Frankenstein Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Frankenstein script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Parker Posey, Vincent Perez, and Adam Goldberg movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Frankenstein. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Frankenstein Script





I won't... I won't forget

your kindness.



I lived there once.



A long time ago.






Police radio:

    North Avenue   .



Call again.



Donuts, Michael?

You kill me.




So I am a walking cliché.



Is that what I think it is?



Maple-glazed buttermilk.



You'll enjoy the regular glazed.



Oh, God!



Um, actually I'd enjoy it better

if you eased off the gas.



- What's the rush?

- They found number three.



How do you know

it's the same perp?



Sure looks like his signature.



Did he cut out a liver?



- Or a kidney?

- This time it was the heart.



Oh God!






Is anybody there?



Who the heck are you?



I'm here for Ben.



Ben's dead.



A mugging.



He got shot.






you missed him

by a week.



In the old days...



a face like yours was worth gold

in the freak shows.



You must be Deucalion.



I've had many names.



That's what Ben called you.



Said you were one

of his top draws.



They called me



"The Monster. "




Oh, great!




Unit    responding code  .



- Oh, jeez.

- Unit   responding code  .



Detective Harker.




You're up early.






we were in the area.

We got the call.



No, this is our case.



Last week's liver man

is this week's thief of hearts.



There's no connection, Sloane.



There will be.

Did you ID the victim yet?




Robert Vincent Allwyne.



Library's night security man.



Excuse me.




Unit    code   ...






They're saying the killer

had some skill.



He, uh...

cracked the breast plate,



extracting the uh...

heart with precision.



Then he travels

with tools, right?



Should be his Indian name.



I don't want to give Harker and Frye

any more ammo,



but uh,

Carson, the body is behind you.



Did you see the books?




it must have been a hell of a struggle.



No signs of a struggle.



Yeah? Tell that to the dude

without a heart.



The guard's gun

is still holstered.



And some of these books

are stacked pretty neatly.



Check this out.



The book was opened on this page

when the killing occurred.



So what,

the killer kicked back,



read a chapter or two

after he diced the guy out?



What is that, anyway?



"Auburn Psychology,"

a self-help book?




You found something?



Just enough

to make me sure I'm right.



What might that be?



Read it in our report, or are you still

"hooked on phonics?"







Who found the body?




Nancy Whistler.



She's um...



she's in the can.



Apparently she won't come out.



I'm Detective O'Conner.

Detective Sloane.



Are you all right?



Every time I think

I just can't puke again, I do.




I love this job.



You were the first

to enter the library this morning?



You're sure the place

was locked up?



I'm sure.

God, he was such a toad.



But he didn't deserve that.



Bobby Allwyne, the guard.



He was a creep.



But why would someone

take his heart?



I don't know.




Sexual gratification,














Bobby Allwyne.



Room    .



Did you call the super?

Get the keys?



I got my lock pick.




And how about a warrant?



You can't violate the rights

of a dead guy.



Yeah, I guess that's true.




Lacks a feminine touch.




Shabby Goth.



I'm fine.






I'm okay.



It looks like the victim's crazier

than the killer.



Uh, Carson.



You're gonna want

to take a little look at this.



Ben told me

one day you'd come.






He wanted you

to have this.







Do you know who he is,



this man Helios?



Do you know what I am?



I know what Ben

thought you were.



And do you know

why I've come?



To kill that man?



There are fingerprints

in some of these glasses.



Too much greenery.

Emphasize the blooms.



I didn't arrange the lilies, sir.



Mrs. Helios preferred

to do it herself.



You do them.



But don't say anything to my wife.

She'll learn.



You can't improve

on perfection.



That's sweet.



I like looking nice for you.



Then wash most of that off.



Let your natural beauty

shine through.



The guests won't look ridiculous.

Neither should you.



Diamonds would be

a better choice.



Your standards are...



so high.



That's why I made you...



my wife.




Yo, O'Conner?



I feel for you, O'Conner.



I do.



I'm your best friend.



I think it's karma that brought us

together, don't you, Harker?



Are you gonna make a report?



Wouldn't be doing my homework

if I didn't.



Too bad Allwyne



wasn't one of The Surgeon's victims,




Really, based on what?






the other two were abducted

from their homes, bound and gagged.



Allwyne was just laying there

like he wanted to be butchered.



Assisted suicide.



With a little twist.



I bet any day now,



we're gonna find some nutty Goth

with a bloody scalpel in his hand



and a heart in his back pocket.



No, I was a Goth in high school

and I take offense to that comment.



I'm just trying to be helpful.



The guy was suicidal.



This is not your case!



Come on!



Razor blades and black rooms.



- The guy had a death wish.

- You searched Allwyne's apartment?



Don't piggyback my case!



I'm just trying to cover your ass!



You mean my nice ass?



Biotechnology is a tool,

nothing more.



One man's tool

is another man's weapon.






A gun can save a life

or take one.



Depends on the man

who uses it.



And then the argument becomes,

which man gets the power?



The ability to manipulate

our genome.



That power should be in the hands



of those with vision.



A vision for the future.



And that's exactly

what disturbs me, Doctor.



The flowers are perfect.



Sorry, Victor.



- We'll discuss it later. Not now!

- Let me just...




So, father...



what do you make

of all this...



stem cell research,

this cloning?



I've been fortunate to be a guest

at this table for quite a while...



and I've learned over the years



that nobody really

wants to have dinner



with a disagreeable old priest.




I agree with Dr. Helios.



Whatever he says.




I stand corrected.







Damn thing!




You should get cable.




The mutilated body of a    year-old man



was discovered this morning

at the central library.



Police are investigating whether this

may be the third victim



of a serial killer known as

"The Surgeon. "



Two other recent murders

have been attributed to this killer.



His signature is the removal

of body parts and internal organs



with surgical precision, apparently.



Last night's slaying is similar

to other Surgeon murders,



though police are only providing

sketchy details.



I'm sorry, Victor.



It's not your fault.



I don't excite you.



Usually, yes.



Tonight, no.



I'm going to go

to the hospital.



I am in a creative mood.






I want to please you.



More than anything.



But sometimes I just don't know

what you want.






The M.E. Should be about done.



I want to hit the morgue tonight.






Hey, look.

Why don't we blow off the morgue?



Look, between the department

and your brother,



you don't sleep.



So which isn't important,

my job or my brother?



I just... I just think you should

take a break once in a while.



The Surgeon is not taking

a break.



Even psychotic killers

take the occasional nap.



You know, go see a movie.






Oh, really?



We'll be right there.



The M.E. Is done

with Allwyne's body.



He says he found something.

He says we have to see it to believe it.



Wait, my drink!






Something's happening to me.



Who is this?



I want an explanation.



Are you one of mine?




Please help me, I'm very scared.



I've begun to change.



What do you mean, change?



Something inside.

I can feel it, there's something there.



Come to me.



I'll give you



whatever guidance you need.



I've killed three men.



The third was one of yours.



You watch the news?




I need your assistance.



O'Conner: So Jack,

what do you have for us?



First I found a cavity.



Something had been removed.



I was thinking a cyst

or a tumor.



Then I find its own ascending aorta,



vena cava, epicardium.



Apparently in working order.



Jack, we've seen the body.

We know the heart was removed.









As in plural?



So Bobby Allwyne had some kind

of birth defect?



Not a defect.



This is different.



If anything, it gave him

increased circulation.



A resistance to thrombosis or angina.



There is more.

I borrowed a densitometer from County



and ran a bone mineral content.



He's got a calcium index

   times higher than normal.






His bones are like concrete.



He also has    percent more lymph nodes

than your average male,



an abnormally large spleen,



four extra molars,



a third frontal sinus,



and two organs...

I don't even know what they are.



Okay, Jacky.

I want you to do me a favor, pal.



Touch your nose

with your forefingers.



I haven't been drinking.



Let me get this straight, Jack.

Bobby Allwyne...



wasn't a freak of nature,



he was better than nature?



These anomalies are advances.









I should have a report for you

by tomorrow noon.



I just wanted

to give you some idea



of what

you stumbled onto.



Yeah, okay.






What the hell

have we stumbled onto?



There's some connection here,




Bobby Allwyne's psychology,

his body, the killer.



Okay, so what are you saying?



That the Surgeon somehow knew



that Allwyne was some kind

of Ripley's freak?



Just because it sounds crazy

doesn't mean it's not true.



Okay, um...



This is fun and stuff but,

now can we call it a night?



Yeah. Let me stop by

and see Anthony first.



Smells good.



- He ate his dinner.

- Oh, good.



- But I made carrots and peas.

- Aahh!



Never green and orange together,




He has so many rules,

how can I remember them all?






That's fit for King Arthur



and all the Knights of the Round Table,




Good work.



Still hungry, Anthony?



Want me to make you a sandwich?



You okay?



Are you afraid of something?



I wish you could tell me

what it is.



Why don't you just ask her?







for a drink or dinner.



I don't know

what you're talking about.



The thing is...



I'd probably miss kicking ass

and busting hunts together.



Maybe that's just the way

you two relate the best.



There's a depressing thought.



- We're going to be late.

- I figured as much.



Let me guess. We're going

back to Allwyne's apartment?



Let's just say I want to spend

some quality time there.



Get in touch

with your inner psychic?



Yeah, something like that.



I'll drop you off?

Good night, Vicky.




Can I get a to-go cup?



Give me that.






Hey, you know,

I think the nanny's kind of into me.



Oh, really?




You can just tell

she digs cops.




How do you sleep?



Do you dream?



Not often.



Sometimes I have a nightmare.






Perhaps that can be rectified

in the future.






one of my people is having

a serious crisis of the mind.



I don't know who he is.



- He's afraid to come to me.

- Perhaps not afraid.



Maybe he's ashamed.



Ashamed that he's failed you.



Search the city.



Spread the word

among my people.



Maybe they've seen

one of their kind behaving oddly.



If he runs, kill him.



Do you know...



how he can be killed?



I prefer to have him alive,



but at least I need his body...



to study.



Bring him to me

at the hands of mercy.



God bless you, Patrick.



That was a joke.






Go on,

move into the light.



You're Detective O'Conner?



How did you get in here?



I go where I want.



In     years

I've learned a lot about locks.



The man who lived here

was in despair.



I recognize this man.



So you're telling me

you knew Bobby Allwyne?



He's like me,

not made of God.



Yeah, right.



He wanted to kill himself,

but couldn't take his own life.



We're not designed to.



Are you telling me

you helped him?



I can help you.



I'd recognize his killer

as plain as day.



Spread your arms.

On your knees.



I bow to no one.



I wasn't asking!



Will you shoot me in the heart?



You'll need two bullets.



What are you doing?



Showing you the truth.



Your real enemy is not the killer,



it's his maker.



And mine too.



I was created

with bodies salvaged



from a prison graveyard.

One heart from a thief.



One from a crazed killer.



Hands from a strangler.



Eyes from an axe murderer.



My life force

from a thunder storm.



This is your home, not your office.

That matters, right?



Carson, it's  :   A.M.



- This is my home.

- I need someone to talk to.



Unofficially, off-duty.



I'm your friend first, you know that.

What happened?



Have you ever seen a ghost?



You thought he might be a suspect

in the Allwyne case?






What changed your mind?



Just a feeling, really.



And this man,

he did what?



I don't want to sound crazy,

especially to a police psychiatrist,



but for the first time in my life



I feel like I don't know

what I'm standing on.



Or what I'm supposed to think.



Just tell me what happened.



He took some bare wires.



It looked like

he was gonna electrocute himself.



Did he?



Not exactly.



But you thought



that he might hurt himself



or you?






That's it?






I think you were right

the first time.



Say this man is a suspect.



Say he is the Surgeon himself



and you have him at gun point.



The man you described,







You know,

like a ghost,



he's just suddenly there.



You think it was a trick.



How else

do you survive     volts?



What happened after the fireworks?



I lost track of him.



In other words,

he performed a little slight of hand.



He fooled you

and bought himself an escape route.



I saw what he wanted me to see.



Maybe what you

wanted to see too.



You know, we'd all like to know

there's an unknown.



A heaven,



a tooth fairy,



a reliable man.



Okay, partner. So, now do you

want to tell me why we're here?



Bobby Allwyne was in despair.



He wanted to die,

but he couldn't kill himself.



So you're buying

into Harker's theory?



Yeah, partly.



Allwyne kept hundreds of these,

all from different funerals.



What's that?



Death appealed to him

and to the killer.



Thinking he and the Surgeon

shared a similar psychology.



Based on what?



My inner psychic.



Funeral Director:

I felt sorry for him.



So many of his friends

were dying.



Then I realized he didn't even know

any of the deceased.



So what, he just gets his kicks

hanging around dead people?



He just seemed to get

some sort of solace being here.



- Did you speak to him?

- Just, "Good afternoon. "



"Sorry for your loss. "



I didn't let on that I knew

he had no business here.



He seemed harmless.



Very respectful.



Sometimes they were the only ones

here to send someone off.






He had a friend who'd come

with him sometimes.



Can you, uh...



- describe this friend?

- Sure. Um...



He was ordinary.



Average height.



Average weight.






And brown hair.

Maybe blond.



Good as a photo.



I've got a sharp eye for detail.



I see that.



It's a gift.












Okay, yeah.

No, I'll tell her.



That was Jack Rogers.

There was a fire at the morgue.



Allwyne's body?



Everything's gone.

Autopsy reports, photos.



Everything. They say it was electrical.

A short in a wire.



That's par for the course on this one.



Have you ever felt like you saw something

out of the corner of your eye,



and then when you looked

it was gone?



I want to know what that was.

I need to know what it was.



Carson, we're partners, okay?



If you don't tell me

what's going on inside your head,



- how can I cover your back?

- I want to tell you, Michael.



I just don't know what to tell you,

you know?



I don't want you to think

I'm crazy.



Too late.







how many times have I told you

to keep the door locked?



- What do you mean?

- The door was wide open.



I locked it after you left,

like I always do.



You know

he could wander off.




you okay?



- Did you go to the movies?

- No.



Honey, was somebody here?



Keep your hands

where I can see them!



What were you doing

in my house?



From what I've seen

of how you live,



I think I can trust you.



Your brother

is a heavy burden.



You carry him with grace.



You are not in my life!



I mean no harm to you

or to your brother.



Your enemy is Victor Helios.



You know the name.



Made his money in medicine

or something.



He made me.



You see things

you can't explain,



and you tell yourself

not to believe your eyes.



Yet in your heart

you want them to be true.



Victor Helios made me.



He made Bobby Allwyne

and the killer you're after.



Victor Helios is some kind

of Frankenstein?



Frankenstein is a fiction

based on fact.



Victor Helios is that fact.



And he's     years old?



As am I.



I was his first.



How he's still alive,

I do not understand.



He must be using his science

on himself.



And what about you?



Perhaps the lightning, something

even more powerful than my maker,



gave me this blessing.



This curse.



Tell me about the Surgeon.



You said

you understood his pain.



He was friends

with Bobby Allwyne.



They shared a death wish.



He wants you to catch him.



He wants you to end his pain.



I'm not the monster anymore.



I'm your best hope.



This is where you really live.




What are you doing here?



Is this where I was...






I don't remember.



It was my gift to you.



But I have nightmares about it.



It's all a nightmare.



You don't really mean that.



You had such high hopes for me.



Such vision.



I failed you.



You haven't failed.



You have yet to fulfill

your potential.












let me go.



I don't suppose there's any point

in asking you



why you dragged me out of bed

in the middle of the night?



I got a tip on the Surgeon.



Wha... What tip?



Frye's pulling third shift.



We need to ask a few questions.







We need your take

on the Allwyne murder.



I don't care.



- Ask Harker.

- We wanna ask you.



I'm going home.



Detective, unless you want to find yourself

in the middle



of an I.A. Investigation,

answer my question.



Are you threatening me?






The Allwyne murder,

what's your take on it?



I don't have a take on it.



The black rooms,

the razor blades,



what's your opinion?



What black rooms?



What razor blades?

What are you talking about?



This is...



difficult for me.



I'm a creator,

not a destroyer.






because of your sacrifice,



there will be a better future.



A new humanity.







Have sanitation pick her up.



She's in the main lab.



All right,

what was that about?



And try not to kill us both

before you tell me.



The Surgeon and Bobby Allwyne

share the same psychology, right?



- Okay.

- It's a death wish,



as well as an inability

to commit suicide.



An inability?



The Allwyne killing

wasn't a murder at all.



He asked his friend to kill him,

and now the Surgeon is asking us.



- Asking us what?

- To catch him, to kill him,



because he is incapable

of taking his own life.



What have you done with the real

Carson O'Conner?



It's sounds crazy,

but it makes sense.



Based on what?



I have a witness who understands

the way that they work.



You have a w...



What kind of informant understands

the inner workings



- of a nut case with two hearts?

- An informant with two hearts!



Okay, slow down.



- And I don't mean the car.

- There's no time!



I don't think the Surgeon will stop killing

until we catch him,



and I think I know who it is.



I like your singing.



It should be the blues.

Party sucked!



Harker: Oh, if only I could

be as happy as you.




That's cute.




Are you locked out?







Harker: Why don't you come in

and I'll call the manager.




What evidence have you got?



I mean, Carson, you know

I trust your gut.



But if you're telling me

that Harker is the Surgeon,



then you have got to have proof.



Harker told me about

the black rooms, the razor blades.



I thought that he and Frye

had been there together,



but they hadn't.

Harker had been there as a friend.



He was Allwyne's funeral buddy.



All right, now say I buy that.



It's your next theory

I'm having a little trouble with.



Prominent local citizen, Victor Helios,

creates life in a laboratory?



- It sounds crazy, but it makes sense!

- How does any of this make sense?



- What am I supposed to say, Carson?

- Say you'll help me.



I want to thank you, Jenna.



For helping me understand.




I've jumped off some cliffs before,



but this one's pretty damn high.

Okay, why the fire power?



Remember Allwyne's body?



Two hearts, bones like cement.



Hard to kill, hard to arrest.



Michael, it makes sense.

Harker has been dogging us



about the Surgeon investigation

because he's the killer.



Okay, look. That might explain

some of his behavior,



but it doesn't make him

some kind of Frankenstein.



Frankenstein is the doctor,

Harker is the monster.



Right, I'm sorry.



Maybe I am crazy,

but Harker is our suspect.



He's armed.

He's very dangerous.



We go in there,

we break this case.



Then we jump off that cliff.



Ladies first?











What happened? What's going on?



What the hell happened?



I don't know!



He was lying right here.




All right.



So, um...

you're sure he went off the roof?






And he, uh...



he hit the ground.



And he jumped up...



- and ran away.

- That's what happened.



And how are you gonna write this up

without landing in the psych ward?



I'm gonna lie.



Oh, that's a good call.



I should have seen this coming.



Don't beat yourself up.

None of us suspected him.



I'm responsible for officer evaluation

and counseling.



In fact, I had Harker in my office

less than a month ago.



I knew he was troubled.



Especially when he didn't show

for follow up.



No offense, Dr. Burke, but most cops

think mandatory counseling



- is a waste of time, anyway.

- Just because Harker didn't show



doesn't mean you should've suspected

he had hobbies.



- How's the victim?

- I'm going to go find that out.



This son of a bitch mostly

tore my thumbnail off.



Better than having

my guts cut out, right?



How long were you

Detective Harker's neighbor?



I moved in    months ago.



He was just a nice,

slightly older guy, across the hall.



Did you see a lot of him?



Once in a while he'd come over

for dinner,



or I'd go over to his place.



Son of a bitch could make

a mean lasagna, I'll give him that.



Did he have any other friends,

that he would talk about?



Sometimes I'd hear voices.



Like he had someone over,

talking into the night.




he was kind of alone.



I actually felt sorry for him.



Why did you feel sorry for him?



He used to say something

was missing in his life.



I told him, "Happiness is always

and option,



you just have to choose it. "



I told him he had to find his bliss.



I never thought his bliss would be

chopping people to pieces.



Police officer:

Okay, let me check my PDA here.



Look, if you're gonna rip me a new one,

don't bother.



I've done it already.



Apology accepted.



So you called Harker

after we spoke?



Told him we were asking

about the Allwyne case?






Any idea where he might be hiding?



Just goes to show how you can share

a squad car with a guy for years,



and not really get to know him.



I heard he made a mean lasagna.



Since this is your case,



let me show you what we found.



- What?

- Where Harker really lived.



According to the owner

this attic has been boarded up



since this place was converted.



Looks like Harker gained access



through the crawl space

above his apartment.



What did he use it for?




that's his "go nuts-room. "



Check this out.




Pick your poison.




I pick that one.



That's tasty.




I'm guessing liver.



That's a good guess.

Good guess.



That was...









I have a long way to go.



I'll arrange for training.



Your skills will improve



when you have proper guidance.



Ballet is about precision.



You need instruction.



What I enjoy

is following my instincts.



I don't think you brought me

into this world to be an automaton.



I brought you into this world...



to be my wife.



I thought so.



He lives here?



- This is where I found him.

- It's cozy.



Who the heck are you?







We're looking for someone.

A man with a scar and...



You mean Deucalion?



Just one name,

like Cher?



Do you know where he is?



Behind you.



Is he the one who failed?



Who let the killer escape?



That would be me.



I told you,

he wants you to catch him,



but his instinct is to survive.



We need to show you something.




I've wondered if prayer



might apply to us.



I've wondered if their God

might watch over and guide us



during times of crisis.



That's why I gave you sanctuary,

it was the right thing to do.






means nothing to him.



- Or to us.

- I don't believe that.



If we live by a moral code.

If we live the right way,



there's a chance that we might

gain in spirit,



we might join humanity!



You'll never have

what they have.



He's made sure of that.






I've defied him.



We've been denied the...






to reproduce.



He saved that for himself.



And I'm giving birth.



Take a look.



I'm giving birth to something.



That's not conception,

it's some kind of mutation.



It's an abomination.






I don't think you understand.



This belongs to me.

- Go to him.



- This is mine.



Go and see him.

He'll know what to do.



Stay here.



Stay here.

I'll take care of it.




Sir, good afternoon.



- Just good afternoon?

- No, of course not. Come...



Why haven't I heard from you?



Well, I have been searching.



Searching for your man

in crisis.



Did you find him?







As a student of faith...



do you believe that God

can be deceived?



No, of course not!



Your parishioners...



do you think they lie

to their God?



They mean to keep the promises

they make, but...



they are weak.



Because they're human!




One reason why you were born...



to replace them.



You shouldn't leave

your windows unlocked.



It's not safe.



Did you really believe

that God would protect you?



O'Conner: Do you think he turned

to religion as some kind of solace?



This was chosen

for another reason.



It held for him another meaning.



Oh, thank you.



You know, this place

was pretty well searched



Sacred Heart.



An ancient symbol



can mean many things.



What would it mean to Harker?



The power of passion.

Of love.




Resurrection. Hope.



He feels

something is missing in him.



He's trying to understand

what it is.



So he goes to the library,



he studies anatomy.



Compares himself to other people.



And what? Cuts them open

to get a better look?



I don't think these are random.

These are people he knew.




His victims are chosen carefully.



Specifically for their completeness.



The first one was a school teacher.

The second one was a lawyer.



You'll find Harker

was well-known to both.



Someone Harker knew?



Someone he thought was complete?



I know who the next victim is.






You don't want to answer.




you are very ill.



You need rest...



you need some sleep.



You don't have any idea

what I need.



- Yes I do.

- Why would you say that?



You're scared and confused.

It's time to stop.



I need what's inside of you.



You won't find what you're looking for

inside of me.



- No?

- No.



- I... I fear I...

- Sit down.



I may have injured myself.



Harker, sit.



- Okay.

- Okay.



All right.






killing me is not gonna

help you find



what you need within you.



You wanna bet?



I'm not lying to you.



- Stop, please!

- I don't need what's inside of you.



- It's not gonna do any good!

- All lies!



- I'm not!

- Liar!



I'm not lying!



I'm not lying!

I'm not!



Ah! I'm not lying!







He's there.










Take him out!



Carson! Take him out!

- Harker!






Are you a brother?






Then what the hell are you?



His first.



I had them search everywhere



and there is no sign of whatever

you think came out of Harker.



So, uh...



where's our special friend,




He seems to come and go

as he pleases.



I don't suppose he'd...



he'd like to give a statement?



You wouldn't believe it anyway.



You were here,



working all night?



Sometimes it's necessary.



There's much to do.



Well, the next time it becomes necessary,

call on me.



I can help.



There's a phone call for you.



I had it put through

to your private line.






This Detective,

Carson O'Conner...



Do we know who's helping her?




Rough day, or night, I should say?



You have no idea.



How's Anthony?




Ate his breakfast.



He's in his room.



Is someone in there with him?






Your brother sees deeply

into the true nature of things.



He's autistic.



Because he sees too much.



Yet, not enough to comprehend

what he sees.



Listen, uh...



Harker's body...



the evidence is gone.



He was cremated

about an hour ago...



before there could be

an autopsy.



They're calling it

a "clerical error. "



It's the hand of my maker.



He can't afford to have

his efforts exposed.



- So what do we do now?

- For     years,



he has been preparing,




I, too.



Victor Helios

will destroy mankind



and populate the world

with his people.



His... creations.



If you do not help me,



he will succeed.



Leave it to blind fate.



Heads: You fight beside me.



Tails: I fight alone.



Screw fate.


Special help by SergeiK