The Firm Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Firm script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 1988 Gary Oldman and Lesley Manville movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Firm. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Firm Script





Well its 1935 or there abouts



It was bombed during the war, and

patched up with plasticine and blu-tack



The interior guttering is a unique feature,

which is eh...caused by the raging damp



But Latimer and Haines are supplying

windscreen wipers for your television set



You've got Otter traps in the cellar, and a

free aqualung course at the local 'tec college



Well I'm not saying its damp of course. But if the water levels rise

anymore you could find yourself selling a house boat in a couple of years



Are you trying to tell us there

is a problem with the damp?



No what I'm really trying to say sir is

that this is the best house i have ever sold



I mean I dont need to do a hard sell

from this,  look at it, its terrific



I`ll tell you what I`ll do



I`ll let you in and you can have a look round on your

own and what? I`ll come back in about fifteen minutes, Ok?



I tell you, if this house don't

sell itself, I'm a monkeys uncle



*When the moon hits your eye like

a big-a pizza pie, thats amore*



*When the world seems to shine like

you've had too much wine, that's amore*



*Bells'll ring ting-a-ling-a-ling,

ting-a-ling-a-ling and you'll sing "Vita bella"*



*Hearts'll play tippi-tippi-tay,

tippi-tippi-tay, like a gay tarantella*



*When the stars make you drool just-a

like pasta fazool, that's amore*



*When you dance down the street with

a cloud at your feet, you're in love*



*When you walk in a dream but you

know you're not dreamin', signore*



*'scusa me, but you see, back

in old Napoli, that's amore*



*Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-lingting-a-ling-a-ling

And you'll sing "Vita bella"*



*Hearts will play tippi-tippi-tay,

tippi-tippi-tay, like a gay tarantella*



*When the stars make you drool just

like pasta fazool, that's amore*



*When you dance down the street with

a cloud at your feet, you're in love*



*When you walk in a dream but you

know you're not dreaming, signore*



*'scusa me, but you see, back

in old Napoli, that's amore*



Go on, go on my son, go on, go for it



Yeah, hit the bugger. Fuck you.












I.C.C.   I.C.C.   I.C.C.



I.C.C.   I.C.C.   I.C.C.



I.C.C.   I.C.C.



Transgressed the unwritten law this has



Can you do anything

with those scratches?



Sorry boss






It's not on, this, y'know Bex



It's all in hand Nunk






See ya later



That is well out of order



You don't let people treat you like shit, I learned that in the army You sort

it out there and then otherwise they'll shit on you every other minute of the day



Well you tell him then



Don't you worry, I'll sort Bexy out



Very funny son, very funny



Alright hold it, hold

it down, hold it down



What you having girls? Heart

attack if you're paying shorty



Got him Shut up, now do you want to try the

tactful approach or are you tired of living?



Well I'll have a pint of

Drambuie if you're flush Aitch



Flush? Me? Look at me wodge, I

got loads of money, loads of money



Give us some of that money mate



Oi, did you find anything interesting when

you were crawling up around Bexys anal passage?



Nah, only your rasta cat man



Bluud klatt, me wonder where

me leave that thing y'know



Where's me boy, oi Nocka, Nocka come on



Alright, what you having?



Vodka and Tonic



What you want Snowy?



Hey, I`ll have a Babychamp



Right, thats three Lager Tops



What do you want JC? -Lager



Trig? Snakebite Aitch



and a Snakebite for Rambo



Hey hold up look



I had to bring me girlfriend



Come on girls, give us a flash



Come on boys get a load of this



We are cheeky girls



Get your tits out, get your tits

out, get your tits out for the boys



Get your tits out for the boys






You wanna T-Cut that



Dont be bleeding stupid



Nah, rub it down first should be alright



I dont believe you sometimes,

it needs a new skin that does



Oh, like spending money do you son?



Yeah well when you've got it Dad



Yeah well I hope you gave him a

bloody good kicking thats all I can say



Nah I'm just going to forget it



If I was you I would go round his gaff and pour break

fluid all over his paint work, see how that goes down



Dad I know what I'm doing, I've

got me reasons, alright, shut up









When one has finished making love to

the car, does one wish to carve or not



Well one would but ones got

turps all over ones hands






Cheer up Dad



You alright Yes he is



Hello babes



Hello darling



Why don't we let them take

Sammy down the park for a bit



What, let my mum stuff

him full of sweets



Well that's what Grandparents

are supposed to do, isn't it



Yeah one or two



but the rate the old girl stuffs them down his neck, I'm

surprised shes got time to take them out the bleeding packet



Oh well it was just an idea



I thought I might let

you stick your willy up me



That's a nice idea, isn't it



Have you got any drawers on



Oh blimey, suspenders



Hello Bill, you seen the motor






Oh Trig you bastard, this aint

the bleeding boozer you know



You got your Inlaws playing in the garden, I didn't

expect to find you having it off in the living room, did I



We were not having it off



What you want anyway



We gotta do him Bexy, tonight



You can't let people treat you like shit



Alright Trig mate, calm down



Well look at it



I've been looking at

it, I've seen it mate



That is well out of order



Trigger, Trigger, look

at me son, look at me



Do I look concerned



No you don't, you should



Its all in hand mate



now cool out guy y'know



heart attack time



Well ta-ta then



A cup of tea would of been nice



Give my love to your mum



Have you brought his nappy with you



Nah we can't get them, the

Buccaneers must of used them all up



Piss off



Shut up, shut your mouth



Listen, we aint been in Europe for three years, right In two weeks

time there's going to be half of Europe waiting in Germany for us






Oh no reason Oboe you leery prat



Is, Is there anyone in



Look I know they don't cover It in the

Beano, so I'll tell you what's been happening



I've seen it



There's over      Dutch booked

in for Germany for a start



 .    Oboe you micro moron



This is not a bunch of tulip growers on

a day trip to the Munich beer festival



These geezers are coming tooled up, and    car workers from

Birmingham with their brains in their right hand aint gonna do nothing



If we sell them a British car the poor

bastards will be stranded there for life



Listen, listen



If we don't stick together they're going to have us

on our toes before we even get off the Harwich Ferry



Sounds like your'e running

scared already Bexy boy



That's funny



Dumb animals aren't

supposed to speak, are they



Animal I might be, dumb I ain't



Did you win this morning



I always win Yeti, you

should know that by now



Thats funny, it didn't

look like it to me



It looked like we walked into your back yard and

tinted your windscreen and nobody lifted a finger



What are you two slags going on about



Our friend from the Bucaneers here thinks that driving a

car across a football pitch at    mph means he's had a result



Shows imagination though, don't it



Yeah well I suppose it would to you Yeti



I mean when you've got the intellectual capacity of a lump

of jelly I should think anything shows imagination, don't you



Are you two slags going to bitch all

night, 'cause we got a train to catch, ok



Now are you going to tell us about

this mega plan of yours or what



It's simple Oboe, even you and

Snow White might get the drift



If we don't stick together they're

going to trample all over us



Told you, he's running scared



Am I wasting my time here or what



Look, I'm recruiting for a national

firm, do you want in or what



and don't tell me,

you want to be top girl



There you are Oboe, I told you it was simple enough

for you to grasp, who's a clever little girl then



Oh you make me sick you cockneys, always

think you've got the right to run things



Nah nah nah, you couldn't

run a piss up in a brewery



You're a joke, I'm off



Oh what's a matter love,

getting too late for you is it



Here Nunk, ring room service and get Oboe

his warm milk, it's well past his bedtime



I aint following a

bunch of thumb suckers



You want to run a national firm friend

you put your arse in gear behind us, right



Oh what with your track record

you'd need an A to Z to find a bog



Well at least I wont be on

it all night shitting meself



Listen this is a fact right, past   seasons

right, we have rumbled everyone in here



Bollocks , bollocks



Have a look at this Cliffy,

we got pigs flying over here



Hold up, alright, look,

ten of you, ten of us



You take us out with just the top boys about

an then you can take us on tour sunshine






Dildo mate, the word is

dildo, you are a pair of dildos



Listen friend, if we want to go tulip

picking we'll go with me as top boy



and if you want to stop us, then

you'll have to come and rumble us









and when you two shirt

lifters are finished



Well it can come down to us



I'll leave you with the I.C.C. motto



We come in peace, we leave you in pieces






Do you want your spanking now



You, Oboe















Look over your shoulders girls



Pieces, pieces, pieces



I.C.C.   I.C.C.   I.C.C.



Oh ta-ra mate, here,

say hello to Gus for me



He owes me a fiver



Is that you Clive



Well I hope so, otherwise

your'e being burgled



Do you want a cup of tea love



Yeah lovely



Is there any hot water Mum






Clive, Sue rang earlier, she wants

to know what time you'll be home



Eh about half eight



Alright then









You on for tommorrow night then?



Oh its a bit short notice isn't it



You'd of found out last

night if you'd of turned up



Well I'm very sorry Mr Bissell



But if it comes to a choice between having a drink with a load of

hooligans and getting my end away, you come a very poor second chief



Which reminds me, don't forget I

was supposed to be with you, right



Oh yeah, how did you get on



Well when I got her out

the Light I changed my mind



Ho ho, thats an original way of

saying you didn't get anywhere



She was a dog



I'm telling you Bex every woman has the right to

be ugly, but this one just abused the priviledge



Yeah well never mind my son



Listen I just might accidentally let my tongue

slip if you don't get up a posse for tommorrow night



Yeah alright, I'm in, I'm in



Look I'll take the new motor, right



Yeah  .   there






Well its an element of surprise isn't it



Ah its alright for you isn't it



You can just pretend you're selling an Arab a

garage for fifty grand, I get missed if i do a bunk



Whats a matter with you



Latimer, twelve o'clock, Hythe



Yeah bollocks, trouble Simon, I gotta

go, see ya there,  .   on the dot



We must distinguish I think between the bovver boy,

yobbo type hooligans, so representative of the     s



and todays more sophisticated,

more disciplined hooligans



Most of them have jobs, infact

some of them have quite skilled jobs



and quite a comfortable lifestyle



Basically I see it as a

kind of search for meaning



An attempt to validate their

lives, give it significance



Why don't he just tell

them we like hitting people



wank wank wank he's a tosser



Oi, you'll wake the baby up



Sorry Sue, it was Nunky



No it was all of us



Can you turn that down a bit please



Yeah its finished anyway, a load of crap



What's happening tommorrow then?



Well you can get yourself over to Simes

for about midday, you can go in the car



Oh why can't I come on the train Bex



Because, you are an under   and you're

not allowed to play on the chuff-chuff



and anyway, you always turn up with no money and

muggins here ends up paying for you, that's why



So, you've got to pay for the best boss



Besides, you make the first

class carriages look a mess son



How can a man who wears rejects

from an oxfam shop have a go at him



Leave it Trigger



Ok, you can come with us, but no jeans, bring

your sweets and don't forget your pocket money






Is she coming?



Yeah, sure thing boss



No come on Bexy, no Passengers eh



We're taking you aren't we



Piss off



Stunned to the core

with another witty reply



You can piss off in all Nunk



Two in a row, how

d'you think them up Trig



Oi give it a rest will you,

you'll only wake the kid



He'll have it on his

toes Bexy, I'm telling you



So you want to go to

Europe do you Dominic?






Yeah, if I can raise the cash



Oh isn't that sweet



You'll have to get bloodied first



You ever been tatooed?






Virgin eh?



What you looking at?



I can see you



It's alright



We gotta give him the

mark, haven't we son



Dominic, I would like you to meet,

a very old freind of mine and yours



Put your hands together for






Nah, you aint gonna do

it with that are you?



Well now, we all had to son



Bet you're glad you brought your

brown trousers, int you Dominic






He won't help ya



Come one, come on up you get



Get a hold of that



Well go on then



Its poisonous that is



If that gets into your bloodstream

you could be dead in the morning



Yeah, you lot are

still walking aren't you



You plonker



What a wally



What a muppet



You little plonker



Will you shut up






and the Duchess of York outshone them all, with an

outfit that was easier to admire than to describe



and even to seasoned Royal watchers

this was a special occassion



it was the hottest ticket

in tinsel town.......






Oh there's nothing wrong with us



Is something wrong with him?



Yeah he's still teething isn't he



Oh, are you still

teething little darling?



That'll be teeth thats

biting on Mummys nipple eggs



Well ive got to have a reserve haven't

I ? I mean you're never here to do it



Oh dear, Mummy's being sarcastic again, shall we

be witty back? Eh shall we tell her to piss off?



Bex, don't



Shall we tell her piss off?



Lets tell Mumsy to

piss off, go on Piss off



Oh Bex, see, oh don't,

he's starting to say it now



Anyway I'm glad your pissing off tonight, at

least I'll get a bit of peice and quiet that way



What was all the cold

shoulder bit for then? Piss off



Don't, don't tell him what Daddy does



and it ain't good for you to get

you in my hair all the time, is it



It wouldn't have to

be a bleeding miracle



You must think I'm stupid or something



Well if you want the truth

or the diplomatic answer



You ain't playing tonight



I never said I was, thats my cheek

yeah, I'm screwing Jacinta again



Well I told you



She can't get enough of me,    inch willy, working class,

some little yuppies dream come true, eh isn't it darling



Well it's a shame I aint

a yuppie then isn't it



You're my bit of rough change, aint you



Don't stay out all night will you Nah

it's just a quick in an out job this



Oh well whoever she is tell

her she's got my sympathys



Oh very funny, Your Mums funny, your Mums

funny sunny "innit", give Mum a kiss, goodbye



Give us a kiss, Daddy loves

you, Daddy loves you doesn't he



Say Daddy, say Daddy, Daddy



Right I'll see ya Don't be late



Look look look look, yeah

cunt, yeah look at his face



You forgot to kiss her

goodbye Beef Shut up



Here what's all this, what's all what, this, Beefys Mum's a

slapper, Beefys Mum's a slapper,  Beefys Mum's a slapper, lalalala



Belt up and shut up



Hornchurch boys we are here, we rape your women and we drink your

beer, la la la la lalalalala Hornchurch boys are big and strong



Alright mate



Yeah can I have   adults and  

child to Birmingham Yew Street please



That's first class



That's     pounds and    pence

please Sir That'll do nicely thank you



Oh hang about, here's Adolph



Triggsy boy



Yo Alright



I'm off to get a paper, see ya later



I see you brought your

boyfreind then Aitchey poo, eh



Well I dont like to leave him at home, he pines for

me and scratches the door, know what I mean Triggsy



He's gonna piss off as soon as the

ruck starts, y'know that don't ya



Look Triggsy, if it's good enough

for you it's good enough for him



You little bastard, I'll

have you, I'll have you



Yusef, over here, oi Yusey boy, come

on then, come on mate get over here



Come on son, come on boy, come on mate, get down here, over here,

what's he got on his head, cor blimey, gogogo, oh what a hero



Where've you been Well I had to go to school

"innit",  well I didn't want to get into trouble did I



You got your homework with you son



What's this



Celtic...What have we got

to do with Scotland son



It's P.M.T.



Well what's that Pre match tension



A cup of tea Got to make

this one a quickie lads



It's funny you should

say that, yeah go on Beef



It's love









My car



Here it's just up here, We there yet Bex



Yeah we're bang on for Simon

alright Where's Simon then mate



How many was there then mate

There was  ............. 



Come on Simon, where are you mate









It needs stitches does this Bex



Nice of Simon to turn up, wasn't it, eh



He must of got held up



In the traffic I'll hold

him up when I see him



Maybe he got a puncture



or something



You want to get that

sorted out Yusef, now



Come on Dom



Come on Dom or we'll all get nicked



Come on your own did you



You didn't by any chance come

on a train from London did you



Ah hitchhiked yeah



One nil to me



and your name is



Micheal Jackson



You need some more

plastic surgery Micheal






Bexy, Bexy



Grab his arm



An the other one Give us it



Come on lets go, go



Yeah cheers mate



Hello, yeah can I speak to

the poof with the blonde hair



Bexy boy



So what's this then, you got a partime

job as an alarm call or something



Yeah, yeah you could say that



You still got your curlers in love



Here, you spoke to your

boy in the BMW lately



No, not yet, why



Nah of course he probably aint..... We had a

little meet with him, didn't we, on the motorway



We fixed his motor for him, They don't

half burn well them German jobs, don't they



It's getting to be a bit of

a speciality with you isn't it



Smashing up cars Is that what

you're planning to do in Europe



I bet there aint a BMW IN Germany that aint

parked on a kerbside shitting itself already Yeti



Well at least you've finally clocked

on its me that's going and not you



Listen my son, the only place you're going is the

mortuary, 'cause you aint got the bottle to have it with me



I know you're well gutted Bexy

'cause you're giving it the cool one



You'll be the gutted one on Saturday,

I'm gonna fillet you, you got that



You want to look over your shoulder boy



'cause I am going to engrave

my name all over your arse boss



I didn't think you knew how to get down here,

aint had the bottle to come before have you



Do you want directions No I`ll just stick

my head out the window and follow my nose



I'll see you Saturday



Shit, come here, give it

to Daddy, give it to Daddy



Sue Sue Sue



Right hospital, hospital, come on



Oh Jesus Christ Jesus Christ



I'm sorry babes, look I was on the phone



You're too fucking late Bexy



My Baby



Will you stop



Yeah yeah, I told you






I need the buzz



Go and buy a bloody bee hive then



That's almost funny



I've got to have him



You know that



You saw what he did to the motor



What's a matter with her



I'm not exactly flavour

of the month at the moment



Yeah well the feelings not

entirely alien to me Sime babe



Yeah why's that



Little Sammy, he's cut

his mouth on my stanley



He alright



Oh yeah fine, loves the attention



Scared the shit out of me though



It's a mess isn't it



You had anyone look at it



No not yet, I've got to do some work

on it before I get the Insurers in



Why, what you going to do



I don't know really, Billy reckons he can make it look like an

electrical fault and going to burn the engine out at the weekend



What for



Make it look like an electrical fault



Well I can't just say the inside caught fire,

can I, not with the engine pounded to bits



Yeah well it's vandalism isn't it



You're covered



Yeah probably



I'm going to make sure

it's a complete right off



I fancy a new one



Well keep Saturday free,

we'll go right after Yeti






Come on don't get depressed,

that's what he wants isn't it



I dont give a toss what some thumb sucker south of the

border thinks of me Bex it's getting ridiculous this is boss



Yeah, I know, so we're going to

put him out of the frame aren't we



Yeah well you can do it without me






Well I did Oboe for Yusef



I might as well do the Yeti for you



Don't do nothing for

me Bex, Just let it drop



What's the rush, he'll

still be around next week



No he won't



Yeah alright I bottled it, so what, look if I'm going to have a ruck

with someone it's because someone wants to fight me, right, simple as that



Oh what and the Yeti don't want to



No not really no



He has it on his toes all the time doesn't

he, gets his kicks smahing up property, right



Sniper stuff that Bex, your car,my car



I ain't interested mate, kids stuff






I don't know why you're so keen, one more little trip down the Bailey

and the next time you'll see that kid of yours you'll be a grandfather



Alright Wes mate, is Yusef in



Piss off Bissell



Oi don't get heavy with me Wesley, I'd hate to

annihilate you in the comfort of your own home









Does it hurt






I'm delirious Wes, what's with you



Oh nothing man, it's really good

seeing your little brother sliced up



Yeah, you want to see the other geezer



I couldn't give a shit

about the other geezer



You're getting on my nerves Wesley






I don't ask him to come, right,

he knows what's going down



But you stood your ground

though didn't you son



Yeah me and Snowy put him

out of the frame for you Ok



Oh ethnic bonding

ritual, right on brother



He would be smiling right now, only it

would split his cheeks open, know what I mean



Doing the Yeti Saturday



I'll come



Don't be stupid, you talk to much



Anyway, get yourself fit for Europe boss



Piss off Bex



Do you ever get the

feeling you're not wanted



Take care champ



Wes mate, how can I put this



I can't



You're out of your league son



Take care Sef



The mans an animal



We've had enough of him What do you mean



Well it's no buzz is it chasing someone who has it on

there toes all the time, that's fox hunting that is isn't it



I don't know what

you'r talking about son



Yeah well you never saw the

state of the motor did you



Oh so the big brave Hornchurch

boys are bottling it are they



No I never said that, it's

just pissing us off that's all



Well that's what it looks like

from where I'm standing squire



Bex are we still going to sort the Yeti if

Simon, Beef and that lot don't want to have him



Well someones got to

fly the flag haven't they



Yeah well Beef don't seem to think so



It's all in hand Aitch



Bit of a loser all round aren't you Beef



Oh if you say so Nunky



Well I'm of to the bogs, see if

I'm still man enough to have a piss



Do you want to buy my magnifying glass



No it's alright darling, I'll get someone

else to help me look, it'll be more funny



Bagsy me



What's a matter with you, someone

been screwing your wife again



Well someone has to



You're getting up everyones

nose tonight aren't you



What're you talking about



What're you doing here anyway



Y'know if you want to bottle it Beef thats ok with me, but don't

come down here and try and take the rest of the crew with you



Oh come on Bex I wouldn't

do that,I was just passing



Yeah well pass off then



Confucius say, man who bottles

out gets bottling, know what I mean



It's just talk Bex, I'll be there



No you won't, I'm dropping you



Take the weekend off,

go fishing or something



Aahh, I don't understand,

what you getting so heavy about



You're scaring up the snipers, and

I need my trojan horse for Saturday



I can do with out that



and I can do without you



I didn't know



You're giving me the

right raving hump my son



I make a bad enemy Beef



Avoid me



Oi feast your eyes

on this, this is Mandy



Are you Clive Bissell



Yeah why






Bexy mate, you've pulled

there, you've had it there mate



It's your birthday isn't it



No, why



Look, do you want to hear this or not



Go on then



Shut up Nunk What is it with you









Your brains will drip like spaghetti off the end of a Bucko machete, if you're

south of the border you're well out of order and you'll die at the hands of the Yeti



Oi wait a minute, wait a minute



That is well out of order

right, well out of order



Well out of order Trig, take it easy



Come on, well what're we going to

do about it, it's well out of order



Will I do me belly dance now



You what



Lets get something straight, when that

kid is in this house he's safe, right



What're you talking about he is safe



Oh yeah yeah, most folks leave stanley

knives lying around the house don't they



What're you talking about



I've had enough of your

big boys games Bex Yeah yeah



Don't turn your back on me



I aint turning me back I'm getting a drink aren't I, I aint exactly fucking

running away, I'm going to hear your nagging voice wherever I fucking go



Yeah too right



Look it is late, you're

tired, etc etc etc



I have said I am sorry, y'know I am

sorry, I am more sorry than you know



I've to put up with all this

emotional crap, I don't see why



He's alright and I told

you it won't happen again



He could of swallowed it, he could

of poked his eye out Yeah but he never



You fucking nutter, I do not want you

to carry a blade in this house, right



This is a normal house

with normal people



I don't want to live with a    year

old boot boy, you're a fucking joke



I don't see anyone laughing at me



No no you don't no they won't laugh

at you, well not to your face anyway



But they laugh at me darling

for putting up with you



You don't see it, but what I want to know is what's so bad

about being normal eh, what's wrong with being bloody normal



I told you, I need the buzz



Well buy a bloody bee-hive then



That's almost funny that is



Oh look don't follow me about, it's

like showing a punter around an house



Well stop keep walking away from me then



Right, I want you to stop

and I mean it this time



I told you I will When



When you stop Stop what



When it's my corpse on the floor



You're a fucking

animal, do you know that



Who me Yeah pathetic



Well I told you I have

just got to have him



Right if you want to carry on like a kid you

can go back to your Mothers, go on piss off



I want to live with a grown up

Bex not a    year old hooligan



Don't give the ultimatum



I just have, you go chasing that

leery git you don't stay here



Suits me



Oh, oh yeah yeah that's right, yeah

go on back to your Mummys, go on, kid



Do you want to see me across the road



That's it girl, go on kick the door down,

give me something to do at the weekend






What's a matter love,

feeling lonely already









Hold on



Alright I'm coming



Come on hurry up



What the hell are you doing here



I've got a couple of punters with

me, show them around the house



What's going on



Ain't Mum told you, you're selling up



He only looked



You staying the night



Yeah how much do you charge



Well you always did treat

the place like a hotel



Your night-porters uniform

could do with letting out



I'll put the kettle on



Come on then darling, open your handbag






Well I think you're bleeding pathetic



Pater you're just the

ph-ph-ph-photographer ok



In my day we would of rushed up the Old

Kent road and kicked the shite out of them



All this shows is that none of you

have got any bottle if you ask me



Well no one did



This is a precision raid, right



Right Yeah right



It's like cutting out a cancer



You should of done him Sunday



I said that Bill



Don't take no shit, sort them out

straight away, I learned that in the army



You ever, you ever get that sort of feeling

where you think you've heard something before



Shut it will you Yeah dejavu mate yeah



Nah don't use that language

in front of the snipers



What's a matter with you, are

you brain dead or something



Nah, I left mine at home didn't I,

it seemed like the best thing to do



Here don't worry about

Dominic girls, its nerves



This time next week my son

you're going to be a local hero



A living leg end



When you walk into the pub they're going to point at you and say "Look there goes Dominic, the

man who led the Inter City Crew raid on the Buccaneers, he's going to fly the flag in Europe"



Well either that or you'll be

dead it's difficult to say really



Anyway lets cut the bollocks



Are we going to have

this team photo or what



Right everyone hold something



Oh God not another orgy mate



Don't muck about Snowy






But I'll give you a good run mate



Right lets be having you



Oi take it easy with that Trig



Come on hurry up hurry up



Don't be so lippy



Get it right Alright, alright



Give it some, go on give it some



All look vicious



Come on Bill, come on Bill



You're pathetic



Come on Bill, come on hurry up,

alright here we go here we go



All for one and one for all



We'll break your legs



Great mate that will come out

a treat, come out a treat mate



I don't know what we're getting so

excited about, you forgot the flash



Why so unhappy girls



Look it ain't bottling

Bex it's it's just



It's just bloody stupid that's all



I mean it was daft enough    of us going

to Birmingham right, and now there's only  



It's just suicide Bex



So I'm daft now am I



No look he didn't mean it like that

Bex Well it sounded like it to me






I thought you told me

this man was well hard, eh



Yeah Bex he is, he is



Except I've got this aversion

to getting myself killed yeah



'mon, come on



Lets have you



Come on lets have it



You don't talk like that to me, see



'cause you ain't earned the right



I'm going to give you a

little lecture now Dominic



Do you know what Sociology is



Eh I do, I've got an A-level

in it, clever git aren't I



Sociology is the study

of social problems



Now you, you got a

big social problem boss



Come on Bex, we're on your side



Well you've got a funny

way of showing it ain't you



You see Dom, Simon and Beef can

run away, they live ten miles out



Y'know they can hide

if they want to, but you



This is your Manor, you've got to walk

up and down the street every fucking night



and you're going to see me everywhere



and I don't like seeing people who

let me down 'cause it makes me mad



So you're in



Both of you



Right up the pointed end



That's peer group pressure that is



It's a real bastard



Alright, you alright



Right lads back in the toybox, come on



You alright son



Yeah mate



Y'know he was right, you

should of used the flash



Dad do us a favour, get the hoover out



I'll put the kettle

on as well if you like






There we are



Off to work we go, eh Bexy



Hi ho



Who is it Police love, can you open up



What, you got a pass or something We've

got a warrent, can you open up please



What for



Does Clive Bissell live here



Yeah why



We've got a warrent to search the premises, and we

would like to ask him a few questions, that's all



Any chance of coming in



Hey hold on a minute

there's a baby up there



Are you Mrs Bissell






Better get your hubby up love,

my freind can be a bit rude



My hubby is well gone, love






Watch my lips



He is not here



You, out



Anything Nothing



Station Nothing there either



Got to be inside then isn't it



What, is he off his head or what



I told you Bexys bottled it



Are you sure



On my life, he ain't here



I told you he would boss






Lets do it



Where is he He's nowhere

near, he's bottled it



What's Bexy done



He's bottled it



What has he done



He's bottled it



I can't hear you



He's bottled it



Bottled it, Yeti he's bottled it



Yeti Yeti Yeti



Come on then, all of you






Oh come on



Oh bloody hell not you lot again



We're going to Europe to do the Europeans,

is that plain enough for you, alright



All of them, all of them



All of them



Hold up, hold up



For me, for me I'm going for

Bexy 'cause he was top boy,right



Yeah that's right



He didn't die in vain,

because we will come together



Right the Buccaneers, the

I.C.C. y'know we're all here



Hornchurch, don't forget the Hornchurch



We're all here



and we're all going to

Germany, we're all going



Well it's dog eat dog

isn't it, it's dog eat dog



Well y'know, one man steps on my toe,

I step on his, y'know what I'm saying



Hold on hold on, it says in the Bible,

an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth



Well that's what we're going to do



So in a way we're all Christians






He was visionary and he

wanted a national Firm



He had brains



Yeah, and you had to come in

on it 'cause it was visionary



He sorted it, for all of

us Yeah,the man was special



Bexys Firm But he

lives on, Bexy lives on



Bexy lives for all of us



He's not dead, you can't say he's dead. We're carrying

him, how can he be dead, because it's about belonging



It's about belonging, it's about belonging and we all feel like we belong,

y'know because of him, you can't say he's dead, we still belong.......BEXY BEXY



No, listen, it's unfortunate I got

this, but it's a buzz, we love doing it



and we'll do it, an we'll do it anywhere, we'll go to Europe an do

it or we'll do it in this country and they're not going to stop us



Oi oi oi listen i'll tell you

something mate, shut up right



I tell you something, if they stop it at football, stop the

rucks at football, we go boxing, we go snooker, we go darts



Look at that, look at

that, that's football



What does that prove



What do you mean it proves, it proves I stood,

it proves I stood It proves he's a hardman



See that, that's what it's all about

mate, that's what it's all about



England England England



But we won   world wars..........



Here we go, here we go, here we go


Special help by SergeiK