The Forgotten Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Forgotten script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Julianne Moore.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Forgotten. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Forgotten Script






How much time did you spend at

the dresser compared to last week?




-How much less?



I don't know exactly.



You wanna make a guess,

roughly, for the week?



Oh, not even an hour a day.





            long has it been now,

since your loss?



You're hoping I guess again,

aren't you?



How long?



Fourteen months, six days.



I can tell you what time it was, down

to the hour and minute if you want.



I can't help it.



It's all right.

It's just a memory doing its job.




-Hey, what are you doing?



I'm just running out the door. I'm late

for my appointment with Munce.



Listen, I was thinking maybe

we could go out to dinner tonight.



I don't know. I think l'd

rather stay home. I'm sorry.



All right, well, that's fine.



I'll cook something fancy.



No, no, no.



It's too much for you.



No, I want to.



Jim, I want to, okay?



-Hey, Eliot.

-I miss you, sweetie.



-Where have you been?

-I know. I haven't called.



Don't be silly. I didn't mean it like that.

We haven't hung out in a while.



-Give me a call, we'll do something.

-I'd love to. Bye.



You need some help?



I parked my car here.

Right here, last night.



What kind of car is it?



Red Volvo.






I forget all the time.



Jim says I have a death grip

on the past.



How are you getting along?



Did you fight at all this week?



Jim doesn't fight. He negotiates.



Are you comfortable physically?

How's the sex?



How would you feel

if I asked you that question?



How's the sex with Mrs. Munce?



Would you answer?



Yes, but I'd have to

charge you more.



-What's wrong?

-l-- I had my coffee.



No, not today.



No, I just had some.



I offered, but you said no this time.



Last time, you had a cup.



Memory slips.



I didn't forget.

I can still taste the coffee.






You smell my coffee, and you

manufacture a memory, a taste.



That's all.



You do hang on hard.



Sometimes the mind...



...needs help in letting a thing go.



You expect me to let go of my son?



You think you amplify

some of these memories of Sam?



Add to them?






Why would l?



Hey. What's the occasion?



You going back to work.



-I think it's great.

-It's just a freelance edit job.



-Not even sure I wanna do it.

-I think you should do it.



It could be great for you.

What's the book?



Psychotic Women and the Men

Who Love Them.



No, I'm kidding.

It's a children's book.



Sorry. Sorry.



I'm sorry.



Let me get the nice glasses

your mother gave us. Okay?



-Speaking of psychotics.




What kind of a kids' book is it?



What have you done, Jim?




-What have you done?




-Why'd you change the picture?



-I didn't change anything.

-Think this helps? Taking him away?



-Calm down.

-I want the picture of the three of us.



What did you think, that l

wouldn't notice? I wouldn't care?



I come here hoping

to meet other swingers.



You're the first one.



We know each other. I'm Telly.



Remember? Telly Paretta.

Sam's mom?



We're all tired of condolences,

but I miss Lauren too.



Well, I'm....



I'm done for the night, so I gotta go.



You don't remember me.



-Sure. You want my swing?




Do you want to come home

with me?



-Just live over there.

-Good night, Ash.



You do know me.



That's why you won't

come home with me.






Please don't ask me to let go.






Mom, look.



Hurry up, Mom.



-There's your plane.

-Yeah, I know.






Jim Paretta, please.



Yeah, I'll take the voice mail.



I can't--



I can't believe what you did

with the book and....



And I was so good...



...with the photos and the lock.



You still....



Do you want to make me hate you?



Do you want to make me hate you?



Please, oh, please.



Please. Please.









I can't...


            with you anymore.



I don't wanna see you anymore.



-Telly, wait.

-The book....



The book, I can lose, but--



You erased our son.



You erased my boy.

You made it all blank.



-You took him away.

-Stop. They were always blank.



-What? What are you saying?

-You're healing. You're coming back.



-Dr. Munce is coming.

-Let me go! Let me go!



This is good.

God, Telly, this is real.



The tapes were always blank.



Do you know what he's telling me?






Is he psychotic?






My child.



My Sam.






There was never a Sam Paretta.



You never had a son.



-This is insane.

-I'm so sorry.



I wanted to help you slowly.



-Gently. But I never thought you--

-He erased the tapes.



He replaced the book.

How can you believe him?



Sam, he grew up. He was  .



Nine. I had nine years of memories.



Invented memories, Telly.

It happens.



People do this.

It's called paramnesia.



-You imagined a life--

-Everyone remembers Sam.







You had a miscarriage.



Your life was in danger.

The baby was premature.



-lt was stillborn. You almost died.

-Stop it.



Post-traumatic shock.

It affects everyone differently.



Some people actually invent

entire alternate lives...



...with imagined friends

and lovers and children.



Stop. Why are you doing this?

Why are you trying to take him away?



I made him up? I made him up?



This is so simple.

There are photographs.



People with your condition

look at a photo and see...



...what their mind tells them to see.

You used to see Sam.



-No. Sam took that picture.

-You're recovering.



There was a woman.

We asked her to take a picture...



...and that's the one that Jim took away.

We have a million photographs.



No. No, he took the real book away!






Telly, I was hoping we could do this

without hospitalizing you.



All right, all right.



No, there-- There....



There are....



There are photos that he didn't take.



I'll show you.



And we'll end this. We'll end this.






Let's just sit down.






Telly! Telly!



Where are you going?

Where are you--? Telly!



I need to see some newspapers.



Daily papers from     months ago.



You need to fill this out.



What papers do you need?



How could--?



How could it not be

in any of these?



You sure of the date?



What are you trying to find?



"Six Brooklyn Children Feared Dead

in Missing Plane."



How could it not--?



I have to go.



I have to go.







Telly. What are you doing

in the dark?



What's wrong?



I had a fight with Jim.



Oh, I'm sorry. Come inside.



We fought about Sam.



I'm sorry, about what?






Sam. Who's Sam, sweetie?



Eliot, he's my son.



Your son?



El, please.



You knew my son.

You babysat him a thousand times.



-I don't know what you're trying to say.

-You knew my son.



You talked to him,

you took him to a Mets game...


            bought him a hat.

He always wore that hat.



You're scaring me.

Tell me what's wrong.












Who the hell is it?



It's Telly Paretta. Ash, please.



Are you gonna go away?






Remember me?






Who am l?



You're in worse shape than I am.



What the hell are you doing?



I was here once before,

with my son.



-Do you remember?

-You an old fan, is that it?



Oh, yeah. That's--

That's right. You--



You were a hockey player.




Lauren was very proud of that.



-Well, tell Lauren I appreciate it.

-I don't follow hockey.



My son, Sam, was a baseball fan.



Oh, baseball.



It's a great game.



The only sport you can play

while taking a nap.



-You drinking?

-No, I just wanted to talk to you.



About what?



-Your daughter.

-I don't have a daughter.



Do you get drunk every night?



No. Sometimes I'm drunk by noon.



-What do you want?

-I had a son.



My son and your daughter

were friends...



...and I'd come here sometimes

to drop Sam off or pick Lauren up.



Can we talk about this after?



After what?



After I sleep.



Somebody else has a daughter,

you know.



Somebody else knows your son.



It's not me.



That's nice.



Did we get married?



It's not me.



It's you. It's Jim.



I don't know who else or what else.



I don't know anything.



I don't know why

it's not in the papers.



I don't know anything.



But it's not me. I'm not insane.



Go look in your office.

It used to be your daughter's room.



You let her draw on it.

These are her drawings.



-What did you do?

-She was showing Sam her room.



I was there. Her bed was here.



Her desk was here, with pictures

from magazines, collaged.



-You're out of your mind.

-This was her room.



Somebody lived here before me.

They papered over their kid's room.



-I'm calling the cops.

-We were there, at the awful funerals.



-You and me and your ex-wife.

-Get out!



You seemed much more

upset than your wife.



She was like my husband,

she held it in.



-But you and l--

-Listen, listen, listen!



We have never met at a funeral.

I do not know you.



Lauren and Sam were friends.

We put them on a plane together...


            go to camp, and we lost them.

They died over a year ago.



-Come on.

-You weren't drinking then.



-How do you know that?

-I met you.



You weren't like this.



It was about     months ago

you started drinking, wasn't it?



Wasn't it?



That's when Lauren died.



-I never had a kid.

-You remembered her before this.



Everybody remembered our children.

Something happened...


            the last weeks or days, I don't know,

but our children have been forgotten.



-That's it. Let's go. Come on!

-No, no! Say her name, and I'll go!



I say his name every day!



Just say it.



So you can hear it. Lauren.



Say it.






Now look around again.



She was here.



She lived here.



-I need a minute.

-Tell me if--



I need a minute.



-Do you want some coffee?

-No, thanks.



I know this is difficult.



How much do you remember?



I-- I called the police.



Look, you need some help.

I never had a kid.



You gotta get some help. I'm--



I'm real sorry.






One second, okay?



It's the best thing.



They say I dreamed it all.



Do you think I dreamed it?



We have to go.



Hi. Carl Dayton,

National Security Agency.



Telly Paretta? We're taking custody.



-Can I see some lD?

-Check with Captain Mills. He'll verify.



Hi, Dad.



Sorry, Dad.



Which one do you think

I should wear, Daddy?



Wait! Wait!



-Where is she?

-The feds have her.






-You gotta let her go.

-Mr. Correll, step back.



You don't understand.



Telly. Get off--



-I remember. I remember.

-Get off.



I remember.



-Get him off the car!

-I remember.



Get off me. She's right!



-Grab his hands!











-Y. Telly.



They told me there was

a complaint against her.



She trashed an apartment

and wouldn't leave.



-Who? Whose apartment?

-Mr. Ashley Correll. Do you know him?




-Ex-New York Ranger.



-Pretty good.

-What does he have to do--?



She was claiming her son

was missing and dead.



We never had a son.



Why would she say that?



My wife is delusional.

She needs help.



Where is she?



She was turned over

to federal agents.



And she fled custody.

Now, Mr. Paretta...



...why would the NSA

be interested in your wife?



You're asking me?

This is crazy.



They don't care about

anybody's apartment.



-And they don't trace missing children.

-There was never a child.



Do what they say, all right?



Okay. I love you.



I'm gonna miss you so much.







Have fun.



I love you, Mommy.







-See you.

-See you.



I was hoping you'd come here.



Me too.



I don't understand it.



I keep thinking I'm crazy, you know?



How could I forget her?



My little girl.






I can't do this.



You have to.



Because I can't do this alone.



Come on, we shouldn't

hang around here.



First, I thought it had to do

with the plane crash.



Remember when that flight

crashed over Long lsland...



...and everybody thought

it was friendly fire...



...some government cover-up?



-Yeah, I remember that.

-But then I thought...


            could the government

erase our memories?



It's just not possible. It's so--




-Please don't think...



-...I'm out of my mind.

-I don't anymore.



Do you ever feel like somebody--?



Something's watching you?



Like surveillance?



No, I mean that sometimes

people are...



...taken. We hear that.



-What are you talking about?




You're freaking me out.

I'm having a National Enquirer moment.



No, listen to me.

What do we know?



I had a son, you had a daughter,

they had lives...



...they died, and everyone besides us

believes they never existed.



What could do something like that?



No. There's gotta be

another explanation.



Who could erase our kids?

Every-- Every picture of them gone.



Every newspaper article gone.

Every memory gone.



No agents. No government.

Who could do that?



I don't know.



We need to find a hotel.

You got any cash?



No, not much.

I have some credit cards.



Forget it. Clerk runs your card,

and they got us.



Don't you watch TV?



I read.



Goddamn snob.



No. Goddamn editor.

Why are you so pissed at me?



-You okay?




My door.



-NSA! We need to talk to you!

-Just stay by the car!



Stay by the car!



This way!



-Where did they go?

-ln here!



In here!



Get down.



Goddamn it, we've lost them.



All right, search the fields.

We'll check the streets.



All right. Come on.



I got left side.



-Petalis, come in.

-Go for Petalis.



What do you see? Nothing there?



-Yeah, the field's clear.

-Okay, hook up with us.



Okay. I'm coming back to you.



What's your   ?




-Dr. Munce, it's Telly.



Telly. Where are you?

Are you all right?






I mean, I'm not hurt,

but there are people after us.



What? What do you mean?



I found someone else.



His daughter was on the same flight.

He didn't remember her.



But now he does.



How do you explain that?



How do you explain

the people chasing us?



Telly, this is a panic attack.

You just hold on, all right?



Now, tell me where you are,

I'll leave right away. You need help.



No, I need you to start believing me.



Found an all-night place.



Didn't have much.



You should eat something.



Just deciding whether I want

too much salt or too much sugar.






Wish you wouldn't do that.



Don't worry about it.



Think I'm just gonna go to bed.



-You held out.




You held out and I didn't.

I forgot her.



-How'd you do that?

-I don't know.



What's so important about us?

Or our kids?



I mean, the kids are dead.



Why try to erase our memories?



It's not like we're gonna

go look for them.









Ash. Wake up.



Come on.



Come on, wake up. Wake up.



Wake up, wake up.

Come on. Wake up.



Wake up.



Wake up!









Wake up.



-Listen to me.

-What the hell are you doing?



-You nutjob!

-Listen to me.



You didn't know it,

but you were right.



If the children were dead,

they would leave it.



If we all thought they were dead,

why would they erase them?



Why would they need

to make us forget them?



I think the children are alive.



That's why I can still feel him, why

I can't let go. The children are alive.



Don't you feel that

Lauren's alive out there?



I don't know, maybe.






Jim usually leaves the office

by    :   .



We need to get Jim alone.



-What's he like?

-We had our problems.



He loved Sam.



Make him say Sam's name.



Like you made me say "Lauren."



-Watch out!

-Get out of the way!



Behind you!



Get out of the way!



Oh, my God!



-ls he--? Did we--?

-I don't know.



I've seen him before.



Don't answer it.




-Hello, is this Telly Paretta?



-Who is this?

-Telly, this is Detective Anne Pope.



We didn't mean to hurt anybody.



The man in front of our car

wouldn't get out of the way.




-We're just trying to find our children.



-Hang up.

-Yes, I know.



-You know?

-I know about your case.



Hang up.



Is that Ashley Correll?



They took our kids.



They made us think

they died in a plane crash.



Anne. Look, I know this doesn't

make any sense...



...but my son, Sam Paretta,

and Ash's daughter, Lauren Correll...



...they were on the same plane.



Now, how could two people...



...remember two different children

if they never existed?






Hi. I....



I'm sorry, do I know you?



What's the matter? It's me.



I'm lost. Can you help me out here?



Oh, God, what did they do to you?



It's me. It's Telly.



I'm sorry. We know each other?



I know your wife.



Right. Got it. Not married.

Wrong Jim.



James William Paretta.



Who are you?



Do you know a Sam Paretta?



-No relation.

-Maybe it would help...



...if you said the name. Sam.



You lost me.



What about Jim?



It's them.



We gotta get out of here.

Out of the city, at least for tonight.



I know someplace far enough.




-He didn't even know me.



He forgot me.



Swear to God. They hit the guy,

he crashes into the pump. Look.



Swear to God. They hit the guy,

he crashes into the pump. Look.



Look at that. Then he gets right up.

I didn't just see it, I heard it. Bang.



This guy bounces off

the gas pump, gets right up.



There's no blood.



There's gotta be.



-Feds wanna talk to you.




Detective Pope.



Okay, wait right here, all right?



I'm Carl Dayton, NSA.



-So you're here to rent a car?




What are you doing

in my crime scene, Carl?



What's so national security

about this?



-I'm not at liberty to say.

-Liberty to say.



You guys need new material.



We've been on this case.



So any new information

that you get on Paretta or Correll...


            give me a call any time,

day or night.



You like this part, don't you?



The part where you get

to take away my case.



I'd rather be sailing.



I'm conducting

an investigation here.



And until I know differently,

Paretta and Correll...



...have been breaking only

the laws of New York.



I am the city of New York,

and I'm on it.



Your involvement wouldn't have to do

with the plane crash...



-...they claim killed their two children?




There are no children.



But there was a plane crash.






We know nothing about

a plane crash.



You don't know very much.



National security, huh?



Better buy better locks.



Put your eyes back

in your head, warden.



I'm not looking at you.



I had a wife.



Could feel a woman's eyes judging me

if I was in a coma.



Ash, please don't drink.



See, I told you

you were watching me.



You know what?



-I wish I didn't have to.

-Then don't. I'm sick of hearing it.



Sorry to interrupt your

feeling sorry for yourself.



Well, not all of us

can be heroes, lady.



You think I wouldn't drink that entire

bottle for a few seconds of peace?



You're in this. You don't get

to drink your way out.



What makes you so fucking special?



I let her go.



My little girl.



They took her away from me,

but I let her go.



What kind of father does that?



I need you to stay clear.



-I'm not doing this for you, you know.

-I know.



I'll never forget her again.



I know you won't.



You know everything, right?



I don't know how

to get my son back.



We'll figure something out.




-Dayton? He is NSA, but it's tagged.



He's got special clearance.

Some unit within the NSA.



-These people are down deep.

-Doing what?



I'd say God only knows,

but I don't think he's in the loop.



I gotta pick up my sister's kid.

Get some sleep.



Good night. I need you

to get that on my desk--



-Excuse me, Lieutenant Pope?

-No, I'm gone, in my car.



-I'm almost home.

-I'm Dr. Jack Munce.



Telly Paretta's my patient.



I'd like to help.

Telly's contacted me.



What can you tell me about Telly

that might help me find her?



I used to think that she was

purely delusional.



I'm not sure anymore.



So how is it that she and Mr. Correll

are having the same delusion...



...making up imaginary children

from the same plane crash?



Well, I don't-- I don't know Correll.



He could be saying anything

to be with her.



Well, if she calls again, call me.



I think it's important

that I'm there when you find her.



You'll be dealing with

a possible psychotic break.



You don't wanna do more damage.



-I'll call you, Dr. Munce.

-No, that's not what I mean.



It's.... It's my fault she's out there.






She was in my care.



She still trusts me,

or she wouldn't have called.



She'll call again, and when she does,

you'll know because I'll be with you.



You're gonna need me to find her.



Oh, shit.



"A. Petalis."



What's the A stand for?






-You don't have to do that.




Just stop it!






Al Petalis.



You don't want this kind of trouble,

so just drop it right now. Right now!



Tell him to stop, Miss Paretta,

before this goes any further. Tell him!



We just want our children.



There are no children.

Forget the children.



What did you say?

Did you say to forget the children?



-Who are you?

-Where are the children?



Why were they taken?

Why were the children taken?



If I swing this thing again,

I'm gonna break your kneecap.



I swear it.



Where are the children?



No! No, l--



It's not me, it's....



It's not us. We.... We....



We cooperate.



Cooperate with who?



With who?



Why do you cooperate with them?




-Who, yours?



Yours too.



You were right.



Where are they from? Who are they?

Why do they want the children?



Tell us the truth.



The truth.



The goddamn truth

won't fit in your brain.



It won't fit in anybody's brain.



Just tell us how to get

the children back.



I don't know. I don't know

anything about that.



All I know is that you were supposed

to forget like everybody else did.



This was not part of it.



Part of what?



Part of what?



Part of...



...this particular experiment.



-Go on.

-I can't.



-Yes, you can!

-No, I won't.



-Yes, you can! Yes, you--!

-No! No!



Do you have children?






Please tell me.



No one will know that you told us.






Just tell us...


            to get the children back.



No one will blame you.



I swear to you. I swear to you.



They're listening.



You okay?



-Why didn't they take us?

-I don't know.



Our best guess is a gas leak.



But nothing's burned.

There's no sign of fire.



There's no sign of blood.



Just this.



"Anne Pope, our children are alive.

We believe they were abducted.



We know we couldn't sound crazier

if we tried. Please help us."






That's an interesting word.



Most people say kidnapped.



-Troopers found this.

-Excuse us, Dr. Munce.



Witnesses only saw

Paretta and Correll...



...running from the cabin

after the explosion.



And there's no sign

of another body inside.



Where did this come from?



Brasher, how old's Cassidy?



She's   why?



What if I told you your daughter

never existed? That you made her up?



Why would you do that?



Yeah. Why?



QuestAir. The name of the airline,

the small airline.



It was QuestAir. Remember?



QuestAir. So....



So we're saying that

it never crashed at sea.



We're saying that they

somehow took the kids...



...and that the--

The plane and the pilot...



...that all of it,

all of it is part of them.






Oh, my God. Who are you?

What are you doing here?



Sorry, we didn't think there'd be

anyone here. I'm Claire.



I'm Mr. Shineer's assistant.

And you are?



Eileen, the accountant the court

appointed for the bankruptcy.



-Oh, of course. I'm so sorry.

-That's all right.



I was told that QuestAir employees

are not allowed here.



That's okay. Mr. Shineer needs

some items from his office.



Oh, no. I'm sorry.

Nothing is allowed to leave.



They're just personal letters.



Yes, well, if anything turns up,

I'd be happy to have them...



...sent to Mr. Shineer's home.



Gonna have to go by court procedure.



That's fine. The West Side address

isn't good anymore, though, the co-op.



Which one do you have?



Where would I have that?



Let's see what I've got here.



Okay, Robert Shineer.

I've got the one on Long lsland.



     Colony Way.



Nobody lives here.



Yeah, that's strange.



They didn't move out, they just left.



-Go ahead, you should sleep.

-What about you?



I'm finally awake.



-Hey, get in.

-Where are we going?



They've been lD'd. They scammed an

accountant for an address. Long lsland.













-Look. It's the guy from the car rental.

-I know.



We have to get to the airport,

the one the kids left from.



They're in the house with us.



Come on, let's go.



It's jammed.



-Meet me at my apartment.

-What are you doing?



One of us has gotta get out of here.

Go. Go on. Go!



Stay here.



Stay inside.



Freeze. Right there.

Hands on your head.



I want you on your knees. Now.



I will shoot.












-Are you Munce?

-Yes, what happened in there?



-Where's Telly?

-Telly left. We gotta get out of here.



-What about Pope?

-You wanna help Telly? Drive.






Come on.



Telly! Telly, wait.



Telly, I'm Anne. Anne Pope.



No, wait. Please listen.



I know. I know.



I believe you, Telly.

I believe you about everything.



I've seen it.

It's not human. Jesus Christ.



-And the children?

-Yes, everything.



We'll find them. I promise you that.

Do you hear me? We will find them.



We will find your son--












They took Anne Pope

right in front of me.



Munce is downstairs.



-He'll take us to that airport.

-Beautiful view.



What have you done with our kids?






-No, Telly. Stay back!



















Come with me.



-We have to go to the police.

-No, we have to go to the airport.



Please, Telly. We need help.



Get out.



No, I'll take you.



He's one of them.

You have my son. Where is he?



You know this is getting

out of control.



It's finished now, end it.



Make it right.



Where is my son?



It's not over.



You're one of those agents.



No, I'm just...


            of the few who knows.



So you help them?



They don't need help. They run their

experiments with or without our help.



They've been doing it for years.

Maybe forever.



And you just let them do

whatever they want.



Let them?



I don't have a choice.



We just try to minimize the damage.



I just want my son.



Telly, you'll never get Sam back.



You've held on, and they don't

know why. You're just a lab rat to them.



I don't believe that. He said

it's not over. I can still get him back.



You know them. Help me.



If you go any further,

I can't help you. I'm sorry.



Is my son in here?



You never doubted.



Not for a second, did you?



He's here.



He's now just a memory, Telly.



Can you picture him here?









Honey! Wait!









What have you done with him? Why

did you take him? What do you want?



It's an experiment.



He's just a little boy. What could

you possibly learn from him?






This wasn't about Sam.



This wasn't about the children.



It was never about the children.



We were the experiment.



Your connection, mother to child.



Like an invisible tissue.

We can even measure its energy.



But we don't fully understand it,

so I posed the question:



"Can it be dissolved?"

And it can.



Except for you.



Give me back my son...



...and I'll do whatever you want.



What I want, Telly,

is for you to forget your son.



-To forget Sam.




If you don't, this experiment will fail.



I'm accountable.



I can't let that happen.



And time is running out.



I won't help you.



There are worse things

than forgetting.



No, there aren't.



You need to forget.



You're different from the others.






It's better this way.



You won't be haunted

by his memory.



You could have a life again.



Now, I want you to go back

to that first day in the hospital.



To the first time you ever saw Sam.



I need that first memory.



Give me that first memory.



That boy. What was his name?



What boy?



I had life inside of me.



I had life.



I have a child.



I have a son.






...have a son.



His name is Sam,

you son of a bitch.



I need more time.









Sam! Sam!



Sam Paretta, do you know him?






Hey, Mom.



It's not time to go yet, is it?



Mom, I can't breathe.



I'm sorry. I just....



-I just wanted you to button up.

-Can I play till  :  ?







-Yeah,  :  's okay.

-Okay. Thanks.



See you.



See you.



Hi, Lauren.









I guess they....



-They don't want parents around.




You keep watching him.



It's hard not to.



They're okay.



I know.



I'm Telly. Sam's mom.



I'm Ash. I think we met before.

Special help by SergeiK