Felicia's Journey Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Felicia's Journey script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Atom Egoyan movie with Bob Hoskins.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Felicia's Journey. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Felicia's Journey Script





We do us best, Mr. Hilditch.



Once again, Sydney:

Het begins with the broth.



Use no blocks.



What the dessert ?[br is]- Pudding with frambozenjam.



He must have yet a few minutes...



I have can bring an afspraak.

- I him you well just.



Quite nice of you, lris.

- Gladly done, Mr. Hilditch.



Have your no identification?



How am called your ?

- Felicia.



Do you have a driver's license, Felicia?



Can I not Have rijden.

- you no other identification?



Did I not will it weten.

- No letter or something else?



Go even that stand.



Are you sat in 

 of the United Kingdom?



No, I come from Ireland.



I want to look up a friend.



May I look just in your bag?



I want to think each moment of you.



You will be each moment there me.



Do pardon, you 

 know the grasmaaierfabriek?






Do pardon, you 

 know the grasmaaierfabriek?



No, sorry.



No, Lysaght.

Johnny Lysaght.






Do you have the number of 

 the grasmaaierfabriek in Birmingham?



No they become gemaakt.

Niet sold.



With food vending machines, you 

 have no canteen personnel more necessarily.



The vending machines border on the kitchen.



The portions can in it so...



... And after muntinworp 

, they come from it to wish.



What do you mean, notwithstanding that wish?



Boiling hot, icily 

 or somewhere daartussenin.






Please, Mr. Hilditch.



As from the oven.



Better, lris. Good done.



You thank well.



I will the passing.



He can serve also drinks.



Fill the machine with tea, koffie,

chocola or soft drink drink.



At the most ten minutes per dag.

U, with it loses work nothing by.



Oh yes, Ted.

Ik lose my personnel.



And the manner on which lris 

 the trouble takes...



... Me a scale pudding 

 with frambozenjam to bring.



Food must become served 

 by careful hands.



Not through machines.



That holds feel the courage erin.

Dan we us...



Geliefd. ...



May I hold this?



Can I help Make you ?

- they here grasmaaiers?



Do no hear.



Grasmaaiers? What do you mean?



My friend works makes in a factory 

 that she, but I do not know where.



Try industry grounds 

 Black Barrow.



There a tuincentrum.

Misschien is them to me know them to me they the there.



The bridge over, right...



... And straight on 

 till you the plates sees.






Day, sister.



Yes, I know Johnny Lysaght.



You are been with him from ?

- Yes.



It go rumors over that boy.



I say not that they true zijn,

alleen that it compete be said.



What kind of compete ?

- That he at the British army sit.



Johnny wanted to be here no work vinden.

- There well better boys.



Irish boys hear in Ireland.



Johnny do not sit in service. He works 

 in a factory. Grasmaaier-parts.



And you? Yet brothers or sisters ?

- No, only I.



With your father and mother?



My mother is passed away 

 on my fourth.



My father and my vast mother.



That will well crack old zijn.

- Yes, almost hundred.






Consequently your mothers died 

 then you four was?



A little awful.



Sorry, no grasmaaier-parts.



Only many succes.

Ik hope that you him find.



Sorry, here nobody 

 works that so hot.






Found not?



Here not. But I take place the name 

 of someone else.



I thought was also of Thompson's Casting 

 then your neat way.



A robust end weg.

Er goes tonight no bus more.



Do I stay Have here wel.

- your accommodation?



I go is something zoeken.

- In Marshring of everything.



And whole betaalbaar.

Zoek you somewhat payably?



You go...



... rechtdoor.

En the second away then right...



... And leftward along the kanaal.

Dat, Marshring is.



I would give... you well an elevator



... But I did neat 




You was quite beautiful the previous time.



Has someone that all 's

tegen you said?



Then I say it now.



Now that you are also beautiful.



I want to give... you one good council



... For the buying of a loins piece 

 or actual of whatever.



Late George-Auguste Escoffier,

een of the largest French leader-cooks...



... says in its famous book 

 Loan Guide Escoffier:



By the smashing of ingredients...



... what you also buys...



... Is cheap 

 finally always duration buy.



Loan moins cher devient toujours 

 loan plus cherà drawer finn.



Consequently questions your butcher 

 good to hack till on the bone.



And snij each ribbetje 

 as voorkoteletten...



... But without they loose making.



Bow they in the form of a crown...



... With the meat to in.



And after that fix you she.



Such spies...

 take Quite narrowly, but giant practically.



... And bind they at each other.



Best an amusing job.



The crowns of lamskoteletjes can 

 be filled with normal farce...



... or in the rear filled...



... With potato puree 

 with shredded parsley.



Or, what I find... self the most delicious



... With a puree 

 of koolrabi in vinegar.



And about it is better no manner 

 that koolrabi to pureren...



... Then with your new Gala Chef  




Just a few words 

 over that kitchen machine.



That offers amazing many 




... The right ingredients 

 closed to join.



This fresh rozemarijn 

 is the ideal garnituur for our lamb.



Echtzalig. Now that we will look 

 just or am the meat all ready.



Sees that about it to not to make... perfectly it from ?

En off



... We set these amusing 

 hats on it.



That makes it extra festively.



But it is also amusing 

 for the children.



That can about it then quarrel make.






Now that we must have only of the tests.



Even tests 

 how delightfully it became.



Delightful. I thought well.



I refund it all, grandmother.



From which go your away ?




Listen, Felicia.



You cannot remain live 

 and go around home with an English soldier.



Our family know for which we 

 stand. Always already.



Think of your vast mother.



Her man, your... blood relative



... Is executed by the Engelsen.

In May     .



There its offerings brought 

 and that will in honor are held.



We have the duty 

 that to remember.



The time us closed 

 it am not forgetting.



That boy comes well back.



Only as you with him remains go around...



... You must have it house out.



You live begins pace.



A dezer summon find your well work.






As a child, you listen to council.



But I am no child, pap.

Niet more.



I said what I to say had.

Daar let we the bee.



Do you go out?






My woman and I made our ongerust.

Ik was fearful that you already way was.



Thompson's Casting is probable 

 time waste.



But I find seeks yet well what you.



It is about    kilometers further down.



Many men from here 

 go daily on and down.



Consequently why your friend not ?

Ada lies that in the hospital.



We rang... each other 

 last night



... Over you.



Ada is to it bad at.



But what I say wanted: I must have 

 tomorrow morning really that side out...



... Because of Ada.



Consequently I mean:



There is court 

 yet well a place in our rammelkast.



I do not...think 

- Naturally not.



Your will naturally today yet.



Success. Toedeloe.



May it really?






Only well round stroke of the clock halfzeven,

vanwege Ada.



I want to see 

 her gladly yet just vóór her investigation.



Half past six best.[br is get]- I yourself well on by your B & B.



Good? Until tomorrow.



Remain you not really already too long away?



No, I do not stay away long.



May I write you?



I am not such letters writer.



Come here.



I want to think each moment of you.



You will be each moment there me.



I have not your address.



Is how it?



Intact thing, hé?



You was has broken there that evening also ?

Greg its nose.



He got on its thunder.



How is it with you ?

- Well good.



I go to Engeland.

- About which?



I must have defense of the at the work.



How long you have that motor all ?

- Three weeks.



Not verongelukken.

Wees carefully.



I had you already of the behind before 




He saw not 

 that we only wanted to be.



That said not you also.



Your address.



That steer arrive I your wel.

Zodra I.



I am a friend of Johnny,

Mrs Lysaght.



Do you have perhaps its address?



What do you of Johnny want?



I want to write him normally.



My son want fixed not 

 that I everybody just its address give.



Of me, he finds not it awful.



He has not will the you self then given ?

- No, he the sending.



Does he have to give the perhaps at you gestuurd,

om at me?



I want usual contact with 'm.



You have had enough contact 

 with him.



My woman and I 

 made us worriedly.



Thompson's Casting is probable 

 time waste.



But I find seeks yet well 

 wad of absorbent cotton.



It is about    kilometers further down.



Many men from here 

 go daily on and down.



Consequently why your friend not ?

Ada lies in that the hospital.



We rang... each other 

 last night



... Over jou.

Ada, to it is bad at.



But what I say wanted:



I must have tomorrow really 

 that side out, because of Ada.



Mr.s Lysaght?



Closed now, Mr.s Lysaght.



I see read your eyes for me 

 as you this.



Your eyes fulfill my heart...



... And give me hope 

 in these confusing times.



Our time together 

 appears again so long ago.



I miss that time.



Do you receive these letters, Johnny?



Your mothers said 

 that they she would send on.



I must you as soon as possible see.



You appear myself quite nicely.



I fall knows best mee,

als you myself once.



Are you gotten married?



Do not does to it. I asked it normally.



I am not must see to getrouwd,

maar I for my mother.



She becomes old.



Are you has the only that she yet?



You are a good man.



You have said 

 thinks not yet what you self and feel.



I do not know once or you gotten married are 

 or have children. Totally nothing.






I say not that our relation nothing 

 proposed. Otherwise sat I here also not.



But it lies now otherwise.




- That you are then.



Was the B & B good?



The Bed & Breakfast.

- Yes, excellently.



Happy. I wanted to want give you no wrong 




Has Lysaght you pregnant made?



We are both responsible.



How long already?



I have turn missed a few.



How sleepiness?



It is certain.



You carry the enemy in you.



Fortunately your mother 

 needs this no longer with to make.



You are a prostitute. A prostitute.



No, yet more awful.



The hell may get you.



The first time that I your tegenkwam,

zag I already that you send was.



Are you mad on that friend of you, hé?



I can me imagine 

 that he also mad am on you.



I say: I can me imagine 

 that he horse around on you is.



I get a child of 'm.






I am pregnant.



Consequently you become mother.



Of from this 

, we see arrive everybody.



Will you seek him? Closed just.



Make they here grasmaaiers ?

- We make of everything.



Works Johnny Lysaght here?



That name says is me niks.

- He so large. Blond.



Look just in the record.



This fresh rozemarijn 

 is the ideal garnituur for our lamb.






Quickly to within to see 

 or the meat all ready is.



Joey was Know defense in beeld.

- I. Go that exam periods.



Yet a time?



If you the rozemarijn plukt,

kan you then even so do?



No, he do not works here.



He said that he of me held.



That we for always 

 with each other would remain.



When left he 

 without me its address to give.



I must want him vinden.

Z'n mother me by him weghouden.



Mothers can be difficult.



I do not want to saddle you it with.



Other men see to...



... Can your mind verlichten.

Begrijp you?



You feel not ashamed only.



We understand complete 

 how you you feel. Complete.



We have experience of life.



I want to bring back you.



To the hospital.



I go quick just look 

 how the affairs stand.






Must I get on own bones staan,

dat you surely? Firstly I was faintly.



You have helped me stronger 

 to become and now I can save myself.



I will always our conversations onthouden,

en how you me have helped.



I am no body, no person. Only 

 a woman that men use want.



I can have nowhere off.



Pardon, can you me say 

 where the toilets are?



There links.



You are wrong nothing. You suffer no pain.



You are strong. Why do you 

 have me necessarily? And my stories?



I had not you nodig.

Jij, you have your mother.



I have prevent want myself gevonden,

daarom I away.



I cannot attach me in my subject.



Are ups and downs glad for me.

Waarom you not cheerfully?



You was fantastic. You have helped me 

 this to reach.



I feel me so strong and so aroused...



... And I want lake.



I wanted no verhoor.

Niet that gezeik from:



Who are you? Am how called you? Who is your friends 

? Am how you in this ended up?



Hello, I am Gaye, prostituée.



I am Sharon.

- Bobby.




- I am Jackie.






You find fixed well other men 

 with who it will click as with me.



With who your contact have and 

 with which you can talk. That you beloved are.



I am just someone.



Men enough that you nicely find 

 and gladly with you want to talk.



I give now at the same time 

 the half of my kingdom.



Me give the head of the Doper.



To, do not do. That is narrow.



I want back. Where be we now?



May I have from it? Stopper even.

Stop, please.



Stop now. I asked you what. Say something.



What do you have now?



What is there? Me want to go.



How was that ?

- Excellently.



Now that just with Joey ?

- He can pick and then to in.



Is there something?



It do not goes good with Ada.



They must have an emergency operation doen.

Vanmorgen at five o'clock.



She do not makes it good.



The regret me.



Just recover.



After such shock, you want be not only.



We had both 

 a shock, Felicia.



I am glad that you a child get.



That is a whole support for me.



A support?



A new life on coming.



That Ada under the knife gaat,

en you here now are...



... and that Ada over you sat in...



... When I the hair told.



I a young Irish girl, said.



She wanted to know how you there looked forward.



I said that your mother wanted to become.



Find that not you really awful?



I thought that the hair would cheer up.



We have no children.



Yes, that said you.



A large disappointment.



A child is a blessing, Felicia.



Forget that never.



A blessing.



Do you consider remove it to let?



Have they that there? Abortion?



Where ?

- In Ireland.



It is difficult.



Do Natuurlijk.

Zullen we only go back?



My father...



My father says...



... That Johnny here 

 at the army is gone.



That cannot true zijn.

- Naturally not.



Johnny would not lie against me.



Johnny do not lies goes against je.

Die here not at the army.



We will inform within just.



That can have the girl 

 on office quite good.



Sorry, I do not want to be you now till burden.



You are not me till burden, Felicia.






I want nothing.



Naturally not, darling.



I come want you the bible brengen.

- I no bible.



This is the garden of eden.



This is the promise 

 and the spot of God the Father.



Have you heard of the zondvloed,

van Noach and its ark?



We live in a wondrous, child.



Look this garden now really 's.



God the Father gathers all things 

 round off.



I must can offer a room zoeken.

- That I you. Free.



What I now doe,

is the turkey pinch.



For a looser...



Who that soldier ?[br inquires about am]- I a friend of the family.



It is an emergency.



The boy its father 

 has had a misfortune.



What do you want know?



The family do not know certain...



... In which barracks he is gelegerd.

Doordat its father unconscious is.



We ring all barracks 

 in the surroundings.



Name and rang ?

- Lysaght, recruit.



Do a green, think ik.

- What?



An usual soldier.



We have a Lysaght.






We will say it him after corvee.



It is says better 

 than the family it him self.



Now that we know where he is...



... Take we quick contact 

 with him on.



Now that this will help demonstrate... good-looking boy 




... how you your turkey can fill...



... Without everything firstly 

 lynx to need make.



No, that is too complicated.



I take the farce...



... and stopper that in a nylon 




... Zonderpijpje to it, naturally.



According to. I stop him full.






Yet a.



Joey, let the men at home of the see...



... How easy this is.



You pinch is usual netzo long 

 till the turkey full.



Joey, what make you now again 

 a jam business.



This stiff liver 

 could happy escape.



Mouth open, Joey.



Mouth open. Raw liver 

 is quite good for you.



In some parts 

 of the Middle-East...



... Raw liver a delicatesse is.



Me give a cloth 

 this on to mop.



What a grease business.









It is now calm in the opvanghuis.

Iedereen is the street on.



Here many men ?[br live]- Black and white, young and old.



AI who called is 

 together to come.



You are not lifted accidental by ons.

Want there never something...



... without it, that commanded began...



... In the Garden of the Desires.



Adam was driven off 

 from the garden of eden...



... and it commanded...



... Was written down in the matter.




 and the snake see want to spit.



Where have you this found?



Was she a whole sensation 

 in her time, hé?



She gave Fanny Craddock the checking.



That I understood not of it a word.



Was how named her son also again?



Jimmy? Stands that included?



Here state 't.






What there is am, child ?

- I the money rid.



Did the in my tas.[br sit say]- What you myself now?



I had has been gotten money in my bag verstopt.

Dat from it.



Here in house, that nooit.

- It is not away.



Stolen? Stolen you, say?



No, totally niet.

Maar I had want to let stand my here.



Do we give your accommodation and 

 it beliefs were, and now you accuse us?



I say not that the stolen is.

Ik want it back. I have nothing more.



Ask your round money, child?



No, sorry that I yourself awake maak.

Het a misunderstanding am.



The child is money rid.



If you the found...

 Perhaps is the from my pile up slid.



She says that it has been stolen.



Do you work?



Make but a special price.



Do you work?



Then not.



Can you have nowhere correct, child?



Me come, hold company.



There you are them to me again.



Found still nothing?



You are drenched. Come in.



You give pile up but. What you see from it.



Run but through. There it is warm.



Yesterday you... said



... that you me could helpen.

Ik early me off...



Can you lend me money 

 for the return trip?



Do you want go back?



It was never wanted to must come dumb to komen.




And your friend then? Will sit.



I find never him really.



You may not give up it.



Not as soon as.



If your friends this wist,

zou he doodongerust are.



I speak from experience.



If he knew 

 what you have gone through...



... that you him seeks 

 land... in a wildvreemd



... The wretch desperately would be.



I want to find Johnny.



That will do we then.



I ask said the girl on office 

 around to ring, as I already.



Know you yet that I that said ?

Voordat you...



The regret me that I...



Quite understandable 

 that you it so off went.



That told... I Ada



... When they a clear moment had.



She said that the quite understandable was.



I say the only the impression 

 way to take that I hurt am.



Does your woman go already ahead?



Ada is died.



Offered one's condolences.



This morning.



I am neat home.






... Must we say 

 that one liberation was.



That expression must use we.



You must have what eten.

Kom with to the kitchen.



I heard over a spot where 

 the Irish boys of the evenings depart.



The Barton Arms.



Are you be look that already?



A pub.



I expect feel many of The Barton Arms.

Ik the in my bluntly.



Honestly said...



... The me would do 

 good from it just to go.



Found not?



It being once do not learn.



Perhaps the Irish boys 

 come just later on. We wait yet    minutes.



Will sit.



Tolerated with me.

Ik consider now fit:



I want to learn has someone 

 that many in service.



He is ring manager of a gieterij.

Ik him just. And I get what to drink.



Do you want a head tea? As back.



So much flowers as you only have.



If they only at the same time furnished 

 can become. Yes, tonight yet.



I leave the choice at you.



Yes, before a funeral.



No luck.



Certainly an evening out.



Will we go only again?



We have our urges not yet on.



I hope but 

 that you myself no bemoeial find...



... Have only you thought already 

 over your state?



I thought with myself: how our missing journey 

 to Johnny also ends...



... You may not become of it the victim.



Do not let it too far go.



That was guess Ada's always.



And also mine.



Say usual that you it discharge bent.

- That want I not.



Drink your tea now he yet warm is.



The heat do you good, say she.



I say the only because Ada it about it had 

 before she departed.



But you have gelijk,

nu hold we about it on.



Tomorrow morning I ask the girl 

 on office of the to inform.



She cannot can find him really vinden.

- As someone him, is they 't.



Tomorrow afternoon...



... We have our Johnny 

 in the sight.



I want to summon over a few.



Do a few summon have ?

Waar you the over, Felicia?



I had to forget the funeral.






In service, I 

 learned something quite considerably.



You must continue.



Head on and straight ahead.



What Johnny concerned: tomorrow night 

 we know the position of affairs.



Then come I tomorrow night well terug.

- as soon as the dark is.



Find you well something for tonight?



I drove myself well.



Do you want goes yet just to the wc 

 for you?



That is not necessary.



You can have natural also 

 here on the bank.



I want to get a blanket for you ?

- Yes, gladly.



The dearest...



... I went in bath. A schuimbad 

 with a delicious air.



Candles around it.



And then in her bathrobe 

 meanwhile it go around filled up.



In that wanted to slip I me then.



And as I manage was...



... and yet time had,

ging I their bedroom in...



... I and attracted her clothes.



Then I as if I did was... necessarily



... And wanted.



Not only round my lichaam,

maar round myself.



Round who I was and what could I.



That was my phantasy.






Remain you well in, hé?



The neighbors may go shorten nothing denken,

zo after Ada's... Your knowledge well.



Do for nobody open.

Neem the telephone not on.



I am against zessen back.



I dreamt that you 

 Johnny was tegengekomen.



That you know where he was.



With a little bit luck 

 comes that dream out.



Of the Look what my 

 secretary discovers.



I want to pray for her.



For who?



Your woman.



You, Felicia thank.



Tomorrow, Mr. Hilditch.



Better again, hé ?

- That you do good.



What we eat today ?

- Rissoles in possession. Or pork.



How was the cod yesterday ?

- Excellently.



Fine round to horen.

Goeiemorgen, lris.



That pork smells lovely.



What that ?[br is]- A double sausages roll.



Do you not want taste?



Beautiful tie have you round. I saw never you 

 yet in the black.



I had a half a year ago 

 an abortion. I must have there from.



And quickly also. I got no breath 

 because the each day only grew...



... and because it always more...



... A man became.



That made me ill person. The reminded 

 me to it what I had done.



At what I do.



I must found discrete zijn.

Ik a clinic in the telephone directory.



A whole goeie.

Het Gishford in Sheffield.



Nice verpleging.

Ze asked not many.



Now that at the same time will tremendous be.



Thanks that you have a hole 

 for her.



Johnny is otherwise.



He would have no objection our child.



You came here you to vergewissen,

om it certainly to know. Yes really?



But you have never must see answer gekregen.

Dat we under eyes.



If the girl on office bit 

 had had, had it otherwise lain.



I say not that it not so is...



... But she has found nothing.



And now I am the entire with you once.



We find not Johnny.



He comes at home at the same time Saint Patricksdag.

Of at the same time Easter.



At that thought I the whole day.



It comes am 

 good as I that and want to be we with each other.



I know certain that Johnny of your houdt.

Niets what you say, speaks that against.



I mean alone:



The situation in which Johnny find... and you 




... Can all too easy 

 by adversity be hit.



That said Ada.



Ada had many understanding 

 in loves matters.



The question is: you are here now.



This is not Ireland 

 and we have...



... Particular facilities.



What I now say...



... I had said had would have also against each daughter 

 that Ada and I.



I speak from a long experience.



I have not the slightest doubt.



I think nowhere else more of 

 since I that poor Ada have bury.



Some would name the murder.






We are not to cause on the world 




Natural, finished and closed 

 you must think of yourself.



That will not deny I.



Only there also yet other men are.



That become become you yourself daily more conscious 

 as your parent.



Where have you the over?



I deny not that you the heavily 

 have had. But your father also.



And your vast mother.



Think you of the in how they 

 self during tried to hold.



At that must think you also.



Every man must 

 do terrible things.



For that we must find sometimes 

 the courage for.



You are yet young.



If your Johnny finds again...



... you can make... both 

 the choice



... A child to take.



But the circumstances...



... Must self to it lend.



A child...



... Must have been surrounded 

 by so much possible love.



The love of the mother...



Naturally he must have that.



But the love of the father...



... and the grandfather...



... and the betovergrootmoeder...



Why would you deny that this child?



I have...



... A little bit savings with which I 

 help want your family gladly from the fire.



Everything you me leent,

zal I send back.



Until the last cent.

- at that doubt I not.



You can have at the same time correct 

 in the Gishford.






A kliniek.

Ze can do it at the same time.



I asked 

 the girl they to ring.



You can want to be Monday back.



If going out mind, with the whole affair...



... Of your shoulders.



That is the best, believe me.



As must the be.



Arrive, pull your coat.



Come, we go to house.



You thank. Warm thanks.



Take care that they good blijft.

- We there are warm stop so, then I her in bed.



A moment.



The doctors said 

 that they not so best slept.



You thank.



Come but. Calm aan.

We its so home.



I go tomorrow morning.






If I that would be able to lend...



That is not fixed genoeg.

Eén small setback, and your stretch without.



That know you self only too well.



I send back each penny.



Plus what it today has gekost.



That get feel you of me, kindje.

Ik me good over today.



Ada would be been also glad.



But you are not to travel now in state 




I must go.



In the car, you was not also good.



In this state 

, you cannot really on trip.



I wanted not to must do it.



Gedane affairs take no turn.



Regret has never yielded yet what.



Look also of the to the good side.



As long you only will, Felicia...



... You are welcome on number  .



You have now your own room.



We must but per day see 

 how it goes.



I dreamt.



The whole time that it happened...



... I dreamt.



I dreamt that I him saw.



Johnny and I...



... Walked with our son.



Was one boy?



I think also yet vague 

 of my boys time.



Drink your chocolate on.



The regret me as I paternally do.



I cannot help 

 that I paternally do.



I have been stolen hit on you.



The first time that I you saw.



There you stood, with your bag...



... Sad and soaks.



You was differently than the rest.



What rest?



The others.
























All on their own trip.



Lost girls.



I meant everything for she.



In their emergency 

, they counted on me.



Only then wanted she again away.



Just as you.



Only no of them is here ever 

 within been. That never.



What well then?



A babbeltje in the car.



That found I always pleasant.



And after that... sleep.



They were happened always in sleep 

 as it.



If I they to rest laid.



You wanted not to lay I to rest.



Before you 

 for your little one had not seen to.



That could not I self, Felicia.



You are...



... My special angel.



Healthily from up there.



My fate...



... me... smiled at



... An angel 

 and steered beloved to have.



You are...



... My special angel.



Directly from the paradise.



I know...



... That you an angel are.



The heaven...



... Lies in your eyes.



Day, meneer.

Bedankt that you us welcome.



Today we bring you 

 the word of God the Father.



I myself come is from Jamaica 

 and this beauty Queen Marcia Tibbits.



May I ask or trusted are you 

 with the bible?



I do not want to may come... geïnteresseerd.

- As we just in



... My friend her own story 

 can tell. How they at the herd kwam.



Ten minutes of your day 

, no large offering is.



God the Father 

 gives us the aeon.



We live in a wondrous.



There is a future 

 for the one who dies.



Look at this garden 's.



You see the fruit at the bombs 

 and the peoples from all countries.



Look, here its no bars necessarily.



For all animals live in peace 

 with the blije men.



View of the to these multicolored birds 

 that away and again flutter.



You put self their beautiful song voor.

En the kindergelach in the airy.



View of the how God the Father 

 all things round self away collects.



You must hear, I am have bezig.

Ik of everything to do.



An Irish girl had the over you.



That want to stand I suddenly weer,

nu we here.



The meisje.

Een helper a good man, said for her.



The Duke or Wellington Road, said she.



Royal and ruimhartig,

was her definition.



She said that you in disarray appeared.



In disarray?



I know no Irish men.



The girl made lift 

 that they wash ordered.



Nothing better then a common thief.



Just now there men come from 

 the whole world for our Gebedsjubileum.



May I ask you or have you 

 yet rooms free in house?






Where have you the over?



They come celebrations, for the future 

 state with security written.



Fruit for iedereen,

zwaar at the bombs.



And the green hills 

 reach till on the horizon.



And the grain 

 is gotten by the country.



See the foxes, whined in their holes.



And the ganzen,

blij in the farmer shed.



Hear the cries 

 of playing children...



... And the votes that already singing 

 Gods the Father praise.



That is the promise. That is the future 

 for the one who dies.



Nobody can 

 the one who dies escape.



For the one who dies 

 expect us...



... Until also we have been cleaned 

 and ready for the garden of eden.



There is comfort for the verwarden.



What does they ?

Wat do writes they there?



This is writes down a privé-woning.

- What she, is the address.



Duke or Wellington Road  .



And the number of men that you discharge can 

 as the jubileum is come.



With that men round you away 

 you will find soon peace in your heart.



We understand your confusion.



We have our conclusion getrokken.

- Which conclusion?



The Irish girls did 

 saddens our men, just as you.



Yet have you her on way geholpen.

U let her not links lie.



Gentleman, you are one with our church.



Sorry, I must is verder.

Dit nothing for me.



The girl flapte from it but what.



A swindler, according to me.



She asked me the way.



That had we her can wijzen.

Zoals we you that now can point.



Parthen and Avoided and Elamieten...



... And the inhabitants 

 of Mesopotamië and Judea.



We hear she. Some from 

 their gardens, others from the deserts.



Stand op.

- We thank you.



Stand on, darned.



That girl set will wash away from your hoofd.

Dan the pain.



Have I means no pijn.

Welke pain you?



The cure will begin.



I am cateringmanager.



I live here all my whole life.



I am a respectable man.



Hilditch is my name.



We come call you, Mr. Hilditch.



As we each day 

 along the other houses go.



Mr. Hilditch...



We make see to us round you.



Kneel really with us down.



Let us really round help vragen.

We named that girl only...



... You with your charity to compliment 




You are not yourself.



That saw I and said.



I have count stolen that girl her.



Her there me to hold.



I am the thief.






No, no.



I am sometimes eenzaam,

in my house.






... I am solitary.



You have had the over me.



With others.



You have said...



... That I in disarray was.



That said 

 you against wildvreemden.



The regret me as you that awful vindt.

Dat was not the intention.



Nobody reproach you something, child.






Event. ...






... A turn take.



We live in a wondrous.



That is the promise.



That is the future.



The pain...



... Will wash away.



The cure...



... Will begin.



what will the world tremendously be



as a hatred and love had been reconciled



if we each other now only



the trusting could show 

 as that in a kinderhart



what will we the world 

 tremendously can make



what will one tremendous spot 

 can be



if we the trusting of a child 

 had to act



and the eyes of a child 

 with to see



trust will in the place come 

 of suspicion



and hope in the place of despair



our tears would change 

 in gelach



and our wishes in prayer



what will the world tremendously be



as a hatred and love had been reconciled



if you and I



but the simple 

 trust had



as you that find in the heart



of a child



Your grandchild is never geboren,

Mrs Lysaght.



Have you told the Johnny already?



Have you given him 

 one of that letters?



Where Johnny also is...



... He must know 

 that the well with me goes.



The pain can wash away indeed.



The cure can begin.



Gotten lost in a man that murder...



... Sat a soul as each others.



That must ever the purity self 

 have been been.



I know the names yet 

 of those who he took away.
























I remind me that names 

 there each new face that I meet.



We may have all...



... Rests in peace.


Special help by SergeiK