Friday Night Lights Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Friday Night Lights script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Billy Bob Thornton Texas football movie starring Lucas Black, Derek Luke, Tim McGraw, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Friday Night Lights. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Friday Night Lights Script




It's Mojo Radio back on the air.

Slammin'Sammy here.



Football time in Texas.

Let's go to the phone.

We got, uh, Butch on the line with us.



Butch, what about it?

We'll have a great year, or what?



 How you doin'?

 Good, Butch.

Tell me about this season.



 We're gonna

have a hell of a season this year.!

Winchell's gonna take us all the way.



- Deep slant tripps stacked right?

- Primary receiver's inside flanker.



- "Z" burst.

- My linemen are an    pass block.



- How deep is your drop?

- Five steps.



Five steps.

Tripps stacked left?



I nside eight-yard curl.

You gonna get a scholarship?



Yes, Mom.




It's Mojo Radio, Slammin'Sammy,

and I've got Jerry on the line with us

from the Sonic down there.



Jerry, there's a lot of talk

that Coach Gaines,



with that $      a year salary...



 I know where we're goin' with this.

 He makes a little bit more

than the principal of the school.



I read the book... Just last week,

I was readin'this book about Babe Ruth,



and they asked him

if he deserved his salary...



way back in     ...    whatever it was,

and he said, "Hey, you know..."



They said, " You make more than

the president. "He says," Well, you know,

can the president hit a baseball?"



I'm tellin'you right now, you know,

Coach Gary Gaines, they could give him

$        a year,



and if these boys go undefeated,

it's worth every single dollar.



I tell you what, the principal,

uh, of Permian

don't get       people...



 I got two

to three seconds of rotation and

my linemen are an    pass block.



Wide receiver?

He runs the... burst route.



If he sees cover two, he...

he bends outside, eight to    yards.



   yards, and runs

straight to the sideline.



Are you ready for this, Mike?



- "

- Yo. Ivory!



Ready to work?



'Sup, Boobie? State.



State? State?



State. State.




Where your girlfriend at, Water Bug?




We ain't got a girlfriend yet?



- Come on. Let's go. Snap it up.

- You wanna know why

you ain't got a girl yet, Water Bug?



- Why?

- You got the wrong shoes on, man.



You got on white Adidas.

Everybody know the shoe is Nikes.



Nothin' holds a nickel next to Nike.

Ask Ivory. Ask Preacher Man.



- What kind of shoes

on your feet don't matter.

- Come on, Preacher. Bullshit!



- Don't matter at all.

- You know God made black beautiful.



God made Boobie beautiful,

black and strong.



His mouth keeps gettin'

bigger and bigger and bigger.



And when Boobie knocks some fools out,

Boobie gonna knock 'em out with

black Nikes on his feet. Ain't that right?



I could knock you out

in a pair of flip-flops.



Yeah, well, I'm gonna knock 'em out

with Nikes on my feet,



and I'm gonna smile when I do.



Let's go. Five minutes. Let's go.



Get up. Let's go.



How y'all doin' up there?

Y'all doin' all right?




That's my nephew out there.



The boy can play some football.

I'm telling you.



 I think he'll win

the Heisman Trophy someday.

 The Heisman, really?



- Oh, yes sir. You can bet on it.

- I got it.! I got it.!



Who's you guys'favorite player?

- Boobie Miles.



He can spin left. He can spin right.

Don't make no difference.



He can block, tackle,

score the touchdown, snap the ball,



hold the snap

and kick the extra point.



Hell, the boy will fill up

the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog,

and paint your back porch.



I'm telling you, that boy

can flat out play football.



Ow! And he can pass!



Should we believe the hype?

What hype?



- The hype about Boobie Miles.

- No, hype is something

that's not for real.



- I'm all real.



I'm Chris Comer. I'm a running back.

So that means you're Boobie's backup?



I'm actually Boobie's backup backup.

I'm third string right now.



- You know which way

you're supposed to run?

- Yeah, with strong right...



I ain't talkin' about the play.

I know what the play was, okay?



I know what the play was, okay?



Odessa's a small town, and, uh,



if you screw up,

everybody knows about it.



Your dad played at Permian.

What's it like to be the son

of a local legend?



- Hold on to the damn ball, Donnie!



Next question.



There it goes.! There it is.!

How are your grades, Boobie?



I get straight A's.

I'm an athlete.



In what subject?

There's only one subject.

It's football.



- Ain't no other subject,

you know?

- Hut!



- Hang on to the ball.! The ball.!



You sure he's part of

your gene pool, Charlie?






Red alert.

Red alert, everybody.



What about the expectations

of coaching a team like this

in a community like this?



Well, I guess there's always

a surprise or two in every community.



Ball. J ust concentrate on

hangin' on the ball. Both hands.



Hey, Donnie. Hey.



- Come here. Come here.

What's the problem?

- Get off the field, Dad.



Why can't you hold on to the football?

What's so goddamn hard

about holdin' on to it?



- I'm sorry.

- All you gotta do is hold on to the

goddamn football, and you can't do it.



Tell me why you can't do it.

J ust tell me. That's all I wanna know.



I'll try better next time.

Come on.





Don't you walk away from me.



- Leave him alone.

- Don't you walk away from me

when I'm talkin'to you, you hear me?



Tell me why you can't

hold on to the ball.!




Tell me. Answer a question.

Mr. Billingsley.



- It's the first day of practice.

- This is practice. Seriously.



- Enough. Charlie!



Embarrassin' me out here.

Jesus Christ.



It's all right, Don.



 It's all right.

Don't worry about it. Here we go.



Slot right.   ...

Billingsley, you ain't gotta worry

about holdin' on to the ball, man.



- Why's that?

- 'Cause you ain't gonna get the ball.



Your job is to be blockin' for Boobie.

I don't care if your daddy

is over there cryin'.



- You can...

- You never shut up, do you?



Our team's been playin' with each other

for a long time and, uh,



we got the brotherhood

part of it down pretty much.



People here at Permian are already

predicting a state championship.



Is there any pressure to that

for you guys?



Well, any time they start predictin'

the state championships,

there's always pressure, believe me.



You guys don't have a lot of size.

How can you make up for that?



We're gonna rely on our speed,




Come on, Ivory.

You're in the game now.

You're in the game.



Do football players

get special treatment here?



What do you have to do

to be a better football player this year?



Do you enjoy playing football?



You quit reading

your press clippings, all right?



Because you're smaller,

and you're gonna be smaller every week.



- Yo, Boobie Miles!

- It is hard to be humble.



Ain't gonna be no growth spurt

between now and the first game.



Where does all that anger

come from?



- They're gonna underestimate you

every single week.



- We teach you this technique

for a reason.



We do not do this

to make our heads rattle.



You're gonna use your mind.



You're gonna play with your heart.

Come on.!



That's what you're gonna use

to win the state championship.



Get up, Ivory. Get up.

Get up! Get up.



It's a good day, gentlemen.

It's a good day to think

about responsibility.



It's a good day to ask yourself

if on a personal level you're willing

to accept that...



if you're willing to accept

the responsibility that you have...



to protect this team

and this school and this town.



And make no mistake

about it, gentlemen,



we are in the business

of protecting this town.



We're in the business

of winning.



The expectations

couldn't be any higher.



We will win state.



We will win state.



Can you be perfect?






No, I'm all right.

Come on, Mike. Live a little.



He's not going out, either.

Yeah, he is.



Mike, you're going out tonight.

If I have anything to say about it,

you're gonna get laid too.



Billingsley.! Billingsley.!

Party at Taylor's house now, Billingsley.!



You better be there. Gonna get wasted.!

Party at Taylor's house.!






Isn't that guy, like,   ?



Mike. Here's your mom's food.



How much?

No, no. Don't worry about it.

It's on us. It's on us.



How's she doin', by the way?

You never give me free food, David.



- I just gave you free food.

- Oh yeah. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.



- Say hi to your mom, huh?

- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.



Stay out of jail, Billingsley.



- We're not goin' home, Mike.

- I ain't goin' out drunk foolin'.



How 'bout I bring

your mom some dinner

so you can come out with us?



Because we're gonna get laid,

and we're gonna get drunk, and

we're gonna win state, but not tonight.



All right?



You been blessed, Mike,

'cause we got a runner.



He's gonna make us all look good.

So I'm telling you to lighten up.



All you gotta do is exist in those

two seconds between snap

and you givin' Boobie the ball.



So lighten up, Mike.




How you doin'?

Hey, Brian.



How's old Gaines treatin' you?

Got you all perfect?

We gettin' there.



All right.

How's your mama?

Fine, sir.



- All right. You mind if we get a shot

real quick with the kid, little picture?

- Shot?



Yeah, little picture.

Yeah, sure.



Here. All right, sweetie.

J ust take a picture.



My baby girl and the next Texas

state championship quarterback, huh?



Where's the damn camera?



Winchell, boy, you remember

every minute of this.

I'm tellin'you right now.



You're    but it goes fast.

Don't sleep. Don't waste a second of it.



'Cause before you know it,

it's done.



Nothin' but babies and memories.

You hear me?



Babies and memories.

Smile, sweetheart. Give us a smile.

Say "Mojo." Say "Mojo."



I tell you what, why don't

you hold on to her for a little while?

Babysit her for us for a couple hours.



We're gonna go get a drink.

We'll be back in a little bit.



All right. I'm kiddin' with ya.

Come here. Come here, sweet...



Come here, sweetie.

Let's go back over to Mama.

All right.



Thank you. Thank you.

Hey, hey. Bring it home, huh?



Bring one of these home.

Get you one of these.



Christian, get you one of these.

Boys? Right here.



Come up here a second.

Got some change for you.



Wanna go to that party?

J ust for a little bit?



"It's tricky to rock a rhyme

To rock a rhyme that's right on time"



"It's tricky

It's tricky, tricky"

"Tricky, tricky"



"It's tricky to rock a rhyme

To rock a rhyme that's right on time"



"It's tricky"

"T-t-t-tricky, tricky"



"I met this little girlie

Her hair was..."



What I saw was speed out there,

but uh, where's the beef, Coach?



I saw me some small boys.

They're small.



- I think we're gonna be okay.

- On defense?



Yes, ma'am. I firmly believe that.

We got some backs.

We're about, what,    ?



"Tricky, tricky, tricky"



"It's tricky to rock a rhyme

To rock a rhyme that's right on time

It's tricky"



Hi, Mike.



I'm Melissa.

I know who you are.



You do?

Everybody knows

who you are, Melissa.



Everybody knows

who you are, Mike.



Is that right?



- Whole lot of... Arab oil embargo.

- Oh, God.



- Don't talk about that.

- Midland Lee likes to bust it

up the middle, too.



You're right about that.

You know what you should do?



You should play Boobie Miles defense.

Work him both ways.



The problem with that is

I don't want to get him hurt.

We need him to score touchdowns.



Bullshit. That big nigger

ain't gonna break.



You wanna beat Midland Lee,

you play him middle linebacker.



- Break some heads out there.

- Are you ready for Midland Lee, coach?



"I got a letter from the government

The other day

I opened and read it"



This is not about Boobie. This is

about the fact that we're sittin'here

in the stairwell while they're up there.



- I wanna be with a ball carrier.

- Baby, Boobie is...



Don't you "Baby, Boobie" me.

I wanna see somethin'.



Can I get a touchdown?

How 'bout that?

Can I get a touchdown?



Why don't you have a girlfriend?

I don't know.



Why doesn't he have a girlfriend?



Is that a rule or somethin'?



No, not really.

Well, then,

why don't you have a girlfriend?



J ust don't.

Are you gay?



- What?

- Is he gay?



- I'm not gay.

- Can you prove it?



Coach, here's to the start of

your second season as our head coach.



- We're here,

we believe in you and Sharon.

- Thank you.



To sittin' here in December

as the state champions of Texas.



- Let's bring 'em hell. Go Mojo!

- Go Mojo!



- Go Mojo!

Bring us some glory, Coach.



- " That's what I say

Don't need nothin'but a good time"

- Go! Go! Go!



Why isn't anyone allowed

at your house?



People come over.






Is your mother really crazy?






Are you crazy?



Do I look crazy?



Look like someone who's gonna get

the hell out of Odessa, Texas one day

and never look back.



Seriously works for me.



See ya.



Get in here, boy.



Come on. Get this off.




That's good.






Take my shoes...



Don't get so prude.

Stop. We're on your couch.



Something for everybody. Oh.



Let's go to your room.



Let's go to your bedroom.

Dad, can you just go

back to bed, please?



Who's this? This Melissa?







How you doin', Maria?

Damn, girl. You have grown up.



Dad, please.

Can you just go back to bed?



What happened to my lamp?



- Hey, y'all. What's goin'on?

- Hey, Flippy.



Hi, Maria.

What happened to my lamp?



I dropped it.

Yeah, you dropped it.



That makes perfect sense, huh?

He dropped it. Can't hold on to

the lamp, can't hold on to the football.



- I can hold on to the football, Dad,

now get the hell out of here!



Little fumble,

can't hold on to the football.



Since when can you hold

on to the football?



I haven't seen it.

Y'all don't do it today?



How about yesterday? You hold on

to the football yesterday? Have you

seen him hold on to the football?



How 'bout tomorrow?

You gonna hold on to it tomorrow?

How 'bout now?



Can you hold on...

Hold on to the football.

Goddamn it, Dad.



- Dad.

- Maybe this'll help.



 What are you doing?

Hold... on... to... the football!



Dad! Goddamn it, Dad!

Knock it off!



- That's enough.!



I don't think we've felt this kind of

expectation in years.



If Winchell shows up

like we know he can,



even a short passing game

to give Boobie Miles

a couple of feet of cushion...



You boys all right?

Yes, sir.



Yes, sir.



Gonna win state?

Yes, sir.



Yes, sir.




Yes, sir.

Get it done.



Take this opportunity

to support the Permian Panthers...



"The Southern California lifestyle

is but one of the bonus features...



of playing for..."



What's that word?

Uh, "distinguished."



- Who's that one from, UCLA?

- No, this is USC.

That's UCLA right there.



Hey, Mike. You gonna come visit

my distinguished ass in California?



See if I can put the damn smile

on your face.



You know I'm fittin'

to be rich, right?



I'm thinkin'about hiring,

uh, Eddie Murphy

to lay some of his shit on you...



till you crack a damn smile.



No? Well, what about

Richard Pryor?



Bill Cosby?

I know you like Bill Cosby.



Mike Winchell, you got

a natural ability...



for throwing Boobie Miles the ball.



Any every once in a while

you throw a pretty good pass,



so you're going to eat

yourJell-O Pudding Pops.






Yo, Mike Winchell. You gonna move

out of Odessa, Texas one day, baby,



and you gonna come visit

Boobie Miles in California,



and you gonna smile,



or I'm gonna stick

about four pudding pops

up your white ass.



- Now, now... Oh, my God.!

I got Mike Winchell to smile.!



Look at this! Wah!



Did y'all see it? Wah.!



That's probably the only smile

y'all gonna see from Mike

all season.



Yeah. Yeah.



I'm distinguished now.

Hey, Boobie.



- What?

- You didn't lift.



Come on, man.

This is God-given.



Only thing I gotta do

is just show up.



Now, people call this monument out here,

the Ratliff Stadium,



the monument to football of Odessa.



They say some of that money

should have gone to the school.



What's your feelings on that, D.U.?

You played ball.



 Ain't that stadium

part of the school?



So I say that money did go to the school.

What's everybody whinin'about?



This is football country, folks.

Come on. Get your heads out.



Hi, Don.

Hey, Karen.



- It's you. Do you like it?

Do you like it?

- Think so. What is it?



Rice Krispy.

You like it, right?

Yeah, I love it.




You're welcome.



- Hey, Gary?

- Hey, John. How you doin'?



Good. Um, you real busy?



I got a minute or two.

What you got up?



- Well, I got some characters out here.

- Well, who you got with you?




Well, hey.

Hey, J im. How you doin'?



- How's that pretty wife of yours?

- She's good.



Ready for Friday night?

Sure hope so.

Seems pretty good.



I feel pretty good about it.

I really do.

 We're just, uh...



Wanted to come by and visit,



maybe talk about defense

a little bit, if you got a second.



You got a second?



We got a dog named Mojo.

We got a cat named Panther.



 You got season tickets?

 You kiddin'?

We don't miss anything.



- I nstead of the cover   zone.

- Get the D-line in as many gaps

and stack gaps as possible.



Double dent, type of technique.



- Hey, Boobie.

- Hey.



- How you doin'?

- All right.



Strong "B"slide force.

Hell, we can look at...



- He'll still be a robber...

- Get Ivory out of the board...



- And go!

- Go, go, go, go.



- Go by the speed and make up

for the size differential...

- What do you think, Coach?



Now, obviously we're not Division I,

but we got a good program.



You play well enough,

we'll find you a spot at Kansas Wesleyan.



- How far is the drive?

- What drive?



To your school. How far is it

from Odessa to your school?



I don't know.    or    hours.

Are you offering?




Right now. Are you offering?



If you are, we're in.




He'll sign his intent right now.



Well, obviously we're interested,

Miss Winchell, otherwise

we wouldn't be here, Mike.



- But right now, that's all we are, is...

- I nterested.



Now, you go get at 'em,

you throw some touchdowns,



you win some football games,

maybe a state championship, huh?



We'll see if we can't find you a home

at Kansas Wesleyan.



Yes, sir.



Do you like playin' football, Mike?

Yes, sir.



Is it fun for you?



- Lots of fun, sir.

- He loves the game.



That's good. It's important.

It's... legitimate love of the game.



Supposed to be fun,

you know?



Greatest game in the world.



I'm not that good at toastin',

but, uh, I'll give it a try.



Um, fact is I don't know if I've ever

done a toast myself before.

Been involved in a few, but uh...



Uh, well, here's to Boobie Miles, who...



Well, everything... everything you get

this year, you deserve it,



because you... you work hard,

and you... I'm real proud of you.



And, um, L. V., to you l... I can't

even tell you how proud of you I am,



the way you've raised this kid

and what you do for him, and uh...



Here's to a great season,

and uh, God bless us.



- God bless us.

- God bless.



We been thinkin'about this

for four months now.



You seniors have been

thinkin'about it for    years.



Well, it's here now.

It's time.



If any of you have any doubt

in your mind,



I don't want you to walk

through that door over there.



You shouldn't have any doubt

in your mind about what

you're supposed to do tonight,



and about how

you're supposed to do it.



So let's take care of it!






"Don't know we can do this

'Cause we always knew this"



"Ha, ha

Yeah, boy"




How low can you go"



- " Death row

What a brother know"

- Way to go.



- Do you understand?

- Hut!



Boobie Miles.



You can't turn it back

to Boobie Miles!



All Boobie, all the time here.



- A Mojo first down.



Boobie around one more.!



- Yeah! That's my boy!

- Boobie Miles for    yards...



- Score for Mojo. Touchdown.



Billingsley takes it right.

Boobie. Here we go again.



Into the end zone.

Touchdown, Mojo.



Boobie Miles has it all,

all in one great package...



the speed, the size, the athleticism.



Let me tell you, folks, Boobie Miles

is worth the price of admission.




Yeah, all right!



- Boobie Miles breakin'loose

one more time.

- Yes, sir!



- Broke the line.




Chavez is playin'like a man possessed.



- Whoo!



- God damn, I'm so proud of ya!

- Calm down, son.



- Chavez will eat you...

Billingsley. Hey, Billingsley.




Go sit...

Go get on the bench.



Get on the bench.

Boy, crazy.



I like enthusiasm, but my goodness.



He's gonna throw it.

What an arm.! Did you see...



Boobie Miles, from    yards out,



scores a Mojo touchdown.



You're doin' a great job.

Give me a smile. Give me a smile.

Thank you, Coach.



Boobie Miles is about as solid

as you can ask for.



He ain't gonna smile.

He's more internal.

Why not? Why didn't he ever smile?



 Mojo.! Mojo.!

Keep watchin'out.



- Let me kick that extra point.

- Not this time. You did enough.



- Come on.

- Chris Comer! Come in.



Comer! You're in the game.

Come on.



Hey, hey, hey, hey, son. Come here!

Come here! Where you goin'?



- You don't want me to go in, Coach?

- You don't want a helmet?



Where's your helmet?

Go get it!

Yes, sir!



- You see my helmet, man?

- Find your helmet, son.



- What you lookin' for, Water Bug?

- Let me get this real quick.

Let me get your helmet, man.



Come on, come on.

My goodness gracious.




Water Bug, you can't come out here

with no helmet, man.



You seen my helmet right here?

I can't believe it.



   sweep.    sweep.



You don't know where your helmet is?

What are you thinkin'?

Where did you put your helmet?



- Right there a second ago.

- Well, it ain't there!



Do you not know that you

play the game with a helmet on?



- Put your tail end right there.!

- Hut!



He throws back to Miles.



Miles cuts to his right.



Bailey takes him down.



Was that a knee?

Could have been.



Hold on. Hold on.




was still in there. Billingsley was

still in there. Unfortunately...



the running back's been taken down hard

and it looks like a knee could possibly...



- J ust gonna touch the kneecap here.



Does it hurt over here, son?



Get up, Boobie.



Let me take a look at this.

Let me look at it.



It's definitely his A.C.L.

I mean, it's a legitimate tear.



Do you think he tore any cartilage?

Maybe. I could feel the knee catching.



What do you think?



This kid, it's all about

how he responds mentally.



I don't know.



All right, everybody.

Listen up.



He's gonna be fine.

It's not serious. There's no tear.

He'll be back in a week.



That's the good news.



Even better news, y'all played

a great football game tonight.



A real good football game.



I'm real proud of ya.



And Mike...

Where's Mike Winchell?



Mike, I'm proud of you, son.



You showed discipline.

You showed leadership.



You played your butt off, son.

I'm proud of you.



All of you. Proud of all of you.

And, uh, Wilson...



Now that's body tackle.

That's what I been tellin'you about.



Did y'all see him tonight?



Anyway, I'm proud of every one of you.

I'm proud of the coaches, all of y'all,

each and every player.



I want you to go celebrate.

Feel good about yourselves

tonight, okay? Come on!



 We only got

a minute and a half left in the game,

we're leadin'by a good lead.



He leaves the boy in there like that.

That makes no sense.!



You gotta protect your best asset.!

What's the matter with this man?



He could have ruined

the whole season for us right there.



We were up. We were winnin'big,

and the boy stays in the game.



Yeah.! What's... You don't need any more.

You don't need to accomplish any more.



I think Coach Gaines

is a stupid f... in'idiot.




 Well, he sh... You know,

he shouldn't have put him in.



I mean, we had a big lead

and everything.



I don't understand

what that was all about.



We can't do anything without Boobie.

We had the game won...



I'm feelin'some damage

on the right side here.



- Well, can I play on Friday?

- I think you got a slight tear.



Can he play?

Yeah, can I play?



Can he play football?



Can I?



You need to get up to Midland,

get an M.R.I.



Can a M.R.I. fix your knee?



Is he the one player

you can't do without?



Well, l... I never looked at it

that way. A football team is not

about one player or two players.



A football team is about the team.



This is a unit, and that's

the way we have to play.



Uh, it's gonna be a...

It's gonna be a challenge.



You are makin'

some bad decisions!



You're playin'like the village idiot.

You want people to think you're

the village idiot? Is that what you want?



The Eagles take down

the Panthers,   - 



and for Coach Gary Gaines,

it's gotta be back to the drawing board.



That's gonna be the word

around town all week.



Coach Gaines, what are you gonna do?

The loss of Boobie Miles can not

result in the loss of this season.



Hell of a game.

Gimme the keys.



Way to take care of business.

Gimme the keys, Dad.



We, uh... We just need

a few more days, Coach,

and we be back.



You go into Midland,

get that M.R.I.?



I don't need nothin'in Midland.

Those rich hillbillies ain't never seen

nothin'as pretty as Boobie Miles.



Them M.R.I. machines

wouldn't know what to do with it.



He gonna be just fine, Coach Gaines.



Uh, we gonna go back to the clinic

but they already said ain't no tears.



No tears?

Ain't no tear.



Is that what they said?



Yes, sir. Uh, we gonna go back

for some double confirmation,



but when it come time

to play Midland Lee,

we be good to go, Coach.



That's good, then.



He designed his offense

around one player.



We're dead.

 We're not dead.



- We just need to start

throwin' the football.

- We're dead.



Dead. Pull it.



We gotta lighten up. We're   .



Do you feel   ?



I don't feel   . Pull it.



We will win state.



Chavo, you're like a human pinata.



You get your ass all beat on

more than anybody I know,

and you just sit there and spit out candy.



That's 'cause he's out of here.

He's got the grades.



No matter what, if we win or lose,

he knows he's gettin' out.



- He's like the one foot

out the door man.

- It's true, Chavo.



 You're gonna be


Gimme the gun.



eatin'lamb chops,




 You're just jealous.

Removin' your freakin' shoes.



What's it like being the quarterback?



I mean, this is a big responsibility

for a   -year-old kid.



No.! That is not acceptable.!



Uh... It's sort of... I mean, uh...



It's not too bad. I know, uh...



- You are playin'like a fool.!

- Do you think

you can handle it?



If you got a receiver

gettin' jammed inside,

what will you do with your brain?



Yeah, I hope so.

What will your brain do?



- You'll throw outside!

- Throw it outside.



You'll throw outside!

Now you think you can do that?



- Yes, sir.

- Well, show me.

Show me!






Yeah, well, I thought

maybe if you came home

it would help out a little bit.



She's sick.

She's not doin' so good.



It's just kinda hard.

Football's startin' and this is a lot.



Well, I thought if maybe you could

come home, it'd help out a little bit,



'cause she's your mother, too.



Okay. Okay.






Can you get the job done, Mike?



We're pretty small.

I didn't ask you

if you think we're small.



I asked you if you think

we can get the job done.



Think so.

Well, you're gonna have to do better

than "I think so."Is that clear?



It's clear.



Now I'm gonna assume

that by now you've learned

that the world's not fair...



and sometimes

you get the short end.

That's all you get.



And if you don't do

something personally to fix it,



that's all you're ever gonna get.



Yes, sir.






Do you wanna play college ball?

Do you wanna get out of this town?



Think so.



Well, why aren't you

doin' something about it?



My mind's not right.



One of these days you're gonna

have to get out of this house.



You're gonna have to leave her.



Yes, sir.



You gotta accept the fact that

people have to take care of themselves,

and that includes you.



You understand that?

Yes, sir.



Okay. The truth is,



against some

pretty overwhelming odds,



if... if you do decide to accept that...



Look at me, Mike.



If you decide to accept that,



you're gonna seriously fly, son.



 Same song, different

verse. Middle of the second quarter,

Cooper has a   -nothing lead.



Things are really going south

in a hurry.



But when you got an offense play

built around one player, that's great,

as long as the player's there.



When he gets hurt,

in this case like Boobie Miles did,

what do you do?



I don't know, but Gaines

better come up with a plan quick...



'cause the unthinkable's

gonna happen.



The Panthers are gonna lose

two consecutive district games.



Wilson gets the hand-off and he's

got room to run on the left-hand side.



Across the line. Clotheslined.!



- And he's down.!

- Gimme a running back!

We got a running back?



Permian has lost Boobie Miles,

now Wilson,



Comer! Comer!

Yeah, come on!



leaving him with third-string

running back Chris Comer.



- Hut!

- Comer around the right side,



has some room to run and...

runs out of bounds.



- What is that?



- I didn't have a block.

- You are so dumb! Are you scared?



I didn't have no block.

Football is a contact sport!



I think he's a sophomore.

May be lookin'for

a badminton scholarship or something.



That's not gonna cut it.



- Blue   .! Hut.!



The snap. Lookin'to throw.

Here comes the rush.



Winchell avoids the rush,

throws the ball,

Comer turns from blocker to receiver.



Has the ball, crosses the   -yard line,

crosses the   .



Comer to the   .! Comer to the   .!



- Where did this speed come from?

- Go, go, go!



- Who was that?

- It was Comer.



- Our Comer?

- It was Comer. It was Comer!



Comer has a Mojo touchdown.!



Chris Comer with his first varsity T.D.



Not letting go of that ball.

Gimme the ball.



-    yards, the second-longest

power play in Permian history.

- Gimme the ball. Gimme the ball!



Interception, Brian Chavez.!



Abilene Cooper back to punt.

It's blocked.!



Touchdown, Permian.!



- That's a Mojo touchdown.

- Jesus!



- Billingsley up the middle,

picks up a great block from Comer.

- Run, Donnie!



Forearm shove behind him,

in for the Mojo touchdown.



There's your old school football.



"Oh yeah"



"Got my Mojo working, baby"



Where did this guy come from?



Chris Comer afforded

a couple of fantastic runs

and one fantastic pass reception,



leading Mojo from a   -nothing deficit.






I'm feelin'great. How are you?

I feel much better than I did

before the hit.



This team has a swagger. They're

walkin'tall. They're playin'tough.



 I love these kids.

I love the way Winchell's playin'.



 Real good. They came

together after Boobie went out...



He's got him.

Touchdown in the corner.!



You know,

we just have to dig deep...



Comer's amazing. You know,

he's stepping in just nicely.



My concern is that he doesn't

have the experience in the long run.



If they can just stay strong,

not get overconfident,



and take out Midland Lee

I think we're goin', man.



I think we're gonna go all the way,

but I'm a little worried.



Oh no, sir.

It's just a small sprain.



It was just, uh, a precaution.

We're on a roll.



 Don't get started

on the celebration dance.

We got Midland comin'up.



Midland Lee is the real deal.



You don't need to be slackin'right now.

You gotta be playin'and practicin'.



Permian zips past

North Shore Galena   - .



Come on. We're five and one.

The team is winning now.



They all win, but who we playin'?

Come on. Mediocre teams.



Two losses could shut the door

on the Permian Panthers.



Let's not start tootin'the horns

just yet, you know what I mean?



You lose two division games

in this football climate,

and you're done, Sammy. You're done.







This the best damn hospital

in Texas.



The very best.



My son, Andrew, played for Midland,

and ended up back East at Penn.



Oh, he playin' with,

uh, Joe Paterno.



University of Pennsylvania.

Uh, premed.




Just let it relax.

You have any pain?



Not at all.

Does this hurt?




None of that hurts?




Okay. Go ahead and sit up and

just let your legs hang over the side.



I n fact, why don't you

go ahead and get dressed

and let me look at the scan.



l-I'm sorry.

You're James' dad?



No, I'm his uncle.

Come over and let me...

let me look at the scan with you.



Uh, this is the scan

we just did today of his knee...



and this is looking right

through the middle of the knee.



What we're looking at

right through here is... is the A.C.L.,



and what this shows is that

he's had a fairly significant,

fairly serious injury.



James, let me show you.

Right through here

is where the injury is,



and it looks like you've had

a pretty serious injury

to that part of your knee.



Significant enough that...

that I have concerns about

what you can do from here on.



So when can I suit up?



Well, let me just say with how

your knee felt when I examined it

and what I see on the scan...



With... with the...

the things that you do well...



The reason that you're great

is that you can run and cut

and hammer people...



and you don't hesitate

because you've got a solid knee.



When you don't have this ligament,

you can't do that,

so it's really out of the question.



What? No, no, no. That's...

That's not what Dr. Spencer said.



He said three weeks.

Three weeks is up,

and I'm ready to play.



I understand. I understand,

but again, when l...



Based on what I see

when I feel your knee, examine

your knee... What I see here...



You... You really can't play

with this kind of knee.



What are you talkin'

about, I can't play?

I'm gonna play.



I'm ready to play.

My team needs me.

I'm ready to play.



Listen to me.

I am listenin' to you.



l-I want...

I want what's best for you.



You and I

are on the same page...

We ain't on the same page.!



How you gonna want

what's best for me?

Hold on. Hold on.



How you gonna want

what's best for me?

You from Midland, right?



You from Midland? Huh?

This is bull, man.



You just jealous

'cause you from Midland.



What I recommend...

You jealous 'cause you from Midland.

Who paying you?



- Who paying you?

- Come on, Boobie. That's okay.



You tryin' to take

my football career!



You tryin'to take

my football career.!

Boobie, let's get out of here.



Tryin'to take my football career.!

Whatever you're sayin' to me,

listen to me.



Come on!




Here back on Mojo Radio,

it's Slammin'Sammy Stands.



I knew tonight's game was gonna

be a big game, but it just got bigger.



Earlier today, Cooper beat Woodland,

which means that if Permian wins tonight,

they're in the play-offs.



If they lose, though, they fall back

into a three-way tie for first place,



and that means the tie-breaker

is a coin toss.



So what'd the doctor say?



'Cause, see, if you go out there

before your knee's ready...

Coach, my knee's fine.



You okay with this, L.V.?



Yeah, I'm good with it.

Hundred percent.



Go get dressed.



The most storied rivalry

in the state of Texas...



is Permian hosting

the Midland Lee Rebels

at Ratliff Stadium.



Tonight one of these teams

could take a step toward the play-offs.



Permian has one district loss,

both Cooper and Midland Lee have two.



There's no doubt about that.



A win tonight puts

Permian in the play-offs,

no coin flip needed,



plus it'll send the Lee Rebels

home for the season.



 Well, what

do you know, folks. Look at this

coming out of the locker room.



Number    has emerged

from the locker room.



Boobie doesn't look like

he's limping at all.



He looks good to me.

He looks like he's ready to go.



Now the question is, decoy or player?



He ain't gonna play.

I don't think so either.



 From what I know

about Coach Gary Gaines, nobody

holds his cards closer than Gary does.



- Come on, guys. Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

- Hut.!



Winchell pitches to Comer.

Flipped on his head.!



Winchell, pressured by Olivera,

swings a pass out to Billingsley...

Picked off!



It's Dominguez.

Dominguez will take it in

from    yards away.



And Lee brings home points.



Hang on to the ball, son!



Don't worry about it.

Shake it off. Shake it off.



Don't worry about it, Coach.

Let me spin. Let me spin, Coach.



Y'all wanna win, put Boobie in.



Set. Hut.! Hut.!



- Winchell

will swing it out to Billingsley.

- Come on, Donnie.



And the ball is tripped

by Dominguez.



- Kevin Lane, and a blatant

body slam by Billingsley.

- Donnie! Donnie!



What's up?



My goodness. Son, is there

something wrong with you?

Are you mentally okay?



What are you

puttin' your helmet on for?

Take your helmet off, son.



You're gonna sit on the bench

for a little while.

You don't need that helmet.



Third down, with less than

two minutes to play in the half.



Strandler over the left side,

uncontested.    yards down to T.D.



 Permian came in

with a four-game win streak

but they haven't been tested all year.



Coach Gaines is gonna have to find

a way to get his offense on track...



or start feeling his season

slipping through his fingers.



- Do you think you're playin'football?

Do you think you're playin'football?



Do you think you're playin'football?

You are showing me nothing.!



Do you understand me?

Do you think you got it made?



Do you think you got it made?



Because if that's what you think,



you're gonna find out what

it feels like to sit on your asses...



and watch Midland Lee

take your season!



No offense tonight for Mojo, and still

no sign ofJames "Boobie"Miles.



Y'all wanna win? Put Boobie in.

I'm about to spin.



Come on, Coach. Come on, Coach.

Let me get this for you.



Under five minutes to play

and Lee still leads   - .



Weak defense, weak offense

and no Boobie. If you're

Coach Gaines, what do you do?



Right now Mike Winchell

can't get this offense going,



and the Midland coach

has seen Boobie on the sidelines.



If you don't put him in,

he knows you're bluffing.

I'd put him in.



All right. Move out!



Come on!



Boobie! You're in.

Let's go! Let's go!

What you want, yo?



Well, we apparently are all

gonna get what we wished for,



because here comes Boobie Miles,

and this is certainly

what the fans came to see.



That's number   

back in the Permian backfield.



Back slam,    stretch...




Now Boobie the senior,

Number    lining up behind

quarterback Mike Winchell,



and offensive line is rarin'to go

with room to run.



Three,    hut.!



Miles going left.

Hesitates just a bit.



Get off! Get off!



- Let's go with   -Cheetah.

-   -Cheetah!



- Let's go! Let's go!



They're gonna cheat up close

to the line again and see if they're

gonna run Boobie one more time.



He will go to the right.

There is a hole.



He gets a block.

The Dominguez brothers take him down.

He spins and he's down.



Take it easy. Stay down.



Don't touch it.

Don't touch it.

Try to relax.



Let me take a look at it.



I'm gonna get up on my own.

I can get up on my own.



Folks, the utterjoy of watching

Boobie Miles trot back on to the field...



has been replaced by the sheer misery

of watching him being carried off of it.



We unfortunately may have seen

the last of Boobie Miles

in the black and white of Permian.



Let me see.

He's done.



We're gonna go jet fire, Coach.

Well, you better go somethin'!



One minute    seconds

left to play in this one.



Panthers move immediately

to the hurry-up offense.




no longer a factor. Comer, following

the tackle, will dig up near midfield.



The clock now inside of  :  .

It'll be second down, Permian.



Lee clinging to that seven-point lead

and time becomes a factor.



-    Cheetah.

-    Cheetah!    Cheetah! Hut!



Again, Winchell to Payne,

beating Preston.



Only    seconds left.

Mike Winchell trying to keep

Permian's play-off hopes alive.



- Completes the pass.

- He's got it. He's got it.



Winchell was drilled,

but he seems to be okay.



- Back it off!

- Winchell, past time, he's lookin'.



Again, Winchell to Payne.

The clock continues to run.



-    seconds left.

- Go, go!



Let's go! We got four up!



Hold it.! Hut.!



Mike Winchell trying to keep

the play-off hopes alive. Complete.!



- We gotta go with...



This is for the ball game.

The clock is still moving.



- Come on, front line!



- Mike Winchell will go for the shotgun,

steps back and he drops the ball.!

- Pick it up! Pick it up!



Picks it up, steps into the pocket,

looking for Allen Wyles, he's open.



Here's the pass, and it's... too tall.!



Midland Lee wins the ball game.



It's all right.

No, man.



I'm sorry.

It's all right.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



Thanks for nothing, Permian.

Go home, cowards.



 I don't understand

what's gonna happen

at this point. How do we...



 Another loss, and

that's thrown us into a three-way tie.

They're going to have a coin toss.



You gonna be all right?

I'm okay.



 You're serious?

That's right. We're gonna get the three

coaches, they're all gonna toss a coin.



- I love you.



 What the hell kind of way

is that to make a decision?



When you assemble

the kind of talent that we have here,



and then you just

throw it away like that.



It started with him playin'Boobie

when we had a big lead.



And now... This is a once in a lifetime

thing to be able to see these people...



I mean, we could have

been in the history books.



- And now? Ain't no way.



I mean, that's it.

What about Winchell's play tonight?



Well, what do you think?



And that Billingsley couldn't hold on...

They all suck.!



And I think it

just goes to the coachin'.



That's what it is.

You know what else it is, too?



They been doin'too much

learnin'in the schools.



My daddy used to take a bullwhip,



and he'd cut it up...



And he'd tie    knots in it.



Then he'd beat me

and beat me in my gut...



till I got a sick feeling in my stomach.






that's how I feel...



when I watch you...



play... football.



Sick at my stomach.



Oh, I need some fresh air!



- Aah.!

- What the hell are you doing?



Get this sickness

out of my stomach.



- Yeah.

- Goddamn it, Dad.



You were sent down here

to learn how to play football.



And you haven't.



You have not!



And I gotta take that

as a personal... failure!



Nobody in Mojo football

wants to win in a coin toss.



But that's the way

it is. That's the way

the tiebreaker is.



Well, they oughta

change that.



They ought to change

coaches... Make a lot

of changes in executing.



I was supposed to

make a man outta you.






You know what that is?

Do you know what that is?



That's a state championship.



I won a state championship.

J ust calm down, Dad.



Can you touch that?



Can you... touch... that?



Can you... touch... that!



- Hell with it.



- What the hell are you doing?



You drunk bastard!



You ever feel cursed, Coach?



Like, no matter what,

inside your heart you feel

that you're gonna lose.



Like something's

hanging over you,



following you like a witch

or a demon that just...

What is wrong with you?



Why you gotta be

so messed up?

You can't win.



I feel like that all the time.



Even when things

are going good.



When we're winnin',

it's there.



And when we're losin',

it's there.



What is wrong with you?



It took me a long time

to realize that, uh,



there ain't much difference

between winnin' and losin',



except for how

the outside world treats you.



But inside you,

it's about all the same.



It really is.



Fact of the matter is,

I believe that, uh,



our only curses are the ones

that are self-imposed.



You know what I'm sayin'?



We, all of us,

dig our own holes.



God, Dad.



"Breaks somebody's back"



What is wrong with you?



What's wrong with you?



Ladies and gentlemen,

this is truly unbelievable.



A three-way tie for first place.



So, in less than an hour,

this truck stop,



which we're not allowed

to reveal the identity of,



will serve as host for a coin toss...



that will send two of these teams

to the state play-offs...



and one of them home




Okay, Skip. We're on

in three, two, one.



Folks, we're here with

the three winning coaches.



Now, we've all agreed on

the rules. Two out of three

here, odd man out.



If you got one tails, they're out.

If you got one heads, they're out.



It's a tough way after a great

season for these coaches, but

this is the way it's gonna be.



When I give the word,

we're gonna toss our coins.



And then the district's gonna

have its two representatives.



Let's see the coins, guys.



All right, uh,

Coach Doug McCutcheon

from Abilene Cooper's got...



What is it, Coach?

A      silver dollar.



'   silver dollar, all right.



Coach Gary Gaines

from Permian, you got a...



'   nickel.

'   nickel.



And from Midland Lee,

Coach Earl Miller's got a... Well,

that's just your basic U.S. quarter.



Okay. Coaches ready?




Ain't no curses.






Three. Toss 'em.



- Coins are down.



This one looks like it's heads.



Okay, that's heads

for Abilene Cooper.



That's mine.



It's heads.



Okay. Midland Lee

is also heads.



Hey, we got a third one

over here, Skip.



Coach, that's you.



- Come on, Gaines.

- Come on.



Don't touch that.

Just leave it alone.



- Well, that's heads.

- Yup. That's heads too.



Permian is also heads. Man.



- Yeah.

- Well, that figures.



The way you guys'teams

played each other this year,

it'd take more than one toss, so...



Hang on a second.

You know, this coin's pretty worn.



Does this look like heads

to you, Doug?



I can't tell the difference.

It might be tails.



Folks, there might be

some controversy here

regarding Cooper's coin.



It's tails.



So, the good news is that life

continues for both Midland Lee

and Permian high schools.



At least for another

couple of weeks.



That's the good news.



The not-so-good news is

that it looks like all roads are

eventually leading to Dallas Carter.



And what a monster of a team

Dallas Carter is.



This Dallas Carter team

appears to be completely




I mean, the rumor is they've got

nine players that have already signed

Division I letters of intent.



Damn, them boys big.



They are a very, very good

football team, people.



I'll get that car fixed today.






I don't want this to sound

like an apology,



but, uh, I didn't mean

half the things I said la...

I know.



You just...

You ain't gettin' it.



You don't understand.



This is the only thing

you're ever gonna have.




it carries you forever.



It's an ugly fact of life.

Donnie, hell.



It's the only fact of life.



You got one year,

one stinkin'year to make

yourself some memories, son.



That's all.

It's gone after that.



And I'll be damned

if you're not gonna miss it.



No guts.



What's up, Water Bug?



What's up, Boobie?



Water Bug!



Play-offs belong to you, baby.

I'll make you proud.



What you all lookin' at?



Play your ass off!

Win state.



Be perfect, all that shit.



This is a gift for you.

It's gonna be worth

a lot of money.



I bet it will.



You be perfect,

Preacher Man.



What's up?



Now what we gonna do?

I can't do nothin' else

but play football.



Hey, hey.

Don't worry about that.



Don't worry about it?

I can't be doin' nothin' else.

You'll be all right, son.



I can't do nothin' else

but play football.



 Why? We practiced

and we practiced.

It'll be okay.



You told me we were

gonna go to the pros.



What the hell am I gonna do

without my knee?



You'll find somebody else.

Don't worry about it, son.



No! I wanted to buy you a house!



They won't

let me play, though.!




It's play-off time in Texas.!



And who cares if Permian

snuck in on a coin toss?



 You know

there's been a lot of expectations

for this Permian football team.



And you gotta love

this play-off atmosphere.!



 They call this

the thinning of the herd,

the survival of the fittest.



Win, you go home.

Lose, you play basketball.



Quarterback Mike Winchell.

Runs back, pulls right, throws long.



- Caught.! Touchdown.!

- Whoo!



The Panthers defeated Dallas Jesuit

to advance to round   .



They're goin'to the   

to the ten, to the five.!



It's Comer, folks,

into the end zone for

another Permian touchdown.!



Chris Comer with another

sensational performance.!



Permian cruises past San Angelo

and into the quarter...



Permian was afraid of that.

Dallas Carter...



Brian Chavez,

a great reading player...




Permian defeats Nimitz

  - .!



Moving into the semi-finals

of the Texas  -A play-offs.



Advancing to the state finals.



Mike Winchell drops back,

throws a   -yard bomb.!



It's gonna be caught by Parker.!

It's going out of bounds.



What a good team...



And that's it. Permian's

gonna battle Dallas Carter...



for the Texas Class  -A

State Championship.!



What would it take for you

to come up to Texas Stadium?



How about if y'all come out here?




Over at Ratliff Stadium?




I still think there'd be

a problem with our fans

sittin' with your fans.



I don't see any problems.



We can bring in

extra police to handle

the crowd-control issues.



Mr. McClary, perhaps

you're not aware, but we

have an all-black community.



And frankly,

between our communities,

there are some issues.



Wait a minute. What issues

are we talkin' about?



You know, I'm not gonna

get into it at this table.



It's just different.



How about if we went

with a neutral site?



Say College Station,

or San Anton'.



Somewhere like that?



Or, you know

what we could do,



is the Astrodome.






I got no problem

with that.




Let's discuss officials.



I think the simplest thing to do

is get a zebra crew...



outta some neutral place

like San Antonio, or somethin'.



Now are these zebras

gonna be white or black?



Well, as far as I know,

zebras are white and black.



What are we talkin' about here?



How many black stripes

these zebras got?



I believe a zebra's got about

the same amount of black ones

as he does white ones.



How many black stripes

you think a zebra's got?



It makes sense to hire a crew

as-is. That's how we always do it.



- Don't make sense to me.

- It makes sense to me.



- Not me.

- Well, not a whole lot

does make sense to you.



Yeah, there's a lot

that makes sense to me.



So you think having an all-black

officiating crew is gonna

somehow help you win the game?



Watch your mouth.



Hey, Coach.

How you doin'?




Ben, how you doin'?

All right, Coach. You?



Oh, pretty good.

Hi, Sharon.



How you doin'?



- We're just out gettin'

flowers for the ladies.

- Secretaries Week.



Oh, is that right? I'll be dogged.

Well, see, I don't have a secretary.



So I don't have to worry.

You win state, Coach,

we'll get you two secretaries.



Everything all right?

Well, yeah.



Everybody's gonna be just fine.



Everything's all right, as long

as we get out there and get

what we need to get done...



and, uh, you know,

win state.



Boy, I sure hope so.

Yeah, me too.



Yeah, I want it bad

as y'all do, believe me.

Yes, sir.



'Course, you know, Dallas Carter.

That's a... That's a tough team.



Real tough team.

Yeah? Well.



We're a pretty tough

team too, Coach.

Yeah, that's true.



So, uh, beat 'em.



Or what?



Or what?






You know, that'd be a real

bad deal for you, Gary, so...



All right? Let's just

get out there and get it done.



Get that state championship.



Well, I sure appreciate your support.



We believe in you.

I'm glad you do.



We're behind you, Coach.

See you, Sharon.



Well, that was subtle.




Are we gonna move again?



No, baby.

It's possible.






What do you think about Alaska?



What about Alaska?

Well, you know,



I bet that they are

not nearly as serious about

their football in Alaska.



I think that's a real nice idea.

We should go to Alaska.



Stay there for a couple years...   .




Just somethin'

to think about, baby.




I think it'd be really nice.



Build us a nice little igloo.



Baby, these boys are big.



Yeah, they are.

Sure are.



You get any sleep last night?

Oh, yes, sir. I did. I did.



Good. We got a six hour ride,

so you can get you some more.

All right, Coach.









You got room for one more?

Absolutely. Hop on.



Mojo has come to Houston.



This is the Astrodome, the eighth

wonder of the world, and today...



it's gonna be Odessa Permian

versus Dallas Carter.



This is a moment these kids have

been looking for their whole life.



They started playing as

eight year olds in the Pop Warner

fields of Odessa, or in Dallas.



They've dreamed of

the state championship

laying in bed late at night,



dreaming of their chance to bring

home the title, for their town,

for their team, for their school.



Folks, you better lock the doors,

turn up the radios, strap yourself in.



We've got east Texas

versus west Texas.



We've got Texas high school football

at its finest.



No doubt. This crowd is jacked.!

This is gonna be an all-out war.!






Welcome, ladies and gentlemen...



Welcome, Dallas Carter fans.



 Permian will be

the home team in white.

Carter will be the visiting team in red.



To the     ...



Come on, fellas. Let's shake hands.

Have a good ball game.



- Texas  -A...

- I'm gonna ring your bell

all day long, Mexican.



Football championship.



Let's not fumble.

You too, Goldilocks.



Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!



Let's play football!



All right, Dallas

kicking off to Permian.



We're underway

in the state championship.



Harold Jones kickoff

carries eight yards.

Comer should down it there.



Wait.! He's gonna bring it out.!

No.! What are you doing?



Howser makes the tackle

on the three-yard line.



And now Chavez

is very slow to get up as

he was just blasted to the turf.



- Mike I want you to be patient

in there, all right? Keep your cool.

- Yes, sir.



Be a leader. Okay?

Yes, sir.



The run's two-seven-seven dolphin.

Let's go!



Saturday is finally here.

The Texas Bowl is underway.!



Winchell now first and ten

for Permian inside their five-yard line.



Winchell, under center will back up.

Here comes Stuber.!



Dad gum it!

Dad gum it!



And just like that, Stuber

has given Carter a  -nothing lead.



Which game are we in?



And Whitaker

will find Grande and pass

as Chavez is leveled.



And Grande will take this one

to the half from more than

   yards away in play.



There's not a Panther

within ten yards of him. That's

a Carter Cowboy touchdown.



Carter will go for two.

They will not kick.



No surprise. This team has not kicked

an extra point or a field goal all year.



Whitaker now will make his play. Going

left will get the two-point conversion.



Cowboys, ten.

Permian, nothing.



What's it like out there, Ivory?

They're big.



They're fast.



Fun ride, huh, big boy?



They're dirty.



Ball's gone. Ball's gone!

He's holding me, Ref!



- Plus, they fast.

- Yeah, you said that already.






Do not fumble against a team...



Two runs to deep turn!

Keep your heads together!



Help me out!

  -  split!



It's gonna be Whitaker to Cane

from    yards away.



He levels Chavez.!



Oh, and another

Carter Cowboy touchdown.



Go, Cowboys.!







All day long, baby.

All day long.



That's it.

Oh, yeah.



You're gonna have to wake up.

You understand me?

Yes, sir.



Are you gonna let

the offense do everything,

or are you gonna help us out some?



- I'm gonna help us.

- You gonna help us out some? Okay.



You gonna have to keep them out of

the end zone 'cause if they score more

than we do, we lose the game, 'kay?




All right? So wake up.!



It's been all Carter here

in the first quarter.



Carter over     yards already,

and Panthers minus   .



Winchell is trying...



Comer stopped at the line again.!



Great grandma's drawers!

I can't believe that!



Winchell's downed again.!



Right now I don't know if we need to

worry so much about the scores,



just whether or not we'll be able

to take all these boys home.



Permian's offensive line is being...



What in the world are you doing?

Did you see that?



Did you see that?

Back up, Coach.



He almost killed him!



Clay, this game is quickly

spiraling out of control.



At some point you worry

about the safety of the kids.



Tell you what. The Panthers came

into this ball game really fired up.



Right now they've got the wind

just knocked out of'em.



You've got to get your head in the game.

Are you in the game?



- Yes, sir.

- You have to wake up out there!



Yes, sir!



Five minutes left to play in

a half that's been all Carter.



They lead   -nothing.

Third and one on the Permian   .



Come on, Preacher!



Whitaker with a pro set in shotgun.

Looking once again to throw the ball.



Gotta come off it.

Let's go!



McCleery's comin'on the zone blitz.



Robert Whitaker will look to throw.

Looking right. Ball is in the air.



- And it's picked off by...



And I'm pretty sure

the Preacher Man is

headed for the promised land.



He may take this one all the way.!



He clears...




Finally a spark of life

in the form of Ivory Christian.!



Whitaker has taken him down.!



Inside the Mojo's  .!



We've got plenty of time

to get in this game.



Y'all need to wake up out there

and play football, okay?



You need to find each other.

'Cause you need each other

right now, so find each other.



Go field goal. Let's get on the board.

Elephant-  . Count it on one. Ready.




J ump on the ball!



Left to Winchell,

drops back, rolls right.



He's gonna run it inside the five.!



Winchell throws this play

towards the end zone.



Anthony has him,

but Mike Winchell...



will stretch himself into the end zone

for the Mojo touchdown.!



- Winchell strives for the goal line.

Holds the ball out over the plane.

- Yes!



He didn't break the plane!

Coach, we've got him...



Hey, Ref! Did you see that?



What? There's no way he got in.

He got in.



How you gonna...

Coach James!



Winchell's without a helmet.!

Kicked in his face.!



There's not a flag

anywhere on the field!

How can you miss that, Ref?



Time has run out in the first half.



Coach Gary Gaines and his Mojo Cats

trail Carter by   - .



- What in the hell happened on that...

- That's right, Green. You understand that?



Forty yards? Hell no!



You guys are not doin'

any pass blockin'.



You're just steppin' aside

and lettin' 'em walk in...



Pop, pop, pop!

That's what I want!

All of you around that ball!



To go for two and get it every

single time? That is ridiculous.



Do you realize they have not

even kicked a field goal yet?

J ust relax.



We not tryin' to coach y'all now.



Coach done gave y'all

all these adjustments, okay?



If you do everything the coach

told you to do...

Two-point conversions,



I want those gone.

Here is what we're gonna do.



We're gonna use our speed.

We're gonna run Texas power...



What's wrong with y'all?

Y'all are playin' like some little girls!



Y'all act like you never

played football before!

These guys are nothin'!



- You hear me?

- They bleed just like we do.



Yes, sir!

- And sweat just like we do.



- Do you hear me?

- They went through two-a-days.



- We went through two-a-days

in     degree heat!

- Yes, sir!



I want you to hit everything

that move! If the ref gets

in your way, you hit him!



- Okay, then. Let's play!

- They're cheatin' us too!



They're against us too.

This is our team. This is us!



Let's go right now!

Let's get it off now and let's go!



Permian is gonna have to step up here

and establish some offensive confidence.



Let's go.



Well, it's real simple.

You got two more quarters

and that's it.



Now most of you have been

playing this game for ten years.



You got two more quarters and

after that most of you will never play

this game again as long as you live.



You all have known me

for a while...



and for a long time now, you've been

hearing me talk about being perfect.



Well, I want you

to understand somethin'.



To me, being perfect...



is not about that

scoreboard out there.



It's not about winning.



It's about you and your

relationship to yourself and

your family and your friends.






is about being able to look

your friends in the eye...



and know that you

didn't let them down.



Because you told 'em the truth.



And that truth is, is that you did

everything that you could.



There wasn't one more thing

that you could've done.



Can you live in that moment...



as best you can with clear eyes...



and love in your heart?



With joy in your heart?



If you can do that, gentlemen,



then you're perfect.



I want you to take a moment...



and I want you to look

each other in the eyes.



I want you to put each other

in your hearts forever.



Because forever's about to happen

here in just a few minutes.



I want you to close your eyes...



and I want you to think

about Boobie Miles,



who is your brother.



And he would die to be out there

on that field with you tonight.



And I want you to put that

in your hearts.



Boys, my heart is full.



My heart's full.






Our Father...

Who art in heaven,



hallowed be thy name.



Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done...



On earth as it is in heaven.



Give us this day our daily bread...



and forgive us our trespasses.



As we forgive those

who trespass against us.



Lead us not into temptation

but deliver us from evil.



- For thine is the kingdom...

- The power and the glory forever.






That's it, baby!






- Let go offense!

- Lead and roll.

- Spread right Eagle.



- Are you hungry?

- Thank you.



They're killin' us with their size.



They're playing some

hard-hitting football.!



- Whoo!

- Get off the ball!



- Drive hard!



- Sit!

- We will not be able to live,

do you realize that?



Let the boy play.

Get your guys back.



Golly bum!



"Z" up    . Get to the first landmark

or I'm gonna hit you as soon as

you get there.



- On one, ready.

- Break!



- Get hell into the snap!

- Show me somethin'!



- Whoo!

- Did you see that?

That's the way to play ball.



You know that was a bad call!



Now if he backs up

on the next series, it'll be over.



He can't drop back

fast enough, all right?

Yeah, it's good.




After the blowout of the first half,



we've seen a showcase of defense

here in the third quarter.



The score closing

with Carter on top,   -  .



  :   remains

in the fourth quarter.



It's third and ten for Carter as Whitaker

is pinned and hit Drake for six.



Tackled by Thomas.

It's gonna be fourth down.



You know Carter's

going for it on fourth.



Unbelievable.! James is not

even gonna consider a punt.!



So now Whitaker on fourth down

as Carter will go for it.



He's gonna look for Graf.

Graf's the main receiver, and

this one bounces off the turf.



Oh, incomplete.



No way.

Got that touchdown.



Look, did you see it?

I'm gonna talk to him.



Well, I wanna talk to

whoever did see it!



I wanna talk to whoever

did see it!



This is big, man.

Anybody get a better look? Gary?



- Did you turn? Jason?

- I turned and looked,

but I was lost.



- That ain't no catch.

- I couldn't see it.



- Are you sure he

caught that football?

- His was a catch, Ref.



- Lee, Mack, set 'em up.

We got first down.



- What are you talkin' about?



- That was a bad call!



This man has it.

This man had the catch.



- There's no way.

The ball came off the turf.

- That is bullshit!



Here's the pass.

Whitaker has found Graf.



Graf makes a one-handed

phenomenal catch

for another Carter T.D.



Chavez in frustration

levels him in the end zone.

Personal foul on the defense.



And that's gonna cost Permian

   on the kickoff.



Called on the Carter

two-point conversion.

They now lead   -  .



These Panthers

are gettin'beat physically.



They're gettin'beat mentally.

They're really down.



We've seen games like this before,

but Permian's always

been on the other end.



All right? We're lookin'

for the next play.



Comer got across the five.



Comer, to the    to the   .



Comer could go all the way, folks.







That's a Mojo touchdown.!



Chris Comer has brought

Permian back one more time.!



We're in this ball game now.

We're in this ball game.



-  :   to play.

Carter still leads   -  .

- Come on, Chavo!



They will pitch it to Grande.

Ripped away by Chavez.!



Let's go!



Yeah! Come on!



Now strong right,

   Trojan horse.



All right. Here we go, fellas.

Let's shock these punks.



Strong right,    Trojan horse.



Me and you, baby. We got it.

Throw it deep. On one, ready.



Mike Winchell to

Don Billingsley will go right.



They're on the run, but stop, wait.

Instead he's looking for a receiver.



Winchell's open.!



Winchell's open in the end zone.

Winchell make a tremendous catch.!



Winchell, with a touchdown reception,

scores the Mojo touchdown.!



- Whoo!

- Yeah!



One more, one more.



But is it too little, too late

for Coach Gary Gaines?



Mojo defense is really gonna have to

step it up if they have a prayer

of winning the state championship.



Grande, across midfield.

Dropped at the   .



- First down!

- Let's go, baby!



The clock now has to be

a concern for Coach Gary Gaines

and the Permian staff.



We need to stop right now.



First and ten now for Carter

from the Permian   .



Less than two minutes to play.

One more Carter first down,

folks, and that will be it.



- Grande hit.!

- Yeah, baby!



They do know how to tackle.

All right!



What's my edge?

What's my edge?



Second down and long.

Promptly falls back.



- J ust keep rollin' it, baby.



Come on!



The clock continues to roll.

This will set up third down.



Permian desperately needs a stop

to get the ball back.



Grande right up the gun

over Chavez.!



Maybe just doing what

he needs for a first down.



First down here,

and the game's over.



It didn't make it.

It's short.



Short.! By inches.!

Okay. Mm-hmm.



James immediately signals

he's goin'for it.



James is gonna gamble.



He can get these four inches

and win the state championship,

right here, right now.



Okay, here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna do a Texas stunt.



Now, Ivory, you and Steen,

I want you to twist.

Yes, sir.



Steen, you go first.

Yo, Coach.



Ivory, you come off his butt

into the "A"gap.

Yes, sir.



Lucas, you crash the "A" gap, too.

Let's shut these cocky

sons-of-guns down!



Now let's go!

Let's shut 'em down.



Go, Donnie, go!



Let's go! Let's shut 'em

down right now.

Let's shut 'em down.



Right here!

Take 'em.



West Texas football, baby.



Whitaker comes to the line.



- Okay, let's go.

- Come on, D.



Looks across.

Calls the cadence.






Hands to his running back.




- Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

- Damn it, boy!



- Yeah!



- Mike, I want you to show 'em

who we are.

- Yes, sir.



Okay? Show 'em who we are.




As Winchell gathers his

teammates up into a huddle,



he can see on the big clock down

in the end zone...



one minute

and    seconds to play.




One time out left,

and he has    yards

of Astrodome turf to go.



Green,    hut, hut, hut!



Winchell wings it off to Comer.

Comer has it, picks up a block.



- That a way, Comer!

- On three!



Off to Billingsley.

Billingsley breaks out a big event.



We're at a first down.



- Way to go, son!

- Stop the clock

for goin'out of bounds.



Okay. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's get wild!



- Come on, Michael!



- He wasn't ready!

- Let's go! Let's go!



Winchell adds time as he drops back.

He's looking to the right.



Payne is wide open

down the right sideline.!



The pass is in the air.!



This Tennessee-bound tracer

comes halfway across the field

to knock the ball loose.



Payne had it.



- I'll tell you. Mike Winchell, folks,

showin'how tough he is.

- Come on, baby, get up!



Hang in there under

unsurmounting pressure.



Winchell appears to be okay, folks.

He's one tough dude.



He's back on his feet.

Let's go, baby!

We need you, Mike!



- "l" right.   .

- Mike, you all right?



- You all right?

- Yeah, I'm all right, man.



Under a minute to play...




Winchell will scan,

pick it to Comer.

It's a bootleg pass.!



He's latched onto it.

It's Wyles, down to the Carter   .!



Look, I want you to feel it.



Show me some heart!



Permian showing

what a tough out they are.



Come on, Donnie! Go!



That's a first down!

Whose game, baby?



Whose game is it?

Come on. There we go.



Clay, he's hurt.! He's hurt.

He grabs his shoulder.



Trapper helps him off the field.

Feels like he dislocated his shoulder.



See ya, fella!




Shake it off.

Get back out there.



- Strong left    "Z" five, ready?

- Break!



Permian with    seconds

to play go to Comer.!



And Comer over the red zone.



- Ooh, God.

- Ooh!



Did you see that?

I'll back up when

I'm through talkin' to you.



Comer is on Queer Street,

walking towards the Carter sideline.



Winchell on third down, again,

will drop the pass...



Hard to the turf.

And Permian will now

have to burn their final time-out.



Third and final time-out.



You have to pass.

You have no choice but to pass.

All their backs are out.



- We gotta go to the air.

- You gotta throw the football.



- They ain't got no runnin' back.

- Trapper! Trapper!

I need a runnin' back!



All right. Just relax.

We'll pop this back in.



On the count of three.

One, two...




We're good to go.



You're gonna set a Bronco stunt,

then drive into the full pass

three-man coverage.



You got that?

Got it.



So, Clay, if you're Gary Gaines,

what do you do?



Coach Gaines is

done out of running backs.



We've got to go to the air.



A vertical smash

and go to a reverse.

I agree. I agree.



Coach, we gotta get number one

across the goal line.



Squeeze it.

I agree.



Hang on a second,

hang on a second.

Billingsley, can you do it?



- Yes, sir.

- You sure?



- Can you hang onto the ball?

- Yes, sir.



Okay, then.

All right, now here's

what we're gonna do.



We're gonna do "l" right wiggle,

   switchblade. Now, let's go, Mike.



Hey, Billingsley. They gonna

try to steal the ball from you.



Cover it. Cover the points.

Roll with it. Don't resist it.



You got it, baby.

No more fumbles.

That's right! That's right!



Let's go, baby. It's in your hands.

Don't think about that shoulder.

J ust keep driving your feet.



"l"right wiggle,




For the state championship.

I love all y'all, baby.



I love all of ya.

Let's go on one, ready?




Fifty-five thousand people in

the Houston Astrodome, folks,



and every seat is empty

because everyone is on their feet.



His offensive line digs in.



The Carter defense digs in

to face it.







   .!    .!



Come on.

Run it right down his throat.




He hands it off to Don Billingsley.!



Billingsley is lookin'

like Larry Csonka.!



- Come on.

- Billingsley holds it, runs over

another Dallas Carter Cowboy.



Down to the one-yard line.



What guts to call that play.!

Fooled everybody on the field.



- Holding!

- Clay, wait a minute. I'm seeing

a hold call by the official.



Dad gum it!

Ten-yard penalty. Still fourth down.



- That's bullshit!

- What?



Strong right,    to Frasier.



Winchell has to hurry.

The clock will start

as soon as the ball is reset.



Let's go! Hurry up!



  !  !   !

Set! Hut!



It's Mike Winchell down to the five.!



Is he in?



- You got him short.

- That's the ball game!



I'm gonna miss the heat.



I'm gonna miss the lights.



Yeah, me too.



Stay low, boys.

Keep those feet movin'.



Hey, Chavo.

Be perfect.



You be perfect.



See ya, Mike.



See ya, Don.



See ya, Chavo.






Ripped by: dj-oRi



"Seagull, you fly across the horizon"



"Into the misty morning sun"



"Nobody asks you where you are goin'"



"Nobody knows where you're from"



"There is a man asking the question"



"Is this really the end of the world"



"Seagull you must have known

for a long time"



"The shape of things to come"



"Now you fly through the sky"



"Never asking why"



"And you fly all around"



"Till somebody"



"Shoots you down"



"Mmm, yeah"



"Seagull, you fly"



"Seagull, you fly"



"And you fly away today"



"And you fly away tomorrow"



"And you fly away"



"Leave me to my sorrow"

Special help by SergeiK