Flubber Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Flubber script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Robin Williams.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Flubber. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Flubber Script





Oh. Hmm.



Oh. Oh.



I`m up!



- Ah.

- Phillip, it`s 6:00. Are you awake?



Up and ready for a new day.



- Oh!

- Oh what a beautiful morning



Oh what a beautiful day



- I can`t find my socks.

- They`re in your shoes.



- Where are my shoes?

- They`re on your feet.



Thank you.



Thank you, Weber.






- Have you seen the paper this morning?

- Oh, yes, I did.



You know, if I could solve

this whole metastable compound business,



I could save the college.



A new energy source

would be worth a fortune.



You better hurry up. The loan`s due

at the end of the school year.



Not to worry, Weebo.

I`m very close.



May I see my schedule, please?



Ahhhh. After school

there`s something.



I know there is. What is it?



- This is your complete schedule.

- Hmm. Let`s see.



Unless you didn`t

tell me something.



What is it? There`s something.

There`s something there.



What is it? Oh.



It`s something to do with white.



Oh, what is it? I know it`s

something important. I know it!



Well, I don`t know. I`m sorry.

I know it`s so frustrating, isn`t it?



I just hate that.

I wish I could help you.



- But I can`t.

- Haircut!



Ha! Hmm!



They can`t just

close down the school.



Outside of the lvy League,

name me one private college...



or university that isn`t

in financial trouble.



Oh, all right. Name another.



- You don`t think it`s too much?

- No. It`s elegant.



And it`s a wonderful idea to go

with the big wedding this time.



It does put the pressure

on the professor to show up.



If he forgets this time,

that`s it.



Well, in his case,

once is justifiable...



and twice is understandable,

but three times--



Coming through!



Morning-- or afternoon,

whatever the case may be.



We have a lot to talk about today,

so let`s get into it without delay.



Oh! Oh, uh, thank you,

whoever gave me the plate of fruit...



and the dead pheasant,



but it does not count

as extra credit.



Last time we were talking about

Newton`s Law of Gravitation.



To review: We see this "G"

is like the "C" in E=MC squared.



It`s a constant, constant universe,

as much as anything

is constant in the universe.



It`s saying that the force of

attraction between two bodies...



is in direct proportion to

the product of their masses...



and in inverse proportion to the square

of the distance between them.



An example would be-- Let`s make, uh,

naked man, "M- ." Naked lady, "M- ."



Now, according to this formula,

their attractive forces...



would want to close

the distance to zero.



Why don`t they? Hmm?



The Earth! Ah.



So, in essence that is

gravity and this...



is "Dr Richards Life Drawing."



It`s not my class, is it?



Phillip! Over here!



Sara! Ooh! Very sorry.



And so, momentum.



May I sit here? Thank you.



Hello, Sara.

What a pleasant surprise.



- Hello, Ruthie.

- Martha.



- Martha what?

- Martha. Me Martha.



You Martha. Me professor.



- Yes, I know.

- I was just gonna, you know,



grade my lunch, eat a few tests

and hope for the best.



- How do you hold it in?

- Well, like everybody else, Ruthie.



I just cross my legs real tight.



No. I was talking

about your excitement.



- Excitement?

- The wedding.






The wedding! Sara and l.

Oh, the wedding.



Oh, l`m looking forward to it.

Aren`t you, honey?



- It`s today.

- Are you sure?



- The wedding is today. Okay?

- I believe you.



 :   at the Presbyterian Church

on Beach Street.



- I`ve been there.

- We had our rehearsal there last night.



That`s right, we did!

It went well?



- Yes, it did, but it doesn`t count.

- Good.



- No?

- The wedding counts,

and I want you to promise me...



on everything between us

that you`ll be there, okay?



I`d rather die

than disappoint you.



Well, this is going to be

the very last time I try to marry you.



I imagine so.



I know that I love you,



but l`m not sure

that you can love me.



That`s ridiculous.



I love you with all my heart.



With every cell, with every

molecule, with every atom.



I love you on a subatomic level.



Hmm! Prove it to me

tonight at  :  .



Prove what, honey?



- That you love me.

- I love you.



-  :  .

- Good luck.



Thank you, Betty.



I knew I shouldn`t

have come, but--



Oh, l`m very crazy about him,

you see, Miss French.



And this is the God`s truth:



I want him to have

what he wants,



even if it means

you instead of me.



No, no! You love him.

Don`t give him up.



Hey! l`m watching something!



- Weber!

- Why don`t you be quiet?



I`m watching TV.



Download some manners! Ohh!



Oh, but he ain`t in love

with me, Miss French.



Mmm. Tell me about it.



Hello, Phil.



What are you working on?



Can`t remember?



I understand.



It`s a damn shame they`re

shutting your college down.



I read about it in the paper.



- It`s not over yet.

- Oh, we`re doing fine at Rutland.



No such financial problems. Hey!



Are you still working on

that lighter-than-air compound?



It`s a, uh,

propulsive polymer and--



I don`t mean to be rude,

Wilson, but l-- I have to go.



You don`t seem too happy

to see me, Phil.



- I`m not.

- Well--



All the years we`ve known

each other, studying, working together.



- What happened between us, Phil?

- Well, I just got tired of you

stealing my ideas, Wilson.



And what would you have done with them?

You would have misplaced them,



forgotten them, lost them.



There`s no doubt you`re

the brighter of the two of us.



You have a genius for science.

I grant you that.



It`s just the science

of daily life that eludes you.



I`ve heard that copper psych

before. Excuse me. That`s very volatile.



I won`t deny that I hate you

for your brilliance.



I`m petty, corrupt.



I probably would have gone mad trying

to compete with you in pure thought.



But, uh, l`m not

an innovator like you, Phil.



I`m an adapter, and to that end,



I have profited from your ideas.



- Why are you here?

- Well, to be honest,



I`m here this weekend

to steal your fiancee...



and make her my wife.



Well, I think you`ll be

sadly disappointed.



I`ll see you

at the wedding then.



Eh, it`s a little crooked.



- Yeah. There you go.

- Weebo?



- Mm-hmm?

- The wedding was not on my schedule.



- Mm, no?

- Why was that information deleted?



Hmm. I don`t really know.



- Do you have another virus?

- You know, now that you mention it,



- I am feeling a little feverish.

- Really?






You are a little hot. Say "ah."



- Ah.

- Ah.






Oh, yes!



Hot. Cold. Hot. That`s it.



The hydrocarbons have been

inhibiting the cooper pairs.



But if you go from hot

to cold very quickly,



you get a conductive polymer

and you complete the metastable sphere.



Behold! There it is.



Now it`ll work. Yes!



But, uh, w-what about

your wedding?



Sorry, Sara.



Should I call the church

and tell them you`ll be late?



Very good. Right.



Very good. Ah.



Flowing from the condenser

to the pressure reactor.






Yes! Oh! lt`s ready.



Organic catalyst.



The positive...



and the negative.



Little touch of electricity.



- Hmm.

- Hmm.






Wow. What a bang.



Yeah. Little touch

of electricity.



That`s not helpful.






Mmm. Mmm.



- Oh, boy. This is not good.

- No, sir.

- Weebo?



- What?

- Get a broom.

- That`ll help.



Two years.









Oh, bless you. You have a cold.



You should.

It`s    degrees Kelvin.



That`s very cold.



Look. Come on.



All right, uh,

let`s try and describe you.



Uh, you`re an elastomer.

Yes, uh, um--



Ooh! You`re highly viscous.



But yet you can

phase-shift. Hoo!



Well, uh, let`s see.



You`re mouldable. Oh.



It`s a little ticklish.






You`re foldable.

You`re gullible.



Oh. All right. Let`s see.



Oh, wait a minute. Okay. And--



Ooh. You`re ductile.



Oh! Oh. You`re elastic.



Let`s just see

how elastic you are. Okay.



I`m the hackeysack king.






Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!



Hey, hey!

Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey!



Bravo! Encore!



- Oh, boy. Uh, Weebo?

- Yes, sir?



- Take a picture.

- Okay. Look this way. Smile!









- Weebo! lt`s amazing!

- Professor? Excuse me.



- It`s miraculous! lt`s--

- Professor, it`s gone!



It is! Oh! Oh!



Professor, I think you gave it

a little too much free will.



Oh, no.



There`s not a darn thing

to be afraid of, pal.



How can anything

get in your window?



It`s closed, okay?






Hey! Huh?



Oh! Huh!



- Whoa-oh!

- Yeah!






Mmm! Whoa, Weebo! I got it!



Great. Now what are you

gonna do with it?



Oh! It has incredible inertia.



Mm, maybe it`s

just glad to see you.



- Weebo?

- Yes?



- Do you know what this is?

- Flying rubber?



Yes. That`s what it is.



It`s flying rubber.



It`s flubber!






- Thank you for waiting so long.

- Yes, ma`am.



I`m sorry, Sara.



Are you going to tell me,

"l told you so"?



No, no.



- I`m going to give you a ride home.

- Thank you.



There you are.



Careful. Watch your gown.



I`ve got it. Thank you.



It`s perfectly safe, Weebo. It`s just

an ordinary radioactive isotope...



that Weber is now removing

from the lead containment unit.



Very good, Weber.



Then you place

the radioactive isotope...



carefully behind

the sliding shutter.



You see, the sliding shutter

works just like a camera.



It regulates the flow

of gamma radiation.



Instead of billions of random particles,

you have a precise stream of energy.



Now we carefully place

the sliding shutter mechanism...



underneath the flubber.



And l`m burning up in here!




Over here.



The gamma radiation triggers a

metastable decay in the flubber itself.



- Right.

- Which releases enormous

quantities of energy,



- and that`s what propels the flubber.

- Of course.



Now doing it this way,

I believe, is a lot more scientific...



than dropping it

or kicking it...



or bombarding it

with light bulb photon flashes.



- Absolutely.

- I believe...



by controlling

the gamma radiation flux,



we can control the movement

of the flubber itself.



- Cross your fingers, Weebo.

- Here`s hoping!

- Good luck.



Oh, yes!



It works!



Descent, gradually.



Back up again. Yeah!



My wedding. Oh!



- I`ve gotta go, Weebo.

- But you haven`t finished

the experiment yet.



You`re just getting started.

You can`t just stop in the middle.



The wedding. Oh, I can`t

miss this one, Weebo.



I`m aware of the time.

Thank you.



But your days are wrong.

I`m getting married Friday,  :   p.m.



- No. No, you`re not.

- Why not?



Because you`re not

getting married, Phillip.



- Yes, I am.

- You missed the wedding.



It`s  :   in the morning.



No. No.



Yes. I`m sorry.



- It is?

- Yeah.









You have a lot of nerve

to show your face around here...



after what you did to me

last night.



Will you please let me explain?



No. There`s nothing to explain.

You weren`t there.



For the third time you left me

standing at the altar.



I`m sorry with all my heart.



But please listen to me, Sara.

Please. You know me.



You know how sometimes I can get

really fixated on an idea?



- I don`t want to hear it.

- Sara, you`ve got to hear it.



Sara, this is the reason

I didn`t make it last night.



It`s flubber.



Flubber! lt`s a metastable

compound, Sara.



In layman`s terms, if you apply

a small amount of energy,



it liberates an enormous

quantity of energy.



But the total effect

is transient, Sara.



The moment you stop applying energy,

it returns to a quasi-plasmoid state.



- Isn`t it remarkable, Sara?

- What`s remarkable, Phillip,



is that I ever fell

in love with you.



You broke my heart...



so that you could stay home

and make some green goo.



Sara, it`s much more than that.



Flubber could save this college.

Let me demonstrate.



- No, no, no.

- Just give me one minute, okay?



The flubber is placed

in my back pocket.



When I exit this window,

I will fall to the ground.



When I hit the ground, the flubber will

send me right back up unharmed. Watch.



- Ta-ta, my love.

- Are you nuts?



- I`ll be right back.

- Phillip!






- Ouch.

- Phillip, are you hurt?



Just my pride.



Well, if you think that

you are going to get my sympathy,

you are wasting your time.



Ooh! We are finished!









Junior`s home.



Dad? Dad!






Somebody in your organization

screwed up big time.



I got thrown off

the basketball team.



I flunked chemistry.

I`m on, uh, academic probation.



- How did this happen?

- I`m supposed to get A`s.



- At least, that`s what I was told.

- The only reason...



I loaned this "jerknut"

college money...



was so he could get straight A`s

and go to Harvard Business School.



- This isn`t supposed to happen.

- Yes, sir.



We talked to the, uh, that Brainard guy,

the chemistry professor.



Now, either he did not

understand us, or he forgot.



The-The boy knew we were having

persuasion problems, sir.



I have a science requirement,

you morons!






We`ll have to get the "F"

changed to an "A."



It won`t work. This guy? He

doesn`t live in the real world.



- He has principles.

- Get something on him...



that we can use to force him

to change the kid`s grade.



When a man says he has

principles, what he means is...



he can`t be bought cheap.



Hmm. Hmm.



Adding     milligrams...



crystallized flubber

to common hand cream.



Stirring in solution.






Hmm. I just need one

spherical test subject.



Mm. Perfect.



Yeah. Now, about two--



Applying flubber

in a solution...



externally to golf ball.



All right. Very good.



Evenly over the entire surface.



Kinetic test number one.



Oh. Oh! Oh!



Ooh! Ah!



Are you all right?



All right.



Applying light coating

of flubber...



to surface of bowling ball.



All right.



Oh. Very good.



- Right in the head.

- That golf ball was really moving.



- How`d he do that?

- I don`t know.



Commencing kinetic energy

test number two.



Controlling horizontal momentum.



Commencing now.



Hit the deck!



This definitely has applications

in the field of sports.



Ho, ho, ho! Yes!









Fluid flubber...



with a convenient

spray applicator.



It`s clogged. Hmm.



- You seen enough?

- Plenty.



All right, after the bowling

ball hits, we break for the car.



Oh, wait a minute.

You can adjust it.






Oh, damn! Oh!



- Yes! Weebo?

- Yes, sir?



- It`s gonna work.

- I hope so.



Now, let me show you how.



I connected the accelerator

to a sliding shutter.



If I press down on the accelerator,

it releases the gamma rays,



and that increases the thrust.



Ah. Listen to that baby chirp.



Now, the steering wheel

controls lateral motion.



- Mm-hmm.

- If you turn right,



- Okay.

- it`ll steer right.



- Ah! Turns right.

- Turn the wheel left, it steers left.



So, it functions a lot like

a normal automatic shift...



- with drive, park, neutral, reverse.

- Yes, yes, yes, yes.



- It`s that easy. See, Weebo?

- Professor!



- Weebo?

- Help! Let me out!



- Oh, Weebo!

- Professor!



- Oh!

- What were you doing in there?



- Flirting with the alternator.

- Hope you didn`t touch anything.



It`s not the time to play. We`re about

to make a major breakthrough.



Okay, here we go.



Yeah. I think we`re ready.



- Weebo?

- Yes?



What do you say

we take her for a ride?



- Fly me to the moon!

- That`s it. That`s the spirit.



We`ll fly over to Sara`s house,

park this baby on the roof,



and then maybe she`s

gonna change her tune.



You know, maybe you should

just go without me.



- Why?

- Because I get carsick.



- Oh, come on.

You`re not gonna blow chips.

- No?



- You don`t have a stomach.

- I have a queasy gyro.



Now get over it. This is not

about cars. This is about Sara.



- Now get in here.

- No!



- Now.

- All right.



Oh! We`re fine now.



- Ah! Out into the world.

- Okay, here we go.



Look at this! Let`s see

what this baby will do!



Oh! It works!



- Yes, it does.

- I`m psyched!



Oh, boy.



- You know what this means, Weebo?

- What?



I`ll never have

to buy tyres again.



Ah. Let`s see what`s

on the radio, Weebo.



Ho! Latin!

Bam ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum



Bum ba-bum ba-bum




Bum-bum be-bum bum



Right turn.



Whoa! Yes!



Huh? Huh? Oh!



Ah! We`re fine.



Whoa! Oh.



- It`s all right. I saw it.

- I don`t think so.



Weebo, there is

nothing to worry about.



Oh-- Mayday!



Come on. Easy.



Oh! Sorry.

First-time flyer. Shh!



I`m very sorry!



Hang on, Weebo!

Oh! Ha, ha, ha! Oh!



Whoa! Oh! Oh, Weebo!



Oh, now, we`re cookin`!









Oh! Yes!



Oh, Weebo. Come on up.



Please. You`ve gotta see this.



Wow! ls this

what you call heaven?



Almost. Look at it.



The whole world below

and beyond.



- It`s beautiful.

- The solitude up here.



The stillness.



- The silence.

- Uh-oh.



Silly me turned it off.

Turns right back on.



The shutter`s jammed probably,

Weebo. We`re okay.



Start right up.

Oh, please turn over!



For the love of Newton,

turn over!



Abandon ship!









It`s such a pleasure

to spend time with you...



without having Brainard

hovering above us.






- More wine?

- No. No, thank you.



I have to say good night.



I have a busy,

busy day tomorrow.






Rutland would die to have you.



We`d be together

with nothing but time.









I`m sorry, Wilson.



Forget it. It`s okay.

We have lots of time.



Listen, l`m-l`m driving up

on Thursday to Rutland for the game.



- I`ll see you there.

- Should I make dinner reservations?



Since Rutland is going

to lose, l`ll pay.



All right. If your team wins,

you can buy me dinner.



If your team loses, we go up to

the mountains for the weekend.



- Mmm--

- Cad!



- Do we have a bet?

- I`ll think about it.



I can`t lose. She`s mine!



Sir lsaac.






All right.



One more time. What happened?



He took a golf ball,

he rubbed this cream on it,



and then the golf ball

took off and...



popped Smith in the head.



- Several times.

- Mm-hmm.



- I got hit with a bowling ball.

- Repeatedly.



- Were you drinking?

- No.



Two beers at dinner.

Wesson had a white wine.



- With dinner.

- Right.



It`s this stuff

he`s got, sir. It`s--



I don`t know what it is. I don`t

know where it comes from, but...



it will give you

one heck of a headache.



Oh, goodness.



I-l wish I could

make you feel better.



Hmm. So do l.



Well, maybe l`m old-fashioned,

but I believe...



a woman should love a man

for what he is,



and not for what

she wants him to be.



Thanks for the

sentiment, Weebo, but...



this is really not an area you`re

qualified to offer perspective on.



Well, I don`t have much of

a smile, but I do have a brain.



I have to deal with this alone.



It`s a human matter,



not for computers.



It`s for people.



- Good night, Weebo.

- Good night, Professor.






- I got it!

- Oh, no!



I gotta turn this thing off.

This is so embarrassing.



Weebo, I just had

this amazing dream!



- Weebo!

- Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!



Weebo! Weebo!



- Weebo! Wake up!

- Mmm.



- I`ve solved all our problems.

- I`m all ears.



Flubber is going

to the basketball game.



- Basketball?

- Yes!



Testing, testing.



Applying a thin layer

of fluid flubber...



to synthetic leather surface

of basketball.



Application complete.









Two points.



Implementing plan "B."



Very tight. Tight.



And careful, careful,

careful, careful.



Secondary flubber experiment.



Control elements: bungee cord,



three-to-one elasticity ratio,

fifty-pound ballast.



Commencing now.



Wish me luck.



Oh! Whoa!






Ha, ha!



Whoa! I got it!



Oh! Bungee! Bungee!



Oh! Oh!



Uh, help.



Uh, yeow!



It worked!






End test.



Did you fully fix the flubber

on each tack before we painted?



Excuse me, Darth Vader,

but what did you say?



Did you fully fix a   %

flubber solution to each tack

before Weber started painting?



- Yes, l`m positive.

- Excellent.



And how long does it take

the paint to wear off?



- Uh,    minutes.

- Be a little suspicious...



if the flubber started

working immediately.



- Uh, isn`t this cheating?

- No, it`s not cheating.

It`s equalizing.



You`ve seen the team. They

should have their own telethon.



Come on! We`ve got

to win this game.



I`ve gotta do it to prove to

Sara that flubber really works.



I`m gonna do it right under

Wilson Croft`s nose.



Don`t fail me.



- Weebo.

- Yes?



- While l`m out, you`re in charge, okay?

- Okay.



- No phone calls to Russia again.

- I think that was Weber.



Oh! Make sure the flubber

stays in the tank.



- Got it.

- Under no circumstances

are you to release it.



- Of course.

- Because you know what would happen.



- Ho, ho, ho.

- Do you understand?

- Yes, sir, I understand.



- Promise?

- Have no fear.



That`s my girl.



Go Medfield!






Good evening, everybody,

and welcome to Rutland Arena...



for the   th meeting of the Rutland

Rangers and the Medfield Squirrels.



Rutland, if they can just

stay awake, should be able...



to steamroll the Squirrels

here tonight at the--



All right, Squirrels,



Iisten up here now.



Okay, Rutland may have us

in height and reach,



weight and power,



agility, speed and talent.



They have the advantage

on offence...



and defence.



Sure, they`re-they`re

better coached,



better trained,



and their will to win is

unmatched in the conference.



They`re undefeated

in their last...



one hundred and eight games.



But that doesn`t mean we can`t

whip these guys. Right?



- Yeah!

- Ohh!



Rutland! Rangers!



Rutland! Rangers!



Okay, flubber, it`s time

that you and l...



got to know each other.






Another easy basket

for the Rutland Rangers.



They have built up a commanding

lead in the first half.



- Evening, Sara.

- Excuse me?



What a coincidence.



Dunk it! Dunk it!



Take it!



Come on, you guys!

You gotta do--



Not now, Ernie! Not now!



Go Medfield!



- Ow!

- Oh, sorry. Sorry, Wilson.



See if you can get me

another ten grand on Rutland.



- You got a problem, Bennett?

- You`re betting against my team?



It`s not your team. They

threw you off, remember that?



Ooh. Oh, baby.

That`s gotta hurt.



He fouled him!

He threw his hip into that!



Flubber? Flubber!

Where are you?












Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!



Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey!









Welcome back to Rutland Arena

for half number two.



The Medfield Squirrels tonight

are getting their nuts buried,



trailing by    at intermission.



If Coach Barker has any sense,

he has to be thinking forfeiture--



...for half number two.



Come on, boys.

Expect the unexpected.



Dale. Come on now, son.

You can do it.



Come on, Bruce. There we go.

Werner, be a flying squirrel!



Bart, the impossible`s possible.

Come on, Lawrence!



- Rodents rule!

- Loser!



Show time.



Keep going! Open!






- Yeah! Get `em!

- Come on!

- Defence, defence!



- Come on!

- That`s pretty good.






Okay! Go! Beat them! Let`s go!






- Yes! Yes!

- Gosh! We`ve never--



Yeah! Did you see that?

Did you see that, Dad? Yes!



What the--



We did it!



Wow! Wow!



Hey, are you blind? They`re doin`

something illegal out there.



Coach, nowhere in the rule book does

it say anything about jumpin` too high.



Now sit down!



Looks like a lonely weekend

in the mountains for you, Croft.



Come on, Squirrels!






Did you see that, Croft?



Down, down!






Yeah, yeah!



A tack.



Oh. Dale!






Dale! Not the tacks!



- I don`t know.

- Okay, now, this game is not over yet.



You just wanna steal the ball

and then score!



Pardon me, boys.

Educator coming through.



Coach, I know very little about

basketball, but I do know chemistry.



And l-l believe that Dale is having

a problem, not with motivations,



but with some sort of adhesive buildup

on the bottom of his shoes.



- Do you have any ethyl alcohol?

- What?



- Excuse me. Hello, Dale.

- Coach.

- Oh, hello, Professor Brainard.



- May I see your sole?

- Wh--



- I mean, the bottom of your shoe.

- Oh, oh.



Now, the game`s not over yet. Keep your

chin up and your potential energy high.



`Cause you know why, Dale?



Son of a--



Get the ball.

Jump with all your soul.



B-- But l`m

on this end, sir. I--



Jump! Or l`ll flunk you.



- Uh-- What?

- You heard me.



Jump, or l`ll flunk you out

of my department for good.






I think that`s

a little harsh, but--



- Jump!

- A-T-T-A-C-K!



The Medfield Squirrels are trying

to complete this astonishing comeback.



- Nice and patient, Rutland.

Plenty of time, baby.

- Rutland has the lead

with the clock winding down.



These rodents have fought

their little hearts out tonight,



but it looks like the Squirrels

are gonna come up a couple

of nuts short of a bushel.



Playing keep-away are the Rangers.

Here`s a wide-open "J" by Hatch.



Jump, Dale! Jump!



Jepner is soaring

into the air, makes the steal.



Look at him go! Jepner, with wings

on his shoes, soaring to the other end!



He`s all over it.

He dives. He`s through!



And Medfield upsets Rutland

on an incredible play by Dale Jepner!



- No!

- And the Squirrels are going nuts.



- Yeah!

- We won!

- Oh, we did it!

- Foul!



- We did it!

- Foul! Foul!



Since when is it within the

rules for a player to accompany

the ball through the hoop?



Oh, I don`t know. Come on.

I owe you dinner.



- Sara?

- Good night, Phillip.



Good night.



Brainard had something

to do with this.



It-lt`s the same stuff we saw

the other night over at his house.






I don`t know how, but l`m absolutely

certain your team cheated.



Oh, you`re just being

a sore loser.



Sara, m-m-may I speak

to you for a moment? Alone?



What you have to say to her,

you can say to both of us,



if you can remember.






- Flubber.

- Flubber?



Sounds like baby shampoo.



Flubber is what won the game.



That amazing aerial ballet...



was because I flubberized

the boys` shoes.



A little on the bottom-- Whoo!



You are remarkable.






Good night, Phillip.



Watch yourself.



Now what do we have to do

to get you to take a hint?



It`s over, Phillip. You lost.



Go home. Play with your rubber.



What kind of car does

that Brainard fellow drive?



Old T-Bird. Why?



- I just saw it.

- So?



It was flying.



You heard me. Flying.



- Hey, who won?

- We did.



Um, Professor,



why the long face?



- I think you know why.

- Would it be a Sara issue?



Wish I understood human beings.



Wish I understood women.



Wish I understood emotions and passions.

I wish I understood any of that.



If I did, I wouldn`t have had to spend

my entire life in a laboratory...



trying to figure out

how the world works.



I would`ve been out in the world

trying to figure out why it works.



I know I love her, Weebo.



Every neuron in my limbic system

is saturated with phenylethylamine.



That triggers euphoria,

elation, exhilaration.



Truth is, Weebo,



I`m not absent-minded because

l`m selfish or crazy or--



or inconsiderate.



I`m absent-minded because l`m

in love with Sara.



Oh, Professor.



That doesn`t matter any more,



`cause I don`t get

any more chances with her.



That`s not true. There`s always another

chance. I mean, you never know, right?



Probably just as well

that it`s over.



- Why?

- She has to move on.



- Oh.

- I`m not right for her.



- But you knew that, didn`t you, Weebo?

- Huh?



You never wanted me

to marry her.



Well, you were right.

I wasn`t right for her.



You`re the one for me, Weebo.



Just the two of us.



And flubber makes three.



- Good night, Weeb.

- Good night.



Uh, Professor--



And this is the God`s truth:



I want him to have

what he wants,



even if it means you

instead of me.






Sara? Sara, it`s me.



- Weebo?

- May I come in?



Oh, l`m sorry

to wake you like this,



but I can`t ring the doorbell.



- Is everything okay with Phillip?

- Oh, yeah.



It`s not

a conventional emergency.



Oh, Phillip would be very angry

if he knew I left,



but I have

to show you something.



Do you have a minute?






I know I love her, Weebo.



Every neuron in my limbic system

is saturated with phenylethylamine.



That triggers euphoria,

elation, exhilaration.



Truth is, Weebo, l`m not absent-minded

because l`m selfish...



or crazy or-- or inconsiderate.



I`m absent-minded because l`m

in love with Sara.






And this will be

our little secret.









- Sara?

- Uh-huh.



This is it.

This is the solution.



This is how we save the school.



That`s what l`ve been saying.




- You saw what it did at the game.

- Yes.



Imagine the line of shoes

we could develop.



Oh, no, no, no, Phillip,

not shoes.



No. Look.



This. Flight.



- Flight?

- Yes.



- Oh, of course.

- A-Air travel.



Oh, Sara! Air travel.



- Yes.

- Oh.



- We`d better sell this

to a car company.

- Oh, Phillip.



- Hey!

- Dr Reynolds.



Professor. It`s a pleasure

to finally meet you.



I believe you know my son.



He used to play basketball

for Medfield.



Lovely old car.



Mind if I take a look

under the hood?



Yes, I do.



And I don`t appreciate you gentlemen

letting yourselves onto my property.



I expected something

more complex.



There`s a lot of money

in your discovery.



Perhaps we could make a deal.



Any discovery I make will belong

to Medfield College.



At the end of the term there isn`t

going to be a Medfield College.



- We`ll see about that.

- You could make a lot of money.



If we were interested in making money,

we wouldn`t have become teachers.



You think you`ll be able to sell

it for what you owe me...



by the end of the term?



We-- We will.



I`ll forget the debt right now.



No, l`m not selling.



When I leave,

I take my offer with me.



We understand.



Good luck.



Come on.



Watch your back, smart guy.



Bad move, Professor.



Good morning!



Pardon me, Mr Seldon.



Are you interested in seeing

a Phillip Brainard?



- Who?

- He`s the college professor

you spoke to on the sixth...



about a brand-new car design.



Tell him l`m busy.

Thank him for the interest.



- And send him a hat.

- Well, he`s here.



He`s right outside.



It`s one of the rarest looks

in watches you can actually own.



This watch we have here

is called the scarab.



It has Swiss--



Good night, Weber.






One goon.



Two goons.



- Hey.

- What?



- I think I found it.

- You found it, all right!



- What was that?

- Take two.



Knock, knock!



Kiss me, big boy!



Did you get it?






Oh, l-l`ve never seen

so many zeroes.



When they saw us flying,

they couldn`t wait to write the cheque.



This will save the school,










They took the flubber.






- Weeb--

- Oh.



Um, sh-she`s leaking

battery fluid.



Weebo, it`s me.



Do you have signal?

Do you have audio signal?



Tracking. It`s me.

Professor Brainard.



Focus. Weebo?



Can you see me?



She sees me.






It`s all right. I`ve-l`ve-- I need

to get some sort of extension cord,



something so I can recharge her.



I`ve gotta-- I`ve gotta

download her, quick.






It`s all right. It`s okay.



Weebo, can you hear me?



It`s gonna be all right.



It`s like that time you ran into

the wall when I first made you.



We`ll get you upstairs,

onto AC and--



She`s-She`s losing--



She`s losing power.

It`s okay. It`s all right.



We just gotta get you

to the docking station...



till I can make repairs.






Goodbye, my friend.



Gone. I have no idea what--






I don`t know what

to do with her.



What happens to the soul

of a machine, Sara?



Can you fix her?



I can make repairs,



but I can never bring back

the life it was she had.



That`s gone.



I never knew what it was to begin with.

It was some sort of glorious accident.



I kept trying to recreate it

and isolate it and find out what it was.



I never could.



What was that word

she was displaying...



on her screen at the end?



Probably a file name.



Why was she displaying it?



She was damaged-- It`s, you know--

download-- random piece of information.



- I don`t know.

- What was that word?



Oh, can you remember?



No, l--



- Try.

- I am.



It began with "S."



Hello, Phillip. It`s me. Weebo.



If I was human, that is.



If you`re watching this,

l`m no longer here.



I hope my demise didn`t

cause you any undue distress.






a full and complete design

of me is in this file.



You didn`t forget it.

I never showed it to you.



I`ve made a few changes.



I`ve removed a few

of my flaws...



and added a little of you.



I hope you that

you can love my daughter...



as much as I loved you.






Surprise, surprise.



Professor Brainard.

Dr Reynolds.



Good evening. Sit down.



You look, uh--



- Weary.

- Yes. Weary.



You came to repay your loan?



- No.

- I know you didn`t. I was

just having a little fun.



I`m here to sell you

the flubber.



You been to your house recently?



- Yes.

- Do I really need to buy it?




a very quixotic substance.



It`s very difficult to handle.

Have you tried to do anything with it?



My man is working on it.

It won`t be a problem.



Well, I could make it

a lot easier for you.



If you give us a   -day

extension on the loan,



I`ll tell you everything

I know...



and make you

a great deal of flubber.



I`ll give you the    days,



and after that

you give me two years.



Whatever you come up with

over the next two years is mine.



That`s not fair!



Shop somewhere else, lady.



Sara, Sara. I`ll do it.



- May I see the flubber?

- Would you like to show these

good people to the library?



You`re going to enjoy this.




I got you a little help.



- The lovebirds.

- Wilson. Shame on you.



- Welcome.

- So you finally gave up teaching.



How could I pass up the opportunity

to transform the energy industry?



Flubber. Very interesting, Phil.



Too bad it`s so unstable.



I was just looking over the formula.

Dangerous mix.



You just have to know how to

deal with it, really. It just

takes a few simple precautions--



Hey, hey. Hang on, "Einsteen."



- Stein.

- Whatever.



- What`s this?

- Well, it-it`s a hand cream that

acts as a separating agent.



- Right.

- Um--



It`s so I can handle

the flubber.



- It`s okay.

- Thank you.



She needs to assist me.

Rub it on your hands.



It`s a, uh--



squirt gun.



- What`s it for?

- I use that to lower

the temperature of the tank.



Let him have it.



No, no. Give it to him.

N-No, no. Give it to him.



W-- Stop that

and give it to him.



Put-Put it in his hand

and give it to him.



No, no, no, no, no.

Give the gun to him.






- Thank you.

- You`re welcome.



You okay? lt`s me.



There you go.



Oh. Shh.



Do it for Weebo.



Look out!






Get him!



- Oh, dear.

- Sara? Going somewhere?









Left, left, left,

right, right, left.



- Sara!

- Huh?

- Grab her.



- What?

- Jump!



I`m coming, Sara!









Hey, Lumpy. Hmm?



- Come on.

- Let`s go, smart guy.



- Ow.

- Phillip, look out!






- Get him.

- This one`s for Weebo.






Oh, Mommy--












For as much as these

two people have finally...



consented together

in holy wedlock...



and have witnessed the same

before God and this company,



I pronounce, believe it or not,



that they be

husband and wife together.



- You may now kiss the video screen.

- Oh.



Love you, Sara.



I love you.



I`ll meet you at the reception. I`m

almost done. It`s gonna be remarkable.



Phillip, please be careful.



Don`t worry. These chemicals

are completely compatible.



There`s no chance

that anything could go wrong!



Hey, pal. We`re       feet

up in the air.



There`s no monsters or bad guys

way up here, okay?



You can look out the window.



Mom. Mom!



Flubber`s gone. Get back here!



When we get to the hotel,

I don`t care what you say,



I`m not sharing a room with him.



Look at him. He`s gross.

He bounces all the time.



He squeaks. He phase-shifts.



I mean, he`s a quasi-plasmoid.



If it`s hot in Hawaii,

I hope he melts.





Special help by SergeiK