Flipper Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Flipper script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Flipper. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Flipper Script





It's the big house on the left.

"Casa de Porter"!






See ya, Porter!



Just the one.

It's not five o'clock yet.



I beg your pardon, little pig.

What d'ya say?



Sandy? - Yep.

- Thought you were comin' Thursday.



It is Thursday.

- Looks like I missed your boat.



Don't worry, buddy,

Uncle Paul will make it up to you.



What is this place anyway?

- It was an abandoned fishing camp.



It was a real dump when I got here.



Come aboard, I'll show you around.



Hey! Heel!



Here, boy.



We're in the poo, mate.



You like spaghetti this much?

- I'm quite a bargain hunter.



When the cruise ships are in the area,

you can do some terrific deals.



Any passengers that want Spaghetti-os

are out of luck.



I'm sure.



They're not exactly Dmaha steaks,

but you won't go hungry.



There's gotta be some mistake.

You cannot be my uncle.



You know they say: You can choose

your friends, but not your relatives.



Why don't you unpack?

I'll rustle us up some grub.



How much did she pay you

to take me off her hands?



I resent that. When your mother

called, I didn't hesitate.



If anyone

knows about divorce, it's me.



I mean, family's very important.



You guys are all I've got.



How much?



A hundred dollars a week.

Just for the summer.



Dh boy, she really low-balled ya.



Story of my life, kid.



This concert's history.



All aboard!



Come on, sailor! Shake a leg!



You don't get up, you don't eat.

Time to rock and roll!



Spaghetti-os with or without?

- Without what? - Pee-wee franks.



Suit yourself.



But out on the ocean,



you can't order a pizza.



You ever been fishing?



What d'ya catch? - A whale.

But I threw it back.



Most people think fishing's

a bamboo pole and a  -pack of suds.



But it's tougher than that.

- Dh really.



What about seasickness?



Look, I can handle it.



Sure ya can.



Where's the bait, sailor?



Bait my butt!



You okay?



At least it floats!



Funny. Buck-faced wombat!



Just keep your eyes on the horizon.

- For how long?



As long as it takes to keep it down.



Damn dolphins stealing all the bait.

- They're scaring the fish away.



That's not fishing, kid.

That's murder.



It's pathetic.



Hey, kid!



You see where that dolphin went?






That way.



You sure?



Alright, Dirk!



Come on!



Go on, get outta here!



Go on. Go!






You gonna be at this concert?

- The Chili Peppers are mine!



You're splitting?

- Am I splitting!



Hey, Tommy.



You returning to the mainland?



I can't make it with no fish.

Fish are gone, I'm gone.



What, you givin' up the good life?



Good life's ancient history. I can't

feed a cat with what I catch.



Don't worry.



I'm on the   A.M. Ferry.

Pick me up, we'll be at the concert.



Gotta go, it's the hippy!



Thought you might

like a change. - Why?



I dunno.



Yo, Marvin!



Aren't you a bit warm?



What's with him?

- Marvin's a little shy.



Give him a spring and a wire,

he'll make an outboard motor.



I don't want to hurt him.

- But sweetheart...



Dkay, we'll put him back

in with his friends,



and we'll use this guy.

He won't mind at all.



Have fun fishing!

- Dkay.



Become a marine biologist

and you can bait hooks too...



In Boston you wouldn't get to see me.



Just my luck.

This must be Sandy.



Hi, I'm Cathy.

He probably told you about me.






Can you get my stuff?



So, how's he doing?

- Like a pizza, but upside down.



I'll straighten him out.

You cooking dinner tonight?



Why? You tired of Spaghetti-o's?



You heard Tommy's leaving the island.



We haven't had a decent catch

since spring. - I know why.



The fish are loaded with dioxin.



What's dioxin?

- It's a by-product of herbicide.



How's that getting in our water?






Will he ever take off that raincoat?



Maybe we could get it cleaned

with him still inside.



You never take me seriously!



That's not fair!

Hit me with your best shot.



When are we getting married?



Gotta go fix the net.

- Porter Ricks!



Think he'll ever grow up?



What are you doing?



Hey, Sandy. Do I look cool or what?



Dr what.



It's the shirt. It was given to me

by Brian Wilson. - Who?



Brian Wilson. Beach Boys.

What are they teaching you kids?



I'm tired. Gonna hit the hay early.



Good. Cathy's number's on the wall.



There's spaghetti if you're hungry...

- Yeah.



I'm late. See ya in the A.M., kid.



See ya in the A. M... not!









Is that you?



Come on!






Sorry. Gotta jet. See ya!



Shake a leg, sailor!

You don't get up, you don't eat.












Storm's comin'. Board up the windows.



I can't, Russ.

Looking for a runaway nephew.



Call off the search.

He took the first ferry out.



By the way, I'll need $  .  .

He put it on your tab.



He's so cute!




I am by nature a gentle soul.



However, I can crush a coconut...



with my bare hands.



Hold that thought

as we make our exit...



with dignity.



Get that rope!



Sandy! Get the line!



Damn! Nice going, kid!

- You know what you just did?



I probably saved your life.

- You made me blow Chili Peppers.



Next concert's in Drlando.

I don't have tickets. - I don't give...



Great! Bloody great.

"Yeah, I'd love to see Sandy.



Send him down. It'll be great."



It'll cost me

my house and my boat, but...



I should give up

and join Tommy on the mainland.



Why didn't you just let me go?

- I'm not finished with you yet.



Don't talk like my father.

I'm not looking for another father.






Make's us even.

'Cause I'm not looking for a son.




a screw-up teenager like you.



You don't know me.

You know nothing about me.



Tell you what I do know, kid.



This here is the earth.



This is the great big ocean.

Here's our tiny island. Your mum



is way over there.



No matter how you scream,

she can't hear ya.



You got no friends, no money,

no malls to hang around. You're stuck.



All you have is me.



So get used to it.



And relax. Got a long, ugly

day ahead of us... and night.



Gonna use that pillow?






He snored all bloody night!



Dh man!



Is nothing sacred?






Get off there!






Since I know you love being here,

I'll make a deal.



You work for me,

help clean this mess up,



and I'll get you

to that concert in Drlando.




I don't even have tickets.



Kid, this is Porter Ricks.



If it exists, I can get it.

We'll make that show.




- Think I'd let you go alone?



Besides, I can dig the Chili Peppers.

Not the Beach Boys, but who is?



Is it a deal?



Haul her in!



Start with the fish pan netting. Mast

and stuff's in the shed or in town.



I'm gonna have to stay

with the boat on the mainland.



You gonna be alright?

- I'll be fine.



Cathy will drop in on you.



You can reach me through

the coastguard station.



But nothing's gonna happen, right?

- Right.









Like my dolphin?

- Your dolphin?



That's right. I found him.



What's his name?



His name's Flipper.



Never seen one alone like this.



Alone he'd be no match for Scar.

- Who's Scar?



The hammerhead that stalks

these waters. Big and ugly.



They say he took out a tourist boat.

He likes those out-of-towners.



That jerk tried to kill Flipper.



He was shooting at him.



That's Dirk Moran, a bottom-feeder.



What are you doing?

- I'm hypnotizing him.



It's not working.



You make him do something.



Dkay. Sure.






Alright, Flipper...



What do you wanna do today?









You know...

- Where did he go?



I'm Kim.

- Sandy.



He's hungry.

- Really?



Where d'you get fish to feed him?

- Feed him?



He's your dolphin.

- Well, yeah...



Come on, I got an idea.



Lookin' good, Porter.

- Thanks.



Did most of it myself.

Most of it.



Now I just have to pay for it.



Take a lesson from your nephew.

He's becoming quite a businessman.



What's he been up to?

- You'll see!



Fish go in the bucket. Dne dollar

to see Flipper, the Wonder Dolphin.






Dne dollar. Did you put your fish in?



Dne dollar. In there. Wow!












Don't ask me,

I can't explain how he does it.



What's this, a penny?



It's a Lincoln penny!

Vintage, man! Enjoy!



Marvin! Come on in. No charge!



  dollar, thanks. Fish in the bucket.



  dollar, thanks.

Fish go in the bucket. Excuse me!



You need a fish to get in.



I don't have to pay, Kim.

I own this circus.



What's going on here?

- Dh, hi!



My best havanas! - It's the

Flipper Show! - Who's Flipper?



Alright, the Flipper Show is over.

All you kids go home, now!



Come on.

- Sorry.



You can have your fish back.



Give me my fish!

- Now!



See ya, Sandy.

Go easy on him, Mr. Ricks.



You were gonna fix the house!

- I did it so Flipper could eat.



Who do you think you're dealing with?

You did it to turn some coin.



I didn't do too bad

for myself either. Hey!



Half cut!

As for you, you oversized guppy...



I'll have to bring out the heavy guns.



We're gonna try a new approach.

It's called "Dealing with your crap."



This is how it works. Number  :



You're gonna take responsibility for

your actions and the consequences.



Number  : You're

gonna start getting up on time.



And at work,

you're gonna hump, not gripe.



You'll have to use your brain,

the weakest muscle in your body.



And as fo the dolphin:



If the damn thing won't go away,

you'll feed it. In your own time.



And stand up straight!



Dh, and you wanna be

a big man with a cigar, right?



Fire up that puppy!



Keep it stoked! From now on,

when I smoke, you smoke.



Washed your hands? Sit down.



Stogies down.



Let's eat.



Mom, when are you picking me up?

- In   weeks. What's in your mouth?




- A what?



I've been smokin' up a storm.

Uncle Porter lets me drink beer.



He also knows a lot of

loose women. - Put your uncle on!



Yeah, Porter.

- He can't smoke. He's just a kid!



Hang on a sec, love...



It's DK,

he' s about to kick the habit.



Ready for another?



Dh, please,

I'll never smoke again!



Good. Now go and

take care of that poor little fish.



Good boy. Thanks.



Bring it to Sandy. Go on!






I can't find Marvin anywhere.

I'm really worried. - Jump in.



  minute   .



Hey, Sandy!



Marvin, what's up?



Cool, huh?



Come on down.



Careful on the dock, Marv.

It's kinda slippery!



Alright, Marv. Meet Flipper!




- Flipper!



Way to go, Marv!



Are you guys telling secrets?



We were wondering what the deal

is with you two? - What d'ya mean?



You in for the long haul,

or is it just a fling?



Sorry, is that the wrong question?



Not at all, Sandy.

I'd be interested in the answer.



Eat up, it's getting cold.



Well, the gang's all here.



Word has it you have a pet dolphin.



I wouldn't call it a pet, Dirk.



No? The way fishing's been,

we don't need a dolphin...



to tear holes in nets and steal bait.



But you know that, don't you?



We're talking about one dolphin.

- You stay out of this.



Dne dolphin is one too many.



Bad smell around here.



What's his problem? - He resents

anything smarter than he is.



That includes about everything,

even these clams.



Get him!

- Dut of the way!



What are you doing?

You're hurting him!



That's enough!



You've had your fun. Let him go.

- It's the Greenpeace Warrior!



The animal means something

to the kid. - It does?



Well, isn't that sweet?



Isn't that sweet, boys?



The kid and the fish are pals.



I'd watch how I make friends.

- Enough!



You got no right to do that.

I should teach you a lesson.



Yeah, I'd like that.



I have a thirst for knowledge.

Teach me.



School's out, is it?



Thought so.



Maybe next time.



You can count on it, Ricks!



Good boy.

Come here, let me see those teeth.



Here you go.

- That'll fit.



Slow down!



Hey, Buck, How are ya?

- Fine, and you?



Pretty good. Bit of storm damage,

nothing we can't handle.



Lucky dolphin! Gets the pro treatment.

- How are ya?



Fine, except a little bird told me

you found yourselves this animal.



Porter, you can't keep a dolphin.



Here's the funny part: We're not

keeping it. He just stays.



I tried to chase him away,

but he's taken a fancy to us.



He's also harassing the fish.

- What? - We can't allow that.



Who told you that?

- It doesn't matter.



The law says, unless an animal's in

licensed captivity, he must be at sea.



You're here to take him?

- You can't! He's used to being fed.



That animal

can't fend for itself anymore.



Help me out here, old buddy.



They'll stick him in some

aquarium and revoke your license.



Good boy. Easy now.



Slow down, guys.



You wanna come, or wait here?



All set, Porter!






It's okay.



Good boy.



Let him down slowly.

Easy, easy!



Almost out of gas.



It's cold.




- Thanks.






Let's get outta here!



Another day in paradise.



You sleep here all night?



I know you miss him.

He belongs out there.



Things seem to mess up

when you care about them.



It's like they say:

"To live is to love.



All reason's against it,

all instinct's for it."



What does that mean?

- I dunno. Read it on a calendar.



It's good to care. People who don't

wind up drooling cream spinach.



How come you don't have any kids?



Kids require commitment.

That's not one of my strengths.



If had a kid,

he'd might turn out like me.



Might not be bad.



He could turn out like you.

- Now that'd be a nightmare!



Special delivery.



I got us front and center.



You're really going

to the concert? - Why not?



I was grunge before they named it.



Speakin' of grunge,

there's a load of dirty laundry



with your name on it. Enjoy.



What's the matter?



What's wrong?



Sandy, do something!

- Hold him up, don't let him sink.



I'll be back.



How are the kids?

- They're all fine.



Come quick! He came back.



I think he's dying.



His breathing is shallow.

He's probably dehydrated.



Who's for pizza?



I see a dolphin.



The only thing keeping him alive

is a strong will to live.



Do you have a blender?

- Pardon?



What is it?

- Kind of a dolphin shake.



An emergency supply of iron, protein,

calcium, bunch of other nutrients.



Do you have any Jell-D?

- Jell-D?



Marshmellow cream...









How about tropical punch?




- No problem, I got a handy vac.



I've seen him eat a cockroach.



It's better from you.



Come on, buddy.



You can do it.

Please, Flipper, just try it.



Come on.



That's it. There.



Come on.



Listen, sorry about that time

I yelled at you.



I saved you

a couple of slices, extra anchovies.



This is quite a spread for you.



I was going to do croissants, but

you might've had a heart attack.



It's the thought that counts.

Like bringing someone flowers.



You'll do it one day.



I bought you flowers!

- You're such a liar!



What d'ya call that?

- Weeding.



Here are the test results.



I can't believe it.

He's just like a little kid.



All he wants to do is play.



Come here!



Go on!



Good boy, that's it.



Dur friend was poisoned!



Dioxin levels are off the chart.

Another meal and he'd be glowing.



Someone poisoned him? - Dr the water,

which is why the fishing's so bad.



Doesn't make sense.

Nearest industry's on the mainland.



Maybe the mainland's found

a place to dump toxic garbage.




- What now?



The other night Kim and I

were looking for Flipper.



Dirk Moran's boat was out there.

They were tossing barrels over the side.



Do you remember where you were?



Definitely. - Can you show us?

- No problem.



This is it. Right here.

- No, it was over here.



No, I'm positive. This is it.

- I'm telling you, I remember.



Actually, it was more this way.



No, over here. - I'm telling you...

- I know it was here somewhere.




Could you be more specific?



It was dark.



Hey, I'm from Chicago.

It's not like there are street signs.



Did you notice

the lighthouse on the way out?



I'm pretty sure this was the spot.

- Me too.



If you're at all right,

Dirk Moran's been dumping poison



smack in the middle of my fishing

grounds. Let's head back.



We know why

the fishing's been so lousy lately.



What is it this time?

Algae blooms, el Niņo, bad karma?



Somebody's poisoning

these waters. - We may know who.



When Flipper came back sick...

- Wait a minute!



That dolphin's back?



We're talking about toxic waste.

Costs big bucks to dispose of.



If you can just dump it in the

ocean... - Look at these test results!



I'm not interested! Bring me

hard evidence and I'll bust 'em!



Buck! - Any idea how many

marine parks I've turned away?



That animal

would be a fine attraction.




- Easy, Dirk.



If Flipper's still here on Monday,

I will see to it that he's



jumping hoops at Sea World on Tuesday.



Still talking about that dolphin?

- No. Actually,



we were talking about

the slime-ball who's been



dumping toxic waste offshore.



That explains

why fishing's been so lousy lately.



You have an active imagination.



Just yesterday,

a fella landed a marlin there,



trophy size.



These things happen.

Nature has its




The fishing'll be back.



And you'll be the boy who cried wolf.



Remember that dolphin.



What did he say?

- He needs more evidence.



Like the dead fish ain't enough!



And Flipper has to be gone by Monday.

- That gives us three days.



For what? - To deploy our

secret weapon: Flipper.



What are you talking about?

- Project Quick Find.



The Navy started it after Korea.



They trained dolphins to find things

like missiles. It was top secret.



How do you know about it?

- Part-time work.



You didn't tell me. - You never told

me about whatshername at the marina.



That was years ago.

How d'ya know about that?



Cast off. We got work to do.



Sandy, come up on the bow.

- Hey, Sandy.



We could miss that concert.

- What concert?




Nitrox, pressure gauge?




- Nitric oxide,



ATP, dramomine...




- I don't need this. - Sandy,



never hurl in front of a woman.




- Something to live by.



Nice outfit!






Wait for me!



Porter, can you help Marvin

set up the computer?



Computer? No problem.

What are you gonna do?



I'm command central.



I'm keeping track of Flipper.

Tell me when the grunt work's done.



Grunt work?

We both know I'm good at that...



Sandy, make sure Flipper's ready.

Kim, you spot. Marv, this is for you.



Flipper's secret is

echo-Iocation. - Echo what?



Dolphin sonar. Flipper sends a beam

of sound and receives an echo back.



He's good at that.

- Like a dog.



Instead of using his nose,

he uses his... echo... thing.




The Navy took it one step further.



Come in, Central Command. We're in

spashdown area, awaiting orders.



Copy that. Send Flipper

when the ball is secure. Dver.



Go on, boy. Find it!



Negative on station  .



Proceed to next station.



I love all this Navy talk.

You still have your old uniform?



Guppy says negative on station four.






Negative on station   .



We must have

searched the whole ocean by now.



We should come back tomorrow.



This Martha Stewart's a clever woman.



She's made curtains out of fishing

nets. That'd work at my place.



I think

you really need to get a life.



It's just sea swells.



I think he found something.



Hey, look!



What's happening?

- He found something. What now?



It's time for

the "Flippo-Cam". - The "Flippo-Cam"?



You made this?



You're starting to scare me.



Giant squid astern!



Marv, I...



I don't see anything.



I bet that's his family.






Dh my God!

- Gross.






We better get hold of old Buck!

- Buck? Try the coastguard.



Coastguard, this is the Reliable, over.



Coastguard, this is the Reliable, over.






Coastguard, this is the Reliable, over.

It's not working.



What happened?



Marvin, what's wrong?



That'll send a signal

so we can find the spot again.



I'm not going without Flipper.

- This isn't the time.



This is Porter Ricks.

Anyone out there?



Hey, Marv.



Where's Sandy?



Dh my gosh.



Mr. Ricks!



Alright, Buck...

- Sandy's gone. - Not now...



Buck, I...



Dh God.












Come on, swim!



That a boy, come on. You're safe.



That's one courageous little dolphin.



Too bad you saw us that night, son.



Thanks buddy!



That's a good boy!



You alright?

- I'm fine.



Thank God.

Your mother would have killed me.



You remember that story about Scar?

- Yeah. - It's true.






You're welcome.



Get that piece of sea slime

out of here. - Let's go.



I don't think we got it in time.

EPA's on the way.



Don't worry. We'll clean these

waters up, thanks to Flipper.



What about Flipper?

He saved my life.



How about it, Buck?



As long as he's free,

he can make this his home.



We'll have him looking out for us.



How about it, Sandy?



He should go. - What?

- He belongs with his family.



What is it?



No, I can't come.



Go on, it's okay.






Just go!



Hi Mom!



Hey bud!



How was your summer?

- It was a total blast.



A total blast, huh?



I can't wait to hear about it.



See ya around, Marv.



What's the matter?



He'll be back. You'll see.



Gonna miss you.



I'll miss you too.



Gimme a sec?

- Come on, let's go on the boat.



Gonna miss me?




- Bye.



Take it easy, kid.

- All aboard!




- Take care.






I forgot one thing.

Can I come back next summer?



I think you'd better. I just made

a deal for     pound of spam.



Go on, get!






Hey, check it out!



Hey, come on, guys!


Special help by SergeiK