Four Friends Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Four Friends script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Arthur Penn movie with Craig Wasson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Four Friends. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Four Friends Script




My father left Yugoslavia

shortly after I was born.



We were introduced to each other...



for the first time in a train station

in Gary, Indiana...






It's Chicago, Indiana, America!






Hey, Prozor, is that your family?



Yes, my woman, my son, my family.



Welcome to the US of A!






That makes a total of    miles.



Have you ever been there?



Come on, Gergley!



I'll sock him.



It's a great way to get in shape.



- It develops your lungs like nothing else.

- A moving concert.



And if the audience wants to listen,

they have to keep up.



We'd have to face the audience,

so we'd have to run backwards, right?



That's a good point.



Come on, you guys.



Tom? Danny?



David, Tom, and Danilo

were the best of friends...



and they loved the same girl, Georgia.



She lived next door to me

on Aberdeen Lane.



And I loved to watch the boys come to call.



They always came together.



It kept me young, trying to guess

which one she would choose.



Wonderful kids, all four.



Good evening, boys.



- Hello, Mrs. Zoldos.

- Good evening, Mrs. Zoldos.



Is it time for

the Senior Class Concert already?



Yes, it is, Mrs. Zoldos.



Wait till you see the dress Georgia made

for the occasion.



It's so lovely.

She was dancing out on the porch earlier.



Good evening, kiddos.



That is no way to behave at a concert,

Georgia Miles.



Swear to God, Mr. Lucas, when I hear music

something happens to me...



and I either have to move,

or scream my head off or something.



Something's in my blood, sir...



and I don't know what it is.

But I do know if I can't dance, I'd die.



Maybe you should see a doctor.



A doctor! These middle-class minds...



they don't know what passion is...



what ecstasy is,

what it's like to be possessed.



I'm gonna be a famous dancer.

I am, I just know it.



- She's gonna be a dancer.

- Listen to my heart.



It doesn't just beat, David. It keeps a beat.

Here, go ahead and listen. Come on.



Do you hear it?



Listen. Go ahead. Do you believe me?



I'm going home. I'll see you around.



I was born on the very day

and the very hour...



that Isadora Duncan died.



Her soul is inside of me.



If you don't believe me,

I never want to see you again...



any of you again. Never.



- But she died in     .

- So what?



It took her soul    years

to find somebody like me.



It's so beautiful!



It's standing and it seems to move.



- I told you I'd see you around.

- Style, that's what it is.



Without style you're dead ducks, kiddos.



Allow me to introduce myself:

Dead Duck Levine.



- I got to get glasses on Monday.

- So what?



- My dad wears glasses.

- So what?



I'm getting to be more and more like him.

And my hair is getting thinner...



my ass is getting fatter.

It's like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.



- Pretty soon, I'll be just like him.

- Not if you don't want to.



I don't want to. You think I want to? I don't!



- Ever hear of genes and chromosomes?

- They don't matter.



Jewish chromosomes matter.



He wants me to take over his business

when I get out of school.



- David, you don't wanna be a mortician.

- No, I don't wanna be a mortician.



You think I wanna be a mortician? I don't.



- Between chromosomes and traditions...

- You know what? We have to think, David.



- Please.

- Hypnosis.



Please. Short of conversion, I'll do anything.



- Let's give him a word.

- No, two words.



And whenever you feel

the evil influence of the middle class...



muddling your soul, just say these

two words and you'll be a free spirit again:



Isadora Duncan.



- Who's Isadora Duncan?

- "Who's Isadora Duncan?"



She was the greatest dancer who ever lived.



- And she was killed in just such a car.

- Actually, it was a Bugatti.



You and your facts.



I can't understand how you can write poems

to me and still cling to facts.






Recite it for them, Danilo.



Come on, Danny.



"I love you

like the Pilgrim loves the Holy Land



"Like the wayfarer loves his wayward ways



"Like the immigrant that I am loves America



"And the blind man

the memory of his sighted days"



Our Danilo will maybe

be a famous poet someday.



And I will definitely be a famous dancer.



And we're all gonna do wonderful things.



And if anyone disagrees, they can leave.



School's ending, kiddos...



and it's out into this world with us all.



We are poised and ready to fly.



Isadora Duncan!



So, no more school after this year.



- There is college.

- Not for you.



We are people who work.



- In America, you...

- I am in America. I work.



Your mother cleans floors. She works.



What country are you in? Tell me.



You make fun of my life

with your dreams of...



I'm tired and I have to go to work.

That is America.



Last night, I dreamed

I danced with Isadora Duncan.



Those things I saw while I danced...



Wild, wild things.



And I never did those steps before.



They were just coming to me

in the last second.



Just when I thought there was no place

to go, something would...



come to me and off I went!



And she went with me.



I think I could ravage all three of you.

I'm starved.



- Here's a tender young morsel.

- Get him, Isadora. Get him.



- Hey, play fair.

- Dora.



I think my glasses are broken.



- I got a new car!

- It's beautiful!



My dad bought me a new car.



It's got push buttons. It's got a radio.

The whole thing!



- Come on. Hit it!

- Listen to what's playing.






Turn up the radio.



- Where to?

- Let's find somewhere so beautiful...



we have to stop.



And if we can't find it, let's just keep going.



We can hardly do that.



Then why did you ask me, kiddo?



And what kind of funeral arrangements...



did you make with your father

to get this car, kiddo?



I made a decision.



My days as a virgin are drawing to a close.



And away we go.






Hi. Look at the moon, Danilo.



- It's nice.

- "Nice"? Puppy dogs are nice.



A moon like this is... beautiful.



"And I, like the tide, am moved by the moon



"moaning with desire"



I wrote that.



That's real nice. Beautiful.



I feel inspired.



I can't finish my poem

till I know what love is...



and I came here to find out.



Help me in.



No, we can't. My father's room

is right next to mine and he's asleep.



Let him sleep. We'll do it quietly.



It's a big step.



I love big steps, love them.



That word "love" keeps coming up.



No, Georgia. We can't do this.

We can't. Not now, not like this.



We're not even...



Not with you.






I felt like Christmas all the way here.



I was bringing you a gift

and you don't want it.



- Well, I...

- You'll be sorry, Danilo.



The moment's gone.



- No.

- Lower your shade more.






Since we are justifiably proud to be called

the Steel Capital of the Nation...



it gives me great pride to present

Mr. Jack Bellknap...



representing the steel companies

of America.



Thank you.

I don't think it's an exaggeration at all...



to begin by saying that

America was built by steel.



That is not an exaggeration, it's a lie.



America was not built!



It grew out of a dream. This is a school!



It's an institution of learning!

It is not an employment agency!



- Tell it to him!

- Fellow students...



don't be misled by those people.



We're not fodder for their mills.

We're seekers of destiny...



- with a spark of genius inside each of us!

- Get him out.



They've turned this temple of knowledge

into a den of thieves!



Hallelujah, brother Danilo!



...that free men might serve in bondage.



- Let us get quiet.

- Just forget him. He's a foreigner.



Sit down! Jack.



As I was saying...



the steel industry offers job opportunities

for all of us.



No more



Hit the road, Jack

and don't you come back no more



Girl, what you say?



Hit the road, Jack

and don't you come back no more, no more



Hit the road, Jack

and don't you come back no more



Let's get quiet.



Please! Not at table.



Bigmouth in school.



He thinks he's better.



He thinks he's better than I am.



You are not better.



You are nothing.



You make me humiliated.

Son who is a Communist.



They tell me at factory.



Fight back!



You coward.



Fight back!



You are like many of them I knew.



You want to hide from life...



but life will find you, you will see...



and step on you.



It will happen.



- Come on, Gergley, shoot the ball.

- Prozor, when's my turn to get Georgia?



- Gergley's an asshole.

- Everything's put away.



Get a load of Rudy.



Gergley hooks.



Let's go. Danny, come on. Play with us.



Out of my way, jibo.



- Don't call me that, Gergley.

- All right, nigger.



You don't scare nobody, fat ass.



Sharon, run!



Come on, Rudy. I got something for you.



I'm gonna get rid of you

and have a party with the girl, Rudy.



I'll kill you, honky. I'll kill all of y'all.



- I'll kill you, mother...

- Come on, Danny.



Where do you think you're going, Jew boy?



- Gergley, you son of a bitch!

- Get out of the way, Prozor.



Let's burn his ass.



Come here, Rudy.

I got something for you. Come on.



Hey, nigger, come here.






The Marcels with the Number   sound

in our town:



Blue Moon. Checking the time...



What's happening?



What the hell's happening?



Other arms reach out to me



Other eyes smile tenderly



Still in peaceful dreams I see



The road leads back to you



I say Georgia






Oh, Georgia



You can't just wait there all night, Danny.



- Tell her goodbye.

- I will.



Autumn came early that year.



At least, it did on Aberdeen Lane.



Georgia's house,

once so full of music and noise...



fell silent.



The whole street

seemed to be holding its breath...



or maybe it was just that I was.






The whole day through



All right, that's enough!



Enough? It's too much.



I used to like that song

till I heard it played every day for two years.



Here it is.



The moon, my friend, can save the Earth.



Wars will stop...



hostilities and suspicions cease

when we realize...



from out there, that the Earth

is nothing more than a dot...



a comma in the great poem of the universe.



And you accuse me

of being a sentimental cornball?



I'm a scientific cornball.



Come on, get over here.

Take a peek at the future.



It's beautiful, the future.



- Come on! Take a peek.

- All right, Louie. I'll take a look.



It better be good.






I can actually see the whole universe:



the galaxies...



and the stars, the planets.



And, yes, when stars collide,

it's out of loneliness.



They're out there orbiting in the void...



and they collide, as if to embrace.



God, I hope I'm alive

when we land on the moon.



Of course you'll be alive. Horny, but alive.



- In case I'm not...

- I don't want to listen to that stuff.



...let's make a promise to each other.



The minute that first man

lands the first foot on the moon...



at that very instant, you think of me.



And I, if such things are possible...



I will think of you.



Is that a deal?



You got it.



Wonderful. Gives me something

to look forward to.



Elizabeth Barrett Browning

wrote many sonnets.



One of her most famous

is Sonnet Number   .



"How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways"



I'm sorry, but the first line of the sonnet

is not the question.






"I love thee with a passion put to use

In my old grief



"and with my childhood faith"



For    points,

complete the last four lines of the poem.



- "I love you"...

- You'll have to speak up, Mr. Prozor.



"I love you

like the Pilgrim loves the Holy Land



"Like the wayfarer loves his wayward ways



"Like the immigrant that I am loves America



"And the blind man

the memory of his sighted days"



That is not correct.






James Fenimore Cooper wrote

The Last of the Mohicans.



Thank you for letting me see your television.



My husband does not like television.



Mrs. Zoldos stipulated in her will

that I take care of the funeral arrangements.



So I did.



She was my first customer.



I was losing my old friends,

and I wasn't making any new ones.



I walked around

looking sad and miserable...



hoping that everybody would notice

what a tragic figure I was.



What am I doing?



- Throwing your stuff around.

- I'm hiding out, that's what I'm doing!



Hiding out after three years.



I can't believe I'm looking into grad schools

to continue doing it.



I must be insane!



I think you're just horny.



I'm serious, damn it.



Hormonal crises

can bring about intellectual despair.



Just think of having a girl here.



She starts undoing

the buttons on her blouse.



It falls. She slips out of her slip.



It falls. She stands there looking at me.



And I'm looking

at the tan she got that summer.



And then she takes off what's left on.



And I can see the secret white outline

of her summer vacation...



as she tiptoes through her fallen wardrobe

toward me.



I'm going crazy.



Danny boy, we need some snatch.



I need it. Help. Snatch!



It must be nice...



to make love to a girl.



But you know what? I'm kind of terrified

of dying without ever knowing what it's like.



What are you talking about?



Science is making all kinds of progress,

that's what you keep telling me.



- Are you lying to me?

- No.



But viruses are making progress, too.



Tell Daddy I'm cured!



Bye, Sis. Kiss Mom.



It was a nice weekend.



We should do it again.



- I could've taken the train.

- I'm telling you, it's nothing.



You didn't have to buy a car.



I'm rich, very rich. Palm Island rich.



My Daddy made it big in steel.



Blessed be the pig iron,

the slag, and the open hearth.



She's getting married.



At least she invited you.



- I hope she and Tom will be very happy.

- No, you don't, but I hope you do.



Quiz Bowl kid comes to kiss the bride?



- What happened?

- I got married.



No, the...



I scratched it. Very stylish, don't you think?



The minister couldn't take his eyes off it.



So did you come to kiss or sulk?



Louie. I'd like you to meet my good buddy,

Louie Carnahan.



Georgia, Tom.



- Hello, David.

- Hello, Louie. Thanks for coming.



Yes, I've heard about all of you.



- I hope that you and Tom will be very happy.

- I hope so, too.



- What about David and me?

- Yes, of course, it's just that...



the custom calls for the bride and groom...



I think I better shut up.






- She asked me and...

- I'm gonna have a baby.



- Congratulations.

- It's Tom's baby.



I better shut up again.



What the hell's going on?



- I didn't want to get married.

- I did. I love ceremonies.



I can't wait to have my baby.



Isadora Duncan had babies,

and it made her dance that much better.



- It did. It made her fly.

- What about me?



- That's what I'm gonna do, I'll fly.

- Why didn't you tell me?



- You had your chance.

- Well, so did you.



You had your chance, too.



You're gonna dance, huh?

You're not gonna dance!



You're not gonna do anything!



You'll spend the rest of your life

here in East Chicago, Isadora Duncan.



I wouldn't bet on it, kiddo!



You're developing a hateful streak,

Danilo Prozor.



It's not very stylish of you.



It's rather common. Vulgar, actually!






A song of you



- All right, that's enough.

- Too bad.



Now I'm hooked.



Comes as sweet and clear

As moonlight through the pines



Other arms reach out to me



Other eyes smile tenderly



Still in peaceful dreams I see



it'll be just like you

to get yourself killed in the war...



and so fool everybody one more time.



I'll be back. You can quote me on that.



Thanks for the lift.



Maybe we won't ever see each other again.



Then again, maybe we will.



- Goodbye.

- Bye.



And the rockets' red glare



The bombs bursting in air



Gave proof through the night



That our flag was still there



My friend, Danilo,

is a national anthem freak.



He goes to football games

so he can stand up...



and blend in the crowd of thousands

singing, "Oh, say can you see."



In all the time I've known him, I've never

heard him say "United States" once.



It was always "America."



Like he saw something when he said it.






We will now have a moment of silence

in memory of John F. Kennedy.



You're blocking the view,

God damn it! Move.



- Get out of the way.

- This is absurd.



What do you gotta come into a hospital for

in the first place?



They have good lights here,

and I wanted an audience.



I don't need any help, just applause.



Here it comes! It's coming!



- Hit it, David!

- Push.






Mother. Danilo.



It's all eroding.

But the way my daddy sees it...



the ocean is attacking his property

and he's fighting back.



What's his is his, come hell or high water.



- He seems like a very...

- Yes, he is.



She thinks we should get married.



If you do, I'd suggest you elope

and not tell anyone.






When nations start worrying

about their philosophies...



it's a sure sign they're on the decline.



The Huns, the Goths,

the Ostrogoths, the Vandals...



didn't worry about philosophies.



Cowards tinker with philosophies.



Would you fight, Mr. Prozor?



I see that you're sitting out this war,

but would you ever fight?



Fight for what?



For anything or anyone.



Or would you have a philosophy instead

to justify why you didn't?



Now, this may sound inhospitable of me...



but what I'm basically trying to find out

is if somebody attacked you...



If I attacked you, would you fight back?



It seems to me

as if you're attacking me right now.



Yeah, and it seems to me

you're not fighting back.



It's cruel world, dear.

Nobody wants to fight you.



I want to marry Adrienne.



It appears I spoke too soon.



So you want to take my daughter from me.



I believe the tradition is you give her away.



Mr. Prozor, you are looking at a man who

gives nothing away that he wants to keep.



This proposal falls under that heading.



I hope you change your mind.



I believe a change

would do you a lot of good.



Is something puzzling you?



I'm just sizing up the situation,

Mr. Carnahan. You don't like me...



and I guess I don't like you.



I guess, for Adrienne's sake,

we'd better get to know each other better...



before you try to plunge headlong

into my family.



With a year of school left,

we should be able to do just that.






Would you excuse me, please?



Don't I always, dear?






What a wonderful Christmas present.



My son is going to marry

a rich man's daughter.



He's going to skip steps,

to skip the factories and the sweat...



to go to the top.



Your son is asking for your blessing...



- and your permission to marry.

- You are like hell asking.



You make plans, and you come here

with your plans and your packages...



and try to pretend

that you are a loving son...



and I am a loving father.



That is not how it is.



Give me your blessing, Father. Please.



Rich don't need blessing.






I will come to your wedding. That is all.



Don't worry about him. He loves the snow.



It's not like Tom to write, so he wrote.



And you know what?

He wrote me in Vietnamese.



I mean, I think it's Vietnamese.

It's not English.



I told my dad it looked like Hebrew,

but he didn't think that was very funny.



You mean, Georgia just took off?



Yeah, but I'm used to it.

She'll be back. You know Georgia.



I hope so.



It's really something being married to her.



I told you he loves the snow.

Georgia says he's going to be a dancer.



Did I tell you what his name was?



I knew there was something

I had to tell you.



Isador Duncan Levine.



With a name like that,

he better do something.



It's snowing like hell.



Where's your roommate?

Hi. It's all over you.



- Danilo's not here.

- He's not?



He went to East Chicago.



So we just missed each other.



I'm leaving for New York.



You have a fever.



- I'm freezing.

- Here, cover up.






Are these family pictures?



Oh, my. Look at Aunt Louise.



I don't know why you ever left home.



Good night, darling.



I brought you a Christmas present,

Louie Carnahan.



Shall I unwrap it?






What is it?



Even if it's a hallucination,

it's one of my best.



Georgia, Georgia



- Don't be mad at me.

- How could I be mad at you?



I don't know, but if you think of a reason,

try and forget it.



The whole day through



Just an old sweet song



Your father has arranged

to have a doctor on the plane with you.



- I'll see you in New York in June.

- For the wedding?



Yeah, for the wedding.



Hey, slow the bus down! Slow it down, man.



- Dan!

- Rudy!



- Hey, mister, what's happening?

- Where you going?



Mississippi this time.

From Rough Rider to freedom rider.



- Where you headed?

- New York.



Hey, man, you like to make speeches,

so come on.



Come on.



And not a moment too soon.



Here comes the groom



You're all well.



I'm made of iron. At least, my lungs are.



- The Yugoslav has arrived.

- With his trunk.



As I said I would.



Mom, stop it.



Big day tomorrow, Mr. Prozor.



Here they come!



We did it.



A toast to the newlyweds.



To my daughter, Adrienne Carnahan.



- I'm not losing a daughter.

- No!



No, I'm not losing a daughter.



In effect, what I'm saying is

that I refuse to lose a daughter.






Here are the lineups.

At second base, Number   ...



- I don't know what to tell you.

- I'm sorry.






I just came back to pick up my trunk

and say goodbye to Louie.



Louie died September   .



I buried him yesterday.



It's a very confusing time for me.



The wedding presents are still wrapped

with cards on them.



The same people who sent them

sent condolences.



They're all in the same room,

one on top of the other.









I always knew it was just a matter of time...



but the time was unexpected.



The excess of all this is a little staggering.



For    years, I've been a wife...



and for over    I've been a mother.



Now those words are taken away from me.



I'm now...



a woman.



I don't know what to do with that word.



    West   th Street, please.



Let's go.



Wait for me. I want to go, too.



Kiddo, you look terrible.



I wake up in the morning loving you.



I get through the day loving you.



I go to sleep loving you.



It's been that way for so long.



It won't stop.



And I don't know what to do

with all this love.



I don't.



I thought maybe you might want some of it.



Oh, kiddo...



I have...



all these dreams.



I have my life...



and it's going somewhere.



And I got to see where.



I don't think we could, you know?



- Not now.

- Not now. No, I know.



I kind of thought as much. I just had to...



You don't know when you might...

Six months?



I don't know.



A year? Two years?



Kid, I don't know.






You can't keep asking me that

if you're going to stay.



You're right.



And that's just what I would do if I stayed.






He's stealing my trunk!



Come back with my car!



You son of a bitch! Stop it.



Stop, you hear me?



Man, you want this car that bad?



You can have it, man.



Man, you're really into possessions,

you know that?



You're weird, man.

You know that, you're weird.



- You coming to watch television tonight?

- What's on?



Anything good, Vera?



Yeah, I'll be there. I just have to go wash up.



I'm gorgeous! Take me.



Hello, kiddo.



I just happened to call your parents...



and they just happened to know

where you were.



And it just happened

I was passing through Pennsylvania.



- You all right?

- Yeah.



No. I don't know.



I'm so tired of being young.



Everybody wants to be young.



They think... I don't know.



- Come here.

- I want you.






You want to eat, you don't want to eat?



- You're supposed to go to work, aren't you?

- I told you, I called in sick.



- Then you should see a doctor.

- I'm fine.



- Then you should go to work.

- What's the matter with you?



I have to go back to the city,

and I don't want any goodbyes and stuff.



I left baby Isador with some people,

I'm worried, and I have to get back.



We'll go back together and get him.



Don't you understand anything?

I have my car and I want to leave alone.



- Goodbye.

- You've got to be kidding.



- You come all this way to do this?

- I am not kidding!



- You are kidding!

- Like hell I am!



- Like hell you're not. You're kidding.

- Let go of me!



- I don't like you, you mind?

- You're damn right, I mind!



You're a rotten lover.



And you're great? I've got news for you.



I never had it so bad. Never!



Fuck you!



I know why you came back.

You wanted to get me going again.



It's not going to work. I've had it with you.



You're weird! She's weird.



- He's crazy.

- Yeah, I'm crazy.



I wouldn't let him live

in your neighborhood, he's sick.



I'm sick? You want to know who's sick?

She thinks she's Isadora Duncan.



You see this skirt here?



She thinks that's wonderful. She thinks...



You're weird, you know that?

Everything about you is weird.



She says you look very handsome

without your beard.



I'm leaving.



I know.



She says it's like harvest time

in the old country.



- It's an old, old song.

- I know.



It's very beautiful.



It's ridiculous.



- Close the door.

- Staying in a motel.



What are you doing back in East Chicago?



I've got a place.



- Prozor, I'm talking to you.

- David's got a place.



What's with Gergley?



I thought you were shot

or killed or something.



- Why don't you get lost Gergley?

- I thought you was wasted-like.



That's a hell of a lot of thinking

you've been doing.



We didn't think you had it in you.






I mean, all this time

we thought he was a dumbass...



and it turns out that he's a smart-ass.






You know what you are?



Gergley, we don't need you here.



You're just a funny-looking Jew boy,

that's what you are.



Tell me, which one of you guys

is fucking Georgia this year?



Gergley, surely you must realize...



that I'll have to do some kind of damage

to you for that remark.



- No. This one's on me.

- Oh, no!






Before we fight...



I'd like to make a speech

in honor of my upcoming citizenship.






- End of speech.

- Nice speech.



Let's get out of here.



I'll kill you.



Get up, Danny. Hit him!



Cut it out.



- Come on, Danny, that's enough.

- Let's go. Come on, let's go home.



- Where's your daddy?

- There.



There seems to be no difficulty

in moving around...



as we suspected,

and walking is also very comfortable.



Since when...



They did it.



About two to three,

or maybe four easy paces can bring you...



to a really smooth stop.



Can you hear me, friend?



So-called kangaroo hops.



I promised something to a friend of mine.



Well, well.



I woke up last week...



and there it was.



There it still is.



Everybody thinks it's dyed.



- Come back to stay?

- No.



Not a chance.



- You?

- No.



I may have a job teaching.

Bessie Tift College.



Teaching what?



What else does

a Yugoslavian teach? English.



So, where is this college?



It's far away. That way,

I won't wait for you to show up again.



That way, I won't be tempted

to show up again myself.



If you're near and not close enough,

I'd prefer that we were far from each other.



- That's a good idea!

- No, it's not. It's a lousy idea.



But it's the best one I got.



I don't love Tom.



I saw David.



I don't love him, either.



I wanted to love all three of you...



but I can't.



It's just you. Shit.



Just you. Oh, Christ, it's you.






- Me?

- You.



It's not funny.



You want to know the truth?



I wish I had two lives to live.

I wouldn't mind spending one without you.



Man, you're not the only one.



- We know we're not making peace, are we?

- Peace?






Why does everything take so long?



He think Yugoslavia

is same like when he was young boy.



I tell him it's all different,

but he is stubborn.



Young girls all thought

he was so handsome.



Now he is old.



He will find out, I bet you.



And you?



What do you do now?



What do you want?



I sure would like

to see you happy just once.



You are a very strange person, Son.



Not really. I think most kids

want to see their parents happy.



But I don't think

that's going to happen anymore.



We're both getting older,

and we're both disappointed in each other.



Are we just going to keep this up?



What is it you are suggesting?



I don't know.



I've never even seen you smile.



When you were born, I smiled.



I guess I wasn't paying attention.

That slipped by me.



When you were born...



I took off my hat

and I beat on the table with it.



And I'm almost sure...



I was smiling.



That looks good on you, Papa.



Papa. Goodbye, Papa.



Let me kiss your hand, Papa.



You have funny look in your eye.



I know such look. Is my side family.



Men of my family, they make dream...



they tell good story. I tell you that...



you do something good

so I can brag in old country...



about my son, the American!






Okay, Mama.



There was always a man in the moon.

Now there's a man on the moon.



Two men.



They'll come down...



and the old man is gonna stay up there.



Are you sure you left everything in there,

Citizen Prozor?



- I said I did.

- I bet...



you squirreled away some stuff somewhere.



I bet he did.



Just this.



He saves everything.



Just think, someday we might look back

at all this...



and not remember a thing.



I just love you all so much.



Now what?



I never cried till I met him.

He says he wants to have three kids.



Two boys and a girl.



- You know what he wants to name them?

- All right.



You're all going to be godparents,

God damn it.



And in that way, if you don't come

and visit, then you'll feel guilty.



As soon as we leave Bessie Tift College,

we'll stop by...



on our way to somewhere.



Leave? We're not even there yet.



I hope you don't think

I'm going to stay down South forever.



Hell's bells, honey, it's a big country.



This move's yours, the next one's mine.



You know what we've never done?



- A lot of things.

- You got it, kiddo.



Here we go!



Special help by SergeiK