Forbidden Planet Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Forbidden Planet script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Leslie Nielsen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Forbidden Planet. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Forbidden Planet Script





In the final decade

of the 21st century...



men and women in rocket ships

landed on the moon.



By      A.D., they had reached

the other planets of our solar system.



Almost at once there followed

the discovery of hyper-drive...



through which the speed of light

was first attained...



and later greatly surpassed.



And so at last,

mankind began the conquest...



and colonization of deep space.



United Planets cruiser C-  -D...



now more than a year out from Earth base

on a special mission...



to the planetary system of

the great main sequence star, Altair.



- When do we get a D.C. fix, Jerry?

- Half a minute, Skipper.



Ship on course, sir.

We'll reach D.C. point at     .



That's less than three minutes now.



- All right, take it away.

- Aye, aye, sir.



Chief, we'll drop back below light speed

in about three minutes.



- Got your breakable gear stowed?

- Aye, aye, sir.



All right. Good.



D.C. set and punched on, Skipper.



All right, attention. Captain to crew.

All hands squared away to decelerate.



Ship's beeper will, as usual,

sound ten times after lights dim.



- Come on, Doc. D.C., Bosun.

- Aye, aye, sir.



D.C. stations, on the double.



Wanna bounce through this one?



All right, we're down

to.     of light speed.



It's a little warm

in here, Skipper.



There's Altair

right on the nose, Skipper.



Meanwhile, this ship

arranges its own eclipses.



Okay, Jerry, punch out

an orbit on the fourth planet.



Aye, aye, Skipper.



Ship in approach, Skipper.

Helical vector oriented.




Captain to crew. Attention.



Our destination, Altair- 

is now visible on the main view-plate.



As you'll recollect from your briefing

lectures, this is an Earth-type planet.



Twenty years ago, the spacecraft

Belerephon landed here...



with a prospecting

party of scientists.



Our mission is to search for survivors.

That is all.



The Lord sure makes

some beautiful worlds.



How do these continents

check with the old charts?



Be able to tell you better in a while,

Skipper. It's time for brakes.



Okay, take it away.



Astrogator to crew.

Stand by to change flux.



Another one of them new worlds.



No beer, no women,

no pool parlors, nothing.



Nothing to do but throw rocks at tin

cans, and we gotta bring our own cans.



Attention. Captain to crew.



We are now entering

the atmosphere of Altair- .



No survival suits

will be required upon landing.



Oxygen content:

 .  richer than Earth standard.



Gravity, only.   .



Adjust your equipment accordingly.

That is all.



All hands, check equipment.



Not even any short-range

radio signals yet?



Not so far, sir.



Can you make out

anything down there?



I may be missing

some individual structures...



but there are no cities,

ports, roads, bridges, dams.



There's just

no sign of civilization.



Sir, we're being radar-scanned.



- Can you zero on it?

- No, sir.



It seems to emanate from

an area of about    miles square.



Twenty miles square?



Bosun, pass the alert.



Combat stations. Blaster men,

activate your scopes.



Radio contact, sir.

There's a voice.



- Human?

- It sounds like it.



Boost it.



Spaceship, identify yourself.

You're being tracked.



Cut me in, Quinn.



United Planets Cruiser C-  -D,

J.J. Adams commanding.



- Who are you?

- Morbius of theBelerephon.



- Who?

- Edward Morbius.



Here it is. "Morbius, E. Ph.D., Lit.D.

Expedition philologist."



- Philologist?

- What do you wish here, cruiser?



You don't understand. We're your

relief. We're glad to find you alive.



I, of course,

appreciate your concern...



but absolutely no assistance

of any sort is required.



The red carpet treatment, huh?



Dr. Morbius, my orders are to

survey the situation on Altair- .



Let me repeat:

I'm in no sort of difficulty here.



Your best procedure will be to

turn back at once without landing.



Sorry, sir.



If you set down on this planet,

I warn you...



that I cannot be answerable for

the safety of your ship or your crew.



If you'll just supply me

with landing coordinates.



Dr. Morbius,

I require landing coordinates.



Very well, but I wash my hands

of all responsibility.



- You have standard charts?

- Yes, sir.



You may come in at   -  -  north...



   -   west.



Thank you.



It's right back there

in the desert.



Commander, I urge you to reconsider.

Please permit me to recommend...



Something funny down there, Skipper.



Okay, Jerry, I'll take her in.






Attention. Captain to crew.

Stand by to reverse polarity.



Standard class "A" security

will be maintained upon landing...



and until further notice,

all hands will wear side arms.



That is all.



- Artificial gravity off.

- Grav. off.



- Half flux.

- Half flux.



- Cut primary coils.

- Primaries cut, sir.



All clear, sir.



Look at the color of that sky.



Yeah, but I'll still take blue.



I don't know. I think a man

could get used to this...



and grow to love it.



Bosun, you can assemble the tractor.



Better check the command mike.



- The command mike, sir.

- Oh, good idea.



- Chief?

- Sir?



You're in command now, Quinn.

You keep right at those instruments.



- Aye, aye, sir.

- Hey, what's this dust coming?



Looks like we're being met.






Hold the tractor.



- Quite a vehicle, huh?

- That driver must be a madman.



What driver?



Welcome to Altair-  gentlemen.



I am to transport you

to the residence.



If you do not speak English...



I am at your disposal

with     other languages...



along with their various

dialects and sub-tongues.



Colloquial English

will do fine, thank you.



This is no offense,

but you are a robot, aren't you?



That is correct, sir.



For your convenience, I am monitored

to respond to the name "Robby."



Nice climate you have here.



High oxygen content.



I rarely use it myself, sir.

It promotes rust.



Hey, Doc,

is it a male or a female?



In my case, sir, the question

is totally without meaning.



Will you get in, gentlemen?



Quinn, tractors if I blink red.



- I'll bring a tractor in a hurry, sir.

- Right.



Passengers will please

fasten their seat belts.



Looks after us like a mother.



If you gentlemen will go in,

you're expected.



- I am Morbius.

- I am Commander Adams.



This is Lieutenant Farman,

my executive...



and Lieutenant Ostrow,

our ship's doctor.



How ironic that a simple scholar

with no ambition...



beyond a modest measure of seclusion,

should, out of a clear sky...



find himself besieged by

an army of fellow creatures...



all grimly determined

to be of service to him.



I'm sorry, sir, if we're not welcome,

but we do have our orders.



But you must stay

for lunch, gentlemen...



and do forgive the ill manners

of an old recluse.



Won't you come in?



Whatever that lunch was,

it was certainly delicious.



Simply some of Robby's synthetics.



- He's your cook too?

- Even manufactures the raw materials.



Come around here, Robby.



I'll show you how this works.



One introduces a sample of human food

through this aperture.



Here there's a small built-in chemical

laboratory where he analyzes it.



Later he can reproduce identical

molecules in any shape or quantity.



Why, it's a housewife's dream.



Plus absolute selfless obedience.



Activate the dispose-all unit.



A household disintegrator beam.



Put your arm in there.



Order cancelled.



Don't attribute feeling

to him, gentlemen.



Robby is simply a tool.

Tremendously strong, of course.



He could quite easily topple

this house off its foundation.



In the wrong hands, mightn't

such a tool become a deadly weapon?



No, Doctor, not even though I were the

mad scientist of the tape thrillers...



because, you see, there happens

to be a built-in safety factor.



Commander, may I borrow that

formidable-Iooking side arm of yours?



Thank you.



Robby, point this thing at that

althaea frutex out there on the terrace.






You understand the mechanism?



Yes, Morbius.

A simple blaster.



All right.

Now turn around here.



Point it at the commander.



Aim right between the eyes.






You see, he's helpless...



Iocked in a sub-electronic dilemma

between my direct orders...



and his basic inhibitions

against harming rational beings.






If I were to allow

that to continue...



he would blow

every circuit in his body.



Doctor, how did you

come by such a mechanism?



Uh, I didn't

"come by" him, Doctor...



I tinkered him together

during my first months up here.



- Coffee is ready, sir.

- Gentlemen.



Doctor, do you mean that

you made this gentleman?



A useful enough toy, Lieutenant...



but nowadays I have

no time for such things.



Dr. Morbius, you're a philologist,

an expert in words and languages...



their origins and meanings.



Yet this robot of yours

is beyond the combined resources...



of all Earth's physical science.



My dear Commander,

maybe you overestimate...



both Robby and myself.



Gentlemen, let me show you

another bit of parlor magic.



Forgive me. I didn't mean

to alarm you, gentlemen.



I had Robby install

the steel shutters...



before I realized how

altogether safe I am here.



Well, gentlemen,

this has been very pleasant.



You've seen how

comfortable I am here...



no hardships,

no special difficulties...



and no need at all

for military assistance.



Now I daresay you're impatient

to get back to base.



Yes, the moment we've interviewed the

other members of the Belerephon party.



Others. But there are

no others, Commander.



Before the first year was out,

they had all, every man and woman...



succumbed to a...

to a sort of a planetary force here...



some dark, terrible,

incomprehensible force.



Only my wife and I were immune.



And just how do you account

for your immunity, Dr. Morbius?



We differed from the others only

in our special love for this world...



in our boundless longing

to make a home here...



far from the scurry

and strife of humankind.



I remember how, when the vote

was taken to return to Earth...



she and I were utterly heartbroken.



How could we have foreseen the

extinction of coworkers and friends?



Skipper, there is no record of any wife

in the Belerephon rolls.



Lieutenant, look under

"biochemistry," Julia Marsin.



She and I were married

by the skipper on the voyage here.



I have the certificate.



I thought Robby had managed some

very charming feminine touches.



I take it Mrs. Morbius

isn't at home today?



My dear wife died

a few months after the others.



Only in her case,

it was of natural causes.



I'm very sorry.



Dr. Morbius,

just what were the symptoms...



of all those other deaths,

the unnatural ones?



The symptoms were

striking, Commander.



One by one,

in spite of every safeguard...



my coworkers were torn

literally limb from limb.



By what?



By some devilish thing

that never once showed itself.



- And the Belerephon?

- Vaporized...



as the three remaining survivors

tried to take her off.



And yet, in all these    years...



you personally have never again

been bothered by this planetary force?



Only in nightmares

of those times.



And yet, always in my mind...



I seem to feel the creature

is lurking somewhere close at hand...



sly and irresistible, and only waiting

to be re-invoked for murder.









Alta, I specifically asked you...



not to join us for lunch.



But, Father, lunch is over.



I'm sure you never said a word

about not coming in for coffee.



Well, did you or did you?



This is Commander Adams...



Dr. Ostrow and, uh,

Lieutenant Farman.



- My daughter.

- How do you do?



I've always so terribly wanted to meet

a young man, and now three at once.



- That's very kind of you.

- You're lovely, Doctor.



Of course, the two end ones

are unbelievable.



Could this end one

get you some coffee?



I'm quite able to get it,

thank you.



Thank you.



Of course, you must make allowances

for my daughter, gentlemen.



She's never known any human being

except her father.



I hope you'll make

allowances too, sir.



We young men have been shut up in

hyperspace for well over a year now...



and right from here,

the view looks just like heaven.






But you keep helping me.

After all, you're not Robby.



I wouldn't mind being Robby

in certain ways.



That's only in certain ways,

of course.



I can see that was probably very clever,

but I don't seem to understand it.



Well, there's...

There's no rush.



I suppose one day I shall be obliged

to make the trip to Earth with her...



for the sake of her

natural development.



I should say fairly soon too.



Your father wasn't too happy at first

about your meeting us, was he?



Well, naturally not.

You're from Earth.



- What's wrong with Earth?

- How lucky I am, though.



All three of you are such

very fine exceptions.



- You are exceptions, aren't you?

- Oh, sure, sure.



That is, I am, anyway.



Old dependable Jerry.



Of course, the doc can be trusted too,

in the daytime.



What about the commander?



Well, I hate to tell

you this, Alta, but...



that man is notorious

throughout seven planetary systems.



Oh, dear.

What does he do?



Well, I don't feel

free to discuss...



the shortcomings of

a fellow officer, but...



any girl or woman who lets him

get her alone, anywhere...



Yes, I can see it now.



There, just then when he looked at me,

his eyes almost had fire in them.



I'm so glad you don't have

any fire in your eyes, Lieutenant.



Well, I'm not that harmless.



- Alta?

- Yes, Father?



These gentlemen have expressed

a very kindly concern...



- over the amount of liberty you have.

- Liberty?



I told them that you have my permission

to visit Earth whenever you choose.



Earth? I?



Then my little girl

never feels Ionely or confined?



Why, I don't know.

I have you and Robby and all my friends.






- Perhaps you'd better call them, dear.

- All right.



Come, gentlemen.



I felt something

go right through my head.



Alta's whistle is above the pitch of

human hearing. I often feel it myself.



- What's up?

- Look.



No. Watch.



Why, he's as tame as a kitten.



Outside of the range of my daughter's

influence, it's still a deadly beast.



Just a routine checkup from the ship.



- What, Chief?

- Everything okay, Commander?



- No problem.

- Would you mind activating the viewer?



As you can see, we're under

no restraint whatsoever.



Knock that off, Quinn.



If I can be of any help to you in your

preparations for the homeward voyage...



Thank you, sir, but unfortunately

circumstances may keep us here a while.



- Circumstances?

- You see, my orders...



don't quite seem to cover

the Belerephon fatalities.



I am forced now to contact base

for new instructions.



But, Commander,

suppose these new instructions...



require my return to Earth

for questioning...



two years or more

away from my work here?



Tell me, just what is involved

in your making contact with Earth base?




it's a question of crude power...



how to short-circuit the continuum

on a five or six parsec level.



Of course, a transmitter like that

isn't standard equipment.



- No.

- To build one...



we'd cannibalize about two-thirds

of the ship's electronic gear...



and then unship

the main drive to juice it.



Just to construct a bunker to house

the core would take about ten days.



Disabled here

for ten days and nights?



Tell me, would two-inch

lead shielding do as well?



It'd be better if we happened to be

carrying     square yards of the stuff.



Then I'll have Robby

run it off for you...



and you'll get it

not later than tomorrow noon.



That's very obliging of you, sir.






Look out there, Commander,

the Belerephon party.



Nineteen years ago

I dug those graves with my own hands...



and I have, believe me,

no wish to repeat that experience.



We'll see you again soon,

Alta, I hope.



- Thank you very much, Doctor.

- Excellent lunch, Doctor.



To tell the truth, I sometimes

still miss the conversation...



of such gentlemen

as yourself, Doctor.



Well, thank you for your

courtesy and concern, sir.



Fasten your seat belts, gentlemen.



Easy with this core. Our M.G. coils

won't take us home without it.



Come on, Cookie, out of the way.

You wanna get run over?



Handle it gently.

It has to get us home.



- Is it far enough away from the ship?

- Sure. No interference there.



- What about the magnetic pull?

- Bosun, drop the thing down over there.



Aye, aye, sir.



Where do you wish

the shielding stacked, sir?



You can just put it right over

there by the core, thank you.



Wait a minute.

That's solid lead he's carrying.



Common lead would have

crushed the vehicle, sir.



This is my morning's run

of isotope    .



The whole thing

hardly comes to ten tons.



Hello, Alta.



Does your father know you're here?



He did tell me not to go near the ship,

but this isn't very near.



- Cookie, out of here.

- Aye, aye, sir.



Yes, sir.



Commander, put me down, sir!



- Commander.

- What is it, Chief?



If you'd like

to check my assembly...



for the monitor unit

of the Klystron transmitter...



- What, already?

- Yes, sir.






Are... are these condensers

out of my accelerator circuits?



Yes, sir. I borrowed some solenoids

from your gyrostabilizers too.



Here's the big deal, sir.



I'll bet any quantum mechanic

would give his life...



for a chance to fool around

with this gadget.



Get this in the ship by dark.



It won't do any good to have some fool

fall on it before we transmit tomorrow.



- Good work, Quinn.

- Thank you, sir.



Come here. Over here.



Can I be of service, sir?



Never mind the "sir," but I'm

a stranger in this so-called planet...



and I was just wondering

if you could tell me...



where I could get hold

of some of the real stuff.



- "Real stuff"?

- Just for cooking purposes.



I take a big pride in my duties.



Pardon me, sir. "Stuff"?



Just about one jolt left.

Oh, genuine Ancient Rocket bourbon.



See here? Hey!



You low-living contraption!

I oughta take a can opener to you!



Quiet, please.

I am analyzing.



Yes, relatively simple alcohol molecules

with traces of fusel oil.



Would    gallons be sufficient?






I've been from here to there in

this galaxy, and I want you to know...



you're the most understanding soul

I ever met up with.



It's nothing really personal,

just a kiss.



Hmm. But why should people

want to kiss each other?



It's an old custom.



All the really high civilizations

go in for it.



- But it's so silly.

- But it's good for you, though.



It stimulates the whole system.



As a matter of fact, you can't

be in tip-top health without it.




I didn't know that.



I'd be only too happy

to show you.



Well, thank you very much,




No trouble at all.



Is that all there is to it?



Well, you've sort of

got to stick with it.



Just once more, do you mind?



Not at all.



There must be something

seriously the matter with me...



because I haven't noticed

the least bit of stimulation.



Honey, let's do this thing right.

Now, here.



Are you giving me the treatment?

Are you?



Lieutenant Farman.



Don't say a word, sir.



I know there are lots of pressing duties

waiting for me back at the ship...



and rank doth have

its little privileges, hmm, sir?



And you can depend on it that

those privileges won't be stretched...



into taking your kind of advantages.



- But l...

- Dismissed.



What's the matter with him?

Why did you both act so funny?



Well, what'd you expect?



Don't you understand, Alta?



No? Well, look at yourself.



You can't dress like that around men,

especially not a space wolf like Farman.



So for Pete's sake, go home

and put on something that'Il...






What's wrong with my clothes?

I designed them myself.



Stop looking at me that way.

I don't think I like it.



What do you mean?



We were just trying to get

some healthy stimulation...



from hugging and kissing,

that's all.



Oh, that's all?

It's so easy for you, isn't it?



There's no feelings, no emotions.

You, uh...



Nothing human would

ever enter your mind.



It so happens that I'm in command

of    competitively selected...




physical specimens...



with an average age of   . ...



who have been locked up

in hyperspace for     days!



It would have served you right

if I hadn't have... and he...



Get out of here before I have you

run out of the area under guard...



and then I'll put

more guards on the guards!



"And then I'll put

more guards on the guards!"



I don't like him.

I just don't like him.



The way he kept looking at me.

Then he shouted.



- What about?

- I don't know, really.



It was awful.



I was only trying to be nice

about kissing the lieutenant.



- How did the commander react to that?

- He was furious.



He seemed to think that all that about

biology had something to do with me.



Personally, I mean.

I've never been so nervous in my life.



I hope I don't see him again

if I live to be     million!



Well, I daresay

you won't have to.



The best thing you can do

is to go to bed.



I still have some work

to do in my study.



- Good night, my dear.

- Good night.



Where have you been?

I've beamed and beamed.



Sorry, miss.



I was giving myself an oil job.



And what is it you require

this time, Miss Alta?



Robby, I must have a new dress,

right away.



- Again?

- But this one must be different.



Absolutely nothing must show...

below, above or through.






No, just eye-proof will do.



- Thick and heavy?

- Oh, no, Robby.



It must be the loveliest,

softest thing you've ever made for me...



and fit in all the right places,

with lots and lots of star sapphires.



Star sapphires take a week

to crystallize properly.



Would diamonds or emeralds do?



Well, if they're large enough.



Five, ten and fifteen carats,

and on hand.



I will run the dress up for you

in time for breakfast.



- Sleep well, miss.

- Thank you, Robby.



I don't really care now

whether I do or not.



Funny to see two moons

in the sky, isn't it?



Funny how quick

a guy gets used to it.



- Joe.

- What?



- Do you hear something?

- Like what?



Like a sort of big breathing.



That's funny. I did.



Strong and Grey, last night during

your watch this ship was entered...



and valuable government property

was sabotaged.



The two of you claim to have

been at your posts and awake.



Yet this ship was entered,

the heavy-duty hatch was raised...



and latched back, and neither of you

saw or heard anything.



Except you, Grey.

You heard breathing.



And, Youngerford, let me see,

you were asleep in your bunk...



and you think you had a dream.



A dream!



Pending more evidence, you're deprived

of space pay and all privileges.



- Me too, sir?

- No, you'll stand    extra watches.



I'll have less dreaming

aboard this ship!






Half of this gear we can replace

and the rest we can patch up somehow...



except this special

Klystron frequency modulator.



With every facility of the ship,

I think I might be able to rebuild it...



but frankly, the book says no.



It came packed in liquid boron

in a suspended grav...



All right, so it's impossible.

How long will it take?



Well, if I don't

stop for breakfast...



- Get on it, Quinn.

- Thank you, sir.



The tractor's ready, sir.



- Wait. I'll put on a clean uniform.

- You'd better stay as you are.



- I'm leaving you in command here.

- Oh, I see.



Establish a standard perimeter

and set up a class "A" alert by sundown.



Aye, aye, sir.



Good morning, gentlemen.



We'd like to see Dr. Morbius.



Morbius is in his study, sir...



never to be disturbed

while that door is closed.



All right, we'll wait.



Is there any other way

out of there?



This is the only door.



In case you require anything,

gentlemen, use the beamer.



How could he have

slipped past two sentries?



Nothing important, Skipper.



Doc, you stay right there where you are

and keep your eye on that door.



Okay, Skipper. If Morbius comes out,

we'll call you from right here.



Good morning.



Good morning.



- Come on in.

- Didn't bring my bathing suit.



What's a bathing suit?



Oh, murder.



Never mind.

I'm coming out.



Alta, listen.

You mustn't...



You just wait right there.

It'll only take me a second to get dry.



- I'll just turn my back here.

- lf that's the way you feel about it.



Don't worry. You're not gonna

have to look at me anymore.



You'll see.



- See what?

- You'll see what.



Now wait a minute, Alta.

If you're planning on...



I sure didn't expect to see you today

after the way you spoke to me yesterday.



I'm very sorry about the way

I spoke to you yesterday.



I was sort of bothered.



All right, you can look now.



Nothing shows through, does it?



I had it made

especially for you.



Oh, I thought you weren't

expecting me today.



I wasn't.



I guess there's just something

about me personally you don't like.



You always look just beautiful.



Then why don't you kiss me

like everybody else does?






Hasn't your father

taught you anything?



Well, he says

I'm terribly ignorant...



but I have had

poetry and mathematics...



Iogic, physics, geology and bi...






Of course, that's mostly

on the theoretical side.



Well, so far.



What's wrong with theory?






It's all right.

He's my friend.



I'm sorry, Alta.

I had to do that.



He didn't recognize me.



He would've killed me. Why?



- You really don't know, do you?

- No, I don't.



- Is he still in there?

- Hasn't come out.



Wait a minute, Skipper.

After all, it is his house.



What's the matter?



Doc, something new

has been added.



That's gonna

complicate things a bit.



Not even a window.



The robot lied.

Morbius hasn't been in here.



Doc, he's up to something.



Look at this, Skipper.



- Hieroglyphics?

- Maybe.



But it doesn't look like

Egyptian or cuneiform...



or Chinese.



You'll find the household silver

in the dining room...



and my daughter's jewelry

on her dressing table.



Dr. Morbius...



last night our Klystron monitor

was sabotaged.



And you suspect me?



Then the time has come

for clarification.



Sit down.



In times long past...



this planet was the home of

a mighty and noble race of beings...



which called themselves the Krell.




as well as technologically...



they were a million years

ahead of humankind...



for in unlocking

the mysteries of nature...



they had conquered

even their baser selves...



and when, in the course of eons,

they had abolished sickness...



and insanity and crime

and all injustice...



they turned,

still with high benevolence...



outward toward space.



Long before the dawn of man's history,

they had walked our Earth...



and brought back

many biological specimens.



I see. That explains

the tiger and the deer.



The heights they had reached...



but then, seemingly on the threshold

of some supreme accomplishment...



which was to have crowned

their entire history...



this all but divine race

perished in a single night.



In the      centuries

since that unexplained catastrophe...



even their

cloud-piercing towers...



of glass and porcelain

and adamantine steel...



have crumbled back into

the soil of Altair- ...



and nothing, absolutely nothing

remains above ground.



What were they like?



No record of their

physical nature has survived...



except, perhaps, in the form

of this characteristic arch.



I suggest you consider it

in comparison to one of our...



functionally designed human doorways.



That recording was made by Krell

musicians a half a million years ago.



If you will follow me, I will show you

some of their other remaining artifacts.



Krell metal.

Try your blaster there, Commander.



This spot should be molten.



It's not even warm,

and no trace of radioactivity.



The molecules are many times

more densely interlocked...



than in earthly steel...



yet it drinks up energy

like a sponge.



This is just one

of their laboratories.



You will notice that much

of the equipment is familiar...



though designed

for nonhuman technicians.



What's this?



On this screen

may be projected...



the total scientific knowledge

of the Krell...



from its primitive beginning

to the day of its annihilation...



a sheer bulk surpassing

many million earthly libraries.



- You're able to read this?

- A little. It's my profession.



Twenty years ago,

I began here with...



this page

of geometrical theorems.



Eventually I was able to deduce

most of their huge, logical alphabet.



I began to learn.



The first practical result

was my robot...



which you gentlemen

appear to find so remarkable.



Child's play.



I've come here every day now

for two decades...



painfully picking up a few of the least

difficult fragments of their knowledge.



A thing like this,

it's too big to evaluate.



Think what a discovery of this kind...



what is this device over here?



I call it

their "plastic educator."



As far as I can make out, they used it

to condition and test their young...



in much the same way

as we once employed finger-painting...



among our kindergarten children.



I often play with it myself

for relaxation...



although working here,

I sometimes wish I'd been blessed...



with multiple arms and legs.



Now, you can see

that this headset...



was designed for something

much bulkier than my human cranium.



Now, over here you see...



the electromagnetic waves

of my brain...



sending that indicator up

about halfway.



I gather that

one of their own young...



comparable to

a seven-year-old child...



was normally expected to send that

all the way to the top...



which by Krell standards

classifies me as a low-grade moron.



Yet I have

an officially recorded IQ of    .



Now then, for the primary function.



Actually, to operate...



Well, I'll choose a familiar subject

to start with to save time.



There now, gentlemen.



What's that?



What's happening there?



A statue.



That's Altaira.



Simply a three-dimensional image,




But it's alive!



Because my daughter is alive in my brain

from microsecond to microsecond...



while I manipulate.






Something of a strain.



Aladdin's lamp

in a physics laboratory.



Would you gentlemen care to take

the Krell test of your intelligence?



- Yes, very much.

- You may be disappointed, Commander.



Suppose we start

with the good doctor.



- What do I do?

- Just sit down there, and I'Il...



Move forward.



There now.



Now, Doctor,

you can read it here.



There's something wrong here.



I have an IQ of    ...



yet I don't register

a third what you did.



Now the commander.



It's all right, sir. A commanding

officer doesn't need brains.



Just a good loud voice, huh?



Do I pull this switch

to make an image?



Stop! You'd never survive.



Our Belerephon skipper tried it,

and it was instantly fatal to him.



Oh, I see.

So you're immune to this too?



In my first attempt

at creating an image here...



my brain pattern there

was scarcely any larger than yours.



Afterwards, I lay unconscious

for a day and a night.



Yet you came back

for a second go at it.



It was a question

of science, Doctor...



but you can imagine my joy

when I discovered that the shock...



had permanently doubled

my intellectual capacity.



Otherwise, my researches here

would have come to nothing...



poor as they have been.



Recently I have turned up

some rather puzzling indications...



that in those final days

before their annihilation...



the Krell had been applying

their entire racial energies...



to a new project...



one which they actually

seemed to hope...



might somehow free them

once and for all...



from any dependence

on physical instrumentalities.



A civilization

without instrumentalities?






Dr. Morbius,

everything here is new.



Not a sign of age or wear

on any of it.



Young man, these devices,

self-serviced, self-maintained...



have stood exactly as you see them

for      centuries.






And during all this time,

what was their power source?



That's a good question.



May I draw your attention

to these gauges...



all around here, gentlemen?



Their calibrations

appear to indicate...



that they are set

in decimal series...



each division recording

exactly ten times as many amperes...



as the one preceding it.



Ten times ten

times ten times ten...



times ten times ten,

on and on and on...



row after row,

gauge after gauge.



But there is no direct wiring

that I can discover.



However, when I

activate this machine...



it registers infinitesimally,

you see...



down there in the lower

left-hand corner.



And then...



when I activate

the educator here...



it registers a little more.



But this much is negligible.



The total potential here must be

nothing less than astronomical.



Nothing less.



The number ten

raised almost literally...



to the power of infinity.



Gentlemen, would you care to see

some more of the Krell wonders?



- Indeed, yes.

- Yes.



If you will,

step in this shuttle car.



How often the Krell technicians

have ridden in this little vehicle.



What now, Dr. Morbius?



Prepare your minds

for a new scale...



of physical scientific values,




Twenty miles.



Twenty miles.






Circuits opening and closing.



And they never rest. This is

one of their ventilator shafts.



You can feel the warm air rising.

Look down here.



Look down, gentlemen.

Are you afraid?






And     other shafts

like this one.



Yes, a single machine.



A cube    miles on each side.



For      centuries

it has waited patiently here...



tuning and lubricating itself,

replacing worn parts.



I have reason to believe

that    years ago...



a minor alteration was performed...



throughout the entire      cubic miles

of its own fabric.



But what's it all for?



Sometimes the gauges

register a little...



when the buck deer fight in the autumn

or when birds fly over in the spring...



and nearly a whole dial

became active...



when your ship first approached

from deep space.



I'll show you a section

of one of the power units.



These units are sunk

in the body of the planet...



fifty miles

right below our feet.



Now, be sure and look

only in the mirror.



Man does not behold

the face of the Gorgon and live.



     thermonuclear reactors

in tandem.



The harnessed power

of an exploding planetary system.



All hands, stand clear

of fence area.



All right, Quinn, turn it on.



- Have you tested it yet, Bosun?

- Right away, sir.



- There you are, sir.

- Very good.



Lieutenant? Having completed

my washing-up duties after chow...



I request the lieutenant's permission

to take a walk...



outside the perimeter, sir.



- There's nothing out there.

- But there is, sir.



I mean... well, I thought it might

brighten the boys' mess up a bit...



if I could find a few

wild radishes or something.



I don't know what you're lying about,

but you better get back...



before the skipper does,

or we'll both be skinned.



Yes, sir. Yes, sir.



Quinn, this is Farman.

Kill the power on the fence.



All right, put it back on.






as you requested.



Total:    gallons.



Genuine Kansas City bourbon!



It's smooth too.



Robby, I ain't never

gonna forget this.



Any time you're hard up

for lube oil, let me know.



What's up?

Somebody coming this way?



No, sir.

Nothing coming this way.



The fence is shorting!



Shall I shut down

the current, sir?



No. It's stopped now.



Check over the whole system

in the morning.



Aye, sir.



It's strange how that fence

just shorted out.



You're too arbitrary, Commander.



Perhaps I do not choose to be

dictated to in my own world.



Dr. Morbius, a scientific find

of this magnitude...



has got to be taken

under United Planet supervision.



No one man can be allowed

to monopolize it.



For the past two hours

I've been expecting you...



to make exactly

that asinine statement.



Just one moment, Commander.



For close on    years now

I've been constantly...



and I hope dispassionately,

considering this very problem...



and I have come

to the unalterable conclusion...



that man is unfit as yet

to receive such knowledge...



such almost limitless power.



Whereas Morbius, with his

artificially expanded intellect...



is now ideally suited to administer

this power for the whole human race.



Precisely, Doctor.



Such portions then

of the Krell science...



as I may, from time to time,

deem suitable and safe...



I shall dispense to Earth.



Other portions,

I shall withhold.



And in this, I shall be

answerable exclusively...



to my own conscience

and judgment.



Dr. Morbius, in the absence

of special instructions...



you leave me

in a very awkward position.



- Commander Adams.

- Speaking, Lieutenant.



Skipper, the chief's

been murdered.



Quinn? Murdered?



Yes, he was alone,

working on the monitor.



The rest of us were outside

on guard duty. l...



- How was it done?

- "Done"?



Skipper, his body is plastered

all over the communications room.



Leave everything as it is.

We're on our way.



It's started again.



Is that it?



I tried to make a plaster model

from the footprints we found.



   inches by   .



Why, it's fantastic.



Doc, I don't understand.



Whatever walks on this would be quite

an opponent for a man with a club...



but with our weapons,

Quinn could have...



No. This thing runs counter to

every known law of adaptive evolution.



What do you mean?



Notice this structure here.




of a four-footed animal.



Yet our visitor last night

left the tracks of a biped.



Primarily a ground animal too.



Yet this claw could only belong

to an arboreal creature...



like some impossible tree sloth.



Just doesn't fit into normal nature

anywhere in the galaxy.



This is a nightmare.



Is that what you made

out of that footprint?



I think it's fairly close.



Pardon me, Commander. Are you ready

to hold discipline on the cook, sir?



Yeah, let's have him.



I'm obliged to remind you that I gave

him permission to go out last night.



Did you give him permission

to get falling-down drunk?



Drunk, sir? Me, sir?



Ask Dr. Ostrow, sir.



Four pints of     proof bourbon

without a trace of hangover in it.



That ain't natural.



Besides, why did that Robert argue me

into drinking all that whiskey?



You were with the robot last night?



Yes, sir.



Him and me, we kind of got to

toasting each other's good health...



just for cordial interplanetary

relations, you understand.



Now, that's all the time?

Even while the chief was being killed?



Certainly, sir.



I hope you don't think I got

that stiff in five minutes.



All right. Dismissed.



I guess that kind of

washes the robot up.



Where does that leave us

for suspects?



Maybe it leaves us

with the same one.



Maybe we should drop over

to that Krell laboratory...



and get our IQs boosted

a couple of hundred percent.



Sir, burial detail is ready.



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



- Dismissed.

- Company, dismissed.



Fine technician.



Good shipmate.



That's a good epitaph

for any man.



Good day, Dr. Morbius.



I daresay neither of us

slept any last night.



That's a pretty close guess.



I warned you while your ship

was still in space.



I begged you not to land

on this planet.



Believe me, Commander,

that is only a foretaste.



The Belerephon pattern

is being woven again.



Remain here and the next attack

on your party...



will be more deadly and general.



How do you know that?



Know? l...



I seem to visualize it.



If you wish, call it...



a premonition.



What do you make of that, Skipper?



I'd say it sounded

like an ultimatum.



- Bosun.

- Aye, sir.



Bosun. I want a clear field

of fire in all directions.



- Aye, aye, sir.

- Randall?



How soon will radar

be operational?



- Operating right now, sir.

- Good. Keep on it yourself.



- Aye, aye, sir.

- The M.A. alert is completed?



- Aye, aye, sir.

- Fine.



Activate main batteries.



Alarm for test.






Check good.



Lieutenant, you got

your trouble squad in hand?



Yes, sir, but they're

a little trigger-happy.



They're sort of edgy

to see whatever's out there.



Oh, Jerry.



This may be a big deal coming up.



I'm sorry if I've leaned on you...



Stop knocking yourself out, Skipper.

She picked the right man.



- What is it, Randall?

- Radar just picked up something.



- Where away?

- At the head of the arroyo.



- Moving?

- This way. Slowly.



Automatic control.



Batteries, fire!



Batteries, hold fire.



Do you see anything out there?






Batteries, fire!



Batteries, cease fire.



- Randall.

- Dead on target, sir.






- Give me audio-com.

- Aye, aye, sir.






This may have been a ruse to divert us

from some other part of the perimeter.



Continue watching

on your own immediate fronts.



That is all.






It just stopped

at the foot of the pass.



Are you sure you've got

a real blip there?



Big as a house, and we were

on target with both bursts.



It's coming on again!



- Straight across?

- It shows here.



It's still coming!



Gray, Strong, set up

a cross fire on those rocks.






The blasted thing's invisible!



Jerry! Hold fire!












- Alta, where are you?

- Father!



What is it?

What's the matter?



I just had a terrible dream!



There was blood and fire

and thunder...



and something awful was moving

in the middle of it.



I could hear it roar and bellow.



Now, now. You know

a dream can't hurt you.



Not me. Not us.



The thing I saw was trying

to break in the camp.



It was gonna kill...



You'll take care of him for me,

won't you? You'll protect him.



My darling, I'm completely helpless

as long as he remains here so willfully.



Come now.



- Bosun.

- Yes, sir?



Get those graves dug.

Keep the men busy.



- The busier the better.

- Randall?



Give me audio-com.



Well, men, whatever it was,

our main battery stopped it.



You believe that?



No, it just went away

for some reason. It'll be back.



Doc, an invisible being...



that cannot be disintegrated

by atomic fission.



No, Skipper. That is

a scientific impossibility.



Hypnotic illusions

don't tear people apart.



That's true enough...



but any organism dense enough to

survive three billion electron volts...



would have to be made

of solid nuclear material.



It would sink of its own weight

to the center of this planet.



You saw it yourself standing there

in those neutron beams.



There's your answer.



It must have been renewing

its molecular structure...



from one microsecond

to the next.



- Bosun! I want the tractor.

- Ready, sir.



We pick up the girl and her father

whether they like it or not.



Section   A:



"Evacuate all civilians

from disaster areas."



You left out

two very important words.



"Where feasible."



If you remember

the Belerephon expedition...



their ship was vaporized

trying to lift off.



Which makes it a gilt-edged priority

that one of us...



gets into that Krell lab

and takes that brain boost.



- Bosun.

- Aye, sir?



I'm leaving you in command.

Get the ship operational.



Do your best to wait it out

for me and the doctor...



but the second that fence starts

to short again, lift off...



and report back to Earth base

on conditions in this sector.



Right, Skipper.



All right. Get everything

aboard ship. We're pullin' out!



No lights showing.



Look, Doc, in case

we make it into that lab...



I'll take the first go

at the IQ booster.



You hear me?



I hear you.



I am monitored to admit no one

at this hour.



That sounded final.



Maybe if we reasoned with him.



My beams are focused

on your blasters, gentlemen.



Hasn't he got a built-in rule

against wringing our necks for us?



That is true, sir.



Yet I am monitored

to admit no one.



- Let them in.

- This is your father's order.



- Get out of the way.

- Quiet.



Emergency cancellation Archimedes.



Why are you here?



We were attacked.



Three more men dead,

including Jerry Farman.



I don't know.

It was...



just some kind of big outline

in the disintegrator beams.



And you can't explain it?



Well, anyway, we fought it,

and we lost.



- I figure it'll be back.

- You must leave, now.



I'm not going without you.



But I can't possibly leave him alone.

I just can't.



- Then we'll take him.

- By force?



I can't agree to that either.



Can't you? You don't realize

what's loose on this planet!



But I'm immune,

like both my parents.



That's what he says.

Nothing could be immune to that thing...



Oh, darling, please go.



Oh, please.

If you love me, go.



Alta. Doc, will you talk

some sense to this girl?



I'm in over my head. Doc?






On the sofa, Robby.



So you took the brain boost, huh?



You oughta see my new mind.



Up there in lights.

Bigger than his now.



Easy, Doc.



Morbius was too close

to the problem.



The Krell had completed their project.



That big machine.



No instrumentalities.



True creation.



Doc, let's have it.



- But the Krell forgot one thing.

- Yes, what?



Monsters, John.



Monsters from the Id.



The Id? What's that?



Talk, Doc.






How romantic!



The fool!

The meddling idiot!



As though his ape's brain

could contain the secrets of the Krell.



Father, he's dead.



He was warned,

and now he's paid.



Let him be buried with the other victims

of human greed and folly.



Morbius, you wanted me

to make a choice.



Now you've chosen for me.



I'm ready to go with you, darling.



I will place him

in the tractor, sir.



Thank you.



She mustn't do this.

She must be prevented.



Morbius, what is the Id?



My daughter is planning a very foolish

action, and she'll be terribly punished.



- What is the Id?

- Id! Id! Id!



It's an obsolete term...



I'm afraid,

once used to describe...



the elementary basis

of the subconscious mind.



Monsters from the Id.



Monsters from the subconscious.



Of course.

That's what Doc meant.



The big machine...      cubic miles

of Klystron relays...



enough power for a whole population

of creative geniuses...



operated by remote control.



Morbius, operated by

the electromagnetic impulses...



of individual Krell brains.



To what purpose?



In return, that machine would

instantaneously project solid matter...



to any point on the planet, in any shape

or color they might imagine...



for any purpose, Morbius!



Creation by mere thought.



Why haven't I seen this all along?



Like you, the Krell forgot

one deadly danger...



their own subconscious hate

and lust for destruction.



The beast.

The mindless primitive.



Even the Krell must have

evolved from that beginning.



And so those mindless beasts

of the subconscious...



had access to a machine

that could never be shut down.



The secret devil

of every soul on the planet...



all set free at once

to loot and maim...



and take revenge and kill!



My poor Krell!



After a million years

of shining sanity...



they could hardly have understood

what power was destroying them.



Yes, young man.



All very convincing

but for one obvious fallacy.



The last Krell died

     centuries ago...



but today, as we all know...



there is still at large

on this planet a living monster.



Your mind refuses

to face a conclusion.



What do you mean?



What do you mean?



- Morbius!

- What?



Something is approaching

from the southwest.



It is now quite close.



- Could Robby be wrong?

- No, never.



There it comes.



I feel sorry for you,

young man.



Feel sorry for your

daughter, Morbius.



It's listening.



- Alta, go into my study.

- You still refuse to face the truth.



- What truth?

- Morbius, that thing out there.



- It's you.

- You're insane!



You have led it here where Alta

must see you torn to pieces!



You think she's immune?

She's joined herself to me!



- Yes, and whatever comes, forever.

- Say it's a lie.



Let it hear you!

Tell it you don't love this man!



Not even if I could.



Stop it, Robby!

Don't let it in! Kill it!



It's no use.



He knows it's your other self.



We're safe.



Why did you jumble

that combination?



Whatever you know in here,

your twin self in the tunnel knows too.



I'm not a monster, you...



We're all part monsters

in our subconscious!



- So we have laws and religion.

- Let me go!



You've got to listen.

We don't have much time.



Here's where your mind

was artificially enlarged.



Consciously it still lacked the power

to operate the great machine...



but your subconscious

had been made strong enough!



- I won't hear you!

- You've got to listen!



Twenty years ago, when your comrades

voted to return to Earth...



you sent your secret Id out

to murder them!



Not quite realizing it, of course,

except maybe in your dreams.



What man can remember

his own dreams?



At least when we approached from space,

you remembered enough to warn us off.



But when you thought we were a threat

to your little egomaniac empire...



your subconscious

sent its Id monster out again!



More deaths, Morbius.

More murder!



And now this too?

Harm my own daughter?



But now she's defying you, Morbius...



and even in you, the loving father,

there still exists...



the mindless primitive...



more enraged and more inflamed

with each new frustration.



So now you're whistling up

your monster again...



to punish her for her disloyalty

and disobedience!



And if you don't do something

about it soon...



it's going to be coming

right through that door.



Solid Krell metal,    inches thick.



Look at your gauges. Look!



That machine is going

to supply your monster...



with whatever amount of power

it requires to reach us.



Look now!




Soon it'll be white-hot.



Then it'll soften and melt.



Alta, say you don't believe this of me!

Tell me you don't!



Then it must be true.



Yes, I must be guilty!



Then help us, darling!



I've known you great and noble

like the Krell.



Guilty! Guilty!



My evil self is at that door,

and I have no power to stop it!



Stop! No further!

I deny you! I give you up!



Father. Oh, Father.






turn that disc.



The switch. Throw it.



In    hours...



you must be     million miles

out in space.



The Krell furnaces...



Chain reaction...



They cannot be reversed.




  .  million.

We're clear now.



Quite an astrogator.



A genuine privilege, Commander.



Activate main view-plate.



Aye, aye, Skipper.



That's Altair- 

the bright speck below the star.



Fifteen seconds.



Yes, Alta, your father,

my shipmates...



all the stored knowledge

of the Krell.



Five seconds, four...



three, two, one...



Alta, about a million years

from now the human race...



will have crawled up

to where the Krell stood...



in their great moment

of triumph and tragedy.



And your father's name

will shine again...



like a beacon in the galaxy.



It's true, it will remind us...



that we are, after all, not God.


Special help by SergeiK