Fletch Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fletch script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Chevy Chase movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fletch. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fletch Script





 Movin' in 



 Makin' my connection 



 Something's up 



 I can feel it in the air 



 Private eyes 



 Never know who's watchin' 



 Play it cool 



 But you haven't got a prayer 



 Have you heard the news 



 Makin' all the headlines 



 Zoomin' via satellite 



 Have you heard the news 



 Comin' through the grapevine 



 Fletch is

workin' overtime 



 Bit by bit 



 One way or another 



 Bit by bit 



 Running undercover




 Have you heard the news

Makin' all the headlines 



 Bit by bit 



 Gettin' to the bottom 



 Bit by bit 



 Nothing's gonna

stop him 






My name is Erwin Fletcher.



I'm an investigative reporter

for a Los Angeles paper.



You've probably read my stuff

under the byline of Jane Doe.



It's better than Erwin.



Recently I've been

loitering around the beach...



trying to pass for

a minor league junkie.



I don't nod out or drool;

that's too obvious.



Act like you don't care

and you fit right in.



Business has really picked up.



I'm still closed.



Is it a Colombian national holiday?



What do you figure, Sam?



No idea.



- No idea at all?

- Some idea.



Like when?



When it comes, it comes.



I got some reds.



You don't mean communists,

do you?



Is everything a joke

to you, Fletch?



Everything, Sam.



- Hey, Gummy!

- Hey, Fletch. Hey, Sam.



How's the eye?



It's OK.

The cops did it.



They always

beating up on me.



- He doesn't know.

- Son of a bitch!



That's what he said.



He doesn't know?

How come he doesn't know?



I don't know.

He just doesn't know.



Son of a bitch!



I wonder how he

gets the stuff.



I have no idea.



Sam never leaves the beach.



He sits in that chair.

He's out of shit.



Suddenly he gets up,

he's got shit.



Where's it coming from?

The sand?



That's highly unlikely, Grease.



I oughta get some sleep.



Grease, how old are you?






You're not taking

very good care of yourself.



If you haven't guessed, there's been

a lot of drug traffic on the beach.



I'm not talking about No-Doze.



I talkin' about the hard stuff.

A lot of it.



I've been trying to find out

who's behind it.



It hasn't been easy.



I don't shower much.



Excuse me. I have something

I'd like to discuss with you.



- What's that?

- We can't talk about it here.



- Why not?

- Because we can't.



You on a scavenger hunt, or did I

forget to pay my dinner check?



Come to my house

to talk.



Wrong gal, fella.



I'll give you

$     cash.






Come to my house

and listen to the proposition.



If you reject the proposition,

you keep the thousand...



and your mouth shut.



Does this entail

my dressing up as Little Bo Peep?



- It's nothing of a sexual nature.

- Yeah.



One thousand just to listen?



How can you pass that up,




Nugent. Ted Nugent.



Alan Stanwyk.



Alan, charmed.



For an extra grand, I'll let you

take me out to dinner.



What a coincidence.






I almost bought

this place.



Then I found out Hopalong Cassidy

killed himself here. Blew it for me.



- Who?

- Hopalong Cassidy.



Bow and arrow.

Very weird.



Are you doped up?



Don't talk to me like that.

I don't work for you.



- Buenos dias.

- Buenos dias.



Pup 'N' Taco.



Oh, you've remodeled

the garage.



Must have

cost you hundreds.



Good idea.

I oughta frame mine.



Will the Pope

be in later?



Here's my proposition.



I'm all ears.



I want you

to murder me.






on Thursday.



I'd like you

to shoot me dead.



The reason

I ask for this service...



is because I'm already facing

a very long...



painful and most certain death.



You see, I have bone cancer.



I don't know if you

know about bone cancer.



It's the worst kind you can get.



It just eats you up

bit by bit.



You don't look sick.



I don't feel sick. Not yet.



It'll get bad

in a month.



After that, I'd rather

not be around for it.



Why not try suicide?



I've thought about it.



My company's taken out

a large life insurance policy on me.



Suicide would nullify it,

but murder does not.



- Why me?

- You're a drifter.



A, uh... pardon the expression...

a junkie.



Nobody would notice

if you disappeared.



I've been watching you

for a couple of weeks.



Maybe I'm

just on vacation.



Not with the scum

you hang out with.



No, I've watched...

and I've thought.



It's an elegant plan.



I've even figured out

your escape.






Has it ever occurred to you

I might not want to murder you?



I've got $     

says you will.






And a guarantee you

won't get caught.



I'm still here.



I want it done Thursday

around  :   p.m.



My wife will be out,

and it's the staff's night off.



- These will be open.

- Wouldn't they normally be locked?



Sometimes. The staff

usually forgets.



I have the same trouble

with my help.



I'll be here

waiting for you.



The safe will be open.



There will be

$      in it.



You'll be wearing rubber gloves.

Do you own rubber gloves?



I rent 'em. I have

a lease with an option to buy.



Now in this drawer...






A.    Magnum.



My.   . You use it.



No one can trace it to you.



The room will be

in disarray.



Like a burglary attempt?



You come in and catch me

stealing your ties and money?



We scuffle. The gun

gets loose and I shoot you.






- Are you a good shot?

- Yeah, I'm all right.



Get me on the first shot,

if you can.



- Do you have a passport?

- Can dig one up.



Good. Now, after you kill me,

take the Jaguar.



The keys will be

in the glove compartment.



- Take it where?

- L.A.X.



Pan Am will have a ticket for you.



- Where am I going?

- Rio.



It departs at    p.m.



They serve dinner onboard?



And a movie and drinks.



Stay down there

for a year.









You certainly

thought this out.



I don't leave

a great deal to chance.



Those will be open?



Take care of the gloves,

the passport and the aim.



I'll handle

everything else.



The gun, the money,

the tickets...



and the dying.



That's right.



Looks like you

get the hard part.



What do you say?



You'll be doing me

a great service.



Will you kill me?






Hey! Good to see you.




how are you?



Can I steal you?



If you promise

not to return me.



- Magic today?

- Yeah, Kareem's in the wash.



I need a favor.



- Fletch!

- Did you hear something?



See what we have on Alan Stanwyk

in Beverly Hills.



I need this right away.



- I take it the story's done.

- W-Y-K.



Tell me I'm right.



You're right,

but you're very peaked.



Want to vomit?

Come on in.



- The story's done, right?

- Uh... almost.



Almost is not an answer.



Yes is an answer.



And a damn fine answer.



Professional journalism time now.



Go back and finish

the story!



Frank, I will.

I swear it.



Something came up.



You've got

a deadline tomorrow.



Did you see Sunday's ad?



I don't read the paper.

What's the spread on tonight's game?



- Lakers by six.

- Take a look.



"Shame of the City."

That's very nice.



Try to follow this.



You can't run the ad

and then not run the story.



You can't? Why not?



Shit. Really?



I'm putting you on. You'll get

the story. You'll be proud of it.



You broke it?

You know the source?






Is it Fat Sam?

You said you had pictures of him.



- I do have pictures of him dealing.

- Let's go. We'll run them.



You can't do that.



Fat Sam isn't the story.

There's a source behind him.






That's a gray area.



How gray?






May I help you with that?



OK. A little lighter.



Can you go higher?



Over to the right.

Higher. Perfect.



Nice and hard.

That's good. Thank you.



- That it?

- Perfect.



Everything's recent.



Let me see that. "Alan Stanwyk,

commercial airline pilot...



from Provo, Utah."



Formerly a test pilot,

member of the Jaycees.



- Move on?

- Yeah.



Married Boyd Aviation.



He's no dummy.

That's big bucks.



His parents are Marvin and Velma,

"were unable to attend the wedding."



Those are three names I enjoy:

Marvin, Velma and Provo.



Hold it there.




"Cancer Society Benefit."



"Internist Dr. Joseph Dolan."



I wonder if

that's his doctor.



One way to find out.



There is.



Where do you

know Alan from?



We play tennis

at the club.



California Racquet Club?



- Right.

- That's my club too.



I don't remember

seeing you there.



I haven't been playing

because of these kidney pains.



Right. How long have you

had these pains, Mr. Barber?



No, that's Babar.



Two B's?



One "B."




- That's two.

- Yeah, but not together.



I thought

that's what you meant.



Arnold Babar.



Aren't there

children's books...



about an elephant

named Babar?



- I don't know. I don't have any.

- No children?



No, elephant books.



Open wide.



Say, "Ah."






It's an odd name.



I haven't seen it

on the club registry.



I don't formally belong.

I'm a guest of my aunt's.



Your aunt?



- Right. Mrs. Smith.

- Joan or Margaret?






Which one?






Funny old bird.



I could tell you

some stories.



I bet.



You know,

it's a shame about Ed.



It was.

That was really a shame.



To go so suddenly.



He was dying

for years.



But the end

was very sudden.



He was in intensive care

for eight weeks.



But the very end,

when he actually died...



was extremely sudden.



Alan and I were recently

speaking of dying.



He told me Boyd Aviation took out

a large insurance policy on him.



You've got to be

in perfect shape...



to get that sort

of a policy, I bet.



Drop your shorts

and bend over, Mr. Babar.



No, really.

We don't need to.



We don't want

to do that.



My kidneys feel better

in this position.



Maybe it's that I'm not doing

any calisthenics.



If I did sit-ups

or bent over like this...



I'd feel    %/% bet...



 Moon River 



Whew! Thank you, Doc.

You ever serve time?



- Breathe easy.

- Breathe easy.



I was surprised Alan

got that policy.



There's a history of cancer

in the family.



- There is?

- Yeah.



As a matter of fact... Aah!

You using the whole fist?



Just relax.



I saw Alan the other day.

He was looking peaked.



Are you sure

he's all right?



I can't discuss another patient.

You know that.



Well, I don't find

anything wrong with you.



I'm sure it's not

for a lack of looking.






I was anxious

to return to my drug story.



But since Dr. Jellyfinger

wasn't talking...



I had to find out

about Stanwyk's health.



May I help you, Dr., uh...



Dr. Rosenpenis. I'm here

to check Stanwyk's file.



Doctor who?



Dr. Rosenrosen.



Your name again.



It's Dr. Rosenhite.



Doctor who?



Dr. Rosen.

Where's the records room?



- Next to Pathology.

- Would you take care of these things?



I'd like to check

Alan Stanwyk's file.



Where the hell's

the records room?



Next to Pathology, B .



Collate these for me.

Where did you say that was?



- B .

- Thank you very much.



- Take the elevator.

- Thank you.



Give me a hand, Doctor.






Come on!






Have you ever seen a spleen

that large?



No, not since breakfast.



Here. Hold this.



I haven't sterilized

my hands.



You won't make him

any sicker.



I'll get it.



Ah, oh!



You never get used

to the smell, do ya?



Oh, Doctor.

Are you all right?



Where am I?



- The records room.

- The records room?



- I'm fine.

- Can I get you something?



Do you have

The Beatles' White Album?



Never mind. Get me

a glass of hot fat.



And bring me the head

of Alfredo Garcia.



Dr. Holmes was

surprised you fainted.



He was surprised?



I thought that body

was my dead brother.






That spleen was

the spitting image.



No, I'm fine.



Nurse, I'm hyperventilating.



Would you get me

a paper bag?



- Yes, right away.

- Thank you.



Here you are, Doctor.



Oh, thank you.



Can I help you?



No. Uh, yes, there is,




One of my associates

was doing a biopsy on this man.



They said he had a melanoma,

carcinoma... some kind of noma.



There's no record

of it here.



If he had one,

it would be in here.



Wait. Here it is.



"Surgical removal

of two moles.



Tissue was benign."



Benign? There's no mention

of cancer? That's it?



That's it.



This is one month ago.



According to this hospital,

Alan Stanwyk does not have cancer.



I guess not.



He'll be so relieved.



- Thank you very much.

- My pleasure.



Have a nice day.



I'm not finished.



- Sorry, Mr. Underhill.

- Do I look finished?



I guess not.



- Now I'm finished.

- Whatever you say.



You're expecting

a nice gratuity, right?



Maybe next time.



Gail Stanwyk?






I haven't seen you

since the wedding. You look great.



I do?

That's sweet of you.



I must've been plowed

at your wedding.



I don't know you.



Not my wedding,

your wedding.



Oh, my wedding.

Thank God.



Doesn't really help me.

Are you a friend of Alan's?



Yes, we flew together.

I'm John.



Oh, John.



Oh, yes.



No. John who?



John Cocktoasttoy.



Beautiful name.



It's Scotch-Rumanian.



- An odd combination.

- So were my parents.



Do you mind if I

practice some more?



Go ahead.



You're a member

of the club, senor?



No. I'm with the Underhills.



They left, senor.



He'll be back

after his urinalysis.



Would you like some drinks?



I'll put it on

the Underhills' bill.



Yes. I'll have

a Bloody Mary...



a steak sandwich,

and a steak sandwich.



So how's Alan?



He's been so busy lately,

I hardly see him.



- He's been preoccupied.

- With what?



I don't know.

Personal stuff.




I hit one.



Lobs are important

in tennis.



Sorry, sir.



I'll show you

a couple things.



Stand here.



When the ball comes,

face it like this.






And then

pivot your body,



step in

with your left foot.



Just like this.






Go ahead. Try one.



All right.

Go ahead.



Get in position.



The ball's going to come.




How many are

in the machine?



- A lot, I thought.

- It's finished.




Much better.



I must be having an off day.

I'm usually a fabulous player.



I affect women this way.



I bet you do.



I bumped into Alan

this morning.



You know what

I can't figure out?



Alan's in Utah.



I can't figure out what I was doing

in Utah this morning.



I'm very flattered,

but I'm also very married.



You're hitting

on me, aren't you?



How did you guess?



I'm such a heel.

Don't know what came over me.



If I had a nickel

for every one of Alan's flyboy

buddies who tried to pick me up...



I'd be rich.



You are rich.



See what I mean?



The vice president knew

I was opening the door...



but the Secret Service...




And blood...






Sugar, Mr. Poon?



No, never, never.

Thank you.



Well, now,

let me reiterate...



that this is not

a formal investigation.



If Alan Stanwyk isn't involved

in improprieties...



Alan Stanwyk is not involved

in any improprieties.



How can the S.E.C.

make such an accusation?



You know that,

and I know that...



but somebody's bucking

for a promotion.



It's probably that

pederast Hanrahan.



If I don't go back

with something...



you and your son-in-law

will be the scapegoats.




This is unbelievable.



They want to know

why he's in Utah.



Jesus H. Christ

on a Popsicle stick.



First of all...



Alan Stanwyk does not own

one single share of stock.



The $  million

for the ranch in Provo...



was entirely provided

by my daughter...



who converted her personal,

non-corporate holdings.



So, if any

of your D.C. boys...



want to challenge that,

bring them on.



Otherwise, tell them

to get out of my face.



God, I admire you.







this case closed.



It stopped bleeding.

Isn't that something?



My pleasure.



Thank you and good day.



By the way...



what kind

of a name is Poon?



Comanche Indian.




Madeline, Frieda lost the number

for Alan's realtor in Provo, Utah.



Could you get me that?



- Jim Swarthout?

- Yeah.



- Who are you again?

- I'm Frieda's boss.



- Who's Frieda?

- My secretary.



I knew my junkie pals were awaiting

my good cheer on the beach...



but I needed a second wind,

a beer and a wardrobe change.



As I pulled up to

my imitation apartment building...



I observed the Oldsmobuick

of Mr. Arnold T. Pants, Esquire...



attorney for the former

Mrs. Erwin Fletcher.



Time to use

the service entrance.



Refusal to pay alimony

is a jailable offense, Fletch.



What about trespassing

and loitering?



I am neither loitering

nor trespassing.



I've simply chosen

an advisable location...



to await my client's

delinquent husband.



I prefer to discuss

business inside.



Leave your rubbers outside.



A little one-on-one?



He draws the foul.



You owe Wendy $   .



She doesn't need it. She's been

living with somebody for months.



I don't

what you're referring to.



Wendy maintains

her own residence.



This stinks.



I empathize, Fletch.

However, you threw her out.



She slept with everybody.



Prove that in court.



My lawyer was a bum.



I agree.



They slept together.



You may be right.



Are you serious?



That's history, Fletch.



You owe us $   .






I think our problems may just

be solved. Ed McMahon.



I think I

just won $  million.



"Erwin M. Fletcher,

you choose."



Whoo-ee! I lost. Sorry.



It's no joke, Fletch.



If some kind of payment isn't made,

I'll have to garnish your wages.



I can't have

my wages garnish-ied.



Tell you what.



Cash? I'm impressed.



I saw my pimp today.



Open your raincoat.



Come on. Just once.

It's worth it.



That's $    .

Apply some towards next month.



- Now scram.

- Till then.



Keep    and get yourself

a nice piece of ass.



Our guest is

the most valuable player...



of the National

Basketball Association...



from the Los Angeles Lakers...



the all-time scoring champion

of the N.B.A., Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.



He's coming off a game that was

second to none in his brilliant career.



You must be proud.



Definitely, Chick.

It was a great effort.



But I had a lot of help,

and we're just glad to be here.



How about Fletch?



What can I say about Fletch?

He's been fantastic.



He boxes out for us,

gets the tough rebounds...



and does what

we need to win.



It's great working with him. I don't

know where we'd be without him.



Let's look at the play.

He's  ' ". With the Afro,  ' ".



Good dribbler. Comes in deep.

His club is behind by one point.



Fletch puts the ball through the legs.

What a great play!



He puts it in!

The Lakers have the lead!



Was that some play! This kid

from Harlem really creates excitement.



$  million a year,

but he earns every nickel.



Look how he shakes off

four or five defenders with ease.



Fletch... he truly defines

grace under pressure.



See if you've got anything on Stanwyk

from when he lived in Utah.



Yeah. And check out a realtor

in Provo named Swarthout.






What's going on?



Take off, Fletch!



What are you doing?



They're after

Gummy again.



Slow down.

This is dumb.



Come on, man!



He's defenseless.






Get up!



What are you doing?






Let me out!



Beat it, cop!



Hey, you're really nuts.



You OK?



Yeah. I feel like $   .



- They didn't do anything.

- What are you talking about?



I busted their window.



You're lucky.



It's not luck.

They didn't want me.



They wanted Gummy.



The cops and Gummy...



Relax, Frank.

I need more time.



I could be onto something.






I don't want to spoil your surprise.

Read about it tomorrow.



What do you want?



Don't point. Speak!



- I need Fletch.

- She needs me.



Nothing on Utah

or Jim Swarthout.



I know. Put this

on the back burner.



Right here. That's good.



You wanna give me

just a little hint?



All right, Frank.



- There may be cops involved.

- Did you say cops?



- Yeah.

- That's one thing I found.



- It's from last month.

- What's this?



More cops. Frank,

I need to go to Utah.






Yeah, Utah. It's wedged in

between Wyoming and Nevada.



- What about finding the source?

- I have some ideas.



Say yes, Frank. I'll buy you

some new deodorant.



Go to Transportation.

Get a ticket.



- My hero.

- Nothing to it.



You're not recording this,

are you?



No. Never. Never.









Why does a man

ask me to kill him...



and lie about dying

when he isn't dying?



Gail Stanwyk converts

$  million of her stocks...



to buy the ranch.



Why pay in cash?



Mr. Jim Swarthout?



I'm Igor Stravinsky. I'm calling about

some ranch property I'd like to buy.



What did you have in mind?






Are you a friend of Alan's?



No, not exactly.



I overheard some people

talking at the club.



$  million sounded

like a good price.



Oh, is that right?



In that case,

I have been very misinformed.



Excuse you? Yes.



I'd like to come out and

see you anyway. Is that all right?



What's good for you?



Well, I'm about

to close up shop.



How about tomorrow morning?



First thing in the morning.

Tomorrow. Bye.






Anybody home?



Hey, fella, what's your name?

Fluff? Fifi?



All right.



Bad dog.









I hate dogs.



Come on. Smile.

Say, "Fletch."



Look, defenseless babies.



Fell for the oldest trick

in the book.



 Strangers in the night 



 Exchanging clothing 



 Strangers in my pants... 






- What the hell's...

- Police. Spread 'em!



- Got a gun?

- Shamu's got one. Borrow his.



- What have we here?

- That's my dick.



Oh, funny boy.



What have we here?



Looks like heroin, Gene.



You just planted that.



- What'd you say?

- Wanna read me my rights?



You have the right

to remain silent.



You have the right

to have your face kicked in.






You have the right to have

your balls stomped by him.



I'll waive my rights.



What's the booking, gentlemen?



Possession of narcotics.

The chief wants to talk to him.



You'll like Chief Karlin.

He's a nice man.



I hear he's mellowed

since he came out of the closet.



Take his picture

while he still has a face.



That hurts.

You've been hurting.



Give him a buzz.



Come in.



Here he is, Chief.



Easy, fellas. I'll be

with you in a moment.



Did Mrs. Chief of Police

help you decorate?



So... what's your name?






- Full name.

- Fletch. F. Fletch.



I see. What do you do

for a living, Mr. Fletch?



I'm a shepherd.



Officers, could you excuse us

for a few moments?



Go to the gym

and pump each other.



Why are you doing this?



I like men.



I like to be manhandled.



I like you.



For someone caught holding

a bag of heroin...



- That was planted.

- We're looking at maybe    years.



Is that what you want, Jane Doe?



Your editor phoned me...



to respond to allegations

you're about to print...



concerning police involvement

in narcotics dealings.



Uh-uh. I'm about to bust

that beach wide open.



I don't need some penny-ante

Woodward and Bernstein...



to get in the way

of my men.



Your men may be involved in this.

I would think that might interest you.






All right.

Strictly off the record, OK?



Yeah, OK.



I got that beach crawling

with undercover cops.



But if you go nosing around,

you'll make the bad guys more cautious.



Makes my job harder.



And listen, if you print

your story this week...



it might get

some of my men killed.



I can't have that,

Mr. Fletch.



You understand?






I understand.



I got a deadline.



The name's Karlin

with a "K"?



You dipshit!



Go back to that beach,

you won't live to regret it!



All right?



Hey, you and

Tommy Lasorda.



- Yeah.

- I hate Tommy Lasorda.






I'll take care of it now.



 Swing low,

sweet chariot 



I'll handle it from here.



 Comin' for

to carry me home 



Can't keep me here.



Maybe I won't keep you.



Maybe I'll blow

your brains out.



I do believe that's

a violation of my rights.



After I shoot you,

I stick myself with this knife...



and place it

in your dead hand.






We don't do it anymore,

but back in the old days...



You're serious.



Ask anybody.



Can I ask anybody now?



Can I call my mom,

tell her I love her.



Uh... guess not.



I'm a newspaper reporter. You don't

blow away newspaper reporters.



Kinda stupid, isn't it?



What will it be, Fletch?



Hey, I hate the beach anyway.



It's not even my story.



I've got a deadline

on the off-track betting...



in the Himalayas.



Smaller story, but I know

you've been following it.



You have things

under control down there.



Your beach.



Come on out.

Come on.



May I? Thank you.



How could you call him?



Fletch, I'm sorry.



You know how close

to death I came?



Yeah, it's awful.



He had a gun at my head

and a knife in his hand!



He threatened

to kill me.



Hey, that's a shame.



He would've shot me.






You don't believe me.






- He thinks I'm lying.

- Unbelievable.



I need an article

by tomorrow.



- You believe me.

- Yes, I do.



I don't want unsubstantiated charges

about dope-dealing cops...



or paranoid fantasies

about homicidal police chiefs.



Give me something

I can print!



Print this.



Me, too.



Hey, watch it.

You're on thin ice, Larry.



It was time to hang out

at Boyd Aviation...



to find out what Stanwyk

was doing with that plane.



I splurged.



I invested    cents

on some novelty teeth.






- You the guy from Ajax?

- Yeah, you bet.



All right.



- Thought you were bringing the eight?

- They're coming.



I'm the supervisor.

I don't carry the stuff.



Freddie's bringing them?



Yeah. Freddie.



You were supposed to be here

an hour ago.



Traffic was murder.



A manure spreader

jackknifed on the Santa Ana.



God-awful mess.



You should see my shoes.






Stanwyk's baby, huh?









Looks well-used.



Travels to Utah every weekend.



Is that right?



Is he a Mormon?



I don't think he's doing

a lot of singing...



with the Tabernacle Choir.



These executives live high.

Know what I mean?



I sure do.



That's a terrific wing.

I love this shape.



Do us a favor, pal.



Name's Liddy.

Gordon Liddy.



Take a look

at the seventh Fetzer valve.



It's been sticking.



Probably the humidity.



That's funny.



I think it's

the by-pass line.



It could be the by-pass line.

I should look at it.



Uh, Gordo?



Back here?



Don't tell me

my business, boy!



Just checking the luggage.



Somebody should clean these windows.

There's gook all over 'em.



Look at that.



You use a lot of fuel

to go to Utah?



I ask that, too.



Burns enough to go

to South America and back.



South America and back.



- Is that right?

- Yeah.



I always kid him.

I say:



"You doing some stunt flying

up there or something?"



What's he say?




He just gives me that look.



You know,

he's got that look.



Yeah, he just gives him

that look.




He's the boss.



Let me look

at this Fetzer.



Uh, Gord.



I know. I'm getting

a bird's-eye view.



Oh, ho ho.



It's the by-pass line, right?



I think so. Yeah.



Told ya.



I'll need some pliers...



and a set of   -weight

ball bearings.



- What?

- Yeah.



Tell ya what.

I gotta go to my truck.



If Fred gets here before I'm back,

tell him to start without me.



Why do you need

ball bearings?



Come on, guys.



Maybe you need

a refresher course.



Hey, it's all

ball bearings nowadays.



Prepare that valve

with  -in-  oil...



and gauze pads.



And I'll need    quarts

of antifreeze...



preferably Prestone.



No, make that

Quaker State.



And wash those windows.

They got muck on 'em.



Buenos dias, senor.



Hi. Where's

Mrs. Stanwyk?



In her cabana.



I'm supposed to meet her.

Cabana six?



Cabana one. You would like

something to eat or drink?



Actually, I would.



Charge it

to the Underhills?




Do you have any caviar?



Si, senor. Beluga.

But it is $   a portion.



I better just take

two portions.



How's the Lobster Thermidor?



- I recommend it.

- Good. That'll be fine.



Bring two bottles

of Dom Perignon.



Very good, senor.



- Put down $   for yourself.

- Muchas gracias, senor.



Who is it?



It's John.



John who?



It's John.

John Levin... I don't remember.



John Cocktoastin?









I was hoping

you'd say that.



I just got out of the shower.




Can I borrow your towel?



My car hit

a water buffalo.



Nice place.



I'm surprised to see you.

What are you doing here?



I ordered some lunch.



For here?



I knew this is where

my mouth would be.



I really should change.



No, you should stay

the wonderful person you are today.



I mean put clothes on.



Make yourself comfortable.



Are you always

this forward?



Only with

wet married women.



Get the door!



Ah. Very good, gentlemen.

Come right in.



Right in this way.



Right in here.



That's good.

That's very nice.



Want I set up?



No, I'll take care of it.

Give each other $  .



- Put it on Underhill.

- Muchas gracias.



Sierra del fuego.



Oh, this is beautiful.



There we have it.



This goes

on the Underhills' bill?



I saved his life

during the war.



- You were in the war?

- No, he was. I got him out.






I can't believe

I'm doing this.



This is great.



Let's eat.



- Your bill, senor.

- Oh, thank you.



- $    for lunch?

- Your guest, senor.



We didn't have

any guests today.



Two bottles of Dom Perignon?

$    a pop!



- Jesus H. Christ! Where is he?

- With Ms. Stanwyk.



- Where's she?

- Cabana one.



Can I ask you a question?



- Depends on the question.

- More champagne?



- Yes.

- Are you still in love with Alan?



No. I mean, no, you can't

ask me that question.



- Ask me another one.

- Why'd you let me in?



Um, because I'm bored.



If you're bored, why didn't you

go to Utah with Alan?



Utah's not exactly

a cure for boredom.



Good point.



I've never been there.

I shouldn't say that.



What about his parents?



He hasn't seen them for years.

I've never met them.



They don't get along?



- Mrs. Stanwyk.

- Yes?



I'm sorry to disturb you.

It's Ted Underhill.



Thanks for a great time.

I... Whew! ...gotta go.



Wait a minute.

What is this?



Someone of

your acquaintance...



has charged a $    lunch

to my account.



You don't know

the Underhills?



I'd like to discuss this matter

with you.



I'm just out of the shower.



- Wait a minute.

- I have to wee-wee.



Yes, of course.



- Why did you do it?

- You shouldn't have to pay the bill.



A $    lunch tab?



It's outrageous.

It's way over the line.



I'll cover it. You can't

go out looking like that.



He might spot you.

Hold on.



You look like you're the same size

as Alan. Put this on.



- Nice suit.

- Just return it.



Any other surprises?






My name is not

John Cocktoastin.



- I wasn't at your wedding.

- Who are you?



I'm Erwin Fletcher.



I write a newspaper column

under the name of Jane Doe.









your husband

hired me to kill him.



Mrs. Stanwyk.



- Mrs. Stanwyk!

- In a minute!



Enough surprises.

What are you talking about?



Sit down.



Your husband told me he was dying

of cancer. Is that true?



It's not true.



That property you thought

you were buying in Utah? Not true.



He's a bad guy.



He's involved in something

very big and very bad.



Do you know Jim Swarthout?



Yeah. He's the man

who sold us the ranch.



Wrong. He sold you

$     worth of scrub brush.



I saw the deed.



You saw a forgery.



This is the real deed.



There's Swarthout's name.



If this were legible,

you'd see what I meant.



This dog tried to bite me.



The motel, my car.



The Mormon Tabernacle.



Stop it. Stop.



He's told me a lot of things.



So far, not one has been true.



I'm sorry to have to

tell you these things.



- Mrs. Stanwyk!

- Just wait a minute!



- I'll call my father. He'll know.

- No, you can't.



I know you don't know me,

but you've gotta trust me.



Give me    hours.



Mrs. Stanwyk!



You a Laker fan?






- Just a minute!

- I'll take you to a game.



Mrs. Stanwyk!



Sorry. Thanks. Bye.



- What are you talking about?

- I'd like to take you to a Laker game.



- If you need me, call the paper.

- What do I do for    hours?



- Act natural.

- I was afraid you'd say that.



Oh, Jesus. What's he

doing with the chief?



Seeing Bone Cancer

and Chief Karlin together...



might lead

to a page one item.



but without real evidence,

Frank wouldn't print it.



I had to keep digging...

without a shovel.



Smog Patrol.

Had your emissions checked?



- No, sir.

- Fluorocarbons? Ozone?



- No, sir.

- Well, let's check it out.



What do you say?



Smells pretty good.



That's him.



Unit    in pursuit.



Catch some shuteye.

Lay back and enjoy.



- Try to breathe through your nose.

- Aaah!



I use chewing gum on these rides.

It filters out the pollutants.



Aw, shit!



You've got good grillwork.

Keep out the ozone.



I gotta get this thing up to   

check out the fluorocarbon output.



Don't worry about the speed limit.

That's why we've got the police escort.



- You a cop?

- As far as you know.



You gonna take me to jail

for car theft?



- Why, did you steal the car?

- I sure did!



I'm not even sure

that's a crime anymore.



Pull over!



Hey, look out

for that truck!



Just a game I play with my buddies.

Hide-and-seek kind of thing.



They love it.



What a day!



Must be a stage two.



Do a little slip-streaming.



Whoa! There's Fred!

Won't he be surprised!



Don't you hear me?

I said pull over...






Got a license?



Not on me.

You have one?



- No.

- Pull over, buddy!



- Hey, Freddie, how's the herpes?

- Pull over!



- I did before. I'll pull over later.

- Pull over!



That's it.

Turn your bike in!



- You're a disgrace to the force!

- Aaah!



Get the door!




You passed the test.



Raise your left hand.

My men will be right with you.



Thelma Noble, Ellis Lee Hereford...



Lee Weaver...



and Harold Arthur.



I would like for you to meet

our friends on the dais.



- Hold your applause until I'm finished.

- More coffee?



- Kitty Domaine, Selby Desner.

- There you go.



Barbara Wattell,

Walter Smith...



Martha Sterling

and Paul Fleming.



And to my right,

Michael Kenyon...



Olivia D. Williams...



Otto Bailey...



Bea Dorfman.



And now...



the Father of

Internal Bushings...



our very own

and beloved leader...



A man who needs

no introduction!



Thank you very much, Sammy.



I couldn't wait.



That was a very nice introduction,

and I am...



very thrilled

and proud to be here.



It's been a wonderful ceremony

here on behalf of our own Fred...



"The Dorf" Dorfman!



- Who is he?

- Fred was darn near death recently.



He wasn't ashamed to admit to me

that he had syphilis.



Thank God he stopped it

in its tracks.



It takes a lot for a man...



to admit where he got it from

and how he got it.



Look at him today.

Fred, you look just wonderful.



The nose looks normal again.

The face has come back into shape.



It's not drooling anymore.



And hats off to Marge, his wife,

because that whole experience...



the three weeks that she stayed

at Trembling Hills has paid off.



No more alcohol

or sedatives in her life.



There are many other things

I wanna tell you about Fred...



things that maybe many of you

already know.



Sammy, you're not going

to sing for us, are you?



Did you know that Fred

spent much of his life...



honoring a profession that has gone

largely unsung around here?



Some of them are here tonight.

The profession is law enforcement.



I know Fred feels that too often

our feelings are locked in...



and we feel restrained

and perhaps even embarrassed...



to reach out and touch

an officer of the law.



After all, they are people,

aren't they?



Stand up. Pat them on the back.

Reach out.



Shake hands with any one

of these men in blue.



Hug a cop!

Yeah, go ahead. I said it.




That's a wonderful feeling!



I'm so proud tonight!



 Oh, say can you see 



 By the dawn's

early light 



 What so proudly we hail 



 At the twilight's

last gleaming 



Hip, hip, hooray!











Mr. Stanwyk,

you are confirmed on Flight    ...



to Rio de Janeiro tomorrow evening,

   p.m., first class.



That's terrific.

Thank you.



- You reconfirmed this morning.

- You bet I did.



I'm a bear for detail.



I hope there's nobody

sitting next to me.



I always travel first class,

and I take both seats up.



I'm in bridge work.

Bridge construction.



These fold-outs

take a lot of space.



There is someone

next to you.



Oh, for God don don!

Who is it? Mr. Singleton?



- No. The name is Cavanaugh.

- Cavanaugh?



Ah! Morris or Pierre?



Sally Ann Cavanaugh.



Sally Ann?

Well, terrific.



In fact, you purchased

the ticket for Miss Cavanaugh.



Doesn't mean I want her

sitting next to me.



The flight's full.

She's connecting out of Provo.



Oh. All right, fine.



Provo, Spain?









Frank, don't give me crap

about the beach story.



- I'm at the airport.

- The airport?



There are two dozen cops

after my ass.



I can't go home or to the office.

I'm a man without a country.



If cops are really after you,

come in here. You'll be OK.



I couldn't

get through the front door.



I'm going to Utah.



You go to Utah,

you stay in Utah.



I'm turning the story over

to a professional reporter.



The story is Utah.

Trust me.



You're going to Utah?




If you're story is not on my desk

by   :   you're fired.






Who the hell are you?



Get up!



I'm up.



- Door was unlocked.

- Lock's busted.



There you have it.



I work for the landlord.



He told me to watch out

for the place.



- I commend him on his choice.

- What?



I commend him

on his choice.



I was supposed to meet

Mrs. Cavanaugh here.



Who are you?



I'm Don Corleone,

Mrs. Cavanaugh's cousin.



You know where she is?



Moved out.



Moved out?

Isn't that something.



I talked to her last week.

She didn't say a thing about it.



- She moved out.

- You're saying she moved out.



- This morning.

- This morning?



God! Uh. We had

so much to talk about.



Mo Green is out

of the Tropicana.



My sons, Mike and Fredo,

are taking over.



What did you

want under the bed?



I have to pull rank on you.

I didn't want to have to do this.



I'm with the mattress police.

There are no tags on these mattresses.



I'm taking you downtown.

Give me the weapon.



I'm calling the cops.



- This is for the cops.

- Come on, man. I'm her cousin.



Tell the cops.



OK. You wanna call the cops,

call the cops.



Better tie

your shoelaces first.



Thanks a lot!



Stretch, what's happening?



- Got an unbelievable story here.

- Yeah? Great.



- What can I do?

- Write this down. Sally Ann Cavanaugh.



Sally Ann Cavanaugh.



Check every hotel in L.A.

Start near the airport.



He's supposed to leave the country

with her tomorrow night.



Got that, honey?



I love your body, Larry.



Good afternoon.






They should

recall these things.



Hit one bump

and the window explodes.



You're Marvin Stanwyk?



- Yeah.

- Hi there.



Harry S. Truman,

Casewell Insurance underwriters.



Harry S. Truman?



My parents were fans

of the former president.



Isn't that nice.

He was a good man.



- He sure was.

- He showed the Japs a thing or two.



- Dropped the big one, huh?

- He dropped two big ones on them.



- He was a real fighter.

- Yeah.



You're in insurance, Harry?



That's right.



- Well, I'm fully covered.

- I don't doubt it, Mr. Stanwyk.



Actually, my company

sub-insures a policy...



held by Alan Stanwyk,

who I believe is your son.



Yeah, he is.



Mr. Truman,

meet my wife Velma.



- My pleasure.

- Nice to meet you.



Sit down and have

a glass of lemonade.



- Thank you.

- Velma makes the most unusual lemonade.



It's hard to keep it cold

on a day like this.



Where you from, Harry?



I'm from California.



San Berdoo.



Yeah. Utah is

part of my route.



You folks don't mind if I ask you

a couple of questions, do you?



- Shoot.

- Thank you very much.



We'll start with

some routine things.



You and your wife

are currently alive, I take it?



- Harry, if there's...

- It's just regulations.



Now, you, Marvin,

and your wife named Velma...



are the parents of one Alan Stanwyk

of Beverly Hills...



Executive Vice President

of Boyd Aviation.



- Check.

- Check.



And when did you last see Alan?



Oh... uh...



about    days ago.



   days ago?



He comes and visits

about every three weeks.



Isn't that nice.

How long has he done that?



Since he moved to L.A.



Pardon me if I seem a bit personal here.

I don't know how to put it.



We understand that there's

a young lady friend in Provo...



that Alan's been seeing.



What's this got to do

with insurance?



This is a comprehensive policy.



Forget about

that lady friend business.



Alan is

a loving husband.



He dotes on his bride.






His wife.



You've met her?



Of course we have.

He brings her with him.



Has Alan ever mentioned

the name Sally Ann Cavanaugh?



Has he?



Boy, what in the hell's

the matter with you?



- He has.

- Of course he has.



That's his wife.



Of course.



His wife's name

is Sally Ann Cavanaugh.



Cute as a button.



You wouldn't have

a picture of them, would you?



We've got lots of pictures.



- Let me get you some.

- Great.



Still married are they,

Alan and Sally Ann?



Yes, they are.



How long have

they been married?



It was before

he moved to L.A.



Eight years April.



This gets heavier

each year.



There we are.

Here it is.



- That's the one.

- Oh, my goodness.



She is a button,

isn't she?



Isn't she cute?



Could I borrow this picture?

I promise to send it back.



- It's routine. The actuarial people...

- That's all right. We have more.



- Want to see the reception?

- No, thank you. I'm trying to quit.



How about Marvin's

  th birthday party?



- How about that, Marvin?

- They got a picture of me in here.



This is Alan?

I can't believe this!



It's really Alan,

and it's really bigamy.



- How long have they been married?

- About eight years.



Who is this woman?



I think it's Alan's

high school sweetheart.



Sally Ann something or other.



Alan's been keeping

many secrets lately.



I'm calling the police.



No, Gail, don't.



- I'm calling my father.

- Give me one more day.



Why? Do you have any idea

how humiliating this is?



Yes, I do.

I really do.



Remember what I told you?

Tomorrow night you have a club meeting.



Stay away from the house.

I'll take care of him.



- Don't worry.

- She looks like a hooker.



Look at her. Could you love

someone who looked like that?



What are you talking about?

Of course not.



     minutes tops,




It's funny.



I know. Listen.



Why don't we relax and lie down

and I'll fill you in.



This is a good time

to make a pass at me.



- Gum?

- Who? Go somewhere else.



Gum, it's me.



- Fletch. Really, is that you?

- Shut up. Don't say my name.



Shut up. Don't look at me.

I gotta talk to you.



All right. About what?



There are cops all around here.

They're after me.



- You mean those surfers over there?

- Lay back down.



- Don't point. Just lay back.

- OK.



- Why they after you?

- I'm a newspaper reporter.



I'm nailing Chief Karlin as

the major drug source on this beach.



Sit back.



Fat Sam's turning

State's evidence.



What's that?



He wrote me

a nice deposition.



Said he received the drugs

and you did the selling.



He said what?

Fletch, he's lying.



I didn't sell nothing.

You gotta believe me.



I just carried the drugs

from the chief to Sam.



- Sure you did, Gum.

- Honest, man. That's all I did.



   years in prison, Gum.

Unless you want to play ball.



You don't leave me

much choice.



- You all right?

- Yeah, I'm all right.



These robes...

I got another question.



Where does the chief

get his drugs?



I don't know.



Have fun.

Don't bend over for the soap.




Fletch, OK.



It's somewhere

in South America.



Mind if I sit here?









- You don't know me, Sam.

- My pleasure, brother.



I'm a reporter, Sam.



I'm breaking the story

on the drug traffic around here.



Gummy's turning

State's evidence.



I got good proof

it's the chief.



You gonna bust the chief?



Gonna bust the chief.



I could use your help.



I'm a slave to that

son of a bitch.



He busted me,

third offense.



Said push for him or do    long.

All I get from this is free junk.



- You don't have a piece of the action?

- No. Free junk, that's it.



Hey, how you doing?



Albert Einstein's forehead.

You like it? Won it in a raffle.



Fellas, stay with me.






What's up?



- I'm quitting at midnight.

- Who are they?



This is Fat Sam and Gummy.

Come with me.



Their statements

name Chief Karlin...



as the number one drug pusher

from here to Oxnard.



I want them to have Federal protection

sponsored by the paper. OK?



- This is wonderful.

- I'm out, Frank.



- You lost faith in me.

- Fletch, I got nervous.



Forget it.

I'm writing the story.



Hold the last two paragraphs

till   :  .



You want an apology?



- You were going to can me, right?

- No, not really.



- Not really?

- I was upset. You know.



OK. Jesus,

I'm sick of this place.






I'll try out for the Lakers.

They need a power forward.



This is a hell of a story.






- About these guys...

- They're fine.



You don't have valuables

in there, do you?



Good evening.



I like your outfit.



Did you bring the    grand

and the tickets?



Of course.



Oh, oh, oh. You forgot

your rubber gloves.



You're planning

on killing me, aren't you?



You catch on real quick,

Mr. Nugent.



That's a hostile thing to do.



You were gonna kill me.

I look at this as self-defense.



Now, if you would be so kind

as to put your passport on my desk.



You're wearing my suit.

Where did you get that?



Where did you get my suit,

Mr. Nugent?



The name's Fletcher.

I'm a newspaper reporter.



I write a column

under the name Jane Doe.



- What is this?

- Read this.



- I don't have time...

- Cut the crap.



Come read this.

I'm not going anywhere.



Unless my people hear differently,

that letter goes out at midnight.



"Dear Mr. Boyd:



Alan Stanwyk

murdered me tonight.



Charred remains found in the Jaguar

are mine, not his.



Mr. Stanwyk,

using my name and passport...



boarded Pan Am Flight    .



- On arrival, he intends..."

- Pretty hefty.



Keep reading.



"...with his legal wife...



the former

Sally Ann Cavanaugh..."



Don't stop, Alan.



- Uh-oh. The missus.

- What are you doing here?



I know most of it. I want

to hear the rest from you.



He doesn't read my stuff very well.

Let me take a crack at it.



"Sally Ann and Alan

were married eight years ago...



never divorced, making Stanwyk

a bigamist, even in Utah.



Stanwyk is traveling

with $  million in cash...



the result of Gail Stanwyk's

conversion of Boyd Aviation stock."



It's true, isn't it?



"Sally Ann

can confirm this...



when the police pick her up

at the Airport Marriott."



Isn't that where she is?



"By the way,

Alan is a big drug smuggler.



But you can read about that

in tomorrow's paper.



Sincerely, I.M. Fletcher.

P.S. Have a nice day."



Bravo, Mr. Fletcher.




What tipped me was something your wife

said while we were in bed together.




And what was that?



She said we had roughly

the same build.



From the waist up,

I imagine.



Then I figured it.



You bump me off,

plop me in the car...



and burn me up.



What the heck,

same bone structure.



You son of a bitch.



But I'm not a stupid

son of a bitch.



I was prepared to commit

one murder, assface.



What makes you think

I won't commit two?



- Whoops.

- What do you mean, "Whoops"?



By the time your story's published,

I'll be on the beach.



I understand extradition

from South America's complicated.



For two murders,

it's even more so.



That thing loaded?



If you shoot me...



you're liable to lose

those humanitarian awards.



Tough shit, Hopalong.



Greetings, everyone.



Thank God, the police.



What are you doing here?



Put the gun down.

I can take care of them.



Thought you had this figured out.

Nice going, Erwin.



Don't ever

call me Erwin.



Fat Sam and Gummy

left the beach today.



It occurred to me that maybe there are

things happening I should be aware of.



I'll take care of this.

It doesn't involve you. Go home.



- I'll call you tomorrow.

- What? Long distance?



Overheard you say something

about South American extradition.



Are you taking that $      

I staked you with on the next load?



You two have a lot

to talk over.



We'll just catch the last

ten minutes of "Dynasty."




you're gonna have to trust me!



I got a way to get rid of this asshole,

and you're jeopardizing everything!



Your way is gonna land my butt

on the front page...



while you're basking

in the sun!



With your money.



The second one's

going to be more fun.



Go ahead, make my day.






No, this is getting absurd.



"One Bob Haldeman wig,

a gorilla suit."



- A gibbon suit.

- "Tennis shorts.



leather sneakers,

wrist bands."



- It's business. I hate tennis.

- What's novelty teeth?



Frank, it's all business.



"A nun's habit.

Six tubes of Crazy Glue."



That's personal.



- Take it out of my raise.

- You're not getting a raise. Come on.



I would think the D.A. would need

these tickets for evidence.



Not necessarily.



- Not necessarily?

- Larry!



In the court ruling

"U.S. vs. Fishbein"...



a man subjected to

potential incineration...



while wearing

another man's suit...



is entitled to $      worth

of airline tickets.



It's an obscure ruling

but very important one to me.



Why don't you say that you want

to take me to Rio with you?



There's a different slant.



The thing is, we haven't

really dated formally.



I take first dates

to Laker games.



I don't want to go

to a Laker game.



I don't like basketball.



Maybe that's because

you don't understand basketball.



You haven't learned the fundamentals.

The pick and roll.



Sounds like a fast-food chain.



- Reverse stuff.

- That I've done.



I'll bet you have,

you little vixen.



The coroner

had certified Stanwyk dead...



or extremely sleepy.



And Chief Karlin was facing

   years in the fun house.



I decided

to accompany Gail to Rio...



and personally assist her

in her grief therapy.



On the beach, I explained basketball

to her, but she didn't grasp it.



- Fletch?

- Call me Erwin.



Why do they bounce

the ball the whole time?



Doesn't it seem

a little childish?



Well, it may seem that,

but that's called dribbling.



- "Dribbling"?

- If they stop bouncing the ball...



they get called for traveling.



Traveling. Aha.



That's what they call it

when you don't bounce the ball.



When it came to basketball,

Gail was a loss.



But we had our own version

of one-on-one...



and she thought I was the bravest man

in the world, which I am.



By the way, I charged the vacation to

Mr. Underhill's American Express card.



Want the number?



 Bit by bit 



 One way or another 



 Bit by bit 



 Running undercover 






 Bit by bit 



 Gettin' to the bottom 



 Bit by bit 



 Nothing's gonna

stop him 






 Movin' in 



 Makin' my connection 



 Something's up 



 I can feel it

in the air 



 Private eyes 



 Never know

who's watchin' 



 Play it cool 



 'Cause you haven't

got a prayer 



 Have you

heard the news 



 Makin' all

the headlines 



 Zoomin' via satellite 



 Have you heard

the news 



 Comin' through

the grapevine 



 Fletch is workin'




 Bit by bit 



 One way or another 



 Bit by bit 



 Running undercover 






 Bit by bit 



 Gettin' to the bottom 



 Bit by bit 



 Nothing's gonna

stop him 






 Diggin' in 



 Gonna break by mornin' 



 Comin' out 



 Read it in the Times 



 Have you heard

the news 



 Makin' all

the headlines 



 Zoomin' via satellite 



 Have you heard

the news 



 Comin' through

the grapevine 



 Fletch is workin'




 Bit by bit 



 One way or another 



 Bit by bit 



 Runnin' undercover 






 Bit by bit 



 Gettin' to the bottom 



 Bit by bit 



 Nothing's gonna

stop him 









 Have you heard

the news 



 Makin' all

the headlines 



 Zoomin' via satellite 



 Have you

heard the news 



 Comin' through

the grapevine 



 Fletch is workin'




 Bit by bit 


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