Femme Fatale Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Femme Fatale script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Brian De Palma movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Femme Fatale. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Femme Fatale Script





For once I believe you,

because you're just rotten enough.



- We're both rotten.

- And you are a little more rotten.



You got me to take care

of your husband for you...



...and you get security to take care

of Lola, maybe take care of me too.



And somebody else would have come

along to take care of the kidy for you.



That's the way you operated, baby.



Suppose it is? It's what you've got

cooked up for tonight any better?



I don't like that music anymore.



You mind if I close the window?



You can do better than that,

can't you baby?



Better try it again.



Maybe if I come a little closer?



How's this?

Think you can do it now?



Why didn't you shoot again, baby?



Don't tell me it's because you've been

in love with me all this time.



No. I never loved you Walter,

not you or anybody else.



I'm rotten to the heart,

I used you just as you said.



That's all you ever meant to me...



...until a minute ago.

- What the fuck are you doing?



Do you know what time it is?



Listen up.



At twenty two hundred...



...Wetsuit's down the hole

when the snake hits the carpet.



Security lifts the key.



I terminate the torpedoes.



You charm the Snake

into the stall.



Bait and switch.



At twenty two twenty...



Wetsuit turns

out the lights.



Glasses on.



I bag the snake.



Key in the bag.

Bag to the boat.



No radio unless absolutely necessary.



Code Red.

  minutes to blackout.



Drop everything.

Walk away.



If the cops get you,

tell them the truth.



You know no one.



Got it?



Got it?



You have your passport?



The plane leaves tomorrow

at   seven hundred.



And remember,

no names and no guns!



Are you high?



Then stop dreaming, bitch.



This isn't a game tonight.

People can die.



Now get moving.



You forget something?



Stepping onto the red carpet here is

Régis Wargnier...



...the director of "East West"...



present tonight for

a special screening of his film...



...he is accompanied by

the producer Yves Marmion.



And the splendid actress

Sandrine Bonnaire.



On his right is Veronica...



...who is wearing an amazing top

in shape of a serpent.



It was especially designed

by Elli Medeiros.



And the reason why those young brawny

people in tuxedos are surrounding...



...the super model is that this piece

of jewelry is priceless.



Now, the people from Chopard

are telling me that this top...



...is actually adorned with

    diamonds for...



...a total weight of     carats...

- Gee! That's worth a small fortune.



With an estimated value

of over    million dollars.



Check out that ass, man!



Look at those boobs!



Worth ten million dollars!



Check out the way that slut moves,

fuck, what is she on?



- I can't believe you did that!

- I'm sorry, I was looking at the girl.



Yeah, you were looking,

but you ruined my pants!



- What am I supposed to do now?

- Ok, I'll fix it.



You'd better fucking

clean it up, man!



Regis, we must go,

they're waiting for us.



I just gotta go to the bathroom.

You know how it is for girls.



You come back?



One minute.



- At last!

- Here they are.



Okay, great. But look what you did

to my pants!



- I've got just the stuff to fix that.

- Then move your ass!



I've gotta piss too,

I'll be right back.



Give me the key!



Got a light?



- So have you got it?

- Got what?



We've got a problem.



Code red.



Do you hear me?

Code red, I repeat...



...a man is walking

into the ladies room.



Miss Veronica?



Ok baby, baby we gotta go...



Miss Veronica?



Are you alright?



The key's in the bag.



Get moving!



You'd better get out of here.




They stole the diamonds!




You said no fucking guns!



They switched them

with the real! They're glass!



- Where's my fucking passport?

- They're fucking glass!



- You'd better kill me now, bitch!

- Oh, shut the fuck up!



Call security!



You understand... dead!



I repeat... don't move!



Stay where you are!



Don't move!



Don't move or I'll shoot!






Hey, Racine!






Okay, we're here,

but what's going on?



That bitch double crossed us.

She's got the diamonds!



Oh no. Where is she?



In Paris. She's got some girlfriend

in Belleville.






No, no. You don't understand.

I need a passport yesterday.



Did you get it?



What is it?



Hey! What the fuck are you doing?



Excuse me, madame...



...but I believe this is

a free country.



And I'm entitled to make

any picture of anything...



...and anyone I want

from my balcony.



Go fuck yourself!



Go to church.

Try to save your soul.



Got you!



My darling!



Yes, that's strange.

Yes, it's her.



Do you really think it's her?









But what is she doing?



Wait for us!



Lily! Wait!



- Wait, Lily!

- Charles De Gaulle. Hotel Sheraton.



Go and get the car.



What do you want?



Don't move!



Stay put! Right!



Take off your glasses...



Good. The light is perfect.



- Brought the money?

- Of course!



- Perfect for what?

- I need a picture for the passport.



I got you, fucking bitch!



Come on!



Before I snap

your double-crossing neck...



...just tell me one thing.



Where are...



...the diamonds?



Pay back time, bitch!



Oh my god!



Don't touch her!



- Are you preparing the tea?

- Yes, of course.



Forget it!



- We should have done something.

- It's none of our business.



Oh right, you read two words

and she falls apart.



People die and

wills have to be read.



Did you see the look on her face?

And her hair?



- What has she done with her hair?

- I'm just a notary, damn it!



What if the kids and I were killed?

Would you give a damn what I left you?



When your gun disappeared,

I knew she would do something crazy.



- How do you know she stole it?

- Who else?



Go check on the tea.



Feeling better, Lily?



Excuse me,

but I don't understand...



Now, you just shut up, honey,

save your strenght.



You just have to rest.



You have suffered

a terrible tragedy...



...and you need time to get better,

you know.



And if you get the urge to do anything

silly, I want you to call me.



Before we leave...



I want you to answer

just one question.



Did you borrow Louis's gun?



Are you sure?



Okay, but if you come across it,

you'll tell me, won't you?






I'll turn the TV on

so you'll have company.



We'll be back tonight

with some dinner.



Drink your tea while it's hot.



Holly shit!



Ah, my god!



And if you could see the future

in a crystal ball...



...or in the palm of your hand,

or in a dream...



...would you change it?



So what should one think

of these phenomenon?



How can they be explained?



Is it really possible

to receive messages...



...from what one might call

the "hereafter"...



Could one be unconsciously gifted

with a perception power...



...which would allow us...



"I thought I could start over

in America.



My English is not so good,

but I'm a fast learner.



I even bought myself a ticket

but I lost it.



I can't live without

Thierry and Brigitte.



Forgive me, my God.

Allow us to be together again."



There's been a mistake. The computer

has sold the same seat twice.



I'm terribly sorry.



Could we accommodate you

in our first class cabin?



This way please.

It's right here.



Excuse me.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



I'm sorry I woke you up.



You fell asleep here.

Are you OK?



I didn't mean to frighten you.

I'm sorry. Are you OK?



I'm sorry.



Do you speak French?



- I'm sorry.

- Are you American?






I mean I grew up

in California...



...but I live in Washington now.



- What do you do in life?

- In life?



Well, I started in software.



And made some money...



...and found out that

I was interested in other things.



Like what things?



Well, like the whole world...



I went back to school

in Washington,



I got a degree in Foreign Relations.

I taught for a little while...



...and then I got a posting

at the State Department.



America is a country

very big, no?



Very big.

Is this your first trip?



I begin my new life there.



France is no good for me.



How can you say that?

France is a fabulous country.



Really. That's the...

Queen of Europe to me.



The art, the history...



...the sense of language,

Stendhal, Racine, Balzac...



I lost my baby there...



I'm sorry.

I don't know what to say.



That's terrible.



Please forgive me.



It's OK. It's OK.



That is just awful.



Hi! Mister Bardo is not here

at the moment.



What are you doing?

Trying to dodge bill collectors?



- Nick, it's Johnny.

- I know who you are.



- What are you doing?

- Working.



- Something I can sell?

- Could be. I just need one more piece.



Another shot of that table?

What's happen' to you?



- Are you eating?

- Barely.



How would you like a break from your

masterwork and make some real money?



- What are you selling?

- You know who Bruce Hewitt Watts is?



As strange as it may seem to you, Jean,

photographers actually read.



You know books, magazines,

and even daily newspapers.



All right, all right, smart ass,

who is he?



- The new American ambassador?

- Bingo.



He's got a wife but no one seems

to have a picture of her.



- Maybe she's camera shy.

- No, she's not camera shy.



She's got a past and

she's not talking about it.



And I did some checking and

found out she's really French.



Married before

with a kid.



I've got an ex I don't talk about

either. What's wrong with that?



Nothing except that

you don't dodge photographers...



...like you've got something

to hide.



- So you want me to nail her, right?

- You are the best.



I don't like to do this.

I feel like shit.



- And besides, I am retired.

- On what? IOUs?



I'm not just your agent Nicolas,

I'm your bank and you're way past due.



Do yourself a favor and go to work.

I can get   figures for this picture.



All right. What's her schedule?



She arrives

by private jet tonight.



- I gotta go, I gotta go. Bye.

- Take that picture.



Be careful. You almost fell!



Where are you going?



Let's see if you understand me.

Listen, I'm looking for public toilets.



The Champs Elysées are

over there or over here?



I'd like to go to the public toilets

which are in that direction. Please.



If you understand me,

in that direction...



And thanks for the ride!



Can we jump in?



Nice wheels!



What did you expect?

I only steal the best!



- Is this Nicolas Bardo?

- Speaking.



You took a picture

of Mrs. Watts?



Who wants to know?



Leonard Shiff.

Head of Watts' security.



I'd like to buy it.



Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Shiff,

but it's already been sold.



Unsell it. We'll double

whatever you've got.



That's very generous but I...



I don't think you realize

who you're dealing with, Mr. Bardo.



We know all about you,

your overdrawn bank account...



...your criminal record.

I suggest...



...you get that picture back

and you bring it to me...



...at the residence tomorrow

morning   a.m. Sharp.



- Don't keep me waiting.

- Sir, hold on! Hello!



Nice going, man. Really.



Thanks for keeping your mouth shut.



They must have offered you

some sweet deals to talk?



There was nothing

to talk about.



They just asked about the diamonds,

of which I knew shit.



Once the insurance paid off,

they stopped asking.



Don't worry, man!

That bitch knows.



I thought about her

every fucking minute...



...every fucking hour,

for seven fucking years!



Where is she?



I've been looking. I talked to

everyone, I never stopped.



I ran down every scumbag

that ever knew her.



She just vanished off

the face of the earth?



Hey, I'm not Interpol, alright!



I've been fucked same as you!



I did a hell of a lot

of checking!



I've got one thing,

maybe, one thing...



You know that girlfriend of hers?



The brunette...



She's fencing diamonds.

It's all I've got.



Wait, wait.



Excuse me, officer...



There is less and less sun.



Let's wait for the sun.



Park Bardo in the office

until I can get...



Hold on a second.



I don't believe it. This paparazzi scum

is wearing a wire.



Make sure he doesn't get

passed security.



Hold on...



- Can you help me, please?

- One minute, pal.



Damn it! Damn it!



Oh shit!



- Is the bar open?

- Yes of course, sir.



But you can't stay there.

Please move your bike.



- You can't leave it there.

- I know, I know.



- Please...

- Okay.



Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but

I rented this room last night...



...and I think I left my disk here.



- A disk?

- When I got home...



I checked my laptop,

and the backup disk was gone!



It's the only copy I have and I've been

searching like hell for it.



Then I remembered the only place

I could have left it was... here.



So did you mind if I come in

and just take a look around?



- I don't think it's a good idea...

- Thank you very much.



I appreciate it.



Thank you.



Oh my God, I got so much information

in that disk.



You didn't see a disk right?

I mean, actually it's not a disk.



It's not like a CD or a DVD

or anything like that...



...it's called floppy. It's a black thing

that you introduce in the computer.



I am remembering now

that I put it there...



...'cause I was working in bed.

I just love to work in bed.



I bet you do too.

Anyway, let me...



Let just remember

exactly what I did.



I sat over here.



I sat over here and I put it on my lap,

because it's a laptop...



...and I just plugged it

over there and...



Actually, you know what had happened?

What happened is that I wasn't alone.



I wasn't alone and then...



Oh my God!



That's not your business.



Well, ah... No, it's not.



It's not but it is.






Excuse me...



Are you alright?



I think I can help you.



I have been working in a hospital

for a couple of years and...



I was a kind of a candy striper myself.

Just sit down over here.



Give me your arms. Put them up.

Just like this and... Relax! Relax!



And breathe, breathe and relax.



And now listen to me.




I know, because I have been accused of

having an overactive imagination...



...but when a classy woman

like yourself...



...checks into an airport hotel,

in the middle of the morning...



...with a bunch of bullets and a gun,

there's only one word that follows.



What word?






Now, if a guy walks in...



...maybe there doesn't have

to be a "bang".



Maybe there is something

to talk about?






Maybe we should have start

with some introductions?



I don't care who you are.



And I definitely don't want

you to know who I am.



All right, that's fair enough.



Let's call me...




...and let's start with the shiner.



Who's beating you up?



- Must we talk about this?

- Yes.



Or we're gonna find

the local police station...



...and we're gonna talk

about it there.



- My husband.

- All right, why?



He has...



...difficulty to control

his temper.



Why does he lose it?



Because I can't live

with him here.



- Why not?

- I have a past here.



I was safe in the States

but here...



...it only takes one photo...



Like the one today?



I took that picture.



So "Harry" is Nicolas Bardo.



Why did you follow me,

to get more photos?



No, no, I...



I just came to tell

your security goon, Mr. Shiff...



...that I couldn't stop the picture

from being published. I'm sorry.



Anyone can see that.

You've wasted your time.



This espresso is cold.



- Can I get you another cup?

- Why?



There's nothing more to say.



Can I go now?

You have the gun.



Sex Shops are open all day.



I don't think I'll be going to one.



How can I be sure?



Just stay with me.



I need air but I don't want

to talk anymore.




So where is she?



The ambassador is

extremely worried.



The police? God, no.



Keep calling Shiff...



Right when I got divorced,

I just decided to leave Spain...



...and come here to Paris to prevent

myself... kind of think, you know...



I mean I've got these crazy

photographer ideas...



...and don't think for a second that

I am a paparazzi. I hate them.



I feel like shit but I have to make

some money. That's the only way...



But... There is

a square here in Paris...



...full of coffee shops, beautiful,

and there is one in particular...



...in a corner, you know,

with these light reflections...



...and I saw something

that changed my life...



- It's a great story, Nicolas.

- This is the best part!



I know. I know.

Maybe another time.



It's a great story

but right now I'm...



...very tired and I would just like to

take a warm bath and relax a little...



...before I go home, OK?

Thank you for today.



I'll be waiting out here...

Just in case you need anything...



- You don't trust me, do you?

- No, no, no. It's not that.



It’s just being careful.



- Are you all right?

- No.



- I'm out of my medicine.

- There was a pharmacy in the airport.



Oh that's right.



My inhaler is in my car.



They can refill it

for me there.



That wouldn't be being careful...



Nicolas, take my car...



...take my purse if you're so

worried that I go somewhere.



You can call a taxi,

I don't...



Yes, Nicolas,

I could call a taxi.



But I'm not going to do that.



I'm not going to need these

in the bath.



Hey! Wait.



I'm definitely not going anywhere

without them.



Are you flirting with me?



Was I?



I believe so, yeah.



I didn't mean to.



It’s just that...



...all your boyhood stories

make you so...



...damn lovable.



Was that the point?



Hello, is this police?



Madre de Dios.

My name is Sophia.



I call now from the airport

De Gaulle. Yes, De Gaulle.



A man just hit the lady

in front of the pharmacy.



Yes, wait a second. Yes, man

is still there, but I see no lady.



Yes, he steal her car.



No, I can't. No, not possible.

No, sorry.



My husband calling me. Sorry.

No, I can't.



Is it your car?



It's not mine but...

Somebody lend it to me and...



Come in!



Good morning.



You can put it there.



- Could you hand me my bag?

- Of course.



It's over there by the bed.



- I can't find it.

- Maybe on the floor?



I'm sorry but I don't see it.



This is the gun

we found in the Mercedes.



- Any details?

- No, it's not registered.



Concerning the car...

It belongs to the American Embassy.



This doesn't make much sense.

I'm Chief Inspector Serra.



Maybe you can help me out?



I said it already.



But, OK.




Mrs. Watts was trying

to kill herself.



I stopped her...



...so she set me up for you guys,

to get me out of her way.



How did you come up with that?



I read a lot of mysteries and I just

figure out the endings half way...



I put the clues together and

I know what happened, sir.



What happened, Mr. Bardo...



...was a car belonging to Ambassador

Watts was found in your possession.



I know, I know that...



On the front seat was

a gun, bullets...



...blouse and dress.



The only thing missing is the woman.



Where is she?



I don't know. I don't know...



- You checked out the hotel?

- Yeah, we checked the room.



We found a naked waitress

in a coma.



Did you have anything

to do with that?






I wasn't there.

I was buying an inhaler.









An inhaler. All right?

Mrs. Watts has asthma.



So I went to a pharmacy to get

her prescription refilled. That's it.



So, you figured...



...by having her car and her clothes,

she wasn't going anywhere?



That's correct, yeah.



And you kept the gun

so she wouldn't shoot herself?



That's right.



Why would she want to do that?



- Excuse me?

- Why would she want to do that?



Well, her husband was beating her up

because she wanted to leave him.



The American Ambassador

beats his wife?



That's right, that's right, yes.



And she has

the face to prove it...



You see...



I'm kind of

a mystery buff myself.



And you know what kind

of mystery this is?



- A kidnapping.

- Oh come on!



Ambassador's wife held

for ransom.



Everything was going fine until

someone reported a stolen car.



You didn't even have time

to send the ransom note...



...or did you?

- No. What are you talking about?



I am no kidnapper, sir.



Why don't we take a ride

down to the Residence...



...and see what the Ambassador

has to say about that?



I think this is

a terrible misunderstanding.



I spoke with Mrs. Watts...



...she explained to me how

she let Mr. Bardo use her car.



I don't know who reported it stolen

because it wasn't.



And my attorney,

Mrs. Phillips...



...has indicated to me that

no crime has been committed...



...so I'm a little confused as to

what we are doing here, inspector.



- You spoke to your wife yourself?

- Yes, I did.



- Could I speak with her?

- I don't think that's necessary.



This has been an awkward situation

for all of us concerned...



...and I really...

I don't want to prolong it.



Mrs. Phillips will have to handle

your questions from now on.



I have an engagement.

Please excuse me.



Inspector Serra, you've displayed

a boorish lack of sensitivity...



towards the American Ambassador.



We do not need or want your

investigative skills employed...



...to discover why Mrs. Watts was in

a hotel bedroom with Mr. Bardo.



I suggest you return to

your duties and drop this matter.



The less said about it the better.



I'd still like

to talk to Mrs. Watts.



- And what crime has she committed?

- No crime, I just want to see her.



Well, I'm sure we all want

to see lots of people...



...but fortunately in our country

and in yours...



...they are not compelled to see us.



Good day, Inspector.






Do you know the penalty for having

an illegal hand gun?



- I told you, it's not my gun.

- OK. Then we'll just keep it.



Now, about your motorcycle...



- You really want to report it stolen?

- Of course I want to report it stolen.



If it wasn't at the hotel,

somebody took it, sir.



Why don't you look a little harder?



If it doesn't turn up in a few days,

give me a call.



Sir, you don't believe one goddamn

thing I said, right?



Not only don't I believe you,

I don't even like you.



Look, Bardo, I know who you are.



Ex-paparazzi smart ass who

hasn't worked for seven years.



I don't know what you're up to

but it's not smart.



And if you keep it up, you're going

to wind up on a cell block...



...full of smart guys just like you.



"Mr. Watts...



...if you ever want

to see your wife again...



...bring    million dollars...



...in Bearer Bonds to

the Passerelle Debilly...



...at   a.m. This morning.



If you inform the police or arrive

with anyone besides yourself...



...she will be killed."



Oh shit.



Son of a bitch!



Mrs. Watts...



Call me Lily.



Okay, Lily.



What the hell do you think

you're doing, Lily?



Are you mad at me?



Mad? Nah...



You're making everybody think

I've kidnapped you.



Haven't you?



That is not funny...



No, Nicolas. You're right.

It's not funny.



It wasn't funny when you sold my picture

to the papers either.



Then you showed up

to do what?



Explain, apologize, lie?



I was afraid for your life.

I felt responsible for it, damn it!



That's so sweet, Nicolas.



I'm a bad girl, Nicolas.



Real bad.



Rotten to the heart.



Last scrape I was in

I fucked up a lot of people.



Bad people. People like me.

People that don't forget.



But I was given a second chance.



So I went back to States where I got

everything a bad girl ever wanted.



Fucking Watts!



He was sweet, until being the richest

man in the world wasn't enough.



He had to have public glory.



So he gave away

a ton of money...



...bought himself

the French Ambassadorship.



Which meant the Misses got dragged out

into the Parisian limelight.



Well, I couldn't do that Nicolas...



...'cause bad people

read newspapers too.



There you go.



Enter my worst nightmare.



You snap that fucking picture,

sell it to the tabloids.



And now it's only a matter of time

before those bad people come running.



So I got the photographer turned

blackmailer to kidnapped me.




You offered me money!



And I have never kidnapped anybody,

you fucking bitch!



Then where am I, Nicolas?



Why did you have my car,

my clothes, a gun?



Why was a ransom note

e-mailed from your computer?



- Everyone knows you did it.

- I've got to think. I've got to think.



I've got to think.



Don't bother.

You don't have to think about anything.



I've got it all thought out

for you.



Watts is coming up here at   a.m.

With    million dollars in a briefcase.



Now if you start being

a little nice to me...



I might catch you in on the take.



We are going to the police.



Why would you want to do that?



Because you're gonna tell them

the crazy story you just told me.




You think I'm stupid?



I'm going to tell them

a kidnapping story...



...starring you.



Son of a bitch! Fuck...



- Nicolas!

- Hold. Hold on. Hold on.



See, I did have time

to go back to that sex shop.






What did you do with that other gun

I gave you?



- The cops took it.

- They took it?



- I got you another one. Come here.

- Be careful with that thing.



It's all right.



Isn't sugar better than vinegar?



Come on.



We've got a couple hours, baby.



Let's go do something fun,

want you?



How come you're the only man in this

room that doesn't want to fuck me?



Nicolas! Where are you going?



I'm just going to buy some cigarettes.

And you know...



...don't worry,

I'm not going anywhere...



...while you've got my balls

in your pocket, Lily.



Pack of cigarettes.

Anything American.






Hey, Nicolas! Come here!



Meet my friend, Napoleon.



I think he is in love.



Can we just go outside for a second?

I need to talk to you.



Nicolas, com'on we're having fun.

Just be cool.



Well, I'm gonna go outside, all right?



Nicolas, we don't want you to wait out

in the cold, do we Napoleon?



I mean, if we hit it off...



I don't know, I was kind of thinking

of letting you off the hook.



- Really?

- Yeah.



I mean, you don't seem to be enjoying

my company much.



Maybe Napoleon and I should just

sail off into the sunset.



And you can go fuck yourself.



I hope you didn't kill him.



He was going to save me

from a dip in the Seine.






We had big plans. I was going off

the bridge into his boat.



Oh poor Lily,

whatever happened to her?



She must have drowned

and washed out to sea.



Thanks a lot,

you've ruined everything.



Fuck you.



What's the matter, Nicolas?

Did I make you jealous?



Jealous? Yes.



I was jealous.

I am jealous.



Come on, Nicolas!

You don't have to lick my ass.



Just fuck me.



- You know what?

- What?



We can still go away.



Both of us. Together.



That's so sweet.



Come here. Come here.



That's so romantic.



Without the money?



Are you nuts?



That's a choice.



A bad choice.

There are other ones.



What? Like doing the right thing?



That's a start.



I tried that once, Nicolas.



And you know what it got me?



A lifetime of looking

over my shoulder.



You know why no good deed

goes unpunished?



Because this world is hell and

you're nothing but a fucking patsy.



I made everybody think

you kidnapped me...



...so I could screw my husband

out of    million bucks.



That's what it's all about...



...me disappearing with

   million bucks.



So... wipe it off...



...and let's go get it.



Fuck you.



You're not gonna hurt her, right?



Because I've done exactly

what you told me to do.



I've brought the money...



...and I haven't talked to anyone.



- Don't do anything foolish, darling.

- I won't.



He just wants me to take the money

and bring it back to him.



It's Nicolas Bardo.



Your wife is staging this kidnapping

to take you for    million bucks.



If you don't believe me,

I got it right here on tape.



What the fuck do you think

you're doing?



You killed him?



Just being careful.



That fucking bitch.

She's at it again!



The fucking bitch!



You didn't think I'd give you a gun

loaded with real bullets, did you?



Baby, there's one more thing

we gotta do...



Oh God, somebody help!

My husband!



Fucking over everyone again!



- How did you find me?

- Not this time.






...are the diamonds?



Fuck you!



Wake up, bitch...



...before you die.



You know what's in this?



The bullet that is gonna spread

your brains all over that wall.



You know how I know?

Look at me!



I'm your fucking fairy godmother...



...and I just dreamt your future.

And mine too.



And all I know is...



...if there's a snowball chance in hell

that any of that shit happening...



...we're gonna change it right here.



Now, listen.



I know you got a bad break,

but that's history...



...and you'd better fuckin' forget it,

'cause if you can't...



Well, then you may as well go

ahead and pull the trigger.



But if you don't end it here...



...and you get your ass

on that plane to America...



...your future will be sitting

right next to you.



His name is Bruce

and he's a really good guy...



...and he's gonna look

into your eyes...



and he's gonna fall in love.



And after that

you're on your own.



So what do you say?



Do I pull the trigger...



...or do you get your ass

on that plane...



...and have a wonderful life?



How do I know that

you tell the truth?



How do I know there is

a bullet in the chamber?



That sure is pretty.

Where did you get it?



In a curio shop in Belleville.



I got it for my daughter.



I've got a little girl myself.

She'll be ten next June.



Do you remember

the name of the store?



I make a lot of deliveries there.



I'd sure like to get her something

like that for her birthday.



You give this to her.



That's sure nice of you.



She'll just love it.



It’s just for a little girl.



When she grows up,

she'll think it's too silly.



So just take it

and hang it right there.



So that, when you're

on the road...



...your little girl will always

be with you.



Sir is not at home

at the moment!



What are you doing,

dodging bill collectors?



- I don't understand.

- Nick, asshole, it's Johnny!



- I know who you are.

- What are you doing?



Well just trying to catch

a little lightning in a bottle.



- Are you eating?

- Barely.



How would you like

to make some real money?



- What are you selling, John?

- You know who Bruce Hewitt Watts is?



- The new American ambassador?

- Bingo.



He's got this wife and three kids but

no one seems to have a picture of them.



Well, yeah maybe they're camera shy?



There are some people, they like

to keep their home life private.



I know that is weird

but they do.



What's happening to you? D'you found

a fucking god? You owe me, pal.



Then I guess I have

to keep on owing you.



That's your half.



There it is a little under

four million.



That's the best I could do.

I had to fence them off one at a time.



Sorry that it took so long but

it was the safest way.



Not bad for a night's work, huh?



You call that work?



Goodbye, Laure. It's best

we don't see each other again.



Gather around for the picture!



Let's wait for the sun.



- Excuse me lady, are you all right?

- It was an accident, it was a terr...



Sorry, I'm just so shook up.



Actually, you look like

you need a drink...



A drink?



Yes. Come on.



I'm sorry...



You look so familiar.



Haven't we met before?




Only in my dreams.


Special help by SergeiK