Firebirds Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Firebirds script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Nicolas Cage movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Firebirds. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Firebirds Script





We were working with local

military anti-drug forces...



a search and destroy

mission on cocaine labs.



Lt. Dobbs and I had trained

local pilots in Cobras...



for their own

strike forces.



This is Snake Two...



entering sector     .



Advise operations

of our position.



Wilco, Dobbs.

How's the view up front?



I'll be glad

when we get out of this canyon.



I was flying wing

with Captain Tejada.



Lt. Dobbs,

the other American...



was with

Captain Mendez.



Between the   Cobras was

a Black Hawk helicopter...



with a support team

of American...



and South American

D.E.A. agents.



It was our

 th mission as a team.



We were entering

a new sector.



It was rumored

among the locals...



that this was an area

of offensive cartel activity...



but we were

used to such rumors.



We were   miles

from the objective...



when we saw the Scorpion

attack helicopter.



Dobbs, bogey at your   :  !






Black Hawk,

get the hell out of there.



The Black Hawk

began evasive action...



but the Scorpion

was too fast...



heavily armed,

and hard to find.



The pilot was

the best I'd ever seen.



I tried to pull the Scorpion

away from the Black Hawk...



but to no use.



He was a cold killer.






Wake up,

goddamn it!



I took the controls...



and crossed over the top of the

Scorpion before he could fire.



I made it

out of the area.



We said the cartel

was up to something.



I'm not blaming anybody.

We're on the same side.



We have some

decisions to make.



Thank you, Mr. Preston.

That will be all.



May I say




Go ahead.



I volunteered to fly

with the anti-drug forces.



I watched the men

in those choppers...



risk their lives for their

families and their country.



The cartel has them outpaid,

outmanned, and outgunned.



Knowing that,

they still went out.



They didn't

stand a chance.



They're heroes,

and they should be avenged.



It's more

complicated than that.



I think it's

very simple.



They killed our people

and they killed our friends.



Their drugs kill

Americans every day.



It's a war, and it's

our duty to fight.



Thank you.

You are excused.



Does anyone else

feel as frustrated as I do?



Yes, but it's a complex problem.



We have an executive mandate

to stop the drug cartel.



That pilot out there has

the clearest take on this mess.



We are at war, and we deal

with the problem as such.



Should we go back to the

same sort of operation?



The D.E.A. is fighting

a war with its hands tied...



and we're losing.



Not anymore.



General Olcott,

I want a task force.



- I want that operation taken out.

- Yes, sir.



My Apache crews are

trained for ground support...



not for

air-to-air combat.



If this enemy helicopter

is as good as we hear...



I need help

to bring him down.




you want.



Who is this enemy pilot,

and what's his support like?



I've got to have

Brad Little and his team.



I want them

at Fort Mitchell.



This is a

need-to-know operation.



All reports

eyes-only to me.



And that Preston...



see if you can

keep him in the mix.



Will do.






Yes, sir.



You've seen

this bogey work.



Can the Apache

stand up to it?



It is the only

aircraft that will.



How soon can you

fly the bird?



I'm scheduled to start hands-on

at Fort Mitchell.



Olcott wants you

in this mission.



I believe in you.



- Can you handle it?

- You can count on me.



At ease.

Take a seat.



We've got a lot to do,

so I'll make this brief.



This is our new

combat instructor pilot...



Chief Warrant Officer

Brad Little.



He'll bring us up to speed

on air combat maneuvers.



You men know

all about...







Now you have a new

objective in your lives...



and that is to become masters

of air-to-air combat tactics.



When we have

mastered these tactics...



we will use them

to seek out...



the forces of evil,

and kill them deader than hell.



We're lucky men.



We face the opportunity

of a lifetime.



I do not expect you to

throw away this opportunity.



I expect you to improve

every minute of my time...



by becoming the best

air-to-air pilots in the world.



You will fight as teams

of Gunners and pilots...



each more dependent on the other

than to their own mama.



Our mission has

the highest national priority.



I can't stress

that enough.



We're going against

an enemy...



who's defending

his own territory.



The clock

is running, folks...



and it's

running fast.







Carry on.



Looks like a fine

group of aviators.



They are that,




Preston showed extraordinary

courage in South America.



Pay special attention to him.



Somebody called it

a flying race car with guns...



but that's




It's not

that simple.



Put your hands

here and there...



put your feet

here and here.



Do not step

here or there.



That's it.

Crawl right in there.



Riding at     knots

through the treetops...



is like having your ass strapped

to the nose of a bullet.



You will be flying

like a bat out of hell...



shooting at the enemy...



dodging bullets,

missiles, rocks...



spears, ducks,

and geese.



Sounds like

a full-time job.



You're gonna be as busy

as a  -peckered goat.



Let's get to it.



You really get into this, don't you?



- I love it to death.

- I can tell.




here we come.



- What do we do first?

- Is this a quiz?



You whole

life's a quiz.



Tell me the first

order of business.



Program the nav systems,

enter the laser codes...



punch in target

and Doppler coordinates...



initialize weapon systems,

and optimize F.L.I.R. sensors.



Good. Let's see if the

damn thing will start.



It has a roll rate

of     degrees per second...



so if you need to duck,

dive, or disappear...



this buggy will do it before

your brain can think it up.



We could crash this aircraft

at    G's and survive...



but I am not

gonna prove it to you.






The missiles

can take out a door at   miles.



In air-to-air combat,

your best weapon is agility...



and this gunship is agile,

mobile, and hostile.






How's the ride?









You usually hide in a hole

and cause things to blow up...



but now you'll

move like a thief...



keep your nose down...



then come out of nowhere

and blow your enemy to pieces.



- Sound like fun?

- Yeah.



- Sir?

- Yeah?



That was

totally cool.



I'd marry

that thing.



I'll give away

the bride. Buzzard!



MeetJake Preston,

part of the Apache force.



This is Scott Buzz,

my chief scout I.P....



and Billie Guthrie,

his copilot.



Billie Lee Guthrie.



I think I've

heard of you.



How you doin'?



I do fine.



How about a drink

this evening?




not a chance.



"Not a chance."



- How much flight time did you log?

-  . .



- What?

-  .  sir.



 . .



- You have a problem with women in the army?

- Not with all of them.



Just that one.



I'll see you

at     .



The cartel has made

the decision to go...



on the offensive and expand

into neighboring countries.



They've brought in Cuban

arms and an advisory team.



They've hired Eric Stoller,

a crack pilot and mercenary...



to ride shotgun

on their missions.



His terrorist training

was in Europe and North Korea.



Now he sells his expertise

to the highest bidder.



In this tape, our D.E.A. team

thought they had him cornered...



but it was a setup.



Stoller acted as a decoy

and drew them in.



There's a booby-trapped bomb

waiting for those men.



Watch for the box

at the bottom of the screen.



Everyone in Washington

knows what we're up against.



This guy's

a killer.



We need to support

the D.E.A....



and that means dealing

with Stoller air-to-air.



I'd like to be considered

for the Apache task force.



I need you here.



Nobody better

than I am.



It's your job to convey

that knowledge and experience...



to these young pilots.



When the time comes to use the experience,

I want to fly this mission.



- Is Janet joining you?

- This afternoon.



- You want to fly and get shot at?

- Affirmative.



We can't afford

to lose you.



-Just one drink.

- No.



It's your birthday.

Let's have fun.



I'm    years old,

and I want to go home.



At ease, Little.



Everybody does what they

want on their birthday.






Oh, no!




There you go.



Go for it.



This is

really stupid.



- Yeah!

- All right!



How about

that drink now?






Uh, no, thanks.



No, Billie.



Welcome to the future.



Descend the stairway

and turn right.



At the first platform,

enter the big black box.



Make ready

for war.



Want some gum, Breaker?



No, thanks.



Little, how about you?

Strawberry gum?






It's delicious.



Come on,Jake.



This simulator will do

anything the Apache will do.



It will also do anything

your enemy will do.



Good, because I have

a pocket full of quarters.



Let's go play.



- Set up X-ray.

- Yes, sir.



This program is called "X-ray. "



All babies need to crawl

before they walk.



All systems are up.

The pilot has the controls.



The name of the

game is surprise.



Stay low, using

the terrain for cover...



then nail

your targets.



There's a town.



Locate same

and recon for targets.



Let's see what this baby can do.



Looks like a quiet

Sunday afternoon.



That's a negative.



We dialed in  :   A.M. Monday,

and we're open for business.



Mad turtle

on your   :  .



Missile laser

locked in.



Good shootin'.



You're talking

to a legend.



I hunt the pigeons...



you shoot 'em.



How are we doing?



You're looking good.

Proceed up the river bed.



Higgins, move it up

to Yankee program.



The schedule only

calls for X-ray.



- I'm changing the schedule.

- Yes, sir.



Check out the highway...



for suspected

enemy ground threat.



I am the greatest.






All right.

Free game.



I am the greatest.



He's good.



Yes, he's good.

He's very good.



I've played 'em before,

but nothing like this.



So much for the warm-up,




You now have

air-to-air threat.



I am the greatest.



I am the greatest.



I am the




I am the




I am the




Crank this up

to zulu.



- Zulu's for experts, sir.

- Hold the exercise.



If you keep on making me

tell you things twice...



I'm gonna have you

washing windshields.



Back in bogey.



Watch the wires

or we're french fries.



On your deuce.



Coming up quick.



Nose coming up.



Smoke 'em!



Shoot 'em,

nab 'em, grab 'em!



Shake 'em, bake 'em,

cook 'em!



Broil 'em,

kick 'em!



Twist 'em!



All gone!




Let's see how

well you do...



with your

monocles down.



See if we can pump all

that computer information...



into your little

bird brains.



A bit different.



Let's get 'em.



Come on.




Come around!




what's wrong?



I can't focus.



- Lock him!

- Almost!



We got 'em.

Wax 'em!



Watch those wires.






Goddamn it.



It's okay,Jake.



Don't worry about it.

It's only a video game.



It's just a toy

the army built...



for your

personal amusement.



Try to make believe theyjust

notified your next ofkin.



Out of there.



I think...



we're pushing

them too hard.



I don't know about you,

Higgins, but I am.



Clean the top of the rotor.









Do you know

where Billie is?



How do I know

she wants to see you?



You don't, but I'll

go give her the choice.



The laundromat.



That's just







I'll see you




What are you

doing here?



I owe you

a congratulations.



- You got your wings.

- A mere   years of my life.



A D-model

maintenance test pilot.



- Told you I'd do it.

- Yep.






- was it worth the price?

- What price?



Us, remember?




I remember.



That's all

behind us now.



The main thing is that

we're here together.



You look sexy

in that skirt...



which is why I think we should

give it another chance.



- I don't think so.

- Why not?



I don't want to set myself

up for that again.



- Can't we be friends?

- Yeah.



- We can just be best of friends.

- Good.



What are

you doing?



It's a tradition for friends

to seal a bargain with a kiss.



The tradition

is a handshake.



- You can't resist me.

- I can try.



Aren't you

forgetting something?



You keep them.



- Good morning.

- Morning.



- Morning, Chief Little.

- Morning.



- Yo, Chief!.

- Morning.



Good pacing!



Beautiful day, sir!



Whoever sees

the other first is the winner.



Whoever gets seen first

is toast.



The land mass behind which

you can hide is your friend.



The open sky in which

you cannot hide is your enemy.



Just remember this:



once a battle has been engaged,

somebody is gonna die.



You do not have the speed

to run from a fight.



When you engage...



you must bring the nose of your

aircraft to bear on the bogey.



Unmasking, pop-ups,

pedal turns, hovers...



could all

be combined...



to effect your

nose-on position.



Put your weapons on the target.

The optimum attack position is?



Above and behind

on a  :  .



- The optimum kill shot is...?

- Down through the rotor blades.



Some of you have been

paying attention.



I thought you were all

dreaming about women.



You're dismissed.



Stay out

of trouble.



What kind of women

do you think come here?



I don't know.

Scandalous women.



- The kind that you like, Breaker.

- You, too,Jake...




there's Billie.



- Excuse me.

- Back off, slick.



I want to dance

with the lady.



Get in line.



While the music's

playing, she's mine.



When it stops,

I'll let her go.



You wouldn't get between

a man and his fiancee.






Take your

best shot.









- Stay away,Jake.

- I just wanted to dance with you.



I'm not a piece of steak

for you two to fight over.






We don't go out

together anymore.



That's going

to change.



It's gonna

work now?



- Too many things haven't changed.

- Like what?



Like that Neanderthal

crap back there:



"Me man, you woman."

I am notJane of the jungle.



I thought it was kind

of cavalier, myself.



I think you want me to stay home

and have babies and cook.



What's wrong with

babies and cooking?



It's a tradition.



My mother

did that.



Your mother didn't

fly helicopters.



Too many things

haven't changed.



She never flew helicopters.

What else hasn't changed?



- We fight all the time.

- We always make up.



Because I always

wanted to.



You still care

about me, don't you?



I want you

to stop this.



I'm going.



- I have a flight test at     .

- Don't you?



What if I do?

You think it changes anything?



Intelligence says the site will

be functional in a few days.



It has become the headquarters

for their operation.



It would support

an attack force...



even fighter




We've accelerated our plan.



These were taken

a few days ago.



All the major players in

the cartel have disappeared.



We believe that they will

show up at this airstrip.



Your Apaches

should be ready.



Will do,




The crew

and team assignments are:



Preston and Breaker

with Guthrie...



Davis and Proctor

go with me...



Rives and Tippet

with Wade.



Listen up, gun bunnies,

straight from the buzz man.



Just like Indian scouts

in the old days...



we're the modern day equivalent,

your eyes and your ears.



We stick

our necks out...



to see what's

out there.






get your brains

out of your pants.



I can find

a target fast.



Let's talk about us.




To prevent radio detection...



we're set up

with A.T.H.S....



direct to your

video display.



I've got a display of your tail

that is mind-boggling.



Think of us scouts

as extensions of your own sight.



I like that.

You only have eyes for me.



You will need reconnaissance

going into battle.



With our laser




we can paint your target while

you're hidden in some canyon.



You can nail it from cover

without ever being seen.



In an emergency...



it's possible to distract

the adversary...



or temporarily blind him

with the laser.



Watch this.



- Where are you?

- You like me on top.



Jake,you still got your

brains in your cockpit?



It's easier to fly that way...



Ioaded and

ready to fire.



We've both been there

when those guns didn't go off.



Don't worry

about that, baby.



How about that drink tonight?



You never let up.



-Jake, get hold of ourselves.

- I've got a hold of myself.



Then you don't need me.

Have fun with yourselves.






- Where'd she go?

- Try to catch me.



That darn girl




She's got you.



She sure does, Breaker.



I see you took

Preston up to zulu.



Had a hell

of a score.



Has a decision been reached

on my request to join them?



Brad, I'm sorry.



Combat's a

young man's game.



I'm the best

you've got.



It wasn't easy

for me, either.



Give it up.



- Hi.

- Hi, there.



- Want to go a couple of rounds?

- No, thanks.




do you box?



That kind of stuff

scares me.



I'm more into

cooking and cleaning.




and cleaning."



You're dropping your

right with your jab...



- leaving yourself wide open.

- I don't think so.



Wide open.



You're talking to the former

light heavyweight champion...



of South Eastern Arizona

State University,     ...






You're in a world

of trouble now.



Come on,

let's go.



Okay, a couple

of rounds.



Show me those

keenly-honed reflexes...



those catlike moves.



Ready for some coffee?






- You slept in this morning.

- Mm-hmm.




what happened?




My back's a little sore.



What'd you do

to your eye?



I hit it.



With a

 -by- ?






Boxing a little

down at the gym.



With Mike Tyson?



Ha, ha, ha.

How much time do I have?



-    minutes. Want some cereal?

- No.



I'll get something later.






Are you sure

you're okay?



I'm fine, okay?

Just a little sore.



- Maybe I pulled a muscle.

- Are you sure?



You'd think I had

my dick shot off.



I'd better check,

don't you think?



You better see

for yourself.



- Morning, sir.

- Morning.



- Everything cool?

- Totally cool.






We have some snapshots

of a special individual.



His name is Eric Stoller.

Charming, isn't he?



Here he is on one

ofhis better days.



This man kills

people for money...



and someone has

paid him to kill you.



In air-to-air combat,

he has no equal.



His instrument

of choice...



is the Scorpion tactical

assault helicopter.



Don't let the size of

this aircraft fool you.



Because of its

speed and agility...



it is one of the most deadly things

you will ever see in the sky.



Put this personality

into this machine...



and if you blink up there,

you are in the body bag.



Law enforcement agencies

moved in unison today...



in a series of sweeping raids

of suspected crack houses.



Officers say that despite

the    arrests made today...



and the bust

made last week...



which netted over

$       in cash and cocaine...



they are overwhelmed by

the massiveness of a problem...



that appears

to have no end.



Dobbs, bogey

at your   :  !







good morning.



Eat your Wheaties

this morning?



  bowls, sir.



Good. All right.

Welcome to the bag.



- Thank you.

- You'll be flying in darkness...



dependent on your

sighting system.



- Do your homework?

- Yes, sir.






Lights out.



It's very dark.



Nice and easy.



Try to keep

the airplane level...



and the velocity

vector centered.




sliding left.



Don't second-guess

the equipment.



What you see

with your right eye...



should be coordinated

with the video screen.



Look right




Where are you

taking us?



Don't turn us,

turn your head.



Maintain your heading.



You've got us close enough

to the rocks to count lizards.



I do not want to smack

that canyon wall.



I can't focus.



I didn't know

we were turning.



That wall is your line of sight.



Come to a heading of    .

Drop us down to     feet.



Come on.



Cross-check your

picture with your data.



Keep your

eye moving.



Where's the cocksure

sky jock I had last week?



You're yawing.



- Trim it up.

- I'm working on it.



Come to heading    .



See that big rock out there?



Do you see that

big rock out there?



Do you see that big

airplane-killing rock?



What the hell do you

want me to do with it?



I want you to approach

that rock on this heading...



until you are within

    feet of it.



Cross left in front

of it on heading    ...



climbing out at     feet

to clear the canyon rim.



- Clear?

- Yeah.



Do it, Preston.



Make your turn.



I'm doing it.



But it's ugly.







I'm turning.



Closing on it.



I'm turning.



Take it up!



I got it!



This flight is terminated.

I have the controls.



You're on




Let's go home.



I gotta take

my little girl fishing.



I had high hopes

for you, soldier.



It's like sex.



Hardly anybody gets it

perfect the first time.



The bag is




- You heard?

- The whole base heard.



I blew it.



Jake Preston,

super-pilot, blew it.



What happened?



I couldn't keep the data

in my right eye in focus.



My left eye took over

and screwed things up.



You ever shoot

a gun as a kid?






- Shoot me.

- Why?



What you're talking about

is not a flying problem.



It's eye dominance.



We all have one eye

that naturally takes over.



My dad always shot

the way you just did.



He was right-handed,

and left-eye dominant.



If I was left-eye

dominant --



You'd have a hard time accepting

data from your right eye.



You can learn.

Little can help you.



- Can we get this?

- Mom said no more candy.



Get that bread with

the swirls on it.



Dad, what

can I get?



- You can get spaghetti.

- The colored kind?



Yes, and a big thing

of barbecue sauce.



- I need to speak with you.

- Speak.



I need your help to

get through the bag.



You've pushed me...



harder than you've

pushed anybody else.



You think I'm pushing you

because I want you out?






If I wanted you out,

you'd be gone.



I'm pushing you...



because I think you

could be one of the best.



Give her that

bottle, will you?



You fly conventional

helicopters beautifully.



Your instincts are so good, you

remind me of me    years ago.



But the Apache is not

a conventional helicopter...



and instinct

means diddley.



The most complicated equipment

on that aircraft is your brain.



There's nothing wrong...



with my brain.



My eyes are

screwing up.



I'm not gonna quit on this.

It's everything I worked for.



I need you

to help me out.



You get one more

shot at the bag.



Fail, you're out.

Pass, you're in.



We don't make any exceptions

in this outfit, ever.



You're not gonna

help me, are you?



That's real big

of you, Little.



You want to

tell me about it?



Nothing to tell.



You've been up

  times tonight.



There's a kid

in the mission...



one of the pilots:

Jake Preston.



- You mean old  -by- ?

- Give me a break.



- The whole base knows about it.

- So what?



He's just a

damn good pilot.



- What's the problem?

- He's got an eye dominance thing.



He failed the bag.



You beat it.

So can he.



- If he doesn't, you wash him out.

- You're tough.



They were

tough on you.



I know enough

about helicopters...



to make a lot of money

in civilian life.



- You're a patriot, not a businessman.

- That's right.



I'm trying like hell

to take the Apache air-to-air...



- against some serious enemies of the U.S.A.

- I know you are.



But it's going to guys who

are younger, maybe even better...



if I train them well

enough to replace me.



You've lost enough

sleep over this.



Let's go to bed.



- Can I take my ice cream?

- Yeah.



I don't care

if we aren't rich.



I care

about you.



What was that thing

that helped you?



Are you up to some kind

of silly joke, sir?



When I couldn't pass

the bag, it cured me.



If we wanted to make

you look like a jackass...



this would work

fine for that.



I always said you looked

good in red panties.



As long as you're

having fun, Breaker.



Let's go!



Try to maintain

zero degrees of steering.



I do not want to destroy

any U.S. government property.



   degrees of steering

to the hard right, now!



See how easy

that is?



It's all about control,

and control is in your mind.



Turn right.



Very good.



I would

avoid that tank.



Wouldn't this be better

if we were all blindfolded?



Well done.



I lost just a little control,

but now everything's cool.



Right turn coming up,










In the ditch!






Better driving

than usual.



This will be a failure

if we all die.



Road's to the right.



I found the road.



Well done.



Easing off

on the throttle.



Smooth as

a baby's butt.



A couple more

training flights --



He's got panties on his head.



- Morning, sir.

- Get out of here.



Good day

for a drive.



Way to go.



You're doing great,Jake.



All right, kid!



Mr. Preston,

today's your big day.



It's your final

shot at the bag.



Good luck, boy.







You know we're meant

to be together...



so how about getting

me through it this time?



I'm looking

for a smooth ride, Mr. Preston.



Smooth enough.



Now show me the world, boy.



How am I doing, sir?



What do you think,

big boy?



Well, I'd have to say that

I'm doing piss-perfect.



How do you feel?



I don't feel...







Let's go.



On behalf of the Army...



the Department of Defense,

theJoint Chiefs of Staff...



the V.F.W. and P.T.A.,

the commander in chief...



and above all, me...




Mr. Preston.



You have

passed the bag.



- Good.

- Okay.



- You're the greatest.

- Hey.



I passed the bag,

thanks to you.



- Want to help me celebrate?

- I'd love to.



Wow. You look amazing.



This old thing?



I threw it on as I was

walking out the door.



- You still have her.

- Yeah.



Some things should

never change.



I put your suitcase

in the trunk.



- What are you doing?

- Driving.



You knew that,

didn't you?



Okay, hot-rod.



Put the pedal to the metal

and let's see what you got.




good night!



Wouldn't it be terrific...



if we could get a house

here and live together?



There's nothing out here.



- Then I'd have you all to myself.

- Oh,Jake.



- Why'd you change?

- Less to take off.



Let's skip dinner.



God, it is




You're beautiful.



Ha, ha.










I learned

something today.



- In the bag?

- Yeah.



About dominance.



Put your right hand

out to the side.



Close your

left eye.



Put your left hand

out to that side...



and close

your right eye.






I hear there's

a great place...



a couple miles

up a dirt road...



- where we can swim sans clothes.

- I gotta get back.



No. Today is sangria day.



I can't.



I've got a F.L.I.R. flight

with Scott in   hours.



Just call the buzz man

and tell him you have plans.



You want to make

the mission, right?



If you had a choice between

a flight with Little...



- or a picnic with me, what would you do?

- Do I have to ask first?



If you ask me first, I'll

go anywhere you tell me.



You go alone.



Good thing

about the army.



I only take orders

from my superiors.



You drive a scout.

I drive the Apache.




I am your superior.



Get in and I'll

drive you home.



Come on,Jake.



I'm driving!






Thank you.



I'm sorry about

the sangria.



Don't you ever

want me to win?






Today you are entering...



the final phase of

aerial combat training.



You will engage

in air-to-air combat...



with your

flight instructors.



Your scores today will be

the determining factor...



for selection to

the Apache task force.



Good luck,




Thanks for getting me

through the bag.



It's my job.

You've done very well.



I'm glad

to see it.



Just so you know...



I will be kicking

your ass today.




All right!



This is Rattler,

ready for a full day.



Proceed with Stinger

to sector kilo.



This is Stinger.

Roger. Out.



Let's go to our corners

and come out fighting.



These guys are serious.



- Breaker, you like history?

- No.



You better start,

because we're about to make it.



Bring 'em on.



Jump ball, kids.



Let's see who

comes down with it.



Get me in position.



You want position?

You got position.



That kid's good.



I can't lock him.



He's got position on us.



Not bad for




Old-timers, my ass.



Those guys

can fly.



Now, Breaker.



Let's get 'em.



Get me closer,Jake.



- I got lock.

- He's locking on us.



Not for long.



I can't lock him.



Look alive, Rice.



Good-bye, try again.



Hang on, rice man.



Let's see if they

can keep up with this.




they go?



- Where?

- I don't know.



Clever, Chief.



Let's do it.



Get ready, Rice.



We're gonna

park it here.



I've lost him,Jake.



He's vertical,

over the top.



- Let's get 'em.

- He'll pop through that notch.



He's hiding in a hole.



I'll give him

vertical with a twist.



Look who we found.



"Hasta la bye-bye."



Nose down,




- Lock.

- Now!



Missiles's gone.






He's toast.

Great flying.



Rattler, they just

notified your next of kin.



I got your next ofkin.



Well done, boys.



Let's get supper.



Good flying, Preston.



Intelligence reports the cartel

offensive is set to launch.



All the major players are there,

but we don't know for how long.



We can't let them slip

through our fingers.



- How much time do we have?

- We must move immediately.



- We have less than    hours

to eliminate this threat.

- Any word on Stoller?



He's there, making sure

we don't get near them.



Morning, troopers.

Let's do it.



Task force,




At ease.

Listen up.



In    hours, you'll be asked

to use what you've learned here.



Our mission is

to fly support...



for a D.E.A. operation

of critical importance:



Operation Fire Bird.

We launch immediately.



We move out

tomorrow morning....



for a staging area

in South America.



Once we're

on the ground...



you'll get your

operations order.



What I can

tell you now...



is that we will

be going air-to-air...



against a Scorpion attack

helicopter and its backup.



There'll be officials

on hand down there...



to arrest

cartel leaders.



Our job is

to make damn sure...



they get

that chance.



That's all.

Let's get hot.



- Congratulations.

- Thank you, Colonel.



- Good luck.

- Right,Jake.



Brad, I've reviewed

the gun-camera tapes...



from your

training flights.



Every man has got his

place of maximum effect.



Brad Little's is

with this task force...



flying the mission.

You're my flight leader.



I knew that.



I want to

talk to you.



- We can talk on the flight down.

- What do you mean?



On the flight

to South America.



How the hell

did that happen?



I asked and

A.K. cleared it.



You're going

into combat?



I don't believe

I'm hearing this.



You think it's fine

for me to be a pilot...



when there's

nothing at stake...



but dangerous missions

are only for men.




I have my orders.



Why is it so hard

for you to understand...



that I just don't

want you to get hurt?



You, my friend,

have to accept it.



"My friend"?



The Bisante cartel

has been amassing heavy arms...



for an attack on

a friendly government.



Every operation

that the D.E.A...



and our South American allies

have mounted has been blown away...



- by Eric Stoller.

- They're airlifting...



some major figures in the

cartel under Stoller's cover.



The local government is tired of

having their army chewed up...



by this guy.



They've asked

for your help.



They're counting

on you.



On your feet.

Get some sleep.



- Sleep well?

- Hell, no.



What do

you think?



It all depends on things

we don't know right now.



You train and you

know you're capable...



but when it comes time,

you wonder what you'll do;



whether you'll take it up

or bring it down...



or whether you'll

ever see an orange again.



Makes for

a long night.



That night's been around

for thousands of years...



full of men waiting

to go into battle.



I think they've all been

talking all night long.






You got chops you

haven't even dreamed of.



Your instincts and

training will take over.



Count on it.

You had a brilliant teacher.



I've been pretty

arrogant with you.






I know I'm great,

but you're the best.



No, you're better.

I can't learn anymore.



Every time we went up

I kept thinking...



"How'd that kid

figure that one out?"



You're a natural.



You've got

a lot of talent.



How about that roll-out

you did during the fly-off?



- Only you could do that.

- I'm not saying I'm not a genius.



I joined the army for

the same reason you did:



to kick ass, like in

the old war movies.



That's what I'm

looking for in you.



An All-American hero...



with his heart and

brain wired together...



cooking full tilt

for freedom and justice.



It's the corniest story

in the whole world.



By God, this could

be a happy day.



We're under attack!



Let me repeat,

we are under attack!











Let's get 'em

in the air!



Get the helicopters

in the air!



Get up,

get up!



Scott's dead. I'm on my own.



This is Rattler. Do you copy?



Night Rider Six.



How many?



They shot down Rives

and Tippet on take-off.



Davis and Proctor are

with the Black Hawks.



Guthrie,you have...



two bad boys looking

for something to do.



Locate ground radar.



When you find it,

we'll blow it up.



I don't want them

knowing where we're at.



Roger, Rattler.



Rebel is hunting.



Found it.

Site unmanned.



Proceed to     .



We're on our way.



Stoller's out there. I can smell him.



Go find him, kid.



We're coming up on the coordinates.



Find me some high-tech

shit on that canyon.



- Rice man.

- I see it.



Locking in

the missiles.



Make it go away.



Good shootin'.



What's happening, Guthrie?



There it is.



What's happening?



Rebel's located airstrip.

Evacuation underway.



Request fire support.



Fast-mover bogey

at heading    .



This area

is heavily armed.



Apaches rolling in hot.



That's yours, Stinger.



I'm picking up something else.



It's Stoller!



Keep moving.



Don't give him

a target.






He's closing!



If you keep moving,

he can't lock on.



I'm on my way.




save my ass.



You're not touching her,

you filthy piece of shit.



Don't let him get away.



- Have you engaged?

- We're on him.



Grab your ass.



You've gotta nail him.



- Missed!

- Stay on him.






He's getting away!



Damn, he's fast.



Where is he?



I hear him.



That's not Stoller.



I got him.



We've got a fast-mover,

coming hot and heavy.



Listen to your old coach.



Bring him to me, and Rice

will punch his lights out.



We'll never make it.



Lead him on and bring him to us.



Get me closer.



I don't want to lose this kid.



If I could get

around that ridge.



- He's on us!

- Down on  .



Stay on him.

We got him.



- Missile lock!

- We're there.



Look for

the sweet spot.



Lock on!



Not bad shootin'

for an old dog like you.



Thanks, Grandpa.



Solid gold,




What goes on,





to take a peek.




at your  :  .



They got a whole

air force down here?



- It's Stoller!

- He's on our  !



- He's tracking Little.

- Coming around.



We're gonna get shot at.



Where is he?



We lost the

tail rotor!



How's the

main rotor?



RPM dropping!



I'm pulling Stoller out.



- He's on our ass.

- Oh, yeah?







This is Rattler.

We are going in.



Hang on, big boy.




We are going in.



Find us a soft spot.



He missed!



Billie, check on Rattler.



He's in sight. There was no fire.



I'm going in to see

if they're alive.



That make you nervous?



Stoller's making me nervous.



We're out of here.



- How's it going, Calvin?

- Only my mother calls me that.



I am your mother now, Calvin.



- Rice?

- Dead.



- Can you move?

- My legs are broken.



Get your ass

in here.



See if we have

a good stinger.



He's on us.



Not for long.



This one

looks okay.



Get the grip stock

and the B.C.U.






A cigar-box

looking thing...



and a round thing that

looks like a coffee can.






Screw it into

that cigar box.



Pop   latches

on that missile.



Let's wax him!






Put the flat end

in the dirt.



Point the

pistol grip down.



Hinge the cigar box

onto the missile.






Pop that latch.



Open up the square

thing on the side.



He's turning




Put it on

your shoulder...



and pull down the metal thing

with your right thumb.



You are now





turn around.



- He's in my sight!

- Shoot him in the ass.



Snort that,




We got him.



- He's going vertical.

- Where'd he go?



He's in the sun.



He's on our ass!



Get ready to throw

the dog a bone.



He's getting




I'm hit!



- How bad?

- I can't shoot.



Hang tight. He's mine.



Come on.

Come to daddy.



Brace yourself.



Let's see how good

he really is.




you blew it.



I'm gonna

kill him now!



That was for Dobbs.



Request permission

to join Fire Bird support at airstrip.



D.E.A. troops

are mopping up Fire Bird now.



They've arrested

all cartel members.



Once you took out Stoller,

it was over.



Come on home.



Where's Billie

and Little?



We just got

confirmation on them.



They're alive.

Rice is dead.



Little is hurt,

but Billie's with him.



That medevac bird

is leaving.



You're gonna

miss the bus.



All right.



Christ, this hurts.



- Where's the meat wagon?

-Just over the hill.



You drop me,

it'll be the end of life...



in the army for you.



Did you kill him?



Yeah, I killed him.



Good, son.

Well done.



You look like a first-class hero, Chief.



You, too. You both do.



First-class, All-American!



You did it.



We did it.



Okay, we did it.



I'm not gonna argue.



Oh, yeah? Since when?



I'll give you a ride home.



- Great. I'll drive.

- No, I'm driving.



- I'll drive.

- It's my helicopter. I'll drive.



No, no. I drive.


Special help by SergeiK