Five Deadly Venoms Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Five Deadly Venoms script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Wu Du movie that inspired Kill Bill.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Five Deadly Venoms. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Five Deadly Venoms Script





Medicine. Hurry up!









For all these years,



I've been trying to save myself



Now I think I can't make it



Yang De



You've been studying for   years.

You know



I'm the head of the Five Venoms House






It is a well known enemy

of the martial arts world



We live here quietly



Over here we may talk about

the House openly



But when you enter the boxer's world



A mere mention of the name of the House


            likely to put you in great danger






We didn't do anything wrong



Did we?



You don't understand



Before you came here,



the House had accepted   students



at different times



I have   seniors?



What are their names?



Where are they?



When our student leaves here,



the first thing to do

is to have a new name



They must keep...



their backgrounds as secret as possible



These   students of mine



some of them didn't know each other



You learned part of the...



martial arts as they had learned here



But your skills

aren't sophisticated enough



I won't live any longer



After you learn their skills



I want you to do something for me



First I will let you know in detail



...the skills I've taught them



These are the art of the House



It used to be the training room



You have five seniors



I will start with the eldest one



He's Zhang Yiaotian



He's practicing the Centipede Style



His nickname is "Thousand Hands"



He is well-known for his quick moves



It's like he's having thousands of hands



The second one is called Qi Dong



He's practicing the Snake style



He's nicknamed, "Snake Spirit Dude"



The right is the head of the snake,

on the left the tail



He's famous for his responsive moves,



fastjust like a snake



The third one is called Gao Ji



He's practicing the Scorpion style



In this style,

the hand moves like a cutter



the feet like a scorpion's



I accepted him later than them



The eldest and the second

didn't know each other



Before them,



I took in your fourth and fifth seniors



The fourth one is called Meng Tianxia



He's older than the second and third one



He's learning the Gecko style



He's trained to have a light body

and strong legs



So he could crawl with ease



He also made use of the rebound force


            enhance his own power



Your fifth senior Liang Shen



He's practicing the Toad style



Meng and Liang didn't meet



the other seniors as well



The Toad Work at its full strength



can resist the attack of

swords and spears



It can break hard objects too



You came here for a very short time



I made a mistake

to teach you all these skills



As such,

you're not good at any one of them



If you were to fight against

any of your seniors



You're no match for them



I don't have time

left to teach you further



You've got to combine your own skills



...with any work of the House



Then you may take on any of them



Our Five Venoms House

has done many bad things



I don't know

if your seniors behave themselves


            the boxer's world outside



It's my decision to abort



the Five Venoms House



Now the responsibility is yours



Master, I...



You're to finish them for me



You'll leave here tomorrow


            locate the   of them



and keep an eye on their behavior



You may leave, the one who...



behaves well, alone



and take on the one who doesn't






It's a big, big world outside of people



They've changed their name already






unless it reaches a very critical moment,



we won't reveal our skills






You must do it for me



I promise you I'll



I know it's a difficult task



If they discover your background,



you'll be in great danger






My safety isn't important



Where should I go?



There's one more disciple of our House



He happens to be my junior classmate



But he had retired from the boxer's world



He still possesses

some precious treasures



They're the ill-gotten gains of the House



He leads a quiet life in a small town



At present

I just know the name of the town



but not exactly his name or identity



You find him and ask him...



to donate the treasure for charity



My intuition tells me



the treasure is the source of disasters



I think the   senior schoolmates of yours



...are trying to look for it



How skillful is he as a boxer?



He's no match for your seniors



Mr. He



Mr. He



Yuanxin, you're a policeman



You better behave yourself



You shouldn't eat irresponsibly



lt'll be greatly appreciated



...if you give me face



I've always owed you many a favour



Yuanxin, don't ruin your reputation



because of petty gains



Please spare me goodness



next time when Mr. Ma isn't around



Ma is a disciplined man



I can't take advantage because of him



No kidding, Mr. He



What is it?



The habitual gambler lost money to me



Screw you






Who were the two men?



Well, they're Mr. He



...and Mr. Ma



They're the officers of the court



Mr. He is very kind



and willing to help



If I want to find someone



I'm the right person to ask



I've been living here for    years



I know not only the people,



but also the dogs and cats



The person I'm looking for



is about    years old



He should be a wealthy man,



a good fighter






No idea, right?



You're bluffing



Wake up



Who is the banker? I'm making a bet






We're civil servants



We ought to present good ideals



Gambling isn't allowed.

Let's have a drink



Okay, He is the boss






What are you doing here?






I'm just looking outside,



can't I?



Damn you...



Get lost



Don't look down on him



Come in. What do you want?









I'm sorry



I'm expecting someone



Suit yourself






What do you want?



I want this, this and this



Mr. He



It's you!






Bring me nothing but a bottle of wine



It's a good idea



It's easier for a civil servant


            look for someone



There are more chances to find him



It's been a year



We've been making a thorough search



for all the families



There's still no clue



Master could be wrong



What about you?



Do you know

where the other   seniors are?



I don't know



If they know



master's schoolmate is here,



it's possible they would have come



Very likely



Because of this,



master wanted us to find him first



and ask him to donate the treasure



so that the source of disaster

can be wiped out



You shouldn't be that mean and selfish



The students of Five Venoms House



dare not reveal their backgrounds



Let's go









Qidong, you are good



If I hadn't heard the news...



I'd have assumed that you've already



...taken the treasure



So the news confirmed...



he's living in this town






You'd never have imagined this. It's...



Sir, still not going home?



I've not finished my work



So I have to try harder



What takes you so long to open the door?



Respected Sirs



I'm just a poor scholar



There's no money in my house



Please leave me alone



Uncle, stop pretending



No one will expect you would work



as a book-keeper in a government office



You must be the Snake



Usually you never used a sword



Okay. You're the Thousand Hands



You're no longer the member of the House



Hand in the treasure



We want only the treasure



...but not your life



You can't fool me



Did you ever let the victims stay alive?



I know I'll surely be dead



But at least you don't want to suffer






I just bet on the wrong side



The dices always give me a bad time



You overdo it



I'll tear down his house



I'll find what I want



Why are you laughing?



It's because you're full of bullshit



We're in a big county



There is law and order



You couldn't mess around like this



Thanks to you the whole thing is ruined!



What a joke!



For all these years

you haven't found a thing



It all has to depend on me



What are you up to?



I'm the eldest senior.

You're the second one



Even if I did something wrong,



it's none of your business



You aren't the only one

to find the treasure



Don't forget there's also  rd brother



Gao Jin? The Scorpion?



Yuan is getting worse and worse



We've an emergency



He should have been here to report



Why are you staring at your superior?



Do you know the rules?



Sir, it's no good



Yuan and all his family are dead



Hurry up



They all got killed



We're going to investigate this



Where's Yuanxin He?



He's probably in the pub



Get him back now






No. Don't go back to the office



Go directly to Yuan's house






We're good fighters for nothing



We dare not show our skills,



hiding and shirking away like morons



We're students of Five Venoms Clan



What are you looking at?



Haven't you seen anyone

practice inner power?



Brother He



There's a serious case



Yuan and his relatives were all killed



Let's go



Yuan, the bookkeeper?



Who's he?



You wait here



I'll be right back



Who is he?



A friend I just met



So the Yuan family was murdered






He isn't rich



What could be the motive?






You beggar, you want to die?






You're always so enthusiastic



whenever you play the dice



What happened?






Nothing at all



Mr. He



I need to talk to you



I'm busy



It's important



Talk to me later



Do you believe I saw...



the one who murdered the Yuan family?



Stop daydreaming



You'd be dead if you saw the murderer



The murderer didn't notice me



Yuan was a poor scholar



Why'd someone be after his entire family?



The murderer not only killed them,



but also turned over his house



as if it's hiding some great treasure






The skull of a male victim was broken



The legs are broken off in the knees



There're         broken ribs...



How many ribs were broken exactly?



Sir, all the ribs were broken



It's an extremely serious case



If I can't crack it,



I'll lose my post

as the head of the county



I will do my best



The killer was ruthless...



probably not a local



I've ordered my staff to keep an eye



on the strangers for the last few days



Yuanxin He



You should be a standby at the office



Where did you go?






I'm making an investigation



Yinxin, what did you find?



A boy's body. Broken bone in the neck



Let's take a look



What are you doing?



Just having a look



Whoever is making noise

will be beaten with a stick



Order from the governor



Whoever is making noise

will be beaten with a stick









So it's the Yuan murder case



You've got to work on the case

round the clock



This case must be solved within    days



With the passing of each day

would be caned    times



  days    times. Adjourn



Ma, there's not any clue at all



Probably it can't be tackled

even in half a year



We're policemen



If we pass the due date...



what can we do?



I'll be punished with the beating as well



What can we do?



Stop it



I've found out something



What is it?



I don't mean to look down on you guys



You're not able to break this case



I have to get some help



Ma, I want to have a day off



A day off at this moment?



I'm not going to have fun



...but to work on the case



I never expected...



uncle to work in a government office



No wonder we couldn't locate him



Who did it?



The skull and ribs were all broken



It's the work of The Thousand Hands



Broken organs and serious bleeding



It's the work of The Snake



The Eldest and second seniors?



Master longed to get rid of them



I must get them for whatever reasons



Don't worry. I must...



Let me go...



Let go of me...



Without a mask?!



Why are you hiding outside?



I need to see Mr. He



What are you practicing?



It hurts much worse than hitting a rock



This is...



Mind your words



Someone said he'd seen the murderer



Who? You?



Not me. It's Menfa



Okay. You may go on



Oh god! What should I say?



You want to tell me in the daytime.




Tell me who the murderer is



The office didn't offer a reward



I may give you    taels of silver



Mr. He...



I'll tell you. No need to scare me



The murderer has grown a big beard



I have seen him in Hong's house



Wentong Hong?



I'm scared I'll be in danger



Don't worry



You may stay in the prison for a few days



Hong? I've met him a few times



Is he the Thousand Hands



...or the Snake?



No one knows now



He's a wealthy businessman here



I can't make a reckless move



We've to wait till he leaves his house



Who's the murderer?



Thousand Hands, Snake or Scorpion?



I don't care



The underlings in the office are no match



I'll take care of Hong



You help me to arrest the murderer






Wentong Hong?



Brother He, did you get it wrong?



He's a good friend of the governor



He's close to the officers

in the province



This is the difficult part



Let's wait outside



When the murderer is out,



I'll try and detain Hong inside



You guys do yourjob



I know you can't arrest the murderer



I've asked someone to help






A new friend; a very good boxer






I've made contribution



Can I go with you?



You wait here



It's better to hide somewhere

further away



I got it



Mr. He...



What brings you here?



Something really poisonous



What kind of poison then?



It could be the poison of the centipede,



snake or scorpion



What's the riddle?



I don't understand



I don't care if or not you understand



The truth will be revealed soon



Here he is



Buddy, he's the criminal



What did I do?



You murdered    people of the Yuan family



I'm called Tao Li now



What is your real name?



The Toad style?



Since you know me



you've to show me your skills



What kind of blade do you want?



Pretending doesn't work



You're the Thousand Hands,

our eldest senior



Thanks. Please go to the office with me



No, thanks



The eldest and fifth seniors appear



I wonder the rest of the  ...






We got it



We got the murderer



The lord will hold a court session



Mr. Hong, do you want to take a seat?



It's nothing interesting to watch



It is, but if the murderer...



makes a statement of his accomplice



lt'll be interesting



Yuanxin He



Yes, sir



What can I do for you?



Kneel down



You lawless villain,



confess now



I did nothing wrong.

I've nothing to confess



Bring Menfa



Bring Menfa



The night the murder case happened



did you see this man?



It's him



Get the punishment tools ready



Hurry, get the tong sticks






It's a wrong accusation



Shanhui Tan,

you'll confess sooner or later



You've no need to suffer



Why should I confess?



I just have to bear the torture this time









How dare you, Yuanxin He?



Third brother



Fifth brother is coming



If it's not because of him



the eldest wouldn't be arrested



You want to shift the blame on him



Get rid of him

or I won't have a good sleep



Fifth brother practices the Toad style



It's not easy to get rid of him



We'll do it quietly



You arrange the trap



It seems that

uncle didn't get the treasure



It could be merely a rumor



We spent years of effort for nothing



What's the problem?



In this small town,



we're like kings









Mr. Wang is here



That quick?



Bring him in









It's a pleasure to have you here,

Mr. Wang



Please sit






The murderer in Yuan's case was arrested



I know



Here's a money order

for      tales silver



This is a very big case



I can't make a decision



Don't worry. You'll lose your post



I would if I couldn't catch the murderer



You may find someone to be a scapegoat



Don't worry. This man is...



a well-known boxer



We're not looking for people

at random to do it



It's like you're doing my work



You're only looking for money



So don't take it too seriously



It doesn't matter who makes the decision



One more thing



You have to send Yuanxin He

somewhere else



I know



You may have Guang Lin to do it



Sir, what's the matter?



This is Mr. Hong



Yes. Mr. Hong



I need you to do something



Just listen to Mr. Hong's order






Mr. Hong



Are you letting me go?



I need to talk to Menfa



Only two of us



No problem



This is the easiest way



Right. Take your time




you're the prime witness of the case



You're the only one who saw the murderer



The murderer...



I told them and the murderer was arrested



Something is wrong. How did he look like?



He's a fierce man with a big beard



Not correct



He's a young man, about    years old



Strong and beardless



No. He has a big beard



Say it again



How did the murderer look like?



A man with a big beard



No, a young man of   






Strong and beardless



It's clear this time



Will you speak the same in court?



I understand



I'll say it clearly in court



Bring Yuanxin He









I need you to send an important letter



to the province city. You leave now



Sir, it's not my work



Do you refuse my order?



We must detain Tan carefully



I know he has companions outside



Enough. Stop it



The letter is very important



I need you to deliver it quickly



I'll make my way day and night



I'll come back very soon



Leave now






Bring me duty constable Ma and Lin






Bring constable Ma and Lin



The murderer still goes free



You guys evaded your responsibility and



arrested innocent people

to take the blame



The statement of Menfa...



Can we count on his statement?



He has revised his statement



He stated the murderer is a man of   



strong and beardless. He's now



in the wine house

on the south side of town



Arrest him now



He goes free and you'll be in big trouble



Where is he?



Where is Ma?



He's out to carry out the orders



Brother He, did Ma tell you?






The lord asked me

to send a letter suddenly



I just want to tell Ma about it



Which case is Ma working on?



The case of Yuan



We've arrested Shanhui Tan already



It could be...



Menfa revised his statement suddenly,



saying the murderer wasn't Tan



...but a young man of   



strong and beardless,

always hanging around



at the wine house

in the south side of town



Ma is going there with his guys






Brother Ma



Did the murderer make a statement?



Not yet









Tao Li, are you resisting the arrest?



Bullshit, what did I do?



According to Menfa's statement,



you're the suspect of Yuan's case



What rubbish!



I don't have time to mess with you



Yuanxin He



He's the prime suspect of the case



What are you doing?



I guarantee he is innocent



He helped me to arrest Tan



How could you be so stupid?



The court will judge if he's innocent



Your words carry no weight



You don't let me arrest him



That's a serious offence



Yinxin, you better think carefully



If Li has nothing to do with the case



it won't harm him to stand in the court



We won't give him a hard time too



I'm not going...



to see Tan and Men in court



Better make it clear



Then the lord can sentence Tan to jail



We can'tjust believe Menfa's testimony



You must go with us



Yes, it's right



No, Brother He



I didn't experience the dirty tricks



in the office, but I heard a lot



We're friends after all



What do you mean?



Go. I guarantee your safety



I'll see you here again

after the court session



You wait here for me



Okay. I'll go just for your sake






It's a coincidence



The lord asked me...



to deliver an urgent letter



I need to go to the city now



Please take care of Li for me



He is a boxer



He doesn't obey rules of the office



Don't worry. You better go



It's a serious offence if you fail



I helped with the arrest of Tan



He's the prime suspect in Yuan's case



Did you arrest Tan at Yuan's house?









Did someone see him



...walking from the Yuan residence?






Present here



You must tell us honestly



who was walking out from Yuan's house



It's him



Bastard, what are you talking about?



How dare you yell in the court?



Menfa, speak up



I'll make the final decision



It's him



Bastard, who ordered you to say this?



Arrest him



Li, you should have respected the court



You tried to frame him with this trap



But I am no fool



Sir, calm him down first.

When he's locked up,



I've a good idea to finish him






Li, I know you're somebody



You won't be blamed for contempt of court



I just want to know



Did Menfa tell you



Tan walked out from Yuan's house?



You speak like a man



Menfa did tell Yuanxin He,



the chief constable of the county office



It's not difficult to prove



He's out of town on business



He'll be back in a few days



Detain all of the suspects



Wait till He's back






Li, please hold on for a few days



Everything will be fine when He's back



You'll bring trouble upon He

if you refuse



Okay, I will listen to you






Sir, the murderer

is from the House of Five Venoms



He's practicing the Toad Style



People practicing this style



will have a weak point on their body



You may swiftly

make a coat of thousand needles



You'll get the desired statement



What's the coat of thousand needles?



This is it



It's thousands of sharp needles



The body will be flooded by needles



No matter where his weak point is,



the needle may break it. When it's broken



all needles will stab into the body



According to the law, this punishment...



You want to catch the murderer

or obey the law?



Okay. I'll hurry up with the coat



Open it






Li, you suffered



I've brought over the meal for you



Please enjoy it



Brother Ma, what a friend you are!



He is my good friend



I take you as my good friend too



A civil servant...



is hard to be trusted



Li, I drink first to show my respect



Brother Ma...



Never mind. You've to be cautious



Li, please



Sorry I can't stay here long



It's okay



He's a good man



Serve him properly



Yes. Close the gate



The coat is being produced swiftly



lt'll be ready for

tomorrow's court session



But one thing



He's very good at martial arts



No one could stay close to him



Before his inner power is torn down,



chains and locks are useless



How can we ask him to put this on?



I've an idea



Sir, we may...



Mr. Li, Ma asked me to send you this



Sorry to bother you



Mr. Li, never mind



Please enjoy it



Though it's Ma's order...



we can't do that in the prison



Bring the suspect






Good idea



The Coat can remove my inner power



Who knows this trick?



What a mean idea!



But my body is without weak point



You wasted your time



It's the Brother Snake



The coat must be your idea



You think my weak point is in the head



But you'll never find out



Scorpion spearhead



The Scorpion is in the room



Who is it?



Now I know where your weak point is



Put the coat on him



Sign and I'll let you go



He has fainted



Cuff and lock him up

with the heaviest chain






Song's Law doesn't allow sentence

without a statement



What should we do?



Sir, don't worry



Everyone saw

Li's rebellious action in court



It's already a death sentence



We couldn't exclude the Yuan's case



Let's accuse him of this



I think we've got to use

this punishment again



His inner power was torn down



He can't take punishment anymore



We've used the Thousand Needles Coat



What else can we use?



Should we use the Red Stomacher?



Yes, we should



Bring him here






Li, confess and we won't have to suffer



You bastard, I'm not saying anything



You can't keep me here forever



Li, you should understand

the situation better



I understand it very much



He is coming back soon



Bring witness Menfa and Tang






Menfa, you said you saw the murderer



Is it true?



Yes, yes, yes



The murderer is a man of about   



strong and beardless



Is he in the court?



Him. It's him



What about him?



I didn't see him before



I've never met a man with beard



Tan can go free now



The evidence is well-established



Li is to be locked up and executed



Ask the murderer to sign



You may go now



You need to be available on hand



Why do you have to be so fierce?



Your weak point was broken



You should have thanked me



I'll save your head to be chopped



and keep your dead body complete



Hang him



Report it tomorrow morning



saying that he committed suicide






Go in



All fixed?






Mr. Hong, how could you know?



What do you think?



Of course



The guys inside are from my group



No, we all belong to your group



Right, we're from the same group



I heard constables like you know...



how to kill without leaving traces



This is called a brain pin



The pin goes straight inside the head



You won't notice from outside



Menfa has gone earlier



He's been taken care of

with a throat barb



...which slit his throat



Can these be compared to yours?



All fixed






The rack stick in the hall hurt me a lot



I was tortured



The treasure map still hasn't been found



The efforts aren'tjustified



I'm afraid the matter isn't over yet



Those deserved to die were gone



How could it not be over?



The Toad is here



The Scorpion is our guy



No need to mention them



Brother Gecko must be somewhere around



But he hasn't shown up yet



Don't ask me



I've just met Brother Scorpion

a few times



But what the hell

was he doing in the day?



No idea



That Brother Gecko



Maybe he was dead



I always feel that it's not over yet



What does Brother Scorpion do?



Do you know?



Who knows!



Maybe he's the one who squeezed you



Sir. I'm back



You may leave



Sir, did Tan make his statement?



None of your business. Leave






Yuanxin, you're back



Take   days off



Yuanxin, what's wrong?



How's the Yuan case?



Yuanxin, the case was over






They tell me Tan was set free



Li was taken as the murderer



Is that what you mean by 'over'?



You tell me is it over?



Yuanxin, Li made his statement,



saying that he's from Five Venoms Clan



You should know...



the House is an evil organization



Where are you going?



I'm going to see Li



Li committed suicide



You just met him lately



Why bother to get yourself involved?



Are you old friends?



Though I just recently met him



We must be reasonable



Menfa did see Tan



Menfa revised his statement



Where is Menfa?



He died suddenly



A neat work



Things happened after you left



Lin died suddenly too



They were all murdered



The examiner did thorough work on them



The bodies had no wound or damage



Wounds can be covered up by money






We all did bad things



You're the only decent one



Menfa's body was just buried



You don't believe it



You may examine it again



No more trouble



A letter from my home...



saying that my mother is very sick



I'll resign soon



I'll ask the lord to promote


            as the captain



Why bother to ruin your future...



because of this trivial matter



Trivial matter, eh!



Trivial matter



Mr. He



Mr. He...



Mr. He



All of you get out of here



I said, leave me alone



Go, go, go



Mr. He. I've no choice



I didn't touch this     taels of silver



Who gave you this?



Guang Lin



How did Li die?



Tissues soaked with water suffocated him



Bullshit! Li was a skillful boxer



This stupid method can't suffocate him



He suffered from punishment in the court



His inner power was crushed



The tool was produced swiftly



I didn't see it before



It's called the Thousand Needle Coat



The Thousand Needle Coat



How did the lord know...



it could crush his inner strength?



I heard it was Hong's idea



When Lin came,



the old constable was here too



We were very drunk that night



Old constable hung himself



He always said that being a civil servant



we don't drive out the rascals and...



protect the people,

but the other way around



Mr. He



I've seen the report



Lin and Men died suddenly



with no wound or damage



It's true that there's no wound



But I know the causes of their death



What are they?



Menfa was killed by a throat barb



Lin was killed by a brain pin



Mr. He



If someone spread my words,



I'll be surely dead



You take this money



and leave here immediately



The farther the better



Thanks, Mr. He



How can a gecko resist



scorpion, snake and centipede



The Five Venoms are out

and the world is settled



Let's talk up there






How are you, fourth senior?



I'm Yang De,

the last student of the master



Master had a last will before he died



Please talk about this somewhere else



Tell me here



Explain to me



how do you know there were scorpion,



snake, centipede and I?



I was watching fifth senior



catching the Brother Centipede



These few days



I messed around with the petty officers



...gambling and drinking



One day in the hall



I heard him call Hong The Snake



The Toad Power of fifth senior



wasn't crushed by the coat



but the Scorpion spearhead



Then the Scorpion was there



Apart from the Snake,

Scorpion and Centipede



there's Gecko as well



Say, if you weren't the fourth senior,



would you investigate



the matter of fifth senior seriously?



Master's last will was, asking me...



He Yuanxin has been back for a few days



He didn't make trouble



Then he's not the Gecko



You worried about this today



and that tomorrow



I think you're wasting your time



The matter is over



You're still mumbling all the time



The Scorpion and you are like old folks



The Centipede is useless



He's worried he will be in trouble



You want to...



He's our eldest senior after all



So what?



Don't you mean

the Toad isn't our schoolmate?



Who the hell are you?



Maybe I don't know



Maybe I know



But I won't ask this



We only kill people



...and do bad things



When should we stop?



Starting with the Toad

and then the Centipede



Will I be the next one?



Maybe we should find the Gecko first



You don't have to worry about this



You have found him...



or have you already joined him?



Hence you don't need the Centipede

or my help



If you're suspicious like this,



I've nothing to say



I'm a wealthy son of a influential family



I don't really care about

uncle's treasure



It was just the fighting skills

I was after



and entered the House by mistake



I've been controlled by you



I do more and more bad things



I kill more and more people



Until the Brother Toad was dead,



I realized



how ruthless I had become



But I've to kill to keep mouths sealed



I had to kill Menfa and Lin



You ask me when we can stop



I may as well tell you now



You will keep doing bad things

once you start



There's no end;



forever and ever



This is the training ground of the Gecko



You're the last student of master



I think you've learned my skills



Yes, I did



Master said that I'm not powerful enough



What I acquired...



is no match for any of you



But if I team up with one of you



I can defeat the others



I got it



But we don't know who the Scorpion is



Our enemy is hidden



Did Brother Gecko find any clue?






Indeed the Scorpion is still in town



The treasure uncle kept is probably


            Scorpion's hands



It wasn't in his house. There's probably



a map showing the hiding spot



If Scorpion has the map,



he'll definitely go to the spot



Though Scorpion will leave town



...there are many people here



One less or one more



How can we figure it out?






Leave it alone. Let's practice first



Master said

the eldest senior has fast hands



His nickname is the Thousand Hands



I hope to tackle him with Gecko,



who should attack from above to the below



I will attack his lower part of body



lt'll work this way









Master also said



the Snake is very quick in response



The right is the head

and the left the tail



They'll protect themselves mutually



I'll attack him with Gecko

from both sides



It may break his defense system



The right



The left



Master said third senior...



I've been awaiting you for a few days



I know you'll come



You want to stop me



I know your temper well



I'm here to give you a hand



Ma, you're going to your motherland



You don't have to get involved



Stop saying this if you consider me

as your friend



Ma, I'm not looking down on you



When we start fighting,



it'll be very hard for you to step in



Though I can't step in,



I'll protect you



from the attack of Hong's servants



Is it okay?



Ma, have you changed?



I've resigned from my post



Right, I'm not doing this anymore



I don't expect   people coming



Where's Tan?



I'm right here



Tan, you're the Thousand Hands



Wentong Hong,



you're the Snake. Stop pretending



You are the Gecko



You should have known earlier



You're still looking on with arms folded?



Private matter

isn't a civil servant's duty



Who are you? You can't fool me



Why didn't you start?



The Scorpion?



The Scorpion?



When did you know?



When you stroked the spearhead


            the hall,



and crushed Toad's inner power






I just realized it lately



You knew it



You want to use me

to kill the eldest and Snake



Isn't that too obvious?



I see



The treasure is already in your hands?



What do you think?



Thousand Hands, you better make it clear



we still have grounds for discussion



But you too have risked

your life with them



He's our little junior



He has master's order

to clean up the dirt



Finish the two of them



I'll share the treasure evenly with you



Split them



Where's the treasure? Tell me






Come on



The governor also took part in

killing fifth brother



Birds of same feather



Killing the governor is useless



Another corrupt man will replace him



How could we eradicate all of them?



Let's complete master's last will



Use the treasure for charity and...



absolve Five Venoms House of

the bad reputation



There's no more Five Venoms Clan



You're right


Special help by SergeiK