Fatal Attraction Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fatal Attraction script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Glenn Close and Michael Douglas movie by Adrian Lyne.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fatal Attraction. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fatal Attraction Script





Well, there is one thing... 



I'd like to ask you. 



How do they make that slime

they're always dumping on you? 



Oh, well. First, 

they take some liquid. 



And then they add some

Jell-O powder and some flour... 



and sometimes some soap, 

then they dump it all over me. 



You better get going, kiddo.

We're gonna be late.



Very interesting. 

Is it always green? 



Yeah, it usually is, 

but I guess it could be red. 



Or it could be blue. 



Daddy, telephone.



Thanks, darling.






Hildy, I'm fine.

I just stubbed my toe.



Hang on one second, will you?



Honey, it's Hildy.



I'll call her back.



She's in the bathroom. She wants

to know what you're wearing.



My black suit.



She's gonna wear her black dress.



Well, it's gonna be business.

You know how those things are.



Ellen, I don't want you

messing with my makeup. I'm late.



- Is her red dress okay?

- It's perfect.



Did you hear that?

You got it.



Okay, darling.

See you later. Bye.



Oh, man.



I told you a million times not

to play with my lipstick, right?



So when are you gonna

listen to me, huh?



Silly girl.



Honey, where's my blue suit?



It's on the back of the door.



Oh, shit.



Shit, shit, shit.



Shit, shit, shit.



- Hi, Ellen.

- Hi, Christine.



- How you doin'?

- Good.



- Where's your mom?

- She's in the bathroom.



I got you a present.

Wanna see what it is?



- Do you like it?

- Uh-huh.



Okay, come on.

Let's go find Mommy.



Hiya, Chuck. How are you? Good to

see you. Can you make it Friday?



- I'm there.

- We need you. We're in the cellar.



Dan, is my hair okay?



- You look great.

- I'm serious.



You're the prettiest woman

in the room, sweetheart.






Hiya, Bob. How are you?



Glad you could make it, Dan.

Sorry about the meeting tomorrow.



I know it's a Saturday,

but we got a real crisis.



I understand. Do you know

my wife Beth? Bob Drimmer.



- Pleased to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.



- Hope you like sushi.

- Love it, Bob.



- What did he do to his neck?

- He was screwin' his wife.



- Are you serious?

- Absolutely. You should see his wife.



They had to take her out

on a stretcher.



- You guys are bad!

- Do you want champagne?



- Champagne for everyone.

- With a twist.



Four champagnes over here.



Excuse me. Hi.



Thank you.



Thank you very much.



- Jesus!

- Thank you.






- Thank you.

- No, thank you.



So, what great cultural event

are we here to celebrate tonight?



- Some exercise manual.

- Not another one.



This one's different.



It's based on

ancient samurai discipline.



Danny, look at this guy nod.



What is that,

part of the ritual?



Hi there.



- Jesus! If looks could kill.

- Glad you haven't lost your touch.



I think she likes me.

I think she wants me.



I think you're batting zero for two,

and I don't wanna know you.



- She was undressing me with her eyes.

- You think so? Good luck, pal.



She had trouble with the buttons.



- Can I get a champagne, please?

- You got it.



I'm not saying anything.

I'm not even gonna look.



Was it that bad?



I was glad I wasn't on the receiving end

of that one. Cheers.



I hate it when guys think

they can come on like that.



Jimmy's okay.



He's just a little insecure

like the rest of us.



- My name is Dan Gallagher.

- Alex Forest.



Nice to meet you.

And what is your connection here?



I'm an editor at Robbins and Hart.

And you?



I'm with Miller, Goodman and Hurst.

I do all your legal work.



I haven't seen you around

their office, though.



I've just been with them

a couple of weeks.



- I have to go.

- Is that your wife?



Better run along.



It was very nice to meet you.



- Give me a break.

- Give you a break? What does this mean?



- How many did you buy?

- What does this mean?



- Thanks again, Christine.

- Anytime, Mrs. Gallagher.



Good night.



Aren't you forgetting something?



Quincy, let's hit it, pal.



You're such a good boy, yes.



You did such good business.

You're the best, boy.



It's just for tonight, honey.



When you first see a house,

don't show any interest at all.



- Otherwise you can't negotiate.

- Will you stop worrying about it?



- Ellen, are you chewing gum again?

- We can't afford it anyway.



Look, there's no harm in looking.

It's just up the road from Mom and Dad.



- Just another reason not to buy it.

- I didn't hear that.



Really nothing to worry about.

We can't afford it anyway.



Come on.

Hold on a minute, honey.



Let's just not worry about it.

I haven't seen the damn place yet.



I may not even like it.



Ellen, the gum.



Thank you.



Come on, Quincy.



No, honey. Quincy's

gotta stay here with Daddy.



- Daddy's gonna be all alone.

- Sorry, Quincy.



- Don't forget to walk him.

- I promise.



You promise? Okay.

You have a good meeting.



- See you tomorrow night.

- I love you.



Two times down. Third time up

he looked like a jellyfish. 



Sorry to ruin your weekend. Please

give my apologies to your lovely wife.



I will.



- So, how you feeling?

- Don't ask.



Henry's out of town, so I asked

Alex Forest to stand in for him.



- Anybody know where she is?

- She's on her way.



Since we got a little time, maybe you

can tell us what happened to your neck.



That's cute. Very cute.



Sorry I'm late.

I was getting the file.



This is Alex Forest,

our new associate editor.



We've met before.



Okay, can we get started?



Okay, here's the story.

You want to publish a novel...



in which one character is a senator

from New Jersey who's foolin' around.



Now, there's a certain congressman

from Ohio...



who claims the character's based on him

and filed an injunction against this.



The congressman's bald.

This guy has hair.



They're from different states.



If we don't sell those books,

we're screwed.



If I go to court to prove this senator's

not based upon this congressman...



then I have to know the truth.






strictly between these walls,

all right...



did the author have an affair

with Mr. Ohio or not?



Yeah, she did.



But she also had a lot of affairs

with other politicians.



Any one of them

could make the same claim.



She swears

this character's fictitious.



I just got off the phone with her.



And you believe her?



Yeah, I believe her.



Now that we got that on the table,

what can we do to lift that injunction?



If we believe the girl, is there some

way we can get to the congressman?



They take campaign contributions.

Can we buy him off?



Can we frighten him off? Is there

something in his past we can find?



We need to use some leverage.



Give me a break!



Come on.



- Is it made in Taiwan?

- These are tough to find.



Oh, wait, wait. Here.

We got one.



Come on!



You wanna go get a drink?



Yeah, I'd love it.



The strangest case I ever handled?



Well, the truth was

I never actually handled it...



but the strangest case

I ever came near to...



was when my parents got divorced

and my mother asked me to represent her.



- You're kidding.

- That's what I said.



"What do you mean?" she told me.

"You know what an asshole the guy is.



You've been a witness to this marriage

for    years."



Can you believe this?

This is coming from my mother.



- How did you get out of it?

- You can't turn your mother down.



So, I escaped on a technicality.



- Which was what?

- I didn't practice family law.



And it was true, you know,

and she bought it.



- Are you making this up?

- Could I make something up like that?






I've got a lot of pull here.

My favorite restaurant.



- I noticed.

- They know me well.



Miss. You want a coffee?

Can we have two coffees, please?



Well, I'll tell you, it's...



- You want one?

- No, thank you.



It's funny being a lawyer.

It's like being a doctor.



Everybody is telling you

their innermost secrets.



Oh, God.



You must have to be discreet.



Oh, God, yeah.



Are you?



Am I what?






Yes, I'm discreet.



Me too.



- Can I ask you something?

- What?



- Why don't you have a date tonight?

- I did have a date.



I stood him up.

That was the phone call I made.



Does that make you feel good?



It doesn't make me feel bad.



So, where's your wife?



Where's my wife?



My wife is in the country with

her parents, visiting for the weekend.



And you're here with a strange girl

being a naughty boy.



I don't think having dinner

with anybody is a crime.



Not yet.



Will it be?



I don't know.

What do you think?



I definitely think

it's gonna be up to you.



I can't say yet.

I haven't made up my mind.



At least you're very honest.



We were attracted to each other

at the party. That was obvious.



You're on your own for the night.

That's also obvious.



We're two adults.



Let's get the check.



- Oh, that was great.

- Thank God.



Are you feeling energetic?



What do you have in mind?



You live in this building?



Well, where can I get a cab?

Do you know?



- Have you ever done it in an elevator?

- Not recently.



I'll bet you haven't.



I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry.



How are you?



Hi. What happened to you? 



I tried you earlier. I'm gonna go... 

I guess you're not back yet. 



I'm gonna go to bed now, 

so call me in the morning. Bye-bye. 



Oh, Dan, darling.

We were expecting you.



I had work to do. 



That's a pity. We really

wanted you to see that house.



- I'll see it next time. 

- Of course. You wanna speak to Beth?



Hold on a second. 



The phone. It's Dan.

Here you are.




What happened to you?



Hi. Nothing. I just went out

and had dinner with Bill last night.



How is he?



He's... Bill's Bill,

the same as usual.



Is he still with that girl? 



Well, he wasn't last night.



I think it's over.

He didn't wanna talk about it.



So, you getting any work done?



Yeah, I'm working. 



There's some of the spaghetti sauce

in the refrigerator if you get hungry.



Great. Okay.

How's Ellen doing?



She is having the best time.



I just hope that Dad survives it.



Honey, I don't know

how to tell you this, but...



she wants a rabbit.



No rabbits! 



Jesus Christ! This goddamn family's

turning into Noah's ark.



I mean, please, give her a kiss,

all right? But no promises.



- All right.

- When are you coming home? 



- Well, it's getting complicated.

- Why's that? 



There's a problem with the house.



They sold it?



Very funny. No, we can't get in

to see it until late this afternoon.



I'm not up to fighting the traffic.

I thought I would come in tomorrow.



What about school?



She's only five years old.

What's she going to miss, trigonometry?



Okay, all right. Then I'll see you

when I get home from work.



Okay. See you tomorrow.



Okay. Thanks.

Have a good time.






What happened?



I woke up, you weren't here.

I hate that.



You didn't get my note?



What note? 



I left you a note

right by your bed.



That's nice.



I thought we were gonna

spend the day together.



Alex, I got so much work

to do today. I can't.



Why don't you just come over. 

I'll cook us lunch. 



I got to take the dog for a walk.

The poor dog has not been out all day.



I gotta take him out. 



Bring the dog. I love animals.

I'm a great cook.



Come on.



Listen. I'd love to, but I can't.

I really can't.



Do what you have to do, 

then come over afterwards. 



We can always eat late. 



Or you can work here.



I won't disturb you, I promise.

I'll be a good girl.



You don't give up, do you?

You just don't give up.



Come on, Quincy.



Help, Quincy.



I got it. I got it.



He's free.

Quincy, cover me.



I'm up. Go deep.

He fires.






She got it.

Yes, it's back.



Over the head.

He's got it.



Dan, can you hear me?



Oh, my God.



- You bastard.

- Your face.



- That was a shitty thing to do.

- I'm sorry. I was just fooling around.



My father died of a heart attack.



I was seven years old.

It happened right in front of me.



Honey, I'm sorry.



Really, I had no idea. If I did,

I never would have done that.



What, he didn't die?

He's alive?



Yeah, he's alive and well

and living in Phoenix.



You certainly got me,

didn't you?



Let's hear it.



I hope you like spaghetti.

Specialty of the house.



Goes with the opera.



It smells so good.



- Anything else for me to do?

- No, nothing.



Just make yourself at home.

You can change the tape.



No, this is great.

I love Madame Butterfly. 




It's my favorite opera.



Mine too.



First opera I ever saw.



My father, he took me to the old Met.

I was five years old.



Did it make any sense?



I got most of it.



There was this US sailor settin' up

house with this Japanese lady.



That was all fine,

but in the final act...



after he left her...



my father told me

she's gonna kill herself...



and I was terrified.



I was... I climbed

right underneath the chair.



It's right here.



This is it.



It's funny.






One of the only times I recall my father

being nice to me when I was a kid...



comforting me at Madame Butterfly. 






What are you thinking about?



I was wondering why is it that all the

interesting guys are always married?



Maybe that's why you find them

interesting... you can't have them.



How long have you been married?



Nine years.



Do you have any kids?



I got a six-year-old girl.



Sounds good.



I'm lucky.



So what are you doing here?



You know how to ask them.



I really wanna know.



I had a wonderful time last night.

I'd like to see you again.



Is that so terrible?






I just don't think

it's possible, though.



It's really strange.

I feel like I know you already.



I just wanna know where I stand.



I think you're terrific.



But I'm married.



What can I say?



Just my luck.



Oh, shit.



- What are you doing?

- I gotta go.



I thought you said she wasn't

coming back till tomorrow.



She's not, but I got things to do.

I gotta go home.



I don't think I like this.



Like what?



The way you run away

after every time we make love.



What difference does it make

whether I leave now or in the morning?



- The fact is I gotta go.

- You're not gonna leave now.



- Come on. Will you stop it?

- I mean it!



Come on. Hey!



What's the problem?



I'm sorry.



Jesus Christ.

I mean, let's be reasonable.



Be reasonable?






"Thank you. Good-bye.

Don't call me. I'll call you."



Look, you knew about me,

all right.



I didn't hide anything.



- I thought it was understood.

- What was understood?



The opportunity was there

and we took it.



Come on now.

We are adults, aren't we?



What's that supposed to mean?



- I thought we'd have a good time.

- No, you didn't.



You thought you'd have a good time.

You didn't stop to think about me.



That's crazy.

You knew the rules.



What rules?



Look. I like you.



And if I wasn't with somebody else,

then maybe I'd be with you, but I am.



Please don't justify yourself.

It's pathetic.



If you told me to fuck off,

I'd have more respect for you.



All right then. Fuck off.



And you get out!



I'm going.



Why don't you come over here

and say good-bye nicely?



Let's be friends.



Baby, no.



It's okay.



Sorry if I upset you.



It's okay.

It's okay, really.



It's okay. All right.

It's okay now.



Your hands are all wet.



Oh, Jesus!



Jesus Christ!

Come here, come here!



Hold on, hold on.



Nice and tight.



Hi. Did you just call me?



I was in the shower and I heard

the phone. I thought it was you.



So how are you?

Did you have a good day?






That's terrific.

That's really terrific.



You sound excited.



No, I'm not against the idea.

Don't get me wrong.



It's just the money.



Okay, darling.



I love you.






How are you feeling?






I gotta go.



Will you call me sometime?



You don't have to

if you don't want to.



No, I want to.



You promise me

you're gonna go see the doctor.






You take care.



You too.






Look what I got.

Look what I got for you here?



A little spaghetti and meat sauce.

That's it, buddy.



We'll make an Italian out of you yet.

That's a good boy.



All right.

Have a good one.



What are you doing here?

It's  :   a.m.



I'm in the shitter, Martha. I gotta be

in court by  :   and I'm really behind.



Do me a favor. Cancel everything

and call Drimmer. Tell him we're fine.



- I'll be there by  :  .

- At  :  ? Okay.



Good morning, Martha.



- Daddy!

- Hey, honey! Oh, God, I missed you.



We had a great time. We went for a walk

with Grandpa and saw rabbits.



Well, good. Why don't you slow down.

I can't understand a word you're saying.



- Daddy, I want a rabbit.

- I know you do, honey.



- Hi, darling. How are you?

- Good.



Oh, God, I missed you.






I did.



I should go away more often.



- I did this one.

- You did?



- Pick another one.

- I thought it was this row you picked.



- It was this one.

- I think you're in a lot of trouble.



Phooey. I can't do it.



Now pick a card, Dad.



Any card at all?



- Of course.

- Where'd she learn this?



Grandpa showed me.



It's a surprise.



So, how was it?



Come on. I'm a big boy.

I can take it.



It had a place for rabbits.



Oh, no! She said it.

She said the "R" word.



Not rabbits? Rabbits?



Well, what can I tell you?

It's absolutely perfect.



In this row?



So, when are you gonna come up

and take a look at it?



- Just for the hell of it?

- In this row?



How about tomorrow morning?



- Daddy, which row?

- You mean it?



If you can get me back

to the office by  :   yeah.



Which row, Dad?



It's in this row, sweetheart.






Honey, come here.

I want you to see this.






Well, it's... it's okay.



What do you mean?

It's fantastic.



It's great.



Just think of all the money

we're gonna save not living in New York.



The local high school is excellent.

My own children went there.



- You see?

- This is a terrific area for kids.



I'm sure it is.

Is it okay if I go upstairs?



- Go ahead. I'll wait for you down here.

- Thank you.



You know,

we still gotta decorate.



We can fix up anything.

We can have painting parties.



Painting parties?

Beth, you're making me very nervous.



Now look at this.

This is fantastic.



This would make a terrific playroom.



What are you talking about playroom?

This is my den. It's a den.



I knew you were gonna like it.



I like it.



I'll be in court.

How you doing, Dan?



Hi, Eunice.

Did Martha get back from lunch?



- She just returned.

- Thank you.



This isn't a bad time, is it?

I was in the area.



No. No. You...

Do you wanna come in my office?



You gonna be in your office later?

There's a little something... Excuse me.



- Haven't we met somewhere?

- I don't think so.



She looked at me first.



Sit down.



- Are you okay?

- I'm fine.



I was gonna call you today.



This is terribly embarrassing.



I just wanted to say sorry

for what happened.



I had no right

to put you through that.



Nothing happened, okay?



I was going through a bad time

and everything was coming to a crisis.



But I'm fine. I'm really all right.

And thank you.



- You don't have to thank me.

- Oh, yeah, I do.



A lot of guys

would have just run away.



I don't know what I would have done

if you hadn't been there.



Well, you... you look good.



As a matter of fact,

you look great.






So that's past?



- May I ask you one more favor?

- What's that?



I've got two tickets

to Madame Butterfly... 



two weeks from Thursday.



I'd really love it if you'd come

with me, kind of as a peace offering.



That's... That's very nice of you...



but I don't think it's a good idea.



No strings attached.



You don't have to explain.

I just thought I'd ask.






I'll see you around sometime.



Come here.



Take care.






Let's go, pal!



We're on a roll.

We're on a roll.



I like it.



Very nice.



That is no good.



How about Rodgers

versus whatchamacallit?



- Winitsky.

- Right. I got your memo.



- You gonna go for summary judgment?

- Why not, Arthur?



The facts are not in dispute. Rodgers

admits reading Winitsky's article.



The question is whether

he plagiarized it in his book.



You can't copyright an idea,

only the expression of the idea...



and Rodgers sure as hell didn't use

any of the words in the book.



Let me think about it.



So, I hear you're about

to become a suburbanite.



We're gonna take the big plunge.



- Got a buyer for the apartment?

- No.



- Got cold sweats about your escrow?

- Yeah.



But not about Rodgers

versus Winitsky?



- No, sir.

- Good.



He's still in a meeting.



Yes, I know. I did expect him

to be through by now.



I'd like you to have lunch with me

on Tuesday, if you're around.



Thank you, Arthur. That'd be great.

Let me just check my diary.



You are on his list of calls.

It's Alex Forest.



Again? I thought you told her

I'd call her back.



- I did.

- Put her on hold.



Would you mind holding?



- Tuesday would be great.

- I look forward to it.



Thank you. I will too.



Put her through.



Look, Alex, I thought we agreed

this was not a good idea.






I'm sorry.

I thought you understood.



If I misled you in some way,

I apologize.



But I don't think it's a good idea

if we talk to each other anymore.









If she calls again,

tell her I'm not here.



Thank you.



Wait. Let me do something.



Let me just look at you.



You're so beautiful.



You're just so beautiful.



- Wouldn't you know.

- I know.



Do you know how many injuries can...



- That's my wife!

- Don't terrorize them.



I'm a lawyer. I'm insured.



Oh, it's excited.



Now don't forget who gave you this.



My cold sores are almost gone.



This is for you. Ladies first.

I use that term advisedly.



You bet, sweetie.



That's my wife!

A little attention, please.



Ladies. Gentleman.



My wife.

My little ball and chain.



- You should have such a ball and chain.

- Mother of some of my children.



- Wouldn't be that confident about it.

- Here is to Miller, Goodman...



Hurst and Gallagher.



- Here's to Mrs. Gallagher.

- Give me a break, will you, guys?



All he did was ask me to lunch.



Your moving to your country estate.

You'll forget you ever knew us.



Wait a minute.

I read one of those self-help books.



Published by Robbins and Hart,

of course.



Samurai Self-Help. 



In it, it tells you how to deal

with the anxieties of your friends...



as you move up the corporate ladder

and they stay put...



or, God forbid, go down.



And in this book, it tells you

not to coddle your friends' anxieties.



So I'm not gonna make

any false reassurances, guys.



I'm not gonna tell you you're gonna be

up to the house every weekend.



Let's face it. Things have changed.

This is not a classless society.



As a matter of fact, this is it.

Good-bye. Good-bye.



I knew he was gonna say that.

The man is running true to form.



Honey, I think we gotta make

a clean break.



We're on a roll.

We gotta travel light.



Thanks for the time you've given us.



Here, you, drink. I want you

with a lamp shade on your head by   :  .



Why should today be any different

from any other?



Here's to you.



Yeah, Richards.

It's kind of late, isn't it?



If you refuse to take my phone calls

at the office, you leave me no choice.



It's  :   in the morning.

Can't this wait till tomorrow morning?



Is it awkward for you to talk?



You could say that.



I've gotta see you.



I don't have the...



the documentation to answer that right

now, but I'll call you from the office.



No. Meet me in front of the Robbins

and Hart building tomorrow,  :  .



Don't disappoint me.



Be there.



- This has gotta stop.

- If you saw me, I wouldn't call.



Do you get it? It's over.

There's nothing between us.



You mean you've had your fun.

Now you just want a quiet life.



- Why are you doing this?

- Doing what?



- You need help.

- Don't tell me what I need.



You need a shrink!



Why are you so hostile?

I'm not your enemy.



- Then why are you trying to hurt me?

- I'm not. I love you.



- You what?

- I love you.



- You don't even know me.

- How can you say that?



We spent a weekend together,

that's all.



You stayed that second night.

You must like me a little.



Because I was concerned about you.

Why do you read so much into everything?



Can't you understand? I have

a whole relationship with someone else.



I am very happy.



Whole means complete.



If your life's so damn complete,

what were you doing with me?



- Is that what you wanna talk about?

- I'm pregnant.



I saw my gynecologist on Monday.



Here's his card.

You can call him.



You don't...



Use anything?



I had a very bad miscarriage last year.

I didn't think I could get pregnant.



How do you know it's mine?



Because I don't sleep around.



I apologize.



I'm sorry.



Don't worry. You're not gonna

have to handle this alone.



Handle what?



The abortion. I'll take care of it.

I'll pay for it.



What makes you think

I want an abortion?



You're not gonna have the baby.



Why not?



There are plenty

of one-parent families.



- At least they don't end in divorce.

- I don't have a say in this?



I want this child.



It has nothing to do with you. I want it

whether you're a part of it or not.



Then why are you telling me?

Why not just go ahead and do it?



I was hoping that you would want

to be a part of it.



This is crazy.

This is totally insane.



I'm    years old. It may be

my last chance to have a child.



Just think what you're saying.



Just think about it.



We are gonna live with this

for the rest of our lives.



I know that.



I've thought of that.

I know how you feel.



It's a big thing,

but it doesn't have to be a problem.



Really, it doesn't.



You play fair with me,

I'll play fair with you.



"He led Agnes and Nellie

into the hall closet and shut the door.



Agnes and Nellie and Oink giggled

and laughed in the dark.



Pearl listened outside the door.



'Oh, it works, ' cried Nellie.



'Of course, ' said Oink.



'Look at the flying dog, '

yelled Agnes.



'Wow! ' cried Nellie.



Pearl frowned. 'Who cares

about flying dogs? ' she said.



Nobody heard her.



'Look out for the worms! '

squealed Agnes.



'Eeek! ' yelled Nellie

and Agnes together.



'Look at the monster cockroach! '

yelled Oink.






So you know what I did?

I called the doctor.



You know what he says?




I can't even imagine

what she told him.



Anyway, that's not the end of it.



After I talk to the doctor...



this morning

I broke into her apartment.



I know. Me, a lawyer,

breaking and entering.



I'm looking for something, anything to

get a handle on what I'm dealing with.



I thought maybe I could find out

she was sleeping with somebody else.



Well, I didn't find anything.



Anyway, I didn't find anything.



Jimmy, I don't know anything

about family law.



You gotta help me.

What kind of case does she really have?



It ain't good.



She keeps calling the apartment.



Every time Beth answers the phone,

she hangs up.



I'm scared, Jimmy. I...



I don't wanna lose my family.



The facts, as alleged, 

are horrendous. 



The instrument allegedly used

in all three cases... 



was an electronic shock device

or stun gun... 



Operator. May I help you? 



Operator, I've been trying

to get    -    .    ?



- Recording says it's been disconnected.

- Just a moment, please. 



I'm sorry, the number's been

changed to an unlisted number. 



Operator, this is a real emergency.

You need to give me that number.



I'm sorry. We're not allowed

to give out that information. 



- Well, fuck you!

- My place or yours? 



- I like it. I like it a lot.

- Well, we've been very happy here.



I'd definitely like

to think about it, if I could.



- It's so clean.

- Yes.



We have a cleaning lady who comes in

a couple times a week.



- I can certainly give you her name.

- I'd love that.



And there's baby-sitters galore.

The whole works.



Whatever information you would need.

You know, they have...



Hi, darling.

Darling, this is Alex.



- I've forgotten your last name.

- Alex Forest.



Hi. Glad to meet you.



Nice to meet you.



Haven't we met somewhere before?



I don't think so, no.



We have.

Weren't you at that party...



at the Japanese place

a few weeks ago?



Honey, the exercise book.



Oh, yeah.



You're a lawyer and you work

for the firm of...



What's the name?

Well, anyway, we've definitely met.



Well, you have a good memory.



I never forget a face.



It's a small world.



It certainly is.



So, I gather

you're going to the country?



- Moving to the country?

- Yes.



- Have you found a place yet?

- We found a place in Bedford.



- Do you know it up there?

- Oh, it's beautiful, yes.



I guess you'll be moving

out of here almost immediately?



Actually, we wanted to do

some remodeling first.



I guess you're looking for a place

right away, aren't you?



Well, yeah,

I'd kind of like to settle in.



Alex is expecting a baby.



Oh, that's...



Will you excuse me?

I have some work I've got to do.



I better run too.



Thank you for the tea

and showing me the apartment.



- You're very welcome.

- I like it.



- I really like it.

- We've been very happy here.



I'd like to think about it,

if I could.



Let me give you our number

so you can call us direct.



Thank you.



- I'll keep in touch.

- Great.



- Bye-bye.

- Good-bye.



She seemed really interested.



It's funny.

She didn't mention a husband.



I get the feeling

that she's on her own.



- What is it? You seem down.

- No, I'm just tired.



- Hello? 

- Hi, it's me.






You know damn well who it is.

Let me in. I wanna talk.



So now you wanna talk? 



So, what can I get you?

I've got scotch, vodka.



- I've got a nice chablis...

- Cut the shit, will you?



Just cut it!



I don't know what you're up to...



but I'm gonna tell you

it's gonna stop right now.



No, it's not gonna stop.

It's gonna go on and on...



until you face up

to your responsibilities.



What responsibilities?



I'm pregnant.

I'm going to have our child.



That's your choice, honey.

That has nothing to do with me.



I just wanna be

a part of your life.



This is the way you do it, huh?

Showing up at my apartment?



What am I supposed to do?

You won't answer my calls.



You change your number.

I'm not going to be ignored!



You don't get it.

You just... You don't get it.



Don't you remember our weekend?



I mean, wasn't that wonderful?



Why can't we just

be like that again?



I know you feel it too.

I mean, what are you so afraid of?



Hey, don't flatter yourself.



Go ahead, hit me.

If you can't fuck me, just hit me.



You're so sad. Do you know that?

You're lonely and very sad.



Don't you ever pity me,

you smug bastard.



I'll pity you,

because you're sick.



Why? Because I won't allow you

to treat me like some slut...



you can just bang a couple times

and throw in the garbage?



I'm gonna be

the mother of your child.



I want a little respect.



You want respect?



- Respect.

- What are you doing?



Please don't go.

I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.



I'll tell your wife.



You tell my wife, I'll kill you.



It only takes a phone call!



Hello? Hello? 



Guys, that's on the second door

to the left all the way in the landing.



Thank you.



You could have stayed

in the apartment.



Dan was in such a hurry

to get out of New York.



Mama, that's you, isn't it?



Oh, Lord, put it away.



All right, easy on that door frame.



Nice, nice.

Just like a glove.



I got it. Sorry.



Hello? Martha.



It's Martha.



Hi, honey. How you doing?

Did the plumber come yet?



Did he ever.



I don't really wanna know about it.

Guess what I'm looking at.



- You got it? 

- Yeah, I got it right here.



Or I should say, I got her.



What's she like?



Well, she's cute.

She looks like a rabbit.



She's white, long ears,

little pink eyes.



Ellen doesn't know

anything about it?



No, she doesn't think

she's gonna get one.



See what happens if

you work here too long, Eunice?



- Isn't she cute.

- Thank you.



Oh, I forgot.

This arrived for you.



- Good night, Eunice.

- Good night, Mr. Gallagher.



Hey, Joaquin!



Jesus fucking Christ!



Fucking bitch!

Jesus Christ.



It had something to do

with the electrical system.



The whole goddamn thing blew up.

A lot of smoke.



All right, honey,

I'll see you in a little while.



Mr. Gallagher?

You forgot your contract.



Hello, Dan. 

Are you surprised? 



This is what you've reduced me to. 



I guess you thought

you'd get away with it. 



Well, you can't. 



Because part of you

is growing inside of me... 



and that's a fact, Dan, 

and you'd better start... 



learning how to deal with it. 



'Cause, you know, I feel you. 



I taste you. 

I think you. 



I touch you. 



Can you understand? 



Can you? 



I'm just asking you... 



to acknowledge

your responsibilities. 



Is that so bad? 



I don't think so. 



I don't think it's unreasonable. 



And, you know, 

another thing is that... 



you thought you could just

walk into my life... 



and turn it upside down... 



without a thought

for anyone but yourself. 



You know what you are, Dan? 



You're a cock-sucking

son of a bitch. 



I hate you. I bet

you don't even like girls, do you? 



You flaming, fucking faggot. 



Daddy! Thank you!



Like it?



You thought you could just

walk into my life... 



and turn it upside down... 



without a thought

for anyone but yourself. 



You know what you are, Dan? 



You're a cock-sucking

son of a bitch. 



You are. 



I bet you don't

even like girls, do you? 



They probably scare you. 



I know I do. 



So you're scared of me, aren't you? 



You're fucking frightened of me. 

You're afraid. 



You're afraid, aren't you? 

You gutless, heartless... 



spineless fucking son of a bitch. 



I hate you. 

You deserve everything you get... 






I was wondering what you

were doing up so late.



I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.



It's okay. I was just listening

to a deposition and couldn't sleep.



Come on.

I'm gonna give you a back rub.



- A back rub?

- Brandy, a back rub.



You won't know what hit you.



Sounds good.



My client wants it stopped. 



Hejust wants an end

to the harassment. 



He's positive it was this woman

who trashed the car? 



Yes, of course.



- Any witnesses?

- No.



He's welcome to file a complaint,

if it'd make him feel better.



There's not a lot you can do

without proof.



Look, Lieutenant, this woman

is completely irrational.



There's no telling

what she could do.



We can't go around arresting people

for what they might do. You know that.



I'm not asking you to arrest her.

He simply...



He wants her warned.



Well, we could talk to her.



It may make things public.

He's not gonna like that.



It may even aggravate

the situation with the girl.



How's that?



Whatever resentment she's feeling,

she probably got it out of her system.



And any action we take

could provoke her.



What if she didn't get it

out of her system? What then?



You have to catch her in the act.

Then we can bring charges.



Well, you say he just has to

sit there and take it?



It's his bed. Afraid

he's gonna have to lie in it.



Come on.



Come on, Ellen.

We're going to Grandma's.



Come on, Quince.

Quincy, come on. Hurry up.



Come on. Get on in.

Hurry up.



Watch his tail, sweetie.

Make him sit down.



See you didn't get your car back.



No, it's a total write-off.

The electrical system's just shot.



Extraordinary, those foreign cars.



- Here you are, dear.

- Oh, thank you.



- Wanna try again, sweetie?

- Okay.



Okay. So?



Dear Priscilla, Miles asked me

to ask you to marry him.



Very good.



You wanna do it one more time.

Do it with your hat and do the bow.



So when you actually do it,

you know what you're doing.



Let me see your bow.



And what do you say?



Dear Priscilla, Miles asked me

to ask you to marry him.



Very good.



Come here.



That was good.



- Thank you.

- That was really good.



That was so good.



- I love you.

- I love you too.



Thank you, darling.



Come on, Quincy.









Whitey's gone!



It's all right, darling.

It's gonna be okay, sweetie.



You should try to get some sleep.



- She okay?

- She's asleep.



- Did you call the police?

- Not yet, no.



Why not?



Honey, we gotta talk.



What is it?



I know who did this.



You do?






Remember the girl who...



came to the apartment?



The one I met

in the Japanese restaurant?



The one with the blond hair.



You're scaring me.



What is it?



Did you have an affair with her?






I am so sorry.



The last thing I ever wanted to do

was to hurt you.



Are you in love with her?



No, it was one night.

It didn't mean anything.



What has it got to do

with what's happened?



She's pregnant.



She's... It's yours?



I don't know. That's what she says.

Honey, listen to me.



Get out!

I want you out of here!



I want you out of this house,

and I want you out now!



How could you do this?

I hate you!



- Honey, you don't understand.

- I don't wanna hear it!



- I don't wanna hear it!

- Please, just listen to me.



Please, please, listen.



What is the matter with you?



Dan. What a pleasant surprise.



It's over, Alex. It's all finished.

I told Beth. She knows all about it.




You haven't got the balls. 



Why don't you speak to her.



Why would I wanna talk to her?



This is Beth Gallagher.



If you ever come near my family again,

I'll kill you. You understand?



That's the last one.

I mean it.






Hi, Daddy.



When are you coming home?



Honey, I don't know.

How are you doing?






Grandpa taught me a new card trick.



Oh, did he?

The one with the jacks?



No, the one with kings.






I won't.






How's Mommy?

Send her my love?



Okay. Good-bye.






Call me tomorrow.



I will. I promise.



You be sure

you tell Mommy I called?



I will.



Love you a lot too.



Hi, Mrs. Gallagher.

Did you forget something?



- I came to get Ellen.

- Ellen?



I thought you picked her up already.



Well, I'm sure

she's left already.



Betty, is Ellen in here with you?



- She's gone home already.

- Are you sure?



I'm positive. She's not inside

and she's not in the playground.



- I thought you picked her up.

- Who did pick her up?



Don't worry.

She can't have gone far.



- You don't understand.

- I'll check her locker.



Alicia, where's Ellen?



She's gone.



Call the police!



Please let her be all right.




Oh, Christ.



Where are you?



Where are you?



- Bye-bye, Ellen.

- Bye.



Can I have a kiss?



Excuse me. I'm looking

for a patient named Gallagher.



I'm her husband.



Room    at the end of the corridor.



- Is she gonna be okay?

- Yeah, she'll be fine.



She was very lucky.

It might've been a lot worse.



Thank you.

Hi, baby.



Oh, God, I missed you.

I missed you, honey.



Are you okay?

Did you see Mommy yet?



- Yeah.

- Oh, good.



You stay here with Granny.

I'm gonna go see Mommy.



You're gonna be okay.



I came in before.

I tried to explain the situation.



You didn't wanna listen to me.

Now, the woman took my kid.



That's kidnapping, right?

Am I right?



My wife's in the hospital.

She could've been killed.



- If you're not gonna do something...

- Take it easy. You don't have to shout.



Okay, what are you gonna do?



We'll tell New York to pick her up

and bring her in for questioning.



Okay, then I'm...



I'm gonna go to the hospital

tomorrow, pick my wife up.



And hopefully...



I'll be home for the weekend

if you need to talk to me.



Thank you, Lieutenant.



You're welcome.



How's that feel?

Good and warm?



- You all cozy?

- Is Mommy gonna be all right?



Mommy's gonna be fine, honey.



She's gonna be fine.



Are you going to stay with us?



I'm gonna stay with you, honey.



Now, you go to sleep, okay?



Good night, doll.






I promise, honey.



You mean the detectives in Manhattan

have no idea where she's gone?



They don't know where she is?



No, I see.



If you get any more information,

be sure and let me know, Lieutenant.



Thank you very much, sir.

Good night.



- Here you go.

- Thanks.



- How does the arm feel?

- It hurts.



I'll get you some more painkillers.






Now, you just holler if

you need anything else, all right?



I'd love a cup of tea.



You got it.



What are you doing here?



Why are you here?



He tried...



to say good-bye to me last night.



But he couldn't because...



he and I feel

the same way about each other.



Do you know how it is when you

meet somebody for the first time?



And you get this instant attraction.



And don't you think

I understand what you're doing?



You're trying to move him

into the country...



and you're keeping him

away from me.



And you're playing happy family.



Aren't you?



You wouldn't understand that

because you're so selfish.



He told me about you.

He told me about you.



He was very honest.



If you weren't so stupid,

you'd know that.



But you're so stupid.

You're a stupid, selfish bitch!



You're a stupid, selfish bitch!


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