First Daughter Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the First Daughter script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Katie Holmes movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of First Daughter. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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First Daughter Script





Once upon a time,

there was a little girl...



Just like any other little girl.



- And like most little girls...

- I gotcha!



She loved collecting

beautiful things.



Look it what I have.



Always sharing them

with her friends.






Come on over and meet

my friends, Hoppers.



She would throw the most amazing tea

parties for her very closest companions.



Mr. Elephant, have you met my daddy?

He's the governor, you know.



And then it happened.



You know that awkward

but typical time oflife...



- when you feel like every eye is on you...

- Mackenzie!



Like you're the main attraction

in a three-ring circus.



That's right.

She became a teenager.



But eventually,

she made it through.



And as she blossomed, she became

more comfortable with herself.



- There she is. Hey, Sam. How you doing?

- Hi, Dad.



Hi, sweetie. I'd like you to meet...



And like most teenagers,

she enjoyed parties...



- and pizza.

- Enjoy.



- Thanks.

- And like her peers...



she often felt as ifher every move

was scrutinized.



- Hold it right there.

- Big smile, Sam.



Mom, promise me you would never let me

leave the house looking like that.



Never! It looks like she found

Chelsea Clinton's old crimping iron...



and Amy Carter's Sassoons.



It's like a terrorist

got a hold of her.



I don't know what's going on.

But what do you think?



What is the worst outfit that you have

ever seen Samantha wear?



- I'll bet it's gonna be close.

- I bet it is too.



There have been

a lot of lousy outfits.



If Mac is back, get in there

and clean out your kid's closet.



- But with maturity...

- Thank you.



She was able to look outside herself...



and appreciate the wisdom

ofher elders.



And I'll tell you something.

Decades in politics give you...



special life skills, Sam.



Like an excellent poker face.



Not bad, Senator Downer.



Thank you for the tip.



In short...



- she grew up... happily...

- Good night.



- With the love of a father...

- Good night, Sam.



- And a mother...

- See you in the morning, sweetheart.



Who she thought

were the center of the world...



in an old white house...



they called home.



Lucky Charm's on site.



Something wrong with Sam.



Are you sure? It's an

election year, remember?



She could use a little down time.



Starting November  

she can have all the down time she needs.



Mr. And Mrs. Latif Moratee,

President Mackenzie, First Lady...



- Samantha.

- Hello.



- Good to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, Samantha.






This way.



We have press conference

at  :  . To Marine One,  :  .



To Air Force One at   :  .

Travel time, four hours,    minutes.



Twenty-five minutes

to destination Redmond Univ...



Hold that thought, Liz.



Let's pretend that tomorrow

I'm heading off to college.



- Mm-hmm.

- I grab my bags, which I packed myself.



I throw them into

my adorable collegiate car...



next to my cooler that has a beer hiding

underneath the bologna sandwiches.



My parents cry.

Their only child is growing up and so forth.



And then I do it.



I drive off like the normal,

run-of-the-mill kid that I am.



You're still a princess.

You should at least wear a ball gown.



Ignorance is bliss.

What can I say?



I say, good night,

normal, boring girl.



And you better hide that beer,

because under the sandwiches...



that's the first place

they'll look.



- Duly noted.

- Good night.



Did you take the southern route

through the stairwell...



or the northern route

through the access hall?



- Eastern route.

- Oh!



Two elevators, one moving walkway,

turn left at the Lincoln arches.



- It's lesser-known, but very effective.

- Mm-hmm.



Eastern route's one of

my favorites, actually.



And that Lincoln arches thing

is a very nice touch.



You know, if you're gonna

eat this cake...



you have to pay the toll.



- Inflation.

- Mm-hmm.



You know, you should really

do something about that, Dad.




Mm, mm, mm, mm.



- Not the dancing.

- Dancing.



- Ready?

- Ready.






- I need to say something.

- Okay.



About tomorrow.



- I was thinking...

- Mm-hmm.



And maybe I should go alone.



- Really?

- Yeah. I mean...



it's hard enough to blend in, having a team of

Secret Service men carrying my books, then...






All I'm saying...



I just wanna be

like everybody else.



Sam, you're not like

everybody else.




It's the big finish.



Here it comes.



Yes! Yes.



They won't ask you about policy.

They'll probably ask you about...



your expectations, your hopes,

your major, and you'll say...



Don't worry, Liz. I'm set.

Does anyone have my...



- Got it.

- Thank you.



So, you're just like

any other American family.



Whose daughter is

heading off to college.



Remember, today you're not just

the First Lady, but you're also a mom.



I'd like to think

I'm both women every day.



In short, you're just a proud dad.

Like every other dad...



watching his little girl

head off to California for college.



You can segue into your education

reform initiative from there.



And time permitting, Mr. President,

the California Youth Literacy Program.



- It's not a stump speech.

It's about my daughter.

- Right.



Mr. President,

how do you feel about your only child...



going to school

so far away?



Well, uh, I could suggest

moving the nation's capitol to California.



Samantha, will you miss D.C?



And better yet,

what will you miss least?



Wow. That's a tough one.



Well, I can't tell you

what I will miss the least...



but I can tell you

what I will miss the most.



That is my friends

and my family.



But I am very excited to experience life

as a normal kid...



having a normal

college experience.



- Thank you.

- Thank you. We don't have any more time.



Thank you very much.



Whoo! Mr. President!



This is not

what I dreamed of.



Oh, we know, honey.

Next life.



Oh, God. Please, no

"Hail to the Chief."



Game time.



Hi, Sam.



You know, hon,

it's not too late to call Georgetown.



Live at home.

Free laundry.



Dad, I didn't choose a school

     miles away for nothing.



- Roommate's name?

- Mia Thompson.



Parents Janet and Kyle.




Both strong supporters

in the polls.



I heard that.



Well, that's odd.

They were supposed to be here by now.



Once I heard a rumor, Mom, that there are

actually some people out there...



that don't live

a minute-by-minute schedule.



How do they live?



Roommate's caught in traffic.

E.T.A. Is    minutes.



She should at least get the good bed

if she has to live with me.



Did you check

that itinerary with Liz?



- For?

- Well, there are just a few small functions...



your father and I thought

that you might enjoy attending.



Yeah. Uh, do I have a choice?






- Oh, yeah. Honey...

- Already?



Like you're not chomping at the bit

for us to get outta here.



Well, the President

and the First Lady, yes.



Mom and Dad? Not so much.



Let's go.

You've got a campaign to run.



Three, two, one.



You remember, a full load of laundry

dries faster than half a load.



Always take the stairs.

Don't sweat the petty things.



Yeah, don't pet

the sweaty things either.



And your father will be here

all... week campaigning.



- If you need anything, call Liz.

- I'll be fine. Thank you.



You'll be great.



Okay, look at me,

at a loss for words.



Just tell me you'll miss me, Dad.



So, when the election's over, uh,

we'll spend some time together.



A whole day,    hours.



In a row?




Be a good kid.



Hey, Sam.



- Please be mellow.

- On one condition.



Could we major in something fun?

I'm really hoping we're not premed.



Light on the math.



Zip it, Bock.

And, Dylan?



Especially you.

Not another word.



Look, if you're gonna be going through

my stuff, at least you can help me carry it.



Are you aware there are two huge

individuals with stun guns...



sticky hands and no manners

flanking our door?



- You must be Mia.

- And you're not Linda.



Redhead. Paterson, New Jersey.

Plays trombone.




I'm Samantha Mac...



You're not as tall in person.



I'm really excited about this year.

There's so many things I wanna do.



- No offense, Miss Mackenzie...

- Samantha.




but I have a plan...



- of college.

- That's great.



Look, I'm just trying to have

a normal college experience, okay?



- All I want is normal, Mia.

- Right.



I'm going to

the housing office.



They said you were the kind of girl

who was up for anything.



I'm disappointed.



- You're manipulating me.

- Yes.



It's kinda working.



Please, Mia.

Just give it a shot.



That's all I'm asking.



Well, the situation

could have its advantages.




Like, in case of a national emergency...



guess who gets a free seat

on the chopper?



I was kind of thinking your Secret Service

could get us beer.



- You can forget about that.

- We'll work on it.



Mia Thompson,

Arkansas royalty.



I didn't know they had

royalty in Arkansas.



Course we do.

My dad's a king.



I mean, he's had

a few queens since my mom, but...



You know, Tire King...

best seller of the South?



Cool. This is Bock. Dylan's outside.

They're protecting us.



Could that involve tackling me?



'Cause the bald one's a little sexy.



And you can forget

about that too.






Look, bonus points for giving me the good bed.

I like you already.



But just to let you know,

don't kiss my ass.



'Cause I certainly

won't be kissing yours.



Mia, I like you already.



It's our first day.

I'm trying to have fun.



Why don't you change clothes?

We can go hang out. Go to some parties.



Meet some guys.

Definitely meet some guys.



My night's scheduled already.

I thought I looked okay, no?



Oh, yeah, sure. If you're trying

to hang out with the dean.



Miss Mackenzie, I speak

for the entire faculty...



when I say,

"Welcome to Redmond. '"



And I assure you

that you'll be treated just like any student...



just the minute we conclude

this elaborate party in your honor.



In the sense they would

support preferred policy.



Of course, the fundamental

importance of agenda control...



was established by McKelvey...



irrespective of implications

for the final outcome.



In fact, one ofhis

most notable papers showed...



that the one person, one vote...



system of voting...



did not always lead to a middle ground

in decision making.



The manipulation of agenda could have

a great impact on policy making.



You missed a great party.



- Sorry about that.

- Fortunately, I can provide you...



with another normal

college experience...



in which the roommate

kicks you out in the name of...



Higher education.



Can I just get my...



- Come back in two.

- Minutes?






We'll be following the First Daughter

through her entire...



Did you see Samantha Mackenzie

arrive at college?



I'm not saying the First Daughter

dresses badly...



but today, apparently Goodwill donated

some clothes, so I think that...



With guaranteed results.



If you have ring around the toilet...



Illegal motion.



- Take a look at this.

- With embroidery on the sleeves.



With embroidery

around the neck.



With a front closure.



It's very beautifully done.

Soft, all lines.



Look at that embroidery

around the shoulder.



And a slight shoulder pad.



And the Mandarin neckline.



This works great

with, uh, our tank top.



Taylor to the right.

He's got a hole.



He's got a big hole. And he's clear through

to the   -yard line.



- He's still going. He's on his feet...

- Samantha Mackenzie?



Greetings, Ms. Mackenzie.

The Redmond chapter of Lambda Zeta Phi...



is pleased to invite you

to our annual plunge.



It's an invitation-only event.



Bathing suits are mandatory.

Bikinis are preferred.



Thanks a lot, guys.



We hope to see you there,

Ms. Mackenzie.



Thank you.



Thank you.



How do you look

in a bikini, Bock?






"They had already poured the sum total

of their knowledge into his waiting vessel;



"and the vessel was not full.



"His intellect was not satisfied,

his soul was not at peace...



his heart was not still. '"



Well, uh, ladies and gentlemen,

I shall do my best...



to see to it that your intellect

is satisfied.



And your soul is at peace.



And your vessel

is filled this semester.



For starters, would it be possible

to shift your attention to me?



I know I'm not as pretty,

but, uh, come on.



- Work with me.

- Excuse me, Professor?



- Yes.

- I didn't see anything in the syllabus

about a vessel.



Uh, excuse me?



I see the books

that I'm supposed to buy...



but I don't see any mention

about a vessel of any kind.



You said you were gonna fill one?






I did. I did say that.

Thank you.



Thank you for pointing that out.

A very literal interpretation.



Thank you very much. Uh,

"He had one single goal...



to become empty of thirst'"...



Excuse me?



Excuse me.



I wanted to thank you

for rescuing me in there.



It was nothing.



Besides, you don't strike me as the kind

of person who needs rescuing.



I'm Samantha.

I know I'm taller in person.



Fatter, thinner, fill in the blank.

I get that.



Actually, I was gonna say

you look exactly like I thought you would.



Bye, Samantha.



- We're moving.

- Not bad, Ms. Mackenzie.



You really shouldn't

objectify men like that, Mia.



- The boy is fine.

- Hi, Samantha.



Nice meeting you too. Hello.



Just to be clear, I've never been

a plus-one before.



And it doesn't agree with me.



Thanks for coming, Mia.



I cannot believe how many cute guys

there are here.



Last time I was at a party like this,

I could only fill out a ruffled bikini.



Focus, Sam.

We are at a frat party.



You're right.

This is fantastic.



I think I'm blending in too.



Absolutely. Look, is there any way

that your fake Men in Black boys...



can back off?



All right, I'm about to show you

how to make a real entrance.






Don't mind me.



Gun! Gun, gun, gun, gun!



You're gonna be all right.



- Take her to the campaign office across town.

- Lucky Charm's secure.



- It's just a water gun, man.

- Shut up! Don't move.



California Headquarters,

Mackenzie for President.



I'm sorry. I'd have more on...



but I wasn't exactly given time to,

I don't know, get my stuff.



I guess she likes California.



Look, I gotta go. Wow.



- Don't tell me he's too busy.

I need to talk to him.

- You look great.



- What's going on, Sam?

- He has got too many Secret Service

following me around.



- I can't take it anymore.

- Sam, it's an election year.

Remember that.



Tensions are high. Just take a deep breath

and let me handle it. Okay?



Calm down.

I'll see ifhe has a minute.



- Create my own forum.

- Mr. President?



- Liz?

- Your daughter's asking

for reduced security at college.



She's very unhappy, sir.



Um, can this wait?



- Go ahead.

- We'll invite the press.



- It's not a good time.

- Fine.



Just tell him I'll ditch the whole

college thing and become a Hooters girl.



Good benefits, I hear.



- Sir?

- Yeah, it's... Liz.



There is a precedent

for reduced security.



I recommend cutting back

from four agents to two per shift.



Keep detail on the floor,

but not stationed at the room.



Sir, she's miserable.




Be right back.






I came this close to wearing

that exact bikini today.



Dad, if you want your daughter to have

any friends, we need to make some changes.



Yeah, well, I don't negotiate

with people in swimwear. Come here.



Dad, when Chelsea was at Stanford,

her Secret Service backed off.



They blended in.

They wore Birkenstocks.



Sam, I want you

to listen to me.



A navy blue suit with Birkenstocks

is a really bad look.



That was another time.



This is a real different world

we live in, Sam.



It is not like I am sleeping around

and getting drunk, Dad.



Come on.

You were my age once.



All I am asking for

is a shred of normalcy.



I can't go out and party

like my friends.






No, you can't.



Forget it.



This is the California Headquarters...



Samantha. Samantha.



- You got it.

- What?



Go back to school. You're on a new diet...

Secret Service lite.



- Thank you.

- And have fun.



Just not too much.



We got it from here.



And then there were two.






Lunge at me. Hit me. Tackle me.

Come on, you know you wanted to.



We could just celebrate.

I've narrowed it down to three target areas...



which, if we hit quickly...



Or maybe it's just right under our noses.

What's going on there?



Sam, I don't think

that's a party.



While Mackenzie's racking up

his frequent-flier miles...



Samuels is right here,

right now at home.



Health care,

education, new jobs.



Just a few of the things

Samuels has been working on...



while Mackenzie's out of the office

and out of the country.



Taking money out of our pockets again.

Next step: ; Out of office.






Samantha Mackenzie.

How good of you to join us.



Hey, ladies and gentlemen...



what do you say to some good

old-fashioned bipartisan debate? Huh?



Yeah, come on, Miss Mackenzie.



Get on up there.



What do you say, Samantha?

Daddy's not here.



Can we hear what you have to say,

or do you only do what Daddy tells you?






All right, there you go. Another Mackenzie

running away from the real issues.



- What was that?

- Freedom of speech.



They have the right

to express their beliefs.



Okay, the freedom goes both ways.

Why don't you get to speak your mind?



- Fine. You wanna know what I think?

- Yeah.



Well, I think

my father's administration...



gives a great deal of attention

to his domestic agenda.



- Take his college tuition...

- Blah, blah, blah. End of sound bite.



It's kind of hard to get that stuff

out of your head, huh?



Well, I know only one thing

that can definitely help.



What's that?



I should change.

I don't wanna ruin the outfit.



It can only improve it.



Come on, Sam!



- Hey, you okay?

- Yes. You?






I'm Sam. Remember?






- Hey, you guys, get outta the way!

- You coming or not?



Lambda Zeta Phi!



Watch and learn!



Come on, we're going again.



Wait a minute, James.



Wait up! Hey!



Excuse me, James?



Um, I had a really good time with you

on the slide last night.



No. Hey, James,

what's your major?



- Hi, James. James?

- Sam, come on.






Sam, I'm trying to sleep.



- Hello?

- New York Post online.



Oh, no. I can't believe

I made the Post!



Mia Thompson,

ladies and gentlemen.



Suffice it to say, your father feels like

he gave you an inch, and you took a mile.



I know.

L-I completely understand. I'm...



Listen to me, Sam.

You cannot pull a stunt like this again.



Look, I don't know

who you're groveling to...



but the best thing about college

is you can hang up.



- Put him on.

- Are you crazy? He's on fire.



Look, Liz, I'll just say, "Dad, I love you.

This is unfortunate, but"...



- Go ahead. I'm listening.

- Hi, Dad.



Listen, I'm really sorry.



What were you thinking, Sam?



I know.



Yes, it's the roommate, Mia.



Just so we're clear, she's the one

in the really uncomfortable-looking...



- Thong.

- In a thong.



- Correct.

- Okay. Put her on.



Mr. President?

Mia Thompson here.



Now, with all due respect, although I do

think your diplomatic skills are top-notch...



I think you really need

some serious parenting advice.




You know what, Mia?



I could not agree

with you more.



- What?

- It's great to know...



my daughter is living with

such a sensible young woman.



You've got that rare thing, Mia.

You know what it is? It's character.



Some people have it, some people don't.

You have it.



Really? Thanks.



Um, I mean, you too.

That whole China thing was real good.



Yeah, I can... I can definitely see

how you do what you do.



I will. Bye.



- He's good, isn't he?

- Yeah.



Next time, you should be

a little easier on him.



Okay. But the difference is

he's my president and he's your father.



Not when he's calling

from the Oval Office, he's not.



Oval Office, Schmoval Office.



At some point, every father's gotta

learn to let go of his little girl.



And every little girl's gotta

learn to let go of her father.



How do you do that, Mia?



Vote no. No Mackenzie.

Vote no. No Mackenzie.



Vote no. No Mackenzie.

Vote no. No Mackenzie.



- Ms. Mackenzie, one question, please!

- Back to your room.



How do you feel about the protestors?






Oh, please, is she in there?



Mia, I need your help.



You. This is the R.A.'s room.



Good thing I'm the R.A. Then.



- What happened to Stewart?

- Stewart preferred something

a little lower key.



You can find him down at the "C" Wing

if you need him.



Sorry to hear that.



So, it seems you need

a place to hide out a bit.



Seems I do.



They have to leave

sooner or later, right?



When's she coming out?



I have a better idea.

Here. Put this on.



There. And this.



Wait here for one minute.



You need a Kleenex?



Oh, no, I'm fine.



Follow my lead.



Hey, Mike, come on.



You gonna leave her in there?



Hey, Sam, stay as long as you want.



Where is she?



- Thank you very much.

- You too. Good luck.



- Mmm.

- You hate it, huh?



It tastes like freedom.



I should warn you

I'm a very slow eater.



- It's terrible on the system to rush.

- Yeah, I can see that.



So, there will be

plenty of time for discussion.



Starting with the topic of you.



Tell me something I don't know.



- Something you don't know.

- Mm-hmm.






Brazil's the only country

named after a tree.



Bagged lettuce that you buy in the store,

they wash it in chlorine.



The little parallelogram above

your top lip is called the filtrum.



Five years or half a decade

is a lustrum.



Every state in the Union

has a town named Springfield.



Male turtles grunt.

Female turtles hiss.



Difference between a fruit and a vegetable.

Off the vine, fruit ripens, a vegetable rots.



Spread your arms like this, middle finger

to middle finger is equivalent to your height.



Distance from your wrist to your elbow

is the length of your foot.



- Your ears and nose never stop...

- Growing?






So, I guess we're all

living Pinocchios.



And you still haven't told me

anything about yourself.



Trust me. I'm not

that interesting.



- Ask and see what happens.

- Oh.



- Thank you for doing all of this.

- Excuse me.



Otherwise my husband

will never believe me.






Oh, your boyfriend

can be in the picture too.



- He's not my boyfriend.

- Oh.



You're such a beautiful young lady.



- Thank you.

- And I'm so glad...



that you grew out of

that awkward stage.



And your bosom

came in very nicely.



- Would you like me to take the picture?

- No, no. I've got it.



Oh, that's nice.

Yes. Thank you.



Really, don't feel obligated to tell me

anything about yourself.



Truthfully, one quick call

to the F.B.I. Or the C.I. A...



and I can get your blood type,

third-grade class picture...



and satellite photos

of your ex-girlfriend's homes.



I guess you didn't find anything when

you were rifling through my stuff earlier.



We'll take it slow.

What is your major?



- Actuarial science.

- What actually is actuarial science?



Statistics, probability

and assessment of risk.



But more importantly,

uh, it's what my dad did.



And what his dad did.

So, that's what I'm gonna do.



And what his dad did.

So, that's what I'm gonna do.



Samantha! That's them over there

across the street!



- Come on.

- There they go. Come on!



Please, Sam, one shot.



Hey, is that them?



- Let's do it again.

- Just catch your breath.



Come on.



He has a place out here too?



The place used to

be the gambling casino.



He likes it there

because of the memories.



- The old ancestral home, huh?

- Oh, no.



Mr. Murdock wasn't born there, but most

ofhis best friends were killed there.



You know the police used to

raid it and everything.



Your face.



No, no, you're all right.



The look you get.

It's like...



It's like the first time I rode my bike

without training wheels.



It's like you're experiencing

everything for the first time.



I am.



- Would you like something?

- You need to try this.



Will Fats be surprised?

He's expecting us.



I picked you up an hour early.

We have lots of time.



- You get the bags. I'll undress.

- Thank you.



Enjoy it.






- What are you doing?

- A chocolate snack must be poured

directly over popcorn.



That way you get that delicious

salty sweet mixture...



and a little melted chocolate.



Sometimes you gotta

break the rules.



You never know when you're

gonna get something inspired.



Well, go on, Mackenzie.

Break the rules.



If I had the strength...






It's disgusting.



I love it.



- Favorite board game?

- Clue. Yours?



- Poker.

- Favorite season?



Congressional recess.

Venus or Serena?



Both. It's a trick question.

Favorite dessert?



Dinner menu Thursday.



I know I'm not supposed to say this,

but back at the White House...



my friend Joe makes

the most sensational soufflé.



Although you really haven't tasted a blintz

until you've tasted Petrovich's.



Favorite First Daughter joke?



Must be hard.



It's not so bad.



No, really.

It must be hard.



Sometimes it really is.



How do you make a tissue dance?



- No idea.

- Put a little boogie into it.



Oh, no, come on.



How do I know this wasn't

just a one-time thing?



Probably wasn't even a date.



Let's find out.



"James, bonfire...



"Friday night.



"Be there.






One, two, three.






Go, Redmond!



Go, Redmond!



Go, Redmond Knights!



Go, Redmond!

Go, Redmond!



Go, Redmond... Knights!



Redmond's in the house!



Everybody clap your hands.

Yeah, Red! Red!



Yeah, Red! Red!



I know you love

a good bonfire, Dylan.



Here's a tip. When you're having

a conversation with someone...



it's only polite

to let them get a word in.



A lot of folks, they wanna know: ;

What's that one special secret...



- for getting a victory?

- Still noJames?



Who was I kidding?

He's not interested.



He was just taking pity on me.



Give the guy a little leeway.

Between your dad...



and your portable set

of Men in Black action figures...



the boy's taking on

a huge job here.



...and that's all you people.



On behalf of the Redmond Knights,

I wanna thank each and every one of you.



What we do on the field

would not be possible...



without what you do off the field.



Are you all right?



Okay, I need backup.

I really like this guy.



What happened to all the ones you've

been kissing since school started?



When I really like a guy,

it means I'm not gonna kiss him.



All right. Long story short,

we went to school together...



and I've loved him

ever since spandex was in.



I asked him to meet me

here tonight, but...



I never thought he would.



Your offensive captain, John Young.



Give it up for big Buck Rich

on defense.



Hi, Samantha.



Welcome to Redmond.

Nice to meet you.



Excuse me.

It's always about you, Sam.



Mia, wait.

Where you going?



Supposed to hang out.



Hey, I'll see you later, all right?



So, Mia, did you talk to her

about rushing yet?



Not yet.



Hey, did you invite her to our party?



You still wanna invite her

after what happened at the last one?



Are we supposed to salute

or say the Pledge of Allegiance?



Hands off the roommate's personals.

Only I can touch 'em.



Dude, can't believe we're partying in,

like, Dorm Room One.



"Hey, Mia, what's she like?"

"Get to see her naked?"



"Can we all just stand in line

to kiss her ass?"



I'm so sick of all things Samantha.



Does she have a boyfriend?

She is so hot.



- Oh, yeah.

- I don't believe that's any of your business.



What's going on, Mia?



What's going on is

this isn't working out.



It's too hard.



Is it that you don't like living

with all the attention, Mia?



- Or that you don't like living without it?

- Excuse me?



I think you're used to being

the center of things.



As a matter of fact, I am.







What you got going on

is a whole lot of genetic limelight.



I think that you're acting

really unreasonably right now.



So why don't we just step outside.

Maybe calm down.



No, I'm not counting to   .

I'm not writing up some itinerary.



Right here, right now,

let's have this out.



And for once, Sam,

say something that you wanna say...



and not what someone wrote for you.



Just be you.

Whoever that is.



This from a woman who will kiss

anyone with lips...



but saves abstinence for the one person

she really cares about?



Well, you know what?

At least I can admit I'm messed up.



You're so desperate to make everybody like

you, you let people use me to get to you...



and then you act like

you don't see what's happening.



You let people use you,

regardless of whether I am around, Mia.



You make that choice all of the time...



so don't blame your

genetically lit roommate.



And don't draw on my parents.



It's not nice.



Oh, my God.



You really shouldn't sleep

in that position.



It's bad for your neck.



I deserve it.



I'm the devil. See?



Oh, you are.



I wouldn't wanna be friends

with me either. Mm-mmm.



Reduced security or not.



I just have to face it.

My life will never be normal.



And what exactly

is so bad about that?



The last time I had privacy

I was in utero.



Imagine what it's like to have

your whole life picked out for you.



Imagine... never being alone

and always feeling lonely.



All I ever wanted

was to get my key...



get in a beat-up little Volkswagen,

and drive off to college.



You think I'm a silly, spoiled kid,

completely devoid of gratitude.



Actually, I think I completely understand

what you're going through.



- You do?

- This one time,

I won the class spelling bee.



I couldn't get from point "A'"to point "B'"

without people watching my every move.



I had to avoid the press,

the paparazzi.



And the women.

My God, the women, Sam.



The number of training bras

that were left in my locker...



could fill the support needs

of an entire country.



So, listen, about last night.



You're my R.A.

It's forbidden.



I get it.



It's actually not just the R.A. Thing.



Oh, the other thing.



Most guys have to deal

with meeting the dad.



My dates have to charm

the commander-in-chief.



Note to fathers worldwide: ;



In order to keep your daughters

from getting any action...



become the president.



You were hoping to get some action?



You need some air?



I think I could use a little air.



I'll just go get changed.



Come on.



Shh. Shh. Shh.



- I got your shoes. Come on.

- Oh, thank you.



My dad used to take me

to a spot like this.



He would always say that

the world was a tough place...



and you needed total self-reliance

to survive it.



He must be proud of you.



Yeah, if he was,

he definitely wouldn't say so.



Let's say you do

please your father...



and you are completely successful

and completely self-reliant...



and you know that

he's proud of you.



Then what?



It's tough to imagine, right?



Because then you'd actually

have to figure out what you want.



You've thought

about this before, huh?



Every day of my life.



Excuse me.



- Let's get back in there.

- Come on. You all right?



- How do you do that?

- What's that?



When I'm with you,

I'm just me... Sam.



I'm not

the First Daughter.



I really like it.



You're just...



So are you.



All right then,

let's get back in there.



You lead.



You beat me.



- Oh, no, I kicked your butt.

- Thanks.



- Usually people let me win.

- Sam, you will never have to worry

about that with me.



Thank you.






- Will you show me how you did that?

- Mm-hmm. Excuse me.



We'll go one more time.

Just hers.



- I like your bracelet.

- Thanks.



It's from my dad.

It's one charm for every continent...



every country

and every election he won.



It's for all of our trips together.



- That's cool. Go ahead.

- Huh? Oh.



- Oh.

- Ah.



Come on, pitcher. Come on!



For your bracelet.



Just the first of all the trips

you're gonna take on your own.



Well, this is my stop.



That's your room.



I like it.

It's nice.



Spacious for a double.



That's exactly what I said to Mia.



- Well, I had fun.

- I had fun.



All right.

Well, I guess I should...



Me too.



Well, thank you for tonight.



Good night, Samantha.



Good night.






- Good night.

- Good night.



I know you're mad at me right now,

but I kissed him.



Oh, sorry. I'll just...



No, Sam, stay.






Yeah, really?



I really need to hang out

with my roommate tonight.



You should go.



All right.



I know I'm hard to live with.



I know you didn't

want to be my roommate.



Come with me.



- Hey.

- Hi.



Oh, my God. I can't believe it.

It's you! You're here in my room.



Sam, allow me to introduce you

to our dorm mate...



Linda, of Paterson, New Jersey.



Plays trombone.

My original roommate.



- Nice to meet you.

- Oh.



Don't... move!



- Wow.

- Yeah, wow, right?



Uh, Linda practices

four hours a day.



- In her room.

- Oh, four.



Isn't that fantastic?



Bulletproof glass

is looking pretty good right now.



Yeah, it's looking great.



Are we good?

Are we all set, Liz?



Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.



Mia, I need you to come with me.



I knew you'd change your mind.



Whatever you say.



Anybody up for a study break?



Okay, what's going on?






I'm kidnapping you.



Dylan. Mr. Motor Mouth.

What's up?



Does he say anything ever?



Come on, Mia.



Please, follow me.



I can't believe I'm on Air Force One.

Now, this is a road trip.



Well, you guys have put up

with a lot from me...



and I wanted to do something special.



- And who might you be?

- This is Charles.



He's here to assist you

with anything you may want.



You mean, my every need?

My every whim?






Because I can be whimsical.



- Nice equipment.

- Excuse me?



The computers.



- Can you hack into any computer

in the world?

- Yes.



So that means that, uh,

it shouldn't be too hard...



to raise the credit limit

on my Neiman's account.



Marjorie is here

to help us get ready...



starting with manicures and pedicures.



And then when we land,

we'll find something to wear.



- James.

- Hi.



Every kind of game imaginable

is stacked over here.



It's my dad's own private collection.

You can sit down.



I hope this isn't too much.



No. Where we going?



It's a surprise.



This is fine. Thank you.



Can I get you something?



Is this country great or what?



- Hi, Vera.

- Hi.



Thank you for doing this

on such short notice.



I'm thrilled to do it.

Come with me, ladies.



- Just a moment please, ma'am.

- James...



I have a feeling you're gonna

look great in a tux.



Samantha! Samantha!



Samantha! Samantha!



- Just one picture, Sam!

- Sorry we're late.



- Don't be.

- You look lovely.



- Can we get a picture of you, Sam?

- Sam, who's your date?



- Who are you wearing?

- Samantha, right here.



- Sam, how about a kiss?

- Sam.



- Sam, just a second. Over here. Talk to us for just a second.

- I was right.



It's beautiful.






- Mia and James.

- Gotcha. Hey, baby. How are you doin'?



- Good. Hey, Mom.

- Beautiful. I'm glad you're here.



Mr. And Mrs. President?

Mia Thompson.



- Oh.

- The one in the thong?



- Oh. Hey, Mia. How are you doin'?

- Hi.



- Mia, would you like a photo?

- Oh, yeah.



- Thanks.

- Dad, this is James Lamson, my R.A.

And my b...



- Thanks.

- Dad, this is James Lamson, my R.A.

And my b...



- Mr. President, it's a pleasure

to meet you, sir.

- Pleasure to meet you, James.



- And my mother.

- Mrs. Mackenzie,

you're even lovelier in person.



Please, call me Melanie.



Sir, John Armstrong has arrived.



Oh, yeah. Excuse me.



Right this way, sir.



- Mia.

- Hi.



- You look lovely tonight.

- Thanks.



- We have you seated with

some very nice people.

- Mmm. Important, I hope.



Sam, can we go talk somewhere?






Oh, my goodness. She's beautiful.



- Place your right hand...

- What are you doing?



- I'm dancing with you.

- No one else is dancing.



And isn't it a shame?

Here, on my waist.



- I need a minute alone with you.

- And I need your left hand.



- We shouldn't do this.

- Why not?



It's a free country.

I don't care what he says.



Call out the National Guard.



Nothing is stopping me

from dancing with you tonight.



Tonight I am making my own itinerary,

and it happens to feel great.






- Go away.

- Okay. Never mind.



- I'm gonna spin now.

- Sam...



We're here to have fun

and have a few laughs.



And if I'm lucky, maybe I'll get to dance

with my beautiful wife, Melanie.



- What do you think, Mel?

- You are so lucky.



Have a good time tonight.



Hey, Sam...

Vanuatu really a country?



'Cause this boy told me

he's the ambassador.



You are as beautiful as my country.



You are as beautiful as my country.



- Samantha, a few questions, this way.

- Sam... Samantha...



What do you feel about

your father's domestic policy...



and how does it affect you?



Is your education hurt by it?



I think my father's administration

gives a great deal of attention to its...



You know he's a fraud.



Take his college tuition

tax exemption initiative.



- Your dad is a fraud.

- Yeah, your daddy's a fraud.



Hey, back off, man.



There are a lot of protesters here.

Have you talked to...



Keep going.

Stay with the shot.



Emergency motorcade!

Lucky Charm on the way!



Stay with me!



- What about Mia?

- They'll take care of her.



- Go! Go!

- Lucky Charm is at location six.



Roger that.

We're takin' her home.



Lucky Charm secure.



- You okay?

- Don't.



Was there anybody who didn't know

except for me?



I feel so humiliated.



Do you know that every day I get...



at least a half a dozen threats

against you... every day?



As your father, I couldn't live with myself

if something ever happened to you.



As a president...



this country can't afford to have

anything happen to you right now.



What could I do, Sam?

What choice did I have?



You had the choice

to be honest with me.



You had the choice not to lie to me...

as my father and as the president.



Oh, man.



Hon, I know you thought

he was your friend.



If you want,

We can replace him.



Won't he lose his job?



He'll be transferred

from First Family detail, but no.



No... Find another position.



But not the right position.



He's in line to work for me.



And, yeah, that's where most agents

want to end up.



No. He can stay.



I really hope someday

you understand this.



I do.



That is what is so disappointing.



I thought I'd finally found someone

who'd like me for me.



So how do you know his feelings

for you weren't real?



- He was just doing his job.

- That's crap. He wanted you.



Watch. Go back and act

like nothing happened.



Better yet, date somebody.



There's nothing a man wants

more than something he can't have.



- Hey, there's Samantha.

- Hey, Sam.



Hey, Samantha.



- Sam.

- James.



I just wanted to thank you.



I crossed a line, and you could

have had me fired for that...



and I just wanted to say

that I appreciate it.



Hey, Sam.



Sam, I'm really sorry

that I had to deceive you.



We're all living Pinocchios, right?



I'm here for my birth

control appointment.



- Uh, Miss Mackenzie?

- Yes.



- It's not really for me.

- Uh-huh.



- I'm trying to make this guy jealous.

- Of course.



No. Seriously.



Okay. How do you make a tissue dance?



You put a little boogie into it.



Okay. I'm beginning to regret

the outfit choice.



Who was I kidding?

I can't pull this off.



- Is it even working?

- You got yourself into this.

You're gonna follow through.



- Hey, ladies. Lookin'good.

- You're right.



- 'S'up?

- Besides, I have a date expecting me.



- What's his name again?

- Frank.



Can I speak frankly, Frank?



The life of the college student

is really growing on me.



- And furthermore,

you're really growing on me.

- Thanks.



Bock, from Lamson. She's wasted.



- Is my date a babe or what?

- Yeah, I guess so.



We're federal agents. This is illegal.



Be advised,

it's my responsibility.



Let's cut the chatter.



We're movin'.



Check it out.






Bock, do something. This is too much.

Sam, what are you doing?









Put me down, James.

I'm not four years old.



Put me down. I can walk.



Yeah. The thing is, you can't.



So why don't you just let me

help you, Samantha?



Why should I trust you?



You lied to me.

You made me like you.



Why are you a Secret Service agent?



Honestly, right now I'm just tryin'

to get through this and do my job.



- Which, by the way,

you're making very difficult.

- Oh. Really?



Why are you doin' this, Sam?

This isn't you.



Whoo! This is me, James...



me without you.



What was that?



I was just sayin' good night.



What is this?

Is this some kind of game to you, James?



- No.

- You don't have to pretend anymore.



You're an amazing girl.



Would you stop it?

Just stop lying to me.



What could I have given you, Sam?

I don't have anything to offer you.



You're the president's daughter,

for Chrissake.



I've spent...



almost my entire life

with people smiling at me...



and laughing at my jokes

and telling me how special I am...



and how great I am

and how nice and smart.



And right now I don't know

if any of that was true.



Maybe it was all some kind

of an act. I don't know.



What if I was different? What if

I was just like everybody else, James?



How would you feel about me then?



You just don't get it.

Things aren't different.



What if they were?

I think you owe me at least this.



Forget image.



Forget politics. Forget...



Forget everything else

but who I am right now in here.



If things were different.



If things were different...



I'd still follow you around

all the time...



because I wanted to,

not because I had to.



Good night, Sam.



She's not up yet.



She's not here.



Hello. You have reached Moviefone.



If you know the name of the movie

you'd like to watch, stay on the line.



Sorry about all the calls.



Don't worry about it.



You know, you are quite the photogenic

young lady. I would kill for your ass.



And Frankie likes it a lot.



Take a number, buddy.



Oh. Hey, Liz.



You have to take this one.



- Hi.

- Sam, your father is

extremely disappointed.



Is there anything else

we need to know?



It was just one night, Liz...



one very... bad night.



I don't wanna know about your night.

I wanna know about your boyfriend.



What are you talking about?

Just put him on.



- Sir, she wants to talk to you.

- I don't wanna talk to her.



- She went too far this time.

Send in the media rep.

- Yes, sir.



He doesn't want to talk to you, Sam.



He's there right now, isn't he?

I can hear him.



- Really, he doesn't. Bye.

- I think he's got some good ideas.









- Who are you?

- I'm Agent Dryer, ma'am.



Mr. Lamson is no longer on this detail.



So, what does it mean?









At the end of the day,

the prince is... is what?



- Just a prince.

- Go on.



Didn't matter how much

he trusted or gave of himself...



or his possessions.



At the end of the day,

the prince is and will always be...



just a prince.



He'll always be different.



After Samantha Mackenzie's

table dance last night...



a shroud of embarrassment

surrounds the White House today.



Let's go live toJeff Michael as he

tells us more about her alleged affair.



The White House

has no comment regarding...



a jealous brawl involving

Samantha Mackenzie...



nor do they have anything to say

about her alleged relationship...



with one ofher

Secret Service agents.



Reporting live

from Redmond University...



What are you doing here?



Well, the question on my mind,

Samantha, is:



What have you been doing here?



Been a three-point drop in the polls...



since your little table dance.



Is it that bad?



You've gotta know that we are

in the race of our lives.



We were elected to set an example.



They expect more of us.

That's the life we've chosen.



I didn't choose anything, Mom.



And I didn't run for anything.

Nobody elected me, remember?



Like it or not, chosen or not...



you are the daughter

of the president of the United States.



Your father and I need you.

Now, we need to be the First Family.



You want me to leave school?



When President Harding was elected,

Florence Harding said...



"Warren, I got you the presidency.

Now what are you gonna do with it?"



So, let's get your father

the presidency... again...



see what he does with it.



It's his time.



You're asking me to join the campaign?



Mm-mmm. I'm not asking.



Good evening, miss.



I guess you heard,

Samantha Mackenzie raising money...



for her dad's reelection

one dollar at a time.



Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

That's... That's the big story.



Here's the best part.

The Secret Service agent...



who knocked out the guy at the bar

where Samantha was stripping...



Turns out, that Secret Service agent

is her boyfriend.






And with the help of hard workin' people

like you, we can win this thing.



Thank you, Motor City!







We're here to discuss your proposed

removal as a disciplinary action.



Your record is exceptional,

but looking at this report...



I have my doubts about your ability

to continue as an agent.



I understand.



So please tell this panel why we should

allow you to continue as an agent.



My father was an agent.



- And my grandfather was before...

- But they're not the ones

under review here. You are.



And if you had a different father

or grandfather, you wouldn't

have this opportunity.



You know, as a little kid...



I always dreamt about standing on the

sidelines of history, protecting others...



maybe even the president himself.



Well, I had the opportunity

to protect a pretty remarkable person.



Do you have anything to say

to defend your actions?



You trained me

to expect the unexpected.



And I tried... not to feel anything.

I tried to keep my distance...



but I...



fell deeper... and deeper.



Lfhaving those feelings

means losing myjob...



then that's a loss

I am prepared to take.



You and I know that mistakes made in our

line of work could mean someone's life.



So I'm sorry.



You'll be on suspension

pending your removal...



and you should start to think

about other alternatives.



... his humor, his charisma.



Have we confirmed these numbers?



And did she sign for them?



- Well, the only thing...

- Well, that's why we chose this venue.



- New Hampshire worked, right?

- We're not in New Hampshire anymore.



- Most people want to hear

about foreign markets.

- Pardon me.



- Hey. How are you doin'?

- Good.



You okay?






you're unhappy.



I get it. But if you're going

to be here, be here.



Because there's a lot at stake...



and I really need you to act

like a grown-up right now.



Obviously, I understand

there is a lot at stake, Dad.



I have been standing by your side

with Mom my entire life.



That's why I came home.



You don't have to tell me how important

it is to be with the people you love.



I am here. If you want me to be

a grown-up, then you have to allow it.



- What's goin' on with Sam?

- Uh...



- What is it?

- Well...



remember when she was little

and she found that frog...



and we wouldn't let her keep it...



and she got that really stubborn little...

unbelievably cute look on her face?



- Yes.

- She just made that face again.



Man. Here I am about to go onstage...



she puts her old man in his place.



- Really?

- Yeah. Really.






And, uh...



- I dunno. Good for her.

- Will someone get the president?



- I dunno. Good for her.

- Will someone get the president?



- It's time to go, Mr. President.

- Ready?



Let's go.



And as for our president,

he's gonna do the same thing...



to this country that she's done

to her family... embarrass it.



With all due respect, now that

we'vejust taken direct hits...



on the domestic agenda, and it's

the last push before the election...



It's too late to change our position.

I don't think we should address it.



What do you think, Sam?



- I don't really have an opinion, Dad.

- Really?



Are you sure?



Well, I don't know what could be

more important than home.



Ladies and gentlemen,

the President of the United States.






- Mr. President.

- Mr. President.



Afternoon, folks.



Thought you might want a snack.



Made it myself.



- Dad.

- Okay, I had that cake made myself.



How are you doin'?



- Dad?

- Yeah.



I need you to make sure

thatJames is okay.



He's a good agent.

I'll see what I can do.



Thank you.



Did you love him?



I loved who I got to be with him.



Even though I didn't do

anything amazing, for me it was.



I felt like I...

knew myself for the first time.






That too.



That's what I thought.




reelected to a second term...



President John Mackenzie.



- Thank you very much. God bless the U.S.A.

- We love you, Mac!



Recently, this...

really fine young woman...



pointed out to me

the importance of home.



And, uh, for the next four years,

this administration...



is going to find its way

back there, starting now.



Thank you.



It's your time.



- The next dance is for you and me.

- Okay.



What do you think of your father's

policies now, Samantha?



I have my own policies to think about.



- It was a nice speech.

- Thanks.



Dad, one thing you always taught me...



was to make sure that I'm always at home,

no matter what anyone else thinks.



It has to include you.



We all deserve a second chance.



It's okay.



Give me your left hand.



What are you doing?



Dancing with you.

On my shoulder.



We shouldn't. We can't.



Try not to lead this time, okay?



I, uh...



believe this is yours.



It'll take you on your next trip.



Even included the cooler.



We did everything

to your exact specifications.



- Thank you, James.

- Thank you.



Bye, Sam.



Now, go try to break a few rules, huh?



You try to keep some.



- Forget something?

- Yeah.



I just forgot my purse.



- Take good care of him.

- I will.



Just getting back on duty now.



I'm just getting off duty now.



- I hear she'll be home for spring break.

- Hmm?



Just so you know.



You ready to stand on

the sidelines of history?



Yeah. You?



- POTUS moving.

- Yeah.



Just make sure you don't fall in love

with this one.



Once upon a time, underneath

the magic of the night sky...



a brazen little girl grew up

in a white house.



It wasn't until she left

that house, however...



That she truly found home.



College-bound till spring, she'll be back

when the cherry blossoms bloom again.



With romance in the air,

James will be there.



But that's another story.





Special help by SergeiK