Fiddler On The Roof Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fiddler On The Roof script is here for all you quotes (and lyrics) spouting fans of the movie based on the musical play.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fiddler On The Roof. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fiddler On The Roof Script



            A fiddler on the roof...

            Sounds crazy, no?

            But here, in our little village of Anatevka,

            you might say

            every one of us is a fiddler on the roof.

            Trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune

            without breaking his neck.

            It isn't easy.

            You may ask,

            why do we stay up there

            if it's so dangerous?

            Well, we stay because

            Anatevka is our home.

            And how do we keep our balance?

            That I can tell you in one word!








            Because of our traditions,

            we've kept our balance for many, many years.

            Here in Anatevka,

            we have traditions for everything.

            How to sleep.

            How to eat.

            How to work.

            How to wear clothes.

            For instance,

            we always keep our heads covered,

            and always wear a little prayer shawl.

            This shows our constant devotion to God.

            You may ask,

            how did this tradition get started?

            I'll tell you.

            I don't know.

            But it's a tradition.

            And because of our traditions,

            every one of us knows who he is

            and what God expects him to do.

            Who, day and night, must scramble for a living

            Feed a wife and children

            Say his daily prayers?

            And who has the right as master of the house

            To have the final word at home?

            The papa

            The papa


            The papa

            The papa


            Who must know the way to make a proper home

            A quiet home

            A kosher home?

            Who must raise a family and run the home

            So Papa's free to read the Holy Book?

            The mama

            The mama


            The mama

            The mama


            At three I started Hebrew school

            At ten I learned a trade

            I hear they picked a bride for me

            I hope

            she's pretty

            And who does Mama teach

            To mend and tend and fix?

            Preparing her to marry

            Whoever Papa picks

            The daughters

            The daughters


            The papa



            The daughters


            And in the circle of our little village,

            we've always had our special types.

            For instance,

            Yente, the matchmaker,

            . Reb Nachum, the beggar.

            And, most important of all,

            our beloved rabbi.

            Rabbi, may I ask you a question?

             Certainly, Leibesh.

              Is there a proper blessing... for the Tzar?

              A blessing for the Tzar?

              Of course.

              May God bless and keep the Tzar

              far away from us!

              Dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai dai

              Then there are the others in our village.

              They make a much bigger circle.

              We don't bother them

              and so far, they don't bother us.

              And among ourselves,

              we always get along perfectly well.

              Of course, there was the time when he sold him a horse.

              He told him it was only six years old

              when it was really   .

              But now it's all over.

              And we all live in simple peace and harmony.

              It was really    years old.

              It was six!

              Tevye knows it was   .

              How do you know?


              It was   !







              Dai dai

              Dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dum

              Traditions, traditions.

              Without our traditions,

              our lives would be as shaky as


              As a fiddler on the roof!


              Mama, Yente the matchmaker is coming.

              Maybe she's finally found a good match for you, Tzeitel.

              From your mouth to God's ears.

              Why is she here now?  It's almost Sabbath.

              Out, all of you!  I want to talk to Yente alone.

              But, Mama, the men she finds...

              The last one was so old.

              And he was bald!

              He had no hair.

              A poor girl without a dowry can't be particular.

              If you want hair, marry a monkey.

              Even a poor girl has to look at her husband sometimes.

              A husband is not to look at, a husband is to get.

              But, Mama, I'm not yet   . I don't...

              Sha!  Do you have to boast about your age?

              You'll tempt the evil eye.

              Out, all of you.

              There's work to be done before the Sabbath.



              I have such news for you.

              And not every-day-of-the-week news...

              Once-in-a-lifetime news!


              Such diamonds, such jewels.

              I'll find a husband for every one of them.

              But you shouldn't be so picky, right?

              Of course right!

              Because, after all, even the worst husband, God forbid,

              is better than no husband, God forbid!

              Who should know better than me?

              Ever since my husband died, I've been a poor widow.

              All alone, no-one to talk to, nothing to say to anyone.

              All I do at night is think of him.

              And even thinking of him

              gives me no pleasure.

              Is Tzeitel in the house?

              Why don't you go and find out?

              Thank you, Bielke.

              He never raised his voice.

              Er... Good afternoon.  Is Tzeitel in the house?

              She's busy. Come back later.

              There's something I want to tell her.



              What does a poor skinny tailor want with Tzeitel?

              They've always been friends.  They talk, they play...

              Play? What do they play?

              I don't know, they're children.

              From such children come other children.

              Motel is nothing!


              Yente, you said you had news for me.

              Ah... children, children.

              They are your blessing in your old age.

              But my Aaron, may he rest in peace, couldn't give me children.

              To tell you the truth, Golde,

              he hardly tried.

              But what's the use complaining?

              Other women enjoy complaining.

              Not Yente.

              Not every woman in the world is a Yente.

              Well, I...

              I have to go home now

              to prepare my poor Sabbath meal.

              So er... goodbye, Golde.

              And it was a pleasure talking our hearts out to each other.

              Yente, you said you had news for me!

              Oh, I'm losing my head.

              Some day, it will fall off altogether.

              A horse will kick it in the mud

              and, 'Goodbye, Yente'.

              Of course, the news.

              It's about Lazar Wolf, the butcher.

              A good man. A fine man.

              And I don't have to tell you he's well off, no?


              But he's lonely, the poor man.

              He's been a widower all these years.

              You understand? Of course you do.

              So! To make it short, out of the whole town,

              he's cast his eye on Tzeitel.

              My Tzeitel?

              No, the Tzar's Tzeitel!

              Of course your Tzeitel!

              Such a match for my Tzeitel!

              But... but Tevye wants a learned man.

              He doesn't like Lazar.

              Good, so Lazar won't marry him.

              He wants the daughter, not the father.

              Listen. Listen to me, Golde.

              You send Tevye to him.  Don't tell him what it's about.

              Let Lazar discuss it himself.

              He'll win him over, he's a good man and a wealthy man.


              You'll let me know how it went.

              And you don't have to thank me, Golde.

              Because, aside from my fee, which Lazar will pay anyway,

              it gives me satisfaction to make people happy.

              True? Of course, true.

              So, er...

              Goodbye, Golde, and you're welcome.

              Goodbye, Yente.

              Come! Come, children.

              Get changed for the Sabbath. Hurry!

              Hurry with your work!

              I wonder if Yente found you a husband.

              I'm not anxious for Yente to find me one.

              Unless it's Motel, the tailor.

              I didn't ask you.

              Tzeitel, you're the oldest.

              They have to find you a match before they find me one.

              Then after her, one for me.

              Oh, Yente, Yente, Yente, Yente!

              Well, somebody has to arrange the matches.

              It might be someone wonderful.

              Someone interesting.

              And well off.

              And important.

              Matchmaker, matchmaker

              Make me a match

              Find me a find

              Catch me a catch

              Matchmaker, matchmaker

              Look through your book

              And make me a perfect match

              Matchmaker, matchmaker

              I'll bring the veil

              You bring the groom

              Slender and pale

              Bring me a ring

              For I'm longing to be

              The envy of all I see

              For Papa, make him a scholar

              For Mama, make him rich as a king

              For me, well, I wouldn't holler

              If he were handsome as anything

              Matchmaker, matchmaker

              Make me a match

              Find me a find

              Catch me a catch

              Night after night in the dark I'm alone

              So find me a match

              Of my own

              Since when are you interested in a match, Chava?

              I thought you just had your eye on your books.

              And you have your eye on the rabbi's son.

              Well, why not?

              We only have one rabbi

              and he only has one son.

              Why shouldn't I want the best?

              Because you're a girl from a poor family.

              So whatever Yente brings, you'll take.


              Of course right.

              Hodel! Oh, Hodel!

              Have I made a match for you!

              He's handsome, he's young

              All right, he's   

              But he's a nice man, a good catch

              True? True

              I promise you'll be happy

              And even if you're not

              There's more to life than that

              Don't ask me what

              Chava! I found him

              Will you be a lucky bride

              He's handsome, he's tall

              That is, from side to side

              But he's a nice man, a good catch

              - Right?  - Right

              You heard he has a temper

              He'll beat you every night

              But only when he's sober

              So you're all right

              Did you think you'd get a prince?

              Well, I'll find the best I can

              With no dowry, no money

              No family background

              Be glad you've got a man

              Matchmaker, matchmaker

              You know that I'm still very young

              Please, take your time

              Up to this minute

              I misunderstood

              That I could get stuck for good

              Dear Yente, see that he's gentle

              Remember, you were also a bride

              It's not that I'm sentimental

              It's just that I'm terrified

              Matchmaker, matchmaker

              Plan me no plans

              I'm in no rush

              Maybe I've learned

              Playing with matches, a girl can get burned

              So bring me no ring

              Groom me no groom

              Find me no find

              Catch me no catch

              Unless he's a matchless match

              Dear God.

              Was that necessary?

              Did you have to make him lame just before the Sabbath?

              That wasn't nice.

              It's enough you pick on me.

              Bless me with five daughters, a life of poverty, that's all right.

              But what have you got against my horse?

              Really, sometimes I think,

              when things are too quiet up there,

              you say to yourself,

              "Let's see. "

              "What kind of mischief can I play on my friend, Tevye? "

              Aha!  So you're finally here, my breadwinner.

              I'll talk to you later.

              So why are you late today?

              His foot went lame.

              Hurry up. The sun won't wait.

              And I have something important to tell you.

              I still have deliveries in the village.

              You'll be late for the Sabbath.

              I won't be late.

              You'll be late.

              I won't be late.

              I won't be late!

              If you ever stop talking, I won't be late!

              You can die from such a man.

              As the Good Book says,

              "Heal us, O Lord, and we shall be healed. "

              In other words,

              send us the cure.

              We've got the sickness already.

              Well, I'm not really complaining.

              After all, with your help,

              I'm starving to death.

              Oh, dear Lord!

              You made many, many poor people.

              I realise, of course,

              it's no shame to be poor.

              But it's no great honour either.

              So what would have been so terrible

              if I had a small fortune.

              If I were a rich man

              Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

              All day long, I'd biddy biddy bum

              If I were a wealthy man

              I wouldn't have to work hard

              Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

              If I were a biddy biddy rich

              Idle deedle daidle daidle man

              I'd build

              A big, tall house

              With rooms by the dozen

              Right in the middle of the town

              A fine, tin roof

              With real wooden floors below

              There would be one long staircase just going up

              And one even longer coming down

              And one more leading nowhere, just for show

              I'd fill my yard with chicks and turkeys and geese

              And ducks for the town to see and hear

              Squawking just as noisily as they can

              And each agay and ago and aga and a cack

              Will land like a trumpet on the ear

              As if to say, here lives a wealthy man

              If I were a rich man

              Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

              All day long, I'd biddy biddy bum

              If I were a wealthy man

              I wouldn't have to work hard

              Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

              If I were a biddy biddy rich

              Idle deedle daidle daidle man

              I'd see my wife, my Golde

              Looking like a rich man's wife

              With a proper double chin

              Supervising meals to her heart's delight

              I see her putting on airs and strutting like a peacock

              Oh, what a happy mood she's in

              Screaming at her servants day and night

              The most important men in town will come to fawn on me

              They will ask me to advise them

              Like a Solomon The Wise

              "If you please, Reb Tevye"

              "Pardon me, Reb Tevye"

              Posing problems that would cross a rabbi's eyes

              Yah dee dee da da

              Yah dee da da

              Yah dee da da


              And it won't make one bit of difference

              If I answer right or wrong

              When you're rich, they think you really know

              If I were rich

              I'd have that time that I lack

              To sit in the synagogue and pray

              And maybe have a seat by the eastern wall

              And I'd discuss the Holy Books with the learned men

              Seven hours every day

              And that would be the sweetest thing of all

              If I were a rich man

              Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

              All day long, I'd biddy biddy bum

              If I were a wealthy man

              I wouldn't have to work hard

              Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

              Lord, who made the lion and the lamb

              You decreed I should be what I am

              Would it spoil some vast eternal plan

              If I were a wealthy man?

              Tevye, Tevye!

              Where's your horse?

              Well, it decided to take the day off.

              Have a good Sabbath.

              Thank you, Your Honour, thank you.

              You're late!

              Where's your horse?

              You kept us all waiting!

              What happened to your horse?

              Look at this!

              Look what it says in the paper.

              Look, look, look!

              Quiet! Quiet!

              Stop braying like a pack of mules!

              Let the man talk.

              Talk, Avram.

              My paper came to the post office today, like it always does.

              Usually it comes on a Thursday, but it can be a day late...

              Avram, that's not talking!  That's babbling.

              The news... What does it say?


              Talk, Avram.

              Well, I was reading my paper.

              It's nothing very important, a story about the crops in the Ukraine,

              and this and that.

              Avram! Talk.

              And then

              I saw this.

              All right. We all see it.

              What does it say?

              "In a village called Rajanka,

              all the Jews were evicted,

              forced to leave their homes. "

              For what reason?

              It doesn't say.

              Maybe the Tzar wanted the land.  Maybe a plague?

              May the Tzar have his very own plague.


              What's the matter with you?

              Why don't you ever bring us some good news?

              It's not my fault. I only read it.

              "An edict from the authorities. "

              May the authorities grow like onions, their heads in the ground.


              What good will your cursing do?

              You stand around, you curse and you chatter,

              . and you don't do anything.

              You'll all chatter your way into the grave.

              Excuse me.

              You're not from this village.


              Where are you from?

              Kiev. I was a student in the university there.

              Tell me. Is that the place where you learned how not to respect your elders?

              That is where I learned there is more to life than talk.

              You should know about events in the outside world!

              Careful, my paper.

              Why should I break my head about the outside world?

              Let the outside world break its own head.

              Well put!

              He is right.

              As the Good Book says,

              "If you spit in the air, it lands in your face. "


              You can't close your eyes to what's happening in the world.

              He is right.

              He's right and he's right?

              They can't both be right.

              You know, you are also right.

              He is right.  He's too young to wipe his own nose.

              Good Sabbath, Tevye.

              - Good Sabbath.  - Good Sabbath, Tevye.

              Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. I apologise.

              - Good Sabbath.  - Good Sabbath.

              Tevye, the rabbi's orders.

              Oh, of course.

              So you're from Kiev, Reb er... ?



              So you're a newcomer here, huh?

              As Abraham said,

              "I'm a stranger in a strange land. "

              Moses said that.

              Forgive me. Forgive me.

              As King David said, "I'm slow of speech and slow of tongue. "

              That was also Moses.

              For a man with a slow tongue, he talked a lot.

              Here, Reb Perchik.

              Have a piece.

              I have no money

              and I'm not a beggar.

              Ah, take it. It's a blessing for me to give.

              Very well.

              For your sake.

              Thank you. Thank you.

              You know, it's no crime to be poor.

              It is the rich who are the criminals.

              Some day, their wealth will be ours.

              Oh, that would be nice.

              If they would agree, I would agree.

              And who will make this miracle to come to pass?

              People. Ordinary people.

              - Like you?  - Like me.

              Until your golden day comes, Reb Perchik, how will you live?

              By giving lessons to children.

              - Do you have any children?  - I have five daughters.



              Girls should learn too. Girls are people.

              - A Radical!  - Oh, go away.

              I'd be willing to teach them, open their minds to great thoughts.

              Yeah? I'd like them to know the Good Book.

              The Bible has many lessons for our times.


              I'm a very poor man.

              But, food for lessons, huh?

              Good, good. Stay with us for the Sabbath.

              Of course, we don't eat like kings,

              but we don't starve either.

              As the Good Book says, "When a poor man eats a chicken,

              one of them is sick. "

              Where does the Book say that?

              All right, all right!

              It doesn't exactly say that,

              but someplace, it has something about a chicken.

              - Good Sabbath!  - Good Sabbath.

              Good Sabbath, children.

              Good Sabbath, Papa.

              Children, this is Perchik.

              Perchik, this is my eldest daughter.

              You have a pleasant daughter.

              I have five pleasant daughters.

              Ah, this is mine.

              Good Sabbath, Papa.

              And this is mine.

              And this is mine...

              And this is mine.

              And this is mine.


              This is not mine.

              Perchik, this is Motel Kamzoil.

              So, you did us a favour and came home.

              This is also mine.

              Golde. Golde, this is Perchik from Kiev.

              He's staying the Sabbath with us.

              He's a teacher.  Would you like lessons from him?

              Yes, Papa.

              I'm a very good teacher.

              I heard that the rabbi who must praise himself has a congregation of one.

              Your daughter has a quick and witty tongue.

              Well, the wit she gets from me.

              As the Good Book says...

              The Good Book can wait. Get washed.

              The tongue she gets from her mother.

              Motel, you're also eating with us?

              Of course. Another blessing!

              Tzeitel, get the small table.

              Chava, the two chairs.

              Children, finish dressing.

              You can wash at the well.

              Help them. Hurry, it's almost the Sabbath!


              Tevye, I've something to say to you.

              Why should today be different?

              Tevye, I have something to tell you!

              I have something to tell you.

              Motel, Yente was here.

              I know, I saw her.

              If they agree on someone,

              it will be too late for us.

              But I have found someone who will sell me his used sewing machine!

              Maybe in a few weeks, I'll have saved up...

              A few weeks might be too late.

              Lazar Wolf wants to see you.

              The butcher? What about?

              I don't know. Only he says it's important.

              Important?  I have nothing for him to slaughter.

              After the Sabbath, talk with him.

              Talk about what?

              If he's thinking about buying my new milk cow,

              he can forget it.

              Tevye, I want you to talk...


              Ashrey yushvey betecha looch sela


              Tevye! I want you to talk to him!

              Naam shekachn lo ashrey haam sheaoonay elehave

              What else can I do?

              You could ask my father for my hand tonight.


              Why should he consider me now?

              I'm only a poor tailor.

              And I'm only the daughter of a poor milkman.

              Just talk to him.

              If your father says no, that's it!

              It's final.

              He'll yell at me.


              I'm just a poor tailor.


              Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness.

              That's true.


              Amen. A man sends you a message, at least talk to him!

              - I don't want to...  - Talk to him!

              All right! After the Sabbath, I will!

              All right,

              I'll talk to him.

              Well, it's getting late.

              Where is everybody?

              I don't know, Papa.

              Children, come down!  We are lighting the candles.

              - Reb Tevye...  - Not now, Motel.

              Hurry up, children!

              - Reb Tevye...  - Not now!

              Golde! Golde, the sun is almost down.

              Reb... Reb Tevye.

              What is it? !

              Er... Reb Tevye.


              - Reb Tevye.  - Yes? Yes?

              - I er...  - Yes... Well, Motel, what is it?

              Good Sabbath, Reb Tevye.

              Good Sabbath. Good Sabbath.

              Hurry up.

              Hurry, children, hurry.  It's getting late.

              May the Lord protect and defend you

              May he always shield you from shame

              May you come to be

              In Israel a shining name

              May you be like Ruth and like Esther

              May you be deserving of praise

              Strengthen them, O Lord

              And keep them from the stranger's ways

              May God bless you

              And grant you long lives

              May the Lord fulfil our Sabbath prayer for you

              May God make you

              Good mothers and wives

              May he send you husbands who will care for you

              May the Lord protect and defend you

              May the Lord preserve you from pain

              Favour them, O Lord

              With happiness and peace

              O hear our Sabbath prayer


              Is Reb Lazar Wolf at home?

              Is Reb Lazar Wolf at home?

              He's in the back.

              May I er... ?


              Come in.

              And all this from killing innocent animals?

              Don't touch anything.

              Well, Tevye!

              You're here. Well, sit down, sit down.

              Thank you, thank you.

              Have a drink.

              I won't insult you by saying no.

              How goes it with you, Reb Tevye?

              How should it go?

              You're right.

              And you?

              The same.

              I'm sorry to hear that.


              Er... How is your er

              brother-in-law... in America?

              He's doing very well.

              He wrote you?

              No, not lately.

              How do you know?

              Ah, if he was doing badly, he would write.



              - Cheiim.  - Cheiim.



              I suppose you know

              why I wanted to see you.

              Oh, yes, I do. But er...

              There is no use talking about it.


              Tevye, I understand how you feel.

              But er...

              After all,

              you have a few more without her.

              Ah, I see.

              Today you want one.

              Tomorrow you may want two.


              What... What would I do with two?

              The same as you do with one.



              This is very important to me.

              Why is it so important to you?



              I'm lonely.


              Reb Lazar,

              what are you talking about?

              How can a little cow keep you company?

              Little cow? Is that what you call her?

              But that's what she is!

              - What are you talking about?  - Don't you know?

              Of course I know!  We are talking about my new milk cow.

              The one you want to buy from me.

              A milk cow!

              A milk cow so I won't be lonely?

              I'm talk... I'm talking about

              your daughter.

              Your daughter Tzeitel.

              My daughter Tzeitel?

              Of course, your daughter Tzeitel!

              I see her every Thursday in my butcher's shop.

              And she's made a very good impression on me.

              A very good impression.

              Reb Tevye,

              I like her.

              Why don't we just shake hands and call it a match, huh?


              I will be good to her.



              I like her.


              What do you think?

              What do I think?


              I never really liked him.

              Why should I?

              You can have a fine conversation with him

              if you talk about kidneys and livers.

              On the other hand,

              not everyone has to be a scholar.

              And with a butcher

              my daughter will surely never know hunger.

              Maybe I misjudged him.

              He's a good man.

              He likes her.

              And he'll try to make her happy.

              What do I think?

              - It's a match!  - What?

              You agree?

              I agree.

              Oh, Tevye!  You've made me a happy man.


              Let's drink on it.

              Why not?

              To you!

              No, my friend. To you.

              The both of us!

              - To our agreement!  - Our agreement!

              To our prosperity.

              To our good health and happiness.

              And most important of all,



              To life, to life


              Le'cheiim, le'cheiim

              To life

              Here's to the father I've tried to be

              Here's to my bride-to-be

              Drink, le'cheiim, to life

              To life


              Le'cheiim, le'cheiim

              To life

              Life has a way of confusing us

              Blessing and bruising us

              Drink, le'cheiim, to life

              God would like us to be joyful

              Even when our hearts lie panting on the floor

              How much more can we be joyful

              When there's really something to be joyful for

              To life, to life


              To Tzeitel my daughter

              My wife!

              It gives you something to think about

              Something to drink about

              Drink, le'cheiim

              To life!


              Yes? What is it?

              Drinks for everyone!

              What's the big occasion?

              I'm taking myself a bride.

              Who's the lucky one?

              Tevye's eldest... Tzeitel!

              To Lazar Wolf

              To Tevye

              To Tzeitel your daughter

              My wife

              May all your futures be pleasant ones

              Not like our present ones

              Drink, le'cheiim

              To life, to life

              Le'cheiim, le'cheiim

              Le'cheiim, le'cheiim, to life

              It takes a wedding to make us say

              Let's live another day

              Drink, le'cheiim, to life

              We'll raise a glass and sip a drop of schnapps

              In honour of the great good luck that favoured you

              We know that when good fortune favours two such men

              It stands to reason we deserve it too

              To us and our good fortune

              Be happy

              Be healthy

              Long life

              And if our good fortune never comes

              Here's to whatever comes

              Drink, le'cheiim

              To life

              Dai-dai-dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai dai dai-dai

              Dai dai dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai


              Dai dai dai dai dai-dai

              Dai dai dai dai dai dai-dai

              Dai dai

              Dai-dai dai dai dai dai

              Dai-dai dai dai dai dai

              Dai-dai-dai dai dai

              Dai dai dai-dai-dai-dai-dai

              Dai-dai dai dai dai dai

              Dai-dai-dai-dai dai


              Za vasha zdorovia

              Heaven bless you both


              To your health

              And may we live together in peace

              Thank you.

              Za vasha zdorovia

              Heaven bless you both


              To your health and may we live together in peace

              May you both be favoured with the future of your choice

              May you live to see a thousand reasons to rejoice





              I like it!

              Dai dai dai dai dai

              Da-da da-da da da

              Drinks for everybody!

              Mazel tov!

              To life!


              After the marriage,

              we will be related.


              You... will be my papa.

              Your papa.

              Lazar Wolf,

              I always wanted a son.

              But I wanted one a little younger than myself!

              - Goodnight.  - Goodnight.

              I hear that congratulations are in order, Tevye.

              Ah. Ah, thank you, Your Honour.

              Thank you.



              Yes, Your Honour?

              I have some news I think I should tell you as a friend.

              Yes, Your Honour.

              I'm giving you this news because I like you.


              You're honest and decent

              even though you are a Jew.


              Thank you, Your Honour.

              How often does a man get a compliment like that?

              And the news?

              We have received orders that sometime soon

              this district is to have a little unofficial demonstration.


              A pogrom


              No, no, no.  Just a little unofficial demonstration.


              How little?

              Not too serious.

              Just some mischief,

              so if an inspector comes through, he can see we did our duty.

              I don't know why there has to be this trouble between people.

              But I thought I should tell you.

              Thank you, Your Honour.

              You are a good man.

              If I may say so,

              it's too bad you're not a Jew.

              That's what I like about you, Tevye.

              You're always joking.

              Congratulations again for your daughter.

              Thank you, Your Honour.

              Oh, about the other matter.

              It won't be too bad. I wouldn't worry.

              Yeah, of course not.

              Dear God.

              Did you have to send me news like that today of all days?

              I know, I know we are the chosen people.

              But once in a while, can't you choose someone else?


              thank you for sending a husband for my Tzeitel.


              "If I Were A Rich Man"

              After Jacob had worked for Laban for seven years,

              do you know what happened?

              Laban fooled him and gave him his ugly daughter Leah.

              So to marry Rachel, Jacob was forced to work another seven years.

              So, you see, children,

              the Bible clearly teaches us

              you can never trust an employer.

              And that is what the Bible teaches us?

              That is the lesson of the story of Jacob...  if you interpret it correctly.

              Is your papa up yet?

              No, Mama.

              Enough lessons!

              Back to the house, there's work to be done!

              Go on, children.

              Another story tomorrow.

              That was a very interesting lesson, Perchik.

              Do you think so?


              Although I don't know if the rabbi would agree with your interpretation.

              Neither, I suppose, would the rabbi's son.

              My little sisters talk too much.

              And what do you know about him, except that he is the rabbi's son?

              At least I know this.

              He has no strange ideas about turning the world upside down.

              Good day, Perchik.

              You have wit, even some intelligence!

              Thank you.

              Perhaps, but what good is your brain?

              Without curiosity, it is a rusty tool!

              Good day, Hodel!

              We have an old custom here!

              A boy talks respectfully to a girl.

              But that is too traditional for an advanced thinker like you.

              Our traditions! Nothing must change.

              Everything is perfect as it is!

              We like our ways.

              Our ways are changing in other places.

              In the city, boys and girls can be affectionate

              without a matchmaker's permission?

              They hold hands together.

              They even dance together.

              New dances... like this!

              I learned it in Kiev.

              Do you like it?

              It's... it's very nice.


              We've just changed an old custom.


              I mean,

              th... thank you.

              I mean,

              good day!

              Go away!





              So, my prince is finally out of bed.

              Oh, go away.

              Open your eyes! The day's half gone.

              Well, what happened last night, besides you drinking like a peasant?

              Did you see Lazar Wolf?


              Well? !

              Well, what did he say?

              What did you say?


              Where... Where's Tzeitel?

              She's in the barn.  Do you have news for me?

              Did you talk with Lazar Wolf?  What happened?

              Sssh! Patience, woman, patience.

              As the Good Book says, good news will stay.

              And bad news will refuse to leave.

              And another saying goes...

              You can die from such a man!

              Did you see Lazar? How was it?

              Sha, woman, sha.

              Are you still drunk or what?

              Ah! Here she is.

              Tzeitel, my lamb. Come here.

              You are to be congratulated.

              You are going to be married.


              What do you mean, Papa?

              Lazar Wolf has asked for your hand.

              I knew it!

              The butcher?

              Dear God, I thank thee.

              I thank thee!

              Why do you have to... ?

              What do you have to say, Tzeitel?

              What can she say?

              Let her say one word.

              My first-born... a bride!


              May you grow old with him in fortune and honour.

              Not like Fruma Sarah, that first wife of Lazar's.

              She was a bitter woman, may she rest in peace.

              Not like my Tzeitel.

              And now I must thank Yente.

              My Tzeitel... a bride!

              A bride!

              I thank thee, I thank thee!

              Well, Chava?


              Mazel tov, Tzeitel.

              "Mazel tov, Tzeitel. "

              What kind of a mazel tov is that?

              And you, Reb Perchik, aren't you going to congratulate her?

              Congratulations, Tzeitel,

              for getting a rich man.


              Again with the rich.

              What's wrong with being rich?

              It's no reason to marry.

              Money's the world's curse.

              May the Lord smite me with it.

              And may I never recover!

              World's curse!

              My Tzeitel knows I mean only her welfare.

              Am I right, Tzeitel?

              Yes, Papa.

              There, you see?

              I see.

              I see very well.

              Well, my child?

              Why are you so silent?

              Aren't you happy with this blessing, huh?



              What is it? Tell me.

              Papa, I don't want to marry him.

              I can't marry him, I can't.

              What do you mean, you can't?

              If I say you will,

              you will.

              Papa, if it's a matter of money, I'll do anything.

              I'll hire myself out as a servant,

              just anything!

              But we made an agreement!

              And with us, an agreement is an agreement.

              Is that

              more important than I am, Papa?

              Papa, don't force me, please!

              I'll be unhappy all my days!

              I don't want to marry him!

              All right.

              All right.

              I won't force you.

              Oh, thank you, Papa! Thank you.

              "Thank you, Papa. "

              It seems

              it was not ordained that you should have all the comforts of life.

              Reb Tevye, may I speak to you?

              Later, Motel. Later.

              But I would like to speak to you!

              Not now, Motel. Not now.

              I have problems.

              That's why I want to speak to you.

              I think I can help.

              Yes, like a bandage can help a corpse.

              Goodbye, Motel, goodbye.

              At least listen to him, Papa!

               All right, you have a tongue. Talk.

                Reb Tevye, I hear you are arranging a match for Tzeitel.

                Ah, he also has ears.


                I have a match for Tzeitel.

                What kind of a match?

                A perfect fit.

                Like a glove.

                This match was made exactly to measure.

                Perfect fit? Made to measure?

                Motel, stop talking like a tailor and tell me, who is it?

                Please don't shout at me, Reb Tevye.

                All right, I won't.

                Who is it?

                Who is it? !

                - Who is it?  - Who is it?

                Who is it? !

                It's me.


                It's him!


                Either you're out of your mind

                or you are crazy!

                He must be crazy!

                Arranging a match for yourself?

                What are you? Everything?

                The bridegroom, matchmaker, and guests in one?

                I suppose you'll perform the ceremony, too?

                Please don't shout, Reb Tevye.

                As for being my matchmaker,

                - I know it's unusual.  - Unusual? It's crazy!

                Times are changing, Reb Tevye.

                The thing is, a year ago, Tzeitel and I gave each other our pledge

                that we would marry.

                You gave each other a pledge?

                Yes, Papa.

                We gave each other our pledge.

                They gave each other a pledge?

                Unheard of. Absurd.

                You gave each other a pledge


                Where do you think you are?

                In Moscow? In Paris?

                Where do they think they are?


                What do you think you're doing?

                You're a stitcher, you're nothing

                Who do you think you are?

                King Solomon?

                This isn't the way it's done

                Not here, not now

                Some things I will not - I cannot - allow


                Marriages must be arranged

                By the papa

                This should never be changed

                One little time, you pull out the prop

                And where does it stop?  Where does it stop?

                Where does it stop?

                Do I still have something to say about my daughter?

                Doesn't anyone have to ask a father now?

                I've wanted to ask you for some time.

                But first, I wanted to save enough for my own sewing machine...

                Stop talking nonsense.

                You are just a poor tailor!

                That's true, but even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness!

                I promise you, Reb Tevye, your daughter will not starve.


                He's beginning to talk like a man.

                On the other hand,

                what kind of a match would that be

                with a poor tailor?

                On the other hand,

                he is an honest, hard worker.

                But on the other hand,

                he has absolutely nothing.

                On the other hand,

                things could never get worse for him, only better.

                They gave each other a pledge.

                Unheard of!


                They gave each other a pledge


                But look at my daughter's face

                She loves him

                She wants him

                And look at my daughter's eyes

                So hopeful


                Well, children,

                when shall we make the wedding?

                Thank you, Papa!

                Ooh! Reb Tevye,

                you won't be sorry!

                You won't be sorry.

                I won't be sorry?

                I'm sorry already.

                Thank you, Papa.

                Thank you,... Papa.

                All right, all right.


                They gave each other a pledge.


                What shall I tell Golde?

                - Motel, you were wonderful!  - It was a miracle!

                Wonder of wonders

                Miracle of miracles

                God took a Daniel once again

                Stood by his side and miracle of miracles

                Walked him through the lion's den

                Wonder of wonders

                Miracle of miracles

                I was afraid that God would frown

                But like he did so long ago in Jericho

                God just made a wall fall down

                When Moses softened Pharaoh's heart

                That was a miracle

                When God made the waters of the Red Sea part

                That was a miracle, too

                But of all God's miracles, large and small

                The most miraculous one of all

                Is that out of a worthless lump of clay

                God has made a man today

                Wonder of wonders

                Miracle of miracles

                God took a tailor by the hand

                Turned him around

                And miracle of miracles

                Led him to the Promised Land

                When David slew Goliath

                Yes, that was a miracle

                When God gave us manna in the wilderness

                That was a miracle, too

                But of all God's miracles, large and small

                The most miraculous one of all

                Is the one I thought could never be

                God has given you

                To me

                Good day!

                Hello, Sarah!

                Mazel tov, Chava, mazel tov!

                Soon it will be you.

                Give my best wishes to Tzeitel!

                I will.

                Mazel tov! Mazel tov!

                Mazel tov, Chava!

                Mazel tov, mazel tov!

                Don't. Please, I just want...

                All right, stop it.

                What's wrong with you, Fyedka?

                Just stop it.

                We're just having a little fun, Fyedka.

                Goodbye, Sasha.

                I said goodbye.

                I'm sorry about that. They mean no harm.

                Don't they?

                Is there something you want?

                Yes. I'd like to talk to you.

                I'd rather not.

                I've often noticed you at the bookseller's.

                Not many girls in this village like to read.

                Would you like to

                to borrow this book?

                It's very good.


                thank you.


                Because I'm not Jewish?

                Do you feel about me...  the way they feel about you?

                I didn't think you would.

                And what do you know about me, eh?

                Let me tell you about myself.

                I'm a pleasant fellow.



                ambitious, quite bright.

                And very modest.

                Go ahead.

                Take the book.

                And after you return it,

                I'll ask you how you like it.

                And we can talk about it for a while.

                Then we can talk about life.

                How we feel... about things.


                Thank you.

                Good day, Chava.

                Good day.





                Help, help.

                Tevye, what is the matter?

                Tzeitel... Help!

                What is the matter with you? Wake up!

                Where is she?

                Where is who?  What are you talking about?

                Fruma Sarah, Lazar Wolf's first wife.

                She was standing here a minute ago.

                Where is she?

                What are you talking about?

                Fruma Sarah has been dead for years.

                Sha, you must have been dreaming.

                Sha. Sha.

                Tell me what you dreamt and I'll tell you what it meant.

                Oh. It was terrible.

                Tell me.

                All right. Only don't be frightened!

                In the beginning, I dreamt that er

                we were having...  a celebration of some kind.

                Everybody we knew,... all of our beloved departed were there.

                All of them.

                Even your Great Uncle Mordechai was there.

                And er... and your cousin Rachel was there.

                And in the middle of the dream,

                in walks your grandmother Tzeitel, may she rest in peace.

                Grandmother Tzeitel?  How did she look?

                For a woman who is dead    years, she looked very good.

                Naturally, I went up to greet her.

                - A blessing on your head - Mazel tov, mazel tov

                - To see a daughter wed - Mazel tov, mazel tov

                And such a son-in-law

                Like no-one ever saw

                The tailor Motel Kamzoil


                A worthy boy is he

                Mazel tov, mazel tov

                - Of pious family - Mazel tov, mazel tov

                They named him after my dear Uncle Mordechai

                The tailor Motel Kamzoil

                The tailor?  She misheard. She meant the butcher.

                I'll tell her.

                You must have heard wrong, Grandma

                There's no tailor


                You mean the butcher, Grandma

                By the name of Lazar Wolf

                No, no, no

                I mean the tailor, Tevye

                My great grandchild

                My little Tzeitel, who you named for me

                Motel's bride was meant to be

                For such a match I prayed

                Mazel tov, mazel tov

                In heaven it was made

                Mazel tov, mazel tov

                A fine, upstanding boy

                A comfort and a joy

                The tailor Motel Kamzoil

                Stop it!

                We announced it!  We made a pact with the butcher.

                A blessing on your house

                Mazel tov, mazel tov

                Imagine such a spouse

                Mazel tov, mazel tov

                And such a son-in-law

                Like no-one ever saw

                Stop them!

                But he's a butcher!

                Tell them!

                His name is Lazar Wolf!

                The tailor Motel Kam...

                Sha! Sha!


                Who is this? Who is this?

                Who comes here?

                Who? Who? Who? Who?

                What woman is this?

                By righteous anger shaken

                Could it be

                - Sure - Yes, it could

                - Why not?  - Who could be mistaken?

                It's the butcher's wife come from beyond the grave

                Here she comes.

                It's the butcher's dear, darling, departed wife

                Fruma Sarah

                Fruma Sarah! Fruma Sarah!



                What is this about your daughter marrying my husband?

                Yes, her husband!

                Would you do this to your friend and neighbour Fruma Sarah?

                Fruma Sarah!

                Have you no consideration for a woman's feelings?

                Woman's feelings

                Handing over my belongings to a total stranger

                Total stranger

                How can you allow it?

                How can you let your daughter take my place?

                Live in my house? Carry my keys?

                And wear my clothes? Pearls?


                How can you allow your daughter to take her place? House?

                - Pearls! Pearls - Keys! Clothes!



                Such a learned man as Tevye wouldn't let it happen

                Tell me that it isn't true and then I wouldn't worry

                Wouldn't worry

                Say you didn't give your blessing to your daughter's marriage

                Let me tell you what would follow such a fatal wedding


                If Tzeitel marries Lazar Wolf

                I pity them both

                She'll live with him three weeks

                And when three weeks are up

                I'll come to her by night

                I'll take her by the throat

                And this I'll give your Tzeitel

                That I'll give your Tzeitel!  This I'll give your Tzeitel! Ah-ha!





                Here's my wedding present

                If she marries Lazar Wo-o-olf

                Evil spirit, away!

                Such an evil spirit!

                May it sink back into the earth.

                Such a dark and horrible dream.

                And it was brought on because you went to see that butcher!


                If my grandmother Tzeitel, may she rest in peace,

                took the trouble to come from the other world to tell us about the tailor

                all I can say is that it's for the best.

                It couldn't possibly be any better.

                - But, Golde...  - Amen.



                Do you like these troublemakers?

                These Christ-killers?

                Of course not!

                I just meant that things have been peaceful here.

                I have other villages to visit, too.

                If you don't want to follow orders, we shall get someone else who will.

                Oh, no, no, no. No, sir.

                I'll take care of it. Of course.

                Quiet down! Quiet down!

                Quiet down!

                Is this the little girl I carried?

                Is this the little boy at play?

                I don't remember growing older

                When did they?

                When did she get to be a beauty?

                When did he grow to be so tall?

                Wasn't it yesterday when they were small?

                Sunrise, sunset

                Sunrise, sunset

                Swiftly flow the days

                Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers

                Blossoming even as we gaze

                Sunrise, sunset

                Sunrise, sunset

                Swiftly fly the years

                One season following another

                Laden with happiness and tears

                What words of wisdom can I give them?

                How can I help to ease their way?

                Now they must learn from one another

                Day by day

                They look so natural together

                Just like two newlyweds should be

                Is there a canopy in store for me?

                Sunrise, sunset

                Sunrise, sunset

                Swiftly fly the years

                One season following another

                Laden with happiness

                And tears

                Mazel tov!

                Quiet down!

                Quiet down!

                Quiet down!

                It was beautiful. Really beautiful!

                Take your places, everybody!

                Quiet! Quiet down!

                Quiet down!

                Quiet down!


                The newlyweds.


                we are gathered here to share in the joys of the newlyweds,

                Motel and Tzeitel.

                May they live together to a ripe old age.



                And now I want to say...

                Ni ni ni!

                Reb Nachum!


                Not here!

                I'd like to announce that the bride's parents are giving the couple:

                A new feather bed.

                Two pillows.

                Goose pillows!

                A Sabbath tablecloth.

                And pair of candlesticks!


                Now, we are just here on earth for a short visit.

                Even the great and wealthy must die.

                In fact,

                if the rich could hire others to die for them,

                we, the poor, would all make a nice living!

                Well put!

                Well put!

                Lazar Wolf!  Talking about the rich,

                there sits our good friend Lazar Wolf.

                Lazar has everything in the world,

                except a bride.

                But Lazar has no ill feelings.

                In fact, he told me he has a gift for the newlyweds that he wants to announce.

                Come on. Come on!

                Just like he said,

                I have no ill feelings.

                What's done... is done!

                I am giving the newlyweds five chickens.

                One for each of the first five Sabbaths of their... er

                wedded life.

                Reb Lazar Wolf,

                you are a decent man.

                On behalf of my daughter,

                and her new husband,

                I accept your gift.

                There is a famous saying...

                Reb Tevye,

                I'm not marrying your daughter.

                I don't have to listen to your sayings.

                If you would only listen...

                Why should I listen to you? !  A man who breaks an agreement!

                I have a right to talk!

                What right? It's not your wedding!

                It should have been!

                It's not, thank goodness.

                Just sit down.

                He shamed me

                in front of the whole village!

                He shamed me!


                Rabbi, say something.

                I say...

                I say, let's sit down.

                Yes, yes.

                We all heard the words of the rabbi.

                Let's sit down!

                Now I'm going to sing a little song.


                Dai-dai dai deedle deedle dai-dai

                I don't want your apple.  Leave me alone.

                You can keep your diseased chickens!

                You leave my chickens out of this!

                We made a bargain!

                The terms weren't settled.

                - We drank on it!  - It wasn't settled!

                You just sit down, all right?

                Once a butcher, always a butcher.

                Once a liar, always a liar.

                Sit down, all right?

                Those happen to be my chickens...

                I had a sign!

                Quiet! I'm singing.

                Quiet, quiet!

                What's all the screaming about?

                They drank on it!

                An agreement!

                A sign.

                It's all nonsense.

                Tzeitel wanted to marry Motel and not Lazar.

                A young girl decides for herself?

                Why not? They love each other.

                - Love?  - Terrible!

                He's a Radical!

                Musicians, play!  It's a dance! Everybody, dance!

                It's a wedding.

                Some wedding!


                Who will dance with me?

                That's a sin!

                It's no sin to dance!

                - But with a girl?  - Yes, with a girl!

                That's what comes of entertaining a wild man.

                He's not a wild man!  His ideas are a bit different, but...


                It's a sin.

                It's no sin!

                Ask the rabbi! Go on, ask him.

                Well, rabbi?


                Well, it's not exactly forbidden.

                Well, there you see!

                It's not forbidden!

                And it's no sin.

                Now! Who will dance with me?


                It's only a dance, Mama.


                Say something.

                She's dancing with a man!

                I can see that she's dancing with a man!

                And I'm going to dance with my wife!


                Mama, no.




                - Motel.  - No, I will not.

                - Tzeitel!  - Motel!

                You see that? !

                You are responsible for that!

                And I can't stand it.

                I tried my best.

                Everybody dance!

                Come on, dance, Rabbi!

                Go on!


                All right! Enough!

                I said, enough!


                Orders are orders.

                You understand?

                Come on!


                why are you all standing around?

                Clean up!

                Clean up!

                "If I Were A Rich Man"

                "Wonder of Wonders"

                "Sunrise, Sunset"







                Troubles, troubles.

                That's all you hear from me, right?

                But who else can we simple people take our troubles to?

                You know, sometimes I wonder,

                who do you take your troubles to?

                Oh, go away.


                Motel and Tzeitel have been married for some time now.

                They work very hard.


                they're as poor as squirrels in winter.


                they're so happy, they don't know how miserable they are.

                Motel keeps talking about a sewing machine.

                I know.

                You are very busy now.

                Wars, revolutions, floods, plagues,

                all those little things that bring people back to you.

                But... couldn't you take a second and get him his sewing machine?


                Yeah, and while you are in the neighbourhood...

                As you can see, my horse's leg...

                Am I bothering you too much?

                I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

                As the Good Book says...

                Why should I tell you what the Good Book says?

                So you must go away?


                So soon?


                Tomorrow morning.

                A- a-alone?

                No! With a few friends.  And we will be joining others.

                - Where?  - In the city, Kiev.


                there are some things I cannot tell even you.

                I see.

                Please don't be upset.

                Why should I be upset?  If you must go, you must.

                I do have to leave.

                So you told me.

                There will be great changes in this country.

                Tremendous changes.

                But they can't happen by themselves.

                - So you think you, personally, must...  - Not only me! Many people.

                Jews, Gentiles, many people hate what's going on. Don't you understand?

                I understand, of course.

                You want to leave.



                Hodel! Listen to me.

                I have work to do.

                The greatest work a man can do.

                Don't you understand?

                Yes, Perchik.



                Hodel, wait!

                Hodel, there's a question...

                A question I... I wish to discuss with you.


                It's a political question.

                What is it?

                The question of


                Is this a political question?

                Well, yes.

                Yes, everything's political.

                Like everything else,

                the relationship between a man and a woman has a socioeconomic base.

                Marriage must be founded on mutual beliefs.

                A common attitude and philosophy towards society.

                And affection?

                Well, yes, of course.

                That is also necessary.

                Such a relationship can have positive social values.

                When two people face the world with unity and solidarity...

                And affection?

                Yes, that is an important element!

                At any rate, I

                I personally am in favour of such a socioeconomic relationship.

                I think

                you are asking me to marry you.


                in a theoretical sense,... yes.

                I am.

                I was hoping you were.

                I am very happy, Hodel.

                I'm very, very happy.

                Good afternoon.

                Good afternoon, Reb Tevye.

                I have some bad news.


                - I must leave here.  - When?

                Tomorrow morning.

                I'm sorry to hear that, Perchik.  We'll all miss you.

                - But I also have some good news.  - Good.

                - You can congratulate me.  - Congratulations. What for?

                We are engaged!


                Yes, Papa, we're engaged.

                Oh, no, you're not.

                I know you like him

                and he likes you.

                But you're going away

                and you're staying here.

                So have a nice trip, and I hope you'll be very happy

                and my answer is no.

                Papa, you don't understand.

                I understand, I understand.

                I gave my permission to Motel and Tzeitel, so you feel you also have a right.

                I'm sorry, Perchik, I like you.

                But you're going away, so go in good health,

                and my answer is still no.

                You don't understand, Papa!

                You are not listening. I said no!

                Reb Tevye,

                we are not asking for your permission.

                Only for your blessing.

                We are going to get married.


                you are not asking for my permission?

                But we would like your blessing, Papa.

                I can't believe my own ears.

                My blessing?

                For what?

                For going over my head?


                At least with Tzeitel and Motel

                They asked me, they begged me

                But now, if I like or not

                You'll marry him!

                What do you want from me?

                Go on! Be wed!

                And tear out my beard

                And uncover my head


                They're not even asking permission

                From the papa

                What's happening to the tradition?

                One little time, I pulled out a thread

                And where has it led Where has it led?

                Where has it led? To this!

                A man tells me he's getting married!

                He doesn't ask me, he tells me.

                But first, he abandons you.

                He's not abandoning me, Papa.

                As soon as I can, I will send for her and marry her.

                I love her.

                He loves her.


                It's a new style.

                On the other hand,

                our old ways were once new, weren't they?

                On the other hand,

                they decided without parents.

                Without a matchmaker!

                On the other hand,

                did Adam and Eve have a matchmaker?

                Oh, yes,

                they did.

                And it seems these two have the same matchmaker.

                They're going over my head.

                Unheard of! Absurd!

                For this, they want to be blessed?


                I'll lock her up in her room

                I couldn't

                I should

                But look at my daughter's eyes

                She loves him


                Well, children,

                I've decided to give you my blessing

                and my permission!

                Oh, thank you, Papa!

                What else could I do?

                Thank you, Papa.

                Thank you, Papa? Thank you, Papa?

                What am I going to tell your mother?

                Another dream?

                Perhaps if you tell her

                I am going to visit a rich uncle.

                Perchik, please!  I can handle my own wife!





                Hello, Golde.

                Have some soup.


                I have something very important to tell you.

                Have the soup,

                it's warm.


                I've just met... er...

                Perchik and Hodel.



                Well, er...

                Well, they seem to be very fond of each other.

                So? What do you mean?


                So I've decided to give them my permission to become engaged.

                - I'll eat later, I...  - What? !

                Just like that, without even asking me?

                Who asks you? !

                I am the father.

                Who is he? !

                A pauper. He has nothing, absolutely nothing.

                I wouldn't say that.


                I hear... he has a rich uncle.

                Hmm. A rich uncle!


                Golde, he's a good man.

                I like him.

                He's a little crazy, but I like him.

                And er

                what's more important,

                Hodel likes him.

                Hodel loves him.

                So what can we do?

                It's a new world, Golde.

                A new world.



                Do you love me?

                Do I what? !


                Do you love me?

                Do I love you?


                With our daughters getting married

                And this trouble in the town

                You're upset, you're worn out

                Go inside, go lie down

                Maybe it's indigestion.

                Ah, no, Golde, I'm asking you a question.

                Do you love me?

                You're a fool.

                I know.

                But do you love me?

                Do I love you?


                For    years, I've washed your clothes

                Cooked your meals, cleaned your house

                Given you children, milked your cow

                After    years, why talk about love right now?


                The first time I met you

                Was on our wedding day

                - I was scared - I was shy

                - I was nervous - So was I

                But my father and my mother

                Said we'd learn to love each other

                And now I'm asking, Golde

                Do you love me?

                I'm your wife

                I know.

                But do you love me?

                Do I love him?


                For    years, I've lived with him

                Fought with him

                Starved with him

                   years, my bed is his

                If that's not love, what is?

                Then you love me?

                I suppose I do.

                And I suppose I love you, too

                It doesn't change a thing

                But even so

                After    years

                It's nice to know


                There is no authority above the will of the people.

                And we are the people!

                We are Russia!

                The time has come,

                and the time is now.

                We stand here before you, not one,

                but many.

                Many like you.

                Students, workers...  striving for a better life.

                And I urge you, fellow workers,

                to band together with us.

                Join our movement,

                in the factories.

                In the schools!

                In the army!

                The winds of freedom

                are beginning to blow all over Russia.





                Wait! Stand! Wait!

                Good day to you, Esther.

                Just a minute...

                - Tzeitel! Tzeitel!  - Good day, Yente.

                Tzeitel! I happened to stop in the post office today,

                to say hello, see what's what.

                It doesn't cost anything to be friendly.

                Ah, so few people are like that.

                People, huh!

                I tell you, if God lived on earth, people would break his windows.

                So you went to the post office...

                Yes, and the postman told me there was a letter for your sister Hodel.

                Thanks, I'll go get it.

                I got it.

                It's from her intended - Perchik.

                Oh, Hodel will be so happy.

                She's been waiting to hear from him...

                But it's open.

                So it happened to be open.

                You don't have to wait for the train, Papa.

                You'll be late for your customers.

                It's all right.

                They'll just have to wait for a while.

                Is he in bad trouble,

                that hero of yours?



                Yes. But he did nothing wrong.

                He cares nothing for himself.

                Everything he does is for other people.

                Yes, but if he did nothing wrong, he wouldn't be in trouble.

                Papa, how can you say that?

                What wrongs did Joseph do?

                And Abraham, and Moses?

                And they had troubles.

                Yes. Well...

                But why won't you tell me

                where he is now,

                this Joseph of yours?

                It is far, Papa.

                Terribly far.

                He is in a settlement in Siberia.


                And he asks you to leave your father and mother

                and join him in that frozen wasteland and marry him there?

                No, Papa.

                He did not ask me to go.

                I want to go.

                I don't want him to be alone.

                I want to help him in his work.



                How can I hope to make you understand?

                Why I do

                What I do

                Why I must travel to a distant land

                Far from the home I love

                Once I was happily content to be

                As I was

                Where I was

                Close to the people who are close to me

                Here in the home I love

                Who could see that a man would come

                Who would change the shape of my dreams?

                Helpless now

                I stand with him

                Watching older dreams grow dim

                Oh, what a melancholy choice this is

                Wanting home

                Wanting him

                Closing my heart to every hope but his

                Leaving the home I love

                There where my heart has settled long ago

                I must go

                I must... go

                Who could imagine I'd be wandering so

                Far from the home I love


                There with my love

                I'm home

                And who, my child, will there be to perform a marriage

                there in the wilderness?

                Papa, I promise you,

                we will be married under a canopy.

                Yes. Yes.

                No doubt a rabbi or two were also arrested.


                God alone knows when we shall see each other again.


                we will leave it in his hands.

                Take care of her.

                See that she dresses warm.

                Even though she only burned his cooking,

                he is permitted to divorce her.

                Just for supper.

                I'm sorry, Rabbi.

                Yes, of course.

                What news of the outside world?

                Terrible, Rabbi!

                Then don't tell me.

                If I want bad news, I'll read about Noah and the flood.

                Tell me, Avram,

                surely somewhere there are good things happening?

                Can't you buy a paper that prints those things?

                It's not my fault, Rabbi, I only read it.

                Rabbi! Rabbi! Did you hear the news?

                More bad news?

                No, good news.

                At Motel's and Tzeitel's, a new arrival.

                A new arrival at Motel's!

                We just heard the good news!

                Mazel tov!

                Thank you very much.

                - It's a nice thing.  - Yes, it is.

                Very nice.

                What is it?

                It's a sewing machine!

                You can work twice as fast.

                You got it!

                I got it!

                - It's beautiful.  - I know!

                Have you tried it yet?


                - Beautiful.  - I know.

                In less than a minute!  See how close and even the stitches are.

                - Beautiful.  - I know.

                From now on, my clothes will be perfect.

                Made by machine!

                No more handmade clothes!

                Look, Mama! Look!


                It's wonderful!

                Mazel tov, Motel!

                The rabbi! The rabbi!

                Rabbi, is there a blessing for a sewing machine?

                There is a blessing for everything.


                That's your new arrival?  What is it? A boy or a girl?

                Well put, well put.

                Yankela. Yankela!


                Why... Why isn't he asleep?

                But he's wonderful!  He never cries or anything.

                Sha! Do you want to invite bad luck?



                Well, Motel.

                I never thought you'd amount to anything.

                But look at you.

                A baby and a sewing machine.

                You're a person.

                Look, I'll show you how it works.

                Go, children.

                First, you put the cloth in like this.

                It's an amazing thing.

                You work it with your foot and your hand.

                Your father is coming.

                Chava, let me talk to him.  Let me tell him about us.

                No. That would be the worst thing, I'm sure.

                - But let me try!  - No!

                I'll talk to him,... I promise.

                Good afternoon, sir.

                Good afternoon.


                It's a cold day, isn't it?


                Well, er...

                Good day, sir.

                Good day, Chava.

                Good day.

                What were you and he talking about?

                Nothing. We were just talking.



                Fyedka and I...

                We've known each other for a long time...


                I would be much happier

                if you would remain friends from a distance.

                You must not forget

                who you are

                and who that man is.

                He has a name, Papa.

                Of course.  All creatures on earth have a name.

                Fyedka is not a creature, Papa.  Fyedka is a man!

                Who says he isn't?

                It's just that he's a different kind of man.

                As the Good Book says,

                "Each shall seek his own kind. "

                In other words, a bird may love a fish,

                but where would they build a home together?

                The world is changing, Papa!



                Some things do not change for us.

                Some things will never change.

                We don't feel that way.


                Fyedka and I...

                We want to be married.

                What? Are you out of your mind?

                Don't you understand what that means, marrying outside of the faith?

                - But, Papa...  - No!

                I said no!

                Never talk about it again.

                Never mention his name again.

                Never see him again.

                Do you understand me?

                Yes, Papa.

                I understand you.

                You're finally here.  Let's go, it's late for supper.

                I want to see Motel's machine.

                You'll see it another time, it's late.

                Quiet, woman, before I get angry!

                If I get angry, even flies daren't fly.

                I'm very frightened of you

                After we finish supper, I'll faint.


                I am the man in the house!

                I'm the head of the family

                and I want to see Motel's new machine now!

                Now let's go home.

                What are you doing here?  What do you want?

                May I see His Honour, the priest?

                The Father?


                Why do you want to see him?

                It's a family matter.

                A personal matter.

                My daughter.

                Yes? What about your daughter?

                Please, if I could speak with the...

                If I could speak with the Reverend Father,


                Wait here.



                What is it?

                It's Chava.

                She left home this morning

                with Fyedka.


                I looked everywhere for her.

                I even went to the priest.

                He told me they were married.




                go home, Golde.

                We have other children at home.

                You have work to do, I have work to do.

                Go home.

                But Chava...

                Chava is dead to us!

                We'll forget her.

                Go home.

                Go home, Golde.

                Little bird

                Little Chaveleh

                I don't understand what's happening today

                Everything is all a blur

                All I can see is a happy child

                The sweet little bird you were, Chaveleh


                Little bird

                Little Chaveleh

                You were always such a pretty little thing

                Everybody's favourite child

                Gentle and kind and affectionate

                What a sweet little bird you were, Chaveleh




                Papa, I've been looking everywhere for you.

                Papa, stop!

                At least listen to me!


                I beg you to accept us.

                Accept them?

                How can I accept them?

                Can I deny everything I believe in?

                On the other hand,

                can I deny my own daughter?

                On the other hand,

                how can I turn my back on my faith,

                my people?

                If I try and bend that far,

                I'll break.

                On the other hand...


                There is no other hand.

                No, Chava!


                - But, Papa!  - No! No!




                Golde. Here they are!

                The boys I told you about.

                Wonderful boys, Golde.

                From good families.

                Each of them a prize, a jewel.

                You couldn't do better for your girls.

                I don't know, Yente.

                My girls are still so young.

                So what do they look like, grandfathers?

                True, the marriage can wait,

                but meanwhile, their future will be all signed and sealed.

                Which one for which one?

                What's the difference? Just pick.

                They're both wonderful boys.

                Yankel, the fat one,

                is apprenticed to a carpenter.

                I'm Yankel!

                Did I ask you?

                Yankel, the skinny one, is...

                Mama, is Reb Tevye in the house?

                He's in the barn. Is there trouble?

                Stay inside, children.

                What is it? What's the matter?

                Tevye! Tevye!  Have you seen the Constable lately?

                No. Why?

                There... There's some rumours in town.

                We thought, since you knew him so well,

                maybe he told you what is true and what is not.


                What rumours?


                Talk, Avram!

                Someone in Zolodin said an edict in St Petersburg...

                Welcome, Your Honour.

                What's the good news in the world?

                I see that you have company.

                They are my friends.

                It's just as well.  What I have to say is for their ears also.

                How much time do you need to sell your house and household goods?

                Why should I sell my house?

                Is it in anybody's way?

                I came to tell you you have to leave Anatevka.

                How did I come to deserve such an honour?

                Not just you, of course,

                but all of you.

                What? What do you mean?

                At first, I thought you might be spared, because of your daughter's marriage.

                My daughter is dead.

                I understand.

                At any rate, it affects all of you, you have to leave.


                But this corner of the world has always been our home.

                Why should we leave?

                I don't know why. There's trouble in the world, troublemakers.

                - Like us?  - You aren't the only ones.

                Your people must leave all the villages - Zolodin, Rabalevka.

                The district must be emptied.

                I have an order here!

                It says that you must sell your homes and be out of here in three days.

                And you?

                You, who have known us all your life,

                you'd carry out this order?

                I have nothing to do with it!

                Don't you understand?  I wish you wouldn't say me.

                I understand.

                Suppose we refuse to go?

                You will be forced out.

                We will defend ourselves.

                We'll stay in our homes.

                Refuse to leave.

                Keep our land. Fight!

                Against our militia, our army?  I wouldn't advise that.

                I have some advice for you.

                Get off my land.

                This is still my home,

                my land.

                Get off my land!

                You have three days.

                After a lifetime,

                a piece of paper, and get thee out.

                We should unite with the people of Zolodin. Maybe they have a plan.

                We should defend ourselves.

                An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

                Very good.

                That way the whole world will be blind and toothless.

                Rabbi, we've been waiting for the Messiah all our lives.

                Wouldn't this be a good time for him to come?

                We'll have to wait for him someplace else.


                let's start packing.


                Anatevka hasn't exactly been the Garden of Eden.

                That's true.

                After all, what have we got here?

                A little bit of this

                A little bit of that

                A pot

                A pan

                A broom

                A hat

                Someone should have set a match to this place

                Years ago

                A bench

                A tree

                What's a house?

                Or a stove?

                People who pass through Anatevka

                Don't even know they've been here

                A stick of wood

                A piece of cloth

                What do we leave?

                Nothing much

                Only Anatevka



                Underfed, overworked Anatevka

                Where else could Sabbath be so sweet?



                Intimate, obstinate Anatevka

                Where I know everyone I meet

                Soon I'll be a stranger in a strange new place

                Searching for an old familiar face

                From Anatevka

                I belong to Anatevka

                Tumbledown, workaday Anatevka

                Dear little village

                Little town of mine

                It's just a place.

                Our forefathers have been forced out of many, many places at a moment's notice.

                Maybe that's why

                we always wear our hats.


                Golde, darling!

                I had to see you before I left,

                because I have such news for you.

                Remember, Golde, yesterday I told you I didn't know where to go,

                what to do with these old bones.

                Now I know.  You want to hear? I'll tell you.

                All my life, I've dreamed of going to one place.

                Guess where?

                Nah, you'll never guess.

                Every year at Passover, what do we say?

                Next year, in Jerusalem,

                next year in the Holy Land.

                You're going to the Holy Land?

                You guessed!

                Goodbye, Yente.

                Be well,

                and go in peace.

                And so, goodbye, Golde.

                Sometime, maybe we'll meet on a happier occasion.

                Meanwhile, we suffer.

                Oh-ho-hoh, we suffer.

                We suffer in silence, right?

                Of course, right.

                Where are you going?

                You don't know where you're going?

                Come, Golde, we have to leave.

                Leave... It sounds so easy.

                Golde, we'll all be together soon.

                Motel, Tzeitel and the baby, they'll come too, you'll see.

                This Motel is a person.

                And Hodel and Perchik?

                When will we see them again?

                Do they come visiting us from Siberia every Sabbath?

                You know what she writes.

                He sits in prison, she works,

                but soon

                he'll be set free and together they'll turn the world upside down.

                She couldn't be happier

                and the other children will be with us.

                Not all.


                Come, Golde.

                I have to clean up,

                sweep the floor.

                Sweep the floor?

                I don't want to leave a dirty house.




                on my way.

                Where are you going?

                Chicago,... in America.

                Chicago, America?

                We are going to New York, America.

                We'll be neighbours.

                My wife, Fruma Sarah, may she rest in peace, has a brother there.

                That's nice.

                I hate him,


                a relative is a relative.

                Goodbye, Tevye.

                Goodbye, Lazar Wolf.

                Well, my old friends, it's time to say goodbye.

                The farmer Bushenko will be coming for you later.

                He's not a bad sort.

                If you are good to him, he'll be good to you.

                Take care of your leg, huh?

                Thanks for everything.


                Papa will see you.

                I want him to.  I want to say goodbye to him.

                He won't listen to you.

                But at least he will hear.

                Maybe it would be better if I told Mama.




                we came to say goodbye.

                We are also leaving this place.

                We are going to Cracow.

                We cannot stay among people who can do such things to others.

                We wanted you to know that.

                Some are driven away by edicts,

                others by silence.

                Goodbye, Papa.


                Come, Chava.

                Goodbye, Chava!


                And God be with you.

                And God be with you!

                We will write to you in America, if you like.

                We are staying with Uncle Avram.

                Yes, Mama.

                "We'll be staying with Uncle Avram? "

                "We'll be staying with Uncle Avram? "

                The whole world has to know our business!

                Stop yelling and finish packing!

                We have a long way to go.


                I don't need your advice!

                Tzeitel, don't forget the baby.

                Goodbye, Papa.

                Work hard, Motel,

                and come to us soon.

                I will, Papa.

                I'll work hard.

                All right, children.

                Let's go.


Special help by SergeiK