Freeway Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Freeway script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Reese Witherspoon and Brittany Murphy movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Freeway. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Freeway Script



            Okay, we've got a four-word sentence.

            What is it, Vanessa?

            Vanessa, come on.

            Here we go. 'The.'






            Perfect. You've got it. Now let's continue to the third word.



            Think 'K,' 'Kuh,' followed by 'S.'

            Think 'Kuh-s.' 'Kuh-s.'

            -Um-- -Think.

            -'Drenks'? -Yeah, yeah.

            -'Drinks'? -You got it. That's it.

            -'Drinks.' -You did it. Perfect.

            Um, 'The cat drinks...


            That's right. Very good. Great, Vanessa.

            Vanessa! Chopper!

            Fully rewarded now?

            Hey, mister! I've got my own place.

            It's right over there in the motel.

            You can turn right here and get in. It's cooler.

            Then can I get in the car with you?

            -I'll go wherever you wanna go. -Move, bitch!

            -No, thank you! -Sir! Sir!

            Well, screw you too, fuckin' nigger!

            Mom? What are you doin'?

            -What are you doin' home so early? -It's not so early, Mom.

            -How you doin', Ms. Lutz? -Don't even talk to her, Chopper!

            -Vanessa, I'm out of here. -Okay.

            -Will you give your mom my regards? -Will do, Ms. Lutz.

            You said you weren't gonna do this no more.

            I've had enough crap from your father all day.

            -I am real stressed-- -Larry is not my dad.

            If you're gonna smart-ass me, you can just go on home right now.

            Get out of my face right now!

            -Go on, get out! -Fine.

            -Fine. -You don't know nothing' about nothin'!

            You don't know a goddamn thing about nothin'!

            Larry, just let me through.

            -What's the magic word? -Fuck you, you piece of shit.

            'Fuck you'?

            How was school?

            Like you really fuckin' care, asshole.

            Me and your mama, we spent the whole day in line securin' rent vouchers...

            and we could both use a little consideration!

            Don't it bother you your own wife bringin' off all them guys for money?

            I make her use mouthwash after.

            You like that minty-fresh taste, huh, Larry?

            Vanessa Lutz, I'm gettin' ready to take a seriously big shit...

            right on top of that pointy little head of yours!

            Don't be a smart-ass.

            Hey, motherfucker.

              -You want some company? -Y eah.

              Oh, let me get in.

              You get the luckiest breaks.

              And I mean lucky. What else could it be?

              We interrupt this program to go live to L.A. County Sheriff's headquarters...

              where a press conference is now in progress...

              regarding the grisly find yesterday morning...

              along San Diego Freeway in Torrance.

              The two females have been identified as   -year-old...

              Tempest Mueller of Downey and   -year-old...

              Corky Poindexter of Bellflower.

              Both females have extensive arrest records for prostitution...

              and we are now considering them as victims of the individual...

              that we call the l-  Killer.

              I'll take a few questions.


              -I happened to be watchin' that, Larry! -Forget it.

              You just don't want me hearin' about that killer out there.

              But what if he drove up right this second and snatched up Mom, huh?

              What would you have to say then, smart guy?

              First of all, your mama would kick his ass.

              And second of all, that killer is all the way up in L.A., okay?

              My dog's better than your dog

              My dog's better than yours

              My dog's better 'cause he gets Ken-L Ration

              My dog's better than yours

              Larry, get your goddamn hands off of my anatomy!

              -Or I swear to fucking God-- -What?

              Oh, yeah, like she's really gonna believe you.

              I'm really not up to your shit today, Larry.

              -Fact, I'm mad as hell at you now. -Aw, come here.

              Goddamn it, Larry!

              Get your fuckin' hands off me, you shithead!


              You hit hard! Ow!

              Now you just behave.

              Fuck, you hit hard.

              You know, I can't help you...

              if you don't tell me what it is you want.

              Well, maybe we'd better just forget the whole thing.


              I bet you like havin' your wiener sucked.

              -Hmm? Don't you? -Yeah, I guess so.

              How come that doesn't surprise me?

              What would a thing like that cost?

              Thirty dollars.

              Sheriff's Department. You're under arrest.

              Let go!

              Come on, guys, I didn't do anything. I did nothing wrong.

              -Take it easy. -Come on.

              Where do you think you're going?

              You're hurtin' me! You're hurtin' my arm!

              You're hurtin' me. You're hurtin' my arm.

              What's your name, Miss?

              Ramona Lutz.


              -Stayin' at this motel? -Yep.

              I never saw that before in my life, and that's God's truth, sir.

              You're telling me this brown residue isn't narcotics?

              It doesn't belong to me.

              What is that? Speed? You look like a speedy kind of gal.

              Officer, please, listen to me.

              Um, my little girl...

              she's home with me now, and she just got out of Children's Services...

              and I cannot afford to be busted again because they'll take her away from me.

              They'll just take my baby.

              You know this pipe constitutes probable cause...

              so we're gonna have to take a look inside your motel room.

              You can't do that. My husband's asleep.

              -Your husband know you're soliciting? -Give us a fuckin' break.

              -Your husband own a firearm, Ramona? -My Larry is on parole.

              He hasn't had a firearm for a long time.

              We're gonna be real unhappy if you're not tellin' us the truth.

              I am tellin' you the truth, okay?

              Come on. Let's go.

              You guys are makin' me wish I was dead.

              You fuckin' happy about that? Are you fuckin' happy about that?

              Cut that out right now or you're gonna be hogtied!

              -But if you just listen to me! -Shut your mouth now!

              Not another word!

              Oh, yes!

              Ooh, yeah! Aah! Ooh!

              Sheriff's Department, Larry.

              -Oh, yes! -We need to talk to you a minute.

              Hey! What the fuck!

              -Oh, shit! -Who's the girl, Larry?

              -Tryin' to take my baby away. -You're diddlin' the daughter, Larry?

              What kind of question is that?

              -You mean-- -Get her outta here!

              Hey, come on now. She ain't my real daughter.

              And besides, nothin's goin' on, right?

              -Just who is this man to you? -He's my stepfather.

              Take him into the other room and I'll talk to the juvenile.

              I got a pit in my shoulder, and if you don't cuff me in front...

              I'm gonna sue the police department until there's no fuckin' tomorrow!

              -You son of a bitch! -What's your name?

              Vanessa Lutz.

              Well, kid, I sure don't envy your situation here.

              My parents is just goin' through a hard time is all...

              with the finances and everything.

              Well, I see they still got enough money left over to buy drugs.

              I wouldn't be comfortable talkin' about that sort of thing, ma'am.

              I'm goin' to ask you a question, okay? Don't get upset. It's important.


              Is there some sort of sexual activity between your stepfather and yourself?

              -Elevator up. -Come here, baby.

              -We are so fucked. -What are you laughin' at?

              We are so fucked.

              Oh, don't take my baby away! Oh, please!

              If you love her so much, how come you don't clean up around here?

              I do clean up, sir.

              It just happens that I'm under a great deal of stress.

              My sister happened to die three months ago in Washington...

              -and I'm tryin' to get off methadone! -You're on methadone?

              Will you please give me a cigarette?

              -I told you to keep quiet. -Please give her a cigarette.

              -Please. -Are you mad at me?


              I'm not mad, Mom.

              Please don't be mad. Come over here, give me a big hug.

              Come on. I ain't gonna see you for a long time, baby.

              Come on.

              Oh, baby. Oh.

              I am so sorry, Pooh Bear.

              I'm so sorry.

              You still love me?

              -I love you, Mom. -I love you more.


              Would you get this--

              Tell this piece of shit to get his knee out of my neck!

              Bye, Ramona! I love you!

              I love you!

              Watch her head.

              -I'll go in the other car. -Get her outta here.

              Bye, Ramona!

              -Children's Services are on their way. -Oh, that's just great.

              No offense, kid, but anything's an improvement over this.

              What do you think we ought to do? Just leave you here?

              I could stay with you for a couple of weeks.

              -Are you kidding? -No, I'm serious.

              I could do all sorts of chores while you was out messin' people up.

              We're not allowed to do things like that.

              -You're lyin'. -No, I'm not.

              If you don't want to, all you had to do was just say it straight out.

              I don't want to.

              Okay, then.

              Hey, Mrs. Sheets. Guess you heard the news.

              Hello, Vanessa. I heard your mother might be away for awhile.

              This is her third arrest this year. She's lookin' at six months, mandatory.

              We're holding the stepfather on multiple parole violations.

              Oh, I am so sorry about all this, Vanessa.

              -I can take over here now, Officer. -Good luck, kid.

              Yeah, right. Come on over and ruin my life again real soon.

              You don't have to be so hard on the officer.

              She just took my whole family off to jail, okay?

              I hate pigs so much, Mrs. Sheets.

              Come on, now. Let's go gather up some of your things.

              You're puttin' me in foster care again, aren't you?

              Honey, I'm willing to consider any alternative you'd like to suggest, but--

              My grandma would be an alternative.

              This is the first I've heard of any grandma.

              On my father's side. My real father. See?

              She'd take me in, most likely.

              You don't sound too sure.

              Actually, she don't know about me yet.

              That's not gonna do us much good for tonight.

              Why haven't you been in touch with her before now?

              Before I was born, there was this bad blood between her and my mom...

              and there must've been some harsh words spoke...

              because my mom threw this chemical on her face that burned her skin a bit.


              I tried gettin' her on the phone once, but she ain't listed.

              If I could get up to Stockton, I know I'd find her.

              -Just like that, huh? -Y eah.

              Oh, my God.

              I know what I need.

              Mrs. Sheets, could you come in here and fold up my blanket?

              -This one? -Y eah, that one.

              -What do you want with this old thing? -My mama gave it to me.

              What are you doing? What--?

              Oh, shit! Sorry. Let me get you turned around.

              Vanessa, this is not funny!

              I'm not laughin', Mrs. Sheets.

              Now, if you yell loud enough, Mr. Wong will come and set you free.

              He's the day manager. I'll leave the keys on top of the TV.

              Vanessa, you come back here!

              Where the fuck are you, Chopper?


              Chopper, we're fucked. We're totally fucked.

              Just after you left, the pigs came and pinched Mom and Larry both.

              Then my parole officer showed up like the motherfuckin' plague...

              to take me off to foster care again, just like last time.

              So how did you get here?

              I cuffed her ankle to the bed.

              -That wasn't very smart, Vanessa. -I know, I know.

              I'm goin' up north, and unless you never wanna see me again, you better get in.

              I gotta be in court next week for sentencing.

              If I don't show, I'm gonna get a year at Camp Gonzalez for sure.

              I guess I'm on my own.

              Where up north are you goin'?

              My grandma's up in Stockton.

              -You got any money? -No.

              Sell that when you get where you're goin'.

              It's from Spain.

              I love you so much, Chopper.

              I love you too, baby.

              Oh, here.

              Take this.

              I gotta go.

              Good-bye, Chopper, my beloved boyfriend.

              Pinche, mirate.

              Damn fucking car.

              Didn't know that today it would pass.

              Damn it.


              You havin' some kind of trouble?

              The fucking cocksucker won't even fucking turn over!

              -Excuse my bad language, sir. -It's all right.

              -Would you mind if I take a look? -Go for it.

              Get behind the wheel there and step on the gas for me.

              Try it.


              I hate to break the news to you, but this car's had it.

              -I knew it was only a matter of time. -Where are you headed?

              My grandma's up in Stockton.

              Well, I'm goin' as far as L.A. You're welcome to ride with me.

              -Really, mister? -Sure.

              -Grab your stuff and let's go. -Thanks!

              I guess we oughta call a tow truck.

              Nah. Caltrans will take care of it. My mom used to work part-time for them.

              -So what do I call you? -Sorry. My name is Bob Wolverton.

              -I'm Vanessa Lutz. -It's nice to meet you, Vanessa.

              Put on your safety belt and we'll get goin'.



              What's this all about?

              It's a psychological manual. I use it in my work.

              I'm a counselor at a school for boys with emotional trouble.

              Just boys, huh? No girls at all?

              I'm afraid so.

              So how does your family feel about this trip of yours up to Stockton?

              I don't got no family just at the moment.

              Vanessa, everybody's got a family.

              Shows how much you know.

              -You wanna talk about it? -Not really.

              I'm sorry.

              It's an unfortunate habit of mine, sticking my nose where it shouldn't be.

              That's a bad habit.

              Well, don't rub it in, okay? It's just my work.

              I see a kid who looks like they're in trouble, and I start askin' questions.

              I guess it's just become second nature.

              It's that obvious?

              -What is? -Me being in trouble.

              Look, the offer's still open if you want it.

              I've always found it amazing how--

              how much easier it is to really share something with a perfect stranger...

              stuff that you couldn't even talk to with your friends or family.

              I noticed that.

              -That's real funny. -Yeah, it is.

              Most of the kids I work with, I don't press 'em to talk about themselves.

              I just let them know I'm there...

              and that they can talk about themselves if they want to.

              I guess my biggest problem right now is...

              my mama's in jail.

              Vanessa, that sounds like a pretty bad situation.

              Y eah, but that's why I'm goin' to see my grandma.

              Would you mind me asking why your mother's in jail?

              It's pretty embarrassing.

              Why would you be embarrassed about another person's acts?

              I don't know, it's just--

              I mean, I don't feel comfortable talkin' about stuff like that...

              'cause I think it makes me look like a low-type person.

              Well, I can understated that.

              Most of the boys I work with, even the most troubled ones...

              all they really need is just someone to listen to 'em.

              Y eah, but you probably get so sick of hearin' them sad stories every day.

              I don't. I really love my work.

              I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. Not ever.

              Guess I wouldn't mind talkin' to someone.

              I just wouldn't know where to begin.

              Why don't you begin with your mother? I mean, if you want to.

              My mama's a whore.

              Thanks, mister.

              I mean, Bob.


              I can't believe I'm tellin' you all this stuff.

              My mama's in jail.

              It looks like my stepfather's next parole officer ain't even been born yet.

              Vanessa, you really don't have anyone, do you?

              That's terrible.

              Oh, that's just terrible.

              My real dad was this merchant marine out of Texas...

              but he got stabbed to death on one of them container ships...

              by this man from Pakistan before I was born.

              You wanna see his picture?


              That's my daddy.

              -He looks very interesting. -You think?

              -Absolutely. -I think so, too.

              Your grandmother's gonna be very proud...

              when she finds out what a wonderful granddaughter she's got.

              But I have to be honest with you.

              I think given your present situation...

              maybe foster care would be the way you should go right now.

              Bob, sometimes them places are okay, but most of the time...

              them people are just in it for the check that the state sends for your upkeep.

              I take it you've had some bad experiences.

              The last one I was in, there was an old man that everyone called 'grandpa'...

              and he had this disease called, um, wisenheimers, I think it was...

              where your brain cells run out into your pee.

              -It's a form of senility. -Here's your check, sir.

              Thanks, Bob. That's the best fuckin' dinner I've had all month.

              I wouldn't mind stretchin' my legs before I got behind the wheel. You mind?

              No. Sure. I got all the time in the world.


              So them foster parents, the Moraleses...

              you would've thought a check from the state would've been enough.

              But no, they figured on me helpin' out with Grandpa, too.

              -You had to provide care for this man? -Get crucial.

              This guy was pissin' his sheets nearly every night.

              Just bein' near him made me want to puke my guts out.

              So what happened when you refused?

              They just started treatin' me like I was the biggest bitch who'd ever been born.

              Then this one night, just a couple weeks after I'd been placed there...

              I woke up to see Grandpa standin' over me with his cane in one hand...

              and his you-know-what in the other.

              My God. What happened?

              -I told him to get the hell out. -I take it he didn't.

              No. That's when he tried to slip it under the covers with me...

              and I just went crazy on him.

              What do you mean, you went crazy?

              I was pissed off 'cause I couldn't see my mom...

              and havin' this perv standin' over me waggin' his thing in my face...

              was just the last straw.

              So what did you do?

              Well, I got up on my knees...

              and just slapped his dentures half out of his face.

              And then I dropped down on his chest and just started whalin' on him...

              beatin' him up so hard and swearin' so loud.

              My God.

              So then the lights went on, and Mr. Morales showed up in his pajamas.

              -Well, thank God he was there. -Yeah, right.

              Hit me so hard, I had to have my jaw wired shut for nearly three months.

              Broke my nose, too. That's how come it's so big.

              Your nose is not big.

              It's pretty damn big.

              Was this man ever punished?

              Are you kidding? A pillar of society like Mr. Morales?

              No. But my mom got out of rehab a couple days later...

              so I didn't have to go back or nothin'.

              You were telling me a little while ago that your stepdad was on parole.

              Oh, yeah. Larry's been in lots of pens...

              Iike this one federal place up in lllinois, Marion.

              It's just mostly for drug shit.

              Manufacturing methamphetamines, stolen property...

              but nothin' real, real bad.

              Vanessa, please don't be offended by my next question...

              but, uh...

              did your stepfather molest you?

              Oh, my God.

              This policewoman just asked me that very same question just a few hours ago.

              And how did that make you feel?

              Like I got 'Daddy's Fuckhole' tattooed on my forehead.

              Maybe this is an issue you should explore.

              I never even told my fiance about this stuff.

              Vanessa, if you keep something like this bottled up inside...

              it could wreck your whole life.

              Now you're scarin' me.

              That's not my intention.

              I just think you have a very good opportunity now to get through...

              some of the trauma and anguish you've been suffering from for a long time.

              I do got trauma, huh?

              Let's not kid ourselves, Vanessa.

              I've been so anguished...

              I can't even remember bein' happy.

              Vanessa, you have to look this pain in the eye.

              Otherwise it could rule over every aspect of your life.

              Now, I think I can help you...

              but you're going to have to trust me.

              You're going to have to let me in.

              My God, you're cold.

              Just thinkin' about my fucked-up life is all.

              Let's go.

              I'm sorry.

              Here I am, blubberin' like a big old baby, and you're just tryin' to help me.

              Vanessa, Vanessa, just take your time.

              Take your time.

              I was    when Larry first held me.

              Where was your mother?

              Some stupid halfway house.

              How did the abuse begin?

              With my mama gone, I had all these extra chores that I had to do...

              Iike the laundry and the groceries and things like that.

              So you became the woman of the house.

              Y eah.

              Y eah, and I was so proud of myself.

              And then this one night, we were just watchin' TV after dinner...

              Iike we always do...

              and that's when Larry told me...

              that one of Mama's chores had always been to massage his you-know-what.

              Did Larry expose himself to you?

              All through the show.

              Did Larry have an erection?

              That's puttin' it mildly.

              Did he ask you to perform oral sex for him?

              At first, I mean, he just had me hold on to his you-know-what...

              durin' whatever happened to be on TV.

              He didn't get around to the other thing you just mentioned for a while.

              I guess he figured if he went all slow-like...

              I wouldn't freak-out and get him in trouble.

              But back then, I didn't even know that stuff we was doin' was criminal.

              Vanessa, victims often blame themselves. It's a common occurrence.

              But make no mistake about it: you are the victim.

              -Really, Bob? -Absolutely.

              I was such a baby, I didn't even know why men wanted that stuff done to them.

              Vanessa, my God, you were a child.

              You must have been so confused.

              You know, and--

              and when he did that thing that you mentioned for the first time...

              I swear to Christ, I thought he was goin' to the bathroom in my mouth.

              Do I have your absolute trust?

              I guess I trust you more than I've ever trusted anyone in my whole life, Bob.

              And I really mean that.

              Thank you. The reason why I'm asking...

              there's this powerful new psychological technique that I'd like to try on you.

              I think it could really help you.

              Would you like to give it a try?

              Y eah.

              It consists of a battery of questions...

              that are designed to trigger certain elements of your subconscious.

              I've gotta warn you, Vanessa...

              this technique, it can be uncomfortable.

              Go for it, Bob.

              I mean, if you think it's gonna help me.


              Okay. Let's get started. Are you ready?

              A few moments ago, you were telling me that you felt like...

              Larry had gone to the bathroom in your mouth.

              Those were your exact words. Do you remember?

              Now at that exact moment, when Larry ejaculated in your mouth...

              did you feel as though somehow you were being transformed...

              into some kind of a human urinal?

              What kind of fucking questions are these, Bob?

              You have to answer with the first thing that comes into your mind.

              It's very important.

              -I knew I was flesh and blood. -I understand that.

              But you have to tell me exactly how you felt.

              You have to learn how to express your feelings out loud.

              I felt just like you said.

              Say it out loud, Vanessa.

              I felt like I had been...

              transformed into a human urinal.

              That's very good, Vanessa. Very good.

              Now tell me this, and this is absolutely crucial.

              Are you ready?

              Did Larry try to fuck you?

              Oh, God.

              He tried, later on.

              Did you like it when Larry fucked you?

              You piece of shit!

              -I told you this can get uncomfortable. -Pull on over right now!

              -We're not finished yet. -Y es, we are!

              We are definitely finished. Now you pull on over!

              You can suffer irreparable damage if you break it off like this!

              -I don't give a goddamn! -Jesus Christ!

              Piece of shit! Fuckin' pervert!

              -Jesus Christ! -Where's the door handle?

              You lookin' for this?

              -Now you just settle down! -I'm gonna kill you!

              I'm gonna slit your fuckin' throat. Is that what you want me to fuckin' do?

              Okay! I'm stoppin', okay?

              You get down on the floor and get my fuckin' car keys...

              and you put them in the ignition.

              You know, you wouldn't like it if someone was doin' that to you.

              You're probably right, Vanessa.

              -I doubt I would like it. -Then stop it!

              I will stop it if you promise to behave.

              I promise I'll behave.

              -Are you that guy on the news? -I'm sorry?

              Are you the guy that's been killin' all them girls on the freeway?

              Why are you killin' all them girls, Bob?

              'Cause I've reached my fucking limit with people like you, Vanessa.

              -What kind of people am l? -The alcoholics, the drug addicts...

              the fathers who fuck their daughters...

              the drug-addicted motherfuckin' whores with their bastard--

              Hey, I ain't no trick, baby!

              I call them 'garbage people,' and I assure you, you are one of them.

              I am not.

              Look at you. You're already a master at the manipulation of men.

              I didn't run nothin' on you.

              It's so intrinsic to your nature, you're not even aware when you do it.

              Stupid bitch.

              What, you think it's okay to do all sorts of bad stuff to me now?

              That's an open-ended discussion, dealing with deep philosophical ramifications...

              something you could hardly grasp.

              Take it from me, a professional, you're an absolute fucking moron.

              You know, maybe I ain't smart like you...

              and maybe I haven't finished school, but at least I ain't a hypocrite.

              Vanessa, please indulge me. Tell me why I am a hypocrite.

              You act like you's all on some sort of mission...

              but all you wanna do is just get off in a sex-type way.

              Are you gonna do sex to me now?

              I promise you, if we get really, really intimate...

              you're gonna be way past being offended.

              What, are you gonna fuck me when I'm dead?

              Mister, I'm a person! I'm a human being!

              Yeah, like that drug addict fuckin' whore of a mother of yours?

              I sure wouldn't want to meet your mom, Bob.

              What, you can talk about my mom but I can't talk about yours?

              We are not here to talk about me, Vanessa!

              We are here to talk about you, so get your fuckin' pants down!

              Please just let me go, Bob.

              Goddamn it!

              Get your fuckin' pants down, you fuckin' cunt!

              What'd you call me?

              Get your fuckin' pants down now!

              Okay! Okay!

              Okay, but look, I got these boots...

              and I got all them laces and stuff, so give me a minute.

              Hurry up.

              Fucking bitch!

              I'm gonna fuckin' kill you, Vanessa.

              -You just settle down, Bob. -Okay.

              -You just settle down right now! -Okay.

              Drop that razor out the window.

              If you try anything, I'm gonna shoot you so many times!

              You should've just let me out of the car when I asked you to, Bob!

              You see where bad manners get you?

              Listen, Vanessa, look. I just--

              I've heard all I'm gonna hear out of you.

              -Fuck! -So there!

              Jesus Christ!

              That's for trickin' me into tellin' you all them things I never told my fiance!

              Jesus Christ! We're gonna get into an accident!

              And that's for cuttin' off all my hair, you fucker!

              Vanessa, you're upset, okay? You have every right to be.

              Something dark and terrible came over me, but I wasn't gonna hurt you.

              -You gotta believe that. -Yeah, right! I'm so sure!

              I'm serious. I just wanted to scare you. I don't even know why.

              Vanessa, it's obvious to me right now I'm a profoundly sick man.

              I won't argue with you there.

              Anyone who'd do sex to a dead person is definitely sick, mister.

              You just admitted it. I'm a sick--

              Bob, shut up! Shut up!

              Okay. Okay. Okay.

              Son of a bitch.

              Vanessa? What are you thinking right now?

              You wanna hear more of my innermost fuckin' secrets?

              -No. -Fuckin' asshole.

              No. I was just wondering what you were planning on doing.

              I'm gonna turn you in to the fuckin' pigs, that's what I'm gonna do!

              You know what'll happen then, don't you?

              Yeah. You'll end up suckin' gas at San Quentin.

              -Vanessa. -You just might.

              Vanessa, people like me, we don't go to the gas chamber.

              Then you'll go to the penitentiary, where the mighty Aryan Brotherhood...

              will make you wish you'd never been born.

              The likelihood of someone like me goin' to prison is absolutely nil.

              You think they're just goin' to let you walk?

              It'll be like that time Mr. Morales broke your jaw.

              -You think so, huh? -Absolutely.

              They won't take me for a killer. They'll let me go free.

              They'll send you to some new foster home...

              probably make Mr. Morales' place look like some pleasant dream to you.

              Unless, of course, you wanna play it smart for the first time in your life.

              How do I go about doin' that, Bob?

              I got some money on me. I got an A.T.M. card.

              We can go get some more. You can go your way, I'll go mine.

              I swear to God, you'll never see or hear me again.

              What do you say?

              I say, turn off on that exit up there!

              Vanessa, we're in the middle of nowhere!

              You wanna get shot a whole bunch of times?

              Now do like I tell you, dumbass!

              -Okay, okay, I'm turning. -You think this is a game?

              What are we gonna do, Vanessa? Drive around forever looking for a cop?

              Keep flappin' your gums, Bob. Who cares if no one's listenin'?

              Pull up on that dirt road over there.

              I know there's a lot of sick guys that get hard...

              thinkin' about messin' women up.

              Hell, that's all you ever see on TV.

              But when a guy goes and does that for real like you were plannin' on doin'--

              -I was just trying to scare you. -You had your turn to talk!

              I think it's only fair to let me get my two cents in.

              You're absolutely right. Sorry. Please, go on.

              But when a guy goes and hurts someone who never hurt them...

              that makes him a criminal first and a sick guy second.

              It's like being sick has to take second place to being crooked.

              And Bob, you're crooked.

              You proved that to me tonight.

              -Am I making any sense? -Y es. There's so much I wanna tell you--

              -Bob. -There's more to me than what you saw.

              -Bob. -Please.

              The time for talk's over now.

              I'm gonna ask you a question and it's real, real important, okay?


              Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior?

              Oh, my God! Vanessa, you're really scaring me.

              Tell me now, Bob. I need to know.

              Do you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and personal Savior?

              Yes. Yes, I do. I swear.

              Good. That's really good.

              Oh, God, not like this.

              Oh, God.

              Dear God, that was so fuckin' bad.

              But I was at a loss, so I left it up to You.

              I love You with all my heart and I hope You don't hate me more than You do.

              Please bless Mama, Larry and Chopper.


              -Yeah, sure thing. Regular? -Yeah.

              Be right back.

              My God! Did you see--

              -What the hell? -Hi.

              I think I'll have the 'Double He-Man Breakfast'...

              and a large size cherry cola.



              I must look a fright. Got a washroom?

              Dr. Barnes,     .

              Dr. Barnes,     .

              Dr. Kenseno to l.C.U.

              Dr. Kenseno to l.C.U.

              Nurse Bowman to the Nursery.

              One moment, please.


              Call the police.

              Help me.


              my wife, please.

              -Freeze! Police! -Hi, Officer. What's up?

              -Let's go! Come on. -Sir, I did nothin' wrong.

              -Shut up. -I did nothin' wrong!

              We got a gun! We got a gun.

              -Big wow. -Back inside, sir.

              God, half the goddamn world's got a gun. You're gonna throw me in this car--


              Give me a goddamn break.

              What? What, you're not even goin' to speak to me, Mr. Oink Man?

              -I bet you like snatching girls. -Back it up.

              Mr. Wolverton. Mr. Wolverton.

              Mr. Wolverton's just learned he's going to have to undergo a radical colectomy.

              That's rough.

              Yeah? Jesus.

              There's detectives from the sheriff's department who need to speak to you.

              As soon as we finish our neurologic test.

              Mr. Wolverton?

              Mr. Wolverton? Mr. Wolverton, can you hear me?

              I'm Garnet Wallace from the sheriff's department.

              I know you're in a lot of pain, but can you take a moment?

              I wanna show you a photograph. Tell me if this is the person that shot you.

              Is this the person that shot you?

              -Y es! -Are you sure?

              This is the person that shot you?

              Okay. You'll be all right.

              Oh, God! Please!

              Give me the fuckin' morphine! Oh, please!

              Mrs. Wolverton, your husband gave a positive identification.

              What happens now?

              -Well, you have to keep in mind... -Please!

              this is a juvenile we're talking about.

              -What? You're gonna let her free? -I didn't say we're gonna let her free.

              She can be incarcerated up to the age of   .

              For that? Look at him. Ten years?

              My husband is in there with God knows how many bullets in his head...

              and in his back.

              She deliberately shot him over and over again.

              -I want her held responsible. -Mrs. Wolverton.

              I assure you that whoever did this isn't just gonna walk away.

              What if he dies?

              If he dies, I think that she should be put in the electric chair.

              -Gas. -What?

              We use gas in California.

              I think you know what I mean, Detective.

              I certainly hope that the people who are prosecuting this case...

              can muster a little more sensitivity for the rights of the victims...

              -than you appear to have. -I didn't mean to sound uncaring.

              I want that little monster to pay for this. For me.

              For my husband. For the next person that she'll end up hurting or killing...

              if, God forbid, she's allowed back on the street.

              -Vanessa Lutz. -Yes, sir?

              My name is Garnet Wallace, and this is my partner Mike Breer.

              We're with the L.A. Sheriff's Department.

              You're that guy on TV, aren't you?

              Investigating the l-  murders.

              Y'all can take a fuckin' cruise, 'cause I took care of that piece of shit.

              Mr. Wolverton's in critical condition, but he isn't dead.

              Oh, yeah, right. I shot him so many times.

              Aren't you concerned about being tried as an adult for murder?

              Vanessa, the reason that we're here...

              is to give you an opportunity to change your story.

              That would make me a big, fat liar, wouldn't it?

              Look, kid, cooperate...

              'cause right now, we're the best friends you've got.

              Yeah, I'm so sure.

              -You don't believe we're your friends? -I believe you're out to ruin me.

              Look, I never said I wouldn't talk.

              I might not happen to say what y'all wanna hear.

              You want me to talk, that's fine, but let me call me fiance right after.


              -Okay? -Okay.

              Fine. No problem. Now talk.

              What do you want to know?

              Did Mr. Wolverton say he was the l-  Killer?

              He didn't say he wasn't.

              -I haven't said I'm the l-  Killer. -Yeah.

              And you haven't said you're gonna slash me dead with a razor...

              and do sex to my dead body neither.

              Mr. Wolverton said that to you?

              Yeah, right after he cut off all my hair.

              Then he called me one of them 'garbage people.'

              Then I asked him if he was that killer, and he started smilin' all proud-like.

              You have an opportunity now to clear your conscience.

              I told the truth...

              and truth is eternal.

              Vanessa Lutz.

              You still haven't told us why you were walking around with a loaded gun anyway?

              I was gonna sell it to finance my trip.

              Y et you ended up shooting some poor slob who had the decency to give you a ride.

              Y eah, except for the decency part.

              When did you decide to rob him? Was it before or after you shot him?

              Look, that perv owed me for pain and sufferin', so, yeah, I took his money.

              -Why didn't you turn him in? -I wanted to.

              But he kept sayin' it would be his word against mine...

              and that he'd get off and I would go to foster care again.

              And aside from that, I knew if I let him go, he would go kill another girl.

              And that would've been my fault.

              And I couldn't have lived with that. Never.

              No way.

              Why were you so convinced we wouldn't believe you?

              'Cause I've been in the system, and once you've been in it once...

              ain't no one never gonna believe you again.

              That's how it goes.

              Tell us about your past legal problems.

              It's all in my file.

              I want to hear it from you.


              All right. When I was younger, I used to have this problem with shoplifting.

              And I got caught and...

              the judge sent me to this group therapy session...

              for these girls who are supposed to be klepto.

              How many times were you arrested for shoplifting?

              Seven times.

              What else?

              Okay. Now thi--this is gonna sound bad, but it's not as bad as it seems.


              But I learned later that I had this problem with anger.

              But I don't have that problem no more.

              Just answer the question.

              Back in Texas, these cops said that I lit this shed on fire.

              You were arrested for arson?

              Yeah, but nobody got hurt. It was no big deal.

              And the judge even said I could get it 'explunged' from my record...

              if I was to go to these group therapy sessions...

              with all them teenagers who are supposed to be firebugs.


              that judge got switched, so that's why it's still there.

              How many times were you arrested for arson?

              Three times.

              Okay. What else?

              Come on, Vanessa. Tell us.


              Just doin' what came natural, huh?

              Hey, Mike.

              What's that supposed to mean?

              -Get back to the questions. -No. Uh-uh.

              What's that supposed to mean?

              You think prostitution comes natural, like bein' a nigger?

              You don't like bein' called a nigger?

              Well, I don't like being called a natural-born whore. So there.

              -Sit down. -No!

              He's talkin' to me the way that fuckin' guy did!

              Is that why you shot him? Or because you wanted what was in his wallet?

              I already told you why I shot him, you shit-skinned motherfucker.

              Fine, you fuckin' coon!

              I'll kick your black ass all over this fuckin' station!


              You okay, Mike?

              -Why'd you call him those names? -'Cause he didn't say he was sorry...

              and I knew it would piss him off.

              Now, how 'bout that phone call?

              Come on, come on. I need another quarter.

              Come on!

              Hey, Mrs. Wood. Is Chopper there?

              Holy shit!

              Look who got beat with the ugly stick!

              Is that you, Bob?

              I can't believe such a little gun could make such a big mess out of someone.

              Are you out of your mind?

              You are so ugly, Bob!

              You know it's gonna cramp your style big-time. You know that?

              Especially with little Miss Priss over there.

              And, hey, I heard you have one of them big poop bags.

              It's attached to your body and all your shit lands in it.

              You are a big old shit bag, ain't you, Bob?

              You think of me every time you empty that fuckin' thing, motherfucker!

              Quiet! Stay there.

              All right.

              One more word, young lady, and you're going to be gagged.

              The People versus Vanessa Julia Lutz.

              Your Honor, due to the heinous nature...

              of this crime and the defendant's obvious lack of remorse...

              the State moves that Vanessa Julia Lutz...

              be tried as an adult.

              Your Honor, my client is an illiterate child.

              -One only has to look at her-- -I've had my look, counsel.

              And I've been listening too.

              I'm going to direct Youth Authority to prepare a report on the defendant's...

              suitability to be tried as an adult.

              Hello there, ladies.

              Welcome to Bridgewater.

              I'm Mrs. Cullins, and if you follow me...

              I'll show you to your beds.

              Who am l, am I the type to leave you where you're standing

              Damn right so watch the way you're acting

              Put you under a microscope and watch you from afar

              Rattle up your nerves in every type of war

              Staring out the window 'cause you're paranoid thinkin' I'm gonna get ya

              I got your mind playin' tricks on you

              Venus, this is yours, number eight.

              And Vanessa...

              number   .

              Hello, Rhonda.

              Hey, Mrs. Cullins.

              Say hello to Vanessa. Vanessa, this is Rhonda.

              How you doing?

              I was hoping...

              that you could show Vanessa around the craft shop later.

              I can't.

              See, I'm on-- I'm on restriction.

              Rhonda, what did you do this time?

              Mrs. Joiner said...

              that I was touching Wanda Z. all inappropriate.


              I swear!

              So, who'd you kill?

              What makes you think I killed somebody?

              'Cause they got you wearin'...

              one of them orange murder suits.

              Only the shooters wear them things.

              Actually, I left him for dead...

              but he pulled through.

              I'm here for huffin' paint.

              They put you in here for that?

              Durin' the strip search...

              they found this gram of tar in my cooch.

              Do you like tar?

              No. Heroin's way too gnarly for me.

              I don't get...

              how a person...

              could go through their whole lives never being into girls.

              I just--I love girls.

              You can keep 'em.

              You don't know what you're missing.

              Chola alert.

              -How many? -Three.

              But you only gotta worry about one.



              They got you to cheat school...

              or what?


              I'm fuckin' talkin' to you, man.

              My name is Vanessa Julia Lutz.

              Say it! Cunt!

                  inmates only, module     .

              Say my name before I break your goddamn neck!


              Stick it in her. Stick it in her!

              Break it up!

              Hey! Let go of me!

              Get her to the infirmary!

              -Oh, dear. -Right in there.

              This isn't going to hurt a bit, sweetie.

              And afterwards, you can have a nice little nap.

              We can remove those pesky restraints now.

              Get off me!

              Hi, honey.

              -Grandma? -Here I am.

              -Hi, honey. -Grandma?



              Vanessa Julia Lutz.

              Inmate shows no remorse for her crimes.

              Inmate is combative.

              Refuses to accept responsibility for her actions.


              This inmate appears to be a sophisticated criminal...

              and an extreme danger to society...

              and should be required to pay the penalty for her actions...

              in a facility for adult criminals.


              antisocial personality disorder.


              very poor.


               Oh, this individual is probably too far gone...

                to benefit from corrective behavior modification...

                of the kind offered in a setting for juveniles.

                Hello, Vanessa. Do you think you can join...

                the rest of us now?

                If nobody gives me no more problems.

                We need to put an end to the system that lets dangerous, violent thugs...

                be prosecuted as juveniles, rather than as adults...

                even when they have committed the most vicious crimes.

                Hi, this is Janice Miller of lnside View.

                We're here with Mr. Robert Wolverton and his wife Mimi Wolverton...

                at their home in Orange County.

                Would you describe some of the hardships...

                you've had to endure since this ordeal began?

                My husband's been permanently disfigured.

                How can he work with children again?

                His appearance-- Well, it frightens them.

                He's unable to have sexual relations.

                You're saying your husband is no longer capable...

                of achieving an erection?

                That part of our lives is over now.

                What makes me so angry...

                is how that little monster ridiculed us during her preliminary hearing.

                And the media.

                How dare the media talk about how horrible her life is.

                What about us?

                Psychopath. She's been locked up, nine, ten times?

                Why was she ever let back out on the streets again?

                If the teenager who allegedly shot your husband were here...

                what would you say to her?

                Was it worth the $    she stole from him?

                Are you bitter...

                Mr. Wolverton?

                Well, Janice...

                after all the wonderful letters...

                that we received from across the country--

                My neck may not function, but I have not lost my smile.

                No, I'm not a bitter man.

                I know there's a lot of people looking for some real-life heroes.

                I think I found a few.

                Their courage is a real inspiration.

                Stay tuned for an unusual story...

                about a couple of sweltering polar bears in Texas.

                Holy shit.

                It's okay.

                Want me to go get you some party punch?

                No, I ain't thirsty.

                You're all wigged out, huh?

                I get all these bad nightmares once I get out of isolation.


                I am so happy to get out.

                I mean, I can't--

                I can't even sleep at all...

                Iet alone have nightmares.

                For me, it's like I get all shrunk down.

                I don't get what you mean.

                It's--It's like I get like a cat or a dog or somethin'.

                You can tell I'm just like they all are.

                If I get in the hole much longer, I'm gonna be like this hermit...

                shunning all human contact.


                It's like that song says, Vanessa.

                People need people.

                I ain't so sure about that, Rhonda.

                What is it that you think that you need?

                I'll tell you. Back in the hole I decided...

                all I need to live was my will...

                and a knife's good too...

                so you don't feel so at the mercy of events.

                -Wow. You made this? -Yeah.

                My stepfather Larry showed me how.

                It's pretty cool, huh?

                What are you gonna do with it?

                Get the hell outta here.

                You might have to mess up some of the staff.

                You really feel sorry for them people?

                Think normal people wake up one day and decide they're going to work in prison?

                They're perverts...

                every last one of them.

                Any of them fuckos get in my way, I'm gonna make them wish they hadn't.

                Do you like that?

                I'll make out with you...

                but no fucking.

                I'm straight.

                Okay, you two.

                Your Honor, it's obvious my client is an unstable child.

                It says here: 'Nearly illiterate, emotionally immature...

                prone to impulsivity, unpredictable--'

                Your Honor, she is charged with a gruesome crime.

                Counselor, please.

                It goes on to say she should be tried as an adult.

                She will be tried as an adult.

                Thank you, Your Honor.

                Jury selection will commence on June   at   ::   a.m.

                Are we leaving?

                What are y'all lookin' at? Fuck all y'all.

                Fuck you, chipmunk face, and your fuckin' skipper wife.

                I see here that you and Vanessa were arrested together twice in two years.


                We needed money. We thought it would be grown-up turning tricks...

                on Warren Avenue outside the Snack-N-Shop.

                Except we got pinched in five minutes. Bitch.

                You two were engaged in acts of prostitution in the sixth grade?

                We were only gonna jack 'em off is all.

                Did you ever see Vanessa...

                act in an overtly hostile way to an actual human being?

                You mean like blow somebody's brains out?

                -You think that's funny? -Y eah.

                What about her boyfriend who died?

                It was pretty exclusive.

                Okay, Cherry, that'll be all for now. Thank you.

                I know she's blowing it over him.

                Well, what do you know?

                -She's a coal-burner. -What's a coal-burner?

                It means her boyfriend's black.

                Are you surprised?

                -Aren't you? -You know, Mike...

                every kid we've spoken to about this Lutz girl...

                seems to hold her in very high regard.

                Look at her friends. They're the most fucked-up kids I've ever seen.

                -Still, something just doesn't-- -What?

                -I gotta go back to the crime scene. -It's two-and-a-half hours away.


                Go. Get it out of your system.

                Go on.

                Diamonds on the back, ladies. Diamonds on the back.

                I'm going to get some jerky. Stay in line!

                Don't forget to wash your hands now, ladies.

                Do you think that little guard's cute?

                I guess. Y eah, sort of punky.

                Better watch out 'cause it's gonna get crazy in here in a second.

                You gonna cut up that cute guard?

                -lf he gets in my way. -Well, you're stupid...

                if you think you can get past both them.

                What the fuck do you care what happens to me?

                I'm here on double murder. In two years, I'm gonna be   ...

                I'm going to be sent to Frontera for    years, so why shouldn't I help?

                Because two heads...

                are a lot fuckin' better than one head.

                Hurry up in there, ladies.

                -Come on, now. -All right.

                -Don't you fuckin' breathe! -Vanessa.

                -I'm dead serious. What did I say? -Where did the hack go?

                He-He-He went to get...

                a beef treat, Mesquita.

                -And he'll be right back. -Shut up.

                -You can't get by the both of us. -Shut up!

                -Think about it-- -Shut up!

                -My sister Brenda thinks you're cute. -I do not.

                -You do too. -Where's Mrs. Cullins?

                I don't know.

                Who told you you could fight?

                -You didn't have to kill me. -What?

                -You didn't have to kill me! -I didn't, you dirty little pervert.

                Gimme your goddamn car keys before I cut your pecker off.

                That won't feel very good, will it?

                -He sure is bloody. -I still think he's cute.

                Move the fuckin' leg, man!

                -Move your fuckin' face! -Mesquita, I'd really like to go now.

                Good night, everybody!

                My homeys are here, Vanessa.

                I missed you so much.

                You smell the same.

                -What happened? -I was playing with ketchup.

                This is, uh, my little bunkie Vanessa.

                Quiere un carro. Okay?

                And don't you worry, Cacahuete. Everything will be all right.

                All right.

                -You look pretty. -Thanks.

                So, uh, you won't think I sound all feminist and shit.

                It's like...

                the one thing that I learned in jail is that...

                girls gotta help out other girls, you know?

                Especially convict girls because...

                if they don't, they oughta be fucking dead.

                -Know what I mean? -I hear what you're sayin'.


                Need me to drop that off anywhere?

                No. The owner, he won't mind.


                You're going to need this, girl.

                Oh, Mesquita, you already done too much for me.

                This ain't even $  . This bomb's a total gas hog. Don't be stupid.

                You know what I really need is a gun.

                You gonna give her my juguete.

                I'll get you another one, pendejo.

                I'll get you a cellular too and a beeper.

                I'll get ahold of your ass.

                Watch out for the pigs, Vanessa.

                Yeah, I'm sorry for busting your nose that time.

                I was just real upset that day.

                Oh, that hurt. I'm all trying to work it...

                so I can get you to put out with me later on.

                I guess I went about it pretty dumb, huh?

                Mesquita, I'd put out for you any day of the week.

                I only do that in lockup.

                Come here.

                Good morning, Mrs. Wolverton.

                -Have you found her? -No, we haven't, Mrs. Wolverton.

                -I don't think you're in any danger. -Oh, really.

                Well, your life hasn't been ruined by this little monster, has it?

                Is your husband here now?

                No. He's at St. John's doing his physical therapy.

                Now what the hell are you doing here?

                Go over to the hospital and escort Mr. Wolverton back here, please.


                Mrs. Wolverton, I have a search warrant here.

                -What? -lf you would just sign anywhere.

                I'm not signing anything.

                Steve, make note that Mrs. Wolverton refused to sign the search warrant.

                -I don't believe this. -So noted.

                Take care of downstairs.

                And make sure you check out the backyard, everything, thoroughly.

                What's this all about?

                Mrs. Wolverton, certain evidence has come to light...

                which we are duty bound to investigate.

                -What sort of evidence? -I would prefer to discuss it...

                in the presence of your husband, if you don't mind.

                There's a--

                There's a storage shed out back. I'm going to take a look.

                You wouldn't happen to have the key, would you?

                -Fuck you. -Didn't think so.

                Robert Wolverton. Correct.

                Age   .

                Yeah, forensics is on its way.

                Tony found some remains. Human, animal--Who knows?

                Mrs. Wolverton...

                were you aware your husband had mental problems?


                Those were--

                Those were child--



                Just like the Lutz girl we've been dying to see get strapped in the gas chamber.

                -Will you ease up on her? -Fuck her!


                Por favor.


                Hey, ladies! ?Donde estan los chicos?



                Y eah, muy bueno.

                Want to score, baby? Come on.

                Fuck you too.

                Hey, babe. Ooh, me so horny.

                Y eah, what about now?

                Fuck you too.

                Back again, huh?

                Want to fuck?

                How much?

                Depends on what you're into.

                Do you suck cock?

                Sure. I can do that.

                I just wanna get sucked.

                All right. Find us an alley and I'll take care of you where you're sitting.

                I'll pay $  .

                I can live with that. Let's go.

                -You're underage, aren't you? -ls that a problem?


                Young people gotta live too.

                Sure got that right. Now get 'em all down, okay?

                Makes it a whole lot easier that way.

                And gimme all your money! All of it!

                Goddamn it!

                Jesus! Okay! Hey, I'm sorry, okay?

                -I was aimin' at your head, mister! -Okay, I'm sorry.

                If you get this over quick, we'll both be a lot happier.

                My money's in my briefcase in the backseat.

                Don't move it!

                Just lean over and open it up where it's laying.

                And keep your pants where they are, Mr. Dirty Mouth!


                Okay. Okay.

                Don't swing that motherfuckin' thing at me, or I swear to God you're dead!

                Believe me?

                Why are you doing this?

                Because I'm pissed off and the whole world owes me. Now gimme your money!

                Where's the rest of it?

                That's all I got.

                You was just gonna give me five dollars!

                Please, please. Just take it, okay? Please?

                Get out of the goddamn car right now, you little pecker snot!

                Right now!


                Get all them panties off before I get really pissed!

                You think I'm kiddin'?

                Now get your ass in the trunk.


                I'm claustrophobic.

                Well, I get claustrophobic suckin' strange dick. Get in there!

                Please, I gotta pee.

                Well, pee in there, motherfucker! I ain't kiddin'!



                I'm sorry, sir. This is a no-smoking restaurant.

                You really are a dear, Flo.

                Would you care for a warm-up?

                No, thank you. I'd like to order.

                Um, what would you like?

                Some chicken soup...

                with a fucking straw.

                Let me out! I'm dying in here!

                Oh, you are? Well, do it now.

                Will you slow down, for Christ's sake? You're gonna get us killed.

                There--There's the exit.





                Let me out. I'm dying in here.

                Grandma, it's me!

                It's me, Vanessa!

                Hey, Grandma.

                It's me, Vanessa.

                Hi, Grandma.

                Grandma, wake up.

                It's time to wake up.

                I'm your granddaughter. I'm here to take care of you forever and ever.

                Why are you hiding?

                Here, let me see.

                Them's some big ugly fuckin' teeth you got, Bob.

                How do you like that, Vanessa?

                You like how that fucking feels?

                -What did you do with my grandma? -Do you want to see your grandma?

                What do you think of grandma, kid?

                You fucker!

                -You killed my grandma! -That's not all I did to grandma.


                Naomi, listen. I brought you an extension cord--

                Die, you piece of dick! Dead!

                Die, you fucker!

                Back inside!

                My God!

                Die, you piece of shit!

                Goddamn pig!

                Let's go!

                Fuckin' perv!

                Piece of shit!


                Come on.

                Oh, shit.

                Get out of there. Get out of there!

                Holy shit.

                Holy shit.

                Holy shit.

                Y'all got a cigarette?


Special help by SergeiK