called!






Mun can see!






Let's go to the hospital now



Are you going to discharge me now?



Not so soon



Every cornea recipient starts off near-sighted...



by as much as      degrees



Only when your eye muscles are able to adapt



will this falls to about     degrees



When will she have perfect eyesight then?



No one has perfect eyesight,



most people are near-sighted by about     degrees



Does that mean...



...she will need to wear glasses?



That won't be necessary



All she needs for the moment 

is a pair of sunglasses.



Mun, get some rest



If everything goes well, you can be released early



You can take off your sunglasses now



Try to get used to the light gradually



If you feel pain



or if your eyes start watering



then you should close your eyes



and let your eyes rest



Here, I'll help you onto bed






Is there a mirror in every washroom?



I'll take you there









Take your time and call me if you need anything



Who's that?



Ying Ying, is that you?



Why are you so quiet?



I'm having another operation tomorrow



You promised to take me out once I can see



You promised to take me out...



...once I can see



We'll go out and have fun...



...after your operation



Did they say you can leave the hospital already?



Not yet!



But even if I do, I can always drop by for a visit



Let's take a picture together.



Let's do it outside! Alright



Let's go... But where?



Let's go that way!



What's this?



A camera






Now, look this way






Ready...     !



Madam, are you alright?






I'm freezing...



Send this one to Block C



We have a full house in Block B






did the old lady pass away?



Yes, we've taken her away



But last night...



I saw someone drop by to visit her



They even went out together



Are you sure?



We don't allow any visitors here at night



Where's Ying Ying?



She went for an operation this morning



Dr. Lo preferred that



you stay for two more days...



but because

I'll be away on flight duty for two weeks



No one will be able to pick you up then



It was easier to have you discharged now.



This way

you and grandma can spend more time together.




           's already   p.m.!



Hope this place is easy to find...



...hope we won't be too late



We're only    minutes late for our appointment





I have to leave for work soon



I'm sorry.

Dr Lo just stepped out for a few minutes










There he is



Is my   o'clock here?



Yes, they are



Mun, let's go



Let me introduce you to the nature of my work.



From now on



I am Ms Wong Kar Mun's psychotherapist



Since Ms Wong lost her sight at the age of two



Her visual vocabulary



is extremely limited



and she has probably forgotten most of that



Lets' say



Ms Wong, could you please remove your glasses?



and let your eyes get used to the light



Can you tell me what's in my hand?



You'll recognize that it's a stapler...



...once you touch it



because all your previous knowledge of objects



were based on touch, not on sight



Now you are no longer blind



My job is



help you re-establish



how to use your eyes



and understand what you see



Actually, I'm not too worried about that aspect



What concerns me is your psychological state



After regaining sight...



many patients end up feeling alienated and fearful



Dr. Lo



Is the other Dr Lo a relative of yours?



You mean Dr C.T.Lo?



Yes, he's my uncle



So...what time do you finish work today?



Ms Wong is my last patient for the day


            see, I need to catch my flight



Can I trouble you to send Mun home after this?



I see, of course



Any After all, starting from today...



I need to take

Ms Wong outdoors for her training anyway.






You can go ahead



I'm fine by myself



I'm used to it



That's you as a little girl



Your father filmed this a long time ago...



so that you could see it if your eyes ever healed



He stopped filming after he divorced your mother



That was   or   years ago






Is it true when Dad comes back



he'll take us to Vancouver?



I know you don't want to go,



but life in Vancouver moves at a slower pace



It will be better for you



I can't even read Chinese

how will I learn English?






I don't want to rely on others forever



I want to learn to write



and find a job in Hong Kong



I want to be independent



Your father would worry about you going to work.



I have to do the dishes

I'll leave you to watch this alone



Can I help you?



Have you seen my report card?






Do your live around here?



Mun, who's that?



It's a little boy, Grandma



Did a report card ever turn up on our balcony?



That kid is teasing you



Just ignore him



Kid, what are you eating?



I'm very hungry



What's your problem?




we have two pieces of good news today






Ms. Tone Deaf had a successful operation!



And second, for our Christmas charity concert...



We'll be performing with Vanessa Mae!



Mr. Cheng

why haven't I received the practice schedule?



Mun, you know, after all...



we're an organization for the blind



You're always welcome to come to practice...



but perhaps you should do something else

for the performance



such as coordination



or taking care of our members



I can even arrange for you



to help out at the centre



Mr. Cheng



I really want to take part in this performance



I've practiced so long



was just because of this concert!



I understand, but...



Excuse me, Mr. Cheng



Vanessa Mae's agent



wants us to fax over her schedule



I'll be with you right away.



Mun, Mun?



Let's finish our discussion again. I have to go.



Let's finish our discussion again. I have to go






Are you leaving?



Yes, to class



Come back early for dinner



I've prepared some special turnip soup






Have you seen my report card?



Didn't you find it yet?



I really haven't seen it



Perhaps you should ask someone else



Ying Ying!



Excuse me, I'd like to talk to her



Look what I've brought for you?



Sis, I've just had chemo-therapy,



I'll throw up if I eat



It's OK



Then we'll save it for when you get better.



If only we had believed him just that once



or given him a chance to explain



he might still be here playing video games



Who would have expected

him to jump off just like that?



Suicide is a dreadful sin



The souls of those who commit suicide...



are obliged to repeat their painful deaths everyday



To help him break out of this vicious cycle of pain



we need to tackle the cause of his suicide



Only then can his soul leave this world in peace



Have you ever considered



he might be telling the truth?



Perhaps he really did lose his report card.



Have you been teaching calligraphy long?



Yes, many years indeed



I'll teach you how to hold the brush



I'll teach you how to hold the brush



Use your big thumb and middle finger



and form a circle just like this



Like this, try



Very few want to learn calligraphy nowadays



I used to teach   lessons a week



Now, it's down to only one



I'll let you try writing by yourself



Try it yourself



Why are you sitting in my chair?



Why are you sitting in my chair?!



What is this? What is going on?



What are you looking for? Are you okay?



What happened?



Are you feeling unwell?



Is Dr. Lo here?



Ms. Wong, you are early



Your next appointment isn't until Friday



He won't be back from his meeting until   p.m.



Will he definitely be here at   p.m.?



If it's urgent



I can page him for you now



I'll be back at  



You can see them, too?



They don't usually want to be seen



But you'll get used to it



All the stores nearby have been bought up



only my boss refuses to sell



He seems to be

expecting his wife and child to visit



Actually, he can't see them at all



...there was a car accident over there...






My secretary said you were asking for me



What's the matter?



Will you help me?



Of course I will



Your eyes hurt?



Will you believe me?






What is it?



The shadows...they come to bring the dead



What shadow?



When I was at the hospital...



I saw a man



He...he took an old lady with him



The next morning, the old lady was dead...



My room keeps changing

suddenly into a different room...



I even saw a person missing her lower body...



When he rushed over, it was like an electric shock



my whole body went numb...



Calm down



And tell me slowly



When I was little...



Granny told me...



I was not an ordinary child.



God had given me some obstacles...



so that I would grow up

to be an extraordinary person



Now I understand



what it means to be extraordinary



An extraordinary person



can see things others can't...



and feel pain that others won't feel



Maybe, I was never meant to see this world



I don't want to terrified in bed every night...



I don't want to terrified in bed every night...



then awaken horrors every morning



I just want to be an ordinary person



Dr. Lo, can you help me?



Yes, of course I will



One of my psychology professors...



from the States...



has just come to Hong Kong to visit



Let's meet him tomorrow



He might be able to help



How can you help me when you don't believe me?



What's going on?



Excuse me, I have to go



Call me if you need anything






Who's that?



A friend



He asked your sister to take something to States



Yes, that's right



You are home early



Aren't you supposed to be back next week?






a co-worker switched her shift with mine.



So I come back a bit earlier



It's smoky here



Why don't you go up?



  th floor, unit-C



Have you seen my report card?



Stop asking me?!

I've already told you I haven't seen it!



Have you seen my report card?



  th floor, unit-C



Uncle, listen to me...



No way!



Only you can help us with this!



I've already said no!



If you still respect me as your uncle



and respect yourself as my nephew



you should have never approached me with this!



First of all



You should know only too well...



what medical ethics are regarding organ transplant



And you should also know that...



the identity of the cornea donor



is concealed from me



What shadow?



One cornea transplant and she starts seeing ghosts



You actually believe that?



What if I do?



Then we have even less to talk about!






Don't tell me you fell for your own patient






Dr. Lo, is that you?



Mun is in trouble!



Can you come over immediately?



Yes, right away



Yes, I admit



she's more than a patient to me






How long do you plan on hiding in this little room



Five years? Seven? Or ten?



You have to confront your problem sooner or later



You want to play violin? Go play with the troupe!



I can accept you pretending to be blind



But even then



then you didn't isolate yourself here



I just want to help









Ying Ying, what are you doing here?



I can leave the hospital now



You can?



Yes, I don't need any more operations



I can go to school now






hen once I am out of here



we can go out...



we can take pictures, we can even...



I'm so happy that you can see now,



because this world is really beautiful



Ying Ying...



It's alright! Cheer up.



Be strong and things will work out for the best



I have to go now



Ying Ying!



Wong Kar Mun, I want to tell you...



Ying Ying has already...



I know... I just saw her



I know she's dead



What are you looking at?



Ying Ying



Can you see her?



It wasn't her



Don't know why she didn't show up today



Are you not afraid anymore?



I don't think I have a choice



I see all these things anyway.



At least, I get to see the people I care about



What's this?



Ying Ying made this for you



What's written on it?



Don't forget me



She put in the wrong photo though



Who's this?



It's you!



Don't you recognize yourself yet?



What is going on?



Who are you?



Who the hell are you?!



We believe that

the very last consciousness of a mortal



carries over to the afterlife



That is

the very thought of a person in his final moment..



would become the eternal consciousness of his soul



Those who die a sudden death



have no recollection of the instance of death



Their souls remain in

this world as if they're still alive



But there are others

who intentionally refuse to leave



mostly due to unresolved

problems during their lifetime



These souls can't be consoled

while their problems remain



There is only one way to help them,



and that is to resolve what they left unsettled.



The woman whom

Ms Wong keeps seeing after resuming her sight.



We have to resolve her problems

so that she can move on



I hope I haven't done anything wrong



Even if it's wrong, it'd be my fault



And I won't regret it



Were you reincarnated into the wrong body?



Why are you so different from...



...the rest of the family?



Be careful



Bangkok, Thailand



Dr. Lo believed you in the end?



Let's just say Dr Lo is not involved



He's a professional after all



you know what I mean?






Are we close?



I'm not sure



It says here that her

Chinese name was Chiu Wai Ling



A Thai born Chinese



Here are her hospital records



This is Siam-Rach Hospital






This is probably the place



Let's get off to take a look






This is Siam-Rach Hospital?



Yes. Right



I want to meet a doctor, his name is Eak



Please come help



Can I help you?



I want to meet a doctor



his name is Eak



You know him?






It's there a Doctor name Eak here?



It mentioned here



It's this hospital, his name is Eak



He's not here now



Not here?









What is it?



This is the place



What place?



The place I've been having nightmares about






This has to be it!



Doctor Eak!



What's the matter?



You have two visitors.



Mister, this is Dr Eak



You're Dr. Eak






My name is Wah



Hello Nice to meet you



It's her



After the Cornea operation



We come over here



To thank the donator's family



Hope you can give us some detail



Here is the file



Are you two from Hong Kong?



You speak Mandarin?



Can you help us?






Sorry, I can't disclose our hospital records



This is our hospital policy



Please understand






We need to see the donor's family urgently



Could you perhaps ask them



if they are willing to meet us?



Her family will not be willing to meet with you



Who are you to Ling?



Please leave






After I got Ling's corneas



I started to see things that she saw!



Ling was a sad and lonely girl



All of the villagers stayed away from her






From time to time



she would weep outside someone's door






a person in that house would pass away



So everyone took her to be a witch...



and always chased her away when they saw she



The children treated her like a monster



even I threw stones at her when I was a kid...



Because none of you

could believe that she foresaw death?



Maybe it was because of fear.



So, do you believe it now?



This is it



Mrs. Chui, these two friends are from Hong Kong



Nobody welcomed Ling



so she hardly ever set foot in the village



Yet, on the night of the fire



many saw her running around



shouting hysterically...



as if talking to herself



Since everyone detested Ling



no one paid any attention to her



Some villagers threw water on her



to drive her away



Around midnight, a big fire erupted



and kept burning till noon the next day



Among the deceased

    were burnt beyond recognition



How exactly did Ling die?



She hanged herself



Ling killed herself the day after the big fire



Is Mrs. Chui alright?



She's fine



So you too believed that she wasn't insane,



but that she only saw things no one else could



She foresaw a big disaster



and tried to warn everyone



but no one listened to her



I don't understand any of this spiritual stuff



I just want you two to know that



Ling was a very kind person...



and she had a tough life



Can I take a look at Ling's room?






...I want to stay here



I'll take you to Ling's grave tomorrow morning



You've been very kind to us, thank you



You should go to bed now



Alright, I'll stay next door



Shout if anything happens



I know

you've wanted me to come here all this time



Well, here I am now



What do you want to tell me?






Hurry...take her to the hospital!



Get lost...



You should be ashamed of yourself...



You are a curse!



Told you not to come here!



She's evil! Don't ever play with her!



Go save him! Save my boy...



Help him... Make him breathe...



What have you done to my boy...



You little bitch! Go to hell...



She's evil!



Stay away from my house! Get lost!



Be reasonable!



My daughter is only trying to help...



Go away!



Mrs. Chui, I know how to help Ling



let's go upstairs to see her



Her most painful time was not in the past



it's right now!



Since she killed herself,



she's been trapped in a time warp...

constantly repeating her suicide



She was dead



How can someone who's dead die again?



Listen to me



very soon she'll appear upstairs



Let's go up to see her!



I won't see her!



I spent my whole life protecting her



I never once gave up on her,



but she gave up on herself!



For that I can never forgive her!



Just listen,



I'm sure you hear this sound every night



Ling died at  'o clock, didn't she?



Mrs. Chui, come with me and you'll understand!



I'm not going upstairs!






Help me...



Help me...






Help me...



Help me!



Help me...



Is it Ling?



Is it really Ling?






Help me...



Ling, you were the one who left me...



you were the one who left me...






Help me...






Ling, Mommy is coming!



Ling! Ling!



My girl, mommy's right here



Don't be afraid



No one can bully you anymore



Mom, I'm so sorry



I was wrong



Please forgive me!



I've already forgiven you






What happened?



Are you alright?



Go that way! Move over...



Hurry! Pull him out!



Careful! Come on keep pulling...



Over there! Move!



Get out!



Get out!



Something's happening, get out, quick!



Granny, leave your house now!



Leave your house now!



Brother, run for your life!



Get out! Quick! Run!



Get out! Run...



Run! Run for your life!



Run! Run for your life!



Run! A disaster is coming!



Run! Run now!



What's she saying?



Run! Get out!






Go, go, go...Move over...



Go, go, go...Move over...



...Listen to me...






Ever since that day, Ling never appears again



I hold no resentment towards her...



Since I saw

and experienced the same pain that she did.



But aside from pain



I saw beauty



I no longer question why am I blind



It is because



I've already seen

the most beautiful things in this world



Things I'll never forget

Special help by SergeiK