Fool For Love Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fool For Love script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the Sam Shepard play.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fool For Love. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fool For Love Script







- It's 70 degrees...



Mr Valdes? I'm locking up.



I'll put the laundry in your car.



Hey! Anybody?









You gonna do the laundry now?



- You don't have to do the laundry for me.

- How'd you find me?



I saw the old Chevy layir tits-up out there.



I figured you died in a car crash

or you settled in for a while.



- Wouldrt make much difference to you.

- What's that?



If I died in some car crash.



I knew I shoulda had 'em burn

that damn thing. Or bury it.



You'd have gone right past

if it hadrt been for that car, right?



I'd have found you one way or the other.






You want me

to take those sheets for you?



I've been doir my own laundry

for months now.



I'm real good at it.



You just plunk the old quarters in

and let it rip.



Come on, honey, let me do your laundry.



- You wanna do my laundry?

- Hey! Whoa, whoa!



- Son of a bitch!

- Hey! Whoa!



Do you do her laundry?



You want an aspirin or somethir, huh?



You got a headache?



You want some water?






May, come on.






You want me to make you

some hot tea or somethir?



You want some tea?

I'll make you some tea like I used to, OK?



With lemon?



You want some Ovaltine? May...



May, you gotta let go of me now, OK?




You want me to go, huh?



- What do you want, then?

- You smell.



Your fingers smell.



- Horses.

- Pussy.



- Oh, come on, May!

- They do. They smell like metal.



I am not gonna start this shit.



Rich pussy.



- Very clean pussy.

- I came to see if you were all right.



- I don't need you.

- Oh? OK. Good. Great.



What the hell are you doing in that truck?



- Eddie, don't go!

- Get outta here!



God damn... What kinda dump is this?



You live here?



What am I gonna do?

What am I supposed to do now?






Oh, shit.



You're gonna erase me.



What are you talkir about?



You're gonna erase me. You're

gonna erase me or have me erased.



Why would I want... Are you crazy?



- Cos I'm in the way.

- Whoa, May.



- Don't talk like that.

- I am.



May, I am tryir to take care of you,

all right?



Sure you are



Get back. Come on, back.



You're just guilty.



- You're gutless and you're guilty.

- That's real cute. Great. Gutless.



- What are you doing with these horses?

- I'm unloading them.



Havert been out of this rig in     miles.



Even my horses

have to suffer because of you.



- I'm gonna kill her.

- Who?



- Who?

- Don't talk like that, will ya?



I am. I'm gonna kill her

and then I'm gonna kill you.



You're scaring me to death.



- Back up. Get back.

- Two very sharp knives.



Two separate knives.

One for you and one for her.



So the blood don't mix.



Do you know what I'm gonna do

to her first? I'm gonna torture her.



- Do you hear me?

- Uh-huh.



- I'm gonna torture her first.

- Oh, great.



- Not you. I'm gonna let you have it.

- Thanks.



That's right.



Probably in the midst of a kiss, after

you think everything's been healed up.



Right when you think

you've buffaloed me again.



That's right when you die.



You know how many miles I went

out of my way to come and see you?



- Nobody asked you to come here!

-     .



- Where you been, Katmandu?

-      miles!



So what?



I missed you, you know.



I did.



More than anything

I ever missed in my whole life.



Kept thinkir about you

the whole time I was driving.



I kept seeing you.



Sometimes just a part of you.



Yeah? Like which part?



- Your neck.

- My neck?



- Yeah.

- You missed my neck?



Yeah. Well, I missed all of you, but... your

neck kept comir up for some reason.



- I kept cryir about your neck.

- You were cryir?



- Yeah.

- Crying?






Was this before or after

your fling with the countess?



There wasrt any fling with any countess.



- You're a liar.

- I took her to dinner once.



- You're a liar.

- OK, twice.



You were bumpir on a regular basis.

Don't stand there and give me this shit.



- I'm takir you back, May.

- Back to that idiot trailer? Oh, no.



No, I'm movir. I got a piece of ground

up in Wyoming now.



- Wyoming?

- Yeah.



I'm not goir to Wyoming.



What's up there?

Marlboro Man or somethir?



- Well, you can't stay here.

- Why not?



Why not? I'm a regular citizen now.



And I got me a job.



You got a job?



That's right.

You think I'm helpless or somethir?



That's what you think, right?



- Yeah, it is.

- No, I just...



Been a long time since you had a job.



Well, I'm a cook.



A cook?

You can't even flip an egg, can you?



- I'm not talkir to you any more.

- May!



May! Goddammit!

Quit doir this, will ya?



I got it all worked out now.

I been thinkir about this for weeks.



I'll build a corral for the horses. We can

have a vegetable garden and chickens.



I hate chickens.



I hate horses

and I hate all that other shit too.



You have me confused

with somebody else, don't ya?






I'm not lettir go of you this time, May.



You never had me to begin with, Eddie.



You keep comir up with

this lame country dream,



life in the country,

vegetables and chickens and stuff.



I hate all that stuff.

It makes me puke to even think about it.



What do you think it's like sitting in a tin

trailer waiting for the butane to arrive?



Then hiking down the Laundromat.

You think that's thrilling?






Get outta here, Eddie.



Turn off this goddamn thing.



Don't touch me.

Now get outta here. Dammit.



Couldrt you just stay put?

I told you I was comir back to get you.



I bought you all them magazines.

I thought you liked that.



- Those French kinds.

- Oh, God.



Yeah. I did. You're right.



I especially liked the one

with the countess on the cover.



That was real cute.



I liked that one a lot.



All right.



All right what?



- Where are you goir?

- I'm gonna sleep in the truck.



- You're gonna spend the night?

- I'll be gone in the morning.



No. Wait.



You can take it.

You're a stunt man. Right?



- You got any tequila?

- You already drank my tequila!



- Come on, I wanna show you somethir.

- I'm in the middle of somethir here.



- I'm tryir to talk to somebody.

- Show you something.



Look at that.



Remember that?



Where'd you get this?



Take a look at that picture over there.



- You know who that is?

- I'm not sure.



It's Barbara Mandrell.



That's who that is. Barbara Mandrell.



You heard of her?



Yeah, sure.



Would you believe me

if I told you I was married to her?



- No.

- Uh-huh.



You see, that's the difference right there.



I'm actually married to Barbara Mandrell

in my mind.



Can you understand that?



- Yeah, sure.

- Oh, good.



I'm glad we have an understanding.



I swear to God

I didn't hate you even more.



It just grows. Just grows and grows.



But I mean to see you no more.

See you no more.



Just to see a picture of you.

No, not just you.



I've seen a picture of you and her,

that bitch.



I don't understand how I could hate you

so much after so much time.



I don't remember

how much I'd like to hate you.



I hate you even more. That's right.



I hate you even more

and all it does is just grow.



If I see you in the morning...



See a picture of you...



Of you and that bitch.



I don't care.



It just invades my head.



It invades my head all the time.



Bet you love that, don't you?



This picture stings me more

than seeing you with her.



It stings me more.



And it cuts me. Always cuts me.



Cuts me up.



Cuts me...



And he kinda just comes...



Uninvited, like.



Right when I don't expect it.

Like a little torture.



Like a little torture.



I blame you more. I do.



I blame you more for this torture

than I actually do for what you did.



If you love her, I could kill you.



If I really wanted to, I could.



I don't care

that much about you to kill you.



You forgot your sweater.



You better go.

It's better that you go right now.



- I wish you'd make up your mind...

- I got somebody comir here to get me.






Yeah, here.

Where you think they're gonna go?



- Who you been seeir?

- Don't you come near me!



Don't you even think about it.



This time... Makes me so sick...



Hey, hey.



You got any glasses?



They're in the bathroom.



- What they doing in the bathroom?

- I keep everything there.



- It's safer.

- Where are the damn glasses?



- In the medicine cabinet.

- What are they doing there?



There are no germs

in the medicine cabinet.



Oh, germs. Germs.






- Germs.

- That's right.



Do you want some of this?



No. I'm on the wagon.



Good. It's about time.



I have returned.



- Wait a minute. I'm not that kind of a guy.

- Oh, you know you are.



Not on the first date.



- What are you gonna do with that?

- Clean it.



Eddie, this is a very friendly person

comir here.



He's not malicious in any way.



- Did you hear what I said?

- About what?



- About the man who's comir here.

- What man?



First off, it can't be very serious.



- Oh, really? And why is that?

- Cos you call him a man.



- What am I supposed to call him?

- A guy.



If you called him a guy, I'd be worried.



Since you call him a man,

you give yourself away.



You're in a dumb situation with this guy

by callir him a man.



- You put yourself below him.

- What the hell do you know about it?



Anybody who don't kill himself

by fallir off horses and ridir steers



- is a twerp in your book, isn't that right?

- Yeah, that is right.



What are you supposed to call yourself?



You supposed to call yourself a guy

or call yourself a man?



If you ain't a cowboy, you ain't shit.



Why's everything a contest with you?



He's not competing with you.

He doesn't know you exist.



- You can introduce me.

- You can't keep messing me around.



You have no right to be jealous of me.

Not after all the bullshit I've been through.



- We got a pact. Remember that?

- We haven't got anything any more.



Is that right?

How come you're so excited?



- I'm not excited!

- Yeah, you are. You're beside yourself.



You're drivir me crazy, that's why.



You know we're connected, May.



We'll always be connected.

That was decided a long time ago.



Nothing was decided, Eddie.

You screwed up.



- You know what happened.

- You promised me that.



You promised

you'd never bring that up again.



A promise can't stop that. It happened.



- Nothing happened, Eddie!

- Innocent to the last drop.



Nothing happened!



- You're a traitor.

- Eddie, nothing ever happened!












You know something, honey?



There is one thing I'll never forget.



I'll never forget this as long as I live.



I don't even know

why I remember it exactly.



But you and me and your mother



were drivir through southern Utah once,

I think it was,



in that old Plymouth we had.



You remember that Plym?

It had a white plastic hood.



A replica of the Mayflower, I think it was.



Well, it was some kind of ship.



Anyway, we'd been drivir all night



and you were sound asleep

in the back seat



and your momma was sound asleep

in the front.



Then all of a sudden you woke up crying.



Just busting a gut over something.

I don't know what it was.



A nightmare or something.



Woke your momma right up.



She climbed over the seat

there in the back with you



to try to get you settled down.



But you just kept wailing.

Wouldrt shut up for hell nor high water.



So I stopped the Plymouth

by the side of the road,



middle of nowhere.



Can't even remember

where it was exactly.






And I picked you up out of the back seat

there and carried you out into this field.



Thought the cold air

might quiet you down.



But you just kept howling.



And all of a sudden

I saw something move out there.



Something bigger

than both of us put together.



And it started to move toward us,

kinda slow.



And then it started to get joined up

by some other things just like it.



Same shape and everything.



But these things started

to kind of move in on us.



I looked back at the car

to see if your mother was all right



and just then these things started to moo.



They all started mooing away.



The cows?



Sure enough, there we were standing

in the middle of a goddamn herd of cattle.



You never heard a baby

pipe down so fast.



You just never made a peep after that

the whole rest of the trip.



You got any gin in there?






Oh, that cow got away?

Come on, boy.



Decided to jump off the wagon, huh?



Hm. Mm.



- What are you doing?

- Just a little practice.



Gotta stay in practice these days.



There's kids out there

ropir cattle in six seconds dead.



They got it down to a science.



- I thought you were leaving.

- Yeah, I was gonna.



But then I got

about ten miles down the road there



and it suddenly occurred to me there

probably isn't any man comir here at all.



Probably isn't any guy

or any man or anybody.



You just made all that up.



- Why would I do that?

- Just to get even.



So that's how it is.



Gonna get real mean and sloppy,

just like old times.



- Well...

- Like old times.



I haven't drunk in quite a while, honey.

I've been real good.



I figure I owe it to myself for once.



Have you balled him yet?






I'm just curious.



You don't have to tell me.

I already know it.



I hope this man comes over here.



I really hope he does.



I wanna see him walk through that door.



- What are you gonna do?

- I'm gonna nail his ass to the floor.






I'm not stickir around for this.



Wait. Come on, take it easy.



Honey! I'll back off, OK? I'll be real nice.



I'll be just like a little old pussycat, OK?



You can introduce me to him

as your brother, OK?



- OK? Maybe not your brother.

- Maybe not.



Your cousin, OK?

I just wanna meet him.



- No! Why do you wanna meet him?

- You don't understand these things.



You can tell a lot about a person

by the company they keep.



- No. I'm just gonna go in the office.

- Come on.



- We'll try and forget the whole thing.

- Good. OK.












Why don't you run out there and throw

yourself into his arms or something?



- What are you gonna do?

- Put my hooks on.



I wanna look good,

give him the right impression.



- I'm your cousin, after all.

- I swear to God, if you hurt him...



- I'm not gonna hurt him.

- He's just an ordinary date.



- I'm gonna turn him into a fig.

- Just this once, Eddie, do me a favour.



Just one time.

Just this once, Eddie.



Anything you want, honey.

Anything you want.



What are you doing? May?



May, what are you doing? May?



- May?

- It's not him.



- It's not, uh?

- No, it's not.



Oh, too bad. Who is it, then?



Somebody else.



It's a big, huge, extra-long

black Mercedes Benz.



This is a motel, isn't it?



Rich people have to sleep too.



This ain't a black Mercedes Benz

type of motel, Eddie.



Somebody's just standir out there

in front of that car.



Just standir there lookir at me.



What are they doir?



I don't think it's a they, Eddie.

I think it's a she.



May, get away from the door.



Not that you know anybody

with a black Mercedes Benz...



Stay down.



- Who the hell is that?

- How should I know? Stay there.



It's OK.



I don't know who she is.

Just stay there.



That is the kind of car a countess drives.



You don't know her?

That's the kind of car a countess drives.



Stay down!



- You OK? Stay down.

- I'm down!



- How crazy is she?

- Pretty crazy.



- Just stay down.

- Have you balled her yet?



She's blown the goddamn windshield

out of my truck!



- She what?

- She's blown the windshield out.



- You should have thought of this!

- Where are you going? Wait a second.



- Keep those lights off.

- Don't you tell me what to do!



She's gonna come back.

We gotta get outta here.



- We gotta get your stuff...

- Stop it! Don't you dare pick me up!



- Put me down!

- I came here to get you.



I came all this way to get you. Do you

think I'd do that for anybody else?



- Put me down!

- Listen to me!



The amazing thing is, neither one of you

look a bit familiar to me.



Can't figure that one out.



I don't recognise myself

in either one of you. Never have.



Now get your stuff.

We're gettir outta here.



No, I'm not leavir,

but you're leavir for sure!



- You broke my bed.

- I am not leavir without you, May.



If you're stayir here, I'm stayir here.



You'll never get rid of me. I'll track you

down, no matter where you go.



I know exactly how your mind works.



I've been right every time.



- Every single time.

- You gotta give this up, Eddie.



I don't know what's in your head

any more, I really don't.



Now you desperately need me?



Now you can't live without me?



Why should I believe you now?



Cos it's true? Cos it was

supposed to be true every other time.



Every other time before this,

and it's true again.



You've been jerkir me off for    years.



For    years I've been a yo-yo to you.



You know what?

I never been split either.



I never thought one way or another about

it. I either loved you or I didn't love you.



You know what, Eddie?



Now I just plain don't love you.



You understand?



You hear me, Eddie?

You understand?



I don't love you, I don't need you

and I don't want you.



- You get it?

- Get in the bathroom.



I'm not gettir in the bathroom!



I'm not gonna hide in my own house!



I'm gonna go out

and I'm gonna tear her damn hair off!



- May...

- I'm gonna whack her ass. That's right.



Come on in here with your damn gun.

Bring all your weapons.









Oh, no. It's all right. It's all right.



It's all right. We were just

havir an argument. It's OK.



It's OK. It's just a little argument, that's all.



Oh, God.



I heard you screamir when I drove up

and then all the lights went out.



- I thought someone was tryir to...

- Oh.



No, they werert.



I better turn my truck lights off.

The battery will run down.



Yeah, you better.



It sure looked like you was gettir...

you know...



No, I wasrt.



- That's him?

- I'm gonna kill you.



Oh, Martin, this is... this is my cousin.



Ed... die.



- I'm sorry.

- She's lyir.



- Oh?

- Oh, no. You wanna come on in?



- Have a drink. I bet you need one.

- Yeah.



I'm gonna have to get you a...

wash you a glass, OK?



- Yeah.

- OK?






She keeps the glasses in the bathroom.

Isn't that weird?



I was startir to think

you werert gonna come.



I'm sorry. I had to water the football field

down at the high school.



- Forgot all about it.

- You did?



- Forgot all about what?

- I forgot about the waterir.



I was halfway here when I remembered.



- There you go.

- I thought you forgot about her.



Oh, no.



How far was halfway?



Excuse me?



How far was it

when you were halfway here?



I don't know.

I guess a couple of miles or so.



A couple of miles?

A couple of lousy, stinkir miles?



You wanna know how many miles

I came? You wanna know?



- Huh?

- Agh! I'm so sorry.



It's OK. We've been drinkir a little bit.



She's in deep shit.



I'm gonna kill you.



What's the matter, May?



What? Nothir.



How come you had all the lights off?



Oh... Yeah, we were gonna go out.



- But you...

- And we were gonna come back.



No, no, no, no, no, no, no!



That's not what we were gonna do.



That's not

what we were gonna do, Marty. No.



We were actually

havir a big argument about you.



- About me?

- Uh-huh.



We were in the middle

of a big argument about you.



It got so heated up,

we had to turn the lights off.



- He's just joking.

- What was it about?



It was about whether or not

you're actually a man or not.



Whether you're a man... or just a guy.



See, she says that you're a man.

Did you know that?



Did you know that's what she calls you?

A man.



- I didn't know that.

- I didn't. Don't worry about it.



It's OK. I don't mind it.



Didrt we say

we were goir to the movies?



Yeah. That's what I thought.



We drink on up and we go, OK?



I'll be back.



She's not mad or anything, is she?



I didn't mean to make her mad.






What are you gonna go see, Marty?



I can't decide.



What do you mean? Supposed to have

all that worked out, aren't you?



Yeah, but I'm not sure what she likes.



What difference does that make?

You're takir her out, right?






You pick the movie.

The guy is supposed to pick the movie.



The guy always picks the movie.



Yeah, but I don't wanna take her

to somethir she doesn't wanna see.



How do you know

what she wants to see?



- I don't. That's the reason I can't decide.

- Uh-huh.



What if I take her

to somethir she's seen before?



No, you missed the whole point, Marty.



The reason

you're takir her out to the movies



isn't to see somethir

that she hasn't seen before.



- No?

- No.



The reason

you're takir her out to the movies



is you just wanna be with her, right?



You just wanna... be close to her, right?



- Yeah, I guess.

- Yeah.



You could take her just about anywhere.



After a while you probably won't

even have to take her out at all.



You can hang around here,

save yourself a lot of money.






- Oops.

- What'll we do here?



Well, you could...

You could uh... tell each other stories.



- Stories?

- Yeah.



- I don't know any stories.

- Well, make 'em up.



- That'd be lyir, wouldn't it?

- No. Only when you believe it's true.



When you know it's a lie, it's not lyir.



- You want a hand up off the floor?

- No.



I like it down here.

There's less tension.



You notice when you're standir up

there's more tension?



Yeah. A lot of times when I'm workir

I'm down on my hands and knees.



- What line of work do you follow?

- Yard work, mostly.



Oh. You mean lawns and stuff?



- Maintenance.

- You do lawns on your hands and knees?



- Edgir. Trimmir around the edges.

- Oh, yeah?



- Weedir around the sprinkler heads.

- I get you.



Yeah, I always noticed

how much more relaxed I get



when I'm down on my hands and knees,

close to the ground.



You can get down on your hands

and knees right now. I don't mind.



- No, I'll stand, thanks.

- Suit yourself.



You're just gonna get

more and more tense.






- So you're May's cousin, huh?

- Yeah. See that right there?



That's the result of tension, askir me that.



- What?

- Askir me if I'm her cousin.



- You know I'm not her cousin.

- How would I know that?



- Do I look like her cousin?

- She said you were.



- She's lyir.

- Well, what are you, then?



You're really gettir tense.



- Maybe I just better go on.

- No, wait. Martin, don't go.



Don't go, Marty.



It is blue and lonely

out there in the black night.



I'll tell you what.



Let's go over to the bar and

have us a little drink. What do you say?



- She gonna be OK?

- Yeah. She's always OK.



She's just takir her time just to torture ya.



- How will she know where we went?

- She knows. She's got a sixth sense.



Come on, Marty.

Come on. There we go.



There we go. There we go.



What exactly

is the matter with May anyway?



- She's in a state of shock.

- Shock?



- How come?

- Well...



We haven't seen each other

in a long time.



Me and her, we go back quite a way.

High school.



Oh, really? Oh.



- I didn't know that.

- Yeah. A lot of miles.



So you're not really cousins, then?



Well, not really, no.



- You're her husband?

- No.






She's my sister.



- Your sister?

- Mm.



Hm. So you knew each other

even before high school?



No. I never even knew I had a sister

until it was too late.



- How do you mean?

- By the time I found out, we'd already...



you know... fooled around.



- You fooled around?

- Yeah.






That's illegal, isn't it?



- Only if you get caught.

- Hey. Who is this guy?



- Is that true? She's really your sister?

- Half. Only half.



- Which half?

- The top half.



In horses we call that the top side.



And the mare is what?

The mare is distaff.



Ain't that the bottom half? Distaff.



It's funny I should remember that.



You fooled around

in high school together?



- Everybody fools around in high school.

- I never did.



- Maybe you should have.

- Not with my sister, anyway.



I wouldn't recommend that.



How could that happen? I mean...



Well, see...



Our daddy fell in love twice.



That's basically how it happened.



Once with my mom

and once with her mom.



It was the same love,

it just got split in two, that's all.



How come you didn't know each other

until high school?



He lived two separate lives.



Two completely separate lives.



He'd live with me and my mom and then

he'd go and live with her and her mom.



Don't be too hard on me, boy.

It's happened to the best of us.



- You never knew what was goir on?

- No.



Never knew.

Neither did my mother.



- She knew.

- She never knew.



She must have suspected

somethir was going on.



Well... if she did,

she never let on to me about it.



Maybe she was afraid of findir out.



Or maybe she just... loved him.

I don't know.



He'd disappear.



Months at a time he'd disappear.



She never once asked where he went.



She was always glad to see him, though.



I remember, me and her, we used to go

runnir out of the house to meet him



as soon as we saw him in the old

Studebaker, drivir across the fields.



It was a Willis.



I never owned a goddamn Studebaker.



It was a Willis Knight.



How'd you finally find out

that she was your sister?



This went on for years, see.






He kept disappearing

and then reappearing.



And... then one day it stopped.



He just stayed home for a while.



He stayed in the house.

He never went outside.



He just sat in his chair, starir.

Then he started goir on these walks.



He'd go on these long walks and he'd

walk all day and he'd walk all night.






He'd just disappear in the dark.



I remember watchir him

from my bedroom window.



He'd just disappear in the dark

with his overcoat on.



Where was he going?



Just walkir.



I was making a decision.



And one night...



I asked him if I could go with him.



And he took me.



We walked straight out

across the fields together.



I remember it was just ploughed

and our feet sank down in the powder.



The dirt came up over the tops

of my shoes and weighed me down.



I wanted to stop and empty my shoes out

but he wouldn't stop.



He kept walkir straight ahead.



I was afraid of losir him in the dark,

so I just kept up as best I could.



And we were completely silent

the whole time.



We never said a word to each other.



We could barely see a foot in front of us



and these white owls kept swooping down

out of nowhere, hunting forjack rabbits,



diving right past our heads

and disappearing.



We just kept walkir silent like that

for miles until we got to town.



I remember seeir the old man in

the liquor store as he paid for the bottle.



Then he came out with the bottle

wrapped in a brown paper sack.



What are you doir?

Attacking me or something?



He opened the bottle up

and offered it to me.



Before he even took a drink,

he offered it to me first.



I took it and drank it

and handed it back to him.



We just kept passing it back and forth

like that till we drank the whole thing dry.



Finally we reached this little white house

with a red awning on the far side of town.



We walked right up to the front porch

and he rang the bell.



I remember gettir real nervous because

I wasrt expecting to visit anybody.



And then this woman comes to the door.



This real pretty woman with red hair.



And she throws herself into his arms

and he starts crying.



He just breaks down

right there in front of me.



She's kissing him all on the face.



He's just cryir like a little baby.



And then...



through the doorway behind them both,

I see this girl.



She just appears.



She's just standir there starir at me.



And I'm starir back at her.



Can't take our eyes off each other.



It was like we knew each other from

somewhere but we couldn't place where.



But the second we saw each other,

that very second,



we knew we'd never stop beir in love.



Boy, you're incredible.

You're just unbelievable.



Martin comes all the way over here,

doesn't know you from Adam.



You start tellir him a story like that.

Are you crazy?



Are you?



None of it's true, Martin.

He's had this weird, sick idea for years.



It's totally made up. I don't know

where he got it from. He's a bit nuts.



I don't know where he got it from,

but he's completely nuts.



She's a little embarrassed about

the whole thing. You can't blame her.



- Hand me a glass, please.

- You heard that, huh?



Oh, yeah, I heard it.



I heard it, every word of it,

and I followed it very carefully.



He's told me the same story a thousand

times and it always changes. Always.



- I never, ever repeat myself.

- You do nothir but repeat yourself.



That's all you do. You go around

in one big circle. Round and round.



Did you think it was a story?

Did you think I made that whole thing up?



At the time you were tellir it

it seemed real.



But now you're doubtir it

because she says it's a lie?



She suggests it's a lie and

all of a sudden you change your mind?



- Let's go to the movies.

- Nobody is goir to the movies.



There's not a movie in a hundred miles

that can match the story I'm gonna tell.



- I'm gonna finish this story, OK?

- Eddie...



- You wanna hear the rest of the story?

- Sure.



OK. Good.



- I'm dyir to hear it myself.

- Yeah.



You think

this is gonna change something?






- Then what's the point?

- It's absolutely pointless.



Why put everybody through this?



Martin don't wanna hear

this bullshit and neither do I.



I know you don't wanna hear it.



Don't try and pass it off on me, Eddie.



You got it turned around.



You got it all turned around.



You don't even know

which end is up any more.



I don't need either of you.



I don't need any of it.



Cos I know the whole rest of the story.



I know exactly how it happened.



Without adding any little tricks onto it,




- What does she know?

- She's lyir.



Want me to finish it for you, Eddie? Huh?



Want me to finish the story for ya, Eddie?



See, my mother...






My momma, the pretty red-haired lady.



She was. She was...



She was desperately in love

with the old man.



Wasrt she, Eddie?

You could see it in her eyes.



She was so obsessed with him

that she couldn't stand to be without him.



Even for a second.



So she kept hunting for him

from town to town



and following clues he'd leave behind,

like a postcard, a motel matchbook.



He didn't ever leave anything simple

behind like a telephone number



or an address.



Cos, you see,

my momma was his little secret.



She hounded him.



Hounded him for years and years.



And he just kept tryir

to keep her at a distance.



Cos, see,

the closer these two separate lives,



these two separate kids,



these two separate women got together,



the more nervous he got.



And the more filled with terror



that these two lives

would find out about each other



and his little secret

would devour him whole,



just take him by the throat.



She finally caught up with him.



She just dulled him down.



I remember that day

when we got to that town



and she kept sayir - she was on fire,

she was crazy - she kept sayir



"This is it.

This is the place, May. This is the place. "



And her whole body was tremblir like this



as we were walkir through the streets

lookir for this house.



I remember

she was holdir my hand so tight,



I thought she was gonna crush

all the bones in my fingers.



She was so terrified.



She was so terrified

she was gonna run into him by accident,



cos she knew she was trespassir.



She knew she was crossir

into the forbidden zone.



But she couldn't help herself.



So we walked all day

in that stupid hick town.



All day.



Goir up and down every street

in all these neighbourhoods,



lookir in on every dumb family,



peerir through all these open windows.



I remember it was exactly supper time



cos everybody was sittir

around the table havir fried chicken.



That's how close we were to the window.

We could see what they were eatir.



We could hear the voices but we couldn't

make out what they were sayir.



But Eddie and his momma were talkir



and the old man, he just sat there.



He didn't say nothir, did he, Eddie?



He just sat there in silence,

eatir his fried chicken.



She's off the wall.

You gotta do something about this.



The funny thing was, almost as soon

as we found him, he disappeared.



She werert with him

but a couple of weeks.



He just... vanished.



Nobody ever saw him after that. Ever.



And Momma,

she just turned herself inside out.



I couldn't understand it. She grieved

like somebody had died or somethir.



I just couldn't understand that.



Cos I was feelirjust the opposite.



See, I...



I was in love.



I remember I'd come home from school

after beir with Eddie



and I was filled with this joy that...



And there she'd be.



She'd be standir in the kitchen

just starir at the sink.



And her eyes looked like a funeral.



I didn't know what to say to her.

I didn't even feel sorry for her.



Cos all I could think of was him.



And all he could think about was me.



Isn't that right, Eddie?



We couldn't take a breath

without thinkir of each other.



We couldn't eat,

couldn't sleep unless we were together.



Eddie's mom didn't know

what was wrong with him.



But my momma...

my momma knew exactly.



Right down to her bones.



She went to Eddie

and she begged him not to see me.



She went to Eddie's mom and begged her.



But Eddie's mother...



Eddie's mother blew her brains out,

didn't she, Eddie?



She blew her brains right out.



Now, wait a second.

Just a goddamn second here.



This story doesn't hold water.



You ain't gonna let her off the hook

with that one, are you?



That's the dumbest version

I ever heard in my whole life.



She never blew her brains out.

Nobody ever told me that.



Where in the hell did that come from?






Well, stand up.



Get on your feet now, goddammit!

I wanna hear the male side of this thing!



You're gonna represent me now.

You're gonna speak on my behalf.



There's nobody to speak for me now.



Get up.



Well, tell her, then.

Tell her what really happened.



It was your shotgun.



Same one we used to duck-hunt with.




She'd never fired a gun in her whole life.



That was her first time.



Nobody ever told me that.



I was left completely in the dark

on that one.



- You were gone.

- Somebody could have found me.



They could have hunted me down.

I wasrt impossible to find.



- You were gone.

- I know I was gone, God damn you!



I was gone!



But I wasrt disconnected.



There was nothing cut off in me.

Don't you forget that.



Everything went on just the same

as before I left. Nothing changed.



But your mother... Your mother

wouldn't give it up, would she?



She drew me to her.

She went out of her way to draw me in.



She was a force.



I told her I'd never come across for her

from the very beginning,



but she kept opening up to me.



She kept...



See, she... She...



She... She kept

opening up her heart to me, see.



You know, how could I turn her down

when she loved me like that?



How could I turn away from her?



We were completely whole.



What are you doing?



Speak to her.

Bring her round to our side.



Make her see this thing in a clear light!



Stay away from her, now.



What the hell are you doing?

Keep away from her!



You two can't come together.



You gotta hold up my end of this deal.

I got nobody now.



You can't betray me now.



You're my son.



I ain't staying. I ain't.






Hey, May!



The whole place is burnir down, May.



Wait a minute, May. May?



Do you need some help or anything?



I got a truck. I can drive you

anywhere you wanna go.



Where are you goir?






You're not goir with him, are you?



He's gone.








Special help by SergeiK