Fresh Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fresh script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sean Nelson and Samuel L. Jackson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Fresh. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Fresh Script



[ Horns Honking ]



[ Woman ]

Buenos dias, buenos dias.



You coming early today.



But don't worry,



I gotta get to school.



Come in, come in.



Always with you young boys,

always in a rush, always in a rush.



-[ Train Passing ]

-[ Woman Continues In Spanish ]



Marisol already

leave for school.



She has not missed one day

of school in three year.



Sit down, sit down.



You like some milk?

Some milk and cookie?



I have some nice

chocolate chip.



You like Marisol?



Marisol, she always

asking about you:



Why he don't talk to me

at the school?''



You have a girlfriend?



Ahhh, you already

liking somebody.



You are young.

Is plenty of time.



Soon you get tired of her,

and then you talk to my Marisol.



And I'm always telling her,



So take your time.

It's okay.''



Because I always tell her a word



- Half a brick means   

- Yes, yes, of course,   .



- It ain't   .

- Yes, yes, of course,   .



Esteban said I gotta

take this to Chillie's store.

I gotta take   .



If I don't give him   

he gonna get mad.

You want me to count 'em?



No, no, no, no.

Wait, wait.



I-I-I check for you.

I-I check again.



[ Continues In Spanish ]



[ Train Passing ]



Oh, look, look.

This one was stuck in back here.



I don't understand.

It's my eyes, you know?



So old, not seeing

so good no more.



And that's why I buy Marisol

her glasses right away.



So she don't have no trouble

with her eyes like me.



But Marisol is a pretty girl.

Just think about my Marisol...



because I want her to have

a clever boy like you,

so you think about it,



Yeah, yeah,

they already called.



Then why they ain't

ready yet?



Relax. It's  :   in the morning.

We ain't hardly woke up yet.



I'm late for school,



Oh, for joy! It's little Fresh,

our messenger to the gods.



My tag is for my friends.

You can call me Michael.



You know,

it's embarrassing...



Esteban using this ugly

little maricon for man's work.



It makes me sick.



What's embarrassing is,

all the work there is to do...



Esteban got you workin'

up here with the bitches,

that's what's embarrassing.



Damn! Ugly spotted

little motherfucker.

I'll fuck you up.



I'm all over these bitches, nigger.

Got me a harem here

like Arabian motherfuckin' shit.



You ain't all over me,




You be dead before

you touch this good thing,

fucking monkey.



You tripping on

your own shit, motherfucker,



Only harem you playin'

is them five fingers on

your own fuckin' hand.



- That's right,

-[ Fresh ]

I need five bricks, Five,



Everybody know

the only reason he here...



is 'cause Esteban skied

on his freakin' sister.



Don't be talkin' about my sister.



Word, Esteban clockin'out

on that chocolate freak,



He doggin'her

every chance he get,,,



and she ain't nothing

but a hop-head freak

riding the white horse--



Say one more word

about my sister, bitch.



You know, maricon,

I'm gonna fuck you right up.



Do it. Come on, bitch.

Fuck me up.



[ Woman ]

You know you ain't

fuckin'nobody up, Herbie,,,



so shut the fuck up,



I need five bricks. Five.



Chillie, man, they're all there,

I already counted 'em,



You know

I got to count 'em.



You don't get paid

'til they're all counted

and accounted for.



What, you got ants

in your pants?



Chill, homes.

Esteban wants to talk to you anyway.



I gotta get to school, Chillie.

I'm stupid late.



It's gonna be my second

late day this week.



Man, Miss Coleman's

gonna kill me.



Don't worry. I'll write you

a doctor's note.



[ Laughing ]



Yo, it ain't funny, man.



Esteban comin' here

just to talk to me?



He's making the rounds.



But he said

he wants you to wait for him

'til he gets here, okay?



Kick it, Chillie.

Pay me later.



I'm crazy late.

Tell him I had to get to school.



Yo, yo, Fresh.

Come back here, crimey.



Here. Here, homes.



If there's anything missing,

I'll kill you later.



[ Miss Coleman ]




Did you bring a late pass

or didn't you?



Boy, who's talking to you,

me or that floor?



[ Giggles ]



Is this a comedy act, Chuckie?

You find this funny?



Then shut up and wipe

that stupid-looking thing,,,



which you probably think

is some kind of charming expression,,,



-right off your face, boy,

- [ Kids Giggling ]



Put your things away

and find a seat,



Go on!



This is not over,

do you hear me?



Now, what I was saying

before that interruption,,,



was that Mr, Hill

told you what the words

''manifest destiny''means,,,



but not what it was,



So don't come into my classroom

with that ignorant nonsense,,,



about the heroes of the Alamo

and Davy Crockett,,,



and how bad they were,,,



because all

they were really doing,,,



was robbing another people

of their land,,,



so that they could keep

opening up new territories

for legal slavery,



The papers that I gave you

have a series of quotes,,,



from some antislavery writers

of that time period,



You read the first quote, Rosie,



It's from an antislavery writer

by the name of David Child,,,



written to

the Mexican government,,,



warning them about his own

United States government,



Read it to the class,



[ Rosie ]

''Dear Sirs, There is

an impatient and almost ir--



''irresistible desire

in the South and Southwest,,,



to lay hold on Texas--''



[ Miss Coleman ]

Excuse me,



Where do you think you are,

the land of Oz?



You must be trippin'if you two

think you're gonna sit together,



Boy, move over there,

Go on, Rosie,



[ Whistle Blows ]



[ Boys Shouting ]



All right, Curtis, you're

hogging the ball again. Pass it.



[ Shouting Continues ]



[ Boys Groaning ]



[ Cheerleaders ]




[ Coach Shouts ]



[ Rhythmic Stomping,

Clapping ]






[ Chattering ]



[ Chattering ]



That's it.

Yo, that shit's mine.



Not with a prayer, nigger.

That's it.



- That shit's mine

This is mine.

- Look, look, nigger.



- Yeah, that's mine.

That's right.

- Shit.



Step right up,

step right up.



One more, my good man.

One more.



Only if you flip

Willie Randolph.



- Uh-uh. Sorry, G.

- Yo, forget it, then.



Yo, I gave my last

Willie Randolph double

to Fresh in class, man.



- I only got one left.

- Flip Willie Randolph!



No! N-O spells no.

No one never flips him.



And it be costing me

six bucks of packs 'til I get him.



You a chump buyin'

them shits, man.



I ain't never bought me

no baseball card.



- Been stealin' them shits all day.

- Stealin' them shits all day.



Yo, shut up, Tarleak.

You ain't never stole shit,

so shut up!



- Yes, I did.

- Why you ain't got nothin'?

Show me your cards.



I ain't bring 'em with me.

Niggers be always jumpin' me

for my baseball cards.



- Yo, shut up, retard.

- My old man got every series

of baseball cards since      



He got Willie Mays,

Jackie Robinson, all of them,



[ Nicholas ]

They didn't even have baseball

cards back then, stupid,



- Uh-huh, I seen 'em,

- Yeah, where?



At my old man's,

He got all them cards where he at,



Where he be keepin' 'em at?

In his, like, how many limos?



[ Chuckie ]

Six, Nigger got six limos,



Word, six of'em,

Stupid big limos,



You haven't even met

your father, motherfucker.



- I did!

- You haven't even

seen the motherfucker...



so shut the fuck up

before I kick your bucktooth,

nappy-head ass!



[ Boys Laughing ]



- Look at this.

- He be lookin' at her like this.



- Shut up, nigger.

- I don't be likin' them bitches.



Always be trippin',

Walkin' with their nose up,

like they all that,



[ Chuckie ]

Word, always hittin'me and shit,



- Like that girl Shanice,

She don't stop 'til I smack her,

-[ Nicholas ] Word, right,



They be hittin'you

'til you smack 'em,



Then they cry,

but they like that shit,



Word, they think they all that,

but they just want you

to smack they head,






[ Nicholas ]

Where you goin', man?




- That's cold, man.

- Leavin' his best friend

for a girl, man.



Yo, Rosie, stop looking at me, all right?

Why you always lookin' at me?



- 'Cause you look at me

so much, I can't help it.

- I don't look at you.



- You do. You're always lookin' at me.

- You trippin'.



You drag all your friends

into our cheerleading practice

like it's all their idea...



but you bring 'em

so you can look at me.



- You stupid trippin'.

- It's all right. I think it's cute.



Girls always be sayin',

''Mikey got them spotty

white spots on him.''



But I think it's cute, I do.

I think it's real cute.



- Damn, you be lookin'

almost white yourself.

- I am.



- Damn, why you buggin' out?

- My mother is white.



- Get outta here.

- She is. Straight up white.



Why she never come

to school, then?



She don't want you

'cause you're black, right?



- Why don't you live

with your mother?

- I do.



You live with your aunt,

with Hilary and Jewel

and all them others...



- so you can stop fronting

any time now.

- Shut up.



My mother's married

to a millionaire.



Word, she live

with Tarleak's old man,

with all them limos and shit.



She lives in Scarsdale.

She's got a big house.



Near as big

as this whole school.



You gotta go through a gate

and drive through a whole

forest just to get to it.



- What kind of car she drive?

- A sports car.



- What kind of sports car?

- I don't know. AJaguar.



[ Scoffs ]

If I had me a million dollars,

I'd get me a Porsche    .



I'd get me a sports car.




Damn, I'd get me

a Ferrari Testarosa, V-    engine...



get me a Porsche    

straight six turbo engine...



get me a Vector B-   

twin turbo...



go from zero to   

in  .  seconds,

so don't even talk.



Yeah, well, who cares, 'cause

you ain't never gonna have

a million dollars anyway.



- I will too!

- Who's trippin' now?



Ain't nobody trippin'.

I'm gonna have it.



Someday, I'm gonna have it.



Hi, Grandma.



[ Dialogue

From Television ]



Yo, what up?



Why is everybody out here?



We just here.



[ TV]

What a place to spend

our last night on earth,



[ TVContinues

Indistinctly ]



What up, y'all?






Where Aunt Francis at?



She home.



Yo, why everybody

around here illin'?



Yo, I got winners.




You're home,



Look, Nichole,

Your brother's here,



Hey, Nicky.



I know Michael wants you

to come back and stay with us

for a while.



Look, Aunt Francis, I just came

to get a few of my things.



I'm not staying.



Michael, you want Nicky

to stay with us, don't you?



Can't sleep here no more,



There's like a thousand little girls

running in and out of here.



Like my feet are hanging off

the edge of the bed already.



I know it.

I know it's crowded in here.



And you being

a grown woman and all.

Nicky, take my bed.



Doesn't matter to me.

I can sleep in here with

the girls for a while.



Aunt Francis,

I don't want your bed.






I guess I'll leave you alone

with your brother for a while.



Maybe he can talk to you about

staying with us a little longer,



Michael ain't no one

to talk to nobody about nothin'.



I gotta go,



[ Car Passing ]



- Michael?

- What?



Why you come home so late?



You know Aunt Francis

be gettin' worried when

you come home so late.



It's hard enough on her

without you be worryin' her

all the time.



If she gets too fed up

and gives all of us up,

I'm gonna kill you.



'Cause ain't none of us

can go back to our parents,,,



and I ain't goin'

back to no group home,

you hear me?



You my cousin and all,

we all cousins here...



but if you ruin it

for the rest of us, I'm gonna kill you.



[ Car Passing ]



- What up, G?

- I got ten bucks.



- Get you two bottle, homes.

- It's good stuff, right?



You tried all the rest;

now try the best.



Are you sure? I mean,

you know it for a fact, right?



Bust it, you don't like it,

you come back.



Jake give you back

your ten dollars,

send you on your way.



Just don't be comin'

back here again, understand

what I'm sayin'?



No way five dollars, man.

Last time I bought from Jake,

I was illin'.



That stuff be stupid cut, man.

Jake should throw me a freebie,

and just on principle.



Yo, Consuelo,

this is the dope.



Live kickin'jumbo crack.

You don't like it...



bum rush Stringbean

or Howard or Lenny.



Then you be ill on that

stupid baking soda, word.



What you got for me there,

little buddy? What's the deal?



Five dollars a pop,



Tell you what.

I'll throw you    bucks for five.

What do ya say, homes?



Five times five is   .

Five dollars a pop, man.



Look, maybe I better talk

toJake myself, you know?



You know you don't be talkin'

toJake. You know that.



Look, you tellJake that

I'll suck his dick good, okay?



You tell him

I'll suck him off real nice.



Damn, you know Jake down

with them fine bitches.

Why he want that from you?



All right, listen,

how about you and me, baby?



We get in that car, I'll suck

your sweet little dick for ten bucks.



Get out of my face, bitch.



Okay, how about

I let you fuck me?



Okay? I let you bang

this good thing if you just

askJake to talk to me--



Get out of here!

Go over to Lenny.



He be likin' them no-tooth,

old bitches like you!



[ Man Laughing ]



[ Laughing Continues ]



Yo, man,

we outta here, nigger.



No, man,

Kermit ain't showed up yet.



Let me tell ya, that nigger

set his watch for yesterday,

the motherfucker still late.



- Yeah, word up.

- I got them bitches waiting, G,



And you said you gonna

be with me, right?



Come on, man,

You're makin'me look bad, man,

Let me tell you somethin',



That nigger, Kermit,

he is skied. You hear me?

That motherfucker is gone.



- You stand here waitin',

you trippin' worse than he is.

- Um,Jake, I gotta--



- Nigger owe me $  .

- That's what I'm talking about.



- That's twice his money

he ain't showin', G.

- Yeah, he owe me $  .



- Yo, I hear you, man. Come on.

- Word up.



Look, man, look, look.

Motherfucker still ain't comin', man.



Oh, you don't think so?

Let me tell you somethin'.



Nigger don't show up

with my money,

I'm gonna dead him.



- I'm your boy, man,

why you beefin' with me?

- Yeah, okay.



I'm gonna grease that

motherfucker like Sunday bacon!



I'm gonna cold drop

that motherfucker!



I'm gonna drop him, man!

I'm gonna cold drop him!



Now you know better

than to always be in my face

with this silly ass nonsense.



I wouldn't ifJake paid me.

But he like always gettin' mad

about somethin'.



And you know I ain't gonna

be gettin' all up in his face

when he like that.



- So instead, you get in mine.

- 'Cause you ain't like that.



My man Fresh.

My stand-up little G.



You see, homes, this--

Hey, what the fuck you doin'?



I was pickin' up.



Don't be doin' shit

behind my back! Why the fuck

you gonna be doin' that?



Corky, it was my turn.

Man, we just playin'.

It's just me, baby.



I don't give a fuck who you is!

Be my mother, motherfucker,

I don't play that shit!



-Sorry, all right?

- Yeah, you be sorry.



You do that shit,

just do it in front of my face.



Now, am I free to finish my

little transaction here...



without every nigger be doin'

some shit behind my back?



Niggers be dissin' you

at every turn, homes.



It's all right, 'cause

you my stand-up little G.






And, uh, I'll be talkin' toJake

about his temper too.



It's one hundred dollars.



Niggers be gettin'

$   for lookout.



I be runnin' that rock all day.

One hundred dollars.



- [ Laughing ]

- You one bad

motherfucker, crimey.



Only reason you ain't the man

is you still too goddamn little.



But you get bigger,

you gonna be the man.



[ Children Chattering ]



[ Speaking Spanish ]



- [ Laughing ]

- Oh, man!



I shake on a game, Fishcake.

That wasn't no game.



-[ Men Chattering ]

- All right.



- Who's next, who's next?

-[ Chattering Continues ]



Come on. I heard there was

players in this shit hole.



All I see is chumps.



Come on. Who's gonna

give me a game?



Come on.

Get outta here.



I ain't got time

for this shit,



All right.



-[ Chattering Continues ]

- Play.






Mate in four.



Fuck you. Ain't no mate

in no four. Fuck you.



Would've been four

if you were smart. Mate.



-[ Chattering Continues ]

- [ Sighs ]






That shit over there

was a waste of time.



Fished me a twenty, Dad.

You don't be pulling 'em in

for no twenties.



Said it was a waste of time.

Time ain't money...



no matter what those morons

who eat that kind of shit up

may try and tell you.



Anything lost can be found again,

except for time wasted.



- It was fun, Dad, stupid fun.

You seen that nigger--

- Chess ain't fun, boy.



How many times I gotta

tell you that? Don't you

listen to a word I say?



- Maybe if I seen you more.

- Well, you don't,

so you'd be well served...



to retain some of the knowledge

I'm impartin' to you...



rather than giving me

all your hard-ass

street-attitude bullshit.



Ain't so much fun now, is it?



Gettin' to be less and less fun

every second here.



Uh-uh, think about it,



Forget the clock

for a second, Michael.



What kind of player am I?

Am I an offensive man

or a defensive man?



That's right; I'm neither.

I play my opponent.



If he likes to attack,

I force him to defend himself.



If he's a cautious man,

I draw him into dangerous waters.



See, you get so frustrated

playing defensive positions...



you make stupid moves you'd

never make if you were thinkin'.



When you come here, boy,

check that shit at the door.



That's good.

That's better.



I'm still gonna kick your ass,

but that's better.



You been playin'

on the team?



No, huh?



Just watchin' the world

pass you by.



Figure as long as you ain't drownin',

everything's all right.



I don't need

no punk school team.






And he got Hulk number one

and all them Thors.



My old man

got all them comic books.



He showed 'em to me,

and they were like all

stupid number ones.



- Yo, he got

Superman number one?

- Yeah, he got that.



He got Action Comics

number one?



Word, he got that too.

He got all them number ones.



Where he be keepin' 'em at?

In his garage with all them limos?



- You know you ain't

got no old man.

- I do so.



Then we'll call him up

when we get to my house.

We be givin' the nigger a call.



- He don't answer no phones.

- And why not?



He don't want no po' niggers

wastin' his time.



Bam, Spiderman goes down.

Bam, Daredevil goes down.



All them niggers is goin' down.

Punisher be takin' they ass out.



- X-Men take out the Punisher.

- X-Man baby stuff, homes.



All their costumes

and powers ain't shit.

Punisher the real dope, homie.



Word, I seen a seven-foot-tall

White Terminator nigger...



with    guns on my roof

just the other day.



Punisher be takin' out

all your stupid heroes.



He be sayin',

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Take out that nigger!



Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!



[ Dog Snarling ]



Yo, Fresh, I been training him.

Watch this.



Good boy, Roscoe.

Good boy.



Good boy? That dog

ain't nothin' but badness.



Ain't nothin' but badness.



What up, Roscoe? You miss me?

You miss your homie?



[ Shouting In Spanish ]



Okay, okay, Mama,

I'll be in in a minute, all right?



I'm gonna fight him

on Sunday.



- You gonna do what?

- Roscoe's gonna take on

Ricardo's pit,



Roscoe ain't fightin'

nobody's nothin'.



My dog fight

when I say he fight,



He ain't your dog.

He's our dog; I found him.



Ain't nobody askin' you, homes.

I'm gonna get paid, bust it.



You already gettin' stupid paid,

workin' them jobs for Esteban and shit.



Yo, we see y'all later.

We gotta go.



Well, I ain't gotta go.



You always be lookin'

all ratty and shit...



but everybody know

you gettin' paid.



Yo, why you always

be lookin' nappy like that?



What you be doin'

with all that jack?



You be hidin'

that shit away, right?



Damn, when I get paid,

I'm gonna get me those dope

new Nikes, like ten pairs.



And I'm gonna get me some

stupid gold, homes, crazy gold.



Like this tooth right here

and a five-finger gold ring...



- with my tag bustin'

all out that motherfucker.

- You ain't got no tag.



- I will when I get paid.

- He ain't fightin'.



Then you gonna take me

to get a job for Esteban?

Yo, man, why not?



'Cause you be actin'

like a stupid little kid,

that's why not.



Yo, why you dissin' me, man?

I'm crazy, homie.

I'll bust those dope moves.



[ Baby Crying ]



Come on, Rudy,

Get it in your mouth,

Don't be such a spaz,



- Don't be talkin' like that

to your son, Esteban.

- Hey, chill, woman.



He knows I'm only messin' with him.

Right, baby?



You know Daddy's

messin' with you.



Sure you don't want

no eats?



My grandma

be cookin' at home.



You're a good boy, Fresh.

You be eating at home.



And you be running to school

when I want to talk to you.



That's okay, little homie.

I like me a smart G. I really do.



You seem to have

enough time on your hands...



to be runnin' those rocks

for Corky's boys, though.



What, you think I got no eyes

but these two in my own head?



[ Chuckles ]

I know where you be at.



Corky got that work.



I be runnin' for you

once a week, maybe twice

if somebody else gets sick.



Corky got them jobs.



Hey, let me tell you

something, Fresh.



Now, you're a smart kid, so you

hear these words of wisdom.



You know,

that rock is a bad move.



You start messin' with that

shit-- sellin', dealin'--



I guarantee inside three,

five years, you'll be dead.



Or you'll have

a bullet in your head.



Or that pipe in your mouth.

Either way, you're dead.



Smack is the way to go.

This is a gentleman's operation.



The clientele is stable,




The competition

is unconfrontational.



And the heat,

they mostly let it slide...



'cause there's little hassle

all the way around.



You find your niche,

you stay there, you stay cool...



and you be the man

into your   's and   's.



And then you retire your old ass

to a nice condo someplace hot...



with a lot of

niceJewish people.



Leave the business for your kids.



Hey, it's like banking,

only it's more secure.



[ Chuckles ]

And you don't pay no taxes.



[ Baby Crying ]



Hey, what are you doing?

You ain't holding her right.

Come here, come here.



I'm trying to feed her,

in case you haven't noticed.



No, you ain't holding her right.

She ain't hungry.



[ Baby Gurgling ]



Hey, come on,



I'm gonna put her to bed.



You know,

I ain't never sold no rock,

and no kind of coke whatsoever.



I never even tried it.

Don't come near that shit,

not even from curiosity.



Close the door, okay?



It got loose on my last run.



I didn't want to give it

to no one but you.



Hey, my little money man.

[ Chuckles ]



Hey, you just lost Chillie

a hundred bucks on a bet, G...



'cause he don't know you

like I do,



Hey, you my solid little man.



[ Whispering In Spanish ]



[ Laughs ]

Most niggers, they be givin'

their bitches rocks, you know?



Watchin' them pop off.




They got theyself

a Action Jackson bitch.



Jumpin'around like a rabbit,

Divin'for that dick,,,



like it's gold

at the end of the rainbow,

you know what I mean?



Hey, not me, little homie.



No, no, no, no, not me.

No, I love me a straight bitch.



Maybe she like to slide

into the land of''H''...



every once in a while,

a regular bitch.



Maybe she fine, like a--



Ay carajo,

like your sister.



[ Laughs ]

Hey,your sister, she fine,



And then she take her hit,,,



and, like,

her eyes they roll back,,,



and she get suddenly soft.



Oh, so soft and pure.



And I am holding

my very own virgin.



My Madonna.

Hey, I take that.



You know I take that,



Is your sister a freak?



Hey, come here.

Hey, sit down.



Now, I'm askin' you a question.

Is she a freak?



Man, you married.



Hey, I know you're just a kid,

Fresh, even though you're smart.



So I let you talk to me

like that just this one time.



But you tell me-- You better

tell me who she's runnin' with.



- Nobody.

- Don't fuck with me, little homie!



Serious, my aunt won't

let her out with nobody.



You know,

I find that hard to believe.



Bitch as fine as that.

She always has somebody.



Word, but my aunt won't

let her out with nobody.



I hope you're right, little homie.

I hope you're right.



[ Train Screeching ]



[ Customers Chattering ]



[ Woman ]

Okay, come on, Let's go,



I gotta see Nichole.




Who the fuck are you?



Her brother.

I gotta see her.



I got a kid down here

say he Nichole's brother.



- [ Man On Intercom ]

Send him up.

- One flight up.



Use the stairway

at the back of the store.

There's only one door.



So, you Michael.



I guess you used up

all the ugly in the family.



Keep hearin' you the little man

runnin' the street.



You the little man

runnin' the street?



Shit, next thing I know

niggers in diapers...



packin' tech-nines be tryin'

to take over my business.



[ Man Shouting On TV]



[ Man On TV]

I said put me down!

Put me down!



She's in there.



Esteban looking for you.



Good for Esteban.



Yo, why you stay with James?



You know why, Fresh.






'Cause his smack is the dope

and he got plenty of it.



You happy now?



Why you don't go

to Esteban, then?



I don't like the way

he looks at me.



I don't need no spic pimp

motherfucker lookin' at me

like I'm no fucking queen.



I'm just a sorry-ass

nigger ho'.



James here, he looks

at me like I'm nothing,

so I'm down withJames,



You ain't

ain't nothin'.



Michael, fuck off,

all right?



Don't Aunt Francis

think you ain't nothin'.

She think you somethin'.



Aunt Francis

is a fuckin' saint.



Aunt Francis loves

every damn dog in the street

the same as she loves me.



Ain't no shit to be loved

by no fuckin' saint.



I love you.



[ Boys Shouting ]



I got him.

Come on now.



What's up, what's up?

Ain't got nothin', homes.



- Yo, what's up, nigger?

- He ain't got nothin'.



Watch him, watch him,



Aw, shit, he finally

got one in there!



Curtis bad, homes.

He be bustin' out those moves!



Word, as long as I ain't

playin' that nigger.



He ain't doin'shit,

Come on,



What's up, shorty?

Come on, come on.



- Damn!

- Yo, Red, man,

pick him up, man.



Man, you pick him up,




Yo, Fresh, other court's open.

Let's shoot some hoops.



No, not right now, man.



[ Hisses ]

You just don't want me

embarrassin' your ass...



in front of none

of them bitches, huh?



Yo, don't be

callin' her that, nigger.



What, now you

Mr. Tough Guy Nigger, huh?

Now you Mr. Tough Guy Nigger?



[ Chattering ]



Hey, hey,

what's up, what's up?



Shit, Here, here,

take that motherfucker,



- Right here, right here.

- Foul ball,



Foul, motherfucker!

That's a flagrant fuckin'foul!



Hey, man,you okay?



Man, fuck you, nigger!

Little motherfucker gonna

take that shit up...



- I'm gonna challenge

him every time.

- What? Challenge?



Yo, don't be jumpin'

on my boy like you're the

fuckin' New York Knicks!



Just forget about it, man.

Your ball.



Yeah,yeah, nigger,

you know you ain't shit,



Come on, man.

Give me the ball.

A shot, a shot!



[ Shouting,

Chattering Continue ]



My man! Point game,

motherfuckers, we up!



Take the shot,




what's up, man?



Why you let that motherfucker

play with you like that?

What's up, man?




In your eye, whoa!



Damn, she comin' over, man.



- Yo, she be likin'you, man,

What you say to her?

-Shut up, man,



Man, she in love with you, man,

Yo, man, she wanna

get with you, man,



-She like you, man,

-[ Boys Shouting ]



[ Screaming ]



Come on, man.

Let's go, man!



Come on, man.

Let's go!



Yeah, go ahead, run,

motherfuckers! Run!



Y'all punk, pussy-ass,

motherfuckers! That's right!



Go tell somebody

you saw somethin'!



I come back for all of you

monkey motherfuckers!



You pussy-ass punks!



That's right.



Punk ass.



[ Rhythmic Scraping Sound ]



[ Foot Scraping Concrete,

Whimpering ]



[ Siren Wailing ]



[ Paramedic ]

Come on,



Let's go. Come on.



[ Police Radio,

Indistinct ]



-[ Chattering ]

- All right, I know it's hard, Michael.



But you gotta help us

with this one, all right?

Just try to work with us.



- We gotta find

the guy who did this.

- I didn't see nothin'.



You were the only witness

left on the scene.

You're the only lead we got here.



I just heard the shooting.

Then I saw they was down.



I didn't see nothin' else.




Come on, Michael.

You go wait in your room.



I'll run you a hot bath.

Go wait in your room now.



Where you at? If your mind

is somewhere else...



then pick your ass up

and take it over there

and keep it company.



I'm not having my time

wasted by some half-ass,

fishcake opponent today.



[ Sighs ]

Take the last move back.



In fact, take back

the last three.



You're hoardin'.

You're playin' each piece

like losin' it hurts.



This ain't checkers.

You want my king.



You got to come

get my king.



All these other pieces

are just a means to do it.



Every time you make a good

run at me, I just threaten

your queen and back you go.



You're treatin' her like

she's the last lady on earth.



Your queen is just a pawn

with a lot of fancy moves,

Nothing more,



When you see you're playin'

a man who feels naked

without his lady, use her.



Jump in there and take her,

tease her, threaten her...



and he won't be able to think

about his game anymore.



That's when you make

your real move.



That's good. That's better.

You like that horse, don't you?



You like his crazy jumps

all over the board.



Think he's your friend,

hate to lose him...



almost as much as you hate

to lose that lady,



Well, he is your friend, boy.

They all are.



But you're gonna have to use him,

just like you use the others.



If he falls by the wayside,

well, that's just life's

little game, ain't it?



And until you come ready

to play her game,

you'll never beat her at it.









Check. Mate in six.

Want to suffer through it?



That's the first time

you ever checked me.



Want to come to my place

to celebrate?



I ain't supposed

to be seeing you.



You seeing me now,

ain't you?



I'm playing chess.



Welcome to the Taj Mahal.

You want a beer?



- Uh-uh.

- Well, that's all there is to drink.



It's warm too.

Tastes like a tub of piss

somebody farted in.



What side you playin'?



White, black, black, both.



You're losing the last two.



Well, this first game here,

I'm playing Teddy Kolevski.



That's Frank Evans.

That's Walter Shipman.



Last game here,

I'm playin' myself.



You're losin' to yourself.



Yeah, life's a bitch like that.



I've kept a game going with myself

for the last    years.



Not a day goes by I don't

make at least one move.



Not a day.



You're losing

to homeboy Shipman too.



Well, he's a U.S. Grand Master.



That's right.

He don't go to the park.



But he comes here

to play me.



- He's winning.

- Yeah, yeah, I know he's winning.



But let me

tell you something.



Put the clock on him,

put the show on speed...



I chew his ass right up.



See that picture there?

That's Pal Benko.



That there's Bruce Pandolfini.



That's Mikael Botvinnik.



And that's Paul Keres.

Played all them boys.



Sometimes I won.

Mostly I lost.



But you put

the show on speed...



I chew all they asses up.



All them Grand Masters

and them Europeans...



with they government subsidies

and whatnot to sit on they asses

and play all day...



they ain't livin'in the world,



Put the clock on 'em,

put the heat on they backs,

they break down.



Put 'em in the park fishin' for dollars,

and they break.



That's Bobby Fisher,



Some say he's the greatest

player to ever play the game,



I never played him.



All them patzers

sittin' around the park...



waitin' for him

to go back there likeJesus.



Me, I don't give a shit.



Put the clock

on that motherfucker...



I'll chew his ass up

just like the rest of'em.



Chew it right up.



- That's some old cake, boy.

- It's all right.



I'm talkin' two,

maybe three weeks here.



Um, I seen Nichole

the other day.



Well, that's natural,

ain't it?



Yeah, but she like--

She be like--



How's she lookin'?

She still lookin' good, right?



- I don't know. She my sister.

- I know she's your sister, boy.



I'm your father.

You got eyes, ain't ya?



- She look all right.

- [ Chuckles ]



When she was a child--




She was so pretty when

she came in the room...



it was like the sun

was shining indoors.



People just stared at her

like she was a angel...



dropped straight down

out of heaven.



And me standin' there

like a fool...



couldn't hardly believe

it was me she came out of.



Aunt Francis say

she look more like Mom.



Well, cheers to Aunt Francis.



All them niggers

be on her all the time--



Don't be talkin' that trash.

I don't wanna hear...



that goddamn word

out of your mouth!



I'm gonna say what I want.



You can't tell me nothin'.

I ain't even seeing you.



[ Barking, Snarling ]



[ Chattering ]



[ Boy ]

Bet your bet. Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.



[ Chattering Continues ]



Right here,    .

Come on. Let's go.

Bet on the mutt.



-[ Barking Continues ]

- Now check out that dope dog,

that bad motherfucker!



Y'all be puttin' stupid dollars

on this bad motherfucker!



Ah, you're stupid, man!

You ain't gonna get shit.



- [ Barking Continues ]

- Let's get this shit over, man.



[ Chattering Continues ]



They gots no brain, man.



Oh, man!

My man Jake.



What's up,Jake?

What's the bet, man?



Yo, I want you to give me

a two spot on Ricardo's mutt.



- There it is.

- Your contribution's always

kept Fat Freddie buffed.



Yo, Chuckie, man,

Roscoe ain't doin' shit.

Look at him.



Yo, I been training him, nigger.

He bad.



No, he scared, man.

Look at him.



Yo, I got $   down, nigger.

Been saving that shit for a month.



Get five to one.

Roscoe take him out,

I be taking $    .



You ain't takin' nothing, man.

Look at him.



Conejo, Conejo, Conejo,



Now, you got that sorry lump

of dog food ready or what?



Let's go.



[ Barking ]



[ Chattering, Shouting ]



[ Barking, Snarling ]



[ People Shouting ]






Yeah, we did it!



Did you see that?




[ Snarling Continues ]



Give it up. Let's go. Come on.

Give it up. Give it up.



Let's go. You all know who lost.

You all know who won.



We bad. We be back too,




Bring on all them

punk bitches of y'all.



We be fucking

they punk ass up.



Forget it, Chuckie.

Roscoe ain't fighting no more.



You're bugging out, homes.

I'm getting paid.

He took that bitch out.



I got somethin' better, man.



Yeah? Like what?



Like gettin' stupid paid,

gettin' paid real dollars.



I don't want nobody

be touching this board.



You don't own this house,

You ain't hardly ever here,

so don't tell us what to do,



Yeah, whatever.Just don't

nobody better touch this board.



[ Fresh ]

Man,you takin'all day,



Yo, why you rushin' me, man?

I ain't in no rush.



- Be chill now, all right?

-Just coolin', homes.



Maxin' and coolin'.



He's back there.

Just be quiet.



You brung her back to me.



Go and wait for me

in the other room.



- Yo, why you gotta stand

like that, man?

- Shut up!



You look stupid, man.



Yo, that's messed up

with your sister out there--



Yo, don't even say it,

all right?



[ Door Opening ]



[ Door Closing ]



Owe you one,

little homie.






- Who's this?

- That's my homeboy, Chuckie...



the one I been

tellin' you about.



I got some very important shit

for my man Fresh to do.



Why should I

take you on too?



I got the dope moves.



- You got what?

- I got stupid juice,



I bust the stupid move.



Chuckie, huh?



It was nice

meeting you, Chuck.



Now why don't you go wait

in the kitchen?

You want something to drink?



Ask Salvadore for a Coke

or something, okay?



Yo, he's all right.

He just be gettin' like that

sometimes. He's all right.



- I want you to do it alone.

- I know it, but I like someone there.



- Watch my back.

You know what I'm sayin'?

- This is a big run,



You better be sure

of your company.



You know,

I'm giving you this...



because no one will be looking

for something so big

on somebody so small.



But I am also doing it

on account of you're

going to be my main man.



That's right,



Someday soon,

you are going to be it.



Serious, homes, he be like,

''Who that bad little nigger, Fresh?



- Where you find him at?''

- Yo, why he be sending me

out the room like that?



Damn, man, the nigger be mad

at me. He say he don't want to

be dissin' me in front of you.



Man, you be gettin' me

in trouble. He be like, ''Why

didn't you bring him sooner?''



Damn right. Always tellin' you

to take me down, but you be

like, nah, I be actin' stupid.



Man, you the stupid one.

I be bustin' the dope moves.



Word, homes,

I be knowin' that shit now.

You bust it out.



I'm kickin' it live, homie.

Kickin' estupido moves.

Bustin' it out.



Hey. What are you

doin' in here?



I gotta see Hector.



Yeah, I'm Hector.

What the fuck do you want?



You ain't Hector.

Hector's in that office back there.



I got an appointment with Hector,

not your big gorilla monkey ass.



- Mm-mm. No way I'm gonna

lay that much base on you.

-All right,,,



but I gotta tell Corky now,

and he gonna be pissed too.



You just a baby runner, Fresh.

I ain't done business with Corky

in over three months.



Why didn't he send

one of his other boys?

Darryl orJake?



Ain't you heard nothin'?

Ain't you heard whatJake did?



I heard whatJake did.

The heat's all over Corky now.



They don't know

who shot up them courts...



but them stupid niggers,

they think that shit was over drugs.



Now Corky can't make a move

without the cops bein' all over him...



and he wants me

to put my ass out for him

without even a phone call--



Dang, man.

All his phones be tapped, man.



Half of the phones

in the hood tapped now.



Can't be callin'from nowhere,

None of his big connects

gonna feed him now,



Corky losin' crazy dollars.

Man, he needs the shit today.



He said for me to say he ain't

gonna forget his friends...



that helped him when

he was in trouble, and he

ain't gonna forget who didn't.



I can't. I can't give out

that much weight on consignment,

not at a time like this.



Any other time,

I would've told Corky,

''Yeah, it's cool, ''but--



For now, he gonna pay up front,

'til all this blow over.



How do I know

you ain't gonna bring

the heat down on me?



All right. You go wait

on     th and Jane.



It'll be there in an hour.



Oh, yeah, Corky also said to

tell you not to be callin' him

at none of his numbers no more.



He be callin'you soon,

when he can,



He said you call him, Darryl

and Smokey be payin' you a visit.



Yo, man, I got this job

workin' for Esteban, B'.

I'm makin' all this dough, B'.



I got so much cash

it ain't funny, man.

I'm livin' large, B'.



Look at you, nigger,

with a beeper and shit.

You ain't big, motherfucker.



And, yo, from now on, y'all

gonna start callin' me Chuck E.,

a'right. Like in Chuck D.



Y'all gonna start callin' me

Chuck E., a'right, 'cause I'm

makin' all this dough, B'.



- I don't wanna be called Chuckie.



- You know I'm the man.

That's right.

- Right, right. Yeah.



- Them niggers ain't gonna do shit.

- Who you workin' for?



- I'm workin' for Esteban, B'.

- Oh, word?



Yo, Fresh, you know Chuckie's

been talking all over the place.



He's buggin' out, saying

he's gonna be movin' kilos

of base for Esteban.



All sorts of junk like that.



Man, everybody knows

Esteban don't run no base.

I even asked my pop.



Chuckie's not like you,

He's stupid,

Why you doing this to him?



Mind your own business,

all right?



Can't you at least tell him

to shut up and don't be

talkin' so much?



It's a free country.

Chuckie say what he want.



It's quiet here.



Yeah, I like to come here.



It's lonesome.



You know what's whack?

When I'm down with the posse

or home and shit...



and everybody be screaming

and yelling and shit?



It gets real lonesome.



It be like crowded

and noise and screaming.



And suddenly, it feels like

I'm the only one there.



The more people there is,

the lonelier it get.



I have this dream.



- Yeah? Like what?

- Nothin'.



Sometimes I have it,

that's all.



[ Man ] Pete tell you that?

Honey, that's great,



We'll talk to y'all later,

Yeah, I know it, I gotta go,



We're here for some books.



No shit. What kind of books

you lookin' for?



Textbooks. We lookin'

for them science textbooks.



Yeah. I got what you need.



You boys like to study, huh?



Yeah, we them

crazy ''A'' students.



- Yo, sit down, nigger.

- Chill, homes. You up in my face.



[ Door Sliding Open ]






Get down.

Save that for when you get home,

for the jungle gym, you know?



- Yeah, whatever.

- Whatever?



You and me's gonna take a little

side trip to the precinct...



make your mother

come all the way uptown

and pick your smart ass up.



All right.

You wanna play it like that?

Then here's what you and me--



Damn, why you gotta be like that

with the man, Chuckie?



I'm sorry, Officer.

He's just a stupid jerk.



We don't get home for dinner,

my aunt's gonna kill me.



I'm sorry he's such a jerk, man.



You oughta learn some respect

from your friend here.



Damn, Chuckie, why you gotta be

so fucking stupid, nigger?



Fuck you, man. Gotta be dissin' me

in front of that fat old cop.



Goddamn, you must be

the stupidest nigger I know.



I don't know how you be

tyin' your goddamn shoelaces

stupid as you is.



Be dissin' me, man.

I'm crazy, home.

I bust those dope moves.



Shut the fuck up!

Just shut up.



[ Chuckie ] Yo, man, I thought

you was my friend, man.



Friends don't be doin' that

shit to each other, man.



You oughta show me

some more respect, man.

That ain't right.



What? What's wrong, man?

What you looking for?



What, man, what?



Hey, hey, where you goin',




Yo, what y'all comin'

here for, man?



- Yo, is that the way we're

supposed to be goin', man?

- Shut up, man.



Yo, what are you doing, man?



Just give me your bag, man.

I'm gonna be right in here.



Just wait out here.

Stand lookout for me there.



- What you gonna be in there for?

-Just do it, man!



What the fuck is that?



Ricardo give 'em to me for

the $     I won off Roscoe's fight.



- Hey, what the fuck

you did that for, man?

- Gimme other one.



Just give me your

goddamn bag, man. Give it up.



Now keep watch, nigger.

Yell if you see someone.



Yell, nigger?

I smoke they ass.



- Give me the gun, man.

- Why, so you gonna throw it away?



Get rid of it, Chuckie.



Fuck you, man.



Bust it. Don't be pullin'

that shit out if we get jumped.



We get jumped, you just

drop your bag and break north.



Ain't nobody

gonna be jumpin' me.



Just drop the bag and run,




Gotta get a dumb one, man.

Stupid nigger.



I don't gotta take this

from you no more, man.



[ Chuckie ] Man, I don't need

this shit, man,



I don't need to be hangin' around

with punks like you, man.



From now on, I'm sellin' dope

by my damn self, man.



I'm not gonna be

hangin' around with you.



From today on, man,

I'll be with my damn self.



Drop the bag, Chuckie!



No, no, no!

Put the gun down, man!



- Put it down, man! No!

- [ Gunshot ]



[ Guns Cocking ]



[ Shouts ]



- [ Gunshot ]

- [ Screaming ]



[ Screaming Continues ]



[ Gunshot,

Glass Shattering ]






[ Gunshot ]



This place is

a regular zoo, ain't it?



But that's what you kids like, right?

A visit to the fuckin' zoo?



All right.



Now listen, Michael, this is

the second homicide you've been

mixed up with in as many weeks.



Now you expect me to believe

this is some kind of coincidence?



Now come on. How stupid

do I look to you, huh?



We already know what your friend

was carryin' in his school bag.



- You better come clean with us,

- What was in the bag?



You ain't askin'

the questions here.



What was in it?



Fuck it.

[ Chuckling ]



Fuck all you

goddamn monkeys.



I don't need this

fuckin' aggravation.



Perez, you like

this fuckin' zoo so much,

you play with the animals.



All right, listen, Michael.

When we got to your friend...



the knapsack had been opened

and everything in it was gone.



Now we don't know

what was in there, but I can guess.



Now he was with you,

and everybody knows what you've

been doin' around the hood, man.



We was on our way to my house

and we got jumped.



- That's it.

- That's it, huh? I'm gonna

ask you somethin', man.



You think all those guys

are your friends?

Esteban and Jake and them?






Here. This is my personal number,

and I'm there every night.



Come on. Take it.



All right, man.



You know and I know that

I can't hold you here on this...



so, uh, you either are innocent

or you're a helluva lot smarter

than you look.



Now either way, next time

it's gonna be you laying in that street.



Next time it's gonna be you.



I'm sorry, Michael.



That's the way

it's gotta be.



If it were just me,

I wouldn't even consider it,,,



but I got     other

children to mind.



They all scared to walk out the door

with you to school.



They even scared

to sleep at night,,,



case somebody's gonna come

and shoot down the doors,



I spoke to Miss Patterson

at the Bushwick Group Home.



She says there's gonna be

an opening next month.



I'm sorry about your friend,



I'm sorry about

all your friends...



but you should have

known better.



I'm gonna miss you,




[ Nicholas Growling ]



[ Kids Chattering ]



Stop it!

Stop it,



Fucker! It's his fault!

It's his fault!



-Stop it! Stop it!

Calm down, Calm down!

- Fucker!



Come on, Roscoe.



[ Indistinct Voices ]



[ Video Game Beeping ]



Yo, come here. We gotta talk.

Take a ride, man.



Come on.

Go for a ride, man.



[ Engine Starting ]



So I'm hearin'.



Like all week I'm hearin'

your little friend talkin'

you runnin' base for Esteban.



All over

the motherfuckin' street.



''We runnin' that base

for Esteban.''



And I ask myself...



''Why Esteban gotta be

runnin' base?''



It don't make no sense.



So I said, ''All right, well,

maybe that little loudmouth

spic got it all wrong.



Maybe he's too stupid

to know what he's carryin', ''



These are so cute.



You know what this is?



Look at it,



- What is it?

- Looks like base.



That's right, little man.



$     worth

of pure base cocaine.



You didn't even look to see

what you was carryin', did you?



You just a little kid

in way over his head, I know that,



But Esteban got to be sent a message

about hornin' in on my business.



And I'm afraid you gonna have

to be my little telegram.



I wasn't runnin'

no base for no Esteban.



- What?

- I ain't runnin' no base

for no Esteban.



Oh, no? Well, who was it for,

then, Santa Claus?



Who was it for?



He gonna kill me

if I say.



I'm gonna ice you

right now if you don't.



It was Jake.



[ Laughs ]



Yo, I'm gonna smoke

this little motherfucker right now!



Drop that shit, motherfucker.



You should have came correct.



What the fuck's

goin' on, man? Huh?



What the fuck you mean

you was runnin' forJake?



You know them times

Jake be gettin' mad and

don't wanna be payin' me...



and I gotta come ax

you for the money?



He be takin' $  

out of every hundred

you be givin' me.



Same with all his runners,

only they too scared

to ax you for they money.



He's lyin', man. He's cold,

motherfuckin' lyin'!



Shut the fuck up,Jake!



He be buyin'base

and sellin'it out on the side,



He be usin' me for runs

all the time.



Yo, man, what the fuck

is wrong-- Yo, chill, man. Yo.



Chill, all right?

I'm not packin' shit. Relax, man.



Yo, Corky, this is bullshit, man.

This is bullshit!



I'm with Jake all

the fuckin' time, man.



- I never seen none of this shit.

- HeJake's homeboy,



He with Jake when Jake

send me on runs.



They be like talkin' about it,

how they gonna fuck you up.



They be like,

''We gonna fuck up Corky,

Then we gonna be the man, ''



I'm just lucky you ain't

sendJake and Red together

to pick me up,



- I been dead 'fore I got here,

- Yo, Corky, this is bullshit, man,



Yo, this is the worst

fuckin' shit I ever heard

in my whole life, man.



Why was your little friend

blabbin' about Esteban this,

Esteban that...



all over the fuckin' hood

for then?



I was scared

to get jumped on my runs...



so I took Chuckie with me...



and he be askin' me

questions all the time...



who we runnin' for and all.



Jake said he'd kill me if I tell,

so I tell Chuckie Esteban.



I ain't know he gonna be

tellin' it to the whole world.



Jake said if I talk...



he gonna dead me as dead as

Curtis in that playground.



Okay, okay, h-hold on.

Corky, I-I don't know

what's goin' on, man.



All right? B-But this little

motherfucker is lyin'!



- He's lyin', man!

- You know Hector?



The guy I used

to make runs from?



Jake sent me to him.

He tell me I gotta tell him

I be gettin' that dope for you.



Just ax Hector.



[ Beeping ]



Yeah, this is Corky,

I wanna talk to Hector,



Yo, Hector.

Y-- Listen, man, I was--






Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's all right to talk.



What the fuck

you talkin' about?



He told you that.



And you gave it to him?



Oh, no, no, no,

I ain't mad.



You just one stupid motherfucker

and you ain't never gonna see

a goddamn cent of my business,



but I ain't mad.



Yo, get fucked, Hector.



- Ah! Shit!

- Corky! Corky, man, listen, man.



Look, we been workin' for you

for three fuckin' years, man.



Why you gonna believe this

spotty little motherfucker?



- Huh? Why?

- Why for Esteban

gonna be runnin'base?



You know he be

hatin' that shit.



- And if he did it, why he

gonna do it like that?

- Corky!



Okay. All right, Corky.



Maybe... Maybe

it ain't Esteban.



He did it hisself, man.




This spotty little motherfucker,

he did it hisself!.



Where I'm gonna get $     man?

Where I'm gonna get it?



You always tryin' to scare me,

but I ain't scared of you no more.



- You can kill me all you want,

but I lie for you no more!

- [ Screams ]



-[ Chain Slapping ]

-So you gonna be the man,Jake,



-[ Beating Continues ]

- You gonna be the man, huh?



- You gonna be the man,

-[ Red ] Corky, Corky, listen,



-[ Thud, Red Moans ]

-[ Corky ] Yo, Red!



-[ Beating Continues ]

-Jake's the man now,,,



and you his number one G,



His number one G!



[ Beating Stops ]



All right, boy.



You made it this far.



Now you wanna get out of here,

you gonna tell me who was

Jake's distributor.



Who'd you run

the base to, boy?



- It was James.

- WhatJames?



He got like that store over

near Beachwood Projects.



James be runnin' smack, Corky.

He a ''H'' boy...



and it ain't our problem,



Nigger cut into my product,

know that shit is mine...



then turn around and sell it

without cutting me in,

that shit is my problem!



And we gonna pay my problem

a visit and solve it.



He ain't there.



He out all day,

but he there after  :  .



Jake never want me to deliver

to no one butJames himself,



and I always gotta wait

in that store 'tilJames show up.



He be there after  :  .



[ Indistinct ]






You finally decided

to track me down.



You should've

come to me right away.



I couldn't. There was

polices all over the house

all the time and in the street.



They be watchin' me all the time,

but I didn't tell 'em nothin'.



They mad 'cause they can't do

nothin' about it.






[ Sighs ]

Who jump you, little homie?



I heard you was took

off the street today by

a couple of Corky's boys.



Is that who done it?



Hey, hey, hey, hey,

it's me, Esteban.



Your main man.

Now you tell me what's happening...



and I promise ain't nothing

gonna happen to you.



Was it Corky's boys?



They jump you?



- Why?

- Conejo, man.



Corky must be buggin'out,

He know better than

to be doin'that shit,



It was a couple of those punk

kids he got workin' for him.

He probably know nothing about it.



Corky be sendin' 'em.



Corky said he tired

of runnin' base.



See the way you is,

livin' large and all that.



So he wanna be switchin'

over to that smack,



It could be.

All the connects know you

ain't gonna like that, hermano,



They probably didn't give him

nothin', They could've figured

to be jumping your runs,



Maybe sell it himself,

Maybe just to make a statement,



Ah... it could be.






how did you come to find out about

all these interesting developments?



Look, time is money,

and money is time, little homie.



And right now,

you are costing me a lot of both.



- You gonna get mad.

- Look, it would be very difficult...



to get me any madder

than I am already.



You gonna get real mad.



Nicky told me.



[ Laughs ]

Your sister?



What about your sister?



Promise you ain't gonna get ma--



Look, I promise you don't cut

this shit out, I'm gonna piss

acid on your head, you hear me?



When you axed me

where was Nichole...



I told you my aunt won't

let her out the house?



I was lyin' to you.

She move out. She down

with this niggerJames.




- He got that store--



I know whoJames is.



Nicky sayJames tired

of he be so small-time...



wanna be movin' out bigger,

so he be takin' the smack from Corky...



and sellin' it out in his store

'cause Corky promised him...



he gonna get rid of you.



I only lied to you

'cause I didn't want you

to get mad at my sister.



Nicky said she's sick and tired of you,

bein' married and with kids and all.



And James be treatin' her

nice and nasty.



That's how she said it:

''nice and nasty.''



I went over there to talk to her

so that she be comin' back to you...



but I know she still be

goin' back there sometimes...



for her clothes and stuff

she be keepin' over there--



Chillie, call the apartment.



Better not be mixin'

none of this shit up, little homie.



- Understand me?

- It's straight up, Esteban, word.



Corky be goin' over

toJames's store every night...



to set up

they business and all.



Whenever I go to see Nicky

at night, Corky be there.



You know he gonna

be there tonight.



[ Chillie ]

No answer,



[ Subway Rumbling ]



[ Chillie Speaking Spanish ]



Looks like some kind of fuckin'

war council or some shit.



Conejo, It's gonna be the shortest

fuckin' war anyone ever fought.



Word, 'mano.



Fucking word,



My little homie's

on the money.



My little money G.



[ Beeping ]



Okay, Sal, let's do it.



Herbie,you make sure your ass

stays here 'til you see with

your own eyes it's all done,



Don't step one fucking toe

out this car,



- When it's done,you book back

around and pick us up,

- Yeah, I got it, man,



I got it,



Hello, papa.

You got a light?






Go, go, go!



[ Whispering ]



[ Gunshots ]



[ Salvadore ]

Hey! Where you goin', man?



Back in here!

Get the fuck in here!



[James ] Who are you, man?

I don't even know who you are, man,



-[ Salvadore ] Shut up,

- [James ] Man, what you doin'in here?



What is this about, man?

Do you know? Hey, man,

you don't know me,



-[James ] I don't know you,

-[ Salvadore ] Shut the fuck up

and get down and stay there!



-[James ]

You fuckin'crazy or what?

- [ Herbie ] Hey!



[James ] Comin'in here,

You bust into my crib,



[ Herbie ] Hey, where the fuck

you goin', man? Hey!



- This is my thing,

- Are you interested

in my business? Huh?



You gonna fuck with me, nigger?

You wanna fuck my woman?

You wanna fuck what's mine?



[James ] There's no woman here, man,

No woman stay here,



-[ Esteban ] Oh, no?

- This is my place,

I'm the only motherfucker here,



You fuckin' wearin' lingerie?

What's this, motherfucker?

What is this, huh?



What is this you fuckin' got here?

What the fuck is this? Huh?



[ Esteban Grunting ]

What the fuck is this, huh?



- Uhh! Goddamn it!

- You gonna fuck what's mine? Huh?



-Stop! Hold it!

- Fuck this.



- Fuck!

- [ Gunshot ]



[ Gunshots ]



[ Herbie ] It's over, right?

Shit is done, right?



- Look done to me.

-[ Engine Starting ]



Oh, shit. Chillie.



Hey, come on,

come on, come on!



Let's go.



[ Herbie ]

They took Chillie out, 'mano.



I seen it right there,

They took him out,



Chill, homie.

You take it easy on that gas...



or I'm gonna stop

the fuckin' car and cut your

fuckin' foot off, you hear me?



I can't fuckin' believe this

shit, man. I'm never fucking

doin' this shit again, man.



- No fuckin' way.

- Callate, Herbie, callate,



[ Herbie ]

Fuckin'shit, man,



Light is on.

Looks like she's up there.



'Mano, you should

head home tonight.



- This is my own business, Sal.

- Yose, papa,



I'll just walk you to the door,

then cut out, okay?



I'll feel better.



First, you drop off

my little money man...



and then you hit that spot

by the river and you ditch

the firepower, you got me?



Spike, you switch places

with Herbie after that.



I don't want this fuckin' pussy

doin' nothing else tonight.



Drive this car somewhere upstate

and put it in a lake.



I don't want to see it

ever again. ? Tu sabes?



Hey, my little money man.



You're a real man now.



Hey, look, don't worry.



I am not going to do anything

to harm your sister, okay?



I'm going to try

to work it out with her.



You be real chill 'til

the end of the week. You come

and see me next Thursday.



I'm gonna have some serious shit

lined up for you, my man.



- [ Speaking Spanish ]

- Ya, Herbie.



[ Spanish Continues ]



- [ Arguing In Spanish ]

- What the fuck you doin'

back there, nigger?



Stop the car.



Stop the car, man!



Hey! Hey! Hey!



Get back in here, nigger.

This ain't where you live at.



You stupid, man? It's    :  .

You think I'm goin' home now?



I'm gonna head over to my friend

Nicholas right up there.



Yo, you want to baby-sit him

all fuckin' night, maricon?

Vamanos, motherfucker.



We outta here, man.



[ Shopkeeper ] Hey, kid,

you want something here?



Yeah, I gotta use the phone.

I gotta make a phone call.



- Pay phone's outside,

- It's outside, I know,



I be goin'right out,



I couldn't go home.



I couldn't go there with everybody

askin' me questions and all.



So you come here?



I got no place else to go.



Put the bag down.



Why you always carrying that

around with you?



Does it look like

school to you?



Your sister is telling me that

you called her this morning

and told her...



your father wanted

to see her at the rehab

center in Staten Island...



like an emergency, right?



And she gone all the way

up there, and your father...



he's not checked in no more,

is that true?




why you lyin' to him?



I ain't lyin'.



So you're going to tell me that

he's lying aboutJames too, right?



I can see whoever I want.



No. No.

Not exactly.



Now you can see

whoever you want...



except forJames.



No, you can't see him.

You can't see him no more.



Now maybe you can visit him

in his new place of residence...



but, you know,

I don't think he's going

to be so much fun no more.



You don't own me.



I'm nobody's slave.



No. You are a slave

to the pudra blanca,,,



the god of white dreams,

and I am his master, me.



And as long as

he is mine, so are you.



You are mine.



- Nicky, don't walk

away from me like that.

-[ Doorbell Ringing ]



- What the fuck is this,

Grand Central Station?

-[ Doorbell Ringing ]



- Who the fuck is it?

- Police, Open the door,



- You got a warrant?

- We got a complaint of assault

and battery from a neighbor,



- Now open the door

or we're takin'it down,

-[ Zipper Opening ]



[ Zipper Closing ]



Hey, I got me a    - 

on my private number, man,



Looks like all those cards I been

handin' out paid off, hey, 'mano?



- Hey, I'm not your brother,

Perez, so fuck you too.

- Ohh.



You know, when I heard this

address, man, I just couldn't

resist comin' here myself.



You know how intimidating

big boys like yourself can be

to some poor housie, right?



So this is where you keep

your girlfriends, hey, 'mano?



It's a cheap-lookin'joint

if I may say so myself, man.



I never did figure you for no class,

but this might be pushing it.

You all right, miss?



No, wait. We got a call there was

shouts and things and threats.



If he's hurting you,

just tell us, all right?



I'm gonna make sure he doesn't

come near you no more.



This is ridiculous, man, No, no,

We was just having a little talk,



It looks like you got

the wrong apartment, 'mano,



So why don't you get the fuck

out of here before I sue your ass

for unprovoked harassment.



You sure you're

all right, miss? Hmm?



She just scared,



- He said he gonna kill her.

- What the fuck--



- Wait! No, wait a minute!

- Chill, motherfucker.

Hands against the wall! Come on!



Keep-- Come on!



I told him Nichole be seein'

James, and he got so mad,,,



he took his homeboys down to

James's store and dead all them niggers.



Wh-Where did you--

How do you know all this?



They made me go with 'em

to show 'em whereJames be at.

They kill all them niggers.



- I don't know what the fuck

this bastard's talking about!

- Shh!



I come back here 'cause

I was scared he gonna hurt my sister,



He like throw me inside,

yellin' and all.



He be pointin' his gun

at me and Nicky.



Nah. Naw, this nigger's

straight up lyin' to you.



When you knock,

he be tellin'her how he gonna

kill her if she say somethin',



She scared.

But I ain't scared.



Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

You gonna listen to this crazy

bullshit all night, man?



Look, I ain't got nothing

on me, man. Nada!



I'm clean as a motherfucker.



Before you come in,

he throw it under the bed,






- What the fuck!

- 'Mano, you're under fuckin' arrest,

that's what the fuck.



Wait a second,

Somethin'else down here,




Holy Christ on the cross.



Hey, now wait a minute!

It's not mine, man! It's not mine!



- That's not my shit, I don't

know where it came from,

- Quiet!



You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to an attorney.



Anything you say can and will

be used against you in a court of law.



You think I'm stupid enough

to have two kilos lying around

the fucking house?



- I've been set up, man!

- Oh, yeah?



By who, hey, 'mano?

This gun ain't yours?

Those bags fell out of the sky, right?



This apartment don't belong

to you, right? What?



You're fuckin' gone, 'mano,



Next time you see the sky

you're gonna look like fuckin'

Rip Van Winkle. Piniera!



Take this muyfucked hombre

to the back room,



Call a three-car escort

and the forensics unit,

all right? Come on.



[ Siren Blares ]






now if this is the way

you say it is, right?



You testify to

everything you've said?



We're gonna do everything

we can to protect you.



Ain't nothin' gonna be protection

enough around here no more.



Yeah, I know that.

Believe me, I know that.



You're gonna have to move,

all right? We're gonna find

someplace for you to move to.



My sister too.



It ain't gonna be safe

for her, neither.



You gotta move her too.



Your sister too,



She's gonna be

as safe as you are,



We'll find you

somewhere together, okay?



I don't wanna live

in no more projects.



You over an hour late.



I passed up two easy fish

waitin' here for you.



That makes me poorer

by two dollars,



I'm not playing games here.

I got no time for that.



Life's got no time

for your little boy games.



You leave all that nonsense

at home when you come here,



All right, we gonna put it

on speed today,



I ain't stoppin' to give you

any little tips, either.



You sink or swim

on your own today,,,



'cause I'm not always gonna be there

to hold your hand for you,



All right, you ready

for the real thing?



You ready to come get it?

You ready to come take it

from your old man?



You ready to be the king?



[ Children Squealing,

Shouting ]



^^ Yeah ^^



^^ Oh ^^



^^ Whoa-oh-oh-oh ^^



^^ Yeah ^^



^^Hey,yeah,yeah,yeah ^^



^^Hey,yeah ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Talkin'about the ghetto

Yeah ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Talkin'about the ghetto ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Tryin'to survive ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Yeah,yeah ^^



^^Little ghetto boy ^^



^^In the ghetto street ^^



^^ What ya gonna do

when you grow up ^^



^^How you gonna

make ends meet ^^



^^Mmm, it's hard

to even go outside ^^



^^Every time you look at the news

there's a drive-by ^^



^^ Oh, we can no longer

ignore their cries ^^



^^It's time for us to realize ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Oh, oh

Yeah,yeah,yeah ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^Hmm-mmm ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Tryin'to survive ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



^^Every day

and every night now ^^



-^^ The ghetto ^^

-^^ Talkin' 'bout ^^



-^^ The ghetto ^^

-^^Somethin'about the ghetto ^^



-^^Ho, ho ^^

-^^ The ghetto ^^



-^^ Talkin' 'bout the ghetto ^^

-^^ Yeah yeah ^^



-^^ The ghetto ^^

-^^ Yeah,yeah,yeah ^^



^^ Talkin' 'bout the ghetto ^^



-^^ Talkin'about the ghetto ^^

-^^ The ghetto ^^



^^ Talkin' 'bout the ghetto ^^



^^ The ghetto ^^



These are hard times

we're livin'in,



-^^ The ghetto ^^

- But hold on,



Be strong, baby brother,



Change gonna come,



I swear

change is gonna come,

Special help by SergeiK