Firestarter Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Firestarter script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Stephen King movie with Drew Barrymore.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Firestarter. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Firestarter Script



            Don't push me.

            Stick with him. Don't let him get too far ahead.

            - Daddy, I'm tired. Can't we stop? - Yeah, honey.

            There isn't any people on the side streets. And they're darker.

            - That's just what they'd want, honey. - Daddy, I'm scared.

            So am I, honey. Hang on. Be light. Be a feather.

            - What's going on? - Excuse me!

            "(man #1)" He's seen us. Whatever you do, no eye contact.

            - He can make you do what he wants. - "(man #2)" Got it.

            "(man #2)" See him? He just got lost in that crowd there.

            "(man 3)" That's him, over on the right. Right there on the right.

               (man #2) Maybe I can cut him off at the corner.

            Let's get him.

            Daddy, they're coming.

            Taxi. Taxi.


            - Stop! - Stop the car. Hey, cabbie.

            Don't pay any attention to them. Just drive.

            Come on, let's get back to the car. We can chase them down. Let's move it.

            - Hey, mister, where are we going? - The airport.

            Wait, wait, I can't go to the airport. It's too far.


            I'm gonna give you a $500 bill. I want you to take my daughter and I to the airport.

            Sure. OK, mister.

               (distorted voices)

            - "(Dad)" Drive. - I ain't turning down no $500.

            We are going to give each one of you ten young ladies and gentlemen an injection.

            Five of these injections will be water.

            Five of them will be water mixed with a tiny amount of a chemical compound

            which we call... "lot six".

            The exact nature of this compound is classified

            but it is essentially a hypnotic mild hallucinogenic.

            We employ the double-blind method of administering the compound,

            which is to say that neither you nor we know who has received the clear dose

            and who has not.

            Until later, that is.

            You will be under close supervision for    hours after the experiment.

            Are there any questions?

            Dr Wanless, is this experiment being done by The Shop?


            Absolutely not.

            - Yes? - When do I get my money?

            - "(all)" Right on, man. - That is important.

            Well, immediately after the experiment, along with all the other students.

            I'm broke too.

            So, if we may begin the injections now, please.

            Andy McGee.

            I'm Vicky Tomlinson. I'm a little nervous about this, Andy McGee.

            - What if I go on a bad trip? - We'll probably just get distilled water.

            "(Wanless)" Feel any pain?

               (woman) I feel a pressure. It's a bad pressure.

            "(Wanless)" It will pass.

            - How are you feeling? - When do we start to shrink?

            You believe you're going to shrink?


            You'll be fine.

            We'll be fine.

               (disturbed voices)

             "(woman)" I can't feel my hands.

              - Thank you. What a nice compliment. - I didn't say anything.

              You did.

              - What'd I say? - You said my hair is beautiful.

              Like copper set on fire.


              But I didn't say that. I just thought it.

                 (Andy thinks) I love you.    I've always loved you.

                 - I've known you for a thousand years.    - (Vicky thinks) That long?

                 Yes, I've loved you too.



              Hey, buddy, airport.

              - You OK? - "(groans)"

              I got a headache. Wake up, babydoll.

              We're here. Come on.

              Where are we?

              Hanover, sweetheart. Airport.

              - Try the airport. - Roger.

              Suppose we catch up with him. Do you wanna face him down?

              What do you call this thing he's got? How he pushes people.

              The Shop figures he may be running down by now.

              He's overdone it before and wound up in bed.

              It's doing something to his brain.

              Like what?

              Giving himself pinprick haemorrhages, maybe?

              - It could kill him. - Good, let's hope.

              We don't have any more money and we don't have anything left to sell.

              I can't stay here.

              It's not right. It's not right to steal.

              Honey, I know, but it's not right for them to keep coming after us, either.

              Now, I explained that to you, Charlie, at least I tried.

              - About the big bad and the little bad? - That's right. Lesser and greater evil.

              - Big bad is what I did to Mommy? - Oh, darling, please.

              Don't. Don't, baby.

              I made Mommy scream.


              Does your head still hurt?

              Poor Daddy.

              Gotta keep a lookout.


              "(man)" I don't know what you're doing here.

              I don't want to have anything to do with you. I told you not to follow me here.

              Besides, it's not my fault. I'm not responsible.

              This ain't got nothing to do with me. I'm not the only guy you've been seeing.

              I'm not ready to get married, so why don't you just get outta here?

              - Why don't you just stop bugging me? - "(Andy)" Come on, Charlie.

              "(woman)" You told me you loved me.

              You told me if anything happened you'd take care of me.

              This ain't got nothing to do with me. We've been through this     times.

              I'm not responsible. Look, I told you not to follow me here.

              "(woman)" But I can't do it on my own. I don't know where to go.

              - I don't have any money. - I'm not the only guy you've been with.

              "(woman)" That's not true.

              I swear to God you're the only one. I've never slept with anyone else.

              "(man)" That's not what my buddy Al told me...

              I didn't mean it, Daddy.

              - Ow! - Hey, hey!

              - All right, buddy, come outta there. - Mind waiting till I put my feet out?

              I was coming with you and I saw him and before I could stop it, it just happened.

              - I didn't like him and it just got away. - It's OK, honey.

              - But I set him on fire. - Charlie.

              - I didn't mean it, Daddy. - Charlie, stop it.

              I want you to listen to me. You said it got away from you and it did.

              But not like before. It just got away a little bit.

              Charlie, you might've set that man's face on fire or his hair.

              Now, it always goes out at somebody you don't like.

              - But you didn't really hurt that guy. - Not like I hurt Mommy in the kitchen.

              Baby. Baby, you've got to stop thinking about that.

              It wasn't you that really hurt Mommy.

              They killed her.

              That's right. That's right.


              We've got to go on.

              Single file. Just like the Indians.

              And keep as far over to the side of the road as you can, OK?

              "(man)" I seen them both. This guy looked kinda sick, or something.

              - Are you OK? - "(Andy sighs)"

              - So far, so good, baby. You getting tired? - Nope.

              Daddy, I feel those bad men from The Shop around again.

              OK. Come on.

              OK, sweetheart, come on.

              Head up Route   .

              Oh, Daddy.

              "- (screams)" Daddy, get up.    - (truck horn)

              Daddy, wake up.

                 (she screams)

              Daddy? Daddy?

              Are you all right?

              - I thought you were dead. - Are you kidding?

              Think I'd do that to you? You're all I've got in this world.

              But I'm happy about that cos I'm crazy about you.

              I'm crazy about you too, Daddy.

              Come on. We gotta find a place to sleep.

              We can afford it now.

              - I burned him. - Rest, sweetheart.

              You didn't hurt him. You controlled it.

              - "(groans)" - Shh...

                 (Andy) OK, Charlie.

              Now, let it out. Easy does it.

              Let it go.


              Attagirl. OK.

              Now pull it back.

              Pull it back, Charlie. Pull it back, Charlie.

              Good Lord.

              Now, you've got to learn to control that. You gotta try real hard. OK?

              - I couldn't help it. - Tomorrow. She's tired.

              Time for bed. You can try again at breakfast.

              - I wanna do that again. - No, tomorrow.

              I'm not tired. I wanna do it again.

              - I said no. - Again. Now!


              I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't mean it.

              Well, you did it. You hurt your mother.

              - I'm sorry, Mommy. - It's all right. Mommy's all right.

              Charlie, you have got to control this thing

              because it's a bad thing, you understand me? A bad thing.

              - Leave her alone. It's not her fault. - "(phone rings)"

              - Hello? - Sorry.

                 (he sighs)

              - Hung up again? - Whoever it is.

              We know who they are and they wanna make sure we're staying right here.

                 (Andy) Vicky? Charlie?

              I'm home.




              Oh, no.

              Oh, no. Please, please, God.

              Please don't be here.

              Please don't...

              Oh, no! Please, no, no!

              Oh, no! Babe! Oh, what did they do?

              What did they do? They put this in your mouth.


              Where's Charlie? Charlie!






              Joan, by any chance is my daughter with you?

                 - (Charlie screams)    - (man) Hold her!

              OK, that's far enough.

              Drop the gun.

              Drop it.

              Bring her to me.

              You're blind.

              "(yelling)" My eyes!

              You too, you son of a bitch. You killed my wife. You're blind.

              "(screaming)" My eyes!

              Oh, my God! Leon!

              - Andy! - "(man)" My eyes!


              Go back inside the house. You won't remember any of this.

              - Leon! - Oh, God!

              My eyes! Son of a bitch!

              Can't see!

              - Wake up, baby. It's time to move on. - Morning.

              - Elaine. Morning, Josie. - Good morning.

              Jamieson called in. No word yet on the McGees. He'll ring later.

              Put him right through when he does.

              And Rainbird is in your office.

              - When did he get back? - This morning.

              - Morning, Kenny. - Morning, sir.

              Welcome back, Rainbird.

              - How was Venice? - "(he chuckles)"


              - Is our problem there solved? - Our problem there is solved.

              - Dr Wanless is here. - Christ, there goes a beautiful day.

              Ah, the good doctor. What do you want, Joe?

              - Have you caught them yet? - We'll catch them. What do you want?

              What do I always want? Why do I stay alive?

              To try to persuade you to sanction them both,

              expunge them, wipe them from the face of the earth.

              Andrew McGee and his daughter

              constitute the greatest threat that's confronted this nation.

              - That's a lot of crap. - You feel guilt!

              Eight out of ten of our young volunteers have died, committed suicide.

              You want to justify your participation.

              You were all in favour of it at the time.

              I know.

              I didn't realise.

              None of us did.

              Lot Six was nothing more than a synthetic copy of pituitary extract.

              - A powerful painkiller hallucinogen. - For God's sake, Joe, don't start again.

              You see...

              You see...

              This pituitary extract is responsible for the occasional flashes of psi ability

              which most human beings demonstrate from time to time.

              Precognition, telekinesis, mental domination,

              the kind of domination that this experiment brought out in Andrew McGee.

              What is the point, Doctor?

              Since this child was born, her father has tried to inhibit her use of those powers.

              But what if his control had weakened now?

              Why would he lose control now after all these years?

              Ask yourself this question.

              How exhausting must it have been for Victoria and Andrew McGee

              when this child was an infant?

              The bottle is late. The baby cries.

              And at that moment, one of her stuffed toys right there in the crib beside her

              bursts into smoky flame.

              Joe, she's just a little girl. She can light fires, yes,

              but you're making her sound like Armageddon.

              That's what it might well be.

              Suppose lighting fires is merely the tip of the iceberg.

              I don't know what you're talking about.

              I am talking about a talent that is directly linked

              to this child's pituitary gland, undeveloped pituitary gland.

              What happens when she becomes adolescent and that sleeping gland wakes

              and becomes, for    months, the most powerful force in the human body?

              Suppose we have a child here who some day is capable

              of creating a nuclear explosion simply by the power of her will.

              - That's insane. - Is it? Is it?

              Then allow me to progress from insanity to utter lunacy.

              Suppose there is a little girl out there somewhere today, this morning,

              who has within her, lying dormant at present,

              the power some day to crack the very planet in two,

              like a china plate in a shooting gallery.

              What if we could train this little girl? And others as well.

              Could we have more powerful weapons?

              No! No more experiments.

              Don't force me to go above your head because I will if I have to.

              I'll have you and this entire establishment eliminated.

              An excitable man.

              Where are we gonna go now?

              We have to find some place to stay for a while.

              I don't think anybody'll believe us but if we send letters to the newspapers

              maybe The Shop will have to lay off.

              We could go to Granther's.

              - What made you think of that? - I don't know.

              Cos I was thinking about your grandfather not five minutes ago.

              We'll check the motel. I want you to work the road further down.

              Well... That's a pretty little miss.

              - What's your name, missy? - Roberta.

              Well, Bobby, where are you headed for?

              We're headed for Tennessee. Knoxville. My wife's there visiting her sister.

              - Ran into a little problem. - Did she?

              Yeah, labour. This one's got a new baby brother.   .   this morning.

              - His name's Andy. Isn't that a nice name? - I think it's a corker.

              Mine's Irv Manders. Hop in. I'll get you ten miles closer to Knoxville.

                 (car horn)

              - Hey, Al, it's them. - You're joking?

              - No, damn it, it's them. - Did you get the number?

              - Did you see which way they went? - I didn't even see them check out.

              Hey, we got them.

              Why don't you two come home, take lunch with me and the wife?

              - We couldn't... - Daddy, I'm starving.

              - Are you sure you got enough? - Always, and I'm glad to have you.

              - Thank you very much. - My pleasure, Bobby.

              It'll be my wife's too when she gets a look at you.

              Always wanted a little girl herself.

              But I guess that wasn't to be.

              "(lrv)" Got a song for you.

              Oh, there was an old hen She had a wooden leg

              Finest old hen that ever laid an egg

              She laid her eggs all over the farm Another little drink won't do us any harm


              - Who'd you bring home, Irv? - This little girl is Roberta.

              This young fella here's her daddy.

              I didn't catch his name yet so I don't know if we're related.

              - Frank Burton, ma'am. - Hello, I'm Norma Manders.

              - Hi. - Hello.

              Your husband invited us back for lunch. Hope you don't mind.

              Why, sure. Come on in.

              Come on, Bobby. Feedbag.


              More room out than there is in, button.

              If I eat any more, I think I'll split. That's what my mom used to...

              I mean that's what she always says.

              Norma, why don't you and Bobby go out and feed those chickens?

              I wanna have a little talk with Frank here.

              - Would you like that? - Do they peck?

              Only what they eat, honey.

              - Come on. - OK. Goody.

              Want a beer, Frank?

              - It isn't Frank, but I guess you know that. - I guess I did.

              - What is your name? - Andy.

              - Well, Andy, what about that beer? - I guess I could use it.

              You got it.

              - There you go. - Thank you.

              - Here, let me help. - No, that's all right. I know this routine.

              - Cops after you, Andy? - Sort of cops, yeah.

              You snatch that little girl from her mother?

              No, she's my daughter, but her mother didn't set the cops on us.

              Her mother's been dead for a year.

              Don't appear like you got her against her will.

              What do they want you for, anyway, Andy?

              - Who are they? - Government agents.

              - FBI? - No, The Shop.

              The Shop?

              Yeah, it's really the Department of Scientific Intelligence. DSI.

              My daughter, Charlene and I, Charlie,

              we were part of an experiment that happened a long time ago.

              Tell me about it.

              OK, now go ahead.

              Thank you. Do you eat these chickens?

              If I can catch one, I might eat one. We eat the eggs.

              They want to examine her and study her.

              So they can figure out just what makes her able to do what she can do.

              I think they want to use her to reactivate the Lot Six programme.

              Andy, I think you ought to call the police. Turn yourself in.

              - Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. - As crazy as anything I've ever heard.

              Daddy, I fed the chic...

              You told.

              Daddy, why'd you tell?


              They're coming. They're coming for us.

              They're gonna kill you, Daddy. We have to run, we have to hide, we have to...

              Yes, yes, that's what they wanna do. They wanna kill you.

              Kill you like they did Mommy and take me away. I won't let it happen.

              Holy Jesus Christ. Did she do that?

              Charlie, now, watch what you're doing.

              Is it too late?

              Yes, they're coming up the dirt road now.

              Daddy, I'm scared.

              Charlie, you can stop them.

              If I do something bad, will you still love me?

              Oh, Charlie...

              Of course I'll still love you.

              I love you more than anything in the world, no matter what happens.

              I got some tall apologising to do. There's a line of cars coming up the road.

              I'll stand with you if you want. I'll get my deer gun.

              You don't need your gun.

              Hi, Andy. Hi, Charlie.

              - Honey, you don't have to run any more. - Go away.

              Afraid I can't do that, honey. I have my orders.

              No one wants to hurt you or your daddy.

              You liar, you're supposed to kill him and I know it.

              I'd advise you do what my daughter says.

              You know why she's wanted. Remember the soldier at the airport?

              You men are trespassing. I want you to get off my property.

              We're government agents, sir.

              These two folks are wanted for questioning. Nothing more.

              I don't care if they're wanted for assassination.

              - Show me a warrant or get off my land. - We don't need a warrant.

              You do unless I woke up in Russia this morning.

              If you'll just get in the car, we can discuss all this.

              Honest to gosh, there's nothing going on here.

              - We know what's going on. - Please, don't make me do anything.

              "(Andy)" Get out! Don't you understand what she's doing? Can't you feel it?

              Don't be stupid.

              If we can only discuss this, please.

              - Get him! - Watch it, Andy. Watch it.

              Not the girl. Not the girl.


              Help! Help!

              Help me!

              No, don't.

              No, don't.

              No! Don't!


              Now, get out of here.

              She's never done anything like this before. I don't know if she can stop.

              Get out. Get out.

              Go! Go!

              Help me!

              - Let's go! - Don't leave me!

              - Charlie. - "(screaming)"

              Stop it. That's enough.

              Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

              Sorry, Daddy.


              Let's get outta here, back to The Shop.

              Go, go, go!

              Oh, my God.

              Andy. There's an old Willy's Jeep out behind the barn.

              No, Irv, don't get involved any deeper.

              Those men came here without any warrants,

              tried to take them off our land, one of them shot me.

              What do you want me to do? Turn them over to the secret police?

              They'll be getting their peckers up enough to come back. Be a good Nazi?

              - I guess not. - You don't have to do anything else.

              No, please, take the Jeep and get away.

              Just get away.


              There's the lake. We're here.

                 (she giggles)

              Come on, Charlie.

              We got a lot of cleaning up to do.

              Nobody's lived here since your grandfather died.

              I hope that key's still here.

              Do you think they'll find us here?

              After what you did at the farm, I think they're gonna stay pretty far away.

              If they still wanna capture us,

              they're gonna have to figure out a different way to do it.

              Well, anyways, we've got us a new home.

              Let's go. Let's go.

              Don't it look good?

              Daddy, will things ever be the same for us again?

              Will I be able to go to school, and things, again?

              Sure you can.

              - After you write the letters, right? - That's right.

              Tell the newspapers all about it.

              Then the running'll be over.

              We'll live normal lives, like everybody else.

              - Can I be...? - What?

              - Like everybody else? - Darn tootin' you can.

              I wanna be.

              Look who's here.

              - How'd you feel? - Safe.

              - Good night, sweetheart. - Good night, Daddy.


                 (clears throat)

              Do you have a phone here?

              Right over here.

                 - They're here. They mailed some letters. - All right, good deal.

              Get a hold of Bates. He can be there in an hour and keep me informed.

              - Mr McGee? - And Miss McGee.

              - Where are they? - The summer cottage near Bradford.

              - I'll bring them here. - Oh, just like that?

              - You know what that little girl can do. - I know.

              That's why I'll bring her here. So you can do all your tests.

              On the condition that you give her to me for disposal when you're finished with her.


              - I want her when you've finished with her. - You are mad.

              How right you are. So are you, mad as a hatter.

              You sit here making plans for controlling a force that's beyond your comprehension.

              A force that belongs only to the gods themselves.

              What the hell are you talking about?

              Things I'm sure you wouldn't want the world to know.

              What's to stop me from having you erased right here and now?


              My word that I've already made certain provisions that, should I disappear,

              The Shop will cease to exist within six weeks.

              And within six months, you will stand in front of a judge,

              awaiting sentence for crimes serious enough to keep you behind bars

              for the rest of your life.

              Just... what is it you want?

              Your word that my involvement with this child Charlene

              will not end when I bring her here.

              That's just the beginning. We're going to be friends.

              - We haven't got her yet. - We'll have her.

              All right.

              I guess we've got a deal, but why do you want her?

              She's very beautiful. She's very young. Yet inside her is the power of the gods.

              We're going to be close, she and I.

              Oh, yes. Gonna be very close.

              Reel in some of the slack out of the line. Real slow, come on in, a little more.

              OK, now give it a little tug. Attagirl, now reel.

              Yes, sirree! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

              - A real whopper. - Lookee here. How about that?

                 (she laughs)

              Here he comes.

              Saved by the Postal Department. Am I glad to see you?

              I think we got a dead battery. Could you give us a jump?

              - Let's take a look at it. - Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

              Where will we go now?

              Offices of "The New York Times."

              - But you sent them a letter. - Well, they might not have gotten it.

              Do you think they took them?


              - I'll get it, baby. - "(yells)" I can do it!

              Baby, baby, come on, now. It's almost over.

              "(crying)" It's never gonna be over.

              - It's not over. - Come on.

              - No, it's not. - Yes, it is. Come here.

                 (she weeps)

              - Are you ready to go? - I guess so.

              Daddy, I'm never gonna start another fire in my life.

              Even if they come before we can get away.

              I'm never gonna hurt another person in my life.

              That's OK, Charlie. I can understand that.



              That's a big girl.


              Charlie? Charlie! Charlie!

              Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!

              They shot my daughter! "(echoes)"

              Come on out where I can see you, you son of a bitch.


              Nothing to it.


              She's all right, Mr McGee. Take it easy.

              Where is she? I wanna see her.

              All in good time. First, let's talk.

              Let's get acquainted.

              Go to hell.

              I tell you, she's gonna be all right.

              No. No.

              - What do you want with us? - I told you, Mr McGee.

              We are going to be spending considerable time with each other

              and I want to introduce myself.

              I'm Dr Pynchot.

              I'm going to make sure you're treated well here.

              Is this The Shop?

              This is The Shop.


              Hi, Charlene.

              - I'm Captain Hollister. May I come in? - Where's my daddy?

              I brought you some cocoa.

              I don't want anything.

              There's nothing to be afraid of. Here.

              You see? Go on.

              Well, maybe later.

              I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.

              I know you may not believe this but I've actually begun to think of you

              as my own daughter.

              - What have you done to my father? - He's resting and he's fine, just like you.

              He knows you're all right and he sends his love

              and he wants you to cooperate with us.

              You're a liar.

              What kind of talk is that from a nice little girl like you?

              - Go to hell! - Oh?

              A very stubborn nice little girl. That's all right, I understand.

              I know you're tired and you're not sure where you are.

              So I just want to ease your mind, Charlie. Do you mind if I call you Charlie?

              All right, Charlene.

              You are here because I'm very interested in this ability that you have.



              All of us here are interested in that and we want to see how far you can take it.

              I'll tell you this, Charlie,

              you'll be doing this great country of ours a big favour if you cooperate.

              I said I would never start another fire in my life. I wanna see my father.



              Why don't you drink the cocoa and get some sleep?

              If there's anything you want, just pick up the phone and let us know.

              I know you'll find this hard to believe now, Charlie, but...

              you and me are gonna be pals.


              Never say never.

              I'll see you, Charlie.


              Good night, Charlie.

              Just back off. Back off.


              You're not gonna do it.

              Back off!

              - Come on, take these pills.    - (he gags)

              Come on, swallow.

                 (swallows, gasps)

              - Now we have So Red So Beautiful. - Look what I have here.

              - A wind-up cat doll. - "(music box plays)"

              Listen to that, sweetheart. Isn't that pretty?


              Sure you want this...

                 (video game music )

              Hi, kid.

              You go ahead with your game. I'll start in the bedroom.

              My name's John.

              They call you Charlie, don't they?



              You wanna teach me? I'm terrible at games. You can beat me all the time.


              Where's Charlie? What are you doing with her?

              She's perfectly all right. There's nothing to worry about.

              - Yeah, well, I wanna see her, goddamn it. - Just behave yourself.

              Do as we ask, we'll see.

              You bastards.

              Are you gonna do the test or not?

              Oh, sure. Well, sure.

              Good deal.

              It's a one-way glass. You won't see us but we'll see you.

              All right, send him in.

                 - Hi, how are you?    - Having the time of my life. Sit down.

              Did they tell you anything about what we're supposed to be doing in here?

              All they told me was to come talk to you.

              You look nervous. Thirsty? Want some water?

              Yeah, I'm thirsty.

              You know, they mentioned something about a test.

              - Uh-huh. - You want some water?

              No, I'll pass.



              Why don't you put some ink in it?

                 Put ink in it?

              You gotta be crazy.

              - Goddamn it. - He's tipped over.

              He's been on the run too long.

              - All those damn pills haven't helped. - Just give me time.

              Rainbird's right. He's lost it and time won't help.

              Increase his medication. I'll decide what to do with him later.

              - Work on the girl. - Oh, I am.

              With a little luck, before long, she'll trust me like a brother.



              Hi, kid, how are you doing?

              Why do you come here every day? I'm not messy.

              It's just my job, kid.

              Because they're all full of shit. Why else?


              I wanna see my father.

              Sure you do.

              I wish I could help. I don't even know where the man is.

              This is a big place, Charlie.

              They say they'll let me see him if I... if I do something.

              - And I don't want to. - "(chuckles)" Well...

              Can it be that bad, what they want you to do?

              I mean, if just by doing it, you can get to see your old man.

              It is.


              Storm's coming on. Sure hope those lights don't go off altogether.

              No, sir, I wouldn't like that.



              Are you scared by my face?

              I mean, I could wear a mask or something.

              I've seen worse.

                 (door rattles)

              Kid! Kid, please!

              I can't stand the dark. Please, kid.


              - I gotta get outta here. Help me. - Use your card.

              All the electricity's gone. The card's no good. Hey, let me outta here.

              Hey! Let me out!

              - What's the matter? - Let us out. There's people in here.

              - Stop it, we're OK. - "(he weeps)"

              I mean, aren't we?

              Yeah, I guess you're right.

              It's just... the dark. I can't stand it.

              It's just like the place they put me when I was captured.

              - Who put you? - The Cong.

              - Who's the Cong? - You mean to tell me...?

              Oh, no, of course not, you're too young.

              It was the war, see. Vietnam.

              The Cong were the bad guys. They wore black pyjamas.

              In the jungle we were on patrol. Walked into an ambush.

              Only about six of us got out.

              We ran.

              Went the wrong way.

              They caught me.

              Threw me in a hole in the ground.

              Like being buried alive. It was always dark like this.

              What did you eat?

               They threw down rotted rice.

                Sometimes I'd eat spiders.

                Live ones. Big spiders. I'd chase them around in the dark and eat them.


                They turned me into an animal.

                You got it easier than me, kid, but it all comes down to the same thing.

                Like a rat in the trap.

                You think maybe they'll get the lights back on pretty soon?

                Doesn't matter. We're together.

                God, kid. If some day I could help you the way you're helping me...

                You could. You could get a message to my father.

                You know, what's it all about? Why do they have you and your daddy here?

                What do they want you to do?

                They won't make me take any more pills.

                No more pills, you bastard.

                How are you gonna help Charlie if you're a goddamn zombie?

                Listen, maybe I could get in to see your dad?

                - You could? You really think you could? - I could change with Herbie, an orderly.

                I could see your dad, tell him you're OK... Maybe not tell him, pass him a note.

                - Oh, thank you, thank you. - Shit.

                Maybe you oughta light the damn fires if you can.

                I told you, it's like letting a wild animal out of a cage.

                I promised myself I'd never do it again.

                That men at the airport, those men at the farm, I killed them, I burned them up.

                Yeah, but the way you told it, it sounded like self-defence.

                Yes, but that's no excuse.

                Also sounded like you saved your dad's life.

                Look, if you do what they want you to do,

                only as much as you want to do, it might be the way for you to get out of here.

                I'll help anyway I can.

                Oh, my! Light.

                Hold on here.

                I'm sorry you got stuck with me in here, John.

                But I'm awful glad too.

                You look like you could use a little rest, huh? Come on, let's try.


                There we go.

                That's the girl.

                You just relax and you'll be asleep in no time.

                And you'll have sweet, sweet dreams.

                That's the girl.

                - Good night, kid. - Good night.


                Now, Charlie, you know what you're supposed to do.

                I want you to go in the other room. I don't want to have to look at you while I do this.

                Something might happen.

                Look at those alphas, she's really jacked up.

                Everything all set? Tape rolling?

                - Everything all right with her? - Yes.

                - You all set in there? - Ready in here.

                Are we ready here? Tape rolling?

                - Rolling. - All right. Everyone stand by.

                Go ahead, Charlene.

                Wood chips. They should've given me something harder.

                Something's happening in there.

                - Temperature just jumped ten degrees. - "(bleeping)"

                There it goes.

                Her alpha patterns look like the goddamn Andes.

                She did it. By God, she did it and we got it all on tape.

                Back off. Just back off.

                Back off.

                Look at the tub.

                Back off.

                Did you see the water boil? And the temperature?

                - Jesus, did we get the audio? - We got it.

                Good deal. My God, did you see what she did? Did you see that?

                My God, is there anyone here that has any doubt she didn't make that happen?

                Not at all, Chief. None.

                I knew something would happen but I had no idea.

                That tray flew and she controlled it. Then she put her power in the tub.

                We got all on tape and it's good enough to stand up in court.

                Right up in the Supreme Court. What are you looking so miserable about?

                You got her to do it by promising she could see her father again.

                - She must never see him. - We never intended to let her.

                She'll never stop asking for it. Suppose by some strange accident they get together.

                - Suppose they do. - She does whatever he tells her.

                Suppose he persuades her to destroy us all.

                - No chance. - There's always a chance.

                He's right. They can never see each other again.

                Then you better send somebody along after her.


                Your technician must've had an appointment he forgot about.

                He went out of here in a hell of a rush. He also left the door open

                and your firestarter just walked out.

                Christ. One of you men go and get her.

                Go on.


                Which of you would like to go and get the little girl?

                   - (knocking)    - Andy?

                Here you go, buddy.

                Oh, good.

                Listen, Andy,

                we've determined that your power has deteriorated since you got here.

                In fact, we've had no positive results at all.

                What do you expect with all these drugs?

                You expect me to do my best when I'm stoned?

                I did everything I could. I tried. I did everything I could.

                Yes, of course I know that you have and believe me, I appreciate it very much.

                In fact, I think you need a rest.

                Did you know that The Shop has a small compound on the island of Maui, Hawaii?

                How would it be if I sent you there for the immediate future?

                - I still get my medication? - Oh, sure, all you need.

                - Well, that sounds nice. - All right, good deal.

                Then I'll get things started in that direction right away.

                You just take it easy, kid. We'll take care of everything.

                   (bleeping, door closes)


                She's so beautiful. What's her name?

                "(laughs)" Actually, she's more of a boy. His name is Necromancer.

                What does necromancer mean?

                I think it means something like wizard or sorcerer. Something like that.

                They said if I did what they wanted, they'd let me see my father.

                How did I know they were gonna be so damn stubborn? You have to do it again.

                - But when will I ever stop? - Look, baby.

                It's like poker.

                If you ain't dealing from strength, you ain't dealing.

                Every time you light one of their fires, make sure you get something in return.

                This is your old Uncle John talking, you understand me?


                What about this power of yours? You were awful scared about it before.

                How'd you feel about it now?

                It's different now. It's a lot stronger.

                Yesterday, when I told it to back off, it did.

                It was like I let it out in a single straight line and then...

                - Then you pulled it back into yourself? - Oh, no. I put it into the water.

                If I pulled it back into myself, I guess I'd burn up.

                When am I gonna get to see my father?

                Well, Charlie, we'll just have to give them enough rope.

                Next time, there has to be more water.

                Everything all set here?

                Tape running? All right, stand by.

                We're ready when you are, Charlene.


                The temperature should be -   degrees Celsius.

                Plus or minus five degrees. It's    in there.

                - The blocks are starting to burn. - Cinder blocks.



                Back off. Just back off.

                Back off. Just back off.

                Back off.

                I wanna see my father.

                You better tell her something.

                Soon, Charlie.

                When you show us a little more.

                If you don't let me see him now, I'll make something happen.

                Do you hear me? I'll make something happen.


                   (TV) Time for lunch.

                   Well, instant banquet.

                   Nice, table companion.

                   (Woody Woodpecker laughs)

                I'm telling you, we're not through with testing her.

                You saw what she's capable of. She hasn't even reached her potential.

                Perhaps Herman would like to see her blow up a country before he gives in.

                I'm scientifically rational enough not to form an opinion

                based on two experiments.

                I'm satisfied, yes, but only partially.

                Have you made the arrangements regarding her father?

                It's all taken care of.

                Night, Doc.


                Have you considered what might happen

                if that girl found out whose side you're really on?

                Oh, yes, I have.

                I'd say you stand a good chance of finding out what a steak feels like in a microwave.

                Would you shed a bitter tear?


                No point in lying to you about that.

                When we find out all we need to know from her...

                When you give her to me.

                What are you gonna do with her?

                John the friendly orderly will come in.

                He will greet her, talk to her, get her to smile.

                John the friendly orderly will make her happy cos he's the only one who can.

                When John feels that she has reached the moment of her greatest happiness,

                he will strike her across the bridge of the nose, breaking it explosively,

                and sending bone fragments into her brain.

                It'll be quick and he'll be looking at her face at the time.

                He will know her power.

                And when he dies,

                which I hope is very soon,

                perhaps he can take that power with him into the other world.

                You are crazy.

                "(Hollister)" I've made all the arrangements for you to go to Hawaii.

                - Good. When am I going? - Today.

                - Today? - Well,  .   this evening.

                - How? - First class comfort all the way.

                I mean, what's taking me?

                You go from here by helicopter to the base,

                then the rest of the way by army transport plane.


                -  .  ? -  .  .

                You know, that could bite you.

                - What? - That snake you're holding.

                Christ, how did that get there?

                I guess you just picked it up from a bush.

                I want you to contact that helicopter pilot.


                - Hey, guard. - Shut up.

                Contact the pilot and tell him you'll be coming along.

                I won't be coming along.

                Yes, of course I'm coming along.

                - My daughter will be with us. - Oh, no.

                She can't come. She's far too dangerous.

                Oh, yeah? Well, who do you think made her dangerous?

                My daughter is coming along.

                I don't want you to contradict me again, do you understand?

                Yes, of course.

                You contact the helicopter and let him take us as far as the army plane.

                There has to be a refuelling stop between here and Hawaii.

                - We'll have to refuel in California. - Yeah.


                - Do you have paper and a pen? - Sure.

                Here you go.

                I'm gonna write something to my daughter.

                - You're gonna take it to her. - Yes, of course.

                   Charlie, love.

                   First thing, when you finish reading this,    flush it down the toilet, OK?

                   Second thing,    if everything goes the way I'm planning,

                   we're gonna be out of here tonight.

                   Third thing,    I want you to be in the stables at  .  .

                   I'll arrange for somebody to bring you.

                   I miss you, Charlie. I love you so much.


                - John! - Hi, baby.

                - I have to talk to you. - Yeah, what about?

                I'll tell you in the hall.

                - They listen here. - Right.

                My daddy's found a way for us to get out of here.

                I'm supposed to meet him at the stables at  .   tonight.

                - That's great. How did he do it? - I don't know, but isn't it wonderful?

                Better. It's a miracle. I'll take you.

                No, you'd get in trouble. I wouldn't do that to you. You're my friend.

                I appreciate that, Charlie, but I'd do anything for you.


                Hi, Charlie.

                My name's Mike. Captain Hollister has assigned me to take you to the stables.

                - What time? - Well, let's see.

                I'll be back for you about quarter to eight this evening.

                So, what's going on?

                - I asked if I could go riding at night-time. - Oh?

                Sure, kid, anything you want.

                - Bye. - See you later.


                Come to me, Charlie.

                OK, let's check you in here.


                Anybody here?

                - You can go now. - I have the kid with me.

                I said you can go now!

                - Get out of here. - Can't do it, Charlie.

                Back off. Back off.

                Get out of here, you bastard, or I'll burn you up, I'll fry you.



                John? John?

                - Where are you? - I'm up here.


                I'm really glad you're here but if anybody found out...

                That doesn't matter any more. The only thing that matters is you and me.

                How'd you get Charlie to cooperate?

                - Rainbird got her to do it. - Who's Rainbird?

                He's an agent, an exterminator. Charlene thinks he's an orderly named John.

                Come on up, Charlie. Come to John.

                - My father should be here any minute. - I know.

                Hurry. Climb up now. Come to John.

                That's it. Come on.


                Good girl. Right...

                - "(Andy)" Are you armed? - "(Hollister)" Yes.

                - Charlie? - Daddy!

                Yeah. Oh.

                - Let me look at you. - Is it true? Are we really going away?

                Yes, it's true, we're really going away.


                - You pushed him. - You're right.

                - My friend John is here. - The orderly?

                Yeah, he's up there.

                Couldn't we take him with us if he wants to come?

                He's the one that shot us, baby. He's the one that brought us here.

                Oh, no, Daddy, that's John. He took care of my room.


                He is with them.

                - It isn't true, is it? - Yes, it's true.

                - Where are you, you son of a bitch? - You tricked me, you lied to me.

                No, I just mixed up the truth a little, Charlie. And I did it to save your life.

                You come down here before I set everything on fire, cos I can do it.

                I know you can.

                But if you do, you're gonna burn up an awful lot of horses.

                Can't you hear them? Necromancer's in one of those stalls.

                No, I'm not gonna do it.

                No, I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna burn.

                No! Back off.

                Please, don't. Back off.

                You're not gonna do it.

                Don't. Back off. Back off!

                What more do you want from us? Why can't you just let us go?

                You can't just be let go. I don't think your father even believes that now.

                - You're dangerous and you know it. - That's not my fault.

                I know that. I don't care about that. I never did. All I care about is you.

                Now, come up here! Don't make me shoot your father.

                - Don't listen to him, Charlie. - You promise he'll be all right?

                - I give you my real word. - Don't do it, baby.

                - Are you sure? - Yes.

                Kill him.




                Oh, Daddy! Are you hurt?

                - Charlie... - Daddy! Daddy!

                - You're bleeding. - Charlie!


                - Look at me. - Go on.

                Charlie, look at me.

                That's it. So I can see your eyes.

                I love you, Charlie.

                I love you.


                   (over PA) I say again, Condition    Bright Yellow. This is not a drill.

                   Repeat, not a drill.

                   Converge on stables. Use caution.    It's the girl and she's using it.

                You gotta get away if you can, Charlie.

                If you have to kill anybody that gets in your way, I want you to do it.

                You let them know that this is a war, Charlie.

                You have to get out of here.

                Do it for me.

                Do it for me, baby, do you understand?

                You make it. You make it so they can't ever do anything like this again.

                You'll have to burn it all down, baby.

                Burn it all down.


                Go on. Get outta here before it all goes up.

                I can't leave you.

                I can't leave you, Daddy.


                I love you, Charlie...

                Oh, no, Daddy.

                Get the door. Ready?

                - Don't move. - Freeze.


                Oh, my God!

                Get her! Get her!

                - Run! Run for it! - Let's go!

                Come on, let's get out of here.




                No! No!


                Take cover!

                Take cover!

                No... Stop!

                No! No!

                No! No!

                   (man) Attention!

                   Stay right where you are.

                   Do not move. We're coming down.




                For you, Daddy.

                - Irv, look who's here. - Thanks for the ride.

                "(lrv)" You'll be safe now, Charlie.

                I'm doing it, Daddy.

                I love you.


Special help by SergeiK