Flight Of The Navigator Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Flight Of The Navigator script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 1986 movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Flight Of The Navigator. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Flight Of The Navigator Script





(man over PA) As you can see,

Lynn never breaks her dog's rhythm.



She uses rapid-fire, multiple disks,



throwing them high to display

Muffy's wonderful coordination and agility.



A terrific exhibition

by last year's runners-up.



Next up, Judith Lynman and Rocky.



- Watch how Rocky doesn't take off...

- Watch this one,



Wow! Let's try it,



Come on, Bruiser, give it to me, Drop it,



Let it go, Bruiser, Let it go,

Let it go, Come on,



Strong toss, and he catches it!



Go on, Bruiser, get it, Get it,



Easy, even toss, and he grabs it.



Go! Get it, Bruiser,

Wanna get it? Look! Look!



Jump, Bruiser! Oh, man!



Winner of the      South Florida

Frisbee Dog Championship



is Judith Lynman and Rocky!



I'm gonna teach you real hard,



All right, boys, let's go,

What do you say?



That dumb dog will never

learn to catch a Frisbee,



He will so, and don't call him dumb!



How about retarded?



Some day he's gonna win that




Don't make me laugh,



All right, guys, I guess,,,



You know, Bill,

I don't really feel like cooking tonight,



You don't have to cook, We'll get

in the boat and get some hamburgers,



Guess what,

David's got the hots for Jennifer Bradley,



- Shut up, you dehydrated pizza face,

- Dad, he's knuckling me!



David! Just stop provoking

your little brother, please,



- But, Dad!

- No, really!



That's the last I wanna hear from both of

you, Now give us a break,



I can't believe this,



(little brother) Dad, can I play at Billy's?



Yeah, I guess so,

Just look out for the fireworks,



(Mother) Make sure you be back before




Give me that,



- Weasel!

- Dork!



- Butt-face!

- Scuzz-bucket!



You'll never see your ninth birthday,

I promise!



("You're the One That I Want")



(Mother) I wish you two

would try to get along,



- He's a jerk,

- Ah, come on, it's just a phase,



- He'll grow out of it,

- If he lives that long,



Is that any way to

talk about your little brother?



No, I guess not,



Just try and remember

you're the oldest, all right?



All right, all right,



- Hi, David,

- Hi, Jennifer,



(boy) Hi, Jennifer,



- Finally!

- (girl) What took you so long?



Hey, think fast!



Honey, stay out of the refrigerator,

We're going out to dinner soon,



Don't worry, I'll be hungry,



- Come on, boy,

- Do you know how to open these?



- Yes, I do, dear,

- Thank you,



(Casey Kasem over radio) On the fourth

of July,      an American Top    extra.



- David,

- Dad!



- Aren't you gonna watch the game?

- I was just,,, watching the boats,



Oh, Yeah?






So, you do have a crush

on Jennifer Bradley,



Nah, not really,

I barely even know her,



Have you ever tried talking to her?



How're you supposed to talk to girls?



It's impossible,



Well, you just have to try

to strike up a conversation,



Hi! How you doin'?

That's a nice bike,



If you're gonna learn to swim,

you just gotta jump in the water,



- I guess,

- David? Don't forget to feed Bruiser,



I won't,



Come on, Bruiser,



Good boy, That'll make you big and strong

so you can win that championship,



David? David,

Oh, would you go meet Jeff?



The Johnsons said he left

about five minutes ago,



- He's eight years old, Mom,

- I know,



But I don't like him going

through the woods alone,



I think he can make it

a half-mile on his own,



Now, you hurry up,

And we're gonna get some burgers



and we're gonna set off

those fireworks of yours,



- OK?

- OK,



Come on, Bruiser,



(train whistle)



(Bruiser whimpering)



What is it, macho man?

Not afraid of a little wind, are you?



(continues whimpering)



See, Bruiser?



What you gotta do is be a take-charge guy,



That's what girls like,



Come on, boy,



Come on,



Wanna know my real problem?



I don't know what I want out of life




As a young dog, you might find that

hard to understand, but,,,



(twig breaks)















Get back, Jack! I've got a gun!



(twig breaks)






- Oh!

- Gotcha! Gotcha!



- I'll kill you!

- (Bruiser barks)



(train whistle)






What is it, Bruiser?






Come on, boy,

We'd better get home,






(train whistle)






Bruiser! Here, Bruiser,



Bruiser? Here, Bruiser,



Open up, you little punk!

Do you hear me?



I said open up!



- Who are you?

- Who are you?



Uh, I'm David, I live here,



Think you have the wrong house, dear,



- Where's my mom?

- I have no idea,



Oh, are you lost?



Hey! Where do you think you're going?



Now, just a minute,

You've made a mistake!



Mom? Dad?












(easy listening)



What's the problem, son?



Now, calm down, son!



Now, nobody is going to hurt you,



What's your name?

Where do you live?






Where's my mom and dad?



Janet, call the police,



And because of that,

everything's chaos here,



You're gonna have to process this,



(man over TV) Authorities

are investigating what has caused



power blackouts in sections of two




Emergency generators are in operation

at Lauderdale General Hospital.



Not hungry, huh?



The electricity should be reinstated...



Is my dad coming yet?



Phil? We ran his name,

and the computer came up with this,



Oh, good, A missing person report,



"David Scott Freeman,

Hair: brown, Eyes: brown,"



"Last seen wearing blue polo shirt

with white stripes,



blue jeans and white sneakers,

carrying a blue knapsack,"



- Have we located the parents?

- Yes, but Phil, look at the date,



What about it?

Must be a typo,



I ran it through the computer

three times, That's no mistake,



- He was declared legally dead,

- Who's dead?



No one's dead, David, Come on,

Let's start putting this puzzle together,



Now, David, just a few more questions

for our paperwork, OK?



- How old are you?

- I already told you, Twelve,



All right, And what is the date today?



It's the fourth of July,



- What year?




Uh, David, who's the President

of the United States?



Duh, You wanna know that

for your paperwork?









It's Jimmy Carter,



- Why are we stopping?

- You'll see,



Be right back,



- (David) Who lives here?

- We're not sure yet,



(dog barking)



(man) Quiet! Calm down,



Look, I'm sorry to disturb you folks,

but are you the same William Freeman



who reported missing a son,

David Scott Freeman,



on July       ?






- Dad!

- David,,,



David, wait a second!



Well, I'm Detective Banks,

Juvenile Division, It seems that we,,,






Oh, my God!






- Oh!

- Thank God!



- Dr, Faraday,

- Any signs of life?



Not outside, But we haven't been

able to determine what's inside,



Well, something must have flown it,

This could be our first contact,



She's beautiful,



Sir, this is the night watchman

who found it, Ellis Brayton,



Says he hasn't told anyone

except the local authorities,



so what we have here is a controlled




Watch your step, Mr, Brayton,



- Hi,

- Hi,



- I'm Lewis Faraday, NASA,

- Sure is a pretty piece of spacelab,



It was flying along, then it

just smacked right into the tower



and dragged it about     yards,

Then it stopped and it's floating here,



Say, I don't suppose you gentlemen

could tell me how you do that?



No, Mr, Brayton,

it's a matter of national security,



- Any idea how we're gonna move it?

- Are you kidding? Watch this,



- Uh, no,,,

- (ferocious barking)



(distorted voices)



Who are you? What's happening?



- Just rest, David,

- I don't wanna rest!



- Where's my mom and dad?

- We're right here, sweetheart,



What's happening, Mom? I'm scared!



Don't be scared, honey,

We won't let anybody hurt you,



What happened to you, Mom?



You too, Dad?



Why were those people in our house?




David, we don't know

all the answers to all this yet,



but the main thing is you're alive,



David, where have you been all this time?



All this time?



I just went to get Jeff

at the Johnsons' a few hours ago,



Get Jeff, He'll tell you!






Who's that?



That's your brother, Jeffrey,






Mr, and Mrs, Freeman?



Could I see you outside

for a few minutes, please?



(Mr. Freeman) Sure,






We'll be right back,



You look just like I remember you,



This is totally rad,

I mean, you're my big little brother,



You're not my brother,



Listen,,, I'm sorry for scaring you like that,



jumping out of the tree,



I felt rotten about it,



Anybody could know that,



Hey, you think it's easy for me

to believe that you're David?



I mean, you should be,

like,    years old now,



I'm not really sure why I kept this,



I guess I thought

maybe I'd be able to use it,



You know, kind of save the day,



Mom and Dad went nuts

when we couldn't find you,



They made me put those things up

on every telephone pole and tree for years,



Every Saturday,



You should've seen Mom,

She kept all the stuff in your room,



She refused to believe that you were dead,



It's      man,

Eight years since that night,



You little weasel,









- Scuzz-bucket,,,

- Bucket,



Jeff,,, I'm scared,



We'll figure something out,



- Dad, I wanna go home,

- Yeah, I know, I know, David, We want you



to come home too but the doctor wants you

to stay in the hospital a couple of days,



No, Dad! Please don't make me stay,



We have to find out where you've been,



He wants to run a couple of tests

to help you remember,



and we thought that was important,

Davey, so we said OK,






Oh, honey, one of us

will be with you around the clock,



Nothing bad's gonna happen to you,

I promise,



Now, um, you two guys,

you go get some sleep,



I'll stay with our guy tonight,



OK, right,

Well, we'll see you in a couple of hours,






Be cool, dude,



Mom,,, have I really

been gone eight years?






It's like a bad dream,



(distorted voices)



Thyroid hormones suggest that a great

many factors could influence one of,,,



He's hurt! He's calling me,



What is it?



- Nothing, Forget it,

- No! What?



Well, this voice keeps calling,



saying something over and over and over,



But I can't understand very much,



Well, what is it saying?






I can't explain it,



I knew you wouldn't believe me,



No, I believe you,



You don't think I'm going crazy, do you?



Are you kidding?

They've run a million tests on you,



In fact, you're probably

the only sane person in this place,



Don't worry about it,

It was just a bad dream,






- Have you tried everything?

- Everything, It's completely impregnable,



We must get inside,



For all we know, something may be

living, or perhaps even dying inside this,



It appears to be seamless -

no way in, no way out,



- David, what time did you enter the

woods? - Around  :  



Then you met your brother?



Yeah, The jerk jumped out

of a tree and scared me,



He's lucky he's still alive.



Then what happened?



Well,,, I chased him for a while,



Then I reached this cliff,



Jesus! He's transmitting in alpha waves

with complex frequency patterns in them,



- What's going on?

- I don't know,



I know I fell,



The alpha waves are coming in

at      cycles per second,



He's communicating directly

with the computer in binary code,



- How the hell is he doing that?

- I have no idea,



But then after you fell,

you went somewhere,



How did you get there?



(Mrs. Freeman) What is that?



- Is that coming from David?

- I believe it is,



(Mr. Freeman) Well, what is it?



How did I get out of the ravine?



I crawled out,



(man) Let's get the gas jets now,

CO  sensors with the breakers,,,



Dr, Faraday, I think you

should take a look at this,



- Where did this come from?

- From the mind of   -year-old boy,



David, what do you think?



No way! I'm not going,



I don't think you understand

the importance of this situation,



I don't care if it's a matter of national

security, If David says no, then that's it,



But David would get treatment

from the best specialists in the country,



not to mention technical capabilities

this hospital is not prepared to offer,



- Am I correct, Doctor?

- It's true,



We've done just about

everything we can for him,,,



Excuse me, I know that all sounds great,

but the fact is David has to go on living,



and he can't do that in an institution,



So until you can tell me something

that makes one ounce of sense,



then we're all going home,

and that's all there is to it,



- Right on, Dad,

- Yeah,



Well, I'm sorry you don't

wanna know the truth,






The truth about where David's been

for the last eight years,



Why he can't remember, What all

this unusual brain activity means,



And most of all,,, why he hasn't aged,



David, I can offer you the truth,



All I need is    hours,



Just two days at the base

with me and my staff, alone,



No confusion, no distraction,



And then, David, you can go home

and put all this behind you,



That's what you want, isn't it?






(distorted voices)



- Who said that?

- Who said what?



Never mind,



(distorted voices)



Well, David, this will be your room for a

while, What do you think?



- Is this stuff for me?

- Yes, it is,



There's no phone in here, I thought I was

supposed to be able to call my parents,



We'll make that call together

first thing tomorrow from my office, OK?



Now, look, if you wanna watch TV,

this is a remote-control wand,



And we'll get you something

to eat right away, OK?



Now, here's a special gift just for you,



Tomorrow's gonna be very exciting,



So you enjoy yourself

and we'll see you in the morning,






(man on TV)... Americans out there

who need and want to lose weight.



Let's constrain ourselves.

Let's get back to the basic subject.



What can your diet do for Americans?



("Lose Your Love" by Blancmange)



Pardon me. Coming through.



Get away!



Hi, I'm Carolyn McAdams,



You gotta be real hungry

after your trip, right?



- What is this thing?

- That's RALF,




- Mm-hm,



Robotic Assistant Labor Facilitator,



Actually what he does here

is he delivers mail and supplies,



and he messes up a little bit

every now and then,



So,,, who did you murder

to get put here in maximum security?



No one, I'm a national security secret,



Oh, Well, in that case,

I shouldn't be talking to you at all,



Wait a sec! Um, how come

Starsky and Hutch isn't on?



That show was canceled

a long time ago,



That was my favorite show!

And what's this stuff?



You've never seen a music video before?



Uh-uh, I've been gone for eight years,



Gone where? Outer space?



- Could be,

- You know something? You're a weird kid,



Me? I'm not the one with the purple hair,



Oh, yeah, I went to a concert

with some friends last night,



Really? My mom took me to see

the Bee Gees a couple months ago,



- Who'd you see?

- Twisted Sister,



- Never heard of her,

- It's a him,



- Oh,

- Actually, it's a them,



You're serious about being away,

aren't you?



What was it?

Like a coma or something?



I can't remember,



All right, listen, Um, I gotta go,



Um, is there anything else you want

when I come back?



How about a Big Mac,

large fries and a Coke?



- They're still around, I hope,

- Well, now, that all depends, Do you want



New Coke, Classic Coke, Cherry Coke,

Diet Coke or caffeine-free Coke?



- Huh?

- Nothing, Forget it,



If they're still around,

then I'll do my best, all right?



- OK, Bye,

- See ya,



Well, come on, RALF,

Come on, Ralfie baby,



You'll make it, Come on,



All right! Way to go,



Jeff! David's on the phone!



They gave me a NASA cap, and

there are robots here they call RALF,



And there's a nice lady

that brings me my food,



Oh, and another thing,

They locked me in my room,



Uh, the locks are there

for David's protection,



Don't take any shit, David,



Now, don't forget your promise, Doctor,

David has to be back in    hours,



Don't worry, Mrs. Freeman.



Hi, David, it's Dad again,



Hi, Dad,



We're just here fixing up your room,

waiting for you for when you get back,



And we'll see you soon,



That's great, Thanks,



We sure do miss you, son,



I miss you, too, Dad,



I miss all you guys,,, a whole lot,






Bye, Bye-bye,



Bye, David,



OK, now, David, if you can,



I'd like you to try and remember what

happened when you fell in the ravine,



Well, I tried to stop myself, but the,,,



OK, everybody, remain calm,

Try to bring it back up to speed,



- What's going on?

- It's all right, David, Everything's fine,



- We're ready, sir,

- OK,



Bring the computers up

to synchronization slowly,



Let's see if we can latch the data

at a higher rate,



Well, what is your name?



(woman) We're in synch,



Wait a sec! How'd that happen?

I didn't say a thing!



Next question,



David, where have you been

for the last eight years?



I've already told you, I don't know,



What powered the craft

that you were traveling in?



Oh, my God, This kid's head is full,



What language is that?



- Oh, who knows what's in this boy's head?

- What are you talking about?



- We can spend years trying to decipher it,

- Who's putting that stuff on the screen?



You are, David,



But that's impossible,



- How far is it from Earth to Phaelon?

- I've never heard of the place,



How long did it take you to get there?



- Light-speed theory,

- That's the only possible explanation,



Well, what's that?



David, if you were traveling

beyond the speed of light,



then you could've been

gone only    hours,



and the rest of us here on Earth

would've aged eight years,



Well, what does that mean?



Time slows down

as you approach the speed of light,



- Speed of light?

- David,,, where is Phaelon?



How am I supposed to know?



He's searching through star charts!



- (woman) Sir, I think he's downloading,

- (David) Wait,,,



(man) My God,

These are uncharted systems,



(woman) Our computers

don't contain this information,



- David, is this Phaelon?

- I don't know!



Let me out of here!



David! David!



   hours is not gonna be enough time,



(RALF) Pardon me. Coming through.



Hi, there,



Hi, Carolyn,



So, how's the testing going?



Terrible, But at least

I get to go home tomorrow,



They told you that

you're going home tomorrow?



That's right, Why?



- Nothing,

- Carolyn,,,



It's just I've seen the meal sheet for the

coming week and they've got you on it,



- Until when?

- All week,



But that's impossible!



They promised it would

only be    hours!



You guys hear me in there?

I want out of here right now!



You think I don't watch television?

Wake up!



Hey, Now, come on,

it's not as bad as it seems,



How would you know? You've never

been locked away from your family



and been put in some awful place you




Yes, every time my father got new orders,

I had to go and I had to start all over again,



Maybe you're right,



(whispering) Carolyn,

I've got to get outta here,



- David,,,

- Contact my parents,



Tell them what's going on,

They're in Information,



- Hey, what's he doing?

- Go see them for me,






Well, I gotta get back to work, OK?



You know,,,



you're cute,



Did a girl ever tell you that before?



Nobody but my mom,

But I don't think she counts,



(distorted voices)



(whispering) Yes,



I'm here,



(distorted) Help me,



Help you? How?



(distorted) Are you coming?



Yes, I'm coming,



(door opens)



Pardon me. Coming through.



(distorted voice) Get in the RALF unit.



(chuckles) Full house, Got you again,



I can't believe this,






Hey, come on,

We'll get you your own breakfast,









(male voice speaking many languages)



- Who's that?

- Sit down, Navigator,



- Are you the one that's been calling me?

- Affirmative,



You have the information I require

to complete my mission,



Sit down!



I think there's been

some sort of mistake,



I do not make mistakes,

Awaiting final vectors,



Vectors? I don't have any vectors,

I'm just a kid,



That is obvious,



But your brain has been programmed

with all appropriate star charts,



You mean, that's why my brain has been

coming up with all that stuff?






You are the Navigator!









Oh, my God,



Seal all doors,

Activate penetration recording,



Activate all radiation surveillance

consoles one through   



Switch control monitors to automatic,



Dr, Faraday, somebody

has penetrated security, sir,



- They're in the hangar now?

- Yes, sir,,,



- When did this happen?

- We don't know yet, We're trying to get,,,






- Can you tell what it is?

- No, I can't see a thing,



- Do you have radiation?

- Negative, We show a cold room,



All right,

Get the goddamn door open, Now!



We still have containment, I want security

doubled immediately, You got that?



Navigator, I detect alien life forms




- Aliens? Where?

- Observe,



Those aren't aliens,

They're human beings,



Uh-oh, I'm gonna get it for this,



- Holy shit, it's an alien,

- No, you idiot, It's the kid,



- David?

- Oh, great,



- They've got guns,

- Protective hover is advised,



- Will that shut the door?

- Affirmative,



OK, let's do that, But if anybody asks,

you're the one that did it, OK?






Now, just get out of the ship, son,



Request initial maneuvers,



I don't have any maneuvers,

I just wanna get out of here,



You wish to depart

hostile alien environment?



- Yes!

- Compliance,



Wow! Did you do that?



Elementary maneuver, I must complete

my mission and return to Phaelon,



But I don't wanna go to Phaelon,

I wanna go home,



Navigator, I'm awaiting your command,

We must act now,



Look, I gotta think,

Just take us    miles from here,






What are you doing?



Let's get over to tracking!






(David) Agh!






- You requested this distance,

- I didn't mean straight up,



- I meant along the ground,

- Oh,



Sir, it just shot straight up

at over mach ten,,,



and stopped    miles up,



- Take me back!

- Compliance,



Oh, no!



(woman) It's heading back,



There he is,



Wow! How did you do that?



That was a third-class maneuver,




Well, if that was a third-class maneuver,

what's a first-class?









This first-class maneuver lets me to slide

through your planet's thick atmosphere,



I can move at any speed,

I can speak thousands of languages,



I can analyze species from civilizations

light years beyond yours,



- Yeah, but can you fix this seat?

- Compliance,



That's great,



- Now could you slow down a little?

- Compliance,






Would you like me

to adjust the temperature?









We are precisely    miles from

point of origin, as you requested,



You are wasting time,

Give me the star charts now,



Not now, I gotta go,



- Go? Where?

- To the bathroom,



- Do not know "bathroom,"

- Then open the door,



Request explanation,



Just do it or you'll be sorry,

I'll be right back, I promise,



Do not know "promise,"



Damn! How did that kid get outside?



We had security everywhere,

Gotta get control of the situation,



Sir, over here,



There they are,

About    miles west of here,



Get some choppers out there immediately,






What are you doing?



- Can't I have a little privacy?

- Do not know "privacy,"



(cow moos)



(voice) Moo!



What are you doing here anyway?



I have been sent from Phaelon

to borrow samples of life



from different galaxies for study,



On this planet, I chose you,



- Why me?

- Why not?



Back on Phaelon, we discovered

that your inferior species



uses only ten percent of your brain,



So we filled it all the way up with star

charts to see what would happen,



- What happened?

- It leaked,



- Navigator,,,

- I am not a navigator!



Yes, you are,



I crashed into electrical towers

and my star charts were erased,



I need the ones in your head

to complete my mission,



So you need me and my inferior brain

to fly that thing?



Correction, I need the superior information

in your inferior brain to fly this thing,



Well, if I'm so inferior, how come

you took eight years to bring me back?



Normally, I take my specimens

back in time



to the exact moment

and place I collected them,



Come on!

You took me away from my family!



And when you returned me,

it was eight years later!



Everything's changed, except me!



Unfortunately, we discovered

it was too dangerous



for your fragile human body

to travel back in time,



OK, if I can't go back in time,

at least take me back to my family,






Come aboard quickly, Navigator,



Not until you promise to take me home!



We've spotted 'em,

The boy's outside the ship,



(Faraday) Can you keep them

on the ground?



Very well, You give me the star chart

and I'll take you home,



Come on, Let's get outta here,



- He's gone back into the ship,

- (Faraday) Don't let them take off!



- Request instructions,

- I don't know,



- Just,,, just get us out of here!

- Compliance,



My God, it changed shape,



Can you follow it?



Follow it? I can't even see it,



- Hey, this is fun,

- Fun, Navigator?



- My name's David,

- David?



Yeah, So what do I call you, anyway?



- I am a trimaxion drone ship from,,,

- Trimaxion?



- Affirmative,

- OK, I'll call you Max, It's easier,



- Max?

- Right,



Just take me somewhere

where they can't find us,






What are you doing?






I didn't say take us under the ocean,



All I asked for was a place

they couldn't find us,



This was the first place

suggested by my data banks,



- Will this thing leak?

- Navigator, I do not leak,



You leak, Remember?






I must program my circuitry

for the mind transfer,



- (creatures make noise)

- Wow! What are these?



Those are the other specimens

we studied on Phaelon,



- Where do they come from?

- Don't touch!



That is a Garpuntle

from South Petrawlis,



Once he bites, he never lets go,



What's this?



That is a Feenastarus

from the Pixar Elliptic,



Weird, What are they doing here?



After I drop you off, I will travel back in time



and take them to their homes,

just as if they never left,



- What's that?

- A very unpleasant little creature,



- What's his problem?

- He's got a cold,



Ew, gross,



Don't get too close, David,

They're hungry,



That could've been your head, David,






What's in here?






What's this one?



That is a Puckmarin

from Binpuka Minor,



He's not dangerous,



- Can I hold him?

- Just keep him quiet, I'm concentrating,



Hey, little Puckmarin,

how long have you been here?



What's he saying?



He is angry because I won't take him

back to his home planet,



He does not know

it was destroyed by a comet,



That makes him an orphan,



I wish I could take you home with me,

Jeff would really flip out,






Listen, He's laughing,



What is the purpose of laughing?



The purpose?

I guess it makes you feel happy,



You should try it,



Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha,,,



Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha!



Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha!



- Nothing, No sign of them at all,

- That's wonderful,



I just lost two of the most important

discoveries of the   th century,



- What else could possibly go wrong?

- Sir, it's the kid's father,






Dr, Faraday, how's David?



Well, uh, actually, Bill, it's been

kind of a rough day for all of us here,






Well, is he there now? Can I talk to him?



Uh, well, he just seemed to want to have

some time to himself, Know what I mean?



Well, just tell him to call me

as soon as possible, Will you do that?



Sure, I will be glad to have him

call you as soon as I see him, OK?



OK, Bye-bye, Bill,



Who was the last person to see David?



- Carolyn McAdams, An intern on the base,

- Get her, I wanna talk to her right away,



- Her shift ended about an hour ago,

- Just find her!



Gotta keep a lid on this somehow,



I am ready to perform the mind transfer,

Sit here, Navigator,



- Will this hurt?

- You will feel nothing,



- Will I remember everything?

- You will retain all data,



How many times

have you done this thing?



- Zero,

- Zero? You mean never?



I'm not gonna let you try this out on me,

What if you fry my brain?



- I will not fry your brain,

- How do you know?



I have been programmed

with superior intelligence,



- Lie down,

- OK,



- That's it?

- That's it, Davey!






If you want to learn to swim, you gotta jump

in the water, Don't forget to feed Bruiser,



Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce,



cheese, pickles, onions

on a sesame-seed bun,



Whoa! Ha-ha! This can't be happening,



I think I've gotten stuff out of you that has

nothing to do with navigating this ship,



You sound just like a human,



No! That dumb dog will

never learn to catch a Frisbee,



You are an inferior species,

you dumb dork!



- Butt-face!

- Scuzz-bucket, Ha-ha!



Hey, well, if you're so perfect,

what are you still doing here?



I told you, I blew a fuse

when I totaled out that electrical tower,



- I was checking out some daisies,

- You crashed while looking at flowers?



- Sounds like you're the inferior species,

- I'll show you who's inferior, Heads up!



- Hey, take it easy,

- Well, ex-cuuuuse me!



You OK?



Why are we going way up here,

you geek?






I swear to God, if I was flying this thing,

we'd be home by now,



- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah,



- Yeah?

- Yeah!



OK, turkey, you fly it!



(David) OK, quit fooling around,



Come on, this isn't funny!



Do something!



- I take it back, We're equal, OK?

- Equal? You called me a geek!



You're not a geek!



Max, I want you to turn on

all engines now!



That's an order from your navigator!



Oh, now you're a navigator,



So navigate already,



It looks like it's out of control and falling,



- Somebody shoot 'em down?

- I have no idea,



Better do something, big shot,

You aren't even trying,



Come on, one of these has to start it,



(Scottish accent) Scotty to Bridge, she

can't take much more of this, Captain,



      feet and falling,



You're getting warmer, Boiling,



Scalding! Red-hot!



Uh-oh, Cooling down,

Arctic, Sub-zero, Freezing,



(Puckmarin groans)



Oh, real coordinated, You'd better hurry,



- Pull up,

- Impact in less than    seconds,



You hockey puck,

it's right under your nose,






(woman) He's pulled up,



Now if I can only steer it,



No way, Josť, Ha-ha!






- Lucky guess,

- You! You nearly killed me,



You're the one who almost crashed,

I just shut down to teach you to fly,



- You liar!

- Am not,



You did it to get even

with me for what I said,



Did not!



- You'll get yours!

- Oh, a threat,



Oh, I'm really scared,

Look, I'm shaking,



You know, it's not real hard

to fly this thing,






The slightest little move of my hand,

and we go that way,



- OK, which way to Fort Lauderdale?

- I only know what's in your head,



and you don't know the way

from your house to a  -  



- (David) I say we go right,

- You don't know your left from your right,



- We go left,

- OK,



Dr, Faraday, we've located

the McAdams girl,



She's inside the boy's house

with his parents,



Keep them in that house!



So right now he's up there somewhere,

flying around inside it,



- Inside a spaceship?

- Oh, my God,






See, Faraday had the ship

inside a hangar at the base,



and all I know is that

it took off with David inside it,



Oh, Bill, what are we gonna do?



Faraday, that bastard! That ba,,,

He's gonna wish he never met us,



Dad, there's some guys

coming toward the house,



- Do you have a back door?

- Yes, it's back there,



It was nice meeting you all,

and I'll call you if I hear anything,



- Hey, let go of me,

- Sorry, Miss McAdams,



I have to take you back to the base,



- Mr, Freeman,

- Yes?



Dr, Faraday has requested

that you remain confined to your house,



(David) It's getting dark, That's not right,



(Max) No, it's left!



See? There's Miami!



- Come on, let's go lower,

- I told you so, I told you so,



That isn't Miami, It's Tokyo!



- How did we get here?

- Oops,



OK, take us back up,



Yeah, I knew that,

I knew this was Tokyo,



(David) You are such a liar, I'm taking over,



Japanese air command reports

visual contact over Tokyo, sir,



- Tokyo?

- Sir, the target has left Japanese airspace,



Well, where is it going now?



(David) Now we'll get home,

First we'll hit California, then we'll go,,,



(Max) Yeah, Mr, Know-it-all,

who got a D in Geography,



- How'd you know that?

- Ha-ha!



I've told you that I don't know anything,

I was just trying to be a friend to David,



I really hope you're not hiding

any information,



- I'm not hiding anything,

- We're just trying to bring him back,



- They're approaching the West Coast,

- Already?



- Where are they?

- Heading for San Francisco,



- (David) Look, the Golden Gate Bridge,

- Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat



Ha-ha! Don't get too close

to those cables, Agh!



Be more careful, I'm a precise machine,



Relax, Max,



Are we there yet?

Where are we, anyway?



Jeez, I have no idea where we are,

Gotta get directions,



("Trapped in My Mind")



(both) Hm,



I wonder if that's that Twisted Sister

stuff Carolyn was talking about,



- (boy) Come on,

- (David) Hi,



You wouldn't happen to know

the way to Fort Lauderdale, would you?



Try to make your directions clear

because we get lost easy,



- Fly!

- Hey! Thanks for nothing!



- Were those geeks, David?

- Yes, Max, Those were geeks,



(David) That looked kind of like Texas,



(Max in Southern accent) Well, pardner,

reckon we better head this wagon east,



David, what were

those strange sounds?



- Strange sounds?

- From the geeks' car,



("Trapped in My Mind")



Wow, Well, that's called music,



- I wanna hear more music,

- Can you pick up radio waves?



I'm equipped to receive over two million

forms of radio waves,



- I can monitor all frequencies of electr,,,

- OK, OK,



See if you can pick up some signals

that sound like what we heard,



- (opera)

- How's this?



No, that's not music!

Try another station,



- ("Blame It on the Bossa Nova")

- Agh! Change it, quick!



- ("I Get Around" by The Beach Boys)

- Hold it, Now, this is music!



See, Max? You gotta move, Like this,



That's it, Max! Yeah!






(Max) Yippee!



(Max) I like music!



Bizarre UFO sightings on two continents

have stirred up a lively debate in the UN.



We'll have more at   .




- I'll keep checking,



He's in south Texas,

heading across the Gulf of Mexico,



He's going home,



I'll need a driver and security,



(David and Max sing "Old McDonald")



Al's Gator City,

This must be Florida, Max!



(Max) And that must be Big Al, Ha-ha!



(David) Maybe he has a phone,



(bell rings)



Hi, um, can I please borrow

some change to phone my parents?



Thank you,



Hey, Blimpo! Oink-oink!



Too many Twinkies! Ha-ha!



Uh, excuse me, pal, would you mind

if my wife used the little girls' room?



- Dad, can we look at the flying saucer?

- Sure, go ahead,



- Jackie, isn't it weird?

- Yeah,



Well, your Indian village won't win any

awards, but that flying saucer's first-rate,



- (boy) I wonder how it's staying up,

- (girl) I don't know,



How long did it take to put

something like that together?



It's OK, We'll just take

a look around ourselves,



Look at this, I can push on the step

and it doesn't move, It just wiggles a little,



Kids, get out from under there, Come on,

They don't have insurance in these places,



- (Jeff) Hello?

- (operator) Call from David Freeman.



Yes! It's David, We gotta talk fast,

There's NASA guys all over the place,



Uh, Jeff, keep the line free,

David may call,



- Where are you?

- Florida somewhere, I want to come home,



but I don't know where the new house is,

Can you please give me directions?



Uh, do you know the drawbridge

on  th Street?



No, I don't, Just give me a signal

that I can see from the air,



Don't let the NASA guys know I'm coming.

And remember, it's gonna be dark soon.



All right, if I have to set fire

to the house,,, you'll find it,



- Jeff,,,

- (dial tone)



(father) OK, that's nice,

Jackie, move just a little bit,,, Good,



Ryan, give me some smiles,

Come on, we're having a good time,



I wanna get the ship in here, This is a nice

shot, All right, honey, smile, Here we go,



Excuse me,



See you later, alligator, Ha-ha!



(children) Wow!



Son of a gun!



He just said he wanted to phone home,



(David) Wow, look at this,



Highway   !



OK, we'll take that straight

to Fort Lauderdale,



  ? I think we should take the turnpike,



I'm the navigator,



Whoa! Take it easy, man,



(mocking) "I'm the navigator!

I'm the navigator!"



Well, Mr, Smarty-pants, I thought

Highway    would take us straight there,



There it is,



Now all we have to do

is follow this and I'm home,



(Max) The turnpike would've been faster,



(game-show host) Come on down!



Barbara Taylor!



Come on down!



(David) That's Miami Beach down there,

We're almost home!



Ha-ha! All right!



Where do you go next, Max?



Back in time to when I picked up

my creatures,



By now they're so hungry,

they could eat a zigzog,



- What's a zigzog?

- Kind of like a hippo, but with feathers,



It's gotta be in here somewhere,



Ah-ha, There we go,






Sir, tracking says they're on their way

up the Florida coastline,



All right, step on it, OK?



Faraday, Can you pinpoint the location

a little more precisely? It's rather general,



- Is this Fort Lauderdale?

- Yes, but look at this,



How are we ever gonna find them?



And now you're probably saying

"What do they have in store for me?"



(game-show host)

An exciting trip to Canada!






I don't believe this,



(David) Where are they?

Come on, Jeff, where's that signal?



It's them!

I knew you'd come through, Jeff,



Ooh, pretty,



- Can you see him yet?

- Not yet,



- We made it!

- We made it!



Thanks for the great ride, Max,

It was lots of fun,



It was fun for me, too, David,



My friends are never gonna believe this,



Oh, yeah, my friends are all

   years old, and I'm only   



I'd like to take you back to your

own time, but it's just too dangerous,



At least now you'll be safe and sound

with your family,






(Jeff) Look!



Oh, no, What are

all those trucks doing here?



Why can't they just leave me alone?



I know what you're thinking,



You're afraid they're going

to take you away again, aren't you?






I'm sorry I got you into this mess,



(man) Attention, all personnel,

keep your distance from the object,



There may be radiation leakage,



- David!

- Wait! Wait a minute!



Keep her back! He may be in danger,

Don't make any sudden moves!



- Make a large circle around behind the

boy, - Roger.



- Wait until he's clear before you move in,

- I think we can isolate him.



David, come away from the ship,



- Come on!

- Come on, David, Please!



- Goodbye, Davey,

- (Jeff) Come on, David, hurry!



Come away from the ship,



I'm sorry, I don't belong here now,



I love you,



Take me with you, Max,



You know I can't take you,

It's much too dangerous,



- David, please!

- David!






You must stay with your family,



That is my family, But it's not my home,



My home is back in     



If I stay, those scientists will treat me

like a guinea pig for the rest of my life,



If you go back in time with me,

you could be vaporized,



- I have to take that chance,

- It's very risky,



- Are you sure, David?

- Yes,



- Let's do it,

- All right, if that's your decision,






Will I ever see you again?



I don't know,



We must start the journey,

Hold on tight, Davey,



I'm gonna miss you,



I'm gonna miss you, too,






No big deal, really,



Come on, Let's get out of here,









Good luck,



(train passing)



(Mr. Freeman) Hey, David!



Come on, let's go!



Come on!



(Mr. Freeman laughs)

Yeah, all right,



(Mrs. Freeman) Now watch,

I'm writing your name, J-E-F-F,



(Mr. Freeman) Pretty tricky, huh?

Don't get Bruiser! Oh, Bruiser!



- There, Wanna try that?

- No, he looks OK to me,



(Mrs. Freeman)

Honey, be careful of the dog,



(Mr. Freeman) Yeah, pretty tricky, I'll tell




Hi there,



Oh, where have you been,

young man? Come on,



Mom, I love you,



Why, thank you, sweetheart,



Well, what brought that on?



(Bruiser barks)






- Are you mad at me?

- No, Jeff,



I love you, too,



- (Mrs. Freeman) OK,

- (Mr. Freeman) Which way we heading?



- I made reservations at the Sea View,

- Uh, that's up the Intercoastal,



No, it's not, Don't you remember?

It's by the church,



(Mr. Freeman) Well, we got everything?



Come on, gang, let's go,






(fireworks explode)



(Max laughing)



(alien creatures laughing)



(Max) See you later, Navigator! Ha-ha!


Special help by SergeiK