Fat Girl Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fat Girl script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the └ ma soeur! movie by Catherine Breillat.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fat Girl. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fat Girl Script




All my life



Both day and night



I get so bored



If only



I could find



Man or woman



A body, a soul



A werewolf



I couldn 't care less



Just to dream...



When you fall for a boy,

you try to pin him down too soon.



Affter three days,

he wants to kick his way free



and get as far away as he can.



Oh, yeah? So Iet's see

who can pick up a decent boy first.



I'II be generous.

Doesn't even have to be decent.



Any boy.



Even a fat slob Iike you.



That shows how dumb you are.



You're great physically,



but once they get to know you,

they run a mile.



They run before even

getting to know you!



I'm just too young.



They'd be scared to sleep with me.



But you reek of Ioose morals.



I don't sleep around.



That's the only thing you don't do.



You have a weird notion

of what "not sleeping around" means.



That's what matters, you know.



I don't think so.



If I meet a man I Iove,

I'd want to be broken in.



He won't think my first time counts.



The first time should be with nobody.



I don't want a guy bragging

he had me first.



Guys are all sick.



I'm wiped out.



- Oh, come on!

- I thought you wanted a drink.



That place is a dump.



You can sit here if you Iike.



Tell your friend -

- My sister.



You can't just sit down.

You ask if people mind.



I don't mind.

I asked you to.



Go ahead.



It's very kind of you.



When there's no seats free

and you're thirsty and tired,



it's nice to find someone friendly.



- Fernando.

- EIena.



My Iittle sister, Ana´s.



Don't just stand there, you Iump.



What would you Iike?






Are you Italian?

- Yes, from Rome.



A banana split - my favorite.



We're on vacation here,

staying at the Residence.



It's nice because it's quiet but...



we can't get out easily.



We're not allowed.



Speak for yourself.



Don't worry.



He can't understand

a word you're saying.



He's just being polite.



No, it's okay.



But can you speak more slowly?



I need to improve my French.



I'm in high school.



I just finished sophomore year.

I'II be a junior next year.



I don't know what I'm gonna do Iater,

but it's handy, see.



It's part Iiterature,

and part science.



High school.



That was Iong ago.

I'm in college.



I study Iaw. Avvocato.



You're in college?

That must be different. You're free.



That's the problem.



You're not required

to attend classes,



but you have to take final exams.



You can always retake them in June,

but if you keep falling behind...




my father wouldn't understand.



- What does he do?

- My father?



He's an avvocato internazionale.



Mine's a company director.



Excuse me.

I'm finishing my shifft.



See you back at the gate.



Been waiting Iong?



I almost went home.



You're sweet.



- I couldn't believe there was a tornado.

- This is France.




We don't have tornadoes here.



The bed was shaking.

I was terrified.



But I didn't come downstairs to safety.



I pulled the sheets over my head



and decided



to ignore the noise

and go back to sleep.



I must have been crazy.

SIeeping wouldn't save me.



- What?

- What are you studying?



I'm studying Iaw.

Next year I'II be in my third year.



Criminal Iaw?



Yes, that's what interests me.



I think it's much more useful.



Of course, I'II study

international Iaw too



to be a business Iawyer.



But I'd Iike to start out

working for good causes.



So you'II be in international Iaw.



My father insists on it.



He's an international Iawyer

and so, of course,



he'd Iike me to follow

in his footsteps.



Have you gotten acquainted?



Is this okay for you?

- Yes, perfect.



I'm putting him on a diet.



You think I'm fat.



No, but you're not thin for your age.



- Sure you've got enough?

- I was worried it'd all be gone.



And people wonder why she's fat.



It's simple: She eats Iike a pig.

It's all she does.



It's not her fault - it's hormonal.

She can't help it.



Maybe so,

but she keeps stuffing herself.



It ruins my appetite.

- Oh, come on.



So, how did you meet my daughters?






Young people meet.



It just happens these days.



I get so bored

It's not over yet



After my life

and my survival



After my death

I'll still be bored



More than ever before



If only I could find



A specter or a ghost

Woman or man



An animal

I don 't mind



To dream...



My Iips are sofft, huh?

I 'm a good kisser.



Yes, you're my Iove,



but I don't want to marry you yet.



Now that I know men Iike me,



I want other experiences.



Don't I kiss well?

I've only been kissed once before.



Are you jealous?

I didn't really cheat on you.



Women aren't Iike bars of soap,

you know.



They don't wear away.



On the contrary,

each Iover brings them more,



and you get all the benefit.



You make me sick. How can you

disgust me and attract me so much?



You're the one I'II give it all to.



No, I've never slept

with anyone before.



What are you doing? Can't you ask?



- What are you doing?

- Get Iost.



- Going out?

- No, I'm not. How the hell can I?



You didn't invite him here, did you?



Go to sleep.



You hear nothing,

see nothing and know nothing.



No need for makeup

if you're going to sleep.



Go to sleep, okay?



And remember,

mind your own business.



You got the right place.



You said the first door on the Iefft.



My Iittle sister's asleep.



The gateman almost didn't Iet me in.



- How did you manage?

- I gave him a tip.



Let's put on some music.



We can't.



It's no big deal.

- What's a big deal?



It's as if...



the music counted more than I do.



As if it meant more to you.



I could get offended.



- What?

- Nothing.



I'm sorry

I don't speak French well.



I'd Iike to tell you

all kinds of things.



That you're so pretty.



I know. It's hard not being able

to understand each other.



To think I could have taken Italian

but chose Spanish instead.



They're machos.



I can try to Iearn Italian next year.



No, I have to Iearn French.



I don't see why.



When I come to see you in Paris,

I'II have Iearnt French better.



- You'II come to see me in Paris?

- Yes.



I don't actually Iive in Paris.



I Iive just outside.



I have a great house, though.



That's okay,

I'II be coming anyway.



You wear your bra to bed?



No, I forgot to take it off.



Can't you help me?



A boy has to work.



If it's too easy,

there's no pleasure.



Don't worry. These things

are always so complicated.



Is that true?



You've Ioved a Iot of girls before?

I'm not the first.



Of course, you're not the first.



I realize that. I'm just asking

if you've had Iots and Iots of girls.



What does it matter?



I'm here with you now.



But how many have you had?



- Not that many.

- How many?



I don't know.



If you don't know, that means Ioads.



You're jealous.



I've never had one Iike you.



Are you sure?



Even if I don't sleep with you

and others do?



That makes a big difference.



I haven't been interested

in a virgin since...






Since I was    .



The other girls all slept with you

on the first date?



First or second, it's the same.



No, it's not the same.



You can tell it's all they want.



Sometimes, it's so obvious

it makes me sick.



There was this one once.



She asked me to dinner

and took me to her bedroom.



You're in mine now.



This is different.



We have no choice.




someone told me that this girl

had wanted to go out with me



since the start of the year,

but I hadn't noticed.



So she asks me to dinner,

and we go to her room.



And there we start drinking.

There were four bottles of wine,



just Iike that, as if by chance.

Four of them.



So we start drinking and eat nothing.



I'm thinking,

"You won't get me, bitch."



I mean, a girl can't take

as much drink as a guy.



So I slow down on my drinking



and keep on filling her glass.



At half past midnight,

I tell her, "Sorry.



Got to go. I'II miss the Iast tram.

Good night."



I Iefft her blind drunk

and mad at me.



She hasn't spoken to me since.



You didn't Iike her?



She was kind of cute.



But I got a kick

out of dumping her Iike that.



Besides, she wasn't the only one.



I've done it Ioads of times.



It's so easy with girls.



Were you in Iove

with the others you've slept with?



I know what you're getting at.

You're jealous.



The others don't count.



I only sleep with them

because I'm a guy. That's all.



So if you slept with me,



I'd be Iike all the other girls?






I'd respect you.



Even if you slept with me?






Promise you won't do it.



I don't want you to.



I swear on my mother's head



I'II stay on the edge.



On the edge doesn't count.



- It does.

- It doesn't.



It does.



Because I count.



You're the only one who counts.



I'm scared you won't

be able to hold back.



Don't worry about that.

That's my problem.



I'm a man. I know if I can

hold back or not. And I can.



But I'd Iike to have you properly.



That's not possible.



It's dumb if I have to go

with another girl, a girl I don't Iove.



Will you need to?



Look, I don't want



to bring myself off on my own

in the can. That's sick.



I Iove you.



I really Iove you.

But give me time.



I said I don't want to.



I didn't do anything.



I thought you wanted it too.

I didn't do anything.



You're spoiling everything,




You're spoiling it.



It was fine.



Yes, it was fine.

Don't you realize it was fine?



I can't.



It's not my fault. I can't.

Not Iike this, straight off.



I didn't trick you.



I warned you.



I'm not a cocktease.



Are you crazy?



How can I resist if you press up

against me Iike that?



You think I'm some kind of saint?



You can't see

what you're doing to me, huh?



You think it's good for me?









Don't you think it's best

to do it for the first time



with someone who Ioves you?






That would be a proof of Iove,



a real proof of Iove,



from you to me,

and from me to you too.



I mean, there are Ioads of guys



who take off

when they see a girl's a virgin.



It's too much hassle,

too much responsibility, see.



They come back

once the job's been done.



- Really?

- Yes.



That's sick.



If not, I'II need to find

another girl older than you.



That's sick too,

and I don't want to do that.



I don't want to.



You're a Iittle girl.



A Iittle girl who Iooks Iike a woman.



You have to forgive men.



You're not mad at me?



Are you crazy?



I'm mad about you.



If you were kind...



If I was kind?



AII the girls take it the back way.



- AII the girls?

- Yes.



That way, it doesn't count.



They can say that

they've never slept with anyone.



- That's sick.

- It isn't.



It's not sick.

It's a proof of Iove.



If you Iove me the way I Iove you...



I feel Iike crying.



No, you mustn't.



You mustn't.

That was a wonderful gifft.



Didn't you feel what it did for me?



Yes, but I'm ashamed.



You've shown your Iove for me.

It was a proof of Iove.



A proof of Iove, see.



From me to you and from you to me.



Do you Iove me all the same?






Don't worry.



You're the kind of girl



that men dream of marrying.



You'd Iike to marry me?



If you weren't so young, yeah.



I have to take my exams first.



Would you wait for me?



What else am I doing

but waiting for you?









It's morning.



I have to get back.



You know what I'd Iike before I go?



I'd Iike you to take me in your mouth.



Not with my Iittle sister here.



She's asleep.



She might be pretending.

You don't know her.



She's jealous.



She won't accept

that I'm older than her.



She's sleeping, okay?



It would really bother me

if she saw me.



I want to get some sleep!



I'm sick of you rattling on.

- You're awake?



You've been spying on us all night?



No, I've been trying to sleep.

I don't care about you screwing.



You Iittle bitch!



You're calling me a bitch?



That's a good one!



My sister Iets some guy

fondle her all night Iong,



never thinking about me,

and I'm the bitch!



Are you mad at me?



I feel dirty.

I don't feel comfortable.



- Because of my sister?

- No, it's not her.



What should be natural

between two people in Iove is so -



Well, it's sinister.



I don't want it to happen again, see?



You want to split up?



I want to Iove you.



Next time.



Next time we'II do it.

You want to? You still want to?



Answer me!



Of course.



If you'd said no, I'd have died.



I'II be your first Iover.



The very first.

The one who introduces you to Iove.



You'II always remember me.



Even with other guys Iater,



I'II always be the first.



Won't you remember me?



Guys aren't Iike girls.



You'II never Ieave me, then.






Stop it.



You'II catch cold. Stop it.



No, I'm not cold.



You know what I risk back home

if we're found together?



Tell me.



I'II go to prison.



It's too dangerous. You're not    .



That's not fair.

It's me who wants it.



See, it wasn't me who stopped first.



Next time,



I'II teach you all about Iove.



Returned goods?

In the returned goods column!



There's a Iot? No difference.



What the hell have you done?

It was going smoothly,



and once I turn my back...



You want me to come back, huh?



I'm telling you,

that jerk will make me go back.



No, Iet them get by

on their own for once.



Enjoy your vacation for now.



You think it's easy

to start up a company?



Everything's so sluggish at first

before it takes off.



If you pick the wrong path,



things happen fast.



One asshole and you can go broke.



- Oh, come on.

- It's the old idol with feet of clay.



You're way ahead of the competition.

You feel strong.



And you get done in

by cash flow problems.



Eat. It'II take your mind off things.



- What's Ana´s doing?

- Showing off.



- Ana´s!

- Don't shout. I'II get her.



Okay, I was a bit hard on you,

but I had my reasons.



I've just got a temper.

It's not your fault.



I'm sick of being

your ball and chain.



You're not my ball and chain.



But if you're not with me,

they'II never Iet me out.



They Iike me to drag you along.



See? You "drag me along."



Yes, tomorrow.



No, the morning's best.

Ah, well, never mind.



Ten past  :  .



About time!



What's the sense in being here

if we don't eat together?



- What's wrong with her?

- Nothing.



I should hope not!



I'm not working myself to death

to see a face Iike that on vacation!



In fact, I can't take a vacation,

and I'm the only one not sulking!



Look at you all!



I'm glad you're so happy.

Thank God I'm Ieaving tomorrow.



What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with her?



It's adolescence.

She'II get over it.



She'd better get over it fast.



It can't be serious.

You haven't Iost your appetite.



Come on, eat.



It'II do you good.



Eating takes your mind off things.



Franšois, you almost forgot this.



If he's flying back -



What of it?

We'II go home by car.



I'II drive.



We'II use highway rest stops

when I'm tired.



It'II just take Ionger.



You'II be driving?



Oh, come on. I can do it.

I just don't Iike to.



Every year, I wonder

how Iong your dad will Iast.



He broke his record this time.



He can't stand vacations.



And he can't stand his partners

being on vacation either.



You'II see. He'II have them

back at work in no time.



I guess I'm not Iike him.



I understand him.



Vacations suck.



Not again!



You're not getting

the exact same dress as me.



Aren't you sick of copying me?



Try to be original for once.



It's a different color.



It's the same dress.



I'm stuck with you all the time,

and now you copy me.



I didn't know

you chose the same one.



I think it's the best one too.



You could take my boyfriend too



and say, "I didn't see

he was already yours."



He's not yours. He's not a dog.



He is mine. And you're just a bitch,

trying to copy me.



You don't stand a chance.

You'II never be Iike me.



You must be joking!

I don't want to be Iike you.



Well you'd better not copy me

in any case.



I didn't realize it was the same one.






I want it shorter.



It's prettier below the knee.



I'm the one wearing it,

and I want it shorter.



Let me do it.



A real mule.

I can't do a thing with her.



It's pretty creepy out here.



I think so, at Ieast.

I feel really uneasy.



You're wrong.

It's great out here.



You can't even see the road.



I hope we Iose our way

and never get out,



Iike in an ancient Iegend.



Good idea.



I've set my heart to rot away



On the windowsill



I trust in a future day



The crows may come

I hope they will



With their beaks so fleet



They will peck away



At this lump of raw meat



O'er which you thought you held sway



I've set my heart to rot away



On the windowsill



For the joyless joy of the day



My worries fall still



If you see the flock



Of crows fighting o 'er it



Throw them not a rock



For I am worth not a bit



I've set my heart to rot away



On the windowsill



I trust in a future day



When the crows come, if they will



With their beaks so fleet



They will peck away



At this lump of raw meat



O'er which you thought you held sway






No one would think we're sisters.



It's true.

We don't take affter anyone.



It's Iike we're born of ourselves.



It's funny. We really have

nothing in common. Look at you.



You have small, hard eyes,



while mine are hazy.



But when I Iook deep into your eyes,



it makes me feel Iike I belong,



as if they were my eyes.



I feel the same thing.



That's why we're sisters.



When I hate you,

I Iook at you and then I can't.



It's Iike hating part of myself.



That's why I Ioathe you so violently,



because you ought to be Iike me.



But at times I have the feeling

you're the exact opposite.



I feel that too.



That's why you make me angrier

than anyone else.



I don't Iet you get away with anything.



You have no rights,

whereas I have a say in your Iife.



We hate each other

because we're raised as rivals.



It's Dad and Mom's fault.



And yet it's not their fault.



They think it's good,

that it stimulates us.



I think you hated it

when I came along.



I mean,



when I was a baby,

you played mommy with me.



But when I got bigger -



Fatter, you mean!






When I could start belting you

for bossing me around,



when you couldn't play

mommy anymore,



and when I caught up with you

Ianguage-wise too.



Really? I don't remember that.



Are you sure

you aren't making it up?



No, I remember it really well.



The day your passion

for educating me ended



was when we were in bed one evening,

in our pink twin beds,



and for some reason you Iaunched

into a speech, bossing me around.



And wham, I pounced on you.



I was pleased because

you called Mom to complain



that I'd pinched you really hard,

and you had two big bruises.



Since that day,



the wind's gone out of your sails.



You've never bossed me around again.



I don't remember that at all.



I remember it perfectly.



I was nice with you.

I'd wheel you in your stroller



and call myself Mommy LÚlaine.



- I hated that.

- You did?



You have to admit, it's pretty unfair.



You're allowed to do things

two years sooner than I could.



Yes, I'm not denying that's unfair.



If not, there's no advantage

in being second.



Besides, so many people don't bother

to remember which one's which



since we have the same surname.

I mean, we're not alike.



That's for sure, we're not alike!






I wasn't being mean.



Want me to tell you a secret?



Fernando gave me this.



It's an engagement ring.



A mauve opal.

- He can't have given you that.



You're out of your mind.



There must be a catch.



No. This way, we're engaged now.



It's a pact.



I need to get it fitted.



- When did he give you that?

- In the dunes.



Something's fishy.

I don't think you should have accepted.



It's not right. It's too valuable.



Hold on.

I didn't want some shitty ring!



Where the hell did he get it?



His grandmother Iefft it to him.



I think I'm going

to give myself to him tonight.



You use some really

weird expressions.



If he uses a condom,

I'II Iet him go all the way.



Spare me the details, please.



You have no idea how scared I am.



Still, I have to go

through it one day.



So it may as well

be with someone I Iove.



What do you think?

What do you suggest?



In any case, between

what you've already done and that,



there's no moral difference

in my opinion.



There's a world of difference!



Personally, I want my first time



to be with a boy I don't Iove.



Because affterwards



you realize he doesn't Iove you

or you don't Iove him, and you feel dumb.



You'II see when you fall in Iove.



I doubt it.



In any case, don't mind me.



Kiss me.



I'm scared.



Be gentle.

- No.



One hard push is best, then it's over.



- No, gently.

- Trust me.



Do audiences come to see you



for kicks or what?



No, not at all.



Why not? Why?



True, my show tackles sexual issues.



There's no sex, that's different.



Maybe I confuse

sex and sexual issues.



It's an investigation

of sexual issues. That's all.



Its a big problem in France.



You have Bardot,

who is a sexual issue.



No, she's a case, not an issue.



She's a case, so she's an issue.



You should read

what De Beauvoir wrote.



She wrote some great things.

I love Bardot,



but she's a sexual issue.



So why do you investigate this issue?



It's a simple and obvious issue

that everyone can understand.



It's a very simple human issue.



And no one is perfect on that level.



Things are more complicated

with other issues,



given the confusion in the world.



How about you?

How do you fall short on that level?



I'm not saying.



She's great, isn't she?



I 'II never know the people

I 'd Iike to know. I was born too Iate.



Excuse me.

Is this the Pingot home?



Come now,

it's not a difficult question.



Still, I suppose it's stupid

to expect an answer.



In that case, I'II come in.



I'm Fernando's mother.



I'm sorry.

I just walked right in.



Are you EIena's mother?



Am I disturbing you.

- Not at all!



The moss grows so fast

with all this wet grass.



This is very awkward, you see.

Very awkward indeed.



No, not at all. Really.



It's an awkward situation.



- Not at all.

- I'm bothering you.



No. I really must compliment you.

Your son is -



It's an awkward situation.



I don't know where to begin.



You know, every summer,



I always bring

a few valuable jewels along.



Some precious,

others just costume jewelry, you see.



I don't check on them every day.



Trouble is, they're memories.



Rings represent the men



whom you managed

to make understand



that they should

offer them to you, you see?



I don't understand.



Besides, it's totally ridiculous



to give such a valuable ring

to some young girl



whom you just happen to meet



on vacation.



It's totally absurd!



What ring? What do you mean?



My mauve opal.



I don't understand how she could have

accepted it just Iike that.



My son is too young to dispose

of my property. I'm not dead yet!



And I don't intend to die!



I don't understand any of this,

but my daughter's not Iike that.



There you are.

Where's your sister?



I'm not her keeper.



You're crazy.



You're always ready to back her up

when she screws up, aren't you?



- You're crazy.

- Don't pretend you don't know.



She has a ring

that belongs to this Iady.



- Couldn't your son come himself?

- Stop it.



- You're Ieaving?

- We have to go home one day.



- You didn't stay Iong.

- That's Iife.



Can we have some music on?



I didn't do anything.



I get yelled at because of her.



And my vacation's been wrecked.



Your father wants

to have you examined.



How about a police report too?



Published in the papers?



He can't.

- Oh, yes, he can, my girl.



You should have

thought of that first!



I suppose you never had a first time?



Did you ask your dad's permission?



This isn't about me.



I'm sick of it.



Stop this playacting!

I'm sick of you sniveling!



I can't help crying.



Well, cry in silence, then.






Stop the car, please.

I feel sick.



Look at the bitch.



She's pleased with herself!

- Shut up.



I hate her.



I wish she'd die.



I don't care.

I'II die with her.



Speak for yourself.



I don't want to die.



No danger of that.



You're not in the dead man's seat.



Turn that down! It's horrible!



I'm driving.

I need to keep myself company.



People are pigs.



Typical French.



We have enough to be ashamed of.



You're eating again?



Mom, that's terrible!



Look who's talking!



I'm worn out.



I need to sleep a bit.



I have to pee.



You think she told dad everything



and that he'II have me examined?



I don't know.



It's sick that people

think it's their business.



It's sick being a virgin.



I'm scared.



He's a real bastard



to have made me think

we were getting engaged.



And with his mother's ring, too.



Stop thinking about it.



Go to sleep.



I can't stop thinking about it.



He was the first.



There'II be plenty of others.



You won't give them

such a hard time now.



Maybe, but I can't stop

thinking about him.



Go to sleep.

He's already forgotten you.



You bitch.



I'm just being honest with you.



You deserve better.



Now go to sleep.



Lock your door.



You're not going to hurt me?



Shut up!



She was in the woods.

She says he didn't rape her.



Don't believe me

if you don't want to.


Special help by SergeiK