Freejack Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Freejack script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Emilio Estevez and Anthony Hopkins movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Freejack . I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Freejack Script



            Okay, okay, I get the point.

            Of course you get the point.

            Look. You got five hours. Five hours. . .

            . . .till the big race.

            Get up. Get up. Come on, sleepy. Get up.

            I can't believe you're still asleep. I'm more excited than you.

            Okay, look.

            What will the other drivers' wives wear?

            ''Wives''? Did I hear ''wives''?

            I said wives. I got ahead of myself.

            You said wives.

            -It was a slip of the tongue. -I lI ke that slip.

            I lI ke that tongue too.

            Alex, aren't you a little bit nervous?

            No. I've seen it in advance.

            Checkered flag.

            Honeymoon in the Bahamas.

            Listen, let's just take one ''zoom'' at a time.

            I'll win that race, honey.

            No one can stop me.

            Gentlemen, don't touch a thing. It's hot.

            You're hot!

            -Rock 'n' roll driving. -It feels good.

            If you'd hit the brakes sooner, that wouldn't have happened.

            You drive your typewriter, I'll drive my car.

            Alex, it's a computer. You are such an asshole. Computer!


            I'll be all right.

            God, I hope so, Alex.

            Just do one thing.

            Nibble my ear.

            For luck.

            Alex, this is a public place.

            -I won't race unless you do it. -You are nuts!

            You're serious?

            I love you.

            -Are you happy? -Delirious.

            Come here, pal.

            -I want you to meet some guys. -I thought we had a deal.

            You drive and I jive.

            Any future planning must include a little ass-kissing.

            So pucker up, buttercup.

            Did I oversell this kid, gentlemen? I think not.

            Not just the hottest rookie on the circuit. . .

            . . .he's photogenic, telegenic, drug-free. . .

            . . .and he's good to his mom.

            Is that a face that'll sell motor oil, or what?

            Speaks English too. Say a few words to the nice people.

              Hello, son. Champion Spark Plugs.

              Nice to meet you, Mr. Plugs.

              Will you excuse us?

              Jimmy Connors' attitude.

              All unauthorized personnel are warned to stay clear of this area.

              Okay, let's do it.

              Back it up.



              More. Hold it there.

              Go in.


              That's it.

              Encoder's locked.

              Power it up.

              He's good.

              Medical units, stand by.    seconds to contact.

              Go! Go! Go!

              Twenty seconds.




              . . .four. . .

              ... three... two...


              We got him. Let's go.

              Take off the helmet and open the suit!


              What the--?!

              We're moving out.

              What the hell's going on?!

              There's   million bucks worth of merchandise.

              We won't stop till we hit security.



              I wouldn't dance to it, but that's a pulse.

              He'll survive. Good job, people. Sedate him and wrap him up.

              Contact,     meters.

              This area should be clear.

              I guess I didn't win, huh?

              He still has brain function. Clamp him. Get the lobotomizer.

              Imagine the shit we'd get if we delivered him lI ke this?

              Forty megawatts to the frontal lobe.

              -That'll burn him clean. -Should quiet him too.

              What kind of hospital is this?

              What the hell?

              What kind of hospital is this?!

              Weapons, high left. Take them out.

              In position.

              Hit them!

              Get the meat.

              Stunners only.

              I don 't want him damaged.

              Yo! Taxi!

              Warren Street.

              I'm driving here alone and I'm thinking:

              Get fare first.

              Antique watch.

              Here. Take it.

              Just get out of here!

              This neighborhood not good.

              Very competitive, and difficult to sleep.

              -Where are we? -Where we are?

              My fare is flying.


              I kill you!

              Hello! What the hell is this?!

              Get out of here! Vamoose! Beat it!

              Jose, it's Alex Furlong. Open the door!

              Is Julie upstairs? I got to see her.

              Come on, Julie.

              Julie, open up! It's me, Alex!

              Where's Julie?

              -Who? -Julie.

              Julie Redlund! Who are you?

              I live here. Who are you? How did you get in here?

              What's going on?

              Who are you people? What are you doing here?

              -Why are you here? -Looking for Julie.

              Goddamn it, where is she?!

              Get out of my face!

              Charles, wait! Julie Redlund?

              We bought this place from her years ago.

              That's impossible. I was with her here this morning.

              -Oh, my God. He's a Freejack! -A what?

              We can't help you. Nobody can. Get away, or I'll call Central.

              Now move!


              There is a Freejack at large in the area.

              If you see him, report it immediately.

              A reward is posted for his capture.

              Penalties for harboring a Freejack are extreme.

              I hate being the messenger.

              I've a feeling the client's gonna be pissed.

              Oh, you do?

              How'd you lI ke to be dead for a day and a half. . .

              . . .and someone brought you more bad news?

              Patience is hard to advocate with the delay delivering your new body.

              But all of my people assure me of a rapid recapture.

              You failed!

              Sir, if I could point out. . .

              . . .the Spiritual Switchboard can only hold you for another    hours.

              You should consider an alternative body.

              I don't want an alternative body.

              I want this one.

              You are slipping, Victor.

              You're contracted to deliver Furlong.

              I see you, but I do not see him.



              No more excuses. Mac Corp. Security will handle this from now on.


              Before the revolution.

              There was no delivery, there will be no payment.

              Now, get out of my sight.

              Mr. Vacendak is leaving now. He is no longer on this case.

              Let me tell you something.

              I said I'd deliver Furlong and that's what I'll do.

              Make any arrangements you lI ke. But keep your people out of my way.

              Why, Victor. Who do you think you're talking to?

              I know who I'm talking to, Mark.

              An asshole.

              Get out!

              If you're a praying man, I'd start.


              Don't ''Sister'' me! Get the hell up.

              What are you and why are you here?

              I don't know what I am. . .

              . . .or where.

              Maybe I died.

              What did they call me?


              A Freejack.

              Holy shit!

              Got him. His image is in the Central Data Bank.

              If he even walks past a vid-phone, he's ours.

              Retrieval costs     million.

              Think his body's worth it?

              I'd sell him yours for half that.

              Someone would.

              Few people knew the timing of the retrieval convoy.

              I know anyone indulging in commerce on the side?

              I don't, but it's worth checking.

              It sure is.

              Step up.

              Come on, Victor.

                - -  - - - - -  - - - .

              I never have nor will. . .

              . . .divulge information outside of this organization.

              Frankly, I'm surprised you'd even test me.

              I'm not testing you. I'm testing the machine.

              It works.

              Have the others tested.

              Some rich son of a bitch dies. . .

              . . .they save his mind in a computer. . .

              . . .they call the Spiritual Switchboard.

              There is nothing spiritual about that.

              Sometimes I wonder if the good Lord has forsaken us all. . .

              . . .to be letting this kind of shit go on.

              Then they transfer his mind. . .

              . . .to your body.

              That's his ticket to immortality.

              A brain transplant?

              A mind transplant.

              Electronically, your mind will be utterly annihilated.

              Sorry, she's not here.

              Julie Redlund.

              -Nothing? -No listing.

              Maybe she moved out of town.

              She may have married, have a new name.

              She could be dead.

              Brad Carter. Try that one.

              He's in Sector  .

              You probably knew it as Park Slope.

              If you think this neighborhood is dangerous. . .

              . . .you have a surprise coming.

              Now, they're probably looking for you by now, so you must go. Now.

              This place is not safe for you, or us if you're here.

              Here's some food. I keep it hidden.

              -Be careful out there. -I will.

              Thank you, Sister.

              The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

              He does.

              Can you tell me where I can find     ?

              Excuse me, sir. I'm looking for    --

              Son of a bitch!

              I knew it!

              Alex Furlong!

              I knew it! I always knew it! Look at you!

              As young and healthy as the day you got into that car!

              The bastards snatched you!

              You got no idea the shit I got.

              The insurance wouldn't pay. They couldn't find the body.

              -You had me insured? -I have all my drivers insured.

              It did no good with you. I looked for pieces!

              A nose, a finger, anything!

              This ain't my pad.

              Here you either hide what you got or you lose it.

              This is remarkable. I've never seen a Freejack.

              Heard about them, sure.

              I figured out it probably happened to you.

              Seen them on the  -D, sure. But touch one?

              One I know? One that's alive? Remarkable.

              How do you lI ke my antique ashtray?


              '   Porsche.

              You're Alex Furlong, all right.

              What's that about?

              The natives are restless.

              -Why do they want me? -Because you died.


              Incredible piece of videotape. You should see it.

              They know where and when you died, so you're a candidate for retrieval.

              Space-time coordinates. It's still raw, but it'll be perfected.

              I don't get it. Why not grab someone who's alive now?

              Look at these people. They've lived their lives with no ozone layer.

              Sucking up megadoses of carbon monoxide. . .

              . . .sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead, benzene. . .

              . . .nuclear waste.

              They're hooked on drugs not around in the   th century.

              Let's face it, you're a hot property.

              Do you remember Julie Redlund?

              Sure, I remember Julie Redlund.

              What happened to her?

              She lives in Battery Park. Safe behind the palisades of power.

              She's an exec at the McCandless Corporation.

              Only the biggest company in the world. They own everything.

              I must reach her. I must see her.

              That is the truth.

              You must reach her.

              They're not going for it.

              We should try for the mineral rights.

              Your try could kill the whole deal.

              We're talking about   billion. That's worth playing cards for.

              Besides, I think they're ready to fold.

              I want it taken off the table.


              Why don't they return to the table?

              We will sign. The mineral rights are yours.

              Mr. McCandless is waiting for your call.

              You drive a hard bargain.

              Pity we don't have more lI ke you.

              Perhaps we would have won the trade war.

              Mr. McCandless is on line   .

              How'd it go?

              Fun. I didn't make friends, but I made a deal.

              -Did we get exactly what we needed? -And more.

              That's good.

              -Where are you? -In Sydney.

              I'm near the opera for when the fat lady sings.

              Something's come up. The East-Pac deal is unglued.

              I need you in Tokyo tonight.

              -Can you handle it? -Is this a promotion?

              We'll discuss it when the deal's done.

              Andressen will brief you in-flight.

              -When will you be back? -Tomorrow evening.

              Call me if there's a problem. Or if there's no problem. Bye.

              Pull your hat down. You look too healthy.

              -I'm walking. -You're standing out.

              The heat's on you. Slow down. Walk with a limp.

              Think sick.

              That's better.

              If you look lI ke poison, no one will touch you.

              You gotta look messed up. LI ke me.

              There you go. One blue plate special.

              I waited    minutes for this shit?!

              I'll take it back!

              -Brad! What's up? -What's special today?

              You're looking at it.

              -Let me speak to her. -Let me handle this.

              I gotta talk to her.

              These things can see and hear you.

              Your voice over these lines, you're done for.

              Now trust me.

              Go! !

              You keep looking at me. . .

              . . .you'll see me kill you.

              Why is there a piece on the table?!

              -Put that away. -He started it.

              Hey, you moron! You messing with my boy here?

              Mind your own business. You'll live longer.

              A limo is coming.

              In   minutes, from the outhouse to the penthouse.

              Is Julie coming?

              I just talked to Julie's car.

              Besides, keep it zipped.

              The frigging word is out on you.

              What am I swilling this puke for? In   minutes, I'll be eating caviar.



              You said you'll be eating caviar. Not us.

              Christ! You're acting lI ke one of these paranoid creeps.

              You called them, you bastard!

              You turned me in!

              -I'm the one who called! -Let go, you prick!

              He's my bone!

              -What the fuck? -Let go!

              Let's get out of here!

              Move, move, move!

              Secure the door!

              Give us a fucking break!

              Come on, start, you motherfucker.

              Look out!

              -Get out of my way! -Get out of here!

              Freejack approaching checkpoint at high speed.

              -Victor? -What is it?

              He crossed a checkpoint. Heading toward Sector  .

              I know where he's going.

              Don't be long, we're late.

              -Be back in    minutes. -Okay.


              Hi, honey.

              It's me, Alex.

              Wait a second!

              What's wrong? Don't you remember me?!

              You're a liar! Let go of me!

              Who do you think I am?

              You're not Alex Furlong!

              You're the bastard who stole his body!

              Damn it! Stop and listen to me!

              I'm Alex! I can prove it!

              Look at me!

              You gave this to me before the race.

              Don't you remember?!

              That was yesterday.

              What's happened to us?

              Go, go! Move, move, move!

              -I escaped while they fought. -Then you just found me?

              Brad told me where you lived.

              How'd you get in here?

              Through the open door.



              Central Locking reports authorized personnel.

              No unauthorized access.

              You're lying. There's no other explanation.

              Your voice couldn't have authorized access.


              What'd you do that for?

              Whoever you are, you've got    seconds.

              Attention, tenants.

              You're wrong! Don't!

              Please remain calm.

              All unlocked doors will be secured...


              Stay clear of the elevators. They've been co-opted by Security.

              This is not a drill.

              Please stay where you are until the all-clear sounds.

              Three seconds. Two, one.

              Where's Furlong?

              Yo! Is this your truck?

              -Company's. -Not anymore.

              Calling in all support vehicles. All vehicles in on this now!

              Hey, Furlong. It's Vacendak. I hate to say this...

              ...but you're speeding.

              Where we going?

              -I hate the dark! -Piss off!

              You can't get rid of me that easily.

              Where're you guys coming from?

              Mom told me never to pick up hitchhI kers.

              -No applause? -Show's not over yet.

              Box him in and run him down. Be gentle.

              I want him without a scratch.

              You should stop. Imagine how upset we'd both be if you were hurt.

              Oh, imagine.

              Come on, Vacendak. You couldn't catch a cold.

              Or catch the clap in a whorehouse!

              Holy shit!

              How am I doing?

              Not bad.

              The brake pedal's on the left.

              Game's over, Furlong.

              Don 't!

              Don't do it!

              If you drink any of that, I'm out of a job.

              Lord, the strange things that wash up on this dock.

              I'm beat.

              You think so?

              -Pretty much. -Then you're beat.

              A man thinks he's beat, he's beat.

              You want some of this?

              -What is it? -River rat.

              How do you eat that?

              First you must cut off the head and the tail.

              Then you gut it.

              It's all a matter of the sauce.

              You don't just plop down warm rodent on a plate and say:

              ''Here's your river rat. Would you lI ke white or red wine?''

              Not that there's any wine around here anyway.

              No wine since the    -year depression.

              I can whip you up one. This is good-eating rats.

              If it's come to this. . .

              . . .what's the point?

              He riddles me! The ancient riddle!

              What's the point?

              Ever seen an eagle fly home with dinner. . .

              . . .for the missus and the babies?

              He's flying against the wind. . .

              . . .and he's flying in rain, and he's flying through bullets!

              Then at the moment he's about to get back to his nest. . .

              . . .he says:

              ''Oh, what the fuck. It's a drag being an eagle! ''

              And right then. . .

              . . .two little X's come across his eyes. . .

              . . .lI ke in the old-fashioned cartoons. . .

              . . .and he goes plunging down. . .

              . . .and down and down and blam!

              It's just a splatter of feathers.

              Then we don't have the national bird of America no more.

              Did you ever see that?

              Me neither.

              Eagles got too much self-respect.

              How's yours?

              I'm okay.

              Then you too can fly. You can fly.

              Maybe I can.

              You ain't beat yet, Furlong.

              Not by a long shot.

              I know Alex.

              I know what he's lI ke. I know where he goes when he's upset!

              You're not even sure he's Alex.

              Vacendak was. And if it's not Furlong, we won't find him.

              -It's dangerous. -That's why you're here.

              Thanks a lot.

              He's not here.

              I don't know. Maybe it wasn't him.

              It's me.

              It's all right. I'm okay.

              What are you doing here?


              If I knew it was you, I wouldn't have turned you away.

              Why not?

              It seems to be the way it is here. Brad tried to cash in on me.

              -Why shouldn't you get in on it? -Listen to me.

              Vacendak set us both up.

              He learned my door code, opened up my place and led you into a trap.

              This guy's the best there is.

              You here to help me?

              Oh, my God!

              Ten million bucks?

              That's too much. That's way too much.

              Oh, I don't know. Not really.

              You're definitely Alex Furlong.

              Something's come up. I must see you.

              You were clear the last time we talked.

              -What else is there to say? -It's important.

              Okay. I've got some business at the Revolution. Go there.

              I'll see you there.

              -You got something going with him? -No.

              -What's the hook? -He knows about people on the run.

              He helps them escape.

              This place is on the fringe. I keep a low profile, okay?

              Come on, I'll find Morgan. I'll meet you at the bar.

              -Want a drink? -Yeah. Why not?

              Game over. You lose. Please try again.

              You got a name, sugar?

              It's Alex.

              Talk to Club Channel. How do you lI ke it here?

              I don't.

              Everyone's chasing me.

              Really? What do they want?

              My body.

              The self-absorbed type.

              Do you know what you're into?

              You'll be killed for being with him!

              It's Furlong, the Freejack!

              Break this wide and patch it in.

              -You left him alone? -He's resourceful.

              -So what do you do, Alex? -I race cars.

              I mean I used to. I guess I'm between jobs.

              Get him out of here.

              -We got network. -We have Freejack Alex Furlong.

              -Do you know how much you're worth? -    million.

              It's gone up.    million to anyone who brings you in.

              Bring me in?

              I know someone who 's trying.

              Goes by the name of Vacendak. I got a message for you.

              Fuck you, asshole.

              Nobody's bringing me in.

              Is this a hangover in the future?

              I've hidden people, but he's too hot. . .

              . . .but he can't stay any place long.

              Can't you help?

              It's too big. Stop playing dumb, you know what to do.

              -Go to McCandless. -I don't want him in this.

              You have no choice. He lI kes you. Go to him.

              Explain the situation. Be at his mercy.

              Hi, how's Tokyo?

              Something's come up. I'm still in New York.

              You're not in Tokyo?


              How long have you known Julie?

              Couple of years. Haven't seen much of her lately.

              Why is that?

              She's busy wheeling and dealing.

              McCandless owns her.

              She can't be owned by anyone.

              Listen, things have changed.

              People are on the top or the bottom, no one in between.

              Julie is on the top.

              He's a Freejack, and legally someone else's property.

              -You think that's right? -He died, Jule.

              Someone paid to bring him back.

              He belongs to them. Should they let him be killed?

              Who's the client?

              Clients are guaranteed secrecy.

              The Switchboard is a McCandless division...

              ...even I'm not privy to its records. Understand?

              I've gotta go now, I'm already late.

              Where are you, Jule?

              I'm at a friend's.

              Is he with you?


              -I'll check into it. -Thanks.

              I won 't promise anything. Legally I can 't interfere.

              Why don 't you call in a few hours? I'll see what I can do.


              Thanks, Mac.

              All right, be very careful.


              Morgan's gone.


              Alex. . .

              . . .I'm a lot older now.


              You're beautiful.

              What's the matter?

              I watched you die.

              Furlong paid you a visit and you gave him Brad's address.

              And you haven't seen him since?

              Are you lying, Sister?

              The good Lord says to turn the other cheek.

              He never had to deal with dickheads lI ke you.

              Mac's arranged for a boat to dock in an old recycling plant.

              It's abandoned. You shouldn't need that.


              I'm not coming with you, Alex.

              I know.

              I have a life here. I can't walk away from it.

              What about us?

              ''Us'' was     years ago.

              It was two days for me.

              Two days, Julie.

              If I'd come to you the day before your race. . .

              . . .and said, ''I have to leave.

              Come with me. '' What would you've said?

              I would have said no.

              You take care.

              I don't know. Remember the last time you gave me this?

              It's time, sir.

              I'll be right out.

              Well, it looks safe.

              Every time I begin to feel safe, something bad happens.

              You do all right.

              Your portrait's up in lights all over town.

              People see your face, they know you've not been caught.

              You're a hero.

              Shit, I ain't no hero. I'm just looking after my own ass.

              You and I know that. But there's   million desperate people here.

              My grandmother's one of them.

              You keep making her happy, and I'll stick with you.

              Is that it?

              I guess so.

              Where the hell is everybody?

              You still feel safe?

              You're not getting on that boat, Furlong.

              What the hell?

              Get them!

              Come on, move it! Move, move!


              Furlong's not there. Or in the car.

              Then find him and kill him.

              Vacendak's here with his bonejackers.

              Then kill them too.

              Move it! Move!

              Move! Move!


              Ripper, who's using hard ammo?

              Not bonejackers. There's someone else.

              -We're trapped! -What do you mean ''we,'' white man?

              Just kidding. I keep me covered.

                There's no one below.

                Grab some of this hardware and get out.

                They're coming, and they don't want you alive.

                If I run now, I'll be running forever.

                I gotta find out who wants me.

                Go. I'll see what I can do here.

                I keep my grandma smiling.

                I will.

                You looking for this?


                Do it!

                Stunners only. He wants me without a scratch.

                Suck this, Vacendak!

                Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?

                I was aiming at you. They were in the way.

                Well, they're not now.

                You're right.

                Tell me who's behind all this. Who told you I'd be here?

                I'm sorry.

                I can't tell you that.

                Goddamn you, Vacendak! All I'm asking for is a name!

                Now who is it? Who's doing this to me?


                I saved your life.

                And I gave you the name you wanted.

                The name of lan McCandless.

                Still, I'd hate you to think that I don't value my life highly.

                I'll give you a five-minute start.

                One Mississippi. . .

                . . .two Mississippi. . . .

                Get in!

                -You're driving? -Hurry! They're close behind.

                I thought you were dead!

                -Where'd you get this? -It's Vacendak's. I stole it.

                -Sure your boss didn't give it to you? -What?

                McCandless is trying to kill me!

                Your boss! The man you've been calling!

                -That's crazy! -Vacendak told me!

                -Then he's lying! -Well, somebody is!

                Pull in there.

                Call him on this thing.

                I tried to get Mac, he's not there.

                Then you call the company.

                You call whoever's in charge.

                -Miss Redlund? -Who's that?

                Mark Michelette, V.P. of Mac Corp.

                Is someone with you?

                Mr. Furlong, what an unexpected pleasure.

                Listen, whoever you are. I'm with Julie and I'm armed.

                I see that. Stay calm, Julie. We'll handle this.

                Tell us your demands.

                I want to talk to McCandless.

                Mr. McCandless isn 't in. He's expected shortly.

                If you want to wait for him here, I'll arrange entry.

                You do that.

                What's that?

                I don't know.

                It's a trace.

                All right, I've got a fix on Furlong.

                Where's he headed?

                Right to the gates of hell. . .

                . . .at Michelette's invitation.

                They're in the elevator.

                Put down the gun.

                You can drop this absurd pantomime.

                I watched the rest of the tape. Most interesting.

                Watch this bit. This is good.

                How touching.

                A woman in love.

                There's not the least chance you'd shoot her.

                You'll be through when Mac gets back.

                Mr. McCandless is in the next office. Would you lI ke to see him?

                A virus, strain three. He's been dead almost three days now.

                Mac didn't have much time to organize this.

                His mistake was asking me to carry it out.

                McCandless snatched you. He needs your body quite badly.

                He has an hour on the Switchboard before his brain is irretrievable.

                How do you suppose you'll deliver me to him?

                I have no intention of delivering you to him.

                Nobody's being delivered to McCandless.

                The time has come for change.

                I'm taking over the company.

                I have nothing against you.

                I did organize the rocket attack.

                I sent guns to the waterfront. . .

                . . .to stop Mac from getting his new body.

                Nothing personal.

                In a short time, McCandless' brain will be electronic rubbish.

                I'll be president of the company, and you two. . . .

                You two can do whatever takes your fancy.

                Ms. Redlund. . .

                . . .your services are no longer required.

                They're on their way.

                I kill them both.

                This is too easy.

                Think he'd just let us walk out?

                I don't.


                Is there another way out?

                There's a back way.

                One shot.

                Think they'll stand in line?


                Welcome to the lobby.

                Have a nice day.

                Hold it!


                Julie, you okay?

                -Why the     th floor? -There's an escape module.

                Michelette's private bodyguard.


                Secure the building. Find him and hold him for me.

                You wanted a fucking palace revoIt?

                Well, you got one!

                It's not stopping.

                It's not stopping!

                -Any other way to controI it? -This is it.

                   . They're headed for the Switchboard.

                Mac's got them now.

                We're going to the top.

                Welcome to my mind.

                You've been behind it all.

                I never meant to harm anyone, least of all you.

                You weren't meant to see any of this.

                It's why I wanted you to take the trip to Tokyo.

                By the time you returned, all this would've been over.

                I spoke to you in Australia. You were alive.

                I'm sorry, Jule.

                Sorry to deceive you.

                Mr. Furlong, believe me, I never meant you any harm either.

                We took you out a moment before your death.

                The process did not shorten your natural life.

                What about trying to shorten my unnatural life?

                Didn't start out that way.

                I was assured all would go smoothly.

                You were never supposed to wake up.

                So you see, once the consciousness transfer was complete. . .

                . . .a fait accompli, only then would I have shown you my new self.

                Why do it at all?

                Because I love you.

                I've loved you for years, since we first met.

                But it was clear that nothing I possessed, no power or wealth. . .

                . . .nothing could make you feel what I felt.

                I held out hope that with enough time. . .

                . . .I could reach your heart.

                But time ran out. I became ill.

                I was dying.

                You spoke of Mr. Furlong and how much you loved him years ago.

                If only I could become this man. . .

                . . .whom you loved so much. . . .

                If I could somehow. . .

                . . .physically become him. . . .

                Of course, I was mad.

                I was quite mad.

                I beg you both to forgive me.

                Vacendak, it's Mac. Listen carefully.

                I'm calling it off, the whole thing. Everything.

                Say that again.

                Cease all pursuit of Furlong. You will be paid in full.

                Procedure      as discussed.

                I tried to steal love from you, love I was unable to win.

                Worse, I've tried to cheat life itself. . .

                . . .by seizing years not granted me.

                For these crimes, I sentence myself to death.

                Documents have been prepared.

                My termination here. . .

                . . .will be as if the actual consciousness transfer was made.

                In other words. . .

                . . .you will be me.

                Don't be alarmed.

                A little play-acting will be required. Julie will help.

                I'd be you?

                We could do it.

                We could pull it off. You and me, together.

                Stranger things have happened.

                Just think of it. You'll have all my money and power.

                Let's hope you use them more wisely than I.

                Before you is a sequence of numbers.

                Let's get on with it.

                Start with the first number. . .

                . . .key in the sequence, then hit delete.

                The sequence is in.

                Then hit delete, Mr. Furlong.


                I'm still here.

                You must have missed one.

                Do it again.

                You're stalling.

                What kept you? I've been humoring him for   minutes.

                I was a bit busy.

                I almost had Michelette, but he's still missing.

                Let him go!

                Sorry, Jule.

                -It's either him or me. -Too bad.

                I was just getting used to you.

                You don't make many friends in this business.

                Who says we're friends?

                Well, Vacendak?

                Shall we?

                Shall we make the switch?

                Just let it happen, Mr. Furlong.

                Just go with it.

                You need a new soul, not a new body.

                No machine can give you that.

                Don't resist.

                The computer is powerful.

                You can fight it, Alex.

                Your mind will be utterly annihilated.

                You can 't help yourself.

                Nobody can.

                You've completely lost it.

                He set me up!

                Don 't do it!

                Excellent shot, Mrs. Redlund.

                You just made me head of Mac Corp. Remind me to change the name.

                Put the gun down, Vacendak.

                I controI the company, the city, the banks, everything.

                You're no longer needed, asshole.

                McCandless is no more.

                Wait. . .

                . . .I'm McCandless.

                Nice try, Mark, but I made it.

                -I completed the transfer. -Don't you give me that shit.

                Shoot him, Vacendak. He tried to assassinate me.

                You take orders from a Freejack?

                Who is he?

                There were   .    seconds of transfer before it blew off-line.

                -Is he McCandless? -Of course I am.

                We've completed transfers in that time. . .

                . . .and we've had them take longer.

                I don't know.

                Mr. McCandless will have to identify himself.

                We can't get a voice-print lock. A ret scan won't work.

                He is lying! Check his personal I.D. number!

                Only McCandless would know that!


                What more do you want? Shoot him, Vacendak!








                Five, seven.

                Five, four, six, nine, seven!

                Goddamn you, McCandless!

                Nice to have you back.

                Nice to be back.

                Remarkable. I feel good.

                Gentlemen, prepare my car.

                You'll be dressed in something more appropriate, then. . .

                . . .you'll come with me.

                -I'll be driving today. -Very well, sir.

                I knew you'd make a mistake.

                McCandless can't drive.

                You must coach him better than that.

                Is that you?

                Nibble my ear. . .

                . . .for luck.

                How'd you get the I.D. number right?

                He didn't.

                I lied.

                He wasn't even close.

                Are we really going to do this?

                Stranger things have happened. Buckle up.

                Let's see what this baby can do.


Special help by SergeiK