First Knight Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the First Knight script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Richard Gere and Sean Connery movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of First Knight. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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First Knight Script






Do you want to know how to win?



Be the only one with a sword.






Give him a hand! He fought well!



Well done. John.



Winner takes all, my friends!

One more challenger and I'll leave.



Once in a lifetime, you meet a man

so fearless. No man can touch him.



While you're waiting for him,

you can practice on me.



As sure as the sun will rise.

There's a man who's better than me.



He could be here. It could be today.






It could be you.



- He looks strong. Is he good?

- Try him and see!



Go on. Mark. But don't hurt him.



So, you're Mark, are you?

I'm Lancelot.



- Are you ready?

- I'm ready.



You don't have to kill me to win.



- Got tight hold of your sword?

- Don't you worry about that!



Can I give you some advice?

Don't drop your sword.



Is this your sword?

Give him a hand!



- Well done. Mark!

- How did you do that?



- Was that a trick?

- No. That's the way I fight.



Could I do it?

Tell me. I can learn.



Study your opponent, so you know

what he'll do before he does it.



- I can do that.

- And wait for the critical moment.



- I can do that.

- You can't care about your life.



Come on! Quickly!



Shut the doors!



Where's Daddy?



Burn it down.



We'll be burnt alive!



We need water! Get water!



- No! Wait till they've gone!

- We'll be dead by then!






Last night, men from this village

killed three of my people.



In reprisal,

I have destroyed your village.



The borderlands have been lawless

long enough.



Know now. That I am the law!



Come on!



There she is.



Mind the dog!



- Come here, milady.

- Wait.



- Milady...

- I won't be much longer.



There's been another attack.

Another border village burnt.



Anne, take my place.



- Is it Malagant again?

- Yes. A small group got away.



- Are they being looked after?

- They want to see you first.



No, no, please. You poor people,

after such a terrible journey.



We didn't know

where else to turn, milady.



They say we're outlaws.

They say we crossed the border.



I know. It's all lies. He means

to frighten us into submission.



- Don't give in to him. We'll fight.

- I'm not the yielding kind.



Jacob. Take these good people in

and give them food and drink.



When you've rested, we shall pray

for your village and for Leonesse.



- God keep you safe, milady.

- And you. Now, go.



- It's the third village he's burnt.

- Does he want to destroy us all?



- He wants us to sign his treaty.

- He thinks we won't challenge him.



If he doesn't get what he asks,

he has the power to take it.




You say nothing.



- You know what I think. Child.

- Yes, I suppose I do.



- Prince Malagant must be answered.

- He will be. I shall decide today.



Now leave me.

Oswald, stay.



- I had hoped to have more time.

- Don't you know your own heart?



I know what I want.

I want to marry.



I want to live and die in Leonesse.



But I can't have everything I want,

can I?



Forgive me, but an offer of marriage

from Arthur of Camelot...



Yes. I know.

You're right, of course.



No more words. Let it be done.



- You accept the offer?

- I shall marry Arthur of Camelot.



I was so proud to hold you

in my arms at your birth.



I shall be prouder still

to see you wed.



Poor Arthur. The only dowry

I bring him is a land in danger.



- But I shall love him. Oswald.

- You should. Child.



I could never marry a man

without love.



Arthur wears his power so lightly.



He has such gentleness in his eyes.



I've never known anyone like him.



How could I love anyone more?






It could be an ambush.

Look to the trees!



Protect the carriage!



Don't break the line.



Wait! Wait!






Follow! Follow!



It's all right.



They're going.






Watch your flank!



We've got to jump!

Come on. Elise!



Roll when you hit the ground!



Petronella. Come on!



You have to!






Save yourself!

It's me they'll follow!



She must have gone to ground.



She can't be far.






Don't move.



- Who are you?

- Who cares?



Kill him!



- What is it?

- There were three.



Don't even breathe.

You... drop the sword.



- Can I have her when you're done?

- You were after the woman?



Of course. Have you ever seen

anything so beautiful?



- I don't know about that.

- You don't want her?



Her soft skin, sweet lips...

young, firm body.



- I have my orders.

- Who's to know?



- I should take her back.

- I'll hold her for you.



- It won't take long.

- I don't want any trouble.



This one's no trouble.

Look at her. She wants it.



- What's she doing?

- See for yourself. Turn her around.



Look into her eyes.

See what she's got for you.



Hello, pretty.



Now... what have you got for me?



Come on.



Come on.



Let's go.



Why did you risk your life for me?

They could have killed you.



I'm not that easy to kill.



Do you know who I am?

Guinevere. I'm the Lady of Leonesse.



Well? Doesn't it please you to know

you saved the life of a lady?



- I'd be happy to save a dairy maid.

- She couldn't reward you.



If she were as pretty as you,

she could.



- What did I do?

- You insulted me.



Now I've insulted you.



How dare you treat me like this?



I take it you know no better.



You have done me a good service

and I shall forget the matter.



- Which way?

- I've never been here before.



- How do you know where the road is?

- I'm guessing.



See the scavenger birds?



They're looking for small animals

crushed by the passing wagons.



- About this reward...

- My man will pay you.



- I don't want money.

- I'm on my way to be married.



Then you're not married yet.

You're free.



- I've given my word.

- I don't want your word.



- I want you.

- I'm not to be had for the wanting.



Why not? If you want me.



- You may impress servant girls...

- I can tell when a woman wants me.



- I can see it in her eyes.

- Not in my eyes.



- You're afraid, aren't you?

- I have nothing to hide.



Then look at me.



If there is any honour in you,

promise me never to do that again.



I don't know about honour.



But I promise you... I won't

kiss you again until you ask me to.



And that I never will.



- When do you get married?

- On Midsummer's Day.



Before Midsummer's Day dawns,

you'll ask me to kiss you again.



- You insult me. Then abandon me?

- That's the road ahead.



And that, I presume,

is your brave escort.



- My child... Thank the Lord.

- Are my ladies safe?



- Were you followed, milady?

- No.



No. There's no one there.



Your new country awaits you.



- If anything should happen...

- I'll send word. Never fear.



Send Jacob. I want to know at once.

Good news or bad. Promise me.



I promise you.



I promise you.



Lady Guinevere of Leonesse.

Welcome to Camelot.



God be praised, you're safe.

Nothing shall ever harm you again.



My Lord honours me

with his kindness.



Your coming brings me a happiness

I had not dared hope for.



My Lord must not think too highly

of me, lest he'll be disappointed.



Then I'll take you as I find you,

if you'll do as much for me.



Leonesse awaits news of your safety.

John will send any message you want.



My Lord grants my wishes

before I speak them.



Tell my people I'm come safe

into my new country.



Tell them you saw my eyes

filled with tears of joy.



Already a queen.



- Agravaine, what happened?

- Ambush. Sire.



- Malagant?

- It has to be.



- Was Lady Guinevere in danger?

- We were all in danger, sire.



There were two separate forces.



- Lady Guinevere was in danger.

- You weren't prepared for them?



So many fell in the first strike.



How could we guess

they had a second force?



Malagant doesn't care how many men

he loses, so long as he wins.



- I'll not fail you again, sire.

- We both know no one is perfect.



- But I need to know everything.

- Sire.






I first climbed this hill as a boy

and saw what was to become my city.



I named it Camelot.



- It's so beautiful it frightens me.

- Why do you say that?



I was brought up

to set no faith in finery.



"Beauty doesn't last",

my father said.



I remember the way he looked at you.

I remember him saying, -



- "Do all fathers think

their daughters are so beautiful?"



He never said that to me.






Good girl...



Thank you!



You saved me from a long ride.

God knows when she'd have stopped.



- She's a fine animal.

- Fit for a queen.



- I'm Peter. King's stableman.

- Lancelot. Which king?



The King. Arthur of Camelot.

This beauty is a gift for his bride.



People swore he would never marry,

but I knew better.



He was just waiting

for the right one. Like we all do.



There'll be some feasting today!

Come on! The party's started!



Beat the gauntlet and meet the King!

Who's got the heart of a lion?



Be the first

to get through the gauntlet, -



- and you'll be up there drinking,

as if he's your brother!



Get up here! Get padded up

and beat the gauntlet!



What about you boys out there?



Give your support

to this brave, young man!



Beat the gauntlet

and meet our lovely queen!



Will you give the victor a kiss,




Howw's that? Beat the gauntlet and

win a kiss from Lady Guinevere, -



- soon to be our lovely queen!



Who will it be?



Not like that. Idiot!

Come and get padded up first!



Get down! You're mad!

You'll kill yourself!



Go on!






Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!



- Extraordinary. What's your name?

- Lancelot.




We won't forget that name.



Your prize...



- Ask me.

- No.



Ask me.






I dare not kiss so lovely a lady.

I only have one heart to lose.






Well done.



- Have you run the gauntlet before?

- No. Never.



- How did you do it?

- You have to see the danger coming.



Others have found it very hard.

You're the first one to do it.



Perhaps fear made them go back

instead of forward.



- And you felt no fear?

- No. I have nothing to lose.



No home... family?

Do you have a profession?



- I live by my sword.

- You fight for pay.



Nobody paid you to run the gauntlet.



I knew I could do it. So I did it.



Well. Lancelot...

you're an unusual man.



I've never seen such a display of

courage, skill, -



- nerve, grace and... stupidity.






Here, every life is precious,

even the lives of strangers.



If you must die, die serving

something greater than yourself.



Better still.

Live... and serve.



- The Round Table.

- Yes.



The High Council meets here.



No head. No foot.

Everyone equal... even the King.



"In serving each other,

we become free."



That is the very heart of Camelot.



Not these stones. Timbers.

Towers, palaces.



Burn them all...

and Camelot lives on.



Because it lives in us.

It's a belief we hold in our hearts.



Well. No matter.



- Stay in Camelot. I invite you.

- I'll be on the road again soon.



- What road?

- Wherever chance takes me.



Do you believe that what you do

is a matter of chance?



- Yes.

- In that hallway are two doors.



- How will you choose between them?

- It won't matter. It's all chance.



I hope chance leads you to the left.

It's the only way out.




Just a thought...



A man who fears nothing

is a man who loves nothing.



And if you love nothing,

what joy is there in your life?



I may be wrong.




Show us how she goes.



- She's yours.

- She's beautiful.



Peter thinks

she's not suitable for a lady.



- I would have chosen her myself.

- I know.



- How do you know?

- Remember when you joined our hunt?



- You were fearless.

- My father's word was "reckless".



He was always sparing with praise.






- We could almost be alone here.

- Do you have secrets to tell me?



No. No secrets.

Just a question to ask.



Do you want to marry me?



You don't have to marry me

because your father wanted it.



Camelot will protect Leonesse,

whether you marry me or not.



Thank you.



You don't know what it means to me

to hear you say that.



Do you want to be released

from the engagement?



No. I want to marry you.



Not your crown or your army

or your golden city. Just you.



- Just me?

- Yes. If you love me.



- Do you remember this?

- You hurt it in the hunt.



- I didn't think you'd get a scar.

- Just a scratch.



You wiped the blood away

with a sleeve of your dress.



The sleeve still carries the stain.



I never thought until then how sweet

it must be to be loved by one woman.



And for the first time in my life,

I wanted...



- What?

- What wise men say doesn't last.



What cannot be promised, or made

to linger any more than sunlight.



But I don't want to die. Without

having felt its warmth on my face.



Marry the King, Guinevere,

but love the man.



I only know one way to love.



And that is body... and heart...

and soul.



I kiss the hurt

that brought me your love.



Try her.



- Shall I fetch a lady's saddle?

- No need.



- She's a rare beauty, sire.

- Yes. She is.



So is the mare.



May God grant us the wisdom

to discover the right, -



- and the strength

to make it endure.



As you all know,

I am soon to be married.



- And about time. Too.

- Hear!



We have had our share of war.

Now, I look forward to quieter days.



But first, admit our guest.



- Malagant...

- Malagant is here at my invitation.



May I congratulate the King

on his forthcoming marriage.



I see my place

hasn't been taken yet.



- I was first among your knights.

- You left of your own free will.



We each of us

must follow our own road.



Where does your road take you?

To Leonesse?



Leonesse is my neighbour. I offered

the lady a treaty of friendship.



- Is burning villages friendship?

- Yes, My Lady...



Your land is becoming lawless.

Were you not just attacked?



- You know who attacked me.

- I made it my business to know.



- Justice has been done.

- You know no law above yourself!



"Armed forces to be given access

to all Leonesse."



"Troops to assist in the enforcement

of law... in all Leonesse."



- Do you want to sign this?

- I'll never sign it.



She's very brave...

now she's to be married.



- Will Camelot protect Leonesse?

- Is Leonesse in need of protection?



Come. Arthur.

I'm here to settle this business.



Leonesse is too weak to stand alone.

Let's say half each.



The lesser gives way to the greater.

What nation is greater than Camelot?



The land of justice.



Come... your hand on it.

We'II all live together as friends.



You offer me

what isn't yours to give.



You all know me.

You know I'm a man of my word.



Don't make an enemy of me.



- I mean no harm to Camelot.

- You know the law we live by.



Where is it written.

Beyond Camelot live lesser people?



People too weak

to protect themselves, let them die?



Other people live by other laws.

Or does your law rule the world?



There are laws that enslave men.

And laws that set them free.



Either what we hold to be right

and good and true -



- is right and good and true

for all mankind under God. - 



- or we're just a robber tribe.



Your words are talking you

out of peace and into war.



There's a peace you only find

after war.



If that battle must come.

I will fight it!



- And I!

- And I!



The great Arthur...

and his great dream.



No dream lasts forever.



- What is the status of the army?

- Four battalions. Two in reserve.



- I'll double the watch.

- I don't think Malagant wants war.



Arm the reserves.

He wants war.



- He wants Leonesse as a buffer.

- He wants Camelot.



- How soon could he attack?

- His army is five days' march away.



So much for my quieter days.



Who approaches there?



I come with a message

for Lady Guinevere!






- My Lady, it's Jacob.

- Where?



- Coming to the north gate.

- Leonesse...






- Mind the step!

- Jacob! What is it?



Taken? Taken where?



A boat, sire. From the north gate

into the forest.



I have scouts and dogs out already.

Give me a battalion of guards.



- Give me the men.

- No, that's exactly what he wants.



- Take one brigade, now!

- Sire.



He'll not harm her, sire.

She's too valuable.

He'll try to trade her first.



That's what I'm afraid of.

I'd give my life for her.

But what if he asks for more?



Welcome to my palace... My Lady.



I think we can release the lady

from her bonds.



If she so wishes.



What's this?

Your dress is torn. Ralph...



I gave orders that the lady

was not to be harmed.



Your dress is quite spoiled.






... almost...



... a queen.



Ralph. Did you do this?



- Yes, My Prince.

- You see?



This is

what Arthur doesn't understand.



Men don't want brotherhood,

they want leadership.



Shall we?



This was once

the greatest castle ever built.



Now grass grows in the halls

where kings once feasted,



and peasants cart away the walls

to make shelters for their pigs.



- Such is glory.

- What do you mean to do with me?



Keep you

till Arthur becomes reasonable.



He won't trade Leonesse for my life.

I'd rather die. Arthur knows that.



Self-sacrifice is very easy.



But sacrificing someone you love

puts your convictions to the test.



I'm sure Arthur will come round

to the merits of compromise.



This is called an oubliette.



That's French

for a place of forgetting.



Your quarters, My Lady.

No gates, no bars, no locks.



Just walls of air.



You can come out!



I'm unarmed and alone!



- Who are you?

- A messenger from the King.



- He came alone?

- Yes, My Prince.



- What is your message?

- Is Lady Guinevere unharmed?



She's unharmed. I give you my word.



- I need to see it with my own eyes.

- My word isn't good enough?



I'm a common man.

I don't have much use for words.



He does have a message. Take him

to the pit, then bring him back.



- You've seen her. Let's go.

- No.



- I still have a message to deliver.

- All right. We'll drag you back.



Jump on! Jump!



Come on! Jump!



If the water can get out,

so can we. Come on.



No! Hold on!






Why have we stopped?



- I'm tired.

- Never.



You battle in your dreams.



- What are you doing?

- You'll see.



Now, drink.






- Where did you learn to do that?

- I lived most of my life outdoors.



Don't you have a home?



No, I don't have a home.

Not for a long time.



- That must be hard.

- Why must it be?



I'm my own master.

I go where I please.



Why build a house

for the warlords to burn?



Is that how it happened?



God save you from such a day.



How old were you?









It was long ago.



- God save us all from such a day.

- He didn't save me.



- Ah, but he did.

- For what?



It's made you who you are.

A man who fears nothing and no one.



You can use that gift.

If not, you might as well have died.



You don't know how many times

I've wished for that.



But you didn't die. You lived.



- Tell me what to do.

- Your life is your own.



I give it to you.



You forget I'm to be married.



If you could freely do as you

pleased, would you marry Arthur?



- I am free. As free as you are.

- Prove it.



- How?

- Forget who you are.



Let all the world go away...

and all the people in it, but us.



Do what you want to do.



Here. Now.



There she is!



Thank you, God.



Thank you.



Thank you. You can go.

You must have better things to do.



You have given me back my life.

I can at least give you your shirt.



- Tell me what you want. It's yours.

- I did what any man would do.



You risked your life for another.

There is no greater love.



You have deceived me.

But now... I know the truth.



You care nothing for yourself.

No wealth, no home, no goal,



just the passionate spirit

that drives you on.



God uses people like you.



Because your heart is open,

you give all of yourself.



If you knew me better,

you wouldn't say such things.



I take the good with the bad.



I can't love people in slices.

Now, no more protests.



Let me thank you in my own way.



They are welcoming you back.



We owe Lady Guinevere's life

to one man.






I believe he comes to Camelot

for a purpose,



even though

he doesn't know it himself.



What I'm about to offer this man

is already his.



One seat stands empty.



- You'd make him a knight, sire?

- I offer no life of privilege.



It's a life of service.

If you want it, it's yours.



- We don't know anything about him.

- Perhaps we should discuss...



Enough! What do you say?

Will you join us?



My Lord, if I may speak?



I owe this man

more than anyone here.



He deserves any honour

you can give him.



But he doesn't belong in Camelot.

He's a man who goes his way alone.



In that freedom and solitude

is his strength.



If you wish to honour him,

as I do, with all my heart,



let's honour him as he is.



Let him go, alone and free...

and with our love.



Well... Lancelot?



Lady Guinevere understands me well.



But here, among you,



I have found something

that I want more than freedom.



It would break my heart

to leave you.



Bravo! Then you'll join us?



- Yes.

- Welcome.



This is only the beginning.

Go pass this night in prayer,



for tomorrow you'll be born again,

into a new life.



- Why?

- You know why.



- Please leave Camelot.

- I want to be where you are.



You must not say such things to me.

Say nothing.



I will leave Camelot now,

if you come with me.



- No.

- Then tell me you don't love me.



I don't love you.



Arise, Sir Lancelot.



Brother to brother,

yours in life and death.



Brother to brother,

yours in life and death.



Brother to brother,

yours in life and death...



I swear to love and serve Guinevere,

my true and rightful queen.



I swear to love and serve Guinevere,

and to protect her honour as my own.






Forgive me, milady.

Black Malagant has taken Leonesse.






The gates are open.



- Make camp for the night.

- Where, sire?






It's too exposed. sire.

We could never possibly defend it.






They're not here.



There's no one here!















- Archers in position, sire.

- Hold position.



- Their left wing is falling back.

- Second battalion to the left!



Is our centre holding?




- They're breaking, sire.

- Do not give chase.



- First battalion regrouped, sire.

- Sound the advance.



- They're running. Do we follow?

- No. Let them go.



On to Leonesse!



Well done.



Your sword... Sir Lancelot.









- Come out.

- They're alive.



You're safe. Don't be afraid.



We're glad you're safe.



There's a step. Be careful.



God bless you, sir.



I'm so old now...



Can I go home now?



Can I go home now?




Yes, you can go home now.



Bless you, milady.






I've come to say goodbye,

and wish you well.



It's been a long night.

You've not slept.



- Where will you go?

- Wherever the road leads.



When shall we see you again?



I don't think I'll be coming back.









I know what I must do now.



I never believed in anything before.

But I do believe in Camelot.



And I will serve it best by leaving.



Tell the King, I'll always remember

that he saw the best in me.



And what shall I tell myself?



There was once a man who loved you

too much to change you.



I'll not forget him.



I sheltered under a tree

with him once... in the rain.






- My Queen.

- I owe you a kiss.



I'm asking you.









The King asks for you, milady.



I ask you not to lie to me,

even if you think you'll hurt me.



- Have you given yourself to him?

- No, My Lord.



Do you love him?






- How did I fail you?

- You've never failed me, My Lord.



I saw your face as you kissed him.



Love has many faces. I look on you

differently, but not with less love.



When a woman loves two men,

she must choose between them.



- I choose you.

- Your will chooses me.



- Your heart chooses him.

- My will is stronger than my heart.



Do you think I put so high a price

on my feelings? They'll pass.



My will holds me

to my course through life.



As mine does me, and yet,

all I have to do is look at you



and everything I ever believed in

fades to nothing.



- All I want is your love.

- You have it.



Do I? Then look on me

as you looked on him.



I gave one moment to Lancelot.



Yes, you're innocent.

But you love him!



Any more of this innocence

and I'll go mad.



- I'll do whatever you tell me to.

- I don't know what to think.



I no longer see my way ahead.



Only fools dream of the one thing

they can't have.



Forgive me.



What's to forgive?



I dreamed the dream of you.



It was a sweet dream...



... while it lasted.



- Unlock the door.

- Sire.



- My Lord?

- I'll ask the questions.



Did you come to Camelot

to betray me?



- No, My Lord.

- You desired her. You pursued her.



- The Queen is innocent.

- Innocent?



I saw her in your arms.

I trusted you, and you betrayed me.



- I never meant to hurt you.

- You leave me nothing! Nothing!



You will be charged with treason.

Defend yourself in court.



The law will judge you!



May God grant us the wisdom

to discover the right,



and the strength

to make it endure.






I was mistaken in Lancelot.

As a man, I may forgive...



As a king, I must see justice done.



There will be a trial tomorrow,

in the great square.



- In the great square?

- Let's settle the matter privately.



You think the honour of Camelot

is a private matter?



Am I to hide in dark corners

as if I'm ashamed?



Open the gates.

I want everyone there.



Let every citizen see

that the law rules in Camelot.



Guinevere, Lady of Leonesse,

Queen of Camelot,



Guinevere, Lady of Leonesse,

Queen of Camelot,



and Lancelot,

Knight of the High Council,



are charged in their own persons,

and in collusion,



with dishonour to the realm,

and violation of the King's rights.



These crimes constitute

an act of treason against Camelot,



and the penalty under law

is death.



- Sir Lancelot may speak.

- My words are for the King alone.



My Lord.

The Queen is innocent.



But if my life, or my death,



serves Camelot. Take it.



Do what you like with me.



Brother to brother,

yours in life and death.



Is it the King's wish

that the Queen be questioned?



May God forgive me.



Is it the King's wish

that the Queen be questioned?



- Who goes there?

- Who goes there?






Close the gates!



Nobody move or Arthur dies!



My men control the city gates.



On every roof,

I have men with burning torches!



I have only to lift my arm,

and your golden city burns to ashes.



I am the law now!

You obeyed Arthur. Now, obey me.



My people are unarmed, Malagant.



If it's me you want,

here I am.



Look at him! Look at the great

King Arthur of Camelot.



He's a man waking up from a dream.



The strong rule the weak!

That's how your God made the world.



He makes us strong only for a while,

so we can help each other.



My God makes me strong

so I can live my life!



Arthur says, "Serve one another".

When will you live your own lives?



This is the freedom I bring you!

Freedom from his tyrannical dream!



Freedom from his tyrannical law!

Freedom from his tyrannical God!



I want your people

to see you kneel before me here.



Kneel before me, or die.



Too proud, Arthur? Do you think

you serve your people better dead?



I have no pride left in me.



What I do now,

I do for my people, and for Camelot.



And may they forgive me.



This is my last act as your king.



Do not be afraid.



All things change.



I am Arthur of Camelot.



I command you now, all...



... to fight! Fight!

Like you've never fought before!






- Camelot lives!

- Burn everything!



No! Be careful!



Come on!






Camelot will never fall

to the tyranny of Malagant!



- Is there no more we can do?

- I'm sorry.



- Lancelot...

- Yes, My Lord?



- Where's my sword?

- Here.



My truest... my First Knight.



Camelot is your home now.



You are the future...

The future of Camelot.



You take care of her for me.

Take care of her.



I feel it now, my love.



The sunlight.



It's in your eyes.


Special help by SergeiK