Fire In The Sky Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fire In The Sky script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Patrick movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fire In The Sky. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fire In The Sky Script





- What the hell's that all about?

- Nothing.



Hey, Mike, you in a hurry?



What's with them?



Maybe they're just tired.



Sorry, boys, the kitchen's closed.



We're sticking to the story.



No matter how rough it gets,










Go ahead, Mike, make that phone call.

We're all with you. Go on.



That's right, man.



That's right, go.



Working your boys kind of late tonight,

were you, Mike?



This is Sergeant Reynolds

from Criminal lnvestigations



calling Lieutenant Frank Watters.

Are you there, Lieutenant? Over.



- Lieutenant, do you read me? Over.

- l'm here, Sergeant.



l've checked with Sheriff Davis.

He says he'll give you all the details



when you get to Snowflake. Over.



What's his problem?



Frank, it sounds like he's

in over his head on this one. Over.



l hear you.



Police investigation. There's nothing

for you to see or to hear, so just...



Everybody just go on home, now.

There's nothing to see.



Get in your cars, take your kids,

take your families, go on home.



Lieutenant Watters?



- l'm Frank Watters.

- Sheriff Blake Davis.



l know a lot about you, yes, sir,

from the papers.



Sure do. About you not having any

unsolved cases here or in Montana.



Nothing but a myth.

But a damn fine one.



Now, why the radio silence

on bringing me here, Sheriff?



Well, we got a special kind

of situation here, Frank.



A missing boy on our hands.

Travis Walton.



About an hour ago, a deputy of mine

took a missing-persons report



from a fella by the name of Rogers.

Mike Rogers.



l've known him a long time.

He's a good guy, straight guy.



He's been running a crew

up the Mogollon Rim



near Turkey Spring

for about a month.



Yep, they had a government contract

to clear out the brush.






l want you to meet my deputy.



Dennis, shake hands

with Lieutenant Watters. Deputy Clay.



- Hi, Dennis.

- lt's an honour, Lieutenant.



l read about that wetback murder

you handled down Nogales way.



Dennis, can you tell us who else

is in that gang besides Mike Rogers?



Yeah. We got David Whitlock,   .

Local boy, active in the church.



Greg Hayes,    .

High school kid from Winslow.



This one's pretty shook up.

Robert Cogdill,    from Durango.



Joined the crew just a week ago.

Allan Dallis,   .



A drifter,

on the crew just over two weeks.



- Bad apple, if you ask me.

- Yeah. He's got hell in his eye.



Sure does.



Frank, l think that...



l think that maybe...



Maybe you better hear this

from the horse's mouth.



Lead me to the horse.



- Dennis, get these folks out of here.

- Come on, folks.



Give them some room.



Restaurant's closed for the night.



- Now, what in the hell is that thing for?

- lt bother you?



- Yeah, it bothers me.

- l don't want any misinterpretations.



This way there's a clear record

of everything you tell us.



Well, we already told that Barney Fife

of a deputy everything we know.



l'll tell you, Frank,



Clay wrote down everything.



We'll use the recorder.



A man with nothing to hide

is a man with nothing to worry about.



- You're the leader, right?

- Yeah.



Yeah, he's our fearless leader.



Maybe l should be

talking to you instead.



Oh, no. No, sir. He's the boss.

There's no doubt about that.



Tell me about Travis Walton.



- About what happened?

- About Travis.



Start by telling me who he is.






He was my best friend.



Wake up, Dad, wake up.

Wake up, Dad.



lt's the tickle monster!

lt's the tickle monster.



Ow, what are you doing?

Daddy just cracked his elbow.



How are you? Good morning.



- Good morning. What are you doing?

- Breakfast is ready!



- Waking you up.

- Who told you to wake me up?



- Mommy did!

- Mommy did!



Why did she tell you to wake me up?



Because she wants me

to tickle you again?



Travis, you son of a bitch,

get off that bike!



Cathy, what are you doing?



Nothing, Mom.



Hey, get that thing

off the sidewalk, Travis!



Here you go. Coming in. There you go.

You want butter on that?



- Can l have some French toast?

- Sure.



l can have some?



l got some for you right here.



No, l gotta go.

l gotta get the truck running.



Wait a sec. Let me talk to you

for a second, please.



What...? The bank's gonna

call again today.



- So?

- So, what should l tell them?



Do we have to talk about that

right now?



No, you know what? We can wait

till they throw us out of our house.



Hey, Mike!






What's the matter?



You and Katie again?



Hey, Mike, want a doughnut?



Make you feel better.



About time we got yours

back on the road, don't you think?



Unless you got some secret plan

to let it rust and sell it for scrap.



We'll start tonight.

What do you think?



l gotta show you something.



- What's this?

- This is our future.



MT Motors.



Serving all of Navajo County.



Harleys, Nortons, Yamahas,

you name it.



We'll do commercials like the guys

in Phoenix.



''MT Motors. Our prices are so great,

our showroom



is almost always empty.''



Get it? Empty. M-T...Motors.



Empty. What do you think?



l think we better just concentrate

on finishing the contract.



The Forest Service

won't extend the deadline.



Mike, don't worry. This is the deal.



Look, Travis, my mortgage

is on the line.



l gotta worry. l got no choice, man.



We'll get it done or we won't.



Hey, where you going?



Love awaits me.



Look, it's Uncle Travis.



- Hi, Uncle Travis.

- God. Travis, can't you use the door?



- No.

- Go...



- Morning.

- Good morning.



Breakfast in bed.



Thank you.



Dana, let's get married.

l can't wait any more.



- Travis.

- Don't answer. Don't answer. Just...



Just think about it.






Can we get going, please?

Before l get seriously sick.



- See you later.

- OK.



How you doing, fellas?



- Good morning.

- Hi, guys.



Bobby, every day l tell you

turn it down or turn it off.



l'm not gonna tell you again.



You need to listen

to some blues, man.



You guys got any doughnuts

up there?



Well, we did, Dallis, but we ate them all.



Hey, listen to this, man:



''Lady in Borneo gives birth

to a litter of    .''



- Litter?

- Yeah.



- Bullshit.

- What do you mean, man?



lt's right here. Read it.



Get out of my way.



- Hey, leave him alone.

- Shut up, mind your own business.



What if l make it my business?



ls that what you want, dude?

You wanna make it your business?



- Can you girls stop fighting?

- Why don't you shut up, David?



- Hey! Knock it off, man.

- You knock it off.



- No, you knock it off, Dallis, now.

- No, you knock it off.



Come on, man. This is a good song.



Turn it down, Bobby. l mean it.



All right, boys. Let's get moving.



All right, listen up.

lt's gonna be a long day.



David and Dallis, you guys alternate

on the big saw to buck the windfall.



- Bobby and Greg are on clean-up.

- Right.



Let's try to get the east side

of Pine Mountain before sundown.



All right? Get the water. Let's go.



Another day, another dollar.



Down the hill!



Wide load now.






All right, lunch!



Not too bright!



Can't hear you.



Hey, knock it off, Dallis!

l said lunch!






- Hey.

- Hey, bud.



What do you say we do a little fishing

when the contract's over?



When this contract's over, huh?



Come on, it's what we need.

One of our camping trips.



Some hunting, some fishing,

chasing bears.



Oh, yeah, l remember.

You ran that bear up that tree.



l was just trying to make friends.



So how come you can't

make friends with Dallis?



He's just jealous

l can do something he can't.



- Oh, yeah? What's that?

- Read and write.



So, what do you say, man?

A little R and R, and then MT Motors.



You think l'm gonna let

a flake like you marry my little sister?



A flake from Snowflake. How poetic.

l like that.



Yeah, that's just my point.



What's your point?



You're a dreamer.

And you're not ready for marriage.



Not if l gotta turn into you...






We went back to work,



and we finished up along about dusk.



The day's work was done

and the five of you left the work site.



Six. There was six of us.



- Travis Walton left with you?

- Of course.



The rest of you boys

go along with that?






How about you, Mr Dallis?



You go along with that?



Oh, yeah, l go along with that.



You don't sound too sure.



Well, l'm sure.



- What's it to you?

- Oh, it just seems like that you had



the biggest axe to grind with Travis.



What was that whole thing

with that chainsaw?



l was just having some fun.



That's all.



You gonna arrest me for that?



What happened to your hand?



- l did it to myself earlier today.

- Just having a little fun?



Yeah, that's right,

l was just having a little fun.



You ought to be more careful, son.



Yeah, well, l'll do my best, Daddy.



l'll bet you will.



Why don't you fellas

tell Lieutenant Watters what you saw?



Or what you think you saw.



lt was Dallis that saw it first.



What about it?



Tell us about it. What did you see?



What did it look like?



lt looked like...



Like a fire.



- You awake?

- l'm awake.



What in the hell is that?



That is strange.



What is?

What are you guys looking at?



Looks like the sunset to me.



No, Greg, that's east. The sun set

behind us    minutes ago.



Well, what do you think it is, then?



Maybe a fire or maybe

a plane crash in the woods.



Yeah. Yeah, a plane crash. lt could be.



Christ, man.



Hey, what the hell is that?



Maybe we should just

turn back, huh?



That's gotta be a fire.



Look, it's moving.



l saw it.



- lt isn't moving, Bobby. lt isn't...

- Look, man.



ls it?



That's one monster forest fire there.



Fire, my ass.



That ain't no fire, man.



What else could it be?



What the heck is going on here, Mike?



- You screwing around?

- No.



Mike, maybe we ought to do

like Greg says



and just pull over for a minute.



No, Mike. l wanna see what it is.



There's only one road out of here

and we're on it.



lf that's a fire

and we can't get around it,



we're gonna be

spending the night out here.






Stop, Mike! Stop the truck!



- That's wild.

- Holy Christ.



- Travis!

- Travis!



- You son of a bitch!

- The hell you doing?



Get back in the truck, asshole!



What is that?



- What is that thing?

- Oh, my God!






The hell's he doing out there?



- Get back to the truck!

- The hell is that?



- Travis!

- Get back in the truck!



- Get out of there.

- What is that?



l don't know what that is.



Hey, Mike!



Travis, get out of there!



Leave the son of a bitch here

if he's gonna be an asshole!



Travis, get back here! Travis!



Run, Travis, run!



- What the hell is that?

- Do you feel that?



- Crazy...

- Travis!



- Travis!

- Get the hell out of here!



- Get back in here! Travis!

- What the hell is that?









- He's...

- Go! Go!



Go! Go!



Mike, he's dead! He's dead!



- Oh, Mike, he's gone!

- Go!



- l'm not leaving him.

- He's dead!



l'm not leaving him here!



- Go! Get out of here! Go!

- Get the hell out of here, Mike!



He's dead.



What the hell you doing?

He's dead!



- He's dead. He's dead.

- Come on!



- Get the hell out of here!

- Let's go!



Go! Go!



- He's dead!

- Oh, my God!



lt's moving! lt's coming after us, man!

lt's gonna kill us.



Stay down! Stay down!

Everybody stay down!



Slow down, Mike!



- What is that thing?

- l don't know.



- What the heck was that thing?!

- l don't know!



l don't know, Mike!

l don't know what it is.



- What was it?

- Oh, my God!



What was that?



Slow down, Mike!






Come on, man, you're gonna kill us.



- ls it following us?

- l don't know.



l can't see it. ls it following us?



- l don't know!

- Shut up!



- Come on!

- Look out!



- Come on, man!

- Get off of me!



What in the hell you stopping for?



We left him there.



- He's dead, jackass!

- We gotta go back.



- No!

- No way. What are you talking about?



No, maybe we do gotta go back.

Maybe we gotta go back!



- No way! No!

- No way, man! No!



We don't know that he's dead yet.



- Get out of here! Let's get...

- What are you talking about?



l'm going back! l'm going back!



lf you don't wanna go,

get out of the car now.



l'll come pick you up later.



- You can't do this to us, man.

- What if you don't come back, Mike?



Get out.



Go, man. You gotta go. Get out.



lt'll be all right. You stay by the road.



Son of a bitch.






l searched the woods and...



But he wasn't...



There was nothing...



They took him.



You expect me to believe



that a flying saucer came down

and took your friend away



to outer space?



That's the truth, mister.

That's exactly what happened.



ls it?



ls it? According to your story,

you never even went back



to the clearing,

so you don't know, do you?



l didn't have to go back.



Mike Rogers says he wasn't there,

you can take it to the bank.



And you know that, Blake.



Why the heck aren't you

speaking up for us?



Why you letting this man

talk to us like this?



- David, l...

- lt seems like you're not even trying



to believe us.



We all saw the thing.



We all saw the guy get zapped.



You saw something.



At least, you thought you did.



- And what about you, son?

- Me?



Yeah. What did you see?



l saw the same...



Same as they saw.



Well, that's quite a story.



Yeah, well,



l think it's about time to get out of here.

What do you boys think?



You're real broken up about

your missing buddy, aren't you?



Oh, that's very perceptive.



- That's because he's not my friend.

- l got that.



- Clearly.

- Did you?



Good. Now, are you done?



We'll tell you when.



l don't want anybody to leave till l get



everybody's phone number

and address.



- Shouldn't we try to find him?

- This is a...



He's not on the mountain, remember?



They took him.



Well, what do you think?

Think we ought to head up there?



Too late. Not enough men.

We'll head out in the morning.



Well, Dallis, you sure can talk.



See, l told you he wasn't

gonna believe your damn story.



Not a goddamn word of it.



Looks like they were

working on it there.



Boy, that truck looks like

it's been to hell and back.



Well, the sun comes up

at six in the morning.



We got    men, jeeps, horses, dogs.



l wanna call Flagstaff

and get two helicopters.



- That be enough?

- That's plenty.



My hunch is, tomorrow

we'll find Travis Walton.



Of course, l'd be surprised

if we found him in one piece.






You recommend a good motel, Sheriff?



Yeah. Chapparal.



Just after you get inside to Snowflake,



right there by the water tower.



Still, you have to wonder

how those boys



came up with such a crazy story.






Back on earth,

we're dealing with a murder.



Plain and simple.



Goodnight, Sheriff.



Goodnight, Frank.



An Agriculture Department

spokesman acknowledged that...



lt's all over the radio. They're making

it out to be a big joke or something.



lt's no joke.



You left him there?



l don't know where he is, Dana.



What do you mean,

you don't know where he is?



Just what l said.



Well, how could you just

leave him out there?



The radio was saying something

about outer space.



l didn't just leave him.



And, yeah, there was

something out there, Kate. l...



l...l don't understand. ''Out there''?



ls Travis gone?



They're gonna send out

a search party for him tomorrow.



Where is he, Mike?



Where is he, Mike?

Where is he, Mike? Mike...



lt's OK. He's gonna be OK.



lt'll be all right.



My Father in heaven,

l humbly bow before You.



l ask for Your spirit to be with me.



Forgive us, Father,

for what we've done.



l want two-man teams on that ridge.



lf that boy's out here, l wanna find him.



- You got it?

- l got it.



Let's get going, boys.

And God bless you.



You're certain? This is the spot?



l mean, it was night, but...but, yeah.



Here. lt was right here.

This is exactly where he fell.



You said there was

an obvious depression.



That we could see it clearly.



This is it, right here.



Now, where the hell was it?

Was it over there, was it over here?



What are we doing, playing games?



l'm not sure.



l see.



He doesn't believe us.



Where's my brother, Mike?



- What'd you guys do with him?

- Look, Dan, take it easy.



- Back off, Whitlock.

- Hey, we're gonna find him, Dan.



Which one of you is Allan Dallis?



He's not here.



- What about him?

- l did some checking.



Your hired hand's got himself

a nice little criminal record.



Assault with a deadly weapon.



Listen, Mike, if anything

happened to my baby bro...



...l'm holding you personally

responsible. You got that?






Give me a break. l came up here

to earn some money, man.



Now l might go to prison.



Well, maybe it's God's way

of punishing us, Bobby.



Spare me the God talk, OK, David?



Hey, even if you don't believe in Him,



you know the difference

between right and wrong.



We all do. We got no excuses.






What is that?



Apache reservation starts

right up there. Right there.



Hey, we got something over here!



- Find anything yet?

- l don't know.



Wonder what they'll find in there.



You got any ideas, Mike?



There's something here, Sheriff.



- ls it Walton?

- lt's him.



- l knew it.

- They killed him.



What is it?



Quit digging.



lt ain't human, Frank.



Some hunter buried his dog.



l thought that was him.



Dana's staying over

at the Waltons' house.



Some guy from the ALl.

called today.



They've taken you off the contract

and hired a whole new crew.



You don't seem too surprised.



l'm not.



Well, why aren't you?



What are we gonna do

for a pay cheque next week?



Look, l'll figure it out, all right?



You know, l don't get this.

My best friend has disappeared.



God knows where he is,

and all you can think about is money.



l'll tell you something else.



People in this town are saying

terrible things about you.



- Well, l don't care what they think.

- Well, l do.



We live here, our kids live here.

Of course l care, and so should you.



- Mommy.

- Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.



You know what? Listen,

why don't you go back to bed,



and l promise you

l'll read you that story.



l promise, OK? OK.



Don't let those bedbugs bite.



What's she gonna say, huh?



When everybody says

her father's a liar or...



Go on, say it.



A liar or a murderer.



lncluding you?

Are you saying that, Kate?






No. Of course not.



l just... Michael, l just want you

to tell me



what really happened up there.



l told you what happened.



l told you all l know.



You believe me, don't you, Kate?



You do believe me?



Hello? Yes, this is        

what is it?



This is Western Union...



You know, Mike, the word's out.



Well, what word

would that be, Tom?



Oh, l don't know, it's just that



l been getting calls all day

from here to Timbuktu.



As of tomorrow, l'm all booked up.



- Well, who's calling?

- Reporters, sightseers,



UFO buffs and the like.



Hey, Mike,

what's really going on here?



- Can you keep a secret, Tom?

- You bet.



Don't tell anyone l'm here.



Mr Rogers. Mr Rogers.



You know, l feel like asking you



if it's a beautiful day

in your neighbourhood.



Ray Melendez,

Action News, Phoenix.



- Look, l just woke up.

- Oh, that's no problem.



l just need to ask you a few questions.

What do you say, huh?



l've got nothing to say.



Well, see, l figured that you'd wanna,

like, you know,



set the record straight.



What with everything that's being said



about you and all, you know...



Well, you figured wrong.



lt's for your own...

lt's for your own good, you know.



Just talk to the people.

Let them know what really happened.



What do you say? Come on.



- Hey, you guys, l think it's him.

- ls that him?



l think so.



Mike Rogers. Excuse me.

Mr Rogers.



Mr Whitlock. l'm Jarvis Powell,

from AFAR.



We have had a lot of experience

in these matters,



and l think we might be able

to help each other out.



Well, we just wanted

to let you know that



there are those of us out there

who know the truth.



Now he's talking to this other guy.



Go on.



Please, give us a call

if we can be of service.



Let's go.



Any time.



- How much do l owe you, Earl?

- Two dollars.



Seventy-one, sixty-five...






Yeah, l know. These boys know more

than they're telling.



What the heck's that lowlife

Buck Morton staring at?



He keeps looking over here.



Mike, this town's gone nuts.

Everything's crazy.



Yeah, l can see that,

now that we're TV news.



They're going up

to look for Travis again.



They won't find anything.



Watters come by at six in the morning,

he starts asking us all these questions.



He's all over us, man.



- Yeah, he said if we cooperated...

- Come on.



- lf we confess.

- Confess?



Yeah. Yeah, if we confess,

he's gonna try to help us out.



Help us.



What the hell's going on

around here?



You got something

you wanna say to me?



- Go sit down, Buck.

- Hot food, coming through.



You boys wanna remedy this,

we can step outside right now.



You gotta be kidding me,

you fat piece of shit.



- You little son of a bitch.

- Get off of me! Get off!



- Come on.

- Calm down!



Come on, calm down.



Come on.



Back away there and let Miss lda

through with that food, will you?



God almighty.



Get over there and drink that coffee

before it gets cold, boy.



How you boys running today?



- Anything, Mike?

- How's my boy?



No. Thanks, lda.



Sit down, David, sit down.



Cool down, fellas.



Listen, fellas, l want you all to know



that there's not a damn thing

personal in this.



Now, where's your friend?



- Which one?

- Come on, Mike.



The one with the attitude.



Well, if you mean Dallis,

l don't know.



We got a proposition for y'all.



l want you to take

a lie-detector test.



lf you're telling the truth,

it'll sure strengthen your cause.



We'll think about it.



l got a good man

right here in the state.



l mean, you could take it today,

tomorrow, any time that y'all feel...



l said we'll think about it.



Why don't we have a little talk,

Mike, huh?






Young Greg told us the truth

about the cut on Dallis's hand.



lt wasn't a paper cut, was it?



He had an altercation with Travis

on the day of the disappearance.



lsn't that true?



l guess.



l think you're starting to get

a pretty good feel



for who l am, Rogers.



l've been at this line of work

for a long time.



You know what's starting to bug me?



l think maybe

you didn't kill your friend.



But for the life of me,



l can't figure why you're covering up.



- What the heck's he want?

- l don't know. Let's go.



- Where we going?

- To find Dallis.



Dallis? l thought you don't know

where he is.



l lied.



All right, l'm gonna raise you

ten on this. l'm gonna raise you...



Guys, just speak American, please.



Well, fellas.






l heard what's been happening in

that stupid little Mormon town of yours.



Told you that story wouldn't work.



Yeah, well, you know they took away

our logging contract, Dallis?



Do you know that, huh?



Well, that figures. They're a bunch

of chickenshit assholes.



Yeah, well, speaking of chickenshit,



where you been?



l been around.



You knew where to find me,

didn't you, Mike?



Davis and Watters

are looking for you, Dallis.



They know about

your criminal record.



They know you lied

about how you hurt your hand.



- They know you're full of it...

- You're full of information today,



- aren't you, choirboy?

- Well, it don't make us look good



- when you don't show up. No, it don't!

- Well, that's too goddamn bad!



They want us to take

a lie-detector test.



l wanna know

what you think about it.



You wanna know

what l think about it?



That's right.



l'll tell you what l think.



l think those devices

are very dangerous, man.



That machine says you lied.



lt don't matter

if you told the truth, you lied.



lt might clear us, though.



Oh, it might clear you.



You know,



they don't need a body

to press murder charges,



did you know that?

Did you know that, huh?



And they ain't never gonna find Travis.

You know that and l know it, right?



So then the pressure's gonna be on

Davis and Watters to solve the case.



And who do you think

they're gonna zero in on, huh?



What, you, choirboy?



And God'll send

a swarm of locusts down on them.



And you, Mr Pillar-of-the-Community?



No, l don't think so.



No, the question is,



how long before you boys decide

to save your lily-white asses



and point the finger at me?



- That's a load of crud...

- No, that's exactly



- the way it's gonna be!

- That's a load!



lf we decide to take

this lie-detector test,



we all take it.



Don't you point your finger at me.



All right, Mike. Come on!



All right! All right!



All right. Go.



- Get away from me.

- All right, Dallis, you just be there.



That was nice, that felt good.



Just be there.



Be there.



The story has drawn

international attention,



and the controversy surrounding

Walton's disappearance



has reached the boiling point,

with no sign of...



l've had enough of this.

l'm going down there.



ln the four days Walton's

been missing, newsmen...



You sure you wanna do that?



...from all over the world have

descended on sleepy Snowflake,



and the locals aren't pleased.



Ray Melendez has more.



The White Mountains.



Apache legend tells of evil spirits

which frequented this place,



dropping down from the sky

to kidnap unsuspecting children.



The five men in question

still haven't spoken to the press.



Law-enforcement authorities

are desperately trying



to get to the bottom of this mystery.



lt's been four days now

since Travis Walton



disappeared without a trace.



And the case is attracting

major international attention.



Law can't get them to talk,

l know some folks damn well can.



...fiercely conservative town.



ln this local mountain community,

the overriding question remains:



what really did happen that night,



and where is Travis Walton?



A concerned town has called

a meeting tonight at their church



to discuss these very questions.



Though they won't comment publicly,



''homicide'' is a word that is heard

on the lips of local investigators.



Ray Melendez, Action News.



Thanks, Ray. ln other news...



Sheriff, we've been

combing those woods for days now.



The town's getting a bad name.



My kids are scared

from all this silly UFO nonsense



and all these strangers

wandering around asking questions.



What are you

gonna do about it, Sheriff?



Yes, ma'am.



Miss Sarah, everybody's

awful concerned about this.



Nobody's more concerned

than me and my men.



They're working    hours a day

on this matter.



We wanna get back to normal

in this town, if we can.



One thing l want you to know,

we've asked those young men



to take a lie-detector test.



And they flatly refused.



What good's that gonna do, anyhow?



Now, if there's been foul play,

we need to know now



that our town is safe to live in.



And why haven't you made

any arrests?



Come on, Nate, think it through.



There's not one scintilla of evidence



that a crime's even been committed.



Everybody's got a pretty good idea

what really happened.



Hey, hold it.

You just hold it right there.



What are you people trying to say?



What are you saying, George?



Are you saying l killed

Travis Walton?



You really disappoint me.



l went to school with you, Nate.



My Mary, she's at school

with your kids.



Jack, Larry,



Mrs Pratt.



What are you doing?



l miss Travis.



Just like you. l miss him bad.



But l...l can't help what happened.



l...l can't change what l saw.



l wish l could.



l wish...l wish we had him back.



l...l wish l knew...

l wish l knew he was OK.



But that's out of my hands.



And so is what you think of me.



We've been telling you the truth

since the beginning.



And now we're ready to prove it.



We'll take your damn

lie-detector test.



You set it up, we'll be there.

You go ahead.



And if any of you got anything to say

about me or my crew,



you say it now,

and you say it to my face.



Mike, whose idea

was the lie-detector test?



Was that yours or the sheriff's?



- Did you kill Travis?

- Did you really see aliens up there?



- lf you killed Travis Walton...

- Give him some room.



Give him some room.

Back off, back off.



You were told to be here at  .  .



Yeah, well, we weren't.



Fellas, meet Cy Gilson.



Came all the way from Phoenix

to be sure that you get a good test.



Yeah, and how do we know that?



l guarantee it.



Words are cheap.



Yeah, you say the test will be good.

How do we know it's gonna be fair?



l give my word.



We can't trust anyone, man.



Everything we say

has been twisted all to hell.



That's for sure.

This whole town wants to see us fall,



Blake, you know that.



Frankly, l don't care

whether you pass or not.



lf you're lying,

my machine will show it.



lf you're clean, it'll show that too.



How do we know

you ain't been bought off



to make us look bad?



Cy Gilson is the best there is, boys.



You're lucky to have him.



Well, if you say so,

that's good enough for me.



Point is, you can trust him.



Yeah, well, l trust you, Blake.



Will you give us your word

this test will be fair?



That's easy. You got it.



All right.



ls your name

Gregory Thomas Hayes?






Were you born in Corona,

New Mexico?






Are you currently single?






ls my shirt white?



Face around front.



- Some of it's white.

- Yes or no.






Five days ago, about sundown,

on Rim Road, north of Turkey Creek,



did you see an unidentified light

just above the tree line?






Did you see an object hovering

above the clearing?






Was it saucer-shaped?



Sort of.



l don't... l don't... l never seen

anything exactly like it before.



Yes or no?



l'd have to say no.



Did you see Travis Walton

approach the object on foot?



Yeah. Yeah, l did.



Did you see a bolt of blue-green light

envelop Travis Walton?



Yeah. Man, l told them.

lt exploded all around him.



Did you believe Travis was killed

by the ray of light?



Now, how do l know?



l just know that l didn't kill him.



Did you personally dislike

Travis Walton?



Now, what kind of question is that?



A simple yes or no will do.






And no.



Have you withheld

any pertinent information



regarding the disappearance

of Travis Walton?






Did you create this incident

to get out of your logging contract?






Did you or any of your crew

murder Travis Walton?



Absolutely not.



Well, what's the word?



Well, the results of one of the tests

was unusual.



lt was inconclusive.

We'll have to try again tomorrow.



What about the other ones?

What's the word on them?



The process is still ongoing.



We never discuss the results

till all the testing is complete.



Sorry, fellas.



Come back down here

in the morning,  .   sharp.



- No.

- What?



l said no.



Look, we did what we said we'd do.



We...We...We came in here

like guinea pigs and let you test us.



But that's it. That...

We've had enough.



l ain't coming back again.



You're saying that you're no longer

willing to cooperate?



All we do is cooperate.



And all we get back

from you is grief.



- Mike, we need a little bit of time...

- No!



Blake, l'm sick of this shit!



You wanna press charges?

You go ahead. You do it now!



We told you everything we know.



And if that's not good enough,

that's too damn bad,



because that's all there is.



Let's get the hell out of here.



Well, Dallis's chart was

all over the place.



He must have been really keyed up

or scared or whatever.



lt's unreadable.

Completely unreadable.



As for the other four, see for yourself.

They're pretty much all the same.



What are you saying, Cy?



Well, Blake, my charts don't lie.



You ask me,

those boys are telling the truth.



Do you plan on spending the night?



Yeah. l was thinking about it.



Why, is that gonna be a problem?



No. Do whatever you want.






Whoever's doing this, it's not funny.



l can't believe this.

Another crank call.



We've been getting

two and three in the day.



Now we're getting them

at all hours of the night.



Now, let me get that.



Yeah, who is this?



l have a collect call

from Travis Walton.



- Will you accept the charges?

- You know, just hang up the phone.



- l'll accept it.

- Go ahead, sir.









Help me.



l've been through Heber

a bunch of times.



l don't remember any phone booth.



Well, he said he was calling

from a gas station or something.



Are you sure it was him?



What's that over there?



Mike, l think this just might be

someone's idea of a sick joke.



Wait a minute,

there's a gas station north of here.



- l don't think so, Mike.

- About eight or nine miles.



l know so.



Well, you were right

about the gas station at least.



l know that was Travis.

lt sounded just like him.



Stop. Wait. What is that?



Stop, Mike. What is that?

Right there. Stop!



Pull over, Mike! Pull over!



- David, grab that flashlight.

- Got it.



Travis? lt's him!



- Travis! Travis, are you OK?

- Travis!






- Travis?

- Travis, it's us.



- Hey, man.

- Travis, what's wrong?



- Hey, baby bro.

- Hey, Travis, it's Mike.



Hey, it's your partner,

you remember me?



Travis, your partner.

MT Motors. Harleys.



You cold, man?



Take it easy, bro. Take it easy.



Don't try to talk, man.






Water! Water!

Somebody get him some water!



- Hey, man, it's gonna be OK.

- Water.



Everything's gonna be

all right, Travis.



Hey, Dana's right here.



Travis. Travis.



Travis, it's OK.



This must be them.



They're here.









Five days, man.



lt's been five days.



Travis, everybody's

been looking for you.



- Hundreds of people.

- Come on, hurry up.



l think a lot of prayers

have been answered.



l can't believe we found this place.

Where is he?



We're gonna need a urine sample.



Urine sample?



Mike, don't let them touch him.



- Back off.

- lt's OK.



Back off, man. He knows his stuff.



lt's a wise thing you called.

This is a very critical time.



Hey, come on in here. Get a picture.

Get some pictures here. Pictures.



Mr Walton?



Mr Walton, my name

is Jarvis Powell.



Now, can you...? Can you tell us

how long you've been back?



- Let him.

- Here, get this thing started.



Hey, we need to get him to a hospital!



- Quiet, please.

- Calm down.



- Mr Walton.

- Calm down, man!



Mr Walton. Mr Walton. Back up.



Mr Walton, did you make contact

with aliens?



Were you taken to another planet?

To a mother ship?



- How did they communicate with you?

- Just stop it! Just leave him alone.



What is this?!



You've got two choices.



You can either be quiet

or step outside.



Dana, give this guy a chance.



Mr Walton, can you tell me

what they look like?



Can you tell me how many

of them there were?



Were you...

Were you given food? lnjections?



- All right, that's enough, mister.

- Mike.



lt's important the entire world

learns of your experience.



That's enough, Mike. Come on!



Look, l am asking you...



l'm asking all of you,

just let us do our job!



No! You have done your thing.

He's not answering.



You can't come between me

and my brother!



Get out of here! No, no...

He's seeing something!



He's seeing something!



Travis, what do you see?

What do you see?!



- Get him out of here!

- He sees something!



He's seeing something!



All right, here we go. Ready? Lift.



OK, let's go, guys.



The doctor's down in lCU.

We'll page him.



Hang in there, pal.

You're gonna be fine.



He's rolling the eyes a little bit.

Better watch him.



You're gonna be OK.



l wonder what happened to this one.



OK, watch the corner.



Lab tech's on the way, Doctor.



Secure it.



- Did he lose consciousness?

- No, he didn't.



- Pulse?

- Are you OK?



Hey, can you talk to me?



Hey, man, how you doing?



Hey, l'm not supposed

to be in here.



Your ma's out front.

She can't wait to see you.



But they said we weren't

supposed to be coming in here.



l guess they don't think

you're ready to see visitors yet.



Boy, was l glad you showed up.



l really missed you, buddy.



You know, they had a search party

out for you for days.



They thought...



They thought that

we had killed you, man.



They were ready to lynch us.



Can you imagine that?



These jerks actually thought

we killed you.



Kate and l aren't doing so good.



Not that we were ever doing

that great, but...



l don't think we're gonna make it.



But Dana, she sure loves you.



She's been a basket case.



l was pretty broken up, too.



When l came back up there

and you were gone...



...l can't tell you how awful l felt.






When you came back?



Travis, we thought you were dead.



l mean, it blasted you with the light.



And the guys, they got all scared,



and they started hollering

and everything and...



You left me there?



Well, come on, Travis.



l mean, what did you expect

me to do?



l came right back for you.



You son of a bitch.



lf you hadn't gotten out of the truck

in the first place,



none of this would've happened.



No one is allowed in here.



Yeah, l was just leaving.



You know, Travis, l believe you.



And l know we'd have a lot

to talk about.



Maybe one day we'll have

a two-way conversation.



Just you and me.



- Thanks, Dr Cayle.

- l really mean it, Travis.



lf you need me, please call.

l'm here for you.



You can always find me here.

Remember that.



Good luck.



- Bye.

- Bye.



Look, here he comes.



Mr Walton, please give me a

statement about your UFO experience.



Give me a statement.

Just take some time, please.



- Tell us what you saw.

- What happened up there, exactly?



Mr Walton, is this some kind of

hoax that got out of hand?



Give us a statement.



Travis, get in the car

and lock the door.



Why don't you come clean?



ls that true?



Travis? Please.



Come on, look over here.



He's not answering questions today.



- Travis, can we have your autograph?

- Autograph?



Yeah, you're famous.

You've been to space.



- Gee, thanks.

- Cool.






You've become quite the celebrity.



You enjoying it?



Word is, the tabloids are gonna



put up quite a hunk of cash

for your story rights.



You've hit the big time.




Who are you?



Frank Watters,

state investigator for the ClB.



l've been on the case

since you disappeared.



Where you been the last five days?



l...l can't remember.



Dr Wilson over at

the hospital tells me



you went without food and water

all that time.



Was it worth it?



l don't know what you're talking about.



You don't, huh?



Well, l can see your memory

isn't quite there yet.



So, what do you say we just give it

a little more time, huh?



l'm a patient man.

l'm not going anywhere.



You decide you got

something to tell me,



l can be reached through

the sheriff's office.



Oh, welcome home, Travis.



Good day, ma'am.



What was that all about?



Take me home. Please.



- Hey, hey! Look who l found outside!

- Hey!



Good to see you. Good to see you.



- Yeah, it's good to have you back.

- Good to see you, Travis.



l'm sorry, but, well, Mike's

probably not coming.



Hey, Travis, man, look at this.



We made the paper.



Frank Watters was on the radio

this morning.



Now he's saying polygraphs

are inconclusive.



He thinks we're all lying.



l bet Watters still thinks we killed you.



You all right, guy?



Everybody, come on, let's eat.

Everything's all ready.



Let's eat.



l bet you're hot and tired

of that hospital food, huh?



Let's get some food.



Come on, Travis.



Come on, Trav,

let's get some chow.



Whoa, watch it, there!



Let me get you some fruit cocktail.



OK, Nancy, do you want

some of this?



There's turkey there and cranberries.

Get yourself in here and get some.



Where's Travis?



Oh, OK. l'll talk to him.



- Pretty good grub.

- Travis?












Travis? Travis?



What's going on?



Travis, what's wrong? Travis?



Travis, are you OK?



Travis, what's wrong?



Travis? Travis? Travis?



Travis! Travis!



Space suits.



lt's Dr Cayle, Travis.



Your brother and Dana brought you

to my office. We're all here.



l know how difficult this has been.






Are you OK?



l love you, honey.



First unsolved case, Frank?



Oh, l wouldn't say that

exactly, Sheriff.



Just waiting for the real truth

to come out.



Well, that doctor

seemed to think it was real.



She's forgetting the fact that Travis

had five days to dream up



and rehearse

this cockamamie story of his.



What are you getting at, Frank?



lt just seems to me that this whole

thing is a very well-planned



- and executed hoax.

- Hoax?



For God's sake, why would

they wanna do that?



To get some attention.

Could be as simple as that.



- Oh, l don't know, Frank. l mean...

- Yeah, well, one of these days,



they're gonna slip up. When they do,



l'm on my way back to Snowflake.



All the way from Montana?



From the frigging North Pole

if l have to.



l'll see you then, Sheriff.



Aren't you gonna be late for work?






No. We're gonna have breakfast now.

We can't play ball any more.



Come on, get your legs

in there, Michael.



OK. We'll leave the ball here.

But you have some cereal, OK?



- How's my girl?

- OK. You gotta go to work.



- Yeah. l'll see you.

- OK.



Bye, sweetheart. Want to have

some juice?



Yeah, you gotta have your juice

and cereal. Say, ''Bye-bye, Daddy.''



Bye-bye, Daddy.



- Bye-bye.

- Yeah.









You're looking good.



Hey, l heard you moved up here.



Been a long time.

What is it, two years?



lt's two and a half.



We gotta talk.



Well, what do we got to talk about?



Come on, Mike. Let's go for a ride.



You wanna get out?



Why did you bring me here?



You know, l don't like this place much.



Hey, Mike...



...neither do l.



ln fact, l haven't had

a decent night's sleep since...



Since l last saw you.



Yeah, l know what you mean.



So it bothers you, too?



What do you think?



l saw your girls the other day.

They're getting big.



They miss you.

Everybody misses you.



You know, you're about

to be an uncle again.






You mean you never heard?



Michael's almost two

and Dana's three months gone.






That's all right.



So why are we up here, Travis?



l've been doing a lot of thinking

about what happened.



Hell, it was all my fault, Mike.

l never should've got out of the truck.



Don't be ridiculous.

What happened happened.



- We can't change that.

- Well,



whatever you did, it's OK. Understand?



lt's cool.



Same goes for you.



Let's get going.

You gotta go to work and...



And what?



l'd like to get the hell out of here

before they come back.



Oh, they won't be back.



l don't think they liked me.


Special help by SergeiK