The Final Cut Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Final Cut script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robin Williams movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Final Cut. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Final Cut Script





Can I play?



Do you have any marbles?












You're welcome.



So, what's your name?



Louis. Yours?






You're not from around here,

are you?



No. I'm here with my parents

for the day.






What's over there?



Don't do that. We're not

even allowed to be here.



Come on.



Wait for me.



Let's go back down.









Alan, don't!



See? That wasn't so bad.



Just don't look down.






Come on.



See? It's steady.



- Louis!

- I can't move!



Come on!



Alan, help!






Here it comes. Just relax.



You're doing great now.



All right.

Now, just a couple more seconds.



Here it comes, sweetie.



Just keep breathing.



All right, the head's crowning.

Very good.



Excellent. Here we go.



One more big push, sweetie.



That's it. Now breathe.



It's coming.



Push, push, push!



Oh, here we go.



We have a boy.



Oh, is he OK?



- He's perfect.

- He's fine. He's fine.



A beautiful son.



Beautiful. He's beautiful.



- Are we OK?

- He's fine, honey.



- He's beautiful.

- Oh, he's perfect.



Congratulations, Dad.



Here he comes.



You did really well.



Oh, hi. Oh, it's OK.



Beautiful baby boy.

You did really well.



He's got his eyes open.

He's looking at you.



- What's his name?

- Danny.






Danny, come here, sweetie.

Get away from the ants.



See, we have the best-fed ants

in the neighborhood.



Come on.



Have to do that later.



Jason, my guys took

your guy's gun.




It's attached to his leg. See?



Oh, my God.



That's me, man.



That's me.



Danny, play nice

with your brother.



What's that music you're using?

I really dig it.



Whatever it is,

it's terrific, man.



It really...



I don't know...



suits his life somehow.



So, Danny, you still drawing?






No? Didn't you want to grow up

to be an artist?



That's some

of the opening sequence.



The rest needs

some fixes and tweaks.



But right now, he's clocking in

at one hour and    minutes.



Yeah, that's cool.



I just wanted to have a look...



before the Rememory tomorrow.



You know.



You've done a hell of a job

with him, Mr. Hakman.



You've done

the son of a bitch right.



You're welcome.



I don't suppose...



There was a fishing trip

when we were   .



Just Danny and I and Dad...



- At the cape.

- Yes, that one.



My God,

that day is still with me.



You requested it specifically.

It's there.



Well, I'll be off, then.



Closing Zoe project

D. Monroe, rough cut  .



Opening D. Monroe, scene    -Q.



Jesus Christ!



I told you to shut up!



Danny! Danny, stop!






You deserve this, bitch!






No! God! Please... please...



No! Stop! No! You're killing me!






Scene    -Q deleted.



EYE Tech introduces...



the ninth generation

of the Zoe implant...



from our family to yours.



Do you think

we'll be able to afford one?






I hope so.



Well, we can save.

It's worth it, I think.



Excuse me.



This girl was a complete wreck.



Drinking, drugs,

in and out of schools.



Then she turns   ...



and she finds out

about her Zoe implant.



Complete    . She's born again.



Her knowing that

someone would one day watch...



transforms her into this kind,

gentle, loving person.



So, what happened?



She committed suicide.



Took a dive off her balcony...



twenty-seven floors

straight onto her head.



The implant

was instantly vaporized.



Charming story, Hasan.

Please do go on.




This is a rare treat.






Michael, this is Alan Hakman.



- Hi.

- Hi.



It's an honor to meet you.



Mike is my new assistant.



What happened to Eddie?



Eddie freaked out on me.

Strung too tight.



Hey, Alan, have you seen these?



They are all over town.



These anti-Zoe hippies always

seemed a little crazy to me.



But now they just seem crazy.






"It is not our place to see

through other people's eyes.



"That is for God and God alone."



Anyway, how's

the Monroe project coming?






- Just fine?

- Just fine.




it's your great privilege...



to meet this man.



He's the best cutter in town.



- Who's your assistant?

- I don't have an assistant.



I have a friend that's looking

to get into the racket.



I don't work with an assistant.



You have

something for me, Thelma?



Straight to business.



I got a job last week

that I passed on...



and I think

it's right up your alley.



You know Charles Bannister?



His widow

is looking for a cutter.



Bannister, the EYE Tech lawyer?



He was out jogging

and his heart collapsed.



Wait a minute.

EYE Tech let that footage out?



Jennifer Bannister

won the lawsuit against them...



and claimed

her husband's implant.



She insisted on having

her own cutter, too.



And with good reason.



We could have taken that job.



After Caldwell,

our schedule is wide open.



I don't like the ugly stuff.



It gives me nightmares.



And this pig Bannister...



he's human garbage.



I took one look at the footage

and sent it straight back.



She only hired me because

you were busy with Monroe.



It's you she really wants.



- I'm available.

- Good.



Our friend Alan...



that's his specialty,

so to speak.



If you can't bear

to look at it, he will.



I'll tell her

you'll come by tomorrow.



She'll be expecting you.



We should actually go.



Oh, yes.

Rememory is in two days...



and we're still cutting picture.



Goddamn last-minute jobs.



Thelma, come on.

It keeps you young.









Oh, hey, Alan.

I've been working on...



this new sorting program

for the Guillotine...



and I would really love

to get your feedback on it.



Maybe another time.



Yeah, maybe some other time.



Put it in archives very gently.



- Sure.

- All right.




is suicide under self-help?



What are you doing here?



I just wanted to talk.



I'm busy.



Store's still open.

It's the   :   rush.



Books are flying off the shelf.



We close in    minutes.



This is exciting.



You've never had me over before.



You've always

wanted to see my work.



Well, you're always working.



I'm curious about

what takes up all your time.






You're like a mortician...



or a priest...



or a taxidermist.



All of them.



I mean...



you get to see life upon life.



Most of us get only one,

if that.



What are people's lives like?



Do they make any sense?



It all seems so massive

and so random.



Have you ever been

to a Rememory?



No. Well...



Once, a few years ago.






My ex-boyfriend.



But I couldn't take it.

I didn't stay.



Why not?



Because it just wasn't...



It wasn't him.



And I wanted

to remember him my way.



Sit down.



Thank you.



It's like

you read my mind, Alan.



I have this recurring dream

where I'm aging backwards.






What about all the bits

in between?



It's a miniature.



Concise, symmetrical.



That's the way the world

looks to me...



the way I see it.



How do you do this?



It's what I was meant to do.



You were meant

to live your own life, too.



- Hey.

- Hey.



The house was big...






like this one.



We didn't care

whose house it was.



It felt dangerous to be there.



It felt exciting.



I can see the grass.



I can hear it

crunching beneath our feet.



And then the sprinklers

came on...



all around us...



and we ran.



I remember that

like it was yesterday.



Do you recall any moments

with your daughter?



This isn't long ago.



We were watching Isabel

in a school talent show.



She was wonderful that night.



I think Charles and I

both felt...



what an amazing thing

a family was.



We felt it together.



She was up there on that stage.



Oh, goodness.



Excuse me.



I know this is very hard,

Mrs. Bannister...



but it's important.



It's the foundation

of a cutter's work.



I need you and your family...



to help me choose

those moments you want to keep.



I won't be able to do

your husband justice...



if I don't understand him

through you.



I heard you were the best...



that you would know

how to handle Charles.



My husband was a great man,

Mr. Hakman.



He deserves to be remembered

as a great man.



After my initial cut...



I will need

to speak with Isabel.



Is that necessary?



There's nothing that

any one of you can tell me...



that I won't know very soon.



Of course. Yes.






Please call EYE Tech storage.



Tell them Mr. Hakman

will be dropping by.



Very good, ma'am.



Thank you.






I've seen Rememories

where the cutters were careless.



They had no respect

for the dead.



The dead mean nothing to me,

Mrs. Bannister.



I took this project

because I respect the living.



Remember for yourself!



Live for today!



You are blasphemous, you freak!



Why don't you people go home?



Just go home! Show some respect!



Open your eyes!



I'm sorry, Mrs. Monroe.

It's never been this bad before.



So... this is him, huh?



That's him.



Caroline, are you all right?



You did very well.



Oh, hi. Oh, it's OK.



He's got his eyes open.

He's looking at you.



- What's his name?

- Danny.



- Hi, Danny.

- Oh, careful.



Hey, Daniel,

we got some visitors for you.



Look. Everybody's here. Look.



- There's your grandma.

- Look. That's Grandma.



How are you feeling, Eliza?



I'm good. I'm really good.



- Excellent.

- Look what I made.



That looks really good, Danny.



Now go wash out your brush.






Come on, Uncle.

Bring a steak for us.



Sit in the shade, honey.



So, Danny, you still drawing?






No? Didn't you want to grow up

to be an artist?



Not anymore.




What did you want to be, then?



A doctor.



A doctor, eh? Clever kid.



That'll keep you in the bucks.



Why a doctor?



Because I want to help people

when they're hurt.



Would you listen to

this little kid?



You got a good heart, Danny.



And that's all you need in life.



Come on. Be a good boy

and eat your lunch.



Now I make the incision here.



Hand me the number    please.



Actually, Professor,

I think the number   ...



would be more appropriate.



Yes. Correct. The number   .



Thank you, Mr. Monroe.



Hello there.

I'm Dr. Daniel Monroe.



I've seen you around

the hospital these last few days



and I couldn't help but notice

the most beautiful woman here.



I was wondering if maybe

you'd like to join me...



for dinner sometime.



That might be nice.



You lasted longer

than I thought you would.



Come on, Danny boy.



It's a strange profession

you have, isn't it, Alan?



You take people's lives,

make lies out of them.




It's been a long time.



Eight years.



Yeah. I don't have time

to catch up right now.



Come on! Speech!



- Say something.

- Speech.



I want to thank all of you.

I mean that.



This is the best birthday

I have ever had.



How can you handle it, Alan?



People sleeping and shitting...



people stealing

from each other...



manipulating each other...



the obscenity.



I can't talk. I'm working.



Well, now... I'm hurt.



That's not why I'm here.



I'm booked solid

for the next two months.



No, no, no.

I don't have a job lead for you.



You do have something

that I need, though.



What could I possibly have

that you want?



I know you've taken

the Bannister project...



and I want it.



Wow. I thought

you'd given up cutting.



I'm offering you

$       in cash.



Oh, what? The code?



Would you forget

the damn code and grow up?



This is real life now.



Hey, did you change

the color of our fishing boat?



- I would never do that.

- Are you sure?



Because I remember

it being green, not red.



Weird. All my memories

in that boat...



have it being green.

It just blew my mind.



Maybe it was green.



Will you excuse me?

I have to go.



OK. Rush, rush, rush.



Beautiful work, Mr. Hakman.



I'll keep you in mind for me.



Ah, yes, the questions.

"I remember it differently.



"Are you sure

that's what happened?"



Some of us still

live by the code, Fletcher.



We didn't walk away.

We have what it takes.



And what does it take, Alan?



Delusion? Obsession? Guilt?



No, I don't have any of those...



not as much as you do.



I'll be in touch.






He was such a good father, too.



When his son had the mumps?

Oh, my God!



My heart was in my throat.



That part with the partners.

Could you believe that?



It's the Rememory

your husband deserved, Caroline.



He really was someone special.



Thank you, Nathalie.



Yeah! Danny! Danny!



Excuse me.



Mr. Hakman.



Mrs. Monroe.



Why are they tattooed like that?



I'm not sure.



They're so grotesque,

aren't they?



Sorry about your loss.



Thank you.



Look! It's the cutter!



Open your eyes!



Hey! Back off! Back off!



Keep your distance.



Receiving Zoe footage,

Charles Bannister.



Processing        life hours.



Sorting life files.















awkward phase...



romantic life...






personal hygiene...





















growth spurt...


















...these documents...



and I'm quite concerned

about EYE Tech's liability.



I think if any of this

were to get out...



it could be quite devastating.



We do have $ .  billion

that we wish to invest...



and I'm just wondering,

with EYE Tech, if there's...



What do you think?



I love it. Thank you, Charles.



Hey, Joey, come help me

build a sandcastle.



Here. Use my shovel.



Happy anniversary, honey.



Is it keys?



Hi, baby. You still awake?






Daddy loves you so much.



You know that.



I love you, too, Dad.



Do you want to come down

to my study?



I'd like to show you

what I'm working on.



What are you working on?



It's a new case. Come on.






So, how was school today?



Good. We read a book

about Kipper, the Sparky Dog.



Kipper, the Sparky Dog?



He's a very happy dog.






What, sweetie?



Can I have a pet?



Well, maybe. What kind of pet?



Maybe a kitty.



A kitty? Of course.



Go on in, honey.



- Daddy?

- Yes, sweetie?



I want to go back to bed.



In a little while, baby.



In a little while.



Daddy loves you so much.

You know that.



And I love you, too, Dad.



Thank you.



Wasn't she wonderful?



- You look lovely, honey.

- Thank you.



I'll tell Rom to bring up

some more champagne.



- Fine.

- Would you like one, sir?



No, thank you.



Isabel wanted to stay up

and say hello...



but the poor thing fell asleep.



It's a beautiful picture.



She's a very bright little girl.



Yes, she is.

Jennifer and I are very lucky.



We're very fortunate.



We're looking forward

to spending...



So, what's your name?



Louis. Yours?






Identity match.






Come on.



No, I can't move.



I can't move!



I know you've taken

the Bannister project...



and I want it.



I found something, Delila.



I mean, in a new project.



Something very important,

and I have to explore it.






A new cutting project?



That's what you're talking

to me about, Alan?



Well, more than that.




you've seen so much life...



and somehow you miss the point.



I mean, I haven't

even heard from you...



since that night

at your apartment.



I need you.






Why do you need me?



There's no place for me

with you.



You haven't even made room

for yourself.



You have to separate yourself

from that machine.



Yeah. Yeah.









You look like shit.



What happened to your face?



This? Rather not elaborate.

Come in.



I mean, you decided

that this scene, this event...



is what made this woman

who she was.



You've taken

this woman's entire life...



and drawn a straight line

from this particular moment.



How can you make

a decision like that?



Whittling a life down to one...



Michael, we have to make

story decisions.




there will be no Rememories.



Yeah, I still don't buy it.



You don't have to buy it.



You just have to do it.

Trust me.



Alan, darling, you look spooked.



Sorry about the place.

The kid's mess.



I need to speak with you alone.



Michael, honey, would you

run down to the store...



and buy us some cigarettes?



We've got eight packs already.



Then go and return them,




We don't need so many.



He's an emotional one.



Now... are you all right?



I saw Fletcher yesterday.












Now, he was a great assistant.



What happened to him

after he quit?



He seems changed.



We kept in touch

for a few years...



and then his sister Laura...

You remember Laura.



She had a son,

died of leukemia.



He was only twelve.

She never got over it.



She spent days and days watching

his unedited Zoe footage...



stopped speaking to everyone.



And then she didn't even

recognize who Fletcher was.



After that, he dropped off

the map completely.



Think he could be involved

with anti-implant groups?



I've heard rumors...



talk of them being organized

by an ex-cutter.



I never thought

it could be Fletcher.



He wants to buy

Bannister's footage.



These anti-implant groups have

become like religious fanatics.



They gave Michael one hell

of a beating last night.



So it's not just talk anymore.



You know,

if they want Bannister's life...



the bastard's

not worth fighting for.



Give the footage

back to his widow.



Let her deal with it.



I can't give it back.



There's someone in that project

I haven't seen for years.



I hate when that happens.



Oh, yeah.



He's at a party, in a crowd...



never mentioned by name.



I've got to find him, though.



He's not a main character

in Bannister's life.



It'll take

the Guillotine days...



to track his face

through the footage.



Who is this person?



Just someone from my childhood.



Bannister's life

is my only lead.



OK. Go through the family,

snoop around...



tell them you're doing research

for the project.



It might be faster

than waiting for the Guillotine.



Be careful, Alan.






how is it that you and I

know each other again?



We don't.



That's the wrong answer, pal.



We share a mutual friend.

Billy Finch.



Billy who?



Don't play games.

I know you better than that.



I know all

your little secrets, Oliver.



How do you know my name?



I know that you suffocated

those kittens when you were   .



I know that that scar on

your head was self-inflicted...



and I know

that you sold Billy the gun...



that he killed his brother with.



They say that friends

help you move...



but good friends help you

move bodies, don't they?



I just want what Billy wanted.



A gun.



Take it. Take it.



And these. Take these.



Take them all.



Please go, OK? Just go.



Thank you, OIlie.



Take care.



I'm here.



Is this why you wanted

to meet me here?



I thought

it would be safer this way.



How's Thelma doing?



I can't give you Bannister,

and you know I can't.



It's unbelievable,

when you think about it.



One in twenty of these people

has an implant.



How will that baby remember

his mother years from now?



Will he remember the special

moments between them...



or moments someone like you

decides are special?



My job is

to help people remember...



what they want to remember,




Ah. Oh, that's noble.



But I don't think you understand

the scope of the damage.



There is no way to measure...



the profound effect

the Zoe implant has had...



on the way

people relate to each other.



"Am I being filmed?

Should I say this or not?



"What'll they think in    years

if I do this or that?"



What about the simple right

not to be photographed?



The right not to pop up

in some guy's Rememory...



without even knowing

you were being filmed?



I didn't invent the technology.



If people didn't want it,

they wouldn't buy it, Fletcher.



It fulfills a human need.



Alan, you take murderers

and make them saints.



That's why we need

Charles Bannister.



He was a public figure

for EYE Tech...



their star attorney...



well respected,

loved his family...



gave to charity, and if

you get through with him...



that's all

anyone will ever know.



But Bannister is

the first EYE Tech employee...



whose implant has left

the confines of the corporation.



His widow fought for that.



We know she's hiding something

about him and his daughter...



and we're gonna find it.



EYE Tech's hands aren't clean.



Bannister's implant is evidence.



So you want to destroy

EYE Tech with a scandal?




The press would go apeshit.



He's the perfect candidate.



I must have his footage.



Is this about your sister?



Don't even say her name.



You don't know anything

about that.



She has nothing to do with it.



These implants

distort personal history...



and therefore all history...



and I will not stand by

while the past is rewritten...



for the sake

of pleasant Rememories.



Tell me something.



Why is your name

the first on the list...



for cutting

scumbags and lowlifes?



Because I forgive people

long after...



they could be punished

for their sins.



I know what you do.



Why do you do it?



Do you know

what a sin eater is?



It's part of

an ancient tradition.



When someone would die,

they would call for a sin eater.



Sin eaters were

social outcasts, marginals.



They would lay out the body...



put bread and salt

on the chest...



coins upon the eyes.



The sin eater would eat

the bread and salt...



take the coins as payment.



By doing this,

the eater absorbed...



the sins of the deceased,

cleansing their soul...



and allowing them safe passage

into the afterlife.



That was their job.



And what about the sin eater...



who bears the burden

of all those wrongs?



Are you worried

about my soul, Fletcher?



I will have Bannister.



I can't give him to you.



You see that man behind me?



I don't want to bring him

into this conversation...



but I will if you leave me

no other choice.









Do you remember the moment...



you first fell in love

with your husband?



Goodness. How can you answer

a question like that?



The pier?



Yes, the pier.



He had taken me down

to the pier.



It was springtime.



We were walking,

and he was going on...



This was during college?



Yes, I was in college...



and I remember,

I looked up at him...



and I thought,

this is the man...



I want to spend

the rest of my life with.



I just have one more question.



There was a man

at one of your parties.



- A man?

- Yes. A man with glasses.



You may have noticed them.

They're very thick glasses.



Thick glasses?



Mr. Hakman,

how is this relevant?



Minor people I don't even know

have no place in the Rememory.












That's all I want.

Cut everything else.



Maybe I could speak with Isabel?



Right now?



It would be very helpful.



Yes, of course.






Remember what I told you?



Mr. Hakman wants

to talk to you about Daddy.



It's for Daddy's Rememory.



Mrs. Bannister?



We have a problem

with the caterers.



Hi, Isabel.



Hello, Mr. Hakman.



"Mr. Hakman."

That's very formal.



My name is Alan.



Beautiful house.

What's going on in there?



Birthday party for Mr. Froggy.



Do you think Mr. Froggy

would mind...



if I took you away

from the party for a minute?






Who's that in your arms?



My doll.



Oh. What's her name?



She doesn't have a name.

She's just a doll. See?



Isabel, your daddy...



My daddy is the best daddy

in the world.



He had a really big meeting

one day...



but instead,

he took me horseback riding.



He would read me stories

before bed every night.



Sometimes he would make it up

as he went along...



and I knew, but I didn't care.



Your mom said I was here

to talk about your dad.



But we don't have to do that

if you don't want.



I don't want.



OK. Then we won't.



When I was a little older

than you...



I lost both my parents.



Not many people

know what you're feeling.



Not many people understand.



But I do.



You don't want me nosing around,

asking questions.



And you're right.









it's not really

Mr. Froggy's birthday.



It's in a week.



Can I ask one question?

And then I'm gone.



There was a man at

one of your parents' parties.



The thing that's special

about this man...



is he wore glasses

that were very, very thick.



They're almost like the bottom

of a glass bottle.



Mr. Hunt.

I took him the invitation.



Mr. Hunt?



Was his name Louis Hunt?



He was my teacher.



Really? What does he teach?



He doesn't teach anymore.



He died in a car accident

a year ago.



It was very sad.



Did you have a Rememory,

like for your father?



I don't know.



We just had a day at school

where we talked about him.



Thank you, Isabel.






Are you gonna fix

what my daddy can remember?



In a way... yes.



Can you make him forget

that I...



that I drew on

his contract with crayon?



I will.



And that I pulled

Dottie's hair so hard...



that she cried.

Will he forget that?



He'll forget.



But make sure you don't.



Hey, Alan...



would you relax?



There's nobody

following us, all right?



This is a really big favor

I'm doing for you.



You're lucky my cousin Karim

is working late tonight.



Thank you.



So, what's this guy's name?



Louis Hunt.



If he had an implant...



there will be a record

of it in here.



I could lose my job,

letting cutters in here.



Come on, Karim.

Would I get you in trouble?



They can track anyone

accessing data from a computer,



so this is the best I can do.

Please hurry.






These are genealogies.



I don't know his family tree.

How do I use this?



Hard copies are

sorted by series numbers...



alphabetically on the boxes...



and then arranged

by implant date.



He's the same age as I am...



so it would be a      series.



    . Oh, great.






No Hunt.






Alan, are you OK?



I'm fine.






Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Hakman...



and welcome

to the EYE Tech family.



You've made

an important decision.



You've purchased a Zoe implant

for your unborn son.



What does that mean?






No longer do our most cherished

moments together...



have to fade

and disappear over time.



Remember, the Zoe implant

is entirely organic...



and since it grows...



with your baby's brain

and nerve centers...



it's virtually undetectable.



When is the right time

to tell your child...



about their miraculous gift?



By their   st birthday...



most carriers are

mature enough to understand...



and from then on,

your son can live his life...




that always and forever...



his experiences and adventures

will be revisited and relished,



and that's what

great memories are made of.






Oh, my God. That's me, man.



That's me.



You take people's lives,

make lies out of them.



My daddy is the best daddy

in the world.



It's unbelievable

when you think about it.



One in twenty of these people

has an implant.



When is the right time

to tell your child...



about their miraculous gift?



What are people's lives like?

Do they make any sense?



It all seems so massive

and so random.



This is real life now.



Don't do that. We're not even

allowed to be here.



You take murderers

and make them saints.



Everybody's here!



- Just someone from my childhood.

- Remember for yourself!



What about the sin eater

bears the burden...



Get out of my head!



Oh, no.



Oh, Alan...



your phone call had me

so worried.



I saw the mirror.



What happened to you?



I saw something.



All right.



You cannot let your work

get to you like this.



Please don't leave.



What have you got to eat

in this dump?



Not much.



Try looking in the cupboards.



The cupboard.



I saw that in a project

I was working on.



An herbalist.

It looked interesting.



That's disgusting.






I guess we order out, then.



I want to show you something.



I've never shown it to anyone.



What is this?



Some implants have a defect.



They can't differentiate

between what the eye sees...



and what the mind sees.






What were these? Dreams?



Yeah, dreams.

Daydreams. Hallucinations.



It's so beautiful.



Where are you off to, Alan?



Let's do this.



Oh, no. Not now.



There's somebody up there.



This has to be clean.

No mess.



Clean, dirty.

It's all the same to me.



I think he's a cutter.

You want to do him?



Yeah, I'll do him.






You can follow her.



Now, you know how this works?



No, not at all.



OK. We draw synth tattoos...



with electrosynthetic ink.



And it creates

a magnetic field...



which interferes

with the Zoe implant...



blocking it from recording

audio or video...



from that point on.



Now, first

we do the audio tattoo...



and we wait a week.



If you don't get a migraine

and your system takes it...



then we'll do the video tattoo.



Do I have to cover

my whole face?






Those guys...

they're just young and angry.



You want it discreet.









Will this hurt?



Oh, yeah.






I'm armed.



What's the matter, Delila?



You know

that recurring dream I have?



You know

that recurring dream I have?



Where I get younger and younger?

I had it again.



I make you happy?






Well, I make myself miserable.



That's just

because you're silly.



You're silly.



How can you not be happy

right now?



I think the first books I read

were really, really sad.



Why do they make

children's books so sad?



They're always terribly tragic.



Not so hard to make

this thing play disks.



Not so hard at all.



- Delila...

- Shut up!



That was my old boyfriend,

you bastard.



Is that why you wanted

to be with me?



Because you saw some proof

that I'm to your liking?






These moments...



they belong to me, Alan.



The good and the bad.



They're mine and his!



Who are you to take them

away from me?



No! No! Don't touch me!



A gun.



Who are you?



Please, please, no.



Who are you, Alan?



No! No!






Why did you do that?






You're still here.



Alan, this thing is junked.



The implant itself is severed.



God himself could not

retrieve that footage...



and you know that.



Then we have to access

a different life.



OK. Well, where is it?



My implant.






The one in my head.



You want to take a shot, too?



Everybody else has.



I deserved that one.



You deserve a lot more

than that, Hakman.



Why didn't you tell us, Alan?



Because I didn't know until

I found the files at EYE Tech.



I never thought my parents

could afford one.



Turns out,

they took a loan to get it.



How could you not know?



Because they died before

they told me.



They never got around to it.



You know the code, Alan.

It's one of our central tenets.



A cutter

cannot have a Zoe implant.



I need to access that footage.

I need it right now.



Yeah? Well, that's impossible.



Oh, no, it's possible.



It was done before by you.



An attempt to access footage

while a carrier was still alive.



Yeah. I performed that...



and the woman

never recovered, Alan.



And I will not try that again.



Then you know what it's like

to be haunted.



One memory...



one single incident

has made me who I am.



It won't leave me be.

The guilt tears me apart...



but now I got a chance

to find out the truth.



I have to take it.



Alan, you brought

an implant amongst us.



Why should I help you?



If I try it myself, I'll die.



And I will try it myself.



We've been friends

for too long, my dear.



I can't let you

kill yourself, can I?



But you understand,

you can never cut again.






The last time I tried this,

the woman's nervous system...



shut down immediately.

It couldn't handle it.



She was a blank

for the rest of her life.



Now, remember...



I can't copy anything

into a hard drive.



You can only watch.



You know exactly which scene

you're going to?



I sure do.



You have five minutes.



Anything longer than that

is just too risky.









I remember her.



It's me.






Almost there.



There we are.



Come and get me.



Let's go back down.






I'll meet you

back on the ground floor.



Hold on. I'm coming.



No. Wait. Wait.



It isn't steady anymore.



Louis, please, just stop.



I can't move!



OK, Louis, you can make it.



Just a few more steps.



Grab my hand!









- We're done! We're done!

- Alan, unplug it.



I can't.












I'm all right.



Do you have any idea

how close you came?



I saw him.



I tried to help.



I told him to turn around.



He wouldn't listen.



He fell, but...



he was breathing.



It wasn't blood.



It was paint.



Now I remember.



Thank you.



Looking for this?



The implant's history.



You better find yourself

another perfect candidate.



Do you know

how much planning it took...



to make Bannister's footage

available? Do you?



He died of

a coronary complication.



I was the complication.



Or didn't

you get to that part yet?



I guess no one will.



I bet he still keeps good notes.

Don't you, Alan?



All of it?



All of it.



It was a terrible accident.



Sometimes the older Guillotines

can damage a Zoe implant.



There's no replacing

your husband's life.



He deserved a Rememory...



and a place

in your Zoe family tree.



I'm sorry.



You will... waive your fee?



Of course.



And you'll never speak

of Charles to anyone?



What can one do?

Accidents will happen.



Perhaps some things

are best forgotten.






God, Isabel, you scared me.



Isabel, honey,

what's the matter?






Isabel, what...



What's wrong, honey?






A friend?



Yeah. Something like that.



I hear

you're not cutting anymore.



I've had enough

of other people's lives.



Stop, Alan.

I can't let you go.



What now?



Word travels fast in my circles.



Word is, a cutter came in

for a synth tattoo.



Word is that cutter is you.



You saw that implant.

It was destroyed. It's useless.






Bannister's footage is gone,

but you've seen his life.



It's encrypted

into your implant.



Will you look at that?



Come and get me.



He had a very big meeting

one day...



but he took me

horseback riding instead.



He would read me stories

every night.



Sometimes he would make it up

as he went along...



and I knew, but I didn't care.



Your mom said I was here

to talk about your dad.



We don't need to do that

if you don't want to.



- Daddy?

- Yes, sweetie?



- Alan, please!

- I want to go back to bed.



- It's John's birthday.

- We'll have meatballs.



Italian. You love Italian.

A toast.



- Happy birthday, John.

- Happy birthday, Fletcher.



Thanks, Alan.



Alan, put the newspaper down.

Come on.



You gonna lighten up

and be gay for a moment?



It's for the greater good, Alan.



Your life will mean something.



I promise.


Special help by SergeiK