Frailty Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Frailty script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Frailty. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Frailty Script


            -What's that ambulance doing there? -I don't know. I'll check it out.

            -Evening, sir. -How's it going, Griff?

            I can't complain... and won't.

            Is that him?

            Yep. Might just be some crackpot but I figured I should call you anyway.

            Did he ask for me by name?

            Nope, asked for the agent in charge of

            the "God's Hand" case. Said he had some important info on it.

            -Didn't say what? -Nope. Said he'd only talk to you.

            You the agent in charge of the "God's Hand" case?

            That's right. Wesley Doyle.

            That a picture of you and your mother, huh?

            I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't take things off my desk.

            Sorry about that.

            Guess I've been in here a while.

            Already had a look at all your plaques and your citations.

            Didn't really care to have a look at those.

            What can I do for you, Mr...?


            My name's Fenton Meiks.

            Now listen, this may sound a little bit crazy but...

            I know who the "God's Hand" killer is.

            All right, I'll bite.


            You haven't even heard me out yet and already you doubt me.

            Why is that?

            Because in a case like this nobody just walks in the office

            and tells you who the killer is. It doesn't happen that way.

            -Sometimes truth defies reason. -Yeah?

            So who is it then?

            My brother.

            What makes you think that?

            I got a call from him...

            Iast night.


            -Hello? -Demons are taking over the world.


            I can't destroy them all.

            -I can't take it anymore! -Now, let's talk about this, Adam.

            But there's nothing to talk about!

            It's over... whatever happens,

            you have to take me to the rose garden. You promised, remember?

            -Now, that's just till... -Remember?

            You promised!


             That's where all this took place.

              It's about     miles west of here, just north of Abilene.

              Why did you go to Thurman?

              To bury Adam, in the rose garden.

              Why would you do that?

              I promised him I would. A long time ago.

              That's a pretty wild story, Mr. Meiks.

              I don't see what, if anything, this has got to do with my case.

              Adam is the "God's Hand" killer, Agent Doyle.

              He's the one you're looking for.

              Did he tell you that before he asked you to take him to Thurman?

              If that's the case, you left that part out.

              I haven't finished yet.

              -Oh, there's more? -A lot more.

              Excuse me a minute.

              Meat Sheriff's office.

              Can I talk to a sheriff, please? This is Agent Doyle of the FBl.

              He's not in right now. May I help you?

              Well, I've got a man here in my office, name of Fenton Meiks.

              Fenton Meiks? What's he doing there?

              -You know him? -He caused a ruckus here earlier.

              He stole an ambulance and his brother's body too.

              Did my story check out?

              Yeah, it did.

              So am I under arrest now?

              You damn sure should be.

              The sheriff's willing to forget it if you bring that ambulance back.

              Nobody wants to press any charges.

              -Well you gotta love small towns. -Why would you go to all that

              trouble just to walk in here and confess it to me?

              I'm here because I can't live with what I know anymore.

              What exactly do you know?

              That is your mother, isn't it?

              -Yeah, it is. -I knew it.

              You got the same eyes.

              Why don't we get back to your story?

              What makes you think

              that your brother's the "God's Hand" killer?

              I know it was him.

              How do you know?

              It started back in Thurman.

              It was near the summer of     .

              I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

              You're supposed to say, "Where?"

              I don't want to sing that dumb song.

              You don't have to sing. Just say 'Where?"

              All right. Where?

              Not now. I'll point to you when it's time.

              I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

              -Where? -Down in my heart.

              -Where? -Down in my heart.

              I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

              And if the devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack.

              -Ouch! -Sit on a tack.

              -Ouch! -Sit on a tack.

              And if the devil doesn't Iike it, he can sit on a tack today.

              -Who was that chick that threw up? -Katie Hagen. She's sure pretty.

              -lt was real messy though. -Oh, yeah.

              All over the floor! And when the principal fell...

              I got the joy, joy, joy, joy...

              We lived right behind the Thurman Public Rose Garden

              in the house where they used to keep the gardeners back in the fifties.

              Dad had gotten a good deal on it back when he and Mom got married.

              The unexpected incident that creates those dangerous moments.

              The ropes were suddenly off the alligator.

              Adam was   years younger than me.

              Our Mom died giving birth to him, so

              I basically took care of him ever since I can remember.

              Our Dad worked as a mechanic over in Jupiter.

              He usually got home around  .   and we'd all have dinner together.

              -Hey, kiddos. -Hey, Dad.

              Something sure smells good.

              -How was your day? -lt was all right.

              Let's eat.

              -Whoa, Tiger. Save some for us. -I sure love peas.

              You must. You better be careful, though. You might turn into one.

              -How did you do on that math test? -I barely passed.

              Well, I was never any good at math either.

              Shoot, I still can't do anything without a calculator.

              Yeah, but there's going to be another test next week.

              -And that one's going to be harder. -Hey, don't sound so glum.

              Tell you what, we'll sit down this weekend

              and we'll see if we can't figure out that junk together, okay?

              All right.

              Hey, Fenton. Can we go see "Meatballs" after school tomorrow?

              -We've already seen it. -I want to see it again.

              Nah, we're gonna go see "The Warriors."

              -Can't. It's rated R. -We'll sneak in.

              Teeth all brushed?

              You sure about that, Adam? All right.

              Breath test time.

              Dad! I did

              -brush them! -I'm just joking with you, egghead!

              Don't worry, Fenton. I know you're too big for a goodnight kiss.

              Sleep tight.

              Don't let those bedbugs bite.

              That's right. Love you guys.

              -Love you too, Dad. -Night, Dad.

              Night, Curtis.

              I wanna see "Meatballs" again.

              Fine, you can see "Meatballs"

              and I'll see "The Warriors."

              But I don't like to watch movies by myself.

              Too bad.


              All right. Just go to bed.

              That was our family. Just the three of us.

              All of Mom and Dad's relatives had died, so there was no-one but us.

              We didn't mind though.

              We didn't need anybody else.

              We were happy

              together. Until...

              -Fenton, wake up. -Dad?

              -I've got something to tell you. -What's wrong?

              It's okay.

              Adam, wake up and listen.

              I need you both to listen to me very carefully.

              Something's happened.

              He said he'd had a vision that night.

              A vision from God.

              An angel came to him

              and told him the truth of this world

              and revealed God's special purpose for our family.

              The end of the world is coming. It's near.

              The angel showed me.

              There are demons among us.

              The devil has released them for the final battle.

              It's being fought right now.

              But nobody knows it except us and others like us.

              -I'm scared, Dad. -There's nothing to be afraid of.

              We've been chosen by God. He will protect us. He's given us special

              jobs to do.

              We don't fear these demons, we destroy them.

              We pick them up one by one, and we pitch them out of this world.

              That's God's purpose for us.

              The angel called us "God's Hands."

              So we're like superheroes?

              That's right.

              We're a family of superheroes that are gonna help save the world.

              But, Dad, that doesn't make any sense.

              I know it sounds that way, son, but it's the truth.

              So what are our superpowers?


              we can see the demons while other people can't.

              The angel told me God would send us   weapons to destroy them with.

              Magical weapons?

              I imagine so.

              When do we get them?

              I don't know. The angel just said soon.

              That's all I was told, except we're not supposed to tell anybody.

              Absolutely no-one.

              If we do, we put them and ourselves in danger.


              Don't worry, it's okay. It's a lot to understand.

              I waited to tell you until I had a chance to figure it out myself.

              But the angel said I had to do it now.


              I didn't know what to say or how to feel.

              Do you understand what I told you? Judgment Day is here.

              It was too messed up to understand or even acknowledge.

              Soon we'll all be in Heaven. You, me, Adam. With Mommy.

              I didn't realize it at the moment, at least not consciously...

              She's waiting to see us in Heaven.

              but my happy and mostly secure world had just been flipped over.

              -And there were dark things there. -Judgment Day is here.

              Very dark things.

              We've been chosen by God.

              And my little boy's mind just couldn't take it.

              Adam! Fenton!

              Up and at 'em, boys!

              Morning, kiddo. Hey, come on,

              Iazybones. It's late. We overslept.

              Let's go. Snap to it and

              get dressed. I gotta get to work. Drop you guys off on the way.

              What's wrong with you?


              Hey, let me have a bite of that.

              None of us mentioned it. It was only a dream, a nightmare.

              Nothing that crazy could be real.

              Everything was okay, just like before.

              Have a good day at school, boys. And remember not to tell anyone.

              We won't, Dad. Bye.

              Okay, now. I want you all to copy down this sentence. We're gonna go

              through the structure. "The girl in

              the blue dress..."

              I refused to believe it.

              -"walked..." -That next week was a dream too.


              brown dog."

              Like when Dad started bringing home the "magical" weapons.

              He was on his way to work...

              when God called to him.

              Be careful.

              I still can't understand what these gloves are for though.

              Just a long, long dream.

              I want you to write this down at the top of your pages in big letters.

              Boys! Boys, look at this.

              We got them all.

              It won't be long now.

              The angel came again last night and told me

              that God will be sending us a list of the first   demons soon.

              It wasn't real. It couldn't be.

              I just had to wait it out.

              -Come over here a minute, Fenton. -I'm washing dishes.

              That can wait. Come here. I want to talk to you.

              I know you've had some trouble adjusting to everything.

              And I'm sorry.

              But God has willed this and we must obey God.

              Maybe you just dreamed it.

              I didn't dream it. I wouldn't make up something like that, son.


              Maybe you're not right in the head.

              It happened, Fenton. It's true.

              You'll see that soon.

              That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I got the first list.

              The angel came to him while he was at work.


              -these are people's names. -That's right.

              And they'll look like people too.

              But they're not.

              The angel said when I lay my hands on them

              I'll reveal them for what they truly are.

              That's what the gloves are for.

              I get them and bring them back here with the gloves on,

              and once they're back here, I take the gloves off and reveal them.

              You'll see. Then you'll believe.

              Does anyone know what this word means?

              Do you remember what this word means?

              The dream had finally ended. It was all real.

              And I had to Stop him.

              The obvious answer was to tell someone what he was planning.

              But I couldn't do that.

              I loved him even if he had gone crazy.

              Dad, look, I got a list too.

              Where did you get this, Adam?

              God gave it to me.

              Isn't Travis Shed that boy that was picking on you at school last week?

              He's a demon.

              Tell the truth, Adam.

              You made this list up yourself, didn't you?

              -No, God did. -Adam?

              Come on, right here.

              Now, listen to me, son.

              You can't make stuff like that up.

              We destroy demons.

              If we were to use your list, we'd be killing people.

              And we can never do that.

              Now, destroying demons is a good thing.

              Killing people is bad.

              You understand?

              I'm sorry, Dad.

              That's all right. It's okay.

              You just got to have a little patience. Don't worry.

              God will send you your own list when you're older.

              Okay. Go do some homework.

              The only thing left to do was to tell.

              That was easier said than done.

              Dad had promised to take us to the movies that night,

              but he didn 't come home from work.

              When's Dad coming home?

              I don't know.

              Think he's destroying a demon?

              -It's all make-believe, Adam. -No, it's not. It's true.

              Listen to me. None of that demon junk is real. Daddy just made it up.

              -No, he didn't. -He did too.

              Just like Santa Claus.

              You remember when you caught Dad putting our presents under the tree?

              It's just like that.


              have I ever lied to you?

              All right, look.

              Dad made up this whole thing. The names on his list are real people.

              Do you understand?

              -But why would he make it up? -I don't know.

              But I think we should leave.

              You mean... run away?

              Will you go with me? Only for

              -a little while. -I don't want to leave Dad.

              Neither do l.

              But we might have to.


              Dad's gonna kill somebody.

              Son, come over here.

              Come on, I need your help.


              Come on out here, Adam.

              Shine that light over here.

              Hey, Dad, who is that?

              That's a demon, son.

              Come on in here, boys. It's all right.

              Go on, don't be afraid.

              God came to him earlier that day and told him that the time had come.

              After work he drove down to Jacksonville,

              about    minutes or so southwest of Thurman.

              He said he'd never been there before but he had no problem finding it.

              God was leading him.

              -Cynthia Harbridge? -Yes?

              -Dad, don't. Please don't. -Fenton,

              if I could spare you this, I would.

              But we are God's servants and His will must be served.

              Don't be afraid, son.

              Is that true?

              Why would I make it up?

              Where's your father now?


              Sir, I was thinking about heading out.

              Unless you need me to stay.


              That's all right. You go ahead.

              Have a good night, sir.

              So he killed that woman right there in front of you?

              But not to his way of thinking.

              You see, to him he hadn't killed a woman, he'd destroyed a demon.

              He believed that when he laid his hands on her,

              it revealed her sins.

              Dad, don't! Please!

              No, Adam.

              Do it like this.

              It's gotta be done in a certain way.

              The angel was real specific.

              Why out here in the rose garden?

              God chose it.

              Just like He chose us, I suppose.

              Don't cry for her, Fenton.

              She wasn't human.

              Didn't you see when I touched her?

              I saw it, Dad.

              You killed her.

              I didn't kill her, son.

              I destroyed her. She was a demon.

              You know, I wasn't so sure I could do it myself.

              I mean, she looked like a woman to me too.

              But after I touched her,

              all I could see was the evil.

              And I had to do it.

              I'm sorry you didn't see it too.

              You will next time.

              You... you're gonna do it again?

              This is our job now, son.

              You've got to accept that.

              I won't let you.

              -We are doing God's work here. -I'll tell.

              If you do, someone will die.

              The angel was clear on that. Do you understand?

              Answer me, Fenton. Do you understand?

              So you didn't tell?

              No. I should have, but I was afraid.

              I mean, I loved my father, but I was terrified of him.

              So now you understand

              why I know my brother is the "God's Hand" killer?

              Have you got any physical proof?

              I read in the paper

              that only one of the bodies of the   victims had been found. Is it true?

              You read it in the papers, didn't you?

              It doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

              Well, in this case it does.

              See, the first victim was found mutilated

              with a note saying that God's Hand had taken him.

              All the rest, only notes were found. No bodies.

              How do you know they're dead?

              Oh, we don't for sure.

              But the first note said we wouldn't find any more bodies from then on.


              he wanted to keep them.

              I got a pretty good idea where the rest of them bodies are.

              The rose garden?

              Now why didn't you tell me that in the first place?

              Would you have believed me?

              Come on.


              What's this?

              Put them on.

              Or I'll put them on for you.

              Let's go.

              So tell me something.

              Why didn't you come see me sooner?

              You're gonna wanna get on    east up here.

              I can't imagine how you can keep something like that inside so long.

              I guess I avoided it

              because I wanted to.

              You never did tell me why it is you just keep one picture of your mother

              in your office.

              My mother was murdered a couple days after that picture was taken.

              Butchered by some whacked-out killer like your dad.

              Did they ever catch him?


              Is that why you took this job?

              You're pretty good at this. You ever think about becoming a cop?

              Well, you know, when I was a kid.

              Well, you got the instincts for it.

              A cop's gotta have good instincts.

              You know what mine are telling me now?

              You're hiding something from me.

              What is it you think I'm hiding?

              Why don't you just keep talking? Maybe I'll figure it out.

              You okay, Dad?

              I'm all right, son. Here I come.

              Dad, why did God let this happen to me?

              Don't blame God, Davy. It wasn't His fault.

              God let me do it.

              What God lets you do is decide for yourself what you will do.

              -You're not a puppet with strings. -#No.#

              So God doesn't make you do anything.

              He wants you to decide for yourself.

              After that night, nothing much happened.

              Dad didn 't mention it anymore. Neither did Adam.

              Once a full month had gone by, I'd completely convinced myself it was

              over and everything was gonna be all right.

              -Bye. -See you all later.

              Did you see "Dukes of Hazard" last night?

              Remember when Daisy Duke bent over?

              I like Boss Hogg. He's funny.

              Man, I'd do anything to really see her tits.

              -Ahhh... you said "tits." -Shut up, Adam.

              You wanna spend the night tonight? We can wrap Corey's house.

              -I'll have to ask Dad though. -My mom can ask if you want.

              -Sure. -I'll see you in a little bit.

              -Bye. -Hey, what's "Wrap" mean?

              Tell you later. Come on, I'll race you.

              Come on!

              No, I'm gonna go round on the road.

              -Dad? -ln here.

              Whose van is that out there?

              Ours. Ain't she a beauty?

              You friend's mom just called.

              I told her not tonight.

              We got some work to do in the morning.

              Dad told us that there were moments when people could just disappear

              without anyone knowing where they went or why.

              He said those were the moments when God's Hands could take you.

              According to Dad, nothing, not even a camera, could catch us.

              We were invisible

              when we were God's Hands.

              What do we do now, Dad?

              We' ll get him when he comes out just like I told you, remember?


              -I can't do this, Dad. -"Can't" never could do anything.

              -I can do it, Dad. -You sure can,


              -Well, what if someone sees us? -They won't.

              -It's broad daylight. -God will blind them for us.

              There he is, boys.

              -Come on, Fenton. -Dad, I can't.

              Yes, you can. Now move. Do what I tell you!

              Please, Trixie! Trixie, come on!

              Come, Trixie! Trixie, come on!

              What you doing, boy?

              My dog...

              she's under your car.

              Oh, well, let's see.

              Help me grab his legs.

              Help me grab his legs now! Come on!

              Edward March.

              You think that's an innocent man there,

              don't you? Well, it's not.

              You didn't think anyone

              knew about that, did you?

              -But God saw you. -Dad, don't! Please!


              And you can't escape God's wrath!

              Can't believe you still didn't see it.

              He was the murderer of little children, Fenton.



              He's the murderer.

              We gotta get out of here, Adam.

              -What do you mean? -Gotta run away.

              Told you we might have to.

              I don't wanna run away.

              -We have to. -Why?

              Listen to me, Adam.

              -Dad kills people. -No, he doesn't.

              -He's a demon slayer. -That's all lies, Adam.

              No, it's not. I see it when he touches them.

              No, you don't. Dad's brainwashed you. It's all a big lie.

              He's a murderer and you help him.

              No! We're just serving God's will. I'm telling Dad on you!

              Adam! Adam! Adam!

              Get up and get dressed.

              And don't wake your brother.

              Sit down.

              Your brother told me what you said last night.

              I want you to know I've never killed anything in my whole life.

              That's a lie and you know it.

              I did a lot of thinking and praying after you went to bed.

              I asked the angel to visit you.

              But instead he visited me.

              And he told me something... I don't want to believe.


              It doesn't matter.

              Because together you and l are gonna prove him wrong.

              You just don't have any faith.

              That's why you can't see the truth.

              But we're gonna change that.

              I want you to dig a hole right here.

              Need to be about    feet deep and

                 feet wide on both sides.

              The length and the width should form a perfect square.

              -What? -You heard me.


              Because I'm your father and you'll do what I tell you. Understand?

              -Do you? -Yes, sir.

              All right. I expect half that to be dug by the time I get home tonight.

              -Dad, I can't do that. -Pray!

              I started digging that goddamn hole, but I did not pray.

              I would not.

              I hated God, I despised Him.

              My hatred helped me dig, kept me going.

              Dad's or God's or whoever's plan it was, it would not work on me.

              I knew what Dad was doing was wrong,

              and nothing was gonna change that.


              Sorry I told on you.

              -You tell him about running away? -No.

              Will you go with me then?

              There's no reason to go.

              -He's a killer. -No, he's not.

              I've been praying for you. Have you been praying?

              Nope, and I'm not going to!

              -But Dad said... -I don't care what Dad said!

              He might be able to make me dig this hole but he can't make me pray.

              Just get out of here and leave me alone.

              I'll help you if you promise you won't tell Dad.

              -I don't want your help. -But there's another

              -shovel in the shed. -Get out of here!


              I wanted to run away... far away, but

              I still couldn't leave Adam, no matter how crazy Dad was turning.

              Besides, there was nowhere to go.

              -Finally gave up, huh, kiddo? -l' ll be there again in the morning.

              Come on, I didn't mean it like that.

              I don't want to fight with you, son.

              I'm not doing this to hurt you.

              Wish you could understand that.

              What's the matter with you?

              -Nothing. -Let me see your hands.

              -They're fine. -Let me see them.

              Didn't you wear gloves today?

              I didn't need them. I'm fine.


              Help ease the pain.

              I said I was fine.

              I know you're mad at me but that's no reason to cause yourself pain.

              I got an extra pair of work gloves in the shed.

              I want you to use these from now on.

              It won't do you any good now that you've wrecked your hands, but

              a couple of days and you'll be fine.

              I want you to know I'm proud of you.

              And I know God's proud of you too.

              Take some time off and let those blisters callous over.

              Then you can get back to it, all right?

              Well, good night then.

              Come on, tiger. Bedtime.

              Fenton gets to stay up. Please, Dad?

              Come on.

              Brush your teeth. I'll be in to say goodnight in a minute.

              I kept digging.

              My hands bled, but I wouldn't stop.

              I kept at it morning, noon and night for   days.

              And by the sixth day, that hole was as dark

              as my hatred for Dad's God.

              Well, you finished it all right.

              Betcha you didn't pray once the whole time, did you?


              We started the cellar after that.

              At least that's what Dad called it.

              But I knew better.

              We were building a dungeon down there.

              We basically built a big wooden box in the ground.

              Good, boys. Get it over there. Cover it good.

              Dad said it would hold.

              He Said God would see to it.

              Get back here and help me push!

              Come on. Keep it going!

              Push it! Go! Go! Keep it moving! Keep it moving!

              You boys did good. Especially you, Fenton.

              No. I just did as I was told.

              -Well, what do you think? -All right.

              The next night he brought home another demon.

              Get down there.

              It has to be done.

              It's God's will. Come on,

              do it like I showed you... the neck first, Fenton!

              Fenton, get back here!



              I half expected angels or God to come out of the night and stop me.

              But I had to do it.

              It had to end.

              -Hello? -     to any and all units

              in the vicinity of Garden.

              We have complaints of a     driving on the alternate side of the street.



              Take it easy, boys. Don't break my door down.

              Well, what's your problem?

              Craziest thing I've heard in a long time.

              -What are you doing? -Calling your dad.

              -You can't. -Yes, I can. You ought to be ashamed

              -making up stories like that. -But, it's true! I can show you!

              Come on.

              Let's go.

              -It's around back, under the shed. -That's enough of that now, boy.

              -I'll put an end to this. Come on. -No... he's around back.

              See what your dad's got to say about all this.

              What's the trouble, sheriff?

              Sorry to wake you, but your boy

              here seems to have a problem.

              Come on in.

              I was about to head over to Lake Thompson, to get a jump on the bass.

              And he comes running in with this wild story.

              -Yep. It's quite a tale all right. -It's the truth and you know it.

              It makes me mad to think that he

              told everyone down at your office too.

              You can set your mind at ease about that. I was the only one there.

              Course, I don't believe a word of it.

              What does get me, though, is why would he

              make up such a crazy story?

              I don't know why he made it up.

              Probably did it to get back at me for punishing him earlier.

              Did you tell him about that?

              He's lying. Just check the shed.

              I don't know what to do with him.

              Well, they hit puberty, seem to lose all respect for you.

              Me and my boys survived it. You will too.

              Just check the shed or the rose garden. I could show you where

              -they're buried. -Why don't you just quit all this?

              Please, I can show you.

              Maybe we ought to check the shed just to quiet him down.

              Well, if it has to be done, it has to be done.

              What do you think, kiddo?

              Does it have to be done?


              I figured we ought to have a storm cellar. Go on down and check it out.

              Just watch your step. I'm not much of a carpenter.

              I don't see a thing.

              He was here.

              You realize the trouble you could get into over a thing like this?

              They must have moved him because he was here.

              Adam. Adam's got him somewhere, I know it.

              -I think I've seen enough. -But...

              I could show you where the bodies are buried.

              Please! You gotta believe me!

              May God welcome you

              and keep you.

              I never killed a man before tonight.

              I've seen you kill plenty.

              Those were demons. That was a man.

              Why can't you see that?

              -You didn't have to kill him. -I had to protect our mission.

              There is no mission!

              That man is dead because of you.

              You see him? Look at him!

              He's dead because you have no faith.

              Do you understand what you made me do?

              -You made me commit murder! -I didn't make you do anything!

              You did! You're crazy!

              Shut up! You're scared!

              Dad, no! Dad, don't!

              I... I can't.

              It's all right, Dad.

              Don't cry.

              Wait a minute, Fenton.

              Go on inside, son. I'll be there in a minute to tuck you in.

              Go on, it's all right.


              Come into the shed.

              Come in and shut the door.

              Are you afraid?

              -Of what? -You.

              Only demons should fear me.

              And you're not a demon, are you?

              The angel said you were.

              But I can't believe that. I won't.

              You're my son.

              And I love you more than my own life.

              You know what's funny about all this, Fenton?

              I'm afraid of you.

              Go on.

              -But, Dad. -I don't want to do this, Fenton,

              but I have to.

              I had to kill a man tonight. I can't let that happen again.

              But, Dad, I promise I won't tell.

              I can't trust you. I wish I could.

              Now go on.

              But, Dad, I'm sorry.

              I'm sorry too but this has to be done. Now you get on down there

              or I'll put you down there myself.

              -But, Dad... -Go!


              No! No!

              Dad, please! Dad! Dad! No, please!

              -No! Please, Dad! -You'll stay till you see the truth.

              -Please, Dad, don't! Please, no! -Pray to God, Fenton.

              -Please, no! -Only He can help you now.

              Please, don't do this, Dad! No!

              Please! Please, it's me, Fenton, okay?

              Please don't do this.

              It's me. It's me, Fenton. I'm not a demon! Please!

              Please, please!

              Please, no! Please!

              Please, don't do this.

              No! No! No, please, Dad!



              Fenton, you all right?


              Adam, is that you?


              Adam, you gotta get me out of here.

              I can't.

              But I'm hungry and I gotta go to the bathroom.

              Dad won't let me feed you.

              I brought you some water though.

              He says you can have a cup a day.

              But I'll bring you more if I can.

              Look, Adam, he's gonna kill me. You gotta get me out of here.

              I can't.

              Put your mouth to the knothole right here.

              You ready?


              You want some more or you want me to save it

              for later? -More! More!

              -You've gotta get me out of here. -Dad says

              you'll probably be out of there by the end of the week.

              You just have to accept God's will.

              A week? I can't stay

              -in here that long. -I'll pray for you.


              Adam? Adam?

              The days came and went.

                I counted them by the light through the hatch door and Adam's visits.

                I only slept when I passed out from exhaustion.

                What about your dad?

                Didn't he ever come back to at least check on you?

                On the seventh day.

                Has God spoken to you yet?

                There is no God.

                I lost count of the days after that. It felt llke weeks.

                I finally went beyond fear into total insanity.

                I saw God.

                He had finally sent me a vision.

                It was then that I understood my destiny just like Dad said I would.

                Dad! Fenton's not answering!

                Fenton? Fenton?



                What? Come on, kiddo.

                Give me that water.

                Easy, boy.

                Easy. Easy.

                Here you go, kiddo.

                Here you go, buddy.


                I saw God!

                Just try to take a little sip.

                Slow down there. Don't want to eat too fast, you'll make yourself sick.

                So did God tell you about the demons?

                Sorry I ever doubted you.

                I'm sorry too, son.

                What did God look like?

                -Kind of hard to describe. -Was He big?


                Iet your brother eat in peace. He can't explain something

                -like that. -But I want to know.

                -Then maybe you should pray for it. -It's not fair.

                All I've ever seen are demons, and he gets to see God.

                That's right. But look at the price he paid.

                That's all behind us now.

                It's a new day. Isn't it, Fenton?

                So we gonna go get us a demon now?

                After a while. When Fenton's ready.

                A week later I was ready.

                My first demon was to be Brad White from DallaS.

                -There it is. -I see it.

                You' re sure you' re ready for this?

                Yes, sir.

                I bought these for you. You'll need them now that God has spoken to you.

                -All right, let's go. -I want to go too, Dad.

                Not this time, Adam. You stay here and keep your eyes peeled.

                Don't worry. Your time will come.

                Let's go.

                -Sorry to bother you but... -Yeah?

                My mom and l, we got a flat on our van.

                -Yeah. -Well, I was wondering if you had

                a tire iron. We went off and left ours at home.

                Hey, pal, what's with the gloves?

                Oh, to change the tire.

                -Don't want to get your hands dirty? -Yeah.

                Brad, who is it?

                Mind your business, you fucking bitch!

                Goddamn women.

                Yeah, I think I got one for you.

                -Out back. -Great.

                Back here.

                Let's see.

                Here it is.


                Grab his legs.

                Brad White?

                You know, Fenton,

                I've been waiting for this moment ever since all this started.

                I'm ready to fulfill my destiny.

                I'm proud of you, son.

                Fuck you!

                You fuck!

                Get your fucking hands away! Get the fuck off!

                Destroy him!


                Dad, no, no, no!


                I buried him in the rose garden.

                We went to the sheriff's

                office a week later and told them

                that Dad just didn't come home one day.

                They filed a missing persons but they didn't find anything.

                After a while they sent us to separate orphanages.


                nobody ever knew about any of this?


                Not until now.

                What about Adam? He didn't tell anybody?

                Mind if we just sit here? I don't much feel like talking anymore.

                Tell me more about that promise you made to your brother.

                It was later on that night.


                If you ever destroy me,

                promise me you'll bury me here.

                I promise to God I'll bury you here.

                I don't get it.

                He promised you that he'd bury you here?


                If he killed you.

                No, not killed. Destroyed.

                Don't make any sense.

                Yes, it does.

                If that man standing in front of you is Adam Meiks.

                So you killed all those people.

                No. No, I told you before, I've never killed anyone in my life.

                Fenton was the killer.

                Just stop the bullshit and tell me the truth.

                You'll understand soon.

                Just let me show you where I buried Fenton.

                Hold it.

                You take it real slow.

                That's it.

                This is the spot.

                There's too many graves here.

                There's only six victims.

                Fenton didn't bury his victims here.

                He kept them as trophies in his basement.

                This is where I put demons.

                You thought your brother was a demon?

                He was.

                That's why he couldn't see the truth.

                Dad knew it too. He just couldn't accept it.

                You see, God asked Dad to destroy his son,

                much like He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son lsaac.

                But Dad couldn't do it.

                And God didn't take pity on Dad like He did Abraham.

                So He handed down the duty to me.

                Fenton knew I'd come. That's why he left those notes to lure me in.

                I guess he figured when the killings made the news that I'd come for him.

                But I had to wait till God put him on my list.

                To come before that would have been murder.


                Jesus Christ, you really do believe all this stuff.

                I've always believed.

                That's all lies, Adam.

                No, it's not. I see it when he touches them.

                You're just crazy as hell.

                Fenton or Adam or whatever your damn name is.

                I don't really give a fuck.

                All I need to know right now

                is you're a murdering son of a bitch.

                And I got you.


                But that's not gonna bring your mother back, is it?

                She's dead

                and her killer got away, didn't he?

                Goddamn you. Dirty little son of a...

                How did you know?

                You were on my list.

                You didn't think anybody knew about that, did you?

                God knew. That's why he sent me.

                I'm an FBl agent.

                They'll come looking for me.

                No, they won't.

                They'll keep looking for Fenton.

                You're going to be his last victim.

                They've seen you.

                They'll know it was you.

                God will protect me.

                I can't talk right now, I can't. I'll get back to you.

                -Here. -Thank you.

                Are you sure neither one of you can remember what he looks like?

                Look, I told you it's just a blur.

                I can't understand it. I looked right at him. I shook his hand.

                Dave, we've got a problem. You've got to take a look at this.

                There he is.

                We got you now, buddy.

                -What is this? -All the tapes look like this.

                Goddamn it!

                -We're running the name he gave you. -It's got to be a fake name.

                Sounds fake. Fenton Meiks.

                Fenton Meiks, this is the FBl! We're coming in! Go! Go!


                -Anything? -No.

                All right, let's dust it.

                Oh, my God.

                There's no one here, sir.

                We found this in the basement.

                Is he down there too?

                Not him.

                     possible     ...

                Excuse me.

                Didn't hear you come in. How can I help you?

                I'm with the FBl. I need to speak to the sheriff. Is he in?

                Sure thing. Sheriff?

                -Would you like some coffee? -No, I'm fine, thanks.

                -Well, hey, Curtis. -Afternoon, Becky.



                I'm agent Griffin Hull of the FBl.

                I need to ask you some questions about your brother.


                Yes, sir.

                Why don't you come on around back?

                Well, I appreciate you coming by to tell me personally.

                I just wanted you to know before we go public.

                Well, listen, if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to call.

                I think we got it pretty well covered from here.

                But again, if you can think of anything, or if he contacts you...

                -Of course. -All right.

                You're a good man, Agent Hull.

                Everything okay, Adam?

                Everything's just fine, Becky.

                God's will has been served.

                Praise God.

Special help by SergeiK