Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of sequel to the Keiko the whale movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home Script



            What's up, Uncle Randolph?

            What is it?


            There's three positions on a throttle. Straight up and down is neutral.

            All the way back is reverse.

            - All the way forward... - This way?

            - Forward. - No, this way.

            Yeah. Very funny.

            Once you're in gear, get going, or you're just gonna grind metal on metal.

            - You follow? - Yeah.

            - You're not paying attention. - Watch out.

            - What are you looking at? - Nothing.

            See you later.

            He's coming over to talk to us.

            Hey, Julie.

            Hi, Jesse. What's up?

            Me and my dad doing a little work.

            - Dwight. - How you doing, Glenn?

            - Very good. - Good.

            - Jesse's got some girlfriends, huh? - Several hundred.

            - What brings you by? - If it's okay, I'd like to talk with you.

            - Dwight. I didn't see you come in. - You were busy.

            Man, I'm starving. So you staying for dinner?

            - What? - Come and sit with us, honey.

            - Why? - Just come here.

            What's going on, you guys?


            ...Dwight has just told us that they found your mom in New York City.


            ...I'm afraid she's passed away.

            - She died? - I'm really sorry.

            - I should have tried to find her. - She didn't wanna be found.

            There's nothing you could have done.

            Your mom needs your help, because she left somebody behind.

            - You have a brother. - What?

            He's a half brother, actually. He's   years old.

            Don't touch me. Just leave me alone.

            I don't want a brother, I want my mom!

            Get out of here!

            How could she ditch me, and then have another kid?

            I don't know, Jess. I can't answer that one for you.

             I really thought if I was good...

              ...and I believed enough...

              ...she'd come back for me.

              She's not coming back, Jesse.

              I know.

              I know.

              It's the cold air. It gets in my eyes.

              Forget about that. It's okay.

              Your brother's gonna live with us for a couple weeks.

              Dwight and Annie got it worked out already.

              It's called "kinship care".


              You're his only living relative, so he's gonna stay with us...

              ...till Dwight finds a place for him.

              Yeah, or until Annie falls in love with him, never lets him leave.

              - Exactly. - This sucks.

              Yeah, it kind of does, I guess.

              It'll be all right. You'll see.

              You dropped something.

              - Thanks. - All right.

              I'll wait for you outside.

              - So, what about the vacation? - What about it?

              You still wanna take him along? A total stranger?

              We're gonna do everything we planned. We're gonna visit Randolph.

              Camp out. It'll be fun.

              - You really believe that? - I don't know.

              Ask me in a couple days.

              Now try and be nice to these people. Let me give you a hand with that.

              Be nice. I told you to be nice.

              - Glenn? - Yeah.


              - Hi, Dwight. - Hey.

              Come in. Come in.

              Glenn, Annie, I'd like for you to meet Elvis.

              Elvis, these are the Greenwoods.

              - Hi, Elvis. - Well, aren't you guys rich?


              - That's what Dwight said. - I never said that.

              I told you, I can only stay with people who are loaded.

              Then it's not much of an adjustment. It's easier for me.

              I'll go see what's keeping your brother.

              What's he look like?

              Different. Come find out for yourself.

              - I don't want to. - Jesse.

              Talk to him, you might learn a few things.

              Like what?

              Well, he spent the last eight years with your mother. You tell me.

              We'll see you downstairs.


              He'll be right down.

              Elvis, this is Jesse.



              Okay, we gotta hustle. The ferry leaves at   :  .

              - Elvis, do you have everything you need? - Yes.

              Did you use the bathroom? Okay. Honey, take this.

              Looks like everything's packed. Let's go.

              - Okay, we're all set. - Slide in and put on your seat belt.

              Let's go.

              Seat belt.

              Come on.

              Okay, we're out of here.

              - How did you get the name Elvis, Elvis? - My mom.

              - That's funny. That's how I got mine too. - Whatever.

              I'm going to be a big movie star.

              - Just like my dad. - Yeah, right.

              My dad, you know, Al Pacino.

              My friends call me the Godfather.

              Give me a break.

              Hey, the ocean. My mom loved the ocean.

              - She was born at sea, you know. - Well, that's interesting.

              On an aircraft carrier.

              No one's supposed to know that. It's classified.

              You come with a remote?

              Not that I know of.

              Isn't it beautiful?

              - What are you staring at? - What are you staring at?

              - Bunch of water. - Yeah, shows what you know.

              - Is there an amusement park? - No.

              - There's a whale-spotting station. - Where they paint spots on whales?


              Look, whales! Whales!

              Wow, look at that. Wow!

              Oh, my God.

              Hey, there's the sign for the campground.

              - Okay, here we go then. - Are we there yet?

              Oh, boy.

              - I'm putting the tent up over there. - All right.

              Can I get you anything? Cup of coffee maybe?

              Having fun?

              - Elvis, come here, away from Glenn. - Nice job.

              I need you to help me in here. Would you please sweep out the tent?



              Look at you.

              - You must've grown six inches. - Four and a half.

              - Since breakfast. - Glenn.

              - Annie. - Hi, Randolph.

              - Good to see you. - Good to see you.

              - This your brother? - Half.

              Hi, my name's Elvis. I'm half Apache.

              Pleased to meet you, Elvis. Apache? They're the sworn enemy of my people.

              Did I say Apache?

              - I meant Cherokee. - That's even worse.

              - Let's go. - Where?

              - Whale spotting. - See you later.

              Have fun.

              Where do you think you're going?

              - You want me to drive? - You know how?

              - No. Do you? - Very funny.

              Here. Got a couple of surprises for you. For you, from my village.

              My people believe your soul lives here.

              When you wear the necklace the orca is close to your spirit.

              Thanks, this is so cool.

              I missed you, Jesse.

              Me too.

              - Rick, Nadine. - Hi, Randolph.

              - I hope she's the second surprise. - I'll ignore that.

              - Aren't you gonna introduce me? - Nope. I'll teach you how to steer.

              Well, who is she?

              She's my orca spotter. Cast off that line, Nadine, we'll be on our way.


              Keep a look out.


              Give me a break. She's my goddaughter.

              What are you saying?

              She's like a daughter to me. I look out for her.


              Nadine, come on up here.

              What did you need, Randolph?

              Nadine, Jesse. Jesse, Nadine.

              - Hi. - Hi.

              - Nice to meet you. - Nadine, take over.

              Jesse, come with me. I want you to listen to something.

              - I gotta get by. - Yeah.


              Listen to this. I made this recording about a week ago.

              Randolph, it's Willy.

              I didn't want to tell you till we knew for sure.

              No orcas.

              - I'll take over, Nadine. - Okay.

              Maybe they're out at Turner's Point having lunch.

              Okay. Going down to get a better look.

              Hey, guys. J Pod.

              Wow, we gotta get closer!

              I count    maybe   .

              Right there! Do you see it, Randolph?

              Look at the size of that one.

              That's Catspaw, Willy's mother.

              Willy's mom.

              He found her.

              Over there. They're spy-hopping.

              That one's got a white patch on his dorsal.

              - Her dorsal. - Her dorsal?

              That's Luna, Willy's sister.

              The calf is Littlespot, Willy's brother.

              Yeah, I see him.

              - That's Willy! - I know.


              Wow, he looks great.


              They're hunting now. We'll come back tomorrow.

              - What time? - Very early.


              Glenn, I saw Willy! I saw him just for a second, really far away.

              - Randolph thought you might. - It was so cool, you know...

     see him with his family.

              - Must be great for him. - Yeah. Must be.

              Do you think he misses me?

              Yeah. I know he does.

              Besides, you got your own family.

              Just like Willy. Don't forget. All right?


              I know.

              Jesse, honey, move that twig or it will hurt your back.

              I can't sleep on the ground.

              We're all sleeping on the ground. It's called camping.

              - You have two pads, and I only have one. - Nobody knew you were coming.

              - But I have a bad back. - So what.

              Come on. You had a great day. Give Elvis your extra pad.

              After all, he is our guest.

              - Thanks, Jesse. - Yeah, Elvis.

              You help him set up, okay? Good night, guys.

              I'm gonna close this so you won't get bitten by mosquitoes.

              - You don't have a bad back, do you? - I do so. I have spasms...

              ...which I got bungee jumping in the Alps.

              Yeah, right. See this line?

              - No. - Well, you cross it, you're dead.

              - They told me all about you and Willy. - Go to sleep.

              It's funny. The same thing happened to me two summers ago.

              Shut up!

              Go to sleep!

              Is this the line you didn't want me to cross? Or is this the line?

              All right, that's it!


              Just great!


              Hey, boy. You've grown, haven't you? Yeah.

              Guess you've been eating pretty well, huh?

              Wow! Thanks, boy, you found it.


              I missed you so much.

              I saw you with your family. You must be happy...

     be with your mom.

              My mom died.

              I miss her so much.

              I feel like I've got nobody. I feel like I'm all alone.

              I don't know what to do.

              That's your mom.

              You better go, she's calling.

              Good night, Willy.

              Caught you!

              I never sleep.

              Good night.

              - Glenn, Annie! - Oh, God.

              Let's go out on the boat with Randolph.

              Keep your voice down. You're gonna wake a grizzly bear.

              - Don't you usually wake up after noon? - Randolph leaves at dawn. Let's go.

              You go on ahead. Okay?

              Jesse, take Elvis with you.

              No way.

              Wake up!

              - Hurry up. - I'm walking as fast as I can.

              - Try running. - My legs are shorter than yours.

              If Randolph leaves, I'm gonna kill you.

              Well, I have a black belt in karate.

              Well, I have laser death-rays that come out of my eyes.


              - Come on, hurry up, let's go! - Okay.

              Randolph, I'll see you in a couple hours.

              Yeah, okay. Sure.

              - Hi. - Hi.


              - What? - Girls are the enemy.

              No, you are the enemy.

              When are we leaving?

              I got a problem. It'll take me a couple of hours.

              - I'm sorry. - Okay.


              See you in a couple hours.

              - Come on, let's go, hurry up! - Hey, wait up!

              Elvis, just go back to camp. Tell Glenn and Annie...

              ...I went with Randolph but you couldn't go because you get seasick.

              - But that'll be a lie. - I'm really sure you can handle it.

              - What are you gonna do? - None of your business.


              Look at that.

              - What do you think you're doing? - Sitting in the ocean.

              - You followed me here, didn't you? - So?

              - Yeah. - Here, I'll help you up.

              - What is this place? - My favorite place in the world.

              - Yeah, that's J Pod. - Yeah, I know that.

              This is their rubbing rocks.

              Orcas come to rub themselves on the rocks at the bottom of the cove.

              If you sit here long enough, one will come close.

              How close?

              Ten feet once.

              - Are you still trying to impress me? - Just watch. Just watch.

              Come on, I gotta show you something. Come on!

              Come on, let's go!

              Hurry up. Let's go, come on!

              - Where we going? - Follow me. I know where I'm going.

              Come on. Let's go, come on.

              - Let me help you. - I'm okay.

              - All right. - Thanks.

              Hurry, though. I gotta show you this.

              Careful on that log.

              Say, girl...

              ...where's your brother, huh?

              Come on, boy.

              Come on.

              Just one second. Come on, boy.

              Come on, boy. Come on.

              - Willy, where'd you come from? - Oh, my gosh.

              Hey, boy. You scared me.

              How you doing, huh?

              It's okay. Yeah, open up.

              See? He's friendly.

              Good boy.

              Wow, who's this?

              Is this your brother?


              I want you to meet somebody, okay?

              You gotta help me. All right?

              Come on. It's okay.

              Really, it's okay. Nadine, this is Willy.

              Willy, Nadine.

              Hi. Oh, my gosh.

              - He's pretty cool, huh? - Yeah.

              - You can touch him. - No, that's okay. I don't...

              No, go ahead.

              Come on.


              - Just reach out and touch him. - Hi, Willy.

              Come on.

              Hi, Willy. Hi.

              He's going under.

              - Come on, Willy. What are you doing? - He spit on me.

              I'm sorry.

              - Here's Littlespot. - Littlespot, what are you doing?


              - Oh, my gosh. Wow, this is great. - I'm gonna get you, Willy.

              - He's coming back. - Sorry.

              - He's showing off. - What's he doing?

              Showing off. Hey, whoa!

              - He did it again. - What's your problem? Great friend.

              I gotta get it.

              - Come on in. The water's great. - Get a grip. This is a killer whale.

              Come on, he's my friend.

              - Jesse! - Yeah, Willy.

              Way to go, boy!

              Oh, my gosh.

              Oh, my gosh.

              Nadine, come on in, it's great!

              Let's go!

              Hey, Luna!

              All right!

              Hey, look, no hands.

              All right, Willy.

              Get away from me!

              Later, Willy.


              Give me your hand.

              - Here. - Thanks.

              I can't believe that. That was so cool.

              - Maybe you can touch him next time. - I can't believe he let you do that.

              - I think he likes it. - I think you're right.

              - Bye, boy. See you. - Bye.

               y:i Oil tanker "Dakar",  y:i this is vessel traffic control. Over.

              Vessel traffic control, this is the tanker "Dakar" at    .   inbound.

              - Prepare to load oil at      hours.  y:i - Copy, Dakar.

              We're cleared.

              - What? - He doesn't look anything like you.

              Elvis. Yeah, well, we got different dads.

              Hey, look, an oil tanker.

              Tell me about it. They come through like it's their own private highway.

              I saw Jesse kissing Nadine.

              Any sign of J Pod?

              Maybe they went back to the rubbing rocks.

              - You wanna go down and check it out? - Okay.


              - Hey, Glenn. - Hey.

              Nadine, this is Glenn.

              - Hi. Nice to meet you. - Hello. Nice to meet you.

              Randolph's goddaughter.

              - Can I talk to you a second? - Sure.

              I'll be right back.


              Elvis saw you and Nadine down at the cove.

              Yeah, that figures.

              I was a lot like you when I was your age. But Annie wants me to talk to you.

              She thinks that kind of behavior can be dangerous.

              Nadine thought so too, but it's safe.

              - I know exactly what I'm doing. - I used to think the same thing.

              - Huh? - Yeah.

              Well, I'm practically an expert.

              Yeah, well, listen...

              You're a smart kid. You're a good kid.

              You're just going with your feelings, but it can lead to other things.

              Like what?

              - Well, sex. - Can lead to sex?

              Yeah, right. Can lead to sex.

              - Are you okay? - I'm fine. Why?

              I have no idea what you're talking about.

              - I'm talking about you kissing Nadine. - I didn't kiss her.

              - You didn't? - No, I didn't kiss her. Who said that?

              I'll give you three guesses.



              - You're not going anywhere. - But I'm hungry.

              Eat your hat.

              That did a lot. All right, come on. I know you're in there.

              All right, come on. Ain't so tough now, huh?


              Eat this.

              How do you like that, tough guy?

              Come back and fight like a fish.

              See you later, fish.

              See you, Willy.

              What is it?

              - We lost time up north. We're late. - So?

              - Know why I'm captain? - Yes, sir. I mean, no, sir.

              I'm captain because my ships always run on time.

              Benbrook Oil doesn't like late deliveries.

              - Yes, sir.  y:i - This is Seattle Traffic.

               y:i We have a report of winds  y:i and reduced visibility.

              Reduce speed to    knots.

              - Reducing speed to    knots. - Maintain    knots.

              - But, sir, without a tug escort... - Kelly!

              Resuming speed to    knots.

              - Elvis. Elvis, wake up. - What?

              I have to ask you something.


              Did Mom ever talk about before you were born, when she lived out here?


              Did she ever talk about my dad?


              Did she ever talk about me?


              - She had problems. - Like what?

              She lied a lot.

              Said she loved me.

              Said she would never leave.

              - What is it? - We're losing pressure.

              We can't hold course in these currents.

              - What happened? - The valve body blew to pieces.

              - Engine room. - Give me something down there.

              - I got nothing.  y:i - We're doing the best we can.

              Keep working on it.

              We're on the wrong side of the buoy. Hard starboard!

              Not responding!

              - Hard starboard! - I can't bring it around.

              Four fathoms!

              - Two fathoms. - My God.

              We've run aground!

              I'm gonna shut it down!

               y:i Mayday, mayday. This is tanker "Dakar".

               y:i We are run aground  y:i and spilling crude oil.

               y:i Extreme distress.  y:i Repeat, extreme distress.


              Come on. Hurry up.

              He's over there. Look!

              Come on, come on!

              Let's go!

              It's Willy's sister, Luna. She's beached.

              - What's wrong with her? - I don't know.

              It's okay. You're all right.

              - What is that stuff? - Oil.

              Get Glenn. Have him call Randolph. We gotta get Luna back in the water.

              - Go! Hurry! Go! - Okay.

              You're gonna be okay. I promise.

              Wake up! Wake up. Come on, wake up. Guys, come on.

              There's been an oil spill. Trapped the whales. Willy's sister is beached.

              You gotta do something. Call the Army or something.

              Call Randolph. I think maybe a ship crashed.

              - It's a major disaster. - Go back to sleep.

              - I'm telling the truth. - That's a first.

              Glenn, listen.

              I'll call Randolph.

              Hang on.

               y:i A major oil spill at Lawson Reef.

              - Thanks for coming, Randolph. - Looks serious.

              Luna's sick. I think she's dying.

              See. I told you.

              Nadine, go back to the truck and get my kit please.

              Easy, girl. Easy.

              Honey, the oil's all over her.

              Here you go, Randolph.

              It's okay.


              - Let me get this. - It's okay.

              I'm afraid the oil's gotten into her lungs.

              Okay. Run this down to the lab, tell them it's from me, and it's an emergency.

              Okay, let's go.

              Easy now. Easy.

              - On the head? - Wherever you can.

              On three, guys, okay? One, two, three!


              Come on, Luna.

              Okay, again, on three. One, two, three!

              - Come on, girl. - Push.

              - Come on. - Come on, come on.

              There she goes. She's going.

              Go, girl. Go, girl.

              - Let's get back up and change. - The whale, the whale. Is she okay?

              - She needs help, Randolph. - Yeah.

              - I don't care. I gotta get the story. - Excuse me. Out of the way.

              Excuse me.

              The "Dakar", a   -year-old Liberian oil tanker...

              ...ran aground on Lawson Reef at   :   last night...

              ...spilling thousands of gallons of raw crude...

              ...endangering these orcas and other wildlife indigenous to this region.

               y:i - The single-hull tanker... - I'll take care of it.

               y:i ... was built well before       y:i the year when double hulls...

               y:i ... became mandatory, which many feel  y:i could prevent disasters like this one.

              - Save the ecology. - Don't kill the whales.

              She's here. Let's go.

              - Here we go. - Let's secure that stuff.

              - I'm Dr. Haley. - Cmdr. Blake, Coastal Marine Control.

              - Medical team's already here. - This is what we've got.

              - Kate! - Here, take this.


              - I'm glad you're here. - Me too. Me too.

              - When was this sample taken? - Three hours ago.

              Four aspirations a minute. Breathing's labored.

              Let's do this now. Prep the antibiotics.

              - Keflin? - Twenty cc.

              Jesse found them.

              Jesse. Randolph's told me all about you.

              Boat's ready, Kate.

              - Willy doesn't like doctors. - She's one of the good ones.

              But he doesn't know that.

              Jesse, the oil slick is moving this way.

              If the whales don't get better fast, they'll be trapped.

              Pull up right alongside her, okay?

              We'll make this quick and painless.

              They seem to be protecting her.

              That's not like him.

              Stop. Stop. Stop!

              I'm not gonna lie, Jesse.

              This is awful, and my company's to blame.

              It's important to me that no harm come to these whales.

              And that is where you come in.

              I could help too. Littlespot likes me.

              - I could... - Elvis, please.

              - Willy trusts you. - He doesn't trust you.

              - Jesse. - He thinks he's protecting Luna.

              But by keeping us from her, he's killing her.

              You're his only friend, Jesse.

              - I'll make a deal with you. - I'm listening.

              - I'll convince Willy to let us help Luna. - Great.

              But you have to promise to get Willy, Luna and Littlespot back to their mom.

              - I can't promise that. - Your oil's killing Luna.

              If she dies, everybody's gonna see it on the news. They'll blame you.

              - What do you want me to say? - Just promise me you'll try.

              Well, that I can do.

              Mind if I join you?

              Do whatever you want. I'm only your guest, remember?

              - Wanna tell me what's bothering you? - Nothing.

              You and Jesse seem to be getting along.

              - I hate him. - Now I know that's not true.

              The whole world kisses Jesse's butt. I'm tired of it.

              Let me tell you, this family doesn't play favorites.

              We don't kiss butts.

              - I wanna help. - Well, the whales need your help.

              - You promise I can help? - I promise.

              Well, will you spit-shake on it?


              This is very unhygienic.

              - Jesse? - Yeah?

              Good luck.


              - Be careful, Jess. - You take care, Jesse.

              He looks mad, Randolph.

              That's a boy. Come on. It's me, Jesse.

              Come on. It's okay.

              Come on. It's okay.

              Willy, I wanna help.

              What's the matter? Come on.

              - Come on, stop. - God. He's gonna eat him, isn't he?

              Come on. You're gonna hurt yourself. Please, stop.

              Come on, Willy. Come on. It's all right. It's all right.

              It's okay.

              That's it. That's it.

              How about some chocolate, Willy?

              I got something for you.


              Just take the fish.

              All right.

              Open up wider.

              There you go.

              Good boy.

              All right, go.

              Go around him.

              - Hello, Luna, sweetie. - She won't hurt her. I promise.

              That's it, boy. It's okay.

              Everything's gonna be okay, Luna.

              I need to get her to raise her fluke.

              All right. Let's go. Come on, raise your fluke.

              That's it. All right, Willy.

              That's it, Luna. That's it. One more time.

              Good girl.


              - We did it. - All right.

              I told you.

              Thank you, Willy.

              - Congratulations, Dr. Haley. - That was great.

              You hit it out of the park.

              - John? - Just a minute.

              You're gonna wanna hear this.

              - Who is this?  y:i - Pete Wilcox here.

               y:i Understand you got some problems.  y:i Listen up.

              Hey, what's the matter?

              The oil slick is being pushed by the wind toward the cove.

              We don't have a lot of time, guys.

              It's gonna be okay.

              I know it. It's all gonna get better.

              No matter what, Jesse, it's not all gonna be okay.

              I mean, birds, otters, seals, this whole cove...

              It's all ruined.

              - What...? - It's the best I could do.

              - What, you want your pocket back? - It's okay.

              - Who said you could touch that? - The president. He announced it on TV.


              - Pretty cool, huh? - Yeah. What's it mean?

              There was a young Haida Indian named Natselane.

              He lived many years before there were whales.

              One day he got lost, and he couldn't find his way home.

              He carved the first whale ever out of a log.

              He got on the back of the whale and rode it all the way home.

              - He rode him all the way home? - Yeah.

              - Wow. That's a cool story, Jesse. - Randolph told it to me.

              Glenn, Annie!

              We got a problem!

              Luna's beached herself again. It's serious.

              Call the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

              - Go. Go! - Yes, sir.

              - Jesse, you're coming with me. - Where?

              We have to try something. I'll explain on the way. Nadine, stay with Luna.

              - Elvis, you stay here. - I'm coming too.

              No, this is between me and Randolph. You stay.

              Help Glenn.


              Easy now, girl.

              Okay, let's just try and keep her wet.

              Glenn, can I help?

              Elvis, stand back.

              - I thought I could help. - Not now. Get back!

              I wanna help!

              - Elvis! - What?

              It's dangerous. I want you to stay on that beach. Go!

              Go. Right now.

              - Okay. Should we try to push her? - On three.

              One, two, three.

              There are medicines besides the ones Dr. Haley believes in.

              They all come from our mother, the earth.

              Calling upon our ancestors to heal sickness is a gift...

              ...handed down through generations.

              My grandmother taught me. Now I teach you.

              Knowing this is part of what it means to have medicine roots.

              The root we're looking for has leaves on the bottom.

              Where's Elvis?

              I don't know. I told him to stay up on the beach.

              - Oh, no. - What?

              - I broke a promise. - What promise?

              - I even did a spit-shake on it. - You did a spit-shake with somebody?

              - Excuse me. - Man, that's serious.

              - What's that? - It's called Skookum.

              - It's very strong. - How strong?

              Give me your hand.

              I can taste it in my mouth.



              Thanks, mister.

              Come on. Let me in. Come on, man.

              Man. Damn!

              - When does the next ferry leave? - Tomorrow morning.

              Officer! Have you seen...?



              Hey, Luna.

              Seen your brother? Come on, Willy.

              Hey, there you are. Come here.

              Come here, boy.

              That's it. That's it, boy. Yeah.

              Good boy.

              Come on. Open up.

              That's it, boy.

              Good girl.

              - Yeah. There we go. - Good girl.

              We've done everything in our power. All we can do now is let her sleep.

              Wait and see if the spirits are with us tonight?

              The spirits are always with us. I'll see you in a while.

              - Good night. - Good night.



              - Looks like Luna's doing better. - Yeah. Pretty powerful, my medicine.

              - Your medicine? - Did I say that? I meant your medicine.

              What have you been doing behind my back?


              Well, whatever you did, I'm glad you did it.

              I'll have a jelly-filled and a coffee.


              - Yeah, black. - Black coffee.

              - Coffee or anything? - No, I'm fine.

              We haven't taken an orca out of the wild in    years.

              Now there's three, right in my hands.

              A million dollars for the young ones. Two for the older brother.

              Young males are particularly attractive due to their breeding capabilities.

              The older brother's already trained. He's a gold mine.

              - You've gotta be very careful. - Don't worry. You're covered.

              Long-term rehabilitation is what I recommend.

              So long as it looks like we have the whales' best interest at heart.

              That's all that matters to me.

              Sure, and your   %. Besides, we do have their best interest at heart.

              They'll be well cared for. In the meantime...

               ...while they're getting healthy...

       reason why people shouldn't pay to see them. Right?


                 y:i The situation at Lawson Reef  y:i is worsening.

                 y:i Crews are fighting the spreading oil  y:i around the clock...

                 y:i ... but they are no match for the  y:i heavy winds and strong currents.

                 y:i Benbrook Oil now reports that  y:i oil and gas fumes...

                 y:i ... are growing more dangerous, and  y:i workers are proceeding with caution.

                 y:i Sensitive coves and beaches  y:i are being boomed off...

                 y:i ... to protect endangered wildlife.

                 y:i At Camp Mowester, where three  y:i killer whales remain stranded...

                 y:i ... the protective booming  y:i is already under way.


                Jesse! What's going on?

                The boom will seal off the cove, keep out oil, protect the whales.

                Protect them? You mean trap them.

                If they swim out of the cove, they're gonna swim right into the oil and die.

                - They can't get back to their family. - It's for their own good.

                Don't you understand? None of this is for their own good.

                Not hurting them in the first place would have been for their own good.

                It's all just a bunch of bull!


                I'm not so sure about this, Kate.

                 y:i We at Benbrook Oil have arranged  y:i for the whales...

                 y:i ... to be lifted out of the cove...

                 y:i ... and taken to a rescue center  y:i to be cared for while they recuperate.

                Roll the harness! Roll the harness.

                I wanna take the little one in first. Take the little one first.

                Keep in there. Keep in there.



                Where have you been?

                Saving your butt, that's where. There were these guys in a donut shop...

                - What are you talking about? - I'll tell you, but trust me.

                Why should I trust you?

                Because nobody ever has.

                - That way. - Move in.

                Hold it.

                Looking good.

                Keep moving him in.

                All right.

                Okay. Work him in here.

                Take him back.

                Close him off. Close him off.

                Get him in.

                - Where are you going? - Hey, you can't capture whales.

                Get off of me. Leave me alone.

                Watch out. Come on. Move. You lied. You're a liar.

                - You're gonna sell them to an aquarium. - They will be returned to J Pod...

                Not if he's got anything to do with it.

                You're gonna lock them up. He heard everything.

                - You're gonna have to leave, kids. - We're just trying to save the whales.

                - You're not gonna get away with this. - No way.

                - I said I want these kids out of here. - You promised.

                - John, give me your hand! - You jerk!

                That's for Littlespot, you jerk!

                I believe you. I don't know what we can do.

                - I do. - Go for it.

                Come on, guys.

                John, don't look back. Get out of here.

                Don't look back. Just keep swimming.

                - Give me your hand. - Get away from me!

                - Get me out! - Where are those kids?

                Jesse, look!

                - Yeah! - Way to go, Willy!

                - Elvis, meet us over there. - Be careful.

                Help! Get away from here!

                Come on, let's go. Come on.

                - What are we doing? - Just untie the back line.

                Back line, back line. Okay. All right.

                - Do you know how to drive this thing? - Define "drive".

                - Come on, Jesse. Come on. - Okay, Elvis.

                - Come on, come on, come on. - Jump in.

                - Got you. - Let's go!

                All right, I got you.

                - Way to go, Elvis. - Put this on.

                Get those kids out the water! Get them out!

                - Do you really know how to drive this? - Not really.

                Come on. Let's go.

                They're coming after us.

                Yeah, guess again.

                - Did you do that? - Yeah!


                Do you see Willy?

                I see Littlespot and Luna, but I don't see Willy.

                Come here, boy. Come on, boy. Come on.

                Hey, boy. Yeah.

                Kid is nuts.

                See that boom? We're gonna get you out.

                It's gonna be okay, I promise. Remember the old days? Remember this?

                Yeah, you remember.

                - What does that signal mean? - Give them a show.

                You see that boom? You gotta break it.

                - Yeah! - Yeah!

                - We did it, you guys! All right! - Yeah!

                - Yes! - All right!

                Forget it. Let's go!

                They made it around the point.

                - Honey, isn't that your boat? - It sure is. And that's Elvis. Come on.

                - Yeah. - All right!

                We gotta make sure they get past the oil.

                Authorities say that when engineers tried to start the ship's generator...

                ...the fuel vapors ignited, causing a fire below deck on the starboard side.

                Efforts to contain the blaze continue. All island residents are being evacuated.

                - Get on! - What's happened?

                There's been an explosion. That oil can catch fire. Let's go!

                Oh, no! The oil's on fire!

                - What? - The oil's on fire!

                They can't be much further.

                Just hang on, you guys. We have to follow them till they're safe.

                They're diving. They're going under the fire!

                They made it under the fire!

                What about us? We have to get out of here!

                The cove! Hang on, guys. We're gonna head into that cove!

                Hurry, Jesse. Go!

                - Hey, guys! - What?

                - I think I see something! - What?

                - I don't know! - Watch out!

                What'd we hit?

                Come on, start! Turn over. Come on! Come on, start!

                - What are we gonna do? - Water in the boat! Put this on.

                - What about yours? - Don't worry about me!

                Just get a bucket and start getting the water out.

                Mayday, Mayday! This is the "Natselane" off Turner Point.

                There's a small pleasure-craft trapped in the fire!

                Guys, hurry! Keep trying to get the water out! Come on, Elvis!

                Come on!

                 y:i Coastal Marine Patrol, this is  y:i Search and Rescue One. Copy.

                - I can't get a grip! - Jesse, look!

                We're trapped, Jesse!

                Let's make a U-turn, you guys! Let's head for the opening! Come on!

                - Push! - Okay!

                - Okay, now paddle! - Come on!

                Come on, you guys! Paddle out!

                - Jesse! - Elvis!


                - Keep going! - We're almost there!

                - We gotta get out of here! - Hurry!

                It's closing! Come on!


                No! No!

                The flames are getting closer!

                Jesse? Jesse, if you get me out of this, I swear...

                ...I won't do anything to hurt you anymore. Please.

                I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

                - We're gonna drown. - You're gonna be okay.

                - See them? - What is that?

                - It's a helicopter! - Over here! Help!

                - Look, there! - I got them.

                - Here! - We're down here!

                - Over here! - The boat's sinking!

                - They're sending the harness. - Okay.

                - Grab it, Jesse! Grab it! - You first, Elvis.

                Arms in first!

                - You're the best brother I ever had! - I'm the only brother you ever had!

                - It's just like bungee jumping! - I never went bungee jumping! I lied!

                Hang on!

                You're going next!

                - Here! - Get him to the back!

                It's okay, he's in!

                - Hurry! The fire! - Come on, hurry!

                - Put your arms in! - What about you?

                - Don't worry about me! - I can't do this!

                - Go up! Go up! Now! - No, no, no!

                Hang on! Don't look down!

                Hang on!

                - Come on, Nadine! - Come on!

                - Get Jesse! Get Jesse! - Hurry!

                Help! Help!

                - Jesse! - The harness!

                Jesse, come on!

                Good! Good! Hang on, Jesse!


                The whole thing might blow! We gotta get out of here!

                Hang on, Jesse!

                Jesse, come on!

                You're almost here, Jesse. You can make it!


                Jesse! Come on!

                Jesse! Come on!

                - No! - No!

                - We lost him! He's not on the ship! - Jesse, no!

                - No! Jesse! - Come on!

                - We gotta go back down! - Smoke's choking the engine. I gotta land.

                Backup ship will be here in a second. Get inside!

                No, not seconds! No!

                No! Jesse!


                - Jesse! - You see anything?


                Oh, my God, there's Jesse! Jesus. Stop the boat!


                - Hold on, Jesse! - Jesse! Hold on!

                Good boy.

                - Jesse, are you okay? - I'm okay!

                Come on!

                - Reach up. - We're gonna grab you!

                That's it. Foot up.

                What were you doing?

                I love you.

                You saved his life, Willy. Thank you.

                - Thanks, boy! - That's the best friend you ever had.

                I'll say.

                Go on, boy.

                It's okay. I'm okay.

                How come he won't go?

                I don't know, Jess.

                I love you.


                - Bye, Willy. - So long, Willy.


                - Pull alongside. - Randolph!

                Oh, my God, honey, look! Hey!


                - Nadine, Jesse's okay! - You're okay!

                - Are you all right? - Nadine, you okay?

                - Yeah, I'm okay. - Okay, let's go.

                - Guys, you made it. - Yeah, I got him.

                - Thank you very much. Thank you! - Oh, my gosh!

                Got them, Randolph. Let's get out of here!

                Here you go. Thanks a lot!

                - Thank you, guys! - You're welcome!

                I'm so glad you're okay!

                What are you looking at?

                What are you looking at?

                This is for you.

                What is it?

                What the heck?


                It had a little accident, but...

                ...I taped it back together.


                She talked about you all the time.

                She felt bad about what happened.

                Thank you.

                She loved you.

                So, what do you think?

                I think it'd be a shame to break up a set.

                Where are the fish? Where's Littlespot?

                Littlespot, Luna and Willy are back with their mom.

                How do you know?

                I know.


Special help by SergeiK