Fitzcarraldo Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fitzcarraldo script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Werner Herzog movie with Klaus Kinski.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fitzcarraldo. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fitzcarraldo Script





Cayahuari Yacu, the jungle Indians

call this country,



"the land where God did not

finish Creation. "



They believe only after man

has disappeared



will He return to finish His work.



For God's sake...



If we're gonna

do this...



If we're gonna

do this...



...let's do it

in style.



We're going to miss Caruso if

you don't put some fire under it.



Oh, you've wiped oil all over your face.



Isn't that better?



Oh, Molly, please.



Come on, for God's sake!



Champagne for the horses! The best!



We're gonna make it.



Sir, Madam.

This is a gala performance.



We come from lquitos, one thousand

two hundred miles down the Amazon.



I had to row because

our motor broke down.



Look at his hands.



For two days and two nights I've been

rowing to see Caruso once in my life.



You have no tickets.



This man needs to go in there.

He has no ticket but he has a right.



Sir, Madam, you can't go in there.



I'm going to build an opera house

in lquitos and Caruso'll open it.



It'll be the greatest opera of the jungle.

Please, let us in.



You'll work with us. Let us in, please.



I'd like to be in there myself,

believe me...



Follow me!



Make sure to be quiet and press

yourselves right up against the wall.



He pointed to you.



He pointed to me. You see him...

he means me.



Fitzcarraldo? How do you spell it?



What an interesting name!



My father was Irish.

My real name is Fitzgerald.



Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald.



They had trouble saying it in Peru.



Fitzgerald? lquitos? You're not

the man with the railway are you?



Yeah, that's me.



Well...the Trans-Andean Railway, but...



...the project fell through.



But the idea was a bold one.



At the moment I'm trying my luck as

as ice producer, to make money.



Here, all people want...



...for their money are the

big names from Europe.



Sarah Bernhardt, an actress

who can't even sing.



But her wooden leg is

the talk of the town.



The ice, ah, I mean...



I'm doing all this because

I have one dream...



...the opera.



The Great Opera in the Jungle!



Fitzcarraldo will build it and

Caruso will sing at the premiere.



It's only the dreamers

who ever move mountains.



For five years now we've been

the richest town in the whole world.



It's like gold fever.



May I show you the house?



When this opera was built

there were only a few huts here.



The building was practically in the jungle.



Prices are ten times higher here

than in New York.



There are palaces being built with

tiles from Delft and Florentine marble.



And lquitos is catching up.

It's still a filthy frontier town...



...but the rubber business is growing

by leaps and bounds.



The better-off citizens in Manaus,

if I may put it like that...



...send their laundry to Lisbon...



...because the water in the Amazon

is felt to be impure.



Aren't you going to stay?



I don't know.



I don't mind you're running a brothel.



But there are too many of

your clients around.



Come on. I train the girls

for the best households.



Much better than sending them

out on the streets.



I've nothing against the girls, Molly.



I just can't stand the sight of dandies

who think money can buy everything.



And the opera... I've got to work

on this ice production.



You could take a crack at respectability,

you know. Wouldn't kill you.



Respectability just made me bankrupt.



I'm better off down there by the river.



Got my real audience down there now...



The kids?



Yeah, that's my public. And a pig.



One of those lean racing pigs loves me.



How could she help it.



When I build my opera house...



...I'll see to it you have your own box

and a red velvet armchair.



It works through a chemical reaction

of two different salts.



Just imagine the possibilities ice has,

but people don't see it.



The children love it.



Yeah, they eat it.



Imagine, one day...


            in every warehouse,

on every ship.



Yes, make your bet.



What do you think of it?



I'll tell you what I think. You can

read up about ice in any school book.



It's out of the question

to apply for a patent.



But I have the experience,

and it's experience that counts.



What good is ice here?

To cool the rubber?



Maybe we should magically

create some glaciers in the jungle.



And then we'll build the Trans-Andean

Railroad on sled skids...



...Ioosen the brakes, give her a push...



...and adios! Off she goes,

sledding down into the valley?



Come on, come on.



Don't take it to heart.



Here, this is for you.



Use this, play a hand with us.



The precious feeling of losing money!



Nothing like it! Ecstasy!



The church remains closed 'til

this town has its opera house.



I want the opera house!



I want my opera house!



I want to have an opera!



This church remains closed 'til

this town has an opera!



I will build my opera!



I want to have my opera.



I could have let you cool your heels

in there for two weeks.



Thanks. Two days were

more than enough.



I'm sure Molly is behind this.



You're mistaken. But come with me.



I'll show you the real reason

I'm letting you out so soon.



They won't budge. I felt moved.

Even a horse would be touched.



That shouldn't be too hard to arrange.



All of them together, at the same time?



Don Aquilino, The Borja brothers...



I have my ways. Don't worry.

I'll bring all my girls with me.



We'll have all the rubber barons

gathered together like flies.



And I guarantee you,

they'll be feeling good.



I'll bring my phonograph.



You need some sprucing up first.



I'm not letting you out of

my house like that.



A steam bath for Mr. Fitzcarraldo!

Full treatment.



And then deliver him to my bedroom.



This is serious... help...

Hey Molly, tell them... Help!



Everyone wants money from me.

The hospital, the fire brigade...



...and now you keep talking

my ear off about your opera.



It gives expression to

our deepest feelings.



What is he talking about?



Our deepest feelings!



Just take a look at this.



Come a bit closer.



Take a good look.



A little demonstration.



     dollar bills seem to taste best.



See how fast our money

goes down the drain?



You must have experienced this.



A railway is sure to swallow up

a lot of money.



How thrilling it must be to go bankrupt.



Let's return to our friends.



Yes, such a chance to meet all

one's friends and rivals in one place...



...does not present itself very often.



Rosita, over there!



Take the champagne over there!



Please, may we have your attention?



Please, come a bit closer.



Servant! Hold him!



He can't get away with this.



One moment! Please, please, please!



Ladies and gentlemen, don't worry.



This man is harmless, he's just had

a soul-stirring experience.



My servants will escort you

to the kitchen.



My dogs' cook will prepare you a meal.



Thank you very much, sir,

you were superb.



To your dogs' cook.



To Verdi.



To Rossini.



To Caruso.



To Fitzcarraldo, the

Conquistador of the Useless!






As true as I am standing here, one day

I shall bring grand opera to lquitos.



I will outnumber you.



I will outbillion you.



I am the spectacle in the forest.



I am the inventor of rubber.



I will outrubber you.



Sir, the reality of your world

is nothing more...



...than a rotten caricature

of great opera.



Fitz, Fitz, let's go.



He's as dead as a doornail.

He is no opponent for you.



Madam, I'm still standing firm

on both my legs.



You're a big game hunter, aren't you?



What's that got to do with it?



Then you should know:

When you shoot an elephant...



...he sometimes stays on his legs

for ten days before he topples over.



Come on, girls, we're leaving. This way!



Rubber. That's the way to do it.

Forget about the ice.



You need a big steam-boat.

And most of all you need land.



And hundreds of workers.



The rubber barons have divided up

the land. But there's still some left.



How do you know?



Through Don Aquilino.

Why don't you pay him a visit?



Forget about it.



Why don't you try him out?



My territory begins right here

where the Pongo ends...



...and reaches downstream

for    miles.



And above the Pongo?



I'd like to have that myself.



We've thought about building

a road across the mountains...



...but it would be an impossible venture,

and there still wouldn't be...



A ship... And nobody

has made it upstream?



Want to see for yourself?

We can go a little further by foot.



What's he saying?



We must be quiet.



He says, whoever talks...



...will be swallowed up by

the evil spirits of the rapids.



The Indians call the rapids

Chirimagua, "the angry spirits."



Anyone who falls in there is lost.



The native bare-asses also say,

"The water has no hair to hold on to."



Is this a rubber tree?



Right. Hevea brasiliensis.



They call the rubber tree caoutchou...



..."the tree that weeps."



These bare-asses love

flowery language.



Gold, they call "sweat of the sun."



Bees, "father of honey."



You know, it's no easy job

to civilize them, believe me.



How much do you think

this stinky stuff weighs?



     pounds! And I presume you're

familiar with the market price.



How long does it take

to make one of them?



Three men one week.



Presently I have a staff of     .



But I am thinking of increasing

to      .



You're a strange bird,

but I must say I like you.



That's my area. From the Pongo

to the mouth of the Ucayali.



Up there you see the Peruvian Amazon

Company, a joint stock company...



...and there, the Borja brothers.



What does that square mean?



That's the rubber region of the

Ucayali, about     million trees.



It's the only area still unclaimed.



Because of the rapids

of the Pongo das Mortes...


           'd have to have wings

to fly into this area.



What about up on the Pachitea?



No rubber trees, maybe a few,

but not enough to make it worthwhile.



The only thing you'll find there

are savage Indians.



No gold, no rubber, no nothing.



Only head hunters...



The two rivers almost touch each other.






How exact is this map?

Is there anything more precise?



Oh, it's a pretty good map.



In       a group of surveyors and

soldiers got to the Upper Pachitea...



...but most of them were murdered.



Then some missionaries got as far as

Saramiriza, their farthest settlement.



From there on you'll find only

savage Jivaros and Campas.



Two padres ended up

as shrunken heads.



Have you ever seen a shrunken head?



Yes... I mean...



No...sort of...



Have you made your choice?



I can't decide -- I guess I'll take both.



- Molly, listen!

- What is it?



I need your money,

every red cent you can spare.



- Oh Fitz, not again...

- I have an idea.



An amazing idea!



Here, look at this.



I've bought some maps,

I can explain everything to you.



First I have to contact a lawyer,

then get a ship.



But my money is not gonna

buy you a ship, Fitz.



You're squeezing me to death!



I can't breathe.



The document, please.

Thank you.



The act of territorial acquisition

is done step by step.



You and your partner sign,

you pay the money...



...and I will complete the document

with my signature.



Before you sign, I'd like to direct

your attention to the option clause.



What option clause?



Through its executive organs, the

Peruvian government is insistent...



...with no exceptions, that a region of

this size be taken into possession...


            deed and by proof

within nine months.



You will have to prove that real

operational steps...



...have been taken

to exploit the region.



Otherwise your right of exploitation

will be terminated.



The point is that the state is

concerned that areas such as this...



...are productively used by

competent men of business...


            that they--



Come on, we are wasting time.



May I ask you a question

of a personal nature?



Do you really know what you're doing?



We're gonna do what

nobody's ever done.



We're going to be very, very rich.






Please, sir, sign on the dotted line.



That's it.



That's it.



Isn't it marvelous?



We should be able to fix it up.



It's wonderful.



You haven't seen the whole thing.



I like it already.



Watch out here.



Everything's rotted.



The engine room.



Up the stairs.



Wait a moment.



Wait. Let me go first.



To our contract!

Please come in, gentlemen.



Now that the purchase of my ship

is settled, let me be quite frank.



You bet.



I forced you to take Cholo as mechanic

or you wouldn't have gotten the ship.



I realize that.



Very good. Good.



He's a first-rate mechanic,

I'll tell you that much.



Now, what else is he?



The reason behind it all,

excuse my bluntness...


            that I wish to be kept informed

about the activities of my competitors.



I don't want my territory contested.



Don't worry.



Every steamship owner

is a potential enemy...



...but those with just a canoe

can't hurt us.



The two of us have a bet going...


            long it will take

until you go bankrupt.



Oh, don't take it personally, please.



We're all sportsmen, aren't we?



No, only one of us.



I shall move a mountain.



When is she gonna be ready?



Tomorrow. For days he's been

telling me tomorrow.



I hope she'll be ready for launching.



I wonder what this

character's really up to.



What's your name?



Paul Resenbrink. I'm Dutch.



They call me Orinoco Paul...



...because I know every goddamn

bend in this river.



You haven't sailed for some time.



That's right.

My last ship was the Adolfo.



My eyesight isn't so good,

but I cannot be fooled.



What do you mean?



The jungle plays tricks on your senses.



It's full of lies, demons, illusions.



I have learned to tell the difference

between reality and hallucinations.



I see that you took part in

the Pachitea expedition in      .



Yes, as helmsman.



On the return trip I was the captain.



The captain died.

There were only five survivors.



Paul Resenbrink, you have

captain's authority.



Help me choose the crew.



We need strong, fearless men.



I'm afraid we'll find few good men here.



First of all we need a pilot.



Does anyone have

experience as a pilot?



Scram, you puny runt!

I'm Huerequeque.



Brethren! I am Huerequeque!



I am the best cook in all of

el Amazonas.



I have been on every ship.



And amigo, I'm not stupid.

I know what your plans are.



Huerequeque may tip the bottle

now and then...



...but up here...electric, electrico!



Also, I am the best gunman

on the entire Amazon.



- What do you think of him?

- Upstream and downstream.



- Is he really a good gunman?

- I would have to say, yes.



What was your name? Huere...






Huerequeque, you are our cook.



Cheers, then.



Please understand.



Who bought the ship?

Who paid for the crew?



It's my right to come with you.



Molly, you can't leave the girls.

What are they gonna do without you?



And what will I do without you?



I'll be back.


            you still love me?



We are partners, you and me.



Oh Fitz, you're crazy!



Oh Fitz, it's wonderful!



This is your day, Molly!



You've given the ship my name!



That's more than my poor

heart can stand.



Now comes the official part.



Here. Throw it -- hard!



I don't want those señoritas

on board my ship.



These are my assistants.

I can't cook without them.



Come on, kids, come on.



Why isn't he going down to the Ucayali?



Why is he heading upstream?



I thought he was going

to the Pongo das Mortes.



You saw right.



Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

is going up the Amazon.



We're going upstream!

What's the idea?



We're going up the river.

That's the idea.



And, from now on, you only

leave the engine room if I say so.



What do you think you're doing?

Getting around my girls!



Get lost!



Don Fitzcarraldo! Don Fitzcarraldo!



You're back at last.

I'd almost given up hope.



Look here, Amazon Terminal

ready for action.



I see you've become a father.



I knew you'd come back.



I thought you'd forgotten about me

when the railroad construction ceased.



Every year I repaint

the first class booking office.



It looks a little weather-beaten...



...but wait until your trains cross

the mountains from the Amazon...


            the Pacific,

then everything will change.



I've been here six years now,

without payment.






The engine is in good working order.



All the levers work, but...



But I must confess...



...I was forced to sell a few iron parts

to the Indians.



They need it for their

machetes and things.



They used to come at night

to steal parts.



So I thought...


            was better to sell than

to have things stolen at night.



I had to do it. I was left alone

and deserted on this post.



I thought you'd been sent home

like everybody else.



Let me show you outside.



The tracks reach     meters

deep into the jungle.



Come with me. I made an

invention to scare off the Indians.



They've become more cautious.

I do the same thing with the snakes.



I connect an electric line to the tracks.



The Indians get their fingers singed.

They won't touch them again.



I chase the snakes onto the rails

with a stick.



On the first rail they get fried,

on the second they turn to ash.



Every year, I cut back the bushes...



When will you resume construction?



The thing is... we've come here

on a different project.



Our whole financial situation will

change overnight, if it works.



What I'm trying to say is...



...we need the tracks

for another purpose.



No, not those from under the engine,

not those...



Don Fitzcarraldo.



The men are removing

the tracks under the locomotive.



I'm begging you, leave me just

a few yards to roll it back and forth.



Hey, leave those under there!

There's more out in the forest.



Thank you, thank you.



We should have reached

the Pachitea a long time ago.



No, we haven't.



But according to the map...



I don't rely on maps.



How can you be so sure about that?



No river tastes like the Pachitea.

It's just ahead of us.



Isn't that something...



Brimming over!



Oh, these women!



That's what I need.



What's going on here?



We're going up the Pachitea.



Is that so?



Where are we going?



Amigos, welcome to the Pachitea!



Known for it's native hospitality...



Something is going on down below.



They don't seem to agree

with our course.






I told you in lquitos I needed men,

not cowards who shit in their pants.






Whoever wants to leave, step forward.



Welcome to Saramiriza!



Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald.



We thought you were

a government commission.



Welcome to our place, here.






Happy to have you.



- I am Huerequeque.

- Welcome.



Thank you, thanks.



How can anyone learn patriotism

from a school book?



The Government requires it.



The natives get used to it

like vaccination.



The children already feel like Peruvians.



The other day I asked them...



..."Are you Indians?"



"No," they said, "not us,

the ones up the river are."



Then I asked, "What are Indians?"



They said, "Indians are people...



...who can't read and who don't know

how to wash their clothes."



And what do the older people say?






We can't seem to cure them

of the idea...



...that our everyday life

is only an illusion...



...behind which lies

the reality of dreams.



I am very interested in these ideas.



I specialize in opera myself.



What do you know about the

Jivaros on the upper Pachitea?



I was there during the disaster in '  .



Have you had any contact since then?



Some years ago, two of our brothers

set off with some natives.



One of them came back

a few days later...



...and said the Jivaros had

withdrawn deep into the forest.



The expedition

vanished without a trace.



A few weeks later, one of our

brothers was washed up.



They'd filled his stomach with

heavy stones and his head was gone.



Anyway, what do you want up there?



I'm planning something geographical.






The crew.



Quiet down, you drunken idiots!

Stop it!



You have to crack down on the men,

or you can find yourself a new captain.



Who's causing trouble?



Evaristo Chavez and Fabiano,

the Brazilian. And the two women.



They must go ashore immediately,

they're the main ones.



And Huerequeque, he's smart

but not to be trusted.



Your services are no longer required.

I give you two minutes to get ashore.



You'll see, we're the lucky ones.



And the women.



Come on, move!



See to the rest!



And all of you, back to work. Go on!



Reduce speed! Half speed ahead!



What are the men doing?



They've armed themselves.



Under no circumstances

are they to shoot.



That was our mistake

on the first expedition.



Go down and tell them that,

or there'll be a disaster.



What the hell are you doing?



Just trying to have a little

conversation with our invisible friends.



Idiot, this will cost us our lives.

Yours first.



There are silences and silences.



And this one, I don't like at all.



There's something on the water.






Something black, floating towards us.



What's an umbrella doing here?



It must have belonged to one of the

missionaries that the Jivaros killed.






Seems to be a last warning.

The bare-asses love flowery gestures.



I wish they would show themselves.



Now it's Caruso's turn.



Do you see the Indians in the canoe?



Could that be a trap?



It doesn't look like one.

No, I don't think so.



They would attack at night.

And in bigger groups.



Shall we stop and try to make contact?



No, don't stop.

They wouldn't talk to us anyway.



Something's moving over there.



Those bare-asses have never seen the

likes of this. Teach 'em some respect.



Everything depends on

how we behave.



Tell me everything

you know about them.



These Jivaro probably left the

interior of Brazil about     years ago.



For ten generations they've been

criss-crossing the jungle...


            search of a white God

in a divine vessel.



At the end of their pilgrimage

he would show them...



...a land without sorrow and death.



We're gonna take advantage

of this myth.



What the hell has that

got to do with us?



If a bare-ass comes too close,

I'll put a bullet right between his eyes.



But this God doesn't

come with canons.



He comes with the voice of Caruso.



Your Ioyal crew has deserted you.



That finishes this journey.



Why didn't you go with them?



Because I want this whole

damned ship to turn back.



Don't mess with me.

I'll do what I like around here.



Just keep the engine running.



Those bastards!



Suddenly they were all there

with their rifles.



I told you all along they were no good.

They'll never make it out of here.



There's only three of us left.

You, me and Cholo.



What, him?



Now we really need some Italian opera.



Don't you agree?



That's the end of it.

The dream is over.



Can you turn here?



A bit narrow, but it'll work.



It won't work.



Did you say something?



Turn around.



Do you see what I see?



Just what we needed.



Breaking through there

would be the end of us.



There's just one way to go --

straight ahead.



You better pull ashore.



Go down to the engine room,

very casually.



They're armed...

with bows and arrows.



But they're keeping their distance.

Ever seen this before?



No, never.



Damn it, now they are

blocking the way.



Are they still there?



Even more of them now.

Maybe a hundred canoes.



Give me a shout when the fun begins.



I wanna brighten up my last hour

with a little fireworks.



Brethren, what time is it, anyway?



Over here, bare-asses,

I'll pour you a beer.



Hurry up, I'll buy you a drink.



Where did you come from?



I just had a nap. Have the others quit?



I figured they would.

Cowards, degenerados! Imbéciles!



Shut up!



What do they say?



They're talking about our ship...



...the "white vessel" from which

they expect the promised salvation.



They say there's a curse

weighing on the entire land.



They know that we are not gods,

but the ship has really impressed them.



But why do they play the flute?

What is happening?



My friends, I think we will continue.



See the red cliff on the right hand side?



Yes, I see it.



That must be it.



Good. We can't go much further,

or we'll run onto a sandbank.



That slope may look insignificant...



...but it's gonna be my destiny.



Come on, follow me!



Now he's showing his cards.



This is it.



This is what we were looking for.



Here? This?



Do we have to climb a tree

for you dimwits to understand?



We'll build a nice platform

for the gentlemen. Up there.



I can hardly believe it.



There. There's the Ucayali.



All the river above the

Pongo das Mortes belongs to us.



I know, I know.

We'll make a railway tunnel.






We're going to drag that

ship over the mountain.



And the bare-asses

are going to help us.



How the hell are we going to do that?



Just like the cow jumped

over the moon.



I like this.



Count me in.



Come in.



What is it?



I still don't understand

what you've got in mind.



Come in. I'll show you.





            the Amazon.



Here is lquitos.





            the Ucayali.






And here...



...this is the Pachitea.



So, first we went up the Amazon...



...and then up the Pachitea.



We are here right now...



...and we'll drag the ship

over this mountain.



Exactly there.



From here to here

we'll operate the ship...


            collect rubber from

thousands of workers.



Why didn't we move up the Ucayali?



Because of the Pongo das Mortes.



Nobody will ever make it

through those rapids.



Yes, but how do you get the rubber

to lquitos? We need another ship.



We'll carry it back over the mountain

and build a settlement there.



Soon we'll be so rich we'll have all

the ships we need to take it to lquitos.



- I've explained our project to the Chief.

- What's his answer?



He just says yes.



More to the left.



A little more.






Again, a bit more to the left.



A little more.






Yes, yes!



T-square at    degrees.



Not a bad start, was it?






There are even children here.

It's a good sign.



What do you think, Paul...



...will the Indians stick with us?



You can't tell what they really think.



But how the hell are we gonna

get that ship over the hill?



If nothing else works,

then we'll make a tunnel.



I could even do it alone...



...if we had a perfect pulley system.



But I would need ten miles of rope

and it would take me ten weeks...


            pull the ship ten inches.



Unfortunately, we haven't

got that much time.



We have seven more months

before the option runs out.



We have a winch and the

strength of hundreds of Indians.



We are going to drag this ship

over the mountain.



Who are your little friends?



McNamara, he's my footman.



And this is el comandante.



Here's to you, McNamara.



This is much steeper than we thought.



Now, with the trees cut down...


            can really see how steep it is.



We have to level the ground,

build a ramp.



And up there we'll have to make

a cut through to the top.



That could take months.






I hope we have enough dynamite.



Careful, that'll frighten the bare-asses.



We have no choice.



Take cover! Get back!



Watch out! Danger!



Hold it, hold it! Where are you going?



Now go back to work, come on.



Those logs up there.

Huerequeque, come here.



How can this trunk withstand

the pull of hundreds of tons?



It will. See how deep we have

anchored it in the ground.



As tough as iron.



Bring it down here!



Huerequeque, come with me.



Go on.






If we had known that you planned...


            move the boat on railway tracks...



...I could have told you to

leave the tracks right there...



...back at your Amazon station.



Sorry I can't help you.



I had a bit too much to drink yesterday.



Shouldn't we tell him that it

melts away to nothing?



Doesn't work. There's no

word for ice in their language.



Come on, get out of there!



Out! Out!



Give it a go!



Give it all you got!



I'll be damned...

It's working.



It's moving.



- It's moving!

- It's moving!



Watch out!



They've been staring at the river for

two days and two nights now.



I'm sure it's because of

the terrible accident.



I can't get anything out of them.






They're gone.



All of them?

They've really disappeared?



What do you make of this?



I had this strange feeling,

so I went outside.



Not a soul, nothing.

They've all disappeared.



That can mean anything.



It could mean that they'll attack us.



But the boy is still here.

My footman, McNamara.



For that he'll be made Chief one day.



They're back as if they'd

never been gone.



Don't ask me for an explanation.



I can't believe this crazy thing

Huerequeque has thought up.



Amigos, the engine is running.

Now that's what I call brainwork.



All you do is drink!



We could start up the engine and

drive the anchor winch off of it.



That way the ship will pull itself up

the mountain under it's own steam.



Now, what do you say to that?



There are times when a peasant's

brain is good for something.



You ain't no peasant!



You're the finest drunkard ever

to stagger over this earth.



- But we forgot something.

- What?



Enrico! Enrico Caruso!



Why are they doing all this?



Why are they working like dogs for us?






Why? Why?






- Why?

- No, I don't know either.



The only thing I know is that

there must be a reason for it.



They're planning something, I bet.



You must drink it.



It is yucca.

Yucca with fermented saliva.



Go on, drink!



My God, time is flying

and we are getting nowhere.



Something's up.



The men are preparing barbasco,

a very strong poison.



And they are painted black.



But most of the men have hidden in the

woods and have armed themselves.



What does that mean?



As far as I know, the paint is

supposed to make them invisible.



They only do that when they go

hunting or when they go to war.



Let's return to the ship,

load our rifles.



We wouldn't stand a chance.



It seems to me that they

are planning something.



And I fear that we four will soon

end up as shrunken heads.



I think we're safe for the moment.



How do you know?



There is a sign.






See those hands on the railing?



What has happened?



The Pongo! We're drifting into

the Pongo! Cholo!






Paul! Cholo!



I must stop the ship!



Start the fire!

We're drifting into the Pongo!



The valves first!



For God's sake, my ship!



Damn it.



Now it's too late.



Do you know what he says?



He says they untied the boat last night.



They knew all along the divine vessel

was only dragged over the mountain...


            that it could drift

through the rapids.



It had to be done to soothe

the evil spirits of the rapids.



I must stop my ship.



First of all, have a drink.



Running the Pongo das Mortes

with a steamship...


            a record that will

never be repeated.



Here, have a drink.



Wonderful, gentlemen.

Quite spectacular.



Here's to the reconciliation

of the evil spirits of the Pongo.



I'll tell you a story.



At the time when North America

was hardly explored...


            of those early French trappers

went westward from Montreal...



...and he was the first white man

to set eyes on Niagara Falls.



When he returned, he told of waterfalls

that were more vast and immense...



...than people had ever dreamed of.



But no one believed him.



They thought he was

a madman or a liar.



They asked him, "What's your proof?"



And he answered...



"My proof is...



...that I have seen them."






I don't really know what that's

got to do with me.



What will you do next?



I don't know.



I'm asking because I'm interested

in buying the boat back.



My business has been

expanding lately.



The damage could be repaired

in a few days.



Oh, I assure you, I don't mean to

exploit your delicate situation.



I just heard, that a European opera

ensemble has arrived in Manaus...


            give a guest performance there.



Perhaps you should go there.



They are performing an opera of this

fantastic German composer.



One of the very modern ones.



Federico, Roberto...Ricardo...

What's his name, Ricardo...?






He's the one who wrote Parsifal.



Yes, I guess that's the one.



Very Teutonic, his music.



And the name of the Opera

is "The Puritans".



No, no, that's an Italian opera, by Bellini.



Tell me...



...did you mean that about the boat?



Hey, Cholo, Huerequeque,

come over here!



Come on.



Paul, this is the new

owner of the Molly Aida.



But we still have the

ship for two more weeks.



Paul, listen.



You'll travel to Manaus

with all this money.



You'll bring back a tailcoat and

the best cigar in the world.



And from the theater I want

an armchair with red velvet upholstery.



I have to keep a promise to a pig

that loves Caruso so much.



And then...


Special help by SergeiK