Faraway, So Close Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Faraway, So Close script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Wim Wenders movie with Bruno Ganz.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Faraway, So Close. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Faraway, So Close Script







you, whom we love...



you do not see us...



you do not hear us.



You imagine us in the far distance...



yet we are so near.



We are messengers...



who bring closeness

to those who are distant.



We are messengers...



who bring the light

to those who are in darkness.



We are messengers...



who bring the word

to those who question.



We are neither the light,

nor the message.



We are the messengers.






are nothing.



You are, forus...






Most children's accidents

don't happen in traffic.



They happen at home

when some medicine lies around.



Naturally, one can

always get divorced!



They can't even issue receipts,

much less guarantees.



West Berlin looks just like East Berlin.

What'sall the fuss?



Saying it's colder in the north

than in the south-- that's big news!



Yes, the age-old question.



The meaning of life.

Why is mankind here?



Such a short moment,

compared with eternity.



I wonder, is it better or worse

for people not to know their fate?



Better, I think, since they search

throughout their lives...



and ponder the purpose

of their existence.



Here are some very moving verses...



by our fellow country man...



Fyodor Tyuchev,

poet and diplomat.






as proclaimed the world over...



can only be forged...



with blood and steel.



We shall let love

show us the way.



Then we shall see

which one lasts longer. "



I'm certain that a secure world...



can't be built on blood.



Only on harmony.



We humans--

politicians, philosophers...



actors, workers, farmers...



people of all creeds...



we must agree on this.



If we can agree only on this,

we will solve all the rest.



To every thing there is a season...



a time to every purpose

under heaven.



There is a time to be born...



a time to die...



a time to kill...



a time to heal...



a time to weep...



a time to laugh...



a time to seek...



a time to keep silent...



How do you cry

when you have no eyes?



a time to speak...



Bird's-eye view... soldiers fleeing.



a time to love.



They seem to flee from each other.



If only our tears could help them,




If only we could lightup

their darkness occasionally.



Let us never stop

celebrating the light, Cassiel.



The light alone

reveals them to themselves.



What am I now?



- A time...

- Poplars near the house.



- to love...

- Two poplars. They form a gate...



- a time...

- through which one must pass.



- to hate...

- They must grow. The path is so easy.



- a time...

- It maybe long...



for conflict...



but He will forgive

every step you've taken.



a time...



Otherwise the poplars

wouldn't be there.



for peace.



Always two poplars.

One gate.



Come, Path. Now you must be

the only one.



But why can't I come with you?



- You've got to get well.

- I'm well.



And your sore throat?



What a drag!

Why can't we go on Saturday?



That would be a great idea,

if Konrad would remember to eat.



But he forgets that he should eat.



So wear your scarf,

and don't play outside.



I know that.

I'm not stupid.



I'll go to my room

and play Gameboy.



I hope that's allowed...



if someone has a sore throat.



Most of us are soboring

because our cities are soboring.



Long ago the nomads

must have been overcome by boredom...



so they said, "Let us build,

here and there and there...



some hideous cities

made of stone...



so that our world-weariness

lies in the squares and streets...



houses and apartments.



Because we're empty

and we'reallin!



We're all empty and all in. "



What's that called?



"Chasing the wind... "



Something is needed--

some kind of joy.












"Today is like any other day.



Time goes by much slower. "



What a  strange thought!



As if time were painful.









Oh, Hanna.



A hug.



Watch out.

I'm covered in oil.



It doesn't matter.

You always are.



Where's our little sweetheart?



- She's got a sore throat.

- Now? ln the middle of summer?



Give her lots ofice cream.



It's soothing.



You and your home remedies!



It'll be gone tomorrow.






I always gave you ice-cream

when you had a sore throat.



Except once.



Really? Oh, yes!



I had to call the doctor.

I don't remember the reason.



I had diphtheria.



If you need me,

I'll be in the trailer.









Old men and their housekeeping!



Young men are even more untidy.



It's just that there are more reasons

to forgive them.



That's the difference.

Right, you old eagle?



Such nonsense!

Why am I talking to you?



You're still a young bird...



built in     .



Wasn't that just yesterday?



I remember what was going on

in the world when you appeared.



The Anschluss ofAustria,

then the skirmishes...



with the Czechs.



The smell of war

was in the air...



although no one knew

what kind of war.



You were sent to the front...



because of your sliding roof...



which is normally meant

for sunshine and fresh air.






that assignment wasn't spelled out

in your factory guarantee.



Bing, bang,

you were ready for war time use.



Everything is ready

for war time use...



anytime, anywhere.



Our passengers were

all top brass.



I always said being a chauffeur

is not a job.



It's the only

extra marital relationship...



where you gain nothing.



Drive a customer

down to the Sudeten land...



and back to the city

the same evening.



To Thuringia, to Bavaria...



way up to the coast.



Three hours' waitin Regensburg!



I paced back and forth...



without letting you

out of my sight.



You were so new,

my agle...



and so damned beautiful.



Only once did we get carried away.



Two minutes before the end...



in April,     .



But that was enough, Doctor!



Or when we were

on loan to someone...



whose driver had pneumonia.



If time were merely painful to them...



then their perfection

would make nosense.



This small piece of a human being

is perfect.



A tooth!



Whoever observes it

can see a face...



can see eyes,

can hear breathing.



In some places,

time seems to want to linger.



Not that it stands still.

It just moves in different ways.



These maybe places

where people once worked...



talked in confusion

and cursed.



Then, one day, these places

were no longer important.



This breathing is now...



and now...



and now...



and still now.



What's keeping him?



The world is about to end!



Okay, let's see you step on it!



I'll do my best, Mr. Becker.



It's the last plane!



If writing appeared in the sky now,




"You Germans are no onger

needed in this world"...



what a blessing that would be!



Will there be many Germans

in America, Dad?



Any kids that I know?



Anton, you'll meet American kids.



Real pals.

Boy Scouts.



- What's that?

- Like our scouts.



You'll learn a new sport:




A new life!

You'll be amazed.



Why don't you stop talking?



Why must everything

first fall apart...






every gesture, every plea...



before you realize

that you're not listening...



that you're deaf?



Gertrud, get a grip on yourself,

for once!



You'll have to live in here now.



Stay safe in thebox,

so that nothing can happen to me.



So many things can happen outside,

if you're notlucky.



Look, Raphaela!



Wenever had baby teeth...



never pried them loose...



never held one with the thumb

and index finger...



to cast over our shoulder

for good luck.



We cannot exert any influence

over time.



We weren't expecting time, Cassiel.



And once time was already there...



we didn't believe it could

make us observers one day.



It's hard to observe time...



which knows so little about itself

and its own dimensions.



I'd like to give this little tooth

to someone.



Even knowing that I'd be tampering

with its human existence.






Most people's behavior

makes little sense.



It's just a pastime, game-playing,

exploiting time.



They're all basement dwellers,

to be exact.



- You saw the license plate?

- Sure. I'm not blind.



Who are those two figures?



They're unimportant.

Remove them.



I want no trace of their Nazi past.

Can you do that?



Listen, that's my job!



Winter, I'm always afraid

you'll over do it one day.



Oh, I'm fairly stable.




Let's say Wednesday.



Okay. I'll come on Thursday,

between    :   and    :  .



You can also come between

    :   and    :  .



I'm always here.



A shitty profession, eh?



Dear God, forgive me for choosing

to become a forger.



- Here, your cassettes. All X-rated.

- Let me make sure they're okay.



No touching until we're gone.

Get it?



- This works?

- Shut up. My stuff isn't shit.






If these are lousy,

you'll regret it!



And if the gun doesn't work,

watch out!



And you, Dad, I'll waste you,

you bastard!



You'll never beat me up again!



On Sunday, in the garden.

Prepare yourself.



Then I'll split,

to Holland or somewhere.



It still amazes me...



that you don't have to think

about what you do...



once you've established

a routine.



You can think any thoughts...



draw your conclusions,

contradict them...



just like an angel,

but without the exclusivity.



Meanwhile you create something!



Something to eat, a chair,

a fur hat, a pizza.



Lots of necessary things,

and plenty of them...



so there'll be enough some day.



At the same time you must think

about what isn'tnecessary...



and what's still missing.



Otherwise you'd only have things

that already exist...



and you'd be bored.



There's that ringing in my ear again.



Oh, Cassiel, you'll never know

how my pizza tastes.



What a shame.



- Hello.

- Hi, Damiel.



Doria, my love!



I always know when it's you

phoning me. What's up?



Yes, tell me.



I'm as light as a feather.



Very good.



Mama is on the trapeze with Jules.



She looks beautiful.



Paul and Paula

are two inseparable birds.



And Lalli?



Uncle Lalli tells everybody

they should do even better.



-And Maurice?

- Maurice is clowning around.



Now I'll hang up because

I want to watch some more.



- Kiss Mama, mylove.

- Sure.



- Bye, Damiel.

- See you later.



My papa is curious.



He always wants to know

how things are going.



He's right.

It's important.



- Damiel sends you a kiss.

- Thank you, darling.



- You'll be the little mermaid?

- Yes!



Smile, Marion.



She's like a feather,

your daughter.



A feather from your wing.



You're beautiful,

my little feather!



A fragile angel

with wings of paper...



from the Book of Dreams.



You and your father

are like the eternal lovers...



Iike the moon and the sun

who only meet at dusk...



but whose eyes

are perpetually locked.



I need to see only one of you...



to know whether you're both happy.



You both love things,

like conspiring lovers.



An underwater cabaret

with confetti and streamers...



smoke and naked girls.



That would be great!



The best ideas come too late.

Too bad!



- Should we stop, Marion?

- Yes.



That's it!

You've worked hard, kids.



Me, too.



Now it's time to tango.



And you?



What about you?



Papa would like to understand

why we're not afraid to fly.



I really have to tell him tonight.



You and your father,

you share the same inner time.



With just one look...



you tell each other:



"Let's forget that life can be hard. "



Suppose you could really draw.



Suppose you were a real artist.



Oh, boy, wouldn't tha tbe




Mr. Falk?



I am so pleased to discover the...



artist behind the actor.



These drawings

are really very great.



Well, thank you very much, ma'am.



I appreciate that.



They tell me I'm in East Berlin.



I'dlike to get out of here

and see the city.



If that's art,

I'm a monkey's uncle.



Mr. Falk.



Mr. Falk, I'm an artist myself,

but I paint.



- You have great abilities.

- Thank you.



But you must go for color.

Color is so expressive.



Without color, I would die.



Talking about color, sir,

you like Michelangelo?






Can you imagine Michelangelo

without color?



You know what he said

to the pope?



The pope complimented him

on the Sistine Chapel.



Michelangelo said

it was all in the drawing.



The rest he could get by

pissing on it.



I am a stone

that slowly becomes slower...



as it sinks heavily to the bed

of the deepest river.



No, I'm a wood chuck.



You're a daisy.



I'm a mushroom.



Is your ear ringing again, Papa?



It's my friend!






Maybe he wants

to tell you something.



I never know

what he wants to tell me.



You just want to go back

to sleep.



Tell me something about him.



He's always traveling

and never has time to write to us.



He's really a good-for-nothing.



He really can't do anything?



He can do rabbits.



Like this.



That's dumb.

Anyone can do that!



He also knows

how to do wolves.



That's more difficult,

you'll have to admit.



Watch out, rabbit!



You see?

My rabbit has a guardian angel.



Cassiel, beat it!



Let's sleep.



Is Mama working late again

at the " Purgatory" tonight?



Someone has to earn money.



Most people you meet

are missing persons.



Their names,

which they love hearing out loud...



their quirks,

their unexpected grins...



or their sudden groans

in a shoe store...



as if they were at home--

It's all posturing.



The night has gone to the dogs.



Don't you agree

that something awful has happened?



There is no more night.



There are hints,

but what are hints compared to nights?



Stop that wiping.



Have a drink with me.



I know you won't.



That's why the night

went to the dogs.



Don't you know...



that every night

is basically just a dog?



I've heard about that before,

but somehow I must have forgotten it.



Memory has gone

to the dogs as well.



You're right.



You're so right.



Actually, they're missing persons

who have reappeared.



They know that we--




What do we reallyknow?

Now I lost my train of thought.



Don't drink too much again, Winter!



Let's talk turkey,

Mr. Baker.



I hate working

in the dark like this.



I don't know why

you're looking for this Hanna!



Why should I help you find her?



This case is for the birds!



Take your dollars

and hire an amateur detective.



Maybe you'll get lucky

and find one!



Mazeltov, Mr. Baker!



Mazeltov is good.



It's got a snappy sound--

mazel-tough !



I'll turn the tables on him!



I'm sorry.



Can't be him, in Berlin!



I must see Tony Baker, now!



You picked a bad time.



Don't tell me

what I've picked!



Tell Baker that Winter is here.



Looks like an interesting game.



Very interesting.



Your       and another    .



I'm in.



$    to see you both,




Well, my friends, your    

and I'll raise you another    .



Your    ...






With this hand I can'tlose.









I'll bring you down, Baker.



Be careful, Peter Patzke.



I'll take you to the cleaners,




But not tonight.



The stakes are too high for me.



It's all yours, Herr Patzke.



I am out.



Me too.



Nobody looks into my cards, ever.



Excuse me, gentlemen.

I have some business to attend to.



So, Winter, what can you

report to me this time?



Report to you?



Let's talk turkey,

Mr. Tony Baker.



I'm... uh... working in the dark.



I don't enjoy

following this woman.



This case is for the boards!

I mean birds.



Gety ourself an amateur,

you understand?




I don't go for this bullshit.



Come on, Winter.



You had an assignment.

I don't get it.



Couldn't you find her?



Assignment! Don't make me laugh.

You know what an assignment is?



In otherwords,

you couldn't find this woman.



I found another person.



A certain Anton Becker,

born in      in Hirschberg.



Becker's father,

whose first name was also Anton...



joined the Nazi Propaganda Ministry

that same year.



Wife and children followed him

to Berlin a few weeks later.



So what?

A typical move to Berlin.



Yes, maybe so.

But there's more.



     only the boy and his father

emigrated to America.



Raised in Los Angeles, U.S.A.



In Germany

he is presumed dead.



No contact with his sister,

living at that time in the Soviet Zone.



The mother disappeared

in the postwar chaos.






Education-- none.




Majored in history. Quit studies.

He became a car dealer in Detroit.



Married, divorced, bankrupt.



Back in Berlin since     .

Various P.O. addresses, east and west.



Since the reunification,

Tony Baker, Film Distributor.



Import-export, joint ventures

with many Eastern-bloc countries.



Except most of your business

has nothing to do with movies!



Something's fishy.



I've kept

a record of expenses.



Give me a call, Mr. Baker,

or send me a postcard.



I may send you a cement block

and a chain foryour neck.



Mazeltov, Mr. Becker.



Lousy luck to you!



Charge it to Mr. Tony Baker.

Ha! " Lousy Luck"!



In Berlin, after the Wall



It's very nice



It's paradise



I should take notes.

I knew it.



I had this great line last night.



I thought I'd never forget it,

and now I have.



It's gone.

What was it about?



What did I do last night?



I was in the car.

I drove down the street.



Excuse me.



Could you take me

to Rumelsburg?



I never heard about it.

You know where it is?



You're asking me?

I've been in this city twice.



Once six years ago

and tonight.



Sorry, I don't know

where Rumelsburg is.



Is it in East Berlin?

Because I never drive in the East.



But this is the East.

You're in the East.



You know, there was an incident

a couple of years ago.



They tore down a wall.

I don't know if you recall...



but for me it was a big thing.



So I'm walking five hours

just to take in the city.



I suppose I could take it in

for another hour.



Can you find Rumelsburg

in an hour?



I can try,

but Rumelsburg is a sub-city.



Shit! Where's he wanna go?



Now you're sleeping, Raissa.



In your child's dream...



the day's images tumble around

with all your memories.



I see them before me.



And you see me,

but just in your dream.



You know that I'm beside you.



If only you could

keep this knowledge...



without having it chased away

as you grow up.



I don't want to know anything!



It doesn't take much

to be happy.



Where's my coffee, Louis?



Smoke, naked girls--

that would be great.



Good ideas always come too late.



I'm almost weary, Cassiel.



It's so exhausting to love people

who run away from us.



Why do they shun us

more and more?



Because we have

a powerful enemy, Raphaela.



People believe more

in the world than in us.



And to believe still more...



they've created an image

of every thing.



They expect images

to allay their fears...



fulfill their dreams...



provide their pleasures...



satisfy their longings.



Human beings didn't master

the Earth.



The Earth has become

their master.



Remember how simple

it once was?



We would appear to them

and put words into their hearts.



We could say, "Fearnot,

I've come to proclaim--"



That's when we were

the only voices.



Now people are besieged

by new lies every day.



Ever louder, baser

and more intrusive lies...



which dull their senses...



so they're unable

to hear our message.



"But the heart of this people

is grown hard...



their eyes are closed...



and their ears can't hear...



lest they see with their eyes...



and hear with their ears

and understand with their heart. "



How I long to be

one of them!



To see with their eyes...



to hear with their ears...



to understand

how they experience time...



how they learn about death...



how they feel love...



and how they perceive

the world.



Tobe one of them...



and sobe come a brighter

messenger of light, in these dark days.



Let us part for today, Raphaela.









I've become one of them!



It's crazy!



Where did you come from

so suddenly?



Can you hear me, Raphaela?

Are you still there?



Just don't leave me alone!



Aren'tyou gonna put me down?



Come, sit next to me.



It's so vivid here!



So many colors!



And so warm!



But you're wearing

a winter coat.



A winter coat?



Why not?



You're wearing a scarf.



Do I talk too loudly?



It's okay.



Try to whisper.









Iike this?



Now shout loudly!






Not bad, eh?



Where are you?



- I'm Raissa.

- I know.



And you?






Weird name.



You think so?



You... you look so familiar.



Be careful.



You be careful, too.



I had no idea, Raphaela!



This light, for instance.



I think it's neon.



You can't imagine how cold it is,

and what harsh outlines it creates.



It's a light for travelers because

it drives people into high gear.



We always wondered

why they were constantly in a rush.



Now I know.

It's the light.



They've pitted it

against the sun.



They're caught up

in their damn speed, I tell you.



Enough for now.



You won't believe

what's still ahead ofme.



I have to get organized,

make plans, think.



Now I can intervene, mingle.



Now I'm human.




you were a zombie?




Stop bothering people.



In the beginning,

there was no time.



After a moment,

time began with a splat.






Excuse me.

You were talking to me?






What did you say?



There's a word on your forehead,

Cassiel, written with tears.



It's a word for loss...



describing someone who wanted

to see paradise from the outside...



and never found his way back.



A word waiting to appear one day

just for the tiniest moment.



- How do you know my name?

- The name is not important.



It's the word

on your forehead.



Guard it.



Try your luck?



One, two, three!

Only a hundred marks.



Hundred marks.

It's a lot ofmoney.



Sometimes it's a lot.

Sometimes it's nothing.



I'm completely broke.

I have no money at all.



I'll do you a favor.



I'll take that off you

for a hundred marks.



My armor?



I'll give you     for it.



It's easy.



You just gotta pay attention.



That's impossible!



- Where is everybody?

- Hey! What are you up to?



Hands off. Let me go!



I lost.

I lost everything!



Old hunters never die.



They just fade away.

I know.



But not me. Never.



What do you want

from him?



He just doesn't belong here.



He's irregular.



So what?



There's darkness pouring down, my dear,

and it's deep enough to drown you.



You talk about darkness

because you're in love with it.



Honey, I hate it.



It's rotten and dull.



Frankly, it stinks.



Give him a chance

to find it out.



You want clouds,

you can't forget the wind.



What's your name?

You must have a name.



Of course.

I'm not just anybody.






What's so hard?

Just a name!



If you want,

spell it backwards.



What's your name?






You must feel better already.



Spelled like the bird?



Yes, Raven.



- First name?

- Ralph.



What did you say?




Keep writing.



Refugee... victim

of robbers and horse thieves...



beginner... sensitive... destitute...



specialist and layman

all in one, you might say.



One thing at a time, Mr. Raven.



Where do you live?



Where do you sleep?






Around? Here and there?



The pizzeria, "Casa dell'Angelo."



You sleep in the oven, I suppose?



- You don't believe me?

- No!



They couldn't keep

the real raven in here.



He'd fly right out.

But me?









- Tomorrow you'll have cramps.

- What's that?



You'll find out.



- Ever looked in there?

- No.



My neighbor, a great woman.

She opens at noon.



That's my joint.

You know it.



Smaller than I thought.



Beginnings are always hard.



First, I think,

a small espresso...



with three, four, five sugar cubes.



Then a brandy

to warm the belly.



Then a cappuccino

with warm, frothy milk.



- Then prosciutto.

- Prosciutto.



- Parmigiano.

- Cheese.



- Olives.

- Olives.



A shower and warm clothes.



- Yes.

- I'll makeyou a pizza.



Good morning, gentlemen.



He's the ringing in your ear?






Miss, from now on

you can call me Uncle Karl.



Damiel told us lots aboutyou...



but we really

don't know anything.



Did he stop traveling

to stay with us?



He'll tell you.



Tell about your travels,

Uncle Karl.



All right.



Recently I came from...



the far north...



from Norway...



which you could guess

from my clothes.



I had planned

to catch reindeer and elk.



I told you he was

a good-for-nothing.



Actually, I was bitten

by one of those animals.



There I was with my bite,




who could heal me?

Then I knew.



A Lap lander, of course!



So, I slogged on

toward Lapland...



through blizzards,

fighting offwolves...



squinting all the while

because ofthe northern lights!



You understand his story?



I understand completely.

It's interesting, Uncle Karl.



My papa also told me...



a mysterious story.



He said he fell from the sky.



Doria, leave him alone now.



Karl hasn't eaten

in a long time.



I'll be staying for a while.

I'll tell you many stories.



So much!



Uncle is hungry.









Watch out, it's stuffed.




I can be useful.



Let's get rid of this thing.



I'll put it where it can't

do any harm, Raphaela.



My first good deed,

the first of many.



Hair color: reddish.



Who'd have thought it?



Six marks.



The cost of living

is so high, Raphaela.






What is that, actually?

They mention it a lot.



We'll know soon.



" Look at the birdie."



Without identity,

you're nobody here, Raphaela.



Last name, first name,

date of birth...



I'll need all that now.



Without a picture of yourself,

you're nobody.



Only with a proper picture

do you become somebody.



The right name is half the battle.

Short and snappy is best.



A name is just a name.

Karl Engel.



That's me.



- Should I wrap them?

- No, they're fine.



That's me. Ouch!






That's not me.



Karl Engel, huh?



Blue eyes-- how original!



Original? Don't talk!

Just listen!



I need a passport in this name.

It's not pretty--



It's downright ugly.



But since I cannot use

my previous name...



I'm prepared to go...



to extremes!



Just take it easy.



We don't let anyone down.



It takes two days...



and      big ones.

How about a small advance?



Produce something for your money first.

I'll be in touch.



"The man with the cut flowers."



- How was your first day?

- Good.



What's the house drink?



Cherry juice.



Then I'll have cherry juice.



That's what the men drink here?



- Would Damiel drink this?

- Yes, he likes it.



Is he a typical man?



Yes, but don't model yourself

after him!



- He has more experience.

- So what?



Most people only know...



that the world

and all life in it...



just simply exists.



I've always wanted to know...



whether the world is the same

for men and forwomen.



Are women different?



Women are human beings.



They carry a human light.



Men search and search...



until they find the warmth

that they're always missing.



Until they're understood.



That's all I can say.



Son of a bitch!



I've been looking foryou

all over the place.



You been sitting here

the whole time?



Let me buy you a drink.



Do we know each other?



I know everybody

I've ever drankwith.



- Maybeyou should ask him first if--

- Look.



I'm buying,

and I think he looks thirsty.






This is brandy.



It smells...



like nothing.



It tastes...



like something burning.






Down the hatch.



Know what you're drinking?



Sure. Firewater!




Let's have another round.



There is no difference

between men and women.



They are all the same.



So long as they carry a light

deep inside them.






What I have to do is--



We must learn not to worship women

all the time.



Oh, man, that's bullshit.



They really eat that shit up!



Are you sure?

Thank you.



I just can follow my instincts.






can you-- cocktails?



No trace of the police yet...



and we're trapped.






"The World Grieves For Willy Brandt"



Every thing goes by

so fast here, Raphaela.



A day here

is like a blink of your eye.



A week is like an angel

turning his head.



A human life is like--



Well, I don't know that yet.



Good morning.



Breakfast time.



I'd like to buy something.



I don't sell crusts.



How about something else?







With poppy seeds?



You just want to swipe something.



- Pardon me?

- I know.



You talk,

I turn around, you steal.



Now, listen--






I have money.



What's that for?

Nothing here costs pennies.



Anything else?

Otherwise, scram!



Yeah. Brandy!



Oh, not again!









You're nuts!



I wasn't even

listening in on you.



Try listening now!



So this is loneliness, Raphaela.



It's really bad.



No one hears

what the other feels.



No one looks

into the other'sheart.



Nobody asks anything,

not even for directions.



What am I doing here?



Just watching day turn tonight

and back to day?



Nothing makes sense.



I must not

lose sight of my mission:



How do humans see and hear?



All I can say right now is,

it's all enticingly beautiful!



It's warm...



the evening settles in...



the birds have a celebration...



the sky turns pastel colors.



But what's beyond it?



I no longer see or hear

the breath of eternity...



the universal laws,




For humans, Raphaela,

I think there is no beyond.



Each one creates his own world

within his own vision and hearing.



He remains a prisoner in it.



And from his cell

he sees the cells of others.



Hurry, Doria!



Was that Karl?



Yes, but we won't tell Papa.



Raphaela! Where are you?



I know you're here!



Give me a sign.

You're all here.



Today is Sunday.



I don't know

which Sunday.



Time passes too quickly.

I don't have the stamina.



Where are you?



This is no life.



No life at all.






You're all here. I know it.

You're all here.



I can't go on.



We humans are confined

by what's visible, Raphaela!



Only what we can see matters.

It's all we believe in.



Invisible things don't count.



Only the things

we can touch...



truly exist forus.



I also take pennies.

Every bit helps.



Step lively!

Watch the closing doors!



I'm coming.



You're all losers.



Yes, you too.



Forget it!

You're the snows of yesteryear!



I'll make sure it doesn't

snow tomorrow. Understand?






What the fuck

are you going on about, man?






For Christ's sake,

don't worry about snow.



Get up.



I know you!



I saw your concert.



Why can't I be good?



I swear, if I knew,

I would tell you.



Come on.

You can do it.






Why not?



Not bad, Winter.



But that's not my thing.



I prefer the   th century.

My dad used to collect those.



You could buy them

by the square yard.



If you had money.



I have some interesting

square inches here.



Let me see.



That's the one!



Winter, that's a sloppy job!



Bad workmanship!

Your reputation's at stake.



Don't worry about me.



Photo retouchers are

overworked these days.



You know, like the tip

of Trotsky's shoe.



But not a whole hand!



It can happen.



Who is missing?



Precisely those whom you suspect.



Your "missing persons."



I'll take this one.



But clean...



without any slipups.



I've got    negatives

we need to discuss.



Who trusts negatives nowadays?



I'll take this too.



Because we Americans

are so sentimental...



I'll giveyou $    .



But for the real McCoy, eh?



Is that a fair deal?






Are you ill, young man?



Don't fall onto the paintings!



- Shit!

- Don't come back, scumbag!



Let's see what you're made of,

you two-fifths human!



Come on!



Jesus Christ!



- Watch the closing doors!

- You're crazy!



Do you do this often?



You could have broken

every bone in your body!



Does anything hurt?



My spine.

Especially between the shoulders.



You might have internal injuries.



I do.

I'm one big injury.



I'm going to die

right here in your car.



At this point,

I usually get a laugh!



And probably a big check

foryour pain.



It's more a shock.

I could use some "shock money"!



Let's say...






Areyou nuts?



Only complete idiots

would carry that much cash.



I need it for someone

who only takes cash.



That's my problem.



Okay. Let's go see him together.



One moment.

A few more details.



What's he doing?



He's had my picture,

my name, forweeks.



Mr. Engel,

ifmy marbles are working right...



am I buying you

a passport?



I hope so.



References are so important!



A certain Winter

uses his service.






Tell me...



do we happen to know

the same Winter, by any chance?




I only know him casually.



I shadowed him once.



Well, then,

doyou have any more pain?



Not right now.



Ready to dive

into the next car?



Provided, of course,

it's got a sliding roof.




I'm a free man now.



I'll show my passport

to anyone who bothers me.



You do that.



But then what?



The future is open to all.

That's what I've observed.



I'm a good observer.



I realized that.



That should come in handy




Come on.

I have a proposition to make.



An offer you can't refuse.



It sounds good.



What have they done

to you?



You look great!



Gratefully returned.



Things are looking up?



- You're moving up in the world!

- I'm doing business.



As a silent partner.



This is my old friend, Karl.



My name is Emit Flesti.



How doyou do?



E-M-l-T F-L-E-S-T-l.



How do you do?



Pleasure to meet you.



Looks like you've done

pretty well for yourself there, Karl.



Let me guess.

You're an entertainer.



Wait, wait, wait.



Maybe you're in advertising.



Nothing like that at all,

Mr. Flesti.



It's an ordinary kind of business.



I'm a business partner.



What kind of business?



- Import-export.

- Oh, hell.



It's not really

any ofmy business anyhow.



But you look smart.



And I can see

you're going places.



- Good-bye, Damiel.

- Bye-bye.



I'll be seeing you, Karl.



Long ago...



there must have been a golden age

of harmony between heaven and earth.



High was high,

low was low.



Inside was in,

and outside was out.



But now we have money.



Now, everything's out of balance.



They say time is money...



but they got it all wrong.



Time is the absence

of money.



Would you agree, Karl?



What can I add to that?



Time is running away

from me, Mr.--



Speedy Gonzalez.



He sure talks a lot.



What a pile ofmoney.

Do you owe him?



Few things fall from the sky.



Time is precious.



You made it back!



I knew it!



That's great!






More, more, more, more!



Now up!

And swing it!



There's nothing better

than this.



There's nothing greater!



It's like the old days!




He's good.



He's getting the hang ofit.



Just leave him alone.



I cut him some slack...



but it's only a question of time

before I nail his ass.



Leave him alone.







To fiinallyserve!



Serving is the best path,




I'm starting fromscratch.






you'll make captain some day.



- The water is too warm.

- Oh, sorry.



Charlie, scratch my back, will you?



That's enough.



This must be a joke, Patzke!



He has seen

too many bad movies.



No discussions.

I said the other foot.



Excuse me.



What's up?



You gotta be nuts, Patzke!



You're from Detroit, Mr. Baker.

Don't they do this there?



Man, wake up!

This is Berlin.



We always welcome

new ideas.



Especially American ones.



And that cement...



within three minutes...



will be bone-dry

and rock-hard.



And good and heavy.



By then you'll have signed over

your entire inventory to me.



Including your client lists

and everything else.



Don't move!



No way!

You'll never get them.



You think I'm dumb.



But now

time's on my side.



It's no longer ajoke.



He's crazy.



Areyou really serious,




You'll get    years for this!



Shut up!






You see what you've done

to my Charlie?



What's going on?

Hands off, moron!






Don't point it at me!




Attaboy. Gentlemen?



It's collecting time.



And now pull your boss from the water

before he gets wet.



You drive.



We have another deal today?



A big deal.



Today we drink to friendship.



Here.Join me.



Friendship is the biggest deal.



Right? The biggest of them all.






It's crazy...



but I'm just beginning to grasp

what you did for me today.



It was a pleasure.



Can I go?









I want--



I want to thank you.



I want to do something for you

in return.



Tell me what you'd like.



My friends should live well.

You hear?



I want to participate.

A percentage.



You'll get one!



My father always said:



"Trust no man.



But if you find one you can trust,

buy him immediately."



You know...



I just made up my mind.



I'll give you two percent

of my business. All right?



Shake, partner!



I won't consider less than five.









You're really great, Karl!



Let's have another one.



Okay, five percent is fine.



Five percent

ofmy honest business...



for a hundred percent

ofyour honest face.



That's a deal.



I really can't complain.



The rent they charge down here

is dirt cheap.



I could even have had

all the hangars...



where they used to assemble

the Messer schmitts .



You know, Karl...



you're my partner.



You've got to see

where all the stuffis stored.



- Down here?

- Why not?



I find it pretty depressing.



One thing you've got to remember,




If you deal in trash,

you don't need a fancy address.



In the East, all they want

is porn films.



Be careful, Karl.



Porn and violence.

Isn't that weird?



Preferably, both at once.



They're sick

ofthe so-called " New Man."



And since they're all

short offunds...



they pay with

what they have plenty of.



What's that?



Be patient.



It's a joint venture.



Shut up, Khadafy,

and sit down.






Don't be afraid.



He's a sweetie pie.



Hello, my beauty.



You'll get used to him.



To him, too.

Right, Grumpy?



Right, Mr. Becker.

People get used to anything.



This is Charlie Engel,

my new partner.



I'll continue doing movie deals,

and he'll handle the rest.



What rest, Tony?



Jog along, pal.

I'll show you.



Lock up behind us, Grumpy.



Sounds like an earthquake,




We're right under the runway.



The best spot

for video duplicating.



All bootleg, ofcourse.



All bootleg.



Grumpy runs

the whole show by himself.



In here, my friend...



the Nazis stored everything

they ever photographed.



One spark...



would have turned

all this concrete into chewing gum.



There is your five percent




Have a good look.



Khadafy, come over here.



Keep quiet, okay?



There's enough ammo

around here...



to blow the foundation out

from under those guys above us.



Hey, man,

don't pee in your pants.



Some people like dirty pictures,

and others like guns.



Theywant sex and violence.



They paywith weapons.



What can I do?

That's the name of the game.



You're insane, Tony.



No, Charlie, this is business.



And if we don't do it...



somebody else will.



Then do it...



but without me.



I don't believe any of this.



Hey, Charlie,

this is no time for--



Karl, old boy,

you can't just walk out on all this.



Come back, Karl...



or I send Khadafy after you.



Go get him, Khadafy,

and bring him back here!



Sit, Khadafy!



Khadafy, you're a real

son ofa schmuck!



How could I have been

so wrong, Raphaela?



How could I be so blind?



Can one fall to hell

without meaning to do evil?



Without even recognizing evil?



Once one recognize sit,

what should one do?



Runaway from it?



My true friend,

help me back to thelight!



I'm coming.



Then I'll make use of time...



each second, each minute,

each hour.



Nothing will deter me

or hinder me...



or standin my way...



if I just get out of here!



I must do some good,




I want to do something well.



I heard a shot.



I can't even handle this thing.



Damn it!



I didn't want to hit anyone,




I'm in shock.



What are you looking for here?



I'm searching...



as usual.



I found nothing, as usual.



I wanted to warn you people...



but I came too late.



Are you in pain?






not at all.



For the first time...



I feel weighted down.



My blood has weight.






I have weight.



I am...






A nice feeling.






will soon be over.



What did you want

to warn us about?






How often did we hold them,

carry them across?



But I can't escort this one.



Are you there, Raphaela,

to hold us both?



He's dead, isn't he?



Did you come...



to shoot me too?



Are you--



Is that you?



I'm not afraid of you.



How long have we known each other

without ever having met?



I don't even know your name.






you know my whole life!






I remember so little.



When you die...



you should know

how you lived.



Come on.



Tell me my story.



Come along.



Your story...



how did it start?



I still remember.



For a long time, you resisted

repeating baby words...



but, all those years, your face

had a cunning expression.



Once, when I leaned close toyou...



I heard your little body...



filled with very loud laughter.



Your favorite tree was the walnut tree

in your grandfather's garden.



You would sit under it

for hours...






holding a small puppet

that you allowed to dance...



only when a passing grown up complained

loudly about the mosquitoes...



that didn't bother you

under your walnut tree.



When they cut off

your curls...



because you were supposed

to become a boy...



you didn't cry...



even though you really

wanted to.



But the tip of your nose

turned completely white.



During class you loved

to gaze out the window.



The windows were very high...



with panes made

ofbeveled glass...



except for the top two...



which the teacher could open with

a long pole with a hook on the end.



You always managed to sit

at a desk where you could watch...



the movements ofthe treetops,

the birds and the clouds.



With the exception ofone time.



It was then that you decided

to grow up...



at all costs, as soon as possible.



You wanted to become

an architect...



and build schools

entirely out ofglass...



that would rotate to follow

the course ofthe sun...



and at night,

when the children were asleep...



the teachers would set the school

back in its starting position.



When you turned    ...



you fell deeply in love...



with a girl called

Milda Kosewort.



Oh, yes.






I remember that.



And what happened later?



Hanna, hurry!



Come, Anton!



We're not getting out,




Drive on!












Hurry! Don't dawdle!



He has Anton.

He mustn't get Hanna too.



I understand, Mrs. Becker.



Did you fall asleep?



Somebody has to tellme

whether I lived right.



I don't think I was

a courageous man.



Proper, yes,

but not courageous.



Wasn't it courageous when you took in

that frightened little Hanna?



That wasn't anything special.



Any decent person

would have done that.



She had no family left.



Yet that's when you started asking

different questions...



even thinking differently.



You became

a different Konrad.



One whose job was to explain

the world, and who could too.



One who had to recount

the thousands of stories...



he had invented

throughout the ages.



Human stories, from the most ancient

to the very newest...



all meant to be

the original story.



You had little Hanna to protect,

and became protected yourself.



Your life had finally found

a mirror.



Another life, still young,

had begun to grow...



because, in you...



because in you

she found all she needed.



What else can I say, Konrad?



You're someone

who was found.






Someone who was found.



Oh, I--



I must have dozed off.



How do you feel?



I feel as I did

   or    years ago...



without exaggerating.



Listen, that coffee will be

too weak.



- I can tell.

- It's delicious. You want some?



No, thank you.



Look what I found.

You kept it this long?



I couldn't throw it away.



That boy who flew with his father

to America...



- was Hanna's brother, right?

- Ofcourse.



What was his name?



Do you mean you forgot?



He was called Anton,

like his father.



Anton Becker.



Well, Anton Becker came back!



You mean Tony Baker?



Come on,

we'll drive to town.






I'll drive!



I'll drive you to town.



We have to hide Hanna

and the girl.



As fast as possible.



But where?



I know an old steamboat.

It'll do for now.



A boat is good.



I have a plan, Konrad.



He's full ofthe best intentions.

He's pure and gentle.



You're making me cry.



- You're cruel.

- No, on the contrary.



I just have no pity.



You know me.

My rules know no exception.



I'm the purist.



You wouldn't recognize purity

if it bit you on the nose.



Bit me?



I'm sorry to say,

nothing ever will.



In the long run,

I'm the one that does the biting.



In the long run,

you'd be bored to death.



You're forgetting--

I am the long run...



and your friend's in my way.



I'll have a coffee, please.



I can't see you,

but I know you're here.



I wish I could talk to you




because I know

you're beautiful.



I sense it.

It's always the same problem.



I know you're here, and

I know you're not afraid of me...



but I can't see your face.



Come on.



Take my hand.



You want to talk

to somebody?



Companero, talk to me.

I am here.






You made the switch!



Well, good for you.



- What's your name?

- Cassiel. No.



Karl Engel now.



Engel now. Very good.

When did it happen?



Not so long ago...



but I feel much more happier

than ever before.



You see?

I didn't promise you too much.



- You want a coffee?

- No, thanks.



I have a problem.



What is it?

Money? Papers?



That's all--



Is there anything

I can do to help you?



- Can you tell a good story?

- A good story.



- Does it have to be true?

- No, in the opposite.



It has to be phony as hell.



This is a very strange request.



Can you do it for me?



For a very exceptional situation?



Life is a very exceptional situation.



I want you to meet

an old friend.



Do you remember the last time

you were in Berlin?



I think we're getting cable.



We've had cable

for two years.



Not at home, dummy!




That's bullshit!



Look at monitor six.

That's "Columbo."



You're right.

But that can't be!



But it is.



It's weird.



A technician should check it out.

This cable stuffis beyond me.



That's Gate     right above us.



- You're nuts! That's "Columbo"!

- What's the actor's name?



Falk. Peter Falk.

Every kid knows that!




He's at Gate    .



It's a TV series.






- Maybe someone's playing a tape.

- No! It's him!



He's motioning to us!



What do we do now?



Mywife won't believe this!

Switch on the audio.









- What took you so long?

- That's him!



- Can you hear me now?

- Yes.



Yes, we hear you.

What do you want?



Would you open the door, please?

We have an appointment at   :  .



See? The coat.



Twenty minutes!



- Good evening.

- He speaks German.



This is Mr. Falk,

as you can plainly see.



Hesays we have an appointment

for   :  ...



to scout this location...



the Security Center down there,

where you are.



Do you have

written permission?



- What?

- Have you got written permission?



We weren't notified.



Oh, that! Yes.



We have it. Here.



We've been authorized.




Come in.

You here the buzzer?



Yes, thanks.

We're coming.



If that's Falk,

that's a real scoop!



You, me and Columbo.



Better than any autographs.



Look. The monitor is right here.



We have the first shot here.



Master, from above.

Include the monitors.



- It's him!

- So, it's good.



- Hello--

- The second shot here.



He says, the second shot here.



Camera here.

Reverse master. Include the monitors.



- And then--

- The room is very nice.



Cassiel, we're inside.



It's a good ceiling.

I like this.



For the lighting effect.



He likes it because--



And we have doors.

One, two, three, four. It's all good.



Room is good.



First thing, now, videotape.



First we'll shoot it all

on video.



- A video? Here?

- Yes, with this gadget.



I'd better turn off

that camera.



- You're filming here?

- We're filming here. Yes!



There's a camera.



Switching it off.



In the first scene...



Columbo is looking

contact lens.



In this scene, Columbo

searches for his contact lenses...



the actor who plays Columbo.



- It is him. He plays Columbo. Sure.

- Right.



You-- Columbo.



He's asking you

to pretend you're Columbo.



- Him, be Columbo?

- Yes.



- My name is Peter.

- Me too.







I'm Daniel, personal assistant.



Dustin Hoffman.



Dustin Hoffman.



- Yes.

- Asleep.



- You-- Dustin Hoffman.

- Me play Dustin Hoffman?



He wants you to play

Dustin Hoffman, sleeping.



Sleeping, sleeping.



He means,

sit down here and sleep.



So the guards cannot see

the monitors.



It's logical. One sleeps,

the other looks for his lenses.



Neither sees the monitors.



Because the murderer

comes through the door.



The murderer, the murderers

come in through this door.




It's great that you're here.



Right. I'm looking

for the contact lenses.



You look down there...



and I'll be filming you.



Yes, very good.



Looking and schlaf-ing.



Cassiel, go to the runway.



Very good.



Now the criminals are coming.



You sleep, you look.



Now we'll film you

from further back.




because the music comes now.



Mr. Falk says

the music starts here.



As you snore,

the music starts.



Just snoring.



- I keep looking?

- Yes!



You can move when you look.

You can move.



Move, but keep looking.



Closeyour eyes and stay down.




Thank you.

Mr. Falk is very pleased.



Maybe it's that hole.



The air duct.



Yes, it must be.



Without getting wet?



It's possible...



isn't it?



How do we get there?



Let's go. Who goes first?



Can you manage on your own?



No problem.



I have a score to settle.



Karl, be careful.



Don't do anything stupid.



- You know me!

- Precisely!



It's business, Charlie.



If we don'tdoit,

somebody else will.



Wrong, Mr. Becker.

Ifldon'tdoit, nobody will.



This should all gosky-high,

the violence and its seeds.






- We're too far.

- I can't reach.



- Should I let go?

- Let it drop.



- What was that?

- Karl.



- How many more?

- Only about twenty.















I agree...



to carry your hardware...



but not for long.



If the stuff explodes...



then good-bye, boat!



Who'll pay for that?



- It's my loss!

- Yes, Captain.






- You're leaving?

- I have to. You know...



work, home, family.



- Stay well.

- Thank you.



Good luck.



You again, Speedy Gonzalez?



You know the old prophesy?



"In the year of hate...



when all that is foreign

is despised...



by the full September moon...



dark riders will invade

the harbor...



take the ship

with all the hands on board...



and sail it into hell."



I know all prophesies,

but not this one.



- You made it up.

- What's the difference?



It just happened.



Leave me alone. I want to go home,

find a girl...



lead a normal life

and get ajob.



That's a nice plan,

but someone fucked it up: Patzke.



He hijacked the boat

and took your friends as hostages.



Come on, Cassiel.

Hop on.



You have no choice.



Head inside!

Shut the window!



Was that Damiel?






- Can you hear me?

- Yes.



Let me explain

a couple ofthings.



Time is short.

That's the first thing.



For the weasel,

time is a weasel.



For the hero,

time is heroic.



For the whore,

time isjust another trick.



If you're gentle,

your time is gentle.



If you're in a hurry,

time flies.



Time is a servant

ifyou are its master.



Time is your god

if you are its dog.



We are the creators of time...



the victims of time

and the killers of time.



Time is timeless.

That's the second thing.



You are the clock, Cassiel.



I'm attached to my life.



I don't blame you.



I love being alive.



It's rushing by so fast.



I can't do a thing about it.



The boat will get here

in about an hour.



Don't be afraid.



Your guardian angel is with you.






You know, I hear Momma's voice again.

You're just like her.



Don't you remember

how she used to tell us a story...



every night

before we went to bed?



Come along.



Patzke, leave my family alone.

Take me.



Shut up. Don't play the hero.

Who wants you?



Come along, kid.



Be very quiet.

Very quiet.



Don't move.



Go up the stairs.






Get below,

or the kid gets it!



You don't understand?




Get back down!

You understand?



Get inside,

or the kids goes overboard.



Follow the man upstairs.



Go ahead.



Move it!



Now stand there...



and keep quiet!



Okay. Come on.

Let's get you dressed.



I want the whole crew

in the cabin now.



All hands below deck!



Don't be afraid.



You won't get hurt

if you do what I say.



Stay cool.



I'm not kidding!



Don't even think

of trying anything...



or I'll blow this whole tub




What are you gaping at?



You're making me nervous.



What's up there?



It's so far away.



I am even scared

to look down.



It's close.



Come on, Cassiel.



You weren't ever scared

of heights before.



It will never work.



Make yourself dead weight.

Humans are heavy.



Fucking gravity!



So long!



That was the word

on your forehead.



Him again!






I must be home gain.

I can hear your voice.



I always heard yours.

Andl watched it all.



What's more, I saw the world

through your eyes.



Humans see differently.

They no longer see like us.



Now their eyes can only take.



They take in,

they take notice of.



Their eyes can no longer give.



They've forgotten that light

enters the heart through the eye...



and then shines back out

through the eye from the heart.



The cycle is broken.



What happens now, Cassiel?



You weren't even really here,

and you're already gone.



Letus remain friends.






You, whom we love...



you do not see us.



You do not hear us.



You imagine us

in the far distance...



yet we are so near.



Weare the messengers...



who bring closeness

to those in the distance.



We are not the message...



we are the messengers.



The message...



is love.






are nothing.






are everything to us.



Let us dwell in your eyes!



See your world...



through us.



Recapture through us...



that loving look...



once again.






we'll be close toyou...



and you...



to Him.



Is your ear ringing again, Papa?



Yes, it's ringing again.



It's Uncle Karl.






He has arrived.



We're on our way.



Special help by SergeiK